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Lord of the Rings The Third Age
Manufacturer: Electronic Arts      
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A COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: jorgensens5    On: 2006-09-03

I bought this game before I looked at the reviews, and now I regret buying it. It is the 2nd worst game I have ever played(1st being Finding Nemo). If this game sound cool to you don't buy it before renting it. If you don't rent it first, I am telling you, it is a waste of money!! I payed $20 on this when I could've spent it on a better game, now I wasted 20 bucks on that piece of junk! I lost valuable weapons on that game because I died but could'nt save at any time I wanted to. That is why you should rent it first or waste your money.

Experience the Trilogy, through RPG
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-06-25

First of all, RPGs are one of my favourite type of game, especially Final Fantasy's. And to hear that the greatest movie of all time is coming out in RPG style, I was astonished about the idea. The only thing was that this was an EA game. Dont get me wrong, I think EA are great for games. Just not familiar to RPGs. But I thought to my self, if I havent seen any RPG under EA games then I cant complain just yet.

The game is based upon the entire LOTRs trilogy. You play as an all-new character cast, interacting with the heroes of the movie trilogy through certain events from the main story.

With the first ten minutes of this game I could see that EA has done an excellent job. With its graphics and sound, 'LOTRs:the third age' really gives a brilliant impression of the movie. The music and atmosphere are spot on and sound effects of the enemies really gives you the impression that you are actually watching the movie. The best thing within these effects are noticed within the battle scene. But the best has still to come when you reach Balrog himself. As you fight alongside Gandalf you will notice how the animation of Balrog is so fluid. While containing stunning visuals and sound effects within the Balrog battle this is one of the most dramatic experiences through RPG.

It also contains a massive amount of cut scenes of the actual movie that are found throughout the game so people will not miss out on their favourite scenes.

The thing about 'LOTR:the third age' is that as you continue on your adventure you will notice how things differs in many ways to most large epic RPGs. There are no shops to purchase items or weapons. These must be found through the land of middle earth in battles and treasure chests. As an RPG, it also seems a bit linear. After a Major quest is complete, there is no going back. This may be a problem for big epic RPG fans. But this can also be a good thing. Even though this is an RPG game, even non-RPG fans may find this entertaining and a fun experience to play.

I have noticed that many critics have made bad comments on this one. I feel that this one has been totally underrated, big time. So it may not be the perfect RPG or entirely an RPG epic, but EA has still provided us with a great RPG, nonetheless, for everyone and not just for the fans.
Fantastic Adventure!     On: 2006-05-30

This game holds true to form to the movie, yet you play a parallel characters alongside the main plot. It works very well doing this, and the GIANT selection of cinematics is breathtaking!

The graphics on this are showcase for any system, and are stunning by all accounts. In addition, there are bonus evil campaigns, where you can fight as the mighty watcher or Balrog, and other things.

Fantastic game, and the GameCube version is much better than the other incarnations.
Pretty fun for a guy who's not a big fan of RPG
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-05-23

I bought this game for one reason: I love Lord of the Rings. The books, movies, games, everything. So I bought this game thinking it was like the Return of the King video game only spanning the whole trilogy. In a way I was right, but it was an RPG and I really wasnt a big fan of em. But I grew to love it. Heres why


Great graphics and scenery (its so cool when you recognize places from the movie)
Cool Weapons
Addicting gameplay (it useually doesn't get boring)
Long enough (not to short)
Spans all three movies perfectly


Fighting can get annoying (especially if goblins keep popping up in Moria and all you need to fo is move into one room)

Besides that, everything is pretty cool. You basically follow in the footsteps of the Fellowship as your OWN Fellowship: A Gondorian, an Elf, Ranger, Dwarf, Rohan woman and Rohan soldier
You go places like Lothlorian, Moria, Rohan, Pelennor Fields and Minas Tirith. Overall a pretty good storyline with great cut scenes that make it feel like you know whats going on every minute of the game. For example, you begin to feel a strong relationship between the She-Elf and the Gondorian or the bonds of friendship between the Dwarf and Ranger.

Overall, buy this game, expecially if you love the Lord of the Rings. It will keep you addicted for hours. Enjoy!
The Third Age is Awesome
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-05-04

The Third Age is an okay game. What the games lacks in the fact that the story isn't very good, it makes up for in the graphics and the music. This game is also really fun to play, you just can't stop playing it! The characters are almost entirley customizable, the only problem is that each character can have only one kind of weapon at a time. The game is long, like most good RPGs, but it is too easy. On my first time playing through it on the medium level, I did not die once. It is impossible to die, because every two minutes there is a save station, which heals you, and every chest carries a billion healing items, so at the end of the game, you have infinite healing items. The game also gives you items that are two good to use in combat, like Morgul Decay, which allows you to kill the final boss before he can attack you. Also, the on the hardest enemies, the games gives you heroes from the fellowship that cannot die. In the final level, you fight eight ringwraiths succesivly, and you get ARagorn, who has an ability that can take away half the health of four of them at the same time.

Not the best
by: 2preciouskidz    On: 2006-02-10

it at the same time has too much and too little fighting. you have to do alot of exploring but at random times you will enter a fight.
Run all day long
by: elite_guy    On: 2005-12-30

I got this a few days back and I must say "DO NOT BUY". Sure, you battle a couple of foes, but you probably NEVER will finish this game. You'll waste more than $10, so DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay but not the best
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-29

The games overall okay but but it has a few bad things, such as on evil mode you cant move all you do is fight over and over and the heroes do stuff you cant do yet. Its also stupid when youre sorrunded by 6 enimies on hero mode and you have 6 guys but you can only use three and the enimies are all attacking twice. It also horribly diffrent from the movie when you do stuff like help eowyn kill the witch king(yah id like to see that in the movie) and help gandolf kill the balrog in moria. It does have a few good things though like customizing your guys( even through its not really customizing like they say you can, its just sticking on new armor). And it has decent graphics and you get to go someplaces the fellowship goes. But overall if you didnt like the lotr movies or games stay away.But personally even if you do like lotr its still not worth your time.
It was could have been A LOT better.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-28

Okay, first off, I absolutely love Tolkien. I absolutely love RPGs.
I was hoping for an RPG in where you could actually play the original characters and go to the places they went: Hobbiton, Weathertop, Rivendell, Lorien...etc. Well, when I found about this game, I got excited, until I learned about the new characters and such. Well, no big deal, I bought it anyways, being the big LotR fan I was. I was a bit disappointed.
The Graphics and the music were great. That was the only good thing about it unfortunately.
The Characters were extremely annoying (Hadhod, Idrial and Morwen especially) and a cheesy love story was thrown in. Certain names were mispronounced, and Aragorn, my gosh, Aragorn annoyed the hell out of me. All of his lines were basically ripped from the movies and it felt out of place. The "You bow to no one" ticked me off.
Basically, the game is about a second fellowship following the real fellowship around and you pretty much do the same thing as they did. The one thing I had in mind is, if your going to do the same thing, then why not use the original characters? Personally, I'd like to try beating the Balrog as Gandalf alone. I'd like to try going against the Witchking as Eowyn. I'd like to play Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli together in the battle for Helms Deep. And I'd like to try it without any help from a "wannabe" fellowship.
The ending is incredibly bad as well.
I bought this game with high expectations, instead, I got a disappointment.
Worst Lord of the Rings game ever - piece of RPG junk!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-12

This is the worst possible lord of the rings game ever. It can't get any worse. I hate RPG games personally, but some people do like RPG. if you like RPG, its a good game, BUT I HATE IT. I bought it from a store for $20, played it, and called back to see if I could return it. I couldn't, so it's sitting in my game cabinet right now collecting dust.

I gave it 1 star for good graphics - that's it
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-07

First off I must say I don't really care for RPG games, but this one in particular was the worst I've ever seen. Even my friends who like RPG games hated this one. You play as less than reconizable characters from the book, which in fact has them in different places, not on a trip. Unlike The Two Towers, not an RPG, you run around without getting attacked, and when you are attacked the fight isn't determined by your swordsmanship, you have to attack in an orderly fashion, each person with there own turn, and the can't be hurt unless it's the other person's turn. You can't save unless you run long enough that you run into a "saving station". When you win a battle the heroes make stupid victory dances.
A very good RPG
by: biker-man    On: 2005-11-22

I'm getting a kick out of all of these reviews that say, "I wasn't expecting it to be an RPG". Well for starters, it says on the front cover "One of the most exciting RPGs since Final Fantasy" and on the back it says "One RPG to rule them all". If you didn't realize it was an RPG when you bought it, you obviously didn't look at it closely.

Overall, I thought it was a great game. The battle system is turn-based, as are most RPGs, so if you don't like RPGs, don't buy the game. But if you're into Final Fantasy, or Golden Sun, I would recomend this game to you.
Excellent RPG
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-04

Great, great game. Very challenging overall (especially on hard difficulty), lots of secrets to unlock, scenery is gorgeous, and music is very Middle Earthy. Makes you feel like you're right in the movie. For you youngsters lacking the patience necesary for a turn based RPG, perhaps you should stay away from this one. It is not like the other LOTR games, but rather more akin to a Final Fantasy. For everyone else, highly recommended.

The game centers around the travels of a Gondorian soldier who begins in the woods around Rivendell as he searches for his captain Boromir. As the game and story progress, you pick up various characters from different places in Middle Earth, including an elf woman, a dwarf, a Ranger, a Rider of Rohan, and a outcast Gondorian woman. Some are dissapointed by the fact that you don't play as the LOTR characters, but really I think it's better this way. We already had 3 games like that, and I think we've played Gandalf and Aragorn to death. And there are times in the game when your party intersects with the LOTR characters and you get to battle with them in your group (e.g. Gandalf helps you out against the Balrog, Aragorn and his crew help at Helm's Deep). Each character has different skill trees he can work on to level up and get new moves (like in Diablo II), and the weapon and armor selection is quite vast.

So all around one of the better RPG I've ever played. The only thing that keeps this one from a full 5 star rating is the complete lameness of the final battle and ending. Kind of a let down there. But otherwise a brilliant game
Not like other Lord of the Rings
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-04

If you have played Lord of the rings 1,2, or 3 this game is completely different, you dont attack and parry or anything! you just take turns killing the other guy and him killing you so this game is really boring because its more strategy than action and adventure
total crud
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-10-27

when i first rented this game, i was so exited that another lord of the rings games were out. but it wasn't like the others.
i hate games that you have to take turns, and this was one of them.i played this for 5 min. and was thinking,"this is a load of crap".im just gonna stick to the other lord of the rings games such as the two towers instead of this crud
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-10-27

i was really exited when I rented this game, thinking it was going to be yet another fun Lord of the Rings games.But I was sadly mistaken.I waasn't expecting it to be an RPG game,so after 10 minutes of playing it,I was bored to death.If your collecting the Lord of the Rings games, I suggest that you don't include this one.the reason i gave it 3 stars is because it was fun for about 5 minutes, but then it became stupid.I'm just sticking to the other Lord of the Rings games because those are actually fun.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-09-10

I finally rented this game after waiting about a month. I thought it would be like the Return of the King with the original characters and everything, but it wasn't. You would fight like the Pokemon games on Gameboy, and you wouldn't even start with the original characters like Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, and all the other ones. I played it for two minutes then shut the game off. It was so stupid. I would never in my life recommend this game. Don't even rent it like I did. What a hunk of junk!
where have all the real characters gone?
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-09-09

i did not like it at all. almost no relation to movies or book. no characters from the book and bad story. and, instead of running down the road into a band of orcs, a big green thing will apper, and you'll be in a fight. highly disrecomend it.
asom game!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-08-24

This game is so awesome I got it for a graduating 6th grade present and I could not stop playing it. This game can get very difficult so if you don't like challenging games don't buy this game. The storyline was very good but the ending was pretty crummy. Overall this is a awesome game U HAV GOT 2 BUY THIS GAME
Another crappy game from Easy -Arithmetic= EA Games
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-08-08

Once again a game with no imagination from Easy-Arithmetic. EA is notorious for usings and raping really good stories: such as The Lord of the Rings. The storyline of this game is no where near finished and creative like what J R.R. Tokien would have liked. The graphics in this game are the worst in all the LOTR games that EA has ever come out with. EA is really running the Lord of the Ring's franchise thin. I mean really thin! If they keep coming out with these mediocre games, I'm not buying! And I recommend you don't either. This game does serious injustice.
Second hand RPG
by: kagomehigurashi8    On: 2005-07-12

This RPG is great for people who are really into the movie trilogy, although I found it rather disappointing. The battling game play is something reminiscent of Final Fantasy and the story line seems to be desperately trying to sew itself into the original LOTR storyline.

First there's you, the hero, who travels just SLIGHTLY behind the original game characters. Every time you enter a place, it just so happens they JUST left. And then you meet up with an elf, then later on, a dwarf, then a human archer, and oh wait, is this group starting to sound familiar?

Overall the storyline and the painfully time consuming battling will leave many people scratching their heads.
One of the best games with one of the worst endings
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-07-12

Overall, this game is totally worth buying. I bought it a week ago and had trouble leaving my gamecube to go to sleep at night. I spent about 23 hours playing it. The graphics are incredible. The storyline captures you. The scenes you gain as you play are well made. Gandalf is the narrator and basically you play as a gondorian with a group of 5 others on a quest gandalf has set for you, following along behind the fellowship. The battles are fun once you get some good attacks. The scenery is beautiful.

The only thing I was disappointed with was the ending. I won't give you many specifics, but it's a bit of a let down for the characters. For instance, I think the main character ended up with the wrong girl, but that's just me.

Other than that, though, I have no complaints. I enjoyed the game very much and I felt a bond with the characters that brought me into the plot line. You fight huge bosses like the balrog (with gandalf), the witch king, dozens of enemies in Helms Deep (with Legolas, Gimli and Aragorn). The battles (which are a big part of the game) can be frustrating if you go about them wrong, but they are fun when you get the hang of them. I recomend it for any lotr fan!

Graphics: 10/10
Characters/Plot: 8.5/10
Battles: 9/10
Worth it? Definitely!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-07-09

This game is slow and boring, specialy during battles. I just want to say that i got this game and I just want to trow it in the garbage and get my money back.
The Best LOTR Game I own
by: bsgrrrl    On: 2005-07-07

I am a fan of the Lord of the Rings. I have all the books, have all the movies (both the regular and extended cuts), and own the games Two Towers and Return of the King. So it was only natural that I wanted the Third Age. It exceeded all of my expectations.

The main gripe of those who hated it is, "The characters are not in the movie!" Well, wrong. Berethor, Idrail, Elegost, and Hadhod were all in the movies, whether it be in the extended versions or the regular cuts. Just bit parts, but they were there. Only Morwen and Eaoden were not in the movies. This makes the storyline a lot more unique instead of you playing as Aragorn, Legolas, or Gimli all the time. You do get to fight with all of those characters, as well as with Gandalf and Eowyn.

Another main gripe of those who hated it is, "The combat style sucks, three hits and you're dead, blah blah blah." The combat style is reminiscent of games such as The Legend of Dragoon and Final Fantasy> If you don't like that type of combat style, or have the patience to make your characters good, don't get this game.

The graphics? Excellent. Sound? Excellent? Storyline? Unique and original. The only real main gripe I have about the game is the last battle (SPOILER FOLLOWS): You fight Sauron. Not Sauron the guy, but Sauron the eye. I thought that to be a tad farfetched.

I would recommend this game to any LOTR fan.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-06-22

This game is such an incredible game. Its so addicting. Its even better when you do Co-Op mode with a friend. BUY THIS IF YOU LIKE FINAL FANTASY OR OTHER TURN BASED RPG GAMES
the game is incredible
by: cemason2423    On: 2005-05-06

the third age is one of the best lord of the rings game of all time. the graphics in this game are some of the best I have ever seen. it is like you are actually inside the movie. The landscapes are excellent how cool is it to actually be able to walk through helms deep. An be able to walk through Minas Tirth and moria. The stoy line is great you dont have to follow the reguler stoyline here you get your own story line. The story is really about Berethor trying to overcome sauron and the evil of mordor. With a litte bit of a love story. But overall the game is a classic and lord of the rings fans well love it.
Not a masterpiece, but how can you hate it?
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-05-04

I'm a hardcore Lord of the Rings fan, and I'm not one of those morons who just got into it because "Dude, you know the part in that movie where Legaluss killed that orc? That was sweet!" I read and enjoy the books periodically. I love the writing, the story, and the characters. I own the movies and consider them all masterpieces. But to call me an "lotr nerd" is imbecelic in a big way. The people who say this... could it be they don't comprehend what the films, and more importantly the books are truly about?

Anyway, about the game. I enjoy the game. The story is, admittedly, somewhat lacking, but the characters are not as bland as some people say. Honestly, my biggest complaint about the characters is the fact that Hadhod looks almost exactly like Gimli.

I don't get the people who hate the movie clips. It's not like they're the highlight of the game, and personally, I enjoy them. And oh, here's an idea! You can always not watch them!!

The gameplay is not the best, and that is my biggest issue with this game. The fights would be a lot more exciting and engaging if they were more like Final Fantasy VII's real-time turn-based system. Hard to explain. Play Final Fantasy VII if you want to know what I mean. Something like the limit break system from that game would be nice too.

This is no masterpiece, and it could be better, but I don't understand how people can hate it or give it one star.(...)

Lord of the rings: The crappy game
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-04-28

I knew that the lotr nerd would fall for this game. Boy were you wrong buddy! Boy were you wrong! THis game blows! Its a hard a frustrating rpg. you play as a bunch of losers who aren't even in the movie! It's very boring. Don't be fooled by this title! You lotr nerds can complain to me at and for the love of mary use spell-check...
uhg... turn based
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-04-24

This game drove me insane when I was playing it. (Thank god I rented it) I was hoping for a nice game where you actually fight, rather than a horrible turn based piece of crap! I gave it two hours (And wasted my saturday night) and it seemed to have no story and the worst fights in gaming I have ever seen. This game is incredibly depressing (and the format of the fighting parts of the game-the parts that most sane people look forward to-sickens me. It's like pokemon colloseum)
overal, this a big dissapointment. If you like games that arn't turn based, I advise that you stay away from this game, otherwise, go for it... I guess...
Engaging to the end.
by: duvodas    On: 2005-04-04

Lord of the Rings: Third Age is the tale of the Third Age of Middle-Earth where the evil forces of Sauron and Saruman seek to plunder and burn Middle-Earth into submission for the taking. There are few that stand in its defence and they must be rallied together. Drawing swords alongside famous Lord of the Rings characters such as Gimli, Aragorn and Gandalf, your party must defend the helpless.

Progressing your party of two (elf and man) from the beginning, you meet up with a ranger, dwarf and Rohirric rider as well as a stout Gondorian woman over the 50-hour game. You will defend all the major battle locations including Osgiliath and the fields of Pelennor on your march into Mordor to vanquish the eye of Sauron. These battles are where characters' magic abilities are pronounced, and cunning is necessary.

Key turn-based fights are the Helms Deep battles and in the Pelennor fields against the elephantine Mumakil, along with a consortium of wargs along the way. Orc, Goblin and Uruk-hai are the main battle groups throughout the entire game, although there is grand variety, from the Orc Shadow Chieftain through to the lowly Orc Archer Rabble. The plot follows the original LOTR, in the footsteps of the fellowship with similar conflicts and love interests along the way, from the Elven beginnings to the Mordor finale battle with Sauron. Interestingly, your party isn't complete until halfway through the game and immediately before Helms Deep. Closely entwined with the movie trilogy and given voice-over from Gandulf's actor, this game spans all three EA LOTR games in a role-playing game that is engaging to the end.

lacks a lot of RPG qualities
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-03-20

this game is kinda fun but gets dull after doing the same thing over and over. the game lacks buying and selling items. also you can only have 3 characters fighting at once. it's nice that it tells you when you are getting close to a fight but it takes away the fun of suddenly running into a fight unprepared. the story is really stupid and sort of ruins the movies. if you like RPG's don't play this game it will destroy your heart, I would recommend final fantasy games or morrowind.
Journey into middle-earth..
by: pawpawman    On: 2005-01-27

The movies are over, but the Lord of the Rings still has some life in it, in the form of EA's LOTR license. The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age is the third game based on the movie trilogy, and its quite a bit different from the previous two, as it is an RPG. However, thats not to say its any worse. Or any better. The Third Age is a thoroughly enjoyable game that should entertain you for a lengthy bit of time.

As you probably know already, the main characters in this game are new creations, and not the heroes from the films. Instead of the fellowship, you control Berethor, a gondorian swordsman; Idrial, an elf of Lothlorien, Elegost, a ranger; Hadhod, a dwarf; Morwen, a rohan villager, and Eaoden of Rohan's Royal Guard. The concept of seeing the events of the trilogy through the eyes of others is interesting, but EA did not take full advantage of the opportunity. Some rather interesting subplots develop with Berethor, Idrial, and Morwen; but they are shallow and hard to follow. You'll probably forget about them before the game is done. On the other hand, your other three characters remain flat as paper. The characters in this game are a pretty far cry from the fleshed out, well done characters from the LOTR trilogy.

As I said before, the game basically revolves around your characters and their adventures throughout the time period of the LOTR trilogy. The game begins with you following the fellowship to Moria. For a while, it seems like EA is keeping things real. Throughout the first 5 or so hours of the game, it really seems like this could have been happening. However, next thing you know; your fighting alongside Gandalf against the balrog. Hmm. I don't think that could've happened. You'll realize soon enough that EA is not concerned with keeping it real. Of course, I'm not really complaining. If EA was trying to do that, then you would never be able to go to Helm's Deep, Osgiliath, Gondor, or any places that we saw in the films. And I don't think many people would like that. (I sure wouldn't.) In fact, places such as Helm's Deep and Minas Tirith are some of the games finest moments.

Events and such are explained in "epic scenes", which you unlock frequently in TTA. In these epic scenes, it plays footage from the films while Ian mcKellen narrates. He'll keep you updated, believe me. The epic scenes flow like water, and it actually gets rather annoying. Those who have seen the films and know what is going on will probably skip most of the epic scenes.

The games design is that of a turn-based RPG, unlike the hack'n slash frame of the EA's past two LOTR games. Whether or not this was the right move is hard to decide. During gameplay, you wander through beautiful LOTR-ish environments, getting into fights. You will know when a fight is coming most of the time, because a big eye will be growing. There are planned fights, fights guarding chests, basically fights everywhere you go. When a fight begins, you will be taken to the fight screen setup, which looks nearly IDENTICAL to that of Final Fantasy X. Your characters each have a different specialty (Sword, bow, spells, et cet), and as the game goes on, they will aquire more and more attacks. Every time you use a skill, you will get another skill point. When you have put enough points in a particular skill, your character will learn it. You can choose what skill to learn (at least within the skills you have thus far unlocked) or you can just let it go, as you will automatically start learning the next skill down. The fights can get pretty tough, and it is indeed very important to consider well what attacks to use, and who to use it on. There are stunning attacks which delay your foes next turn; attacks that weaken them; attacks that lower defense against spells, and more. There is quite a bit of strategy involved in TTA. However, its not all good. The effects for the special attacks can be very impressive to be sure. But you will be using them TIME AND TIME AGAIN. In fact, skills are all you use. It really is stupid to use a regular "attack," and the only time you'll ever do it is when you have no action points (TTA's form of magic points), and for some reason can't switch to another character. So it gets rather tiresome after seeing an attack being done for, say, the 1,000th time. The fighting system is well done, but it just doesn't echo the chaotic battles of the films as well as the past two games.

Other than fighting, though; there is literally nothing to TTA. You walk around, and you get into fights. You open an occasional chest, but there is NOTHING ELSE TO DO. There are no puzzles, no careful navigation, no talking with NPC's no buying or selling, (in fact, theres no form of money at all), nothing but fighting.

But the appeal of TTA really does not lie in whether or not its a good RPG. If it did, then it really wouldn't be much. Its main appeal is that its an LOTR game. (And thats not an insult). It is indeed quite awesome to play through the events of the LOTR trilogy, especially if your a huge fan such as myself. The fun factor that the past two games had is back in TTA. Also, another thing worth mentioning is the Co-op mode. It consists of plugging in a second controller and selecting co-op from the menu. Player 1 controls Berethor, Elegost and Morwen, while player 2 controls Idrial, Hadhod and Eaoden. It is a pretty fun feature, but only one person can be in control during adventure mode (or "walking mode" more accurately). That means that the other player has to just sit there until a fight comes. However, since fighting is the bulk of a game, your pal probably won't feel too left out. And playing with somebody else is always fun.

Graphically, the game looks great. The landscapes are beautiful, copied perfectly from the films. The character models are quite a bit better than those in most games. The graphics actually look quite similiar to last year's Return of the King, with slightly better resolution and depth. However, the game is plagued by an inconsistent framerate. And also, when your characters move around in "adventure mode", they aren't very well animated, and they look like they have arthritis.

The sound is great. The music is taken straight from the films, so no complaints there. The voice-acting is quite good. Sadly, the writers give them some pretty cheesy lines which will make you wince. And the only voice-actors from the film are Ian mcKellen. Whenever you meet another fellowship character, they either get a new voice actor; or inject dialogue from the films. This may sound like a clever idea, but it sounds wierd to hear them saying the exact same things that they said in the films. ("You bow to no one", says Aragorn to Berethor.)

The Third Age is an enjoyable RPG that will certainly provide you with fun for quite a while. (It took me a full 25 hours to finish the game, and I only got 89 percent). If you feel like visiting middle-earth, then check it out.

I don't see how people could hate this game
by: gidpac    On: 2005-01-26

Seriously people!!! Call me biased, since I'm pro-Tolkien and pro-video games, but to think that anybody could like two towers and return of the king more than the third age is absolutely ridiculous...the two towers and the return of the king (along with the fellowship of the ring) made great volumes of Tolkien's masterpiece, and they made great episodes of Jackson's (who no doubt was inspired by Tolkien) masterpiece), but they did not make great video games for EA fact, I would pick Vivendi's fellowship of the ring or the hobbit as the best middle-earth action game, since it was truer to Tolkien's Middle-Earth than the two towers or the return of the king (which, by the way isn't even all that close to the movie trilogy if u think about it)...I'm also pro-rpg, and I'll admit that the third age is simple, but that makes it attractive to newbies, and yet it provides enough to keep rpg veterans like myself playing it for all it's worth...people who complained about the rpg mechanics (other than the absence of shops or lack of interaction with NPCs, of course) are clearly picking on the lack of realism in the game since it wasn't what they expected, but if you wanted realism, why the hell are you playing an lotr game? I wouldn't buy the other two games (two towers and rotk) because it was so closely linked to the movie, just like I wouldn't buy the hobbit or fotr because it was closely linked to the books (but I did like 'em better than two towers and rotk, as I've already mentioned)...I was making plans to buy the third age the moment I heard it was a rpg, which not 1, but TWO players could play co-operatively (well, at least in combat)...and yes, some people were disappointed at the fact that we can only fight and do nothing else as the baddies in evil mode, but I personally wouldn't want to corrupt Middle-Earth (since both Tolkien and Jackson did an excellent job of emphasizing ugliness for the evil dudes while showing beauty and wonder; be it past or current, in the world of the good) so ur eyes would hurt from seeing too much grey and black the further you played an evil RPG, which is why it isn't there, but hey, at least u get to use the Nazghul and the Balrog, right? for the shops and NPCs, isn't it bad enough we've got chests all over the place, how many shops and friendlies whould we actually expect to run into in those in conclusion, this game rocks, and if you don't think so, I'm sorry but I think your video game experience should only be restricted to Tetris and (if you play computer games) Solitaire.
very complicated
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-01-24

This game was really very fun kids and adults will really enjoy this game. However this game is very complicated
terrible game
by: kcornell18    On: 2005-01-06

The Lord of the Rings The Third Age is a terrible game. Three attacks and you're dead. It puts you up against 3 enemies so hard they take 100 damage each off you when you only have 300 life points. It has the worst graphics of all the 21 games in my collection. Three of my friends agree that it is an absolutely terrible game. Don't waste $50, it's barely worth 5.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-01-03

Finally,a LOTR's game that's not hack'n'slash.Now a like LOTR's that are like that.The Graphics's are amzing,so much you can see every ugly zit on orc's face.(Be advisted none of these chariter's apper in the series but get figt THE BALROG beside Gandalf,in short,you see reglar events,and reglar peopel!!)
worst L.O.T.R. game ever
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-01-02

When I got this game I was excited and expected it to be about the same as the other two lord of the rings games. However I soon learned that it was a cheap RPG game. RPGs work on game boy but thats about all they work for. I never would have guessed that if you combined the great Game Cube and game boy advance versions of lord of the rings that you would get a worse game. Don't get me wrong though it's still a great game and I would reccomend buying it but just don't get your hopes up for a premium sequil.
Reminiscent of Final Fantasy
by: ozzy1313    On: 2004-12-29

I don't often take the time to write a review on a game, but this game warrants it, I think. Okay, the game doesn't obtain greatness or anything (like Final Fantasy or Silent Hill), but it IS above-average overall. The term, "out-of-the-ordinary" applies, in my opinion.

The game has a fairly easy-to-understand combat system, a relatively interesting story line, above-average graphics, and a good character development system. I'll admit, the combat system reminds me a lot of the PS/PS2 Final Fantasy combat engines, which is both its' strength and its' weakness. I'm willing to bet of lot of the basic concepts used by the developers of this game came from Final Fantasy.

It's not as good as FF's combat system, but it makes a valiant attempt. I found myself actually having fun leveling up the characters' skills. I enjoyed the fact that two people can play at the same time, at least during combat. There are up to 6 character slots, with each player controlling up to three during combat. When combat is done, one person controls the exploration of the other characters, represented by a single character on-screen (and this character can be swapped out, as well).

The story line is not just a copy of the movie's, but has the characters following a new story that (sort of) parallels the original movie's. From time to time, you interact with the original movie story line (a little), too. For instance, I thought fighting the Balrog with Gandalf was interesting, although it was a bit too easy.

The parallel story line was a bit forced and stilted at times, but the designers did a decent job, considering the circumstances. I'm glad they didn't just re-hash the same story line from the movie. That's pretty much what the previous PS2 versions of LTR did, and I found those to be pretty dull.

There WAS one scene where Gandalf runs up and says "I'm here to warn you of orcs!" Then he runs away, and then you get a regular encounter with orcs that's the same as the 50 other random orc encounters you've already had! That WAS pretty lame, I'll admit. The rest of the story has been pretty good so far, however.

Let me say the graphics are good, but not awe-inspiring. They're a lot better than some of the other games I've seen out there lately, though. Remember, it's only a PS2...

I haven't actually finished the game. I've played 30% of it, but that's taken me 18 hours. At that rate, I should probably get 60-80 hours of game-play time before I finish. Plus, the game claims additional playability after you're done (don't they all, though?) I admit, I've dragged out the game's playing time a bit. I've done a lot of putting monsters to sleep with my sleep arrows, then casting lame spells just to build up my characters' action points so they can get their next level of abilities (a minor weakness of the game).

Overall, I give the game a rating of 4 out of 5. The bottom line: I bought the game...and I'm glad I did. If you loved the PS2 Final Fantasy series, you'll probably like this game. If you're a hard-core LTR fan, then I can see where you might not like the "unauthorized" additions to the original story. If you want something that tries to mirror the movie itself, then buy the earlier PS2 versions of LTR. You might like those better, although I thought they were a bit dull, myself...

Hello, it's a Gamecube LOTRs/RPG thing!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-25

Listen guys, I just got the Third Age today and frankly, IT's A PRETTY GOOD GAME! Now, everyone knows the term RPG means role playing game. Incase you havn't played the none-RPG Lord of the Rings stuff let me explain. Both the Two Towers and the Return of the King were platform fighters via: hacking orcs, running down stairs etc. Now for those who're more indeepth gamers let me point something out. If the LOTR game makers took two popular sword play games and made the third an all out RPG with characters saying," My good sir, I have some chicken feathers, I'm willing to sale", the intire LOTR game system would sink into a hole. Take a look at the companys that made the games, compair The Return of the King with The Third age and watch the Two Tower's game interview.
a missleading game
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-20

Well, I guess I will start out with what I liked about this game. I found that I got into the game right away and that it was very entertaining. I liked that it had a more classic RPG fighting system where it is turned based. It is also quiet entertaining to watch the little movie clips and see how the game designers intergrated them into the game.

Now for the parts I didnt like. First off, after reading the box, I expected to either play on the side of good or the side of evil. By this I mean that I was wanting to play an RPG with the evil characters. After all that was the impression I got from the box. However, this is not the case. You must play the game on the side of good to unlock the Evil Mode Chapters. After you do this, you get to FIGHT, yes only FIGHT as the evil characters. There is no RPG for the evil side just fighting as them. To me this was BIG let down because I was expecting a great new take on the LOTR thing and I got let down big time. Also, I find that the game was made so that your party shouldnt get fully whiped out. For example, SPOILER , When in Moria Gandalf joins your party for one battle (im not going to say what battle but if you think hard enough you will guess right) and he is the character who basically wins that entire battle for you.

Overall. I would say the game is worth a try, but I would rent it first before buying it. It is a good game but it let me down with what I would classify as Misleading (or False) advertizing.
Why don't you pay attention? This game is really fun!
by: shaidyn    On: 2004-12-04

If you'll notice that other people who tried this game came at it as an action game (a thought surely inspired by Two Towers and Return of the King). However what they did not notice was that this game was marketed as an RPG(role playing game). It has said that in commercials and on the game cases itself! I got this game recently. I and my good friend love it. The graphics are beautiful! This runs on a familiar engine typical to most if not all RPGs. The character runs around trying to achieve one goal or another. I noticed that one person thought that monsters appeared out of nowhere. Usually this occurs in RPGs. Seldomlly you'll come across enemies in the field, but these battles have been planed and don't count as a random fight. I love the Final Fantasy series and Wild Arms (two favorite RPG titles). I looked at this as what it claims to be, am RPG, and was able to have agreat time playing it (though, I do agree with others on wanting shops and incounters with NPCs that aren't in the movie and that it is a little on the short side). I would suggest renting it if you're still not sure. After all this is just my opinion.
Expecting more
by: beastmama    On: 2004-12-01

While I agree with people that it is a good game, I was left wanting more. SPOILER:I didn't like the whole Gondorian likes Elf and Elf likes Gondorian, then party meets Thief, Elf is jealous of Thief, Elf get stolen, Gondorian saves, can't be together, so he falls for thief. It made me mad that I waited the whole time for that. And then by the second disk you find out that the Gondorian was stabbed by a Morgul blade and that Sauron was using him for an inside killer-that's not the bad part; the bad part is that they tell you over and over and over again, like we didn't hear it the first time. The battles took some time to get used to. There were quests, but most you had to do anyways because you went right through them. One of the funnier parts for me was at Helm's Deep before dusk. You got to explore Helm's Deep to find Legolas, Gimili, Aragorn, Theoden and other people from Rohan. I think it would have been a better game if could have started out at Rivendell - maybe after the fellowship already left and had them follow the tracks of the other group. Also I didn't mind the battle parts but come on, can't we do something else besides battling every creature in middle earth. So I think I was expecting too much. All in all it wasn't a bad game, just not the long awaited one I was hoping for.
could be much better
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-01

i rented this game from a block buster and i hated it! i would recomemnd you rent it before you buy it to see it yourself. i mean u don't play it like the other lort games. this game stinks! ( i'm a big lort fan and i think this game stinks! )
A great game
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-24

This game is awesome. The graphics are incredible, the plot is good, it doesn't have much to do with the movie, but who cares?
It has great character customization. Of the 6 characters you get, each one can get hundreds of different equitment(armor, weapons,...). Each character can learn around 30 skills and can level up 100 times (at least). The characters are all vey different and specialize in different things. As you complete quests and get things you can unlock little clips of film. A lot of times they wern't in the movie and are pretty interesting. I guess the point of them is to tell you what's going on other parts of middle earth at the time.
Another cool part is that when you complete a chapter you can replay certain battles from that level as evil.
The one downside of this game is that it is short. The game is 2 disks, so I thought it would be long, but ther is really only 9 long levels.
This game is very fun, and a must buy.
the best game ever
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-22

The lotr third age is pimp! its like final fantasy but better its is the best game i ever played!
This is not like any of the movie games at all!
by: buyer773    On: 2004-11-16

I got this game a couple days ago. I figured it would be like the 2 towers and return of the king. IT'S Not! You have to "select your move" and all that junk. The only reason I gave it one star was the graphics. And lastly to finish my angry review,this game has a bunch of non-trilogy characters.
Fun, but very mass market.
by: roccoscandizzo    On: 2004-11-16

Sincerely, it is difficult to rate this game.
It has all it needs to be considered a good game, but also has some issues:

Graphics 9/10: Simply great and beautiful. The landscape looks as if it comes directly out of the movie.

Story 7/10: this is where I think hardcore LOTR fans will be divided from Mass Market customers. The story is a bit of a slap in the face for anybody who read or loves Tolkien. Your party is basically always 5 minutes behind the company of the ring. Especially at the beginning of the game... a bit too much for somebody but very appealing for those who would like to feel as if they were in some way part of the trilogy story line.

Sound 10/10: how could it be better?

Gameplay 5/10: Weird things go on in 3rd age.
*Monsters appear from nowhere while you go around on the 3D world map.
*You can only use three members of your party as you work through fights. Since your characters will become stronger as they use their abilities, the fourth guy you leave out will soon be so behind the other ones he will almost be useless.
*You can't cast healing spells while not in combat. At least I didn't manage to. So either you use items or your wait for a fight.
*Each character has a skill set. For example, the elf has healing powers. Everytime you use one of those powers, her "spirit skill" will go up by a point. Once you achieve enough points you unlock the next skill. Since you use skills in combat it becomes paramount to use the most possible everytime.
*No game economy. No shops. No buying and selling stuff. No random NPC encounters. Low feeling of being part of an "alive" world.

Overall the game is fun but it really is not an RPG. It seems that RPGs have gone down to define every game where your character grows during the game and you can personalize her. Not true. Role playing is about playing a role, and you really don't get this in 3rd Age.

Plus the fact you have no possibility of roaming freely the land, you don't buy and sell stuff, and every treasure you find is in a nice chest. Yes, chests everywhere: in Moria, in the Mountains, in Fangorn...always chests.

Bottom line
Buy this game if:
1) you are a LOTR fan, liked the movies and like simple RPGs.
2) you are LOTR fan and will own anything with LOTR written on it.
3) you mildy like the LOTR and you like fantasy.
4) you like "simple RPGs."

Don't buy this game if you were hurt by all the differences the LOTR movies had from the book. This game would kill you.

HINT/SPOILER: to gain "specialization points" have the Gondorian learn "Company Grace." This will give you a boost in AP (action points) every round. You need these to use your skills. Go through a fight and once you have only one foe alive, use the dwarf to cast "stone shield" on the Gondorian. This will grant him physical immunity for a while. Then use the Gondorian and "taunt" the last foe. Your enemy will only attack the fighter from Gondor. At that point just start using skills. Your enemy will wast attacks and you will gain a specialization point every round. Remember to have "company grace" always active and to recast "stone shield" once it expires.
A far better game than its predecessors.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-14

Frankly this game is excellent. I enjoyed the previous games in the Lord of the Rings series, but they were far too easy. This game offers an innovative new way to battle, and total departure of game play from its predecessors. What I like best is the new RPG style that has been added. Now, the fun is not getting to the end, but rather how you get there. There are 6 characters: Berethor of Gondor, Idrial of Lothlorien, Hadhod of the Iron Hills, Elegost of the Dunedain, Morwen of Rohan, and Eaoden of Rohan. In battle, you must utilize the strengths of your characters together to win. Likewise, you need to collect items and equipment to further your character. I would definitely recommend this game to any RPG fan or Lord of the Rings fan.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-07

Lord of the far my favorite movie/game/music in the world. this game, has most of that. the graphics are really good. the attacking is kinda like final fantasy/pokemon stadium. BUT before you start saying "cool i want this game" you cant see a thing!!!! i rented this game and everthing is fine....until you get to the mines of moria. you cant see anything!!!!!! you have to look at the minimap 24/7. this is a really dissapointing game.
by:    On: 2004-11-06

I got this game thinking yes a new lord of the rings game. But it is nothing like the first to. In the first to you get to attack any bad guy when ever you want to. In this game you and the other people "Take Turns" attacking. And half the time your people miss. (...)
LOTR Fun for Young and Young at Heart!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-06

A simply delightful surprise! I've been waiting for some time for this game to come along-- a video game that's worthy of the name "Tolkien". A satisfying mix of FF Graphics and gameplay and RTMN-esque character models make this a must have for LOTR fans of all ages. Kids: don't let dad see you play or you just might lose your turn!

I only have a few complaints about what is truly an otherwise excellent product! I've always wanted an RPG that would give me a chance to fulfill my favorite LOTR fantasy: roaming middle earth as a hobbit! I guess that this is one hobbit-lover who's going to have to wait in his hobbit hole for the sequel! *winking face*

I was also hoping that the game might correct some of the innaccuracies of the Jackson films. The size of the Balrog in the game, for example, is still overly large when compared to the descriptive passage in Tolkein's "Fellowship" ("man-shape" is explicitly stated-- could "man-high" then possibly be implied?), and I was hoping that this game might give Tolkein fans the opportunity to play as the elf-prince Glorfindel, who, with the Noldor, was banished by the Valar from Valinor following the treason of Feanor. Glorfindel has always been something of a "fan favorite", and I am dissapointed to see him left out of yet another LOTR game.

Five stars!
Could be an ambitious success of EA
by: qubeley    On: 2004-11-01

When I first heard of EA publishing an RPG based on LOTR, I thought it was just another effort of EA to squeeze every single drop of profit from the multi billion franchise. As many of us know EA is not a giant for RPG but for sports and more action oriented games. Nonetheless, the ambition behind The Third Age was a complete make over of the franchise that provides very interactive and involving experience for people who are fans of the series.

The game set its scene at the time when Sauron is making a come back. The player assumes the role of a guard from Gondor setting out to look for Boromir. Nonetheless, fate brought him into a group of Comrades, each has his / her own agenda that unfolds slowly throughout the journey. The story is a dual line one: it has the story of your party such as what you encountered and the life of your comrades; the other one is the main LOTR story being told through Gandalf directly into your mind through spheres/orbs as you proceed with your quest. This is a very smart move as people would love to have all their favorite movie clips and characters back on their screen again as they play the game.

As your playable party, you have 6 comrades, composed of human, elf and dwarf - yeah no hobbits sorry (oh by the way you can play as the shadow party in the evil mode!). Nonetheless in a battle you can only have 3 active fighters. You can switch your comrades in and out during a battle, which when one of your characters got beaten up, you can switch that character out. Battle is turn based and very Final Fantasy alike. This is probably because EA has invited people making FF VII and FF X to involve in the project that the whole battle system is a near identical with Final Fantasy. Once in a battle, your team line up on one side and your enemies on the other. The flow will then be who has a higher speed act first in turns. This could be seen from the turn queue on the upper right hand side of the screen. As in Final Fantasy, the person with higher speed will have more turns in attack. As such there is nothing new to people who used to play Japanese turn based RPGs like Final Fantasy, Wild Arms or Skies of Arcadia. There is a Perfect Mode attack meter during the battle, when once it is filled you can perform devastating special attacks on your enemies. The guage will fill up only when you performed a successful attack action. So it is a mix of limit break in FF and unison attack in Tales of Symphonia. Once you finished a battle and won it, you will get experience point for levelling up.

Levelling up in The Third Age takes the form of a mix between Final Fantasy, Baulder's Gate, Champions of Norrath and Tales of Symphonia. You get experience point and you level up ur stats. But at the same time you can points that you can assign to different stats for further enhancement. On top of that, if you want to level up your special attacks, you have to use them in the battle. Every successful action with the special attack earns you points that when enough points are earned, the next level of that skill will show up - this is smiliar to the tech systems in Tales of Symphonia. However, if you want to open up a different set of skills you have to develop the "tree" of that skill separately and use it in the battle. This shows a similarity in structure with Champions of Norrath.

One of the major difference of The Third Age from other standard RPG is there is no monetary system. So you can only get items from chests or by defeating enemies. Luckily the enemies are no miser so if you spend enough time in battles, you could build up a pretty good inventory of items. The field mode is exactly the same as Final Fantasy but in a different graphic style. It is no eye candy cute graphics but it constructs a very good atmospher for the LOTR world. You will come across locations that the main characters in the LOTR trilogy have visted and you would be happy that you get that treat. But on top of that there are really well constructed sceneries that gets yourself involved in the journey. The break into battle animation will also seriously remind you of standard Japanese RPG - the screen breaks apart and you are in the battle. The time saver though is you don't need to look at the whole battle field as most Final Fantasy games did, but you are straight into the battle. Also the posing of characters after they finished the final blow on the enemies are exactly Japanese RPG like.

Lord of the Rigns: The Third Age is a very ambitious project from EA. It can be seen in a way that they tried to merge standard Japanese RPG format together with western RPG formula. The end product is nothing new to most RPG players but the similarities of both RPG in both worlds can get you involved in the game very easily. The easy to pick up approach and style familarity of the game provides a good foundation for the success of this game. It could attract a very wide range of gamers from different areas to pick up and enjoy the game. Looks like EA had found a good formular or way to get into RPG battle arena this time. The only thing they need to do is after they used up the LOTR franchise, would they be able to build an original RPG that have the same appeals? That will be something that other RPG giants like Namco, Square-Enix, Nintendo and Ubisoft will definitely be anxious about. Meanwhile, just enjoy a completely different experience with one of the best franchises in the world.
The Third Age
by: frodo_baggins_of_shire    On: 2004-08-13

*Whistles* Wow! This game is going to be gooooood! This game takes place through the trilogy in which your team of Men, Elves, Dwarves, (and hopefully Hobbits), track the footsteps of the Fellowship. Sometimes in the game, you actually get to fight with the Fellowship! This also isn't what you recognize as the hack-and-slash games from TT and ROTK. This is a Roleplaying game (Like Final Fantasy.). This will be my first RPG but I'm still dying to get it! You get to choose which side you want, the good...or evil. I can't wait for this game! A must-have for Tolkien fans and RPG fans. Once you start, you can't stop!
finally,lord of the rings and freedom come together!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-08-12

a great idea for lord of the rings. a whole backstory is what fans of the trilogy need.a neat and tidy combat system,over the edge graphics,a great game.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-08-04

Educatonal for LOTR fans because it tells you what happens before the hobbit and the movies.
LOTR fans and others must get this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-07-29

Lord of The Rings the third age is going to be awesome!!!
althugh it's not out yet I have seen plenty of photos and read the article in a Gameinformer. The point of the game is that EA is letting us explore Middle Earth a little more. The game doesen't have a whole ot to do with the movies and books but it is very thrilling!

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