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Frogger's Action/Adventure: The Rescue for Nintendo GameCube
Manufacturer: Konami      
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This game was really fun
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-04-05

This game was really fun.
Fun and challenging...You're never too old for this FROGGER!
by: gameondude    On: 2004-03-07

I, at one time, had the other recently released FROGGER BEYOND, made by the same makers "KONAMI". I was very hesitant to purchase FROGGER'S ADVENTURES because I was afraid it, also, would be too hard and basically be the same game with a differant cover. While it does have a familiar look, it's not the same game. In my opinion, they've fixed the problems that FROGGER BEYOND was riddled with. One thing that makes this version fantastic is that it's NOT too hard. FROGGER BEYOND seemed to get too hard, too quickly and I became very discouraged with it and got rid of it in a day or two. FROGGER'S ADVENTURES, while still challenging, keeps it possible to complete levels and keeps it fun. My kids love it.
The graphics are fantastic. Very colorful with alot of neat eye-candy.
The controls are all about you! As long as you can move the analog stick, or the directional pad, quickly and accurately, you shouldn't have any problems.
In final...I highly recomend this game. It's a great time killer if you're simply bored or if you just want a little FROGGER action!

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