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GameCube Animaniacs Great Edgar Hunt
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A Really Fun Game...
by: tbhcomix    On: 2006-05-02

Whether you've watched the Animaniacs Cartoon Show or not... You can have a lot of fun playing The Great Edgar Hunt. There are many cool 3-D worlds that you can explore any way that you like. The Game Play is smooth. You play as various characters to complete missions. There are many things to collect throughout each level.
You can go to The Old West, A Haunted land and much more.
At least there back ... Too bad it's like this.
by: theshawconnection    On: 2005-10-14

One of the funniest cartoons of the early 90's. Way to go bringing back the characters to the kid friendly Gamecube. My five year olds thought this game was "ok." And that is pretty much the best review for the game coming form our home. This game was weak, weak, weak. You pretty much run around the levels, talk to a guy, kill the bad guys (after you get hit a couple of times, they spin around and hur themselves, and you bop them). Then move on to the next level. How this game was green lit for any reason other than the Animaniacs licesne, I'll never know. Thanks for bringing back the Animaniacs, please do not dishoner them netx time.

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