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Game Cube Mega Memory 16X Memory Card
Manufacturer: Interact Accessories, Inc.      
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Game Cube Mega Memory 16X Memory Card     On: 2006-09-17

The card works good without any problems. Enough space as well.
Fasle sense of security - read on...
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-30

This is my first review of well anything but a sorry tale it is. I have had a cube for four years and this card for 18 months. It has been out of the machine perhaps twice. A couple of weeks ago I got the 'data corrupt, format card' note - damn. That's perhaps 100 game datas gone. Mario Sunshine, Wind Waker, Majora's Mask, Eternal Darkness, Resident Evil 4 and MANY others - you get the gist, adventure games with hundreds, perhaps thousands (yes I mean it) of hours of gameplay gone. Am I likely to want to try again, can I ever play them in the same way? Sure great card, fantastic save capability, until it all goes pop. Not funny. Not funny at all. I now have an imported official 1019 block Nintendo card (, I wish i'd read this sooner.
The many many other reviews on this page are right
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-06-01

This card will let you down in the end. If only I'd read these reviews before I bought it. The night I got my GameCube back in March, I bought this memory card along with it, thinking it'd be great because it had so much memory space. And up till now, it was fine. But about 20 minutes ago, the card became corrupted. I tried shaking it, blowing off dust, trying different slots, selecting no on the "Would you like to format?" selection screen again and again, but nothing works. All my data is unusable now. My Sonic games, Metal Gear Solid: TTS, Super Mario Sunshine, all of it, unusable. Now all I'm left with is regret. As another one of the many many people who were duped into buying this piece of junk, all I can say is: DO NOT BUY THIS. I can't stress that enough. It's just not worth it.
Ya it is junk.
by: still6345    On: 2004-03-22

I just bought the new Mvp baseball yesterday, and of course I needed a bigger memory card, because the game takes more than the usual memory cards worth of space. I went to Fry's Electronics and saw this one that was 1000 blocks, where the only other one there only had 251 blocks and it was 3 dollars more expensive. I now see why. I put my memory card in. Transferred some game stats to it from another card, and started my season of baseball. After the first game I saved it. When I went out of the season mode, and came back in 15 minutes later, it called said the memory was corrupt and needed to be formatted. This was after only playing one game. I don't consider that very reliable even if it was suggested that there might be overheating or other issues. So for the third day in a row I will be going back to the store tomorrow to return. What a waste of time. Do not buy under any circumstance. Based on these messages I am not alone.
Ya it is junk.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-03-22

I just bought the new Mvp baseball yesterday, and of course I needed a bigger memory card, because the game takes more than the usual memory cards worth of space. I went to Fry's Electronics and saw this one that was 1000 blocks, where the only other one there only had 251 blocks and it was 3 dollars more expensive. I now see why. I put my memory card in. Transferred some game stats to it from another card, and started my season of baseball. After the first game I saved it. When I went out of the season mode, and came back in 15 minutes later, it called said the memory was corrupt and needed to be formatted. This was after only playing one game. I don't consider that very reliable even if it was suggested that there might be overheating or other issues. So for the third day in a row I will be going back to the store tomorrow to return. What a waste of time. Do not buy under any circumstance. Based on these messages I am not alone.
No Problems Here
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-01-26

I have had the Mega Memory 16x for almost a year and it never gave me any problems. Wel, one minor problem, but it can be avoided. When I play my Madden 04 franchise, after a game I save and it says the file is corrupted, so I simply save the franchise again. As long as I have the corrupted file on the card, it never corrupts again! People with corruption problems, try just leaving the corrupted file on the card (don't erase it!) It worked for me, and it should work for you.
Problems are not isolated
by: mike--d    On: 2003-12-03

I just got one of these Interact 64MB cards. I had heard in the past that you should stay away from non-licensed memory cards but I thought that was a pile of crap. Anything that works is okay with me, I thought. I was pretty excited to have 1000 blocks of memory -- finally I could save replays and custom playbooks in Madden (my franchise takes up nearly all the space in a 256 block card.) So I stuck it in, brought up the GC memory card manager, and copied my four Madden files (settings, profile, bio, franchise) to the new card. So far so good.

However, when I started Madden, it couldn't read the card -- said no card was inserted. I went back to the memory manager -- it also said no card was inserted, even though it worked earlier. I pushed and wiggled the card and I eventually got the manager to read it again. Using the same tricks got Madden to recognize the card as well. But when I tried to load the franchise, it said the file was corrupt.

I looked at the card and compared it to an official Nintendo one, and it looks like the circuit board contacts are not at exactly the same position and angle in the Interact card. Also, the construction is flimsier. It looks like the Interact card has trouble maintaining consistent contact across all the traces.

Luckily, I still have the receipt, so it's going back to the store at first opportunity. Maybe some people have not had problems with this card, great. But that doesn't mean that problems don't exist or that they're the fault of the users. This was a BRAND NEW card that didn't work right from the get go.

Best Card
by: thimmes    On: 2003-11-24

This card is great. I have never had any of the problems that other writers complain about. Perhaps they are not careful with theirs. I just leave mine in the machine. I have multiple franchises stored as well as data for many games. I have never lost any information. Also, it is an incredible value compared to any of the nintendo cards.
by: traviswest3    On: 2003-09-20

There are tons of reviews for this product that all seem to indicate a flaw which is partially of their own contrivance. This product exceeds what a memory card of its size should be able acccomplish, and as a result it can cause some minor problems, but the problems are minor. If your game says the card is corrupt and 'would you like to format it?' it is giving you the only message that the game is programmed with. The data is not corrupt; the problem could be a) the card is dusty, b)the card is too hot (sometimes happens due to the excessive processing speed it must employ, c)one of a hundred other problems that sometimes occur durring data transferrance. If you just always say 'format disk' (which will destroy all of your data) than you are partially to blame for the data loss. I use this card dozens of times a day, Animal crossing has told me that my card needs to be formatted over 100 times. I just say no and try again, maybe take out the card and blow the dust off the connectors. I have never lost any data.
by: archrafael    On: 2003-08-30

just wanted to add that all these people are right. I have had 3 of these cards replaced by circuit city (who are really living up to their easy return policy) and all of them were junk. They dump data regularly. Its a memory card, if it doesn't save data its JUNK.
Poor design and quality!
by: kreegers2    On: 2003-07-26

This memory card works terribly. I got it for my birthday, and when I tried it on one of my games, I saved it, only to get a message saying the file was corrupted when I next played. It worked on some of our games, but then the memory card had to be formatted, and we lost most of our game data. I don't think this product should even be sold, it doesn't have the Nintendo Seal of Quality, so it shouldn't be made for Nintendo products.
Get a another memory card
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-04-22

This memory cards messed up real bad. I got it for Christmas and I had to "format" (erase everything) Three times by March. so if you get this memory card propare to beat comes over and over and over again.
why take the risk?
by: askhgd    On: 2003-02-03

ok some of these people say that its the best thing out there, but why would spend more money on a memory card that some people have had bad experiences with AND have a better chance of losing all your game data? even if the people with bad experiences are not telling the truth, why risk all your ships in rogue leader or those trophies in ssb melee? i know three of my friends that have this thing. 2 broke and 1 prospered. the one that did, HE NEVER EVEN USES IT and he says there's no way of it breaking. even if it really didnt break if he used it alot, i dont want to take the chance because my other friends card broke the day he got it. the same day, hour, half hour. all his data was on it. he even foolishly erased all of his data on his memory card 251.i would know because i was playing gc with him when it says that theres no memory card. my other friend had barely even any data on it and it broke. 2 games. 4 blocks out of 1000 some. if you want buy this and take the chance, you should really think it over.
Big and Dumb
by: the_nintendo_reiviewer    On: 2003-01-04

OK if you are reading this then you are probebly thinking what I was "wow 900 blocks of memory, think of all the things I could save" Its true this has tons of space and I loved it I impressed all my friends untill today when I woke up and found that the memory card had decided to corrupt itself. I imediatly caled the nintendo help line they said "If it dosn't have the nintendo seal of approvall it is likely to fail" so in the end I lost 700 blocks of save files. so I say to you yes this has tons of room but what good does it do when you loose all your data. YOU ARE NOW WARNED.
What! The file is CORRUPT!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-12-31

I am extremely dissappointed with the quality of this memory card. It erased all of my files unexpectedly. How could InterAct approve of such a lousy piece of junk!
Piece of Junk Don't Buy!!!!
by: hlyday    On: 2002-12-26

This memory card was purchased as a Christmas gift for my daughter. Within a couple of hours it had erased her Animal Crossing savings twice!!! Don't waste your money on this product.
I don't know.....................
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-12-23

this is dumb. I have just bought my 11th GCN game and just now is my memory card 59 filld up.i mean how many people realy need 1,000 blocks of memory?? And I would not want to risk all my files,would you? Go with the memory card 59 or better yet,251!!!
DO NOT BUY its a watse of $$$$
Shoddy product - Massive defect rate
by: yourconcience    On: 2002-12-07

If there is a good review for this product, it is either:

a.) A shill from Interact employees.
b.) 1 of 10 people who actually managed to get one of these that worked.
c.) Someone who has used the card for 15 minutes and has not encountered one of the many problems.

Don't buy it. I returned mine from circuit city after it erased my Madden 03 season. If it is too good to be true, it probably is. Interact has permanently stained it's reputation with this piece of garbage.

Two Words...................No Good!!!
by: generaljazz    On: 2002-12-06

I got this card and it erased my entire football team which took hours to create and my Bond game which took me a week to beat. When I returned it to Toys'R'Us the Video Games sales clerk nerd told me that 99% of the people that bought this memory card from their store returned it with numerous complaints. What else is there to say? If you buy it, it might work but if it doesn't! Everything is gone. One friend of mine even got one of his games broken from this memory card! PLEASE DO NOT MAKE the same mistake I made and get this Memory Card! Interact is a SHAME!
I lost my season!
by:    On: 2002-12-05

I bought this exclusively to use on NCAA Football 2003 to save my Dynasty. After a couple seasons using a regular college, it got corrupt and I lost everything. I tried again with a new college and it was corrupt after 3 games. Now it will only go a couple of games before it gets corrupt again and I have to trash everything. It was the greatest for the couple weeks while it worked because it holds everything, but it is terrible when all of your hard work (ha!) goes down the tubs because of a bad product.
Don't read into others comments...
by: smashnp934    On: 2002-11-27

This card has worked perfectly for me since the first day I bought it. No problems whatsoever. I think one thing a potential purchaser of this product should consider is that most people do not write positive reviews about products. Simply, more people will complain than will ever take the time to write good about a product. I think this is a classic case. If these cards were having these many problems they would likely be recalled, replaced, or simply not on the store shelves. Honestly, this is a great card and I can trust a third party company such as Interact.
save your $$ AND your game progress... DON'T GET THIS CARD!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-11-25

this has GOT to be one of the worst memory card I've used to date!
when playing Mario Sunshine, it told me that there wasn't a card inserted (when there was), so I took it out and put it back in, it finally recognized it.
So, few weeks later playing Rogue Squadron, it told me that the whole CARD had become corrupted, so I formatted and started all over from scratch.

My troubles were then few and far between, until just recently...

I was playing Metroid Prime, saved the game, everything said it was ok, even chose "quit" from within the game, powered off at the intro screen, NOT TOUCHING the card since like days ago.. came back few hours later to continue, and it told me that the file was corrupt and that I needed to delete the Metroid save!!!..
hours and hours of game play down the drain..
"user error"... I don't think so..

I thought it was fine after a while, but it's started to be nothing but a pain now.

thought I would check on reviews of this card here, and well... with all these bad reviews listed on here, guess I'm not the only one having this problem..

NO, I repeat... **NO** memory card should lose your data, it defeats the whole purpose of buying the thing!

I've had no problems with my PS2 saves... guess what? IT'S A SONY BRAND!..
I'm going out to get a new NINTENDO brand card in the morning, copy over what saves I have left and likely throw out this piece of junk... isn't worth the headache.

It's too light for a paper weight
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-11-04

I purchased this card fo my son, twice. The first one didn't work from day one so I returned it. The second one appeared to work for a short time, (just past the 30 day warranty period) then it worked intermittently then it stopped working completely..."NEVER AGAIN"...
just awesome
by: ngsblind    On: 2002-11-03

i just think you should buy this because this card is the bst memory card ever made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bad news card
by: techninja    On: 2002-10-22

I plugged it in with the cube off, powered up, and it was not "present".


What's the deal, Interact???

if you buy this all your memory will be erased
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-09-29

i bought this and on the 2nd day of use everything got erased...
plus it says "memory card is not inserted in slot 1"
and it is...
plus that happened on the 2nd day of use...
THE SECOND DAY!!!!!!!!!! OF USE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1019 Blocks but damages files. DO NOT GET!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-09-26

I thought this would be good so I bought it. I reget it! Sure, it has a lot of blocks but it damaged my WWE x8, Madden 2002, Mario and probely more! Stick with the 251.
Do not listen to what others say, and read this ASAP.
by: sam2k    On: 2002-09-16

It IS true. This memory card will get corrupt, but do not listen what others are saying. A game will always prompt you, saying "The file you have selected is corrupt, and must therefore be deleted before continuing." This only happens sometimes, but watch this.

ALWAYS carry a Nintendo Memory card handy. Either a 59 or that new 251 one. When you get the error, turn the game off, and put the Nintendo brand card in an open slot (There are 2 slots. A and B) and load the Gamecube Setting screen. (Either take the game out or hold down "A" when the gamecube logo starts to assemble at the opening screen) and you will see a box. Go down to the "memory card" space. Highlight the file, and click "move". The file will be moved to the other card. It will no longer be corrupt. Take out the Interact card and use the Nintendo one for the game instead.

Basically, the card is used more as a storage device. If you don't know what to do, don't look at me, you obviously don't know how to work a gamecube.

To buy or not to buy?
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-09-14

Okay, I don't own one of these, and from what I hear, I may not buy one. But I need something big and I need it now, but my friend says it ate all the data on it! Is it really a killing machine, or an innocent newcomer? Either way, I'm completely oblivious about it. So, to buy or not to buy? That is the question.
Loved it....until 15 minutes ago
by: sethnjen    On: 2002-09-11

To make things clear, I bought this almost a year ago, inserted it into my gamecube and have NOT removed it since. I love it, it held everything without worries. Now that I'm playing Madden 2003 I have been saving my franchise which has taken some time to build and kept it on this card...until tonight. I just loaded up Madden and this is what I get: The Madden 2003 file on Memory Card in Slot A is corrupted and must be deleted. Great, thanks. There are two other franchises on the card and both load fine. It's only the one that matters that is the problem. Makes me feel much better. My total happiness has been replaced by sheer disappointment. Consider this (and ANY other advice) when thinking about what to buy.
don't get
by: karaleen    On: 2002-09-09

I was playing my brand new game then it said my data was crupt and I lost every thing don't buy!
the best deal there is
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-09-01

If u want to be able to save anything you've ever wanted then this is for u this has 944!!!blocks !! GET THE MEGGA MEMORY CARD
GC Extreme was right, munedog9 was way off!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-08-30

All I really have to say is that this memory card is the best you can get. Right now I have had it for over seven months and not a thing has corrupted. And people, don't bash this card just because you bought a Memory Card 59 and it is full. I assume that you are jealous of the people who bought this card. And after all it's your decision...but trust me, this memory card is the best made to date. Don't believe people like munedog9 who bash this Product. And please...this is not a one star item...
Complete Garbage Do not buy
by: dangerranger86    On: 2002-08-28


This card has given me nothing but problems. I have used it with many different games and it always corrupts the data immedietly after saving. Madden, wrestlemania, smash bros, blitz, rouge leader, all have the same result.

It has never worked properly from the moment i ordered it through amazon when it first came out. I have no problem with the company Interact. I have had other products made by them that work fine. There are just compatiblity issues with this card and the gamecube.

I have had no problems with the nintendo brand card which was about the same price.

Do not buy it it will just be a headache.

Quality Over Quantity
by: gameangel64    On: 2002-08-26

Many people felt that this memory card was too good to be true because of the massive amount of memory it could store. Well, this card really IS too good to be true. While, in theory, it is capable of storing a large amount of memory, the card is unreliable and even though it can store a lot, it is really not worth the risk of losing all of your game data. Do not trust InterAct. Every product I've purchased from them (memory cards, controllers, etc.) have ultimately been defective or shoddy. Because of the initial reviews on IGN I thought that perhaps this memory card actually functioned properly, but unfortunately that was not the case.
GC Extereme is wrong
by: munedog9    On: 2002-08-26

don't take the word of a 12 year old game kid who probably does not buy his own equipment. since the atari 2600 in 1978 i have never seen a product plagued with more errors then this one. i am an expereienced gamer and now full well how to operate my equipment, i and three other of my friends have had the same problems with this product and we have all came to the same cfonclusion: buy NINTENDO and you won't be disappointed.
Remember this
by: kentnielsen    On: 2002-08-25

InterAct has been a leading developer in third-party peripherals for years. Back in the Nintendo 64 days, they saved me a lot of money on their cheaper (and just as effective) memory cards. Now, they've come out with a big, BIG card for Gamecube. Is it worth it? Uh.... yeah. Despite the fact that it really doesn't offer as many blocks as it says it does, that is still a lot of memory. But people complain that InterAct cards go defunct a lot. The truth is, the more you pop a card in and out, the more likely it is to erase the data. ANY card will do this. So if you just stick a card in and LEAVE IT IN THE SYSTEM, it shouldn't have many problems. And since this card is so big, and the Gamecube actually has two card slots, there's no reason why you should keep taking it out. This will eventually save you a lot of money considering how many official ones you'd have to by otherwise.
Waste of Money
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-08-19

I bought this memory card a week ago thinking that I could save seasons and profiles on Madden 2003 and NCAA 2003 but I was mistaken. I have had nothing but problems with this piece of garbage. If I could I would give it negative stars for this complete waste of money. The 16x will save fine with appartentley no problems, but when its time to retrieve data off the 16x it displays corrupt files or doesn't verify that a memory card is even present. At first I thought that I got a faulty 16x, BUT my 219 memory and my several 59 memory cards all save the same information just fine. My advice is save [the money] and buy the 219 memory card
A must buy
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-08-01

It holds 1008 blocks. Its incredible. I've had it for 2 weeks, and there is absolutly no problem. I ordered this card for asb 2003, and it works just fine with it. You will never need to buy another memmory card after purchasing this one. The rumor that it corrups, is true in some casses, but i figure that interact made some defective cards. If your card becomes corrupt, simply return it, and try again. If this one fails, then i would just give up.
Stay Away
by: rsjm    On: 2002-07-29

Just bought NCAA 2003 and the InterAct memory card. Played eight games, saved my dynasty and went to bed. Next day, my files were corrupt.

I then tried to re-save other dynasties and all of them were corrupt.

I'm bummed, I'd love to have the 1000 blocks but if it's not reliable, it ain't worth it.

Don't buy this card, unfortunately. You can't trust it.

by: kraziken    On: 2002-07-26

I two lost game saves on this card. Uniquely enough it was only my Pikmin game that was causing problems. My other game saves still worked. But I didn't keep it around long to figure if the other game saves would get corrupt.

I sold ...[it]back to Electronics Boutique and bought the Nintendo Puny 59 memory card, which has not ever failed. Now that Nintendo has a larger memory card, do yourself a favor and buy the Nintendo card.

Do not buy!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-07-18

Do not buy the mega memory 16x. My neighbors got one thinking it would save a lot of space. It did hold a lot. It can hold up to 944 blocks of memory. Well anyway we were playing Super Smash Bros. Melee when all of a sudden the memory card corrupted! I had heard stories of that happening and it did. I have a memory card 251 which is smaller but won't corrupt. When their card coruppted they lost all their secret charecters and trophies.That stinks. Buy a 251!
by: nakedsheep    On: 2002-07-14

I got this memory card because gave it good reviews, and I wanted a lot of space for saving my games. After using it for 2 or 3 days, my data was corrupted. I believe that data should not get corrupted after a few days, no matter what memory card you're using. I was left highly upset and I regret ever getting this stupid piece of junk. If you're looking for a lot of memory for saving your games, I suggest you get Nintendo's Memory Card 251. I sure wish I did.Although this 16x memory card can save a lot of data, It's useless if it won't load your data every now and then. Right now, I'm using my memory card 59 to save and load data for the games I'm currently playing (Eternal Darkness & Resident Evil) and I'm using this 16x memory card to store the data for my other games.I should've got Nintendo's Memory Card 251 instead. Maybe I'll get one in the near future.
do not buy this
by: swage20    On: 2002-07-11

Do not buy this! I didn't listen to all the other reviews that said it corrupts. I ended up losing my Super Smash Brother"s Melee,tony hawk 3,cel damage, and a bunch of other game data. Buy the memory card 251 from nintendo which still has a lot of blocks.
A 1-story review.
by: storynathan    On: 2002-07-08

Not much to say about it. Pros:the Price is okay and it stores a lot of data. Cons:Sometimes deletes saved game data,which is why I didn't give it a 5.
how good this memery card is
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-07-04

this memery card is a great memery card because on madden 2002 it takes up pretty much all the space on a regular card. people you have to buy this thing
The only memory card you'll ever need.
by: extremecube2002    On: 2002-06-28

So you've read all of the reviews and are now worrying about whether or not all of your data will be immediately incinerated when you pop this sucker into your Gamecube, I must say that these reviews are right, well...not really. They are right in the sense that some people are stupid and can't understand that, if you erase a game save it is gone forever, to them this is confused as "memory card corruption." Now, you just bought your brand-new Interact Mega Memory Card 16x and you are almost tearful with joy. You get home and you plug it in. You start playing Super Smash Bros. Melee and you decide with the 1000 blocks of data you have to take snapshots. They don't turn out very good so you decide it's time to erase. You clear the whole card! Woops! This card must be corrupt because my save file is gone! How could this have happened? To hell with you, you cursed memory card! After a fiasco like this you immediately pack this thing back up in its packaging and rush back to return this "defective" piece of merchandise. The moral of this sad story is that, if you erase it yourself it's not defective.
Now to start with the actual review of this product: I own a Jet Gamecube and am overly pleased with the quality of the games. So I rented games and I saved my files of those games and all of a sudden my precious friend, my Memory Card 59 was full. I was in dismay. I needed something big to store my files on, so I searched and I searched while my Gamecube collected dust, because I'd dare not play it without any free space on a memory card, for I might get a new level or a new character. Now you may say that I might just erase some files. Never! What if I happened to buy one of the games I had rented? I would have to start all over again If I were to erase my save file. Well, I kept searching the Internet, which I thank God Al Gore invented (note: sarcastic remark), until I stumbled upon the Interact Mega Memory Card 16x. I rejoiced! So I have to say, in conclusion, that I have used 503 blocks on my card and have never encountered an error. The only problem I can say about this card is that once you have saved 127 games saves, regardless of the capacity, you can't move or copy files. This is not to be confused with "not being able to save" files. You can save as many files as you want. But who is going to save that many different games onto their card? No one, that's who. And besides that's a flaw that Nintendo made, not Interact.
So get of your butt and buy this memory card! You won't be disappointed.
Score- 10/10
Reviewed by Andrew

Clarifications! Please read!
by: rams_redsox    On: 2002-06-26

OK: Here's the scoop. Many people have been complaining about this Memory Card.

Question: Why is it erasing my data?
Answer 1: Any damage done to the card can quickly erase data. If any liquid reaches the mini chip inside, it's as good as gone.
Answer 2: It could be corrupt, which brings me to my next point.

Q: Why is my memory card corrupt?
A: You can hold a maximum of 127 BLOCKS! Not to be confused with games, as many people are. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 needs 1 block for data, which is about 10 notes, and an additional 1 block for any custom made skaters, which is about 3 notes. Therefore, THPS3 takes up 2 blocks, 13 notes. It doesn't count as 1 game.

Q: What's the deal with the whole Baseball thing?
A: Since it takes more pages in the first place than a standard memory card, it's impossible to save franchise mode, simple as that. When you try to save it here, it acts like a standard card, gets confused that you can save, and gets all haywire. DO NOT BUY this for the use of the game only.

Q: My card melted!
A: This happened to my friend. If you leave your Gamecube accessing the memory card data for too long, it's prone to happen. Because of it's 10x increased storage, it needs to run 10x faster. If you took an extension cord and kept attaching more and more, it would eventually overload, as does the memory card.

Memory Loss!
by: zomaman    On: 2002-06-24

Don't buy this ... If you're just trying to use it for a few days to beat a game it is fine, but after using it for more than a week it begins to lose your files. You'll go to load up your game and it will just say "File Corrupted, do you wish to delete it?" Just wait for Nintendo's Memory Card 259 or whatever it's called to come out.
The only memory card you'll ever need.
by: extremecube2002    On: 2002-06-24

... I own a Jet Gamecube and am overly pleased with the quality of the games. So I rented games and I saved my files of those games and all of a sudden my precious friend, my Memory Card 59 was full. I was in dismay. I needed something big to store my files on, so I searched and I searched while my Gamecube collected dust, because I'd dare not play it without any free space on a memory card, for I might get a new level or a new character. Now you may say that I might just erase some files. Never! What if I happened to buy one of the games I had rented? I would have to start all over again If I were to erase my save file. Well, I kept searching the Internet... until I stumbled upon the Interact Mega Memory Card 16x. I rejoiced! With 16x the data storage of my old memory card, I could get the equivalent of 16 Memory Card 59's for only [$$$]!It would cost me [$$$]to buy 16 dinky cards, and I would be a lot less convenient. So I have to say, in conclusion, that I have used 503 blocks on my card and have never encountered an error. The only problem I can say about this card is that once you haved saved 127 games saves, regardless of the capacity, you can't move or copy files. This is not to be confused with "not being able to save" files. You can save as many files as you want.. But who is going to save that many different games onto their card? No one, that's who. And besides that's a flaw that Nintendo made, not Interact.
So [] buy this memory card! You won't be disappointed.
Score- 10/10
Reviewed by Andrew,
the best thing for memory
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-06-23

this is the memory card to store all your game stuff
Not a flaw...
by: queso54    On: 2002-06-19

Someone, or some people have been saying that this product will only save 127 blocks due to a Gamecube Design flaw, that could not be more untrue...

Being able to save just 127 blocks is NOT a design flaw, it was done on purpose. The Nintendo Gamecube's owner manual will tell you about this...

Simply Doesn't Work
by: kwalczak2    On: 2002-06-17

Does InterAct have any quality control standards whatsoever? Have they any scruples??

This thing is purely, absolutely, 100% non-functional. I attempted a single Game Save from All-Star Baseball 2003, and it immediately corrupted my data. All subsequent attempts have met with similar failure. I will be returning my memory card. What a piece of junk.

Interact's 16x memory card
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-06-10

I think this memory card is great, it holds a lot of data. You just have to remember the Gamecube flaw which only allows you to save 127 files, if you save over that many files your card could become corupt. Still just keep watching out for that and you have a great memory card.
Got about 1 hour of life out of it
by: mcnultyk    On: 2002-06-07

Started up my GC, copied some games over from my old 59 memory cards, not one hour later I couldnt access the card... Now memory manager cant even see it... Guess I will have to see how quickly I can get a return on it. My old memory cards still work just fine.
stopped working after only one week!
by: soccer-dad    On: 2002-06-06

Product failed after one week.
Seems like contacts did not quite make contact.
Stuck a little piece of paper in the slot to push the card up a bit and it worked fine again.
You decide.
Don't be fooled
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-06-05

This memory card sounds to good to be true and it is. I saved many of my games on this card but after a few weeks of playing it said that the memiry had become currupt. I could not use the data and lost imformation for some games. If you play your Gamecube a lot, like me, you do not want to risk losing your data with this memory card. Nintendo's memory cards work the best and they and making new ones with more space.
corrupt data
by: cp-scott-j    On: 2002-06-01

I didn't believe that this card could really be as bad as everyone said on here, but boy was I wrong, it will let me save a file maybe 1 or 2 times, but if i go to overwrite it it would say corrupt data, and force me to format all my saves..luckily i kept backups on my nintendo brand memory card 59 though. i no longer trust interact.
They should pack this in with the console
by: orangedrink    On: 2002-05-15

The standard Gamecube memory card is pathetically small. I owned FOUR GC games, and when I bought my fifth I found out the card was full, and I couldn't save a thing. Come on.
Anyway this card is great. More space than I'll ever need,and for the price of just two standard cards. Too bad it wasn't out when I bought the console, could have saved fifteen bucks.
I own Interact memory cards for two other systems, and have never had any problems with them. This one has been no different.
Beware the 16X Memory Card
by: joeymamba    On: 2002-05-15

To all those out there who want more memory space for their Gamecube, let this be a warning.
I recently purchased a 16x Mega Memory Card and was extremely disappointed. At first I was so overwhelmed by the enormous amount of memory space that I now possessed that I proceeded to transfer every file that I had on my Memory Card 59's to this memory monster. I moved every single file from every game I own to the 16x and didn't use even half of the space.
Then the disaster. I turned on my Gamecube to play and recieved a message. The file for the game I was playing was corrupt and had to be deleted. In a panic I began to try all of my games and guess what, EVERYTHING was corrupted! Every high score, team roster, mission, level....Everything that I had accomplished on any game since I bought my Gamecube in November was ERASED!
Whether or not this has happened to others, I do not know. But it happened to me, and it will take me countless hours to get back what I had. So, if you are thinking about purchasing a Mega Memory Card, just make sure that you make backup copies of all of your files so that you don't end up like me!
Have a game that takes up 33 blocks or more? This is perfect
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-05-12

I owned a memory card made by Nintendo that has 59 blocks. I got Madden 2002 That uses 59 blocks. What do I do? I by a big memory card. I save tons of things an this and I still have plenty of room! Buy this for snapshots on SSBM, Madden 2002, and any game. You can keep saving stuff and have room for games you first saved months ago without erasing. And think of the price. A memory card has 59 or 128 blocks is $[money] This has 16x the memory but not 16x the price, only 2x the price!
To be or not to be
by: albie9000    On: 2002-05-02

The question is do you feel lucky. When buying this card you will either get a perfect one or piece of [crud]. My first one was corrupt and needed to be formated (which erases everything) every time i would save something. Then i returned it and got a new one which worked for a month until it had to be formatted one day for no reason. If you feel lucky you should by it, but if you don't you should wait for the Nintendo 251 memory card which is going to work perfectly 99.9999% of the time. You just cant trust cards not made buy nintendo.
Great Idea For Memory Cards
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-04-16

Hey that memory card is a good idea because other memory cards are either too [costly] or they have too little space on it. Who ever created this memory card should be thanked by all gamecube players all over... Great Idea Guys.
This is what I think
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-04-09

Ive heard alot of good things about this memory card Ive also heard alot of bad thhings . I think its great that it has alot of space . But Ive heard errors occur when you save sports games but
I dont play sports games so thats beside the point. I havent bought this because I live in puerto vallarta Jaliso ( in the country of Mexico) and everything is very expensive but when I go to newyork Im going to buy it . If you have a normal memory card try to copy all of your data on to this one. But somtimes you cant like the chao garden in sonis adventure 2 battle. So then you have to try to out smart the game.So use the memory card if its defective or has errors return it and ask for your money back . And Im giving it 5 stars because if it works for you its the best memorycard in the world .
Best memory card ever made
by: mdavido    On: 2002-04-07

i just got this memory card and riped it out of the package right away and it works great. It has 1019 blocks of memory fits tightly in the system and is not that much bigger than the first party memory card. To my suprize it actually saves faster than my memcard 59. I attempted to fill it up with melee snapshots and got tired of taking them after taking 79 of them, i looked to see how much space there was left on it and there were still like 300 blocks. This is the best 3rd party memory card i have ever seen, once you get it you will most likely use it as your primary card and use your nintendo brand one as your backup (if you have one). I got this memcard cause i ran out of space on my memcard 59. and to settle the confusion between 944 and 1019 blocks when you open it up and put it in it has 1019 blocks of free space. This is the best memory card i have ever seen. also it looks nothing like the memory card displayed in the picture, it looks way better.
by: snyder8390    On: 2002-04-05

Card seemed to work great for days at a time. However data would become corrupt and we would be prompted to delete the file every few days. Initially when my 10 year old lost his data on Sonic Adventure 2 Battle I convinced him it would be fun to "do it all again." The second time I agree that this is not what we paid for. Very unstable and has been returned. Not typical of the quality I am used to purchasing at Amazon.
To whom it may concern
by: raldo707    On: 2002-04-05

This is an overall great prodouct, but, it seems to delete data when trying to hold an EA Sports file like: Madden 2002, All Star Baseball, etc. I recommend that if you only play sports games with ESPN or a year like 2002 in the title, this would not be a good product for you to buy.
do not buy
by: spoilednsassy    On: 2002-03-24

the card is terrible. i didnt buy it but i was and even the guy behind the counter said that that ppl kept returnin it cause it glitches and all the problems. its junk dont buy it.
Doesn't delete things for me
by: iamrobk    On: 2002-03-23

I bought this card about 3 weeks ago. I already had 2 memory card 59's, and was actually thinking of another one. Then I saw this. I bought, and it has never failed me. Some people have said it messes up when they play madden and ASB 2003, but I have saved each of those games about 4-6 times, and it has never messed up. I am using up about 500 blocks, since I own both madden 2002, and ASB 2003, and I REALLY like franchise mode. I also have about 10 other games saved on it. If you need a big memory card, buy this asap!
Get it
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-03-21

It only messes up with All Star Baseball and its fine with other games.
Very Unhappy
by: loucirillo    On: 2002-03-20

I bought this card to save my Franchise mode in ASB 2003.After spending almost an hour to get my team set up and create a player, I got 4 games into the season and it said I had corrupt files. The only thing it would let you do is to delete the entire file. One other time when I tried to load a file,a message would come up saying "no memory card found" when in fact it was in the memory slot. After losing all my data,I'm afraid to start another season with this card and I'm currently looking into getting a different company's memory card.
Don't waste your money or time with this card!
by: pelf21    On: 2002-03-16

I bought it for All Star Baseball 2003 and it worked great for like 4 days and now I cant SAVE ANYTHING!!!!

EVery time I try to save it says there is corrupt data and the season must be deleted...

Just a heads up its not worth it...

this is cool
by: chirob    On: 2002-03-06

This is really cool It holds so much. You will probably never have to buy another memory card
Used to work great
by: allenlp    On: 2002-03-05

I used to think this card was great, until it corrupted every data file I had. Fortunately I had my old memory cards, and was able to retrieve some of it. But that didn't help too much, I was missing anything I had done in the past 3 months. So I emailed the company, they claim its merely a defective product, and I try again. But alas, my files become corrupt again. Unless you are desperate for something now, there is no excuse to buy this product. Sure it can hold a lot of files, but they are useless when you never know when they will be lost. You need to purchase other cards just to back things up to, and since those are reliable, why bother? What a waste! I will never buy InterAct again!
All I got to say is All Star Baseball 2003
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-03-01

If you guys don't already know, All Star Baseball 2003 requires 251 blocks on data to hold a franchise mode. This is literally the only option you can use to do such a thing. This is actually the second time Acclaim, the makers of ASB 2003, released a game that requires something Nintendo hadn't released at the time of its release, as Turok 2 and NFL Quaterback Club 2000 needed the Expansion Pack for N64 to take full advantage of the game. Right now, Nintendo has no plans to release a bigger card on a set date, but hopefully this one game alone will help nintendo change there minds.

As far as this card goes, the fact that InterAct didn't use compression techniques like they did on their N64 cards should take off any doubts that the card can save fles without them suddenly becoming erased.

Ah! Corruption
by: sym2    On: 2002-02-20

Firstly, you can save a maximum of 127 games to a card, not blocks. Of you could only save 127 blocks, the memory card 251
wouldn't exist along with some upcoming SD memory card accessories. I thought this was a great card for a while but then it blew. So maybe it is true that I did have a couple save files equal to about 130 blocks and my memory card did feel pretty hot after Bomberman. But no card should die like that!! My recommendation is to go with the Memory card 251 by Nintendo. Nintendo cards are a lot sturdier. I am thankful that the card would just no longer save, rather than deleting my data and I could just move it over
From a 5 Star to a 1 Star
by: joel_mc    On: 2002-02-10

This product is no longer worth buying. I bought it exclusively because Madden 2002 takes up a full memory card so I figured I would wait for this 16x and be all set. The problem is the season I saved (after just the first time) was corrupt the next time I tried to load it. I was upset but I thought it was a one time thing. After saving a new season and having the same thing happen the next time I tried to load it 100% DO NOT recommend this product.

Why buy a memory card that doesn't save? It's like buying a car that doesn't drive.

by: Anonymous    On: 2002-02-07

YOU MUST GET THIS! I really need it! IT CAN HOLD UP TO AS MUCH AS A COMPUTER!! "64mb" this will be the only memory card you'll need! unlike sega's cards ITS GOT TONS O' SPACE!! a must have if you want to make alot of skate parks in THPS3 (Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3) NOW RUN TO THE STORE NOW!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-02-02

you could buy 2 regular memory cards for the price of this! (might I add that buying 16 memory cards would cost $$$$) and this is only $$$$(one fourth of the price) i've got to get one of these!
Interact 16x (8MB) Memory Card for Gamecube
by: zj695000    On: 2002-01-26

I had like 5 memory cards for n64, and this is perfect. the only problem is data loss. always have your most important files backed up. 2nd party companies have a bad rep for data loss, but buy one of these anyway.
cool for madden
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-19

This is going to be the best memory card for gamecube because if you have madden. It takes up one of those small ones. Now you can store more stuff.

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