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fun but short
by: clarkws    On: 2006-07-25

The Incredibles movie was a pleasant suprise, featuring lifelike characters, well animated fight scenes, and an interesting story. The game follows closely to the movie, with a few additional easter eggs.

First, the good: The Incredibles game has fun gameplay, good overall graphics, multiple cut scenes, and a nice ammount of replayability. The only problems with the game are that, first, the game is very short. There aren't many levels, and they aren't very long. A good player can beat the entire game in less than a day, but it will probably take a new player around a week. Most of the length is caused by some hard sections, such as the first two Omnidroid battles and places where the game makers didn't make it easy to grab a rope or something. The game is heavily scripted, making it easy to predict what you will have to face next.

The final problem is that you barely spend any time playing as Dash or Voilet. Dash has two levels, and Voilet only has one. The game has a very fun bonus feature you can unlock about halfway through the game, called Battle. In battle, you choose either Mr. or Mrs. Incredible, and battle seemingly endless waves of enemies.

All in all, The Incredibles is a short, fun game that is worth a rental, but you should think about it before you buy it.

Thanks for reading, bubba"samus"

Amazing Movie=Great Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-02-19

The Incredibles is a fun 1 player game that puts you in the role of being The Incredibles even though it is short.
-Amazing Characters
-Great Graphics
-Intresting Plot
-Footage from the movie can be accessed through the game as well as artwork

-Only 1 player

If you loved The Incredibles on the big screen you will like the game as well. The same plot and characters and great visuals are there but much it is not very lengthy.
Not To Bad Of A Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-19

This game is fun to play but not the greatest game either. Of course the movie is way better than the game. The game is pretty easy and is short considering there are 18 levels. The storyline in the beginning could have been alittle better as well. Some of the missions are pretty hard but after you pass the tough ones it just gets easy again. All in all it's a good game. I would recommend it. The graphics are good , I do like how they put some storyline in from the movie. It's not to bad of a game to play.
Good, but not great
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-26

The Incredibles Game is fun but most of the game (about 3/4) you have to be Mr. Incredible. It got boring after awhile. You do get to play being the other characters in the game but not enough. I liked how they put video clips from the movie in different parts of the game. The levels got more complex as you went further into the game but there was usually 3 to 5 checkpoints in the level...that was helpful. There are no timely button presses and I finished the game in 3 days. It is a short and easy game. Overall, pretty good for beginners who have been gaming for a short time.
Trully Incredible
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-21

The Incredible's videogame is trully incredible. the first 3 levels are some of the best, so enjoy them as you play them. most of the levels were pure fun, except Violet's crossing, it's so boring! She can turn invisible so the henchmen don't see her, but what's the fun of being invisible if you can't sneak up on the henchmen and bash them?! Violet only appears in 2 levels, Violet's crossing, and Incredi-Ball, now that level's fun! Late for school, the 5th level, is to get you prepared for one of the last levels, a 100 mile Dash, which is more fun then Late for School, you can run on water! how cool is that? my favorite character is Mr. Incredible, he can hit so hard!!!! There are four bosses in the game, the first one is Bomb Voyage's ( Mr. Incredible's enemy from the glory days) helicopter, which is pretty easy. just pick up the bombs Bomb Voyage throws, and throw it back at him! The other three are the same, only each time it's improved! Each round is really hard, especially the last one! Anyways, this game is the second best game i ever played, i give it 5 stars and beyond! This Christmas, make sure you include " The Incredibles" videogame on your wish list, and if you don't celebrate Christmas, make it your birthday, or any occasion you may recieve a gift, ask for this game!

Movie Great Game Horrible
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-04-21

I know how you feel about the Incredibales movie, it was incredibale but this game dismays the movie. Dash are faviorte character is forced to just run around in levels and avoid the enemys. Violet is just running around invisible. Elastigirl is probaly the best part of the game by swining around to the end of the level and the father is just beatin up bad guys. Plus the stupid voice of frozone gets kindof annoying after awhile. Wasn't the whole point of the movie about famile and teamwork and theres no I in team. Well you are all by you're self in this playing one charcter per level. Please note all movies made into games are bad
For experienced players
by: beelkay2001    On: 2005-03-19

I loved "The Incredibles," so I was excited to play the game. I've only been playing video games the last couple years, and only off and on, so I'm really just a beginner. Perhaps that explains the enormous difficulty I've had with this game. My boyfriend is a long-time video game player, and he was able to do things in one or two tries that I labored for hours over. Even using cheat codes did not really help me all that much. I was surprised when I read the review that said the game was too easy. I almost cried. LOL But seriously, unless you are a good gamer, you're probably going to be more frustrated than challenged by this game. As for me, I guess I'll stick to action RPGs.
The Incredibles game is cooool!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-01-30

I have the Incredibles Game Cube game and it is cool and FUN! Even if you get stuck at a part it is fun trying to figure it out. This game is challenging but it is still fun unlike some games where you get really mad if you can't figure out a part.
**This game is great!**
fun but too easy
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-01-30

I got to level ten on this game then my game got deleted. I played it again and got to level 14 in about 1 hr.this game is way too easy. This games graphics are exellent and gameplay is too. the games music gets boring after about 10 minutes though.
If I rated this, Everyone
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-29

ESRB rated this T? Ignore them! But the game's fun and very addictive and hooking and enjoyable but one thing messed it up. IT'S SHORT! I had played about 4 hours and am on level 8 of 18! Although some levels tend to stump people. Each Super has their own powers. Controls are like other games in the Action/Adventure genre. So they're not too hard to learn. I haven't seen the movie, but I'm sure this is like it! If you want a fun, family game, this is your game waiting for you to pick it up out of the GameCube section. There's a variety of department stores that have it! But if you like hard, long, challenging games, get Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.
Great game
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-30

This is the best adventure game I've ever played! Awsome characters. A good story line too. Anyone who has seen the movie will love this game.
James Bond the 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: magnumpie    On: 2004-11-28

This game is like James Bond. The best part is every now and then you can get mini movie clips. the 2 best part is the vilonce. And how you can KILL the heanchmen. In one part there were 10 around me. It was a pice of cake.
Great game
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-22

I loved the movie and I loved the game. It features fantastic graphics, great fighting moves and it isn't one of those games you beat in five seconds.
Almost Incredible
by: yensid98    On: 2004-11-20

This game goes a long way in capturing the look and feel of the movie, but falls short of being truly incredilbe on a few counts. First the good. The graphics are very colorful and the characters look very similar to their movie counterparts. There are quite a few movie clips spread across the play time and they look very near DVD quality. The graphics make this game come alive and they're supported by a lot of voice acting from what sounds like the original actors.

The game puts you through stages where you play as one of the four Incredibles. Just like the movie, they each have unique powers and you have complete control of them. Luckily, the game takes time to familarize players with controls with on screen messages. This is helpful not only for younger players but those of us who don't pick up on these things right away.

The leves are varied and closly follow the films story. You get to navigate the rooftops, a burning building, an isolated island jungle and a suburban hometown all in the first couple of stages. So there is lots of variety. The problems arise with collision detection and camera. Many times I jumped right towards ledges and swinging ropes only to fall to my doom. Mr incredibles punch lurches his entire body forward just enough to get whacked by the bad guys he was trying to hit or to fall off ledges. Dash requires expert timing on jumps or else you lose a life. When I got stuck on a level (which was often) it was for reasons like these and not because I was trying to solve a puzzle or that enimies were hard to beat. These kinds of slowdowns are very annoying and quite unforgivable in this day and age.

The game is rated T. And I guess that is for the violence of throwing bombs and punching people, but the games violence is right on par with the films violence. If your kids weren't disturbed by the film they should be fine with this game as well.

The game does a god job of balancing difficultly with fun and accessibility. Gamers of all ages can enjoy this game, but the very young and the most experienced gamers will probably feel left out. There's no denying the games fun factor, but it's sloppy execution in a few key areas stops it from being as incredilbe as it could have been.
Incredibles not so incredible!
by: dean812    On: 2004-11-14

Maybe I am getting too old for these games, maybe this one just sucks! The game is some fun. Not bad really. But tthe graphics are horrible. They are blocky and the movement is jerky and not precise. The game does have some fun areas but if youre over ten, this one is way too simple and predictable. This game could have come form an Atari set up from years back! Its that bad, graphics wise.
Great Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-13

This is a great video game. It's really fun, being Mr.Incredible,Elasti-Girl,Dash, and Violet. The levels can be fairly challenged, but there fun overall. This is a very great game. 10/10 stars.
Why is it rated T?????
by: derondana    On: 2004-11-13

Why is a game that goes along with a G rated movie rated TEEN? I was going to buy this game for my 6-year-old because he loved the movie but then I saw the rating, so I won't.
The Incretables
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-02

This game is worth your money. It has great graphics, and it is a excellent RPG.

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