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Darkened Skye
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Very Underrated!
by: geminitiger    On: 2006-04-07

When I first found this game I questioned why I would want it. My money must have been burning a hole in my pocket, because I bought it. It may have been the skittles that made me do it. I thought the concept of using magical skittles interesting, and with all the skittles commercials... Unfortunately, since I didn't care for the graphics or the medievalish theme of the game, it sat on my shelf for over a year. One day I was bored enough to try it and it took me a bit to get into it. Once I did though, I couldn't turn it off. I found the characters dry humor totally hilarious and often laughed out loud. Maybe I have a wicked sense of humor but she is FUNNY okay!! I even talked my brother into trying it, he had a harder time getting through some earlier parts because he didn't have access to the internet and cheats, which I highly recommend, although not necessary. He didn't get too far before giving up (he has no patience and this isn't his type of game - he likes fighting and I like RPG) and I couldn't help him because I couldn't remember everything (I play A LOT of games and don't live with him - we are both grown), but he liked it and said he'd try it again someday. He also thought the humor was funny. I'd even play it again just for the humor and the challenge, it's a tough game (it was also one of my first tries at this type of game so maybe that's why it was so hard). As said before, unless you are really good at puzzles, I say cheat if needed. The game is not by any means great, it's just fun and challenging (locating and using the skittles correctly), and I died a lot. The graphics are nothing like we are used to today with such games as Kingdom Hearts 2 but that leads to the appeal of is called Darkened Skye - her name is Skye btw. I would definitely recommend trying this game, the price is great, or just rent it first. Try it for yourself before you go by the negative reviews here. It is still one of my favorite games and I hope there's a next one, although doubtful.
O My gosh! Worst game ever!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-04-02

I dont even know where to begin... Lets see, i'll just ease you into this so you wont be overwhelmed with the things i'm going to say.
First of all, who the heck makes a story with a plot line as dumb as this?! I mean sure you'd probly like it if you are married to a bag of skittles, but COME ON PEOPLE! you start out in a "forest" making your way to a village. You encounter hideous beasts, and have only a staff to fight with, no training, magic, special attacks/abilities... NOTHING! When you get to the village there is this assinine archer that walks back and fourth on his stupid little post shooting at you, then when you look around to see whats hitting you, you get shot and die. the charecter dialoug is so out of sync, and the graphics are 3rd grade. Words cant describe how bad a game this is!
So, my over all rating
Plot 0/10
Music 2/10
Charecter development 1/10
Graphics -5/10
Dialouge 1/10
PS-(This game is just another wannabe FF! It mocks every single game that has ever been made!)

by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-08

what to say what to say...hmmm if you like playing a game that centers around skittles than this is your game!! I so enjoyed hearing the word skittles ever ten seconds. it would be okay, if was easy....but no, its one of those games that is cheesy and its fairly hard to play....dont buy it at all!!
Come on guys, I've seen a lot worse....
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-08-12

The game isn't all that bad. I've played alot of games in my time and found some awlful games. Waisted money, time and energy. Darkened skye is a little hard, well, pretty hard, and without the walkthru, I most likely wouldn't have gotton thru it either. Although, it kept me entertained, it's a good leangth, and cute to say the least. Although, after I got the first two birds in Zen'jai hills, for some reason I couldn't cross the bridge for a long time, I can't figure that one out.
But, I enjoyed it for the most part, and would buy part 2 if it came out.
The Game is not that bad.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-06-11

Darkened Skye is not a bad game, but it is not for the impatient. Saving often, like whever you exit/enter a level/area, is a very good idea. You can, and will, die very easily in this game; but that's what can be fun about it. I have a few suggestions. If you get lost in one of the 5 lands, take a peek at the maps inside the manual, but it doesn't have the Gargoyle realm. I don't know if the Gamecube version manual has all 4 maps in it, but the Computer one does. If you want to run faster, put away the staff. Skye runs faster with the staff on her back.
The Game is not that bad.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-06-11

Darkened Skye is not a bad game, but it is not for the impatient. Saving often, like whever you exit/enter a level/area, is a very good idea. You can, and will, die very easily in this game; but that's what can be fun about it. I have a few suggestions. If you get lost in one of the 5 lands, take a peek at the maps inside the manual, but it doesn't have the Gargoyle realm. I don't know if the Gamecube version manual has all 4 maps in it, but the Computer one does. If you want to run faster, put away the staff. Skye runs faster with the staff on her back.
*sigh* this game.... >_<
by: vixen_icefox    On: 2004-01-17

Ok, first off, this game is horrible to control. In battles, you can't switch items and magic fast enough to do anything. Once you get past the firt few worlds, it gets ridiculously hard, and should be rated "SFH" for "stupidly freaking hard". I liked the look and feel of the game; don't get me wrong, it's a very fun game... until you're stuck. Like I am right now. The game designers obviously didn't think about the crappily set up button control when they stuck in those SIX very bad guys in the level I'm on, PLUS a boss afterwards. I just don't think it's possible to go any further than where I am at, so I am reviewing the game NOW. I think I will officially give up because it's a waste of time trying to fight off such a slew of bad guys only to be killed by a boss monster afterwards. The graphics are great, music is awesome, character development is very sweet, and the humor is good giggle fun. However, get used to saving because you will die.. horribly.. and MANY MANY times. Unfortunely, I can't figure out how to create more than one save file at a time, or maybe it would be worth finishing.
It IS fun, but ...frustrating!
The name says it all
by: dero64    On: 2003-07-28

If not for the horrible controls, Darkened Skye would have been a great game. Unfortunately, no matter which way you set your configurations, the game remains frustrating. One of the problems is one so common in third-party Gamecube games: functions of the L&R buttons suffer from the "click only" effect, meaning you have to press them all the way in for a response. This is apparent also in BloodRayne, NAMCO Arcade Museum, and Evolution Worlds, among other titles. I don't know why third-parties do this -- it irritates the hell out of me and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
Anyway, this is one of those medieval settings on no particular planet. You play as Skye, a sarcastic teenage girl on a mission to stop something-or-other. I don't mind the dumb idea of using Skittles as magic; actually I think it's kind of cute. The dry humor is almost funny too.
Relax, it isn't that awful...
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-07-14

The game is not perfect, and thats been established, but what it does do, that some players may find interesting, is make a mockery of the adventure game. It uses its dialouge and run of the mill story line to lampoon the average adventure game. The graphics aren't terrific and the controls make game play difficult, but the character's voices are terrific (I believe that Linda Larkin, the woman who voices the lead character, also did the voice for Jasmine in Disney's Aladdin.
The truth is, that when I first started the game I wasn't expecting much and was mainly playing the game because I figured that I had to at least check it out before I rolled my eyes and passed it over. If you're looking for a game that you don't have to take too seriously, then this is a good pick. Just remember, save. Save often, you will die, and it does get frustrating.
It is ok
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-07-08

the game is hard really hard i need help
Just dont buy this stupid "game"
by: cgconcepcion    On: 2003-06-30

There has to be a nicer way to put this... this stupid commercial is not even a game. Its hard to use the controller, the graphics are below standard, and the movement of the character looks like an Atari game. Just dont buy this [game!!!]
by: rosewood03    On: 2003-05-28

It's painful to write this review because I honestly believe Darkened Skye could have been an enjoyable (but not necessarily great or classic) game. However, several problems make it close to unplayable. I'll try to be fair and tell you its good points as well as the bad.

The story and characters are fun. There is Skye, whose mother left her a mysterious legacy before she disappeared. There is her ex-bad-guy companion (who serves as your information provider), and a number of characters that Skye comes across in her travels. Oh yes, let's not forget your standard bad guy who is trying to take over the world. The constant smarmy fourth-wall breaking and stupid jokes suit the game well, because the whole purpose of the thing is, well, to sell Skittles candy. For it to take itself seriously wouldn't work at all.

Skye learns new abilities by finding Skittles that she plugs into spell slots. The result is a well-presented, simple magic system where almost every ability Skye learns is important to her quest.

The graphics, while not up-to-the-minute glossy, are attractive enough, but the landscapes are pretty homogenous sometimes. I spent over a half hour wandering around lost in the first forest because almost everything looked exactly alike. Other worlds are easier to deal with, with easily discerned pathways and draw distance that gives a good illusion of open space.

Music is unobtrusive, in a good way, creating an atmosphere without intruding. The voices are fun to listen to and the voice actors were well suited to their roles.

Now, on to the bad stuff.

Almost right away I could tell this was a port of a PC game because of the controls. Regardless of how I configured them I found myself constantly strafing when I meant to turn, and unable to steer properly on platform jumps, leading to death after death--since poor Skye has the double curse of being both unable to swim and finding herself constantly platform-jumping across water. Aiming at flying monsters, or fighting on the ground, were both difficult because the sensitivity of the analog controller made the camera angle slew around wildly. The lack of a lock-on feature added to the misery. (I also suspect bad hit detection, or that the monsters have hit areas that are too small) Between platforming and fighting I had literally dozens of deaths in the first hour and a half of saved gameplay, which spoiled the fun to say the least.

Another thing that makes Darkened Skye frustrating is lack of direction in the puzzles. The puzzles themselves are well-designed and make good use of the magic system, but you're almost never given enough hints as to where you're supposed to go next or what specifically you're supposed to be doing. (A world map like Drakan's, letting you know what your quests are and which direction they lie in, would have been great, but...) Without the walkthrough given in the instruction manual, I would never have made it through the first three worlds, and after that I confess I quit because I was spending far too much time wandering and far too little time actually getting anywhere.

There may well be a three- or four-star game buried in Darkened Skye, but I wasn't able, or willing, to weather its considerable frustrations to find it. Disappointing.

Don't buy this game!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-02-24

This has to be one of the worst vidio games in the history of gaming. In fact it is not a game. It is a commertial. a very long Skittles commertial. You may be thinking that can't be right. It IS. Every skittles commertial is a different level. You have to go around collecting little round multi colored objects whick the game refers to as SKITTLES(r) as the comic book guy would say. "Worst game ever"
Bad game,really bad game
by: exodus_fr    On: 2002-12-22

In few words "this games sucks".It's got to be one of the worst games out there for the gamecube.The gameplay is awful and awkward,graphics look like a PSone game,the story wants to be fun but it just doesn't cut it.If you want to save some money please don't buy this game.
Shameless Marketing Ploy
by: gangrelboy    On: 2002-11-25

Darkened Skye is made by whoever it is that makes Skittles. You go around a generic fantasy kingdom trying to find Skittles to keep an evil wizard from making everything monochromatic (isn't that the plot of most Care Bears episodes?).

The gameplay is horrible; it's an "action platformer" with terrible platform recognition, graphics that would be shameful four years ago, and some truly awful voice acting.

Frankly, this game is bad, bad, bad, and I'm surprised it's actually gotten decent reviews. From beginning to end it stinks.

An offbeat adventure that isn't perfect but still fun.
by: pamg2000    On: 2002-11-16

Darkened Skye is by no means conventional. It strives to be a wacky and slightly humorous adventure. In this aspect it suceeds perfectly. It is certainly like no adventure that has ever come before it and that is very refreshing. Since the story is the best aspect of the game,I won't spoil any of it for you. If this game were rated on story and characters alone it would get five stars but unfortunately it is not and if you wish to play through this game you'll have to contend with some really big flaws. The controls are fully customizable which is nice (and rare for a next generation console game) but no matter how you set them up they never feel right. This game came out a few years ago on PC and it shows. After the first few hours you might be able to get used to the really sucky controls but this games combat will be thorn in your side that will never go away. Even when you have magic to use on the enemies all combat is hitting or shooting a bad guy a few times and running away to avoid getting hit. The game always seems slanted in their favor due to their speed (about twice as fast as you) and strength (most enemies are twice as strong as you). Basically what this amounts to is that you'll avoid and run from enemies far more often than you'll stay and fight. The graphics are nice, they never take full advantage of the gamecubes power or make you oow and aww but they're not ugly enough to make you not want to play the game (the controls and enemies do that). Sonically the games music is really good and the voice acting stands as one of the best on the system thus far (I would put it ahead of Star Fox Adventures). Overall rent this game first, for those who can overlook it's two major flaws it will be a quest well worth taking and a must have. For those that cannot that one rental will be your Darkened Skye fix. You don't know what your missing though.

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