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Jeremy McGrath Supercross World
Manufacturer: Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.      
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Excellent Motorcross Game!
by: impickles    On: 2006-01-24

Okay, so this is my first review on a Game Cube game, but it ROCKS! I enjoyed the single player and multiplayer very much. I don't really see how this game got poor reviews. I played Motorcross madness for PC, and I think this is worlds BETTER! If you have a Gamecube, or a PS2 buy this and enjoy it!
Not the best....not even close.
by: huskerstj2    On: 2003-05-26

I must agree with some of the other reviews that indicate this game isn't worth the money. It's lackluster play might be worth the cost of renting it, but that's pushing it. Save your money and try another supercross game becuase this one doesn't come close.

Bottom Line: D-

My son loves this game
by: cableguy103    On: 2002-09-22

My son loves his new game. We recieved it within 2 weeks after ordering it. And since it came from a long distance,that's pretty good. He plays it everyday, so that says he likes it. So we want to thank you for getting it to us so quickly.

Thanks again,

Janet L. Focken

his Games is a BIG waste of money
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-07-28

At first when i rented this game i was excited becuase i like motocross games. I had recently played freekstytle on my friends ps2. That games was awesome. When i got home and put in jeremy mcgrath i did a freestyle course. Man did it suc. U really have no control over what trick you are going to do you just press buttons and it comes out. I thought the season mode was stupid because the games is trying to hard to be like tony hawk. Overal i think that it is a waste of money to even spend [$] for renting it.
Deserves less than one star...
by: daktaari    On: 2002-04-02

This is my first review. The complete and utter unworthiness of this game is the motivation for this review. This game absolutely sucks. I bought it expecting "Excitebike 64" and then some, but this game does not come close. Don't even think of buying this game if you've played Excitebike 64, you'll be [angry]like me.
what a waste of money
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-03-09

...If I was you I would not buy it.The graphics are 0k,and sound is buddy.You can't land a jump ,or steer the hunk of junk.the game says you can get travis pastrana ,but you can't...
Great Game
by: chrismedic15    On: 2002-03-07

The graphics are great, and the gameplay is great. This game is sort of like wave race in that it takes a while to get good at it. When you do, it is a very worthwile experiance. Some might be fustrated and throw the game out, but stick with it and it's worth it.
you should wait.
by: wacko_zacko10    On: 2002-03-05

This is a fun game but the graphics bite so if you where going to buy this you should wait a while. The game its self is pretty fun so if you don't care about graphics much then buy it.
AGE 13
Supercross Review
by: nflrulz00    On: 2002-03-03

I personally think this is one of the worst games ever. The graphcis are good but the gameplay [is not good]. It takes too long to get a stunt started, landing after going off of big jumps is near impossible, and for some reason during the race, the computer racers are able to crash into you and then keep riding, where you fall and lose positions. Try the game though, see if you like it or not. Though most of my friends and I hate it.

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