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Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix
Manufacturer: Nintendo Of America      
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awesome workout!
by: packardbb    On: 2006-07-20

My 21 year old dgt. and her 12 year old brother both play this game. What a great way to get some exercise while playing a video game! LOVE IT!! GREAT IDEA!!
Amazingly Entertaining
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-07-17

I just got this game today, and I can already tell you this is one of my favorite games of all time. No, I've never played a DDR game before, but I am a Mario fan, and I thought this game looked like a ton of fun. I was right. I've probably never been this entertained by a video game. The idea of dancing to a game is such a great concept, and I love the fact that this game will count how many calories you burn playing. You can also enter your weight, and update it as you lose or gain weight, so you can see how you're doing. It's already been said by many others that this game will not be very challenging to DDR veterans, so, I say, if you're a newcomer like me, get this game and just enjoy it. It seems to me like this game will never get old. The Mario tunes bring back great memories, especially the SMB 3 music. There are several difficulty levels to choose from, and I can tell you that hard and very hard can be quite intense. I believe there's also an unlockable Super Hard mode.
This game is definately unique!
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-07-14

I've been a DDR fan for years now. I'm one of those junkies you see spending $5+ on a machine every time they step into an arcade, who just laughs when people stop and stare at her while playing, because they can't comprehend how her feet can move that fast.

I bought this game two days ago and have already played it 10+ hours. I've unlocked everything that there is to unlock. As a veteran, I'm easily able to pass the Very Hard modes with ease, but the Super Hard mode is a challenge. I can see people saying that this game is too easy, because I cleared the story mode in less than 1 hour, but it is just as easy to make it a challenge for yourself.

To the title of this review, I love this game because it truly is unique in the world of DDR. Two words: Mush Mode. You haven't experienced the wierdness of that until you're stepping on coins and goombas instead of arrows. Turning mush mode on causes me to step down to Hard. Put short: there IS a challenge for dancers of all levels on this game, unless your'e one of those who can jump on a DDR: Extreme arcade game and get a whole song combo of perfect on Sandbag or one of the Paranoia mixes.

I'm a fan of DDR games for the game aspect of them, but there is another aspect you can't ignore. Playing these games is a workout in it's own. I accutally am buying these games for that purpose in addition to the fact that I simply love playing them, and believe me, if you play diligently, it will pay off. I mean, they provide calorie counters and workout modes in half of these games, to take advatage of it, because it does work.

Overall, definately a good buy if you're looking for something different, or if you're just starting out. Worth every cent.
My kids have been playing this for HOURS!!!
by: emmett_mullins    On: 2006-07-03

Unlike most GameCube games, which only give your hands some exercise, this one is a whole body workout! My kids (12 & 13) have been playing on it for hours and hours. They've actually been a little sore from all the jumping! It's currently their game of choice, and it's amazing how many different things there are to do in the game. Lots of fun, even for grown-ups who really don't know anything about video games.
This is so much fun!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-06-12

I think that this game is fun and really gets you moving. Some of the songs are really easy and you don't do much, and others are really difficult and get you working. One of the songs that I can think of that is hard is Bowser's Castle. If you are a Mario fan but doesn't like a huge challenge, this game is for you. I completed the game within 1 hour and 30 min. There are several levels of difficulty on the game. The story mode only has easy and normal. The free mode has easy, normal, hard, very hard, and super hard. But to play free mode, you have to unlock the songs in story mode. But overall, it is a wonderful game.
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-06-07

This is a great game. I went to 5 different stores yesterday looking for it and finally found it at bestbuy. It is selling fast. So if you want this game, I would buy it quickly.

Overall its really fun and its the only ddr game for gamecube but its really fun!
Finally a DDR game for GameCube!
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-05-29

This is a great game if you enjoy playing DDR games, or want to start playing them. The songs can be catchy, though I prefer the real DDR songs, and have good beat.

Some of the bad points of this game though are that you only start out with one song, twinkle twinkle little star. You have to go through story mode, which only take about 1-2 hours to finish, to get some more songs.
Another bad note is that even if you play story mode on normal it starts out insanely easy. Also there are no hold notes, and note very many eighth or sixtieth notes.

One of the cooler points of the game if where it'll track how many calories you burn. You'll be amazed at how much you can burn off with one hour of playing. xP

f you are a very serious DDR fan, you might not like this game. But if you just want to have fun or try out DDR this is the game for you!
re-release is out!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-05-24

Bought this for the daughter's birthday...was searching locally after seeing prices $120 - $190 online two weeks ago. Well, the game is now on shelves at your local retailers for $50: Target is where we found it last week and I believe at least Gamestop/EB has it in now too as they're showing available online.

Take note of the folks still selling online for $100 plus!!

Rating is assumptive as she hasn't opened it yet...but I'm sure she'll love it...yeah, probably me too. :)

this is a game for hard core DDR fans that don't have a PS2.
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-05-21

I am a huge fan of DDR. I play it at arcades and at parties. The only thing is that I don't have a PS2. I have the game on my comp and use a converter to play but it isn't the same. I knew that when I bought this that it would be a disapointment to me as a DDR player, but it is fun to play none the less. You have to unlock all the songs by playing the story mode. The songs are only chalenging on very hard. I enjoy playing all the same. I like the work out mode feture. Over all if you are a fan of DDR but don't have a PS2 then get this game.
Gamestop does not ship in 1-2 days
by: micmac21    On: 2006-05-13

I ordered this already 2 weeks ago while it said "Usually ships in 1-2 business days - sold by GameStop." Still have not received it and Gamestop does not respond to inquiries. Buyers beware.
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-03-28

The game is WAY too short but has many levels of difficulty and an "EX" Version, the songs are well done and can be used in conjunction with a contorller to allow for two-player w/o 2 dance pads(in VS mode only).
Being a Mario fan, my vote is somewhat biased but I still Stand By my ****1/2 stars
Re-release scheduled in 05/2006
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-03-24

I have two kids, 9 and 6, both love this games. I also have various DDR games for Playstation2. But before I bought DDR Mario Mix, my kids have no interest in playing DDRs, no matter how hard I try to get them to. But DDR Mario Mix gets them onto the dance pad in no time. No wonder the 1st batch of Mario Mix is a sold-out. My friend bought a GameCube for his kids last Christmas and was horrified to find out that this game is in short supply and he has to pay somewhere around $150 for one. Well, after contacting Nintendo America, he was informed recently that the game is scheduled for a re-release in mid-May this year (2006). So for all the people wanting this game but not willing to pay the crazy price sellers are currently asking, just be patient and wait a bit. It'll coming out again, not like these sellers claim that this is "out-of-print".
More are on the way
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-02-15

Played this game at a friend's house. Thought of buying a copy, but did not want to pay too much, GOOD NEWS is Nintendo is releasing more. By April at the latest, more copies should be available. They did not stop making the game, there was just a higher demand then they thought. You can call Nintendo customer service hotline and hear it from them, even better is that they will ship you a copy as soon as they get them (which will probably be before the stores get them).
Not the ultra easy game its become known to be
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-31

I'd like to begin this by saying that I'm not 5, I'm 12 and will be 13 in 3 months. I just didn't feel like registering.

Anyway DDR Mario Mix is a great game the whole family can enjoy. Even my mom and dad who dislike video games were playing it. Now to the overview.

Graphics-4/5- The graphics in dance mode are like the rest of the DDR games. Out of dance mode they're a little better than the Mario Party games, not bad but not good.

Sound-5/5- It's DDR of course it sounds good. The songs range from remixes of the origianal Mario theme song to this song that sounds like a combination of Mozart and the Hampster Dance.

Story 2/5- The magic music keys have been released and chaos will fall on the Mushroom Kingdom. Apparently there's a rhyme in the M.K that says if you dance you will create magic. Throughout the game you'll have to dance to get out of holes, fix hotels, cross rivers,etc.

Gameplay-5/5- Basically the only gameplay is dancing but this is beautiful. The pads always work and you'll never blame them for anything.

Difficulty-4/5- this is the spot that ultimately hurt this game. When it says easy it means easy. Normal is still pretty easy and hard is just a little hard. Very hard is pretty hard. However there is a huge difficulty jump between very hard and the unlockable super hard. Super hard really is hard. Even my friend whos been playing DDRMAX for the last year had trouble on Super Hard. This game also has a thing called mush mode where rockets can fly onto the screen and steps can change,etc. This makes it REALLY HARD. However really really good players will probably find this too easy so other than that this game is for everyone.
Great Game!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-31

This is a great game for adults and kids!!! I like the songs and it is a hard game!!! A lot of people say it is easy but it is not!!!! It is not so hard that you can get frustrated. You can put it on an easy level. It is great for beginner or pro. Even adults should have fun. It makes you sweat too!!! I just wish they had more songs. You have got to purchase it!!!!!!!!
Almost Perfect
by: landry426    On: 2005-12-31

My friend got this game, and it is cool. I think tis awesome that now they make a DDR for the gamecube. It is just like regular DDR except for the one thing that i dont liek about the game, the music. Every song is some mario mix of some mario song remized or something. Its cool to have those in there, but I also like to to dance to songs i know!
Fantastic DDR System!!!
by: queenhaugh2    On: 2005-12-30

I bought this game for my 12 year old, who is a die-hard Mario fan. I fully anticipated that he would enjoy the game, but never expected that my 8 year daugther would also fall in love with this game. My children are having an exceptional cardio work out every day and believing that they are just playing a game. I would recommend this to everyone!!! The dance pad is included in the system and is holding up very well considering how much use it is getting. I am very pleased with this purchase.

Having fun and getting it possible??
by: shes_a_sahm_of_2    On: 2005-12-29

Yes it is!!! My son got this for Christmas...we've been thinking about getting some sort of DDR for him but my mother (with guidance from me) went with the Mario Mix. One reason was that since my son is a video game junky we figured that he'd get more enjoyment out of it since it was a familiar charachter instead of just a bunch of music he's never heard before. I've even gotten into the MIX!! With the workout mode you can track how many calories you've burned...its great!!! We're searching for another mat because we want to battle!!

by: lrichar2    On: 2005-12-26

This game got my kids off the couch! Not only is it a great deal of fun but it is also great exercise!!!
Dance Dance Excellence
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-19

This is yet another Mario game brought to its awesome experience ever! You can now hook up a dance mat for Gamecube to dance to songs many kids remember from the birth of Super Mario to its present songs found in many of his video games [and Wario's as well]. Players can also keep track of their burned calories while playing songs in story mode or head to head with another buddy on another dance mat. There are also mini games kids can play to see how they beat their high scores while using the dance mat. You can also use a regular Gamecube controller to play if you don't have a dance mat.
Pretty Cool but Kinda Messed Up!!!
by: longink2    On: 2005-12-16

Well they finally came out w/ a DDR game for the GCN, but was it really worth the effort??? This game is quite fun w/ the music remixes and the free mode but I think that Konami could've done better w/ the dance pad.... I mean when u just play for a couple minutes the thing moves a foot!!! Plus the story mode is way to time consuming and just plain boring!!! All people want to do is dance but they have to deal w/ all that story mode crap!!! And u only start out w/ 1 level if u dont do story mode And the game isn't really all that hard at least u can win super had if u beat very hard. plus It's all nice and stuff to have a 2 player mode also, but the thing only comes w/ one dance pad! U have to buy third-party brand if u wanna use 2 player mode...or u can use a controller but thats stupid... and dont excpect to get one under $100 after Dec.10th because they wont be selling them anymore! But if ur an early bird I would still recommend getting it! I think it deserves a 4 out of 5 star rating... And it could earn a five star when they realeas it again w/ an improved dance pad!!! Well I hope this review was helpful!!!!!!! And have fun if u buy it.
by: missiszippy    On: 2005-12-16

This game has been recalled because of problems with the dance mat. That is why it is no longer available from retailers. Nintendo is working on fixing the problem and then will re-release it. Buyer beware!
Dance Yourself Off
by: kernermichael    On: 2005-12-14

It definitely amazes me about how many times, a game in the arcades can definitely have so many spins of excitement. That has been the case with Dance Dance Revolution. Since it was released overseas in the late 90's, it has become a worldwide phenomenon. That has been the case with the Playstation 2, and the Xbox with many more editions than before. Arguably, the one system that has been highly overshadowed from the game is the Nintendo Gamecube. Yet, Konami has put that spin with Nintendo's biggest star, Mario in his own little way of dancing to the beat. But, will Gamecube owners enjoy this beat?

Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix for the Nintendo Gamecube is a mix of Mario and friends, as they encounter a challenge based on dancing. In this story, you have to challenge characters like Bowser, Luigi and the whole gang inorder to recover the missing story keys. The game seems very challenging, and carries out well to the test for newcomers, but for die hard gamers of Dance Dance Revolution might seems to be swayed into another direction. The graphics are very strong, and the control from the dance mat is easy to pick up for all gamers alike. The music does showcase itself with a combination of Nintendo's versions of pop songs, and classic Mario themed tracks, which are great for die hard Mario fans.

All in all, Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix does deliver for anybody who hasn't played the arcade smash, and gamers alike. This is a great must have for Gamecube owners, but if you have Dance Dance Revolution for the Playstation 2 or the Xbox, you might want to stick with the ones for those systems instead.

Graphics: B 1/2+

Sound: B

Control: B

Fun & Enjoyment: B 1/2-

Overall: B
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-09

Fun game! My first time playing a DDR, and since this is the ONLY DDR for gamecube I just bought it. Being an old-school mario fan helps of course! What good is there to say? you dance dance away :) I've worked myself up to a very good sweat a couple times, gotta find some way to keep active now that winter is here and I can't play basketball outdoors.

Having to play through the story mode to unlock songs wasn't a big deal, it took 2 hours. But if I'd bought a second dance pad and wanted to play with a friend it could have been somewhat of a big deal.. I agree, there should have been more than 1 song available.

Having no choice but to wait through all the cutscenes was annoying, but I can also see a purpose to it. When you're dancing it can wear you out pretty bad, with the cutscenes you get little breaks inbetween dances, so you can go for hours and hours before wearing out! (depending on how difficult you have it). I was disappointed that the story mode difficulty wouldn't go any higher than normal.. WTF nintendo?!?!? I admit, it was pretty boring because my skill level is more around hard, moving slowly onto very hard.

Another complaint is the dance pad.. I have mine on carpet, and the thing moves around like crazy!! I'd start losing and thinking to myself "what?! how did i miss that?!? look down and the dance pad has migrated a foot south.. I ended up taking a 10 pound weight and putting it over the plastic thingy on top to keep it still, at least it only migrates a few inches instead of feet now...

Still a good game, and worth the amount I paid for it :o) 4 stars!
don't buy it for more than $50
by: carhart    On: 2005-12-06

We've played this game with family for the last two months. It is a blast for all ages!

HOWEVER, we have searched for another copy of the game but can't find it for the original $50 price tag. If you spend more that $50, the seller is taking advantage of you. I heard that Nintendo discontinued the game and is coming out with a new version. We're going to wait for the new one, even though our kids will be disappointed on Chrsitmas morning.
In this day of age...we need more non-violent games like this.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-30

What I like about this game is that it is not violent in any way! Next is that because I played this game,I lost 3 pounds! so if you like DDR or losing weight, you will like this game!
Why knock it?
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-27

I don't know the age of M.Dickerson, but he/she sure sounds like a cranky old person. "I remember in the old days when we had the REAL dance pad. This one's just a cheap rip off of the original." This dance pad is perfectly fine and actually adds a new flavor to the ddr series. Though the lack of a dual pack is too bad (to get another pad) the storyline and dancing itself is a fun experience. Though Darth Kommisar (I think is the name) had a long explanation, it has to be one of the best reviews. I believe he stated something about the old ddr series songs and dance moves becoming boring (and if this was another person, I apologize for not giving you credit), and I couldn't agree more. I got my second ddr game last christmas, but I couldn't help but let it gather dust after one point when I noticed how similar the songs were to the other versions. DDR Mario Mix offers a refreshing break from the old styles of the typical DDR series. As stated, using a controller and a pad is the only way to play with two people if you don't have two pads, but some people allow that to make up their mind about how they think the game is. If you don't have two pads, then switch off with your friend or (if for some reason you can't share with your friend) find some way to get money for another pad. Don't decide from what the other reviewers tell you that the game is awful because there aren't two pads. I have always been a Mario fan (I don't go overboard, but I like playing the games when I can), so I enjoy the Mario Mix. I have DDR games, but even DDR extreme with the eye toy party game option isn't enough to compare to this exciting new game. Before I finish, though, I would like to say one more thing. If this review wasn't compelling enough to make you like the game or (if you haven't yet done so) buy it, think about it like this: Would you buy the new, different DDR Mario Mix, or would you rather buy the next, simple DDR game, most likely with the same kinds of songs found on it's predecessors?
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-27

I bought the game and I was waiting forever to get it. When I turn it on, the story mode is cheezy, but exteremely fun! There is a 2 player, and you can use the controller (makes it easier), and it is not the same-old thing as the others. First of all, the classic Mario songs AND famous songs such as Motzart, and stuff like that. Plus, there is animation. It is fun to whatch Mario Dance. I found no problem exept the dance pad whenever I am dancing seems to move alot. This game is the first DDR release on the GCN, and I thnk they did a great job on it. Besides, the dance pad comes free!! And you guys can stop attacking Nintendo :O!!!
Finally a DDR with a new Twist! This game is great!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-26

I love this game! I quite frankly don't understand why people say this game is not as good as the regular. It has fun songs from previous mario games and is more like an action game, but you still get to dance as much. I have been playing the regular DDR for 3 years and learned how to play on HARD level which is very difficult. I could barely keep up with the VERY HARD LEVEL on Mario Mix and there is even a harder level than that! This is an A PLUS game!
Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-26

"Wario is at it again! Wario has stolen the Music Keys, and it is up to Mario to get them back!

This game takes all the fun of the past mario games, mixing them together, but in a dance-style. This game is very fun, and teaches kids how to use their mind and placing what goes where (feet on which arrow) at that certian time that the brain interprates. It has all the fun of video games, with many different skill leves and dance areas, but instead of using a controller (optional) kids can use the dance pad. Kids will love to play this video game, while at the same time getting excersice and learning dance moves. One thing that could possibly frustrate them is the mush-mode. This is where Mario-related item come up on screen, and you have to press the corressponding arrow. The items are sometimes hard to see, but sometimes these might help you have fun! In "Story mode," kids will have to dance and save the Music Keys, and defeat Wario. (Mush Mode can not be turned off in Story Mode, but in free mode it can.)

Some complaints I've heard are these.
"The game is to easy!" I don't think this game is to easy. Many of the leves, (Bowser's castle, for exmaple) are very hard to where I haven't seen even some of the best complete without a rank better than F. If you still think it is easy, try to unlock 'super hard' if you think you're so good.
"This game is to hard!" Well, there are many different levels to where you can make it easier, and the difficulty leves are as follows: 'Easy', 'Normal', 'Hard', 'Very Hard', and, after unlocked, 'Super Hard'. Try easy on some the levels (Step by Step for example). Work your way up.
"I've gotten to tired, but I still want to play!" Take the dance mat out and plug in a controller. It still works!
"Ive played 1 player long enough. Is this game 2-Player compatible?" Yes it is. This is very fun for 2 players, hooking up 2 dance pads, 1 pad and a controller, or 2 controllers.
"People have told me that their kids quit and let it collect dust. Would this really happen?" I don't think so. I have played this for myself, and gone on for hours without stopping. This game will be fun for quite a long time.

Overall, this game is very fun, and will be a blast for all ages! Definately a recomendation.
P.S. Don't Wear Shoes On The Dance Mat!

News About the Game 'Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix':
12/24/05-After recent events, it has come to my attention that this game WITH THE DANCE MAT INCLUDED, is currently not being sold or manufactured. They will sometime start making it again, but this time the dance mat will NOT be included. These people figured out (after ALL this time) that they could make more money if they sold the dance mat seperately. But untill it is being manufactured again, I'd suggest not to but it for a price more than $50-$60.

News Is Updated For Any Changes Or New Understandings For The Game.
Nothing here that hasn't already been done better
by: amitola    On: 2005-11-26

This game might be just the thing if you have never played Dance Dance Revolution and you only have a Gamecube--but if you are already a fan of the series, you will be disappointed.

The biggest problem is that it is way too easy. I am no Dance Dance Master by any stretch of the imagination; I am risking heart failure at just 5 to 6 "feet" on the Playstation games (out of 9), but on Mario Mix I go straight to the hardest song, set it to "Super Hard," (which requires finishing the even more tedious "Very Hard" setting) and am still bored before I am halfway through.

Not helping the situation is the weak music selection: barely 20 songs, all of them recycled from previous Nintendo titles. It's hard enough not to feel like a dork playing Dance Dance Revolution when you're over the age of 14, frankly, and it becomes quite impossible when you are doing it to the tune of "Boo Boogie" from Super Mario 2.

As nice as it is to finally see Nintendo try out Dance Dance Revolution on the Gamecube, this effort just can't compete with the versions that have been on the Playstation for years.
It's awesome but what about 2 playa?
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-25

Well to tell the truth i haven't really bought the game because i wanted to play 2 player mode. But have you seen the prices for the 'good' quality dance mats? it's like 180 bucks for a freaking dance pad. If you're some rich kid that has a rich buddy then go ahead and buy it. So if you want to play 2 player on this you're better going to the arcade and doing ddr there. But if you're doing it for 1 player then it'll be a blast. Except the story mode is kinda sappy but the free mode is fun.
It's the perfect Family Game!
by: zuegma1977    On: 2005-11-25

Yes I admit its easy, but its a perfect family game. We had our laughs, watching my Mom trying to do the "Jump the Flagpole" Mini-game. The kids, nephews & neices love it! You'll have lots of fun, buy it!
An extention to the popular dance dance revolution games.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-21

Alright here it is.Proof that mario can do anything.He started out as a small hero but someone blowed him up like a baloon.Now theres mario in ssx on tour And street v3.But i NEVER expected THIS to happen!
I beleive those were the words.It starts out when a shady waluigi breaks into truffle towers and steals the sacred music keys that keep balance over the land that is mushroom kingdom.
I expected you'd be able to play as mario luigi or anyone else.But just mario or luigi.Story mode is all too easy to beat.
And i just expected to get more out of it.
You can dance your way across story mode(with 5 worlds)and ex mode(also with 5 worlds).I'll close by saying it's alot better if you play it with an actual dance pad instead of a controller.
happy dancing!

Moms & Dads - You'll get your $$$ worth on this one!
by:    On: 2005-11-21

I have a 15 and 10 y/o - Both love this game. It's not going to sit around collecting dust. Whenever friends come over it turns into a dance contest. I love to hear all the giggles and laughter this games causes. I enjoy it myself and get quite winded, which makes it fun to exercise! You can't beat that. Highly recommended!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-17

Teh Awesomeness
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-16

I always thought I had to buy a PS2 to play DDR or pay tons of money in an arcade but now I can enjoy it on gamecube. Not as many options as the one on PS2 but still worth it!
Great for kids!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-13

My children are ages 8 and 9 and they love this game!!! Finally a video game for Gamecube that encourages exercise. It is challenging but easy enough for them to figure out without getting frustrated. They are both fans of the "Mario Party" games and love that they used Mario in the DDR game. It has been an instant hit from the time we brought it home.
The only concern I have is this.....we bought an additional mat so two players could play at a time. Now we are thinking of getting the Karaoke Revolution Party Bundle for GC and guess what???It has a mat too!!! As far as I know, the game is not available without the mat so now we will have 3 mats. Oh well, not a major complaint, but keep this in mind if you are going to be purchasing any of these games in the future.
Dance Dance Revolution: More addictive than Pac-man
by: cominar    On: 2005-11-11

I just bought this game Yesterday evening after yearning for this for about 6 months. Better than what I percieved it to be like in other people's reviews. The story mode is pretty fun your first way through it on Easy mode and The story is pretty cool except some of it makes no sense, like there is a part when mario is jumping on a flower and some how it magically blooms and bounces mario up on top of a mountain and later in the story Mario has to go back up there and he has to jump on a flag to some how magically appear there when he could of just hopped on the friggin flower. Well anyways this game comes in a box bigger than the one the gamecube comes in so that might scare you from purchasing it in a store because you may think you have to buy a Gamecube with it but you really don't. The box is so big because the Dance Pad is fairly large. When I went to go buy this at Wal*mart the clerks thought it was a gamecube and were wondering why it was so light. LOL! The songs on this game kicks ass. There is a huge bundle of remixed mario songs, some dance songs from 3rd party groups, and atleaste one from other Nintendo games.(Original Donkey Kong Theme Remix) The "Work Out Mode" if you heard about it isn't really a mini-game were you work out. it just changes the option of your weight and tells you how much colories you've burnt throughout your plays through this game. I think the Dance pad is kind of cheap. I worry that I might break it when I wear shoes so I always wear socks or go barefoot while playing, the bottom is white and some how dirt gets attracted to it, the plasticy material that covers the top of the pad wrinkles up if you drag it and sometimes you will move out of place on the mat while your playing and really screw up. Other than those few problems I'm satisfied with my $53.00 purchase of this game and I've lost about 5 lbs so far playing it non-stop (almost).
Fun For The Whole Family
by: juljacky    On: 2005-11-08

We are having so much fun with this video game! The songs are catchy, the graphics are amazing, the story is cute and most importantly, the kids are getting some exercise while playing. The only drawback, in my opinion, is the Storybook Mode. We found it extremely easy to solve and you only get to choose between Easy and Normal mode. However, once you get past that disappointment, the other features are great! Free Mode is where you can pick any song/dance you like at any level of difficulty from Easy to Super Hard. You can also choose to add Mush Mode where fun little Mario characters are thrown into the dance moves. The Free Mode is much more challenging and you are graded for your effort. (We have yet to get past a "D" on the Hard Level). There is also a calorie chart where you can keep track of how many calories are burned while playing.

Overall, this is a great family game!!!
Join the Revolution Rap
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-06

By Cloud,
Dance with Mario
Defeat Wario
Play as Luigi
With a little squeezy
His name is Toad
When there's snow on the road
Rock to the sound
All around
Battle the Koopa King
And shake your groove thing
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-05

Well first off I want to tell you this, its fun if your a kid,too ez if your a teen or adult, well not for my mom at least....anyways,its duralble i guess, you dumb people who says its not try to complete EVERTHING and see, lik get as on everything,its kinda fun, especially in mario stlyle,its cool cause it has a story mode, i your a first time ddrist this is a good the value of story mode, not so good takes like an hour to complete!And this is my first time.Well dancing is dancing, do you expect any value!!! Its really fun though,1 min i didnt know about, next min when im looking for video games to buy i saw it and BAM! THAT ONE THAT ONE!!if your a kid, GET IT.Great gift too.It can teach you hand-eye-cordonation.Or in this case feet eye!
For Little Kids
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-03

I have a 5 year old daughter, is this game easy enough for her. She loves to dance and loves mario.
Addressing some complaints about the game
by: toad224    On: 2005-11-03

First of all, I think this game is great. It's also a great price for the game and an action pad, while most new games cost the same price for the game only.

One of the biggest complaints I read is that the game is too easy. I don't think the game is too easy. The easy level is great for first time DDR players. Also, what I'm sure many people don't realize is that there is a "Super Hard" level above the "Very Hard" level. However to be able to play a song in "Super Hard," you have to play the corresponding "Very Hard" level in Free Mode and get a decent score to be able to unlock the "Super Hard" mode for that song.

Another complaint that I read is that you have to unlock all of the songs. It's very easy to unlock all of the songs, even for a new player. All you have to do is play through the entire story mode once (it can be in easy mode), and also get 4 extra songs at the in-game shops (this can also be done easily in easy mode if you keep repeating the mini games to get a lot of coins).

One thing I do not like is the Mush Mode items (however, you can turn Mush Mode off when playing in Free Mode). Mush Mode makes strange Mario related items come up on the screen, and you have to press the corresponding arrow. I don't like this because sometimes the items are hard to notice against the constant moving background. I also don't like how they force you to read through the story and watch the animation to be able to move on to the next level (in Story Mode). This isn't that big of a deal though. I also wish it was easier and cheaper to get a second action pad. Overall, this is a great game, and I would purchase a sequel if they came out with one.
If you own a Gamecube, this game is well worth purchasing
by: darthkommissar    On: 2005-11-01

Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix (2005.)

In the fall of 1998 in Japanese arcades, Konami started an undying video game craze that shows no signs of letting down anytime soon - Dance Dance Revolution (or DDR for short.) The craze hit consoles not too long after sweeping arcades on both sides of the Pacific. Pretty much every modern-day video game console has featured some type of DDR release - and rip-offs of the series are becoming increasingly popular, too. 2005 was the year in which Konami and Nintendo joined forces, in what would very likely be a memorable entry in the series. The two teamed up to create Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix. Konami's classic dancing series is nothing short of excellent, but no one can deny that a lot of the entries in the series have been a lot alike, and the formula has been wearing kind of thin. Would this new experience give the series a much needed boost, and open it up to new audiences? Read on, and see how the game measures up!

Konami released Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix on October 25, 2005. The game is for one or two players, and features several different gameplay modes. One dance pad is included with the game.

I had pretty high hopes for this game. For the last several years, I had enjoyed DDR games, but never played them extensively nor had I actually owned one. When I heard Mario was going to appear in a DDR game, I thought it would finally be high time to buy one. I did so, and I must say, I'm glad I did. Keep reading, and see what this game does right, as well as what it does wrong.


-JUST LIKE PRETTY MUCH EVERY MARIO GAME, THIS ONE TAKES A FAMILIAR SERIES, AND ADDS IN PLENTY OF NEW INNOVATIONS. When Mario was first featured in his own sports games, with his presence came a ton of new features. The same can be said of his first appearance in an RPG. And with his first appearance on the dance floor, this is true once again! The DDR series is the premire dancing game series, and with Mario's added innovations, it's funner than ever. For instance, there is a story mode, plus new elements in the dancing itself. Mario enemies will appear on the dance screen, and you have to stomp them to stop them from damaging you (too much damage ends your session early.) These nice little features take an aging series and help keep it fresh.

-DANCE PAD IS INCLUDED WITH THE GAME. It's rather obvious Nintendo and Konami attempted to use Mario's presence in this game in an attempt to lure in a whole new crowd of DDR fans (it worked on me), so they included the pad with the game. Smart move on their part. Combine that with the fact that the Gamecube doesn't have very many dancing games, and the end result is a good one.

-A NICE VARIETY OF MUSIC. The game features remixes of classic Nintendo/Mario series tunes, as well as some that are actually take from classical pieces and given modern revamping. It makes for a diverse mixture of music that's sure to please most audiences.

-MORE THAN "JUST ANOTHER DDR GAME." With all of the DDR games that keep surfacing in the modern-day video game market, it's about time we have one that can really distinguish itself from its peers.


-DIE-HARD DDR VETERANS WHO ARE SEEKING A CHALLENGE - THIS ISN'T THE GAME FOR YOU. Like I said, it's obvious Nintendo and Konami were using this game to draw in new crowds to the whole dance game genre. And as a result, the dancing action is a bit simpler than it is in other games in the series. If you're just starting, this will be great. Otherwise, you might want to stick with traditional entries in the series that keep the challenge level higher.

-YOU HAVE TO PLAY THROUGH THE STORY MODE TO UNLOCK EXTRA SONGS IN THE FREE DANCE MODE. The first song is the only one already unlocked when you first start the game. Now, I can understand Nintendo and Konami wanting gamers to work hard at the game to unlock additional content, but they shouldn't have had just one song readily available.

-ONLY INCLUDES ONE DANCE PAD. Granted, this was to be expected, and including an additional one would likely have jacked up the price, but still, you need two pads if you want to do "dance-offs" with your friends (you can use controllers, obviously, but doing that way blows compared to using a pad.) I personally think Nintendo and Konami should have released a dual pack as a buying option.

-YOU CAN'T SKIP THE CUT SCENES IN THE STORY MODE. Nintendo is infamous for this. The little dialogue sequences are the standard Mario game adventure dialogue everyone knows some variation of. And besides, I'm playing the mode to dance and to unlock new songs, not to sit through some sappy storyline I could care less about. It's all about the dancing, not the story!

Overall, I won't deny that this game has its shortcomings. But is it a good game overall? You better believe it is. Nintendo and Konami's collaboration is an awesome one. Putting Mario in this series was a smart move, and it's likely to attract all kinds of new fans to the virtual dance floor. Despite not being a perfect game, it's still an excellent one, and I do recommend all Gamecube owners give it a try.

You're going to have a hard time finding this game. Nintendo pulled it off the shelves, and sellers that have the game are charging insanely high prices. Take my advice - hold off, and see if Nintendo reissues it.
by: patriciajj    On: 2005-10-29


**********DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!**********


I got this game not to long after it came out, I was VERRY exited! (^_^)
Then I played it with my firends, I played the PS2 version (PS2 DDR WAS GREAT!!!!) So I assumed DDR mario was great too, BUT......
(1st) Im used to having to unlock stuff in a game, Even songs!, but having to unlock ALL the songs! (*_*|) That mad me pretty mad!(2nd)The only song that was unlocked was: TWINKLE-TWINKLE LITTLE STAR! (x_x|)(3rd)Ok so have to go to Story Mode, ok, ok, thats fine,....IT WAS TOO EASY!!!!!-COME ON AT LEAST GIVE ME UP-AND-DOWN AROWS!(>_<), I get it if thats only to the first level, but the most of the levels(incude the mini games-which is the ONLY time you'll need it in story mode!)(4th)- it took me less than an hour to finsh!(>[++++]<)

If your a little kid (maybe 6-12)or know one, This game is nice.

I sudgest Madcatz MC Grooves insted!


(;_-) (snif....)

Good for DDR beginners
by: josheee    On: 2005-10-29

Here's my quick version of this review:

This game will be great for any beginning DDR players, or big Mario fans who'd like a little more than just stepping to the music in their DDR title.

Serious DDR players hoping for a challenge will be disappointed that even the hardest difficulty is still extremely easy to pass.

Read on for the longer, more detailed review:

To start off this review, I should say that I am a huge DDR fan. I've got most of the games for the Xbox, PS2 and older systems. When I heard DDR Mario Mix was coming, I was very excited. I couldn't wait to try out all the classic Nintendo songs.

I bought the game on launch day and drove home to play. Right away, I was disappointed that you have to beat the little "Story mode" in order to unlock the songs, even if you just want to go into workout mode or "free play". I'm used to a few unlockable songs in every DDR title, but having to unlock EVERY song was frustrating.

Still, the minigames are cool. It's fun to have a goal besides just hitting the arrows at the right times. There's a trampoline game that's pretty fun, as well as trying to jump to the top of a flag pole by "running". For old school gamers, some of the minigames will remind you of the Nintendo Power Pad titles.

Overall, this isn't a great DDR game and I'd rate it near the bottom of the series. That being said, it's a still good game for the Game Cube and worth picking up. I already bought a copy to give to my niece who enjoys trying to play DDR with me but usually can't keep up with the songs on Xbox's Ultramix or PS2's Extreme. I think she's going to love this game, and I think if you've got kids...they'll love it too.

best DDR game yet...
by: dlefner    On: 2005-10-28

combine DDR and mario and what do you get? something that you can turn on and your kids will excitedly play all day. then when the kids are off to bed you'll be sneaking over to play yourself. a great gift idea for the holidays!
I Love This Game!!!
by: videogameswholesale    On: 2005-10-27

Hi, i am a big fan of mario games.yes it may be a little easy to beat the levels but if you've never played dance dance revolution before or even had the game then this game would be hard. i have it on nomal and i havent beaten the game yet. im trying to get all A's its hard to get an A i always get c's and b's. i love the game for the graphics, the music i love old school mario music. and you can keep playing and playing with other people too. the levels are very well thought up, very cool. i played it for the first time with my boyfriend yesterday and we had so much fun. if you love mario games, and you arent the best at dance dance revolution and this is your first time trying it. i think you will love it. and im 20 years old and i love the game.if they came out with a second one id buy it. i think its very cute :)
Very Dissapointed
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-10-27

I became a big DDR fan while visiting a friend out of state. I played on her XBOX and it was awsome. When I found out that they were finally making a DDR for my gamecube I was so excited. I go get this game the first day it comes out, go home and start to play and it stinks! It only takes like an hour to get through the whole game and it doesn't burn nearly as many calories as the other DDR games and isn't as difficult. My suggestion is to go out and get the Madcatz MC Grooves if you really want a dance game for gamecube. It's cheaper and a lot more fun. Don't waste your money like I did on this game. It's not worth it. If you have small children, I can see where this game might be fun, but if your over the age of 12, don't buy this game.

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