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GameCube Flash Memory Card 2X- Translucent Purple

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Great for the first few months
by: brian_desmond    On: 2003-10-05

I bought this card in January, and used it off an on for several months. It worked great, my data was always intact. Now, I've been using the card with my GameCube on an almost daily basis, and nearly everytime I start the GameCube up, whatever game I have in there informs me that the memory card is corrupt and must be formatted.

I have not found a solution, and the card has rendered itself useless. I regret saving a few dollars on a subpar memory card. I have not had any issues of this nature with genuine Nintendo cards.

What IS the point???
by: chaugna_faugn    On: 2003-07-02

You spend 30 hours playing Skies or Arcadia and over 100 hours on Super Smash Brothers Melee....then get this memory card and transfer the saves to it then go to bed.
Come down in the morning and the damned this is corrupt so you have to format it.
Play a game....reboot the Gamecube and it is corrupt again.
Not worth the money....avoid at ALL costs!
Card goes corrupt every 2-3 days
by: lgrazian    On: 2003-01-27

Good price for the card, unfortunately it goes corrupt every 2-3 days.. I would reccommend you spend a few extra dollars and go with the actual Nintendo card. This one just doesnt cut it. We are buying the memory card 251!!I would reccomend you do the same.
Already Out-of-date
by: suefitz78    On: 2002-06-29

There is pretty much no reason to buy this memory card at this point. Nintendo (whose products are always incredibly reliable) has already released their Memory Card 251, which has more than twice the storage space for only $5 more than this card. First-party memory cards are virtually ALWAYS more reliable and stable than products from other companies. Plus, the Memory Card 251 is the same shape and size as the Memory Card 59, which is smaller than this InterAct memory card. There is basically NO REASON to buy this memory card. Just spend the extra $5 on a card that is better in every respect.
Great Alternative to Nintendo's Memory Card 59
by: gimeff    On: 2002-04-08

I had considered buying Nintendo's memory card before I saw Interact's 2X memory card. Generally Nintendo's products are of higher quality, but I found that this product makes the grade. When comparing the two memory cards, would you rather pay for 59 blocks (on Nintendo's memory card) or pay the same price for 118 blocks? I think the answer is pretty clear. Relying on Nintendo's memory cards can become pretty expensive. This product is slightly larger than Nintendo's own memory card so it will not fit in the game cases. But other than that, this card is an excellent choice when it comes to price and storage capacity.
I think this will do
by: drxploder    On: 2002-03-30

This is two times as much memory as an official gamecube memory card. ... it works really well. There aren't any problems and it cost the same amount of money as a nintendo memory card. It has 123 blocks. I would buy two of these instead of 1 16x mem. card because they are much more stable and offer more memory at a good amount of money.
This is an awesome game
by: cweible2    On: 2002-02-28

This card has twice the storage capacity of the 59 card. I think.
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