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Eternal Darkness
Manufacturer: Nintendo      
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Best Psychological Horror Action-Adventure game on Gamecube     On: 2006-10-01

Well to be fair this is also the only psychological horror action-adventure game on any platform that I know of.

This unique game has an amazing atmosphere and really great soundtrack. The graphics are also really good.

You play the game as the grand-daughter of some guy that just died and so you visit her mansion. While you are there you start finding chapters of this ancient book and for each chapter you find you get to play as the character the chapter is about. The first chapter is a guy from ancient roman times so your gameplay is a legionaire with a sword... during your play of the first chapter you make choice that effects the rest of the games story so you can play the game three times with the three choices available to you at the end of the first chapter. If you play all three story lines then you get the full ending...

First play through took me about 20 hours. Second and Third time took me more like 10-12 hours each cause the puzzles are pretty challenging the first time through.

I think there is something like 12 or so chapters and in each one you play a different character. Everything from legionaire to priests to reporters to fire-men. Male and female characters both. In between chapters you have to spend time with the lead character in the mansion finding the next chapter.

The story of the game makes it well worth playing through three times. It is a classic and it deserves the good reputation it has.
Unrealized Potential, Undeserved Recognition
by: drqshadow    On: 2006-03-29

Originally penciled in as a late addition to the N64's library, Eternal Darkness was eventually shifted over to the freshly born GC, where it was meant to be the first of many mature-themed first party titles brought to the system. Looking back over the years that have come and gone since, that string of adult-leaning N-published games never really came to be, and the Cube faltered in a similar fashion to its immediate predecessor. But this is now, and for Darkness, that was then. The birth of a new console meant an opportunity for a clean slate and instant anticipation.

The storyline revolves around a blonde-haired, blue eyed, athletic woman named Alexandra Roivas. Constantly haunted by dreams of the undead, she's awakened late one night by a telephone call that informs her of her grandfather's brutal, untimely demise. As the man's only living relative, she's asked to meet with police about the situation, and quickly finds herself drawn into the web of magick, satanism and otherworldly struggles that had defined her late relative's life. The entire story effectively transpires on the grounds of the old man's mansion, which isn't nearly as dull and repetitive as you'd think, thanks to the inclusion of a single intuitive plot device. Hidden among her deceased patriarch's things, Alexandra discovers the necronomicon, a book bound in human flesh that holds the secrets of her family's legacy and the majority of the game's variety. Most of the book's pages have been torn out and scattered throughout the mansion, naturally, but upon discovering a new chapter, Alexandra will dive right in - somewhat literally. Each new set of pages tells the story of a different character and his or her interactions with the book itself, and as Alexandra reads, you'll take control of that character, playing your way through their tale. As such, Eternal Darkness feels more like a series of intertwined short stories than a single, game-spanning epic... a welcome change of pace . What's more, it allows players to travel unbound throughout time and space, adventuring through a roman war expedition one chapter, conquering an Indiana Jones style aztec temple the next, without the need for a silly, out-of-place object like a time machine (or worse).

Truly, there are a lot of really good ideas at play here. I loved the idea of playing the role of an 18th century noble with medical aspirations, performing rudimentary autopsies on the bodies of demons after a battle. The suggestion of a steep tower of corpses, a sacrifice to an ancient, forgotten god, is an amazing mental image. Even the continued use of the book itself as a means to explain Alexandra's growth as a character and a magician was extremely well-concepted. Upon reading in explicit detail about a distant relative's discovery of a magical spell, it's only natural to assume she'd have a fairly good understanding of how to go about casting it herself. Imagination most definitely isn't the weak spot in Sanity's Requiem; it's the execution and realization of those ideas that bothers me.

Take the system of magic, for example, what should've been one of the most important aspects of the game. The idea is that there are three distinct pools of magical energy, a red pool, a green pool, and a blue pool, that simultaneously have power over one color while falling victim to the other. Green is stronger than red, for instance, while blue overcome green, and red conquers blue. It's a brilliantly simple idea, but one that falls flat due to being underexplained and overly detailed. You'll know that the boss you're fighting is using a green special attack, and that you should be counterattacking with a blue assault, but exactly which spell you should be using is only revealed through an abysmal series of trial-and-error kamikaze strikes. Even then, half the time you aren't casting at the right time, or you're not standing in the right place, or the boss has shifted to another form. If I had a dime for every time I had to resort to an online FAQ after reaching the point of frustration during this game, I'd be able to buy a replacement copy and hurl the original into the wall, frisbee style, as stress relief.

It's this maddening sense of frustration and helplessness that really strikes the most damning blow to my overall opinion of the game. After a half-dozen hours or so of gameplay, you'll be so utterly defeated and annoyed that your motivation to continue will begin to pay a heavy toll. As Alexandra learns more and more about what's going on with her heritage and what was really behind her grandfather's murder, you'll find yourself actually comprehending less and less. It's a problem I had with what was formerly one of my favorite comic books, Hellblazer, a year or two ago: because the story is supernatural and underworldly in setting, the writer(s) assume that the solutions to problems don't necessarily need to make sense, so long as they sound spooky and look cool.

Much of the gameplay is in keeping with that same ongoing trend: stupendous ideas, lame execution. Probably the most unique element of the game is its "fright meter," which slowly drains as the on-screen individual sees freakier and freakier things. I know I'd be a little weirded out if a rotting hunk of meat and bones suddenly climbed out of the wall and started lurching toward me... we're conditioned to expect our heroes to immediately continue their quest without missing a beat, so it adds a new dimension to the proceedings when you realize that video game characters can get scared, too. If your fright meter gets too low, you'll even start to experience some hallucinations and so-called "horror effects," which are a real blast and range from the minute to the absurdly out of place. Sometimes you'll see something moving in the corner of the room, other times you'll actually foresee your own death, but the hallucinations will always subside at some point. They don't move the plot along, like the amusing asides in the original Metal Gear Solid did, and only seem to exist to provide a few extra "holy crap" heart-skipping moments. Which is par for the course with a horror game, I'll concede.

Gameplay in general is fairly slow-paced and monotonous, with few action-heavy sequences and a whole lot of aimless wandering and exploring. Even the boss battles are usually relegated to long sessions of striking, wandering around avoiding attacks for a few minutes, and then striking again... like a hilariously slow chase scene. For a game that's so overflowing with narrow corridors, doorways and exquisite surroundings, you'd think that collision detection with the walls wouldn't be such a handicap, but in Darkness it quickly becomes your worst enemy. If your weapon should happen to strike a wall in mid swing, your character will immediately halt their attack and stumble backwards for a few moments, giving your enemies all the time they need to tear you to pieces. Attempting to fight a single enemy in a hallway is often like threading a needle: you'll miss half a dozen times before you get it right.

In the same vein as the Resident Evil series, the teenaged bonding moments that are used to fill out a blockbuster horror film are replaced here with a series of riddles, puzzles and tricks. I expected as much, but couldn't have anticipated how easy and linear most of Darkness's riddles really are. With only a few exceptions, every item is miraculously found just before it's needed, to the point that the pieces basically solve the game's problems for you. If you find a statue, chances are good you'll find a peculiar, statue-shaped hole in the next room.

Eternal Darkness' visuals have aged even worse than the rest of the title, and I'm not entirely sure they were ever really up to snuff. Sure, there's always the argument that these graphics were "stunning when they first came out," but I didn't play this game when it was first released, and even though it's just four years old, today they look extremely shoddy. Human skin textures are particularly bad and lumpy, but even the environments and items suffer from weak textures and a ragged, blocky basic structure. The one exception to this rule is with the creatures themselves, which are all brilliantly designed and extremely well-executed. I'd compare the lot of them to most of the bad guys in Silent Hill and perhaps the most gruesome baddies of Resident Evil. It hurts just to look at most of these guys, the way their flesh seems to stretch and strain to withhold the ugliness that's going on underneath. The only thing I could wish for there is a wider taste of variety, since the rogue's list seen here is extremely shallow.

Considering all that came before it, Darkness' audio is surprisingly well done. The Cube does everything in its power to deliver a solid surround-sound experience, and those effects come as close to accomplishing the spooky vibe these developers were obviously shooting for as any other aspect of the game. Musically, the game's soundtrack is uneventful. It swells and sways as necessary, and occasionally gives a nice bit of mood to a location. It isn't repetitious, which is probably my greatest pet peeve about in-game music, and it doesn't get in the way, but it also doesn't stand out on its own. Let's put it this way: I wouldn't rush out to the stores to buy Eternal Darkness: The Original Symphonic Score. The voice acting in general is very good, with few exceptions, and though the dialog the actors are asked to deliver is usually stilted and unbelievable, they go beyond the call of duty to give their roles a personality and motivation that was sorely lacking in the script. Especially good are the noises, shallow screams and ambient ticks of the insanity effects, and each character's resulting reaction to them. While the same phrase is sometimes repeated at the conclusion of one of these sequences, it's not something that ever really bothered me and actually took steps to reveal the characters as more honest and true to life. If you're freaked out and seeing things in an unfamiliar mansion, I doubt the first thing to enter your mind is "come on, let's at least get a little variety into the dialog." You're going to scream the first thing that comes into your head, whether you've said it before or not.

To summarize, this feels like a series of very good concepts that were just drawn too thin, which is odd because the game itself, clocking in around twelve hours, is fairly short. There were so many superb, imaginative concepts that died on the way to the screen here that it really became something of a sad theme for the whole picture. Whether it was the truly surprising insanity effects, the unique limb-targeting system or the original system of magic, no matter how good the idea, the execution was always killing the potential for me. Despite the lingering offering of replay value here (there's supposedly a super secret ending if you finish all three potential paths) I just didn't find myself motivated to go through it all again, especially considering how slow, plodding and ultimately dreary the majority of the actual gameplay was. Considering the amount of people that had pimped this game to me, and the incredible reputation it seems to have gathered in the years since, I found myself more than just a little disappointed. As a "must-have" title for the GameCube, Eternal Darkness is nothing but a major league let-down.
I want Eternal Darkness 2 NOW!
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-02-28

I just finished ED and loved it!
Chthulian monsters, ritual magick, zombies,puzzles,and a great storyline made this a winner for me off the line.
It's nice to have another quality spooky adult game come out of GC.
The graphics definitely could have been a little cleaner, and there were a few minor glitches, but overall great game!
Far from being great.
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-31

Eternal Darkness, despite any aspirations to be a horror/puzzle solving game, basically boils down to being an H.P. Lovecraft inspired dungeon crawl with mediocre combat with an insanity system thrown on.

The gameplay consists of running around and hacking things up with whatever weapon you happen to have at the time and some magic to back you up. The combat is very unrefined (The fact that you very rarely use the same weapon for more than one chapter doesn't help; you can never even get used to the clumsy combat there is), and is just good enough to not become frustrating or tiresome.

The 'puzzles' in the game are just there for show. They are only two or three of them over the course of the entire game that you will have to think about for even the briefest of time. Mostly, when you find yourself stuck, it'll be because there is an item on the floor somewhere that you need to pick up that you didn't see.

The game's story and atmosphere are aimed at delivering H.P. Lovecraft-style horror. Unfortunately, they don't do a particularly good job of it. The game reveals secrets far too early to keep players in suspense, there are too few surprises to keep them on their toes, and the game's environments and graphics simply fail to add anything to the effect. The insanity system should be the key, but has too limited of an effect on gameplay to do much. You can also regain your sanity any time you want by casting a spell, making the whole system even more inconsequential.

As the sum of all it's parts, Eternal Darkness is a moderately amusing game, but suffers from not having any major element of the game being good enough to be considered it's main draw.
Great Game With An Innovative New Feature
by: werdnaraad1    On: 2005-11-02

This is the first survival-horror game that I've ever played. I never really got into the genre, but this game always intrigued me. I read about it when it first came out, and the game's new feature of the sanity meter sounded really cool. One of my friends (who is now my roommate) has the game, so I finally tried it, and was blown away.
Right from the beginning, things start off creepy, and they only get worse (which, for players, means better). You start out as Alex Roivas, a young woman in her 20's whose grandfather was recently murdered. The police are stumped, because there doesn't appear to be any sign of a break-in, nor does it look like Grandpa Edward Roivas put up much of a fight. This would normally lead to a ruling of suicide, but the state in which they found the body makes suicide an impossibility. Alex decides to investigate herself, and you navigate her grandfather's mansion. Everything in it references the dark and macabre, from paintings of murderers to books in the library about some of the darkest periods in history (the Inquisition, the Salem witch burnings). Eventually, Alex discovers a book called the Tome of Eternal Darkness. When she reads it, she is transported to another time, place, and body. Whenever players "read" a new chapter of the book, they take over as another character in another historical period. A Roman centurion, a young Cambodian girl, a British photographer, and a few of the Roivas ancestors are just a few of the people that you'll control throughout the ages.
As the story unfolds (which depends on a choice you make as the centurion), you learn about the Ancients, three god-like beings fighting for control of the world, and if one is summoned, will reign destruction upon the galaxy.
Not only is the story engaging, the gameplay is great. The weapons and magic system are great. I love the fact that you can design your own spells before you are actually "supposed" to learn them. This game has some really cool weapons, like the elephant gun, the broadsword, the double-barreled shotgun, and the fireman's axe, which is great for chopping off heads. Due to a unique and great aiming system, you can aim at specific body parts, being able to chop off heads or arms.
The other aspect of gameplay is the sanity meter. Sanity is a running theme throughout the game. As your sanity decreases, weird things start to happen, and not just to your character in the game. Many of the effects are directed at the player, and even if you know what might happen (like me), many of them will still catch you off guard. And while some effects do effect the characters (many of them foreshadow future events that will happen to them), they do rattle the cages of the players as well. This game has an insanity effect that targets Alex, and it is the only thing in a video game that has EVER made me jump is shock and even horror.
I guess the one thing that I would change is the whole "choose your path" thing at the beginning of the game. You have three paths to choose from, but they are, for all intents and purposes, the same. The only thing that changes between path to path is the Ancient that Pious summons, which does have a few effects. The color of that ancient will play an important role througout the game, but besides that, the missions are all exactly the same. In order to get the full ending, you have to play the game 3 times through (one with each Ancient), but it would be more of an incentive if each Ancient had a different path to play. Oh well, it's a small grievance.
Overall, this is one of the most interesting, creepy, and all-around fun games in a while. It may be too intense for some people, but I urge you to give it a try.
by: sylphstarwind35    On: 2005-10-08

I just beat this game and it was pretty fun. It took me 14.5 hours, which is moderate. There's a little replay value, because there are some variations of cutscenes and monsters depending on the Ancient you choose as your enemy in the beginning. There are four Ancients: Ulyaoth, Xel'lotath, Chattur'gha, and Mantorok. Each has it's own personality. You can't choose Mantorok, because he's separate from the other three. He's the Overseer. The other three have one Ancient that they're strong against and one that they're weak against, kinda like elements in pokemon.

Your spells are based on the three magic types - body, mind, and spirit. A blue spell will be stronger against a red enemy and weaker against a green one. Monsters of different types will fight each other, so it's nice if you have two enemies kill each other. Red is aligned with physical power, blue with different realms, and green with insanity. To create a spell, you choose the type, the desired affect, and the subject. It's a pretty interesting setup. There's some logic behind it, not just random words. You can eventually tell what kind of spell an enemy is using against you and react accordingly. You have to unlock spells, and you can get spells to do things like summon a monster to fight for you or create a shield. Spells use up blue energy. There's also a meter for health (red) and sanity (green). More on sanity later.

The combat is a little slow. If using a weapon, the swing or rate of fire is usually slow, because many weapons are old, like single-fire pistols or a heavy medieval sword. You leave yourself pretty vulnerable. Attacking is just hitting a to attack. You can target different body parts, like chopping off a zombie's arms, to leave them completely defenseless. That's fun.
To use a spell, you'll have to wait several seconds while the words are spoken. If you're interrupted, the spell stops. So it can be difficult if you're low on life and you're trying to use a spell to heal, but the enemy keeps hitting you. You can get stuck in a downward spiral until you die, which can be frustrating.
If you keep dying, you are forced to watch the cutscenes over in the first play-through. That will get old fast, and waste much of your time. After you play through once, you can skip most cutscenes, but that isn't much comfort if you're stuck on a boss the first time and he keeps killing you.

On to the story. The Ancients are sealed away (or something like that) and one of them is trying to get free. It's wreaking havoc and building it's power, and if it is freed, it will be the end for humanity. But, people throughout history are working to prevent that. You play as various characters, from a page of the Middle Ages to a doctor in the colonial era. Each of them are wiped out by the evil god's minions until only one person stands in their way - Alex Roivas. Her grandfather was the latest in the fight against the darkness, but he too gets killed. She must use the Tome of Eternal Darkness, read the stories of the people who came before her, and collect the essences of the other three gods to stop the enemy Ancient.

The puzzles in Eternal Darkness are pretty light. Things like match a certain object to the appropriate pedestal, or use the correct spell on an obstacle. If you're looking for deep puzzles, you won't find them here.

A cool thing about this game is the sanity meter. As it gets lower, you'll see sanity effects. At first, it's just a trickle of blood here and there on the walls. Then the screen begins to tilt. Eventually, it'll look like your TV or GameCube is doing strange things. Your volume will go down or the game will tell you that your controller is unplugged when it clearly is not. You'll try to cast a spell and your upper body will explode. Then the character will snap out of the illusion. It's pretty interesting, and sometimes it'll creep you out a little. Once, I was in the Roivas mansion, and my sanity was down about a third of the way. I went into the bathroom and checked the tub, and saw my character in a bath of blood, dead. There was a flash and a sudden scream. I jumped a little at that one. This game is definitely a bit scary.

Overall, this was a unique and enjoyable game. I recommend it.
Good Stuff
by: fredhetz    On: 2005-09-14

This is a good game. I bought it and then I played it. Fun was had by all.
Too Bad It Has to End
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-09-02

I'd won a Nintendo Gamecube at a Christmas party years ago. I really didn't have a use for it, even though it looked cute and very, well, cube-ish. But I decided that I needed to do something with it, and I wasn't quite prepared to give it away, so I searched the local electronics store and picked up "Eternal Darkness."

And then the obsession started.

I'd never been a fan of most horror games because, quite simply, they were of the point / shoot / blow-something-up variety. My taste for horror has always veered into ghosts, creaking sounds, footsteps from someone--or something--walking the floor above your head in your supposedly empty house. Gore and shooting holds little for me. If you have the same tastes, "Eternal Darkness" is perfect companion.

To call it a game would be a tad (just a tad) inaccurate. Think of it more as a collection of stories linked through thousands of years, and you assume the roles of several different characters to take you through the story. The main story itself is pure H.P. Lovecraft--"Old Ones," ancient beings, are fighting to get into our universe to control everything in it. Your job, simply put, is to stop them. To do so, you need to unravel the storyline, learn spells, and fight off a variety of creatures (undead and alive) to do so. The story has all the elements of Lovecraft--the buried "Cyclopean" city, mysterious and almost unpronounceable deity names, dark dreams, and an apocalyptic sense that everything is about to be destroyed by something very old and very evil.

Gameplay isn't too difficult, but it can present a challenge at times (especially in one chapter wherein a young man during WWI needs to somehow kill a massive guardian creature to acquire a crucial relic), and the puzzles don't rank up there with "Riven"-like difficulty, but they're enough to keep one occupied for a while.

The graphics, sound, and music are also lovingly rendered, adding perfect touches to the creepy atmosphere. You won't hear any ear-shattering techno tunes here, but mostly dark, ambient sounds (and some actual music, but perfectly composed to match certain time frames). Like haunted houses? Then you'll like what the programmers of "Eternal Darkness" have done here.

Much has been made of the "Sanity Meter" in the game, and it deserves the hype that it generates. Essentially, if your player begins to lose sanity, bizarre and disturbing things begin to happen. The television will seem to shut off, the character will explode in a bloody mess, the volume on the television will seem to lower by itself--and these are just a few examples.

The game is more disturbing and unsettling than flat-out frightening, but usually the best horror novels, movies, and games are. That's not to say there aren't any good shocks, there are, including the infamous "bathtub" scene that caused me to jump when I first experienced it. One thing's for sure: it begs for multiple plays (you need to play the game three times completely to experience it fully because of the three main deities with which you are confronted).

So, if you need an excellent horror game that doesn't engage in the typical "survivor horror" clichés of point-shoot-reload, then "Eternal Darkness" is perfect. Think of it as horror for readers and adults.

There have been rumors of a sequel to "Eternal Darkness." Let's hope they're true. And if Silicon Knights decides to only have it for the new XBox or Playstation, I'll place an order for one of those just to play the sequel.

(By the way, if you are also looking for a good creepy ghost game without all the gore for your PC, look for "Amber: Journeys Beyond.")
Great sound, atmosphere and story but extremely flawed.
by: robomagus    On: 2005-07-26

Eternal Darkness is definitely on the list of over rated games of the game cube. Let me show you why.

Graphics: These are easily some of the shoddiest graphics seen on the gamecube this generation. The game was originally developed for the N64 and released in 2002 and it definitely shows. But the characters are extremely flawed graphically, and the entire polish of the game is unquestionably rough. Games like Super Smash Brothers Melee and Metroid Prime were released before or right around the same time and are still some of the best looking games around, but Eternal Darkness certainly fails here and it's one of the reasons why it loses in the scary factor. 6/10

Sound: The sound is terrific. From the voice acting to the various effects, this game has it nailed. Nuff said. 10/10

Gameplay: Terrible is the best way to put it. One major focus of this game is exploration, but it mainly consists of running by objects and seeing if you can press the B button. Placing objects is even more archaic since you constantly have to return to the menu. Easily the weakest element of this game is the combat. Absolutely horrific. Each character gets one decent melee weapon to use and it uses the same A-A-A button combination attack. The finishing move hardly differs, and combat gets old very quickly due to the weak targeting and the lack of enemies. The only enemy you will be fighting is a skeleton in 5 different colors. Mars the entire game. 4/10

Story: Superb. The story unrolls through 11 different characters through different time periods. It's very engrossing, but they should have shortened the number of characters and made it so that the game's best ending could be seen in one playthrough. Only the most dedicated will sit through 3 playthroughs of this game. 8/10

Scariness: Eternal Darkness, contrary to what many would have you believe really isn't that scary. If skeletons are scary then you might actually be scared. If not, you'll probably laugh. 6/10

Overall: A pretty big disappointment and not worth your time. Average: 6.8.
Engrossing Game
by: go_dumples    On: 2005-07-19

Eternal Darkness was one of the first game's released for the Nintendo Gamecube and it was developed by silicon knights (the fantastic team behind other great gamecube exclusive, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes.) This is one of the most creative, innovative, and engrossing games I have ever played and it definitely deserves a lot of attention. However, one important aspect of this game is that the weak of heart or those who are offended by extremely dark themes and some major gore and violence would probably want to avoid this game. For everyone else though, this is an amazing game that can shell out tons of intense gameplay, and storylines.

Story: This is definitely one of the best aspects of this game and should be a selling point. The story revolves mainly around a book called the Book of Tomb. You begin the game by playing as Alexandra Roivas who has come to her grandfather's mansion to identify his body. Alex's grandfather had been brutally murdered and so Alex decides to investigate the mansion to attempt to find clues to who killed her only living relative. Early on in the game, Alex finds the Book of Tomb and from that point on, not only can Alex perform spells, she also begins to find chapter pieces that tell stories of different characters whose lives somehow intertwined with the lives of other characters in different chapters as well as with Alex's murdered grandfather, Edward Roivas. The first chapter that Alex discovers follows the final steps of Pious Augustus, a Toman soldier who discovers a mysterious temple in the desert and whose desire for greatness may lead him down a dark and dangerous path. The unusual part of this game is the fact that as you find chapters and read them (thus assuming the role of whichever character is highlighted in that chapter), more often than not, you play through with that character until their untimely demise. This makes the first parts of the game seem quite futile, but as you move forward in the game, you will find that not all of your character's sacrifices are in vain...

Graphics: Since this is one of the first games released for the gamecube, the graphics may seem somewhat inferior to games like resident evil 4 and the metroid prime games. However, upon further examination, it is easy to see that a lot of effort went into the graphics system and the environments are particularly detailed and intricate. I also found that as you went farther into the game, the character models and designs became more realistic and believable. This was a nice touch since the characters later on in the story play more important roles than some of your first characters. (with the exception of Pious, that is) I personally enjoyed the graphics and found that they matched the atmosphere and quality of the game perfectly.

Sound: I found that this is one aspect of the game that excelled immensely. All of the sounds that the game makes are engrossing and intense and there is always a sense of fear and despair as you travel through the various locales of the game as you realize the potential for another enemy to jump out at you or for a particular insanity effect (more info in the gameplay section), to kick in. Other sounds such as the sounds that enemy's make and other sounds are creepy and dark.

Gameplay: As great as the story of this game is, personally I found the gameplay aspect of the game the most intriguing and best. Essentially the gameplay is divided inbetween playing as Alex and trying to find chapter pieces and then playing as whichever character is in that chapter. You'll find that playing as Alex is not quite as enjoyable as the other characters because there are no enemies and there are a lot less puzzles. These segments are kind of like the prelude or appetizer to the meat of the game which is when you are playing as one of the characters in one of the chapters. Most of the gameplay revolves around hacking and slashing your opponents and solving some very ingenious puzzles. One particularly creative puzzle involved summoning a zombie to step on a switch and start a trap which was attached to a chain that opened a door that you could not get through. There is also a complex magic system that involves finding different runes that when placed in the right order will be able to accomplish a certain task. Different spells include reveal invisible, recover, and magickal attack. There are many more spells in the game and discovering all of them and using them ends up being a creative and engrossing process. There is one facet of gameplay that stands out the most. This is the insanity aspect of the game. Basically, every time an enemy sees you, your sanity meter lowers and the chance for an insanity effect to kick in is much greater. To regain sanity, a finishing move has to be used on a downed enemy. There are many insanity affects in ther game. Walls bleed, statues turn their heads and look at you, characters will walk into a room and explode limb by limb or simply dissappear into the ground. Not all of the insanity effects affect only the characters and you will find that your tv will turn the volume down itself or the game will tell you that all of your data has been erased. These are particularly cool. Different enemies effect your insanity meter differently and you will continually struggle to keep your sanity up. All in all, eternal darkness: sanity's requiem is a game that you should buy and will enjoy immensely.
Lovecraft is Smiling Down on (or up at) Us
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-06-23

I happened apon this little gem by mistake, getting it free in a pawn shop deal. I began playing at 11:30 at night, with all the lights down, becuase I have had to work to get a horror feeling in the last games. Yet from the beginning, H.P. Lovecraft's influence guides this powerful epic to an almost mythical proportion.

The preface itself is unusual, where you play as 13 characters, over a span of two millinnia, each having absolutely nothing in common with the other. These include a firefighter during Desert Storm, a Camodian temple dancer, and an aging Victorian era doctor. They are all bound together by the Tome of Eternal Darkness, and combat an enemy that the player actually chooses.

The technical aspects of the game are done well. The control are fluid and respond well, and combat can be an enjoyable (and sometimes humerous) experience. Each of your characters will behave and handle differently, depending on their weight, physical build, ect. in a completely realistic fashion.

The creature designs are a bit of a let down, as they don't quite shock the player as much as they could. The designers instead made the beasts' kinetics the source of fright (the movement of the zombies, a monster exploding from another's chest)and they do this well.

The Sanity Meter is the selling point of the game, and it should be easy to see why. The Sanity Effect are varied and plentiful, and the developers took the extra step in breakijng the fourth wall: with some effects, you will not know if your television is malfunctioning, if the game is scratched, or if you yourself are losing your sanity along with your character.

This is a magnificent game, filled with frights that could make even the most devoted Poe aficionado turn off the console, flip on the lights, and mutter quietly "It's only a game . . .it's only a game." Five out of five overall, four out of five fun, only because I broke two controllers due to Sanity Effects.
Most under rated game in modern day history
by: matt_dog_109    On: 2005-05-25

Eternal Darkness for the gamecube is by far the most under rated game in the modern day.

When I first purchased the game, I thought it was a resident evil rip off. I was wrong! Eternal Darkness is by far more better than Resident Evil.

I gave eternal darkness a 5 star must buy game.

The storyline is just perfect and should make a movie out of it. The villian Pious Augustus is one bad cat. Great voice acting that grabs your attention.

Eternal Darkness ranks next to Metroid Prime as the best game on the Gamecube. ED actually gives Resident Evil a run for its money.

This game sometimes just gets plain weird, this is what makes it scary. Play this game 2 in the morning and turn off all the lights. Your in for a time of your life.
by: luisponcel    On: 2004-12-04

I sold my gamecube to my cousin but for this game I'll buy GCube system again. I miss it to play a lot. It is the best of all.
A highly original concept executed brilliantly
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-14

Nintendo likes to stick to the tried and true methods for their games. There have been at least 30 games that involve Mario or Luigi, 10 that involve Link, 10 that involve Donkey Kong, and 7 or 8 that involve Samus. And, don't get me wrong, that's not necessarily a bad thing, each successive game has brought new innovations to those games' respective genres, but the characters themselves are starting to show their age. Eternal Darkness is a fresh look for Nintendo that they really needed. Before I start, I'd just like to say that Eternal Darkness is NOTHING like Resident Evil and is not technically of the survival-horror genre (Melee weapons are your best bet until you get real far in the game, so you don't need to worry about ammo).

Eternal Darkness starts in modern times in Rhode Island, but you'll spend most of your time as different characters during different time periods, everything from a Roman centurion over 2000 years ago to a Canadian fireman during the Gulf War. Although each character you play as live during different time periods, all the levels are set in one of 4 locations: A temple in the Middle East, a temple in Cambodia, a cathedral in France, or the Roivas mansion in Rhode Island. As you play through as each character, you'll be able to explore new areas that previous characters didn't have access to. Every character has the Tomb of Eternal Darkness, which enables him or her to cast spells. You'll find new items that allow you to cast new spells as you progress through the game. Your characters have physical properties to a certain extent. For example, if you swing a sword or run around for an extended period of time, your character will be panting for breath. They can't attack or run as fast until they can recover. Depending on your character, your speed and stamina will be affected. Max, a heavyset character, is quite slow and loses stamina easily. Ellia, a young girl, is very fast. Michael, a firefighter, is in great shape and can run and attack without losing much stamina.

Also I should warn some people that Eternal Darkness has lots of gore. So, if you don't like your kids playing violent games, you probably won't be too eager to let them play this one. Anyway, you'll get different weapons depending on the time period you're in, but for the most part melee weapons are the most effective thanks to Eternal Darkness's combat system. You can specify if you want to attack your enemies (namely hordes of zombies and the like) in the head, arms, or torso. If you use a melee weapon and cut off their limbs, they're basically harmless (unless they are the "singing" zombies who have a nasty habit of exploding all over you). Eternal Darkness does have some puzzles in it, but nothing too difficult; it mostly focuses on combat.

But, the most interesting gameplay element is the sanity meter. This is an awesome concept that as your character fights the baddies, they slowly go insane. The only way to recover lost sanity is to kill more enemies, use spells, or enter the trapper dimension. As your sanity drops, some crazy stuff will start to happen. I won't spoil any of the good effects, but they include: the walls bleeding, entering a room on the ceiling, and a statue head that turns to follow your movement. There are times that you might accidentally (or in some cases, purposefully) throw your controller because of the sanity effects. I know I did >_>.

Eternal Darkness looks great. The character models are nice, animation is smooth, and there are no slowdowns whatsoever. There are a few things in the background that don't look too good, but you'll be focussed on everything else around you. Eternal Darkness takes place in the dark, so there are plenty of lighting and shadows throughout the game. They all look great, but you'll have to play this game in the dark to reduce glare, otherwise you can't see a thing. If you were too scared to play Resident Evil or other games like it in the dark at night, get a friend over for when you play it.

Eternal Darkness doesn't have much music, but it doesn't need it. There are good sound effects for everything and great voice acting, but it's when you lose sanity that the sound really kicks into high gear. The ambiance is great when you start to go insane. Again, if you were too scared to play Resident Evil or other games like it with the sound up in the dark, get a friend over for when you play it.

Overall, Eternal Darkness is a highly original game that Gamecube owners can be proud of. Unfortunately, Nintendo didn't market the game well, so most people I know hadn't even heard of it until recently. Eternal Darkness is creepy, innovative, and, most importantly, fun. You'll have fond memories of some of the sanity effects for years. I believe that if you own a Gamecube you should own this game. Definitely in my top 5 Gamecube games.
One of the best ever.
by: ton2dk    On: 2004-10-05

When nintendo seemed to be doing everything wrong, in comes eternal darkness. Easily one of the best games for the cube, not to mention one of the best games around. Eternal Darkness has a very well done backstory to it. All aspects of this game are great.

The controls are easy to learn, as are the tactics in the game. Although things were easy to learn in this game, they are challenging to be good at. The cut scenes move the story along nicely, and effectively change depending on which of the three ancients you picked at the beginning. The insanity cut scenes are a very pleasant addition.

Another thing the games did well was being scary or creepy. The insanity cut scenes have no warning, and will give you a good scare. An insantiy cut scene happens when your insantiy meter runs out.

You also have a health and magic meter in the game. The magic meter is there because as you progress through the game you'll learn new spells from the three ancients. Each ancient can defeat an ancient, but is defeated by an ancient also. That is an important thing to remember in the game.

All the playable characters are brillanty done. Weapons that reflect the time that they are in. Not to mention they move according to their attributes, which makes it realistic. Like when you play Maxillion Rovias, he's fat and slow. So when you play him, you can't out run enemies. That's where your skill comes in.

There is no doubt that this is a 5 star game, also there is no doubt that this game is a classic.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-09-26

This game is so FRIGGIN Wicked! I haven't stopped playing it since I bought it!
Saving the World (and Your Sanity) Over 2000 Years
by: paramitch    On: 2004-09-21

I LOVED this game. A real gaming milestone in every sense of the word. One of the best and most complex, immersive, satisfying gaming experiences of my life -- I've been obsessed with it for THREE WEEKS. I played it three times through, and was never bored once.

ETERNAL DARKNESS: SANITY'S REQUIEM offers everything gamers hope for in a game (and far too often, are disappointed): a strong heroine, great and interesting and very varied characters (you will play for more than 12 -- young, old, male, female, fat, thin, etc, throughout history), a fantastic storyline, superb rendering for the GC with no visible load times or slowdowns.

Absolutely not for kids (it's violent and really, really scary), ETERNAL DARKNESS is a smart, violent, atmospheric -- and an unbelievably great combination of adventure and combat. The visuals, puzzles, and powers just get better and better as the game progresses, and the finale is moving and unexpectedly intelligent (the whole game is beautifully written and as satisfying as finishing a great novel).

NON-SPOILERY ADVICE: Save often, experiment with spells as soon as you have enough runes, and target the heads (R-targeting in combo with stick allows you to choose which body parts of enemies to go after). I would also suggest that -- if you get stuck -- you use hint systems versus walkthroughs (which in this case especially can spoil the game).

NOTE: It is very important when you are playing KARIM (Ch4), ROBERTO (Ch8), and MICHAEL EDWARDS (Ch11) that you fully explore the levels. You should come away with something important here that will affect gameplay in the finale. There is also an extra and very important magical item discovery to be made when playing DR. LINDSEY (Chapter 6) that will affect gameplay enormously (and it's just loads of fun) so be aware you should complete this level with yet another magical weapon of sorts.

However, please note that you can skip all of the above and still finish the game, it's just harder (and not as much fun, as the extra spellcasting is part of the coolness).

STARTING UP: I would suggest playing the Ulyaoth (BLUE, magical) alignment first (have Pious pick the blue artifact in the beginning), then if you replay (and the game offers wonderful replay incentives with different monsters, key moments, and levels of difficulty for each of three different levels), you can play Chatturgha (RED, health) which is a bit tougher combatwise but with slightly easier boss battles. If you play a third time for the secret ending (and it was a lot of fun), play Xelotath (GREEN, sanity) last. It's hardest of the three but at that point you'll have the experience to know what to do, and can (...)and enjoy the gameplay. Completing the game a second time gives you more illuminating final dialogue and the chance to skip to the sections of your choice, while completing a third time offers a secret (and vital) extended epilogue covering all three of the games you just finished -- and what they really mean.

And ED:SR isn't just about health or magical powers like most games, but also requires that you maintain your character's sanity. I would therefore totally recommend allowing your character's sanity levels to drop deliberately from time to time, just because the insanity stuff is so inventive and is so much fun. And be warned -- if the game suddenly does some strange things to you, or you find your controls acting strangely, don't be too hasty to restart or check your console, as ED:SR likes to play with your head as well as your character's!

Ultimately this is a brilliant and worthy title for the Gamecube -- one I wish they would continue with in a sequel or follow-up (I'd buy it without even reading a review).

So if you're at all adventurous, buy it, try it, and by the time you're through, you won't be disappointed. Although you may not be all that sane, either... ;-)
Not for those with heart conditions
by: jymisgurl    On: 2004-08-14

This is a very interesting game. My boyfriend bought it yesterday, and despite some very freaky scares, we both really like it. You should definatly take heed to the rating. This is NOT okay for children. Ours aren't even allowed to watch, for fear they'll have nightmares. It's very creepy, and scared the stuff out of me just watching. Here's a hint: beware the bathtub!
an amazing horror game
by: mrperfect231    On: 2004-05-26

eternal darkness blew me away in it u startoff in a haunted mansion that belonged to the ladys grandfather u must find lil pages of a book hidden in each room then the stages begin this game has incredible graphics and lighting effects the mansion looks like the hotel in the shining in the late fall and the eerie sound effects are cool like babys crying evil demons laughing rushing winds etc when each stage starts u can use a sword crossbow or learn various magic spells to cast the combat is really good the controls are very good unlike resident evil and areas u highlight with your sword you can cutoff like heads and arms etc adding more fun to the slaying in this game youll go through the life of 11 characters starting off each time in the mansion in diffrent time periods then u must find the book pages for the level to actually begin this game introduces an amazing new (insanity meter) meaning if youre exposed to demons too long or get too wounded and your meters drained u start seeing insanity effects FOR ONCE ITS NO GIMMICK they pull it off in a way in this game that will trip you out rest assured the insanity will erase your memory card change the channel on your tv onetime i entered a room and everybody was hanging dead from the ceiling i went to fire my gun and it fired slow motion back at me the gamecube even shook one time i thought it was posessed i called nintendo they said it was the sanity effects this game is based on the great author hp lovecraft and the characters are from his storys it has wonderful voice acting from top british actors aswell nintendo spent millions and 2 years making this game and it shows most agree this is the one of the only truely scary video games silent hill doesnt compare and only the new resident evil is even close just wait till youre playing only with only a little bit of your sanity left on the meter late at night weird things will start to happen and will trip u out the action levels are beautiful and detailed the storylines based on lovecraft and the creatures are wicked buy this game today its audio graphics story and gameplay are truly art and u can only get it on the gamecube this game is 1 of the best games ever made and worth getting a gamecube for just for this game only the new resident evil (also exclusively for gamecube) tops it but this games still like nothing else check it out
New twist on the survival horror genre
by: hockey6498    On: 2004-05-13

First off, let me say that this genre (survival horror) in general is overlooked by many. Why is this? People are probably scared of the game. That is what makes the genre fun though. If you love psychological thriller type of stuff, then this game is a must. Personally, I don't find this game as scary as it is an all round fun game to play. The insanity effects are cool, and well done. Was playing with my friend today and he thought the game broke when the famous "blue screen of death" appeared on the screen. It was just an example of the insanity effect. Very interesting effects overall. Some range from subtle (ex. bleeding walls) to the obvious (ex. screen appears to have been turned off). This game seemed very similar to "Prince of Persia", as far as the gameplay is concerned. For me, if I'm looking for a scare, I'll go with Resident Evil, but if I'm just looking to have some fun I go with this game. The only thing I don't like this game is it's lack of any surprises. Resident Evil has the shock aspect of horror, while this one plays with your mind. Overall this would be a great game if you're just getting into the survival horror genre. I also recommend the Resident Evil series.
The best game cube game ever
by: zerotrggr    On: 2004-05-03

This game is fun! I have played every type of game but Horor games and this one was my first it is fun!
May the rats eat your eyes!...if you shun this game
by: r-to-the-third    On: 2004-04-12

Well, let me say that i saw this game about a bazillion times saying "nah, not my type". Then my friend bought it and played and i was like "WHOA! THAT SOUNDS JUST LIKE LOVECRAFT." I immediatly purchased. One of the best investments i've made. This is no resident evil, this is cosmic horror, one of the coolest genres ever created. From the very beggining you are plunged into a world of pure evil, you must make a stand. This isnt your classic "beat the baddies" scenario. There are no "good guys" except your character at the time. There is a "sanity meter", whenever your character sees a monster (there really is no other word), your sanity drops, you see things, you cant tell whats real and whats insanity. Best video game storyline compettitor right here, as well. Let me tell you, when i beat the game (through all 3 times), my sanity as a person was waaaaaaaay down. I kept seeing 3:33 on the clocks...(shudder), buy the game, live the horror.
by: lawrence-joly    On: 2004-03-03

As a great fan of the Resident Evil and Silent Hill games, I was a little skeptical when Eternal Darkness came out. However, I was soon hooked in a big way. The story is well thought out and historically based, the graphics are top-notch, the sound is very realistic, and the controls are intuitive. If anyone is familiar with the works of H.P. Lovecraft, this game echoes much of his writings on great primal gods and how they interact with humans. The one disappointment is the length. I would have liked this game to be 2 to 3 times as long as it is. But, it seems all games are not long enough. Replay value is high, as you play with the threedifferent ancient alignments to receive the secret ending.
by: rasor2004    On: 2004-02-14

This is one of the best games on GC its got good graphics, awsome story and its not a game where you will get stuck reall easy and stop playing. Its challenging and at the same time not impossibly hard. I recomend this game for anyone who likes the hack/slash/shoot genre. The only disappointment is guns are the weakest weapons, except for the autorifle that you get in one of the last levels. Also you get to control 13 different characters and over a dozen spells. Even after you beat it once its not trullyu over because there are 3 different storylines(just a little different) and if you beat all three then you get invincibility and level jumping.....its AWSOME!!!
UAOOO it's keep you playing for hours
by: msuero    On: 2004-02-13

This is a nice game, you will be playing the games for hours, even though it is easy to finish. the story had to be played more that once for you to really finish the game, this migth get you bored with other games but this one doesn't, the developer do not try to scare you, so the game is not a horror type, but at the same time you will get scare at least once. play it it's good
Eternal Darkness Review
by: mizery699    On: 2004-02-04

I didn't really like this game overall. It had good graphics and good characters and a great story. I believe it had potential, but did not live up to it. I like scary games and this was not even a little scary. If I were you I would get Silent Hill or Resident Evil before this or rent this game and see if you like it.
Play ED and then tell me Nintendo only makes kiddy games.
by: ghaleon2001    On: 2003-12-05

Initially, I wasn't certain that I wanted to get Eternal Darkness. I got my Cube for Christmas last year along with Smash Brothers Melee and Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3. I'd heard a lot about Eternal Darkness but wasn't really sure if it was a game I'd want to own. I'd never been big on the whole Resident Evil gig, and my first thought was that ED was another RE clone. After buying both at a game exchange (though looking back I have no idea why I bothered with Resident Evil), I discovered that Eternal Darkness is anything but Resident Evil cloned. True, it has a few similarities, but a few is the key phrase. The story is far far better than RE's, and the gameplay is much more interesting.
The story starts out like your average murder mystery. A young woman receives news that her grandfather has been brutally murdered and travels to Rhode Island to get some answers. WHen the police investigation fails to yield anything, the woman, Alexandra Roivas by name, resolves to get the answers herself. While rummaging through Gramps' mansion, she finds a bestselling book called the Tome of Eternal Darkness. Believing the book to hold the answers she needs, Alexandra begins to read. And thus begins the adventure. Through the Tome, Alexandra experiences events in human history through the eyes and minds of eleven other characters, from a roman legionaire in 26 BC to a Gulf War firefighter. The game spans the last two-thousand years of human history and revolves around a race of beings who---well, I'd better not say anymore or I'll spoil it. Let's just say that with three possible paths to take, you'll want to come back several times to get the full scoop. Besides, there's a secret ending you'll want to unlock.
One of the things that sells the game is the innovative magick system (it's spelled that way in the game). Spells are made, not bought or learned. The game will explain all that as you play, so I won't go into it too much.
The other big selling point of the game is the Sanity system. Each time you get spotted by a monster, you will lose some sanity. This has the effect of altering your perceptions, at first in very subtle ways, then more and more noticeably as your sanity decreases. You'll start to see and hear things that range from disgusting to down right disturbing. The character isn't the only one who'll find themselves jumping at shadows either. Not always, but sometimes, the game will throw in an effect that will make you the player jump out of your skin. Nothing is really outright scary, but then again it wasn't meant to be, and that's what I like. Eternal Darkness works on you in a much more subtle way. So even though it's not a shocker like Resident Evil, it can be quite frightening in its own way. Just try playing it at night with the lights off when you're home alone. Another good thing about this game is that it should once and for all shut up those annoying people who keep saying Nintendo only makes kiddy games. Try saying it again after you've played Eternal Darkness when you're home alone at one o'clock in the morning with all the lights off.Trust me, you won't be so sure after you're done. Oh, and for any parents who read this, this is probably not a game you'd want to get for young children. Quite apart from the creepy way it plays on your perceptions, it contains a great deal of blood and violence. For everyone else though, if you're in for a good adventure that'll creep you out and be a pleasant change from the same old stuff out there, get Eternal Darkness. I found it to be well worth the money. And classical literature fans will recognize a lot of the material around which the game is based.
Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requim
by: capncrunch321    On: 2003-11-02

Eternal Darkness is a very good game that people should at least rent. The graphics aren't the best out there, but they are good enough. The sound and music make up for the alright graphics. The game uses sound effects to scare the player. I won't say what kinds of sounds the developers used, because that would ruin the surprise. I am a huge fan of survival horror games, and the good thing about this game is that it tries to do something very different, and actually does it really well. The game's most unique feature is the sanity meter. If the player does not keep track of this and let's the meter go dangerously low, the character will start to go insane and experience hallucianations. I won't say what happens at this point either, because that will also spoil the surprise. The combat is also really good. It's much faster paced and more fun than other survival series out there such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Playing the game first time through took me about twenty hours, which is a good amount of time for a survival horror game. Right now I'm playing through it again because I believe there are three different endings. The second time through this game will take anyone a shorter time than it took to beat it the first time. But overall I'd say that this game is defenitely worthy to be in any gamecube owner's library, so at least give it a rent before you buy it.
Virtual Grand Guignol
by: citizenk    On: 2003-10-24

Rather than a hodgepodge of mayhem and unrelated playing experiences Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem is one of the first masterpieces of game design. The developers have successfully mixed the experience of great horror movies along with their Victorian Roots.

Instead of monotonous boss battles that devour time and often enjoyment of the Horror Survival game Eternal Darkness is focused on the experience of suspense and puzzle solving. As game play changes style as you progress, a combination of protection spells and enchanting a broken item is more valuable than a grenade launcher. Environments that are revisited go through the ravages of time and history making a cathedral different to both a Benedictine monk during the Inquisition and later a journalist during World War One.

With ancient slumbering terrors, family legacies, malevolent cosmic deities and encroaching madness, Eternal Darkness owes as much to authors Edgar Alan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft as the game 'Fatal Frame' owes to Japanese horror films like 'The Ring'. Lovecraft character, Inspector Henry Legrasse, even makes an appearance in the story as well as a sanitarium named after Jeffrey Combs (known from several films based on Lovecraft's work).

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem is one of the games that transcends its genre with a style that will be instrumental in opening up console game experience to users of greater diversity.

it will drive you insane
by: superasa2    On: 2003-10-09

. the insanity feature is very cool
. the magic feature is also cool
. the characters are weel animated
. the story is really scary
. it gets you in the moode for a good freddy kruger movie

. it is to dark in the graphics
. to few enemys
. not for young children

You Will Question Reality
by: johndwhaley    On: 2003-10-01

Despite the stigma that the Gamecube is just for kids, a surprising number of high-quality games have been released aimed at more mature audiences. The most original of these would have to be Eternal Darkness.

Eternal Darkness follows a young woman named Alex Roivas as she investigates her grandfather's murder. During her search through his mansion, she comes across The Tome of Eternal Darkness, which gives the player control over nearly a dozen characters throughout history.

While the gameplay and controls are not as good as I would have liked, the haunting atmosphere and the wild "sanity meter" effects are worth the purchase price. Seeing flies on my computer screen or having the T.V. randomly mute itself just added to the spooky atmosphere. Considering that you can get this title for under $20 just about anywhere, you should definitely add it to your Gamecube library.

by: zeenotdpe    On: 2003-09-15

The game started out really great. The insanity effects are definately cool and the magick system is well done too. The environments were nicely done and the characters were well varied. The big problem is that the game gets very tedious about half way through and then just boring at the end. The repetive ending levels are a drag and the lack of any real difficulty in the game makes it a snoozer. I say rent it or buy it used if your curious, but dont pay full price.
Nintendo CAN make scary games!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-09-01

I am have been a Nintendo fan for a long, long time. But one thing I always had to give other systems credit for was the fact: Nintendo doesn't make Horror games. They just didn't. Until now. The Darkness comes... Eternal Darkness, that is, and it's made by Nintendo. I know Resident Evil is for Gamecube, but that was made by Capcom. This is a Nintendo-made scarefest. And man oh man, is it a good one. This game is great. You get to play as over 10 different characters throughout the game, which is very cool, cos each character has different weapons, skills, and personalities. I also like how you can target different body parts of each enemy; adding more strategy to your gameplay. (Targeting their heads make them blind, or targeting their arms makes them unable to attack...) But the real gem to this game is its very original, and very cool Sanity Meter. I must say that I have never seen anything like the Sanity Meter before. It's crazy! Any monster you run into takes away a small bit of your sanity, and the only way to regain it is to "Finish" monsters, or killing them for good. If you don't, and you continue to lose all your sanity, crazy stuff starts to happen, like it telling you that your controller is unplugged (when it's not), or it pretending your TV turned off! (Yes that 2nd one really happened to me once...) It's really awesome and really adds to the creepy effect... You MUST buy this game. Nintendo made a classic horror game that you will play non-stop over and over again to defeat the Darkness... seriously, this game rocks!!!
A great alternative to Resident Evil
by: afshk    On: 2003-08-22

I have been waiting for a Gamecube survival-horror game to challange Resident Evil since I got one back in April. Eternal Darkness is that game. It has excellent graphics, easy controls, some great shock moments, an innovative spellcasting system, and much more including the reason I bought the game, the Sanity Meter. Whenever your character sees a demon, s/he loses some of that sanity. When your character's sanity gets low enough, strange things start to happen. In my case, the camera view tilted, the walls started to bleed and voices were heard issuing from my tv's speakers, just to name a few small effects. I've gone into a room (in the game) more than once and found my character standing on the ceiling. The game is not without it's flaws, though. The storyling is a bit sketchy, as the game has you playing as 12 (or there abouts) different characters over a few thousand years and it gets hard to keep track of. There are also a few annoying Resident Evil-esque camera angle problems, but these are easy-to-overlook minor problems. It is also fairly expensive, but overall, it's definitely worth it.
A Supernatural Journey through Time
by: rpmzmxc    On: 2003-08-12

Eternal Darkness is simply stunning on so many levels. The graphics are gorgeous and the sound is phenomenal. I felt like I was having an out of the body experience throughout playing this game. If you are at all interested in the supernatural, witchcraft, allegory or mythology this game will delight. In terms of movies, think Sherlock Holmes meets Edgar Allan Poe meets Dracula meets Poltergeist meets Stargate meets the Mummy meets Raiders of the Lost Ark meets Thirteen get the picture. It beats the heck out of another mindless, hackneyed Night of the Living Dead/Evil Dead (Brain Dead!) dull-fest.
I have played other "survival horror" games such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill 2 based on my initial experience with Eternal Darkness but none could hold a single candle to this game. The variety and depth of the characters and settings, along with the kaleidoscope visuals and hypnotic Dolby Surround soundtrack/effects will take you on quite a ride. Have no doubt, you WILL jump out of your skin and want your mommy at times!
Unfortunately, the controls do share dissapointing similarity with other "survival horror" titles, but even here the game outdoes the others. Overall, however, this game provides one of the best overall videogame experiences I've ever had. I'd pay twice the full price for this one.
A great game... that nobody bought.
by: refreak2387    On: 2003-07-30

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem is one of the most criticly acclaimed games to hit the Nintendo GameCube. Yet for some reason or another, this game was overlooked by many, many people. The game is NOT a Resident Evil clone, contrary to popular belief. I view the game as a cross between the Zelda games,Resident Evil games, and original ideas thrown into the mix, such as the Sanity Meter.
The Sanity Meter in the game lowers every time you encounter one of the games gruesome creatures, but each time it lowers something strange will happen. The room might start to slant or when you enter a new room it will appear that you are walking on the ceiling, your TV will adjust its own volume or scariest of all, your memory card pretends to erase itself. The game makes you feel as if you were actually in the game. The game spands over 2500 years and you take on the roles of a least a dozen characters throughout different time periods trying to save humanity from the eternal darkness. You even play as the games main villian before he is corrupted. ED:SR is extremely historicly accurate due to the fact that the developers, Silicon Knights, researched just about everything contained in this massive game, including weaponry. In the game you will use Magick(no, I didn't spell that wrong. That is the the name of the magic you use.) spells to heel yourself, disspell other Magick, summon creatures, and to reveal invisible being or objects, just to name a few. The game is very, very deep and intriguing. Do not expect to dive right into the game and start to reek the benifits of the game though, it starts out vey slow.
Do yourself a favor, buy this game. I only bought it 3 days ago and I can't stop playing it. And it was only 20 bucks so it won't slim down your wallet to much.
Better late then never, right?
A Triumph
by: climbchick    On: 2003-07-26

Let me start by saying that I am an avid gamer and it is seldom that I am so pleasantly surprised by a game. From the second I flipped the switch on my Gamecube, I was enthralled. Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem started out with a quote from Poe (My favorite author) and kept me creeping around corners for hours.

There are many high points in this game but the thing that sticks out in my mind the most is the incredibly creepy sound effects and music. The gameplay is solid with about an hour or two learning curve and for those of you who are a fan of the macabre, you will find a myriad of refrences and tidbits from Bosch to Lovecraft. I would highly recommend this game to anyone who wants a good scare and the sanity meter is will drive you quite mad. I haven't had this much fun with a horror game since Seventh Guest. Go get it now!

The overlooked Gamecube classic
by: paranoidandroid911    On: 2003-07-17

A surprising sleeper hit of sorts, it still didn't get the attention it deserves. Eternal Darkness is the mature title that Gamecube owners have been hoping for, with an unrelentingly dark story line and overtones, crisp graphics, and ingenious play mechanics.

Graphically, this is quite a marvel. Some textures and animations are poor, but overall (especially considering it was ported from the N64) the graphics are smooth as butter and integrate nicely. When you see immense otherworldly demons or the walls with screaming faces twisting in them, you'll feel truly immersed. Would have been nice if there were more enemy variety, but there's quite enough in the gameplay to keep you interested.

The story is out there and a bit nonsensical, yet it is tightly told through engrossing cut scenes and the shifting of focus from one character to another. I wish more action-adventure games used this type of system- it's by far the most unique thing to happen to the genre in quite awhile.

Control is fairly inventive, as well, especially for an adventure title. The fighting system, which allows you to target individual body parts on the enemies, really seems to reward finesse and reflexes, while the "magick" system allows for some interesting combinations and experimentation. It also allows for some pretty interesting puzzle opportunities.

Puzzles are well-paced and not too difficult, as well. There were a couple of moments in the beginning where I needed to consult a strategy guide, but after that the sailing was very smooth. There aren't very many key-hunting puzzles, and things progress in a logical order. As I said above, the three-color magick system is central to many of the puzzles. Another bonus is the save system, which doesn't limit you to certain spots and only a certain amount of saves like the blindingly dumb Resident Evil does. Unless there's enemies nearby you can save at any time, in any place. Overall, this improves the pacing of the game tenfold.

By far the most interesting addition to the horror genre is the insanity system, which adds some teasingly great effects that could make you scream or toss your controller in anger and frustration. You'll dig every moment of it, and it really adds some interactive elements to the game.

In sum, Gamecube owners are lucky to be presented with such an awesome piece of storytelling and graphical wonder. You'll be hard pressed to find similar niche masterpieces like this on any other system. Do yourself a favor and give it a shot.

Eternal Darkness kicks RE's...
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-07-12

Well, it's finally here. It started as an N64 title but was then ported to the GC. It was released on the day where the planets aligned, which, coincidentally, plays a major part in the game's plot. Now for my oft dreaded review.
GRAPHICS:Excellent. Not amazing (Metroid Prime) but the textures and water effects are nice. Blood could use work.

GAMEPLAY:This is what you bought the game for. You've heard about the Sanity Meter and thought it looked pretty cool. IT IS. In this kind of game nothing is cooler than, at the beginning of the WWI level, walking by a poster that depicts a grinning soldier with the words(in French) JOIN THE ARMY. This helps get a sense of atmosphere. Even better is walking by ten minutes later with low sanity and, out of the corner of your eye, noticing the soldier has been replaced with a demon. A bit unsettled, you walk away from the poster. The instant the camera leaves the wall, you here a squelching noise and turn around. Blood is squirting from behind the poster, dribbling down the wall, and making a spreading puddle on the floor. Very Stephen King. Why am I talking about Sanity Effects instead of gameplay? Read about gameplay in some other review, dang it.

SOUND: The music is superb. Even better is the creepy soundtrack when your sanity gets low.

CREATIVITY:Best plot I've seen in a game. Can you say H.P. Lovecraft? Each character is brought to life through amazing voice acting. From the encentric(read: borderline insane)Maximilian Roivas to the peerless Michael Edwards, all seem like real people.


dude wheres my car
by: shurness    On: 2003-06-23

This game is the is CREEPY and SCARY (nice adjectives, eh?) is so fantasy like and there are parts where you have no idea what the he[ck] is happenin and that is normal...also, beware of THE BATHTUB SCENE...that haunted me for a while..aight..i g2g play it hehee...cya
One of Nintendo's greatest!
by: cardinal235    On: 2003-06-02

Finally, a game that I can really sink my teeth into. I am glued in front of it for hours because of its play-a-bility. It uses a very creative thought: Sanity. This is one of the most distinguishing features of this game, making it different from ordinary run-of-the-mill games.

The story is great, and the graphics are nothing to sneeze at! The replay value of the game is good too, because there is three possible paths one can take at the begining, opening up a lot of the same, but a lot of a different game!

The sanity is something else. You have to keep it up, otherwise the characters will start going crazy! The strangest things will happen when sanity runs low. Some things that don't effect the game too much (when blood drips from a painting or wall) and things that will force you to reapeat your last actions (Like when a character's head, arms, and then torso fly off.). An awesome, and sometimes creepy, feature.

And the dealings with the magick is good too. It is something more to learn, and makes the game harder to figure out, but well worth it. There is also twelve different spells to get runes for and to build.

The games is pretty good for horror, although I can see why it wasn't rated for it. It is not like Alone in the Dark 4, not as scary. But it is sure to please if you are looking for a slightly creepy game.

The characters even get tired after running for an extended amount of time. And, yes, it does matter who the character is, if they're in shape, fat, skinny, whatever! The bigger the character, the slower they go, the quicker they get tired. But, when you get to the fireman, he seems to never run out of energy, which just contributes to the realism of the game.

And with an assortment of different weapons too. All sorts, since the game takes you through a couple millenia, the weapons vary widely! To start, one would get a sword, then eventually more projectile weapons, then old-fashioned pitols, even up to an O.I.C.W.!

Complaint, is short. It only has eleven chapters in it, not including when you are out of a chapter, but the game is on the short side. The chapters do get longer though, and harder. If anybody starts playing, and wonders if all the chapters are all the same length and difficulty, no. They get better. And the camera is like typical RPG's, which is a pretty much fixed camera angle. You can't fix it. (Fans of RPG's such as Final Fantasy and Xenosaga, know what I am talking aobut.) Kind of frustrating at some points, but nothing to decrease the value of the game.

All in all, this is a GREAT game. That is the simplist way to put it. Great. I would highly suggest this game to anybody that likes skeleton killing, magic(k) spells, sanity to keep up, and some horror to make it all the more tantalizing!

My first GameCube game
by: gaz_23    On: 2003-05-20

This was my first GameCube game, which was provided free with the console. It's a very good thing that it was provided for free, otherwise I'd probably have never owned a copy.
Let me explain a bit, when I bought my console, I wanted one of the cute Japanese puzzle games with it, but none of my choices was in stock. So I ended up choosing Eternal Darkness, much against my better judgement since I had planned to obtain Resident Evil Zero, as my choice of horror rpg for this platform.

It all worked out well in the end - this was one of the most instantly impressive games I've seen. It's well thought out, and the attention to detail is startling. You'll have seen a lot of reviews on this site rave about the sanity system, which stands out as one of the things that the developers got absolutely right. As your sanity slips away the camera angles and soundtrack change, adding just an extra little edge to the whole thing. There are other effects as a result of this too, but you're better finding out about these yourself. I actually found that I preferred playing with the character quite low on sanity - it just added something to the whole experience (although - it turns out that there are occasions where this is a disadvantage - make sure you stay quiet when the trappers are near ;-)
The puzzles are not the most complex, but are balanced enough to not have you charging from one location to another frantically looking for some detail that was missed the first time.

Similarly with the combat - it's fairly easy to master, and I found that there weren't many things I encountered which had me reloading to try to kill again. Especially if the spells are used intelligently.
The magic system was nicely implemented, with various characters discovering the building blocks of the spells for you to assemble. This reminded me of an old Amiga game, but I admit that I may have just dreamt that.

This is a game which is totally accessible right out of the box. Superb use of the graphics capabilities, with a soundtrack that just somehow fits each chapter. I was completely drawn into it to the point of staying up too late for "just one more room", and that's not happened to me in a long time.
If you like the horror rpg genre (and I do), then I doubt you'll be disappointed by this. I really found very little to fault it, and so it must get the full 5 stars.
Did someone mention a sequel ?? Please ??

May the darkness curse you
by: corn3645    On: 2003-04-23

I am the scourge of God, no one knows your aniquteis but me.
by: jluvbugg    On: 2003-04-19

Its not very often you see any breakout games in the horror/survival genre. This game brought that to the table. More than gimmicks, the original aspects of this game put it in a class by itself, hands down.

What is so different about Eternal Darkness? Well, for starters lets list the similarities to other games such as Resident Evil and various others. You have a health meter. If it is depleted, you die. You have projectile weapons, with limited ammo and require frequent reloading. That's where the similarities end.

In this game, you have three meters to keep track of: Health, Magic, and Sanity. Magic is replenished as your character moves around. Running replenishes your energy faster than walking. Health and Sanity can only be replenished by recovery spells, or by recovery items that are only given to certain characters in the storyline.

Sanity is the most unique aspect of this game. If you enter a room and a creature catches a glimpse of you, it steals a little bit of your sanity. From that moment on, you have a short window of opportunity, in which to kill the monster, perform a finishing move, and reclaim some of your sanity. At certain times, having your sanity depleted can be detrimental, and at other non-crucial times, its a whole lot of fun. As your sanity dwindles, you begin to hallucinate. The less sanity you possess, the more intense your hallucinations become. I don't want to go into detail about the hallucinations and spoil it for anyone who may read this. Sometimes, its fun to let your character go insane and see what happens. Sometimes, if your sanity runs out, your health starts to decline, but not always.

The magic system is pretty cool. You have a spell list consisting of 12 spells. In order to use these spells, you must gain the alignment runes of one of the four "gods" in the game, and two other spell runes. Combine that with a cirle of power (either 3, 5, or 7 slots) and you can cast a spell. A codex is used to translate the runes, but you can still cast spells without them. A parchment listing the spell is also lying around. It tells you which runes to use, but if you don't have a codex, you will have to experiment to figure out which rune it is referring to. You must stand perfectly still in order to cast spells. If you move or if you are attacked before you finish the incantation, the spell is interrupted and abruptly ends. This provides a challenge when you are in a room full of enemies. Each spell is unique. One heals, one casts a shield, one possesses monsters, one summons monsters, one repairs broken objects and powers up weapons, so forth and so on. You don't have to use them all but you will have to use most of them at one time or another during gameplay. Runes, spell parchments, and codex are placed strategically throughout the game. You just have to make sure you look carefully in every corner of every room. Leave no stone unturned. Most items are hard to miss. Everything you're supposed to pick up glows faintly, so there is no guessing. Without a strategy guide, I only missed one codex the first time through.

On top of a cool magic system and a fascinating sanity system, there is a cool targeting system. Hold down the R button to lock on to an enemy and use the control stick to lock onto either, the head, an arm, or the torso. Certain enemies go down quicker if you hit them in certain areas. This is useful if you're surrounded by a swarm of enemies that are dependent upon sight to attack. Hack off one head, switch to another creature, remove its head, so forth and so on. This can be executed quickly and you'll have a room full of blind zombies who are now easy pickings.

Each of the 10+ characters in the game receive a projectile weapon of sorts and a blunt force slice'n'dice weapon like a sword. Some characters can even equip two weapons. Each character has their own set of unique weapons in this game.

You hold down the L button to run in this game, and if you run for too long your character will have to stop and catch their breath. You can't run forever like Resident Evil. Each character has their own attributes. The firefighter has a longer health bar and can run for longer distances, but he has a smaller sanity and magic meter. The architect has a smaller health and sanity meter, but he has a sizeable magic meter, and he can only run for short distances. The main character has a nice balance of all of four attributes, not to mention she's pretty tough.

The plot is excellently done, the voice acting is very convincing and the graphics are sweet. There are several instances where you will return to the same area, at different points in time, with three different characters. The desert stage is accessed by four different characters and each time you can witness the fact that the site has been excavated and then allowed to fall into ruin again as time progresses. The designers paid very close attention to detail and made sure that the "space-time" continuum was preserved.

On top of all of these wonderful facts about the game, throw in the fact that this game has incredible replay value, since you have to play it through three times, in order to defeat all three "gods". It will not be a chore or prove dull to replay. In fact, I found myself trying to recall everything and then trying to finish a stage quicker than I did on a previous pass.

Simply put, if you don't like this game, then there is something wrong with you. If you love Resident Evil, you will go bananas over this game, since RE has nothing on Eternal Darkness. This game is a must play, let alone a must have.

Become Insane with Boredom!
by: rocksolidmass    On: 2003-04-17

In Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, A man from ancient times, Pious Augustus, has taken control of a terrible force and you play through a series of tasks as different characters that will eventually lead you to stopping Augustus from summoning the evil force that will eventually lead to the world's doom.

There are three different ways to go about this game, depending on which artifact Pious Augustus chooses. This means that you will have to go through what is basically the same storyline three times. The lack of difference in the three paths makes the game rather boring; the only differences are what enemies you run into, the order in which you get the red, green, and blue runes, and slight differences in what the characters talk about. Everything else (the traps, the puzzles, etc.) is exactly the same in all three paths. You even go through all of the same stages, in the same order! "yawn" Boring.

The gameplay time is very short; it takes only 10-20 hours to go through the storyline one time. And it get shorter everytime since you will most likely remember what you have to do to get to the next situation. Also, none of the enemies are all that difficult to get past. You almost never have to ration your ammunition for guns; ammunition is too abundant.

The only thing you get for completing the game through all three paths is a cutscene. I was expecting to have access to the "purple artifact story" (if you actually play this game, you will know what I am talking about). In fact, the cutscene leads you to believe that you will gain access to the "purple artifact story". What a big disappointment...

Is this rEaLly HaPenninG...???
by: foxtrotdelta    On: 2003-03-28

This game will hook you in and engross you in it's ingenuity. I have NEVER played a game like this. It's about time a company thought up of something so original and refreshing. You play as a modern day college student who learns of her grandfather's gruesome death. She stumbles upon a book and as she reads each chapter, she experiences it first hand. You'll end up playing from a Roman Legionnaire, Cambodian dancer, to a early 1900's Doctor. Each character uses weapons authentic to it's time. Not only do you have swords and guns at your disposal, you'll have magic spells. What sets this game apart from the others is the Sanity Meter. As you encounter enemies your Sanity Meter will drop and STRANGE things start happening. I won't go into that because you'll have to experience it first hand to know what I'm talking about. With the combination of EXCELLENT game play, graphics and sound, you won't go wrong with this game. So it's up to you to investigate his mansion and unravel the clues to prevent the world from, you guessed it, Eternal Darkness.
Original, Spooky, and the Most Fun You'll Ever Have!!
by: coloradoavalanche    On: 2003-03-17

I was hesitant to get Eternal Darkness simply because I thought that it would be another wasted Resident Evil look-alike that was terrible. However, after reading many great reviews of Eternal Darkness, I simply knew that I had to get it! Let me say right away that I wasn't disappointed by the game! In fact, it's the most original game to ever come to a platform, and it started a new genre, psychological horror. This genre tampers into your brain, using something known as a Sanity System. When the sanity of your character becomes low, you begin to experience things such as blood running down walls, T.V. visuals such as MUTE on and the screen going black while it says VIDEO on it, and then you go back to the game as your character wimpers. This adds a lot to the game, and it gives the whole gaming world a little something extra!
In the game, the plot is consisting around three ancient artifacts and the Ancients, a powerful race of aged beings, consisting of monsters such as zombies, giant bear-looking things, and spider-like creatures known as Guardians. All of the creatures live in an ancient city, and as twelve characters spanning 2000 years, you must defeat the darkness and save the light. This is another awesome feature, where you play as anything from an ancient Roman soldier to a modern-day Canadian firefighter. You will have a variety of spells and weapons to use, such as anything from Flintlock Pistols to military OICWs. Most game do not have numerous characters, and this feature make Eternal Darkness all the more interesting. The graphics are good, especially since Nintendo had to remake them(this game was supposed to come out of N64). The sound is good, with haunting music and pretty good voiceovers. Combat can be weak, but the slashing of zombies a thousand times over with a magically enhanced sword should give you pleasure in fighting! Gameplay is smooth, and the controls are easy to get used to, much easier than Resident Evil's odd control scheme. Puzzles are complex but not impossible, unlike RE's which could take days to figure out how to solve. The game is fairly linear without much coming-and-going such as in RE, and it is definitely not as linear as first-person shooters, which is a sigh of relief! You'll find the game to be a joyful experience for any gamer out there, and if you like Nintendo games or anything with Resident Evil schemes this game may just have a place in your gaming heart!
A superior adventure game with plenty of secrets
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-02-14

Simply the best adventure game going for GC currently, as long as you are not totally addicted to all combat all the time, and like some wandering, story, and puzzles.

The graphics are great, the procession of characters ties in with a fun storyline, and the groundbreaking and thorough magick system is a heck of a lot of fun, and way cool to watch when you cast a spell.

The insanity effects are an incredibly original addition to gameplay and will, will, will, weird you out late at night. Sometimes they'll tick you off, like the one where the screen blanks except for an operating system message which tells you your memory card is being erased and you're scrambling for a button to push! Or the volume bars that look just like the ones your remote makes on the TV show up, and start going down as the volume reduces all by itself. Or in the middle of a fun battle when it says stops, says thanks for playing the demo, buy the full game due out in 2004. Or when you shrink and can't fight, or explode for no reason, or fight tooth and nail and then find you haven't moved and didn't kill anything at all, or see the walls bleeding, or statues turning to watch as you pass, or the continuous moaning or people pounding on doors with no one there, or......

The fighting system seems odd at first, but once you get the hang of it using the joystick to direct hits is incredibly nimble and you can do some really fun slicing and dicing.

All in all, a top notch fun game even my wife is obsessed by, with lots of secret rooms and ways to make up and discover new spells all by yourself. Slick game, nice and long especially if you itend to master all three spell alignments. If any of this sounds like fun and you're not needing a game that's simply a slashing spree but still like a healthy dose of combat with some skill, combined with magic, insanity, and lots of exploration, trust me, this game is for you.

Insanely Good
by: skakiddoltj    On: 2003-02-10

Eternal Darkness is insanely good (pun intended). It's got 15 playable characters, an outstanding story, 3 different game paths, insanity effects, a perfect camera, and more. One of the best games available on GameCube.
Nothing like Resident Evil
by: knuckles515    On: 2003-02-09

One game that is a must buy, It has is all, deep story, complex gameplay, puzzles, Hack and Slash battle, Persition Gun battle, and a though and ingenuis Magick system. GET THIS ONE! One more thing, make sure you get the strategy guide to.
Love It
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-02-05

Ok.I'm a 21 year old girl and I have to say that this game is awesome.I first rented the game fell in love with it and had to buy it.I was so hooked on it that I wouldn't even go out with my friends on the weekend because I couldn't put it away.Everything about the game is incredible.I would tell anyone considering buying this game to go ahead and buy it,you won't regret it.It was pretty hard for me to beat the game in all three stages,but I finally did and there wasn't a boring minute of it!
Best game thus far in next generation consoles
by: bond3643    On: 2003-02-03

That is until The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker comes out in March. Back to ED: this game should have been one of the best selling of all time but too bad about all the ignorant gamers out there who don't know what's good. I never had this much fun playing a game since Ocarina of Time. That's how good it is and it just hurts to see a game like this go unnoticed by the majority gamers out there. I am a hardcore gamer and I know a good game when I play it and if you were a hardcore gamer you should know too. This deserves 'Game of the Year' of 2002 by the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences not Metroid Prime...which was also a great game. Here's my breakdown on the game:

Gameplay: 10
Most think the sanity effects are the coolest but IMO I like the spells better, even if there were no sanity effects I'd still love this game.

Graphics: 9
Could have been better, but seeing how this game was originally being made for N64 I could see how long it could take Silicon Knights to beef up the graphics to the Gamecube's potential. Still they're satisfying enough to make this game look awesome.

Sound: 10
The sound (and music) is definitely one of the best in any game I've heard. Even if you don't got a surround sound setup the sound is still sweet.

Control: 10
Not much to explain here. Control is easy after about 10 to 20 minutes of gameplay much like any other game and if you find the controlling in Resident Evil hard this is nothing. Controlling in this game is just basic and simple which makes it as fun as it is.

Silicon Knights said they are already working on a new title and haven't said what it is, most likely Too Human (originally being made for PS1 but cancelled), which has computer-generated graphics up in par with Final Fantasy. I just hope SK will always be 2nd party for Nintendo.

by: hcomp    On: 2003-01-20

This game is amazing. Is a unique mix of mistery, horror, magic and adventure. For the horror genre fans, I can tell that the sanity element adds a huge boost, without equivalents in other games (even RE series). So, my recomendation is: buy it, play it and beat it three times...You will don't regret.
Look out Resident Evil...
by: nerff20    On: 2003-01-07

Yet another reason to rush out and buy a GameCube, "Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem" includes the player on a level never before touched by video games. The reason for this is the sanity effects, which can mess with gameplay or even controls or the TV itself. There's no telling what they'll do, but finding them out is half the fun. The other half is the constantly interesting story that leaps from time period to time period. Unlike "Resident Evil," you're able to hack and shoot your way through the levels without worry of conserving ammo or things like that. "Eternal Darkness" is an endlessly exciting game with thrills and chills abound.
Well Researched, Challenging
by: x_opp    On: 2003-01-02

Eternal Darkness is the best game I have played in awhile. First the plot is good, it makes you want to play the game just to find out what is going to happen next. The game is challenging, the enemies are pretty hard to kill, and not only do you have a health meter to watch but a sanity meter, as well. This game gives you a variety of charcters to play as and allows you to live the storyline from each charcters perspective. This way it is hard to get bored or distracted. One thing also I must give credit for is the thought put into the plot of this game. You can tell that a lot of time was spent with the plot and it turned out really good.
Incredible Game!!!
by: philnshel    On: 2002-12-31

This is my favorite Gamecube game! Words can't even describe how awesome it is. Just buy it and see for yourself. The sanity feature is what makes this game special. I have actually believed things were happening, like one time when I went to save it, it said "are you sure you want to delete all your game files?" I was freaked out 'cause I was pretty far in the game. I carefully read what it said and pressed "no, continue game". But when I pressed that, a bar came up on the screen saying "deleting all files". I was freaked out and actually shut the Gamecube off. It was only later that I realized it was all part of the insanity effect. Buy this game - I promise you won't regret it.
Great Horror game
by: kpcbc    On: 2002-12-03

I think that this was one of the best games i have ever played. The gameplay is great. The story Line (I love good, deep ones) is awsome. This was the first and the best Gamecube game that I have ever played and I think that any one that likes to get spooked or juat likes a good horror game should buy or rent this game. It reminds me alot of Resident Evil in the zombies. The models are different but the idea of the enimies are the same. I gave this game 5 out of 5 stars for itss gameplay, graphics, and storyline. They are THE most important elements in the game and this one fullfills them all.

(sorry for the spelling)

I just can't get over it...
by: soulfly_edgecrusher    On: 2002-11-30

after playin the REmake first on gamecube and loving it, and hearing about how good this game was and how it was supposed to be even better thatn the REmake... I hadda check it out... and im sure glad I did. First off this game is not Resident Evil!!! It is very different in many different ways, story line is deeper in ED, and ED is not a survial horror. It's classed as a Psycological/Thriller, and it is. There are many idfferent parts which can mess with your mind (sanity effects) which make the game so much more fun, im not gunna say any because then it ruins it! It is very thrilling and at times even scarier than RE. Let compare the two games since that seems like what i am doing.

Graphics... Edge: Resident Evil. Lets face it, where have u ever seen graphics as pretty as Re? Exactly. This game does not come close to the quaility of RE, but the backgrounds are very pretty. Cut scenes don't look too good but tha doesn't matter much anyway.

Controls... Edge: Eternal Darkness. The controls in RE are very hard to get and are clunky. Teh camera angles are not great and the view is usually stationary. the battle sytem isnt that good either, but RE is still a great game. BUT THE CONTROLS IS ED are just so smooth its unbelieveable!!! the camera is one view which follows you throughout the room, making for good shots and no visual impairments. THe battle system runs extremely smoothely and isnt that complicated to master. At least in this gam zombies dont take like 7 pistol shots to down, thats insane. general movement is a lot easier too, which is a good thing because it prevents frustration.

Story... Edge: Eternal Darkness. BOth story lines are great but Eternal Darkness' can't be beaten. It is very deep, rewarding the second time through, and lasts a good long ime since the game took me 15 hours timed (probably about 17 ot 18 including deaths or the plug comming out of the wall... oops!!) second time around is easier and the game only took me about 7. BUt just as fun the 2nd time through!!!

Overall... Edge: Eternal Darkness. Overall this game is much better, which is hard to believe considering RE is such a good game, but this one blows it out of the watter. The onyl game that contests is GRan Turismo 3 A-Spec, a shame its onyl on Ps2.

IF your a gamer who does not like to investigate things or who does not like games that arent exciting right off the bat, this is not for you. but if you are willing to take your time and play through games, waiting for it to get great, this is for you. Once your into it you will not be let out of its grasp!!! play through it and it will become very rewarding, and it is possible to get the mantorok rune, u just have to use your your brain and think about what can go through small holes!!! enjoy this game... I HOPE THERES A SEQUEL!!!

AWESOME GAME!!! Get it Blindfolded !!!!
by: drreeds    On: 2002-11-23

I will not say anything about the good stuff...
the camera is 0.00001% jumpy...
and sometimes you think you don't control the character...
and i say you think... because it ads realism to the fights...
the rest 99.99999999999999999999% of the game IS AMAZING!!!!
BUY IT an instant classic...
One of the most engrossing games for serious gamers.
by: atatnall    On: 2002-11-20

The opinions I've read below on this game seem to be about 80% who absolutely love it and 20% who hate it, and as far as I can tell the people who hate it are either young children who can't appreciate anything other than a hack-n-slash gorefest, folks who prefer shallow, poorly constructed games such as Resident Evil, or worst of all, people who only played it for five minutes or not at all. I fall in with those who love it.

Eternal Darkness didn't get the promotion or the acclaim it deserved when it came out, but don't let that fool you. It's still one of the best games on any of the current generation of consoles, hands down.

This game is all about mood. Play it at night with all the lights out. Everything from the lighting to the ambient sounds is designed to establish a creepy feeling, and it really hits home in several key parts, especially when your sanity meter is running low.

Ah, the sanity meter. Yes, it's every bit as crazy as you've read. One reviewer wrote that there are only 10 different insanity effects. He most likely avoided going insane most of the way through the game, because the truth is there are around 100 different effects, ranging from minor things you'll barely notice to "What the...?" I won't spoil them for you, as they're one of the best parts of the game.

It's got a compelling storyline and a mythos based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft. You control 13 different playable characters who all exist at different points in history. Although there are really only 4 different stages, each of which is repeated a few times by different characters, the stages do change from one visit to the next, sometimes making them very different places from last time you saw them.

The gameplay itself involves navigating through the stages with one of the characters, encountering several types of creatures, and solving puzzles. The combat system gives each character several different weapons, including close-range, long-range and projectile combat. You can target different areas on a creature's body, some more effective than others. There is also a highly satisfying magic-casting system where you combine sets of runes to make new spells.

You may notice in other reviews that some claim the game is way too easy, while others say it's too hard. Some also said the game is too short. What happens is, at the beginning of the game there are three different branches you can take in the story, and these dictate the difficulty of your quest as well as the creatures you encounter, including a completely different mid-game boss creature in each branch. However, once you complete the game once, you can go back and start again with one of the other possible stories, and when you complete all three you are treated to a special ending.

If you're looking for a quick fix shoot-em-up scare-me bloodfest, don't bother. If you're looking for a disturbing and riveting game that will stay with you long after you turn off your GameCube, don't let this one pass you by!

Great concept, Good Game
by: jambubby    On: 2002-11-19

Every body who owns a game console, chose their console for a reason. Usually there is a title that looks so enticing to the game player, that he/she will plunk down a large chunk of money for a system, just so they can play that one game. Now, if you own a GameCube, Mario is a likely candidtate for this sort of influence, or pehaps the new Metroid games (one is for Game Boy Advance) that have me salivating now. Well, Eternal Darkness had this effect on me. I purchased this game because of the amazingly positive reviews I read. I watched the trailers on the intenet, and it looked so awesome to me, that I had to get a GameCube. Well I played Eternal Darkness (ED from here on out) and it is a really good game. It is fun, and there are a lot of innovative features to it. The sanity meter is genius. This concept will undoubtedly be used again, although never to the same degree of surprise that this first game gave us. By the way. Do yourself a favor and do not read what all of the insanity effects are before you play the game. It will ruin them for you. Why four stars then you ask? Well. For one, the game was too hyped. It is not a genre beginning title (what is anymore.) It is not survival horror like the Resident Evil GameCube remake is. (RE is superb by the way) The game was pitched in such a way that led be to believe it was scary. It really wasn't for me. Yes there are a lot of wonderful surprises with the sanity/insanity effects and all, however, it never acheives the level of creepiness that RE carries all the way through it. It is really an adventure game. I love the dynamic camera. In RE, the camera angles are stills. ED's camera angles are mobile and fully rendered in 3D! The magick is great. There are a few monotonous parts, but in the end the game is very satisfying. This game is more of a 3D adventure than survival horror. Yes is is bloody and greusome at times, yet these aspects alone do not define the survival horror genre. Keep these things in mind, and you will no doubt love this game. It really is fun and unique, just not the 5 stars I would have liked it to be.
Wish it were more firghtening
by: cawfeeluva    On: 2002-11-10

Eternal Darkness is, well, not frightening at all. The Sanity meter is the only thing that has kept me playing - although I haven't played it almost a month now b/c it got old. I was hoping for something along the lines of Resident Evil or the like.
Why hasn't anyone thought of mixing resident evils' scare tactics with Eternal darkness's sanity meter?
One of the best Gamecube games yet.
by: mattpursley    On: 2002-11-10

Eternal Darkness is very well made, and the "sanity effects" that are one of its more distinctive features are well executed. Be warned: Though this game does indeed have plenty of gore and fighting, puzzles play a large part in advancing the story. The music and voice acting are done nicely, and a creepy atmosphere is flawlessly maintained through the whole game. The graphics are quite good, expecially the backgrounds and scenery. Interesting cut-scenes occur every so often, and are excellently animated. It isn't all just eye-candy(?) though, as there is a deep Lovecraftian plot.
As good as it gets for GCN until Metroid Prime and ZELDA
by: autumwind2    On: 2002-11-07

This game is really a true gem. Rated 9.7 by IGN, this game is curently the highest rated game for Gamecube from a number of sources.

Like the motto says... this game owns ya. You don't play the game, the game plays you.

Really, a well crafted game, but to go into detail outside of the general description already given at amazon will spoil the suprise.

The only thing I can sum up is to go and buy the game, NOW!!

An Amazing Game
by: aeleneski    On: 2002-10-24

I really didn't keep up to track with the development of this game when it was supposed to come out for the N64. But when I was reading some previews for the Gamecube, this game caught my eye. As hype grew towards the release of the game, I became very excited and waited for the day it came out. When I picked up this game and finally played it through, I was happy that all that waiting did not go wasted on a bad game.

The main character in the game is Alex Roivas, the granddaughter of Edward Roivas. The story does not just involve the Roivas family, but a mixture of characters each involved in their own miny stories that are pieces to the big puzzle. That puzzle of course is to rid the world of Eternal Darkness. I do not want to give out to much more of the story, because it would ruin this amazing game. But I do want to say that the controls of each of the characters is done amazingly well.

I would recommend this game to anyone looking for a good time or wanting to release anger through killing fictional characters.

The Best Game for Nintendo Gamecube (for now) . . .
by: james-vanfleet    On: 2002-10-24

This game is a masterpiece. A flat-out masterpiece. I could rave about the masterful control, but I won't. I could discuss the innovative magic and sanity gameplay elements. I could bring in my thoughts on its wonderful source material. I could even talk about the graphics, which eventually reveal themselves as some of the most beautiful I've ever seen.

Graphics: 4.5/5
The character models are magnificent; these people aren't quite as realistic as the ones in the also-fantastic Resident Evil, but they still come off beautifully. The game's level graphics improve as the game progresses. The only problems are a few dull textures here and there.

Sound: 5/5
This is the best part of the game. From the quiet whisperings of children to the wails of the anguished, the game sounds remarkable. The voice-acting is more than tolerable, it's superb, especially the voice of Maximillian Roivas.

Innovation: 5/5
The zombies aren't all that new, but the intuitive magicK system is a blast; at times you have to challenge yourself to discover spells before you find them by the game (see, you can take runes and combine them and . . . well, wait). And the sanity system is a marvelous display of ingenuity: as you see more enemies, you lose your grip on reality. There are ways to recover it (one character has a bottle of liquor he calls his "Liquid Sanity"), but you won't want to, because the dozens of effects freak you out wonderfully.

Control: 4/5
Tight. Unlike RE, you're not using a rudder. Point, and your character turns in that direction. The ability to choose which body parts you hack off zombies brings a sense of perverse fun to the game (don't know how many times I've let a armless zombie just stand there as I cackle).

Replay: 5/5
There are different endings, and, while they don't differ much, they add more strength to the game. A uber-final ending is also for the invested gamer who can beat it with the three different alignments. The game itself can take anywhere from 15-20 hours the first time. Replaying it, the time takes less, but if you play it three times, that's somewhere around 40 hours of gameplay, a noteworth feat. One of the longest GC games.

Final word:
Eternal Darkness is a terrifying, beautiful game that proves the GC to an older crowd. If you're willing to seek it out (it's already on its way to becoming a cult title), you'll be thrilled and awed.


The darkness comes...
by: mnashp    On: 2002-10-06

I was reluctant to pick this title up at first, since I've never been a big fan of the survival/horror genre. Screaming and jumping out of my seat when zombies pop out of windows is definitely not a favorite pasttime of mine.

However, I was pleasantly surprised with Eternal Darkness, for it's not a game that depends on "shock factor" to scare the player. Instead, it's a game that slowly unravels your psyche when you play to the point where you really don't know if what's happening is on the game or in real life. This will probably cause you to cast a glance over your shoulder every few minutes; can't ever be too sure about what's there...

Graphics - 9/10
The graphics are, to put it simply, gorgeous. The backgrounds aren't pre-rendered, so the sense of detatchment with your environment that occurs with so many other games just doesn't exist. There's never a question about what that is there over on that shelf, because the detailed graphics let you know what it is on sight. The lighting effects are absolutely amazing, but I really can't describe that in detail here. My only complaint is that the graphics looked grainy in a few of the 3D cutscenes, but 3D cutscenes didn't occur enough to make this an actual problem.

Sound - 10/10
This, in my opinion, is where the game truly shines. Without sound, ambience would be nonexistent, and thus, this game would lose a major impact on the gamer. But Silicon Knights did a wonderful job. Screams and cries will echo off the walls, the music sets the mood just beautifully, and everything is just in its place to make playing the game a truly frightening experience. When you swing your sword and hit a table, it'll sound like you're hitting wood. Hit a stone pillar, you'll hear the clang of your weapon ricocheting off. If there's glass on the floor and your character steps over it, it'll sound like your character is walking on glass. This doesn't seem like a big deal just reading about it, but just the presence of realistic sound effects keeps the player immersed in the game. The voice acting, by the way, is incredible. You might notice a few familiar names, like Greg Eagles, Jennifer Hale, and David Hayter (all of whom are of Metal Gear Solid fame). The person who cast the voices is the exact same person who cast the voices for Metal Gear Solid 2. And if you've played either MGS game, you know exactly what you're in store for in Eternal Darkness.

Gameplay - 10/10
Another aspect of Eternal Darkness that was done incredibly. At your disposal is a diverse cast of characters, an impressive array of weapons, and an innovative magick system. Combat is done easily, though the targeting system can get to be quite a pain at times. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this game, and what truly makes Eternal Darkness, is the Sanity meter. I'm not going to delve into details about it, but let it be known that some of the effects will make you scream in anguish and leap out of your seat towards your Gamecube. And if you play this game late at night, others will leave you wondering exactly what's real and what is illusion.

Overall - 10/10
I was completely blown away by this game - not just the first time through, but the second and third times as well. This game never ceases to amaze me. I discover new insanity effects every time I play through, and I never tire of watching sequences and whatnot. The storyline, by the way, is based on several H.P. Lovecraft stories, though most noticeable is 'The Call of Cthulu'. If you appreciate Lovecraft's work, then I recommend picking this game up.

Actually, I recommend picking this game up anyway...

Refreshingly innovative game
by: fredricchio    On: 2002-10-04

If you've heard one thing about this game, its the insanity effects, and how you can't be sure that whats happening on screen is real or not. While this may sound like a gimmick, it is, in reality, an amazing way to engross the player in the game. It is a testament to the creativity of the design team that they can still affect you with the insanity effects, even when you think you've become accustomed to them. The real genius here is that, in addition to affecting the character within the game, the hallucinations can affect the player outside the game. You'll know what I mean when you play it for yourself.

Not content to rely soley on the experience of going insane, the game's story is incredibly rich and involving, tracing the paths of 12 characters over two thousand years, and how their stories intertwine as they battle against forces they can barely comprehend. Each character's story is like a piece of a puzzle that slowly comes together over the course of the game. And with three different magical paths to choose from at the beginning, the replay value and subsequent unfolding of the story ensure that this isn't a game that will soon be collecting dust on your shelf.

Combat is done through the use of ranged and melee weapons, but as the game progresses you'll find yourself relying more on the magical attacks, which allow for a fair amount of experimentation as you try out different combinations of runes and strengths to come up with new spells. One last note, about the music. This game has some incredibly atmospheric songs, and is some of the best videogame music I've ever heard. If ever a game deserved a soundtrack, its this one.

No GameCube owner should be without this one.

a real dissapointment-
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-10-03

Now i was really excitited when i heard that eternal darkness was coming out and i eagly waited. I rented it (do to a bad purchase of a previous game "Gauntlet Legends: Dark Legacy-don't get it it is not nearly as good as the n-64 version) when i first played it the story line seemed cool and it appeared to be a good game, but as i got farther into it, i was very dissapionted the game play was easy and overall boring. The graphics are good which is a plus but they aren't excellent. The zombie fighting in this game is horrible and stupid. I beat this game in 3 hours! That is how easy it is and i feel that even though it was just three hours it was a complete waste of time! So anyway i strongly suggest you do not get this game or even rent it.
One Of The Most Original Games Ever
by: horror_maniac    On: 2002-10-01

At 3:33 A.M., Alexandra Roivas, a student, receives a call, telling that something bad happened with her grandfather in Rhode Island. She was his only living relative. She takes a plane to the island, and she sees... Her grandfather is dead, in a real pool of blood. His head has been taken, but there were no hints about what could have done that. Alexandra decides to stay in Rhode Island, trying to find out what happened to her grandfather. But, to do that, she would have to fight against her sanity, and fight against the darkness, the Eternal Darkness.

- Graphics: There are some good graphics in this game. You can't compare them with games such as Resident Evil (for GameCube, also). But they're far from being bad graphics, trust me...
- Fun: It's fun because your adventures happen since before Christ, until 2000... You can use weapons of that particular time, clothes from that time... And there is a lot of violence in this game too. If you like cutting heads off with your sword, or if you like to explode guts, this game is for you. And it's really frightening... Another fun thing is the sanity. When you see a monster or whatever, your sanity drops, and if you let your character with less sanity, it will start to hear screams, babies crying, it will talk to itself, it will see bugs in the camera, blood in the walls and MANY other things. To recover your sanity, you can use magick (yes, it's magick, not magic...) or explode monster's guts, finishing it...
- Educative: There are some educative things because you travel through different centuries with many characters, so you (and your kids, if you let them) can see what weapons were used in that time, what clothes, how were the constructions... But there is also plenty of blood and violence.
- Durability: It is well-kept if you keep it at the package, don't worry.

Nintendo has finally done a mature game, with violence and blood. Be careful with your character's sanity while playing the game... And your own.

Too easy.
by: kirkarot    On: 2002-09-29

The two words I have for this game is that it is too easy. Minus that, the graphics, gameplay, and style of the game is great. To relate the game to Resident Evil is not accurate. The game plays more like a Tomb Raider with elements of Resident Evil thrown in. The puzzles in this game are very easy and one is never lost for too long, that is a plus and a minus at the same time. Where the difficulty comes in is trying to figure out what spells to use and the amount of bad guys attacking you. Sometimes this aspect can be overwhelming, and if one doesn't save too often, they will be doomed to repeat sections many times. The story in this game is pretty good, although it has its holes, but the movement of the game through time, and the ability to play multiple characters is great. The characters play much like they look. Your big burly fireman has lots of endurance and can run for a long time, your fat architect can't do as much. The game as a whole is a 3 in my opinion, minus the easiness of the puzzles, I would give it a 4 and a half.
One of the best ever
by: ash_head    On: 2002-09-24

I just can't say enough good words for Eternal Darkness. It has to be one of the best if not THE best games on any system ever. I bought a Gamecube because Resident Evil moved on it. However, I was so shocked to play a game that just totally blew Resident Evil out of the water, and that's no easy task! I think the only 'bad' thing about this game is the fighting system. It's rather dull, nothing really new to add, and nothing stands out. You do get to aim it certain body parts, but that gets old real fast. There is also a very small amount of differant enemies. Though that's not worth taking any points off, because the rest of the game is so amazing that I didn't even notice the only 'decent' fighting system. The game is set across 2000 years, so you get to play as about a dozen differant characters, *a differant character for every chapter!* which keeps the game from getting boring. My favorite thing about Eternal Darkness though, is how frightening it is! Maybe it's just me, but I've never seen a movie or played a game or read a book that was as scary as Eternal Darkness. It isn't the monsters that are scary, it's what you don't see that gives you the chills. Plus there is a lot of shocking things that make you jump, I won't spoil anything though. But this game really keeps you on your toes. It also plays with you, meaning "you" as the player of the game. It all has to with the game characters sanity level. Again I don't want to spoil anything, but this game is just to clever! There are so many things that happen in this game that are so disturbing and wonderful at the same time. I'm amazed that anyone could give this game a bad review.

The games graphics for the most part are really good. There are some little things that don't look great, and some of the effects aren't the best, however they are above average and not even worth complaining about.

The control is simple and shouldn't get in your way much. I just hate when your character runs out of breath, much like in Silent Hill.

My favorite part of the game is the sound. You must crank this one! Never before have the "things that go bump in the night" made you so nervous. Only thing scarier would be having this sort of thing happen in your own house. The sound programmers really pulled off something great!

This was really an "impulse buy" for me. I hadn't planned on getting a game when I bought this one, I am so glad I did though. A great game, buy it! If you don't own a Gamecube, buy one, and then buy this game. Pick up the Resident Evil remake and you are in for a treat and a half. While I do recomend this game to everyone, those of you *myself included* who are into the supernatural will just eat this up.

Plus, any game that begins with a quote from the Raven is ok by me!
Nothing Like Resident Evil and its a good thing!
by: scripter21    On: 2002-09-17

I was a little reluctant to get this game as I usually don't like these third person, fixed camera, 'horror' games, actually I wouldn't have bought it, but my friend got it for my birthday. We started to play it, and I went in with an attitude that this would be a waste, but I was really mistaken. This really is a great game it puts Resident Evil to shame, now the best way that I can explain this is that it has a very nice story line, the weapons are not just guns, but swords, knives, crossbows and a variety of weapons. However the real factor that makes it different (and better) is the magik (yep, its spelled like that) you can cast many spells that have a combat use, which just makes it cooler to fight. Plus you can make your own spells (to a point). And finally this is a game where there is more to do then kill, mind you nothing too intense, but none the less you do have to think. Plus, now when people tell me GameCube is for baby's I can point out that there is in fact a game, where you can decapitate and mutilate people. There is a downside however, there is little replay value in it, you can replay with a different color (each color has a slightly different story to it) but there are only three colors and it isn't that different. Overall it really is a great game, addictive and worth every cent.
Don't buy this game
by: darkmaster378    On: 2002-09-15

I rented this game thinking it would fun but is was a total resident evil blow off. what your doing is runnong around a mansion trying to find clues to who killed your uncle and there aren't very many zombies the graphics aren't even as good as resident evil this game is a totel waste of money if you want a good game like this then get ressident evil
by: 3691122    On: 2002-09-07

Very interesting and imaginative game. The music is a big factor creating suspense. The puzzles are wonderful. Variety of characters and settings adds a lot of variety. Rating this game for mature players is appropriate. My only regret is the characters move like they have molasses on their feet. Considering all the good points, I can live with that.
New gnere of game, and I love it!
by: crazy_axel    On: 2002-09-03

... Finally, I get my game, and I love it.
It's all worth the wait. ... , a Physcological thriller puts your mind to the test and has you questioning what is real and what isn't. You play as Alex Rovias, a family doomed because they have crossed with the Eternal Darkness, and it's now up to Alex to stop it, her own chapter begins. ... Controls are excellent and it fits the atmosphere of this type of game, you can actually select where you want to strike your enemy, so if you want to disarm the zombie you're up against no prob, just target, and slice. ... It even tests you as the player, I won't give any of them away since they are all surprising and is a pleasure to see how this type of game is done. Graphics won't blow you away, but they are pretty and very smooth, .... All in all, Eternal Darkness did what I wanted it to, please me and keep me occupied and want to go through the game more than once, I suggest a definate purchase for this title.
A review
by: ooric    On: 2002-09-02

I've played like 30 hrs. of the game now and I still love it. The sanity system is amazing! Plus there's a magic and health system. The graphics are pretty good and the detail is great. The cool thing about this game is that it's EDUCATIONAL! Why? Since you play throughout history with different characters. The story and sound is great. Each time you beat the game you unlock something new so that adds replay value. There is a some repetition, but that's okay here. This psychological thriller is one to get! This shows Gamecube CAN be for more mature gamers. ;-)
A review
by: ooric    On: 2002-09-02

I've played like 30 hrs. of the game now and I still love it. The sanity system is amazing! Plus there's a magic and health system. The graphics are pretty good and the detail is great. The cool thing about this game is that it's EDUCATIONAL! Why? Since you play throughout history with different characters. The story and sound is great. Each time you beat the game you unlock something new so that adds replay value. There is a some repetition, but that's okay here. This psychological thriller is one to get! This shows Gamecube CAN be for more mature gamers. ;-)
One Of The Best Games Ever
by: hornet845    On: 2002-09-02

Here's a little test, what's the first thing that you think of when you see this word?


It was probally kids games, right? Eternal Darkness is far from a kids game. It is gorey, has a complicated magic system (of course not too complicated), and a very well thought out story line. It starts with a cinematic of the main characters dream, they actually allow you to get involved and shoot some zombies with a shotgun, it's the first introduction to the controls. The that ends and the game starts with your character getting a phone call about her grandfather's death. The you decide to look into it yourself. From here you begin to control various chosen souls throughout history. From a Roman Centurion in Persia to Canadian Firefighter in the Gulf War. The Weapons are all authentic to the time period as can be.

The only downside to this game is it's magic system, after playing through the first time (or doing some lucky guessing) you can use spells that you don't learn until the last few chapters in the second or third chapter. For example you learn a spell call Magick Pool in the second last chapter, but I guessed and had it in the 4th chapter. Aside from this this is a great game spanning 2000 years and 13 characters. A definate must have if you have a Gamecube. Also, check out Resident Evil.

live saver
by: kristenmsc    On: 2002-09-01

when i played this game i was going through a tough time in my life. this game kept me going, it gave me something to keep my mind occupied. i loved the game and how it overlapped itself (the different characters would go back to the same places). the ending was the only part i didn't like. it just seemed like it ended after my dozens of hours playing.
rent it
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-08-31

I bought this game because it looked cool.
I beat it in about 20 hours.
The game is as simple as walking into a room, killing some idiots, and figuring out some simple puzzles.
Chopping a zombies head off is funny a total of 1 time.
It is defenitly worth a ... rental not a ... buy.
The graphics are really good but the game is ify.
A Solid Game with Great Atmosphere
by: pwiffle    On: 2002-08-27

If there's any game released to date to show that the Nintendo GameCube isn't just a kids' system, but that it can compete with games for the older crowd also, this is it. It has a rating of "M" from the ESRB, and it deserves it. The blood and gore aren't used excessively, either - they fit rit into the game, right into the plot, and even without them, the game would still likely be an "M".

The plot, while not extremely novel, is solid. Alexandra Roivas, having just had a nightmare, receives a call from the Rhode Island police, finding out her grandfather has had an "accident". When she arrives, she sees he's been killed - and in a rather gruesome manner. The police have no clues, and are unable to find out anything, so Alex takes it on herself to first explore her grandfather's mansion, in an attempting to help solve the murder. This begins her involvement in events that have been going on for over 2000 years, where she will learn more than she ever wanted.

The plot is executed with flair, and a rather unusual mechanic - as Alex reads chpaters in the Book of Eternal Darkness, which you find rather soon, she learns in a flash all of the relevant events that happened to the person the chapter is about. However, as the game can't simply put that same knowledge into your mind, you do the learning by actually controlling a character from the past, solving the puzzles, fighting the monsters, and learning what they learn. The manual shows six different characters in it - but you get control over many more than that - I won't give away the exact number. Each character builds on the previous one, and you'll learn more, and become more skilled, with each chapter.

The game play is rather straightforward - you have a third person view of the character you control, and the camera usually keeps focus on that person - though the angles occasionally make it hard to see, but this is not common. You can creep, allowing you to step silently, or run, but you only have so much stamina, requring you to eventually stop and catch your breath. Combat is simple, with a single attack button, and using a combo of a trigger and the joystick, you can target various parts of monsters. Interesting objects can be manipulated with the 'B' button, and the game almost always lets you know when something can be done.

After a little while into the game, your character learns to cast magic spells, and there's some nice mechanics there - three spell alignments, one for each of the three ancients in the game, and you have to learn how the alignments affect each other. You put together runes you find into combinations, some creating spells, others doing nothing. You can either experiment and find new spells, or wait until you're told about them from scrolls you find. They are visually impressive, also.

One of the fun features of the game is the sanity meter. Borrowed from games such as Call of Cthulhu, a role-playing game using H.P. Lovecraft's horror world, as you run into monsters, you lose a little sanity - after all, if you ran into a zombie in the real world, you would surely be affected by it, wouldn't you? As your sanity goes down, your character - and you - start to see and hear things differently from how they are. The screen starts to tilt at a funny angle, voices come out of nowhere, and other effects I won't mention will keep you guessing what is real and what isn't - and many of them are very creative.

The storyline and cutscenes are tied together well, and feature a nice change from other games - great voice acting and dialogue, not feeling as cheap, dirty, and forced as other games. You'll never be jolted out of the game by a horrid voice that sounds like it is reading off of a script. There aren't any big names among the voice actors, but that's not as important as the quality.

The graphics in the game are very nice - Silicon Knights made a smart move in waiting for the GameCube instead of releasing the game on the N64 - animation is smooth throughout the game, never once seeing any signs of slowdown or choppiness. The polygon count is plenty high enough that you don't usually pay attention to it, and the inclusion of colored lighting effects and reflection keep up the atmosphere just perfectly. The dynamic lighting falters in a few moments, but usually you're not paying much attention to it. The 3D environments are wonderfully created, allowing flawless camera movement while not feeling like a simple polygon environment - some areas have nicely detailed statues and decorations.

All in all, the game creates a wondefully horrific mood, with a dark story, dark scenes, creepy monsters, and great music that often makes things even more creepy. This is game that you can play during the day, in the light, if you're just interested in a good game. If you want the full horror experience, though, play at night, with all the lights off, the windows closed, other ambient noises turned off, and by yourself - if you want to be scared, this game is more than willing to do it. I had to stop quite a few times and turn on the lights for a few minutes to calm myself down after a few particularly creepy moments.

I only give the game a 4 instead of a 5, however, as there was room for improvement. The puzzles were interesting, but never truly challenging enough to really make me think. The linearity of the game more or less required easier puzzles so as not to get stuck in one spot too long. Also, while the game provided me over 15 hours of play, I could always use a longer game - though this is less of a problem and more of a wish - after all, 15 hours for [price] is already more entertainment for the cost than a number of movies, and I still have a couple replays for the other two ancients.

Overall, while not a system seller in itself, definately a must-have for most GameCube owners. However, parents, please be careful when considering this game for your kids - the 'M' rating is there for a reason, so make sure your kid can handle it before you get them the game.

Very entertaining
by: cooker302000    On: 2002-08-27

This is one of the must have games for the GCN.

Pros: The best part of this game is the wonderful story that lets you play as many different characters in several time periods. I do not want to spoil any of the story, so I will just say that it is a horror story with clear inspiration from Lovecraft.
While a the story is clearly horror, this game is not "survival horror", but pure action/adventure. However, with the horror theme, most comparisons are made with Resident Evil. The combat system and control are both much better than Resident Evil, allowing you to target the particular body part to attack. The environments and story are much more in depth than RE as well. It is also a much longer game than RE.

Cons: The game is long and rich, but also very easy. The puzzles are always too simple and there are no difficult boss battles. When I get involved with a game, I like to be challenged a little more. The puzzles and monsters in RE provide a much bigger challenge. Also, the story is very good, but also very linear. There is not much freedom to explore, you pretty much just go where they let you and solve the simple puzzles and kill everything.

Overall: While a little simple, this game is very entertaining, with some good replay value (you must beat it 3 times to get the best ending), and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes horror in general.

Simply Amazing
by: wingnut19    On: 2002-08-21

Nintendo has done it again! This game is easily the best game out there for the gamecube right now. I bought my cube only 2 months ago, and this was my FIRST game selection, and I couldn't be more satisfied with it. ED is better then Resident Evil (the other game I was considering) I haven't been so addicted to a single game since the days of the SNES. Try this one out!! You won't be sorry.
A fantastic Game. Period.
by: secouch    On: 2002-08-21

This is a fantastic action adventure game. It shatters the stereotype that Nintendo doesn't have any scary games. This is horrifying, shocking, and huge amount of addicting fun. And, once you beat it for the first time, you can play it 2 more times, and the game is very different. Plus, if you beat it three times, there is an alternate ending. This game is innovative, fun, and scary. Don't buy it for Junior though.
The only thing missing from this game is a bear riding a bik
by: lil_dosey    On: 2002-08-18

The only way this game could be beter is if they added a couple more people to be. Otherwise, this game is in a word, "PERFECT". to the game play to characters to enemies to levels to the cinematic little movies the games shows to the script! If that's not perfection I don't know what is.
Wha...tHiS CaNt bE ReAl
by: bookbarnhart    On: 2002-08-16

From hence forth "Eternal Darkness" will be refered to as ED.

ED is a refreshing change to the "Resident Evil" style of horror games. The games plot isnt anything groundbreaking, girl's uncle dies, girl goes to creepy old mansion, girl is alone in mansion all night, girl fights bad things. What is new about ED is the fact that you get to play the background story that leads up to the current story as well as the current story....followin' me? A sanity meter has also been added. The sanity meter measures the amount of mental stability your character has left, as the meter goes down your character as well as you the player actually start to see and hear things. The first time i experienced one of these mental 'slips' it freaked me and my friends out, and we are grown men.

The graphics are nothing to get excited about (about on par with what the Game Cube is putting out so far), the xbox still has far superior graphics. The game controls are near perfect and the camera angles are also almost perfect. I highly recomend ED to all Game Cube owners!

by: soule_crane    On: 2002-08-14

Okay, so there isn't a single reference to Cthulhu through the entire game, but it is the most Lovecraftian story I have ever seen that didn't have HPL as the author.

Each chapter of the game allows you to play a different character in one of 4 locales at a different time period in history. Each character has unique attributes and equipment available. As you play through each character the story is advanced through very nice cutscenes.

The spell system used in the game is great too. By picking up various runes throughout the game you can eventually cast 12 different spells. I appreciated that through experimentation you could cast some spells before you were 'given' them.

The game was very flexible with regards to style of play. One time through I used almost exclusively melee attacks. Another time through I used mostly magic. And it is important to play through the game more than once...

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem
by: joeblackinpisa    On: 2002-08-14

Great story! Great visuals! Great puzzles! Don't miss it!
the best game ever
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-08-14

i have been playing games since 1977 and i never thought there would be a game so intense as this.the graphics are top knotch the sound is frightingly perfect and the story makes you want to play this game over and over and over again.the detail is stunning the jumping from time to time is fun from character to character but yet there all connected threw this strange book what a great game.if u don't buy this game you are missing out on the best game of all time.
Great game...not the best ever but pretty damn close
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-08-12

ok...i loved this game, i really did. Its got all u want in a video game and more. It really isnt that scary at all (there was only a couple times in the entire game wen i waz really freaked out) the insanity effects are really cool but its so easy to get rid of them and pretty easy to avoid them altogether if ure an expert player. sometimes i just leave it down cuz theyre cool. DO NOT ASK PEOPLE WUT THE EFFECTS ARE BEFORE U PLAY THE GAME CUZ IT WILL RUIN A LOT OF SURPRISES LIKE IT DID 4 ME. If they made the entire game with insanity effects throughout then wed really be gettin somewhere. the controls are easy to learn and the magic system is complicated at first but soon gets really easy. the replay value is good..yet the game lacks constant action. It gets kinda boring facin the same guys over and over (there r only like 6-7 different bad guys in the entire game) There r three paths red blue and green, theyre the same story pretty much just different enemies. I beat it all three times and u c a different ending the third time (its not that amazing but i think its leadin to a sequel) It dosent have the action of say 007 but wat horror game really does. I never played resident evil so i really cant compare the two. Whoever sez this is a really hard game tho ust be like a five year old or something cuz wen u get used to it its real easy (I beat it on my third time in like 7 hours) most of the puzzles r easy too but a couple just [make you mad]off and force u to go on the internet and look at a guide. Overall great game and i recommend it even with its few minor flaws. Im only 13 but this review is alot more accurate than a few others so really take in wut i sed cuz its the truth.
Is this realy real or not??!!
by: mirzoyan    On: 2002-08-10

as i read coupel of reviews ( and i always read the lowest reviews) i realized how people don't know to tell a difference between a good game and a bad one. Well this is the case, even though a lot of people think that is game is realy good, a lot don't. They say that the graphics are not realy good, but i say who cares, the only big thing that matters in playin games is how fun it is, and in this case this game is realy fun, and everything ells about this game is so cool that i will let you discover them by yourself by buying it.
So don't listen what the negative reviews say about this game couz they don't realy know what they are talking about. So to put is simply go buy this game and you will know that im right.
This game is terrifyling fun!
by: -skitch-    On: 2002-08-08

This game is pretty scary, it is not for the weak hearted. Sure you think you can handle a few skeletons and dead guys, but once you stop playing it your mind continues to think about it. You start jumping at the slightest noise. The reason I continue to play it is so I can find out what happens, it has a great story line. Overall it's worth buying but will scare ... you. WARNING: To save you a possible heart attack I leave you this warning, on the second floor in the bathroom it gives you an option to examine the bathtub, don't, what happened made me freak out and even fall out of my chair.

Fun Factor 100/100
Freak Out Factor 10000/100
Story Line 110/100

Get it if you like getting scared.

Total mind candy!!!
by: corwashere    On: 2002-08-08

I don't think any game has reached out its cold hand and froze my spine as much as Eternal Darkness has. Never since Doom have I actually jumped in my seat at a scary moment of the game. The insanity meter is intense, you find yourself wanting the meter to stay low just to see what is going to happen next (or what is not going to happen next since you're hallucinating). As far as the difficulty of play is concerned, don't listen to any review on here that tells you it's too hard. I finished this game in two weeks while only playing it for at max of 2 hours a day. I finished the boss on the first try. Don't get me wrong... it did have its difficult moments, but it wasn't to the point where I wanted to throw the controller through the screen. The game is easy enough for you to enjoy the scenery and dementia while making it enough of a challenge that it is very enjoyable... so enjoyable, in fact, that you think, at times, that you're watching an epic horror film. I've finished most games and let them collect dust on my shelf. I'm going to play Eternal Darkness over and over again.
by: dafobe64    On: 2002-08-07

Eternal Darkness is amazing! This game has Almost no flaws in my eyes, although i would not give this to anyone under thirteen as someparts are pretty disturbing. This game is easy enough to play but its not too simple. It provides a nice aiming system which makes it even more fun as you can dismember anybody part you feel like and it also gets you to create your own effective tactics. The controls are easy to use so you wont die because of a complex button combo you couldn't pull off. Eternal Darkness has a gripping plot which takes you through many different time periods with authentic weaponry which is true to its time. You also take on the role of many diffrent induviduals some which have lower sanity or health meters then others making some characters harder to play with. Eternal darkness has a moderate replay value so its not a one timer like some games of its genre. All in all Eternal Darkness is worth every penny.
Nintendos excellent games
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-08-06

This is an excellent game. Nintendo always makes good games and this is one heck of a good nintendo game. The story is good and so are the graphics. It's a pretty challenging game because I got stuck lots of times. This game would maybe be scary if your lights were out and your door was closed. I enjoyed playing this 17-20 hour lasting nintendo game. Any nintendo fan would like this game.
Simply Put
by: taorslovecraft    On: 2002-08-02

This is the best game for the nintendo gamecube thus far, I believe Super Mario Sunshine will be tied with this for best title. I love this game so much, even going insane isn't bad, it's actually quite fun. The magick's easy to get used to, the characters are easy to control and the camera angles are very nice. This game has actually freaked me out on some occasions. For a couple of weeks I stopped playing it right when I got to Maximillion Roivas. The mansion in his time is just creepy, and frightfull. I finally worked up enough courage and I'm at the end of it battleing the last boss right now. I'm glad I bought this game, it's probably the best game I've ever invested in. More titles like this will be heading there way to the gamecube, and I'll be there with 50 bucks in my pocket purchasing each one. Don't dissapoint yourself, get this game.
Frustrating.I hate it.
by: allie19    On: 2002-07-30

First of all this game is way too hard(on the 3rd leverl for godssakes) and you dont care whether the character lives or dies.I like games that are challenging like Zelda and Metroid but to have something be really difficult on the 3rd level is just ridiculous.Youre much better off with Resident Evil if you want a good game that is rated M.Im so glad I rented this thing instead of bought it.I already want to return it its so horrible.
Eternal Darkness is A MUST OWN GAME!!!
by: mrmoney888    On: 2002-07-30

Everything about the game is unbelievable. The sanity meter and it's effects are groundbreaking. The graphics are astounding. The battle system is also groundbreaking and easy to use. The story is very deep and never gets boring. You get to play twelve characters and the story spans centuries! I guarantee you will have a great time playing this game, IT IS A MUST BUY GAME for any GAMECUBE owner!!!!
the best cube game so far
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-07-30

i never thought i could love a game as much as resident evil for gc till now.THIS game is deep long totally unpredictable the best game of the year.
This game is GREAT! Takes some time to get learn though.
by: stephaniefalcon2001    On: 2002-07-29

I decided to write another review after playing this game for a few more hours. I didn't like this game very much at first but it takes some getting used to and it helps for you to choose the red essence god(called Chattur'gha) for Pious Agustus to serve early in the game as this essence allows you to create a recover spell that recovers health which you need the most! If you choose one of the other two gods for Pious to serve you will find this limits you to only regaining sanity or magic on another early level that is hard to beat without the ability to regain health.

Well I'm halfway through this game and it rocks! The story is awesome and am enjoying this game as much as Resident Evil if not better.

The world you're going to explore is much larger than Resident Evil. While Resident Evil wins on the graphics quality and scariness factor, Eternal Darkness wins on the storyfront and neatness of gameplay. There is a lot more to do than simply shoot at zombies and other monsters. While there are still puzzles to solve like Resident Evil, the use of finding items to make spells is awesome. The spells are varied and using different runes along with different essences of 4 different gods you can dramatically change the effects of spells.

I was having a some trouble surviving the first few dungeons until I found a spell to recover health and sanity.

Oh Sanity! What a great concept to add to the game! Going insane is fun. I like to let my sanity meter run low just to hear the crazy sound effects and see the changes in the game. Now I can just cast a spell to increase my sanity whenever I really need to. There are parts in the game when you can't afford to be going insane, like when you're trying to get through a hallway in temples with blades swinging down or darts shooting at you Indiana Jones style.

It took me a long while to master the combat as selecting the right enemy and the right body part takes some getting used to. I found that targeting the head first is ALWAYS the best option and then attack the arms or torso. Moving around is easier than Resident Evil but learning to fight and win your battles took me about as long as Resident Evil. It was confusing to learn the new controls after playing Resident Evil because the games feel so much like each other that your brain wants to use the Resident Evil ways of moving or attacking at first.

Overall I am enjoying this game MORE than Resident Evil. Why? I don't have to hunt all over for herbs to regain health and ink ribbons to save my game. You can save in almost any part of the game as many times as you like so long as that room your in is cleared of enemies. Oh my goodness it's such a relief being able to save anytime I want. Just walking around regenerates spell power so that I can recover health or sanity.

Plus the puzzles are easier in this game and I find myself referring to the hint book a lot less than Resident Evil.

Lastly there is ammo you have to find if you want to use guns on levels that have guns(or darts for blowdarts for that matter!) However there is also swords on every level I've seen so far and they work just as well in most cases to the long range weapons and they require no ammo. Unlike Resident Evil in which it is nearly suicide to walk around with only your dagger, the melee weapons of Eternal Darkness work great.

For those of you who cringed at Resident Evil being so short on ammo you will be pleased that Eternal Darkness allows you to fight as much as you want with swords.

Eternal Darkness and Resident Evil are both great games. If I had to have only one of them though I would prefer Eternal Darkness. I love using different characters though the different time periods. There is really a lot more to do in Eternal Darkness than Resident Evil and there is a more gripping story in Eternal Darkness. However Eternal Darkness doesn't have the scariness and fear factor that Resident Evil does. I don't feel afraid when I'm about to open a door or walk down a dark hallway but that's ok but because I'm excited about the gameplay anyways!

Unique, and overall satisfying
by: beenova    On: 2002-07-29

Eternal Darkness is a definite "one of a kind" game. And that's got to be the best thing going for it. The idea that your character can actually lose their sanity puts an interesting twist on what could have been just another "good" game. The whole idea and implementation of the sanity effects pushes ED into a class of it's own.

The game itself kind of feels like a cross between Resident Evil and Silent Hill. With similar control and the 3-D environments. It's not as freaky as Silent Hill, but I did at times get some goose bumps from the screams that were in the background when my character was losing it. And there are a variety of different effects that can happen when your character does lose their sanity. But don't let anyone tell you what they are if you plan on playing it yourself, it is better to experience them for yourself and be surprised.

After while of losing your sanity and seeing what happens, you don't trust the game anymore. An interesting idea. I have never seen a game where I didn't trust what it was showing me. This effect of the sanity is the main selling point I believe in Eternal Darkness. It's a good game, even if that wasn't present, but it would lose a lot of its "punch" without it.

After a while though you pretty much know when the game is showing you some hallucination and while it's neat to watch, sometimes you just want it to be over and get on with playing. So you have to heal your Sanity Levels up quite often. The monsters you encounter drain your sanity by just looking at you, and you sanity goes down so fast that you could lose a lot of sanity in a short period of time. This is most likely what the producers had in mind, so that your character go insane faster, but sometimes you wish that you could just get through an area without losing so much sanity.

The story, while not ground breaking is pretty interesting. How they tie together 12 different character from different points in time to one flowing storyline is quite well done. The characters that you play as play very similar to each other, except with some small variances, like a heavy person running out of breath sooner than someone who is in better shape. Again, while this is neat, after a while it seems like that all the characters are pretty much the same with no real advantages to anyone in particular. There are small differences but not enough to feel like you are playing as someone totally different and unique.

The graphics are very good. The character models are a bit clunky on some of the characters, but most of them are at least adequate. They aren't gong to amaze you like Resident Evil, but they aren't the worst either. The environments are where the graphical power of ED is shown. The backgrounds and environments are great to behold. To light reflecting in mirrors, to mist rolling across the floor, the environments are a sight to see. The only problem is, you keep going over the same environments throughout the game. While you play with 12 different characters, you are pretty much covering the same areas with most of them. There are some differences, but a lot of it seems to be about in the same places. They are a few different "main" areas that the characters seem to cover. One may go to one of the "main" areas while another character may go to the other one. But that's one thing that could have been better, to see different areas instead of just a few.

Overall though I would say that ED is worth getting and adding to your GameCube collection. I won't say it's the best game ever, because it's not, but it is a very good game with some minor flaws, but most games do have them right? I know I sound a bit critical of the game, but I really did like it. I just didn't find it nearly as fun to play as the Resident Evil for the GameCube. And I don't see myself going through the game again anytime soon, I didn't see any replay value there.

You will question sanity after you play!!!!
by: cowman6    On: 2002-07-29

Eternal Darkness is by far one of the funnest games I have ever played in my life. It was the first game, with Super Smash Bros., that I bought for my Gamecube and I was blown away at the fun factor. All of a sudden I get attacked by zombies and soon my sanity level is dropped. All of a sudden I start hearing voices and little bugs start crawling over my screen! I have heard that these are just a sample of the insane things that are gonna happen. This game is definitly a must have for everyone who wants to have a good time. The game will screw with your head a lot but thats all part of the fun. If your TV all of a sudden turns off, that would be the game screwing with your head.
Enternal Darkness-A new kind of Terror
by: themikester    On: 2002-07-28

Well what can I say, This game is amazing. The sound, effects, Magick, and enemy battle system are all great.Alought the grachics are not as good as some people rave, or up to Resident Evil standards, the gameplay definitly makes up for it. The sanitiy meter is one of the most creative things I have seen in a game, in years. There are dozens of tricks the sanitity meter can play on you. I would defenily recommend this game to anyone who is looking for a long, solid game.
Pure Genious
by: spacklorfranz    On: 2002-07-28

This is by far, one of the most EXCELLENT games that I have played for the Gamecube. I rented Resident Evil, and really didnt like it at all. But then i was reading about Eternal Darkness in a magazine, and it looked like a pretty good game. A few days after it came out, I rented. Ill tell you what, i was playing it for hours on end the first day i rented it and couldnt put it down. When i had to bring it back, i just ended up renting it again and keeping it for like a whole week. Even after that week, i wasnt that far done, and i love games that are long. I hate to buy a game that takes you like 5-6 hours to beat, and then u dont have anything else to do. But this game is far from that.

There is ALOT of violence, but in a game like this, it is a good thing. I love swinging the sword around and cutting the heads off of creatures, lol. The fact that you can choose which area of the creature to hit is great too. I usually try to go for the head, cuz then it cant hit you and just wanders around aimlessly. I love the fact that there is so manny different characters and chapters to the Tome of Eternal Darkness. And the whole concept of collecting runes and scrolls and stuff to create spells is alot of fun.

All in all, a very excellent game!

Let the Darkness reign supreme....
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-07-26

Eternal Darkness is, ladies and gentleman, all that and a super size bag of chips. I rented this game and I was blown away!! So you know what I did? I rented it again. I simply love this game. The sanity meter is most definitely the best and MOST FUN part of the game. I'm not going to tell you the sanity effects because trust me, it ruins it. I can tell you however that it's hilarious fun watching insanity take its toll on your character...and you. This game will mess with your head. It's what gaming has been waiting for, a game that actually involves YOU, makes YOU part of the storyline and makes YOU think about what's real, and what's part of the game. That's one of the ingenious features this game has: the insanely (no pun intendid) fine line between fantasy and reality. What helps add to this is that musical score is mind-boggling. The sound effects have been crafted so finely that it's scary. The sound of your feet while walking on a wood floor get muffled as you step onto a carpet. The voice acting is terrific (despite the opening scene where we see Alex crying. It sounds like she's laughing...) and the graphics, while marginal at the beginning, seem to shape up for some reason as the game progresses. To save both of us the time, just go get this game. Don't ask questions. Be like Nike, Just Do It®.
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-07-26

You'd be insane NOT to play it!
by: zotan9    On: 2002-07-25

"Eternal Darkness:" The one game that has affected my very being. It has great gameplay, fantastic graphics, phenomenal sound effects... but the best time to play this is after midnight. With the lights out. With no one else in the room. You hear and see things in the game that make your character go mad... and what is most satisfying about this game, is how it affects you afterwards. You go to bed- "Was that a noise I just heard?" Fear overtakes your life... you literally start to go insane...

*cough* So yeah, anyway, this is a must-own game, for the one and only Gamecube. It's incredibly non-linear, which only makes the experience more exciting. The controls are swift and fast, the graphics are crisp and clean, the framerate is a constant 60fps, with no slowdown whatsoever, the story is unlike anything I've ever seen before, and the overall experience is just plain nauseating (in a good way). Go buy this game, before the darkness comes...

this is the best game!
by: nishfam3    On: 2002-07-24

Eternal Darkness is on of the scariest games there is. It isnt monsters or dead things that are scary. It is the fact that the games sanity level is so deep that it starts to make you question reality when you go to bed at night.
Games like this don't come around often...
by: crombian    On: 2002-07-24

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem (E.D.S.R.) is a gem of a game that mature Gamecube owners have no doubt been waiting for. Dubbed a "Survival Horror" game, I must concede to the fact that this game is exactly not that.

Many gamers have made the inaccurate presumption that this game is just another Resident Evil clone. This is simply not the case. If I were to make the difficult decision of categorizing E.D.S.R. I would have to describe it as an "Action-Adventure-Horror" title. E.D.S.R. controls like a dream in that controls are akin to such 3-D platformers as Mario 64 and Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Extremely tight controls are complemented by fluid motion and animation transitions as well as an array of be-dazzling dynamic graphical environmental effects. Running at a constant 60 frames per second in a fully 3-D engine that showcases highly detailed environments, this game is gorgeous. To complement the aesthetic appeal of this game, development studio Silicon Knights has included full support of Dolby Pro Logic II technology to produce dynamic surround sound for those privy enough to own a 5.1 home theater system that supports DPLII technology.

The storyline is quite mature and in no way tips it's hat to the less intellectual gamer. Throughout the slow but rewarding unraveling of the story, it is always evident to the gamer that his or her historical knowledge base and reasoning abilities have been slightly overestimated. This is a great thing in so far as to say that this game is truly for the mature. Never does the so-called "objectionable" graphic nature of the game go unjustified by the sophisticated subject matter. (Think of film "Se7en") Suspense runs rampant through this psychological thriller and I guarantee that even the hardest of hearts will be left to the will of this particular digital experience.

Overall, I award E.D.S.R. for the Nintendo Gamecube a perfect 5 stars. If you do not have it already, you need not waste another second of consideration: buy it now.

deep into that darkness
by: greenfalcon    On: 2002-07-24

easily the best gamecube game yet. in this game, you play as different characters at different points in history, all with a connecting story, though it may not seem obvious at the beginning. use insane weapons like elephant guns, double edged swords,double barreled shotguns, and many, many more. Think this is "just another survival horror"? sike. id define it more as a action-horror,since you'll be able to actually attack the enemy, and drop it for good. To pass this one would be... insane
Zombie Hacking At Its Best
by: ghudson43    On: 2002-07-24

The combat in this game is spectacular once you get the hang of it. I prefer the sword weapons, because the guns take to long to reload and fire. And with swords, you can score multiple hits with combos. Also, a nice feature is that you can aim which part to hit with the R button. Blow off his head with a shotgun, then switch to the gladius and hack away while he wonders around aimlessly. The magic system is specacular, although you cant reall use magic until a good bit into the game. To use magic you have to get the Tome of Eternal Darkness, a codex, runes, and circles of power. But once you have enough materials, you can make almost infinite combinations of spells. To make a spell, there is a triangle, and you put 3 components in the triangle and it makes a brand new spell. You can cast them by going to a place in the start menu, but you can also equip spells to the D-Pad and the Y button. The sanity meter makes an excellent addition to the game. The more monsters you encounter, the crazier (and cooler) the effects get. Some of them even mess with your head in real life, like faking a reboot, making you think youve lost all your saved process, or putting a message across the screen that says the controller has come unplugged right when you enter a room full of monsters. There are also bugs that run across the screen, statues come to life, the screen blurs and fuzzes up, your charactr gets fakely decapitated or thinks he or she is sinking into the ground, etc etc. The meters that display sanity, health, and magic do not appear onscreen normally so as not to clutter your view, but sometimes you want to see whats up with your character on the fly, whereas you have to go into the pause menu to see it. This game never gets old, and it rewards you with new things like a Eternal Mode, where you can go through the game invincible, or a mode where you can skip to whatever chapter youd like, or a new ending. A very good buy-if you dont already have this game, go get it now.
Nintendo at it again
by: adrongardner    On: 2002-07-23

Incredible. Just when you though GC titles had slowed to a trickle.....Resident Evil came out NOW THIS! When I first sat down to play Eternal Darkness, I was a bit bewildered about what all the noise was about. It really wasn't all that great. Then as the game wore on I could see why people were rating it so high - its magnificent. All the Nintendo trademarks are there: Mario 64's house layout, hybrid Zelda fight engine. While not necessarily as good graphically as other games of its type like Resident Evil or Silent Hill 2 for PS2, Eternal Darkness easily bests them all with its superior gameplay, control, and design (the sanity meter is genius). The game was completely involving even scary at times - hearing the wild door knocks with the volume up! I love how the game really crept up on me, it was incredibly subtle how it went from near dull in the beginng to being immersive. Hats off to the big N again. It doesn't have the quick loud puch of Halo on XBox but I found ED:SR more involving. With games like these I'm willing to wait around for quality. Bring on Perfect Dark!!
The Darkness Comes...
by: dragon_cubed    On: 2002-07-21

Eternal Darkness. You may recall hearing about this game a few years ago. Not surprising for this game has been in development for over 2 years. It started its life on the N64 and has since then moved to the GameCube. After the long wait, was it worth it? Simply put... YES! Some people may dub this as a Resident Evil clone. Sure, they both involve zombies and you fighting for your life, but that's about the only similarities.

One thing that seperates the two games is the controls. The controls in ED are simple and allow for an easy and enjoyable zombie killing experience. So you won't find yourself stumbling around with the controls just to stay alive. Also, there's a magick system which adds to the gameplay and the puzzles in the game. Something that ED introduces into the horror genre is the Sanity Meter. As you run into enemies and don't kill them off, your character becomes more and more insane. And when that happens, well, weird things start to happen. This sort of thing makes you sometimes question things in the game like "Is this some illusion or what?" Great feeling. ED sports some great graphics. They may not look as nice as the graphics seen in RE but they get the job done. The sound in this game is Grade A. For example, you may enter a room in this game and hear cyrstal clear whispers or footsteps. And the voice acting is great. Perhaps the best voice acting seen thus far in a game.

Overall, this is a great game for the GameCube. It is one heck of an enjoyable experience and will last the average gamer at least 15 hours of play time. Truly a great edition to anyones GameCube library. The Darkness Comes...

A little Scare
by: maladycecil    On: 2002-07-21

Where to start, oh yes, the title. To put it bluntly, its awful, its almost laugh-out loud funny. Any game that has a stupid artsy phrase like Sanity's Requiem in the title is going to be a bit full of itself. The developers needed to tone down some of the dialogue in this game. The chapter introductions left me wincing on more than one occasion with their extremely over-the-top and frankly cliched speechs. But its only one part of this game, moving on to the others. The graphics are deceptively beautiful, they're not going to make your jaw drop like Resident Evil, but once you get into the world, you'll begin to respect them. The amount of genuine creepiness in this game dwarfs all of the pseudo scares in the wayward Resident Evil remake. The gameplay is also deceptively complex, the wide variety of spells and weapons keep the game fresh, and enthralling throughout. The targeting of limbs is rather gruesome but very effective, Resident Evil needs to implement it now. The sound effects and music are some of the best ever, going from very beautiful to very off-putting in perfect transition is not easy to do, but its done here flawlessly. The story is very unique, and absolutely intriguing. It takes some real left turns now and then, and thats the only way I like it. The game gets very very gruesome near the end, and surprisingly disturbing. Witness Maximillians little rampage, its just not pretty. The Bonethiefs are somewhat a knockoff of Body Snatchers and that kind of thing, but are no less scary. To point out another thing, I love the basic names given to these enemies. I mean Bonethief is just slightly off, I don't know I'm probably overanalyzing. Anyway, this game leaves the best stuff for last, so if you're like me and were thoroughly disgusted with the opening narration and somewhat over-the-top theatrics of the first couple of chapters, it only gets better, much much better. And when you're done, you'll actually feel like you've been told a fantastic story and participated in it along the way. It's nice to see Nintendo showing some balls and actually producing a game as risky as this, and putting it proudly along side its kiddie fare. Buy buy buy.
I'm not happy with this (16 year old gamer)
by: biteme_3    On: 2002-07-21

Eternal Darkness is bad I don't care if it has good graphics, good gameplay, and all that other junk. Everyone thinks that Nintendo is just for kids. It doesn't mean you need M rated games out on a system just to make it more "adult". I'm just talking about decent games that are enjoyable, with out all that other garbage including intense violence, blood and gore. Just stay away from this game because it will ruin you. It counts for Resident Evil too.
The Best Gamecube game to date
by: incubone    On: 2002-07-20

When I got Eternal Darkness, I tried to convince myself that I shouldn't have bought it because I hadnt heard that much about the game but everyone was excited about it. As soon as I started playing all of that went out of the window. I cannot put the game down, it is by far the best ACTION game I have played in years. While you can compare it to survival horror, it really isnt. This game is more of just a very scary action game that isnt very hard to figure out. BUY IT NOW
An intelligent, sophisticated twist on survival horror
by: cjpet    On: 2002-07-20

Lucky Nintendo fans - first the remake of Resident Evil, and now Eternal Darkness, yet another horror game in which you are killing zombies in a mansion with limited ammo. The similarities stop there, though, as ED manages to blow the doors off of everything Resident Evil established.

The plot is ED's shinest feature - you literally watch a supernatural cult develop through 2000 years of history. Large, Lovecraftian creatures who think nothing of swallowing small planets like Earth are battling each other across the universe and we just happen to be at the wrong place. You'll explore a few special temples at various points in history, as a Roman legionare, or Gulf-war firefighter, or Franciscan monk, or Indiana Jones-type archeologist, etc. It's fascinating to visit the same places 200 years later and watch how they change, or how different people in history react to supernatural oddities.

Gamewise, ED is pretty standard for survival horror - exploration, puzzles, and combat. The exploration is fun because of the above mentioned time-traveling element, and the puzzles are rather easy, with hardly a stumper in the enter game. Combat is perhaps the best, with the right combination of stratgey and action. Monsters are pretty easy to pick off by themselves, but it takes time, and they often come at you in waves, forcing you to think fast and direct your attacks effectively. Magic is very fun, in that you can explore and experiment, learning new spells before the game is ready to give them to you.

The much touted "insanty effects" are very interesting, and certainly add to the spine-crawling horror of the game, but I felt it was too easy to avoid them. I don't want to give everything away, but as you encounter strange monsters your sanity level drops, and eventually the walls start bleeding, statues and paints turn their heads to look at you, and even weirder things happen, including effects that jump out at you the player, and not just the character.

Graphically, I can't say ED is "perfect". It can be pretty ugly at times, especially the character models, and the animation is kinda weird.

All signs say this game doesn't play well a second time through - you know the story, and the magic system completely. There is only 1 real secret in the game, and 1 alternate ending. Maybe it might be interesting to re-experience the very complicated plot a second time, but certainly not a third. Still, I consider ED a worthy purchase, my first for the Gamecube, in fact. Buy it.

finally something for the older audience
by: luckyjoe188    On: 2002-07-19

In Nintendo's past years nintendo fans were always used to seeing mario,zelda,kirby etc. always do their thing time and time again we never get bored of it. Now with this exciting title Eternal Darkness, players have a fresh new concept of fear which is new to nintendo. It has fantastic gameplay and a great storyline you get to be about 12 charachters throughout history trying to defeat the ancients from casting a great evil upon the universe through the thome of eternal darkness{powerful book}. The one thing i would say is unique in this title is the sanity effects when your sanity runs out the game gets really good such things happen as your body falling apart, T.V. turns off, and memory card deletes a never ending list to keep you on the edge of your seat so if you like to get freaked out like the days of resident evil I strongly suggest you pick this title up.
Better than Resident Evil
by: grinder1987    On: 2002-07-17

I just beat Resident Evil (awesome!) so I bought Eternal Darkness. It is awesome! The comcept of insanity within the gameplay is so cool! If you like Resident Evil or Horror games, you have to get this game!
by: bdk321    On: 2002-07-15

Nintendo should start making good games instead of these stupid survival horror ones. They have no games as good as GTA3 or Halo yet. I hope this changes soon. Right now, if you are to get a game, i would recomend super smash bros.
The Best Survival-Horror game Gamecube has seen yet!!
by: riproarin512    On: 2002-07-15

Without a doubt the best game of it's genre, Eternal Darkness without a doubt beats Resident Evil in every category. It doesn't have the blood and gore Resident Evil does (although it does have a lot of it), it has a better storyline, better game control, and it keeps the zombies coming. In Resident Evil, you can walk through the entire game and not see half as many zombies as you'd see in this masterpiece. The monsters are ultra ferocious and keep coming with their head and 1 arm off. Some even grow limbs back. You can disable zombies quickly by targeting their head and cutting it off. The innovation is the Sanity Meter. This works just like health and may affect it. When you encounter a zombie sanity is lost. When it is low or depleted, you hallucinate. Limbs fall off, walls and ceilings bleed, your head comes off and recites Shakespeare, your TV may shut off or mute, and it also says your controller is out. Throw in a twist of magic and spells, and you've got a great game. There is also a lineage portion. You are in the Roivas family, a cursed family destined to protect the world from Eternal Darkness. You go from a Roman Centaurion to a modern person. The game in a few words...imagine "Back to the Future", Chris Redfield, "Night of the Living Dead", and Harry Potter combined. This is the new age of survival horror, and it's going to be that way until some other game like Resident Evil could miraculously knock it off the throne.
Eternal Darkness -gewd? ....To an extent...
by: bkillion2    On: 2002-07-14

Eternal is a fresh survival-horror game that I have the utmost respect for. The reason for this is the innovative concept of "sanity" that one must maintain in order to view the very good looking world as a normal person would. The enemies can be somewhat intimidating at times, and they also have digusting sounds when they walk. The "Magick" system is great, and not too hard to understand. However, I found the fighting system bland and repetative. Aim for the arm, hack it off, or you can hack the head off, which will magic(k)ly grow back eventually if you don't kill it right away. How this happens is beyond me. So, there's nothing revolutionary about the fighting system. But the complex story line and the multitude of playable characters are what keeps you playing.
Eternal Darkness Is The Best of The Best !!
by: wolffx2002    On: 2002-07-13

I just got this game today after weeks if saving my money ($10 a week). This is a excellent game. I only played the 1st chapter and i was hooked. The graphics show what gamecube has, and the sound shows that no matter what type of speakers you have it still sounds great. My favorite part of the game is the combat. I like that you can target what body parts that you want to hit. The story line is also excellent. Well I think i said why this is a great game, and I think everyone who has a game cube should get this game. Also if you dont like playing scary games like Resident Evil, Eternal Darkness is just right (Not To Scary). This is an excellent game to add to your Game Cube collection, so go buy Eternal Darkness now!!
Simply average! (2.5 stars)
by: liminalman    On: 2002-07-12

Mix one part "Tales From The Crypt" with one part "The Fifth Element" with one part of any psychological thriller and you have Eternal Darkness. You assume the role of several characters through time in a battle against the avatar of one of the Ancients (gods that existed before humanity). Along the way, you will acquire the magical skills necessary to do battle with Pious Augustus (the avatar for the ancient seeking entrance into your world).

This had the potential to be a great game but after completing it in a couple days I couldn't help but feel incredibly disappointed. For starters, graphically the game is quite uninspiring. In fact, the PSOne could easily handle this game without a tremendous loss in quality. The combat system, too, is very simplistic. You will use guns or swords and bludgeoning weapons to decapitate the heads and arms of your adversaries. You will fight room after room of skeletons, mummies, three-headed ogres, little scorpions, and a kobold-like creature with sharp spear-like appendages for arms. And that's pretty much it. After about 10 minutes of it, it gets really repetitive. This game is incredibly easy. In fact, half the time you can just walk around enemies and never even half to fight anything at all! The AI is that stupid!

The other big problem are the levels and puzzles. You technically will only visit 4 levels in this game. Although as you revisit them throughout history things will noticeably change, yet the overall textures and room layouts remain pretty static. Since there are only 12 chapters total, the designers should have taken the time to add more depth to the levels to keep things interesting and better reflect the passage of time. It would certainly give the game a more epic feel, but instead, after your first time through, it's almost like you just play 4 areas over and over again.

Another thing that will give you headaches are the puzzles. Most are very simple but quite a few of them are really confusing mainly because they are not very obvious. One gets the impression that the designers did this deliberately to make the game appear like it was more detailed than it really is.

Lastly, there is the much touted insanity effects. First of all, forget about this game scaring you. It won't. Part of that is because the graphics are so dull but mainly because the insanity effects, which were supposed to up the fear factor a notch higher than it's Resident Evil cousin, add absolutely nothing to the game. There are only about 10 or more things that happen when your sanity meter sinks. Sometimes, you'll see bugs crawling across your screen trying to fool you into getting something to kill them when it turns out that they aren't real. Or, you'll walk into a room littered with ammunition only to see them disappear from your inventory when you try to collect them. I particularly like the one that deletes all your save games only to find that it was just insanity!

Essentially, the only creepy aspect of the low sanity effect is the crying and muffled screams that blast from your speakers. Everything else is pretty cliché.

To recap:
Storyline is very engrossing. A large part of that is due to the voice-acting which is superbly done by professional thespians!
Sound effects are intense and of VERY high quality.
The magic system is very original and adds a tremendous amount to gameplay.

Combat system reminds me of Legend of Zelda or Double Dragon.
Sanity effects add little to the game and actually slow it down in parts.
Levels are undeveloped.
There is little replay value.

Bottom line: As an introduction to a new adventure universe, Eternal Darkness delivers. As an enjoyable game with lasting value, it falls well below the mark. This game should have been 3 to 4 times as long to even call it a real game because so much of it is replayed over the same areas.

Eternal Darkness Is The Best Of The Best !!
by: wolffx2002    On: 2002-07-10

I just got this game today after weeks if saving my money ($10 a week). This is a excellent game. I only played the 1st chapter and i was hooked. The graphics show what gamecube has, and the sound shows that no matter what type of speakers you have it still sounds great. My favorite part of the game is the combat. I like that you can target what body parts that you want to hit. The story line is also excellent. Well I think i said why this is a great game, and I think everyone who has a game cube should get this game. Also if you dont like playing scary games like Resident Evil, Eternal Darkness is just right (Not To Scary). This is an excellent game to add to your Game Cube collection, so go buy Eternal Darkness now!!
Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem B00005Q8M4
by: litlrox    On: 2002-07-10

Eternal Darkness is a very great game. It has 12 chapters of different great stories of the people that are ancestors to the roivas family. The best part of the game is the sanity meter. Just for fun, I would let the zombie take away my sanity or I would just not fill it up with magick and see what happens. when I first played the game, I was playing as Alex and was browsing the mansion. I went into the bathroom area towards the tub, and that one freaked the heck out of me. This game can freak you out and it will. You will also see a hanging man in the dining room. Kinda freaky too! The horrors in the game can be tough. I like to summon creatures to see them fight. I have already beaten the game 3 times and 2 have the same ending but with different Gods. The last one has to do with the Mantorok, which is the creature that is being kept in the temple where Ellia was in. I smell a sequel. I had a lot of fun with this game, you can review your autopsy from max's journal, and you can view your cinemas, which is great. The only thing wrong with this game is there is no Quit button. You would have to turn the whole thing off. Since I have jump to game mode, I was able to play as whoever but if I didn't want to play that character,I would have to turn it off and start from the beginning. One more thing in this game I do not see a Delete button either. I wanted to delete my Second block file and I can't. I don't know where people get 13 characters cause there is only 12. They must have rated it before they even bought it. C'mon buy this game, it has great graphics and beautiful music and there are some freaky voices and screams that'll freak you out and the major sanity's that occur within. Hey I had a great time with this game, and you wont be disappointed.
If you own one game, own this!
by: jeb15    On: 2002-07-10

As a devout gamecuber (if I can call myself that) I've found most of the games released for the system in quarters 1 and 2 very, well, kiddy. Nintendo succesfully ended the streak with Resident Evil, featuring amazing graphics and long gameplay hours (if you are getting used to controls), but really, like all RE games, had impossibly [poor] puzzles. Also if you played it for playstation then you get bored quick. I didn't, and never have owned a playstation, or played Re, and i feel i threw away 50 bucks on a dumb graphic fueled game. Well all of RE's shortcomings were made up by Nintendo's exclusive title Eternal Darkness. While the graphics really aren't as good as RE, the gameply is, think of the largest number you know, that many times better. Really I shouldn't compare the two games because RE pales in comparison in every area but graphics, plus the two games are completely different. While RE features a feckless storyline, Eternal Darkness features the best storyline, well, I think maybe ever. This amazing storyline tells an original myth where you can take three seperate paths for the three different gods. The story spans 2,000 years and 13 characters. I'd also like to say that the graphics are nicely detailed in the worlds that surround, but character graphics are a little jagged. The controls are impeccable, where you can target body parts, and the magic you can do could almost be a game in itself. The music is finely detailed and very well composed, although the main theme can get a little annoying. Although I beat the game on all htree modes in three days when i rented it, if you aren't a nerd like me you'd best just buy it because it is long (took me under 30 hours in all, but for most it'll be around 60). All in all this may just be the best game I've ever played. I hope this helped. All I can say now is: Buy it, Buy it NOW!
While a good game...
by: shinryuu    On: 2002-07-09

Eternal Darkness is a good game, infact it's a great game but without a guide it can become one of the most frustrating gaming experiences you can have. Like many American games that leave you hanging, not knowing what to do, Eternal Darkness suffers horribly from this. Otherwise, a very good game with an incredibly addicting story. However, I suggest either getting a guide with the game or if you haven't already, Resident Evil is much more enjoyable play overall than Eternal Darkness.
Eternal Darkness Versus Resident Evil: A Huge KO For ED
by: ghudson43    On: 2002-07-08

An easy prejudgement "Oh this Eternal Darkness is just a remake of Resident Evil." Far From it. Eternal Darkness is much more than just a survival horror that has no real plot. It is a game that gets inside your head and sometimes effects you when you are outside the game. The reason for this you ask, it's all the creepiness that Silicon Knights was able to pack into one game. There are many gameplay things that I like. The best one though is you are able to pick which body part of your enemie you want to take out. For example, with one character you get a shotgun and can first blow off the head, take out the arms, the finish the body. And there are many historically acurate weapons that go with the time pereiod. That's another thing. In Eternal Darkness you can play over 12 different characters in over 20 centuries. I am getting to lazy to finish this review, but i must tell you one thing. BUY THIS GAME!... If you did'nt you would not know what your missing on. So instead of buying a slow survival horror like Resident Evil, buy Eternal Darkness and feel the creepiness that Silicon Knights were so nice to bring you.
Already my all-time favorite...
by: jfsnjax    On: 2002-07-08

I'm about halfway through my second time playing this game, and I've decided it's my favorite videogame of all time (I'm 35). A choice made at the beginning of the game determines one of three plotlines available. You get a special ending if you beat all three, and I believe most people will want to. This game looks great, sounds great, has great voice acting and GREAT WRITING! You truly feel as if you are immersed in a great movie. As a tribute to the horror of H.P Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe it succeeds better than I would have imagined. The system by which you loose sanity and experience weird effects when it gets too low is brilliant. Though Resident Evil's character models and pre-rendered levels look better, Eternal Darkness has a much more engrossing story to tell. Its levels still look great, and they are not as stiff and static as Resident Evil. In fact, Eternal Darkness has the most fluid and perfectly positioned camera system I've seen in a game, and I've noticed most pro critics agree with me on that one. It's much easier to move and fight in this game than RE as well. If you like fantasy or horror even a little bit, DON'T MISS THIS GAME!
This game [is not good]!!!
by: roadrover99    On: 2002-07-08

I have no clue what game everyone is playing but the copy of Eternal Darkness I picked up [is really bad]. The game play is [horrible]. The graphics look horrible, not gamecube quality! If you want a good game spend your money on Resident Evil and save for Resident Evil 0.
Oh My God!
by: spyr0o    On: 2002-07-08

This game is awesome! The graphics are great, the game play is incredible, and the game is all aound unbelieveable! You play as a variety of characters between a span of about 2,000 years. You collect magick to cast spells, but you also get to use melee and firing weapons. The are a variety of obstacles to overcome such as different emenies to beat, puzzles to solve, and stages to complete. This game is one of a kind and is worth every penny and more. The insanity effects can play tricks on your mind, and confuse you, making the game a little harder. I highly suggest you get this!
The best game since Mario
by: adams1414    On: 2002-07-08

Of all games Nintendo has offered this has to be the best yet. With almost no flaws this game is perfect. In this game a girl's grandfather has died and you have to find out who did it because the cops were hopeless. During the game you find the book called eternal darkness. In this book you play the characters in it in order to get to the next stage in the game and get you closer to the killer of her grandfather. Don't get me wrong your not just looking for a killer the whole game.
The controls are phenomenal they are great it's easy to get out of a tough situation when you have five zombies coming at you. And it helps a lot to be able to kill them. You take the role of 12 characters over the period of 20 centuries. This game is very long and very tough for some. The best thing in this game I think is the capability to save when you want were you want so if you have to stop playing you can always save. The graphics are also amazing in one chapter of the book you are in the cathedral with breathtaking stained glass windows. What is also interesting is how when your sanity meter goes down. You might see bugs starting to crawl all over the screen or your head just might pop off. While the zombies try to kill you there is still great sound and great graphics its neat perfection.
One great thing in this game is the capability of magic. You can make your health meter go up you can summon a zombie to help protect you can make walls that shock zombies when they try to get though them to you. You can even create your own magic spells to help you beat the level. You can also use magic to destroy other magic spells like when something is being guarded by magic you can use a spell to stop that spell. This game is not like resident evil at all so if you think it's just a clone of it you are very wrong.
Another aspect is how there are three main colors of magic red for health green for sanity and blue for magic. Red defeats green, green defeats blue and blue defeats red. That's very important so remember that if you get the game. There are also levels of magic the more the symbols the more powerful the magic.
The combat with the zombies is not that hard but not too easy so its just right you can target there heads chest and arms. Then you use your choice of weapon, which could be a knife a sword (I recommend always using a sword.) and also shot guns and revolvers. Guns may seem good but when you have to reload and the zombie is coming after you its not fun so just stick with the sword and magic.
Now I will tell you the stuff that is more interesting to the owners and players of this game. Some hints. First of all the best thing to do is always search the whole room before leaving you'll be thankful. If you're allowed to pick something up do it. You can't run out of spaces to keep stuff. Also when you read something if words are highlighted in colors that's a hint to you for what to do with it. Such as in one level it will say here are cobwebs they look like they could be covering something you should then get out a brush and use it to revile and item. If it says it's dirty clean it if it says it can do something do it. But the most important thing to remember is that when you play a level think and look around a lot you will get the answer that way don't just run around and complain to your friends your stuck in the game search around a lot. Also what happens in the chapter usually relates to where the next chapter will be like if you learned a spell to revel something you probably have to make something reveal in the house to get the next chapter. There are three ways to go about this game. In the first chapter you have to choose which item to take. And each one has a different game behind it. So if you play the game doing all three items you will get an extra bonus once you complete the last game. You will have to choose either a blue, red or green item each cause something a little different to happen in the game than the last color did. Maybe the story is different or maybe the levels are different you will have to play and find out.
You have to get this game it is the best game out for Nintendo gamecube and it probably would of been the best game out for Nintendo 64 if they didn't convert it to Gamecube. Its a must buy.
The long awaited dream
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-07-05

...since January of 2002 I have waited for this game and now that it is out I can not stop playing it is a heaven sent and is the best thing around. I love it to a point that borders on creepy. The graphics are stunning and ... the controls are easy. The dialog is a nice twist and different from all the other captionated sequences. I would recommend this game to everyone. It is gory and beautiful, the plot is thick and the game is long, I love it!
You will come to know fear as I have...
by: spectre54    On: 2002-07-05

First off, for those of you who think this game is dumb, a rip-off, poorly done, ect. let me say, "MAY THE RATS EAT YOUR EYES!"

Ok with that done, this game is far for a rip-off of Resident Evil. True the graphincs are not up to RE (bearly), the game play is excellent. The story is very well done. I find it interesting that you play the future villian when you first dive in. I also like the fact some of the levels take place in actual roles in history like the Inquasition, World War I, ect. (not just some time where nothing historicly happened).

This is also one of the several games where one decision at the begining will determain the best mothod for enemies and the endings. Your first charictor, Pious Agustus, determains the ultimate villain you try to prevent from coming into our universe.

In comparison to Resident Evil, this game branches off most of the time. Some of the puzzles are simular to RE. However, the use of melee weapons is excellent. Swords, axes, and other hand combat insterments are sometimes more effective than actual fireing ones. Now throw in the ability to use magical spells that you can experiment with.

Along with that, the infamous sanity meter that measures your grip on reality. You'll hear a lot about the effects of insanity in other reviews, but if you intend to buy the game, experience it for yourself. It's not as fun if you are expecting it to happen. But, I will tell you this. Your perspecive will change not only as the charicter, but the player as well (that's only if your REALLY going nuts).

And don't expect a happy ending all the time. Some of the charicters don't exactly meet a pleasent fate (or a clean one).

All in all, this game is great for anyone who likes survival horror, wants to play something other than Resident Evil (though it is a slightly better game), or just wants to see the consequences of insanity.

Buy NOW!
by: kobe896    On: 2002-07-05

First I was sceptical of the game because I was stuck like 5 minutes into it in the observatory, but this game is by far one of the greatest! Beautiful graphics, intriguing story, capturing your fears, and fun controls. This is a must buy, plus there are 3 different endings and 3 different paths to choose your destiny!
Insanity is only the beginning
by: gemini3243    On: 2002-07-05

Upon first glance, you may be expecting a spin-off of Resident Evil. Just another survival horror game with no plot except trying to shoot everything that moves. You couldn't be more wrong. Being co produced by Nintendo you already have to expect the game to be great, and it is. The graphics aren't anything to be stunned over, but they are still great. The game play is what sets this game apart. Going through the chapters of an echanted book, you play as over a dozen different characters with a plot connected between them all. The plot itself is reason to be thrilled for this game. On a different note, the way you play through the game is unique beyond belief. The attacking system allows you to single out certain parts of the body to attack. Allowing you to cut off the head of your foe leaving him vulnerable. Plus there's the much talked about insanity meter. Upon seeing the creatures of the dead, your character's sanity gradually depletes. Here's where the fun starts! The more insane you grow, the weider things become. You may experience seeing your game reset for a few seconds, or see your character become dismembered temporarily. Not exactly what you'd expect from the "Kiddie" system huh? This game is more intuitive than anything seen recently. It's a great buy and one you'll be playing in your mind for months on end.
Creepy creepy creepy!
by: deamos    On: 2002-07-05

The title says it all.

I picked up this game because I had been hearing so much about it for so long. I figured what the hell, it was the first GameCube title with an M rating, I might as well check it out and show support..

I got more than I bargained for, more times than I care to express here have I literally jumped from a sound or something that happened in the game. I'll say this much, this game plays with your head, A ALOT. I don't want to say anything else for fear of ruining any plot points, but this game is outstanding. The cut scenes can be a bit fuzzy at times, but the depth of the game and the way it sweeps you up make this little quip barely noticeable.

A final thought, I am unable to make myself play this in the dark, especially if I am alone. That along is a mark of a great game.

Breaking All the Rules of Traditional Gaming
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-07-04

Remember a couple years ago when Silent Hill debuted for the ps1? Now, remember how incredibley different and amazingly original it was? Well,it's time to forget that now that Eternal Darkness has stolen the show. Besides twisted stories and gruesome gameplay,the definite best feature about this game is your sanity. During the course of the game you encounter grim foes who mess with your mind as you spot them. This inflicts damage on your "sanity meter". You can only guess what happens when it runs out. At first when you start to get low your character starts to talk to themselves and ask crazy questions and such. Also a srange trance like music that depicts insanity itself rush into your ears and a distorted camera tilt are also prime examples of your suffering sanity. I thought that was the extent of the side effects to your mental health but it gets better and more original as you play. Sometimes the area will trigger different things to happen with your low sanity. Such as going through a door then a flash on the screen appears and you find yourself at the entrance of the door without any clue what just happened. One of my favorite insanity effects is when a green authentic message appears on the screen saying mute and sure enough all sound cease. I paused the game and actually fumbled around for the remote and when I turned the game back on...surely enough it was just another sanity prank. Another cool one would have to be when the tv just turns off...or did it? Then suddenly jolts back on and sometimes showing a logo for the game saying to be continued. I was furious. I thought how could the game just end like that ?!? But my mind was shorting out due to the game and it was another prank on my part. You can actually feel like you are the character when playing,feeling what they are feeling and you can start to feel insane. I don't think any game has made me feel so moved in this way. Other sanity tricks include all of your body parts getting cutt of randomly(STARTING WITH YOUR HEAD) and letting you pleasantly walking around spurting away until you think you die but appear at the entrance of that door you just opened triggering your character to shout and yell "this isnt happening!" The sanity meter is the most freshly original thing I have ever experienced in all my years of gaming. No game can compare to it. This saves the game emensly from ehh certain other things. Dont get me wrong,the gameplay is good except for the fact that it feels and looks like any other adventure game. But using,combining,and forming spells with runes that you find in the menu jumpstarts the gameplay a lot. There are so many spells that you can create and find that usually are needed to uncover secrets and puzzles and others just for battle tactics. Two things I didnt like about the game had to be how all the foes you fight look exactly the same. There are some exceptions(like fighting possesed humans,creatures that fly out of humans bodies,and Naga's)but they aren't used enough. A very vast majority of the game forces you to slay countless brown zombies instead of more different creatures. The other dislike I had with this game was it's constant theme and story(or lack there of). Throughout the entire game you hear many people and big bad guys babble on about the eternal darkness and some portal opening. But not until the very end do you even get a hint to what is happening. During 99% of the game I had a giant question mark in my eyes. Who or what is this eternal darkness? Who are you guys? What is going on with the portal or what not? And when the so called story started to take shape it left me still wondering what was going on a little bit and also feeling that this has all been done before. Group of heros are chosen and fight and ancient evil to save the world. Booooooriiiiing. Like that hasn't been done. Aside from the unoriginal storyline and mostly used gameplay this game was excellent. The originality put into some of the new concepts and ideas not used before in a game can never die and that alone makes this game an instant classic.
A Psychological Masterpiece...
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-07-04

As a long time Nintendo fan, I have always hoped for games that brought hours of entertaining gameplay, combined with well written storylines to follow. Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem delivers on both counts. Created by Silicon Knights (the creators of the masterpiece, Legacy Of Kain) this game reaches throughout two-thousand years of history and manages to weave the intricate story lines together. You play twelve different characters during the game, each with their own weapons, strengths, and weaknesses. As the game progresses you are able to collect runes, codices, and spell scrolls to cast an assortment of magic spells; from enchanting your weapon, summoning creatures, or dispelling other forms of magic. During battle you can choose whether to hack off a particular body part and which weapon you would like to fight with. But the sanity meter creates a whole new level of gameplay. The more enemies you encounter, the lower your sanity meter goes. These effects range from hallucinations, blood running down from the walls, or your own t.v or gamecube acting strangely. You will keep guessing what is real and what is not up to the very end. All in all this game was very well written and the gameplay does not suffer because of it. With many cinematic sequences, twisting storylines, and magical creatures, Eternal Darkness should be a welcome addition to your gamecube collection.
A MAJOR reason to buy a Cube!!!
by: cskirby    On: 2002-07-04

I'm going to keep this brief because I simply want to encourage anyone who owns a Gamecube to buy this game. Before the release of Eternal Darkness, I had gotten jaded about video games in general and on the Gamecube in specific. This game reminds me of why I'm addicted to video games in the first place. The game features terrific play mechanics, a creative storyline and an easy(but increasingly difficult as the game progresses)learning curve.

Look - I tend to lose interest in games quickly, and I REALLY don't like having to repeat the same scenes OVER AND OVER again until I finally get it right. Eternal Darkness minimizes these frustrations. Much has already been said about the clever puzzles and intuitive control design, but let me just reinforce those opinions here. All of the puzzles I have encountered thus far have made perfect sense once I thought about them - and solving one puzzle early on has given me the confidence to really try some wild ideas later in the game.

Give the game time to grow on you. It's an enjoyable thrill ride that eclipses Resident Evil in every way.

by: kidd33    On: 2002-07-04

From the moment you push the power button you are immediately submerged into the most realistic/surrealistic game ever produced for any console. Within the first few minutes of playing, the soundtrack has already gotten you spooked to the point of near madness, but that isn't even the game, really. You begin the game actually setting the events to come into motion with Pious Augustus(don't do it, Pious!). Once you find the first page of the "Tome of Eternal Darkness" and begin your quest with Ellia and her story 'The Binding of the Corpse God', you are hooked. But that's okay, you're in for the ride of your life. This new Sanity meter is without a doubt the bane of the whole game and yes, you will go insane quite often without any intention and sometimes it is just too much fun letting your character go insane just to see what will happen. With twelve playable characters all working together all within the span of hundreds of years, it all comes together nicely at the end with Alex facing off against Pious himself.
The gameplay is tough and yet not too difficult. If you have played these types of puzzle/strategy games then you should be able to put the, as they say, two and two together. There are only a couple of the characters who have too much backtracking, but other than that the whole game comes together nicely. Here's hoping to see more Mature games come the way of gaming systems because it's not just kids playing them anymore. You have a winner here, Silicon Knights; I am all ready for the sequel!
by: righteousedude    On: 2002-07-04

by far the best game 4 GC
by: specializedbiker    On: 2002-07-04

Eternal Darkness is so much better than Res Evil its not even funny. I got tired of resident evil as soon as i got it, and i resent preordering it, and here is the reson. Eternal Darkness is easier(i beat it in under 3 hours), yet far more complex than resident evil, and all around more fun. i cant c wut ppl like so much about res evil, i was very dissapointed in how slow the game and the characters in it were. In conclusion, Eternal Darkness is a faster, more fun version of Res Evil(not 2 mention 100 times better, even the storyline of RE cant compare). take it frum me im not 1 of those computer nerds that just sit around and play vid games instead of doin stuff w/ ppl(allthough i do hav all 3 next gen systems)this game actually is fun, even though it is not hard, i will still be entertained by it 4 a long time. Buy it NOW!!!!
the darkness babY!!
by: xblumx420    On: 2002-07-03

wow what can i say this is the best game i have ever played great graphics and the story is soo good its not even funny go get a gamecube if u dont have it just so u can play this game. its worth all the money you will pay. SCREW! your friends and play this game!
*breaths heavily* ...this isn't really happening to me.
by: isai    On: 2002-07-02

Pros: The developers conentrated on story telling not just graphics and sound.
Cons: Dialog over dramatic in some instances but I guess it adds to the insanity.

This game isn't bad at all. It's one of the upper ups that is out right now for the Gamecube or any other system for that matter. Sanity effects are a chain of eerie events that start occurring when your character's sanity meter is low and is a very welcome effect on my part. It distorts the character's perception of his/her surroundings but there's more! Some effects don't just mess with the character but you, the player as well. One effect made me go " *gasp* AHHHHH!!!!!!!WHAT THE HECK?!?!" not just "huh? Oh COOL!". That's all I gots to say about that. Don't want to give anythin' away. ^-^

The graphics are near jaw dropping though the character's movements are not motion captured. The sound is Wicked. It has it's fill of nicely orchestrated tracks as well as some excellent sound effects such as believeable moans and growns of people seemingly being tortured in some manner. Some of the characters are drama queens though but it's all good 'cause they sometimes get a chuckle out of me. Personally, I like to add my own little effects as I play. Ex. When I hear a scary sound, I sometimes make the character stop dead in his/her tracks and run the opposite way while saying, "oh Spit Man!!" or "oh hell no! I ain't goin' in there!" ^-^ Makes it more interactive for me. I'm not saying that the game lacks a "gotta keep playing" factor 'cause dudes and dudets, trust me, it doesn't. The story progresses nicely and will make you keep thinking of how your current character's chapter will end.

Some puzzles are stumpers while others are so easy that you'll pass the solution along and later come to realize that you knew how to solve it the whole time. They're the kind of puzzles where you'll say, "der! 'tupid" and'll make you smack yourself. The game's a hoot and a hollar.

Word of advice, save your game between chapters and let your sanity meter get depleted so that you can experience some of the sanity effects. The fun isn't entirely in getting ahead and finishing the story. Enjoy the craziness!

One of my greatest moments is when I strategically used a combination of magic spells and weapons to defeat a bady on the 1st go. My "who da man?" attitude was short lived because a smaller,less acute bady got me shortly thereafter. <:(

'tupid zombies!

a Nice romp in the world of insanity
by: zatoeric    On: 2002-07-02

this game will make you question your own mental state! the graphics are good and the game play is smooth and the controls are simple. you will never really get stuck as there are tons of possible solutions to puzzles.the magic system is fun and the insanitty system can really get to you if you like to play late at night. the story may seem convoluted at the begining, but eventually it all makes sense. a very fun game that lasts a whileand is not a resident evil clone. ONE OF GAMECUBE'S BEST!!!!
Lovecraft would be pleased...
by: publisher-reviews    On: 2002-07-02

This the best implementation of Lovecraftian themes I've ever seen in a video game. There are endless references to Lovecraft's mythos - both his own, and the mythos that has grown up around the man. One chapter in the game is titled "The Lurking Horror" - which if you'll recall, was the title of an old Infocom text adventure game that paid homage to H.P. Lovecraft's works (Lovecraft's story "The Lurking Fear" is well-known). There are also additional references buried in the details of the game - for instance, the name "Jefferson Combs" appears in one of the chapters - and we all known and love Jeffrey Combs as Herbert West from the film Reanimator (based on Lovecraft's story "Herbert West - Reanimator") as well as From Beyond - another film based on Lovecraft's story of the same name. As a game, this title has little wrong with it. It is damn near perfect. And if you adore H.P. Lovecraft's work, you simply MUST own this game.
Greatest Game Ever!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-07-02

This game is one the of most challenging games i have ever played. It has one of the best plots i have ever seen. Eternal Darkness lets you portray the lives of 12 characters throughout different points in time. I reccomend buying this game no matter the price. Stores were sold out the day they got this game. You will love this game.

~ A 15 year old~

Schizophrenia is Not Always a Good Thing
by: biscuitrake    On: 2002-07-01

At long last, and with much fanfare, the Gamecube has entered the realm of Eternal Darkness. There's been much ado about the fact that Nintendo was so involved with the development of this title, in an apparent departure from its supposed "kiddie" mentality. The hands-on work was done by Silicon Knights (Blood Omen on the PSX). Was the game worth the wait?

It's hard to classify Eternal Darkness into any single genre, which ends up being the game's biggest flaw. ED doesn't have the dread factor of pure horror games like Resident Evil or Silent Hill, simply because the enemies in the game are dispatched rather easily. The much-lauded insanity effects are certainly entertaining, but they are very obvious for the most part when they occur, which really detracts from the sense of involvement so vital to games of this type. All things considered, ED has to be classified as an adventure game, despite Silicon Knights' and Nintendo's intention that it be a horror title.

With that in mind, ED's strengths are major: the audio and the story. The game uses Dolby 5.1 to genius effect, with wonderful sound effects and a brilliant score (which changes to period-specific styles, fitting the timeline-driven story perfectly). The voice-acting is among the best ever recorded, and supports one of the best plots ever conceived in a game. These two things alone propel ED to the top of this year's releases, for all systems.

However, the gameplay itself isn't quite up to the quality of the audio. Trying to target enemies in confined spaces can be frustrating, and the frequent graphical clipping doesn't help. There is also no moveable in-game camera, which would have been very helpful. Some of the puzzles are also needlessly vague. On the other hand, the magick system is superbly implemented. The sanity meter is a nice addition, but the PS2 RPG Shadow Hearts' Sanity Points system affects the gameplay much more directly. Most of the signs of insanity in Eternal Darkness are window dressing (albeit cool window dressing!), but little more. If ED's insanity effects had been more subtle and more creative, they would have been much more involving.

ED is a technical masterpiece that controls perfectly and sounds fantastic. Its graphics show its N64 roots, with the aforementioned clipping and blocky character models, but are still super-cool to look at. However, it seems that ED suffers from over-development, and Silicon Knights probably had too much time and too much input from Nintendo during the long development cycle. It appears that somewhere along the line, SK lost focus. As a result, ED is stuck somewhere between Resident Evil and Soul Reaver, unsure of its own identity. Is it a horror game? Kinda. An action game? Sorta. Is it an adventure game with fast-paced combat, RE-style puzzles and backtracking, a Lovecraft-inspired storyline, and a few horror-based gameplay elements? Yeah, that's about it. See what I'm getting at? Innovation is certainly welcome, but loses power when the game itself feels spread too thin. Perhaps the developers suffered from their own loss of sanity...? Despite this, Eternal Darkness is one of the strongest entries on the Gamecube, and is a powerful statement that the console is not just for kids.

Fans of survival horror games should be warned that ED might not live up to their expectations, but anyone wanting a mature-themed, well-written, masterfully produced and involving adventure should take note: The Darkness Has Come.

Waiting for a Call of Cthulhu video game? Look no further..
by: blakletter    On: 2002-07-01

There have been quite a few attempts at video games based upon Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos, but they never seem to make it to the market. Although Eternal Darkness is set within its own little universe, it borrows heavily from the mythos, and Lovecraft's influence is readily apparent.

The game begins when your character, Alexandra Roivas, decides to investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding her grandfather's death at their ancestral mansion. Through an absolutely brilliant plot device, the player is able to take control of many of Alex's ancestors from ages past and several other characters from all over the world. Each of these chapters help the player piece together the mystery and reveal the hidden agenda of a group of extremely powerful and malevolent entities.

Gameplay is very smooth. Holding down one controller button allows you to lock on an enemy target, and with a flick of the control stick you can aim at specific body parts. Some baddies fall when they are decapitated, some you have to take apart limb by limb before they will fall. As with most third person games, camera angles are fixed and sometimes problematic, as you may find yourself being disembowled by some horror just off screen.

Combat is relatively well balanced, and the puzzles in the game find a way to be interesting without being terribly difficult. the graphics are quite good, many monsters can be on the screen without any noticeable slowdown. The monsters themselves are quite detailed and look great, but they don't vary a whole lot towards the earlier part of the game.

The magic system is very cool. You must find runes of power hidden throughout the game (often inside of monsters). Each rune corresponds to an alignment, an effect, and a target. By mixing and matching the runes, you can create many different spells. There's also a large variety of mundane weaponry to collect and to toss a beating with.

Each of the characters you control seem to have their own strengths and weaknesses. Some are excellent melee fighters, some excel at throwing spells. Some have a ton of health, while others are quite fragile.

By far the coolest aspect of the game (and the part that perhaps owes more than a little to Chaosim's Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game) is the sanity system. Everytime you undergo something hideously supernatural, you lose a little bit of your mind as you struggle to grasp the situation. This manifests as hallucinations, both visual and audial. You may get an unexpected phone call, or have a horrible vision of your own demise. This effect is truly very creepy. I've already had statues come to life and watch me cross an empty hallway. I've seen walls bleed, and bugs crawl across my television screen. There are several ways to regain your sanity, but sometimes it's just fun letting it fall a little bit to see how creepy things can really get.

Resident Evil may have been an inspiration for Eternal Darkness, but it is a poor comparison. This game is truly a wonder to experience, and definitely a killer title for the GC. It's worth every penny.

Resident Evil? Huh? Forgot about that game!
by: cronos262    On: 2002-07-01

Just kidding... Well somewhat! But I can compare this game to Resident Evil. Hey look... Alone in the Dark started the genre known as survival horror... Resident Evil came along and improved upon it, but has since become like certain franchise slasher flicks with it's endless barrage of sequels rehashing out the same thing over and over! Now we have Eternal Darkness... Well my two cents anyways!

STORY: ED is a much more sophisticated piece of storytelling than Resident Evil. I wouldn't say either are too original since ED borrows heavilly from Weird Tales golden era Cthulu Mythos and the movie In The Mouth of Madness, and RE is basically Return of the Living Dead with it's biological weapon gone awry and makes zombies theme. But I appreciated the more mysterious Lovecraftian influences in ED. Resident Evil was always like a rubik's cube to me... You know what you start off with and what you will get in the end when you finish all the puzzles. The fun is just getting there through a campy schlock filled ride! ED plays like reading a suspense-filled and mysterious epic novel that leaves RE feeling like a short pulp tale. In ED... It's far from being totally predictable! Not everything is a happy ending here!

Edge: ED

CONTROLS & CAMERA: Eternal Darkness is way smoother and refined all around in control, and the camera angles are placed perfectly through most the game! Having played the game once through at time of writing this, I counted two... Yes only two grievences with the camera in ED! Everytime I got caught up by monsters and killed I felt it was by my blunder, not a fault of the controls or the camera! As compared to several dozen such gripes in RE! Well only the most fanatical of RE fans would argue this decision...

Edge: Eternal Darkness

GRAPHICS: Here's Resident Evil fanatics last possible grasp at saying that RE can best ED in any department IMNSHO. The graphics ARE more detailed in the RE rehash for the Cube when compared ED... But only slightly! ED has beautiful textures but there are some slight jaggies! And there is a price for the slight edge in graphics... LAME load times every time you exit a room in RE as compared to in ED where you encounter NO loadtimes between rooms! Heck even when levels are loaded in ED is really quick and impressive! Needless... Peeps who say the ED's graphics totally bite are blind or flat out fibbin'! You will note a difference, but not a big one!

Edge: RE

CHALLENGE: Here is another gripe RE fans have been ranting about concerning ED... That it's way too easy! Well partly true... For the first few chapters in... Then the challenge factor really increases! RE I only found really difficult because of it's mostly inane item placement and lame controls and camer angles which get you stuck... Aggravating is probably a better word actually than difficult! ED approaches it's puzzle solving more often with common sense than RE instead of just leaving you to search from hell and back for an item needed to procede your game! If you have common sense, the game WILL be easier for you! Ammunition is more plentiful in ED, but battle is more dependent on strategy than RE with enemy weak points (Which can be found through trial or autopsies), and magik useage! And besides in RE once you know how many hits an enemy takes you always find yourself with enough ammo. The amount of different enemies is about the same in each game, with RE having the edge as far as number of bosses which was something I felt ED was lacking in. Both games rather "flow" when you get into them except for RE which has you searching to hell and back consistently for items so you can progress. I think the real deciding factor is that it took me about 4-5 hours to beat RE first time over... ED took just over 20 hours... But it's also a much larger scale game. Still like I said, we're talking epic novel vs. pulp fiction short story here so on that merit, and the need for more thought out strategies...

Edge: ED

REPLAY: Resident Evil gives you a different outfit when you beat it. Yeah whatever! ED has three different paths cummilating in different battle strategies and endings. Easy victor here...

Edge: ED

FINAL THOUGHT: I liked Resident Evil very much, but I didn't out and out love it because of it's flaws and rather trite storyline. With numerous sequels and rehashes it also became obvious that Capcom didn't feel the need to improve or evolve much of anything in their franchise except for graphics which for me is not the sole selling point of a game! With Eternal Darkness I finally have the horror game I've been waiting years for! Rich epic story, plenty of original elements to this genre, and mayhaps most welcom of all... Refined gameplay!


And if your still wondering... Just rent it! Do yourself a favor though before passing judgment and play ED for more than the first few chapters!

An Excellent Game, Almost...Disturbing
by: stevcarls    On: 2002-07-01

This is an excellent game made by the folks at Silicon Knights. In this game, you control 13 different characters throughout history. At first glance, it may occur to you to be very similiar to Resident Evil. It is similiar in some ways, but it is a different game that is mostly dissimiliar to RE, including a much better control scheme.

[SPOILER] This game does some crazy things that will mess with your mind. You have a sanity meter that goes up when you see zombies and run from them, but goes down when you defeat the zombies. As your sanity meter gets worse, subtle things will happen such as blood appearing on the walls and such. Eventually, the game does sneaky things that can freak you out if you are playing in the dark late at night. The game does things like simulates adjusting your TV's volume, and simulating resetting your gamecube by itself and messing with your memory card.[End Spoiler]

This game is the first truly "mature" game by Nintendo. It will totally dispell the rumors that Nintendo only makes "kiddie" games. This game has an "M" rating, but not because of crude humor, such as in Conker's Bad Fur Day, but because it is somewhat violent and gory, and also because the story is more serious and mature and might not be understood very well by a younger audience.

This game will make you very happy if you are at all interested to the "Survival Horror" genre of games.

an immersive game, almost a movie
by: andrieskloosterman    On: 2002-06-30

Eternal much hype many people will be hesitant to give it a try. I can only say this: TRY IT...and you'll know.

From the moment you drop the disk in the player the game is captivating. The opening screens give it a movie-like feel, and makes you wonder what the game will be like. And it does not let you down. The story is told in chapters that are weaved together in such a way that the game seems like a movie most of the time. Often you'll find yourself trying it 'just a bit longer' to figure out what is going to happen next. The story is compelling enough to keep you going for a long time, and there are enough moments in the game that you think: "what is going on here??" that makes it feel like a good movie you'd watch on a dark and rainy evening.

The story alone doesn't carry a game, obviously. The graphics are well worth it. The characters look a bit rough, sometimes almost "fake", but the backgrounds are very lifelike and believable. The 'monsters' are detailed enough to make them look good without becoming too gory or too much like a shockfest. One of the highlights of the game, however are the lighting effects...when a spell is cast the visuals are gorgeous and impressive to say the least.

I didn't want to buy into the hype at first, but I am glad I did after all...this game is indeed one of the best games out there right now, and could probably be one of the best games to come out this year. If you're not sure if you like this type of game try it as a rental. If you like survival horror, adventure, a great story and fantastic graphics all in one game this one is an absolute MUST HAVE!!!

Deep into the darkness peering...
by: stassichko    On: 2002-06-29

This is a really great game. Normally I don't like horror games but this one is really good. It isn't just senseless killing and it has a really cool plot, a bunch of different weapons like a saber, a revolver and even an elephant gun. The story is really good and doesn't have a dumb ending. All the characters are different and you need to change your stragy a little bit with each one. I Think the graphics are really good as well. This game is the best on a dark stormy night with no lights on.
Great game for any Gamecube owner!
by: stupac14    On: 2002-06-29

If you own a Gamecube, or even if you don't, i suggest you get one, then this game to go along with it, because this is one fun game and is definantly worth owning. From the excellant sound, incredible graphics, strange but entertaining storylin, and crazy monsters, it should keep you involved for awhile.There are some seriously creepy things in this game, but it is just not scary like Resident Evil. That is ok though, because it sure is fun just to go around and slash at everything in sight, especially the way you can cut of enemies arms, legs, and heads specifically. It all melts together to create a fine game no one should be without.
The Gamecube's most innovative title.
by: mystical_machine    On: 2002-06-29

In a style more similar to "Onimusha" than "Resident Evil", "Eternal Darkness" is one of the Gamecube's most hyped game, and one gamers have been waiting forever for. I bought the game recently, and have been playing it almost non-stop. There are some pitfalls that gamers might encounter, but overall, it is a great game. Here is the breakdown:


1. Details. I read somewhere that it took over 4 years to make this game, and you can see where the effort went. The various environments are very well detailed, and the animation is as fluid as they come. The sound and music add to the ambient atmosphere. Sometimes, the music is as insane as the visuals.

2. Originality. The story line in "Eternal Darkness" is unlike anything I have ever seen. The idea being that you play several different characters in various points in history is something new to me, and it gives a new spin on what would otherwise be a "Resident Evil" standard hack 'n' slash.

3. Gameplay. Whatever your skill with video games, this will give you a good challenge. In ED, you have not only to worry about you life meter, but your sanity meter. Throughout the game, your sanity wains the more enemies you cross. This alters your perception. This is an innovative twist. The controls are responsive and easy to grasp the first time playing. A fair warning: The action get pretty intense pretty fast, so be ready.

4. Replay value. With 11 chapters, spanning a good 15-20 hours, there is a lot of reasons to go back. Actions and choices you make early on change the direction of the game, so you are guaranteed something different each time.


1. Frustration. Even seasoned "Resident Evil" fans might find the puzzled a bit frustrating at times. To be honest, I didn't even get to the first chapter until I read through the guide. The clues are as cryptic as the puzzles sometimes, so some parts might be unreasonably hard. Much of the gameplay is trial and error, so a guide is recommended.

2. The healing items don't recover much on the life meter, so sometimes recovering health is a tricky thing. This makes the game all the more hard.

As you guessed, I really enjoyed this game, despite some moments of frustration when I had to double-back to find something I didn't get. Will you like it? Fans who like the ultraviolence of "Resident Evil", the puzzle-solving elements of "Silent Hill", and the real time combat of "Devil May Cry" will love this game. Gamers who want something more strait-forward probably will not.

Better than Resident Evil
by: kobe8182    On: 2002-06-29

You may disagree with me but I do think both games are very good. In fact, I was itching at [a local store] last night trying figure out which one to buy. But after careful consideration I chose Eternal Darkness knowing that Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil 4 were coming to gamecube ... When I got home, I popped in the game disc and started playing. I was amazed how good the game is. It's not just a RE clone, the puzzles are much more harder, and the game was more thought out. (Jeez, they spent 5 years developing this great game so you'd expect a really good game.) The graphics aren't as good as Resident Evil's, but who cares about how good graphics are, it's all about fun. This game delivers more fun than imaginable. The most fun is slicing off which body part you want to on the monsters. This game makes you think... ...
My hype-meter just exploded
by: gksilli    On: 2002-06-29

Eternal Darkness is to M-rated games what Luigi's Mansion is to E-rated games: a big disappointment. It seems that Luigi's Mansion was created to demonstrate the Gamecube's graphic capabilities, as well as its new controller. Unfortunately, it wasn't very challenging or interesting. It seems that Eternal Darkness was created to help Nintendo shed its "kiddie image". Unfortunately, it also isn't very challenging or interesting.

Since there seem to be many, many reviews heaping praise on Eternal Darkness, this review will focus on those aspects of the game that one would either have to read between the lines or play the game to notice. To be fair, I have not finished the game, but I am already 9 hours into it. Some reviews I have read hint that the game gets more interesting after several hours of game play. On the benefit of that doubt, I decided to give the game 2 stars instead of 1.

Here are the biggest problems so far:

1) The puzzle-solving element of this game is insipid and insulting, considering the number of similar games that have come before it. So far, every puzzle has been lifted from Resident Evil (find a fake decoration, then replace the real one with the fake one so you can leave a room, etc.) Since Resident Evil on Gamecube is a remake, I guess it is allowed to rip off itself, but even RE's puzzles somehow seemed a lot more clever than ED's.

2) The enemies are uninteresting, unimaginative and almost featureless. I had hoped that game developers would have learned from Perfect Dark that injecting completely nondescript, ridiculous-looking enemies into the plot tends to hurt the gameplay, not help it. I guess they didn't. Resident Evil has just about every kind of scary creature you can think of, all in exacting detail: bees, dogs, spiders, snakes, sharks, zombies, mutants and big insectoids. ED's monster list is a lot shorter and a lot more boring, at least so far.

3) The background music is not effective. If you're going to tell a creepy horror story, atmospheric sound/music is very important. This game has some decent sound effects, but music has been almost nonexistent (or at least I didn't notice it).
In RE, mood music was also limited, but when it was used, it was very effective.

4) While the Eternal Darkness "storyline" spans many time periods, the gameplay is actually very forced and linear, so most of the interesting possibilities associated with an eon-spanning epic game are completely squandered. I guess Resident Evil was pretty linear too, but somehow it was more compelling. In ED it feels like "same stuff, different century".

5) ED's storyline is just typical occult mumbo jumbo intended to secure an M-rating. It doesn't tell a story as much as repeat a bunch of images and ideas: Ancients bad, gameplayer good. Or maybe Ancients good, gameplayer bad, I can't really tell. The cinema sequences in Spider-Man for Gamecube tell a much more coherent, interesting story and they're only based on a comic book, not some lofty notion of an epic fantasy horror game. Even Resident Evil's storyline makes a lot more sense and it's not exactly polished.

Some of the problems listed above have been mentioned in other reviews. But somehow they don't seem to add up to much in the other reviewers' estimations. To me, they make all the difference between a great game and a really disappointing game.

Sure, the graphics of the backgrounds and playable characters are very well done. Sure, the camera is very effective, frame rates are great and controls are good. But it all goes to waste if you feel like you're just trying to go through the motions to get to the next cinema scene. And you don't interact with cinema scenes. Yes, the insanity meter and its effect on the gameplay are clever and original, but that in itself is saying something. If it weren't for the insanity meter interfering with the regular gameplay (something most players will try to avoid anyway) the game would be even more boring!

I have made a lot of comparisons between Resident Evil and Eternal Darkness. I'm sure a lot of fans of ED would suggest that these are two very different types of game that don't warrant direct comparison, and that ED has larger aspirations.
That's probably true, but the comparisons are still necessary to explain why RE works and ED doesn't. Remember, these are supposed to be interactive GAMES. If I wanted JUST a fantasy horror story, I could find one in book or video form that makes a lot more sense for a lot less than [money].

I got suckered in by the hype (and the lack of good games for Gamecube), so I ran out and bought ED the day it came out. Big mistake. If you like hype and feel it necessary to own every M-rated game just so you don't have to feel like a "kiddie" when you play Gamecube, then by all means purchase Eternal Darkness. If you just want a scary game that is fun, get Resident Evil and pass on ED. (Oh and make sure to use alternate controller style C with RE, it makes the control a lot better).

by: joeh61    On: 2002-06-29

When is the last time a nintendo game wasnt top quality. After 4 years in the making this was definetly worth the wait. Incredible story keeps the game interesting every second. Truly scary moments (RE was akind to a Jason movie), this is the real thing. MUST OWN!!!
Best Gamecube game so far
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-06-29

Wow. This is a great game. If you bought a Gamecube i highly recomend this game. It has fantastic graphics, music, a great story line, lots of other jgreat features.
Not a Resident Evil clone, not even "Survival Horror."
by: changer4508    On: 2002-06-29

Just great gaming. This game made me NOT want to save, just so I could play through the scenarios over and over. Eternal Darkness has an immersive, centuries-spanning story that will amaze and enthrall you. It is truly the first MATURE video game, having been thoroughly and intensely researched and put together by Silicon Knights, Eternal Darkness is an incredible experience. There is nothing to complain about with this one, gamers. Buy it, play it, let it into your head (you'll see what I mean).
One warning for parents: If you buy this game for your child, play it yourself first to see what it's all about. It's not for kids under 17, but not for everyone over 17, either. A penchant for horror and adventure in your games is a must, and Eternal Darkness delivers in spades.
The best Gamecube title to date!!!
by: n_jagrup    On: 2002-06-29

This game is excellent. I bought this game with the intentions of a Resident Evil clone, but I was deeply wrong. This game isn't just finding and killing zombies and other hideous creatures, it has an extremely deep and intriguing story-line which is very fun to follow. The graphics are perfect and so are the controls.
Do yourself and favour and play this game without a guide!
If you do not have this game, it would be in your best interest to purchase it! If you do not even have a Gamecube, this title is a more than enough reason to go get one.
Long live Nintendo!!!!!
Great game
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-06-29

I bought this at BestBuy, and it is NOT another RE type game, not even similar. You start in the present time, exploring a mansion for clues to your grandfathers mysterious death. You find pages(chapters) of the Tomb of Eternal Darkness. You go to various time periods and various characters, and battle zombies(several types), and collect runes that you use to cast spells and enchant items. This game is way too complicated to explain, so JUST GET IT. It is a great game that has a nice and clear storyline. Graphics are very nice, only a few cut-scenes are slightly "blocky". At first the spells and runes will seem VERY complicated, but once you gain the magical ability, the game clearly explains everything. You need a codex to read a rune before you can use it. The "sanity meter" is a nice touch to the game. When you are a Roman Warrior(Pious), at the end of the level, you choose an artifact to claim. Whichever you choose is the "alignment" of the game, I cant even begin to spell the words. I would get the guide too, unless you are REALLY good at puzzles and fighting tactics. Bottom line: GET IT...there are 3 completely diffrent scenarions.
This game rocks!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-06-29

Eternal darkness is a brilliant game, and I consider it to be a must-buy.
Gameplay: This game is fun. I don't know why, I just can't stop playing it. This game is quite different to Resident Evil actually. It is very linear (not really a bad thing). Puzzles aren't all that hard, they just require you to sit down and think for a while. The combat is pretty good, although the collision detection can be a little annoying. The spells are an awesome part of the game. I have created quite a few of my own spells and they are very potent. The "magick" system is very well thought out and, while not being overly complex, allows for many different combinations.
Story: The story is very good. The game starts as a bunch of little stories from different characters and only later do they begin to really fit together. you will play just to see what happens next.
Graphics: The graphics are good. They are not Resident Evil quality but then again, nothing is. Sometimes they look incredible, sometimes they are just okay. i really love the animation in the cutscenes.
Sound: The sound in this game is amazing. It really can't be explained, you just need to hear it. Every sound effect is there and incredible voice acting ties the whole thing together.
My reccomendation: Stop reading this pointless review and buy it.
by: sprinsd    On: 2002-06-28

This is the best game I have ever played. The storyline is unique and enveloping. The ease of the game is offset by the intense story behind it. As each chapter of the game unfolds you become the chapter's current main character. This is much like watching a great scary movie or reading a good book! Buy this game!
Best game on GC yet without question
by: gamecubedfreak    On: 2002-06-28

First of all I wanna start off by saying this is the best Gc game yet and people who have been complaining about not having a top quality lengthy game for their gamecube have finally got what they wanted. But this game doesn't seem to be as popular as it deserves to be which is SOOOO strange considering how many people keep on complaining about not having too many adult orientated games on the gamecube. This is a game that deserves to sell well because it is excellent.
The graphics are consistantly good but seem to get better as the game progresses. Some of the FMV sequences are cool and the speech/music in the game is some of the best on the console,taking advantage of Dolby ProLogic II. The insanity effects are a very nice touch to the atmosphere and the gameplay and add a whole new element to the game. The gameplay is very deep and the game has a great magic system where you can even come up with your combination of magic attacks. The ability to chop off specific body parts on enemies very entertaining and effective. The game is a lasting challenge and if it is not rushed through or completed using a walkthrough then it should last 20+ hours to most gamers,which is quite long and plus there is meant to be a special ending if u complete it 3 times I hear.
Overall this is one of the best games I have ever played and the very positive reviews it received were very well deserved so this game has no reason not to sell amazingly well...SO BUY IT
Stop Reading and Buy it!!
by: zomaman    On: 2002-06-28

...BUY!! This game is absolutely awesome. Words cannot do justice to how incredibly fun and addicting this game is. When you play it you feel like you're in another world and you don't want to stop playing. It looks beautiful, the characters move smoothly, and the camera almost always keeps a great angle. This game is a must have for anyone over the age of 13. Stop reading and order it now.
God this is Cool!
by: seanfoster6    On: 2002-06-28

Okay, before I begin I have to give you guys some background. See, I bought this game for girlfriend and she hated it. Then I played it and it was awesome! So I guess that proves that girls are stupid right? Right? Well obviously. I mean all my girlfriend does is like complain about stupid things like "Why is there so much blood?" or "Does it have to be violent?" So I'm like "Yes!" Then I hit her a bunch. This game ROCKS!
The real Story Behind Eternal Darkness!
by: bsandoval1    On: 2002-06-27

I got this game on June 25 from EB Games. Right when I got home I went right down to play it. In the begining it gives the storyline and gets you engaged. Then you solve a puzzle and start to play with Pious Agustus in the Roman times. With him you go through a warp and find yourself in a palace. You collect granite blocks face a boss and start to get the feel for the darkness. After him there are 11 more new characters the next one more exciting than the last. It has a unpredictable ending and is a great game. I hope you pick it up and experience the DARKNESS!

Lasting Appeal-9.6
Overall Score-9.8

by: jeff_legere    On: 2002-06-27

i chose to get a gamecube rather than one of the other systems because of this game (and mario sunshine). having now played eternal darkness makes me realize i made the right decision. the graphics are excellent, the sound amazing and the story totally involving. it's the little details that make the difference; when you're walking on hardwood then walk on carpet the sound of your steps changes accordingly.

the best part is the gameplay. the menus are intuitive and moving around is not a chore like it is with resident evil. i was able to put it in and start playing without wading through a manual to learn the basics.

it starts out slowly; i was concerned that it would be too easy and uninteresting. by the time you have completed the first couple of tasks with the first few characters the gameplay becomes a lot more involving and difficult.

the sanity meter makes the game. when you face certain zombies they lower your sanity level; you can regain some of it back by killing them- but not all. once you're near the end of your sanity blood will start dripping on the floor, the camera angle will be tilted and the background effects become more spooky. the rest of the insanity effects i'll leave for you to experience first hand. you start to doubt your gameplay and, oddly, just after finishing up for the night i expected the same in real life- it's that surreal.

there are minor things one could take issue with, but then show me a game that is perfect. i can't recommend this game highly enough. there is a perfect balance between logic, exploring and fighting. this is all coming from someone who is not usually a fan of these types of games; i generally enjoy games like ssx tricky, super monkey ball and tony hawk 3.

by: jiggapirate    On: 2002-06-27

The gameplay and random freakiness is awesome. The only problem I have is the graphics. They don't stand a chance when you compare them to Resident Evil, but I still believe the game to be creepier than RE.
The Darkness Comes.......
by: jeremyb_wwjd    On: 2002-06-27

Eternal Darkness is the best gamecube game to date. For you people that might think this is a Resident Evil clone. You are way wrong. Yes some features of the game might be the same as Resident Evils features and yes it has zombies but these zombies are way different than the ones in RE. But this game has magick and really cool wepons. They range from a scramasax sword to a .38 revolver. The save feature is very easy to use. The graphics are drop dead gorgeous. Everything from the detail on a stained glass window the letters on a table. This game looks really amazing. Don't even get me started on the magick system. I'll tell you a little bit about it. Ok you can create your own spells and you discover spells along the way. You need three things to make a spell; a circle of power which let's you know the power of the spell, runes which are the codes you need for the spell and magick codexes which tell you what the runes are for. If you don't have the codex for a certain rune it remains a mystery. The gameplay is awesome. The puzzles are pretty hard. But you can figure most of them out without the strategy guide. The combat system is very well put together, plus the targeting system is really cool. You can cut off certain limbs of the enemies. The camera system is also very well put together. The camera doesn't get stuck behind walls or anything. It is lke a cinematic camera. It pans to where you walk or stand. I give this game a 10 out of 5. I definetly recommend this game.
by: stanleywain    On: 2002-06-26

I tend to get bored with games easily if the gameplay or story gets repetitive. I bought this game today and I am really enjoying it. This game has a great story that keeps you interested from the very beginning. The control scheme is very easy to get used to (movement is much easier than in Resident Evil) and the combat system is very intuitive and easy to master. (The right trigger allows you to "lock on" to an enemy and the control stick allows you to target a specific part of the enemy's body. Head, torso, right or left arm, etc) My only complaint is when you go to "finish him" (when you "finish" off an enemy, it will boost your sanity meter), the length of time it takes for the "finish him" animation to complete is a bit long (not very, just seems like it when zombies are coming at you) and leaves you vulnerable to enemy attack. Knowing this up front helps you to decide when facing a horde of zombies if there is sufficient time to finsish off the enemy. The graphics are not as amazing as they are in the Resident Evil game, but they are very very good, and actually seem to get better the further along you progress in the game. The character models are very basic, but the lighting and fog effects are awesome, as well as the gameplay environments. (mostly indoors, as far as ive gotten) The best part is the story. I don't want to give it away, because anyhow, im not far into the game, but I've already controlled 3 different characters. It's a story that goes through the ages, or ancestry, if you will, of a specific family, and their dealings with an ancient, evil tome. (book) While the controls and combat are the same for every character, you will notice little differences in quickness, strength, etc, but not so much as to make it hard to get accustomed to as if you were playing a new game every time you change characters. This is a very neat concept, and one that will have you thinking strategically. The story is very interesting and engrossing. This game is a sure hit. It sounds great through my surround sound system because it has Dolby Digital Pro Logic II sound. Awesome. Pick this game up. It is an M-rated game and is creepy and exciting all at the same time. Just go buy it. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come for Nintendo, because so far, I am unimpressed with their game library on this console. Star Wars and Resident Evil are the best games on this system until now. Hopefully when the Nintendo published games start coming out, they will all be as polished as this one. You can tell a lot of work and thought went into Eternal Darkness, and I'm very glad I picked it up !!!
this is THE reason to buy a Gamcube
by: acjroj    On: 2002-06-26

A game usually has to be absolutely amazing to prompt me to comment on it, and I almost did for Resident Evil. But let me say right now that while Resident Evil is an incredible gaming experience, ED-SR is THAT MUCH BETTER. While the graphics are at least as good, where this game rises above is its control & camera system. The control of your character is anti RE, where the control stick directions actually correspond to where your character goes. The camera view stays back to let you explore areas, and zooms in always when you need it to. The transition from area to area is seamless and nearly instantaneous, and when you go through a door, there is no waiting while the the door opens to load the next area (a la RE). The enemy battles are finely tuned, with an nice targeting system where you can sever specific parts; this strategy for different enemies actually dictates how successful you are.

The sanity meter was a stroke of genius and is by far the most unique aspect of a game I have seen maybe ever. Loss of your mental faculties affects your character(s) often, and has to be seen to be believed.

This game truly takes advantage of the Gamecube's impressive processing & graphics power in every way. The replayability is also high; at least three journeys are needed to fully experience the "magick" portion of your abilities. Surprisingly, the game length is more than adequate, considering you have only 1 disc.

All in all, an absolute must have, easily the best game to appear on the Gamecube thus far, possibly the most overly impressive game on any of the big three systems to date. I will speculate that this game will garner several awards before all is said and done; hopefully, if Nintendo can continue to snag exclusive titles like this, the GC will rise above X-BOX & PS2 and put some serious distance behind them.

Oh, and the storyline is first rate, too.

A True Masterpiece & Testament to the Quality of Nintendo
by: hydropolis    On: 2002-06-26

Let me start off by saying that this game totally rocked my world. In my opinion it blows Resident Evil out of the water, offering so much more to the gamer and ultimately a more rewarding experience. Resident Evil is great, don't get me wrong, I own it and love it. It's just that Eternal Darkness is so much better, in my opinion at least. So let me break it down:

Gameplay: The gameplay is top-notch. The controls are great, your character is very responsive, not slow and stiff like Res Evil. The targeting system and combo attack systems work so well that i find myself having alot of fun just going around killing bad guys. You can cut a monsters head off or maybe just both their arms instead, then when they're lying on the ground you can finish them off with a final blow (which recovers some of your sanity). This brings me to the sanity meter, which is so awesome. Every time you encounter monsters you lose some sanity, if it goes down all the way expect strange things to happen (no spoilers here). Let's just say that experiencing the insanity effects is one of the coolest things in the game. There is also a deep magick system (yes- that's magic with a k) which enables you to combine rune stones to create your own magic spells. Very cool indeed, offering even more depth to the gameplay.

Graphics: The graphics can range from great to spectacular. The lighting and ambience to each level is superb (especially indoor levels). The collision detection is nearly spot-on (with a few minor issues). When you swing a sword against a wall it will scrap against it and create sparks. It's details like this which put the graphics into the spectacular category. The graphics may not impress you more than Res Evil, but when taking into consideration that Eternal Darkness offers a completely 3D world to explore (no 2D prerendered backgrounds here) Eternal Darkness is more impressive.

Sound: The sound is also another area that this game excells in. The voice-acting in particular is some of the best i've ever heard in any game (blows the voice acting in Res Evil out of the water). And the musical score and sound effects are both outstanding as well. Everything draws you into the experience, making the story really come alive.

Overall: It may actually be the story that is Eternal Darkness's strongest point. Without giving anything away it is very dark and cool. You will switch between 12 different characters over the course of the game, spanning the course of 20 centuries. There's a solid 25-50 hours of gameplay (depending on the gamer), with alternate gameplay paths. There's even supposed to be an "uber-ending" if you beat the game 3 times, which is something I could easily see myself doing (the game is too much fun to put down). Eternal Darkness is just so much fun and has some very unique elements that elevate it to the level of masterpiece. It even supports progressive scan, 16x9 widecreen, and Dolby Pro Logic II modes! A must-have game, which no self-respecting GameCube owner would be without. Don't hesitate, purchase this game NOW!

the psychological thriller
by: fbplaya88    On: 2002-06-26

Most people may write this game off as a Resident Evil clone, but they couldn't be more wrong. Eternal Darkness has created a whole new genre. It is not a survival-horror like many people think, but rather a psychological thriller. The insanity meter adds a lot to the gameplay, making the atmosphere even spookier when added with the stellar graphics and awesome audio (which can also be heard in full surround sound using Dolby Pro Logic II). In my opinion, Eternal Darkness is the better game than Resident Evil because the controls are much tighter and looser, you dont feel like a robot running around, and the game gives you a much more rewarding experience than Resident Evil. But you have to give the game time, you can't expect it to show everything it has in the first half-hour. A lot of people have been complaining that the gamecube has no lengthy titles, well, here's your answer. This game will give the average player at least 40-50 hours of gameplay. This is the best gamecube game to date and one of the best next-generation console games to come out. If you own a gamecube, you have to own Eternal Darkness.
by: sym2    On: 2002-06-26

I'll try to make this not much more of a spoiler than what you would get from the back of the box. It's actually scary like a good horror movies. Unlike other "horror" games, like House of the Dead and Resident Evil, where a big boss will make you think, "Bring it on", ED will have you (and your character) cowering in fear. The game begins as Alexander Rovias investigates her mysterious grandfather's death. Through solving puzzle hidden in the creepy mansion, you are able to find chapters. Once Alex reads the chapters, the character comes to life and you must complete the mission. The backgrounds are spectacular and the characters are pretty well done, but wilt in comparison to the backgrounds. Little things, like how characters turn there heads to look at things and jitter as a torch crackles add a lot, which would explain the games three year development time. If you keep running, your character tires out and has to rest. If injured, your character moves slower. If you keep slashing your character tires. The game would be pretty much a boring hack-and-slash game from there, but thanks to the addition of the sanity meter, it makes it one to remember. As you encounter monsters your sanity drops, causing hallucinations. Losing the first bit, you'll see some very subtle visions, which I won't spoil for you. Then as it drops further, big things start happening, that were not only intended for the character, but also to make the player freaking scared. Just be ready for anything when you play, and just remember,"It's not real,it's not real,it's not real" No matter what happens.
Trying to find flaws in this game are hard. So far in my several hours of gameplay, I've only see about five different kinds of enemys. Attacking an enemy with a large sword in a narrow passage is difficult. I don't know why characters just bring it over their heads. Repeated slashing is hard because your character *sigh* realistically tires. Firing projectile weapons (guns) is difficult because the time for a character to reload. It's generally better to use a sword. The life and sanity meters are very small and *sigh* realistically short. If you die you better have saved because there's no mamby-pamby wimp checkpoint area.
With it's excellent story and sanity meter, it's The Game of the Summer for me, possibly year depending on how other titles work out. Excuse me, I need to go play.
Better than Resident Evil...
by: changer4508    On: 2002-06-26

...more frightening, more eerie, more entrancing. This is THE Gamecube game to own! Originally slated to hit the N64, it's been four-plus years in the making and the result shows. Silicon Knights has raised the bar for action-adventure games, not to mention creating an incredible horror gaming experience in line with the writings of Poe and H.P. Lovecraft. This game immerses you in a tale spanning 2000 years and many exotic locations, playing one of twelve characters (the 13th some speak of is YOU) throughout the centuries, facing unspeakable horrors and risking life, limb and mind (as the "player," you are not above being affected by the games insanity effects--beware!) to solve an ancient riddle.
I've played just a few hours worth of the game and I'm hooked. This is a game for MATURE players--parents, if you allow younger children to play it, you're going to induce nightmares, have no doubt. You are warned!
It promises many many hours of hair-raising entertainment to the determined gamer. Enjoy! (And don't lose your head!)
Eternal Darkness Delivers!
by: uber_gamer    On: 2002-06-25

Have been playing this game for 12 hours and I must say it is one of the finest games I have ever played on any system to date. The story is immediately engrossing and lasts for a good 20 hours if you just run through it with no intentions to actually play the game thoroughly. If you want to see everything this game has to offer I hope you can afford 30+ hours easy.

The graphics are very good, everything is real-time 3D unlike Resident Evil so resources of the CPU have to render everything including backgrounds, which means that the backgrounds and characters don't look as good as Resident Evil but they are nothing to worry about because details are still very rich and well done. Real-time lighting and volumetric fog and reflections, they are all there. Pictures do NOT do this game justice, because when in motion you immediately can tell it is way beyond the clunky movement of Resident Evil.

Sound is very good and surround sound is perfect. The music is moody and dark and the sound effects are outstanding. The voice acting is the best I have heard in a long time, it is actually one of the best parts of the game for a change!

Sanity effects are a new addition to gameplay mechanics, now your character can actually go insane and see and hear weird things!

This is not close to Resident Evil in any way other than the fact the camera is 3rd person perspective. The game includes a deep magick (yes that's the way it is spelled) system which is more important than how big your gun is since spells play an intricate part in exploring the vast environments. For instance you ca cast a spell that creates a little scorpion type device which can walk into small areas you can't reach. Also, you can create unique and new spells thru combinations of runes to spell out a spell. Basically an enormous amount of combos, almost infinite! Of course you have melee weapons like swords which are not regulars in Resident Evil. Plus the puzzles are not silly but actually BELONG in the environments they are in. No strange gems to unlock the bathroom. ;)

The game is very detailed and dark and interesting. It can not be said enough that if you plan on buying this game you seriously need to set aside the time to play in thru well, there are 3 paths you can take with alternate endings and an uber ending. Best BUY for GAMECUBE til Metroid Prime.

The return of brilliance to gaming.
by: seraphim_24    On: 2002-06-25

In 1996 I picked up a game made by an unheard of developer called Silicon Knights. The game was the epic Blood Omen: The Legacy of Kain. Since then Silicon Knights have been my developer simply because of the brilliance behind the story, and while Crystal Dynamics have done a decent job with Kain since, none of the current stories light a candle to the original.
It has been four years in development, and Eternal Darkness has been well worth the wait. I have only spent a few hours with this game, but what I have played so far is a refreshing experience literally all its own. This game cannot be compared to Resident Evil at all. Walking dead aside this game bares no resemblance to the survival horror genre. Co-developed by Nintendo the game has a Nintendo style of game play that is ingenious, beautiful, smooth, and brilliant.
The graphic are not on par with Resident Evil, but yet is still breath taking, and it is one of the better-looking GCN games. But this game was never about graphics anyway. With Silicon Knights it's never about graphics, but an intriguing story line of epic proportions. Despite the low polygon character models the subtlety of the games details is amazing. Small things like a floor filled with screaming faces are both disturbing, and appreciated. Too bad Capcom never thought that one up.
The best part of this game is the sound. This is the best sounding game I have ever heard on any game on any console. Resident Evil has the best Graphics; Eternal Darkness has the best sound. The music isn't much to sing songs of praise about, but the ambience of the game, and the way things sound distant when they're in the background... the amazingly realistic sound effects... and dare I mention the voice acting? So far I swear I have heard the voices of Simon Templeman (known for his role as Kain, playing Pias Augustas) Rene Aburjonis (SP?) (Best known as Odo in DS9, but also Janus Aldron in the recent Legacy of Kain games) and possibly Michael Bell (Knows for his role as Raziel). I'm not sure on this because I have not seen the cast, but its nice to hear voices that I know and love behind this game. The voice acting, aside from Alex's fake sounding crying, is on par with Legacy of Kain, probably because of the voice actor's selected for the game. Simply one of the best.
The most interesting thing about this game is the packaging. The fact that this game is developed by Silicon Knights is in fine print. Nintendo is making it very clear this very M rated video game is a Nintendo game, and considering that Nintendo themselves co-developed it its a claim that they are entitled to. I was aware that Silicon Knights was a Nintendo Second Party, but from the looks of it, SK may have been made a part of Nintendo, much like EAD, HAL, and R&D, which would be a brilliant move on Nintendo's part. SK could single handedly target the adult audiences that Nintendo is making an extra effort to obtain. I have a feeling this won't be the last Nintendo made M rated title. I hope it will be the first of a new trend because this game so far was well worth the wait... especially when the weird things start happening.
Eternal Darkness has the makings of Game of the Year...
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-06-25

Nintendo bought Silicon Knights (SK), the company responsible for the hit game "Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain", as a 2nd party developer for a good reason. This company is extremely talented, and extremely innovative, which is what Nintendo is in itself. SK's first Gamecube offering is Eternal Darkness, which is no Resident Evil. You don't become surprised in the game from zombies jumping through windows and breaking through doors. You become surprised from a realization that this game is playing with your mind. It is beyond Resident Evil, with the exception of graphics, in all respects.

The story should certainly be stressed in these reviews, and I feel it hasn't been enough. You know how Final Fantasy's stories are deep and moving? This game's story proves to be much deeper, and more cleverly designed. Every intricate detail in the game is there for a reason and is a part of the plot. The story may seem diluted and not together at first, but after several hours, it will sow together beautifully, leaving you in awe. Take this from someone who's played it. It is the most beautiful story I've ever read and experienced. ... It will make you think and make you question your decisions in the game.

Yes there are 13 playable characters; but you may find that there are only 12 in the game. What gives? YOU are the thirteenth character, and this game will involve you to this respect. Its graphics are very nice, giving this game much detail. However some things are noticibly missed, only because you'd expect this game's graphics to be completely perfect. For instance, torch lights are still, not flickering, or making your shadow dance. Not needed to have this way, but does detract from the game's realness momentarily sometimes.

The sanity system is grand addition to this game. Sometimes you'll know when you are going insane, because you recognize a sanity effect, but sometimes it will really catch you off guard.

The magick system is also incredible. You can combine spells in this game in certain ways for an amazing amount of strategic diversity of magick. The game has three paths, all of which take around 20 hrs. each, and are quite diverse on their own. But there is a satisfying ultimate ending which you need to complete all three paths to attain. There are roughly 5 hrs. of realtime movies in it also. There are also no load times of opening doors like in Resident Evil.

This game sheds all games of its class and reeks of quality, which most Nintendo 1st and 2nd party games tend to do. This game helps tremendously to shed the "kiddy" image of Nintendo, and Nintendo was smart to buy SK because of their incredible efforts, this being the most recent. Eternal Darkness has been in fact delayed for more than a year because Nintendo realized it had to be polished to perfection. This game certainly has the makings of Game of the Year, even possibly the greatest video game of all Time. If you don't believe me, try it yourself...

Excellent job SK!

EXCELLENT game to play on the ( Nintendo GameCube )
by: cschmell    On: 2002-06-24

Enternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem made by: Nintendo of American is a EXCELLENT game to play on Nintendo GameCube game console

I give it 5 Stars "Highly Recommended" REALLY WORTH IT TO BUY this game & play it on your Nintendo GameCube

If anyone have a Nintendo GameCube MUST HAVE GAME TO BUY AND PLAY

This game will test your sainity...literally.
by: amun    On: 2002-06-16

Wow.This game is going to be cool.
First off, there will be 12 playable charecters in multiple time lines. All these charecters stories and actions conect, which makes a great storie.The graphics and as much of a slap upside the head as Resident Evil, but there still above average. I cant coment on the music much,but from the video clips Ive seen and heard,its good. Yet thats not the real reson to get it. The best reson? Insainity. Most people who have been looking up on the game know your charecter starts loosing sainity. An interesting aspect.SPOILERS! But not as interesting as the way they mess with your mind. Try this,you going along, havent saved for a while, and all of a sudden a screen pops up telling you an error accourd and the system needs to be restarted or it is restarting and an evil-ish loking gamecube logo pops up acting like its restarting,yet the geames still going.Or another instance, your goin along and enter a room full of monsters,or a boss. A cute little message decides to pop up and says your controlers been unpluged.You lunge forward to plug it in and get killed.This is a game to play. 9.5 out of ten,or rounded to 5 stars.Im not saying it will be perfect, but close to it.
Gamecube, not just for kids!
by: curlijones    On: 2002-06-06

Everyone says that Gamecube is a little kids system, but this game is a great way to show that they are wrong! Resident Evil and this game are the number 1 game! And Metriod Prime will be a hit too along with Perfect Dark Zero.
Can't wait for this to come out..
by: j_silversmith    On: 2002-05-27

This is not your average, get scared up, shoot 'em up game. No it is not. This game spans 2000 years, taking on about 13 different characters. And the part in the title, "Sanity's Requiem," is what the game is about. In addition to your average health and magic meters, there is a "sanity meter." If your sanity meter drops too far, well, you start having "gruesome" hallucinations.
The graphics look great on this one, too, but not as good as "Resident Evil." The lighting is good. Overall, this is NOT a clone of Resident Evil. It may look the same from the outside, but it is barely the same. As the saying goes, "Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover."
GCN Gamer
by: rbtjico    On: 2002-04-17

OK, let me get down to the nitty gritty right away. Eternal Darkness, is going to be the biggest title for the GCN till StarFox, and even that might not do it. Silicon Knights(Developer) has been working on this game for so long they deserve an award. If you've read the other reviews then you know that you play as 13 characters, with a story spanning over 2000 years. Along with that this game has excellent lighting at 60 frames per second. The insanity meter makes the game even better... All in all this game is going to be great. It has over 60 hours of gameplay not including alternate routes, making it the longest game for Gamecube so far. Even better, its exclusive to Nintendo. If you are craving an action-adventure RPG for the GCN, dont hesitate to pick up Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Reqiuiem.
Number one game
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-04-14

This has got to be the best game ever to hit the GAMECUB.You get to be 13 characters and I read that you can also be the walking dead.Plus the story line is the best.It's beter than resident evil.I bet this game will get fist place in the best story lines.This game is a must have so don't miss it.Who ever misses it I feel so sory for them.
Game Cube game definiately not for kids
by: djsolie    On: 2002-04-01

This game is a great example of how people just assumed that Game Cube games would be only for kids. Let me just say that this is no kids game. This game incorperates all good aspects of suspense movies. The game makes you see things that do not exist. You have to use many tactics to stay alive, sometime fight, sometimes run away, but always outwit. The sanity meter is an amazing innovation. The game makes you feel that you are slowly going insane. This game will keep you asking the question, "Is that what I think it is?" and, "Did that just move?"

I would recommend this game to all gamers who think Game Cube games are for children. And I'd recommend that all parents buying games for children should look elsewhere. This is one video game that is NOT for the kids.

Sary that and a lot more
by: majordedris    On: 2002-03-18

Eternal Darkness gives you a turn around a diffrent corner with the horror grenre with 12 diffrent playable charaters span over a near century gives you the advatage and as if you were in the game your self hits make you start to lose all control of whats real and whats not this game will give you a new definition of cool and scary thats for sure.
Truly Innovative!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-02-11

What can I say? I can hardly contain my exitement for this game. ED could seriously be one of the greatest games ever. The idea of controlling characters over a span of 2000 years in a game is a concept that truly intrigues me. "Hats off to who ever came up with this idea."
Fun fun fun!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-10

I played this at Nintendo Cube Club, and let me tell you, this game rocks! Reserve it now!
More Then Hack And Slash
by: dbieserb    On: 2002-01-09

I think some people forget to mention that this game was originaly intended for the N64 and a demo was shown of it. In the demo for the N64 you were able to cast out spells and even mix the spells with your weapons to make a new one! I will also mention that demos throughout Toysrus ect was only 5% of the actual game. Not only that but you will be able to play as 13 different characters spanning over years and years of storyline, its incredible. So dont think of this game as just a Resident Evil clone game....cause its more then that and better!
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-30

I think enternal darkness is a great game. Its a mix of resident evil and house of the dead. Plus this game is mature which shows that us game cubers arent little kids. It has great graphics and s fun through the whole game
Eternal Darkness is Nintendo's first survival-horror title.
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-09

In the world of survival-horror, you have to outwit, outkill, and outrun your enemies. Nintendo steps up to the plate with their own survival-horror game for the Gamecube,and it looks quite impressive. While other survival-horror games deal with ghosts, demons and zombies, Eternal Darkness takes on sanity. Yes, sanity. You play as any of the variety of characters that the game offers you, and they're all from different ages. Go from ancient to modern characters, and they all have a problem with their heads. In the game, you have to watch your sanity meter, which when goes against you, you will imagine creatures and horrible things that may be real, or may not. This is really cool, as this title takes a route that no other survival-horror game has done before. I expect this title to be a smash hit, and why not. It's something new and not done before, and it's made by Nintendo. But can Eternal Darkness stand up to Resident Evil, the king of the survival-horror world, which will also head over to the Gamecube next year? Only time will tell.
Overall, I think Nintendo will do an excellent job as usual, and give us a new exciting title to add to our Gamecube library. Plus, this game is for mature audiences for it's graphic violence and gore, which is a smack in the face to anybody who says that the Gamecube is only for kids.
Survival Horror with a Twist
by: crazy_axel    On: 2001-11-11

If you're a Resident Evil fan, and plan on getting a Cube, this game should be added to your list, PRONTO! A bit of a twist on a Survival Horror being the fact of the new 'sanity meter' players slowly lose their sanity as they progress through levels, and the only way to regain what sanity you have left is to destory creatures of the undead in levels. And if you don't do your job, you lose what little grasp you have left on reality. From it being you actually losing arms when you leave a room, or to all your items gone, only to see a bright flash appear realizing you only imagined it all... and with time the illusions become worse.. what could they all lead to, or what could they all mean..? What can I say? Stuning graphics, great game play and oh we can't forget the hours of gameplay now can we? Reported from Silicon Knights themselves almost 70 hours of play, and that's not going through all the secrets in the game. The only disappointment right now is, it's been pushed back until about Febuary sometime, but hey don't worry, when this game comes out, go get it.
Its not just a Resident Evil clone.
by: pinkyg    On: 2001-11-11

That reminds me, for those who don't know yet, the Resident Evil franchise has been officially declared a Nintendo exclusive series. All future Resident Evil games for the next five years or so will only be available for Nintendo hardware. That includes several new RE games and all the old ones with completely updated graphics, for those who have been loyal to Nintendo and may not have played them all. Okay, with that out of my system, I'd like to say that Eternal Darkness has some elements that are not going to be found in any other game. Multiple characters in a continuing storyline is one thing. Another is the all-new Sanity Meter. It's actually possible for your character to go insane and start hallucinating because of the impossible things that happen. You may eventually stop trusting the game, because you'll go through a certain part and start seeing strange things that shouldn't be there, and then find that they aren't, and that your character imagined the whole thing. You start to lose your sanity when you try to avoid the monsters you should be destroying, so you can always go back and finish them to keep from losing your mind. That is something great you won't find in any other game.
As far as graphics are concerned, everything in Eternal Darkness is incredible looking. From the textures, to the lighting, to the facial expressions on the characters. And the hit detection is great, too, because unlike some games, when you fight in a small room with a sword or a mace, you may find it difficult to fight because your weapon keeps hitting the wall. There are a lot of things about Eternal Darkness that make it a great game.
Eternal Darkness
by: chasekeeler    On: 2001-11-05

Eternal Darkness is a great game. I enjoyed it a lot. It is like House of Dead and Zelda with the zombies poping up to get you. It is Mature for a reason and may be scary because it is so realistic, but overall a exteremely fabulous game.
the icing on the cake
by: adamghale    On: 2001-10-23

What's this? In the midst of all of these great games for Gamecube.. could it be.. yet ANOTHER ORIGINAL, INNOVATIVE, BEAUTIFUL looking game for Nintendo? I believe so. And this one's for "mature" audiences. Even better. People everywhere are raving in anticipation of this game. It is going to be a hit.. no question about it. Pre order it with complete confidence that you're getting a quality game. If you dont believe me, just look around a little bit and you'll see.
Eternal Darkness
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-10-18

I have played this game it is really cool. The graphics are really great and the play is really awsome. I can't wait until Eternal Darkness launchs next month on Nov. 18th. This will be a great game to buy Eternal Darkness.
Brace Yourself
by: johnn225    On: 2001-10-15

Eternal Darkness is the begining to a new Nintendo, a Nintendo that makes Mature rated games. In this horror game, you travel with different characters through 2000 years of time, fighting zombies and other monsters. Everything you do has an effect on the game, even how quickly/slowly you finish a monster. If you beat a monster fast, your sanity meter goes up. Killing the slowler will make you start to freak out, and lower your sanity. When your sanity becomes too low, you might have hallucinations. Your inventory might disappear, or you might be walking and watch your head fall off, or something strange. The game is extremly plot driven, innovative, and its supposed to be scary in a new way, which makes it a great game.
Eternal Darkness(The Jist)
by:    On: 2001-10-12

I have not played it yet, But I belive that since Nintendo, in the past, has been a great game developer(not so much in the horror games)but I think it should be given a chance. It was due to arrive on N64 in the beginning, but they decided to hold off and wait for the GameCube. Making some major changes to the game and also to the graphics, from what I see this game is probably a winner.

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