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Cel Damage
Manufacturer: Electronic Arts      
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Fundamentally flawed, but pretty darn fun anyway. (7.25/10)
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-04

Cel Damage is kind of a hard game to review. The characters are atrociously freakish and sometimes annoying, the difficulty can be quite unbalanced sometimes, and you may be forced to replay levels tons of times to beat them. However, Cel Damage shines on through these shortcomings with a genuinely fun experience. The main mode, Smack Attack, is very fun to play. Smack Attack is basically a deathmatch mode in which you must score 500 points before anyone else to win. Each time you kill an enemy you gain a few points. There are some truly insane weapons in this game. Chainsaws, bombs, shrink rays and baseball bats are all fair game in Cel Damgae. This combination of bizarre weapons and high speeds (your characters are all in cars) makes Smack Attack a ton of fun to play, even if it does take some time to get used to. The second best mode of play is Capture The Flag, in which there are several flags running around throughout the environment that you must collect and transport to a certain point to win. Every time you die you lose all of your flags. This can be extremely frustrating, because you could be playing like a pro and have 3/4 of the flags, and then someone comes out of nowhere and kills you. The best strategy for CTF is to simply wait at the end point and kill the people who come near you. The last mode, Gate Rally, is the worst. It's basically a checkpoint race, but since you can get thrown of course so easily, it gets quite frustrating.
Graphics- 7/10
Sound- 6/10
Playability- 8/10
Entertainment- 8/10
verall, Cel Damage gets 7.25/10
Everyone, break out your cash because this is a MUST HAVE!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-07-05

I have only played this game twice at my friend's house and now I beg everyone for it!This is the craziest, most fun game I have ever played!I'd give this game more stars if I could but, I woudn't reccomend this game for kids under 10.
awesome game
by: dawwg    On: 2003-09-30

This is definatlly 1 of the best gamecube games ever. I never knew wut it wus until i played it for x-box. I thought it wus really kool. Than i found out it wus for gamcube and i wus soo excited. If u have a gamecube or an x-box, than definatlly get this game. played all weekend long and it's still alot of fun!!!!! The graphics r kool 2 because it's a cartoon in all.
by: tineil69    On: 2003-01-27

Cel Damage, Tonight @ 8
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-11-16

I have this game and its pretty fun. It has the most cartoonish style ive ever seen in a game and one of the funniest ive played.
Battle all kinds of "things" including using oversized axes, bats,shredders, and saw blades. Its very fun!
Absolutely Crazy!
by: jazzematazz    On: 2002-11-12

I bought this game for myself but I have yet to play it. Why? Because I can't get my kid and his friends off of it! They love it! It's good for single play and it's an awesome party game - the toons are so wacko and there's always some crazy toon ready to chop you in pieces with that cartoon ax. It is zany, hilarious and addictive! You will laugh alot while you play!
Best game!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-10-06

I love this game! It is so fun. This and StarFox Adventures are my favorite games!
by: joshuamontoya2    On: 2002-08-29

it has everything,and i play it for hours!!And if you buy it
ull play for hours with it too!!!
Its an awwwwwwsoooooommmme party game!!!
and a tight 1st person game!!!
and the cheats are awwwwsooome!!!

BEST GAMECUBE GAME EVER,and one of the best games ever made!

by: joshuamontoya2    On: 2002-08-29

it has everything,and i play it for hours!!And if you buy it
ull play for hours with it too!!!
Its an awwwwwwsoooooommmme party game!!!
and a tight 1st person game!!!
and the cheats are awwwwsooome!!!

BEST GAMECUBE GAME EVER,and one of the best games ever made!

Get this game if you have gcn
by: monutts    On: 2002-08-19

If you love cartoons and GCN, you'll love this game. I bought this game the other day, and it rules. Its like tom and jerry with charecters in cars. Its now my second fav game.If you buy it, also order for GCN Sonic Adventure 2 Battle And Super Monkey Ball. One last thing: On the create a save screen, enter the name as SUSIE! and you will get a big suprise!
Cel Damage rocks
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-08-13

Cel Damage has cartoony grafics. The controls are a little different, but you'll get used to them. Cinder the Chaotic Devil is hilarious. His intro movie will blow you away. Cel Damage is very fun. My favorite thing to do is pick up Cinder's Wood Chipper(shredder) and mow them like grass. If you love driving around way to fast and killing everything in sight you'll love this game.
Be a cartoon character and have fun!
by: lisashea_dot_com    On: 2002-08-04

Have you ever wished you could have fun in a Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck cartoon world? Cel Damage lets you enjoy fun bloodless games in that world!

Cel Damage is brilliant in its simplicity. No long, drawn out quests. No sophisticated graphics with eye-popping realism. Instead, the cel-like animation really makes you feel like you're part of one of the Road Runner or Bugs Bunny cartoons. You get the fun sound effects, the simple animations, the over-the-top weapons like giant hatchets and machine guns.

There's a variety of worlds to explore, from old west to space and more. There are six main characters, plus more to unlock. There are easy to understand tasks - kill the other characters, race to checkpoints, capture the flag.

You can play single player or with friends, and it's a wild time. Sure, it's not brain surgery. But it's a great game, with fun graphics, that'll keep you going for weeks and weeks. Enjoy!

A Great Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-07-11

This game is a must buy. With 12 levels,6 playable characters,and 4 unlockable characters.The controls are easy to master. It also has cool yet destructive weapons. Buy this game you'll like it.
Great Buy!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-06-23

Ok. Isaw this game and it looked very interesting but kind of strange. After I learned more about it, I suddenly really,really wanted it.I am a person who does not just spend fifty dollars on a game I have never played so I decided to rent it. I could not find it anywhere to rent.Fifty dollars is a lot of money especially for a 12 year old like me. So obviously i couldn't get it. I forgot about it for a few months because i gave up hope on getting it. But then one day...I decided to buy it because I thought I didn't have anything to lose. Boy was i right, I popped it in and it hasn't left my gamecube since. i feel wierd saying this but I have Super Smash Bros. Melee, probably the best rated game for gamecube and I like Cel Damage(one of the most unknown and underrated games for Gamecube)just as much if not more than SSBM. It has just as much replay as SSBM if not more and you can get it for ...less.This is an amazing investment even if you don't like it in the end as much as me. Trust me you will like it at least some... TRUST ME, GOOD BUY
The best game I have ever played!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-06-10

Cel Damage is the most whacked out, crazy game I have ever played!! Basicly you go around in cars, and use wepons to destroy the other cars. It has a great array of hard levels and gameplay options. It has 3 gameplay modes: Smack atack, gate relay and capture the flag wich you can play on 12 different courses. It also offers 36 different wepons including a chansaw, a Tommy Gun, a harpoon launcher and a shrink ray. The graphics are cartoons and dont think that lets the game down, I saw it as the regular graphics and it dosent look nearly as good. The content of this game is not bad because the cars get destroyed, not the people and there is NO blood at all, however some of the things they say to each other as taunts are Inappropriate.Over all, I think it deserves a "T" rating. Cel Damage is defently worth your money.
Best game I own for the GC
by: snowman1050    On: 2002-06-02

Unfortunately, I was one of those idiots who bought Gamecube over PS2. I bought SSB:M, Rogue Leader, THPS3, Spy Hunter, and Cel Damage. Cel Damage is awesome! It has a challenging array of levels and modes. With three modes that have 12 levels in each makes this game great! There are 4 unlockable characters along with the normal 6 characters. Each character has their own unique weapons that can be unlocked so all characters may use them. As for normal weapons, there are 24 of those!!! Each level is interactive with vines and drop bridges along with many other things.

Fun: 5/5
Story: 1/5 (a TV show is a retarded idea)
Action: 4/5
Challenge: 5/5
Graphics: 3-4/5 (it's a cartoon. What can I say?)

Hmmmmmm. . .
by: spiffyperson    On: 2002-04-29

Cel Damage is a very fun game. There are not any other games like it that are available for the Gamecube. The graphics are funny but a little disappointing. I know they are supposed to be cartoony, but I would have preferred 3-D graphics. The characters are flat, but their personalities more than make up for it. They say some strange and funny things that really add to the gameplay. The music is zany and. . . interesting. There are only ten people to use and you only start out with six. It is a lot of work to unlock them all. I found myself screaming at the T.V. like a lunatic, ready to pull out all my hair at how hard the enemies sometimes were. Most of the time though, they are easy. There are just not many things to unlock and some of the unlockable things are not worth the frustration. I don't play this game by myself. Without a friend, it is boring and plain not fun. If there are at least two people playing, this game is a blast. There are no rules so one can make up games. If you don't play your Gamecube much with others, you would probably regret having this game. This game is worth the money if you can find others to play with.
Bad for 13+ yrs
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-04-02

This game is very childish and best suited for fans of Pokemon and Paper Mario. Also, the camera angles are horrible which makes the game near to impossible to play. It is beyond me why someone would buy it. However, renting would be a good idea!
its ok
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-03-19

cel damage is ok but after a while is gets really boring so i would rent it b 4 buyin it
You are futile to the powers of this game
by: puppysquasher2    On: 2002-02-25

This game is amazing. First off, if you like the Twisted Metal games, this is mostly the same concept. You get to go around in your cool little cartoon car and kill people with spectacular weaponry. I would say this game is best played as a multiplayer game, I spent two weekends in a row playing this bad boy. If you do play it one player, it can get boring, but with multi-player the fun is all there.
Crazy Fun!
by: msgaip23    On: 2002-02-20

This is the best multiplayer game available for Gamecube! It totally rocks! It's a great fighting game! If you're thinking about getting a game, then buy this one!!!!
Mindless fun, but that's about it
by: rabbitgirl    On: 2002-02-15

First, the good news, this game has awesome cel shaded graphics and excellent control. It plays like a looney toons cartoon. But that's about all it has going for it. No depth to the gameplay, just mindless, but fun, destruction. Fun for about a half hour, maybe more if you play with a friend. Worth a weekend rental, but not a purchase.
Not the best game but very good.....By Gamemaster Jason
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-02-12

This game is fun to play. The graphics are cartoonish but they are not bad. Smack Attack is kind of lame but it is overall fun anyway. The action is very fast paced, especially on Violets Car, it is very speedy. The weapons are out of this world and it is a really cool game to play. I like it better for gamecube because of no loading features and better graphics than XBOX. You should rent this game before you buy it and if like it, there u go.

Gamemaster Jason

Total Chaos
by: stansfld    On: 2002-02-07

This game is awsemoe at first then it starts to get boring. Especially if you play it alone.
King of kill
by: biffbird    On: 2002-02-01

This is the coolest fighting game! i love all the killing action. It is a good multyplayer came.
Great buy!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-21

This game is really cool! What could be more fun than racing around in cars with cartoons in total chaos? I think this game is great! bought it two days ago and I love it. It's hard to get used to it but, by the second day I was winning all the time. At first you don't have any good stuff(only smack mode and 3 levels) But soon it really gets fun!
Warning: Mad Toons Inside!
by: psyhampster    On: 2002-01-20

This game is fun but gets boring after about 3 days. The weapons, characters, and levels are very funny but most are either hard or dangerous.

My verdict: Rent before you buy.

by: gasolinealley    On: 2002-01-15



Just got to me i orderd it and this game KICKS ...

The Best XBox Game
by: timwu    On: 2002-01-14

This game is GREAT. It seems a little hard at first but you get MUCH BETTER at it and then can't stop playing, and appreciate the depth of the programming. Race rounds are the best,

N.B. Try violet with the mortar, hard to beat

Rental For Life
by: fire_eye    On: 2002-01-14

Two words:RENT IT! The games OKAY , but compared to SA2B and SSBM and SMB ,this game is just boring.
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-08

i played it on xbox and it was fun. so rent it are buy it
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-08

i played it on xbox and it was fun. so rent it are buy it
cel damage xbox or cel damage gamecube
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-06

I thought the xbox version of cel damage was great but i cant wait for the gamecube version. The graphices are great i like how you can use weapons like: the ax , the punching gloves, the machine gun, and the spear. I love this game! It is so awesome!
cel damage xbox or cel damage gamecube
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-06

I thought the xbox version of cel damage was great but i cant wait for the gamecube version. The graphices are great i like how you can use weapons like: the ax , the punching gloves, the machine gun, and the spear. I love this game!!!!!!! It is so awsome!!!!!!!
One of the worst games for the cube!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-06

I rented this for my XBOX, and boy does it stink! There is asolutely no way that I am gettin' this for my gamecube! The graphics are very lame, very cartoonish, the sound is very weak and the only reason I gave the game 2 stars was because of the originality! No one else would have thought of a game similar to this garbage. Gamecube shouldn't even be getting this game! The cars are very slow and it is more exagerated than extreme G3 with all of those weapons and arm thingys coming out of the roof of the trucks or cars. The game is too fake. I'd rather settle for Wave Race: Bluestorm, a more realistic, at least a more sane game than Cel Damage. If you know whats good for you and your precious money, do not get this game. Trust Me, you will regret it.


this game roks!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-05

The first time I set my eyes on it, I thought it would suk, but after trying it out at eb it seems pretty wacky. I love the funny racers and the exagerrated weaponary that comes out from the cars. wwell peece out my friends and keep playing. by the way.
Greatest gaming moment:
opening it up
time played:10-20hrs
Cartoons riding cars!
by: the_voice    On: 2001-12-31

I have palyed the X-box version and its a blast. All the characters and tracks are way cool. The graphics suck: cartoony graphics, plain simple. And its very easy, but long. Buy this game if you are a racing games' fan!
Gamecube's newest surprise hit!
by: matrixman1    On: 2001-12-19

Xbox's only good game(besides Halo)is now being ported to Gamecube which proves Xbox's downfall. Cel Damage is a wacky, fun game that shows video gamers what cartoon characters are doing when they're not on T.V. The game contains power-ups to decapitate your opponet with a saw, chainsaw, bombs, and shrink rays. The zany game was an excellent game on the Xbox besides the mind-bending controls. Hopefully, Nintendo will make an excellent port of the Xbox version by perfecting the controls and get the cel-shaded graphics even more cartoonish. The game is starting to shine some light on Xbox's disapperence in 2003 because I'm gonna give them a nice little virus to destroy them! In conclusion, Cel Damage is going to ruin Xbox once and for all!
This Game is awesome!
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-14

This game is awesome I highly recomend it.I think it is really fun when I played it for Xbox.The graphics are really good.That is why I gave it five stars!
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-08

I played this game on the xbox and you just blast stuff.. Its weird but i kinda like it though i wouldnt buy it.. mabye rent

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