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Gamecube - Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
Average Rating: 4.50     Total Reviews: 25
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Misunderstood, Great Game
by: mattfuqua    On: 2006-02-05

Some people were expecting this game to be a fantastic adventure with amazing battles and great action. As great as that sounds, that is not what makes this game fantastic.

Story: The story takes place as Ike, son of the leader of the Greil Mercenaries is training with his father when he is finally offered to join the group. You go on a few missions, getting rid of pirates and bandits and such, when the mage Soren comes in from his travels and reports that the neighboring country of Daein as invaded your home country of Crimea. Rushing to Crimea's aid, you rescue a young girl from the wreckage who is discovered to be the unrevealed princess of Crimea, who nobody had ever heard about because of a royal bloodline dispute. Commander Greil decides to have the mercenaries escort the princess to the bordering country of Gallia (for a fee of course). Gallia is home to some Beast~Human creatures called Laguz. Commander Greil discovers one of his old proteges, the black knight, and gets slain by his sword, making Ike the new commander. Because of diplomatic problems, the king of Gallia could not offer sanctuary for the princess in Gallia, and pays for them to take a boat to the theocracy of Beignon to the east. After being attacked by Laguz of the crow and hawk tribe, the mercenaries arrive in Beignon to be greeted by their Empress, the Apostle. They aid the Apostle in covering up her guilt from a burning of a forest that was once home to peaceful Laguz of the Heron tribe. Ike and his forces then , with the help of Beignon troops, march north to Daien in order to Liberate Crimea from its hold.

This game doesn't have terrific battle situations, mostly because most of the battle is in the strategy. I would give this game 5 stars because it is loads of fun, stretches the mind, and has an ingenious story line. I would strongly reccomend this game.
Chess-like strategy, cool weapons, and a great story
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-02-02

+ like chess
+ excellent story
+ cool weapons
+ well-designed graphics
+ 30+ characters
+ no blood or gore
- lots of talking

Would you rather be a General commanding, or a foot soldier fighting? You must ask yourself this question if you want to buy Fire Emblem. In Fire Emblem, instead of shooting, jumping, or running, you plan strategies. If you like punching you should look elsewhere, but if you like planning you should buy this game. What I like about Fire Emblem is that it has chess-like strategy, cool weapons, and a great story.

Fire Emblem is like chess. It involves planning, strategy, and a knowledge of detailed rules. As in chess, once you lose a character it is gone for good. This limit has bothered other reviewers, but I like it because it makes the game more challenging. As in chess, each character moves in his or her own way. At every move, you must predict whether your enemies will be upon you or not. In chess, a pawn cannot attack as well as a queen, but a pawn has its uses. Likewise, Nepheri cannot attack as well as Trina, but she has her strengths. In Fire Emblem, you have to balance your use of strong and weak characters so you won't lose your strongest characters, but you'll still complete the mission. So if you like strategy games like chess, you will love Fire Emblem, like I do.

The many weapons in Fire Emblem give you a good variety when you choose your characters' weapons. You earn money and buy weapons to keep up with your enemies. Your enemy's pace forces you to work hard. You can create your own weapons which have unique attack stats. I like that you can change the color as well. After a set number of times the weapon will break. This limit makes the game realistic and challenging.

I think Fire Emblem has a great story. The story is not complex, but it is interesting. You want to follow it as the story gets more absorbing. Characters have good back stories for added complexity. Your decisions alter the story. For instance, if Boynd dies maybe Oscar will take his speech. I think that this shows the hard work done by the programmer.

In conclusion, this is a great game for people who like strategy and watching fights.
Almost amazing, but not quite.
by: tetzink    On: 2006-01-16

It's a good thing that the actual game is fun, because I would be writing a much less positive review otherwise.
Here's why: While Path of Radiance stays true to most of the things that make Fire Emblem fun to play, it has terrible voice acting (and not enough to make it valuable, either) and some slightly cheesy text. And don't buy it for its graphics-they really aren't all that great
Other than that, however, the game is definitly fun. Everything that made me enjoy the Fire Emblem games is here: the support conversations and the strategy. This may not sound like much, but don't be fooled.
Oddly enough, the developers took out some units (e.g. Cavaliers) and put in replacement units (e.g. Sword Knights). This can take a little getting used to. They also took out the exceptionally weak units (e.g. Recruits) and the ability to choose what class a unit will turn into that they had in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. Being able to give Bonus Experience is nice too.
A more positive developement is the introduction of "skills". These make Path of Radiance a little more of an RPG in that you can assign them to characters and customize them into more unique units.
Oh yes, and the "Soldier" unit, which always used to act as the worst unit ever in previous games, has been equalized to other units. You even acquire one, and she can turn into a unit called the Halberdier, a kind of fast and less heavier armored knight. I had been kind of annoyed at how much they used Soldiers as fodder in other Fire Emblem games, so this came as a pleasant surprise.
Basically, if you were a fan of other Fire Emblem games (I would say this one is much more like the first Fire Emblem for the GBA than Sacred Stones), don't hesitate to get this game. If you like Advance Wars, for instance, this game is also probably for you. If you enjoy RPGs, look over what I've written and decide for yourself. Otherwise, get it if terrible voice acting doesn't turn your stomach like a cement mixer.
Amazing and Best Strategy Game Ever!
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-14

Intelligent Systems (makers of Fire Emblem and Advance Wars) is known for making awesome strategy battle games. FEPOR is no different. It is a real brain teaser, and some levels are tough to play and beat. Also, you will permanently lose a character if he or she is killed in the level. Oh, and if you don't like strategy games or RPGs, like Koda here, then read what the game is about before buying it, and since all Intelligent Systems games are the same idea, would you really expect them to try something different? All FE games before this were the same way, so for the game to be different would be weird. But anyway, this is perhaps one of the best strategy games ever made, and for anyone who has played previous FE games will be very happy with it. This is my first encounter with Fire Emblem, and I could not have been more satisfied. I would recommend this to anyone who has played FE before, or anyone who likes strategy games, like chess. If you like fighting people your own way, without strategy involved, then go get yourself Call of Duty or Baldur's Gate. But again, if you're a fan of strategy, then this is the game for you.
Pure 'Fire Emblem'
by: frombeginning2end    On: 2006-01-10

Having just finished this game about 10 minutes ago, and being a big "Fire Emblem" fan, I can conclude with absolute certainty that it's one of the best in the series and will be enjoyed by many for quite a long time to come. "Path of Radiance" (you'll get over the name soon enough) is a rich, engaging, downright fun tactical masterpiece.

Sure, the overall scenario is nothing terribly different, especially for the "Fire Emblem" series of late -- it's pretty much the usual tale of a mad idiot who throws kingdoms into conflict, prompting a noblewoman and a growing group of warriors to rise up and put a stop to it. However, this particular story -- the saga of Princess Elincia, her level-headed hero Ike, his band of mercenaries and family secrets, and the uneasy relationship between two races of people throughout the world -- is still well told and has many intricacies that keep things entertaining.

The gameplay is classic "Fire Emblem," and if you don't know what that means, it's time you learned (you can either just give the game a try or read the rest of this paragraph; I'd suggest the former). Generally, the player and computer take turns making a series of moves, during which two teams of characters are directed into positions on a playing field. Eventually these individuals come across one another and engage in brief one-on-one battles, each attacker usually (except when bows are in the equation) having one of three types of weapons. It's a paper-rock-scissors kind of thing, and an advantage is often created when one weapon has power over another. Also on the field sometimes are healers and others who help out. This whole process continues until the mission goal (usually beating the boss) has been met.

If you're already familiar with the series, then you can rest assured that this entry doesn't disappoint; there are even some things, both on the field and off, that have been nicely streamlined for convenience. Another nice gameplay element are the various personal skills that many characters can acquire, enabling various special abilities in battle, such as always attacking first (even when an enemy starts the fight), having a high chance of performing a critical when one's hit points are halved, etc.

On the aesthetic side of things, "Fire Emblem" has made a great transition to polygons, and the 3-D battles are looking great. Of course, the FMV cinema scenes are simply beautiful, and the voice acting is actually pretty good, particularly at the end. About the only glaring weak point overall is the music, though this is easily forgivable. The battle themes for about half the game are rather silly, but get better after a while, and there are indeed a few standout tunes that hold up well. An area in which the "FE" games tend to excel is the writing itself -- narrative and especially dialogue -- and while I wouldn't quite put this one on the same level as the previous game in this regard (that being number 8, dubbed "The Sacred Stones" in English), it still amounts to an up-to-standard, highly respectable script that's enjoyable to read through.

From start to finish, "Path of Radiance" is a great game -- a polished, well-presented entry that honors both this series and its fans.
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
by: jonathanzabel    On: 2005-12-28

On the field of battle, there are ultimately two outcomes: victory and death. Despite the fantastical setting, no series understands this better than Fire Emblem, where your slain comrades are beyond the power of any salve or spell to save. When you lose a loyal soldier-and you will-there won't be anyone to blame but yourself.

Besides the inevitable (but disappointing) transition to 3D, there are two minor tweaks to formula: the ability to push lighter units out of harm's way and the ability to earn bonus experience by completing a chapter quickly (eliminating the tedium of dispatching every enemy to level up).

Aside from some anime-styled cutscenes, the story is primarily handled through nearly immobile talking heads and huge amounts of text. To summarize: as the blue-haired mercenary leader Ike, you're charged with defending the sole surviving princess of a wrongly invaded nation. Soon enough you encounter the half-beast laguz, capable of becoming fearsome beasts in combat. (As in any good fantasy, real-world issues such as racism are treated within the context of the setting.) I found the concept of several diverse cultures uniting together out of necessity to be deeply redolent of the Suikoden series, which is high praise coming from me.

Still, any SRPG ultimately stands or falls based on the gameplay, an area in which Path of Radiance remains strong. This Emblem is one you'd be proud to wear.
fire emblem for game cube
by: yugifanx    On: 2005-12-26

this fire emblem is one of my favorite games you can get many different things like get new characters for your army you have many different types of warriors which is cool the higher the level warrior the stronger he is this is a good game to think about what you will plan up next make sure your warriors dont die you also have different modes you can play like easy normal and hard the characters you start off is titania ryes soren oscar boyd you will have to find out who the other people you will meet yourself (smile) this game gets harder as u go on remember plan your moves carefully

Pros and Cons
by: trizal    On: 2005-12-17

This may be one of my favorite games ever. Here are its pros and cons.

1. Good plot.
2. Strong main character.
3. Involves alot of strategy.
4. Pick who you want to fight from out of a possible 43 characters.
5. Good art and cut scenes.
6. A lot of hours of gameplay.

1. Can be confusing at first.
2. A little to much talking.

Conclusion: 9/10
I beleive this game is worth buying.
Fire Emblem! Woo Hoo!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-04

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance is a really fun game. Here's the story...

The main character is Ike, who is a mercenary living in the country of Crimea with his father, and several other mercenaries. One of your fellow mercenaries has been studying in the capital of Crimea, but comes back to inform you that Crimea and Daein (another country) have begun a war against each other. What side should you fight for? Of course, the mercenaries decide to fight for Crimea once they find Princess Elincia, princess of Crimea.

You can choose who you want to train. For instance, if you loathe someone -cough-Nephenee-cough, then you can decide to just not send them into any battle... and stuff.

Like the other reviewers have said, this game involves using your brain. (For most people, that is) It's strategy. Yeah. And you don't literally control the characters, as you know if you've played the other two Fire Emblem games for USA. You do get to choose where they move, but you can't press a button to use their weapon or anything. It's sort of hard to explain.

The graphics are really good, and I like the music as well. Conversations between the characters can be long, but I like reading all of it.

I really like this game, even my mom likes it. And she doesn't like many video games. I think it's because it doesn't really involve any hand coordination or skill. Ha ha! ^__^

A game with brains
by: weezfreek    On: 2005-12-03

Not only does this game challenge your brain in the gameplay, but in the story as well. Inbetween strategizing, there is a an awesome story about class and race; its political and social strife, rife with emotion. While the story is complex and convoluted, it never loses its logical train of thought.

I have but one gripe: the presentation is lacking. Though the character designs are top notch (the hawk king is awesome), the music is bland, and the gameplay and character interaction animation barely scratches what is possible on the Gamecube. I lived for the cutscenes, which were drop-dead gorgeous, but few and far between.

Overall, a good game. A must for starving Gamecube owners. So buy this game and then maybe the next home console iteration (Revolution, please?) of the game has a bigger budget that could improve the presentation.
Makes everyone a perfectionist
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-14

I don't care if you say that you are not a perfectionist, this game will bring out that side of you. It creates the need to have your entire group survive from battle to battle. I have played a battle over and over till I figure out a way to have everyone survive. The story is good but not great. But it is just a lot of fun to play. I am tempted to go back and pick up the GBA versions of the game so that I can keep playing it while I am on the road.

The game's focus is on creating strategy. And once you have a strategy built around you characters, it will get tested over and over again. This testing will cause your characters to gain levels and suddenly you need a new strategy to handle more powerful enemies with characters that gain news skills as you go.

I did find the class change to be limiting as you can cap out (as a class caps at 20 and you have two class levels so in essence you can cap at 40.). But other wise I wise buy.
Anyone who hates this game, hasn't played it.
by: sagefam    On: 2005-11-05

This game rocks!!!

There are so many awesome things, but lets start with characters. There are like 30+ different characters you can earn and unlock. One cool thing is that each character joining is different. Some only join if Ike (the main character) talks to them, some only join if you have someone of the same type to talk to them (mage, archer, knight, etc), or, some just join you after the chapter (level). Each character is different. Some have really good armor, others have awesome attack power some can't be hit, others land critical strikes 70% of the time, etc. In "Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones." you got certain talismans that could upgrade characters but by the end you'd only have half your group upgraded. Not here. This time they evolve right after level 20.

The graphics are b-e-au-tiful. The characters are very detailed. Every wrinkle, every frown, every scar is shown. As my mom said "oh my gosh... that sky is so beautiful. *gasp* wow" So yea... i guess the enviornmental graphics are pretty good too. The map designs are very unique and interesting. A couple of fields are wide open, no hiding, no cover, just an all out dog fight. Some maps have rooms or rocks a character can hide in or by. Other maps are very complex and have narrow paths, many obsticals and few doorways. (Perfect for rangers, not so good for knights...)

Last thing is the story. Now, i can't give an accurate telling of this story, due to the fact that i'm approximatly only half-way through it. But so far Ike joins his father's buisness- being a mercenary. So Ike and about 5 other mercenaries set off to random spots and assist thoughs who call. Later Ike's father meets up with a mysterious black knight who talks to him as if he knows him. Ike's father does know him, but won't tell us who it is. Also, later in the story, it appears another character was hiding in the woods while Ike's father battled the Black knight. These events lead into Ike escorting a princess to help her stop a war from breaking out in the land.

All in all this game is awesome, if you get the chance to play it take it!!!
Another Great Fire Emblem Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-10-24

When the first Fire Emblem game came out in the US, I was thrilled. I loved the characters from Super Smash Brothers Melee and wanted it very bad. I got the game and played it an entire summer non-stop. All the plot twists, the character development, the leveling system, it waqs just all so simple to play and yet complex to win. You actually ha to have a plan going into each level. When The Sacred Stones was announced, I waited until the day it came out and got it. I did the same with Path of Radience.

First of all, if you enjoyed the previous titles you will absolutly love this one. It has stunning graphics, hours and hours of gameplay, and cool characters. Finally a lord is cool AND strong!!! While the plot is straight forward as of level 8, it still makes you want to know what happens next. The game also has several cool anime clips that are very well done.

Here are the Pros and Cons:

+Amazing Graphics
+50 Hours of Gameplay
+A good Lord for once!
+New classes(Animal races!)
+Interesting Characters

-They took away choosing classes!
-Plot develops later
-Annoying Music while attacking
-Missing FE theme
the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-10-23

in this game other than the fighting style the animated cut scenes have the best graphics. If your a fire emblem fan you
must buy this or just trying something new rent the game at
blockbuster or at
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-10-23

This is one of the best games I have ever played. It's kind of hard but is fun, trust me this is a must have game.

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