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Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2
Manufacturer: Activision      
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A Terrible Letdown :(     On: 2006-10-15

I cannot even begin to describe how disappointed I was with this game. The first Dangerous Hunts game was a blast to play. It was just like real hunting, with the added thrill of having to deal with wild animals that attack.

But this game is horrendous. It is an adventure style game where you follow around an amazingly annoying one eyed man who tells you what to do and doesnt bother to help you at all. Moreover, his vocabulary is limited to two or three dumb remarks.

You cannot hunt in the traditional sense. You cannot do anything except the stupid little tasks that the one eyed guide wants you to do.

This is NOT a true hunting game. Stay away and don't waste your money on this piece of crap. Get the original Dangerous Hunts game, instead.
This game is HARD!!!!!!!!!!!
by: ammonc8    On: 2006-08-20

I gave up on it... :(

Perhaps I'm too old for PS2 games and junk, but my daughter bought it for me. I have written to Activision and searched the internet for help, to no avail.


The animals come at YOU. YOU are not the hunter.... You are the HUNTED!

The opening scene is okay and you get attacked a few times by a mountain lion, a grizzly bear, and a pack of wolves. If you survive that, you make it to a bridge. The guide crosses the bridge but then it breaks, so then you have to jump in and swim in the river (try not to die getting bashed on the rocks!) If you survive that, you have to go to the right and get out of the water to a path and follow the path up (look out for another mountain lion!). From there you walk up the path to a cliff on your left. Somehow, carefully, you have hop down a series of rocks down the cliff. Now Activision says you are supposed to see a cave/tunnel and go through it which leads you back to the guide. BUT.... The whole screen is so black and you literally can't see anything! Next thing you know, "Aaaaaaaaaaah!!!" you fall off the cliff and die. Over and over and over and over....

I can't get through this section, so I just gave up and said the heck with it. Activision needs to make hunting games a little more realistic and not so hard that you give up on them!

Anyway, the graphics and the detail of the game are really great. The playability and/or ease of play is where they get you. This game is a serious pain in the *** that will frustrate you and possibly even anger you to the point where you just want to break the darn CD!!!! :(

About time they made a hunting game more interesting!
by: casper_knightshade    On: 2006-01-13

Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2 (all versions) is a pretty good game as it graphical is very detailed and the game play is very entrenched. You assume the first-person viewed roll a famous hunter who finds himself (sorry, ladies, not a female lead but you can still play) in scenarios in which he must kill the most dangerous game in the world.

Setting aside the kill factor, the objectives in the game are not all about killing. Much like any other first person shooter, such as this similar to Doom and Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, you have mission objectives laid out before you on a linear path. Though the worlds/levels are very expansive the paths are clear and following them lead you to your goals. There are secrets also to uncover, and often you achieve these secrets by destroying enough of the stumps laid out in the levels. At the end of each level your performance is laid out before you to evaluate. It even gives you the chance to go back and replay a level to improve your stats.

The graphics, again, are very good and detailed. This barely if not at all has mapping fog in the distance. The animal animation can be a little chunky at times, but when the animals pin you down and you can look at them right in their eyes and see their snapping mouths and teeth you often forget this is a game. The sound effects were top notch, adding to the atmosphere of the game, though when an attack is happening it can be a little too sudden, and therefore the timing of the 'attacking music' is a little late on its cue.

The minus I and some of you will have is the controls. Since it is using a first-person shooter's style of controlling those not mastered in it will find great difficulty. It helps that the game has three levels of experience so you can practice away, and the added feature of slo motion which slows attacks upon you. However, as with this kind of two-thumb control movement, the surprise of attack can cause one to forget very quickly how to move properly. I like realism, but sometimes adding a bit too much realism takes some of the fun out of the game. There are only three different controlling options available: no arcade style.

Control problems aside, Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2 is a very solidly put-together game that is both challenging and most importantly fun.
cabbella awesum
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-01

i like da gayme much much. it vey fun. u try u like. i shooot bare he atak me. i kill wol;f 1 timee. i like cabela vey much much muuch u try u likee.v bye bye....
The best hunting game you'll ever play!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-25

Its great I think Cabela out did theirselves on this one. The first time i played I got hooked on it and just couldn't stop. You'll hunt bear, wolf, lion, hyena, crocodile and many more as you go around the world.

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