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Not bad
by: mrayres2    On: 2006-12-20

Pros: Picture is great with good material and ok with poor material. In particular, the annoying color quantization contours that I used to see with my old changer are mostly gone. The multi-disk "resume" memory is great (I used to actually sometimes write down disk-times on scraps of paper -- pathetic!), and the slo-mo with sound feature is surprisingly cool.

Cons: Does not answer commands, most especially stop, during load. And load is slow. This is absolutely exasperating if youre running late in the morning (as usual) and trying to eject a Netflix disk to get it in the mail without leaving the stupid thing on play all day.

Also: No dvd player that refuses user stop or fast-forward commands because of that stupid no-skip disk code will ever deserve 5 stars. Recommendation: Re-rip your disks and jettison all extraneous junk. Youd think they wouldnt want to encourage that...

Great for home use.
by: gustavogongora    On: 2006-11-07

I got it from Voicestick when I created my prepaid account. The USB device is slim and includes a nice headset. It had enough space to load my portable Skype version so I have both services in a single USB stick. COOL and very useful. However, I have to confess that I use the service most of the time from my cell phone rather than from the computer.

- Best rates to most of my preferred international destinations, lower than Skype, Yahoo M, Stunt, and local "cheap" phone cards.
- If you dont like contracts you can open a prepaid account with $0.00.
- Can use the service with regular phones, you dont even need a computer (they sell the SIP adaptor required).
- You get a phone number in US for free (skype charges a fee).
- Pinless access from a registered number. You can call international from your cell phone.
- Very easy to use software.
- Incoming calls are free.
- Other cool services such as global call forwarding, free calling to other voicestick subscribers, voicemail, speed dial, caller ID, call logs, do not disturb, and conferencing.

- Charges national long distance, I better use my cell phone or Skype.
- The stick rapidly overheats, however it works well, I dont know if that is normal??
- Occasional communication problems associated with voice delays, call drops, sound quality, etc.

Grundig Handheld Shortwave Radio
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-11-05

I have to admit that with the name "Grundig" I expected more radio for my buck.
But as the old adage states, "You get what you pay for" and that seems to be the way to approach this radio.
With its small size one would expect to only get a "small sound" and that is exactly what you get. The tuning mechanism is very touchy and it is sometimes seemingly impossible to get the exact frequency tuned in.
Although functional, the long retractable antenna could easily get in someones way or possibly damaged.
On the flip side, being a small radio it is perfect for those fishing and camping trips, which is what I use it for. Its lightweight and I have to admit I like the "Cardinal Red" housing.
I purchased one for myself and then a few months later I purchaced another one for my son.
Nice Little Radio
by: bay_street_stores    On: 2006-09-25

This radio has a great sound and is nice and compact. A back-lit lcd and platic belt clip would have been nice. The tuning is a little touchy and jumps; however, the reception stays pretty much the same.
Amazing camera
by: mote8    On: 2006-09-01

All I have to say is this is a great digital camera, and Ive had a few of them. I just took it on vacation to AZ with me - my first use of the camera and I came home with fantastic images and videos. I had no problems with the camera at all, and never even had to charge the battery or go to the extra, charged battery I brought along with me. I purchased the little battery charger so that I wouldnt have to take along the camera cradle and I advise anyone to buy it. Its very tiny and works great. You cannot go wrong with this camera. Its great at auto so you can just point-and-shoot and enjoy, or very manual if you feel like futzing with it. Also, its just a very cool looking camera and very sturdy. Even though its so tiny, I didnt feel like I was going to break it, bull-in-a-china-shop that I am. It was a bit odd getting used to having no veiw-finder to look through, and keep putting the camera up to my eye a few times!
An outstanding DVD player with an outstanding price tag!
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-08-23

The Sony DVPNC80V was purchased to replace my aging DVD/receiver unit that was beginning to fuss. I ordered this new DVD player from Amazon and had it in less then a week. From first glance, the unit seemed of very sturdy construction and was surprisingly light for its size and features. Setup was very straight forward and easy to comprehend. Once completely setup, I popped in a DVD and although it took a couple seconds longer then other DVD players, playback was immediate and flawless. The unit can also be controlled by my SONY STR-DE598 remote with NO programming right out of the box!! So now I can control both with one remote, much to my wifes delight. All in all, this is an excellent unit for its price, especially being able to utilize 5 discs in the carousel and MP3 playback. I have not found one movie that has been backed up that will not play. I would reccommend this unit to anyone!
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-08-21

Good radio. Picks up signals pretty good but the dial is very sensitive and their is no button to lock it so it stays off. But it picks up signals quite good. Please note they will send you a refurbished unit but you wouldnt know from the looks of it. Its just like new and at J&R this radio costs 40 bucks so overall, its a great deal.
smaller than a Video Ipod (5G)
by: osmanthus11888    On: 2006-08-20

The Sd40 is now out for $350.

I paid $270 with free shipping, no sales tax. Obviously, one should shop around and find the best current deal. I worry about scratching the lcd screen but this Canon camera comes with a leather case so I dont have to scour the internet looking for the case that is just right for my camera. The instructions are easy to read and understand. Its tiny and I am so pleased because its lightness and size encourages carrying this camera so it is perfect for trips. I bought a 2gb memory card that had a promotional offer from Amazon. This has been an easy shopping experience. The camera comes with lots of cables so I dont have to shop before using the camera (unlike a canon printer I just returned that did not have a cable to connect to the computer.)

I hope this camera is durable since its not my nature to swoon and run out to purchase whenever a new model of anything comes out. I just want a better than decent camera and I dont mind paying for it but I dont want to enter a consumer pattern of buying a new one every year - thats not owning, thats leasing.
A Great Camera in a Small Package
by: gilvill    On: 2006-08-12

This is a a terrific camera - small, rugged, easy to use, and extremely capable.

I bought my Sony PowerShot SD30 in preparation for a three-week cruise off the coast of Africa. I was looking for something that was reliable and easy to use, as I am not very technology friendly. In three weeks I shot more than 700 photos of people and landscapes, at all times of the day, indoors and out. The camera performed superbly. Of course, I had added a 1 GB card and this allowed me to take well in excess of 700 photos. Downloading photos was extremely easy, as was recharging.

There were several shortcomings I noted. The first was that I need to recharge the camera almost constantly when it was not in use. Several times I went to take photos only to find the battery needed to be recharged.

A second shortcoming was that I would get a message telling me to replace the battery, even though it and the camera were new. In light of the extremely hot and dusty climate I was operating in, I learned to take the battery out and clean it and the interior of the camera. This worked all the time and allowed me to continue shooting.

Finally, I found the recharging cradle, which is also used for downloading photos onto a computer, light in weight and cheaply made and I worried constantly about damaging it. This was in stark contrast to the well-made and rugged camera, which never malfuntioned on me. In the end, my fear of damaging the cradle proved misplaced.

The performance of this little camera over the course of three weeks in an inhospitable environment was excellent. Its compact size allowed me to carry it everywhere I went and to have it available when I needed it.

Later I used this camera when visiting old battlefields to shoot terrain photos in good weather and bad. Both the quality of the photos and the resolution were excellent.

I would highly recommend this camera to anyone needing an affordable, reliable and compact digitial camera with tremendous capability.
A Great Camera
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-07-27

I was using an old family digital camera. A friend of mine told me about this camera and I checked it out. This camera is amazing. Ive taken so many great pictures with it. It is alot of fun to color swap pictures. Modes for taking pictures of kids and pets along with fireworks is a great idea. I love how videos can be compact or perfect quility.

This is a great buy for people who attend concerts [you can digital zoom up to 10x to get band memebers in shoots].
Love This Little Radio
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-07-10

I am so happy I got this little radio. I was just looking for a little old fashioned pocket radio like we used to have in the "Old Days", but the short wave feature here really is great. I love being able to get the Catholic EWTN radio program on here. I love watching EWTN on TV, now I can listen to it on the go.
I love all of the functions this radio has,like the alarm and sleep functions. It has such fine tuning that you do have to roll the dial to set it, but thats what we always had to do years ago. This is just what I wanted. I hope it lasts a long time. It seems like a very solid little radio. It comes with earbud headphones, but sometimes you just want to listen to a radio without them. A lot of personal radios these days can only be listened to with earphones, I didnt want that restriction. Great Product.
I love this camera!!
by: mrspharis    On: 2006-07-10

I bought this camera to replace an older Canon that my husband dropped while in Afghanistan. The thing I hated most about our old camera was its battery life (it took AAs). So to be honest, when I was first looking for a camera, I wanted something budget-friendly, with long battery life, and a sturdy shell that my husbands giant hands couldnt break. I was also hoping to get something over 5MP.

I looked at the Panasonic Lumix, the Kodak Easyshare, Canon SD450... But just looking at their 2.0"+ LCD screens, I could see my husband (or myself, for that matter) cracking the screen. Both the LCDs on the Lumix and the SD450 stick out from the camera, it seems it would be easy to chip them. (Which I found true when I read their reviews.)

Anyway, after going back and forth to the store and looking at a dozen review sites online, testing out this camera, and a few others, I decided to buy it. I bought it online from a company other than Amazon, with a SD card, and an extra battery, and I only spent $293.

After using this camera for a few weeks, Im still in love! The battery hasnt even flashed low, yet, and Im constantly looking through the pictures. I have small hands, so the ELPH fits just perfect. My husbands hands can work it, too, though. I get compliments everywhere, people asking where I got it. Right now I have the camera set to make the smallest filesizes for snapshots, but I couldnt believe the detail of my first pictures (set at the highest resolution). I havent missed a shot yet. I love that its small, the automatic settings are easy to set, the loading time in the beginning and after the shutter release is pressed is incredibly fast. And of course, its size is a definite plus... I would never carry my regular Nikon around by the neckstrap, just too bulky, too heavy. The case that came with this camera is sturdy enough that I feel comfortable tossing this little camera into my purse, now I always have it with me.

I have nothing but good things to say about this camera!
not sure about this one
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-07-03

I had a 2 MP Elph camera for many years, which I loved mainly for its compact size. I purchased this one as a gift hoping that the recipient would also love the compact features.
I have recently borrowed the camera and I was impressed with the easy to use menu, which is the same as my old elph camera. One thing that did not impress me was that if your hand is not perfectly still, your picture comes out blurry. This happened to me frequently and I can say that I never noticed this with the old 2MP elph.
Recommend this radio.
by: jalmada    On: 2006-07-02

I bought this little gem some months back and loved it so much, I got my father one too. He takes it on long trips to be sure to know that the weather is and for knowing road conditions and tuning into world news anywhere, anytime.

The reception is great on this rig and I have enjoyed pulling in both AM and world band stations galore. I cant understand the previous reviewer who didnt like the AM reception. All I know is that Ive taken this little radio to Colorado, Nevada, the high Sierras and on car trips to hill and dale and have never had a problem with pulling in stations near and far.

Of all the AM radios I have in the house (stereo and similar) this one has literally the finest quality and awesome audio packed into a tiny little box. Most other small radios do not pack the clean feel and performace that this radio has. The audio is crisp and for such a small radio, booms out at levels that surprise when you first listen. I pull in a local talk station that is difficult for my other receivers to get with no problems at all.

Eaton/Grundig did a nice job here and despite all of the little digs thrown at this manufacturer, I am very pleased with these radios. Frankly, Ive been so impressed, I went out and bought one of the larger Grundigs for some serious DXing work.

Buy this radio - It is worth it and youll probably want to get another for someone you care about like I did...
bought a used one for $60 inc. shipping
by: richmac86    On: 2006-06-28

im the type of person whos not gonna buy a brand new item if i can get it used for half the price n it works just as well with only a few unnoticeable blemishes on the appearance.

this sony player has great audio / video quality (esp. w/ s-video), lots of features as u all know, and also... HUGE! i was surprised when i first saw it. its twice as thick as our old sony single disc n longer too, bigger than our cable box. but thats not really a big negative... maybe changers are all like that

love this player = )
Not so good...
by: towsonnc    On: 2006-06-20

Ill keep this short and to the point. I bought the radio for AM reception. I live in NJ - southern part - and planned on using the radio primarily for Yankee games (880 out of NY). The radio did not get good reception, which is notable because most other radios that ive had in the past have not had any issues. it looks good and its small, but be aware that you may have some reception issues if you are trying to get stations that are out of the area.
Alright Camera
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-05-14

This camera is a cool way to have your videos on a DVD but does not offer any (GOOD) way of editing the discs. The picture quality is fair and the sound provides a good general result. Not the greatest "true to life" quality that you would expect for a camera at this price. Once you find a way of ripping the disc to your computer and converting it to AVI format editing it is a breeze (takes many downloads of freeware).
I use it as a cellular bridge, saves me hundreds a month
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-04-30

Calling Globaly on a cell phone means never having money left over to eat. Go to and sign up for the $25 a month Global unlimited minute plan, then put YOUR cell number in the bridge. So when I call the UK or Italy, or even my one friend in China I just use my cell to call to my voice stick number and then I get a new dial tone.

No more sky high long distance rates. PLus I can use my computer to call out on. What a deal
Bought several more ...
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-04-27

I bought this radio to sit on my window sill in the kitchen so I could listen to NPR while cooking and doing the dishes. I have owned this radio for over a year now and have since given them as gifts several times. The sound quality is great for FM which is all I use it for. I have never used it with headphones. It doesnt eat batteries and its soooo... portable. I take it camping, outside when Im gardening, to the laundry room etc. I consider this radio to be an essential for an household especially as an emergency radio b/c its so small. I will be buying a few more for myself and others. There are a few negatives: AM does not work well where I am but I dont listen to AM anyway. I agree with people about the POWER button being a bit of a pain at times but I have gotten used to it. Shortwave settings do not work well in my area (Cape Cod) but once again I dont listen to SW anyway; SW works excellent in northern NJ. I do agree that the station drifts a bit over many hours of use but whats the big deal to adjust it. [...]
Pretty good
by: anenglishmaninboston    On: 2006-04-19

I was a little surprised by this radio when I received it yesterday. It is nice that it comes with batteries, case (with belt loop) and wrist lanyard. I love the fact that it is digital and picks up stations that I couldnt get with many other radios. Its got an alarm function, built-in clock and sleep function, too. I was surprised that there is no "seek" function to lock to the strongest signal. Apparently an analog-style tuning wheel is considered a feature, minimising the number of annoying buttons. Great! Except for a few quirks: 1, I cant turn mine off; theres something loose inside such that I have to tap the back or move the band selector down to shortwave in order to reliably turn off the radio. 2, The case is beautifully designed to allow the speaker to be heard BUT its really hard to have headphones plugged in while the radio is in the case, plus theres no access to the dials (which can turn in the case...). Finally, the velcro already needs to be re-sewn. In short, it does exactly what I hoped it would do but initial quality is lower than I would have expected: four stars
little and yet big
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-03-29

this little radio is better than my other sangean radios like the sg622 at $49.00 list price the mini300 has a very good anntena,volume knob turns up very easy so be careful when using the ear bubs.good sound small and powerful way better than bigger radios i have, decent shortwave very good fm and good am,i recomed this radio i got it for $20.+shipping.
Sleek, but has limitations
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-03-25

Admittedly, this is one cool camera and everytime I use it, I get tons of "ooooohhhhs" and "aaaaahhhhhs". People are continually amazed by how small and sleek this camera is and the compact size has made it convenient to carry around with me in my purse everyday and everywhere I go. Like a previous reviewer, however, I have found that the auto-focus sometimes is lacking and I have to retake the same picture several times to get a focused picture, in ideal lighting situations and with a perfectly still subject! Additionally, the flash covers a fairly limited distance and, if there is not enough lighting, even in night mode, the picture will come out dark. Of course, these are all primarily due to the fact that a lot of the features of the camera are compromised due to the size. All complaints aside, this camera is easy to use and is perfect for point and shoot and casual picture-taking. In fact, this is the only camera that my little dog is not afraid of when Im taking pictures of him, I think due to the unintimidating size and quiet operation. Hope this helps!
Excellent DVD/MP3 changer at any price
by: charlie_howard    On: 2006-03-21

I chose this for two of its features: the 5-disk changer that lets us watch different disks without having to get up to swap them in/out; and its ability to resume playing a movie after being turned off or using other disks. It does both of these very, very well.

The excellent sound and picture quality are not surprising, but thats because I also have the single-disk version of this player and knew what to expect. Otherwise, the A/V quality would have been a pleasant surprise.

Out of curiosity, I burned 100 MP3 albums to a DVD, using about 3.5GB of space. The unit plays them well, actually enhancing the sound beyond what Id expect from MP3. The disk will play for a couple of days before having to repeat. A nice bonus.

One small omission: the unit cant list the disks that are in it, so unless you remember what they are and where, you have to try each one to see its contents. As other people have said, "Loading" is fairly slow, so a top-top menu should have been included.

Regarding the annoyingly bright blue and white lights: you can place black electrical tape over most of their surfaces, until you can see a sliver of the lights without being blinded by them. Also, they may turn off once a disk begins to play, depending on the disks content.

The "resume" feature can be turned off in the menus, for people who dont want an "old" disk to restart in the middle. Of course, I think the ability to remember lots of disks is one of the units best features.

The units available in black or silver. Since its rather large, black turned out to be better for us, because its almost invisible when tucked into a rack of equipment.

We still have a Sony 5-disk CD changer from the 1980s. It still works (after almost 20 years), looks a lot like this DVD changer, but cost more than twice as much. Itll be nice if this DVD changer lasts that long.
Almost Perfect
by: knightst114    On: 2006-03-20

Very user friendly DVD player. Unit is quite large - I had to take the back of my stereo cabnet off to make it fit. Very nice picture and sound quality. There are a lot of handy features on the remote that I like too. One feature this DVD player has that I personally wish it didnt is the disc recall memory. If you watch a DVD less than all the way through (like stopping it during the end credits) and even if you take the DVD out of the player and put it in again several weeks or months later it begins to play right where you left off the last time you played it. You have to go to the DVDs main menu chapter selection option to get around it. Also it does not play every type of DVD disc out there like I thought it would.
Nice travel radio and surprisingly sensitive!
by: buzzygirl39    On: 2006-03-16

I have had many shortwave radios and I purchased this one especially for taking along with me on hikes and trips. I am quite pleased by the number of stations it pulled in-- a side-by-side comparison of this radio and a larger, more expensive portable showed the Mini300 received all of the same stations as the larger radio. This is a surprisingly sensitive little portable. The sound is also decent for such a small receiver. I love the blue metallic color, its a nice little eyeful as well as earful. Highly recommended if youre looking for a very small, but well-performing portable sbortwave receiver.
Poor auto-focus
by: jhebra3    On: 2006-03-14

The camera size, style, and docking station are excellent. However, the auto-focus is very poor. I have used this camera for two months and almost 30% of the pictures that I have taken are out-of-focus. I finally got to the point of taking at least 3 to 5 pictures of the same subject hoping to end up with one good quality image. It seems to me that the compact size has sacrified the cameras focusing system. In addition, the built in flash is very weak.
Great Grundig
by: mn-home    On: 2006-03-13

This little radio lives up to its hype. Great Grundig quality in a compact and affordable package...with an alarm clock built-in. This has quickly found a permanent spot in my travel bag. Great value.
Mini300 Handheld Shortwave Radio
by: bob36104    On: 2006-03-08

This is a good radio for its size and price. I listen to it while commuting on the ferry between Seattle and Bainbridge Island, not the best environment for receiving FM signals. But, the radio does pull in FM stations clearly. Outside, it actually does pull in numerous shortwave stations as well. Tuning is a bit finicky, and a slight over input to the volume control can potentially destroy ones ear drums. A better dampended volume control and station selection mechanism would be desirable. Im nonetheless happy with the radio, and feel that it is well worth the price.
I love my Canon SD30
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-03-06

I bought and got this camera from Amazon, about 2-3weeks now. And I have to admit it I LOVE my Canon. Its light and not too small and not too huge. Everyone has been complimenting on what a beautiful camera it is. It comes with a nice leather case that even my friends have envied. They all say wow its like the size of my phone. I use a 512 MB SD card, and i take so many pictures. This is a great camera for someones first digital camera. I dont consider to be a professional camera, this is more for family and friends taking pictures camera. So yea i love it. Canon you rock.
WoW!!! What a Radio!!!!!
by: adirondasattic    On: 2006-02-27

Ok, I dont undrstand all the negativity on here with the reviews in reference to this radio.I think its superb for the money.All the stations come in great and I live in the mountains which says something.With headphones ,stereo seperation is excellent.The tuning is sensitive, and pulls in weak shortwave signals.I am very satisfied with this product and consider it the best buy for the price.The color is sharp and the case is good too which came with the radio.
I have a question
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-02-26

I may have missed this answer in someones review, but could someone tell me if this camera comes with cables to connect to a dvd recorder and/or vcr (yes, vcr)for copying?
This Metalic Pearl Radio is No Pearl!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-02-24

Difficult to tune stations in for the sharpest tone. Awkward to press the various buttons. I would not endorse this as a wise purchase.
It's awesome!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-02-24

This camera has a beautiful exterior design and is full of different features. Its such a fun toy to play with. Its fully equiped for people like me, who is not a professional photographer but enjoy taking pictures.
by: sweet_tall_girl    On: 2006-02-24

This model does just what I wanted. Play the mini dvd immediately after recording. You can burn them onto a full size dvd and clear up your dvd-rw disc and reuse them. It is simple to navigate. And most of all it has good quality tv viewing unlike other camcorders I tried before purchasing this one. I did try the jvc hard drive camcorder and the picture quality after putting it on dvd was very bad in normal household lighting. But the Sony as I said has very good picture quality. Also the battery holds its charge very good. I think you can record something like 80 minutes on one charge. With the other camcorder batteries the batteries would not hold their charge while being stored. This one the battery charge holds when not in use. Great product, and would buy it again.
This radio isn't worth $5.00
by: mmyers3452    On: 2006-02-23

The radio has a digial display, but the same analog tuner your first radio had, with out the quality.

...a waste of good plastic!
Not what a Grundig should be
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-02-23

Thumb wheel too sensative and it is difficult to dial in a station. Speaker is very tinny sounding. Radio is very directional as you must turn the radio in various directions to pull in a station.
Stunning Little Package!
by: doevans    On: 2006-02-21

The Elph is my fifth digital - finally a camera that fits in my pocket and takes great shots like my Canon G2 and G6. Canon has created a lovely little package that has all the bells and whistles you will need. Definite five stars.
Fundoo Camera
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-02-03

Ive already been the happy owner of a sd40 "big" camera for over a year, and still consider it perfect for my serious photographic needs.

However, precisely _because_ it is so big, it can be very inconvenient to bring along, and also very intimidating to potential picture subjects.

I didnt realize just how _much_ smaller, or more precisely, how much thinner it is than all other digital cameras until I saw it in person. It not only fits in a shirt pocket, it fits in a shirt pocket _along_with_ a Treo or an iPod. Because its 3x zoom lens is folded, it does not protrude at all when taking pictures, meaning most subjects wont even realize a camera is pointed at them, let alone that it is zoomed in and high resolution. This greatly easy getting natural expressions in informal photos.

Next, the specifications of the sd series is better than those of other similar Sony cameras such as the T1 and T33 in ways I care about, such as doubling the number of pixels in the 2.5" LCD screen, including an auto-focus assist lamp, and USB 2.0 support without needing driver software when used with Windows XP.

One of my pet peeves about digital cameras is that they are not protected from the elements. it helps this in two ways. First, its on/off switch is a solid lens cover. Second, the camera fits easily in the smallest size zip-loc sandwich bag, and can easily be operated while in the bag, providing serious dust and splash protection.

One further protection is needed, but easily handled. The LCD needs protection, which I provided by covering it with a sheet of screen protector plastic left over from an old PDA.

As you might expect from such a thin device, battery life is somewhat limited (about an hour of continuous use, set up for maximum brightness, continuous focus adjustment, and automatic flash. For that reason, I bought a spare battery, and since the charger is bigger than the camera, suggest other buyers do the same.

I bought this for my point and shoot wife to take on a week-long trip, and thereafter to have it with us whenever a shot might present itself, but not surely enough to carry the large camera, or in situations where keeping the large camera clean and dry might be an issue.

If you too are a serious hobbyist, do be aware of unavoidable limitations: 1) 5MP is good, but not as good as the 7MP of a few also (barely) pocketable cameras. I decided smaller size outweighed higher resolution, but you may feel differently. 2) F4 is 2 full stops dimmer than the F2 of my other camera, which matters quite a bit when the light is low, as does 3) the ASA maximum of 400, rather than 800. Theres also 4) no place to attach a filter. For a second camera, these are all perfectly acceptable compromises, in my opinion.

Highly recommended as a second camera for hobbyists, or as a first camera for folks who want a very convenient and very high quality point and shoot camera.

The key thing is: "How easy is it to use?"
by: dancer6776    On: 2006-02-03

Most people, when it comes time to buy a camcorder, are overwhelmed with the overabundance of choices on the market these days. Either this is the first time that theyve decided to purchase a camcorder or they havent upgraded since they purchased their old 8mm or VHS-C 10 or 15 years ago. With all of the choices and relatively little difference between them, this camcorder is definitely one of your best bets. It is probably the simplest camcorder on the market today. If you are ready to join the DVD camcorder craze, this is the perfect place to start. First of all, the DVD92 is very easy to understand and set up. Its as simple as: 1.) Load the disc. 2.) Press record. 3.) Finalize the disc. Thats it! The mini-DVDs play in virtually any DVD player on the market. The mini-DVDs are relatively inexpensive, depending on where they are purchased. Ebay is a great place to find deals on any type of camcorder media. The DVD92 also features a 3.0 MegaPixel still-shot function which is absolutely wonderful. You can enlarge your still images up to a 5x7 without any distortion or "digitizing". The still photos are conveniently separated on the DVD from the video, allowing easy transfer to your computer. The video quality is a given, DVD-quality is as good as it gets without venturing into the higher priced High Definition camcorders. The sound quality is phenomenal, featuring a built-in surround sound microphone. The only drawback I could find was that the DVDs can only hold, in standard DVD quality, 30 minutes each. Then I got to thinking...How many times do you record for more than 30 minutes at a time? Anyhow, you can lower the video quality if you have to, and give yourself a total of 60 minutes on each disc, the same amount of time you would get on a standard MiniDV tape. So if youre in the market for a new camcorder and you want something that is very user-friendly and of exceptional quality (as Sony camcorders have been for the past 15+ years), then look no further. I guarantee you wont be disappointed.
Deployed Soldiers Save Money
by: emailmicahsmith    On: 2006-01-31

Using My Laptop at an MCI Center in Kutait, I Paid 99 cents a month and 2-3 cents per min, I Prepaid so I didnt Have any Problems with Billing, I used a Quality Computer and Quality Connection so I had no problems. I cant answer for some of the problems above, but I will Say This Device was very Used by fellow Soldiers. I bought 4 for myself and used them to talk to my family. Because they all subscribed, it was FREE! Setup was kind of Slow but after that easy to use. I never had to use customer service, and the mic and earphone was compatable with my laptop and my cell phone. I used it a lot.
good days - bad days
by: idos_mester    On: 2006-01-24

I use Voicestick from my cell phone to call across the Atlantic. Some days I can talk an hour or more with no problem. MANY times when my friends pick up the phone and they can not hear me. I have to redial. The line (almost every time I talk) go deaf on one end for a few seconds. Other times it drops the line for good.

I only rated it 3 stars because it is cheap. 99 cents/month + low minute (couple of cents a minute to Europe)charges. What do you expect...well, they aspire to become the best voip service. They have a long way to go.
Voicestick delivers as promised
by: smyth15    On: 2006-01-11

While on a business trip in London, an associate raved to me about the portable VoIP phone she had just picked up - i2 Telecoms Voicestick. I borrowed it for a night and made several calls to the U.S. I couldnt believe how remarkably clear and dependable the connection was! When I got back home, I ordered my own Voicestick.
Im away from home on business about 2-3 days per week, including about 1-2 trips per month overseas. Ive tried the Voicestick from several U.S. and international cities and its never failed. Im saving about close to 90 percent on long-distance charges as a result.
I admit Im somewhat tech-phobic, and I had some difficulty in setting up some of the Voicetstick options, such as voice mail. Fortunately, i2 Telecom support worked with me, without brain pain, until I was completely comfortable with the device.
I cant imagine theres a better protable VoIP phone on the market.
FYI Up front on camera
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-04

My husband purchased this camera 2 days ago and I returned it tonight allready. After video taping our sons 6th B Day he tried to edit the dvd and copy it for every one to watch after multiple hours later he found out that the soft ware to edit cost $100.00 thats a rip after spending $549.00 for the camera to begin with so we took it back to Walmart. However the camera guy told me their sony 203 does come with the cabels and editing soft ware but he said its still too soon to buy the dvd camcorders because they sill need to improve on them(ie) work out the bugs in his opinnion. Allso he said that sony customer SVC Sucks. I can vouch for that because we bought a monitor from them and it only lasted 2 years before it crapped out and it was a $600.00 one. Sony said oh well. beware....
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-03

I bought the voicestick,based on Amazons reviews and i2telecom web site promises, to handle calls while traveling. I installed it, paid for the highest end service and... voila..I could call home and friends and thought it works...for all 20 minutes..

As soon as I tried calling abroad, my calls would disconnect within less than 15 seconds... I tried several countries and numbers over a few days and got the same call drops. In order to ascertain that the problem was not with my PC or voicestick, I tried calling these numbers from other PCs and also from a regular phone through i2telecom bridge; the calls continued to drop clearly evidencing that the problem rests with the i2telecom network not the PCs. I contacted customer service several times and got one reply that they will be checking this and will contact follow ups or responses to further messages...I settled to consider this service for US only calls. Unfortunately, even these do not quite work. For example, when I call 800 numbers or companies which have a switchboard, the call is typically lost as soon as someone puts it on hold or transfers it.

I then wanted to disconnect from the service but could not find at i2Telecom web menu a pathway for terminating the service; one can only subscribe, not cancel. My messages a few eeks ago to customer service are yet to be answered on how to do this...

On the positive side, if you wish to get a working VoIP phone while on the road, try Skype... it has been working for me excellently calling in the US, from the US abroad from abroad to the US and to other countries...and the fees are rock bottom...Alternatively, I have been using Vonage for my home phone for over 3 is as good as the best traditional phones.. they offer a soft phone service but their fees are higher, which is why I wanted to give other services a try...

Last, I am too busy to try to get a refund on this lemon...If you do wish to have a voicestick contact Amazon to send me email and I will give you my voicestick and i2telecom phone number for free...
by: seamusoriley    On: 2005-12-29

1. the sound is terrific. When you play through the earphones, the true stereo sound is something else!

2. The sliding factor. Others have written about stations sliding. Where I live is a very powerful FM station that plays talk shows at night, which I enjoy. Unless I hold the radio, the station will slide. It was actually unlistenable!

3. the SW picks up quite well, but also had the sliding factor. If you put the radio in a certain spot in the house and stay away from it, you might hold a station. But how realistic is that??

What I thought was a great bargain ended up another return....
Overall Good
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-29

1) 20X zoom is nice which is very imp for an handycam.
2) Easy to use. You dont have to read the manual.
3) looks wise its awsome.

1) If you need to download the DVD recorded video to your laptop you have to look for a ripper software. Sony should have provided this software along with the Handy Cam.
Good features, but totally unstable
by: stengel99    On: 2005-12-28

The features of the program are great, but it crashes WAY too much. My computer system is fully adequate for video editing, so that is not the problem. Ive gotten to the point where I save my work literally every minute for fear that it will crash.
i2 sticks you with a diconnect fee
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-27

It sounds good. It sounds cheap - but read the Terms of Service. They charge you $29.99 to "terminate" the "service". Thats same as charging $29.99 to connect you - only they hide it away and charge it at the end - or you can simply pay their monthly fee forever and never pay to terminate.

Do you really want to give your credit card number to a company that hides its true charges?

If you want to pay the disconnect fee then go for it!
It has some problems that need working out on Apple Mac OS X
by: gurgprout    On: 2005-12-23

1) Dirt Cheap
2) Nice GUI to the Softphone
3) Works with bluetooth headsets which is great!
4) Phone quality varies from decent to excellent.
5) Excellent feature of calling from your cell phone.

1) The SoftPhone for the mac is buggy AT BEST!
2) Customer Support is NONEXISTENT! (you call and they say "let me get your number and well have someone call you back." $100 says youre dead before they call you back.)
3) Will not be able to use it for Long Distance or 800 numbers (see below for explanation)
4) So buggy that if youre using a bluetooth mouse and headset at the same time, youll have to re-pair the mouse for it to work normally again after a phone call.

I signed up for this because my only phone is a cell phone and was speeding through my minutes on long holding calls like customer support calls etc... However, because the software is so buggy (or the entire Voicestick system is faulty), it hangs up on almost every long distance and 1-800 phone call after 30 second (even their own tech support number doesnt work!). The only two types of calls that I needed this thing for are long distance and 800 numbers and of course, those are the only two that dont work!!!

This means that I have to use their very cool feature of making the call via my cell phone (you call your own number and it asks what number you want to dial, so you can make dirt cheap long distance calls from your own cell or home land line which is great). The problem with this, of course, is that I have to call after 9pm, otherwise it defeats the entire purpose of getting this in the first place. Most customer support places are closed by then....there enlies the uselesness of Voicestick.

I have emailed and called their tech support about this numerous times (around 7 or 8) and no one has so much as even made an attempt at getting back to me or even mildly fixing the problem. I have to give it such a low star rating only because it doesnt really do the only two things I need it to. Voicestick may be a perfect great breeze on Windows, but if youre a mac user...consider this youre warning....stay away!
Great Camera
by: rashedan2    On: 2005-12-23

For all the people giving this camera bad reviews here and everywhere .. What do you expect from a camera in that price?

This cam has it all .. get an extra battery, external flash if you want and youre all set!

Whoever complains about the still picture quality..GO GET A DIGITAL CAMERA INSTEAD! i have both .. Sony DVD92 and Canon Ixus 40 .. both small and nice.

Videos taken at night were ok .. i mean OK! I used it in the desert with NO LIGHTS at all .. and this baby performed VERY WELL! just switch "super nightvision" and shoot!

miniDVDs carry 30mins of video .. which is enough . get a double sided miniDVD .. format on cam..edit on cam and go :D

There isnt a USB port .. but still YOU CAN EDIT YOUR DVDs using 3rd party software. why pay more for a camera with usb port when you can edit your videos on your pc?

Minus one star because sony tries to fool people and say there isnt a USB port..there IS but no drivers and why not supplying a better battery? why do we have to buy the FP90?

Buy this camera for travelling .. fun and indoor :)
Great at what it does, but...
by: jzaloudek    On: 2005-12-09

My parents gave me one of these camcorders as a wedding present. Im not a camera expert, and this is a super simple camcorder that records good quality videos and decent pictures if your in a pinch (or you dont have time to whip out the camera) and has a pretty good zoom. And honestly, you really cant beat the price. It travels really well too, as its quite compact and pretty tough. I recommend you get an extra battery. I got more than what I expected from the battery included, but the bigger battery just wont die no matter what! And who wants to lose a terrific shot on account your battery died?

The dvds are pretty cute, and theyre not terribly expensive. They come in packs of three, and happily you dont have to just buy Sony. Even though it says they can hold 30 minutes of video, dont fret. Thats A LOT of recording!

The only problem I have with it is that its a royal pain to copy your dvd onto the computer. It is possible, and thanks to the power of Google I figured out how to record our wedding onto the computer. Thats why it got three stars, instead of five.
Love it
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-08

I really love this camera. Not only is it super cute, but it has many great functions and it takes great pictures. The compactness of the camera is a major plus as well. Great for traveling or carrying it everyday!
One of the best compact digitals out there today
by: lord_alfreds_books    On: 2005-11-28

Many reviewers have noted the quality of the pictures obtained with the SD-30, and I fully concur. This is a fast, quiet, and well designed digital camera. For someone with little previous experience in digital photography, I was able to get up and running with just a scan of the quick start guide. A high speed SD card like the Sandisk Ultra II is highly recommended- a quicker write speed improved the quality of my video captures.

My first outing to the ski slopes captured great pictures, even with fast moving targets. I tried to tinker with the various shooting modes, but still ended up on AUTO. Until I muster up enough interest to experiment with all the settings, I would recommend the AUTO setting to all beginners. My second session was indoors, and while the pictures came out clear, I found the flash inadequate beyond 10 feet.

I disagree with a previous reviewer about uploading to the PC. Once the software installed, I did not have to plug in the Docks power adapter to upload my pictures. Just turned on the camera while it was in the Dock, with the switch in review position, and the software automatically launched.

The carrying case is very well designed as its edges are wider than the center. This means if you drop the camera case, the sides cushion the impact rather than the corner that lands first. I found that I preferred the built in belt loop rather than belt clip that comes with other camera cases. Theres zero danger of the case sliding off your belt.

Highly recommended. If you hunger for more technical details, check out the SD30 review at dcresource dotcom

VERY pleasing pictures, if given enough light
by: arnstein    On: 2005-11-23

I have used a few other digital cameras, and so I will compare
performance when I can.

Specific Observations

I programmed the camera to use its lowest ISO setting (50), spot
metering, spot auto-focus, largest image file size, and highest image
compression quality. The rest of this post assumes these settings.

1. The camera is quite fast, faster than my old Canon SD10. Both
shutter button response time, and shot-to-shot delay have been
improved significantly. Nice going Canon!
2. With "spot" autofocus selected, the camera seems to do very well.
With my old SD10, I would regularly obtain photos that were
grossly out of focus. It does not seem to happen with the new
SD30. Thank you Canon!
3. The "deluxe" kit features a very nice soft case. It fits perfectly
and looks good. I consider this to be a "must" for a tiny,
carry-it-everywhere gadget. All of the stores I checked stocked
the "deluxe" kit, perhaps there is no other kit for sale. But I
suggest that you confirm that you are getting the Canon SD30 soft
case with your purchase.
4. The flash intensity cannot be adjusted, as far as I can tell. It
is therefore difficult to photograph certain shiny objects, such as
circuit boards and small machinery. This is giving me fits. The
available flash power is not much either. This is no shame for Canon
really, since the size of the tube must be small in a midget camera
like this. By comparison, the Casio Exilim EX-S500 can produce
significantly more light.
5. After some practice, I am very pleased with the image quality that
I am getting from this camera, at least when there is adequate
lighting. The SD30 produces what I have come to regard as the "Canon
look." Im not sure if the photos are especially true to life, but
they are extremely pleasing. I see highly saturated colors, sharp
focus, low noise, and pleasant "warm" skin tones. I also detect this
"Canon Look" in photos coming out of the Sony Cybershot DSCP200. I
suspect that Sony and Canon use the same image sensors. I compared
photos of the same objects taken with the Canon SD10 and a Casio
Exilim EX-S500. The pictures coming out of the Casio are fuzzy by
comparison. The side-by-side comparison also makes the Casio pictures
look a bit washed out. The Casio pictures have much more chroma
noise too.
6. The macro capability is excellent. The camera has a feature which
puzzled me at first. Now I understand that it is pure genius: the
best macro performance occurs when the lens is zoomed to its maximum
(2.4x). With the zoom at maximum tele, I can reliably fill the image
frame with an object that is 5 cm across (left to right) or smaller.
Where does the genius come in? Most other cameras are engineered so
that the most extreme macro performance is achieved when the lens
is at its full wide angle setting. If the SD30 was designed this
way, then the camera would have to be positioned very close to its
subject matter. When this occurs, shadows from the camera and the
photographers hands would interfere with the photogaraph. The
performance of the flash unit would also suffer. Good job Canon! I
have taken some really amazing macro shots of ears, for example. It
sounds disgusting, but I was able to discern incredible detail in
the subject matter and learn how to use the cameras macro mode.
It was almost like working with a microscope. My macro photos
were all "hand held," no tripod used. Nevertheless, most of them
turned out well. Many looked "razor sharp."
7. The camera feels solidly durable. The various buttons and other
controls are especially firm. I also like the Casio Exilim EX-S500
in this regard, but the Canon controls are more solid, with no
side-to-side play.
8. The SD30 is not as amazingly small as the old SD10. I would not
want to carry it in the breast pocket of a mans dress shirt, for
9. You must use the (included) cradle to charge the cameras battery.
Although the cradle is reasonably small, it still sucks for
travelling light. There is probably an accessory you can purchase
that travels better than the cradle and power cable that is
included in the "deluxe" kit. I havent shopped for such
accessories yet.
10. The camera retains a feature of the SD10 that I absolutely HATE:
it resets its metering mode to "evaluative" after every power cycle.
Like all other digital cameras, the only metering mode that works
worth a damn is "spot." At power-up, it takes me 8 button pushes to
get the camera to "spot" meter. The main value of a tiny camera is
that you can carry it everywhere, and capture unplanned events.
Those 8 extra button pushes really detract from the value of this
type of machine. (Sorry for venting).
11. When connected to a computer, the camera will NOT emulate a disk
drive, the way many other cameras do. It is still an easy matter
to transfer pictures to the PC, but I prefer the increased
flexibility of disk drive emulation.
12. The quality of the motion video in the SD30 is pretty bad. There
is a 320x240/20fps mode and a 640x480x15fps mode. The 320x mode
has bad spatial resolution. I dont like looking at the "movies"
produced in this mode. The 640x mode looks jerky, because of its
15fps rate. By comparison, the Casio Exilim EX-S500 does a bit


The Canon SD30 is one of the smallest digital cameras available today.
This type of camera, by its nature, must have compromises. I find it
interesting to compare the different approaches to design evident in
the Canon SD30 and the Casio Exilim EX-S500. I believe that these two
are the best of the tiny cameras, though in different ways.

Both cameras are fast (shutter lag and shot-to-shot delay). Both are
handsome and appear to be constructed nicely. Both cameras use SD cards
for storage, which I prefer. This card format is physicallly small, and
it is not controlled by a single vendor, like Sony and its Memory Sticks.

Canon offers excellent image quality. Like the old Canon SD10, the
photographs have a certain "Canon look" that is very appealing. I suspect
that this "look" is the result of high color saturation, sharp contrast,
and low noise. White balance is nicely done too.

The user interface of the Canon is spare. There are not a lot of features
for the user to play with. The simplicity will be a godsend for some
users. Personally, I would have preferred to have more control.

I believe that it is useful to compare the Canon SD30 to the Casio Exilim
EX-S500. The Casio offers a TON of features! It has more "scene" modes.
It can function as a sound (only) recorder. It can photograph documents
and force them to look rectangular (remove keystone effect). Best of
all, the Casio can be programmed to remember some of its settings, and
reset others, when it is powered off. The customer gets to choose which
settings are remembered. Too bad about the chroma noise and soft focus

Before I obtained the Canon, I already had an EX-S500. I had planned to
keep one of these cameras and give away the other. But frankly, I dont
like the thought of parting with either of them. Comparing these two
cameras has made me appreciate both of them. A few monthes ago, I wrote
a review of the EX-S500 that was fairly negative, due to image quality
issues. Oddly enough, I respect Casio more now. This, in spite of the
fact that the Canon SD30 does produce superior photographs, as I expected.
Both cameras are engineering marvels! The Canon produces beautiful
photographs and stunning macro images. The Casio is a "Swiss Army Knife"
of useful features that can be customized to match the tastes of the
owner. Also, the Casio has a superior shape for carrying everywhere.

Looking Forward

In the next few monthes, at least two new cameras will appear that are
in the same size class as the Canon SD30.

Sony will soon deliver its Cybershot T9. The reviews that I have seen
indicate that the previous "T" cameras had pretty bad image quality.
This includes the T7, which is probably the tiniest camera available.
The T9 will be somewhat larger. Perhaps Sony will do a better job with

Casio will replace the 5 megapixel Exilim EX-S500 with a 6 megapixel
EX-S600. The feature set wont change much, but it is already superb,
as I have claimed above. Perhaps the new camera will offer better image
quality? Increasing the pixel count is not likely to solve any noise
problems. But until the camera is delivered, who knows?

In my opinion, it is reasonable to buy now, rather than wait for these
new cameras to arrive. Both the Canon SD30 and the Casio Exilim EX-S500
are great.
Blew up after using it just a few times.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-22

Do not buy this reciever! Mine caught on fire after using it just a few times. I called JVC and this is a known problem with them, however their customer service is terrible and it has been an extreme hassle to get the thing fixed.

Do not buy this reciever!
Jameson Thottam review of Canon PowerShot SD30
by: jthottam    On: 2005-11-21

Jameson Thottam review of Canon PowerShot SD30

I immediately got the new 5-Megapixel super-compact Canon PowerShot SD30 Digital Elph . The camera is smaller than the SD400 or SD450, yet has the same 5-Megapixel resolution. And unlike the earlier SD20, it has optical zoom lens.

Jameson Thottam: What Is Canon PowerShot SD30?

Available in several color (Rockstar Red, Tuxedo Black, Glamour Gold, Vivacious Violet), the Canon PowerShot SD30 is a super-compact 5-Megapixel stylish digital camera with metal case, a 2.4x optical zoom (38-90 mm equivalent), a 1.8-inch LCD screen, acclaimed fast Canon DiG!C II (DIGIC 2) Image Processor, 9-area smart AiAF auto focus, powered by a small rechargeable battery.

The camera stores pictures on SD (Secure Digital) or MultiMedia memory cards (16 MB SD supplied) and features fast USB 2.0 Hi-Speed connection to PC and Mac computers. It also supports direct printing (without computer) with PictBridge compatible printers. The camera comes with a camera dock that charges the battery and simplifies the USB image transfer and A/V connectivity.

Jameson Luke Thottam: In the Box

The camera comes with the rechargeable Li-Ion battery, camera dock, power adaptor, 16 MB memory card, wireless remote control with the battery, wrist strap, soft case of the same color as camera, USB cable, A/V cable, software and manuals.

Jameson Thottam and thoughts on the Camera itself

The SD30 looks cool and is very compact. It is very miniature, looks cool, feels sturdy and heavy in your hand with its metal case. It looks and feels durable as well, but be careful not to scratch its matte finish. The camera is smaller than the SD400 or SD450.

It has a retractable lens that extends and has a lens cover that opens when the camera is powered on. When the camera is powered off, the lens retracts and the lens cover closes.

The camera has an on/off button on the top deck as well as a large shutter release button. The bottom of the camera has a metal threaded tripod mount and a dock connector.

The side has a battery and SD card compartment lid. The rear houses a bright 1.8-inch LCD monitor, control buttons and a menu control disk, which also serves as a zoom control (just like on the Canon A410). The camera has no viewfinder. The rear also has a sliding switch between review, movie and still picture taking modes.

Jameson Luke Thottam and the Cameras Usage

The camera is very easy to use, aside from adjusting to use the menu control disk as a zoom control. I have not read the manual (I have not even opened it), but was able to use the camera and all its features in no time. The camera can be used by any member of the family and by photographers of all levels of expertise from novices to advanced ones (it will not give you much control over the shutter speed or aperture).

The camera comes pre-set to Auto mode. You do not have to do anything other than point and shoot - the camera takes care of the rest. The camera uses 9-area intelligent autofocus. You press the shutter release button halfway to make camera focus and the camera shows you (on the LCD screen) where it focused by displaying one or more green rectangles. Then you take the picture by pressing the shutter release button all the way.

If you want more control, you can select Manual mode, which is not a real manual mode where you would be able to select the shutter speed and aperture, but rather a mode in which you get access to selection of several parameters. In Manual mode, you can set the ISO (50-400), white balance (several presets and custom), use exposure compensation to make pictures darker or brighter, use picture effects, color replacement effects, and more.

The camera gives you instant access to the timer and flash mode selection (flash off, red-eye reduction, night portrait, auto flash) at a push of a button. The other controls are easy to use as well.

Jameson L Thottam with More on Features and Controls

The PowerShot SD30 is a replacement for the miniature 5-Megapixel Canon PowerShot SD20. The SD20 had no optical zoom and relied on its digital zoom instead. The SD30 has optical zoom, yet keeps the small dimensions.

The camera features selectable Evaluative, Center-Weighted and Spot metering modes. The aperture range is f/3.2-5.4 at wide angle/telephoto. The shutter speed range is 15-1/1,600 sec.

You can use the exposure compensation in the manual mode and it comes in handy in the sunset hours as the camera overexposes the picture trying to preserve the shadow detail. There are a bunch of scene modes as well, which help the camera tweak the focusing and exposure settings according to the type of scene.

James Thottam and the LCD

The camera has a 1.8-inch LCD screen that has good resolution and good visibility in sunlight. In dimly-lit environments, the LCD increases its brightness (gains-up) and still stays fluid enough. The camera has no viewfinder.

Jameson L Thottam with Points on the Battery

The camera uses a compact rechargeable Li-Ion battery. According to Canon, the camera can take about 160 pictures on one charge of its miniature battery (400 with LCD off). I have not validated this claim, but I took more than 60 pictures and the low battery warning has not appeared yet. The battery can be charged in-camera while the camera is in its supplied camera dock.

Jameson Thottam on Performance

The SD30 uses the latest version of Canon DiG!C processor - DIGIC II. It is the same processor used in larger Canon digital SLR cameras and it gives this Digital Elph amazing speed. The camera takes less than a second to power itself on in review mode and only about a second to power on and extend its lens in shooting mode.

The camera can capture images at about one per second in burst mode (I used Kingston Elite Pro SD memory card). In single-frame mode, the camera could snap pictures at about once every 1.5-2 seconds without flash. The flash recycle time is about 6-7 seconds.

The focusing takes less than a second and the shutter lag, when pre-focused, is almost non-existent.

Jameson Luke Thottam and the Flash of the Camera

The camera has a small flash that is quite weak. It is sufficient at up to 4-7 feet away. It has a recycle time of about 6-7 seconds.

Jameson Thottam and the Image Quality Settings

The camera lets you select between Super Fine, Fine and Normal compression levels (regardless of resolution). You can detect occasional JPEG artifacts in the mode of highest compression and some fine detail may be lost. But the two lower-compression modes (Fine and Superfine) are rather good. The available resolution modes are 5MP, 3MP, 2MP and VGA (640x480).

Jameson Thottam and the White Balance

The cameras automatic white balance is usually quite accurate with the exception of the incandescent lighting, where you are better off either selecting Incandescent white balance setting or using the available manual white balance.

Jameson Thottam and the Menu System

I have not read the manual, yet was able to use the camera in all modes. Usually, I am not a big fan of Canon menus but this Digital Elph is very easy to use. Not only I find the menus intuitive, they also appear very fast (instantaneously), unlike the menus on Canon A520 and A510, which take about a second to appear.

The zooming is a bit cumbersome as there is no dedicated zoom control, but you have to use the menu control disk (push the upper or lower portion of it). It works, but is not as convenient as having a dedicated zoom control.

Jameson Thottam and the Computer Connectivity

The camera uses USB 2.0 Hi-Speed connection to transfer pictures to a computer. You can also remove the SD memory card and use a memory card reader (if you have one), but I used the camera with the docking station supplied. The file transfer is very fast at about 2,000 KB/s.

Jameson Thottam and the Histogram

The camera can display a histogram in the review mode to show you if you have overexposed the highlights or underexposed the shadows. I useful feature when you dont trust the LCD. You can also rotate pictures in the review mode.

Jameson Luke Thottam and the Picture Quality

The SD30 produces well-exposed, sharp, contrasty and richly-colored images. The photos taken with the SD400 are sharp from corner to corner with only the very edges of the frame being slightly softer than the center at telephoto end. This will not be noticeable in printed pictures however since corners normally dont make it to the print due to the aspect ratio difference and other factors.

The lens exhibits slight chromatic aberration (purple fringing) in the areas of high contrast, but the amounts of it are acceptable.

The camera produces contrasty photos that have a pleasing "Canon" color with slight over-saturation and nice blue skies - the kind of color consumers like.

The image noise is absent at ISO 50 and cannot be found even in the shadows. It appears (slightly) at the ISO 100 and the detail level slightly decreases as the noise suppression in the camera tries to get rid of it. The noise gets more pronounced at ISO 200 and gets worse at ISO 400. Still, if you are printing 6x4 or 5x7 pictures, the noise should not be visible at all and will only be slightly visible at ISO 400 with larger prints. With 5-megapixel shots the SD30 produces, you can print your photos at up to 11x14 inches with good detail (ISO 50-100). The ISO 200 shots can be printed at up to 8x10.

Jameson L Thottam and final Concerns

The camera is compact, cool and capable, but I have some concerns. The camera has a rather weak flash. It also uses a proprietary dock connection and docking station, which some people like and some do not. It is also quite pricey: I paid $320 for my camera.

Jameson Luke Thottam
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-11

I bought this SONY DCR-DVD92 DVD Camcorder at the exchange in time for my daughters delivery at the hospital towards the end of September,2005, well it did got some good videos and not so good still pictures that was okey. But then after spending a lot of time figuring out and reading the specs i cant find the section where it shows you how to download and save it in the computer, reading further it does not support that simple function, no place to connect any cord to the computer in order to save your videos and pictures, no accessories that support it anyways. I finalized the disc and played it in my regular DVD player it displayed a some good videos but when i tried to save the content of the disc in the computer, three hours later and until now still trying to save a copy and duplicate the disc to my computer that is also SONY Vaio by the way but to no avail..nothing, personally i suggest that SONY Corporation should recall this camcorder, reconfigure how it will work on this features and just refund my money. Because i will never buy any SONY products again and because what you are paying on this item is the NAME maybe add $200.00 to the cheapest no name brand that work as good or maybe works better and that is a SONY Product. The Quality of your products are not as good as they use to be, and your TECH support sucks..
Excellent upgrade to an older Elph
by: crissyh    On: 2005-10-27

I received this camera as a gift to replace my older s200 Elph. My camera is the Vivacious Violet, which in spite of Amazons statement, is actually available for sale almost everwhere but here. (10/26/05)

The SD30 has been my constant companion for over a week now. I have used it to take all the shots the s200 could handle, and have tested it with all the shots the s200 just couldnt quite get. The SD30 has exceeded the performance of the s200 on ALL counts. Indoor shots no longer have that yellowish tint. The flash no longer over brightens the picture. I can take pictures of my quick moving 9 month old and no longer get crystal clear backgrounds and a blurred child. These are all made possible with the preset picture settings, something my s200 was lacking. I have not had to alter or correct even one image taken with this camera, beyond cropping or cutting.

This is a true point and shoot camera.

- Remembers your last settings so you dont have to reset for the same conditions if the camera shuts itself off.
- Takes SD or MMCard memory. I have the 1gig card in and at the highest settings it will store up to 370 pictures. Lowest settings 2000+. My peferred settings, 700+
- Has cables to allow you to browse the pictures stored in your camera, on the television with the remote control via the docking station. You can delete with the remote control as well.
- Controls seem more intuitive than the older ELPHs, but this is a personal preference.

- You must use the docking station (which must be plugged in) or a memory card reader to transfer pictures to your computer. The cord is about 3 feet to short for me to reach my computer from my chosen docking station location. I would have preferred an optional non-power required method of transfer. If you keep the docking station within 4 feet of your USB connector, you should have no problem.

- I truly enjoy the sound schemes. My 9 month old loves that my camera barks when I take a picture, and the older boys find it amusing as well.
- My camera was the deluxe edition and came with a matching leather case.
- This camera is SMALL. Its about the size of 2 packs of Trident held together.

If you are a parent that needs a reliable and good looking camera to take to soccer games and just to document your childrens lives without needing to carry a manual around to ensure quality photos, this is the camera for you.
by: mrscience6    On: 2005-10-26

For the price & size, this tiny radio is amazing & easily fits in any pocket!

AM-Much better than average reception for a radio this tiny.
FM-better than any pocket-portable Ive used.
SW-I believe it might have an amplified antenna or an additional RF stage. It picks up more SW stations with its built in antenna than any portable using a built-in antenna.

No RF images experienced on any band but FM. I live in the city so I leave the antenna down all the way for FM, & it performs fine. The AM isnt connected to the whip antenna, extending it for AM resulted only in increasing static on weak stations. I tried to clip a long wire antenna to it for SW. Some RF images & signal overloads occurred on SW with strong signals, but it did pick up a lot more stations that way.

The speaker sounds great & can go much louder than expected for such a tiny speaker in a tiny radio. Headphones sound great on FM, but are quite usable on other bands when you dont want to disturb others at night... Nightime is the best time to explore far away stations on the lower SW bands & AM.

A pair of 2000mah Lenmar AA rechargeable NiMi batteries lasted over 40 hours at about 10 - 4 hour intervals at a normal volume. They last longer at a lower volume or with headphones. Continuous use will be lower too. When testing battery life they last longer if given a break like in normal use. Continuous use will make the playing time as much as 1/3 less. If you play it real loud, the batteries will drain faster.

With a pair of cheap batteries lasting that long, who needs a bulky wind-up or solar radio?

Keep a set of alkalines handy if you want this as your emergency radio. NiMi rechargeables lose about 1/3 of their power per month just setting around. If the power goes out in your area, you wont be able to recharge them, & your local radio stations may be down. So DX & shortwave may be your only connection with the outside world & the news during an emergency. Alkaline AA batteries have a shelf life of years.

The tuning dial is a little touchy but one quickly gets used to it after the first day of using it. SW tuning wasnt as touchy as expected for this type of tuner, & less touchy than other pocket radios. Tuning is analog, but the LCD readout is digital & accurate.

Update 7/28/06 - Quote: "I live in NJ - southern part - and planned on using the radio primarily for Yankee games (880 out of NY)"

Im way across the state in Buffalo, NY, surrounded by tall steel-frame buildings, & pick up 880 from NYC clearly with this radio day or night. It is more sensitive than most ordinary pocket radios, & almost as sensitive on AM as my GE "Super Radio". But my E5, DX-394, DX-390, & DX-380 are far more sensitive on AM. The E5 is the most sensitive portable on all bands... even FM (Sony fanatics may disagree but actual real tests prove them wrong).
Solid Media Authoring Program for the Price
by: ricward    On: 2005-10-21

I bought this product based on my research of users opinions and found it has lived up to their high opinions. I have boxes of family photos as well as numerous camcorder tapes of family events. I wanted an easy comprehensive program that would let me arrange photos and video clips, add music and burn on a DVD. This program does it all and more. It may not do everything extremely well, but for the price, well enough to put out an impressive DVD. After about two hours of getting familiar with the program, I was able to create a DVD that had 35 pictures and a video clip with background music - stunning results. I played the DVD on several different brands of DVD players and had no problems. Looks great on TV. Ive had no problems running the program on my computer - Im running this on a Pentium IV 2.9 GHz, 1 gig ram and 200 GB ram HD. Since I am a beginner/weekend hobbyist, this suites my purpose of sharing pictures with family - Im finding much better to share on DVD than paper photos. For an all-in-one package at this price, it does the job very well and I would recommend it.
After trouble-free year, AUDIO PROBLEMS!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-10-21

The video-editing component of this package, Video Wave, worked great for me for about a year, but it has recently turned into a NIGHTMARE! The audio is anywhere between 2 and 4 seconds out of sync with the video, and after trying everything Im convinced that its a problem with the code. A quick product search will show others who have had similar problems. I would STAY AWAY!
exploded after 4 days
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-10-11

(see full review at [...]) I bought this receiver with high hopes that it would last 15 years like my previous JVC receiver. After 4 days of normal use, it popped three times, smoked, and was unusable. The store I purchased it from wouldnt take it back holding to the line "it worked when you took it out of the box..." Its been at the repair shop for 2 months and is still waiting on parts from JVC--known for being slow in customer service. The receiver sounded great--just wish it would have worked for at least a week.
Great when works; sad story behind Sony's "warranty"
by: dsanto19    On: 2005-10-10

I purchased this item in advance of my first European vacation. I read the materials in advance and anticipation of capturing the wonderful sites ahead. The handycam gave out after about 20 minutes of use: the screen went totally black on the right half without any explanation. Thankfully, I purchased the unit from a reputable source who exchanged the product without question within the first 30 days. I had contacted Sony, but their "warranty policy" is to either repair the unit or provide a repaired model to the customer. BAD IDEA
by: bisier    On: 2005-10-05

This is the best camera I have ever had, it has an excelent digital and optical zoom wich the old sd20 did not have, its the biggest improvement, also its very small, you can have it in your shirt packet, (just dont lose it) fast downloading pictures to the cpu same with videos, it looks very stylish and has different types of options.
if you are thinking in getting a 400 dls camera, this is your best option.
Okay for the money
by: this-nickname-already-in-use    On: 2005-09-27

The Mini300 is an okay radio for the price, but it has a couple serious issues -- the tuning on SW is overly sensitive and it drifts significantly. SW stations are generally spaced 5kHz apart, which is the tiniest movement of your thumb on the tuning wheel of this radio. I usually have to tune back and forth over a station four or five times before getting it centered properly. Thats when the drift kicks in. I havent figured out if its mechanical, electrical, or some of both, but the thing just wont stay tuned. I continually find myself fiddling with the tuning wheel to get a station re-centered. Its not too bad on FM and MW, but on SW it gets to be a pain.

As one would expect of a radio in this price range, the SW filter is rather broad and shallow. The upshot of that is you can get a lot of bleed-over from strong stations that are close by on the dial.

For MW reception there is an internal ferrite antenna that allows directional reception, but the whip is also active. For weak stations where you dont need directional reception, you can extend the whip and often greatly improve the signal. I do this all the time for a fringe station I enjoy listening to.

For the reviewer who complained about this radio being not much different than analog, that was a very astute observation. It actually IS an analog radio, it just has a digital frequency display. The radio being analog is the reason for the drift problem.

Ive had my Mini300 for a year and a half. Despite the tuning issues, I still use it fairly often. Its definitely not a serious SW radio, but its not terrible for the price. I think of it as my "dont really care if I lose it" radio. Theres a certain value in that. If youre looking for a good SW radio, you would do well to look elsewhere. If you want something that does okay for hearing the major broadcasters and that you wont cry about if you drop it overboard or it gets stolen from your luggage, this might be the ticket.
Amazing features, Easy Playback
by: woodyw7    On: 2005-09-25

Having moved from MiniDV to DVD, I am so pleased with this purchase. I did not want to spend this much money, but when I watch a replay of my sons T-ball game on our home DVD player, it is worth it! No more wires to connect to the TV, or adapters to hook up. Simply take the DVD out of the camcorder and pop it in the DVD player on your TV. Thats it. The zoom features are great - not too much that the images get shaky, but enough to bring far-away images up close. I would highly reccomend this product.
The Usual Roxio Garbage
by: ricardo613    On: 2005-09-22

Thats exactly where my CD went. In the garbage. Thats where all the other Roxio software Ive ever owned has ended up. At least I never had to spend extra for their junk.

Its always came as part of a peripheral or PC software package.

No printed manuals are ever provided and its always an issue trying to download one from the Roxio website...which I would then have to print at my expense.

I could live with the on-screen manual if the software wasnt buggy and they provided some sort of customer support.

I cant believe that this company is still in business. I guess that they survive by making deals with peripheral and PC manufacturers to stick their customers with inferior software.

Be advised......dont be fooled by their slick packaging and website. Read the reviews here and elsewhere.
Perfect for my needs
by: tinanolan    On: 2005-09-22

The camcorder is very lightweight and small, easy to use, and replaces the need of having a digital camera and a video camera. The best thing is that it saves directly onto the DVD disk so that you can see it immediately without tape transfers or computers. It also saves the photos and movie all on one disk, which I like so that everything is together. It doesnt work that well in low light and the digital photos are not of the high quality of a good digital camera, but if you mainly use digital photos to email to family, as I do, then its a very good buy.
no tech support
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-09-22

The camera works fine, but I cannot get the software to work. I have contacted tech support by e-mail twice to help with this, but have not received anything back. I have needed to send some pictures to friends since Labor Day weekend, but have been unable to. The website is good, but the tech support apparantly is non-existent. Glad it did not cost me much for the camera since it does not work with the computer!
Bad Camera
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-09-19

When I got this camera I didnt read that it didnt have a flash, BIG MISTAKE. When you take pictures inside they always turn out to dark and are really grainy. We took a trip to Florida and ALL of the pictures turned out blurry! Im 100% I was not moving to. It actually takes pretty good vidos but thats about it. I would not recommend this camera/video camera.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-09-12

We have many ruby-throated hummingbirds that visit our front porch feeders each summer. We finally decided we needed to record their activity. I went to, and researched video recorders, then we went to 2 or 3 different electronics stores to buy. Only one store had the camera we wanted on display, but it was out of stock. I logged on to, and found the camera for almost $100.00 less than the stores!!

The camera is very easy to use, lightweight, and loads of fun! Charging and recharging the battery is easy and quick, and all the directions are very simple to follow. This camera records on the "mini" DVDs, and I was concerned about where to play them. They are readily accepted into the computer and the DVD player we have for the television. I highly recommend this camera.

We can now watch our hummingbirds all winter!
Great compact camcorder
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-09-12

The Sony DCR-DVD92 is an excellent camcorder. Very compact, easy to use, and the DVD recording is a great feature. No complaints.
Do Not Buy This Camera!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-09-08

If you intend to make copies, edit or dub your DVD movies do NOT buy this camera. I bought this camera and I love it, but there is no way to make copies of the dvds. It comes with no editing sortware, and there are no ports to plug into your computer. You can take the discs it records and play them in your DVD player, but no editing sofware can read the file types of the movies. The only way I was able to make copies of my home videos was to go out and buy a DVD recorder, and copy the movie the old fasioned way. That really sucked and wasted a lot of my time and money. I do not recomend buying this camera unless you dont intend to make copies or edit your movies. Other than that its a great camera. It is easy to use and it takes great picture and film. It was just more hassle for me then it was worth. Too much money for zero results.
Video editing is not worth it
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-09-06

The video editing capability is tough to deal with and not impressive when you figure it out. The tools are not explained and there isnt as much to do with it as they imply. May be nice for birthday party editing, i dont know. I didnt like it. Its not worth $100. The other capabilities might be nice,but from what ive dealt with, thats not the case.
Sony DCR-DVD92 DVD Handycam Camcorder w/20x Optical Zoom
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-09-06

It did what it said it would do.
Disappointing Upgrade
by: seattlered3    On: 2005-09-03

I was extremely disappointed in this "upgrade". I had Roxios Easy CD Creator 5 and loved it. That product allowed you to easily arrange your music on the dics, burn it, then create a lable or insert for the disc with almost no effort. Almost everything was intuitive.

Creator 7 is a big step back in ease of use and utility. So they added a few new bells and whistles, so what? The base use of this product is to make music cds and to create inserts. Arranging music is not as easy as it was before. And the insert creator is so frustrating to use I dont bother.

In fact, I have continued to use Creator 5 and have simply written off the fact I paid $100 for Creator 7 - for nothing!

Now, with a computer upgrade, Creator 5 no longer works. I dont dare try another Roxio product (just read the reviews for 7.5 and that appears to be a total waste of money). Ill be taking my chances on ANYTHING else . . . not Roxio.
Great starter camera
by: bluecandy2005    On: 2005-09-03

This is our first video camera, and we love it! The night vision is great, and its very clear in pitch darkness. The still shots are OK, but most cameras with high zoom usually compromise the quality of still shots. Its very easy to use, and it works in the DVD player. The mini DVDs can be pricey, but we just shop around online for the best price. ENJOY!
Read your manuels before you buy this camcorder
by: kathy22    On: 2005-08-31

Buy this camcorder only if you have the right dvd player or computer. The camcorder works fine, but you cannot connect to your computer. Lack of Usb and firewire ports.

Great Purchase!
by: jean3c    On: 2005-08-29

I am someone that takes alot of pictures. Still, digital and video. And this camera is well worth the money. Very easy to use, great picture, the touch screen is amazing. And you can also take lots of digital still pictures. It is a must have. No more video tapes. Just finalize the dvd, and put it into your player and that is it.
Sony Camcorders fail in 2 years
by: snowboarderme    On: 2005-08-28

There is currently a known issue with many of the Sony Camcorders. This is being called the "black screen of death".

What happens is that the camera works great for 1-2 years then the CCD goes out like a light. The camera will not take video again.

Sony is evasive if not downright deceitful about this issue when you call tech support. The fact is Sony does not stand behind their product. If this happens to you, Sony will not own the defect and you will be out hundreds of dollars.

There is a lengthy thread on CNET on this issue. Search for Sony black screen.

Wishing you luck in the purchase of your (not Sony) video camera,
Doesn't work with widescreen video
by: rscigaj    On: 2005-08-27

Once I figured this software out, I was able to do a slideshow of my pictures, integrate video, and produce a decent DVD. Only problem is, it distorts all my video footage by forcing it into 4:3 whereas my DVD camcorder shoots in 16:9. This sucks. I have been buying other software packages ever since trying to get my video to stay in 16:9. Roxio support did e-mail me back with the blanket statement that it doesnt support 16:9 at this time. Even in the new 7.5 version. Roxio needs to join the rest of us in 2005 and bring their software to be compatible in widescreen.
small & versitle
by: haolebugga    On: 2005-08-26

This JVC receiver is really a dynamo...The sound quality is excellent..
No matter if your using 2 to 8 speakers..Once you connect everything
its a breeze to use...It gets pretty warm so you probably want to keep
it pretty well ventilated..It compares well to larger, heavier, pricier, home theater
amps...You also have the ability to adjust each speaker acccording to room placement
& size....Buttons on the amp work in a logical fashion even though
some features need to be accessed from the remote..The remote
takes a lttle getting used to because of all the functions theyve
jammed on to it.Overall it is well worth the money!
Voicestick is Great!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-08-23

This thing is great for people who travel a lot..or make lots of long distance calls. If your children travel away to can buy 2 of them for under $50....and just pay $3.99 a month each...and you get unlimited calls to each other.
The call forwarding feature also allows you to make free calls when routed through your Voicestick.
Big Bang For Your Buck
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-08-23

This is absolutley a terrific receiver. Has USB port that allows you to play music from your computer, Ipod, or MP3. Watched Jurrasic Park 3 tonight with the DTS ES Matrix Surround on and the room just thundered when the Dinos clashed with one another. For $170 this is a steal. 2 Year warranty on parts and labor adds security
to the purchase. This offers 9 surround modes including DTS ES,DTS ES MATRIX,DTS 96/24 and DTS NEO. Also includes 9 DAP modes Hall,Live Club,Dance Club,Theater, etc... At 700 watts this offers more than enough power to satisfy your listening needs.
DVD Camcorder is the way to go!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-08-21

I got this one few months ago. The DVD recording medium is much more convinent than tape. You can view and playback the recorded sequence without rewinding, what a improvement. The startup time is as quick as the traditional tape machine. The overall picture quality and ease of use with touch screen control are excellent.
The ultimate guide to the faults of the Sony DVD92 model
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-08-19

The Sony DCR-DVD92 model is entitled as "Easy Handycam" by Sony.
Something that even your kids can easily handle.
This, then, makes Sonys cheaper model DCR-DVD92 quite an expensive childs game. However, I would suggest parents to stay away from it and keep away their children as well.
This is probably one of Sonys worst models ever.
True, it is small, light and full of gadgets, but one must keep in mind that it is not a new gameboy they are dealing with.

Here is a list that points out the most important faults (that cannot be reasoned with) of this particular model:
- The DCR-DVD92 can record in 3 different resolution modes: LP, SP and HQ.
Out of the three, only the HQ mode delivers a normal quality picture that is worth recording and saving. The other two are a laugh.
- Nevertheless, recording your video in HQ mode does not guarantee a smooth picture. The DCR-DVD92 seems to freeze the picture now and again, especially upon quick movement of the object, not to mention the camera holder. This may eventually lead to jumpy and asynchronous results, i.e., voice and video do not match.
- Recording on small DVD discs: your videos must be short and not exceed the 20 minutes limit while using the HQ mode. First, it is very uncomfortable for one must carry many DVDs around. Second, it is costly: the simple DVD-R is for single use only and cost about 6-7 USD a piece. The more practical DVD-RW (or +RW) for multiple recordings may easily reach 15 USD. So lets say, you plan to go abroad and film the highlights, then you need at least 10 DVDs. Hey, thats about $150. It should make you think.
- The camera creates a DVD film (with a menu) of your recordings once the DVD disc is finalized. If you wish to store the files on your computer for later editing or for creating a longer film etc, then you must have the latest DVD editing software like NeroExpress or Vegas. Otherwise, you are stuck with many useless little DVDs running around your house.
- Taking stills: The DCR-DVD92 offers 2 modes for taking pictures, standard and fine. Both are of very poor quality. Pictures are in jpeg format and reach maximal volume of 140KB. So think twice before you press the button. It is neither worth the time nor DVD space.
- Should I go on? The manual (the English version) is 120 pages thick. Try finding which of its segments refer to your model. Apparently, the manual deals with 7 more models...that are much better than yours. Read the little words and find out that all the above faults are known to the manufacturer yet are described as "not a malfunction".
- The camera has a great zoom of x20 and offers up to x800 digitally; however, the latter results in evident pixilation, making it negligible.
- This model comes with no: built-in lamp/flash.
- Sound recording (Dolby Digital) is not exceptional.
- Sony normally offers long-life batteries, strong and durable pack. Would this model live up to the expectations concering its built-in DVD player/recorder? This is left to be seen.
True, the camera is easy to use, has splendid nightshot feature, nice rotatble LCD screen and so forth. True again, the DVD Handycam is new technology. Yet these are all mere excuses for a very bad product. I prefer to stick to my old Sony Handycam CCD-TR515E.

Great for Beginners but if you want copies of video BEWARE
by:    On: 2005-08-17

We purchased this camera with the intention of taping our new baby and sending the video via email or making copies of our created DVDs to family and friends. YOU CANNOT DO THIS WITH THIS CAMERA WITHOUT PURCHASING ADDITIONAL VIDEO EDITING SOFTWARE (which can be expensive).

There is not a USB port on this camera so you cant download video from the camera directly to your computer. This camera is the only SONY model that does not come with video editing software. Buy the next step up camera and save yourself a future hassle if you want to copy your created DVDs or email your video to others.

I would have thought that with SONYs name and reputation that this camera would at least cover our basic video needs since it cost more than other brands with similar features. I am disapointed that now I have to go to the computer store and figure out which software package will convert .VOB files (from the camera) to .MPG or .AVI files which are more recognizable.

by: mpiechota3    On: 2005-08-15

I foolishly purchased 7.0. It worked ok for a few months then just kept hanging up my system. Funny, it started hanging up when 7.5 was released. I tried to get "customer support" but thats a joke. Do yourself a favor, DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM ROXIO. Id given this software negative stars if I could. Spend your money elsewhere.
Okay if you don't need tech support
by: calobi    On: 2005-08-12

Had problems from day one, it would not record cd in my recorder, seemed it did not like my Plextor mulit recorder. Program works on my other computer with different drives. If you need tech support, its a joke, if you can even get thru to them. Their "tech support" agents dont seem to have any answers
I Love it!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-08-06

This camcorder is fabulous. Its extremely simple to use and is small enough to take everywhere and not feel like you are toting around extra baggage. Would fit in most handbags. I highly recommend it.
Very Good Product
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-08-05

This product is cool and helpfull, cause you can save data, music, pictures, and you only need the USB cord so you can share it to your friends. The bad thing of this product is that you cant record from a line in or microphone, very bad. But i like the product. The battery is not that good when you use the main Walkman, use mor the controler.
Grundig - Not What It Used To Be...
by: markmcmorrow    On: 2005-08-02

An annoying switching system and a too sensitive dial selector combined with poor indoor reception adds up to a mediocre radio at best. Battery hatch is very insecure (pops open all the time). Typical Chinese workmanship. Definitely not your fathers Grundig. Recommend buying a good used one from Ebay.
Very Nice Indeed!
by: cyberpsycho    On: 2005-08-01

For the size and price, this radio provides outstanding shortwave reception. I compared it against an old Realistic DX-440 and a Sony ICF-7601, and was able to pull in most of the frequencies that were received on the larger radios with equal clarity and sound quality. The analog tuning knob is firm and tight, but it takes some practice to coordinate your finger movements with the digital readout (which really flies if you have jumpy fingers!). The Mini 300 comes with two generic alkaline batteries, which is always a nice touch in this "batteries not included" marketplace. Plus they throw in a cellphone style, neoprene carrying case that is adequate and functional. The shortwave/FM telescopic antenna comes out about a foot and appears to have excellent sensitivity. The speaker produces a bold sound relative to its size, which is not hollow or shrill like many radios of comparable dimensions, and equally important, it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. The unit comes with a pair of standard earbud earphones, and the clock/sleeper features make this a very attractive piece of equipment.

Initially, I questioned the performance in the AM mediumwave band. Since most of my radio time is spent DXing distant AM channels, I was concerned that while the stronger stations came in loud and clear, bringing in those distant signals at night "seemed" to be a problem. Not so! Most nights I can pick up stations like WHAS in Louisville, or WBBM in Chicago which is about 800 miles away! Its all a matter of getting a feel for that small tuning knob.

Overall, in my opinion, this is an outstanding radio. If youre looking for something pocket-size thats strong in the seven supplied shortwave bands, as well as great FM and AM signals, this is an excellent choice.
The Good and the Bad
by: autumn972    On: 2005-07-09

I have to give it 3 stars because they did succeed in putting a lot of cool stuff into one package. But it can be a very aggravating program to work in.

Here are the good things: The photo editing piece is very, very good -- it does an excellent job of fixing exposure and color, and gives you lots of special effects. The disc copier is nice because it will break up files for you, so if its going to spread over 4 CDs, you can just kick it off and come in every now and then to feed it a new CD. Very nice. It has a lot of video-editing perks, although they can be temperamental. The scene detection is a nice touch and it seems to work fairly well.

The bad:
The DVD authoring, IMO, is POOR. Gives you very little control, audio is often out of synch with the video, marking chapters is a failed exercise in frustration. If this is why you are buying this product, stop right here! Do not get it, trust me. Maybe the 7.5 version is better but Im not hopeful -- but at the very least, stay away from 7.0 for this feature. It is aggravating at best.

Despite all of the things I like about this product, I have to say that in the year+ that Ive used this product it has given me nothing but grief. This is a perfect example of how important the small details are. This product was, in my opinion, rushed to market with a lot of bugs in it. Some have been fixed and others have been ignored. Just a few examples of little annoyances that sound silly but trust me, after the 100th time you will be aggravated: The program closes unexpectedly and you lose your work. It will sometimes decide to gray out all the menu options so you have to shut down in order to save what you were working on. It doesnt remember any custom settings even though it says it has saved them. It always defaults to their chosen location ie "My Pictures" and gives you no quick shortcut to get to where you want or option to change the default -- so its about a 5-click process each time to get to the folder you want. Opening a production in VideoWave gives you a smaller window with the most recent files, you then have to browse to find the file you want and it adds it to the list (why not just open it directly??) then you have to click it AGAIN from the list, then hit "ok". It doesnt save your default save picture quality, so again it is a 4-click process each and every time you save a photo if you want it saved at the highest quality... defaults to 7/10 I dont know why.

The bottom line is, if you want a cost-effective way to get a lot of different features you might be happy with this. But if you are an intermediate to advanced user who wants a very robuts DVD authoring program, youre better off buying a piece of software that focuses on that.
International Traveller is a Fan!
by: enterline_dj    On: 2005-07-01

Anyone who travels needs the convenience of this USB phone. I cant even begin to tell you how delighted I was. I was traveling in France, and I own my own business. I was on vacation and did not bring my PC, or cell phone. I got an email that there were some very unexpected problems with a very key deal I was working on. I had to call back to the States and have some long and involved conversations. Had I done this on the hotel phone, it would have cost my business literally thousands of dollars. But a friend had given me a Voicestick (that she basically got free on Amazon with a rebate) before I left. What a great little package!

I plugged the Voicestick into the back of the hotels "business center" computer (just a laptop in the corner of the lobby - it was a small hotel). I was able to register on screen in minutes, and then plugged in the headset that came with the VoiceStick, and was able to talk for a literal fraction of what it would have cost me otherwise. And further, once I had registered the first time, I could use the Voicestick over and over, with no problem at all. This is a great deal -- you can throw it in your pocket, and in a flash have full connectivity thru VOIP -- something Id never dealt with previously, and always assumed would be a hassle to set up and use.

A couple of things you should note on the Voicestick -- it does not work on Mac -- a friend ordered one after I raved about the product, and didnt realize it was Windows-only until he plugged it in. Not a big deal, because again, with the rebate, he got it free. Also, you do need to have a broadband connection. Most Internet cafes, etc. have these, so even if youre on the road in fairly remote places, you can usually just plug
the Voicestick and your headset in and turn the cafe phone into a VOIP phone.

I cant recommend this product highly enough. Great design, small, compact, and it offers unparalleled convenience.

Good camera for the price
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-06-29

I got it as a gift about a year ago and have overall really enjoyed it. I would rate it 4.5 if I could.

Though a lot of people may say it doesnt take good still photos, I have gotten some exceptional near professional results.
The quality of the photo depends on the light. Low light and indoor settings can result in grainy or semi grainy photos, but that is mainly because it doesnt have a flash. It is best used outdoors in partially sunny to cloudy days or times that are not blindingly bright such as noon time with full sun. Taking photos in full sunny days in the sunlight can sometimes be overexposed, but that happens to any camera I think.

Macro shots- it doesnt zoom in very far, but if you are clever, you can compensate by using a magnifying lens. I have taken a number of excellent photos of flowers, butterflies, and other insects and plants that way.

Some drawbacks are with it having an auto white balence. Yellow and orange seems to get dulled a little and white can sometimes end up being 255 brightness. Sunsets tend to loose intensity because of this feature. Though I think these can happen with any camera with an auto white balence.

But then again for it being a cheap camera, am quite amazed with the quality.

Ive found it to take better pictures than the newer PocketDV 5700. The shutter speed is ok. It is faster than the PocketDV 5700 which made me able to take better shots of moving objects such as my cat than the newer model.

The video and audio feature on this camera are not its main features. Battery life is varryable. Can be very short to fairly long. Ive found it helpful to turn off the lcd switch and close the camera door between shots. Sometimes I can prolong the battery life over a week.

If you want something cheap that can take good photos along with some patience and a good editing program such as paintshop pro or photoshop, then this is a good deal.

Eventually though you may want to save up for a higher end camera. But this will do in the mean time.

The Best
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-06-28

I recently meoved to Italy and took my VoiceStick with me. Amazing. I sill use my LA 310 prefix and I call all over the USA from ITALY for $19.95 a month. Since I still do business, have family and friends in the US, I figure this "Stick" is saving me about $350 bucks a month. The company told be they are coming with an international plan for a few bucks more. Then I can hook up with the other European offices for zip. This IS a hot product.
Great product, easy to use
by: cool___stuff    On: 2005-06-28

I think this product is great. Its smalll, inexpensive and easy to use. I travel with mine and its awesome. Its so cool to basically have your office phone with you, plus the ability to make cheap cheap calls. Heartily reccomend
Didn't live up to the hype
by: mlrtist2    On: 2005-06-28

Ive gone through a few radios over the past couple of summers... all I want is to listen to the Cubs game when Im out and about.

I had recently lost my Sony, which was may favorite. It was the dark grey little digital one with a few presets, and a belt clip. So, upon looking for a replacement, I decided I wanted:
a) Another pocket-sized radio
b) digital tuning, cant beat that
c) This time, I wanted a speaker as well, so I can kick back with it at the park or the beach.

Well, after scouring through the reviews here, the Grundig looked like the best choice. It had great reception, a long extendable antenna, and "digital tuning"

The only problem is... the digital tuning on this device may as well just be analog, cause you still have to slide that wheel up and down... and it wont stay locked on your station. SO, whats the point? To me, digital tuning means two buttons for up and down, and a third button to "hold" or "lock" all the other buttons, so you dont have to worry about accidentally changing stations.

Plus, the power button on my particular model didnt work very well. I had to press it like 5 or 6 different times before it worked.

Anyway... very disappointed. A cheap $10 Sony, or Panasonic pocket radio could accomplish the same thing.
This is the BOMB!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-06-20

I love it!, I love it!, I love it!, I bought this camera a year ago. I lost it not to long ago and my heart is broken. But its so cool. My 15 daughter used it for her online teenage magazine. She records her interview, take photos and feature live shows with it. Plus she also uses it for school. She records her class with it. I had to buy another one. I purchased an upgraded one with the MP3 Player. Talk about alien technology. It has arrived!!!!
Crap! Crap! Crap!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-06-14

This product worked for about 2 months, after that it went into the "Dumper!" I cannot get it to copy any CDs. I will copy the CD and then when you want to burn a copy, NOTHING! I have tried over and over to no avail. I just waste time and become frustrated. After you spend money buying this crap they want to charge you $35 or $40 to give you support, now thats real "BULLCRAP! Dont waste money on this junk, its really not worth it.
Simple and Convenient
by: pazzani    On: 2005-06-13

This is the easiest internet (VoIP) phone to set up and carry anywhere. Many features, including a cellular bridge. No commitment contract and its currently free with a rebate and a 30 day money back guarantee on service plan.
Replaces my Packet 8, which I loved also.
by: windbase    On: 2005-06-12

If I didnt travel so much, I would have never been looking for a replacement for my packet 8, which I loved. But I hate to lug the router around, and I read about the voice stick on, so I tried it. A week later, I upgraded the service to the unlimited.

Much easier to use than vonage, att, or packet 8; better quality than net 2 phone, and you can use it in other computers without giving away your information - and - for those of us who stay in hotels a lot, YOU CAN USE THIS WIRELESSLY!!! So, if your hotel wants to ding you $15 to use the internet, you can go down to the local coffee house, check your email (voice messages left on the voice stick come over email - easier for the traveler, because they are uploaded onto your hard drive - and make follow up calls if need be. Amazing that no one else thought of this first (although a couple of VOIP companies let you download a dialer).

Ive tried a lot of VOIP phones and companies, and so far I like this the best.

Not for Beginners
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-05-13

I used previous Roxio products and wanted software to start converting my Hi-8 video to DVD and better editing software for digital images. Also wanted to make some DVDs that combined photos, music and film clips.

I found that after hours of work I had burned a DVD that had no sound and horrible quality vido. Using this software is not easy without someone to teach you what to do. Their previous, earlier versions were much easier to use.

I also find that the "Photo Doctor" often highly distorts photos and any adjustments for exposure and saturation are better manually tweeked.

I find that Im only using a tiny part of this software, because I cant figure out all the rest. Even burning CDs has proven a challenge. Very few templates for CD labels and Ive yet to find a list of songs that would actually fit in the template space provided.
Outstanding product! Great for travel
by: gdorfman    On: 2005-05-13

I brought along i2 Telecoms Voicestick on a recent trip to Hawaii -- it easily fit into a small pocket in my travel case --plugged it into my laptap in my hotel room and saved a fortune on long distance calls to the mainland. The sound quality and connection are as good as any land phone. Best feature is i2 Telecoms iBridge, which allows you to make cheap VoIP calls using your cell phone or a land phone. No computer or broadband connection necessary! I even used it on the beach.
Also, when I needed a little help setting up the voicemail feature, tech support responded right away and patiently guided me through the steps.
Great to take on vacations or business trips. I also use it at home, and was able to eliminate one of my land lines.
Highly recommend this cost-effective, cutting edge VoIP phone.

Absolutely Amazing
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-05-03

I honestly cant believe that there are people who dont have this and/or dont even know about it yet. It is indispensable for business, and for personal stuff its always a conversation piece. The portability is obvious, but it is convenient even for just having an extra line at home that i can use while im doing work on my computer. Lastly, the price is ridiculously fair. Its really a no brainer.
I'd Been Lost Without It
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-05-01

I started out thinking this was a geeky little device, but it actually saved be several clients. I was starting a 5 country, 11 day review of business units in Europe for a client. Day one in Barcelona, I am sitting in a cafe and I get a call on my cell phone. I finish the call, place it on the table and a 10 year boy comes up and "borrows" it leaving me with no way to manage my business while on the trip. Lucky, I had just gotten the Voicestick. For the next 10 days it was my primary communication device. The most critical feature it has is you get an inbound number for people to call you. I was in Europe and my clients were calling a 404 area code never knowing I was not in Atlanta. Amazing product that anyone who travels has to have.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-04-26

When you accept this lil DV camcorder for what it is, just above being a toy, its excellent. It wont give you award winning pics, but... so what?<br /> <br /> I already have a Sony D8 camcorder and a Minolta Dimage7 5MP digicam, but I wanted something that I could easily put in my pocket. This lil gadget did the trick and I keep it with me all the time now.<br /> <br /> For most digicam novices, this is what you need. It also makes for a nice 2nd digicam for the bigshot photographers. Its highly recommended by mois!
Adequate, at best.
by: akurt85964    On: 2005-04-15

I was the previous owner of Roxio products and was satisfied. This piece of software is, at best, adequate for what it promises. Out of the box, it cannot handle dvr-ms files the format used by Microsoft Windows Media center. Roxio has an update that is supposed to be able to handle dvr-ms files, along with other fixes, but the update has caused the software to freeze numerous times, until I eventually uninstalled it and reinstalled just the original version.

Its nice to have all the media capabilities together but you just be patient with this software.

PS: Customer service is awful.
Keep looking...
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-04-12

I received the Basic edition bundled with a very nice Plextor burner. Most of my experience so far has been with the EMC 7 Capture function.

The bundle itself is truly bloatware, and loads tons of stuff that you will never use. It would be nice if places like Roxio would add a one-line description of each useless packages function, with the option to install or not after reading.

Capture is the kind of program designed to be "easy", meaning you never really know what is happening. It does (mostly) capture video. However, it will hang periodically with cryptic messages, to which the only option is click "OK". Then it starts over from the beginning.

The Smartscan feature would theoretically be great (you must make sure your DV camera supports this function). My cam (PV-GS200) does. However, the purpose of Smartscan is to fast-forward looking for scene codes on the tape, to let you preselect the scenes you want to capture. Unfortunately, it gets lost, a lot. Once Capture has lost its place, the only option is to start back over at the beginning of the tape. It will invariably hang at the same places, so after wasting a LOT of time and over-exercising the fragile tape, you will give up and just Capture the whole damned tape (have a very big hard drive handy).

Now that youre capturing the full tape, it will hang in other places. It hates when you have fast-forwarded the tape in camera, because that causes a black frame that it cannot seem to move past. Eventually, you will find that the best option is to manually move past the spot with the controls on your camera, then start capturing from there... but you will never really know what the software is doing until its over.

Never knowing what the program is doing, and having neither options nor meaningful Help when difficulties are encountered, is the recurring theme of this whole software suite. The only Help you will get from Roxio is their user forum (which is pretty good); otherwise, their idea of support is to try to get you to buy an upgrade version.

I believe much of this stems from trying to make something which is still inherently complex (video capture) overly simple for some perceived grandparental audience. The problem with all the friendly screens is that they blithely assume nothing will fail. When problems inevitably arise, there is no recovery other than Start Over. You will never know where you are in a tape, where your restart begins, what happened to the video you may or may not have already captured, or what to do to manually jumpstart a stalled capture.

The same look and similar issues were thoughtfully embedded in the Videowave authoring suite, although I have not had much experience with it, given that I am spending most of my time capturing and recapturing (I think).

I am not sophisticated enough to recommend something else yet, but there has to be something better and I would recommend you find it instead of anything from Roxio. Their whole progression as a software megabundler has been toward sales and away from functionality (and support) and it is really a shame that a first-class outfit like Plextor had to "partner" with them.
What a deal
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-04-11

A truly excellent radio for the price. I found it easy to pick
up major international shortwave stations during evening hours.
Americans who are not familiar with shortwave can get a great
introduction to the field for little cost with this item.
This package provides so much more than cheap armband radios
that only offer FM scanning...try it, youll like it!
Major Issues
by: pilot_pirx    On: 2005-04-10

I bought this product based on recommendations, Roxio reputation and $40 in rebates. I made a mistake and should have gone with Nero. EMC7 will just quit in the middle of some operations, mostly when it works with big files. When I point to some DVD files and try to open them, the program will shut down. No erros or nothing like that, it will just quit. Roxio released 2 major updates (about 200MB in total size) which fixed some of the issues. Still, even after upgrades, the program hangs and prevents my system from shutting down. You have to manually kill one of the running background processes to get the system to turn off. The only great thing about EMC7 is user groups. If you have a problem do not ask Roxio their email support is slow and inaccurate. Instead, use Roxio user forums. Your questions and problems will be answered within a day and the staff is extremely helpful. Not their fault Roxio is pushing bloatware.
by: igallowa    On: 2005-04-09

Im an Angels fan living in Orange County (OC) Ca. The tower for the Angels broadcast station is in Hollywood Ca. which is approx 45 mi north of OC. I am also a mobile fan, moving around the county walking, running, shopping, working, all while listening to my games. I tried other radios over a period of a year including the 49.99 Sangean DT200V and the 34.99 Sony SFR-M37V... but they sucked so hard ... they would static in and out during my travels and daily business. This compact radio solved all my problems: it delivers a steady and accurate signal for weaker AM stations within reasonable locations (no it doesnt work in concrete parking structures). I believe that this is because of the analog tuner with a digital interface (genius to make this techonology available to consumers) and the portable antenna (which if you so desire can extend to approx 2 ft.!!!). This thing is made for people who are serious about enjoying their radio broadcasts. I LOVE THIS THING SO MUCH. I NEVER WRITE REVIEWS but I was so lost when I was searching for some testimonies with similar circumstances, I had to share my zeal. Plus it comes with superb FM reception and the added benefit of basic Short Wave reception. But the best thing of all... its my teams color: RED (one of many colors--Dodger blue is also available for the foolish). These radios are a must for any serious baseball fan. THANK YOU GOD! Buy Grundig stock (even if they manufacture in China).
did not work
by: maralahbea    On: 2005-03-30

This would not install on my new computer with windows xp. I tried and tried finally gave up and purchased Nero and it works great so no more Roxy Products for me.
Golly Gee!
by:    On: 2005-03-27

I have this camera. It is fine, for the $89 I paid for it, I didnt expect anything else. How can any reasonable person pay $89 for something like this and then complain about it? Give me a break. You gotta be a serious idiot to think that you are getting anything more than what you paid for. Either an idiot or someone who has never spent more than $50 at a time in their whole life thinking that at $89 they would be getting a top of the line camera comparable to an XL-1 or something. If you complain, or have complained about this camera, you are most likely a cheap, miserly, greedy, foolish and simple person. Bottom line: If you want a nice piece of equipment, then SPEND MORE MONEY. Then go to this curious place where everything is sick and red and black and wrong and you can discuss satanism and christianity without capitalizing the words god or satan.
Horribly buggy - zero stars
by:    On: 2005-03-25

I had an earlier version of Easy CD Creator that worked fine. This version 7 has to be about the lowest quality software Ive ever purchased. It hangs, doesnt use the settings Ive specified when burning a disk, doesnt save the right settings after Ive saved a project, dies in the middle of burning a CD saying file not found without telling you what file (after it had verified all the files), tells me it is writing to a CD-ROM when I dont even have a disk in the drive, is extremely slow, extra windows pop up inexplicably, etc.. It tells you file names are too long, but not which ones. There are almost no settings or preferences. Even the fonts used are inconsistent, so it looks like no quality control group even tested this. Embarrassing for Roxio, a big disappointment for me.
Great Little Thing
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-03-24

This little camera is great!it video tapes (if thats what you want to call it since its tapless)it take medium quality digital pics and sorta voice records. its not to good at that so if that is the only reason youd buy it then feels kinda cheap and you feel like your gonna break it but ive dropped a ton and its still going steady.Also it only has a 2x zoom so dont get used to 20ft will need to buy a cf card if you want to film more than 5 minutes i recommend a 256 mb card so you can film a little longer than 30 if you want a reliable little camera/camcorder or just cam this is the one for you.By the way its really tiny.
Dont expect help from Roxio
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-03-18

Review: I have had this product for 2 months and havent been able to use it because I need the updates and I havent been able to download them. Customer Service is in Canada and the usual wait time is 10 minutes. I ordered the update disc on Feb 16 - was notified it was shipped on Feb 28 - today is March 18 and it still hasnt arrived. Phoning customer service is a waste of time because all they can stay is "Its in the mail".

Not a bad camera for the price...
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-03-17

If you are looking to not spend a lot of money for an entry-level digital camera, this wouldnt be a bad choice. My mom has this model and Ive used it on several occasions without any problems. Much better than the Aiptek DV4500 which is supposed to have more bells & whistles, but just doesnt have the same level of quality as this model.
Very burdensome - non consistant -
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-03-14

The software was very inconsistant. (Used on PC with XP Service pack 2 high level of multi media performance) especially in the "Plug and Burn" phase if you did not want to capture and edit the video. It would capture less then 50% of the time through a 50 minute DV tape. Unfortunately, sometimes you were 80% through the capture tape when it begins to fail. Out of 10 captures, only 4 worked from begining to end the other 60% failed; leaving for much re work, frustration let alone hours of unproductive time. The software needs to go back to the drawing board.
poor DVD authoring
by: lakotazz    On: 2005-03-11

Practically any burning program these days can make CDs, but I bought REMC7 to make DVDs, as I had heard its the cream of the crop. Well, its not, at least where DVDs are concerned. Im not sure if its a sign that DVD authoring tools are still in their infancy, or if Roxio is just producing wretched software. Here are the critical problems I encountered...

1. I have created several videos (AVIs) in landscape letterbox format. Unfortunately, REMC7 vertically distorts all videos and images so they will fill in a standard TV screen. You have no choice - you cannot add proper letterbox videos to your DVD without the awful stretching. If your home DVD player has a letterbox distortion option then you might be okay - mine doesnt.

2. Holy crashfest, Batman! I simply cannot get the Search option in the Help menu to work. Every time I search for a keyword the program crashes, severely limiting the help capabilities. Updates havent helped. If you choose to buy this, save often!

3. Ive made several DVD coasters because, sometimes, the burn process just stops part way through. I can deal with burning errors, but AT LEAST tell me what the problem is! Jeez.

4. Despite the flashy interface and menu templates, the layout options for menus are awkward and extremely limiting. Many folks will be fine with this, but others will be insulted. For instance, (1) there is a mandatory 30-second interval for a menu page, so if you add your own background music it will simply cut it off after 30 seconds and start over - very distracting. The same goes for slide shows when you add your own background music - youd think there would be an option to fade out, but no. (2) You can move the thumbnails around manually, but dont put them too close together or itll give you an "overlapping thumbnail error," when they clearly are not. Also, if it gives you a layout error, it wont say where the problem is - hence you end up randomly rearranging stuff until it finally accepts it for burning.

Those are most of the problems Ive had. The bottom line is, REMC7 is fine for CDs, but so are several free software packages out there. If you plan to make lots of DVDs, splurge for something a little more professional.
Wouldn't even install... what customer support?
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-03-10

The product would not install on any one of 4 machines (all running flavors of XP). Being a competent PC user, I went about fixing the problem. I was stopped dead in my tracks at customer support, there is no easy way to get support from them. After about 45 minutes on their web site I retuned the product. Nero works really well!
Horrible customer support
by: wmtimm    On: 2005-03-09

I acquired the basic version of this product with a DVD burner package. After installation, the main software package, Media Creator Home, would start up and then just disappear. The other modules would not recognize the burner as a burner.

I then made the mistake of thinking that maybe I should bite the bullet and buy the full version of the software from Roxio, despite the poor reviews I had read about previous versions. I thought maybe they had finally gotten their act together. WRONG!!!

I installed the purchased product and got the same result. I was then able to use their product support system. What a waste! After using the knowledge base on their website and performing the procedure to try to rectify the problem I was having (which must be very common), I created a trouble ticket with them. They referred me back to the procedure that I had already tried.

They then suggested that I create a new administrator account and try to run the software. I created a new account on my Windows XP Home machine, logged onto it and tried the software. It started up and also recognized my burner. Sounds great, right? NOT!! I dont really feel it should be necessary for me to either;

a. log out of the account I normally use on my PC just to use this one piece of software.
b. migrate all of my settings and documents to the new account just to be able to use this one piece of software.

The customer support at Roxio seems to be clueless as to where the actual problem may be located (i.e. registry, system settings etc.).
Very, Very, Slooooooow--Disappointing
by: drmoore22    On: 2005-03-05

Beware!!!! You will spend all day editing photos and video and not accomplish much. We have Windows XP, 3.0 GHz, 512MB RAM, 120 GB HD. Everything else runs smoothly and quickly except this program. This was my first digital media software. I should have done more research. Since then I have switched to Pinnacle Studio Version 9 for video editing--I highly recommend this alternative. Currently, I am looking for another photo editor. Dont waste your money on Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 like I did. Aside from its slowness, the program itself is mediocre at best.
This Camera is GREAT!!! A+++++++
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-03-04

I dont know what the others complained about but this is just about the best little camera money can buy. I bought it straight from Aiptek and got a free battery charger and 4 extra AA batteries. I started filming right out of the box. Any one can use this. Even inside with the lights on (and my house is pretty dark) the picture was great!! The sound is kinda grainy but who cares for $99!! I plan to take it everywhere. I filmed outside and the picture is outstanding!! I plan to buy another one maybe the MPEG format next!! You can just throw it in your purse or pocket and you are ready to go!! Dont beleive all the naysayers. Get your $100 and order this little gem today!!
The only thing I didnt like is that the cable for the TV output seems to be out of order b/c I cant see the picture clearly on the TV. But on my PC it is great. I plan on emailing Aiptek for a new cable. BEST CAMERA INVENTION!!
Unsupported Garbage
by: blevinsj_39    On: 2005-03-03

This product cannot write a DVD on my Dell which can be read by any of my DVD players. No help from Roxio support. All my other burning software works just fine.

Save your money.
happy customer
by: catbaux    On: 2005-02-24

This was a tough choice with the antenna sticking out a few inches, but its obvious Grundig has maximized antenna science. This radio is wonderful, it is my 4th Grundig (satelite 700-power jac broke, traveller-junk, YB300-too big and heavy, terrible sound, and now this). The audio is great on this, very surpising on tiny speaker. Shortwave works very well on all bands outside even when broadcast is at its worst, 1PM in northern state. The analog tuner is a speed dial on FM, MW, on SW there is more fine control plus analog finds many more stations than an auto seek function. The antenna is fixed and highly sensitive. To get control of a weak Canadian FM station favored I had to pull antenna out one segment. Indoors with antenna extended there is no noise even when it is right next to a computer CRT monitor, on AM or the touchy FM canada station. I needed a small light radio for outside and on bike, the YB300 was too heavy and bulky. If this was sold as a package of the 5 colors Id get it and give them away. Could not be more pleased with this new radio. High performer and very useful. It took JR, a seller at Amazon, only an hour to ship it.
It only gets 1 star because there's nothing lower...
by: bwbeckham    On: 2005-02-21

Same gripes as everyone - once theyve got your money forget any notion of customer support. There isnt any. The program forces you install AT LEAST 277MB of unnecessary, additional programs. For example, I had to install Roxios 31MB Roxio Player, a DVD player utilility. This on a computer without a DVD drive. Ditto the Media Manager, Storyboard, etc., etc. All-in-all, this is a fat product with lousy performance, non-existent customer support and one for which there are a number of superior alternatives. Personally, Im going to Nero and (like everyone else) will never buy a Roxio product again.
If it LOOKS like a DOG - and SMELLS like a DOG, then.....
by: emergency-cards    On: 2005-02-19

I have purchased this product elsewhere but have taken the precaution of reading the reviews prior to installation.
It seems to me that all genuine reviews provided here are mostly negative but the overall number of is bloated with positive reviews by people with some hidden agenda.
I will NOT now be installing this programme.
The only question left is
" Why does Stock the product?"
If it LOOKS like a DOG - and SMELLS like a DOG, then.....IT IS A DOG!
Great product
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-02-18

Was very hesitant after reading the reviews but needed all that this program had to offer so I closed my eyes, prayed, and tried it out. Love this program!!! When I brought home this program, I uninstalled my trial version and I uninstalled a similar product I bought and hated so that there were no conflicts. I then ran the defragmenter in my system tools. After rebooting, I installed the software and I have been truly enjoying all the features ever since. I have burned DVDs from the DVD builder, with special text additions and transitions. I have burned audio CDs and I have transferred all my digital pictures to data cds. I have even burned a DVD transfer from my digital camcorder using the video capture and editing feature. The drag and drop feature tangled me up for a little while and I havent concerned myself with finding out why yet. (I am sure my fault but it didnt do it again) I highly recommend this if your computer has a large enough hard drive to accomodate the full version of the program and the ability to retain all the information you will be using to burn with. Note: When uninstalling programs, you lose the program files, not the data files. All the movies (6) that I created with the trial version and the bummer software were still there after the uninstallation and reboot. (Dell Desktop 2350 Dimension, 40 GB hardrive, 512 RAM, Pentium 3)
roxio burner is do the job
by: abc17031    On: 2005-02-14

i just bought a laptop with dvdrw k12 drive. Nero was installed on my computer but it was suck, when i burn a disk it wont go with full speed because of some buffer overflow protection thing, and some of the disk was totally blank after burn. So i decide to try roxio, it was perfect, it burn with the speed that took only took 5-7 minute for my disk to ready to use. Plus it was so much easy to use.
Cannot register product
by: gj-n    On: 2005-02-12

My husband bought the boxed version of Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 and Ive been sorry ever since. Im the geek and hes not. He couldnt register the product because, on-line, you can only register Version 6 and earlier. We couldnt register directly because Dell had installed an earlier trial version that interferes with the installation. Repeated e-mails to Roxio have been auto-answered with notations that a customer service rep will call in a few days, and they never do.

Bottom line is that its HARD to install for the average user, IMPOSSIBLE to register and update, customer support is TERRIBLE, and wed strongly recommend that no one buy this product.

I know many users wax eloquent regarding the product features. My guess is that they never installed over an earlier trial version. Unless we want to wipe our system clean and re-install everything, Roxio isnt going to work correctly.

Well find another product and write this as money wasted.

We should have read the other reviews.
Good radio for the price
by: smgross    On: 2005-02-09

This model is great for travel, with clock, alarm, and sleep timer features. The tuning can be tricky as there is no fine-tuning knob and it takes some patience and practice to dial in the exact frequency.

Often, on shortwave functions, the frequency drifts + or - 5 KHz over time and when you touch the radio or if the temperature changes (i.e. if you keep the radio on a windowsill, it will get colder and the frequency will drift). This is only a minor problem for shortwave bands -- the drifting is not as noticeable for FM and AM stations.

The Tecsun R-919 is identical to this radio and sells for 1/2 the price of the Grundig mini 300. Tecsun manufactures these radios for Grundig.
Don't buy!
by: maureencowen    On: 2005-02-08

I purchased this program mainly for the slideshow feature and then decided it would be nice to have all the other compenents as well. BAD DECISION! The program is slow (and I have a very new computer), it hangs up, it has a mind of its own when creating the timing for the picture and the transition, have to change the screen resolution in order for the program to work, and on and on. The worst part is that technical support is horrible - I would send an email and 14 days later get a response! And, if you want to call they charge! Im moving on to something else and will not buy a Roxio product again.
Still no dual layer support for downloaded versions
by: daveep    On: 2005-02-03

Roxio has an update available that provides support for dual layer DVD burning. However this update is available ONLY for retail boxed versions of Roxio 7, not the download versions such as what you buy from Roxios own store. Moral of the story: Roxio does not have an emphasis on customer satisfaction, they are ignoring much of their user base, and if you must have this product then buy it from Amazon or a physical store where you get the retail version! Better yet, check out Nero Burning ROM.
Great for your 1st Camera
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-01-30

I think this camera is very nice. You can store up to 12 pictures without the CF card, but I still love it. If you buy this camera dont expect to be filming a lot of things, that doesnt work very well unless you buy a CF card. I dont enjoy the voice recorder because it makes your voice very crackly, so if you want to voice record dont stand right next to it. It is GREAT!!
Easy Media Creator7
by: pfyancick    On: 2005-01-29

This software takes over a GB, yes Gegabite to intstall.
Very poor in the user friendly area.
Cant send a picture as an attachment without going through
3 or 4 sequences. Easier to move picture to My Documents and
e-mail. I also have RoxiGoback3.
Easy Media Media Creator 7 uses so much space that Roxio Goback3 cant handle the volume making Goback3 useless.
Easy CD Creator5 was much better but Roxio will not support in
in Windows XP.
P. F. Yancick
User friendly and reliable
by: fruit_loop    On: 2005-01-28

this user-friendly software was just what this digitally-impaired person needed. Its easy to install and even easier to use. Burning CDs is a breeze and the price is quite reasonable for all that you get
What a mess
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-01-28

This product should come with lots of warnings. While installation was trouble free, Win XP wouldnt recognize any of my optical drives. I went to Roxios web site and fixed that problem with a posted RegEdit fix. When I started doing some serious work, however, I realized that this product is soooo slowwwww. Im running a 3GHz machine with 1GB RAM, dual 80GB HDDs and a fast graphics card with 128MB onboard. The "lite" versions of the ArcSoft and Sonic software that came with my HP DVD burner work much faster. I wish Id just stuck with the free stuff that came with the burner. Id have saved lots of time and aggravation.

Oh, and PC Magazine has just given Nero 6 Ultra Edition All-in-One Digital Media Solution its Editors Choice Award over Roxio. Napster has just bought Roxios Creator suite so its anybodys guess if the problems will remain. Napsters purchase is also why theres a rebate on this product--a new version will be coming out very soon. What a mess.
Good radio for the money
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-01-27

I bought this radio because I wanted the features it offered in as small a package as possible. After having it for two weeks now, I am happy to report that Id buy one again.

Reception is very good on all bands - AM, SW and FM. Audio fidelity is also very good, a surprise given the tiny speaker. I have no problem listening to Radio Havana, BBC, Deutche Welle (sp?) or numerous other stations, including my favorite AM & FM station. There is a small amount of frequency drift over time on AM and SW. Stations are easy to tune with the digital display although a light touch is required, especially on the higher bands. It is important to note that although the read-out is digital, tuning is analog - not DDS or PLL controlled; thus the small amount of drift I mentioned.

But for the money, a very good radio/clock/alarm which also has a "sleep function".
Good For the Price
by: jeloyce    On: 2005-01-27

First of all many people complain about the memory and the batteries first of all its your fault that you didnt get a bigger memory card in the first place! Bad memory card quality also is not aipteks problem! The batteries can be replaced with Ni-mh If needed and the camera is quite good with 3.1 megapixels playback on that small of a package is nice for the price. Now if you were planning on video taping something important than definetly wait and buy a better Sony camera that uses the mini dv tape. But this is fantastic for what I plan to use it for which is taping my friends and i snowboard so we dont need great quality or sound But want to be able to watch it on the tv which Is the simplest camera to tv I have used Yet! Have not tried the computer software but dont plan to. This is a fantastic Device for the price. I recommend for outdoor use with friends for sports that youll be close as there is no Zoom with the video recording.Four Stars ****
Without Broadband, Think Twice
by: zusil    On: 2005-01-18

While this program appears loaded with excellent features, you should be advised that there is a 120 megabyte update available. Obviously, without broadband connection, downloading this update is most likely out of the question. In addition, you should also be aware that the tutorials are all run on line and a broadband connection is required.

For those of us who cannot get broadband (rural areas, for example), this limitation is a distinct disadvantage.
Great Program When Used Correctly
by: klevitha    On: 2005-01-17

I cant believe how many people have written negative reviews of this product. I have had very little difficulty and have not yet downloaded the update. Just to test my premesis, I installed the program on an older HP P3 computer with XP but with less memory and speed than with my new Sony VAIO. It made a huge difference and I suspect that people having ther stated difficulties just dont have a sufficiently powerful machine to deal with this very bulky program. It is working very well for me in producing family history videos with mixed movie clips from captured video, photos (digital and scanned prints), clip art, voice over narration, MP3 overla, sound effects, etc. Im considering starting a hobby business creating family DVDs.
Good Luck!
Stay Away
by: richardhead4    On: 2005-01-17

Like the others who have given this one star, I had major problems with the installation. Following installation my system wouldnt recognize any of the optical drives. I had to go through the Restore Point procedure to bring them back. Even then, I had trouble with Roxio loading, other software ceased working properly (to the point that I couldnt back anything up to optical drives), and I finally had to do a clean install of Win XP.

The sad part about this is that these are known problems with "workarounds and fixes" on Roxios site. Unfortunately the fix didnt work for me.

I feel terribly burned by Roxio and, since software is unreturnable, by Amazon.
Had to uninstall it.
by: pbuenting    On: 2005-01-15

I upgraded from Roxio 5 to Roxio 7 and it has been terrible. When I start my computer it keeps trying to reinstall again and again. According to the Roxio support page that has been a problem for awhile. Also, it is annoying to have to keep changing screen resolution when using this program. I have uninstalled it and will not use it again. A waste of money. Think twice before buying this one.
Good product; definately could use some small improvements
by: twixmix    On: 2005-01-12

I bought Easy Media Creator 7 mainly to burn photos onto DVD with menus and background music. Ill review most of the products:

Disc Copier: a simple program that lets you copy one disk to another in a different drive, or to the hard drive so you can burn it later

Creator Classic: drag-and-drop to create a music or data CD

PhotoSuite: basic photo editing options (i.e. red eye, crop, etc.)

VideoWave: drag-and-drop video clips to create a video (similar to Windows Movie Maker)

DVD Builder: definately the most complex of Media Suite. You can divide photos into menus and add background music, etc.

Other features: create a backup project, create a greeting card, create a slideshow, label creator, sound editor, label maker

Other comments: It took a while to install. It also insists that you install Napster, but after digging around for a while, I found how not install it by setting up a custom install. Also, it froze up and simply quit twice while creating a DVD (save often!).
Very disappointed upgrading from version 6
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-01-12

I bought version 7 yesterday. I am self employed and make DVDs and books containing Photographic Family Biographies, DVD slideshows, and converted home movies. I also do a lot of photo restoration but use specialized software for this. I previously used Version 6 for making DVDs.

First problem - No user guide included with Version 7. Version 6 had a 400 page book and I still use it for reference. I cant believe that they would do away with a users guide!

Second Problem - Without any documentaion telling me to do otherwise and to prevent congesting my registry I removed Version 6 prior to installing Version 7. Version 7 will not open projects I made with DVD builder Version 6 as recently as two days ago - tremendously frustrating disapointment and potential loss.

Third Problem - It is not similar enough to Version 6 to enable a proficient user to get up and running quickly; again no manual to provide help, and the tutorial is nothing more than a pathetic introduction only.

Fourth Problem - I just bought it and it is new software but requires an update/ download that is 120mb in size, that is an 8 hour download using a dial up connection and it stopped 4 hours through the first time. This update on CD should be offerred to customers for no additional cost.

Fifth problem - insufficient product support; didnt autoregister, no toll free number to call, You can talk to a computer answering program called Roxann but this is not a substitute for being able to communicate with a real person.

In conclusion, after having thoughts to seek out a third party book on using this product and being unable to open DVD projects made on Version 6, unable to even find the video intro clip that adds professionalism to the DVDs, I am absolutely disgusted. I cant return the open product, am out $108, have wasted many hours of my time, and will lose a lot more if I cant reload V6 and recover projects as old as 2 days!!!

While I was not completely satisfied with Version 6 I wish that I would have either done nothing or bought Nero software. At least I could tell they have a book included with their product!

Re-rated Three stars, tho' clunky and out of date as new
by: kgitt44498    On: 2005-01-10

I bought a DVD-R/W drive that came with Nero OEM. That software locked up my system (perhaps partly my fault) and I round filed it.

Replaced it with Roxio MC 7. Took about 20 minutes to install the 300MB program. Then, although I was able to make an audio CD, the software rebooted my computer when I pressed "print" in the label creator - not a complex thing. Tried 2 more times - both times it rebooted my system.

Used the "update" choice in the utility module to down load a 120MB (!) patch. Took about 1/2 hour to install the patch (it has 2 built in false starts) and it also reloads the program.

So, 2 hours later, I could print labels successfully, and copy my homemade DVD (the desired task) - in about 25 minutes (due mostly to 4X drive speed?)

This is not a true Windows program - there is no "About" option to even check the exact version you have.

The program itself seems to be a collection of modules that are united under the "Media Creator Home" main screen. On the main screen, individual tasks are grouped by general application, such as "Audio" or "Photo", as well as having the different applications listed below - so it is a bit redundant, but perhaps helpful to have the quick list of things that can be done, as well as the individual apps. You can close any of the sections, however, so if you want to hide the "tasks" section you can. When you click on any application module, the main window goes away, replaced by a bitmap graphic saying "please wait - loading component", then the component window pops up. Finish the component, then that window goes away, the graphic comes up, then the main screen comes back. Repeat for every link...

Doodled around in Videowave, which actually seems to be kind of nice. You can join video clips (and edit them to any length for the presentation), add transitions between them, add captions for any length of time, narrations, etc and other things. The output size is relatively large, however - mine ended up about 90 megs for a 2 minute clip made from three sections of mpg, (which totalled about 25 MB) It also saves the "project" (clips, sound bites, etc) with a .dmsm extension (500k) as well so you can do more things with it.

Doodled in the DVD creator and made a "mini DVD" onto a CD.

So, its a bit clunky and tedious, but it did my major tasks, and may have some fun in it.
Some good and some bad
by: kireviewer    On: 2005-01-07

This software comes with many different applications. Some work well, some dont. There are so many features, I havent been able to test everything. Here are some problems:

1. Like most software, the CD has some bugs. As soon as you install the program from the CD, it is likely you will want to do the upgrades. But the upgrades take for ever to download. Instead of just downloading the fixes, the upgrade reloads the complete software.

2. The CD label software is junk and filled full of bugs.

3. The software can crash if being used too long, without rebooting the computer. I think it uses up all the temp memory.

4. While the sound editor was improved, many features and much of the flexibility has been removed. For instance, you can no longer adjust volumes, or customize fades.

5. On audio discs, if you want to do transitions, you still have to burn the disc at once and finalize it. You cannot add tracks later.

6. The DVD software is not as flexible as other products.

7. Everytime you copy a DVD, you will be asked what burn speed you want to use, even if you are making multiple copies. So, you have to stay at your computer and monitor it, if you are burning multiple DVDs. (You just cant come back when the burning is done and put in another blank).

8. On the sound editor, you can only work on one track at a time. When you open a new file, it closes whatever file you are working on.

9. Merging tracks doesnt really work. You can merge them in the editor, but you cant save it as a new file, so it is basically worthless.

The good:

1. DVD and CD copying is very quick and easy.

2. Sound editor has improved, so that it generally works better. It is easier to cut, copy and paste.

3. In creating an audio CD, the transitions are much better. You no longer have to put up with a 2 second gap between tracks. The crossfade works well.

by: notinuseyet    On: 2005-01-06

I have had countless problems since installing this software. The software did not work properly, so I uninstalled and reloaded it. This did not fix the problem. Worse yet, installing the Roxio software also messed up my Windows Media Player somehow. I e-mailed Roxio about the problem and got no reply. So then I Googled the error message I get whenever I insert a cd, and I found a message board where many people have posted complaints about the same problem. Evidently, the best response anybody got from Roxio was: "Buy an upgrade to fix the problem." Gee, thanks a lot.

If you are tempted to buy anything from Roxio, I would suggest that you simply download a virus into your computer instead--youll get the same results but without paying for it.
Be careful when you buy this
by: hardbop50    On: 2005-01-06

Like others who have posted on this one, I spent hours just trying to get this program to install. I tried on three different machines. Thought it was a funky media, which I replaced and tried again, but same problem. So I went to Roxio web page. Well, guess what? Only works with a very select list of DVDs, and mine wasnt one of them. Before you buy, check for compatibilty. Wrote complaint to FTC. Buy Nero Suite.
Avoid Roxio at any cost; save yourself a lot of time
by: assist106    On: 2005-01-06

Stay away from Roxio and save yourself a lot of time and efforts. You will be glad you did.

Got this product. After wasting a lot of installation time (including the time to call the Roxio technical support that ASKS for money to offer help), I learned that the main CD was missing. But thats as far as the technical people went. They asked that I contact customer service to ask for the main CD to be sent to me.

Customer service was absolutely awful. Sent them an email. They responded after exactly one week with a generic, non-intelligent response, that included a bunch of URLs and a suggestion to contact the technical support.

Wrote back to the customer service and explained again on Dec. 16, 2004. They responded back on January 5, 2005 (thats three weeks later), with even a more un-intelligent response.

Avoid Roxio. Save yourself time and efforts. Be aware that their customer service is absolutely poor and that their technical support will asked for money to help you.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-01-06

I got it as a birthday preante and i love it. the only bad thing is that the tripode breaks easly<br />
by: sitwi1    On: 2005-01-04

This is the first time Ive been motivated to leave feedback on a product - it is THAT poor. The DVD builder - one of the main reasons I bought the package - is dire. You cant rename chapters (you need to be content with 1, 2, 3 etc). The "help" function is farcical, and my PC spent four hours encoding the DVD I wrote, only to give the prompt "Error". Thats right - no clue on the problem, whether it was a bug, or something Id done ... just "error". The error was mine putting my trust in this shoddy waste of time.

Avoid at all costs.
Horrible Camera, DO NOT BUY!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-01-02

We are quite unsatisfied with this cameras performance. It runs on 2 double A batteries and so therefore dies after about 8-15 minutes or so on new batteries. This includes playback, where the batteries seem to die even quicker. Installation of software for playback on a PC or playback on a TV is difficult, frustrating, and requires a lot of patience. This camera is not good at taking digital still photos (turn out blury, lighting bad indoors), and can only hold a few on the 128 MB card. This card also holds about 15 minutes of video and nothing else. The camera is low quality and the cards are also lacking. Please, Please do not do what we did. We are stuck with this camera because it passed the 90 day return policy. Dont put yourself in that situation, do NOT buy this camera. (How can you use it if it wont run for more than 15 minutes tops!!)
Total junk.
by: _porterhouse    On: 2005-01-01

This software has some of the worst bugs you are likely to encounter using a computer - it is a shameful mess, a total disaster. First, be aware that the word "suite" means that youre getting a pile of shoddy, poorly conceived applications purchased from various other third parties over the years, which then received an update to the interface so they look like the same company wrote them. Most of these applications are trash. Further, without exception, these applications are ridiculously unstable. Many fail to start when you try to launch them. When they do run, they frequently simply quit, disappearing and leaving no trace. When they dont do this, they more often than not lock up your computer altogether. Once in a great while the software works properly, finishing a task and leaving you with a usable result, instead of trashed media ready only for the garbage. Using the software is maddening.

You may wonder how this software could be so horrible, given the 5-star reviews here. Others have pointed out the similarity in the vast majority of these reviews, and the professional marketing-speak tone of the writing. Those who have made these observations argue that the reviews are planted. This is correct. They are planted. If you look at these "reviewers" other reviews, youll notice that usually there arent any. The evidence, taken together, strains credulity. Is it possible that dozens of people who have never written a review of anything else are so motivated to sing the praises of what is clearly some of the worst software ever written? No. It is not possible. The reviews are fakes.

The continued existence of this software is due only to the distribution arrangements made with hardware manufacturers - everybody gets a basic version of either this or Nero when they buy a burner. This has, in effect, locked up the market. If there were any real competition, this piece of junk would either have (1) been fixed by version 7, or (2) ceased to exist.

In short, do not buy. There are open source tools that do all the same things properly. Show Roxio what happens to companies that try to sell such shoddy merchandise.
Fails to launch applications
by: bcampbell99    On: 2004-12-25

This would probably be a pretty good piece of software if it actually worked. I installed EMC7 on my new computer, but almost all of the applications (such as DVD builder and VideoWave) fail to even launch. Ive spent many hours with Roxios (feeble) technical support and on their discussion groups and tried many of their suggested fixes (including their new updates) but nothing helped. I could understand this software not working on an old computer with inadequate specs, but it should work on a new computer that far exceeds the minimum specs. This has been a complete waste of time and money. I think Ill try Nero instead.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-25

This camera is awesome!!! I bought it just to fool around with making little movies. I doubted it at first because the low price and I had never heard of the brand before but I decided to try it. And boy am I glad I did! Sure the zooms not that great and theres no flash but other than that its great. My advice is if you want a little camera with BIG things this is the one to buy. Or even if you dont want a little camera this one still is cool. All my friends are jelous and cant believe the price! So if youre taking time to read this take 5 minutes to buy it!!!!!
If you have Roxio 5, why upgrade?
by: edphotog    On: 2004-12-22

Slide show creator module is inferior to the Video Impressions (Arcsoft) included in the Roxio 5. I never could get the Sound Module to work; I had to record using Windows Creative Recorder and then import. If youre using 600x800 screen resolution for other programs, youll have to switch to higher resolution each time you access Roxio 7. I dont understand what all the 4 and 5 star reports found so useful; I notice most of the faorable ones were written early in the year.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-21

I think its always best to start with the positive, so here goes... EMC7 has some great photo editing features - in fact PhotoSuite is my favorite photo editing software Ive ever used and Ive used quite a few. EMC7 can also make some very cool slideshows, which is primarily why I purchased it. But, heres the negatives - installation can be a nightmare. It is not compatible with several mini dv video cameras (found out the hard way). EMC7 freezes constantly - I mean constantly, causing unsaved work to be lost. However, the software itself is VERY slow - slow to open, slow to function and slow to save - which must be done frequently in order to prevent all your work from being lost. My computer is less than a year old, or I may have contributed it to that, but the truth is it just hangs up all the time. There are many bugs with the software that Roxio has posted downloadable "patches" for but they have yet to help. Roxio customer support is NON-EXISTENT. Go to their site and read their "support" boards and you will get an idea of how awful this software really is - I wish I had read their message boards before purchasing. I have spent countless hours - literally hundreds - working on projects that should have taken just a few hours. I wanted to scream or throw the computer out the window. I am usually a pretty upbeat positive person, but the software drove me to the brink of insanity. When I finally decided to uninstall the software, the nightmares continued - the uninstall program would not run and their were dozens of hidden registry keys I had to search and manually delete. I still dont know if I got rid of it completely. Save yourself hours of frustration and wasted time - buy something else.
Media Creator WON'T Work...
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-19

Just installed this software. For some strange reason the main page "Media Creator Home" will not work. It starts up, freezes, and closes itself after ~30 seconds. The creator classic works though, so i dont know what the deal is. The incredibly big upgrade did nothing to resolve that. So far im not so hot about this version, looks good visually, but then again so did the previous version. But annoying your costumers from day one of installation with things that dont work is not a good business strategy.
Execellent Product
by: regblank    On: 2004-12-10

This is a great product. I use this all the time to edit my Digital Photos and have made some great DVD video slideshows for my picture albums. I definitely recommend it.

Great mini-camcorder
by: stelmach10    On: 2004-12-09

the Aiptek DV3100 is astounding for the price.

I love it. Will probably get a second one or get the Aiptek 4500.
fake reviews--dont be fooled
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-07

Isnt is strange that all of the 5 star reviews for this product are written with perfect grammar and spelling? And also, on ALL of the 5 star reviews, if you click the button "see my other reviews", how many other reviews are there?? NONE! All there is is the review of roxios media creator. Try this on any 5 star review and youll see what i mean. If Roxio has to resort to THIS to give their product a good name, I think ill search elsewhere
Reviews appear "faked"
by: majrtom    On: 2004-12-05

I cannot adequately review this product -yet- although I will probably purchase it soon, based on the Editors Choice recommendation by PC Magazine (an objective source).

However, I am VERY bothered by the fact that the majority of the 5 star reviews on are "glowing" reviews, written in perfect grammar, possibly by Roxio employees. They sound like advertisements. If you doubt this, read through the (currently) approximately 180 reviews.

Previous reviewers have noted this trend. You will note that few if any of these are "4" star reviews. They are all solid 5s. To quote a reviewer from 7/22/04, "I was planning to upgrade to EMC 7 but have very deep concerns about the multiple 5 star rating. It seems these have been purposely entered by vested interests." To quote another reviewer from 6/21/04 "The reviews that most concern me are the 5 star reviews that look like somebody from the marketing department at Roxio wrote... Read the reviews and I am sure you will see what I am referring to. These reviews are so perfectly written and formatted and cover everything from a marketing perspective."

I have to agree. Apparently, all of the sudden, all of the 5 star reviewers of this product have flawless grammar and marketing-quality descriptive skills about how well the product runs and how easy it is for grandpa to use.

Just my two cents. Will give a review of the actual product after trying it out.
Very comprehensive software
by: ehammer15    On: 2004-12-05

This software is all you will need to do any kind of media editing. It is a very easy and very well put to get software. If you are new to media editing or if you are an expert this is the software to use.
Consistently inferior product - LOOK ELSEWHERE
by: mint_cards2    On: 2004-12-01

Roxio has no interest, it seems, to supply its customers with a good quality product. So many glitches, bugs, and problems occur with this companys products that Im surprised (and a little disappointed) that they havent gone under. Look at Nero or some other company for this kind of software.
Roxio is simplifying this product by eliminating features
by: jimrickman    On: 2004-11-28

I have been using Easy CD Creator since Version 5. Version 5 was very good, except that I found it did not save transitions between tracks very well.

When Version 6 came out, I bought in the hopes that the transitions would be better handled, which they did quite well. However, the interface was terrible. Instead of being able to directly add tracks to your project from the PC filesystem, you first had to add them into Roxios library first and then add it to your project. I also discovered that the volume enhancer had been monkied with. Instead of simply amplifying the volume, Roxio decided to enhance the treble and deepen the bass. This dramatically changed the tone color of the treble. The result was distorted sound. The also decided to limit the amount of time for transitions to 30 seconds. In version 5, there were no limits except the length of the previous track. So, I became very frustrated with version 6 as it lacked the flexibility of version 5, though it did save the transitionings much better.

Version 7s CD burning features are even worse than version 6. In version 7, Roxio has taken away the volume control entirely, and further limited track transactions down to a maximum of 20 seconds. Also, you can only use whole second values. In version 6 and version 5, you were able to subdivide in the very small units of a second, which was excellent in honing down to the exact time you wanted to do the transition. Version 7s file system interface is an improvement over version 6s. However, my overall impression of version 7 is that Roxio has simplified their CD mixing product into a very basic CD burning program and has done all it can to make it an inflexible program. IIn version 5 and version 6, you could edit the sound and delete a part of the track; in version 7, theyve taken that feature out and you can no longer alter the track. Im not sure why Roxio is insisting on taking a great product and reducing its usability, but thats what theyre doing.

If you are into burning CDs and desire to modify the volumes to the way you want them, extend transitions to perhaps the entire previous track, and perhaps delete portions of the track for some reason, then you are totally out of luck with Version 7 of Easy CD Creator.

I really cannot recommend this product. As for myself, Im going to deinstall version 7, and then reinstall version 5 and live with its flaky transitions. Version 5s ability to increase/decrease volume and its fine-tuning of track transitions are far superior to whats available in version 6 or version 7 of this product.

Version 7 CD burning is a major disappointment.
Driver Missing
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-27

Although internal features are ok, I could never get Capture to work with my Sony DCR-IP1 cam ... did not recognize that the camera was connected. Have gone several times to Roxios web site to see if cam driver is available with no luck. I have to resort to using Sonys ImageMixer to capture video (with sound) from my camera and convert the files to .mpg, then import into Roxio before I could use editing features. A big hassle. Good reviews of Adobe Premier Elements leading me to try that.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-27

I got this Cam. to take With me to see WWE Live In Bossier City,LA then to Dallas and All My Videos and pics. Came out GREAT So If you Have Someone On your Christmas List that you have NO Iead what to get them Get Them One of These Cams. They will LOVE It and They are REALLY Easy to use!
by: moneyshelly    On: 2004-11-25

This product works sometimes (5% of time) then doesnt (95%).
Ive installed & uninstalled more times than Windows 95 -WASTED HOURS!!!
The huge Upgrade didnt make much difference!

Also read the VERY fine print with so-called special deals.

There may be alternatives, but I found this to be the best!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-21

I wanted to buy the best digital media software in the $50-$80 price range, so I asked around and read all the online reviews, and everything pointed me to purchase Easy Media Creator 7. I have been using it the last 4 months and I havent look back. This package is chalk full of well thought out features, including everything you need for: burning discs and backing up your files; creating MP3 CDs; importing photos and capturing video; editing photos and videos; creating slideshows and videos; building DVDs; and even creating labels for your discs. It also has some very cool capabilities, including: how you can apply pan and zoom effects to still photos; the storyboard tool which allows you to mix photos and videos with transitions and voice narration or music backgrounds; and the smartvideo capture feature allowing you to preview video scenes on your camcorder and only import selected scenes. What makes all this useable is a terrific user interface and home page navigation, making it easy to determine what component to use.

I must commend them on providing good documentation and support materials with the product, as well as good online and email customer support. It is a solid package that operates well, without crashing or freezing up, on my XP system, and allows me to master some cool DVDs - which is a stark difference compared to a few of my friends who have an alternate product the affectionately refer to as "Zero".
forget it. There are alternatives.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-21

Do you know if u ever need to get support, or to download a patch for your paid Roxio software, registration IS required from their website?! Yes everytime you need an software update/patch, you need to login with password. Registration needs an valid email address and your ROXIO software key. Thanks to this COMPULSORY registration I need to keep record for one more login/password combination. And Pray that you dont loose your cd key.

BTW if your cdburner came with a bundle Roxio Easy creator, forget any update / support from roxio since you dont get a cd key. Somehow this is one evil way ROXIO try to get your business. if one day you upgrade your operating system and need to update for the bundle roxio software, you have to BUY the retail version Easy Creator.
A+ for Features, A+ for Ease of Use, B+ for Support
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-20

Even on my 4+ year-old 1.6Ghz Pentium 4 PC running Windows XP Home edition, Easy Media Creator 7 runs great. It installed fine and continues to run great now that I upgraded to Windows XP SP2. Using the Roxio Updater (Tools -> Extras & Utilities -> Roxio Updater) I also downloaded the free upgrade to version 7.0.1 of the software. During my 6 months of use I contacted Roxios customer tech support a few times via email, and every time they got back to me within a day or so with answers to my questions. Thats pretty darn impressive support for software costing well under $100. Beyond the technical stuff, this software is pretty amazing on how easy it is to use and how quickly I was creating some way cool looking DVDs of my home movies and digital pictures.
Top 10 Reasons Why I Recommend Easy Media Creator 7
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-18

1. Great value - low cost for what you get
2. Easy to learn how to use
3. Excellent set of features
4. Great documentation and tutorials
5. Responsive email customer support
6. Runs great on Windows XP, and XP with SP2
7. Tried and proven product (v.7 of award winning product)
8. Comes with loads of free templates
9. Awesome editing, creating and mastering tools
10. The output speaks for itself - outstanding!

Having used Easy Media Creator 7 the last 5 months, I feel confident in my recommendation.
Caution! Software is worthless without Windows XP
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-18

Caution! Software is worthless without Windows XP
This software would not load on windows 98.
On my XP computer it forces me to use resolution 1024x768.
I NEVER use resolutions that high.
If you do not have the latest and greatest computer,
Easy to learn, breadth of features, good support, affordable
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-14

Easy Media Creator 7 offers an easy to learn and understand interface that enables you to quickly use any of the applications that make up this integrated software suite. Theres many powerful tools available that I cant possibly mention them all here. A couple of my favorite tools are: DISC COPIER - Last night I used it to copy a DVD of my daughters recent high school band field show competitions that was made by another band parent. The DVD copying feature worked great and I mailed the high quality DVD copy to her Grandma this morning. VIDEOWAVE - I also enjoy using the timeline video-editing feature to edit my videos like the professionals.

This product is so good I think it should be rated 6 out of 5 stars!
I strongly recommend it to all
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-13

Roxio has packed a lot of features into one nicely integrated easy to use product. If you own a digital camera or digital video camera you gotta get this product. The photo/video editing and creating tools work well and the burning to DVD worked flawlessly. Plus, the burning/backup capbilities are rock solid. [BTW, I downloaded the 7.0.1 upgrade and it runs great on my 2.0Ghz PC with Windows XP SP2, 512 MB RAM]
This thing's cool! :)
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-13

I just got this. Its awesome! Its very easy to use and it looks pretty good. I have a nicer one that cost $400 and this is only a little less quality. A good tip is use alot of lighting. Get a big flash light. You could spend a lot more for only a little bit better...!!! Great Value!!!! Great Price!!!!
Camera for Fun!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-10

Love this little camera. Its so easy to use and loads of fun. Cant beat the price either. I get great still shots using the fine setting, and be sure I have lots of light for my subject. It uses the 3.1 megapixel setting for still shots. I already have an Olympus digital camera so this comes in handy for a second one and my wife can use it. In addition, after I load the pictures onto my computer I can then enhance them with software. The camera come bundled with nice software. Dont hesitate to purchase this camera if you dont expect to get a hi-end camcorder. And if you do want an easy to use 3.1 still camera.
this has the worst picture quality ever
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-08

WHo would ever thought that i would get such a HORRIBLE camera! i cant belive i forgot the basics that whenever i get ANY camera, always get one with a flash w/good clear pictures. This camera gives u one of the most horrible pictures if ur in a lighted room, and it Still seems dark. Also as a webcam its EXTREMLY dark like im not ever there, its OK when taking pictures outside when its sunny, but outside and no sun means no good decent photos. PLZ dont make the same mistake i made and get this most horrible camera ever
Offers many features not found in competitive products
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-07

I chose this product because it offers many video and slideshow capture, creation and editing capabilities not found in competing products. In particular, some of these features include: The Storyboard which allows you to mix photos and videos with transitions; Applying Pan and Zoom Effects to videos and photos; and SmartVideo Capture where you can preview video scenes directly from your camera and only import selected scenes. It performs well on XP and the upgrade to 7.0.1 was worth the large download. If you own a digital camera or DV camera, this is a must have product.

Easiest & best video editing & media creation program
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-06

This is by far the easiest, fastest and best video editing and media creation program I have ever used, and unfortunately, I have tried way too many until getting this one! It is suitable for all levels, from novice to experienced users. You will be amazed at how easy it is to use this program. In a couple of hours one evening I copied my summer vacation video to DVD, scanned and inserted some still photos from the resort and sights we visited and added text and transitions to make it look professional. It was simple to do, and the final DVD disc turned out looking great!

So far the only hiccup in using this program was the huge update I had to download. Thank goodness for my broadband connection, it was 51.85MB, but took less than 4 minutes. It was well worth the minor inconvenience.

Overall this program is worth every penny.

This also works well for business slideshows
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-04

I recently discovered that this great consumer software - Easy Media Creator 7 - that I use for my own personal and family fun could also be used for some of my work projects. Not everyone in the world has PowerPoint, and if they do, they may not have the same fonts installed on their PC as the slideshow you are trying to share with them, etc. So creating and sharing slideshows that everyone can view can be a challenge. I just got back from attending a conference and trade show last week where I took a bunch of pictures. In no time I downloaded them and turned them into an annotated and audio narrated slideshow using Creator 7. I then had our Webmaster post it on our Intranet site and now co-workers from around the world can watch a quick summary of my show observations. It made me look like a star at work!
Not a review: I wanna buy Roxio 7
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-03

Please let me know how can I buy the ROXIO EASY MEDIA CREATOR 7 DIGITAL MEDIA SUITE, living in Brasil.
Ive tried so in US and in UK and wasnt able to find a reseller who could ship the product to Brasil.
Ive known the product and Im eager to buy (and use - home use) a legal copy of it.
Thanks in advance for the attention
Not what I expected
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-03

I was excided about this item. At first it was ok because I was outside, but once you got inside it took forever to get the lighting right and even then it was to dark. Its ok for maybe young kids that want to explore but not for professional use.<br /><br /> thanx
Excellent Product!!
by: mom2t    On: 2004-11-02

I absolutely LOVE this software!! I have tried several other "popular" video editing/creation software and this one is my favorite. It does a lot more than most similar packages and you dont have to have a Masters degree to figure out how to work it. Yes it does have some quirks, but what software doesnt? The key to keep the program working is to constantly defrag your hard drive. I have found the Discussion Group on Roxios website to be invaluable. Its a great way to share tricks and tips about the program. I have also learned some great work how to get a 3 hour movie I created to fit on one DVD with very compression. I have already used the software to make backups of my camcorder tapes to DVD. I have also made two really awesome DVDs of weddings where I used both video footage and still pictures to mesh together into a great video. I cant wait to do more!! I didnt rate it at 5 stars because Roxio is a bit slow on coming out with an update to work with Windows Service Pack 2...other than that its works great!!
First-rate digital media creation AND backup program
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-01

Everybody raves about how good Easy Media Creator 7 is at creating slides shows, videos, music CDs, DVDs, etc. (I agree!), but few talk about it as a great backup tool. I think it is the best tool for everything media and CD/DVD related. Call me paranoid, but I backup all my files all the time. With Creator Classic I can quickly do backups --that sometimes span multiple CDs or DVDs -- to archive my entire HD or selected folders. I use the Plug & Burn feature inside DVD Builder to backup my video directly from my digital video camera to a DVD disc, in just a few steps. My video backup recently saved my bacon when I mistakenly recorded over some of the video on my camera, thank goodness I had backed it up. Easy Media Creator 7 is easy to use, the Help Center has excellent documentation and tutorials, and it is very stable and runs fine on my XP computer.
great camera, little price
by: hagriffith    On: 2004-11-01

This is a great camera. It takes excellent pictures and video. I gave this only 4 stars because it does not have a flash. This camera can only be used outdoors or in good indoor lighting. It is about the size of your hand and easy to use. I do recommend though that you not buy this camera from Target. That is where I bought mine and when I tried to exchange it for the 4500 model which has a flash, I was told that I could not return or exchange the camera because it was opened. The store was very rude and now I am stuck with this camera and can not get the one that I really want. I do like the camera and I will keep it but I will not ever buy anything from Target again!!! I should have bought it from Best Buy or Circuit City which both carry the camera and have much better return and exchange policies. I do recommend that if you purchase this camera you go through Best Buy or Circuit City. If you want this camera with a flash I suggest purchasing the DV4500 model.
by: souldreams    On: 2004-10-31

For the cost, for the effects, its explosive! Never ever have I gotten back more than what Ive paid, this is the exception. A product that offers me effects, the ability to mix graphics, with music, and transform them into a master piece, and to apply them to almost any type of media. It offers still a whole bunch more. Ive paid thousands of dollars for software, but this here, has to be one of the most fun, and easiest software Ive encountered, and problem free. You wont regret buying this, the only thing you will regret, "Is why didnt I get this long ago".
A comprehensive and versatile set of media tools
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-31

I find Easy Media Creator 7 to be an ideal consumer product, because you dont have to be a design school graduate to figure out how to understand and use it. I find myself constantly using the CD and DVD burning tools, plus the first-rate video editing and DVD authoring tools. Working in the storyboard editor you can quickly assemble your masterpiece, by dragging and dropping your video clips, transitions, titles, background music, and special effects, into a storyline or timeline view for professional-level editing control. In the timeline view you can precisely control the timing and positioning of each element for your perfect production. And, the authoring inside of DVD Builder lets you work like a pro, giving you complete control over menus, buttons, chapters and backgrounds. The results speak for themselves with the final DVDs looking very professional.

Overall I give it a big thumbs up recommendation.

Greater than the sum of its parts
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-30

I cant believe some of these reviews? User error or what? I have not had a problem using Creator 7 in my 5 months of use. Creator 7 is a grown-up product that can be used by all ages and levels of expertise. Its a solid performer and is chock full of features for massaging your digital files and burning CD/DVDs. Each of the components (Disc Copier, Creator Classic, PhotoSuite, DVD Builder, VideoWave, Drag-to-Disc, Napster) is an excellent product in their own right, but when integrated into Creator 7 it is a phenomenal product. Its worth checking out.
Buggy software
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-29

I loaded the product into XP Pro and soon went to the website and found a 52 megabyte "upgrade" for the program package. I downloaded it over 5 hours and installed. I have had nothing but bugs and frustrating correspondence to deal with since then. I am uninstalling it and going back to my trusty CD Creator 5 platinum software.
Easy To Use, Even My Grandmother & Preschooler Could Use It
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-26

As a former happy user of Easy CD and DVD Creator 6 I made the upgrade to Easy Media Creator 7 and love the new version! It was so easy to use and I love all the new features. It sometimes feels a little lethargic moving between components, but is very stable, and I have not had any crashes with it on my old 1.6Ghz PC running XP. I am a big fan of this software and appreciate how Roxio continues to improve the functionality of the software. I recommend it for all ages, you dont have to be a computer nerd to use this product.
by: laurelas    On: 2004-10-25

I used the Roxio 6.0 software and loved it, HOWEVER the 7 Creator software is so slow, my 85 year old Aunt could run faster. It is buggy with XP software, crashes all the time and crashes sometimes in the middle of burning a CD. (...) If I had kept my old software, I would have reinstalled it and not ever upgraded to the 7 software. If you are reading this and have a better recommedation, please let me know
Best software I ever bought
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-24

I cannot say enough about this software. It installed fine on my 2.0GHz Dell with 512MB memory running XP Home edition. I hardly had to review any documentation to use it, as the interface and home page navigation made it easy to learn to use. It is laden with all kinds of helpful features (I suggest you read all the professional reviews to get the complete low down). The whole family uses this software: my daughter makes her own music CDs; my wife likes to touch up her digital photos and create slideshows that she burns to disk; and I like authoring DVDs of all my old home video footage. This is the best software I ever bought for our family PC, as we all use it a lot.
Creates professional looking DVDs
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-23

I purchased Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 (EMC7) so I could create DVDs of my home movies, and slideshows of all my digital photos. Im here to tell you that all aspects of EMC7, including authoring DVDs worked just fine for me. Ive created and mailed dozens of DVDs to my family and friends across the country, and they all comment how professional looking they are. As far as support, I have no issues here either - it comes with an extensive interactive Help Center of video tutorial guides and searchable electronic user guides, plus Roxio provides lots of online tech support materials. EMC7 is money well spent.
Good Balance of Performance, Features and Value
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-21

I have been using this program on my 3-year-old 1.5GHz Pentium Sony PC with 512MB RAM, and it runs just fine. I have found it as responsive as any other program I run on my old computer. So far my only minor complaint was the slow install process, but at least that was a 1-time effort. The Media Manager helped me get organized by managing all my pictures and even captures them right off of camera. It has a good photo editing module and the storyboard feature that makes it very easy to combine photos, video and music clips into impressive slideshows, in no time at all. The DVD mastering tool is great for quickly creating customized DVDs. The CD/DVD burning tools are rock solid, "Ford Tough". So far in the 4+ months using it, I have only made 2 coasters, and they were both user errors on my part. I like it and recommend Roxio 7 to anyone with a CD/DVD burner in their PC.
Slow, dumbed-down bloatware
by: stanmuffin    On: 2004-10-21

The first think I noticed about this program is that its SLOW--it takes forever to load, and you can actually see the screen redraw. The user interface skinning is not particularly attractive, and its obviously very inefficient--you can see it draw the background and then draw the user interface elements on top of it. And I dont have a slow computer--its an Athlon 64 3000+ with 1GB DDR400 RAM. I shudder to think how sluggish and unresponsive it would be on a Celeron system.

My other complaint is that all of the useful options have been removed. In particular, the bootable CD functionality has been gutted--its no longer possible to slipstream a Windows install CD, which was a very useful feature for sysadmins.

All I want is a fast, useful, and unobtrusive CD/DVD mastering utility, and Roxio 7 fails on all three counts.
Great Camcorder For R/C Models
by: tkeliher    On: 2004-10-19

For the money, this tiny camcorder is a bargain! It has so many features packed into its little frame it amazes me, frankly. I purchased this camera solely for experimentation in shooting video from a moving radio control (R/C) model. So far I have captured several videos and the quality is definitely acceptable at 10 FPS. The sound quality is rather harsh, however. But adding music to the audio, it tones down the harshness. This camcorder will take a lickin and keep on tickin as the famous saying goes. By being attached to my r/c cars, this thing has been beaten, scraped, had the lens hood knocked off, jarred while doing jumps, splashed through water, and various other insults while flipping over at 30 mph! It has never failed. It still works great! If you are considering this camcorder for the same reasons, using it in r/c models here is a little tip I discovered: the camera is turned off whenever the LCD screen is closed. It has a plunger attached to the LCD door. By snipping off the plunger, you can then close the LCD door and contine to have the video recording. The camera provides several methods for booting up. I rated the camcorder 5 stars. Not for its video quality so much but more for its use in my desired application. R/C modeling video. For that, it is perfect! It is the size of a pack of Camel cigs and weighs almost nothing. For under $100 bucks you cant go wrong!
From start to finish, it's an Easy Media Creator
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-17

From installation to creating my first DVD, this program sure has lived up to its name - "Easy Media Creator". The intuitive home page and user interface made it easy to learn, in particular, how it categorizes ways to use the program by tasks. This allows me to quickly select the task I want to complete, like "create new MP3 disc", "edit and fix photos", "create new DVD" etc.

I like to share my digital pictures with family, friends and colleagues from work and using Easy Media Creator I either create elaborate slide shows that I master to DVD, or I simply email them copies of my pictures. A great little feature I use all the time in Easy Media Creator is the automatic way to email photos. Before getting Easy Media Creator, I used to have to edit my pictures one at a time in Photoshop Elements, and then convert each of them to a smaller size and save them. Then I would import the pictures one at a time into Outlook (either in the body of the HTML email, or as an attachment in a text email) and then email them out. Depending on the number of pictures, this was a slow and tedious process. Now with Easy Media Creator 7, I launch the "Email photos" task and it only takes a few simple steps. First I select all the photos I want to email, then I adjust the option for the screen display I want to send them as (640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, actual size), and it automatically converts the photos and inserts them into an Outlook HTML email message, all ready to be sent out. It converts each of the photos from 2048x1536 (approx 1.32 MB) to 800x600 (approx 83KB) and inserts them into the email all in a matter of seconds. How cool is that?

Ive been using all the features of this program since buying it back in April and with total confidence I recommend it to everyone working with digital media.

Forget the double or triple prints
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-16

Since getting a digital camera and Easy Media Creator 7, I cant remember the last time I had pictures printed. Forget the double or triple prints and sending them out with hand written captions on the back. With Creator 7, I can now download and manage all my digital pictures, retouch them and remove all the red eyes, and then create photo slide shows with titles, transitions, audio tracks and even narration. Using the DVDBuilder I can produce professional-looking VCDs, SVCDs, or DVDs. So now I send awesome CDs or DVDs to all my family members across the country, and they just drop the disc into their DVD player and view all the pictures on their TV. Its easy to use, it saves me money, and my parents/siblings gets to see pictures of their grandkids/nieces/nephews more often.
Unbelievable Product and Support
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-16

This product packs in so many great features into one package. Its pretty easy to use and comes with great support materials - user guides and video tutorials. The customer support is very good, with a good knowledge base to query on their web site, plus they are responsive to email questions - on 3 separate occasions I sent them email questions and each time I received answers the next day. And most importantly, it does everything it claims, enabling me to build some great looking DVDs. Pretty darn good if you ask me.
Going Strong!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-14

Ive been using this for the last 5 months and have had nothing but a great experience with it. It installed right the first time and has worked wonderful ever since on my 3 year old PC with XP Home. I am amazed at all the home movies and pictures Ive turned into DVDs. Sure beats the heck out of videotapes and photo albums. I can now scan through the movies and pictures on DVD in the comfort of my living room up on the big screen. This is awesome.
It has many good features
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-13

I likes this program much. It even work good on my 4 year old PC. It easy to learn. It has many good features for me use. I likes the dvd creator the best. I make nice pictures of my family into slide shows and put on vcd and dvd to send to my mother and brother in Taiwan.
buggy software
by: boaz103    On: 2004-10-13

Well... I dont know how to describe this piece of crap. It is not like it is not working or something like that. I havent tried everything this software offers. What I have tried works. It is... It is just... It runs slow with all those fancy looking skin and crap like that. It uses alot of memory. It doesnt crash much but my computer just having problem restarting or rebooting all the time after I installed this thing. It doesnt support WMA lossless format; and it doesnt support filenames written in another language. The Help system (F1) doesnt work in my computer for some unknown reason.

On the positive side, this thing works. It is easy to use. Everything is integrated nicely. The skin looks good too. You can cut out an object from a photo. The PhotoDoctor (or something like that) is amazing. You can also edit music files other than in WAV format.

On the other hand, it offers alot but everything is very basic and s-l-o-w.

I am very happy with EZCD Creator 5 and 6. If you are going to buy EMC7, make sure you upgrade your computer to P4... maybe 3.4MHz with at least 1 gig of memory and a huge hard disk.

Mine is P4 2.8Mhz with 512 Meg of memory and a 120 gig hard disk.
Beware-Software Is Unreliable
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-13

I am a graduate computer systems engineer. In my many years of experience, I have never seen such an unstable, flaky program as this Roxio Easy Media Creator Suite. It has caused operating system crashes when used with Microsoft Windows XP. Portions of the program such as the "Tutorial" become inoperable even after reinstalling. It is inflexible compared to other CD burn programs. I can not recommend this product.
You get what you pay for...
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-11

I bought this with anxiety in using the movie maker software on my computer, only to be disappointed. Installed all the software, read the book, and still cant figure it out. When the camera was operational, it would not connect to the computer and I only ever got error messages. Then, after some use, it would only stay on for about 10 secs, then would shut off. Changed the batteries, not the problem (the first set had only been in the camera for about 1/2 hour of use, which is useless if they only last for that long but youre wanting to shot an hour of continuous footage). I choose this camera mainly because I dont have $500 to spend on a more expensive one, yet I would be better off to spend $500 and go broke with a camera that works as opposed to spending $100 on one that doesnt work. When the camera did work, it took OK pictures and I did manage to get about one 4 min video to shoot and was OK. Overall, I took this camera back within 24hrs because I was soooo mad.
You need to experience yourself, it's incredible!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-10

Ive been raving about EMC7 for months to all my friends. I never write product reviews, but my wife finally convinced me to share my experience with everyone, so here goes...

After doing my research and reading product reviews on PC Magazine, PC World, CNet, and ZDNet I decided to buy EMC7, and I havent looked back since. From installation to burning my first CD its been a snap. The interface made it easy to learn how to use and the how-to video tutorials helped along the way. I use Creator Classic all the time for ripping CDs and backing up my files. I use the backup project task to regularly protect and save all my work. But the real reason I bought this program is for all the other great media tools for editing photos and videos and creating my own DVDs. I am so impressed with how quickly and easily I can touch up my digital photos and edit my videos like a pro using the timeline view to fine-tune my video production. It really makes me feel creative to produce some professional looking DVDs with menus, chapters and nice backgrounds.

I could go on and on about EMC7 and all the great features, but best of all, like someone else already said, you dont have to be a computer geek to know how to use it. You really need to experience it yourself, its an incredible product.
It's the best!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-09

Like Ive been telling my friends for months, this is the best product for the price for working with digital media. It does it all, from burning CDs and backups, to editing pictures and creating videos, to mastering DVDs. It has a great interface and was very easy to learn how to use. Its a powerful program that you dont have to be a geek to appreciate.

why I bought Roxio 7
by: msgqsvk    On: 2004-10-09

Even though I read a lot of the reviews here on Amazon, my decision to purchase this product was based upon a review in the July 2004 issue of Maximum PC, a highly-regarded magazine. This review gave Creator 7 a 9 out of 10 rating, and a "kick ass" award by the editors. It says Easy CD Creator 7 is a "Huge, comprehensive suite of excellent products behind an effortless interface" and "Easy CD Creators new front-end interface dispenses with the eye candy and replaces it with a beautifully simple and elegant text-based interface". I trust Maximum PC and its professional reviews.
I just bought a new PC and was looking for a CD burning software package.
Nicely integrated, easy to use, great functionality & value
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-08

The "Home Page" interface is very familiar and easy to use. It offers you 2 ways of doing things, as either Tasks, or as Applications and Tools. As you would expect, Tasks lists by the Task you are trying to accomplish, such as Edit and Fix Photos. Since this product is up to version 7 and integrates many other popular applications into this suite, the Applications and Tools list all the components by their name (Creator Classic, PhotoSuite, VideoWave, etc.) that is familiar to the long time users. If youre not sure how to use a component, try the great interactive Help Center, which includes video tutorials and searchable PDF user guides to find exactly what youre looking for.

This product comes with lots of functionality in one integrated package. These broad features include everything you need, including: backing up your data and burning discs, creating audio/MP3 CDs, importing photos and capturing video, editing photos and videos, creating slide shows and videos, mastering DVDs and VCDs, and creating labels for your discs. Some of the cool features I particularly enjoy are: how the Storyboard allows you to mix photos and videos complete with transitions and audio/music tracks; how you can apply Pan and Zoom effects to still photos; and the photostitch capability to automatically create seamless panoramic pictures from adjoining photos.

Four months ago I paid about $80 for it and now with all the sales and rebates you can get it for under $45. At either price it packs a lot of value for what you get. I recommend it to all my friends.

Excellent Product with Helpful Support Video Tutorials
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-07

It is a well-integrated suite of products. It was easy to learn and when I did have difficulty, I found some very helpful video tutorials in the Help Center and on Roxios Support web site that showed me how to do things - like adding audio to my slideshow. Thanks to most everyone here for his or her fine comments and reviews, otherwise I would not have discovered and purchased such an excellent product. It was money well spent buying Easy Media Creator 7.
Lives up to all the great reviews
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-05

I agree with most of the other reviewers here, Easy Media Creator 7 is a great product. It installed fine - albeit slowly - and has performed without a problem since day one. Over the first couple of months of use, I had a couple of questions that I emailed to Roxios customer support and they were quick to get back to me with answers. Overall it was easy to learn; even my wife and kids use it regularly. We use all aspects of the product and give it a big "thumbs up" rating and recommend it to everyone. We even bought another copy of it and gave it away as a present to my brother and his family out on the west coast. Now we can easily create and share family pictures, movies and projects with one another. Its actually turned into a little sibling rivalry as to who can outdo the other.
It's a powerful, easy to use program
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-03

I cant say enough about this powerful, easy to use program. I use it all the time for doing backups, burning my music CDs and creating VCDs and DVDs. The photo editing and slideshow creation tools are perfect for a digital photography buff like myself. Yesterday I went to the Salinas Airshow and took 100s of pictures of the Blue Angels, Canadian Snowbirds and Red Baron Squadrons flying show, as well as all the other aircraft on display. In no time I turned my photos into a great little slideshow. It doesnt get much easier.
Another Piece Of Junk !!!
by: thatsmrgrinch2u    On: 2004-10-03

If your editing home movies of your baby, birthday parties, playing hopscotch in the back yard, your childs graduation, a day at the park, or funny lights in the sky at night, this program will be fine. If youre doing any serious and professional editing which runs 30-60 minutes in length, then you need to toss this piece of junk and find something else to use. After 2 solid months of professional video editing, constantly slugglish and locking up, the program CRASHED and corrupted the saved file. I cant re-open the file and all my work is lost!!! COMPLETE GARBAGE!!! If I was allowed to use profanity on here, I would!!! All the 5-star people who posted here must be doing all of the above stuff I mentioned earlier.
Fairly happy
by:    On: 2004-10-02

I havent experienced the install issues others seem to have except on a few years ago (2001?) with a NEW system that had a demo version preinstalled. I was unable to do a complete uninstall needed to install the full version. NOT try to install over a demo version... you need a registry cleaner to get rid of the demo settings. Otherwise, there have been no other issues on 4 different computers.

I have used versions 5 and up and have had no upgrade problems either.

Yes, it is a slightly bloated bit of software and WILL bog down a slow processer (<100 MhZ), but most computers made in the past few years should easily handle this.
Simply Brilliant
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-01

This integrated suite of products is superb. It was quick to learn and when I had problems I simply reviewed some of the how-to videos on Roxios web site to receive guidance. My slideshows, videos and DVDs turned out exceptional, if I do say. Well done Roxio.
Don't buy this camera
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-01

This camera takes the worst pictures, it takes really bad videos, and dont even bother trying to use it as a webcam. If you are looking for a much better product that does all of the same things, and does them well, check out the line of Mustek cameras available on Targets website. Mustek cameras have gotten rave reviews on numerous digital camera review sites. But be advised, NONE of them are available in their stores. Which baffles me to no end. Why would they have this cheap camera in the store, and not any of the superior Mustek brand? Unless they are worried that customers would buy the Mustek cameras, and not the other much more expensive digital cameras that Target sells. Just my 2 cents.
Must Have Product if you own a Digital Camera or DV Camera
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-09-30

Creator 7 packs a punch, with all the functionality it offers. It does everything you need from backing up your data and burning discs, to creating audio/MP3 CDs, to editing photos and videos, to creating slide shows and videos, to mastering DVDs, whew! A must have companion for anyone with a digital camera or digital video camera.
Ideal software for management consultants too
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-09-25

As a management consultant working from my home office I have both consumer and business software loaded on my computer. When I first bought Easy Media Creator 7, the intention was to use it just for archiving and editing my family and vacation pictures and making CDs and DVDs. As I used it more and more, I discovered that it has many applications for my business. I now use it to create secure scheduled backups of my work files, and also use the Disc Copier feature for making multiple copies of my work CDs for clients. A good example was a few weeks ago when I managed a business planning offsite meeting for one of my clients, and took many digital photos of the 3-day session. I then turned these pictures into a slideshow complete with captions, transitions, and background music that I gave copies to everyone before they left. It was so well received, Im now going to use my digital camera and Easy Media Creator 7 all the time for my offsite meetings.
Full-Bodied Set Of Digital Media Tools
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-09-24

As an amateur photographer I wanted a program that could help me correct and improve my photographs and archive all my files on to CD or DVD. EMC7 is just the ticket, as it has all the ideal tools! I use the Capture tool to capture the images directly off my digital camera, and the Media Manager tool to organize, view and find all my photos, video clips, audio files and EMC7 projects on my HD. It comes with great photo editing tools, including an autofix option for correcting pictures, a handy red eye removal tool, a clone tool, and a stitch tool to create panorama pictures. With the Story Board tool Im able to combine my photos, video clips and songs into a multimedia slide show that I can add titles, transitions, and special effects to. With the Label Creator tool I can use the themed templates or design my own CD/DVD covers, inserts and even print out disc labels directly onto the media using my Epson printer. Using the DVD Builder tool I can create professional looking DVDs with complete control over buttons, menus, chapters and backgrounds. There are many great disc creation tools, as well as an awesome Backup Project tool that allows me schedule regular disc backups. For the price, ease of use and all these and more outstanding capabilities, you cant go wrong with EMC7.
The ultimate CD and DVD creator
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-09-23

Im a long time user and have been using Easy CD Creator, Easy CD & DVD Creator and now Easy Media Creator 7. They just keep making this product better and better. Im glad they retained the Creator Classic module for burning CDs, Im used to it, and it works like a charm. It is the best product on the market for making CDs, plus new backup tool is great.
difficulty in creating CDs
by: doots1    On: 2004-09-22

There may be many media ootions with this product, but I cannot tell you how many CD-R discs Ive had to throw away because of problems in creating them. Not exactly user friendly.
Installed 1st time and works perfect
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-09-20

It installed perfectly the 1st time on my PC running XP Pro (although kinda slow, but hey, I only had to do it once). The intuitive user interface made it simple to learn. The suite of software is awesome and does everything I need for working with and creating music CDs, backing up my data on CD and DVD, working with digital photos and digital video, and creating DVDs. Its allowed me to create some professional-looking DVDs containing family photos and home movies. I recommend it to all. If you want another opinion I suggest you read the magazine and online reviews done by the pros who use and review software for a living. Thats what I did and they did not lead me astray.
10 Attempts at installation----Gave up!
by: realartstudios    On: 2004-09-19

I was initially looking forward to using this software with a new high end digital camera I recently purchased. I wish I had done my research beforehand. I have tried numerous times to install the software without success. Have not had much luck with the manufacturers support staff either. Buyer beware---like others who have posted, this software seems to be a bit "buggy."
Exceptional product with outstanding support
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-09-18

I got a digital camera for Christmas and earlier this year finally ventured into media creation software when I purchased Easy Media Creator 7. I was very impressed with the home-page-like user interface and how easy it was to learn. I found the video tutorials most helpful and liked how the user guides are electronic, allowing me to do searches for what I was looking for - sure beats scouring through printed manuals trying to find what I needed. It seems like Roxio tries to discourage live calls with their customer support by charging for each call. I called them once fully expecting to pay to get immediate help, and was pleasantly surprised when the nice customer support person said the call was free. Whoa, when was the last time you got something free? What a class act on their part, over delivering on my expectations.

Besides being easy to use and coming with great support, this product is very powerful. It is the perfect companion software for my digital camera. I use it to capture the images directly off of my camera, to edit and fix my photos and then to even backup all my photos and other files onto CD. Creating slideshows with all my photos is easy to do using all the great templates and transitions available. Adding background music or narration livened up the slideshows. I share my slideshows with family members and master them to either DVD or CD.

This is a great product that I strongly recommend to everyone.

You Can't Go Wrong With Easy Media Creator 7
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-09-18

I am a thorough shopper and hate to pay more than I have to, or buy a product that does not deliver on its claim. Before I buy technology products, I read all the reviews, both the professional editorial reviews, and those from us folks who work for a living. I also asked friends and family what program they preferred. When I tallied up all the reviews and personal recommendations it came out to about 8 out of 10 rating/recommendation for Easy Media Creator 7. So I bought the software and after using it for the last 3.5 months I can confidently tell the world it is an outstanding program. The interface made it easy to learn how to use, plus the excellent support materials helped me when I had questions. A couple of times when I did get stumped, their tech support responded back to me with answers both times within 24 hours!
Conclusion: For the price, I have been very impressed with what the software and support delivers. If you want a program for burning CDs/DVDs, capturing and editing photos and videos, and creating slide shows and mastering DVDs, you cant go wrong with this.

Don't bother
by: hsosa3    On: 2004-09-14

Save yourself the aggravation and dont buy it. I bought the downloaded version of easy cd/dvd media 7. It is a bloated piece of buggy software and the support is a joke. The download is about 1GB. On a first impression this version seems a bit better that the previous one, easy cd /dvd 6 (if you have this version stick to it, the upgrade is actually a downgrade) but wont be long before you start to see the problems. Everything seem slower to start than before then you notice other problems like poor sync between audio and video when producing movies. Some problems are supposed to get fixed with an upgrade that you should be able to download from the web. Good luck !! .
To download the upgrade first you have to register the software. However, for some reason my software and CD-key were already registered so I was not able to download the upgrade. In any case I dont like to be forced to fill pages of personal information to download a fix to a faulty product that I already paid for it. You can send an email to roxio support to get back a useless automatic answer. You can also try the paid phone-support where you have to give your credit card info before having spoken to a human being.
Conclusion: Bad Product. Terrible support.
Run for NERO
by: vanderkooy    On: 2004-09-06

I dont know if Roxio has fixed any of the nightmarish problems of previous versions, but you might want to read user reviews before you purchase any software from this company. Caveat emptor -- Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum cost me 100$ and will not install, nor will it update. It used to install, and then the engine would fail. There are better ways to waste hours of your time than trying to figure out why software doesnt work. Cut and run to NERO!!
Ready for Prime Time
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-08-30

Not only is Easy Media Creator 7 easy to use with all the features you need, it is rock solid. It does what it claims it will do, it is a very stable and mature product that doesnt crash, and it comes with excellent support. A co-worker of mine uses a competitive product and he cries the blues about how often it crashes and locks up his system. He is so frustrated about paying to be a "beta tester". Thankfully that is not the case with Easy Media Creator 7, it performs great and best of all allows me to create some first-rate DVDs. I swear by this program.
My kids and I think it is the greatest!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-08-29

We have been using Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 since April. My daughter (14) taught herself how to use it over a weekend, and for a class project back in May, she created a slideshow and mastered it to DVD. My son (12) also taught himself how to use it, and uses it all the time. He just finished touching up all his photos from summer camp and created a slideshow with his friends with their own commentary audio tracks. I have used Creator 7 for everything from regular scheduled backups to editing my digital photos, to building DVDs. It runs perfect on our HP Pavilion computer with 512 memory, 40GB HD and XP. We have had a great experience using it and tell all our friends to use it as well.
Am reviewing version 6
by:    On: 2004-08-28

I have not purchased Roxio Media Maker 7 yet but if I hate it as much as I do the Roxio Easy CD/DVD Creator 6 I will never buy another. I have used Roxio CD Maker Software for years and have been pretty happy with it. When I bought a new computer with Windows XP I bought the version 6 for compatibility I have found it IMMPOSSIBLE to use, except for disk copy. Now suddenly it will not recognize the burner. I would install version 5 but it is not compatible with XP. As far as I am concerned, version 6 should never have been released and Roxio should give a super discount on version 7 to people who bought version 6 out of embarrassment if nothing else and I am hoping 7 works as easy as version 4 or 5.
Up & Running & Creating Amazing Slideshows & DVDs In No Time
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-08-27

Easy Media Creator 7 works great with all forms of digital media, including data, music, photos, and video. The interface makes it easy to use and explore. The Help Center and tutorials provide good documentation, and watching the tutorial video guides really help you understand how things work. I was amazed at how quickly I was able to capture my digital camera photos, and digital video footage, and then edit and create finished slideshows and videos. The best part was how easy it was to then create some great looking DVDs. It runs just fine on my 2 GHz PC running XP. If you dont already own it, go buy it, or at least add it to your wish list, youll be glad you did.
Met and exceeded my criteria
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-08-26

When I went shopping for a digital media program my criteria was pretty straightforward. Here are the reasons I chose Easy Media Creator 7:

It had to cost under $80 = CHECK. I did not want to have to read a huge sticking manual to try to figure out how to use it, so it had to be very easy to learn and use = CHECK. It had to be able to do everything I needed - burn CDs and DVDs, edit my digital photos, video editing and DVD authoring - all in one package = CHECK. It had to be well regarded by the editors who know this stuff and put products through rigorous testing, because I didnt want to pay to be a beta tester = CHECK.

Easy Media Creator 7 met and exceeded my criteria and after 4 months of use has not let me down. I have no hesitation recommending it to everyone.

Easy Media Creator 7 is so good it Deserves a 7 Star Rating!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-08-25

This latest version lives up to its name, Easy Media Creator 7 and then some... It was extremely easy to learn, use, and create some stunning looking media projects. Outside of the slow install, Ive had no complaints using it since buying it 3 months ago. It has operated perfectly on my 1 year old Dell PC running Windows XP Home edition. Having burned 100s of data and music CDs and automated backups, Ive only created 2 coasters, which were my own fault.
Easy Media Creator 7 is much more than an entry level CD/DVD burning program... It has many powerful features for working with digital photos, digital videos and authoring DVDs. For an integrated software suite, the photo editing tools are pretty darn good, including handy features like auto fix, red eye removal, cloning, photo stitching, object alignment, transparency, etc. The slide show creator and auto capture directly from your video camera are very cool features. Some of my friends who bought competing products are jealous how I can create dazzling slide shows with a combination of photos, video, and transistions with music and narration audio tracks. Authoring DVDs is a snap with the DVDbuilder component, and it even lets me place movie and menu buttons anywhere I want.
I highly recommend Easy Media Creator 7 for anyone looking for no pain and lots of gain!

Too Little, Too Late
by: phasedin    On: 2004-08-24

In fairness, let me first say that I have not tried this newest version of Easy media. My expierences with the last 2 versions soured me to ever trying this again.
A friend initially gave me what was probably version 5 to copy into my PC. I copied it and it worked fine for burning CDs However, I fully believe in paying for the products I use, so i went out and paid over $80 for a "legit" copy of the program.
My mistake. The upgraded version 6.0 should never have hit the streets. Suddenly, my CD recorder was not recognized at all, and none of the photo or DVD programs would run at all, all I got were errors. The CD program would run, albeit slowly, and I got many coasters. Odd that i was able to burn CDs even though the icon said that it didnt detect a CD burner in my system-this, by the way on a brand new computer running Windows XP.
I emailed customer care. They always asked for what the specific error message I got when attempting to run programs that wouldnt start at all. Well, i had no shortage of error messages to send them, but they had the same answer for all of them "re-install the software". Well, I tried that, no exaguration, about 40 times, but nothing was ever any different when I attempted to get this running. The (numerous) error messages were always there and always the same, and essentially meaningless-at least to the troubleshooting group at Roxio.
Not only did this $80 product NOT work, but somehow, as I only found out after uninstalling it forever, somehow it managed to interfere with my completly different MP3 ripping software program. When I had Roxio installed and I ran my MP3 ripping software, it would take over and hour to convert an hour long CDs tracks to MP3. I just figured it was my PC or the MP3 software. Only after I uninstalled Roxio that same software program began ripping that same hours worth of music in about 10 minutes.
Gee they cant make their own software work but they somehow have figured out how to mess with other manufactures software. Unbelieveable.
Even if they manged to fix the bugs in their newer versions, theyve lost a customer in me forever for allowing the earlier versions to be sold on the streets.
I bought a new CD Burner and that came with NERO-a software program that was new to me and worked like a charm from the very first night I loaded it into my PC. I highly recommend Nero software for all of these functions. Hell, its even more user friendly. So if someone wants to buy my version of Roxio, I woulnt even GIVE it to them. Unless maybe they were my worst enemy...

Best All-In-One Digital Media Application
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-08-22

The integrated suite of software provides excellent capabilities under one roof. The intuitive interface lets you quickly learn and get productive with the product. If you are stuck, dont worry because there are many ways to get help. There are how to videos, searchable PDF user guides, an online forum and knowledge base on their web site, plus I found their email tech support to be quite responsive. Editing digital photos was clear-cut and easy with Photosuite, and with Storyboard you can create slide shows with mixed digital media (photos and videos) and include, pan and zoom effects, special effects and transitions, overlays, and multiple audio tracks. Sharing these productions with family and friends is easy with DVDbuilder, which lets you create projects for burning to recordable discs - DVD, Video CD, Super Video CD, or DVD on CD. Easy Media Creator 7 is an excellent product and if you arent using it youre missing out.
It is the best in class, by far!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-08-21

I tried some of the competitive products while taking an evening class a few months ago, and decided this was the product to buy. Im sure glad I did, Creator 7 is a terrific product. It has all the features I need, it was by far the easiest to learn and use, plus it comes with excellent documentation and support tutorials. I have now become the videographer and photographer amongst my family and friends, because they love the slideshows and videos on DVD that I build using Creator 7. I recommend it to everyone who works with digital video or digital photos and want to create their own DVDs.
Easy to Learn, Outstanding Product with Good Support
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-08-19

Media Creator 7 was easy to learn thanks to the single view "Home Page" interface that gives you simultaneous access to all program components. This product has pretty much all the features youll need for working with your digital media files. What has also been impressive about Media Creator 7, is the great support materials and customer tech support. It comes with lots of materials to assist you in finding the answers to your questions. From the Help Center you can easily search the files for what you are looking for, or you can choose to go directly to the user guides and how to video tutorials. Roxio also provides many customer support materials on their web site, such as the knowledgebase where you can search on keywords and phrases and then it gives you some choices. Each of these choices then explains what to do. Their customer support email response time is very respectable, getting answers back to you in usually a day. Once, I called to talk to a live tech support person, and was fully prepared to pay the $30 per call. Not only did they help me resolve my issue, but they also waived the $30 fee. Talk about great service and support!
5 Month Report Card: Rock Solid Performer
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-08-17

I have been using Easy Media Creator 7 since March, shortly after it came out. In all this time, my only complaint is that it was a painfully slow installation process, but the good news is that I only had to do it once. EMC 7 is a rock solid performer. Using Photosuite I have retouched years and GBs worth of digital photos and turned them into slideshows, adding titles, transitions, special effects, music, and sometimes even a narration track to add my personal touch. I use the data backup utility a lot to prevent disaster. I have also converted many of my digital video home movies to DVD, some of them I edited, trimming video clips and adding transitions. With DVDbuilder, I created pro-looking DVDs and S/VCDs adding titles, menus, buttons, chapters and backgrounds. Then to finish off the final production I used the LabelCreator to make pro-looking labels to go with my pro-looking DVDs. It is a great program, I love it and can not imagine not having it. It has become a staple on my computer with MS Office and Internet Explorer.
Give it time, it will fail
by: jlrowan    On: 2004-08-16

I bought Roxio EMC 7 with high hopes of putting all my old home movies on DVD. It worked for about 3 months, and I loved the program, then suddenly, with no apparent trigger whatsoever, the entire program has failed. I think the only application that works without a hitch right now is the Label Creator. Worst of all, nobody at Roxio can figure out what is wrong.

After many late nights of uninstalling/reinstalling, trying all the fixes suggested by Roxio support, and yacking back and forth with Roxio support, Im ready to cut my losses and find another program.

Do your research thoroughly before you spend the money on this. I thought it was great, now Im ready to hang the discs on my scarecrow.
"Killer Application" for Media Creation
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-08-15

My friend just raved about Creator 7 and finally convinced me to buy it a month ago. I can now see why he is so enthusiastic about it. The suite of programs that make up Creator 7 are nicely integrated with a common GUI that categorizes the applications into task-oriented selections (Music, Data, Photo, Video and DVD) making it easy to learn and use. All of the applications functioned as expected and when I needed help I went to the Help Center and found the answers in the appropriate user guide or video tutorial. Music and Data CD creation tasks worked flawlessly. The Photo and Video editing and creation tasks are the most fun to use, plus the final products make me look like a creative genius. With DVD builder I can author my own DVDs complete with nice chapter/menu navigation. Its a "killer application" and Im glad my friend convinced me to buy it.
Creator 7 is packed full of great features.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-08-15

I use Drag-to-Disc all the time for quickly burning files to disc. The backup feature in Creator Classic brought discipline to my backups letting me schedule regular backups to protect my files. Its already saved my butt after one of my files got corrupted and I luckily had a backup (whew)! Storyboard provides the most fun, where I can combine my digital photos, video clips, and music to create a special slide show. I can also add titles, special effects, transitions and even a narration track to personalize the slide show even more. I can also create DVDs, VCDs or SVCDs using Creator 7. Its a great product at a great price.
What a great gift!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-08-14

I got Easy Media Creator 7 as a Fathers Day gift and I love it! It has so many features plus it is easy to use. Prior to Easy Media Creator 7 I was making slide shows of my digital pictures with PowerPoint and they burning them to CD with the free PowerPoint Viewer. What a pain! This slide show tool makes life so much easier and the results are amazing. One of the coolest features of this program is the smartscan feature for reviewing and selecting video footage on my digital video camera. Smartscan saves me hours by quickly scanning my digital video tape and then displaying thumbnails of all the scenes on the camera without actually copying it to the HD. I then select only the scenes I want to import into the program and begin makin movies. This program is way cool, you gotta try it.
Awesome program for slideshows and much, much more
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-08-12

It is an awesome program! I use it for capturing, managing, editing and turning all my digital pictures into cool looking slideshows. I can add transitions, music or narration to liven up the slideshow. Another great feature is to use Pan and Zoom effects to add motion to my "still" photos by zooming into a portion of the photo or moving it around the screen. Finally, it allows me to master my slideshows to DVD or VCD so I can easily share and view my pictures on TV. I also use Creator 7 for the great CD/DVD backup and creation tools. It is a terrific product at a reasonable price and I recommend it to everyone.
A so-so program, disappointed.
by: honest_review    On: 2004-08-10

Used Roxio Media Creator 7 for a month now and feel like to provide some feedback. Creator 7 is improved over Creator 6, but its just another so-so program afterall. Personally find some/several problems with the design of user interface, default floder location, confusion in the messages and selection. Biggest problem is that audio is 3 second behind the video (audio lag) in DVD authoring, a big pain and does not appears to have a fix from Roxio support website. Overall impression is that this is not a mature product yet, still a long way to go. I have spend the money so I have to find a way to work it out, you should avoid it if you can. Not recommanded.
Features, functionality, support and price, U can't go wrong
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-08-09

Each new version of Easy CD/DVD/Media Creator (their evolutionary naming strategy?) continues to get better, with new features and capabilities, and better integration. Creator 7 is the best yet, including better photo and video editing tools, support for copying/compressing un-protected DVDs, and an improved look and feel thats common between all Creator 7 components. The help files, user guides and video tutorials for each application were helpful and easy to use. Email support was pretty quick with their answers. One time I called for live phone support prepared to pay the fee (around $30-35) and they waived it! Im already a big fan and loyal user of Roxios products, but this example just reinforced why they are a class act. For the features, functionality, support and price you cant go wrong with Creator 7.
The Digital Media Program for the Masses
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-08-08

My friend brags about his Mac and all the cool things he can do with iLife. For the 3% of the world that uses the Mac, iLife may be the product of choice, but for the majority of us PC users who choose to save our money and be compatible with most everyone, Creator 7 is the best choice. It comes with an unbelievable set of capabilities at a reasonable price, especially now with all these special offers (I paid about $79 DOH!). Im not going to get into all the product details, you can read the other reviews or check out CNET, PC Magazine, Maximum PC, etc. What I can tell you is that it allows me to do everything I need for working with my digital photos, video, music, and data -- from capturing data and disc copying, to editing photos, creating slideshows and DVD movie-making, it does it all. And more importantly, I can do everything my Mac friend can do and more! Its a must have 5-star product.
Excellent product for the money.
by: bored-silly    On: 2004-08-07

We bought this suite for the Videowave 7 product (since it came bundled with it and was almost the same price by itself). We figured we could use a newer CD burning software anyway so we decided to kill two birds with one stone. Its true that when it comes to making/editing movies that Adobe Premier is better but for the average person who doesnt have a spare $1,000 to spend or a spare 80 hours to learn it, Videowave 7 is better. Ive used Videowave Movie Creator and Videwave 5 Power edition in the past and had complaints but theyve fixed the problems in Videowave 7. Basically, we use it for making slideshows with music but you can add/edit motion video as well. Its nice being able to have a DVD menu like the real commercial DVD movies and you can add chapters and submenus as well. As mentioned by another reviewer, its editing capabilities of music and graphics are only good and not great but since I use different products to do those functions anyway, it doesnt matter to me. Weve had no problems with burning CDs or DVDs nor have had any computer instability from installing it. Its reliable and easy to use at a decent price so I say its worth buying. I hope this helps.
Unique features and tight integration
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-08-06

I chose Easy Creator 7 because it offers many capture, creation and editing capabilities not found in some of the competing products. This includes Storyboard, which enables you to mix photos and videos with audio and transitions to create awesome multi-media slide shows. Two other unique features are the ability to apply Pan and Zoom effects to videos and photos, and SmartVideo Capture where you can preview video scenes from your video camera directly on your PC and only import selected scenes (rather than downloading everything to your hard drive first). Easy Creator 7 works great on XP and the Help Center & Tutorials are very useful in helping to understand concepts, by watching the tutorial video guides. If you own a digital video camera or digital camera, this is a "1 - Must Have" product on your "Wish List"
Outstanding Suite of Products
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-08-05

Easy Creator 7 was easy to learn how to use. The Home view provides easy access to see and launch any of the applications, my current projects, or common tools. I comes with good help files, video tutorials or PDF user guides for each application. It has many great features that other reviewers have already commented on. My favorite is the Photostitch feature inside Photosuite. Creating panoramic pictures was quick and automatic, combining multiple photos with common overlapping areas into one panoramic image. This is a great suite of products, you cant go wrong.
It is a good product if you don't want to do anything great
by: software-junkie    On: 2004-08-03

I like the product. It works well and is well integrated. However, on the music and graphics side it is just good, not great. If you are looking for better than good results you will have to make the jump to Paint Shop Pro or iTunes.
It's The Best
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-08-03

Easy Media Creator 7 is the best multi-media product I have used for working with my digital photo and video files. It has excellent media management capabilities and great photo/video editing/creating tools. DVDbuilder works great for creating DVDs or VCDs with chapters. And of course the proven disc burning and backup capabilities I have grown to expect in all the previous versions of Easy CD Creator. I give it a thumbs up 5 star rating.
It is an Easy Media Creator
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-07-31

The user interface and support materials (users guides and how to video tutorials) made this a piece of cake to learn to use. It packs loads of functionality into this one product. As a digital photography buff I especially like the quick photo editing tools and turning my pictures into fun presentations with the Storyboad module. I can share my slideshows by importing them into DVD builder where I create the menu-driven interface, and then burn them to VCD format (which is readable on most newer DVD drives and players). It is a GREAT product that lives up to its name!

Best Value of Features and Functionality
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-07-29

I bought this product to create DVDs of my home movies and digital photos. All aspects of Creator 7, including building DVDs works fine for me. Ive created and mailed DVDs to my parents and they enjoy watching the movies of their grandkids and comment how professional looking they are. I have no beefs either about support. When I did need some help learning how to use the product, I explored the interactive Help Center, which includes video tutorials which showed me how to do it. It also comes with PDF user guide documentation. Easy Media Creator 7 is money well spent, especially at these new low prices - why werent they this low when I bought it?
Tightly integrated product suite with unique capabilities
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-07-28

After doing my homework, I chose this product because it offers many video and slideshow, capture, creation and editing capabilities not found in some of the competing products. Some of these unique capabilities include -- The Storyboard which allows me to mix photos and videos with transitions and audio; Applying Pan and Zoom Effects to videos and photos; and SmartVideo Capture where I can preview video scenes on my PC and only import selected scenes directly from my video camera without having to copy everything to HD first. Creator 7 has not let me down, it works great under XP, Im glad I bought it. If you own a digital camera or digital video camera, this is a must have product.
Great Program, Great Value
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-07-26

You cant go wrong at a bargain price of under $40 because this program packs in a ton of great features. It is easy to use and if you get stuck just go to the Help Center. Every application and tool comes with a comprehensive user guide (PDF file for viewing, searching or printing) and video tutorial showing you how to use it. As much as I like a printed manual, you cant beat the quick searching that you can do by having a file electronically available, besides it more environmentally friendly. The customer support is also very good. I was impressed with getting answers emailed to me in under a day. Easy Media Creator 7 worked as described on the box, what more can you ask. I recommend it.
Best Digital Media Software for the Price
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-07-26

I am a thorough and thrifty shopper. I read all the professional online and magazine product reviews and then make my decision. Media Creator 7 was the clear choice by all editors. I purchased it and can tell you that after using it the last 2 1/2 months I made the right choice. If you want to capture, edit and create videos or slide shows of your digital pictures or movies and then burn them to CD or DVD, this is the product to use.
It lives up to all the reviews
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-07-23

I?ve only been using a PC for the last few years since I retired, so it takes me a while to feel confident doing things. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to learn how to use this program and create some nice looking picture slide shows of my grandkids. I even used the DVD builder and created DVDs with chapters and everything. If an old fart like me can do it, then anyone can.
CD and DVD Media Creation Just Got Easy
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-07-19

Creator 7 has so many great features and capabilities that I suggest you do as I did and read the many pro reviews that thoroughly put the program through its paces. For me, my favorite and most frequently used component is storyboard, which enabled me to combine digital photos, video clips, and songs into a slideshow. It has creative features that include the ability to add transitions, titles, and a narration track. Then using the DVDbuilder component, I can create VCDs or DVDs to master my slideshow creation to disc. Overall, this is a great product for anyone dabbling or serious about working with digital media.
Recommend it to everyone
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-07-18

Installed fine on my XP system, although it was a slow process. Nice interface and the tutorials and help files made it easy to learn. Use Creator classic, Photosuite Videowave and DVDbuilder all the time and everything has worked flawlessly. Havent used all the other features yet, but its nice to know theyre there when needed. What a deal - all these features for the low cost.
works great after upgrade
by: lallen211    On: 2004-07-17

had problems out of box ( mostly with DVD-r burning ) but after a 53MB download from website its working great. Very easy to use compaired to others Ive tried (U-lead, Movie maker). Tutorials are weak, more of an overview of what you can do than a how to, but help files are good. Great product for the money!
Full Featured and Great Value
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-07-17

With Creator 7 Im able to create some great DVDs, SVCDs and VCDs. Its loaded with features that are easy to use, and all for under $80. You cant go wrong.
Lousy MPEG-4
by: vsmith158    On: 2004-07-16

Lousy DivX support and the DVD editor is lame...
Perfect Score, 5 out of 5 in ALL Categories
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-07-16

Easy Media Creator 7 scores a perfect 5 out of 5 in all categories that I rated it in:
1. Product Features
2. User Interface
3. Integration of All Applications
4. Documentation and Help Files
5. Customer Support
6. Overall Capabilities (What I can create using it)
7. Overall Value
Very impressive, a MUST HAVE / WISH LIST product!
What Roxio Doesn't Tell You
by: foxfire_alpha    On: 2004-07-16

If you have read the sales hype from Roxio, you would be led to believe that Easy Media Creator 7 is the culmination of their many years in the CD/DVD burning business, i.e., that here, in a single package, are all the features you will ever need in your multimedia creative efforts.

Unfortunately, the opposite is true. Many critical features that were standard in their previous versions are now no longer available.

As an example (which hasnt been mentioned in the previous 85 reviews), you can no longer create a bootable slipstream CD; the options for doing this have been removed. In fact, all you can create is a 1.44 MHz floppy emulation. Anyone wanting to update their XP CD to include SP1 (or soon, SP2) will be out of luck.

Other features are missing as well. Many of the default choices are rather strange and need to be reset prior to burning each CD, as there is no way to save your normal settings.

If all you want to do is to create/copy music/video media, this program might suit your needs. But as a total media solution (as Roxio claims), it is lacking in so many areas that I feel it is not worthy of consideration.

It is currently selling on Amazon at about half of its list price. That should be your first clue.

Must Have Product for Digital Video and Digital Camera Users
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-07-12

Easy Media Creator 7 integrates several full-featured applications together to create a software suite with a consistent user experience. In no time, I was using it and creating projects with it. I use Creator Classic all the time to burn data and music to CD and DVD and appreciate the automated backup feature. Even though I use those features all the time, I really bought Media Creator 7 for all the great digital media creation tools.

Photosuite is a wonderful photo-editing product. Since I am a casual point and shoot digital photographer, I use the autofix option all the time to clean up my pictures, plus of course the red eye removal tool and the clone tool (to remove the date/time stamp I forgot to turn off in some of my pictures). I use VideoWave to transfer/capture my video to my PC, and then edit it down to remove unwanted video clips. I also use it to add text using different fonts, styles and effects, plus add transitions between clips, and background sound tracks. When complete, I then send the output to DVDBuilder for authoring to DVD.

I could go on and on how I use it, but the bottom line, this product is outstanding. It is loaded with excellent features and is a must have product for transforming your digital content to marvelous DVD movies or slide shows.

Excellent All-in-One Tool for Digital Media Enthusiasts
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-07-11

Easy Media Creator 7 has an amazing set of features, plus a great interface, which enables you to learn to use it quickly. My favorite feature is StoryBoard, which allows you to create cool slideshows with digital photos, video clips, audio tracks, text, transitions and special effects. This alone is worth the price of EMC 7. If you own a digital camera you should buy it or add it to your wish list, you will enjoy it.
Great Program For All Digital Media Users
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-07-08

I recommend this program for all digital media users - its a breeze to learn and use, plus its loaded with great features to keep all levels of users happy. My buddy and I each have it and we enjoy trying to outdo one another on the home movie DVDs we are creating. I highly recommend it to all.
Good program for beginners
by: southaven    On: 2004-07-07

A very good suite of applications with a great interface that is simple to learn and use. The video editing parts of the program are again, very easy to use. If you have no plans or desire to do any intermediate video editing work, such as video overlays, then I would highly recommend this program. Lots of great features and a very stable product.
Easy to Install, Learn, Use and Create
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-07-07

I always enjoy reading some of these reviews and some of them sound like competitors just trying to convince readers not to buy with some of their fictional review postings? Some even get so blatant to recommend their own product - how low can they go?

Easy Media Creator 7 was easy to install, in fact it installed the first time on both my desktop and laptop Dell PCs running XP. My only complaint is that it was a very slow install, plan on doing something else while this is taking place. At least its a 1 time thing you have to put up with. Both my daughter and I have found it easy to use and have enjoyed creating our own slide shows with transitions and special effects. She created CDs that she took to school showing off pictures of her class field trip. The photo editing works good too. You get a lot of capabilities in this one program. We think it is great.

Complications and Question Marks
by: jackthexman    On: 2004-07-07

I always enjoy looking over the reviews that read like commercials, not fake sounding at all...
now im fair with products, i dont pass on bad rumours, and hell i dont even read them, till something is wrong.
guess what happened to me!
something wicked this way comes, and it is Roxio EASY creator 7.
yeah EASY, to make it sound great and take your money.
all week i have been trying to install this program, and each time, it cant read it sown files, and says they are missing, and i have not had a complete install yet!
i keep taking it back and getting a new box, same thing. tried it on other comps each time. have plenty of speed and memory, nothing should be wrong. and the site is right on time with being closed.
stay away from this brightly packaged mistake, dont give in.
read between the lines.
Must Have Product
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-07-03

Easy Media Creator 7 is a must have product for any digital media enthusiast. The collection of integrated applications that make up EMC7 is very impressive, and the overall learning curve is low, thanks to the consistent user interface across applications. Customer support was very responsive, sending me email answers within 18-36 hours. The StoryBoard application is a good video editor with a timeline that gives you flexible audio editing functionality.

I have been using it for the last 3 months, and am confident recommending it.

Pleased with All The Features
by: raniertt    On: 2004-07-02

I purchased Easy Media Creator 7 in late May and have been pleased with what I can do using all the features it has to offer. I enjoy traveling and taking lots of pictures with my digital camera, especially so I can create panorama photos. This used to take me forever to try to match and crop the overlapping photos using Adobe PhotoShop Elements. Now using the photo stitch capability found in the PhotoSuite application inside EMC7, I can effortlessly create seamless panorama pictures. That alone is worth the price of this program, but theres much more to report. I can also create great slide shows of all my pictures and then burn them to DVD or VCD. Once you try it, youll be hooked like me.
Great Value, it Blows Away The Competition
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-06-28

I have used Roxios product for the last 2 versions and they keep making them better and better. Easy Media Creator 7 installed fine and runs great on my PC, with no conflicts or issues with other programs or Win XP. It is easy to use and Roxio provides good documentation and tech support, usually get email response in a day or so. I even had a live support call and Roxio waived the fee. I have had nothing but a great experience with Roxio and their software. Easy Media Creator 7 is a very good product and it is well deserving of this 5 star rating and all the awards it has won. Once you try it you will agree, it blows away the competition, delivering first-rate functionality at a low price.
Don't spend your money & time Read this before any purchase
by: pirouz1    On: 2004-06-26

It seems like Roxio is going MS way in just renewing their software with mostly name and model without a real imporvment. I have been using Easy CD Creator 5 then 6 and recently tried 7. There is a conflict between Windows Media Player 9 and Roxio software (both 6 and 7). After installing Roxio, WMP will not work properly. It will close and you will receive an error message related to one of Roxio dll files (mpeg2vidcodec.dll) if you remove this file, your WMP will work again but then you can not burn DVD using Roxio. You cant even view the mpeg files in Roxio to edit or prepare it for burning. Live support costs money! after you pay for this software. Amazing! You pay them to have trouble by getting their software and then you should pay them to talk about the problem they caused. Smarth way of making money. I doubt if you can find this easily on their web site either. The only reason I tried 7 after 6 was just my hope to get a bug free software. Now I wish I never got it. If you are looking for a good video editing software, try Ulead Moviefactory 3. You will love it comparing to Roxio Media Creator 7. My 2 star is just because of other part of their software which is mostly same as previous versions. If you buy it just for DVD and video recording, consider Ulead. Good luck
Add to Your Wish List -- Very Capable Product
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-06-25

Easy Media Creator 7 is a terrific performer and burns data, music, video and slideshows on CD or DVD without a problem. It also has some outstanding editing and creation tools to make your final production look even better. Its easy to use and includes a broad selection of tools, all in one offering. For the price, extensive capabilities and how it makes your work look very professional, I recommend it.
I am a Believer, It Lives Up To Its Name
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-06-23

It is an Easy Media Creator - easy to learn and easy to use. I bought it because of the many video and slideshow capabilities not found in some of the competing products costing under $100. The Storyboard creation tool let me mix photos and videos together complete with transitions. I could also apply Pan and Zoom effects to videos and photos. I also liked the SmartVideo capture capabilities, because it let me preview video scenes on my camcorder and only import the scenes I wanted rather than the whole video. I was also able to do standard stuff like adding music and narrative audio to my slideshow productions and then finally burn to disk. I like this program a lot and enjoy how it makes my amateur photography look professional once integrated into great looking slideshows and videos.
Sync and copy problems
by: mfranknor    On: 2004-06-23

The video editing facility is unusable because edited video is out of sync with audio. The DVD copy facility (which I used for disks produced by the DVD authoring module) is extremely slow, and fails entirely for some disks. Roxio faithfully responds to my email, but the responses are perfunctory and unhelpful.
Good Functionality
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-06-22

Pros: All the functionality in one application, easy to learn and use, good customer support materials with it and on Roxios web site, plus the great production projects I can create and burn to DVD or CD.

Cons: Time consuming install, printed manuals would be nice to have, and sometimes its kind a slow when moving between apps.

Overall: I like it a lot and if they could speed it up a little more that would be even better.

Yes it is an Easy Media Creator
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-06-21

I read the user reviews here and researched the online PC editor reviews and the overall consensus was positive, so I bought EMC7 and am glad I did. Although it can be sluggish at times moving between applications, its performing as expected and is living up to its name. Ive had no problems using it and recommend it to anyone working with digital photos, videos, or creating music/data backup CDs/DVDs.
Be careful - the reviews are scary
by: ullal    On: 2004-06-21

After reading all the reviews here I am concerned about opening the copy of EMC7 that I purchased. The reviews that most concern me are the 5 star reviews that look like somebody from the marketing department at Roxio wrote. If my suspicions are true I think it is scary that a company needs to resort to this tactic to improve its rating. Read the reviews and I am sure you will see what I am referring to. These reviews are so perfectly written and formatted and cover everything from a marketing perspective. Although I have only used Roxio products before I think I will return my unopened box for a refund.
Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 is an Outstanding Product
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-06-21

Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 (EMC7) is an outstanding product. It installed without a problem, it was easy to learn how to use, and provides a breadth of capabilities all under one integrated suite of products. The Home Page offers tremendous flexibility in how to use the product:
1. Task List: Music, Data, Photo, Video, DVD
2. Components: Disc Copier, Creator Classic, PhotoSuite, DVD Builder, VideoWave, Drag-to-Disc, Napster
3. Core Tools: Media Manager, Capture, StoryBoard, Label Creator, Sound Editor, Help Center & Tutorials, Extras and Utilities
4. Recent Projects: shows thumbnails and lists your recent projects

The process of creating and editing projects works smoothly and the final project results are very satisfying. I had no problems creating great videos and slideshows on to VCDs or DVDs.

EMC7 comes with many materials to make you self sufficient in learning and finding more information, such as how-to video tutorials, and product user guides (Adobe PDF files). The Roxio web site has unlimited self-help options including FAQs and a good knowledgebase that helps you find answers. If you still need help, like other users have also reported, I too found their tech support email response good, as they sent answers to my questions usually in a day or two.

Overall, I recommend this product to anyone who messes around with digital media.

Marvelous Product +Terrific Customer Service = Great Value
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-06-20

After reading some of these customer reviews I wonder if they are talking about the same product. I purchased Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 two months ago and have been using it continuously since. I have had nothing but a satisfying experience with it. The user interface allows you to pick it up quickly, openning up some powerful features for capturing, editing and creating with your digital media. I have been very impressed with Roxios customer service, who have promptly responded to numerous questions via email within 18-36 hours. All the available features, plus great customer service and a low price equals incomparable value.
Beware of the Box
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-06-18

Got the box and the first thing I had to do was to update it. This took 3 hours. No manual in box like Creator 5 did. Help files more encyclopedic than how to. Could not use my TSID. Could not post messages to their discussion site. Response to email is worse than any I have used. Maybe its a good product if I can ever get to use it. Dont understand the pleased reviews. Maybe I got a lemon. Creator 5 worked fine for me. Good luck if you buy the box, a download might be better. Hopefully that will be up to date and they would know you. Its all I got so I will keep plugging. Hope you do better.
What's worse? The software or Roxio's customer service?
by: swamper7772    On: 2004-06-18

I strongly recommend you stay as far away from Roxio Easy Media Creator as you can - not because its buggy (very), but because of the response I received from Roxios customer support personnel.

I purchased Roxios product last week, downloaded and installed the updates, yet have been utterly plagued by numerous bugs and system crashes so bad that I cant even ctrl-alt-del to the Task Manager.

Im a highly experienced networking engineer whos built and configured hundreds of computers for more than 20 years. Im running Windows XP Professional on stock 2.53 GHz Pentium IV with the latest updates, my antivirus and firewalls (Cisco) are top-notch, as well. Ive run numerous media editing programs, including Pinnacle Studio 9, Adobe Premier 6, Adobe Photoshop CS, etc., without the slightest problems. In short, my system is solid is a rock - it has to be, as that is how I earn my living. You cant run a business on a screamingly tweaked machine thats buggy.

The reason Im recommending you avoid it is because when I asked Roxio for a refund in accordance with their refund policy (notify Roxio and attest to the fact you removed it within 15 days of initial purchase), they gave me the proverbial run-around. Ive been quite polite with them, but when I finally demanded they honor their refund policy, they quit responding to me. That was four days ago, and they still have not yet credited my charge card.

The buggy software itself will test your fortitude. The attitude of Roxios customer support personell, however, will drive you insane, and will cost you significantly more time (and time is money) than the product itself cost.

If I may recommend an alternative product, I would recommend you carry Pinnacle Studio 9. I used Studio 8 for two years, but decided to try Roxios product as I knew some of Roxios earlier software was pretty decent. But when I encountered the massive problems with Media Creator, I switched back to a known entity and upgraded to the latest version of Studio, which has worked flawless over the last five days on a video project Im creating for our church.

Again, Roxio is a liability. Much better software, and far better customer service, are available elsewhere.

Thank you for your time.

Easy to Use, Great Features and for the Price it's a Bargain
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-06-14

Easy Media Creator 7 offers an easy to learn and understand interface that enables you to quickly use any of the applications that make up this integrated software suite. My daughter just graduated from high school and this weekend I created a video comprised of digital photos and video clips, select music, transitions, titles, etc. all blended together of all the events this past month leading up to graduation. I am so proud of my daughter but also have great pride and sense of accomplishment in what I just did by creating a great looking video that I burned to DVD.

Roxio provides many materials to help you find all the answers, such as how-to video tutorials, and PDF user guides. The Roxio web site knowledgebase also helps you find answers to any questions, and if you still need help, I found their tech support email responses were quick, only taking 1-2 days to get answers.

I recommend this product for people at all levels.

So far so good...
by: eisleychick    On: 2004-06-11

I just used this product to make a video yesterday. While it took me the better part of the day to develop, the software is great. Once you get in and start using it, its super user friendly. Great help manuals, etc. I highly recommend using this. Ive tried other products for cd creation & movies but this is by far the best one so far. Easy for people just starting out and also great for the more experienced user.
Lots of potential, but buyer beware
by: tjs615    On: 2004-06-11

Could not evaluate the product for DVD Builder and had limited success with VideoWave component. I am a previous user of Creator 6 which at least installed and functions properly. I have a Win 2K system with all the latest software patches. System is very stable and reliable, but when I first installed this product the DVD and Video components wouldnt load. There were no error messages, it just left me back were I started. I downloaded the latest patch to the software (50 MB) from Roxio and that at least fixed the Video component startup problem. I tried contacting tech support but need a TSID #. Guess what, their email based tech service system repeatedly told me that the TSID number I supplied (from the CD envelope) was not in their database! I sent of a request to address the TSID problem and havent heard back yet. The auto reply message they delived back to me showed a truncated version of my original email to them so I am not even sure if they even got the full text I sent them. Are there any engineers at Roxio that actually try to act like a real customer and use their system? I think not.

Having invested $100 dollars already and considerable time, I decided to press on an started working with the Video editor. The feature set seems OK, but when previewing mpg files taken from a DVD created by a Sony DCR-DVD 200, there was no sound. Also tried to create a movie to disk (DVD format) but that hung after about 20 seconds of processing. If the product wasnt so buggy and the support infrastructure didnt seem so dysfunctional, this might be a decent product. Looks like I will be going back to the 6.0 version and hopefully they will get their act together soon. I have tried other video software, and so far there are either usability or video quality problems with every product I tried. This seems like very immature technology.

Just OK
by: swdpm    On: 2004-06-04

bbThis program might be great, but without a manual or technical support, its hard to tell. As with all previous editions of Easy CD Creator, this program has many good features. Unfortunately, they sometimes do not work properly. Roxio decided it is easier to let the consumer hunt for info rather than provide the paper manual they used to. Although technical support is supposed to be available, once you navigate the severe obstacles to real contact at the web site, their answers are less than helpful. My experience has been either no answer or a response telling me to search the knowledge base for information that I already told them I could not find. At this point, I have the program several months and do my best to not use it. It causes crashes on certain activities and,since Roxio ignores tech questions, I have no way to solve this.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-06-02

I recently bought a new PC and then also bought Roxio Easy Media Creator 7. Im a knowledgable PC shopper and asked everyone if this software came bundled on a PC and the answer was no everywhere I turned. Those "in the know" told me the only Roxio bundled software was older versions, not EMC7. So, I dont know what our previous reviewer is talking about?

This product is amazing! Before I purchased EMC7 I did a thorough search for the best digital media software for my budget (under $100) and Roxio was the clear winner. Here are just a few examples I discovered:
>> Basic Burning: EMC7 supports desktop drag and drop with automatic handling of file types, Nero does not.
>> Photo Editing: EMC7 allows you to add pan and zoom to slideshows, not Nero. EMC7 offers advanced photo editing (cloning, masking, stitching, etc) and paint tools, Nero doesnt
>> Video and Slideshows: Nero does not allow you to mix photo and video with transitions, where EMC7 does. EMC7 allows 7 track audio support, while Nero allows 3 tracks for video and only 1 track for photo slideshows. EMC7 offers over 150 transitions, Nero only has about 40.
>> DVD Authoring: EMC7 allows multiple storyboards in a single window, Nero doesnt. EMC7 allows you to drag and drop photos and videos between storyboards, not Nero.
>> CD/DVD Copying: EMC7 CD and DVD copy module uses same component with same or similar workflow, not Nero

This is just my extensive research on talking to other users, reading press coverage, product literature and searching the web, to making sure I spent my money wisely and bought the best software for the job. I suggest you also read the reviews done by the professionals, such as CNET, EMEDIALIVE and PC Magazine to name a few that I used.

I hope this helps. I think this software is amazing and recommend it over Nero or other products in this class.

this software sucks
by: hvcorp    On: 2004-06-01

this software came with my computer but after some time this software was formating data cd to music cd in for real player .
at last i had kick this software and i am so happy . now i am using nero which is is world class software .

dont buy this software ever at any cost . and if it is coming with yours computer dont use it .

use nero

What?s all the ?FUS? about? Features, Usability, Support
by: bookemdano818    On: 2004-05-29

After reading all the magazine reviews and asking my friends and co-workers, all answers pointed me to purchase Easy Media Creator 7 as the best digital media software. If I had to sum up what I like best it would be:

FEATURES -- This product packs a punch, with all the features it offers in one integrated package. These broad features include everything you need: backing up your data and burning discs, creating audio/MP3 CDs, importing photos and capturing video, editing photos and videos, creating slide shows and videos, creating DVDs and CDs, and creating labels for your discs. Some of the unique features include: how the Storyboard allows you to mix photos and videos with transitions; how you can apply Pan and Zoom Effects to videos and photos; and the SmartVideo Capture feature where you can preview video scenes and only import selected scenes.

USABILITY -- It has an easy to use interface with a menu that offers you two ways to do things, as either Applications/Tools or as Tasks. Applications/Tools lists all the components by their name. If youre not sure which component to use, then choose Tasks which lists by the Task you are trying to accomplish (i.e. Edit and Fix Photos). When I wasnt sure how to do something, I used the excellent interactive Help Center, which included video tutorial guides showing me how to do things.

SUPPORT -- I already talked about the interactive Help Center and Tutorials, which are available any time to support you. The Help Center also provides access to many well-documented application User Guides (PDF files) explaining how to use the various applications (i.e. DVDBuilder). Roxio also provides many online tech support materials including an online Knowledge Base and an online Forum. I emailed them a question and received a response back in under 2 days. All in all, they provided all the tools and support to make me successful.

One other thing I like best about Easy Media Creator is the VALUE it delivers. I get all these capabilities in a product costing well under $100.

Not for managing music
by: frankhoffy    On: 2004-05-28

I used Roxio Easy CD and DVD Creator 6 to convert all of my CDs into MP3s. I have a large music collection, and I found AudioCentral to be a great tool for categorizing all of my music.

I bought Easy Media Creator 7 because I was hoping that they had some new encoders or maybe an enhanced interface to AudioCentral. Imagine my diappointment when I found that not only were there no new encoders, but Roxio removed AudioCentral from the product completely! You now have to use the "Creator Classic" interface to rip audio tracks from CDs. Theres just one problem--the data retrieved from the database is read-only. You cant update the Gracenote database if it gives back bogus data. I didnt see any way to edit the track tags either, but maybe I just missed it.

Another thing I noticed right off the bat is that the application forces you to run in 1024x768 mode. My moms eyes cant handle that resolution, so I had to remove it from her computer and put 6 back.

In short, stick with version 6 if you need something for managing your MP3s. Hopefully Roxio will get the point and put AudioCentral back into their product.

The Program that Hijacks your System
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-05-28

I have used Easy Media Creator since version 4, when it was called just Adaptec Easy Creator. Since, I am a video editor & tv news photographer by trade I am aware of the limitations of all-in-one programs that try to be all things through the over used word of "convergence"! I basically use this type of program for its ability to make drag & drop disc and music cds. However in this latest version it is not happy with just doing its job, but takes over your system making itself the main program for all media, especially in the programs use of "Drag to Disc". By doing this it prevents a program designed to convert DVD-Ram video into MPEG files from working. It is this Microsoft like mentality, of we know best that hurts and turns a otherwise good program into an expensive problem. Customer Support has gone from excellent back in the version 4 days to useless. Bottom line as a one stop program for all your needs it is great if this is what you are looking for, but once the program starts to interfere with other programs by blocking their access to drives it becomes a problem. In version 5 Direct CD never hijacked controll of the system at the expensive of other specialzed software on your system. Customer service really needs to get on the ball and remember that alienated customers dont buy new versions of software or stay loyal if treated poorly! Programs like this need a option that totally disables programs that take control of optical drives by default.
Magical Media Creator
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-05-28

Ive had a magical experience working with EMC 7. All product features worked as listed on the box. Editing and burnng to DVD worked just fine. The vast capture, create and edit programs provided me with all the tools I needed to turn my home movies and pictures into beautifal projects that I burned onto cd/dvds. I seriously considered other products, but my friends swear by Roxio as one of them purchased Nero and had nothing but system lock ups and conflicts. He got so fed up with "Zero", that he trashed it and bought EMC7 and now just raves about its ease of use and great editing tools. He convinced me to buy EMC7 and I will listen to his advice from here on. This is a magical product, its easy to learn and use and the videos and slide-shows I create all look excellent.

Its mystifying to read a few of these reviews as Ive had nothing but a good experience with excellent results.

no support- lousey video editing program weak recognition
by: johnamann3    On: 2004-05-27

I up graded to 7 to edit and burn a DVD. I had transfered my 8mm film to a DVD. The DVD was on a VTS format which is not recognized by Creater 7. strangly it is recognized by 6. I used DivX to transfrer the file to a AVI file which was recognized. I then went to video editing nightmare. It dosnt allow you to take out snipits and save and re use. you can only change the begining and end. I tried to contact by e-mail forget it. It burns DVDs fine, but as a editing program it fails the course. I could go on about the problems with slideshow. The fact that you can not use prior productions made by 7 in a different production. all in all there must be better programs. I hate to say it but I should have followed my friends advise and gotten Nero
Roxio Easy Media Creator 7
by: sartori422    On: 2004-05-26

When I first installed EMC7, I was pretty pleased with it. Some of the applications seemed simplistic, but they worked pretty well. Then, Roxio came out with a major update that corrected some of the issues I had noticed. I installed the update, and a good number of the programs simply stopped working. Support from Roxio is non-existant unless you pay for it. I have ended up uninstalling it, and Ill be glad to sell my copy to anyone who wants it. Im now evaluating Nero to see if its more stable, but theres also freeware programs for most of these functions. Im glad to see that others havent had problems, but I did. Just beware when you buy.
Well-rounded, great bang for the buck
by: shopper35    On: 2004-05-26

Im returning to Roxio after previously swearing it off and this is why! Despite its weaknesses (lousy technical support, deteriorated picture quality and audio synchronisation quirks on VCDs), it simply delivers the most for the cost and is extremely easy to use.

It also holds up best in customer satisfaction which says much about it. This is what I found in reading online reviews of its competitors:

Roxio EMC 7 45% loved it, 24% hated it
Nero 6 27% loved it, 34% hated it
Pinnacle Studio 9 3% loved it, 53% hated it
ULead Videostudio 7 18% loved it, 9% hated it
Sony Screenblast 32% loved it, 7% hated it

Out of these software programs, only Nero and Roxio supports photos, video AND music, making it a solid overall leader in my opinion. I have not tried burning DVDs yet but Ive purchased the updated version specifically for this purpose--I have always had good luck with CD burning. I have not had problems with crashing or freezing up.

While not ideal for the professional or serious videographer, overall you cant go wrong with this program. And for the price you pay, its imperfections can be overlooked (and hopefully corrected by Roxio)!

Supersized capabilities for the price
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-05-22

This is a real good product. It lived up to the reviews I read before making my decision. I bought it a month ago and am happy to report that I made the right choice. If you want to capture, edit and create videos or slide shows of your digital pictures/movies and then burn to DVD, this is a must have product. Plus for the price how can you go wrong.
Great Product, Despite The Few Negative Comments
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-05-22

No problems at all with this. Functions as I expected and as it was promoted. Easy to use and offers an incredible portfolio of products, all in one offering. Overall I feel it met and exceeded my expectations. Good job to the Easy Media Creator team!
crashes -- no customer support
by: standup999    On: 2004-05-22

This program crashes. There is no phone support without paying. I emailed support regarding the program crashing and I got some template reply that had nothing to do with my problem. Buying this product is throwing money down the drain. From reading some comments about it, apparently the program has conflicts with other media programs. So goodbye Roxio.
Outstanding Integration and Ease of Use
by: bobcath81    On: 2004-05-20

Tightly integrated product where all components look and operate similarly with seamless interaction, not like some suites of products that are really a bunch of independent applications "bundled" in one package. Well thought out design and interface makes it easy to use. The "Home Page" offers various ways to use the product:
-- Task List: Music, Data, Photo, Video, DVD
-- Components (Applications): Disc Copier, Creator Classic, PhotoSuite, DVD Builder, VideoWave, Drag-to-Disc, Napster
-- Core Tools: Media Manager, Capture, StoryBoard, Label Creator, Sound Editor, Help Center & Tutorials, Extras and Utilities
-- Recent Projects: shows thumbnails and lists your recent projects

It allows you to launch components and complete additional tasks simultaneously, such as create and print a disc label for your audio CD while the CD is being burned to disc.

The process of creating and editing projects works smoothly and the final project results are very satisfying. I recommend this product to all.

Awfully Good, Exceptional Product
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-05-19

Roxio delivered the goods and more... With all the rebates you can get it for under $55, how can you go wrong and get so much - PhotoSuite 7, VideoWave 7, Napster 2, and Easy CD/DVD Creator. This has everything you need. It was easy to combine my digital photos, with video clips and add music to create impressive slide shows. BTW, I have no problems running on XP and found the Roxio web to be very informative.
by: janvandecauter    On: 2004-05-18

Too many bugs (even the last update stops with an error!)
Poor service from Roxio (standard automated replies)
Still waiting for a refund...
Steve V.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-05-17

EMC 7 burns CDs nicely.
But, wow, essentially fraudulent product support!
This software does not make the kind of slide shows the earlier versions do - but they dont tell you this, and they are not answering my inquiries (the ones they say they will answer within a few days - its been 2 months now, many inquiries from me, and ZERO responses from Roxio!).
I just what to know if theyve dropped this software, or Im missing something.
I cannot make a CD slide show where the slide show, with a full screen view, is launced as soon as someone puts a CD into there PC - but where the CD contains the original .jpeg files - for my friends who what to printout high resolution copies.
All it seems I can do is creat a goofy video slide show - where the images play back in small windows, and the images are not available on the CD.
Lousy, and they wont even tell me just what the deal is. Their web site LOOKS nice, but doesnt give me any real help - just wastes my time looking for answers that dont come.
I guess they have my money already.
Those good reviews must have been written by the Roxio people!?
Steve V.
works for me
by: bobzip    On: 2004-05-16

Ive used easy CD creator 5 and 6 and just upgraded to Roxio Easy Media Creator 7. I found all three have worked fine for me.
I thought of purchasing the NERO Suite this go-around, but since I have had no problems with Roxio I stuck with them.
I had no problems with the installaion of Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 it immedately recognized Roxio creator 6 and flawlessly uninstalled it. The only problem (not a problem if your on a high-speed internet connection) is the up-date and fixes download was "106MB" but the updates & fixes installed flawlessly too.( thats right one hundred & six MB).

I do agree with other submittals that Tech support at times is not that great !!
I keep my computer updated with all windows critical updates, have 1024ram -120GB hard drive with XP PRO.

Stellar product from end-to-end
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-05-15

I cant say enough about this fantastic suite of products. Like their package says, "One product - infinite possibilities", this product allows you to do it all when it comes to digital media. First of all, it installed flawlessly and I was able to pick up how to use it in no time thanks to the great interface. With all the tools at hand, I was easily able to manage and organize my media files of photos and videos on to my PC. I then was able to edit and touch up some of my digital photos. It even has a great photo stitch capability to create seamless panorama pictures, which I did a great shot of the desert at sunset. I especially enjoyed using the timeline/storyboard editing where I combined still images, with video and added music. It provided great functionality and was fun to use, what more can you ask? Next was time to burn my finished product on to DVD, which was straightforward. And finally, I used the software to create and print out labels directly onto the media using my Epson printer. From end-to-end this is a stellar product. I recommend it to everyone, why Im even buying an extra copy to give away as a Grad present to my nephew.
Absolutely Awful
by: alexfry    On: 2004-05-14

This is the buggiest software I have EVERY purchases and believe me, I have blown a lot of dough on all different kinds of products. Free software works better than this. How is this company going to stay in business putting out crap like this. Shame on you, Mr. Roxio, SHAME ON YOU!
This product delivers the goods. Great features and value.
by: drdigital57    On: 2004-05-14

I rarely write reviews, but my experience with this product requires that I take the time to tell you about it. It delivers all the features and performance I expected at a modest price. It handles all forms of digital media -- music, photos, and video. The interface is easy to use offering two ways to do things -- as Tasks or Applications. Im able to quickly convert my digital camera photos and digital video into slide shows and edited videos complete with fun transitions. Then create CDs and DVDs. (System: Windows XP, Pentium 4, 2.2 GHz, 512MB) I highly recommend Easy Media Creator 7.
Awesome service!!
by: ace750cc    On: 2004-05-12

Despite minor bugs (that have already been corrected), this application has it all, its very intiutive and the best of all: awesome technical support!, great site!

if you really want to have a fully loaded media suite, Roxios EMC7.x must be your choice. Otherwise, you,ll have to buy separates applications

by: rlucas2886    On: 2004-05-11

I purchased this product on amazon and have had nothing but success since. (It even arrived a day early) I went with my gut and ordered it despite VERY negative reviews. I must tell you. IT WORKS! No matter what they say, it operates exceptionally well if you have a somewhat new pc, XP home edition. The installation process is lengthy, but the rewards are amazing. You can do virtually everything. This product is PERFECT for amatuer filming (which I do) and simply making home movies. You can make video cds, once again perfect for amatuer filmers, cds, and even dvds. The precision editing is amazing in that you have total control over every aspect of your movie. Perfect for novices, yet great control for veterans. The steps are so simple to follow, that I didnt even read anything from the guide and was able to begin working.
This new product is great. I suggest getting it. It beats the heck out of Windows Movie Waker.
my page:
Less is More (As a CD Creator, this is more of a downgrade)
by: themark720    On: 2004-05-05

I have been one of the advocates of using Roxio over Nero for quite a while now. I have used Easy CD Creator to burn hundreds of music and data discs over the years, but this is the version where I may have to switch. This review is for avid users of EZCD Creator versions 4, 5, and 6, which I believe are all better than 7. Dont get me wrong. DVD Builder, VideoWave, and the new PhotoSuite 7 are both definite improvements, as are the capture and storyboard features. However, I would like to focus on the degraded "Creator Classic" and the nearly unrecognizable Label Creator, which I use the most and have come to rely on. Instead of a general complaint, I will give examples. Here are some of the best features that have been screwed up in version 7:
1. You can no longer right-click on the column attributes above the song titles. You are limited to Size, Type and Date Modified. In Creator Classic 6, you had could display the bit rate, duration of a song, track number, album name, etc., etc.
2. Although you can still preview a song, it is a tiny little box with very limited features. You can no longer play several previews from the same player like you could in versions 4-6...another downgrade.
3. I have also noticed that this version is much fussier with MP3 files. Nearly any bit rate would play in version 6. This one is hit and miss. A song that plays in your media player may come out with pops and defects after it is burned to CD.
4. If you have an MP3 file with both the artist and song title, the artist name is dropped from the playlist. Kind of inconvient if you are making a compilation disc.
5. If you decide to save your project and burn the disc later, good luck. The artist title will be automatically deleted from the Artist field, the Disc Title will also be deleted, and the playlist may or may not be shuffled and song titles may be substitued for others. Sounds like a major bug to me. This happened more than once to me. Another problem not found in previous versions.
6. If you drag and drop more than one song title to a different location on your playlist, theres a pretty good chance that the program will shut down completely, and you can then start over again.
Now, on to Label Creator.
1. You now have options. Too too many options. Why should you have to CHOOSE whether you want the artist, track list and media type, as well as decide which of the 12 different options you want on the label? Isnt that overkill? What was wrong with the basic clicking of the "CD Contents" button and have it automatically display the track list?
2. There is also the issue already mentioned by another reviewer of the label creator not allowing you to drag tracks line by line. The playlist is now in a block. You cant stretch song titles like you could in previous versions, and the songs will not display alpha-numerically.
3. Last, how about a wizard to help you decide which of the 8 different layout options you want. What was wrong with the basic front, back and insert? Believe me, when it comes to labels, less is more.
Well, thats my 10 cents about Roxios new bloated bundle.
Best Video/Photo Software
by: th_prakash    On: 2004-05-03

I have never reviewed a product on Amazon before, but I think Media Creator 7 definitely deserves a good review..

PHOTOS - I created a few slideshows and burned into a vcd. It was easy just to drag and drop the photos you want, to create a slide show. I also added transitions between photos. The number of options to pick a transition is amazing.

The one thing I missed from the Photo suite is the tagging option like in Adobe Photo Album. The tagging option is a simple way to categorize photos. I wish roxio will add this in their next version.

EDITING VIDEOS - I did not capture any video yet using this software. I used an existing video. Splitting the video to different clips is easy to do. Also, I was able to add background narration to the video which is impressive. I have tried other software ( Pinnacle, Click To DVD ) which crashed on me usually while editing the video. This software never stalled or crashed on me yet.

DVD BURNING - DVD burning was simple to use. Just add the video clips to the main Menu. Add a background theme. I burned the disks on both DVD+R and DVD-R. Then, I replayed those DVDs on TV. Looks fine to me.

I am using a 2.8 Ghz Sony Computer. The installation was a breeze and the software is easy to use. Overall, this is a great value for the price.

The worst version yet!
by: jtru428    On: 2004-05-02

This program is terrible. Ive installed every version Roxio (Adaptec) has created and this by far sucks the most. I continued to use the program even after I noticed it was much slower than version 6. However, after installing the "patch" to version or whatever number it was every video file and DVD I owned played so dark in any media player that I couldnt even see the video. Luckily I had a hunch that Roxio 7 was the problem and just uninstalled it, instead of re-doing my entire system. Im now back to version and will stay there until they fix their problems with 7. Ive never seen a company that allows such noticeable problems to be released to the public. I guess theyve never heard of beta testing.
Unbeatable product for the price
by: harrym33    On: 2004-04-28

I honestly cant believe the price of this product. Its literally packed with powerful programs that cover everything digital. From powerful photo and video editing applications to stella CD/DVD burning and authroing, this is a first class application. I had Ulead for photo and another app for video and Creator 5. No need for these other applications now. Most impressive is the fact that it is SO easy to use. This is not an upgrade, this is a whole new world.
If it works it works and if it doesn't...
by: pulcini4    On: 2004-04-26

Theres a reason for the variety of reviews of this product. On some systems it obviously works, and for some folks its a disaster. I was in the second camp initially. For the record, Im quite computer literate. I wasted many, many hours trying to get this suite of programs to work, to no avail. Heres the deal. I installed it, and downloaded and installed the update. The "home" screen would open and close in about a half second. If I went to the programs menu and individually started the component software, some components would open and some didnt. The ones that opened saw all my drives as source drives, but not as destination drives. The only component that actually worked was the drag-to-disc program. Everything else was a disaster. I have a pretty high-powered PC, so thats not a problem. Ive used a large number of other similar products, also not a problem. I uninstalled every software component on my system that I thought could be conflicting, no solution. Uninstalled and reinstalled more times than I can count. Bought it over a weekend, so of course wouldnt get an answer from email support till Monday. Talking to tech support had a $35 fee, and also had to wait till Monday. So, no work got done over the weekend. At least some companies will connect you to India or Singapore to let you talk for free to a human who doesnt understand the product. At least you can vent! Not Roxio, no, on a weekend or after hours, you get to "ask Roxie", a virtual support entity that of course has never heard of your problem. (OK, to be fair, she/it can handle lots of basic issues). I was ready to play frisbee with the disk. But Monday morning, on a whim, I called their offices (in Toronto) and lo and behold, they fell all over themselves to help me out. They connected me to tech support, and even gave me an event number to bypass the $35 fee. To my suprise, I was able to fix the problem in four minutes flat. It did require changes in the registry settings, something very few people would (or should) mess with without guidance. Id never have figured it out without their help, and the average person would probably have had to pay the $35 if theyd just called tech support outright. So, happy ending, and I was impressed with how nice they were once I got hold of them.
As for the functionality, it so far works as advertised, although I havent burned any DVDs yet. Overall, it seems to me that some of their menus are clunky and non-intuitive, but once gotten used to theyre OK (although Ive gotten better photo-editing software for free with scanners!). Also, I like the ability to merge audio tracks, a nice feature missing on some other programs (great for live tracks where you want song markers but no breaks).
Seems to be a good product, although Id invest in a quick call to Toronto before calling tech support directly if you have an immediate issue.
Read the Pro Reviews
by: witxrimo    On: 2004-04-25

It sure seems some folks are intent on undermining the sale of some products, based on the divergent reviews you see here. Roxio EMC 7 comes very highly rated by both PC World and PC Mag, so I bought it to use with my Sony miniDV camcorder and NEC 8x burner. I have burned CDs and DVDs, and I must tell you, it works wonders for a novice like myself. If you want the pro stuff, go buy Adobe or Pinnacle (and pay till it hurts ;-). If you are just looking for an easy-to-use, well-integrated suite of tools to get your media onto discs you can use, this pack is terrific. Ive experienced no bugs, crashes, etc. The tools are largely intuitive, and its kinda fun, too! Anyway, the discs play in both my Sony and Samsung DVD/CD players without a hitch, and the quality is amazing! Just remember, like most products < $100.00, this wont do EVERYTHING, but it does a lot, and probably anything the average Joe/Jane needs. Also, between the burner, media, software, PC, and electronics you use, there is a lot that can cause problems. This software is NOT one of them. I use a Dell with a 2.5Ghz P4 and 1GB of RAM. Any name-brand media should work fine (Im partial to TDK ... inexpensive and good quality). I think youll be very pleased with Roxio EMC 7. Now go on ... get outa here ... and have fun!
Nero Burning Rom is MUCH better
by: sillygates    On: 2004-04-24

Roxio Easy Media Creator 7, follows the legacy of all their products: bugy, bad customer support, very little support for 3rd party images etc, and virtually uncustomizable compared to Nero Burning Rom. The last time I used Easy Media creator 7 was to burn a CD in iTunes (relies on the Roxio ASPI driver, even in Windows XP)
Meant for novice who doesn't know any better...
by: mediageekz    On: 2004-04-21

This software isnt worth the money it costs in my opinion.
Do yourself a favor and go buy
Nero 6 Ultra Edition (Nero Burning Rom). You will be much happier.
This software is pretty much designed for the novice in mind.
There are many better tools that can be used instead.
Do not buy this software. You'll be so sorry...
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-04-21

Not only is the software riddled with bugs, but the customer service is terrible. I write software for a large corporation, so I have a little experience under my belt. This software was either rushed out the door, or Roxios quality assurance department (if it even exists) did a very poor job of testing this software. Many of the features just plain dont work. And the ones that do, are often riddled with little bugs that make it take forever to get anything done. Usability is very poor as well. Nothing is labled what you would expect it to be or is placed where it should be.

Dont waste your money. You are better off getting something else. When I posted something like this on their discussion web site, they banned me from the site. What does that tell you?

Great package!
by: billsheppard    On: 2004-04-19

Im sorry to hear some users are having trouble with Easy Media Creator 7, but Im greatly impressed by this package. Rather than a simple bundle of mediocre standalone programs, I find most of the components here to be very complete and full-featured.

Were expecting our first baby in a month so Ive been making videos and photos of my wife, showers, etc. to send to out-of-town relatives. Ive been able to make great videos with little effort, and the ability to output to almost any video format with any parameters (bit rate, screen resolution, etc.) makes it much easier to make an appropriate file for streaming on the web. The "moving pictures" feature is great for zooming in on certain parts of the video or a photograph. There are tons of transitions and other effects, and editing/splitting/adding audio and video works well. Note, I havent burned any full DVDs, so I dont know whether sync will be an issue as has been reported elsewhere.

Im a fan of Paint Shop Pro (using version 8 and Paint Shop Photo Album 4), but I find the PhotoSuite component of EMC 7 to be a great substitute for all but the most demanding/complex of editing tasks. For casual tasks like cropping, red-eye removal, changing resolution, cataloging photos, and the like, I find this to be a much faster replacement for PSP8. Photosuite does a much better job making panorama photos than any of the other eight or ten packages Ive tried.

Drag and drop works flawlessly for me (I turned off XPs built-in CD mastering software, perhaps thats the source of conflict for some people), and has the added benefit of supporting CD-RW, which I believe some other packet writing software doesnt.

Regarding customer support, I agree that getting live support may be difficult (as it is with virtually all software these days), but there is a very active customer forum where I was typically able to quickly find answers to questions I had, and in one case a Roxio employee answered my query within a few hours.

Im very pleased with this package, and fully recommend it.

Worst software expereince ever!
by: crkuhns    On: 2004-04-19

Throughly disappointing! Read through the support comments - how much time can people afford to waste. Twice I have returned the product. I called customer service - voice mail and they want $35 an hour to support the product that wont install on Windows XP, 60 MB and 1.6 mgz.

Finally had to return the software for a refund - 4 to 6 weeks turn time. Time to cut my losses. Will have to think hard before buying Roxio again.

Generate low quality DVD movies
by: zhangchenghe    On: 2004-04-19

I bought this product to create DVD movies. However the quality of the DVD moives are much poorer than the original DV tapes.

But if you buy this product for other purposes, it might be a good choice. And that is why I give it a "two starts"

Roxio is a great company and refund all my money back with a painful process. So that I would suggest to purchase a download version if you would like to try it out by yourself.

Could have been a four star if
by: chuck74    On: 2004-04-14

I finally broke down and bought this version after completely skipping 6.0. The installation went well. After ersarting the pc, I hooked my camcorder up, and went to using the feature I bought it for, Videowave.
Unfortunately, Videowave to did not perform well at all. It crashed a lot. And that was just during the importing of video. When it did work, it would crash while importing video. I decided to shorten the video a bit and got a whole three minutes worth of video imported. I didnt even get to edit. It crashed of course. I gave up on it, and stuck with my NERO 6 for that task.
I tried out the other features, and they were adequate for basic functions. I liked it, althought the Nero interface is more user friendly to me.
It could have been a five star if the Videowave would have functioned properly and they wouldnt have included Napster 2.0.
Come on, Napster 2.0? Getting a bit of money on the side from what the customers purchase to download, Roxio? This is one feature that should have been left out, completely. Not even an option to install it should have been included with this suite.
So save your money for something more intuitive and functional, like Nero 6, and wait for all the patches to be available before purchasing this to save you some headaches.
EMC7 should not have been released with this many bugs!
by: colincampbell9    On: 2004-04-06

What this product promises is great, and the interface is wonderful, yet it seems as if Roxio was too impatient to get this product out of the door before properly taking it through the testing cycle. If the many many bugs were gone it would be a wonderful product!

Biggest Annoyances:

1. Painfully Slow!

- You would expect any video editing software to require a lot of processor muscle, but even for the most mundane of tasks even on the fastest of CPUs this program painfully aches along with many hiccups. Its clear that although this was a massive project for Roxio, there are many programming inefficiencies which have caused all of these bumps in the road.

2. Audio and Video Out of Sync!

- Come on! If youre going to spend the time and money to purchase the software and make a video, at the very least you could expect that your videos wouldnt end up looking like an old foriegn film with the voices not even matching up with the video! Everything in the preview looks great, but just wait until you compile your final video for that big disappointment. (...)
There will be a fix for out of sync video files (based on customer submitted video files) included in the 7.01 update being released in about 2 weeks. Ive e-mailed you a non-regression tested version of the specific fix for this issue if you wish to use.

The most common causes of this problem are however described in the article you posted.
Message Edited by patatrox on 04-13-2004 05:44 PM

- Patrick

(...)3. Crashes on XP all the time.

4. Dont even expect to make labels beyond the CD itself!

- Most other labels ( jewel cases etc ) get printed off of the page on legal or letter paper (not label paper) reguardless of the printer type.
- The cut lines interfere with the actual label itself!

4. Tech support is almost non-existent.

- Telephone support is pay per incident - (...)
- Assitance over e-mail is only available after their automated assitant cant help you.
- E-mail support is expected to take days for a response.
- Seems like all of EMC7s problems have created a support
nightmare for Roxio for which they just cant keep up with.

Big Disappointment
by: mixmedia    On: 2004-04-05

I tried five times to author a DVD. Each time the visual quality was awful, and the audio was totally out of synch. Tech support is almost non-existent. I switched to Sonic MyDVD and it worked flawlessly the first time.

Burning regular Audio CDs is fine, but any program can do that. I would stay away from this bloated package.

Easy as pie to use
by: donahu1    On: 2004-04-01

If you liked the Plattinum version, this Suite rocks. It doesnt get any easier. I especially like the way the Label Maker comes up without asking as soon as you start to burn a CD. Furthermore, the edit feasture offers so much more in customizing your cover. I cant wait to do a DVD
as above
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-03-25

I also was upset about the lack of a wireless controller, and my trunk ceased closing just after a year. Disgusted.
Roxio vs. Memories Instant Computer Scrapbook
by: memories123    On: 2004-03-24

Roxio advantage continues to be smooth integration between photo editing and CD sharing. For ease of use and ability to link photo with titles, text, songs and songs, the newly release Memories Instant Computer Scrapbook wins hands down.[...]
I think many people are already looking to go beyond generic photo organizing capabilities and looking to the new generation of software like Memories that can handle all sorts of multimedia and is very easy to use
A disappointment at best...
by: wb1ccp    On: 2004-03-24

About all I can say about this product is buggy, buggy, buggy. That aside, I was also rather put off by the licensing agreement. Im one of those weird people who actually read the EULA. The part that concerned me was the fact that the user cant sell any of the content -your own material- produced using this product without paying a (presumably huge) licensing fee to a third party. Im not talking about the music, movies or whatever that youre burning to CDs or DVDs. I mean the software which converts, compresses or records the material into MPEG-2, MP3 and so on.

Now, about the bugs... I have used Easy CD Creator 4, 5 and a limited version of 6 for years with few if any problems. I bought Easy Media Creator 7 to replace the basic version of 6 that came with my Plextor drive. Big mistake! It installed OK, but I went to open the program after the reboot and I got a message that my screen resolution was insufficient to run the application. I had to increase it from 800 x 600 to at least 1024 x 768. This made the text too small to read comfortably (Im over 50) so I reset the display to large fonts. Another warning! Grrr... Im NOT about to buy a new monitor just to use this program! Somewhere along the line, the quick start icons in my task bar got stacked vertically and the clock began displaying the day and date, which together made the task bar about 2 inches high. I couldnt change it back. I also noticed that I could no longer read any of the dozens of DirectCD (UDF) CD-RW disks that I have photos and other data stored on.

I tried formatting a CD-RW with the new program. After watching the hourglass for several minutes without anything at all happening, I tried to abort the format. The computer froze. Cmon people, Windows XP just DOESNT freeze! I dont have a junk computer, it happily runs old and new programs without a hitch. On the rare occasion a program does crash, it simply closes and everything else keeps going. Not this time!

Reboot again. Uninstalled Easy Media Creator 7 and reinstalled. Same results. Got tired of looking at the huge task bar that I couldnt fix, so I used the Win XP System Restore feature to bring the system back to the way it was a few days ago. That effectively de-registered the Roxio app. Deleted the directories it was in. I considered reinstalling it again, but reconsidered and put everything back in the box.

I almost never return things that I buy but this software had me so completely frustrated that I just gave up on it. Fortunately, I bought it at a warehouse club store and they took it back so I wasnt out the 70-some bucks. Unfortunately, I wont get back the time I wasted on the whole nightmare. Now, thats a good 5 or 6 hours of my life Id like to have back! Ive reinstalled ECDC 5 for music and data CDs and Ill look for something else to do DVDs.

Good Program, WORKS with XP, despite what you've read...
by: art-n-bridget    On: 2004-03-22

With all the complaints about Roxios Version 6 of this program, I was a bit shaky about whether to buy this. I had excellent results with versions 4 & 5, and felt like I wanted some DVD capability. Well, I would recommend you not listen to the reviewers foaming at the mouth about how their computers have melted into puddles of lead because of this program. It installed fine, Version 7 works fine, I have XP Home Ediion and have never had any problems making CDs or DVDs. Its a very complete program, streamlined, and easy to use. Negative reviews of this product make no sense to me as I have had nothing but positive results with it. You should buy it without worry.
Does everything!
by: rcfenn    On: 2004-03-17

I wanted to create a DVD presentation with photos and video clips - with background music track and narration. This product does it all. Many editing tools are available for fades, transitions, captions, etc. - even pre-set themes. You can set up all your clips, rearrange, adjust length of time on screen for each photo if you want, and then add the sound. You can even zoom in and/or add motion to a still picture! It all works - even for a novice!
I did have to go to the Roxio website to get a patch when the original DVD Builder would not load, but that was simple to do, and now it works perfectly.
We have made presentations for a wedding, a family history, and are working are more fun things with kids. Great for a video yearbook.
Just a note - after reading other reviews, I should mention that I am using this with XP - no problem!
Easy Media Creator 7 a Disaster on Windows XP
by: lundell8    On: 2004-03-17

I used Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 flawlessly while running Windows 98SE. Burning CDs was fun and easy while transfering and saving data to formatted Roxio Direct CDs was absolutely no problem. Then, I traded in my "old" computer running 98SE for the newest PC running Windows XP. First, I discovered that the Easy Creator 5 software would not "recognize" the two Lite-On DVD combination drives installed in my new computer. Roxio was no longer offering driver updates and support for the 5.0 version so my only alternative was to upgrade; hence I purchased Easy Media Creator 7. Much to my dismay I discovered that the many CD-RWs of documents and photos I stored on DirectCD 5.0 were not compatible with Creator 7.0. Roxio support sent me an e-mail saying I would have to re-format my disks and re-save the data under the new Creator 7.0 format. When I try to burn music files to CD-R, all I get from Easy Creator 7.0 is an unable to copy message due to an "unknown error". When I try to save MS Word or Excel documents to CD-RWs formatted with Easy 7.0, I get messages saying there is "not enought space on the disk." When I use Adobe Photoshop Elements 2 and try to save family photos to Easy 7.0 formatted disks, I get a message saying the directory is full and I should choose another drive or directory. After downloading the latest driver updates from Roxio and doing a system restart, my screen went totally blank and the entire computer froze up. After shutting down power to the entire system and doing another re-boot, I was finally able to get it up and running. In total frustration, I have deleted the entire Easy Media Creator 7.0 from my Windows XP OS. Basically, I flushed about $80 down the toilet for software that is totally useless. My computer store vendor told me to stay with the Sonic software that came pre-loaded on the XP and I should have listened to his advice! Hey, Roxio, how could you screw up my computer so badly with Easy Media Creator 7.0 when you had such an excellent product in Easy Media Creator 5.0???
Much Improved after Patch
by: mikearm0    On: 2004-03-14

Like others, I had many problems with the video components of EZ Media creator. This was installed under Windwos XP SP1. The recent release of a patch solved many if not all of the problems. The patch is a must!

I have been using CD Creator since release 4.5 and will continue to do so.

You need to have a lot of Time
by: thompsonintl    On: 2004-03-11

I brought the program because I had Easy Media 5 and was happy with it. Unfortunately this package seems to have a lot of problems. My first was loading - it seemed to take forever to load into my system which is a 1 year old Dell 2.4 Ghz system. Next it runs very slow. I did not have too much trouble dragging and dropping slides into the package to make a DVD slide show, but when I hit the burn button it took over 40 minutes for the program to complete the burning process. During this process, my screens were partially opening and freezing, like they used to do years ago with the early versions of windows when you did not have enough memory. Well I finally got the product, popped it into my DVD player and the slides are all fuzzy. I put this down to TV screen resolution till I took the DVD back to my computer and ran it there. I had the same result - fuzzy pictures, which seemed to be shimmying on my screen. I was very disappointed. To make matters worse, this DVD of about 250 slides was made from a selection of about 1700 slides which I very carefully loaded into the system. When I tried to open these files again to re burn the DVD, I found out that none of the files was accessable. I could see them on the slide show files, but when I tried to drag them into a new production, the computer could not find them. I have contacted customer service, but it is now 5 days and counting, without anything but a "we got your message" message.
So, I would say, if you have a lot of time to wait around while the burner burns and you dont care so much about quality, then this is a product for you. Otherwise look elsewhere. PC World rates the Ahead Nero 6 pretty good, I guess I will give that a try.
Too many bugs to count
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-03-11

I purchased this product because I trusted the Roxio name and because of the positive reviews it had recieved. I was very disappointed at the number of problems Ive had with the software, even after their latest patch. The programs regularly close for no apparent reason or fail to open all together. I wish I could recommend a better product, but Im still looking for a DVD authoring program that works. The Ulead product is no better. Im off to Pinnacle next...
Bold Move
by: blane2407    On: 2004-03-10

Some would say that a departure from the burning focus that has served them well is risky; however, after working with this program, Id say not. This is an exceptional application. It has the grace of iLife, but with power to spare. The video applciation (videowave) is outstanding, as are Creator Classic, and DVD Builder. The only weakness I see is in their Drag to Disc which does not always behave well (in my tests at least). That being said, nothing comes close. And at the price, its a no brainer.
Roxio shafted the consumer
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-03-08

The newest version of EMC7 is a loser. There are too many problems associated with getting it to run straight out of the box. AND Roxio is refusing to address them. I did not up-date to EMC7 to be met with hours of reconfiguring my computer, to enjoy the product. Now Im out the cost of the product, that I bought through, with no recourse to recover my monies. At least, if I had bought it from a retailer, I might be able to recover my monies.
A good offer isnt good if you get shafted.
If anyone has any doubts, go to Roxio Support and read about all the problems.
I like the interaction
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-03-06

I make lots of photo and video slideshows on DVD, and I have tried many different DVD software products, but I heard good things about Creator 7, so I decided to try it. I installed it with no problems, though it took a long time. My photos and videos are scattered all over my hard disk, and the Media Manager feature found them all and made it really easy to organize them into collections. I then selected some photos and videos, and there was a button that sent them right into a slideshow editor (they call it Storyboard). I then added some really cool transition effects and some music into the slideshow, which was very easy to do by just draggng them in. There is a preview window in the Storyboard, and my production looked great, but the music ended abruptly. But then, I noticed a button that automatically fit the slidshow to the duration of the music, or I could even set a fade out for the music at the end. After a few more minutes of experimenting, I found a way to add more music tracks and some more video effects. I then clicked another button, and my slideshow got sent to the DVD authoring app, which is called DVD Builder. I selected one of the built in menu templates (but I also found a way to use my own video as a menu background), and then I clicked the button for burning. While the disc was burning, I noticed a button to launch the label software, which I did - and I found the same artwork templates in the label creator that were in my DVD menu templates. So, after my DVD was finished burning, I labelled it, and when I popped it in my DVD player, it had the same menu theme as the label - a nice touch. It is really cool the way they designed it so everything interacts, and the way my multimedia files get passed between the different modules. Its easy to use, but it seems to have lots of depth - the more I dig in, the more features I find. But, most important, the video slideshow that I made looks and sounds really slick on my TV. I like this software a lot...
David Alan Hall?
by: realsubscription    On: 2004-03-03

I think this David Alan Hall guy is suspiscious, maybe he works for one of Roxios competitors? I picked up Easy Media Creator in Frys on a recent visit to California and there were plenty available. I installed Easy Media Creator on my Windows XP system no problem.
Buyer Beware
by: tseman    On: 2004-03-03

Im a long time user of EZ Creator so Im very dismayed at the poor quality of version 7. Ive installed and uninstalled the product multiple times and nothing but creator classic operates. All of the other apps just give me a starting splash screen and then nothing. Videowave gives a startup error that says it cant load the config file and to reinstall it. There are no updates for the product on their support site but upon scanning the user forums, there are a lot of users with similar problems. Support is emailing patches but not posting an update. Nero 6 is buggy but more usable than than this product. Im going back to version 5 and using Nero from now on.
Great Product
by: wm4681    On: 2004-03-02

Roxio has released a great product in version 7. It installs in XP without any problems. I have had no problem using discs that were formatted in Direct CD version 3.x and later with the Drag To Disc feature in version 7, although I would never use packet writing to back up valuable data. My MP3s sort in the correct order, the same order that they are sorted in on the computer. Every feature of this software and the tutorials and help files are outstanding. I will be getting a lot of use out of this software.
Don't Buy It If You Need Alphanumeric MP3 Playlists
by: jim-in-champaign    On: 2004-03-02

After many hours of trying to figure out why .mp3 playlists did not play in the order I arranged with my play list on my .mp3 player and my .mp3 car player I finally found out why. Roxio sorting procedures do not like/use alphabetical characters in file names.

I meticulously name my .mp3 files so that they always sort (on the computer) in the proper order for play back. For example, I used the file name "JCA-CD101" for "Johnny Cash American Series", CD1, Song 1; and similaryly, "JCA-CD102" for song 2, etc. When you sort these names on your computer and in a play list they are shown in the proper sorting order. Unforunately, Roxio jumbles all this filename (information) together and comes up with some numeric equivalent, and definitely not in the alphanumeric order I want.

When I was (not easily) able to contact someone at Roxio their only suggestion was for me to not use alphbetic characters in my file names. Now isnt that silly. I almost started renaming all my .mp3 files starting with numbers, but decided just to try something else.

I tried using (Ahead) Nero Express and dragged/dropped my alphanumeric named .mp3 files into the project area. What do you know -- Nero does not have any problems accepting/sorting alphanumeric (named) files. So now when my .mp3 file(s) name(s) appear on the display area of my .mp3 player and my .mp3 car player, I not only get the files played in the order I want but I also get a pretty good description of the file playing from the alphanumeric names I gave to the fles.

I like Roxio. I have used it for a long time; but until they can solve the "numbers only" file sorting limitation I will not be using Roxio to burn my .mp3 files in the order I prefer them.

Great results and working fine
by: macuser25    On: 2004-02-28

I picked this up after reading the really positive PC Magazine review and am so happy with it. Ive taken a bunch of my photos from our recent vacation and turned them into a cool movie. My kids are loving watching "their movie" on the TV, and its bumped the Wiggles out of the DVD player (thank god!).

Im using it on XP and its working fine. I picked up my copy here at Amazon, but have seen tons at Comp U.S.A. store near our house too.

Best money spent on software in a long time!

by: Anonymous    On: 2004-02-26

This is a fantastic product. The biggest advantage of it is tight integration of ALL media related tools. ECDC 7 reminded me of Microsoft Office (only for multimedia). This is brilliant idea: for example, when i authored my DVD (or VCD or SVCD) basic editing options are presented on the screen, but when i needed more sophisticated video editing - a full featured Video Wave editor was invoked UNDER DVD Builder just like Excel would launch with MS Word. It is easy and powerful.
Video editing has pretty much everything. Sound editor there (in Video Wave) allowed me to adjust sound volume in certain places and add background music in certain places. It has tons of Video editing functions including time-line. I produced a very cool clip by just giving Video clip and MP3 file and letting it (Video Wave) to do the rest: cuts and effects. (My wife didnt believe me that I had made this production).
Another great innovation is centralizing all media under media manager. I myself had my photos and videos all over the system, and i find Media Manager very useful.
Also Capture Utility is very cool. All my capture devices are centralized (including DVD ripping) and tightly integrated with the rest of the application.
By the way, the quality of produced DVDs is excellent. I watched it on 27 inch TV and it looks like a commercial disc.
Bottom, line for 80 bucks I got EVERYTHING for my multimedia needs. Like I said, I find it easy and powerful, and Im happy that finally I found ONE great suite the fully satisfies me.
use caution with this program
by: elainebiss    On: 2004-02-25

I have Direct CD and Easy CD creator from Adaptec V4.5 or so. This program works fine so when Roxio, who bought the rights to these programs offered me the new Roxio version, I took it and it destroyed the Direct CD possibilities. Since I use this Direct CD feature as a drag and drop for my backups and as a 750 meg hard drive, I feel that this new Roxio porogram is a no-no for those who have the old Adaptec one.

Since I have only tried it once, I have to say, use caution and have a good backup handy.

Superb product
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-02-23

I got the product based on the PC Mag review which said it was great. Its quite simply an incredible product when you consider what previous versions were like and what you get for less than $100. Its not perfect but it comes close. Heres some pros and cons. On the pro side, it basically has everything you need for anything to do with music, burning, video, photo and DVD. Everything looks and works the same way (it might the nicest looking software on the PC - actually it looks like Apple made it!) All the tools work well together. The burning is really fast. Theres a nice data back up feature with password protection. It has this very cool feature where you can create slide shows of pictures that move, which is an amazing effect. The whole slide show app is pretty clever. Its actually a video app (which might seem scary at first) but its so easy to use you never realize it. You can use it for both pictures and video. The disc label app is pretty extensive(I didnt think people actually use these) its a full featured graphic app just for disc labels and it works while you burn CDs. The photo app seems no different in features than Adobe Elements but is much easier to use (more about that below). The DVD application is very full - you can move and resize buttons and text, you can animate buttons and menus, it even has Dolby audio. You can edit DVDs. You can even create a full DVD with just one click with a digital camera. Theres a tool that comes up when you plug in digital cameras to bring your photos or videos in. Ive never seen such a tool (usually every digital camera has its own software). You can record audio from LPs or tapes and the software finds the different songs automatically. The help system is pretty good - theres like 1000 pdf pages for everything and even video tutorials. On the con side, I would say the photo app is a bit too wizardy for my taste. Napster is kinda connected but not like the other applications -and theres no free trial or free downloads which would have been nice. Theres no printed manual like the previous version but the online help is extensive. The launcher is kinda big - it can be made smaller but theres a big graphic of the product name they should lose.

On the whole though, I think its a great product at an amazing price. I highly recommend it.

Easy CD 7 Is The Best Version Ever
by: nunyobusiness    On: 2004-02-18

This Media Suite will make even the pros happy. Having said that heres why. I have used Adaptec/Roxio Easy CD since Version 2.0.1 and in all that time this by far is the largest and most complete overhaul of this already excellent software Suite ever!! And even better because of the new Engine in ECD 7 you dont have to remove the older version of the suite before you install the new version. This suite includes everything from CD burning to DVD burning and everthing in between (VCD/SVCD/PhotoCD/Capture) you name it this baby does everything. The new Help section and tutorial section is the best Help section of any software suite I have ever seen, as for all the pros out there the Media Home GUI has a link to everything this software does so theres no hunting and searching high and low for what this puppy can do its all right there. BUY THIS PROGRAM you will NOT be disappointed!!!!
Very bad quality
by: peterzu    On: 2003-11-06

I just brought one from a internet store and I have to return it on my own cost. Its a brane new product. However, the quality is realy bad. The one way transmission is broken at all, which you cannot hear anything but noise. The another way transmission is sort of working but very noisy as well. I doubt if Motorola realy test the product before putting them on the shelf.

If you still consider buying it, Id suggest you try it from the local store first. Otherwise, you may have to pay the shipping fee to return it.

I would give a 0 if there is 0 rating.

Good at the start, then after some use it failed
by: joelcasamayor    On: 2003-08-19

I found mechanical problems in this camcorder.
the trunk didnt close.
Do not make a mistake. pay a little bit more
and get a Sony. I am really frustated with this
Excellent ! We love it !
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-05-08

We bought this camcorder 3 months ago. It works very well..except the batteries are not last long enought for a whole day. Overall , its a good buy!
Not pleased
by: gezzy35    On: 2002-06-13

After getting in my car with a pair of the 6400s as well as a pair of the older talkabout 200s, I drove 1.2 miles and tested both of them individually. To my astonishment, using the GMRS frequency at 1 watt added no improvement over my older family frequency radios. In fact, I believe my older radios with the ALLEGED 2 mile range using FF, out performed the new ones using the 5 mile frequency (GMRS). The clarity seemed better. Aside from the bells and whistles on the 6400 series, the range and clarity improvements are unremarkable and frankly, I think Motorola should be sued for false advertising. Neither the 2 mile FF or the 5 mile GMRS even remotely live up to Motorolas claims even in good conditions. Finally, I have to say, I am disappointed with Motorola because they have changed the ports to which the audio accessories (I. E. microphones.) connect. This is a nasty move that forces consumers to buy different $40.00 microphones just because we chose to get a new model radio. Pretty unethical if you ask me. I am considering different brands due to my disappointment in Motorolas ethics. The only perk to the new 6400 series is that they have some convenient features although, I am not sure the newer FF models didnt have these features as well. If its distance you want or bang for your buck, save your FCC licencing $$ and stick with FF or take the leap and get the Distance series radios. At the least, dont pay full price for this radio. The current rebates definitely make the Motorolas more reasonable. Also, consider the option of other manufacturers that dont charge the premiums that Motorola does. Bottom line,,, can I get the features and performance I enjoy from a different manufacturer for much less money? That remains to be seen but, I have a feeling the answer is yes.
A Scam
by: lawyerbob    On: 2002-04-17

I bought a pair of these T6400s because of the hope that one watt of power would yield range at least approaching the range advertised for the 1/2 watt family radios (2 miles). What I found is that the whole radio range concept has been turned into one of the biggest marketing scams around. I cant believe it is legal for them to print "up to 5 mile range" on the box, even with all the fine print. I live in a flat section of Austin, Texas, which is not especially dense but does have some foliage and a reasonable number of houses. I tested the radios using a GPS so that I would know the exact distance to the other radio. I could not believe the result. The radios had very clear voice quality to .25 miles. Voices were 80% intelligible at .35 miles. After that, the radios were useless. There are some nice features on these radios, but give me a break. Im returning them.
T6400 better than you'd think
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-14

I was disappointed that the 6400 has 1 watt, but it clearly out performed another 2 watt radio I was testing. The voice clarity is AMAZING !!! My impression from use in a suburban area is that it will function at a distance about 1.4 - 2 times the distance of a good FRS radio, BUT, with vastly superior clarity for most of that distance. Ive not made up my mind yet about keeping them. My only hestitation is whether I can find a 2 watt or higher radio with the same (reasonably) small size and clarity (from the digital compression). I was hoping to get a solid 2x distance - but I may settle for the pleasant surprise of the wonderful clarity.
$75 FCC fee, No NOAA Weather, 1 watt output
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-24

I ordered 2 T6400s, but am returning them for a couple of reasons.
- This model does NOT support NOAA weather radio channels.
- The FCC license fee is $75 per call sign (per FCC web site).
- The power output is 1 watt maximum (GMRS radios can be up to 5 watts).
I already have an ICOM M3A handheld marine radio for kayaking, and I will buy a second instead of using the Motorola radios. The Marine radios have a 5 watt output, but are about twice the size. If you are looking for a small 2 way radio, look at the T6300 1/2 watt FRS instead. They currently have a $25 rebate, and youll save the FCC fee.
Power output of the t6400
by: almj    On: 2001-11-13

I do not own this radio, although I explored all its features.
Per the owners manual that I downloaded from Motorola, the power ouput on all GMRS frequencies is 1 watt, with the remaining strictly FRS frequencies at one half watt. I came very close to buying 3 of these units for hikes in heavily wooded areas of New England, but even at one watt, I was concerned with the distance. I elected to buy 3 of the Midland G-30s due to their 2 watt output, even though the Motorola had better features such as voice compression, vibrate call, and the 7 other FRS frequencies. The Midland G30 comes with NiMH batteries and charger. The Motorola does not, although it can be purchased through Amazon (...)
(the t6400 uses the same accessories as the other 6000 series i.e. t6300). I hope this helps all future buyers!

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