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Def Jam Vendetta
Manufacturer: Electronic Arts      
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Gift Giver
by: jrmalmn    On: 2006-07-07

The game arrived on time for the blessed event. i thought it was a little hard core for my taste but the teen it was purchased for liked it. It was the game that was played the most at the party. It's definitely not for the faint at heart or younger children(8 and under)!!
Pros/Cons and a review.
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-05-01

Tons of unlocks.
High replay value.
High difficulty.
Super low price

Somewhat short story.
High difficulty.
Bad voice acting.
Controls are a bit rough at first.

This was my first wrestling game and made me feel a bit n00bish (I lost my first dozen or so matches) but once you get the hang of it you can move pretty quickly. There's a ton of characters to unlock, a bunch of pictures of the models to unlock and a handfull of levels to unlock. Story mode can be beat in about a weekend if you have a good ammount of time but even after that the replay is big. There are codes to unlock everything if you need them but one pass through story mode will get you everything but 2 characters and a handful of pictures. The music is pretty much always playing but the lyrics seem to dissapear during matches if they distract or annoy you.

Def Jam Vendetta is solid and worth buying if you're into the wrestling/fighting/hip-hop genres. Even if you're not into all of them it's still a good buy and who's going to complain at [...]
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-09-01

Not only tht i love this game its tht it has the best rappers in it. Im not a good fan of rap but i think they have the best rappers. But i dont care about tht. Its tht game play. Whne u simmit there legs break and tht shows good fughting spirit. But also tht u can choose wat girlfriend u want btu u also have 2 beat it 2 get them. IF u really want this game get it b4 u get the seacond Def Jam. U get used 2 the contols b4 u get 2 the really hard stuff. So if u want 2 get this and its 50 dallars or more i think its worth it but if u get the 2nd game first u might not want 2 pay tht much money 4 it cuz it the 2nd 1 theres way more curse words and more action. BUt yes its a alsome game. Also the thing i like about this 1 more then i like about the 2nd is the story line. Ill have 2 say yes its better in my opinon. Theres one more thing tht i like more about this 1 and tht is, is tht its more rememberable. And also its less confusing in this one cuz in the 2nd theres like 10 places tht u can go in one time.
Great Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-07-10

I really like this game. I beat the whole game in about 6 months. It's kind of funny cause girls fight each other. You can be Method Man, Redman, D-Mob, N.O.R.E., and my favorite Ludacris. Although you have to unlock practicaly everything. It's a great game!
Why didn they put in Lil Jon?
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-04-07

This game is one of the funnest games ever made, but the characters suck like hell!!! The only good character you get is WC, thats it. they shoulda put in more rappers, like Lil jon, Ludacris, Eminem, T.I., even Usher. Dont get me wrong. This game is very fun. I cant wait to get Def Jam fight fot NY.
Def Jam Vendetta is the best game i have ever played
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-24

Def Jam Vendetta is the best game i have ever played. It is awesome how you can play as some of your favorite rappers! The only bad thing, and i mean the only, is i beat it in like half an hour. I got Deebo and Omar on like the first day i had it. The moves you can do are so cool and look like they would hurt so bad!! It is awesome!!! Bottom line is this is my favorite game and i cannot wait to get Def Jam 2.
one of the best wrestling games ever!!!!!!!!
by: jmflo142    On: 2004-07-16

this game is awsome. there's a lot of characters to pick, cool knockout moves , and rap characters are in it too like method man , redman, keith murray, WC,n.o.r.e, and more!some people said they should put more rap artists in the game like 50 cent, eminem,and,p. diddy, but HELLO! It's called DEF JAM VENDETTA, that mean only made up characters and rap artists from DEF JAM!This is a "must have" game.
great game
by: thepig0140    On: 2004-05-08

this game is awesome. if you are looking for a realistic game this game is not for you. i hope the next one is even better.

PROS: 1 the moves are ouragous
2 play as real life rappers
3 story mode

CONS: 1 not enough rappers to play as (no 50 cent, eminem, p. diddy etc.
2 story mode is always the same no matter what character you are
3 no create a character

by: dyzoeman    On: 2004-05-02

I don't know how anyone can stand to play this horrid mess, as it is completely unenjoyable.

Let me tell you this, the problem doesn't lie in the moves. Those are interesting, but theren't aren't enough of them and they're just rip-offs of real wrestler's moves.

There's no ref. What is the point of playing a wrestling game, if there's no ref? Who's doing the counting? Who's stopping the illegal moves? You can't even be counted out, while outside of the ring, which brings me to my other complaint.

There are no weapons under the ring. Where's the chair? Sledgehammer, anyone? Lord knows you'll need one in this game. (This is where it gets even more retarded.)

The grappling system is seriously flawed. You have to be absolutely precise, down to the very second, to be able to reverse or deflect a move. Therefore, the computer has a grossly horrible advantage, as you will find yourself frustrated at the MANY times you're beaten to a pulp simply because you don't have Pentium-like timing. Speaking of being beaten to a pulp....

No matter how bad you beat down your opponent, it is you who will likely be defeated. Many times. Mercillesly and swiftly. In fact, I honestly believe that if the Incredible Hulk was a playable character in this, he would still be impossibly outmatched. If that isn't worse enough, consider this:

There is something in the game called "charisma." It is an energy bar that builds based on the type of moves you perform, as well as the style of your fighting. (That means if you cheese, your charisma doesn't grow, except for your A.I. opponent, who will gain charisma exponetially, no matter what. A prime example of this is the time I ran out of the ring to escape the result of a full charisma bar. The computer desperately chased me around until the charisma ran out. Then, mere seconds later, after doing several small moves on me, he had it again!)

Once the charisma bar is full, you will have the ability to perform 2 different special moves. In EVERY case the computer has caught me with said special move, it was an immediate K.O. Why don't you guess what happens when the roles are reversed? When I hit the computer with not one, but two special moves back to back, only to have the computer immediatly rise up and inexplicably beat me down into a defeat, I literally snatched the game out, put it back into its box and tossed it away.

Well worth the money!! It "rocks"!! It's the best game ever!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-01-12

I really love playing this game! It's not that challenging, but it's still really fun! My favorite character is "Dan G", because he has the best kick action than any other character in the game.
You can play in single-player or in multi-player "team" mode. In team mode, you (and your team-mate) can (together) pick up your opponent and throw him flying through the air! I first played this game at my cousin's house, and I thought it was so much fun, that I got it for Xmas! If you enjoy wrestling, then this is definitely/totally the game for you!!!
An EXCELLENT wrestling game
by: razorelite    On: 2003-12-25

I loved WCW vs. NWO and WWF No Mercy for N64. Both were wresting games, which were incredibly simple, incredibly fun and incredibly deep all at the same time. There were countless moves, characters and you just couldn't play them too much. If you're like me and loved those games, Def Jam Vendetta is definitely what you've been waiting for. The game comes so close to the aforementioned games, its amazing. All the button combinatinons are exactly the same. The incredible fun is also still there. But as though this wasn't enough, the extras are even better. The bone-crunching moves in this game are simply jaw-dropping. The overall gameplay is just fantastic. The graphics are great, the soundtrack is excellent and the cinemas are also great. Being a big fan of hip-hop myself, the hip-hop implementation is a huge plus for me. There could be a few more options (such as disabling rope break) and there are less modes than many other wrestling games, but they aren't missed terribly. If you have any interest in wrestling games, any interest in hip-hop, or better yet, an interest in both, stop reading this and JUST GO AND BUY IT!!
Best Game Ever!!!
by: airforceone22    On: 2003-09-13

This game is the best ever made!!! There is only one single thing that could be changed to make it better. That thing is have Ludacris music on the soundtrack. Even without Luda this is still a perfect game. This game is easily worth 50$. Buy it now!!! IT RULES!!!!
X Gonna Give it to Ya (with a piledriver)
by: discokeet    On: 2003-09-08

Def Jam Vendetta is simply a wrestling game with Def Jam artists filling the shoes normally worn by the likes of The Rock, Stone Cold, and Hulk Hogan. I admit, the game is one of my guilty pleasures.

If you've ever played WWF No Mercy or the Wrestlemania games on the n64, you've more or less played Def Jam Vendetta. The controls and gameplay are identical. Some gamers prefer the WWE Smackdown style, but I enjoy this gameplay better because it's easier to perform the move you want without accidentally doing something else and cursing like a mofo at the screen. It plays much quicker and smoother than those frustrating controls of the Wrestlemania games on the Gamecube. The buttons of Vendetta are simple: hit, grapple, run, reverse. Hold the button down longer for a stronger grapple or attack. Execute different moves by hitting up, down, right, or left.

A fun aspect of the game is that the moves performed by the rappers are outrageously over the top (i.e. double piledrivers, neck-breaking kicks), and if you performed them in real life, you'd probably end up killing your opponent TWICE. There are no special matches such as cage matches or hell in the cell matches and no weapons to choose from such as steel chairs. Also, there is no blood. This is a straight-up wrestling game, and considering the WWE has "out-lawed" certain moves from its television programs, Vendetta is the probably only place you'll view such a madcap barrage of piledrivers and DDTs. Don't worry about the kids "trying this at home" because most of the moves are physically impossible to execute.

The story mode is short and silly, but there's no other way to unlock the Def Jam artists as most of them are bosses as you work your way through the story. You don't even get to unlock DMX until about halfway through. Choosing your girlfriend seems odd and out of place in the context of the game, but it's still fun to make two computer chicks trade barbs ("Back off, b**ch! He's MINE!") and duke it out for managerial services. You also win money to buy better skills and moves, but these options don't effect the game all that much.

There are plenty of characters to choose from, but most of them are not actually Def Jam rappers. Only the likes of DMX, WC, Keith Murphy, Scarface, Joe Budden, Ghostface Killah, Ludacris, Redman, Method Man, N.O.R.E., Capone, and Funkmaster Flex make the cut. The rest are all original characters, most of them entertaining and fun to play with. There are a few multiple options for arenas, but they are basically the same: a ring surrounded by a different background that has no effect on the match.

In short, this is a fun game to play with your friends or if you're a fan of both wrestling and rap. It has its flaws, but in any case, I think it's plenty entertaining. If anything, rent first, or wait til the price goes down.

Best Game Ever!!!
by: airforceone22    On: 2003-08-24

This is the best game ever created for any game system! No matter how many times you play it you never get bored. I've beaten the game once and am now about half way through with a new character. Awsome sound!! The soundtrack is also the best, you can't go wrong with DMX, Redman, Method Man, and N.O.R.E.!!!
Most fun game ever. Well-worth $$$!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-07-09

I think this is a wonderful game its everything a good wrestrling needs but i gave it a 4 because it needs emenem
Not Just a Game for Rap Fans
by: niftyspam    On: 2003-07-06

I got DJV expecting maybe a few days of fun, but months later, I still find myself playing it. This game is a blast solo, and even more fun with a group of people. While it may cramp your style (literally) with its button mashing, it will be well worth it due to the fun it delivers.

Graphics- 8.5/10 While DJV does have decent graphics, I have seen better on the GAMECUBE. The girlfriends in particular look pretty shoddy, and the large size of the characters make annoying ropebreaks frequent. The backgrounds are nice, but could've been improved.

Control- 8.75/10 The tutorial in the game really helps out with the controls, which may seem difficult at first, but after a few matches, it'll become second nature.

Game Design- 9.75/10 I like how you need to progress in the game to unlock more characters, although I wish there were more. 35 gets old surprisingly fast. The story mode is pretty enthralling, though, and is mildly interesting. The combos and finisher moves are sweet too.

Story- 9/10 It's hard to believe a wrestling game has a story, but there is one. You pick one of four generic characters and then begin. You're a former wrestler who quit but when your manager Manny needed to pay back a few loans, you got back into the game. Now you're off to make it back to the top and claim Def Jam. You'll need to fight your way through street punks and wannabees, plus beat several Def Jam artists, including DMX, Ludacris, Method Man, Redman, N.O.R.E., and Scarface, to have a shot at winning it all.

Sound- 8/10 While rapping isn't my genre of choice, the music is varied and rarely a distraction. The commentary is a nice touch but gets old pretty quickly.

Satisfaction- 9.5/10 Simply put, this game is fun to play. It'll have a controller in your hand for a long time to come.

Overall, this game is definitely worth trying out, so you may want to rent it first if wrestling games aren't your style. But hey, I'm not a big fan of wrestling and I love it, so you might like it too. Give it a shot, something here will be worth your time.

Street Brawling rocks !
by: tonymontana1    On: 2003-06-06

This game is extremely fun. It includes Def Jam licence rappers and invented characters that are just as fun to play with. The voice work is great on all characters. This game has a surprisingly deep story for a wrestling game. It has really good music, really good controls and fun knockouts. It has babes that become your girlfriends and you get pictures from the real life models.
Best wrestling game ever!
by: paulstire    On: 2003-06-05

OK, for starters, Vendetta is the best wrestling game I have ever played on the next-gen consoles, and possibly on any system to date. And get this, I don't even like rap!

Here's the rundown on the game. 1-5, 5 being best.

Graphics- 4.5

(Excellent battle graphics and beautiful movies, but some slight collision detection probs. Nothing too severe.)

Sound- 4
(Rap soundtrack often gets you in the fighting mood no matter what type of music you like, and the bone crushing sound effects are almost rediculously brutal. However, more songs wouldn't have hurt.)

Gameplay- 4.5

(OK, as stated, this game is great. But often the difficulty gets ramped up unexplainably. Wait till you see the finishers!!! Rediculous!!!!!)

Fun Factor- 5

(You will have more fun playing this game than most of the games on the 'Cube currently dominating it's charts, Metroid Prime for example.)

Replayabilty- 5
(You will never stop playing this game! Trust me.)

Overall this game would probably average off to about a 4.5, but since I either have to give it a 4 or a 5, I definitely choose the big 5. This game is as close to perfect as a wrestling game has ever and will ever come, and I am not a fan of rap or wrestling. That says alot. Just buy it and gawk over the insane Blazin' finishers!

Great Game
by: ribjoel    On: 2003-05-05

DJV is absolutle a great game to play if you are a fan of the old WWF/WCW wrestling games or the N64. You might not be interested because the game looks like it is about rap music. The game really has nothing to do with rap music except the music and characters are from the def jam record label which are all rap artists. The rest of the game is about fighting. The controls are easy to handle on the GC controller and are just about identical to the controls to the old N64 games. the graphics are just superb and the story is fun. The only things missing are a create a fighter mode, more things to buy with money earned from each of your victories(clothes or girlfriends, or allies), weapons you can pick up from the crowd (chairs, bats, ect.), some better arenas to fight in, and more characters to choose from. What this game is also really missing is a mode where you can win a title and defend it forever and ever. Hopefully there will be a sequel to this game next year that will be 100 times better. It's a great game and I think if you give it a chance you will find that Def Jam Vendetta rocks.
Get your grapple on with the Def Jam Crew
by: mod_boy    On: 2003-04-23

As many of the other reviews reveal this game has fantastic graphics, wonderful music and a huge variety of underground fighting moves. Let's concentrate on the feel of the game: fighting in the ring is intense ... super intense. It's extremely painful when your opponent puts you in a grapple trying to break your will so you'll submit. You have to push the button to get out of it ... and it feels like time is moving at a crawl. I actually can't play for awhile, my wrist is hurting so much from desperately trying to get out of these holds. Also, the feeling of getting beaten down when multiple opponents team up on you can be extremely humbling -- not to mention the demoralization you feel when someone knocks you out with a special move after getting the crowd behind him. The soundtrack really adds to the excitement and winning a match is extremely gratifying after all the hard work you spend wearing your opponent(s) down. EA Big really impresses with this one!
by: cronocelest    On: 2003-04-21

Not only does this game have masive amounts of homosexual referances, but the shear act of playing the game has made me less inteligent. The combatants will literaly slap eachother around, obviously these people are too delicate to use a closed fist, until you have the chance to get on top and force your oponent to submit, to what only the devine knows. I supose if your big into Pop Culture such as Rapers, Gangsters, WWF, and homoerotica than this is the game for you.
Def Jam Vendetta
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-04-14

this game is crazy fun. the intense urban street fighting combines the realism or Deadly Alliance, with the arcade fun No Mercy. an excellent buy. plus original soundtracks from DMX (X gonna give it to ya) and other artists. this is one title that is worth your lunch money.
Def Jam Kicks . . . Literally
by: teknish    On: 2003-04-14

When I first put Def Jam Vendetta into my PS2 I was as excited as a puppy on speed. I calmed down a little when I found that i could not create a fighter of my own and that for the story mode I had to choose between four pre-made characters. I soon learned that through character development I was able to turn these fighters into what I wanted them to be. The storyline was nice and I especially liked having the females fight over me. I also enjoyed watching the finishing moves of each character. I just wish that the people that the player is given the option of using had something to say before and after the fights like everyone else. The game provided me with hours of enjoyment. It still is, actually. The biggest drawback of the game is the fact that the story mode must be completed with 4 different characters but the story is always exactly the same. Other than that, Def Jam Vendetta is hot. Maybe they can change that in the sequel.
Aki is back
by: linksiulung    On: 2003-04-13

Aki realeased several excellent wrestling games back on the N64 and are back in the spotlight with Vendetta. The game is extremelly fun, has excellent momentum and combo systems, and is good for the novice and the expert, but better for the expert. The Gamecube version is better than the PS2 version and should be bought by any wrestling or rap fan.
Def Jam Vendetta!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-04-12

This game is hot! All of your favorite rappers come to life with the best moves. This should be in everyones game collection!
This is the game of the year!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-04-11

Def Jam Vendetta is the ultimate fighting game! This game has a cool storyline, good graphics, and a killer soundtrack! Plus, it's cool seeing some of Def Jam's best rappers in street fights. The characters all have some pretty intense moves. I especially like W.C., Ludacris, and DMX's moves.
This game has definitely got my vote for game of the year.
Def Jam is totally off the hook
by: freyphilip    On: 2003-04-08

This game is the best thing since fried chicken. I couldn't stop playing it unless I was eating fried chicken.
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-04-07

Def Jam VENDETTA brings the intense world of urban street fighting to life while variety of more than 1,500 hyper-realistic moves - including dozens of signature specials and taunts - that are dynamic with realistic finesse and style. Set in a fictional NY-themed underground circuit, the game features 12 stunning 3-D urban venues each filled with animated crowds, hot beats and original music from old school to brand new released songs. Many of the venues are themed after a Def Jam artist boss such as DMXs venue, "The Junkyard" which is filled with the resonance of his signature barking pit bulls while Ludacris' venue, "Club Luda" stays true to Luda's southern hospitality in his exclusive gentlemen's club, But you better stay clear of the boss. Over all the game is off the hook!! 5 stars all the way.
Best Game out
by: mixx357    On: 2003-04-07

This is the best wrestling game since No Mercy check it out the best 50 bucks you can spend on a game today. Needs some extra features but it is the best original storyline
Nuts on the wall
by: cuffyodollaz    On: 2003-04-07

def jam vendetta is the game that i have been waiting for. throwing down with my favorite artist like ludacris, nore, dmx, and my favorite redman. who in my case has the best move on any fighting game "nuts on the wall." this game is a must get. promises to be the game of the year to me. def jam vendetta by EA big if you don't get it you are wasting you're time with anything else.
the hottest game out
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-04-06

the new game to get is def jam vendetta.
which has def jam artists fighting in the ring the music is allthat and the game is all that you have to get this game
The Best Damn Game Period!...
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-04-06

Man! Listen This Game is so hot it's hellish The moves the action The actual def Jam artists voices and the play action is off the chain man this is a Must have for any hip hop , wrestling, or video game fans. The game is all of what it was hyped up to be and a lil bit more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great Game!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-04-06

Really loved the game. All around this game is fun as hell and let me tell you it is just really cool. Really like how you can [beat]let's say RedMan or be RedMan and [beat] someone [else]! Nice Game!
Off the hook
by: kishdavocalqueen    On: 2003-04-05

Great graphics. Believable characters. Dej Jam really put work into this project.
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-04-05

The Tightest Game Of 2003
by: wwfx8    On: 2003-04-05

This game is the sickest if your a fan of rap or not cause the gamplay will get you hooked. It plays jus like No mercey on n64. This game is the best wrestling game ever!!!
by: akiya_3    On: 2003-04-05

Yo Vendetta is the Ultimate Fighting game. This game has it all music, graphics, excellent control, and extreme characters. Vendetta is a must have so go get it.
The Best Game Ever
by: mixjif    On: 2003-04-05

This game is the ultimate experience... You get music, wrestling, fun, street fights, competition, and the best record label in the world... Def Jam... all rolled up in this 1 game. I couldn't stop playing it all nyte. This is the type of game where even after you ebat it you'll still have that urge to just play again, and again, and again... My advice... go buy it... Play it all the time... Love it... I know U Will... Have Fun...
This Game Kicks ...
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-04-05

Holy man this game rules. I just got it a day ago and the graphics kick ... I love the rappers on here they look like what they look like in real life. I would buy this game quick before it sells out because everybody is going to get it.
Vendetta Jams!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-04-04

I played the game it is all of that!I love the fact that you have to work and fight hard to see each artists signature move!i think it's the best video game yet.I love Ludacris and he is the best.He's kind of hard to fight with though but his signature move is worth it.Overall the game is fun and i would advise everyone who doesn't have it to go out and get it!
Hip hop is back
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-04-04

This game is off the hook. THe characters are everybody favorite rappers and people are fighting for money power and respect. Everybdoy needs to get this game because if you don't have this you are missing out
long awaited
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-04-04

long awaited
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-04-04

Could be a better wrestling game.....
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-04-04

Def Jam Vendetta controls and game play are easy to pick up, but may be a challenge to master as you face your favorite Def Jam superstars. Even though I haven't played it, it just may be a forever favorite.
Bout time
by: soltyluv    On: 2003-04-03

Finally, a wrestling game for the cube that has the same exact engine that WWF No Mercy had for the N64. This game is incredibly fun with tons of replay value. I just got it today and played it none stop for 3 hours. The controls are easy, unlike the other wrestling games that have come out of late. In fact, if you've played the N64 No Mercy game, then you'll be able to play right off the bat. There is no corny music while your playing (like other wrestling games have). In fact the background music consists of beats by the def jam artists that are featured in the game. So it is almost like listening to the radio while your playing your game. Anyways, the reason I'm writing this review is because if you're one of those people that was hoping that an updated version of No Mercy for the N64 would come to the cube like I was, then wait no more. Buy it now and have some fun!!
when fighting meets stars
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-04-02

alright lets start out with the basics.
you create a player and jazz him up your own style.

then you get to watch a huge 20 minute cut scene.
the story is that your player used to control the underground fight club until a mobster (D-Mob) kicked him out.
Oh yeah he stole your girl friend too....

your goal is to fight your way through the crazy fighters and reclaim your position as the over lord of the newyork under world.

there's 10 stages each run by one of todays hottest rap stars.
the only dissapointment is....
the music in the game is just classic video game music none from the rap stars.....

Hip-Hop Takes on the role of the WWE
by: furyslayer    On: 2003-02-14

By the creators of WWF: No Mercy (Nintendo 64) NBA Street (GCn), Comes a fighting game with a new twist; Hip-Hop. With a list of over 40 characters, 12 of which are licened Def-Jam Artists. A story mode and cut sceens, Several modes of play including single-player, free-for-all, tag, and handicap. Sound effects were done by the same people who worked on "The Matrix". Out look for this game is looking to be good, and has been getting good reviews from gaming sites and Mags. This is on my must have list!
Will be the best game!
by: theresageo    On: 2003-01-19

This game is going to be the best because it is made by the same people that made WWF no mercy

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