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Extension Cable- Smoke

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Poor Quality
by: rudy48188    On: 2005-12-23

The insulating jacket on this cable has split in multiple places, and it is rarely used. The wiring is also fragile, so we now have a useless extension cable since it shorts out and shuts down the GameCube. Another Mad Catz item purchased was poor quality also (a memory card that constantly corrupted the data). Avoid this cable--it's junk. Wish Nintendo made extensions...all the cables on our controllers are still flawless after a few years of use.
by: escakirby    On: 2001-12-24

Well, its pretty dang good for an extension cord, 8ft long, and most are 6ft long. Well, uhhhh, just an extension cord, not much to talk about, just lets you play your gamecube up to 8ft longer, a total of 14ft! Great for parties!

Dannyboy =)

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