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Bomberman Generation
Manufacturer: Majesco Sales, Inc.      
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Fun Multiplayer for Casual Gamers
by: _d_v_    On: 2006-05-12

As a budget priced title (now), I think the game is great for multiplayer for casual gamers or non-hard-core gamers. I find it highly replayable and find myself playing multiplayer with a casual gamer frequently. It is easy for casual gamers to pick up and plenty of strategy for other gamers on the mulitiplayer. It is very basic, the way you can play tetris over and over. I like the short games and tournaments. The computer AI is decent and can be adjusted to easy/normal/hard.

The single player was very bizaar. Not familiar with bomberman single player, it started out looking and playing like a game for 2-year olds, but was actually quite challenging later that probably would be very tough for casual gamers. The voice acting was so oddly paced and the animations & graphics were so odd, I was just intrigued. It was fun to play through once as a suprise on top of the multiplayer, which is all I bought it for.
This is only getting a good rating because of multiplayer
by: marqus17    On: 2005-11-08

It would have gotten only 1.5 stars had it now been for multiplayer. Basically, the story mode sucks. All the levels have the same design even though they are set up differently and have some different puzzles. I don't really get the pokemon inspired buddies that help you. And water bombs aren't all that good.

Here's where multiplayer comes in. It looks very cartoonish, which is good. The converyer belt, pipe level, basketball court, and meadows are great designs and well-executed. I like how you can turn the revnge on or off. And I also like the little soccer part that determines what the winner for a power-up.
best game ever
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-11

If you are a stragtegy/action/adventure type person this game is for you. It is a great party game to play with your friends. It is an exciting, addicting game that will keep you hooked until you beat it. It sometimes gets hard so if you get frustrated easily this game is not for you. It's a great game. Thank you KONAMI.
Just another Bomberman Game
by: sleepyjd    On: 2003-04-04

Bomberman Generation is just another bomberman game. More of the same childish graphics, cheap bosses, and sup par multiplayer. ...
Just another Bomberman Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-04-04

Bomberman Generation is just another bomberman game. More of the same childish graphics, cheap bosses, and sup par multiplayer. ...
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-11-02

This is a great action packed fun filled game that if you dont buy now you should try tomarow .
Bomberman for the Gamecube
by: rbeltran    On: 2002-10-29

B.G. is the latest Bomberman gamefor the Gamecube. The graphics aredone quite nicely. The stages get harder as you progress through the game. I was surprised how the bosses get harder to beat in the latter stages of the game. The best thing about this game is the multi-player mode. You and up to 4 buddies can get together and have endless fun. This is a great party game for all ages.
The ONLY thing this game is good for is mutiplayer
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-10-07

This game is great if you are only going to play mutiplayer. It is soooooooooooooooooooo boring if you play story but it has one of the best mutiplayer games i hve seen so far.
The best multiplayer action anywhere
by: tritoneangel    On: 2002-10-03

The Bomberman series has long been famous for its mastery of the multiplayer genre. Yet again, the little pom-pom headed one returns with a series of multiplayer games that will keep gamers of all ages lining up to bomb the stuffing out of each other. Dodge Mode sharpens your defensive techniques, as you do your best to punch, kick and dodge various kinds of bombs (including those pesky bouncing mobile ones) that fall from the sky, whereas the many incarnations of Standard Mode allow you to nuke your neighbor with warp platforms, hidden tubes, momentum arrows to go with the wealth of powerups Bomberman fans have come to expect. Those would be enough to keep most fans busy and entertained, but Generation keeps the action fast and furious with other wholly different adventures such as Coin Battle, Reversi, and an explosive take on the arcade classic Whack-A-Mole game, just to name a few. All in all, a gamer could completely ignore the deep and engaging one-player adventure (which has its own entertaining complexities and cartoonish charm nonetheless,) and find hours and hours of fun with a few friends in the multiplayer mode that has come to define the Bomberman name. A worthwhile purchase for any gamer with infinite replay value.
at times its really cool
by: betsymae18    On: 2002-09-12

This is the first bomberman game ive played and its pretty cool. I just dont understand why bomberman sounds like a girl. He looks like a tough guy and talks like a little girl, oh well. Its not a game I would buy. Maybe ill just rent it till i beat it. Rent this game first. If you like it and want to buy it go ahead.
Great Game!
by: lvnvjamie    On: 2002-09-04

This game was very fun to play. My only gripe with it is that it was very short, but the multiplayer more than makes up for this. It's easy to play, and the game walks you through everything so you don't get frustrated. This would be great for young kids especially, because of the comfortable learning curve and the fun pokemon-style Chari-creatures. It makes for a good family game also.
bomberman is the bomb!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-08-23

A better generation
by: kentnielsen    On: 2002-08-16

I originally took interest in this game for its promising multiplayer modes. I first tried it with only one other person, and we were both disappointed. While Bomberman Generation finally (and gratefully) reverts back to the multi-player outline of the original, it's a little late and kind of uninspired. The good news is: four-player support is awesome! Still somewhat skeptical, however, once I played the adventure mode, all that changed. There are a lot of levels in this game, all very linear but at the same time brimming with secrets. The free-flowing camera is the best work I've ever seen, and controls are simple (though you can't jump... bummer) and puzzles are quick-thinking and logical. Not to mention the head-spinning amount of powerups along the way. This won't top Mario Sunshine, I'm sure, but it will definitely hold you over until then. A great platform game with one of the better multiplayer options for Gamecube. Get it now.
Bomberman is still king.
by: j451n    On: 2002-07-27

the classic multiplayer mode is back, and unless you still have your Super NES and the Super Bomberman game, you aren't able to enjoy it. until now. the regular multiplayer mode is a happy mix of both bomberman games for Super NES in that you can choose from the boxing glove or the power glove. this is especially good for those who like one item more than the other. and once again you can blow up the skull icon!

don't buy this game for the adventure mode, i didn't. i played the first world once, and when i got stuck.. i just turned it off. if you want adventure on the gamecube wait for the new zelda. if you want the ultimate 4 player game, start right here.

by: Anonymous    On: 2002-07-24

this game was actually fun!im not a bomberman fan but i loved it!
it has levels that arent too easy,and multiplayer is a blast!
fun game
by: alalust    On: 2002-07-23

I play bomberman online for dreamcast and I was alot fun .This vesion should alot of fun too
by: ghudson43    On: 2002-07-19

First this game has 2 MAJOR FLAWS.First FLAW the game is extremely long game every level last's about 20 minutes
5 worlds 16 areas each world=extremely long game!2nd
FLAW it is extremely repetitive plant a bomb,wait for it to blow an enemy up,and move on that's about it.There are also 5 different mini-games 1 per world but they aren't enough for anyone to buy the game the only 2 good features about the game are the charaboms like a pokamon you power them up and battle them.also the multiplayer it reminds me of the classic bomberman for genesis but with
a mix of 3D,cartoon,and cell shading.BUT extremely long+
extremely repetitive=EXTREMELY BORING!
by: gamezone1    On: 2002-07-19

It's allmost in the rank of a ''good game'' but has 2 MAJOR FLAWS.First it is an extremely long game,almost every level
lasts longer than 10 minutes,and there are 5 world's with 16
areas [levels] each.2nd flaw it is also extremely repetitive
plant a bomb,wait for it to blow an enemy up,and move on
there are also mini-games but they aren't enough to make anyone buy the game and the come once in a while [one every world] 5 worlds 5 mini-games.The only 2 good things about the game are collecting some pokemon like creature'
s and battling them and powering them up but this also has
it's downside the battles don't last long [less than a minute!] the other good thing is the multiplayer it reminds me of the classic genesis bomberman exept in a mix of 3D,cell shading,and cartoon.BUT extremely long+extremely repetitive=EXTREMELY BORING
Bomberman's back, and better than ever
by: gemini3243    On: 2002-07-18

With beautiful cel shaded graphics, some people may be thrown back from this game. Bomberman has never been about realism though and this graphic style suits the game very well. In Bomberman's newest escapade, he must retrieve the powerful bomb elements before a gang of pirates can get to them. Bomberman must travel through many environments using his bombs and Charabombs to find the elements. Charabombs can be compared to Pokemon. They come in different types and can have their stats boosted through collecting items. Once you retrieve one Charabomb, you can use that one to battle against others and recruit them to your team as well. Each Charabomb has a certain ability that benefits you. For example, one Charabomb gives you the ability to throw bombs further, where as another puts your bomb explosions up to full power. You can even go as far as to combine Charabombs to form even more powerful creatures. Between Charabomb raising and level exploration, Bomberman Generations is a fantastic game. Only problem is that Bomberman can have a tendency to get old quickly. Fortunately the great multi-player features compensate for this. Still, the one player adventure can get tedious at times. With great graphics, play control, and music though, the good game design is augmented to make this game stellar.
this game ROCKS
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-07-09

This game is better than any other game on the gamecube right now, for me it's really easy because i've almost beat the game. even if you don't like bomberman get it, it never gets tiring or boring.And this game only takes 3 blocks, get it NOW!
great game
by: xblumx420    On: 2002-06-28

very fun and vthe grapics are awsome its worth the money u should buy this when ever u can get a game its gona blow you away
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-06-26

this game rules because of all its levels its graphics and its bomberman! if youve never played this this game think of this: put together paper mario, bomberman 64 the second attack, golden sun, and zelda. the charaboms are like djinn, yuo have alot of diffrent bombs, cel- shaded graphics, and ALOT of levels
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-06-22

The levels are very repetitive, the camera you have to constantly adjust because the camera doesn't adjust itself, and the levels are 20 - 30 minutes long. Which isn't neccesarily a problem but if you die you have to start ALL OVER losing all stuff you picked up on that level. The sound is obnoxiously annoying, unless you enjoy Hige Hige Hige Hige noises playing all the time.

The game has great graphics, and cel shading takes alot of power from the gamecube and it does it perfectly. The music is pretty good, and the level design is decent. You have to rent this game first because I don't like it and you might not either

Bomberman is back and his gonna kick some cel-shaded butt!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-06-18

This game is the best bomberman game yet with awesome graphics only the characters look like cartoons but the backgrounds are high 3D graphics and the charabombs are really cool you can use them in your quest battle with them to get more and you can fuse them into a charabomb with 2 abillties! and 5 bomb elments fire bomb, aqua bomb, ice bomb, wind bomb and light bomb this game is a combo of puzzle,action and shooting i really recomeand this game if you have a gamecube :)
pretty good game
by: boogalopikmin    On: 2002-06-13

this game has a lot to do. with an expansive story mode full of puzzles, minigames , bosses, and pokemon type battles that help you collect more charabombs it is well worth the money. There is also a multiplayer mode that is pretty give you a lot of options to tool around with also. the reson I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because the multiplayer wasn't as fun as the one in bomberman 64, but thats my opinion. If you liked the 64 games (except for hero which I thought was horrible) than you'll love this game, but if you are really really low on cash just wait and get eternal darkness cause that game is going to be amazing...oh yeah this is about bomberman...Go Bomberman!!!!
The Truth about This Game!...MUST READ!...
by: the_voice    On: 2002-06-12

Bomberman has become a classic action game. And now the classic is reborn on the Gamecube. Using the Gamecube's graphics capabilities to the limit, Bomber Generation uses the "toon-shading" function. This function makes gamers think that they are controling a cartoon Bomberman in a colorful environment. Many might think that Bomberman Generation is childish. They are very wrong!! The game is simple to control, but hard to master. Each level keeps getting more difficult every time you proceed. There are 5 massive worlds to explore and 18 areas in each one. Not to mention huge bosses, secret mini-games, and an awesome multiplayer. Check the complete list of features below:

- Bomberman reborn on the Gamecube.
- Uses the "toon-shading" function to give it a cartoon look.
- Uses the Gamecube's maximum power.
- Explore 5 massive worlds with 18 areas each one.
- Fight huge bosses.
- Use bombs to attack your enemies, break trees, or even to find secrets.
- Various bomb-types including the Hurricanebombs and the aquabombs.
- Awesome multiplayer including 5 modes of play.
- Up to 4 players can participate.
- Play tons of mini-games and solve many puzzles in the adventure.
- Uses a 360 degree camera for your viewing pleasure (pick your favorite angle).
- Muliplayer is based on old-shcool arcade.
- New multiplayer modes include Paint Mode and Coin Mode (and the classic battle mode).

Overall, a must buy to any gamer looking for a real action game. ANY PERSON WILL FIND THE CONTROLS EASY TO USE!... Simple but challenging!

To Childish? NOWAY!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-06-04

TO many people this game looks childish, but it's everything but that! The games' got awsome graphics, tons of minigames, and a great one player mode! Bombermans back in action and is ready to BLOW your mind!
One of the Best!
by: kaschneider    On: 2002-06-04

This Bomberman game is cel-shaded. This is Bombermans Greatest adventure yet! There is 16 worlds with 6 levels in them! There is more than one type of bomb. There is a Light Bomb,The Water Bomb,The Ice Bomb, The Wind Bomb and 2 more. I rate this game 5 Stars.
Great Game
by: cloudps7    On: 2002-06-04

This game is awesome, great game play, and there is no problem with controls. Multiplayer is probably the most fun you would have in a long time. But sadly I bet this game is going to get overlooked because of its cartoony look. But if your looking for a great game buy this one. Invite some friends over and blow eachother up, good fun.
Great multiplayer action! Plus cel-shading.
by: nighthawk82    On: 2002-05-24

This game looks to follow in the tradition of previous Bomberman games. Go to a level, complete some very easy puzzles, yada, yada, yada. Thats just the single player though, the fun lies in the multiplayer! You and up to 3 friends battle it out, and last B-Man standing wins! Plus it's got Cel-shaded graphics, which I personally can't get enough of.
Bomberman Generation: Too cartoony?
by: trs317    On: 2002-05-09

It won't take you long to realize that Bomberman is going with a new look. Unlike other Bomberman releases Bomberman Generation has more of a "cartoony" look. The first time I saw screen shots I was a little dissapointed but the more I looked at these "cartoony" pictures the more I began to like them. It gives Bomberman a brighter, more exciting lure. It is as if you are in the middle of a "Happy Doodle Fairy tale" but equipped with explosives and a destiny to save the world.

Bomberman Generation will be a sure hit with its new graphics and traditional puzzling adventure, not to mention the bombs....the big exploding BOMBS!

Bomberman's Back!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-05-01

While wondering through a couple of gaming sites I found a a gaming magizine's site, which contained information and screenshots on this game. I was practically screaming to myself being the bomberman fan I am. From the screenshots I saw the grafics look wonderful and almost to cute, cute as in bright and cheery, happy grafics. It will also have the multi-player functions of the previous bomberman games, I'm not sure if it's 2 player or 3-4 player. But I do know it'll at least have 2 player action in it! I can't wait!

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