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Drome Racers
Manufacturer: Electronic Arts      
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Ok Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-08-27

I thought this was very fun game but I think the graphics could be like mario kart Double dash
its really dumb
by: kazelement    On: 2004-10-23

this game is just racing with nothing to it its so boring i suggest never buying it
Racing nowhere
by: kentnielsen    On: 2004-05-24

Yet another game spun from a Lego franchise, but unlike previous Lego racing games, Drome Racers DOES NOT let you build your own cars, or even customize them very much. This would have been fine if the underlying game weren't so bad, but it is. The courses are poorly designed, offering little more than a casual "walk in the park." This is made worse by some terrible controls and extremely exaggerated and touchy physics. Tedious load times and a questionable framerate are also present. Not even the Gamecube-exclusive 4-player mode can save this piece of garbage, since the overall game feels too sloppy, choppy, and boring. Once you get used to how the game plays, it can be kind of fun, but not NEARLY as much fun as other, better racing games like Mario Kart, F-Zero, and Extreme-G. Don't bother.
A slightly above average racer
by: dwaineb104    On: 2004-03-04

If you don't already own Mario Kart: Double Dash, buy Mario Kart first. Drome Racers is inferior to Mario Kart in every way... music, graphics, control, and lastability. With that said, Drome Racers has some redeeming points. Drome Racers moves quickly and is a fun battle racer, and it does support four player games, even though its load times are far too long and its graphics are not up to par for a game by EA. If you want to pick up a decent cheap game, this game is fine, but $20 is too much to pay for this game.

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