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James Bond 007 Nightfire
Manufacturer: Electronic Arts      
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by: Anonymous    On: 2006-07-25

1 Player Mode:
The storyline is awesome and the gameplay runs smoothly. James Bond 007: Nightfire doesn't dissapoint. The game is really cool. Some levels are easy, some are hard. Some levels are mixed with hard and easy parts. If you liked the other James Bond games, you will love this.
Multiplayer Mode:
This is the best multiplayer game I own. There are so many different game types to play and the weapon sets are cool. There is so many different things to do. You can make the bots protect each other and walk around in packs. That's fun, but hard to kill them. You can make them greedy and pick up collectables whenever they can. Or they can be vengeful. Watch out for these guys if you've killed them once. If a friend comes over and we want to play a multiplayer game-we both immediately say "Nightfire!" This game rocks hard!
Had the groundwork for a great game, but didn't really deliver...
by: johnnyskidmark    On: 2006-05-27

I was initially going to buy James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing, but at the last minute decided to get this instead. I wanted a game with decent multiplayer modes, and the reviews said the multiplayer in Everything or Nothing was terrible whereas they were pretty good in this game. I'm now wishing I hadn't changed my mind, seeing as how Nightfire has a mere 12 missions compared to Everything or Nothing's 29, and the multiplayer in Nightfire doesn't seem very playable, anyways.

Compared to Goldeneye, this game is very disappointing. And though that might not be a fair comparison, I'm sure a lot of other people had the exact same expectations for a post-Nintendo64 James Bond game.

First of all, this game has some interesting bugs and other quirks.

- Stun grenades (flashbangs) frequently blind you through walls. You can be facing away from the grenade in an entirely different room and still be completely blinded when it detonates, and yet sometimes enemies who were standing right next to the grenade will be completely unaffected. Also, on a few instances I've gotten the impression that enemies can see you through a wall if you're standing too close to it.
- In the second driving level (Enemies Vanquished) it's possible for your car to flip over in ways that defy physics, and even easier to fall outside of the map and drive around in a "no-man's land".
- Enemies will sometimes shoot at you even though they're facing away from you. You can clearly see the muzzle flash coming out of their back.
- A few of the Bond Moves (rewards you get for performing actions that "only Bond would think of") you pick up seem to be very touchy. Sometimes you'll receive them, sometimes you won't. Some of the requirements for earning them seem to be based on variables as random as your exact position in the room. Similarly, in some missions you need to walk up and perform an action on a computer, but for some reason it either won't do it, or it will do it but it won't count as completing a mission objective. So, you end up standing there repeatedly hitting the button until it decides to work.
- On the higher difficulty levels I've shot enemies with a grenade launcher and scored multiple *direct* hits, and yet all they do is stumble backwards and then keep shooting at you. I know James Bond requires a willing suspension of disbelief and that they don't want to make the game *too* easy, but c'mon!
- On several of the missions it wasn't at all clear what you're supposed to be doing, even with the cut scenes and voice-overs. On one of the later missions, your partner tells you what to do, but for some reason the volume for her audio clip is so low you can't even hear it over the gunfire and explosions (not that her advice was that useful anyways)! I finally got tired of shooting everything imagineable and just looked it up online how to finish the mission.
- They try to make it like there's multiple ways to approach a mission, either with stealth or with guns ablazing. However, in quite a few situations you can be crouched in a dark corner of a huge room or outdoor area using a silenced weapon, and yet as soon as you fire at an enemy all the others in the area *instantly* know your exact location. The only case where stealth is the best approach is on the mission where you're not allowed to kill anybody.

Secondly, the controls in this game are terrible. Even though the GameCube controller has more buttons than the one for N64 controlling this game is neither simple nor intuitive. I have never even seen a game that is as difficult to control (specifically, to aim) as this one.

- I changed the controller setup from the default to a preconfigured one that was closer to the default controls for GoldenEye (the left joystick is used to walk forwards/backwards and turn left/right, the right/C joystick is used to strafe and look up/down). Doing something as simple as turning a corner is very awkward, and aiming is extremely difficult if you choose to turn off auto-aiming! It's hard to quickly orient yourself to be aiming at an enemy because the controls change where you're looking too fast. When you get the crosshair pointing where you want it, though, it can be very difficult to get those precise shots to the head. A lot of times I've fired a shot only to find that the crosshair is only a pixel or two away from where it needs to be to get a headshot, but the controls don't have enough fine touch to make those small, subtle movements. And they're analog, too! In GoldenEye it was so much easier to aim with the C buttons even though they were actual, digital buttons. I'm not sure if this is the fault of the GameCube controller or the game itself.
- By default, you need to press and hold a button to zoom (in my case, the L button), so I changed it so that pressing that button toggled between zoomed and unzoomed. When zoomed in, the left joystick does absolutely nothing and the C joystick is used to aim. The problem is that moving the C joystick from side to side doesn't turn where you're looking but actually makes you *sidestep*. This was extremely frustrating because in some cases it was impossible to hit an enemy with a sniper rifle because when you'd try to move the crosshair horizontally you might be stepping behind the corner of a wall or some other obstacle that would block your view of him. In that case you actually have to unzoom, turn your body, and rezoom, all the while you're still in plain view of *him*, so he shoots you while you're fooling around with the scope. This weird sidestep behavior also caused me to fall off quite a few ledges, too.
- Strangely enough, I found out that changing the hold/toggle zoom option back to the default completely changed the controls when zoomed as well as fixed the previous problem, too (and also made it harder to snipe, but not as bad as with the annoying sidestep behavior). This had its own problems, though. When zoomed the left joystick was used to sidestep while the C joystick was used to look up/down and turn left/right. This is almost the reverse of the controls when unzoomed! So the joysticks work one way when unzoomed and pretty much the opposite when zoomed! What could be more difficult or confusing?! These problems *could* have been caused by changing my controller configuration from the default, but they shouldn't offer that option if it doesn't actually work!

This game isn't all bad, though, it's just that in some places it could be better.

- The graphics and visual effects are pretty good, the cinematics are even better, and the framerates are silky smooth, too, although there's some places in the game where you'll get very obvious slowdowns. The cut scenes look great and the lip-synching is very well done. It also has some of the dialog and little touches that make it distinctively James Bond.
- The different view modes (nightvision and thermal imaging) are very cool, as are the underwater and flashbanged effects.
- Giving the player rewards based on their scores for a mission was a good idea and adds to the game's replay value, although some of the rewards are just useless. About halfway through the game I realized I could unlock weapons upgrades so I went back through the missions I'd already completed to get the more powerful weapons for use in future missions, but some of them were just stupid and disappointing. A more powerful laser? A grapple with longer range? Increased zoom for the sniper rifle? Increased zoom for the camera? Those really aren't any help *at all* since there's very few places where you can actually use them.
- The multiplayer modes are actually pretty good, especially since you can play against the computer. You can configure the number of bots and their fighting styles, and there are a *ton* of gametypes to choose from (once you've unlocked them all). Although I have yet to play against human opponents, I just find it hard to imagine that someone who has never played this game before could pick up a controller and battle it out for an evening without being at an extreme disadvantage. Given how long it takes to get used to the unbelievably difficult aiming in this game, I just don't see that happening.
- The second driving mission is incredibly fun, and there's special codes you can put in that allow you to drive an SUV or compete in a secret race (which might be the most entertaining part of the game). The fact that the voice-overs always go out of their way to call it the "V12 Vanquish", though, makes it sound like a marketing ploy for Aston Martin.

Overall, I could almost give this game 3 stars, but there's just too many minor annoyances that make it more frustrating than fun. It took me a month of casual playing to finish this game and earn platinum medals on every mission, and I can honestly say I'm glad it's over. I think I've grown to hate this game over that time period, so much so that I couldn't help but write a review and warn other potential buyers about it. The price might be attractive, but in this case you get what you pay for and you'll be better off investing that money in another game.
Target acquired
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-05-27

This is currently the only 007 game I have for the cube, and it is pretty fun . My parents wanted to know if it was real violent, which it isn't, so for all you parents out there, it's pretty tame, meaning no blood and gore. Obviously, there is shooting involved, but there is also allot more than that. In many of the missions, stealth is vital to your success. The guns are well done (with realistic magazine capacities), my favorites being the Tactical Sniper Rifle, Frinesi Shotgun, and AIMS Grenade Launcher/Burst Rifle, respectively. The multi-player is addictive (as is the whole game), with a nice selection of stages to fight on. It sure beats Agent Under Fire's MP. The reason I give it 4 stars is mainly for the realism. Sure, the magazine capacities are fair, but the overall ammo limit makes you a walking armory. Also, the Sniper rifles are one shot kills, even if you shoot someone in the leg. Lastly, the medals you can earn in the missions to unlock weapon upgrades, MP scenarios, etc, are sometimes VERY difficult to get, requiring multiple plays of the level to figure out when to knock out that one guard, or which room to go thru first, making it a bit tedious at times. The plot is passable, but you can only do so much with a super spy with cool gadgets and awesome weapons ;)
best ever
by: hiro_typhen    On: 2006-03-12

this is the best game I ever played!(except black hawk down) I love it sooooo much(I wouldnt marry it) to you sniper obbsesors and trigger happy people this game is for you. in multiplayer you can get your friends realy mad at you in two ways 1: get a red eye missle(sentiel)2: snipe them. the best shooter for gamecube!
Best game ever for gamecube, hands down!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-08

This game is unbelievable with so many game modes and options. Unlock more than a dozen players as you go through the ridiculously fun 12 missions. Then play multiplayer in the best non-online multiplayer game ever in capture the flag, king of the hill, secret agent, or any of the other modes. Choose your weapon set, put on helicopters and tanks, choose your character, and customize your bots as you play by yourself, or with your friends.

Buy this game, dont even think about it, just buy it!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-25

The multiplayer! It's fun,Good Character Choices and LOTS of cool weaponry.But,bad part is THE STORY MODE,BOND'S VOICE,DEATHS,AND BOND GIRLS!1.STORY MODE Pretty much a copy of Moonraker,very boring and easy 2.BOND'S VOICE Bad voice.The guy isnt Pierce Brosnan like it said so on the back! 3.DEATHS The only decent one was Kiko!I mean c'mon the main villian(Drake) needed a HUGE death scene like in the movies!Rook was simple shoot him and he's dead(c'mon he survives a helicopter crash,but not a bolot!P.S. I shot him in the leg!lol)!Dominique got an okay death a two second catfight against Kiko and Dominique falls off a skyscraper,but it happened WAY too soon!
Alex Mayhew was stabbed which was okay,pretty cool scene,too.
Kiko ( the best death scene in the game) fell off a platform below a spaceshuttle as it took off and burned her to death.
4.BOND GIRLS Zoe Nightshade returns!But her presence is only in two leves aaw!And she sounds like a MAN! Dominique very pretty andgood accent,but died WAY TOO QUICK! Alura pretty,yet supposedly the main Bond girl only appears in four levels!

Good things

Bad Things

I RECCOMEND ANY BOND GAME EXCEPT THIS AND A SPIN OFF(GoldenEye:Rogue Agent)THIS GAME SUCKED!(Not just the GameCube version but the other versions too,PC,PS2 AND XBOX)

by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-25

this game is not the is hard to c where u shoot.Not many coarses,but still fun.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-24

iv had this game for years. its good if you want to buy it(especially in multiplayer).
One of ma favorite gamecube games.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-10-24

Nightfire-James Bond. Bond is back with a new mission or whatever. As far as storyline goes, well what do you want? Its just a videogame. They want to blow up the world and you stop them. But nonetheless, it somehow seems very realistic, like you are right there, creeping down the halls with a stunner in your hand. As far as hardness goes, this game was at the perfect challenge level, for me at least. The levels were pretty hard, enough to be interesting and pretty addicting, but not impossibly hard so you just give up. It took fairly a while to beat, but if you are a diehard gamecube freak you might beat it quicker than I did. But overall, it is a TOTALLY amazing game, so I definetly reccomend it.
bond is back
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-07-02

This is a great game if you like 007. The graphics are pretty good and the multiplayer is GREAT - There's so many weapons settings and places to choose from to stage your battle.
great graphics
great multiplayer
more multiplayer AI bots that the PS2 nightfire
cool new gadgets and weapons

way too easy and short
not enough villans

Overall this game is good if you like action, adventure and a sure fire shoot 'em up 007 game.
This Bond game will leave you shaken-not stirred

A New Agent
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-05-03

This game includes many possibilities, and is over the top fun. New guns, and new weapons. The Missions are action-packed and very entertaining. New enemies! Here are some tips:

*When playing Capture the Flag, (if two players are playing) Have a person to get the flag, and a person to guard your own.

*When just playing Nightfire Arena, set booby traps such as using a tribomb and locate it down where the feet of a person would be.

*Do not use Heatseeker alot, because this will usually not work the best.

*Use Sentinal gun,(a big dark green one).

(These guns are in explosives 1)

I hope these tips were heplful to you. You should definatly rent it first and then buy it.
A Fun Classic James Bond Adventure
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-02-27

This is a great game. If you like James Bond get this game. If you hate games that you beat quickly then get this. The graphicas are great but sometimes a little dark. Nightfire has a great storyline but a stupid ending. Nightfire has a very high replayability because of the multiplayer. This was a great game. From all the high tech gadgets to the abundence of wepons Nightfire is my second favorite Bond game ever.( The best was Goldeneye for n64)
Cool Game!
by: gamer291    On: 2005-01-26

This game is great! The scenarios could be a bit better, but the multiplayer is fun. That's the main reason I bought this game.
nightfire is an excellent game
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-02

I recently just purchased nightfire and to my amazement i was quite pleased. Now the 1st person mode wasn't anything special but the multiplair modes were awesome!!!!!!!!!1
I could play it for hours
by: bloodredbunny    On: 2004-11-20

The 1 player mode is really fun,the graphics are AWSOME,the plot ia good and the multiplayer mode is THE BEST!Me and my friends always rent this game and play it on my Cube for hours.Multiplayer mode is just so adicting!
Multiplyer is awesome
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-20

The single player is really bad but multiplayer is amazing, I bought this game mostly cause of multiplayer action!
By far the best James Bond video game to hit the market!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-18

Once I bought this game I was amazed by the superior graphics. Not just the graphics ,but this game obtains extremely fun gameplay, not to mention the multiplayer mode. (Which dosn't necassarily mean more than one player.) The game can somtimes get a little intense on Nightfire mode, but thats one of the games good traits, because its a game that you probably won't beat in two days. Another cool feature of this game is you can unlock many Bond characters, such as Gold Finger, Odd Job and much more. This game would probably be suitable for somone ten or older, because the blood is obviously fake for when you die all that happens is red comes on to the screen. As a huge James Bond fan I recommend this game.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-10

Don't even think about buying agent under fire
by: chuckmiester942    On: 2004-11-01

Now this game is really fun. The multiplayer is fun and the graphics are pretty good. The problem is, they didn't make it 3rd person. If they did, this would be like the best game. It is way better than agent under fire, but everything or nothing beats it by a long shot.
Good, but not as good
by: pcraan    On: 2004-10-22

Nightfire was better than Agent Under Fire in many ways but if you are going to be player multiplayer, agent under fire has much more options that are not avaialable in Nightfire such as low gravity, powerups, quick silencing, snd important technical things.

Awesome Game, A Must Have
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-02

Okay, I don't own Nightfire. Well, I did own it,'s a long story. Anyway, this is one of two Bond games I have played (the other being Everything or Nothing) and it is fantastic. From the graphics to the gameplay, ALMOST everything about this game is perfect.

GAME MODES: Nightfire Mode (a.k.a. Single Player) is a lot of fun as you, 007, battle the evil Raphael Drake and his henchmen. The plot deals with Drake using nuclear weapons to dominate the world (rather unoriginal for a Bond movie but good enough for a game.) As 007, you must work your way through 12 action-packed missions. My favorites are:

The Exchange

Double Cross

Night Shift

Chain Reaction

Phoenix Fire

Multiplayer is also a terrific feature of Nightfire. You can have players on either M16 or the Phoenix team. It is a blast blowing up bad guys with rocket launchers or taking them down with a sniper rifle.

GRAPHICS: 10 out of 10. The characters look very realistic, plus Bond's surroundings look great too.

REPLAY VALUE: Not very high. Since Nightfire is not a very difficult game, once you beat it, you may have had enough of it.

GAMEPLAY: Fantastic! Show off your spy skills as you infiltrate a Tokyo skyscraper and South Pacific island, pick off snipers one by one at a nuclear power plant, and battle Drake in space.

Overall, I think that 007: Nightfire is a very good Bond game. Highly recommended to Bond fans or shoot 'em up game fans.

A video game fan from Connecticut

James Bond 007: Nightfire
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-09-25

This in its own right is the first game that truly gives the true bond expierence. I enjoyed it more than every James Bond game exept for Goldeneye. Every Bond game has lived in its shadow and so does Nightfire, but not as much as the rest of the bond titles. Goldeneye is the best bond in my opinion, but doesn't give the best impression of the charismatic James Bond himself. This game is more like a James Bond movie than a game and really develops every character and shows the side of James Bond as much as a movie does.
Nightfire is about a Japanese based company that hopes in changing world government in favor for one government that
controls the planet with an arsenal of nuclear weapons and 007 of MI6 is the last hope for the world. The graphics are a ten out of ten. Pierce Brosnan looks almost real and the voice overs are really good. This is a very realistic first person shooter that no Gamecube owner should be without.

Oh no
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-09-01

This game is like Enter the matrix it starts off good but
the replay value is bad. It will never be as good or better
than goldeneye or timesplitters,(1 or 2) the FPs
of the game is too slow and strategized and not fast pased
like other FPS's. The driving is pretty good though i'd give that4
stars, but other wise, if you are A bond fan only, and like
any game thats an FPS i reccomend this game to you. otherwise
if your a multiplatform, multi-genre gamer like me, i
don't reccoment it to you.
GET THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-08-20

fun game! fun multiplayer! awesome one one player!! (ive beaten it 4 times) if you even remotely liked agent underfire youl love this game! multiplayer is the best! NO JOKE!!!! cutscenes are exciting too! the only problem is that to kill a guy you have to shoot him like 35 times. it sucks.but other than that its good and worth adding to your collection!

Great game but I found it's missing something!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-08-12

Well first of all I would like to say that despite the fact that people consider Nightfire to be Agent Under Fire's sequal, they are 2 very different games. In Nightfire you have to be sneaky and not some much all out shooting but in Agent Under Fire it's more of all out shooting! Well I would have to say that Nightfire is way better than Agent Under Fire! The sound, the graphics, the controls, the story, everything! The single player mode is great but not as good as that of Goldeneye. It's just missing something! However, the multiplayer mode is what makes this game great! It's just so much fun! You can spend hours just playing multiplayer! It's that good! Well overall I would say any Bond fan needs to get this game for the multiplayer mode!
the best game!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-07-25

It all started right after my Mom and Dad had just bought me and my brother a gamecube and at the same time we got it we got mario cart dubble dash then supersmash brothers and then finally 007nightfire.It's fun to play the game.But right now I can't remember the last level I got past and I hope that there will be more 007 games through the years.
One of the best FPS games
by: videogamemaster16    On: 2004-07-15

This is one of best fps games I've ever played (excluding Turok).

Overall I highly reccomend this game!

Lots of fun
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-07-12

This game is tons of fun! I play this game for hours. I myself am not very good at the one person game so i have tons of fun playing the multiplayer games with my friends. I defenatly recomend this game to you.
Be Bond...almost
by: simonc1138    On: 2004-05-28

James Bond 007: Nightfire was EA's second Bond outing on the current consoles, and released alongside the Bond film Die Another Day. It's actually quite fitting, because both film and game share several similiarities. Both are polished Bond adventures with high production values; both are entertaining, and both share equally absurd plots. But like Die Another Day falls short of Brosnan's best, GoldenEye, Nightfire still can't compare to the GoldenEye game from Rare a half decade before.

The plot of Nightfire has something to do with nuclear missiles being used for world domination, and borrows from all the Bond staples while tossing in a bit of Moonraker for the finale. As a game, Nightfire is also the same as EA's previous effort, Agent Under Fire. You have first-person levels, driving levels, and rail-shooter levels. The graphics look great in all three, and the controls are equally responsive (though gadget switching is still a royal pain). The Bond theme is used liberally, and it plays every time you do something cool (the game's special Bond moves). Voice-acting is decent - the actor dubbing Brosnan sounds like Bond, even though the script is horrible and tosses in too many bad puns. And of course there's multiplayer, which always adds to the replay value.

However, EA's Bond titles still come up short. While the game puts you in Bond's shoes, you never get the sense that you actually *are* Bond. Rare's GoldenEye made you feel like Bond because you had to think through every mission, do things with care, and get yourself out of sticky situations. In Nightfire, everything feels too pre-packaged with fancy gadgets, linear objectives, and erratic AI. You don't respect the enemy like in GoldenEye. Here you fail because the AI was programmed to shoot accurately, not because it actually shot intelligently. The game is still a challenge, but it feels like you're playing a Bond video game rather than being immersed in a Bond adventure.

I still highly recommend this to Bond fans, because it's a high-quality production and worth adding to your Bond library. For non-Bond fans looking for a good first-person shooter, this game doesn't really offer anything that others don't, and I'd suggest a rental first.

Note: Bond completists should also pick up Nightfire for the PC. Despite being inferior to the console version, it features alternate levels and cinematics, and is worth taking a look at.

This is a great game
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-04-28

Definitly the best game ever. You run around and kill people and get about 20 different guns and a bunch of great gadgets. Moms don't worry there is no swearing and no real blood except for if you die there is the screen covered with red. But your kid will have absolute fun with it and you have an EXCELLENT multiplayer that is definitly the BEST multiplayer since Super Smash Bros Melee. Then the gameplay is like the next goldeneye (that was the best game ever)and you will love this game like a brother. Anyway go out and rent it and then if you can buy it.
A Good Bond Game
by: nbamatt628    On: 2004-04-09

The James Bond video game franchise is quickly becoming one of the best franchises in the business. Nightfire is a quality game that won't let fans down.

In Nightfire you are 007 and you must stop the evil Drake and his Nightfire plan. There are 12 action packed levels combining combat, stealth, and gadgets. You meet up with beautiful villians and heros along your way to stop Drake.

One player mode is pretty good in this game. The levels are pretty challenging. Some are harder than others, but it makes for good single player gameplay. The driving levels are really cool. Bonds Aston Martin Vanquish is an awesome car and they are some of the coolest levels. The single player levls are better than the ones EA made for "The World is Not Enough" and "Agent Under Fire," but they still aren't as good as "Goldeneyes" were.

Multiplayer is where this game really exceeds. It's not as good as "Goldeneye" but it's really why I love the game. There are different kinds of Multiplayer levels to choose from. Theres arena and team arena. King of the Hill and Team King of the Hill are also playable. There is Capture the Flags for the guys who love it. There are 6 AI Bots you can add to the game for a total of up to 10 players in the matches.

This is a great game. I don't know if it's as good as the new one because I haven't played it yet. It is however a great first person shooter game and is the second best game to Goldeneye in the Bond franchise.

I really like Nightfire!
by: catman_doo57    On: 2004-04-07

I bought this game,and played it.It was so frikkin fun!I like the gameplay.Although i dont play it too much nowadays,i would really recommend this to any TRUE bond fans!
Even Better Than GoldenEye
by: werdnaraad1    On: 2004-04-04

I bought this game without previously renting it, which I was a little skeptical about, but after only playing one mission, I was convinced that I had made the right decision. The play control is great, and the variety is amazing. There are three types of missions, shooting, driving, and "rail" missions where you move on a track. Also, the mission variety is great because each mission is long, involved, and very fun. Your gadgets always come in very handy, and the weapons are very cool, and very fun to experiment with. The multiplayer mode is amazing too. The sheer number of scenarios, including GoldenEye Strike, is mind-blowing, and you can play as characters such as Jaws, oddjob, Goldfinger, Xenia, and Wai Lin, as well as many others from almost every Bond movie. If you like First Person Shooter games, this is a must for your collection.
nightfire rules
by: yoman49    On: 2004-03-16

This game has great graphics and the weapons are awesome. The worlds in multiplayer are fun and cool. THIS GAME ROCKS!!!
by: fatherdave1    On: 2004-03-15

007 Nightfire.... When I bought Nightfire I thought WOW! this game is going to be a blast! I beat the game on operative the day I got it. I thought to myself okay, minor setback, I'll try 00 agent. Beat it the next day. I think this game deserves a one star. I have to admit, it has good graphics, but the A.I. is laughable, and the game has very low replayability. Get a good game like GOLDENEYE 007 or Halo. Those rock! I mean come on guys, a Mexican guy takes over a space station that has 8 nukes! What? Why does Bond go? Just blast the stupid thing. Another thing, the MP5K is only in burst! It is supposed to be full auto. When you shoot the bad guys its just like shooting concrete. No blood either. Don't buy Nightfire! If anyone agrees with me, email me at
NightFire has been a hit with all my friends who played it.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-02-22

James Bond 007: NightFire is a great game that, in my opinion, compares to the likeness of GoldenEye. It has a good plot, and no, Bond STILL hasn't met a girl he didn't make out with. The reason I gave it a 5 instead of a 4 is because the single player is just as developed and captivating as the multiplayer. (Let's face it, people. Busting through a door with a pump-action shotgun into a roomfull of enemies just doesn't get old) But what I think really pulled through in the game is the stealth and driving interface. I was continually picking off an enemy at the beginning of a level I replayed countless times for the sheer fun of it. But I accidentally poked him in the back with my PP7, but did he point a machine gun at my nose? Nooooo... he turned around, dropped his gun, and put his hands in the air. Pretty neat, huh? Then I stunned him and knocked him out instead of killing him to rack up the points. In addition, (welcome, welcome addition) you can drive a V12 Vanquish with missles, machine guns, and underwater capabilities. (complete with guided torpedoes) And I haven't even started on the multiplayer yet.
Multiplayer is the best to date. There are at least a dozen different modes, eight different play maps, every classic Bond character you can think of, and enough weapons that I was encountering new ones several months into playing the game! I have had many people who are "not fans" of the First-Person-Shooter genre say: "I love this game!" five minutes into a battle.
Baically, all the crap I've been loading into your brain cells for the past several minutes boils down to this: Unless you apply to my list (see below), buy this game. The only reasons I can imagine you wouldn't like it are these:
1-It up and dies thirty minutes after you turn your console on, or:
2-You are mortally opposed to either violent content in games, or the FPS genre in general.
"James! They're After Us!"
by: catman86    On: 2004-02-19

James Bond is on the run again chasing after villanous enemies through the top of snowy mountains, nuclear plants, underwater, through Paris, Japan and even into space. This James Bond game, "Nightfire" is the best James Bond game to date and beats "Goldeneye 64" and "The World is Not Enough" by a long-shot. James Bond will take through the wildest adventure you've ever been on where you have to shoot down planes from the air, drive underwater in the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish, chase enemies through the street of Paris, travel into space and stop a nuclear launch, and chase enemies through the highest skyscraper in Japan. The weapons and the details of them are phenomenal and the gadgets are the best ever.

There are 12 stunning and amazing missions where you must complete a numerous amount of outstanding mission objectives. These are the best missions in the game and a description.

2. The Exchange:

Enter the enemy Drake's castle in the snowy mountains by passing all the security guards and then while in the castle at the party, spy on Drake's secret meeting and then escape with Dominique down the mountain in a gondola and shoot the helicopter chasing you with the ever famous AT-420 Sentinel Guided Missile Launcher.

3. Alpine Escape:

Go down the rest of the mountain with Dominique in one of Drake's highly advanced snowmobiles where you are on top while she drives and you shoot the snowmobiles chasing you with a powerful machine gun that has an alternate fire of grenades.

5. Double Cross:

Save Drake's ex-trusted man Mayhew is being attacked by Drake's assassins and you must save Mayhew's servants and escort him to safety.

7. Chain Reaction:

You are at Drake's nuclear facility and you must kill all the snipers protecting the area and take photos of Drake's advanced space equipment and lasers, then use the new laser to escape from the facility.

8. Pheonix Fire:

You are at the very top of Mayhew's headquarter building and must make your way to the bottom floor killing guards through the stairways and then through the elevator shafts.

12. Equinox:

The last mission of the game where you are in space and you must stop Drake's nuclear missles from launching towards earth by destroying the control brackets that hold the missles in line using a space laser. Then you must finally kill Drake. The effects of when you are floating are outstanding.

This game, "Nightfire" is outstanding. The effects, missions, weapons and gadgets are phenonmenal and the game is ultimately the best yet. Buy this game "Nightfire" and you will have the ride of your life with James Bond.

EA's new one almost measures up to Goldeneye 64.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-02-15

When I first picked up Nightfire, I thought, "Sweet ass!". Being a longtime fan of the N64 Goldeneye, I had high expectations which were mostly met and more. My only problem was getting used to the C-stick method of aiming and the clumsy auto-aim. Guns feature secondary functions a la Perfect Dark and the multiplayer kicks serious ass.
by: greennoses    On: 2004-02-08

This was my first James Bond game, and I am very impressed. The graphics are great, the sound is great, the weapons are great, there are tons of gadgets, most of the missions are fun and challenging, and the multi player mode is excellent. If you want action, fun and great shooting buy this game now!
great gameplay
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-01-25

This is one of the best FPS's I've ever played.It's incredably
realistic,(the graphics, not the story) with great graphics and sound.In lots of games, details get in the way of gameplay, but not here. It's so realistic you might as well be a real person in a real world. There is a huge range of unique guns and gadgets, wich get better as you go along. Multiplayer is a standout.
007 Nightfire, a really fun game
by: matthewharper92    On: 2004-01-18

This is a really fun game. It has really good graphics and cool guns, mounted weapons, and hand held explosives. You can use really cool guns and missile launchers that you can control and heatseakers and throw smoke gernades and frag gernades and stun gernades that blind you. And you can get in these little toy helicopters that you can move, control, and make fire guns and rockets. This is a really good game that you might want to get.
Good, but not as good as expected.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-01-17

Well, just to start off, I'm not a very good gamer, and depending on the game, I am either not easily impressed, or an easy critic. I think because the bond saga is so big and I am a big fan, after goldeneye, I was expecting a bit more. First, single player. It has a mediocre story that is good for a video game, but would probably never be a movie. I think it is the same for all bond movies and games. All the stories are the same, but they are really cool. There is a wide range of characters, and good voice talent with one exception. All the graphics are exceptional, but Bond's voice, now that they used face scanning tech to make it LOOK like Pierce Brosnan, it has to SOUND like Pierce. It definetely doesn't. On good things, it has a ton of hot cars and vehicles, and ROCKET LAUNCHERS!!! I personally am a stealth gamer, but this did not allow you to use stealth. It wasn't a good stealth game, I hope they weren't aiming for one. For multiplayer, it is exceptional. Nice maps, nice skins, and nice... ROCKET LAUNCHERS!!! This is the end of my review, I hope you enjoyed this presentation.
Great first person shooter
by: gamer2k3    On: 2004-01-15

This is a great first person shooter. There aren't enough single player missions, but the main thing about this game is multiplayer. There are many characters, tons of weapons (but you can't get all of them in one game, which is a disapointment), and lots of replay value. However, the stages are a little too dark, and it may be hard to see on some TVs.
by: sochead3000    On: 2003-12-24

It definetly is better than AGENT UNDER FIRE. Much better graphics, weapons, and villians. And a great plot to. The voice might be a little off for James Bond, but the overall game is fantastic. You can play it over and over. The multiplayer might need some work though. Overall, i recommend you to but this game. For expirienced gamers it may take aroung 2 weeks to beat. But, it is a little to short.
Well played Mr.Bond
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-12-20

Agent Under Fire was good,but Nightfire blew me away.It's longer and more of a challenge.It features Pierce Brosnan's face which was a neat feature for this game,plus the Die Another Day trailer.Sniping's always fun.Multiplayer's more of a blast and there's evan a little dance video just like the movies.What makes these games great is that these are the games you play at parties or just with a bunch of your buddies evan if you're not a fan of James Bond.If your into James Bond or first person's then this is for you!Play the game and have fun!
Best Bond game, better on GCN!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-12-10

Nightfire is one of the best, not only Bond game, but best games ever created. It's story, while rather short, is very deep and challenging. There are many differen guns adn weapons. But it's the multiplayer that does the trick. The reason I say it's better on GCN is you can have 4 instead of 2 players max! My friends and I love to play it. My personal favorite weapon is the Wolfram P2K.
My friend's is any explosive. Anyway, I would give the game 10/5 stars!
good game... for a while
by: rqrealty    On: 2003-11-30

this game is exelent but for 1 or 4 moths is boring. and is too short.
Nightfire, a good game for Gamecube
by: flarefire022_220    On: 2003-11-30

I have been trying to get my hands on 007 Nightfire for quite some time now. When i didnt have a gamecube, last Christmas (almost a year ago), my parents bought it for me for the PC. Likewise, it did not work and i had to return it. I did this only to learn that it did not work on Windows XP (the computer that I happened to have). So i asked a friend to burn it, it still didnt work so i gave up.
Last August (my birthday) I received a Gamecube with Zelda wind waker, rayman 3 and ssbm. I bought Nightfire and Super Monkey ball 2 with my birthday money. Excited that i finally had it: I anxiously opened it and fired up the Gamecube. The long wait was definetly work it.

I will seperate this review into a few columns.

PROS: Excellent graphics, much better that previous 007 games.
Single player missions are longer.. and harder.
Excellent multiplayer capability, there are now 6 bots, different weapons, explosive scenery (needs to be unlocked) and many types of games unlike Goldeneye with a mere four or five.
Single player missions are a lot more versatile. You can go into a car, sub, helicopter, its very fun.
The storyline is good and fairly unpredictable. My friend and I thought that Bond was going on the Pheonix team after he was captured.

In Multiplayer, the people move SO SLOW compared to goldeneye, which i also have. This is REALLY annoying until you get used to it.
Controls are hard to get used to from the previous 007 games, especially from the N64 controller: Goldeneye.

Overall this game is good for previous 007 owners and a very good game.

Almost perfect
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-11-29

Though I haven't beaten Nightfire, I'm close to doing so. This game still has the weapons and the gadgets....Like always! I think that the multiplayer mode in Nigtfire is the best of all 007 games. This game(though it is first person)takes a lot of stealth. In one mission you must rescue civilian hostages. Let the villian see you and boom, he shoots the civilian. MISSION OVER!! The only two reasons I give Nightfire 3 stars is because A:Some missions are way too long, and B:Some missions are WAAAAY too hard. This game is good, but too all of you Gamecube and ps2 owners out there, try
007:Agent Under Fire first.
good graphics and multiplayer
by: moornmoor    On: 2003-11-27

This game was pretty dissapointing. The single player is not fun at all and the multiplayer is OK, but I think you should just forget this game and wait for Everything or Nothing which comes out in January
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-11-07

007 Nightfire has four very beuatiful women!Beuatiful scences and places like 007 Agent Under Fire.But it isnt as good!Zoe sounds like a boy in the game and very non women-like!She acts like a tomboy in this game!In Agent Under Fire she has a woman voice and she's womany!And Dominique dies,you have to shoot four grenades to kill Rook! Thats IMPOSSIBLE!As I said in my Agent Under Fire Review Agent Under Fire is better then Nightfire see ya!
Too Easy Not Fun!!!!!
by: bumpkin042    On: 2003-11-02

007 Nightfire is my 5th favirote 007 out of six!i know it sounds crazy good game,too EASY and not fun the charcters are Bond,Dominique Paradis,Raphel Drake,the deadly but beuatiful Kiko(Makiko)Hayashi,beuatiful Alura McCall,beuatiful Zoe Nightshade,the ugly Armitage Rook and Alexander Mayhew.As I said Too Easy Not Fun!!!!!
bond, cool
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-10-22

great graphics, great sound,(...)!!!!!! i bought this because it was a bond game.they have been getting worse and replay value, incredaly easy to beat(5 hours gameplay,max)and the way people fall over is so stupid.shoot them with the most powerful gun,dont even fly.just kinda trip and die, after 1/2 second after being shot

Rent it, beat it, return it.

by: dawwg    On: 2003-10-13

This is deffinatly the best Bond game out there right now. The missions r long and they r alot of fun. The guns r sweet. And the multiplayer is fun 2. And its sweet because u can have up to 12 albots in 1 multiplayer game and still have 4 players. I still wish they would make these bond games longer though. Otherwise this is the best Bond game they have made yet! (that is until Everything or nothing comes out)
Too Easy
by: cbullock5    On: 2003-10-07

I bought this game after christmas of the year 2002, and it wasn't worth it in any way. The levles were too easy, the controlles were terrible. The only good thing was the Multyplayer. If you want a good first person shooter i say go for Time Splitters 2. The graphics in James Bond were terrible compared to how they should have looked. I mean come on they have people to work with, i would rather see them as stick figures. Don't waste time or money on this. Unless u just want a multyplayer game.
Way better than Goldeneye
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-10-05

Nightfire is definetely the best Bond game yet, definetely outstripping Agent Under Fire.
There is a superb crew of new charachters who all have a part in the game's continuity. Unfortunately, oneof the Bond babes got blown up by a rocket launcher in Agent Under Fire.
All new weapons, including a rocket launcher that you can guide yourself. But when I beat the game and got the gold PPK (Called a PP7 in the games) it put me off when I replayed the game because it's so shiny.
The plot is simple, after rescuing a french intelligence agent, Bond infiltrates the villain's Austrian castle and rendezvous with the deep cover agent, the French agent Dominique. THis is when dead Agent Under Fire charachter Zoe Nightshade comes in,and you proceed through the missions, getting double-crossed, heatbroken, but that's resolved when you meet AUSSIE chick Alura McCall.
A definite must for Bond fans, but if you just want a nice shoot 'em up a lot mission game, try Red Faction II.
by: mb4x4fan    On: 2003-09-17

Best Bond Since Goldeneye
by: discokeet    On: 2003-09-04

Most gamers interested in this game want to know just one thing: Is it better than Goldeneye? The answer: No. But it's the best Bond game SINCE Goldeneye. If this information is enough to make you buy or not buy the game, then you can stop reading here. If you still need to know more, well, be my guest and read on.

I am a big Bond fan. Just hearing the Bond theme song gets me going. I've played most Bond games, the exception being Tomorrow Never Dies on the Playstation. I consider Goldeneye one of my very favorite games. On occasion, I still pull it out, dust it off, and commence on shooting the likes of 006 and Xenia Onatopp. I liked The World is Not Enough but the multi-player mode was lacking. Agent Under Fire was passable, and by that time, I was desperate to get my hands on anything new in the world of Bond.

Nightfire is an improvement to Agent Under Fire and the closest thing to playing in a Bond movie we've got yet. The story mode is great. A fun Bond storyline involving a villian intent on world domination moving about the globe (and even into outer space!) at various locations with multiple objectives. The story is better paced and more interesting than in Agent. The game starts off just like a Bond movie with a segment before the opening credits. Our old CIA buddy, Zoe Nightshade, from the last game makes an appearance. Small moves like this throughout Nightfire make the game feel and play more like an actual Bond movie. As with any Bond movie, stealth plays a much heavier factor, much more so than in previous games. There are also a lot more women in this Bond game; at one point, Bond frees a female hostage and takes time to swap some innuendo. Bond's main squeeze in one level is dispatched and by the next, we're already in the able hands of another young blonde. Not even the Bond of the films gets around this much. Atta boy, James!

We get to drive several different vehicles, but some of these levels are unacceptably short. We need more car action EA! Give us more cool car action! The "Enemies Vanquished" level ends just when it gets interesting. However, one of the coolest aspects of this game is the underwater level. Yes, haven't you always wanted to drive those bad-a$$ Bond submarine cars? Here's your chance!

Another interesting factor is that in some levels there are multiple ways to get through and earn your objectives. In the first level, you can shimmy around the castle ledge and enter through the back. Or if you'd like, play Rambo and walk right through the front gate, PP7 blasting. Often you'll find yourself asking WWBD (What would Bond do)? Bond moves earns you more points to unlock secrets at the end of each level.

Putting the story mode on the easiest setting will get you through the game very quickly. If you are anxious to get through the story to see the end, then feel free to take the easy way out. I'd advise you to take the time to beat it on the 007 setting, relax, and enjoy yourself.

The multi-player mode in Nightfire is a definite improvement from the last game. We have more characters to choose from, including past Bond favorites as Oddjob, Jaws, Baron Samedi, and Scaramanga. Even Goldfinger and Pussy Galore make it into the mix this time. One problem is good guys can't shoot good guys in multi-player matches, so if you want to play Bond and your buddy wants to be one of Bond's hot babes, you'll be stuck on the same team. This can be annoying when choosing characters and setting teams. If you want to play on the same team and you're Bond, then your friends are going to have to play as women or on the opposite team as a bad guy b/c there's no other Mi:6 males to choose from. What's the deal?

There are more weapons and multi-player modes to choose from. As always, we have Capture the Flag, Team Arena, but added into the mix are new modes including Goldeneye Strike (race around to collect pieces of the Goldeneye key to set a satellite strike on opposite team members) and Demolotion (blow up the enemy's base). All of this adds up to the best Bond multi-player options since the golden era of Goldeneye.

If you're a Bond fan, then this is a game for you. If you are a shooter fan, then you may get bored with the stealth aspects and the driving levels. This game is about being Bond, not about mass-murdering bad guys. It took all the best aspects of Agent Under Fire and improved on them. If the new Bond games continue in this vein, maybe one day we'll get something that'll take the place of Goldeneye on that shelf of favorites.

Nightfire is Sweet
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-08-16

Nightfire is an awesome game. It's really cool because you can pick any gun that you have picked up. My favorite gun would have to be the tactical sniper because it has an excellent scope so you can shoot guys from hundreds of feet away. I also like the sentinel. It's sort of like a rocket launcher but you can guide it. The only bad thing in this game is that guys can shoot you through metal doors using a hand gun. And the other bad thing is that the game goes by too fast. For you good gamers out there this will go too fast for you because some missions are real easy, but others are real challenging. This game has excellent graphics and sound. The storyline is also great. I wouldn't rent it first I'd just go and buy it. This game is awesome and for you gamers out there who like James Bond this is the game for you. Four and a half stars.
James bond at his best!!!!
by: nrehkopf    On: 2003-08-13

This is THE BEST bond game ever. It is more fun than golden eye and has better graphics. This is the only game that i haven't had to hesitate on. Thanks alot EA!! The guns, gadjets, and levels are awesome. And theres no gore! I reccomend this game to poeple that like shooter games, bond fans, people who like huge firepower, or people that perfer stealth. This game is foe Everone. Its on our tv screen every day. This game is great!! so for all of u who r considering this game,just go ahaead and get it!
James Bond 007: NightFire
by: jlopez429    On: 2003-08-01

This game is a lot better than the other James Bond games. I love the new guns and gadgets. I reccomend this game for any fan of Bond or shooting games. The graphics are awesome, the fun factor is great, the cars are cool, and the different types of play are fun. All the levels are not just first person shooters. Multiplayer is the funnest compared to other shooters, but they need more unlocked characters in M-16 team. Other than that, it is a fun game.
4 1/2 stars!
Stay away far away from this piece of garbage
by: jlockavich    On: 2003-07-20

If you think this is a newer verison of rares master piece Golden Eye think again. This game is made by EA games. EA has made a James Bond game before this and it [was bad] to. The game does not look to good but that does not make it a bad game. The game play is what is what makes it bad. Its very boreing James Bond games should not be boreing. The storyline is very dumb and dry. The multiplayer is also boreing and dumb. I got a little more than half way on this game and I stoped because it was so bad. The people who gave this game 5 stars are on drugs or work for EA games. dom man
best game
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-07-14

The best gun game of all time. When I bought 077 Agent Under Fire I was inpressed. But this is 10 times better. Here are the reasons

1. Way better Sound

2. More James Bond style

3.Longer levels

and much more

And theres no blood!!!!!

007 At It's Best
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-07-12

Nightfire is one of the greatest Bond games ever.
The missions are great going all around the world (and universe).
Great graphics and really cool weapons (especially the Ronin).
People say it's not the right Bond voice, but who cares?
Good multiplayer with all the different types of games but locations are not as good as Agent Under Fire.
Smart and clevear villians with a great storyline.
Definately one of my favourite games.
poor game
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-06-30

This game has horrible graphics. It is not realistic and the levels are tooo easy. For people who hate good and challenging games buy it. It has only one character to be so rent it if you like but don't buy it!!!!
Justice is served
by: bigmansco    On: 2003-06-19

Millions of bond fans wanted this, and they got it.
Great Greaphics
Nice load of weapons
Very good regular game
very addictive gameplay
pretty good rewards(especially classic skins for multiplayer)
YES! a very good multiplayer system
prett good voice acting
nice sound effects
Rewards are a bit hard to get
I wish they rated this game M, because I hate seeing no blood come out of my enemies
Some missions I can't stand(Like Nightwatch, at first, I always got the alarm raised)
In multiplayer, there are more phenox members than M-I6 members?(I like being Oddjob, because his hat can kill anyone, and when I want a team battle, i deasnt work out too well)

Man, after goldeneye, EA really struglled to make a game on it's par. The world is not enough was good, but lacked the good gameplay and multiplayer options, Agents under fire, was just worse, but this, this my firend ain't goldeneye, but definityl is clostest bond game to it. Hopefully EA will keep inproving, untill the day, they will make the next goldeneye.

by: Anonymous    On: 2003-06-17

as a true bond fan, i'd say this game rocks! your mission is 2 play the role of bond, snipe the bad guys, and stay in one piece. i recomend this 2 anyone. best first-person shooter since goldeneye. PURE GENIUS!
Nightfire game appropriateness
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-06-15

I think this is a great game. A friend asked me what age this game is appropriate for. I would say ages 11 and above.
This game has great graphics and relatively no gore.I would definately get it for a middle-schooler.
Nightfire rocks
by: weezerwannabe777    On: 2003-06-08

From the cool cinematics with Bond girls and bad puns, to the awesome driving with the V12 Vanquish, this game just rocks. You get to use a whole bunch of guns and gadgets from the movies, just like you would expect from a great Bond game. Though it's not based on a particular movie it feels like it; one scene where you drive on ice reminds me of a scene in the latest Bond movie, Die Another Day. The single player is the best of any first-person shooter of I've ever played. The multiplayer is nonstop fun when you have some friends over.

Gamplay: 5/5 - Great fun

Graphics: 4/5 - You might see someone inside a wall or maybe some jagged edges, but very good

Sound: 5/5 - The Bond theme never gets old

Replay Value: 5/5 - This game is on the TV screen everyday in our household

May be not as good as Goldeneye, but it's a close second. This is a must buy!

Thank you EA!
by: vicecity7    On: 2003-05-25

Like others, this is the James Bond game EA got right. The other one did not please my playing. But this one! Wow, I don't know where to begin!
The game's graphics are awsome, they so fit the theme. Also the music is awsome, and more fitting to what your character is doing.
Putting Brosnan's face on James Bond also made me happy. I think that gave James Bond more closer resemblance to the movie. And it made me think I was acually playing one of the lost movies with him in it.
The storyline for this is wondefuly written, and this games play is rather challenging.
Still, I think Rareware was the only one who could tackle an acual James Bond game/ or game based off the movie.

Overall, I give this game a whopping 5 stars, which should tell EA, this is one game they acually did right.

by: Anonymous    On: 2003-05-19

I LOVE THIS GAME!! There are sweet weapons,and great hand to hand combat! My favorite level is the second. This game has NO blood and is great!My bros play it all the time. I would buy this right away! Don't pass it up!!! Its the best bond game yet!!
by: cowman123456789    On: 2003-05-12

If you love Jame Bond, this is a must have for you. You can get all the latest weapons plus sooooooooo many awsome landscapes to fight in.I haven't played any of the missions yet but this is still #1 on my favorite game list. You can get remote controlled rocket launchers and sniper rifles. There is no gore and the characters are awsome. This is really the best game on any platform that it works with.
fun and exillerating
by: pleger99    On: 2003-05-11

Nightfire, is a fun and exiting game that will keep you playing till the last bit. It features 12 missions combining stealth and action. The missions include infaltrating buildings, underwater missions, sabataging evil plans and even a mission in space. Nightfire has the latest high-tech weapons and gagets. Weapons include a wide array of pistols, automatics, snipers and explosives that all have special functions. Gagets include lasers, stunners, decriptors, q-claws and tons of upgrades on your car. Multiplayer is also extreamly good with up to four players.

The one downside about the game is that, being a James Bond fan and being an experieced gamer, I was able to beat the game very quickly. I knew what guns to use and I knew how the enemys would react. They are sometimes pretty predictable. But for anyone who is looking for a fast-paced shooter, Nightfire has got to be the best one.

Best James Bond game I've ever seen
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-05-06

007 Nightfire is the best! smooth graphics, great gameplay, and long lasting appeal.
Best James Bond game I've ever seen
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-05-06

This game is so much better than the last one (Agent Under Fire). The graphics were sweet and smooth. I played the first player for about 5 months, then it got a little repetitive, but the multiplayer never lost it's fun. I kept coming back for more.
Best James Bond game I've ever seen
by: davidmeng0    On: 2003-05-06

This game is so much better than the last one (Agent Under Fire). The graphics were sweet and smooth. I played the first player for about 5 months, then it got a little repetitive, but the multiplayer never lost it's fun. I kept coming back for more.
by: johnnyqueeks    On: 2003-05-05

This game is the greatest game ever made by EA Games. It has everything needed in a good game. There is suspense, action, drama, romance(with Dominque) and mystery. I love this game so much, that every one of my friends has it now.
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-05-03

This is an exelant game. The graphics are good and it is very realistic. The missions are fun to play. The controls is also good, but if you don't like them you can change them. It's multiplayer is great. There are many characters and modes but some have to be unlocked. this game is a must-have.
007 Nightfire is excellent.
by: sharpshooter88    On: 2003-04-27

Nightfire is a well put together Bond game. The graphics are extreemly good and the controls are to. The only thing that I did not like is that it was way to short. I beat it within a few days of playing it. But, over all it is a good game that fully deserves the 007 title.
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-04-07

I think this game ia great! I got it for Christmas and I still think it's an awesome game. I like the special multiplayer features like the helicopters and tanks. I also enjoy the characters from all the classic Bond films. it's pretty cool that they have Pierce Brosnan's voice into the game. This is definitly th best Bond game Ever!
Good Game
by: sleepyjd    On: 2003-04-04

I liked this game, it had many improvements over its predecessor. However, the single player is not as entertaining as agent under fire, and the multiplayer can't even touch what they did with agent under fire. Do you see what I'm saying here? Agent Under Fire is your best bet, but this is still a good game.
A very good game
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-04-04

This is an awsome game. The sigle player has 12 levels and they are all differant adding to the games replay value. The multiplayer is the best part of this game. You can make bots and change the weapon set to include trip mines or sentils(guided missals) You can change your health and there is a lot of differant weapons. This game never gets boring i would give it a 7 out of 5. The graphics are above standere gamecube graphics. I love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Review of James Bond: NightFire
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-04-02

This game rocks. Fun multiplayer options with many unlockable characters, entertaining 1P action with a good plot, and great graphics. While some of the cinematics are a little mushy,(Kissing and all that) the action is incredible and the graphics are also great. Game reccomended for 11 & older.
Real good Bond Game
by: moornmoor    On: 2003-03-22

In James Bond NightFire the gameplay is really awsome. In the single player game there are only 11 missions and no more unlockable missions like in previous Bond games. The multiplayer in NightFire is the best on a Bond game yet, but it would be nice to maybe for the next Bond game to add an online mutiplayer so more people can experence it.And Oh yeah why don't they base 007 games on the movies anymore???. heck Die another day could make a game!!
007 nightfire
by: callumsworld    On: 2003-03-12

This game is brilliant. The single player adventure is small but sweet, the graphics are good but could be better. there are 12 missions 5 of them are in a vehicle: V12 vanquish, snowmobile, helicopter and the space rocket. The storyline is OK its about a guy called rafael drake stealing hardware from nasa and other companies. And using them for his space satelite weapon, to dominate the world. There are three different levels of difficulty. If your really not that good at shooting games and keep getting stuck, choose easy difficulty and believe me you won't get stuck or frustrated I've never been on any 007 games and always got stuck on other games. and I ended out a 007 wiz. But if you are a 007 maniac try the hardest difficulty, I find it impossible, but you'll probably find a way. It is extremly addictive and you'll get hooked to this game for hours. The multiplayer is brilliant there are 10 different multiplayer games 5 of them you have to win out of single player, but I reccomend team arena, put in missile mode. And you will love the samaria (extremly beaming explosive gun) and you don't two players on controllers to play it just put in some computer players In (AI robots).
Up to four people can play
by: feelingroovy6    On: 2003-03-11

Excellent graphics and weaponry. When the game is played by more than one person it is less interesting and challenging but still fun. When played alone, the story line and challenge is even better.
"Shaken not stirred"
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-03-09

Wow! I was very impressed on how good this game looks. The beginning level looks so amazing you are almost feeling like you are in the world. I was "Shaken" by how detailed the environment was. I was hoping every part of the game was going to be like the exact same thing. When you get inside some of the buildings, you become less interested as the detail tones down. Another down side with this game is that the A.I. is not totally perfect. For example, you have just shot an enemy in the arm, and he will just stand there. This game had me on the edge of my seat with the plot. It has an amazing plot, but it still doesn't make up for a lot of the flaws. This is the reason why I was "Shaken not stirred"
the best
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-03-03

ok. i got this game 2 days ago. I'm already on the last mission. your probably thinking that oh he beet it in two days its not going to be any good. well your wrong. One of the only reasons i beat it is because i couldn't leave the game. PLus i play other missions over and over again because they are so great. Not to mention multiplayer. It definately has one of the best multiplayer systems ever. I play hours on it, just by myself! When i have a friend come over there is no end to us playing against bots on all the different multiplayer levels. Definately get this game. Even if you just go for multiplayer games or if your a hard core single player gamer. this is the game for you.
Excellent Game
by: srfxtreme00    On: 2003-02-17

This is an overall excellent game, but then...what else should be expected from anything produced by Nintendo right? Graphics and animation are very life like, though they do not rival games like Halo or Splinter Cell (which i have pre-ordered and will soon be reviewing that too).

The gameplay is captivating, however the story line hardly backs it up. Smooth, fast-paced, and action packed...this is a must have or for any 007 fan or shooter fan.

The multiplayer: A huge improvement over the former Bond games allowing a maximum of 6 AI bots to challenge (and u can make them pretty damn hard too) and maximum of 4 human players. Large levels add to the very much improved sniping, which is a must have for any combat game, not look for sniping such as that in Halo, because the game was obviously not made with that purpose. Decent close combat weapons with plenty of explosives make for an all-round classic 007 game.

The single player: A little short(try 12 levels), and not much of a story, but that is more than made up for by the playable missions combining combat and stealth (dont look for too much of the latter). Women, evil villains, and its very own intro music video, its almost like a movie, if u like any previous 007 games, go get this one.

I Love it!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-02-08

It's the best! It kept my friend and I busy for 8 hours but for 1 player get a guide and some cheats. This game is addictive and it takes a long time to beat. In multiplayer The AI system constantly rotates a character path and favorite places. You never get tired of it. The game may cause headaches sinus preassure,and red face and ears.
Awesome game!
by: jywayne    On: 2003-02-02

I bought it for Gamecube from, and it is awesome!! The single player is a little short, but it's great fun, and the multiplayer is one of the best I've ever played (TS2 ties with it) This game is up there with Goldeneye as one of the best Bond games, it's no where like Agent Under Fire, this game rocks!! If you are a Gamecuber like myself and you like multiplayer games, GET THIS!!
Great Game
by: kmomforlsu    On: 2003-02-01

NightFire is a great game with great graphics. The graphics are almost top of the line. There is only one thing I don't like about this game is that the story mode is too short. Twelve short levels is not enough for me. The creators should make it with at least twenty long levels so that it really keeps you occupied. Multi-Playerm,I would have to say, is excellent. All the different characters in Multi- Player is great. And that is all I have to say.
by: pbrolley    On: 2003-01-31

Ok, let's get crack'n, I'll tell you what you'll actually WANT to know.

The 1player mod:
Short and sweet.
It has a very "bond-like" feel, the story and charecters are very well done.

Graphics are amazing, they facial expression even changes in your enemies. There are alot of fun things you can do, like sneak up behind your enemy, and make him surrender. You can also use your stun-taser, which is always fun.

The AI is VERY good, snipers are very skilled, and you'll have to work hard in some levels just to stay out of their range.

The downside to all this? It is short, I played it... diligantly... for 4 days and got to the last level, though winning a platnum or gold in every level will prove itself much more diffecult.


Fun fun fun. As always, shooting your friends gives you endless entertainment. The feel, while at first seems hard to get used to, is very good. You won't have auto-aim in multiplayer at first, but you can just go to the options screen and turn it on.

The levels are really well done, most of them are peices from the 1-player levels. The best level in multiplayer isn't used much though, because bots can't play in it. You actually have to have some one else there to play it. There are a few levels I would've liked to see in multiplayer that weren't, but oh well. I don't think I can unlock any, but only time will tell.

The multiplayer weapons are somewhat disapointing. It has enough weapons to satisfy, but you can't make your own set! I wish I could choose specificly what weapons I play with instead of just "pistols" or "power weapons".

The random weapon set is usually alot of fun though.

Alot of multiplayer skins are available to unlock, (including oddjob who can throw his hat... wickedawesome feature, dude) the only problem is that the unlockable charecters aren't changeable. (in other words, I can't make them easy)

You can have up to 6 bots, and change their personality ALOT, down to their reaction time.

All in all, I'd recommend it, best bond game to date.

Maybe better than goldeneye
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-01-30

This game is pretty good, the only thing is that it is too short, only 12 missions. The controls are fine but when you have to switch weaponds or gadgets you have to be completely stopped, it requires the same finger. The driving controls are fine, its rare that weapons are used on the a and b buttons and accelerating and braking in the L and R buttons. The voices and characters of the game are well done. Bond looks like Pierce Brosnan.
Bond, James Bond.
by: davidmayer4    On: 2003-01-25

This is a great game. I still haven't beaten it yet (that may be because I'm hooked on the Multiplayer mode). Just remember that it is only a game not real life.
P.S.S. If you are stuck type PASSPORT in Secrets Unlocked in the Codenames Menu.
The BEST 007 game yet
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-01-18

At the store i had a choice between nightfire or Agent Under Fire. Agent under fire was ...less that Night fire so i was going to purchase Agent under fire for that reason. But then i checked the back of the two games and found out that by getting night fire you are getting your moneys worth. so i would recommend Night fire
by: ps2_slave    On: 2003-01-13

This game starts you out slowly, and gets a little bit harder as you progress. The difficulty settings do a good job in the regard that each setting gets a little bit tougher and adds new challenges (goals) adding replay value. The more confident you become, the more difficult you can make it reaping more rewards. There is a ton of things to unlock, plus the multi-player is very good. It even lets you add computer controlled bots for you and your buddy to go against if you don't want to be on separate teams. The graphics are a little below par in my opinion, but the game keeps a very steady frame rate, which in my opinion is worth the trade out. I have two sons (9 and 11) who enjoy it also, and the violence is not graphic (IE: no blood). Highly recommended.
All night time of game
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-01-11

If you've ever played the 007 game for Nintendo 64 for and liked'll love this one. The weapons are bigger and meaner and the game is more challenging over all. The multiplayer part is definatly my favorite part. It's easy to get caught up for hours playing this game with some friends.
Better Then Goldeneye
by: 4x4evo    On: 2003-01-10

I had got this game for Christmas and was so excited to play it. I put it in and it was totally diffrent then Agent Under Fire everything was just awsome, the graphics, the sounds, and the stealth was pretty good in every level. The game even has a awsome song at the beggining that is based on Nightfire. The AI is much better it isn't as stupid they don't run into walls and fall over they just act normal and do what anyone would do hide. The sniping levels are the only levels I hate you shoot from anywhere they spin around and just start shooting. The multiplayer is unreal it takes forever to setup but that is because you have so much stuff you can do with it. 1 week my friend and me got a stop watch and timed ourselfs on how much we played we got 14 hours in a week it is that addicting, thats where it is better then Goldeneye.
Maybe Better Than GoldenEye
by: werdnaraad1    On: 2003-01-05

I bought this game without previously renting it, which I was a little skeptical about, but after only playing one mission, I was convinced that I had made the right decision. The play control is great, and the variety is amazing. There are three types of missions, shooting, driving, and "rail" missions where you move on a track. Also, the mission variety is great because each mission is long, involved, and very fun. Your gadgets always come in very handy, and the weapons are very cool, and very fun to experiment with. The multiplayer mode is amazing too. The sheer number of scenarios, including GoldenEye Strike, is mind-blowing, and you can play as characters such as Jaws, oddjob, Goldfinger, Xenia, and Wai Lin, as well as many others from almost every Bond movie. If you like First Person Shooter games, this is a must for your collection.
EA finally got it right.
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-01-05

Wow. When I first saw Nightfire, I was amazed. It's graphics were incredible, its levels not only more plentiful, but also longer, and the gameplay was easy to learn and addictive. Also, the multiplayer, which supports not only up to 4 human players, but also 6 bots (computer controlled teammates or opponents) which is an increase from the previous 4 in Agent Under Fire. It's 1 player mode is the meat and potatoes of the game, boasting variety of mission types, and the challenge of out fighting and outsmarting the enemy.
The game encourages players to find new ways to accomplish their objectives. In one mission, called Deep Descent, you find yourself in the V12's submarine form. The primary objective is to avoid detection, and not doing so means mission failure. After you take the neccessary actions to disable their communications array, an enemy submarine waits for you to come into it's torpedo range. You could charge the submarine and throw stealth to the wind, or you could launch a remote torpedo and guide it to the explosive canisters (yes of course it is near explosives, this is James Bond) after which a large explosion takes out the submarine from a safe distance which also earns you extra points.
However, there are a few pet peeves of mine, although insignificant.
For instance, in multiplayer, you can't choose specific weapons, you can simply choose what type of weapons you will use. You can't choose a covert sniper rifle (my favorite weapon)by itself. You choose the weapon set "spiper", and you get only weapons with either a telescopic scope or a laser sight on a handgun.
Another thing is that when you are using manual aiming in a crouch, which I do commonly, it is an unnatural hand position to both manipulate the C stick, hold down the X button, use the control stick to strafe, and fire the weapon with the trigger, especially in combat situations, which are quite common, let me assure you.
Other than that, the game is great. The preceding problems mentioned can be fixed by toggling the controls for the game, or by finding a weapon set you really like. Great job, EA.
I am explaining this very thoroughly.
by: dimples8641    On: 2003-01-04

Ok, listen up, all you James Bond Fans out there: 007 Nightfire is really not all it is cracked up to be.There are only 12 missions,and most of them are very easy. Now, you're probably thinking why did I rate it 4 instead of lower, well here's my answer:
1.)The sound effects are amazing. Especially the wolfram pp7, you know that really tiny gun that James Bond likes to use.
2.)The graphics are excellent.
3.)Well, the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish IS my favorite car, so, you know.heehee!
Anyway, multiplayer is not that good, and it takes FOREVER to set up, no matter what anyone else tells you, believe me, it takes 15 minutes just setting up:
1.)Aston Martin V12 Vanquish.
2.)Some other GIGANTIC SUV that looks like a mutated souped up Cadillac Escalade.
3.)Really good sound effects.
4.)Reallygood graphics.
5.) James Bond Actually looks like Pierce Brosnan, unlike Agent Under Fire.
6.)Sneak up behind your enemy and James Bond will autimatically grab his gun, and stick him up.
1.)Only 12 missions.
2.)Aston Martin V12 Vanquish is not fast at all.
3.)The underwater mission really ...[very not nice].
4.)Enemies can still hear the gun if it is silenced.:(
5.)not many guns at all, only about 7 or eight.:(
6.)James Bond sounds like he has COLD! He's like "The dabes Bod. Jabes Bod."LOL MAJOR!
anyway, rent the game first and see howw you like it. Who knows?
James Bond 007: Nightfire
by: dogsplaypoker    On: 2003-01-02

There have been good Bond games over the past little while but nightfire sure beats all of them! Finally EA has realized exactly what people are looking for in a Bond game. Nightfire is a big improvement from their previous game Agent Under Fire. The single player mode is excellent, with a very good storyline. The camera angles are very good and the videos couldn't be better! It moves along as well as a movie. This 007 game beats them all! Multiplayer is similar to that of The World Is Not Enough except they added new characters, better weapons and attack vehicles such as a tank and a helicopter. EA did an excellent job at capturing Pierce Brosnan's face and movement. They also got a very good voice for Bond. The levels are very highly detailed and challenging. The characters are very realistic. James Bond 007: Nightfire is a sure winner and is just as good as Goldeneye and it may be even better than Goldeneye! I'm sure there are very few people who won't find this enjoyable!
Could talk all day about it.
by: sdbhollis    On: 2003-01-02

This has got to be the best game for Gamecube. I have not played single player but have played multiplayer and was entertained for an afternoon shooting guided rockets at pheinox al bots and flying the mini helicopter. The multiplayer here is WAY better than goldeneye (which I have and love) The new aditions to multiplayer are new mini vechials (Helicopters, and mini Tanks) I have not used a mini tank because I loved the copters too much. I don't have the game but played it at my friends house.
Best First Person Shooter Yet On Gamecube
by: 4x4evo    On: 2002-12-31

The controls are easy the graphics are amazing and the multiplayer is outstanding. The levels are so long so you have forever to play unless you are really good at them. The controls are everlasting you just have so many diffrent control settings. The game gos in slow motion sometimes in multiplayer but it comes out of it usually. The multiplayer is the best part about this game you get to fly helicopters and drive tanks shoot machine guns or rocket launchers right in the multiplayer level. The multiplayer is just easy to say huge. The first person game levels are really cool with tons of cut seens.
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-12-30

It's hard to believe that there could be another James Bond game quite like Goldeneye, but there is. The graphics on this game could be a little better but they are still fairly good. There are 12 levels that are completly action packed. The levels are a little long and some are VERY difficult, but you can definitly get threw them. The levels are very well put together and feature a variety of new gadgets including the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish. This is a very good game and I recomend it to anyone.
Best you'll probably ever find with Rare gone!
by: gamecubelvr    On: 2002-12-28

NEVER IN GAMING HISTORY have graphics on a home console looked this sharp! Incredibly realistic! Everything is detailed down to the dust particles on various surfaces and textures! Facial expression, perfect voice recognition and mouth movements fit the words exactly right! Everything about the game is beyond beautiful, It's damn near photo realistic!

Gunshots all sound different and as realistic as possible, speech never faulters or sounds slurry, plenty more back ground sounds add to the enviorment, and a bulls-eye musical score (the bond theme makes a comeback at last) make Nightfire a joy to watch as well as listen to!

Can you say,"by far the best single player mode since the n64's Perfect Dark?" You can? Well you speak the truth my brother! Despite the fact it only has 12 levels, those levels are extremely long, and full of guns, gadgets, and vehicles.(not forgetting the VIRTUALLY BEUTIFUL WOMEN)(ha ha!Virtually!pardon the pun). Anyways... 5 fast paced stationary or full control driving levels,(including getting to reek havok in the jungle on an SUV), And the other 7 being funner than .. first person levels,inluding places like a skyscraper, an austrian castle, an island launch station, and SPACE!!! yes, SPACE!!! enjoy! you'll be at it a while trying to beat it on all 3 difficulties!

Not quite Perfect Dark, but still plenty of options to keep you happy for a long time!Up to 4 players,(of course),and up to 6 AI bots make for plenty of possibilities,8 arenas,9 weapon presets, and about 12 scenarios add to the fun also, not to mention a whopping about 25 character skins (some have to be unlocked)! If only you could completely customize the weapons in the match, the presets are good, but if you want many different weapons, select the normal preset. Pretty good overall.

In conclusion,EA has finally done it and created an enjoyable first-person shooter using the 007 license. I see great things on the horizon for EA, which I crown the most likely replacement for Rare who as you may know was bought out by Microsoft leaving Sony and Nintendo fans in the dust.(damn you microsoft)! I hope my review was helpful enough so that you by this joy of a disc no matter what system you own and not miss out on the game of the year 2002!

A Must Have For Your GameCube Library
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-12-27

Ever since "Agent Under Fire" came out, I have been waiting with anticipation for the next 007 game to come and biy, this game blows the last away. I love all the driving levels and the graphics are great! The PPK that you usually start out with now has more of a rapid fire. The levels are more challenging, esp. Chain Reaction, but are a lot more fun than "Agent Under Fire"'s level which after you kill a person you later find out that you only killed their clone. Evrythings great about the missions.
But, ever since I have started playing multiplayer, I have been hooked on it ever since. If you love multiplayer games, this is for you. Sure there's not a lot of levels to choose from, but there's a lot of characters to choose from like Oddjob, Pussy Galore, Goldfinger, and many more classic characters. Plus, in the multiplayer mode you can control mini tanks and helicopters to surprise your opponets. There is many differents modes of multiplayer such as Capture the Flag, King of The Hill, Team Arena, and many, many more.
I give the grapics a 10/10, the wait time a 9/10 because between your objective it takesabout 15 seconds to load, and fun 15/10. I highly recommended this game.
A Must Have For Your GameCube Library
by: areader4life    On: 2002-12-27

Ever since "Agent Under Fire" came out, I have been waiting with anticipation for the next 007 game to come and biy, this game blows the last away. I love all the driving levels and the graphics are great! The PPK that you usually start out with now has more of a rapid fire. The levels are more challenging, esp. Chain Reaction, but are a lot more fun than "Agent Under Fire"'s level which after you kill a person you later find out that you only killed their clone. Evrythings great about the missions.
But, ever since I have started playing multiplayer, I have been hooked on it ever since. If you love multiplayer games, this is for you. Sure there's not a lot of levels to choose from, but there's a lot of characters to choose from like Oddjob, Pussy Galore, Goldfinger, and many more classic characters. Plus, in the multiplayer mode you can control mini tanks and helicopters to surprise your opponets. There is many differents modes of multiplayer such as Capture the Flag, King of The Hill, Team Arena, and many, many more.
I give the grapics a 10/10, the wait time a 9/10 because between your objective it takesabout 15 seconds to load, and fun 15/10. I highly recommended this game.
BeSt BoNd EvEr MaDe
by: lakbrown    On: 2002-12-26

Let's face it this is the best game so far for gamecube. Bond really does look how he does in the movies. The graphics are supereb. This game is a must for the Bond fans. Even if you are not a Bond fan you will still love this game.
the best game ever
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-12-26

This game is awesome! There are lots of levelsand the car chases are the best. The multiplayer mode offers many options and is tons of fun. Buy this game now!
by: mklugherz    On: 2002-12-26

This game is okay, but not the best. The race levels are an improvement over goldeneye, but the agent under fire racing levels are much better because you can use the Z8, DB5, or even the esprit. You need cheats to beat this game below age 14, but the multiplayer mode is what you should buy this game for. For anyone below age 14, buy super smash bros. melee or need for speed hot pursuit 2 (it has the V12 Vanquish as well).
James Bond Nightfire
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-12-24

this game is the worst james Bond game ever! the only thing good in this game is the graphics. this game has 12 levels on it.And there all hard its frastrating will find yourself on the last level for about 2 long hours before beating it.Ang there is about 3 othere levels that are hard too.when I rented this game I thought it would take 3 days to bet it. it took 5 hours, too short for me. get Agent Under Fire before this crap! agent under fire is A better game. Multiplayer is your only hope for serving your christmas break with this game, Dont waste your time.
worthy effort by EA
by: evil_cheerio    On: 2002-12-24

This game is a pretty good game. EA did a better job with this then Agent under fire. I would recommend renting this game before you buy it. I've people that said this game was awsome and others that thought it was bad. This doesn't live up to golden eye and Rareware produced much better games then EA. My opinion is that you Should pick up Time Splitters 2 it is Produced by Free Radical (they broke off Rareware and they made Golden Eye)
by: bondia    On: 2002-12-23

I have never played a game this great! IT IS SIMPLY THE BEST!!
Finally an amazing james bond game after goldeneye.
by: danielpalacio    On: 2002-12-20

Let me start by saying i bought the game 3 days ago. When i first played it, i found it a little hard to control the game but after an hour or two i had a good control over bond then i realized with this kind of movement he game feels more real and if you dont liked you can change it an there are lots of different tipes control for example goldeneye controls. Another thing i foud more interesting about this game was that the bada guys are a lot more intelligent than in goldeneye if they shoot at you and you dont hide they will certainly hit you and there are less bad guys. this points will sum up the game
1. like goldeneye you have 3 difficulty, and also you get qualified in each missin and you get a price like cheat options in goldeneye.
2.multiplayer mode is way better than goldeneye.
3. Its a short game like goldeneye but you are supposed to finish the game in the 3 difficulty levels.(the same as goldeneye)
4.guns are way better. are great.


The best James Bond game since Goldeneye
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-12-17

I havent buy it, but some frends tell me that this game is the best since goldeneye, for example: The Graphic are better than agent under fire, the story is the best, since goldeneye, and the missions are extremely cool.
Goldeneye's Twin Brother, With Better Graphics
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-12-11

Nightfire is an amazing game. While its graphics are not actually that spectacular, when compared to Metroid Prime or Mario Sunshine, they are quite solid. More importantly, the graphic style reminds me of Goldeneye--relying on great poly counts rather than 'textures,' like World is not Enough and Agent Under Fire did.

In addition to graphics, gameplay and control are wonderful. The sensitivity of the controls is just right, even if it isn't customizable like Halo. Also, the actual setup has a plethora of different modes, so you can play whatever way makes you comfortable.

And the levels. Brilliantly designed, for the most part. Though they're not all perfect (I did not particularly live level 1), most are great. The one where you're fighting the Yakuza in Mayhew's estate?--fantastic! And when you start out on a rooftop, surrunded by smipers, and with only a smiper rifle, a pistol and a prayer? Sensational! With multiple ways to complete any level (do I choose the door, or the zipline?), and meaty guns (no more being stuck with a pathetically innacurate sub-machine gun!), I at least was more than satisfied. I'm particularly happy that you now no longer run out of lives, so if you're stuck at the end of a level, you can keep trying until you win!

But as with Goldeneye, the one player mode-however sensational!-is just icing on the cake. Multiplayer is Nightfire's heart and soul, and it doesn't disappoint. While numerous old-school characters, lot's of unlockable modes, and customizable bots are great, the two most important aspects are also there in abundance: guns and good levels. For example, it's a lot of fun to be guiding a missile towards a seemingly unsuspecting friend, when he shoots it down with an assault rifle! Now that's cool!

All in all, Nightfire is a very cool one player and multiplayer game. It's also very, very good, but the active word here is cool. You can even upgrade your camera, to find hidden snipers with a bio-target designator! The point is, this is a masterpiece worthy of your money.

This game was the BOMB!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-12-10

James Bond: Nightfire has GOT to be the best James Bond game yet! With new weapons, and new gadgets, 007 will surely get the job done. with old friends like Nightshade, and new enemies too. If you liked Agent Under Fire, you'll LOVE this game.
one of the best games for James Bond
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-12-07

James bond 007 nightfire is an amazing for the new year. I don't have it yet but I heard that this game is going to be a hot item for toy stores. I advise everyon who loves James Bond and loves riding in new cars and shooting people you want to buy Nightfire.
one of the best games for James Bond
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-12-07

James bond 007 nightfire is an amazing for the new year. I don't have it yet but I heard that this game is going to be a hot item for toy stores. I advise everyon who loves James Bond and loves riding in new cars and shooting people you want to buy Nightfire.
Hey men, theres a metroid waiting to be buyd instead o this.
by: danielfischmanvogel    On: 2002-12-07

Why should you buy a game thad its 12 levels long???????? (i have this game.. it [inhales with force]), if you can buy Metroid Prime, MP, its long, grphics, are the best ever made, and its enjoyable.
Im sayng it to you, dont buy it, its bad, short....... the only good things are graphicas, but for thad, give the thanks to the NGC, not to the game.........
by: sdrochound    On: 2002-12-05

I found this game to be a little monotonous after a while. At first it seems pretty cool because you have certain gadgets like cell phone grappling hook and palm pilot computer crackers, but after a while the game just gets so repetitive I lost interest. The only reason I continued playing was just so I could beat it in hope that the ending sequence was pretty cool; it wasn't. I also don't think there are enough weapons in the game. You have a handgun, sniper rifle, missile launcher, grenades, and a few other weapons, but nothing really cool. At most this was just an entertaining game but nothing epic; not that I thought it would be.
007 Nightfire, What were they thinking!!
by: jaxblackflamme    On: 2002-12-04

Ok, I don't care what everyone says this game in my opinion came up a bit short. Well it does have some strong points like the amazing graphics,but the controls are sooooo sluggish. For example when your running and you turn it will take you ages to finally face the right direction. You'll find yourself dead in about 4 shots and they changed the aiming system, the result isn't to great.I mean is it possible that EA will ever make a good bond game??
So Much Better Than Agent Under Fire
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-12-03

This was a great game. I could hardly believe how much better it was compared to AUF. I began playing the first mission and already thought it was better than AUF. I was a little skeptical before hand because of AUF, but this game is awesome. Everything is improved upon compared to Auf. This really is a great game.
Great game, but very short
by: cheesetogo    On: 2002-12-02

NightFire is definetly the best 007 game EA Games has ever made, but it still is not as good as GoldenEye(okay, the grahpics stank, but it was an N64 game.) The multi-player is great, and the levels for it are really good. You don't have the custom guns select anymore, but it's still good. One-player is great, but to the experienced gamer, it's very easy. I've had the game for about a week now, and I've beaten the game. I can see some of the levels being fun to play over and over again. The levels are not quite as long as I'd like them to be either. There are only 12 levels too, which is hardly any. GoldenEye had 20 long, dfficult missions. Multi-player won't get boring for a while though. There are about 8 scenarios, and I haven't played them all yet! Bottom line: Buy the game only if you play lots of the multi-player. If you just want to play one-player, rent it; you'll beat it in a week.
Nightfire: The Best Bond Game since 007 Goldeneye
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-12-01

I went into this title expecting Nightfire to be Agent Under Fire with new levels. Boy, was I wrong. Nightfire is the game Bond fans have been waiting for.

Most people think this game is on the short side. Are you blind? Sure, it only has 12 levels, but with 4 medals to unlock on each level, three difficulty levels, and multiple ways to beat a level, it is a long game. This game is the closest you'll get to playing Goldeneye on Gamecube.

The graphics are amazing. Bond moves, talks, and moves like Pierce Brosnan. The environments are gorgeus with combustable objects, and animated objects.

Multiplayer is a delightful suprise. Sheer Bond nostalgia is present. I found myself playing as Oddjob, Jaws, May Day and even Nick Nack. There is also A plethorea of modes. I found myself finding the halves of the goldeneye key, and assassinating a random target.


Sound: 8.5


Logetivity: 9.5


It couldn't get any better than this
by: suepam    On: 2002-12-01

This has got to be one of the best James Bond games EVER! I got it for the Hoildays and boy dose it pack a punch. The game is much more realistic, the AI enmies react to what you do and are a lot smarter than before. Also my personal favrotie has to be the 5 levels, count them 5 LEVELS of the Aston Martin Vanquish. As you will see in the first level the game practicly plays it self.
All in All it is a Great Buy
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-11-30

It's a good game but it could have better multiplayer
An Average Game
by: thomashaggblom    On: 2002-11-30

What? You're asking how DURABLE is this TOY. How can a game be durable?

Well lets start:

I have seen all the james bond movies and I have goldeneye and T.W.I.N.E on the N64. But EA:s recent bond games, Agent under fire and Nightfire are games not done from movies. EA has designed the plot for them... they failed. The games are not as good as TWINE was and the multiplayer is far from goldeneye. I'm still going to buy this because im a great FPS fan.... Go for timesplitters instead...

Awesome Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-11-29

This Game is great. The car levels are full of action and u cant just call it a shoot em up game. This game is more stealthy and secretive then Agent Under fire. This is NOT a mindless shooter game
Don't pass this one over as just another FPS
by: amanda1701    On: 2002-11-24

007: Nightfire is a lot more than just another FPS (First Person Shooter), the game's single player levels are a combination of three game engines: The first is a decent first person shooter engine that will occasionally cut to third-person perspective so you can perform "Bond moves", (think Metal Gear Solid), the second engine is the latest Need For Speed engine that has been modified to support targeting and use weapons, the third is a first person shooter perspective from a moving vechical (snow board, airplane, etc..). The combination of these three unique game types helps keep the game interesting. The single player levels are well thought out and non-linear (you can choose to turn most leves into a shoot-em up or you can be sly and play out the bound role to keep casualties low).

You have three difficulity settings, if you play the game on easy, it is just that, the assisted targeting feature (which you may not even notice) makes the game appoachable for younger and less hard core gamers, control is very smooth, changing weapons and deciding when to use them is intuitive thanks to a good design.

Multiplayer mode is typical split-screen death match, not much to be said, other than it's a nice-to-have feature.

A bargain at $50
by: ideastoday    On: 2002-11-24

As a casual gamer, it's usually pretty hard to get me to part with [my hard earned cash] for a video game. I tend to wait until games are a couple years old and then pick them up [cheap].

That being said, not only did I pay [full price] for Nightfire, but I also bought the GameCube console to run it. This game is incredible. The graphics are so good in places you have to blink a couple times to be sure you aren't watching a DVD. I thought Goldeneye was a thoroughly enjoyable game, but Nightfire is a very substantial improvement in graphics, gameplay, and storyline.

For the most part, Nightfire is still a first-person shooter, but with enough variety that gameplay doesn't get stale. You'll find yourself zipping across frozen lakes firing at helicopters from snowmobiles and cruising Bond's Aston Martin through the city as well.

Bottom line, this is a gorgeous game that's a blast to play. You won't regret buying it.

Awesome game
by: eely3    On: 2002-11-24

Great game, cool gadgets, and realistic action make this a great game. The explosions also look great.
Great game!! Great gift!!
by: buckizard    On: 2002-11-20

For fans of the first Bond adventure or someone wondering what all the commotion is about, this game rocks!!! The graphics and gameplay are incredible. I still play the origianl and never fail to have a blast. Lots of the same features are there like the car chase levels and of course the wonderful first-person level exploring. Great movie sequences and plenty of Bond fun and gadgets. A must for the Gamecube owner!!!
The extreme!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-11-05

This game is way better than agent under fire
get this game its the best its got aton of level
This game is awesome
by: noonemyob    On: 2002-11-04

This game is so sweet I recommend it to anyone who likes shoot em up games, and anyone who doesn't. I've beat it three times, it is so fun, yet challenging!! It is awesome.

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