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Jimmy Neutron Attack of the Twonkies
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Jimmy and the Twonkies
by: jentifer671    On: 2006-02-27

At first this game was a little difficult for my son, but the more he played it, the more he liked it.
by: lisacarole4    On: 2006-02-21

Boy genius Jimmy Neutron tries to save the earth. He has just returned from outer space, and he's brought back a cute little alien friend. Unfortunately, this friend suddenly multiplies into a number of vicious Twonkies! Now Jimmy must save the earth by building Twonkie-squashing devices!

Players spend most of their time moving through levels gathering invention parts while avoiding or defeating Twonkies. Once the correct parts are gathered, Jimmy can create a new invention to use. He can make three different levels of items: gizmos, inventions and super inventions.

Jimmy also has his trusty robotic dog, Goddard at his side. Goddard can be upgraded to hunt for gizmo pieces, break down barriers and dig for treasure.

Six different episodes with several different levels (Jimmy's lab and Twonkus-3). Carl, Jimmy's mom and the school teachers appear.

If you're a fan of the Jimmy Neutron movie or the TV show, this game faithfully captures Jimmy's adventures. If you haven't heard of Jimmy before, you should give the game a shot. It's fast-paced storyline and RPG-like invention system will appeal to many gamers.

Special Features: Revolutionary Inventions System allows players to collect every day objects and combine them to create more than 26 gizmos, 11 inventions and 4 super inventions. Bonus gizmos are hidden in all six levels, giving Jimmy secret power-ups.
Welcome to Kindergarten !!!
by:    On: 2005-10-08

I am writing evaluation for this game because I wish somebody wrote it before I bought the game myself. There is a reason for the title I gave - the game is a joke if you are a gamer who is passed being 7 years old. Sure, there are some excellent games that are made for children and, as an experienced gamer, after playing 007, Halo, Resident Evil, and Prince of Persia, I don't mind having fun with the games I bought for my child. After all, the reason I bought this game in the first place was because I rather liked the previous Jimmy Neutron: Jet Fusion, which was not a masterpiece but was well developed with a lot of ingenuity and imagination.

This game - forget it. To begin with, Jimmy Neutron: Attack of the Twonkies isn't just short - it's a game where you accidentally blink for a second and realize... "What, it's over already?" In overall, it seems that the game itself is made out of ONE chapter with four or five sections where Jimmy is obligated to collect all of the Twonkies that he accidentally brought from the visit to a comet, accidentally letting them multiply.
The entire game is based on a principle of Luidgy's Mansion only instead of a vacuum cleaner, Jimmy is using a vacuum beam to suck the monsters into a backpack. Time to time, he encounters larger version of the Twonkies, which he splits into the small ones and, again, collects them with a vacuum beam - THAT'S IT!!!!!!!!!

It seems like the THQ main creative team went on vacation and the game was made by the trainees left to watch the place. The game is full of junk items - if in the previous game Jimmy had to collect items that turned into inventions crucial to the gameplay, in this game he ends up creating numerous "gizmos" that are either rarely used or have no purpose what so ever. The game has numerous loose ends - Jimmy gets to navigate the rocket through the meteor field and it never returns, a great addition is introduced in a form of a JETPACK, which again disappears right after the level is over. No puzzles, no innovative adventures, no colorful worlds - just run around and collect Twonkies.

The only three highlights are: the 3-D graphics made in a style of Simpsons: Hit and Run, the section where you get to play the old arcade games, and the bosses that were lucky to get the only creative energy meant for the entire game. The game is meant for the preschoolers of 6 or 7 years old; then again, being an experienced gamer, even I got hopelessly stuck time to time not because the game was hard but because of its poor organization and planning.

In overall, I expected more from THQ. You can buy or rent it like the movie Giggly - just to see if it's as bad as they say. Have fun, if you can.

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