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Luigi's Mansion
Manufacturer: Nintendo Of America      
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Cute and Clever Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-09-09

Luigi is delighted to discover he has won a mansion, but is not so enthused to find out it is overrun with ghosts who have trapped Mario inside. But the nutty Professor E.Gadd has developed a method for capturing these creatures,which he calls the Poltergust 3000. With the aid of the Poltergust, Luigi sets off in search of his brother.

In order to catch the ghosts, Luigi must solve short,simple puzzles to discover their ''weakness''. Press Z to see the coins you have collected and find an imaginative and funny backstory for each ghost. The graphics are smooth,fresh and engaging. LUIGI'S MANSION is a fun ride,however a bit shorter than it should be.
Luigi's Turn
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-08-10

It is great that Nintendo GameCube made a Luigi game, Mario has been kidnapped and Luigi has to save him. But the game lacks Mario characters.. (Peach, Toadsworth, Yoshi's ect)

The game itself.. very fun and entertaining, but a tad too Easy. I rented this game twice in a row, for a total of 3 and 1/2 days of being able to play it, and unfortunetely, I didn't complete it. I got (all by myself, very rarely found myself wondering what to do, as I said, too easy) and got to the Boss battle before King Boo, which is The Other big boo. lol. I was 1 boo away from beating the boss. I know if I could have had one more day with the game I would have been able to complete it. I looked at a walkthrough (cuz I wont be able to play the rest of the game anyway) and the rest (last Area, Area 4) would have been really easy.. but unfortunetely I have to return the game soon. (less than 1/2 hr) I think the Boss battle King Boo would have been tricky.. Sadly; I will never see the ending of the game, I spent 8$ total on renting the game for 4 days, and I'm not going to buy the game now. I mean; if I was going to do that I wouldn't have rented it in the first place!
Next: Replay value. The replay value is fair. There is only 1 reason I would not have fun playing it over again is there are WAY too many ghosts to vaccum.. it is tiring. But other Mario titles, like "Paper Mario" and "Paper Mario, Thousand Year Old Door" Have much better replay value than this game does, I can play those two over and over again and not get tired of them. But playing Luigi's Mansion again, I would get really tired of it. That is why I suggest renting it first, THEN if you love the game buy it. Many of my other N64 and GameCube games have better replay value then this one. But this is still a great game the first time you play it.

I just wish I could have finished it and seen the ending.. oh well. But that is my advice, rent it first, then if you like it, buy it! I like it but since the replay value, in my opinion is so poor I don't want to buy it.

By the way; At least I found Mario! He is being held in a painting. King Boo is there as well. I saw King Boo too. You have to go down the well to find Mario, he is being held in the secret altar. So at least I found out what happended to Mario.

happy gaming.
Not bad...
by: nitejrny282    On: 2006-07-08

Unfortunately, this game lacks the visual beauty of the sweeping 360 degree style of Mario 64. But the game is interesting. For anyone familiar with Asian cinema, their take on ghosts and the supernatural is a bit more lax than the western traditions. (i.e. these ghosts have hearts?). Again, disappointing compared to Mario 64, but a cute little game none the less.
Luigi's Mansion
by: skurvy_manson    On: 2006-07-01

It is really fun.
It isn't that hard either.

This is the best game I've played on GameCube
Good weekend fun
by: dovetwin    On: 2006-05-17

First off, to warn those of you who can't appreciate a short and sweet title, let me say that this game is SHORT. An experienced gamer would have no problem finishing this one in a weekend. That said, this game has simple and addictive gameplay that make it well worth the trouble, especially since it can now be found for under $20.

The story goes that Mario won a haunted mansion in a contest, but it was really a trap set by (who else?) Bowser. So Luigi, who normally plays second fiddle, gets to come to the rescue with his ghost-sucking vacuum.

There are lots of little details that add to the likeability of this title. The graphics are great, especially when the vacuum is in use with all the dust particles blowing around. There is also a semi-sidequest involving treasure collecting that effects the ending, and may even make you want to replay. And Luigi as a whole is funnier than Mario in my opinion because he is scared all the time. For all you old-school Mario fans, when you get to the Conservatory play around with the instruments for a surprise -- you'll see what I mean.

The bottom line is that this is a totally different type of game than its counterparts in the Mario series, and so shouldn't be compared with them. On its own merits it is a fun game, but nothing to write home about and maybe worth a rental instead of a purchase.
Nice to see Luigi, not Mario for once and it's really fun!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-03-24

I remember when this game launched with the Gamecube. I thought it looked childish, but to my amazement I loved it. Some of the story isn't original but its like playing Ghostbusters just with a vacuum cleaner. A very fun game but too short in my opinion. This is a must buy for all Gamecubers. Best of all its only twenty bucks!
A good game
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-02-19

Luigi's Mansion is a OK game. It's kind of hard. You get powers in it. You have to defeat a baby ghost and he's the easiest. I say people who like hard games should get this.
Open the Door and Step inside. The Haunt Hunt Begins!
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-02-14

Luigi's Mansion is a game of skill to capture all the ghosts and get a good grade at the end. In Luigi's Mansion the player has to figure out puzzles and know where the ghosts hid to capture them. When Luigi goes into the mansion the place is very dark, the player has to find a key to get into the first room to meet Professer E. Gadd a weird little guy who invented the vacuum he's using called the Poltergust 3000. The reason Luigi is in the Mansion is because he won it in a contest he never entered and went to check it out with his brother, Mario, but his brother went on up a head and said he would meet Luigi there, when Luigi gets there he can't find his brother anywhere so he decides to look in the Mansion.

The game is fairly easy when the player knows the controls, the controls are the following:A button is having call for his brother Mario and to examine/open things; B button is how to turn off the flashfight; Y button is the map screen; X button is search view through the Gameboy Horror; Z button is inventory, use this to see all the gems, coins, pearls, items of Mario's, element medals such as ice, water, fire, and how many ghosts have been caught; R button is how to suck in ghosts, treasures, pans, books - nearly anything; L button is how to shoot things; Use the control stick to move Luigi around; and use the C stick to have Luigi aim the vacuum.

To know how to capture a ghost take the Ghost Capturing 101 course that prof. Gadd has created in his lab or just read this to learn how, the first thing to do is watch out, the ghosts love to sneak up behind Luigi, sometimes they'll be there or in certain rooms just their shadow or a wisp of smoke. Watch for the signs. the second thing is when the ghost shows up shine the flashlight at it to stun the ghost, some ghost are more wily and will freeze only when you find thier weakness. The third thing to do is once the ghost is frozen use the vacuum to suck it up and once its hooked just keep on pulling to see the ghost's hit points deplete as you pull.

Some ghosts like to grab Luigi, to get rid of them just move the control stick back and forth to shake them loose. Some ghosts come down from the roof of the floor Luigi's on, the only way to catch them is to get them is to hit them with the flashlight when they start to laugh.

When Luigi's heart points get low try to find a heart to restore his health, the best place to find a big heart is in the baby's room in the dresser behind the door. Luigi can also get some from ghosts but its random.

Once the Boos are released they will run from Luigi and hid, once one is found the boo will try to hid again so use the vacuum to suck it up, the only problem is they are impervious to the vacuum so if it escapes chase it down because if it escapes for to long it will hid somewhere else, one way to keep them in the room is to freeze them.

I love this game and I would recommend this to anybody who loves, Mario, Luigi, and a very exciting game.
My mom loves it, but I'm more experienced with games...
by: karo-chan    On: 2006-02-07

One of the reasons I purchased this game is because it stars Luigi. It is his first game where he stars alone, but not completely as the plot has a lot to do with Mario: to save him!
As you would have guessed this game is about Luigi's Mansion, which he won in a competition he didn't even enter, he invited his brother Mario to visit it with him. But when Luigi got there, Mario was gone and the Mansion was overrun with ghosts. When Luigi meets Prof. E. Gadd his goal becomes clear: get rid of the ghosts, find out the source of why this is happening and save his brother Mario ~ and it may all have something to do with the Boo's and Bowser. And what's worse is that Luigi accidentally let the Boo's run riot around the Mansion again, all 50 of them.
The gameplay plays like a platformer with 3D environments, along with Nintendo addition of a few Mario traits (like in the music room, playing the Mario Bros theme).
Luigi is in full control of a vacuum cleaner that sucks up ghosts and multiple other things in the environment to search for keys for the next door. Sadly that's where the difficulty sets in and reputation lies. You must find so many keys, fight a boss and then it's onto the next level to do the same thing. Along with annoying startled-jumps from Luigi when ghosts appear.
Catching ghosts other then `Portrait Ghosts' seems pointless except in some rooms where you will earn a key for defeating them. You don't get coins or points from normal ghosts only on rare occasions of hearts to replenish health.
One thing that got to me, was Luigi can't actually jump, punch or pound like Mario is known for, instead is one and only weapon is the vacuum cleaner. Along with this Gameboy Horror to search things.
Also the camera angles in boss battles are annoying.
A cute addition is the mushroom that causes Luigi to get small, and the pressing of the Nintendo A button, which has his call out "Mario!" but beware, collecting coins is one of your main goals and you will lose them when you get hit by ghosts. The main purpose of the coins is not to buy items or weapons, instead it is more of your score at the end of the game to purchase your own mansion, which you cannot enter and instead is a picture in the gallery of Prof. E. Gadd.
The replay value is minimal, as in, the only new thing you unlock is the `Secret Mansion' which is the original Mansion mirrored.
I know this review may seem a little negative but it was a really fun game. But short and not a lot of things to do but walk around, many scenes aren't skippable so it makes pressing the A button routine.
Sooooooooooooooooooooooo Teribble
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-18

This game SOOO Sucked.
I bought this 3 weeks ago and the next morning I started playing it on my Game Cube just after 15 minutes of Playing I wanted to straight away go to the mall and return it and now I'm stuck with it. And my best friend told me that it was one of the best games he had, but it totaly reeked (If i could i would give it a zero) and in the quide it exagerated lots and the controls suck!?@ like to turn around you had to to hold down L. So anyone with spending money DO NOT BY THIS GAME. This game is the WORST game i have ever played and i have a humongus video game collection so evryone who buys (or rents) this game you will think it the worst !@?!?
game EVER.
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-08

by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-02

luigi's mansion is very scary.It has ghosts. It even have some ghosts that look like women,men,boys,& girls.You have a vacume to vacume the ghosts.There is even a gameboy that tells you what things that are. If you use the gameboy on a mirror,then the mirror will be blocked by blue circle then you will spin,then you will end up at the room you begin at each level. I only got up to level 2. That level you need to find all the boo's to unlock doors.
We finished playing it within a week...
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-27

I am not a kid, so you know we can beat the game easily ( I play it with my friends )... I got this and other games together with the game cube as a Christmas gift when they were fresh out in the market. I like this Luigi's Mansion more than the classic Mario... and I like all those spooky stuffs here. Interesting but as the previous review said: it is not easy unless you are 14. I enjoyed it but not addicted to it!

Fun: 3.5 stars
Game: 4 stars
ok listen upp to Me
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-15

this game is good but very hardddddddddd!!not easy unless your 14 or older if you want this game i think you should realy get the stratagy guide thats wat helped me beat the game. the bosses are easy its the way getting to the levels thats hard. bowser is hard but nott so hard hes easy after a couple of turns.the game is good but not the best you should probaly go for super mario sunshine now thats a good game
Tooooooooo Easyyyyyyyyyy
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-12

I brought this game and then in a few minutes I beat the game. It was sooooooooo easyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. if you want a game that will last very very very long, get Shadow the hedgehog or Sonic Heroes. Those beats all of the mario games!
Painting Mario
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-12

This game is O.K. but it could be better.But I mean who does not like sucking up ghosts and turning them into paintings?Scardy-cats?
Well this game is, F.U.N!But boss levels scare me half to death.Especialy the third boss.He is mostly a big boo.Whats a boo
you ask?You will see.But I say,BUY THE GAME.You will love it.Well,
have fun playing the game.Bye!
I Got this Game!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-10

I've been playing this game ever since I got the Nintendo Gamecube from last Christmas and my mom bought this game to go with it. Although, it is quite fun to play. I had a lot of money and although, running into ghosts take it away. At the end you get a reveal of the house when you save Mario. I just like to play it all over again and chasing ghosts. It's like as if it is Halloween, but it's not. I wish they put in Halloween costumes or something. That would be interesting in the game. So, as a fact this game could be fun to relieve stress.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-09

This is a great game to play if your in the spooky mood. I had alot of fun with this game but at times it does get annoying. Sometimes it takes forever to capture certain ghosts. Me and my nephew had played it and it kinda scared him abit. Now I have to play alone without him. But other than that this game is another great game to add to your collection. It doesn't take to long to finish the game just depends on how much free time you have and how long it takes you to figure it out. It is alot of fun to play. Good Game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love this game as a family game!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-03

My son, age 6, received this game last year at Christmas. We didn't really get into it until a few month later but then it became a family challenge to figure out the different sections of the game. I really enjoyed helping him with the game, which isn't something I can say about most games. We got stuck at one point but then went to the website to get a hint. I recommend this game to any child who likes solving mysteries. It is probably a bit too hard for a six year old to play alone and can be scary too. BUT, I loved playing this with my son.
So when am I gonna get out?
by: dannywp12    On: 2005-11-27

Luigi's Mansion: One of the Gamecube's first releases. And a very fun one, indeed. But I have one simple problem with the game:

I CAN'T GET OUT!!!!!!!!

I'm in Pt. 2 right now and I'm getting very irritated because I'm getting N-O-W-H-E-R-E!!! The ghosts keep popping from the ceiling and dropping bombs, I keep getting smashed by false doors, and when I see that blue ghost, I'm only getting one chance at him.

This game is very fun while irritating at the same time. I should've rented it, but I asked for it for my birthday.

Let's hope they make a Luigi game that's a little less annoying.

Fun, but irritating. Alright? Good.

by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-23

This is a cool game, a little scary and most kids like that.
You suck up ghosts with a vacuum cleaner and go around and get money. It's just plain fun, I'm 8 years old and I love it.
by: catrina1223    On: 2005-11-06

I probably wouldn't have bought this game when it first came out, but now that its a players' choice game, with a cheaper price tag...its worth it. Like everyone else said, this game doesn't really last too long, although I thought that it was really fun. You suck ghosts up with a vaccum device, and try to find Mario. It doesn't have much replay value, unfortunately. It was one I bought used and traded in for a new game when I was through. I'd probably recommend doing just that, buying it used, or renting it. But definitely play it! It's a refreshing change from normal ol' Mario games. :)
Average, not bad.
by: cominar    On: 2005-10-31

This game is average theres not too much GCN games that are better infact most are worse because of all the babyish Disney and Cartoon Network rubbish. You could beat this game pretty fast with an online walkthrough so I'd just rent it for a few days. Pretty nice gaming experiance and the graphix are damn decent. This game was one of the first games released for the cube so you mighg want to consider purchasing it if you find it cheap cause this game might be worth alot in maybe a couple decades.
Great game!
by: bkrfkj    On: 2005-09-17

I am very glad to own this game, as I have enjoyed playing it more than once. It is especially fun to play around Halloween. It is a great game for learning the buttons of a Gamecube controller, as most of them are used at one time or another. I have no real complaints about this game. It's fun to suck up ghosts, Professor E. Gadd is very funny at times, and catching the 100 boos is a nice side quest.
decent to say the least (should have been tougher bosses i beat king boo untouched in 1 min 1st try)
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-08-12

this is my 3rd review today and i agree with Kathleen that that part was sad i am also sensitive (and im a 12 year old boy.... how rare is that seriously (lol)) but anyways this game is pretty cool but not reccomended for the extremely afraid seriously i played this game at night got as far as the 1st big boss the baby and i thought some evil demonic demon of pure evil was gonna stealthfully sneak up behind me and possess me or something like skeith on dot hack part 1 infection but anyways more to the subject this game is pretty awesome basically luigi recieves a letter saying he won a mansion in a contest wich evidentally HE NEVER ENTERED!!! (scary back round music is playing) anyways he goes to the mansion and he is confronted by a ghost and meets proffessor e.gadd or sumthn like that and he sucks up the ghost in a vacumm and gives it to luigi cuz he thinks hes to old for this kind of stuff anyways you have to cath ghosts in your search for mario who was captured wich you find out a little later

graphics 100/100
very good takes gamecube to the limit almost more

game play 60/100
the flash light/vacumm combo took me a long time to master

plot 80/100
it could have used some work not the most original but pretty cool it sort of reminds me of blood rayne 2 in a scary demented way (b rayne 2= very bad game not reccomended for anyone)

overall 70/100 good for1 of the game cubes 1st games nintendo did a decent job.

ps. if you wanna read more of my reviews i made some for
kingdom hearts (best game in existance)
kingdom hearts chain of memorys (to the guy who sed its superb...ITS BETTER THAN SUPERB!!!)
GTA:san andreas (total complete unadulterated utter garbage)
dot hack part 1 (a great 4 part adventure (should be rated E in my opinion))

the words in parenthasys (didnt know how to spell that sorry) are the titles of the reviews
COOL! (By: Kathleen A.)
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-08-07

this was fun! but so, so, so, short it took me only like 9 hours.
i wish they made a luigis mansion 2. (hopefully this time it will be longer.) but besides that it was awsome! though a part of this game made me cry a little (im VERY sensitive) it says sue pea died, like she slept and did not wake up, thats sad!!!!!
0; ); D:
I feel sorry for Luigi...
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-07-07

By now, everyone knows what the Mario series is. After all, there is a Mario game for everyone, right? So anyway, this was Nintendo's attempt to put Luigi in the spotlight. And it almost succeeds.

The graphics are top-notch, especially the dust effects, as it gets sucked up in your vacum.

Nothing special, both effects and music are on-par.

WHAT'S UP WITH THE VACUM??? It took me 1/2 an hour to figure out!

Nothing much, really. Luigi gets a letter telling him he won a mansion, and when he enters he finds that an old man is there. He gives Luigi a vacum cleaner that sucks up ghosts and begins his search for Mario, whom has vanished.

This game was way too easy, but it ended quickly, just before it got boring.

Luigi was given a game that will last you maybe a rental, but not much longer. If I were him, I'd sue Nintendo for putting Mario in the spotlight, and then give me a barely-par game to try to make up for things.
Markzilla's review
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-06-26

Luigi has won a haunted mansion built by the Boos and Mario trapped inside.There are four areas in the mansion.The fourth area
is the hardest, it has King Boo,he is the king of the Boos,and he is a boss ghost.My favorite boss ghost is Bogmire,he is the second boss ghost,he can send shadows of himself that hurts Luigi.I think that this is a cool and scary game.My favorite portrait ghost is "The Bookish Father" Neville, he reads a lot books that he didn't read while living.
little italian guy with a green cap
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-06-24

in most of the mario brother games, the main character has been-gasp-mario. but not this time. the two brothers have somehow won a mysterious old mansion. mario goes to investigate, but...he doesn't come back. so luigi goes to the mansion, which is dark, creepy, and is full of ghosts and creepy little weirdos with vaccuum cleaners. the creepy little guy with the vaccuum cleaner is a professor who saves u from the ghosts that attack u when u enter the first room. the vaccuum cleaner turns out 2 b one of the proffessor's inventions, the poltergust 3ooo. it sucks up ghosts and-huh?-puts them into portraits, which they somehow all escaped from. in this twisting, challenging game, luigi makes his way through the mansion, battling bosses, and fighting off ghosts, to find his brother is being held captive by-princess peach? no, he's not, actually. i'm not telling who the real culprit is. ha ha.
A Ghostly Housewarming
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-06-23

This game is a lot of fun. I got it because I really wanted to see what happened at the end, but what led up to it was enormously fun. Some people have complained that the game is too short, but that was fine with me, since I wanted to see the ending anyway.
The plot is that Luigi has won a mansion from a contest he didn't even enter. He invites Mario over to the house, but when he arrives, Mario, who was supposed to have already arrived, is not there, and the house is filled with ghosts. Fortunately, this old scientist named Professor Elvin Gadd (heh-heh) shows up armed with a vacuum cleaner and fights the ghosts, saving Luigi. Then he gives Luigi the vacuum cleaner--which he has dubbed "The Poltergust 3000"--and sends him off to save his brother. Professor Gadd also helps you out during the game.
The game does have its low points, such as some end-of-level bosses that are EXTREMELY frustrating (a giant Boo that breaks into many different Boos that you then have to freeze and vacuum up, and of course the final boss, which is King Boo inside a fire-breathing Bowser costume), and also this thing where you're supposed to open up random boxes and find both of these twin ghosts on the first try (otherwise, you have to start ALL over again, and sometimes it takes waaayyy too many attempts).
Another low point--and not just for this game--is that you can't save your progress wherever you are; you have to find Toad and speak to him. And he only appears in a few select places. At least he's not TOO hard to find.
There are also high points, such as the dialogue, which is usually really clever in Mario games (especially in "Mario And Luigi: Superstar Saga"), and the game is just fun to begin with. Plus you can look at some objects with this thing called the Game Boy Horror that Professor E. Gadd built, and then Luigi will say something about it.
You get to know a lot about his personality during the duration of the game.

In conclusion, this game is certainly worth buying, especially if you're a Mario fan.
by: godzilla212    On: 2005-05-15

I love this game. Last summer I played it all the time!!!! This game rocks!!!
what the?
by: carjoe    On: 2005-03-15

did luidi do something wrong like get bad grades or something and drop out of school and ended up being a plummer? well yea i guess he's been grounded for like a billion years from being a star of any game and if he IS a star in one the word "MARIO" is in the title and this game "luigi's mansion" oh yeaaaa he has a mansion and since he's grounded from bad grades people he has to clean the whole house with a vacum
Very fun, very cute little game
by: gator_macready    On: 2005-03-09

While Mario gets zillions of games to himself every year, it's not often that Luigi gets his own lead, unless you count 1993's MARIO IS MISSING on the SNES.

In this cool little game, Luigi goes Ghostbusting in a haunted mansion (one of those Scooby-Doo types) that he has mysteriously won in a competition he didn't even enter. The mansion is crawling with spooks of all kinds but Luigi get's help from a crackpot inventor living nearby. Now armed with a special vacuum cleaner, Luigi must clear every room in the mansion and find his missing brother, who has apparently vanished inside.

The gameplay is simple and very easy to get the hang of. Some of the rooms you clean up require some extra investigation and puzzle solving so be sure to check everything (I though the piano room was a cool puzzle to solve) and use your Gameboy Horror to have a good look round.

The graphics in Luigi's Mansion may not be up to the standard of Super Mario Sunshine but they're still very, very smooth and look amazing. Some of the SFX look highly realistic and there's no loading times at all between scenes. The music sounds like it's been done on a Commodore 64 and doesn't sound all that great but it's a cute little theme and I thought it was very funny when Luigi would whistle it whenever it wasn't playing.

The mansion itself isn't that big and you'll finish the game in about a week, but when you have this much fun playing it is still worthwhile.
Finally! A true Luigi game for GCN!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-02-27

Luigi's mansion is quite fun and fairly difficult game that has puzzles, ghost catching and entertaining boss fights. And it has two difficulty settings so once you go and beat the game you can play again only with a more powerful vacumn so that you will be able to handle the tougher ghosts of the higher difficulty.
As for the graphics on this game they are great especially the lighting and dust effects that go on while your playing.
For instance when you use the vacumn or knock on a wall you will notice realistic looking dust that acts like you would expect in
real life. And when you shine your flashlight around a dark room
you will see shadows from chairs, candle sticks and best of all they really move and grow larger or smaller as you move around the room! As for replay value I would say it's fairly high as once you beat it you can start from the beggining with more difficult ghosts and at the end the more money you have from collecting the better your prize. However once you have beat both difficulty levels and received the best surprise you will start to grow tired of it. All in all I would highly reccomend this game to Gamecube owners looking for a fun adventure that will keep you entertained for a long time to come.
I really got into it.
by: prettyfeimi    On: 2005-02-11

I feel like such a weirdo. I've had a Gamecube for years but never bothered to play this game until a few days ago. This game kept me glued to my Gamecube. I kept wanting to find out what would happen next. I'm not going to give you any pointless recap of the storyline or anything, but I do want you to know that my very first thought nowadays when I enter a dark room is to pull out a flashlight instead of hitting the lightswitch. I'd also like to add that I'll never look at household cleaning devices the same way again. It's about time Luigi was given a really good game to be the star of.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-02-01

I got Luigi's Mansion last year for my birthday and played through most of it, so I decided to write a review. This game is fun and funny and it shows off the Gamecube's graphical prowess. I split the game into 4 categories and scored them all individually.
Graphics: 9/10- This game looks really good for when it came out. It completely blows the N64's graphics away. However, there are games on the Cube that really look good now that it is nearing the end of its lifecycle.
Gameplay: 9/10- The controls may seem akward at first, but they are really easy to get used to.
Sound: 7/10- There is hardly any sound in the game except for Luigi humming and some occasional music during fights. Don't get me wrong, the sound is really good, its just that there's not enough of it.
Entertainment: 8/10- Fun but a bit short.

Not a bad game
by: kb3hcg    On: 2005-01-13

Last summer I got a gamecube I had not had a game system in 10 years, but did not really get many games for it (2) For Christmas my mother go me 6 games, one of witch being Luigi's Mansion. I have tried the other games, and found that at this time I lack the skills needed to play some of the more difficult games, but this game is not to hard, it is one I am using right now to get use to playing video games again. The graphics are good the game play is good. At times it can get a bit repetitive. There is some humor in the game that will make you lol.

the "fire" button of the game is the left shoulder button, this at first seams to be odd, but once you start playing you find you need to use both the c-stick and the control stick, because of this your thumb is not free to hit any of the A B X Y buttons. So the only other buttons that are usable for this are the R L and Z buttons, and the Z button would not be a good choice for firing a weapon IMHO.
all you people are crazy!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-01-06

I got this game for christmas an haven't stoped playing it since. Yes it may be kind of short, but that can't stop it from being fun. If you didn't give it a five star rating, that means you don't know how to have fun. you people are all boring. i like flogging molly!
Stumbles at the finish line
by: canadian3    On: 2005-01-05

Despite being called the Super Mario Bros, Luigi hardly gets attention. He starred in a lame SNES game(Mario is Missing), was in Super Smash Bros. Melee but his moves were exact same as Marios. He wasn't even in Mario Sunshine. Has a launch title, Luigi's Mansion shows off some of the Gamecube's power but the gameplay itself leaves something to be desired.

Story: Luigi wins a mansion in a contest he doesn't even remember entering. He tells his brother Mario to be there. Mario in effect has gone missing and there's ghosts all over. But thanks to Professor Gadd and his Poltergust 3000, Luigi can vacuum up the ghosts Ghostbusters-style.

Graphics: The best usage of the Gamecube's engine is in the lighting and shadow. Lightning strikes through windows provide perfect shadows as well as your flashlight shining the dark rooms. Everything else looks rather blah. Besides Luigi and the ghosts, the rooms looks almost unfinished and somewhat blurry in some cases.

Music/Sound: Barely any music beside a slight reprise of the classic Mario dungeon theme. When you vacuum in a ghost, there's this irritating piano figure, it's literally one note repeated. As for voices, Professor Gadd talks in a faux Japanese almost as it sounds like it but way to short to be japanese, and by pressing B, Luigi cries out "Mario?". His health plays a role in how confident or scared he sounds.

Gameplay: The control scheme for this is awkward. Shoulder L is for element firing, R is for the vacuum and the grey buttons are for your Game Boy Horror, which shows either your map or a scanning feature(almost similar to Metroid Prime's). To turn the flashlight on is A, directly beneath it is the right analog which determines where Luigi faces.

The stumble at the finish line reference in my subject refers to the final boss. I won't spoil who it is or anything but I'll say what happens: you take on King Boo(this isn't really a spoiler) who's inside a big...thing. Anyways, to suck up King Boo you have to fire these big spiky rocks at the thing's mouth while it's attacking but he gets so close to you, the resulting explosion ends up damaging you. Once you hit him, King Boo flies out and you have to suck him in. He literally has 500 HP...compared to your 100. Not only that, while you're trying to suck him in, the thing is firing ice at you.

This is an incredibly unfair fight. It's like the difficulty was evenly balanced throughout the game then bam, frustration alley. I'm no Johnny-come-lately newbie when it comes to gaming but I took well over 4 tries to beat the guy. Kids will be able to progress in the game with little hiccups here and there but that last boss will send them running for their big brother. But other than that, give it a try.
Okay so it's a kid's game...
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-01-03

I liked this game due to the fact that it's not the same old, same old for my guys Mario and Luigi. I found it entertaining and funny. I would recommend this game to any die hard Mario/Luigi fans.
don't buy this game!!
by: playdoughpiglet    On: 2004-12-28

This game is not is hard coming from an adult. I did not enjoy the game. The controlls are hard to master and there is no voice sound just reading. I found this game to be very difficult and hard.
can you say fun w/ a capital f?
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-14

sucking up ghosts. sounds tough right? hehe WRONG!!!!

Control: B (uses all buttons and sticks exept the the GBA pad and a button)
Graphics: A freakin + (great graphics)
Challenge: ? (you know, it depends on how good you are)
Music: A (ull luv the theme; luigi whistles it)

:) there u go (report this if it didnt help and ill make a better one)
Great gameplay expecially latter in the game.
by: gardnersteve    On: 2004-11-24

This game is a bit short, but it is fun. I played it when it first came out and I still like to go back to it. Give it a try. I hope they make a sequel with more variety of gameplay and a longer mission for nintendo revolution.
Fun for a time....
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-24

You see, I have certain times where I love one or two games and then that changes. Right now I feel like rating the game two stars or something because I'm just in one of those don't like it phases. But when I do like it I would probally rate it five or something. But the reason why I got so sick of it is because there's only one thing to do and tha's to win the game and you are almost always in the mansion and except for when the lights are on in rooms it's all dark and gloomy. Trust me you'll get sick of it. I paid twenty dollars for it which was good so if you find it for that much then you should buy it but trust me, you'll get sick of it and when you do get sick of it you'll get really sick of it....
Superb Graphics, lacking of gameplay
by: wwwkabobeater69    On: 2004-11-23

I will make this short. Luigis mansion was a nintendo gamecube launch and looked very promesing. The graphics were wonderful but the game was way to bad. This game was really aimed for younger audiences for ages 9 or something like that. And the game is to short. It took me like 8 hours to beat the game. Over all the game is lacking alot of things. One is lengh. The rest you just see for your self.

way to short.

The gameplay wasn't that fun at all. Stick with Mario Sunshine.

3.2 out of 5

Ingenious Graphics _ Lackluster G.P.
by: j0shua    On: 2004-11-21

Luigi's Mansion was essentially the GameCube's launch title. Nintendo made their point very clear. The GameCube was going to be about brilliant graphics for a younger generation of gamers. Luigi's Mansion painted that picture perfectly. Unfortunatey, Nintendo made a marketing mistake by not following the same path as Sony and Microsoft. While Ligui's Mansion was highly likeable for it's graphics and character legend, it wasn't a game that was very enjoyable. Seeing this game's graphics, without having the time of your life playing it, felt like driving an automatic Ferrari running on a mere four cylinders.

Luigi's Mansion is a fairly simple game that could be accomplished in half a day. Some areas of L.M. were actually enigmatic and annoying at times, but the game flowed pretty well from beginning to end. If L.M. was as lengthy as Mario Sunshine, maybe this could have been a worthy lanch title, but only on graphics alone. Mario Sunshine wasn't worthy of being a lanch title either. It's not good for Nintendo when your MVP's (Mario & Luigi) of your brand can't be found it the best games. Metroid Prime, Star Fox Adventures and The Wind Waker easily outshine both L.M. and M.S.

Overall, Luigi's Mansion is a good game, but not great. Not great in the fact it's not long enough. Not great in the fact it lacks some serious FUN for ALL gaming audiences. Nintendo marketed Luigi's Mansion for the 7-12 year old gamers. While Nintendo thought this would have been the best idea at the time, it proved to be a marketing nightmare. No one will remember Luigi's Mansion ten years from now, but other GameCube titles will be considered classics. Luigi's Mansion isn't even a top ten GameCube title. Very low replay value, but still one could discover entertainment if played on a rainy day. It's currently something around $15 or $20. That's a fair price.
Come on
by: hypershadowdx    On: 2004-11-19

At first i was looking forward for this game ' but when i got it i was disapointed heres why


Sound 0/10 terrible music sound terrible voice acting (e gadd's voice)
Gameplay 0/10 the levels are very hard and confusing
Controls 0/10 they are difficult to use when you are trying to suck up the ghost in that vaccum

But if youre a fan of challange then this is the game for you ; but if you cant stand the frausration then you know what i meant by my review
I like the part with the hose
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-08

the hose is a pretty good part. the ghosts are in there and thats how you know you beat them.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-02

this game isn't the most fun. The storyline is pretty lame but it is not violent and most kids 2 and up would like it.
If you are older you probably don't want to buy it for yourself because it will get boring.
Not as violent as you'd think
by: lkroden    On: 2004-10-20

My husband presented me with a new Gamecube and this game when I was put on bedrest during my last pregnancy. I had a lot of fun playing the game, but didn't realize how much fun my 4 year old son would have with it! I like how Luigi uses a vacuum machine to suck up ghosts, rather than shooting/cutting/punching them. He's even thought of using our real vacuum to suck up the hidden monsters under his bed. :)

I'm in no way a gamer (Solitaire is my game of choice), so compared to some other reviews, I actually find the game challenging and fun. Perfect for wasting a few hours away.
Luigi's Mansion
by: fullersfield    On: 2004-10-19

I thought this game was AWESOME from the get-go. Not terribly difficult for a novice to navigate, and loads of fun. Very clever and laugh-out-loud funny, with great special effects. If you're looking to critique, or to hone your video game skills, this probably isn't the game for you. But don't listen to the other reviews that reflect negatively on Luigi's Mansion. The only thing wrong with this game is that it's too short! And there needs to be a Luigi's Mansion 2!
It gets a little annoying...
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-08-08

I played it with my 5 y/o cousin and MAN does if A is pressed Luigi calls,"Marrrioooooo!"It gets a little annoying.Believe me,it's fun,but if you dont want a little kid running around screaming "Marrriooooooo!"don't buy it,I repeat,DONT BUY IT!
A Good Game Overall
by:    On: 2004-08-04

I purchased this game for my 13 y/o son. He said, "The game was pretty good overall. The storyline may not be the best, for most of the Mario games have the same kind of thing, like someone being captured, and the main character having to rescue them. In this case though, Luigi has to rescue Mario. The gameplay is very good, and that is the main thing that makes a game. It is so good in fact, you may want to play it right after you beat it just like I did. The graphics are very good compared to today's standards, especially for Gamecube's first launch title."
I give it two thumbs up!!!
by: rlanjb    On: 2004-07-30

this game is GREATE!!! It's a lot like ghost busters pro.egad is all ways telling you stuff you already know from the instuction booklet!!! I wish he could just be quiet for a second!!!! other wise this is a GRATE game! I really like the Boos there just a little hard to find them the portrait ghosts are also good...I really don't like regular ghosts there alright....Oh yeah luigi can't jump but you don't need to and it's alright with me.I give it to thumbs up!!!
Not bad
by: clwinter    On: 2004-07-30

As the title game for Nintendo's Gamecube, it was nice to see that Luigi was in the spotlight for once instead of Mario but when comparing Luigi's Mansion to other Super Mario Bros. games it definitely falls short.

The premise of the game is simple enough. Basically, Mario has disappeared into this mansion and Luigi has to battle ghosts throughout the house and find keys to open doors in order to save his plumbing counterpart. The game controls take approximately 5 minutes to master so you find yourself quickly running through the mansion and vacuuming up ghosts (that's how Luigi defeats the spooky spectrums). And then before you know it you've defeated the boss and saved your brother.

I would not recommend actually buying this game for it does not provide endless hours of gameplay. Rent it and beat it in a couple of days like I did. It's worth at least that.
GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!! - By - Maggie Irene MacKinnon - Grade 7
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-07-21

I want this game so badly because it's so much fun!!!! Even the guy at the video store said it was fun! The reason I want it so badly is because is because it is so much fun and that I don't have a Gamecube!!!! So Nyeah!!!! The other kids have it! I FEEL REJECTED!!!! First Off: My parents say n.o no!
Secondly: I don't have a Gamecube
Thirdly: My parents should say yes

The rest of the kids will get it and I wont! It's not fair And by the way I want Luigi's Mansion and a Gamecube! It's not fair!!!! GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!
Good game
by: tantricgorilla    On: 2004-07-16

This is a good game, and is the perfect starter game if you just bought a gamecube but once you beat it ... you don't play it again (at least for me). This and Super Smash Bros. Melee were the first games I got with the cube and it didn't take very long to beat it. It's a fun game featuring Luigi who rarely gets the credit he deserves but it's just not hard enough. If it took longer to beat or if it were as fun and innovative as the Zelda or Mario series, I might want to play this more. The main reason I got sick of this game is that the whole thing takes place in the manshion, there really is no worlds or temples. Really, it's not as good because it doesn't take that long to explore the whole place. In all, this game is more worth renting once or twice until you beat it then buying it. Unless you are a cube or Mario series fanatic like me, this isn't really worth your money just for the fact that it's too easy to beat.
A Good Value
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-07-03

OK, so Luigi's Mansion isn't the 2nd coming of the original Super Mario Brothers platform for the NES that made video games a household necessity, but it's easily a worthy title for any GameCube collection. Luigi's Mansion was indeed a game designed for a "younger generation", but video game lovers of all ages could learn to appreciate what it has to offer.

The marvelous graphics alone make LM a good value considering it's currently only running about 20 bucks. Does this title have replay value like Nas' Illmatic? No, but this isn't one of those "beat it, trash it" games either. You're actually graded on your overall performance once you defeat the game; Making it a challenge. Take heed to reviewers saying this game can be done in a couple of hours. That's not true. If you start from scratch, and use zero *cheats*, you'll find yourself baffled in tons of puzzles and enigmatic riddles.

The controls could have been more polished, but overall, they're doable. The storyline is the game's most evident flaw. There could have been more to the plot, it was a little simple, and I must say childish. The ending was quite disappointing and nauseating to be honest, but a game's ending shouldn't be a major factor in my opinion. I liked playing the bosses, and the entire concept behind it.

A four star rating is given, simply because you can get this game for such a good price these days. Next time you're in your local department store, slide that plastic, and save LM for a rainy day, you'll be glad you did.

Spooky? More Fun Than Spooky, Really...
by: rukasu_b    On: 2004-07-03

As one of the GameCube's launch titles, a lot was expected of "Luigi's Mansion." Are the graphics sparkling? Is the gameplay interesting? Do the controls work well? Can Nintendo's most underappreciated character possibly grab part of the spotlight away from his brother? Well, the answers are yes, yes, yes, and yes.

Luigi wins a mansion one day from a contest that he didn't enter. Yeah, you read that right. Mario went to check out the mansion, to see if it was some kind of trap, and still hasn't returned. Luigi gets antsy and finally works up the courage to go into the mansion and search for his missing brother.

When he gets into the mansion, he discovers it is populated by hundreds of ghosts, all of which are vulnerable to his scientist friend E. Gadd's new vacuum-cleaner-type device called the "Poltergust." Using this weapon and some slick thumb skills on the C stick, Luigi can capture the mansion's spook population and get closer to finding his brother.

The graphics are nice, certainly. The ghosts, while not exactly frightening, are very creatively done, and they fit almost seamlessly into the environment. Luigi's constant shivering and tooth-chattering reminds you not to be scared anyway, because he's doing plenty of that for you.

Using the Poltergust, you can unearth all kinds of secrets throughout the mansion, but the real draw is the capturing of the apparitions, "Ghostbusters"-style. The bigger, "boss"-type ghosts all have something a little different about them, a weakness that you must exhibit before being able to capture them, and sometimes that can be half the fun. Without question, I think "Luigi's Mansion" manages to live up to initial expectations, delivering a family-friendly experience, a few spooky moments, and even a classical "Mario" reference in the form of the old theme song, reproduced by a set of ghostly musical instruments. A game well worth its salt.

Inventiveness: 8 (out of 10)
The game concept and design, while not exactly "Resident Evil," is very well thought-out, and the unique flavor of the "Mario" series manages to hang on to this ghost-hunting adventure.

Sound: 8
Just about all the sounds are good, and the music is great, but some of the ghosts' noises get to be absolutely maddening after awhile. Perhaps a few less-annoying sound effects next time, Nintendo?

Graphics: 10
A dark, spooky mansion done in the light-hearted cartoony style of the Mario series is a dark, spooky mansion done right. Again, not a game to scare your pants off of you, but rather, to make you laugh at the fright of the protagonist.

Control: 9
The arrangement of the controls, while perfect for this game, does seem a bit strange. The B button turns your flashlight on or off, and the C stick controls the direction you turn the Poltergust in to capture a ghost or other booty. While it may take some getting used to, once you warm up to it, it'll make perfect sense, I promise.


Overall Score: 8.5
The bottom line: A G-rated adventurous quest through a spooky mansion finally gets Luigi the credit he deserves, and it shows how much he really does love his brother, despite the second-banana role. Good job, Nintendo.

Excellent Game
by: lgibney3    On: 2004-07-02

I honestly thought that the price being so low, that this game would not be very fun, but I was wrong. My son and I have really enjoyed playing Luigi's Mansion. It could be challenging in some areas, just enough to make it exciting. If your looking for a clean, fun game for your family, then you need to grab this one. Plus look at the price, how could you go wrong.
Luigi hasn't got it this time...
by: ninjallama    On: 2004-06-30

When I started playing Luigi's Mansion,I started going farther and farther into the game. Luigi's Mansion does get hard at some points and it is not a walk in the park for the rest of the game also. Luigi's Mansion is not as easy as you might think, so if you get to a hard part, don't give up. Try and try and you'll get it.
THIS GAME IS ONE PLAYER ONLY!!! so if you have a brother or sister or someone you want to play this game with, you'll have to take turns because luigi's mansion is only one player.
If you like mario and nintendo characters, I would suggest games like super smash bros. melee or mario kart double dash because luigi's mansion's characters are ONLY luigi and some with mario.
luigi's mansion is has fungis and mold
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-06-28

luigi's mansion is mansion is scary (in the stupid way)! BOO! AHi'm so scared.luigi is so UGLY IT'S THE SCARYEST THING ON THE GAME.HE has a vacuum that shoots out fire,water and ice. oh i forgot? it would blow-up.NEVER GET LUIGI'S MANSION IN YOUR LIFE!
The Vaccum Ghost cleaner!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-06-23

This game is more like a resident evil with mario characters, except for instead of zombies its ghosts, and instead of guns its a vaccum cleaner!!! I just got the game last night, but so far its good and i hope will still be good.

For a second, the controls will seem akward to you but you'll get used to it. You have to use the c joystick to move the flashlight around lookin for ghosts, and your normal joystick moves you, while R sucks up the ghosts. B turns the flashlight on/off. L shoots ice and fire stuff at the ghosts. Y takes out your Game Boy Horror to search things. Theres alot of controls, yes I know.

Try it out! Its fun.

Luigi's Mansion
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-06-22

This is the worst Nintendo game in all of history.:'(
A Decent Game...
by: 2xmom    On: 2004-06-16

This game is really fun and exciting. The only problem is that you finish the game in 3 days tops. And what's this hidden mansion junk when you beat the game, I mean who would make a slightly different mansion with the same ghosts and all just to make it long!?! But it's still fun as you suck up ghosts.

A really cool thing you can do is get these medals allowing you to suck up elemental-ghosts allowing you to shoot fire, water, and ice.

Your main objective is to save Mario from a bunch of ghosts and restore the boss ghosts into paintings, sounds easy huh? Well actually it's not, each boss ghost can hide from light. That's the only way you can suck them up with your vacuum cleaner, by stuning them with light. So you will be forced to find a flaw like wait till they yawn so you can catch them off guard.

I suggest you buy this game used, just don't except it to be long!

My 6 year old loves it
by: stuberman    On: 2004-05-24

For the younger crowd - my 6 year old and his friends and little sister this is an ideal game. There is enough difficulty that you can consider this game a puzzle rather than repetitive action. Of course with the need to fight ghosts these kids aren't sure if they should be scared or not at this age. I had been asked by my son to help a few times, teaching him a new twist on solving the progressively harder puzzles (tactics), but for chasing down hard to beat ghosts, my son still bests me. There is some light reading involved, not enough to get in the way of younger children who still aren't at that skill level yet, in fact I believe the GameCube and GBA games have helped motivate my son to learn to read, since some games (Yu-Gi-Oh in particular) really require the skill.
Enjoy the game - the young ones will have a blast!
Good for a debut of Luigi, but quite easy.
by: icecat516    On: 2004-05-12

I sat down and beat this game within 8 hours. Seeing that I had spent 49.99 on this game the day it came out with the Cube, that was something of a disappointment. It's an excellent game, but at times too easy for its own good. Luigi's vacuum ability takes some time to get used to, but it comes in time. I would probably recommend this game for newbies to the Cube, or die hard Mario fans. With other great games such as The Legend of Zelda for the Cube out there, this probably would do you better to rent it. A cute game though.
buying this game my have a sideafect of YAWNNNNNNNN
by: nintendoking1903    On: 2004-04-25

I MADE THE STUPID MISTAKE of buying this game and sure was i disapointed , the graphics were cool but the gameplay was a piece of crap!!o boy sucking up ghosts with a vacuum cleaner ,so fun, NOT!!!!do not!! i repeat do NOT buy or even rent it .the whole 10 minutes in the beginning is just pro.e gadd goin blah blah blah.nintendo really messed up on this game ,they should be embarresed to put the great video game compenys name on such a horror.i love gamecube but thie first game was a TERROR!!!!!!
Great Game!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-04-22

This game is one of the best games that I have played. In the game, Mario is trapped in the mansion and Luigi has to save him. It's really fun so you shoulg buy it!
by: jkent2004    On: 2004-04-21

As I said last time here's how to kill chancy.
1.Go into Chancy's room.
2.Suck the rocking horse.
2.When the teddy bears attack, suck all 3 up.
4.Suck the ball and fire it at chancy(Note: you might need a heart right now so go to the drawers and press a to get a heart.)
5.Aviod the rocking horses and the balls.
6.There's one more ball left!Suck it in the nozzle and fire it at Chancy!
7.Chancy heart will be reveled! Now suck him up!
I hope this was helpful!
Scaredy cat!
by: jkent2004    On: 2004-04-21

Luigi battles ghost like forever!To defeat Chancy it will be in my next review. Sorry about the inconvinyince.
It rocks when you get the hang of it!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-04-18

When I got Luigi's Mansion I was frightined by the ghosts.
But then I thought some ghosts aren't that scary, like Mr.Luggs, Sir Westsen (the chilly cilmber), and that piano player.
So sometimes it's good to try something new.
P.S. And I Got halfway through the game in one week!!!
Fun game that makes a great game good
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-04-15

Luigis Mansion is a fun game to play. When I first rented the game I started to play it right away. I think this game deserves a strong 5 stars because when I started to play it I knew that it would be long but was fun when when I had. When I was on area 2, when I desterbed the boo's, it really scared me. To be honest,it took me a desent 5 days of work. I say that the people who think this game sound's interesting, rent. This game is only made for the platform of Nintendo GameCube.
A great game, for a great system
by: scottypenguin29    On: 2004-04-11

Luigi's Mansion was a long waited game for a long waited system, but for any die hard player it was worth it. Many gamers were surprised that Mario was not the main story line for a launch game for the GameCube, but it worked out so well. You play as Luigi and must travel through a hanuted mansion and suck up ghosts through a vacuum cleaner. A blast to play, and is a must own for any GameCube owner.
Fun at times, but horrible flaws
by: regit491    On: 2004-04-02

Luigi's Mansion is fun when you're actually fighting ghosts. But it has major flaws. The house is gigantic and Luigi is very slow. You only get one life with no chance of getting more. Everytime you die you start over from the front of the house and have to take a long, boring walk to the play area. Sometimes you can spend 3 minutes just walking through the maze. Luigi cannot speed up. It was a major oversight on the part of the designers of this game to not allow him to run or have some sort of warps. You can warp from rooms back to the beginning, but this isn't useful. You should be able to warp from the beginning to the area of the next game.

You're also supposed to look through the house for "treasure." This is boring since it's just a matter of knocking on EVERYTHING in the gigantic house.

There are good parts. Fighting the ghosts is fun most of the time. But there are some that require only dumb luck and no strategy at all, so you just keep playing until you get lucky.

If you get the game the most fun thing is something that wasn't intended. At least I don't think it was intended. When you try to move a large object it won't budge. Luigi will attempt to lift it and will always fail. (...)

Overall, it's a potentially great game that is ruined by a few major problems. I'm actually surprised Nintendo would put their stamp on it. I wouldn't waste my money, but if you enjoy boredom, go for it.

Great Game, good for younger players.
by: emma_jane_o    On: 2004-03-31

We bought this game a few days ago, and we love it!!!, and so does our 5yr old. The game is simple enough to just go ahead and play, I hate quest games where the instuction book is more like a novel!!!!, but is still challenging enough that you have to perform certain tasks to achieve the goal of that level. The bosses get more and more tricky as the game progresses, but not so much that they are impossible to defeat. The game follows on nicely so you complete one task then that automatically leads to the next and so on, but this is made obvious, so you're not running around aimlessly trying to figure out the next stage. Thats the games beauty, it's small enough so you do actually feel like you have achieved something to enable you to progress forward in the game, and complete it, instead of it taking months!. Graphics are lovely and cartoony! thats what our son finds so appealling, and it's non-violent which is what we as parents find appealling!. Great game and most of's FUN!
3.5 Stars!!!! almost 4-- not finished the game yet
by: calvin_klein_64    On: 2004-03-26

I must say, It is a slow game to get into!! As some of the other reviewers said, it takes a while to master the controls.

I'm only on level 4 and reading the cheats have missed alot so keep your eyes open!

The first level the last ghost (the baby) is, in my opinion, the hardest top ghost (Don't know how to describe) to beat! It is soo frustrating.. but as you get going.. it gets better..

There are SO many twists and cool things to descover...
I can't give this game an honest review but so far.. It's been pretty good

Lastly... word of advice

At times you may just want to lierally kill the game but just keep on going.. it gets better!!

hard !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great worth every penny you have
by: enobong26    On: 2004-03-25

great game already at the last boss king boo and bowser hasnt been beaten yet
by: seancramer    On: 2004-03-21

This was the first game I got for my Game Cube. I got it because it was the cheapest at Wal-Mart. Although the game was very easy (I knocked it out in four days), it was fun to play through. The game doesn't involve a lot of skill, but sometimes it's nice to turn off your brain and just play a game. And who doesn't like sucking up ghosts in a vacumn cleaner, that was pretty funny.
One of the worst games I've played
by: sotiko    On: 2004-03-17

Yes, yes, good graphics... But we all know that graphics don't make a game... And they certainly don't make this one.

So, the story is Mario is missing and Luigi wins a haunted mansion. He goes into the mansion and is attacked by a ghost, but is rescued by this professer that looks like a 6 year old. The professer babbles on for about 3 years then gives Luigi a vacuume to suck up the ghosts and then he sets him loose. This game is like Ghostbusters without the cheesy theme song!

Challenge? What challenge is there? All you do is go in a room... ooh, a ghost. Shine your pathetic little flashlight to stun him, Luigi. Now, suck him up in the vacuume. Woo, fun. Next room.

Now, I may not know everything about this game because I haven't beaten it... But I seriously don't care about it enough to beat it. I picked it up once and played it for about 15 minutes then never played it again.

So, let me wrap this up... If you really want to play it, I highly suggest renting it first... It may be fun to rent, but I definitely wouldn't buy it.

Great mystrey game
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-03-16

This game is a great game for people who love mystreys!The ghosts are fun to catch.The Boo system is cool!The portit and boss ghosts-it's fun to know their weakesses.The reson that I gave it 4 stars is knowing their weakess-it's hard!But besides that,this game is great!
One of the best games Ive ever played.
by: allie19    On: 2004-03-13

This is a great game.Although a little too short this game is pure unaldureated fun. Ive never played a game this fun before except for Sonic Adventure DX. There are plenty of ghosts and rooms and is irresisibly clever. The plot of this game is simple and to the point.Luigis won a mansion and it ends up to be filled with ghosts and hidden in a special room a mechanical Bowser is being controlled by King Boo. At the end of every level a boss ghost awaits and those are really fun to play against too. There are also Gallery ghosts,blue ghosts,hidden rooms and golden mice. Toad will help you save your progress and E Gadd is your insructor. I think its a great game and a must have for any fan of Mario and Luigi.
Disappointing but intriguing
by: dragonfly48    On: 2004-03-13

The game play is simple and doesn't change much throughout gameplay - capture ghosts like you would with a fishing rod (tugging the opposite direction) with a vacuum cleaner. There's realistic lighting and shadows, good sound, and when the vacuum cleaner is used on objects in the mansion, they act realistically. There are 23 quirky "special ghosts" which you need to capture by doing special things, but each one is pretty easy to beat. Each time you beat a boss all of the ghosts you've captured will be pressed into paintings (that is basically the way the whole game goes.) Professor E. Gadd guides you, and he'll give you your vacuum cleaner, as well as a Gameboy Horror, which shows you a map of the mansion in relation to where you are, and does other things.
However, there are some downsides. The game is really easy and really short. It took me years to beat Super Mario 64, and yet it only took me one WEEK to beat the entire Luigi's Mansion game. There's only 4 areas in this game, and compared to other games which have many areas and worlds it's not much.
There are 46 rooms / outdoor areas in the game but once you beat all of the ghosts in a room there's not a whole lot you can do in it (they'll become empty and boring.) You will also probably find that getting from room to room will be hard since Luigi walks slowly, cannot run and cannot jump. Also, each room is pretty much the same: beat all the ghosts and go into the next room. The design is what intrigued me the most, not the gameplay (when it came to the individual rooms.)
The game was interesting up until the end. After you beat the final boss, Mario gets saved and your total points are counted. Your gallery data and score from the game you just played will be saved, but the actual mansion WILL NOT. When you beat the game, all of the rooms you unlocked during the entire game you just played will be reset and you will be sent back to the very beginning.
After beating the game, you'll get a picture of a normal-looking mansion that E. Gadd will buy for you with the cash you collected. The mansion's size depends on how much money you collected. (It would've been good if you could actually walk in it but you can't.) Another thing you'll get will be a "Hidden Mansion" mode, which takes you back to the very beginning of the game and you have to beat all of the same bosses and all of the same special ghosts all over again. The only "catch" in hidden mansion mode is that the Vacuum is slightly more powerful. Therefore, the "Hidden Mansion" mode is pretty lame. After all, what's the point of going through the entire game that you just beat with a few perks added to it? Other than getting a picture and re-doing the game, you get nothing for beating the game. A game should have either OK gameplay followed by a good "after-game" once it's beaten, or it should have gameplay that is so good there's no need for an "after-game". This game has neither. After beating the game, I kind of had that "I did all that for nothing" feeling.
The one thing about the game that was the most interesting though is the fact that it is so unlike other Mario games. Before beating the game (at which point the game is reset) be sure to explore 2 hidden rooms full of cash and gold. One is only accessible by falling through a chimney and the other is only accessible by getting sucked through a mouse hole. There's also a secret: when you look through your Gameboy Horror at a mirror it will warp you back to the main entrance. This however is only useful sometimes, because you may be in a part of a mansion that has no mirrors at all. If you want to go a long distance (for example from the main entrance to the third floor) the mirror serves no help to you.
Overall: if you want to play this game you should probably rent it.
Great Game!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-02-18

This game is great!

Here is what I think of this game:





If you like mario games, buy this game!

An OK game...
by: drummerchik224    On: 2004-02-15

This game is definitely fun, but it is WAY too short. I beat it in less than a week.
This game is O.K,
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-02-09

My future brother in law gave me this game cause he didnt like I played it for like 10 min, and its not that bad, it could of been better, if it was Mario's Mansion, but Luigi put on a great performance.
Luigi's Mansion: Hours of ghostly fun
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-02-03

When I purchased Luigi's Mansion, I played it for about two hours on the first day, and then, because it was the weekend, I played it pretty much nonstop. I got very far in the game (up to area 4!) on my first three days (and 7 or so hours) of ownership, and I've experienced enough of the game to know that it will last a very long time without ever becoming dull or boring. Luigi's Mansion has an intriguing plot line, fairly simple gameplay, and a convienient control layout. One thing that concerns me slightly, though, is that in dark areas of the mansion, background music starts playing that could give you a nervous feeling, sort of like you're being watched by some mysterious power. (Or maybe the dark just makes me skittish...) I would recommend this game to anyone 7 and up.
Luigi's Mansion: Hours of ghostly fun
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-02-03

When I purchased Luigi's Mansion, I played it for about two hours on the first day, and then, because it was the weekend, I played it pretty much nonstop. I got very far in the game (up to area 4!) on my first three days (and 7 or so hours) of ownership, and I've experienced enough of the game to know that it will last a very long time without ever becoming dull or boring. Luigi's Mansion has an intriguing plot line, fairly simple gameplay, and a convienient control layout. One thing that concerns me slightly, though, is that in dark areas of the mansion, background music starts playing that could give you a nervous feeling, sort of like you're being watched by some mysterious power. (Or maybe the dark just makes me skittish...) I would recommend this game to anyone 7 and up.
Best Game Ever!!!
by: bstolt50    On: 2004-01-27

I love this game it is the best in the entire world!!!!!
The #1 Mansion
by: matthewharper92    On: 2004-01-17

I got Luigi's mansion on Christmas in 2003 and played it about an hour after I saw it. I beat the game in two days and this is not a lie.I got really far on the first day (I was in the hallway next to the observatory) and beat the rest on the second. This is a very fun game and I have beaten it two whole times. This is a hint for you, there is a hidden room in the butlers room. Look for a mouse hole and get in first person view, while in first person view press A on the mouse hole to go inside, but make sure you have fire, and you will see lots of treasures. Also look on the back of the case of the luigi's mansion holder to see what it looks like.Blow fire on the goasts to get the ice in them to melt so you can get to the heart and it is vacuum time. you will find lots of treasure and money there and mabye another BOO.
The #1 Mansion
by: matthewharper92    On: 2004-01-17

I got Luigi's mansion on Christmas in 2003 and played it about an hour after I saw it. I beat the game in two days and this is not a lie.I got really far on the first day (I was in the hallway next to the observatory) and beat the rest on the second. This is a very fun game and I have beaten it two whole times. This is a hint for you, there is a hidden room in the butlers room. Look for a mouse hole and get in first person view, while in first person view press A on the mouse hole to go inside, but make sure you have fire, and you will see lots of treasures. Also look on the back of the case of the luigi's mansion holder to see what it looks like.Blow fire on the goasts to get the ice in them to melt so you can get to the heart and it is vacuum time. you will find lots of treasure and money there and mabye another BOO.
An excellent game.Im sticking with my five star rating.
by: allie19    On: 2004-01-13

This is a great game.Its almost as good as Super Mario World,Super Mario Sunshine,Sonic Adventure and Super Mario 64.The graphics are spectacular and the gameplay is awesome.I love all the ghosts and this is one of the most fun games Ive played so far.Its destined to become a classic so dont knock it.Theres tons of entertainment value in this especially for a launch game.Excellent.
Luigi's Mansion
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-01-11

I think Luigi's Mansion is very complicated because you have to do all kinds of things at the same time.
Enter, The Second Banana
by: kernermichael    On: 2004-01-11

When the Maro Brothers series was introduced in the 1980's, it has been declared as one of the greatest video game series of all time. The feel of the fantasy world has been absolutely supurb and the simpleness of the games make it all worth the while. While everything always has to be around Mario, this prime example focuses in on Mario's brother, Luigi. Still, this is just the 2nd game Luigi has actually starred in, the first one was Mario Is Missing!, but this game is also like it. It was a big move for Nintendo to finally start the Gamecube platform games off with Mario's Brother, and boy is it compelling.

Luigi's Mansion, the debut platform game for the Nintendo Gamecube, focuses in on Luigi, getting an flyer claiming he won a contest he didn't enter, and now he finds out that he has to hunt down the infamous King Boo, and all of his ghoulish pals to stop Luigi from rescuing Mario. The game has well over 60 rooms to choose from, with a whole number of details awaiting in the process, including puzzles, and the feel of the game. The graphics on this one are a bit similar to what you see on the Nintendo 64 platform, but the game is really fast upon the CD-ROM gaming. I truly must say, it is one of the most frightening games ever. Even I was nervous from all the vulgar ghosts and goblins in it. Still, it might be challenging for new gamers, but many of them may want Super Mario Sunshine in their actual Gamecube game collection instead.

However, the only way you actually can play this one, is to find a strategy guide for Luigi's Mansion, which is very difficult to find bow that a lot of stores don't really have the game in stock anymore. Still, if you can't find it, you will be wasting almost twenty dollars for this game that is actually exciting. Luigi's Mansion is actually one of the most compelling games out there right now, and it is worth the waiting in gold.

Luigi's Mansion
by: jonghyunchung    On: 2004-01-05

Luigi's Mansion may not be a straight up winner, but I wouldn't call his first game a loser at all. The replay value is suspect and the one enormous dungeon mansion can grow tiring, but the graphics are quite beautiful and the interesting game mechanics are enjoyable. The game is clearly geared for a younger audience, but even adult gamers will have some fun. And a note to Luigi - get yourself some acting lessons and a girlfriend.
fun but....
by: d-cf1987    On: 2004-01-02

This game was fun but it was a bit dissappointing. There are 50 boos you have to capture and they are a challenge to catch. The annoying thing is that the boos keep on running from room to room and you have to go and chase it. They won't stay in one place! The graphics aren't all that great either. Some of the ghosts need to just go away because they pop up every 5 seconds. You get to defeat a boss ghost after each level. You will most likely get stuck, so I would highly reccomend buying the player's guide to help you. Overall, this is a fun game but it is a little dissapointing. It may be fun for a younger child to play.
my first game...
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-12-29

i was excited to have this game as my first for gamecube, but it was boring. you go through so many levels and do the same thing over and over, just kill ghosts and get your keys. that's about it. but i guess it's cool for little kids..
Excellent Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-12-26

I got this game as an early Christmas present for my Nintendo Gamecube a week ago and I must say, this is one of the best Gamecube games ever made! The graphics and sound are sweet and the plot is very simple: Lugi wins a mansion,unaware that it is haunted with ghosts who have captured his bro Mario, who was supposed to meet him there. Inside he gets shocked win a ghost comes after him. Then a man named Proffesser E. Gadd comes to the rescue. He tells Luigi that the mansion wasn't there but for a few days and that it was haunted. To save his brother from the ghosts, Luigi must suit up with a Ghostbuster-like vaccum and go through the mansion room by room sucking ghosts untill he finds Mario. There are four main bosses in the game, each representing a story floor of the mansion, there are also Boos, portrait ghosts, element ghosts, and normal ones. Very simple too. There is just one minor problem I see with the game, the length of it. When I got the game a week ago I started playing on a Sunday evening and finsihed Tuesday afternoon. ( 2 days at least ). Thats no offense to how good a game it is, but they couldv'e made it longer, I mean this was Luigi's first starring game! If you are someone who wants a fun easy short game, this is the perfect game for you! If you are into long ones, buy something like Super Mario Sunshine or something like that. I rate this game 5 stars for being a nice plot, nice graphics, nice sound, easy to play, and it being Luigi's fisrt game, even if it is a little too short....
Graphics over Duration
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-12-20

Luigi's Mansion was not my first initial GameCube title, however it should have been. For a first time GameCube owner, Luigi's Mansion could easily spoil gamers with it's enhanced graphics potential and achievements. This is especially true for gamers of a younger generation, as Luigi's Mansion is a game for mid-level skilled gamers. Not to say it's as easy as that girl from HS that slept with all the varsity football players, but you see my point.

If you're looking forward to playing as Luigi's counterpart Mario, turn away now, because as the title indicates, this is "Luigi's" Mansion, and is unlike any Super Mario series you have played before. I will say, Super Mario Sunshine (also for the GameCube) is an excellent game. In Luigi's Mansion, Luigi receives a little "shine" of his own. I'm not going to give the story away, but the game does involve Luigi's brother Mario, the rest is up to you, the curious gamer.

Luigi's Mansion is not as durable (in terms of game-length) like many other excellent GameCube titles (Zelda, Metroid, SMS, etc.), however there's something about this game that just instills amazement for those who seek and love the graphics when it comes to gaming. For the price it's going for (currently $15.00), you couldn't ask for a better deal, considering at one time this same title was $50.00.

Luigi's Mansion lacked many elements on it's road to being a classic game, but it could have been if Nintendo had played it's cards right, and not aimed solely for the younger gaming market. Still, if you have a good half a day to kill without interruptions, you'll come to the same conclusion as I did; Luigi's Mansion is one of the best games you can beat in 24 hours or less.

Worst Game I Ever Bought
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-12-16

I got this game and I was very dissapointed. It is impossible and boring. So what if it was the first game for the Nintendo Gamecube. It is a snooze. I want Star Fox Adventures insted.
Short But Sweet
by: mad_dog_023    On: 2003-12-07

Luigi crawls out from Mario's shadow to star in his own game, Luigi's Mansion. Unfortunately, Luigi's triumphant return is well... not so triumphant.

For those of you expecting this to be another platformer along the lines of Super Mario Bros./World/64 will be sorely disappointed. This game is more like Luigi meets ghostbusters, as he tries to find Mario in a haunted mansion with nothing more than a ghost vacuum. Don't get me wrong, this game is insanely fun once you get accustomed to the awkward Gamecube controls, but the game ends almost as fast as it starts. It can be completed in less than 5 hours and offers almost nothing in replay value since the puzzles do not change during the second playthrough.

The graphics and sounds are both fantastic, worthy of of a Gamecube title. Luigi has various expressions on his face that change depending on his mood, and virtually everything in the house has it's own movement and can be interacted with. He also calls out Mario's name and starts whistling to the background music with a shaky voice throughout the course of the game. It's easy to see that a lot of attention was paid to details.

This game is a great Gamecube title that may not be what people expected, but still worth the price of admission. If gaming one night stands don't bother you, then give Luigi's Mansion a try!

Fun Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-12-07

I really like this game. Its a different type of game than just another Super Mario. Luigi is on a mission to rescue Mario. I like the way Luigi whistles and tries to calm himself down during the scarier parts of the game.

The graphics are really believe you are looking at ghosts.

The only problem with this game is that after beating the first couple of times, it doesn't take that long to beat it again. Also, because the ghosts look so real, it gives me nightmares sometimes.

Fun Game For Kids
by: chiefsfan1990    On: 2003-12-06

The only reason people think this game is stupid. Is maybe I don't know this game is for childern.Anyways this game is a experince of the supernatural. You go to a Mansion luigi has won, when luigi goes to clean out the Mansion he encounters ghost but Mario is trapped inside a room in the Mansion. So you as luigi you must sweep out all of the ghosts and rescue Mario.I this game a 4.
Pretty good.....but not the best
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-11-30

It was a fun game at first but then it got boring after doing the same thing over and over.The graphics were great I have to adimit,and the controls were too.But it's just not the kind of game for me I would recommend renting it but not buying .Overall this is one of those games that you might want to check out but not buying it,and luigi by himself is no fun !
Who You Gonna Call: LUIGI !!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-11-29

After nearly twenty years of being second best to his fat brother,Luigi makes his way to the Gamecube with his first starring game! The game is kinda short,but fun anyways. What you have to do is play as Luigi, who buys a haunted mansion in a lottery but dosen't know that it's haunted. The ghosts inside the house capture Mario and it's up to Luigi to come and rescue him by going room to room sucking up ghosts with his ghotbuster-like vaccum till he reaches the top of the mansion and kills all the ghosts and rescues his brother Mario. Truthfully,I wish they'd have made more Luigi games in the future, this is my only complaint. You know, a mansion game is okay, but I wish they'd make a Luigi game with they old fashioned way like in Super Mario 64, just with Luigi.
Different But Good
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-11-29

I think this game is pretty good, though you don't do much. You just run around chasing ghosts. I also think it's kind of scary, but it's probably because I'm only nine and I'm scared of the dark. This game is very difficult and there's a lot of places you have to find and defeat and, not to mention, Luigi is kinda slow. The reason I think that it's 3/5 is because I think it's cool but it's too complicated. And you almost NEED the stratedy guide. But still, I think it deserves three stars.
Just not the expected Mario quality
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-11-29

This game doesn't compare to the other Mario games. Although the story sounds cool, there just isn't much exitement in sucking up ghosts with a vacuum cleaner. It's very monotonous; there aren't really any different places to go and although the ghosts vary in color and shape, they all basically work the same. It's more frustrating than challenging. I don't know - the areas and ghost-sucking may not bore you like it bored me. Perhaps one of the few good sides to this game is that it's interesting and unique. But the game play is definatly missing something. Koopas maybe.
Excellent family game.
by: bandoid    On: 2003-11-27

I have played this game twice all the way through with my six year old daughter. The first time we played, she was 4 1/2, the second time we played she was six. Both times, both of us enjoyed it and played steadily through. The graphics are good, the puzzles are reasonably simple, the storyline is easy for kids to relate to, and the play and controls are appropriate for challenging adults without being the least bit frustrating. In order to avoid being frustrated at all with the game, I would advise having a walkthrough, but I would advise even more to go ahead and get the player's guide from Nintendo Power. It'll add a little more to the price but while you're controlling the character, your kids can look through the book, enjoy the pictures, practice their reading skills by guiding you along, and boost their self-esteem by being the authority while getting through the game.

If you're just a gamer and you want to play this by yourself, you probably won't find it nearly as compelling.

Good, Good
by: jeem13    On: 2003-11-19

I just bought this game. I decided to wait until it got cheap to spend some money on it due to the... well simply put "bad" reviews on it. Definately this game was awesome when i first started to play it...the graphics dazzled me. Since i have a ps2 and i just got a gamecube it was alot to handle. Well it was alittle boring after a while, but if you a hardcore mario(and luigi) game fan(like me) then you will definately find this game fun. Sure there are some boring parts but it has it's moment, overall i'll give this game a 3.5 star rating.
Pretty Fun
by: llbach    On: 2003-11-15

Luigi's Mansion was confusing at first but as I played more it was a lot more fun. It was fun sucking up the ghosts but then it started to get to hard to understand how to get to the next rooms. It was pretty fun.
A Game You MUST Buy
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-11-06

This is a game you MUST buy. It is a wonderful game. You MUST buy it! It has adventure, fun, and you will have a wonderful time playing it. All my friends and I have a GameCube, and all my friends and I bought Luigi's Mansion as our first game! We all loved it, and I know you will love it, too. (Believe me, I have a lot of friends!) So, we really recommend that you buy this game, it is wonderful!
wrong game
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-10-27

i was sent an x box game .not the luigi's mansion that i will this play on my gamecube.
not so good...
by: gamecubeplayer    On: 2003-10-22

I bought this game two years ago. I stopped liking it after a month. When I beat it, it just got boring. If you are looking for a good game that will last a long time, this would not be a good choice.
Repetetive Gameplay can't save this game
by: arlando    On: 2003-10-14

Luigi's Mansion is not the best GCN game you can buy. It makes a great launch title and starter for getting used to the GCN but is by no means worth the trouble of buying. Pitting Luigi in a game all to himself seems like a cool idea but after playing games like "Mario's Missing" you wonder just how good of an idea it really is.

Graphics: 5/5

Visually stunning! Luigi's Mansion really brings you into the game with it's graphics but that's about it. The graphics do no such justice for this game as far as Gameplay goes. The graphics are great but that alone just can't make the game.

Gameplay: 2/5

The gameplay scores low because it's repetative. To sum it all up: Find a key, unlock door and/or solve a puzzle. This game is nice for some but for those without patience (and the fact that Luigi chooses to walk everywhere) will get annoyed. It's fun at first but after a while it dies down when you get the gist of the pattern. So why is that Luigi's Mansion dies down in this type of gameplay while other games that have this kind of gameplay do not? Luigi's Mansion's music, that's why. The music is what tends to give motivation to the gamer to finish the game at times (this is true actually) but if the music doesn't feel right in a situation it just doesn't work.

Sound: 2/5

Horrible sound, this game has. The sound effects are nice but the BGM is not so good. Trying to make this game sound like a horrific experience didn't work out so well. Actually when you're hearing horror music and the GHOST IS RUNNING AROUND BEING SCARED OF YOU makes me want to laugh.

Replay: 1/5

The game is impossible to play through again with gamers turned off by this type of repetative gameplay. The music doesn't give light to the game (no I didn't mean it the way it sounded) since it doesn't fill the aura of a situation.


I didn't review over the story for some odd reason but I can say that for a first GCN game it's actually pretty good. But compared to other games such as Super Mario Sunshine it falls a little short. The Gameplay really brings this game down.

by: dmattingly    On: 2003-10-14

Great graphics in a horrible game. Check out for reviews.
i love this game!!!!!!
by: superasa2    On: 2003-10-09

. good graphics
. the game is hillarious
. many diffrent ghosts
. finally it is Luigis time to stand in the spotlight

. too easy to beat
. it can be boring to go back and capture all the Boos

Spooky, but VERY cool!
by: realgenedoll1    On: 2003-10-09

Luigi's mansion is the greatest game I ever played! When I first played it I was very confused, and spooked! Then I got used to the game and now, I'm a professional ghost vacuumer! I'll tell you about it. See, Luigi won a mansion in a contest that he didn't even enter! So he sends Mario up to check it out, and Mario doesn't come back. So Luigi goes to check the mansion. He gets there, goes into the parlor and what does he see? A GHOST! Also, an strange old man in a white coat chasing it! He sees Luigi and tells him to run, he'll follow. They get to the old man's lab and go inside. The old man gives Luigi a vacuum and tells Luigi to take it to suck up the ghosts. He gives him a small explanation of how to use it and a demonstration. So now Luigi's job is to venture into the mansion
and suck up ghosts and find Mario! Very interesting, huh? Hope this is helpful!
Time for Luigi to shine!
by: frootloops16    On: 2003-09-20

This is a very simple game. You have a vacuum and you suck up ghosts. You would not believe how much fun this is. It has really great graphics, great use of the GameCube's controller, and the animation and sounds are just perfect. Best of all Luigi kicks butt. It might seem a bit short for some people, but honestly how long does a game have to be? Great game, way to go Nintendo.
Luigi's first Starring Role!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-09-13

This game has excellent lighting and good graphics. It is easy to progress in the game, but overall it's very fun. It's a little too short. I got really far in four days. Still, you should buy this game.
good, but not a game worth buying
by: mdavefran1    On: 2003-08-23

This was a rush finish so t could come out when Gamecube came out. The graphics are pretty good. It's basically the same music throughout the game. Sucking up ghosts in a vacumm gets old quick. Rent this game before you buy it.
Good Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-08-19

I'll Start Off By Telling The Story.One Day Luigi Receives A Message From Mario Saying That He's Won A Mansion But Luigi Doesn't Remember Ever Enterng A Contest So Luigi Needs To Meet Mario At This Mansion But When He Arives Mario Is Nowhere To Be Found And The Mansion Is Crawling With Ghosts So Luigi Needs To Extinquish The Mansion Of Ghosts And Rescue His Brother.This Game Is Defintely Not Perfect But Is Still Pretty Good
Luigi is a star!
by: missmegan301    On: 2003-08-12

This was a great game. At first, I had a little trouble controlling the little vacuum thing, but eventually I got used to it. It's really fun to play. Nintendo did such a great job on this. They stepped away from Mario for a brief moment, and let Luigi get the spotlight, which is great because I was getting sick of Mario anyways. The graphics are truely amazing. I love how the house is all dusty. It really brings out the old, haunted mansion feeling. They also had a bunch of added features, like how Luigi whistles. It's not the only music in the game, but the other music is just creepy. This game is a must have if you love the Mario series.
Go Weegee
by: themaskedseamonkey    On: 2003-08-06

Luigi finally gets to star in his own game but I think he would have rather stayed in Mario's shadow. Luigi's Mansion is a spin-off of the Super Mario Series. Luigi's won a mansion in a contest he never entered in. Upon arrival he finds that his bother Mario has been taken and only he can save him.
This game is fun but short. It only took me 2 days to beat this game. Really, it only took me 2 days.
Anyway, if you're looking for a really scary game this might not be a good choice. You might what something like Resident Evil Zero. By and by this game is fun. Enough said....
Luigi's Mansion
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-07-13

Luigi's Mansion, for Nintendo Gamecube, is an excellent game. The only bad thing is that the game is way too short. I beat it in under a month. However, they pretty much make up for that little blemish with incredible replay value. For example, depending on how much money you get over the course of the game, Luigi will end up with a different house that he bought with the money. The highest grade is A, and I'm not sure how low you can get, but the lowest I ever got was E. [My first time beating it.] The game is worth playing over just to see how high you can get.
Then there is the Hidden Mansion. Beat the game, and you get access to it. The differences are small, but they're there. See if you can spot them!
Then, once you've gotten bored, you can still visit that nice Training Room! It's really enjoyable! See if you can get eleven ghosts!
Overall, this is my rating-
Gameplay-9.25/10. Some puzzles are too short, yet incredibly frustrating, and sometimes you have to do completely random things to get ghosts to appear, like shaking a moose head. Other than that, though, they gameplay is great.
Graphics-8.50/10. The graphics are typical for Gamecube. [Meaning that they are very good], but I really wish the facial features on the characters would actually change.
Camera-9.75/10. The camera control in unbelievable. I just wish you could adjust it.
Sound-7.50/10. The sound could have been better. The game only has one main tune throughout the game. [If it's playing any music at all]. It's a good thing that the tune is a good one.
Well, that's my Luigi's Mansion review. I hope it was helpful to you!
Awkward &complicated
by: usnjose    On: 2003-07-05

Either I am getting too old or the Mario and Luigi games are wayyyy to complicated these days. I have played my game only about 5 times and I finally have given up. The controls to run the poltergust are just way too awkward. I am great at Starfox,
Zelda, and many others but I put that game on and instantly feel ancient and inferior to the other gaming experts out there. Why can't we just get back to eating mushrooms and saving the princess ..........
Luigi can't live up to his brother's expectations...
by: death_girl    On: 2003-06-13

This game is okay, but it certainly doesn't live up to the high quality expected of Mario games. Luigi has spent his whole life living in his brother's shadow, and this is his chance to gain some of the spotlight by being the hero and rescuing Mario from a haunted mansion. I'll start with the positives by saying that the graphics and sound were great, if somewhat cartoonish. I could spend hours just touring the mansion and admiring the incredibly details that exist in every room and every individual ghost. And the creepy sound effects along with the suspensful music really make the game come alive!

Other than that, however, there are really only a few ways to describe Luigi's Mansion: easy and boring. The plot is extremely simple without any twists or surprises, and the gameplay is so easy that you will probably beat it in no time at all! Sure it has puzzles and challanges, but nothing a few minutes of brain power can't solve! And trust me, sucking colorful ghosts into a vacuum cleaner gets old and boring before long. I would probably reccomend renting this game so you can at least admire the grpahics and enjoy the game for the few days it will take to beat it. But don't expect it to even compare to the fun and diverse gameplay of most Mario games.

The Great Ghost Game
by: terrybird    On: 2003-06-10

My son really enjoyed playing this game. The puzzles were great and he enjoyed getting all the ghosts. He always enjoys Mario titles
Way, Way to short.
by: tinysalmon4    On: 2003-06-10

This game is fun, okay, dont get me wrong there. you go around and suck up stuff and its fun. i rented this game on a saturday and i got hooked and i was finished by 8:00 that night. this would have been a 4 star but its just too short. its worth a rent, but dont waste 30 bucks on it.
by: shadowsrevenge96    On: 2003-05-03

Luigi's Mansion is a definite no-no! The controls on the game [are weak], it is completely boring, and the storyline is too original. When Luigi enters the mansion, it's nothing but cleaning a dusty old house! This game is very boring because there is nothing to do on it...
Really Fun...the first time around.
by: supermarioallstarz    On: 2003-04-18

I would actually rate this game as 3 1/2 stars. I would really like to give Nintendo's first Gamecube game a higher star rating, but I really can't. This game, I think, was just to "test the waters" so to say. It is a fun game to play, and I was very impressed with everything about it (the graphics, the sound, and everything). However, it has next to no replay value. Once you beat it, you have no real reason to play it again. If you do play through again, you'll notice that everything is the same. There are no new enemies to fight, no new items to pick up, no new anything. The only thing that you would be able to do is try to get a better score and get a better mansion picture. Overall, it is a very good game, but many people won't want to play through it many times since there is nothing new to do. If you want a fun and clean game to play on your Gamecube, then Luigi's Mansion is certainly a good choice. However, don't expect to be playing this game for months and then playing it again right after you finish it.
Awesome Game, You'll get stuck to it
by: ghudson43    On: 2003-04-06

I recently purchased Luigi's Mansion from nintendo and I love it. With a huge variety of ghosts,it makes the game so much fun. Mario was supposed to meet Luigi in Luigi's new mansion[actually its pretty old],but he did not show up. It turns out he was captured by a band of boos. The mansion is crawling with ghosts,but Luigi can handle it. I love it because it's not hard,but not too easy.
Skipped it
by: sleepyjd    On: 2003-04-04

I skipped renting or owning this game because it's only an hour long. I did not like what I saw when I played it in store, so I decided to never play the game again. Overall, it's just not Nintendo's best effort and is clearly a launch title that was rushed in the end so it could drop in stores the day the system did.
I can't believe how good this game is!
by: irishcannibal    On: 2003-04-03

I thought when I got this game that My son would enjoy it but it didn't look like something I would like that much.
Wow was I wrong! I got so addicted to this game I couldn't put it down!
The graphics are great, the game is FUN,and there is enough to keep you busy for a while!
rent it before you buy it, it may not be everyones cup of tea!
this is a looser game
by: rubistlmo    On: 2003-02-11

I rented this game to see what it was like. Trust me you don't want to buy it. The controls are too hard the graphics aren't that good and there is not much to it. Trust me if you really want this game then rent it first try it out. Otherwise you will be stuck with a bad game.
Luigi's Mansion - Quality, however not long
by: wellmlynn    On: 2003-01-23

Luigi's Mansion, to put it simply, is the perfect weekend rental. The title garnered a total of ten hours of gameplay out of me, and has not been touched since. Don't get me wrong, the game wasn't bad or anything, it was just really short.

Boasting some new gameplay as opposed to the usual platformer fare, the puzzles in Luigi's Mansion, as well as bosses, were fun while they lasted. A fairly simple game, Luigi's Mansion is not something that an experienced gamer should probably buy, unless they'd just like it in a collection for some reason.

For the family game, this doesn't do too badly, although the fifty dollar price tag isn't justifiable. A good game for teaching parents and small children to play a game, I'd recommend Pikmin as a puzzle game over this, and Mario Sunshine as a Mario game above this.

Three stars justifies the good quality, as well as super short playtime. Try renting it before buying it.

Luigi's Mansion, Ups and Downs
by: jksg    On: 2003-01-19

What I like about Luigi's Mansion is when you first play it, you have just about no idea what you're doing, but after you beat the first boss, you'll get to know the drill. I like how you can shoot fire, water, and ice from the Poltergust 3000 and use them for special purposes. Also, King Boo is plain sick. With the blue tongue, pink eyes and scary noises, he makes the perfect bad guy. It's really fun when you first play it, especially for me when facing King Boo. I also like the suprises...The biggest downside of this game is once you truly beat it, it's pretty boring. I beat it, and never even played or watched the game since, unless I was helping my friend on one of his files. Also, the game's pretty hard to beat without the guide.
The three Bs - Boring, Bad, Boring
by: radiowar    On: 2003-01-06

I don't have this game, i only played it at a few stores. I beat a couple bosses and got bored of it right after that. I would expect this game to have come out on the NES and it still would have been a bad game. the plot is boring and repetative, and there aren't any twists to the story - suck up a ghost, beat up a boss ghost, suck up more, beat up another boss ghost...Plus, it's a lot like Blinx: The Time Sweeper (Xbox) and that's a way better game.
...[Teeth Chattering]...
by: luxemburgh    On: 2003-01-01 Butler...and...that...[tears] guy with the pool stick...imsoscared........
Good game but wicked short!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-12-29

this game is fun... while it lasts. I played through the game in about 4 days. sure when the game is going the vacuming ghosts is fun. the bosses need to have more strategy to beat. basicly all bosses (except boolosolis) are beat the same way. the potrait ghosts are a neat twist seeing as how each one is a mini boss, sorta. this game would be a great game to buy if you just got your gamecube.
Gave my son nightmares
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-12-26

My son loves nintendo and all of the mario/luigi games. We were very excited to give him this new game. I guess the graphics were too real. He couldn't sleep and had nightmares and asked us to take the game and box out of his sight. Not very good for impressionable children. The recommended age is 6 and over. He is 7 and was terrified by the game.
Luigi's Mansion (Gamecube)
by: junction99    On: 2002-12-20

When I first saw this game I thought to myself, "Mario Brothers live on." I knew I would have to get this game when I got my Nintendo Gamecube. It's a Mario Brothers game. Who wouldn't want it?

Well I've been playing through the game for a while now and let me tell you a little bit about it. The gameplay is fun for younger and older players. It's not too hard, for the younger players, to the point where they will want to give up. On the other hand it's not too easy, for the older players, that they will beat it in a day.

The levels are interesting and fun. The basic design of the game is that you are Luigi and you are searching for Mario in a haunted house. You have a vaccum that you capture ghosts with so they can't hurt you.

Sometimes you will have to search around for some clues to figure out what to do next. This is one of the aspects of the game that make it interesting.

I would highly recomend this game for all ages of play. So have fun and enjoy the search for Mario in the haunting game Luigi's Mansion.

Luigi's Mansion (Gamecube)
by: junction99    On: 2002-12-20

When I first saw this game I thought to myself, "Mario Brothers live on." I knew I would have to get this game when I got my Nintendo Gamecube. It's a Mario Brothers game. Who wouldn't want it?

Well I've been playing through the game for a while now and let me tell you a little bit about it. The gameplay is fun for younger and older players. It's not too hard, for the younger players, to the point where they will want to give up. On the other hand it's not too easy, for the older players, that they will beat it in a day.

The levels are interesting and fun. The basic design of the game is that you are Luigi and you are searching for Mario in a haunted house. You have a vaccum that you capture ghosts with so they can't hurt you.

Sometimes you will have to search around for some clues to figure out what to do next. This is one of the aspects of the game that make it interesting.

I would highly recomend this game for all ages of play. So have fun and enjoy the search for Mario in the haunting game Luigi's Mansion.

Simplistic ad Repedetive
by: x_opp    On: 2002-12-11

There isn't much to this game. Once you capture the first ghost you have laid the plan for what you will do with each ghost you see until the end of the game(there are a few exceptions). The truth is it just stops being fun after awhile and the game isn't difficult. On the positive side the graphics are good and they flow smoothly. So if you are into good graphics, and easy game, and alot of redundancy, I guess this game is for you.
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-12-10

Just RENT this
by: danata    On: 2002-11-27

I hope it's not a sign of Nintendo products to come. It's very short, at 5 hours, for a game that cost something like 70 dollars Canadian when it first hit, consumers deserve more, with the lack of replayability, this game is about 10+ bucks per hour (when you'll likely play just once). Resident Evil 1 however, also could be beaten in a mere 5 hours (that info SHOULD be printed on the box). Maybe, like Dreamcast, this game will hit 5 dollars sometime, then I'll probably pick it up, because even though it has these problems, part of me wants to rent it again. Maybe it's for the cheesey fun, or for looks, but I thought about it. There should have been a few better modes after beating the game, some mini-games for 4 players or a creative vacuum deathmatch to spruce things up, levels could've been rearranged. This game feels like one level out of what should have been about a 5-7 level game, and the plot is simple, too. I wish he had put that vacuum away at least once!
good but easy
by: dinfante    On: 2002-11-23

Just like all Nintendo games starring Mario or his brother, this is great, but most older games may be able to beat it quickly. (A week or so. Maybe wait to get it during a sale, because it is great.)
Unique game - is a lot of fun.
by: education_station    On: 2002-11-20

Finally, a unique gameplay! This game is very cute and fun to play. Not really violent -- great for kids!
Very bad entry in the Super Mario saga
by: big_irish    On: 2002-11-19

As a long time fan of the Super Mario series, I have seldom, if ever, been disappointed by any games in the entire series, from Donkey Kong (and I do mean the original arcade game that started it all) all the way to Super Mario 64. Given Nintendo's track record with this series and the absolute high quality of games for its new GameCube platform, I had every reason to think that "Luigi's Mansion", even if it was not up to the level of its predecessors, would be a quality entry in the series. I have to say that I was sorely disappointed.

I have a certain level of tolerance for games, even ones that are frustratingly slow and plodding, but I ran out of patience with this game. I could barely even get into playing it. From the very beginning, this game gets annoying. When Luigi first enters the mansion, he encounters this stupid little professor who is supposedly there to give Luigi the background of what is happening in the mansion and teach him to use this vacuum cleaner to capture the ghosts that haunt the mansion. Yet, the idiotic professor rambles for about 10 minutes worth of dialogue and THERE IS NO WAY TO BYPASS IT!! After each brief piece of dialogue, you have to hit a button to make it continue, too. So you just can't do something else while he rambles. But, I digress. You would think that once you get past that annoyance, you could just get right into the game. WRONG! Learning to use the vacuum cleaner is incredibly aggravating. The game doesn't give you any chance to develop a feel or flow for how to use it because every time you do anything with it THAT STUPID PROFESSOR STARTS YAPPING AGAIN!!! This, alone, caused me to put the game aside for about 8 months before trying it again. Once I finally exerted enough patience to get past this madness, I figured I would finally be able get into the game. Once again, I was wrong. I find that almost every door is locked and any method of getting through those doors is hidden somewhere on the board. I had the strategy guide and could very well have looked up how to open these locked doors, but at this point, I was just too frustrated to care anymore. I put the game down for the last time...

Maybe Cleaning Up a Mansion Isn't So Exciting...
by: shyguy22489k    On: 2002-11-13

I'm completely shocked with this game. I would have expected a lot better of an opening game from Nintendo, especially since they've had a good opening game until this one. The effects of the mansion and Luigi's Poltergust 3000 are good...but this game turned out WAY too easy. This game took me 3 days to beat...and I only played about an hour each day. There were some good puzzles in the mansion, but otherwise I would have opted not to play it. I would not recommend this game because Nintendo really could have done a much better job on it. Their quality of games on the GCN ever since this one have been incresing, though.
Way Tooo Short!
by: jessan0    On: 2002-11-12

This is a GOOD Game, but it is too bent on collection and repetition, kill a ghost, collect some money, repeat 7 times fight a boss and repeat, but after all this , it is still a prety fun game that has good graphics and would almost look like a Cartooney Resident Evil if u took out luigi and his ghosts- Well the back ground would. The graphics are good.

It seems like the mario brothers are into super magic back packs now becasue each of their latest games contains the new fad, maybe mario wante to try out a backpack for himself becasue luigi's helped rescue him.

AWESOME! but not traditional Mario Bros. style
by: jusninja    On: 2002-10-29

Don't get me wrong, Luigi's Mansion is a great game. One of the best I've ever played. No kidding! The only thing from the 5th star is the title. Any hardcore mario fan would say "Time to jump on more baddies" but you can't jump at all. You suck up ghosts and try to free mario. The storyline really gets you going. At the beginning, Luigi is walking along a very Edgar Allen Poe style road. Creeeeeepyyyyy. He walks into the mansion, and gets the living daylights out of him by a ghost.(He never smiles until the end of the game) Proffesser E. Gadd (ha ha ha) comes and sucks the heck outta it. He loses the tug, and explains everything. You're on you're own from now on. Storyline: 8/10 for just story at the begining.

Now the graphics IS the best aspect of the whole game Everything is just perfect. The ghosts are just the right transparincy, Luigi's never been detailed perfectly Graphics:(take a guess...)10/10

The controls are great. I can see why Nintendo put the controls the way they are. Despite the lack of jumping, it's great. Everything is right where I need it for easy access.
I bet you're wondering, "What is it like to suck up a ghost?" Well, think Ghostbusters 1.

If you're wondering why I've called them ghosts, not boos, is they come later. THEY are the ones that captured mario. The final battle is THE BEST. King Boo, (picture a boo with a crown) Dresses up in a Bowser suit (not like the Koopa Bros. in Paper Mario) and looks just like him. At first, I thought I was fighting Bowser. He shoots fire, throws bombs, ands sucks you in and spits you out. VERY COOL!!!!!

***In Super Mario Sunshine, the person who made Mario's Funky Backpack, also made Luigi's!!!!!

Replay value is, well, the same game over and over. (Duh, it's replay) but not as many cut scenes you've already seen. Replay:7/10

If you're fast on the controller, rent it to beat it. If not, buy it.


Poor game.(very)
by: tumeg    On: 2002-10-29

This is a very poor game.I didn't belive it at first, but you can't even jump.The only thing you do is cath phantoms and ghosts.
Good game
by: vsperez78    On: 2002-10-26

This is a fun game. Though not very interesting.
Great graphics...but you may want to rent it first
by: brando16    On: 2002-10-20

One look at this game and you'll see they didn't slack off. This game has some of the most breath-taking graphics the Nintendo GameCube has to offer, with smooth-control and easy-to-understand gameplay.
However, the game slacks off a little on gameplay time (by that I mean how long it takes to beat the game), and it honestly took me a day to complete (less than 6 hours). Its a bit shorter than most other GameCube titles.
On the good side though the game is easy to learn and a load of fun to play. This is the type of game that you would want to rent, becuase you could probably finish it in a few days.

-A little bit about the game-
Put into a contest Luigi never entered, he wins a Haunted House. When Luigi attempts to visit it, he discovers that Mario is missing! Playing as Luigi and solving puzzles, capturing ghosts, ou must rescue Mario (wherever he is), and rid the house of all the ghosts that roam it!

Fun the first time
by: ness298    On: 2002-10-12

Even though Luigi's Mansion is a great game, it is too easy to beat, and there is practically nothing you can do after you've beaten it once. If you really want to play it, I recommend renting it.
by: some_guy4001    On: 2002-10-02

Luigi gains fame in his first main role. Instead of Peach the damsel in destress is Mario (thank god he's not wearing a dress.) Luigi scores high in this ghost busting adventure through a haunted mansion.
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-09-22

this game is horrible. it is fun the first time you go through it but after you beat it, it isn't fun at all. it takes about 4 hours to beat so please, please, please rent this game for a few days. If you have two thumbs you should have it beat. To top it off the story is horrible. you "won" a mansion but there are ghosts in it and this magical old guy gives you this magical vacuum that sucks up ghosts, table cloths, fire, water and you use it to get your brother (mario) out of a picture. I mean come on.
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-09-22

this game is horrible. it is fun the first time you go through it but after you beat it, it isn't fun at all. it takes about 4 hours to beat so please, please, please rent this game for a few days. If you have two thumbs you should have it beat. To top it off the story is horrible. you "won" a mansion but there are ghosts in it and this magical old guy gives you this magical vacuum that sucks up ghosts, table cloths, fire, water and you use it to get your brother (mario) out of a picture. I mean come on.
pretty good
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-09-19

This was a fun game i beat it in a weekend. If you rent it you will enjoy it. the bosses were hard otherwise it was easy.
pretty good
by: elrx    On: 2002-09-19

This was a fun game i beat it in a weekend. If you rent it you will enjoy it. the bosses were hard otherwise it was easy.
Ahhh... Luigi's Mansion
by: tuffyboy    On: 2002-09-18

Finally, Luigi gets his own game. Let me tell you first of all, if you don't have a guide, this can be pretty challenging! It could take you a while to figure everything out. On my opinion, that's a good thing! Anywayz...

Fun-9.5 Well of couse it's fun duh! Everyone with eyes could see that!

Controls-9 They are pretty easy once you get the basics down.

Graphics-9.5 They put good graphics on this one, down to the fire, dust, water, mist, etc.

Camera-8.5 The camera only gets in the way sometimes.

Replay-7.5 This is a downside. Not a good thing except for the Hidden Mansion.

Length-7 Too bad that was short...

Overall(averaged)-8.3 To sum it all up this is a good game, but it could have been better. Just try a little harder guys!

At most, a rental
by: danata    On: 2002-09-17

Hopefully, this isn't the new standard of Nintendo games. This was short and boring, albeit pretty. I don't know why anyone would want to play it once, let alone twice.
Luigi's Mansion
by: divagurl_23    On: 2002-09-17

I am gonna keep this short and sweet.

Pros: 1)The mansion looks great
2)Can't say anything bad about the characters
3)Fun to watch other people play
4)Fun if you like an action/walkthrough game

Cons: 1)Hard to control!
2)Uh, plot line???
3)You NEVER finish the game!!! You have to beat it like 3 times in order to say you have really beaten the game
4)okay, saving the day and your brother... WITH A VACUUM??? That's way too "outside the box".

Luigi's Mansion B00005Q8LR
by: litlrox    On: 2002-09-17

Great game and it has neat graphics! Bowser is the last boss you fight. Its also a classic and I dont think you'll ever find a game that has Luigi alone as the main character.
dumb dumb dumb
by: rabbitandfriend    On: 2002-09-14

I bought this game thinking it would be another of nintendos master pieces. I was wrong It took me 3-4 hours to beat it then after I beat it it was no fun If I was you I would never buy it. Rent it then you can beat it and say you did. I need to sell mine now though. Get Mario Sunshine its awesome.
Nintedo's Follie
by: daggoth    On: 2002-09-13

What happened, Nintendo?!? This game has an awful storyline, bad graphics (for Gamecube standards) and, worst of all, is incredibly, excruciatingly BORING! Do yourself a favor and and save your money to buy Starcraft for PC.
Too easy....
by: josevinicius    On: 2002-09-12

The game is very easy, the only think that took me time was the last boss, a little hard but with practice is easy.

SOUND: 7/10
REPLAY: 2/10


by: pameelala    On: 2002-09-09

I made it to the 2nd Boss-Fight and had been loving what was almost a fabulous game.But when I had to suck up the same skeletons about 20 times(Im not exagerating i dont think)because the boss fight is virtually impossible to win i realized I had wasted my money by hiring this game.So many GameCubes are just too hard.Don't get the wrong idea..I'm up to a challenge,but no-one wants to feel like a kid who is playing against an unfair,cheating big brother!Thats what its like!!It should be just a tad easier and a tad more fair.A fun,challenging game became monotnous,tedious and boring.Thats such a mistake by the game makers.It really is a shame that what could have been a terrific game was ruined.
Cool game
by: nyirishlush    On: 2002-09-02

I am a big fan of Mario & Luigi. This game is fun and I recommend it for everyone. You control Luigi and work your way through different floors in a mansion. The object of the game is to find Mario who has dissappeared in the mansion. By using a vacuum cleaner, you have to capture ghosts then recieve keys to different rooms in the mansion. The graphics are awesome and catching the ghosts does get challenging in some areas. I give it 3 stars because you can beat it in a few hours. Buy it used like I did, or rent it and you will get your money worth.
An awesome game.
by: fafaru    On: 2002-09-01

This game surely is underrated. This is an extremely fun game. The graphics definetly showcase the Nintendo Gamecube's power. The point is simple, collect ghosts. The story goes like this. Luigi won a Mansion in a contest he didn't enter. Luigi called MArio and told him to meet him there at Mid Night. When he got there MArio wasn't there and then a Ghost comes. He goes into the next room he sees upstairs, and he sees a little man vacuuming up a ghost. The Little Man introduces himself and says his name is Prof. Eliv Gadd(E. Gadd for short. E. Gadd takes him into his house. HE says that a man in a red hat came to that mansion. He said the mansion came from nowhere. Luigi tells him that's his brother. E. Gadd says that the ghosts caught him. He gives Luigi the vacuum, the Poltergust 3000, and tells him to look for MArio in the mansion. That's when you come along.

The controlls are very simple and easy. R is to suck up ghosts using the vacuum, A is to call for Mario(that's useless though). Z is to view the map. L is to shoot out elements. The graphics are amazing. This has to have the greatest tecstures ever. A must buy.

Luigi Rocks!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-08-16

This game is awesome! I mean i could play this until i'm sleepy! If you don't have this game buy as soon as you can! You can vaccum ghost through the whole game! Well the graphics thats a differnt story! The graphics when Luigi is scared millons of graphics pop out of the game! Thats all I really want to tell about the game it's really awesome! Buy it if you don't have it!
Rent It, Don't Buy It.
by: rsegrest    On: 2002-08-14

Like most Nintendo games, this game is original and is fun to play. It has great graphics and interesting character designs. However, it is very easy, and can be won in 5-10 hours (unless you are very young). After you win it you won't want to bother with it any more, so go somewhere you can rent it for a week and enjoy it, and be done with it. Save your money and wait for Super Mario Sunshine.
Fun while it lasts.
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-08-14

I was happy to here that Luigi was going to star in his own videogame for the Gamecube. When I got the game, it was FUN but after 3 hours, it was getting boring. Another hour and I beat the game. That's right, it only took me 4 hours to beat the game. So heed my words, RENT BEFORE YOU BUY.
"Fun" if you like difficult, tedious and repetitive games.
by: rams_redsox    On: 2002-08-12

Luigi's mansion is one of the Gamecube Oldies. Most everyone who ended up reserving a Gamecube reserved Luigi's Mansion as well.


Luigi's mansion is so incredibly... what's the word... oh yeah, STUPID.

You start out with a plot line that you have won a haunted mansion in a contest you never entered. You encounter a ghost, and some crazy guy sucks it up with a poltergust 3000 (a vacume cleaner) You then must rescue Mario from the mansion, and thats when it gets exciting... for the one time.

Whats the gameplay like? Well, you need to suck up ghosts. First you need to shine a light on them to freeze them, then press L and pull back on the control stick to suck them up. But the drop bombs down, and you go into them, and you lose health and the ghosts! It's [horrible] how you cannot control the way you go. Second, more ghosts pop out and hurt you, and you can't do anything about that either! You would not beleive how stupid the entire thing is. The entire game revolves around pressing L and holding the C-stick down. Short "mini" games involve you the size of a peanut againts ghosts 50x your size. Also, during gameplay, the dumbest things let you get furthur. What does sucking in a peice of paper have to do with letting 50 boo's come out of a sewer? Speaking of boo's, you need to capture 50 of them. They are virtually all the same, and by ghost 10, you are saying "What's the point of this?" They travel through the walls and you need to capture them by going into a different room! Once I was stuck for 10 minutes in a hallway chasing a boo from room to room. BOOOOORING. You also lose health for opening doors, having mice touch you, and you virtually are dead after 10 touches by a ghosts, plus -20 everytime it shoots out a bomb at you. The gameplay gets a 5/10.

Now, I know, I sound like the old men from [a t.v. show], complaining about everything, but I can't complain about this. Despite the ...awful gameplay, the graphics will blow you away. Everything is in 3D and makes it look great. Ghosts have perfect transparentry, and the physics are perfect. If you try to suck up a cloth, it will respond to how hard you pressing the button, where you are, and how much your moving back. It's amazing. The graphics get a 10/10, but don't count on it to help this game's grade.

The sound is neutral. I can't complain, but I can't praise. The ghosts basically all make the same chattery laughter, and the boo's have the exact safe sfx for all of them. The sound gets a 7/10, but I'm being generous to the fact that it was one of the first games from Gamecube.

Speed's ok. It's not like Madden 2002, thank god, but it's superfast. There is loading time, but it's not annoyingly slow. Speed gets a 8/10.

Controls are decent, except for one part. The y button helps you see what can kill a ghost, but it's so slow by the time you know what it is, it bumps into you and you lose major health. You also have to pull the control stick in the opposite direction, which is very difficult because it seems to change while you are holding it. You will know what I mean if you foolishly purchase this game. Controls get a 8.5/10

Whats this "replay value" you speak of? L's Mansion has NO replay value. Whats the point of doing it again? It's gonna be exactly the same everytime! I'm not joking when I give the replay value a 1/10. You beat it, end of story. What's more to do?

Basically, if you want a game that will frustrate and waste your time and your hard-earned [$$], buy Luigi's Mansion. Case closed.
Let's review:
Gameplay: 5/10
Graphics: 10/10
Sound: 7/10
Speed: 8/10
Controls: 8.5/10
Replay value: 1/10
Total: 39.5/60 giving Luigi's Mansion a 65.83, my lowest review ever.

Am I forgetting something? Oh yeah! I always add points for cheats on games. Right, so now instead of a 65.83, I'm gonna give it the appropriate amount of points for cheats, leaving Luigi's Mansion new total to be... 65.83! Woohoo!

preety cool game
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-08-11

this is a cool game you start out in the maosion you have to find a key easy it gets harder you met this guy all you started off with was a flashlight he gives you a 2000 vacum or something some people think this is easy my opion it takes you a long time to beat it because i have never beat it but it is not easy you get the flashlight you have to find the ghosts and shine the flashlight until a little heart shows the ghosts get harder as you get farther into the game you get stuff like fire ice and water you can shoot out of your vacum when you get father into the game then there is tresure you find in the game and i have the stagey guide and at the end with the tresure you can buy a house or a masion depending on how much money you earnded it would do no good if you rented it it would take you probley two weeks to beat it
Where's Mario?
by: foxhound77    On: 2002-08-09

I think this game was fun at first but it lost it after 30 min. This game is mostly for kids, not really adults. It was ok, for a Luigi game. Not as good as Mario though, if your thinking about buying this wait for Super Mario Sunshine instead
A great Weekend Rental
by: bmccohen    On: 2002-08-07

I had heard so many great things about this game. I rented it for a long weekend and found out everything. It is a great game but I feel is not worth owning. It is too short. I feel like I pretty well beat the game. I made it to what I think was the last level. The whole game is shooting ghosts which can get tedious after awhile. It was fun though for a rental but I couldn't see buying the game. Go rent it and then draw your own conclusions.
This game ...
by: hamidband    On: 2002-08-06

People say it has charm, but that means nothing. Sure, the graphics are great, but that doesn't redeem the boring and repetitive soundtrack and gameplay. When I first got GameCube, I got SSBM, and SSX Tricky. Both are superb, and Tricky is truly an unsung masterpiece. Luigi's Mansion I also got, but returned within a couple of days for Tony Hawk 3. Luigi's Mansion is based on a cheesy storyline. Mario gets a letter claiming he has won a mansion, from a contest he never entered! Wow, this is great stuff (not!); Mario goes, gets captured, and Luigi comes tumbling after. This is an insult to Luigi, who is very cool, but comes off as a boring fruitcake in this game. You randomly see Toad to save games. The gameplay is simple and fun for a very short time. You suck up ghosts with this messed up vacuum cleaner, that is pathetic compared to the cool-looking water-jet-pack-squirter thing in the upcoming Super Mario Sunshine, which is guarenteed to be better than this piece of junk. The game is very repetitive, and after about an hour of sucking things in and getting money and coins, though they have no use in the game, you get bored. Its being short isn't so bad considering any more time playing this bad of a game could be seriously hazardous to one's health. In conclusion, ... the 12-year-old gamer. Other than graphics, this game is very bad. There are many better games for your money on GameCube.


Good lord what a terrible game this is!
by: xdrakar    On: 2002-08-06

Let's face the truth: Luigi's Mansion isn't a video game at all, but a demo of the GCN's capabilities. It sure does a great job of showing off everything the system can do, but that's NOT what a game is supposed to accomplish. Ooh, big fancy pretty graphics, I'm so freakin impressed! The gameplay is downright TERRIBLE.

And let's not forget that it commits the worst faux pas of the Mario series: an earthbound protagonist! How DARE they publish a Mario game in which you can't jump?? It's unthinkable, I tell you.

A showcase for the GameCube's graphic power
by: lisashea_dot_com    On: 2002-08-04

Luigi's Mansion let's Mario's little green buddie shine in a battle to cleanse a haunted house of ghosts. The graphics really shine in this short but sweet game.

Like all classic Mario and Luigi games, this isn't about slaughter and destruction. Luigi is trying to help out his friend Mario with gorgeous graphics and fun gameplay in the background. Luigi is cleansing a haunted house with a vacuum cleaner, destroying the ghosts and gathering up loot.

The graphics are really great. The dust in the air, the mirrors reflecting, the lights shining. This game really shows the power of the GameCube. And the game is classic Mario, with puzzles and thinking over gore and harm.

On the other hand, the game can be over simplistic. It's great for kids, but for many gamers the game lasts a few days before it's over. The replay value, once you figure out the puzzles, isn't very involving.

Great fun for the younger set, and a great way to see the GameCube's graphic power.

by: zotan9    On: 2002-07-30

When I got my Gamecube at [local store] the day it was released last November, waiting in line for 4 hours, beating the rush at [local store] later on that day to get my already reserved copy of Luigi's Mansion, and scrambling around to find an available Memory Pack, I knew it would all be worth it. I just didn't expect exactly how disappointed I'd be with Luigi's Mansion.

Well, it's not as bad as I just made it sound. The cons will be listed first. The game has no graphical prowess, the music is... repetetive, the gameplay is overly simplistic, and the game is over way too soon... a little TOO shabby for Gamecube's first game. But, I wasn't beating myself over the head for buying it, either.

The pros are fewer, but just let me get through them. While I mentioned that the music was repetetive, Nintendo find's ways to add flair to one song that's played basically the entire game. So it's not like you're listening to the same song over and over, sometimes Luigi will be whistling it, sometimes a harp will be playing it, other times a low bass will be playing it... when your health is low the music will play much slower. So it's not all that bad. While the gameplay is overall simplistic, it is challenging at times, from finding all 50 boos to solving puzzles that can be a little mind boggling at times. The framerate is overall constant, no slowdown whatsoever, the graphics are smooth if simplistic, and there's a Pikmin movie! (Woohoo!...)

Luigi's Mansion is entertaining, for about 3 days. Once it's over, it's basically over, the "hidden" mansion doesn't add much either. If you're a hardcore Mario/Luigi fan, like myself, maybe you should invest in this. If not, maybe a rental would be good. And if you're looking for the next good Mario/Luigi platformer, wait for Super Mario Sunshine.

dont waste time People!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-07-29

when i first saw it up the shelf i brought it. it was a fun game based on capturing ghostes in a haunted mansion. as for me a rookie gammer i think this game is just far too EASY! it only took me 2 days to finish it and after i had nothing to do i regret buying this game. so my words to you is rent it, it is not worth it buying it. if you want a fun and challenging game i suggest you should get mario sunshine as the diffulculty is 1000 times harder!!!! -Mike S
5 Stars when you first get it-3 stars when you win it
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-07-27

Luigi's Mnasion is Luigi's secong debut on a Nintendo system. The first one was Mario is Missing for the SNES. Luigi has to find his missing brother Mario who was supposed to meet Luigi at the newly won mansion, until he finds out it is full of ghosts! He later meets Professor Elvin Gadd, who, coincidentally, is studing ghosts. He helps him out by giving him two inventions-The Poltergust 3000, and the Game Boy Horror. The Poltergust sucks in ghosts and the Gameboy tels you if a Boo is near and other functions. When you first play it, you're totally addicted. Once you win it a couple of times (about 1-2 days each win) it gets very repetetive and boring. I think renting is a great idea first, because if you buy it, and you are a Master Gamer, you'll lose interest in it after a couple of wins.


Easy, easy, EASY!

The sound and music is great-perfect


It is great for everyone, and I do recommend it, but try it out first. Thanks for reading the review. Enjoy!

Too easy
by: premiuminkjetpaper2    On: 2002-07-24

I can't say I agree with "this is like resident evil with a vacuum... :/.

It is fun and fluffy at first, but then it gets repetitive and annoying. When I finally beat it (the day after buying) there was an option to replay in "the hidden mansion" and I thought it might be different and maybe harder, but was surprised to find that it was much easier, and I beat that in 5 or 6 hours.

Sort of fun, but doesn't do anything for the claim that GameCube isnt only for kids (although some games are for more mature players). I recommend this for young people or slackers.

So Awesome
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-07-20

I first saw this game on a news show and i was like i had to have it, and i totally hate video games but this one is so much fun!!! you actually get to explore a manshion and stuff well in other words this game is awesome!!! GET IT!!!!!!
Hey, it's a Luigi game!
by: jon-odo    On: 2002-07-17

Now, this game is good, but it has a major problem. It's way to short. I'm a Nintendo supporter so I bought it but it could have been a lot longer. The game, while it lasted, was sweet. The controls may be confusing for a 5 yr. old, but personaly they were easily mastered. The graphics are brilliant with no sign of slow-down anywhere. Another graphical master piece... that you should rent first at a blockbuster to see if you want to lay down the dow for this title. Good ghost hunting to you.
Overall, a solid game.
by: johnmc99    On: 2002-07-14

Overall this is a solid game. The graphics are exceptional, Luigi is the brother we all love, and an old favorite villain pops up in this game as well. The game itself is well written and fun to play

The only real negative I have is that the game itself is a little "short". Once completed, there is an option of completing essentially the same game again with higher difficulty, but overall its a pretty short game.

Too Many Buttons!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-07-14

This game is interesting, but there are way too
many buttons to press which I personally don't like.
You have to press like 4 buttons to get the vacum going
and the flashlight and your moving around.. ugh you get
what I mean. Its confusing just talking about it!!
I recommend you rent this game first before buying it.
Way too easy
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-07-12

This was a really fun game and i recommend it for people who have just gotten a Game Cube to get this game. It's easy and fub. But for people who are experienced gamers, this is just a walk in the park. If you worked at it and never stopped this game is probably about 6 hours long. Anyway let's cut to the chase: This game is about Luigi winning a huge mansion. He calls Mario and tells him to meet him there at the mansion to have a little party. So Mario goes on ahead. And when Luigi arrives at the mansion he can't find Mario anywhere, then he is bombarded by 3 ghosts then a small man old named Professor Elvin Gadd sucks up the ghosts with his Poltergust 3000 (kinda like Ghostbusters). Then Pro E.Gadd tells Luigi that his brother has been kidnapped by the ghosts, so Luigi is soon equipped with the Poltergust and goes on his short adventure to save his brother.
Fun and for the whole Family
by: cuperduper    On: 2002-07-11

Our whole family sat around and all helped beat this game. It was fun. Great game even for the younger ones. There isn't much to go back to once you have beaten the game. You get a new mansion and a rating. Everything else is pretty much the same. The kids go back and play it once in awhile usually just when their friends come over and want to see it.
It's almost like Resident Evil, but with a vaccum
by: gemini3243    On: 2002-07-11

So, Luigi's won a mansion and Mario's gone to check it out. Mario hasn't returned though and things aren't lookig good. It's up to Luigi to save Mario from the ghosts haunting Luigi's Mansion, and your weapon of choice...the Poltergust 3000. If you were to combine Ghostbusters, Resident Evil, and Scooby-Doo, this is what you come up with. Luigi's Mansion is full of fantastic graphics, great play control, good music and sound, spectacular lighting effects, and innovative game play. The game requires you to hunt down all manners of ghosts, and use your head to try and capture some of them. Though this game is fantastic, it is somewhat short. That's the game's only downfall. Despite this, the replay value on the game is considerably high. It's well worth buying and is a great addition to anyone's game library.
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-07-09

luigi's mansion is an excellent game with unbelievable lighting effects. the graphics are great, and the sound is good too. this game involves mario being kidnapped by ghosts and luigi must save him. he goes through the mansion capturing ghosts and using his vacuum for other purposes too. this was one of the most interesting and fun games i have played in a while. everything in this game is excellent except... it is too short. there is under 8 hours of gameplay, and if you have a free weekend you will most likely beat it. the difficulty is good, though, and it is fun enough to play many times over. buy it... but be warned it is a little short.
by: mipsmips    On: 2002-07-09

luigi's mansion is an excellent game with unbelievable lighting effects. the graphics are great, and the sound is good too. this game involves mario being kidnapped by ghosts and luigi must save him. he goes through the mansion capturing ghosts and using his vacuum for other purposes too. this was one of the most interesting and fun games i have played in a while. everything in this game is excellent except... it is too short. there is under 8 hours of gameplay, and if you have a free weekend you will most likely beat it. the difficulty is good, though, and it is fun enough to play many times over. buy it... but be warned it is a little short.
cool game too short
by: xblumx420    On: 2002-06-28

this is a great game but its too short but its easy enough that you would want to go back a play it again and again this is one of the most inovative games out for gamecube you should buy this when ever you can
Very Nice
by: jamierdaly    On: 2002-06-27

This game is not at all that long however the idea is well expressed. I think the idea of having luigi in his very own game is long overdue but here it is and to top this all off a supernatural element to the game was added:)
Great Game
by: liamcc    On: 2002-06-25

It's a great game if your looking for a game with great graphics and entertaining gameplay. Fun game to play over and over again. Great for kids, mario and luigi fans, and anybody who wants a fun E rated game.
Luigi won a mansion! But its filled with ghost
by: pizzaman29    On: 2002-06-23

This game is great there is nothing you cant do you open closets suck up bed sheets and a ton of more. but this game a little short and might be to scary for smaller kids with ghost poping up when you lest expect it and it might be to confusing with the mansions secrets and how to caught gallery ghost. It takes alot of playing to learn the controls to not mess up.
An extremely stupid game, but amusing
by: darkmusashi    On: 2002-06-22

Okay, what the heck is up with the vaccuum cleaner??? That's your weapon. Interesting. This game is somewhat entertaining, however it is not exactly cool and action-packed. The whole point is to suck up ghosts with the vaccuum and rescue Mario. It's one of those games you sit around and play all day when you're bored. It will keep you entertained for awhile anyway. Check it out if you're into the Mario games, as I said, it's certainly...interesting.
Got any kids?
by: setitoff    On: 2002-06-10

Amused me for a short while but then I just opted to trade it in for something else without even finishing. Great for kids but older more expierenced gamers might want to skip this one because it dosn't even compare to Mario.
an okay game...
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-05-30

this game is pretty fun...but after awhile you see that it starts repeating suck up ghosts with vacuums...then u get to the boss, then you suck up more ghosts, and go to another has good graphics and its fun playing with luigi instead of mario for a change. i would buy it...but maybe rent it first to see if you really want it.
good night, don't let the bed bugs bite
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-05-26

Mario's trapped and you have to save. Bowser is back, but as a ghost. Tuns of Toads in the Haunted Mansion so you can save your game. It is the openining game for Game Cube, and it is one of the best.
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-05-24

The ghosts are really hard to beat but it's really fun!
The game is exciting and I like to vacuume the ghosts.
Luigi's Mansion is Great!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-05-18

In this great Gamecube game, you assume the role of Luigi, the greener Mario brother, and go through a mansion full of ghosts in order to put them back into Prof. E. Gadd's paintings while trying to save your brother, Mario, from a ghostly gang of reckless polteirgeists called Boos.

This game is innovative and very fun. It combines the stunning Gamecube graphic capabilities with fun gameplay. The puzzles are challenging, yet fun, and the ghost battles are cool, too. (Espically the final fight against Bowser.) The only problem with this game is that it's too short. But I would highly recommend buying (or at least renting) this great game. My twin brother, Mike, agrees.

A worthwhile effort.
by: cobra_snake31    On: 2002-05-10

Although I was considering giving this game 4 stars, the game is just too short to deserve that rating. However, the game is very innovative and interesting to play. The game also challenges the player's mind a bit (or maybe I'm just stupid). The only way to play this game, for me, is to collect all of the money and all of the boos. The graphics are decent, sound is repetitive, gameplay has a bit of variety, and the control scheme is decent once the player gets used to it. However, the short gameplay time and lack of a multiplayer mode means that this game may be collecting dust in a week or two. Still, it is an innovative piece of software and it is worth looking in to.
Luigis Mansion: Luigis solo debut....
by: trs317    On: 2002-05-09

Luigis' Mansion will provide the average gamer with around 15-20 hours of somewhat entertaining, repetitive game play, then its over. The game provides almost a ghost-buster feel with a mission to save Mario. You vacuum up ghosts and solve puzzles of not even moderate difficulty. I enjoyed the game but if I could do it all over again I would rent it 2 to 3 times, beat it and spend my money on something else, like Pikmin for example. Well hey atleast I got to save Mario, his game will be a sure hit!
Nice but somewhat boring.
by: crooty    On: 2002-05-05

The background story: Luigi has just won a house and Mario has gone to visit it. But the house is haunted, and Mario hasn't returned yet. Luigi has to overcome his fears and go and look for his missing brother.

The game: armed with a torch and a vacuum cleaner, Luigi has to suck in the ghosts who lurk in the furniture, in the approximately three dozen chambers of the mansion.

My opinion: I found this game particularly short and, aside from the final battle, not very challenging (my boy-friend and I finished it over the weekend). It is also rather linear and repetitive, as you have to solve it room after single room. The only thing that isn't linear is the tedious collecting of the 50 Boos but, like the money you can gather, it doesn't lead to any special reward. As for the graphics, and the technological progress such as particle effects, they're nice ok, but sadly the result didn't turn out as stunningly different from that of the N64 as I tought it would.

Having bought the Gamecube on Friday, the day it came out in Europe, and Luigi's Mansion being the only game, in the genre I like, available at the moment, I must admit I feel a bit disappointed so far. Let's hope Mario Sunshine and Zelda will live up to my expectations (I'm sur they will)!

ten hours of play?! What!
by: babit876    On: 2002-05-05

well, i bought this game about 3 months ago and i got bored with it after about 2 weeks. it was really dissapointing. there is only one drawback to this game but it is huge. for the average gamer there is only about ten hours of play time until you beat the game. But, otherwise the game has great graphics and good play control, but that still cannot make up for the actual game length. My advice? DONT BUY IT. its not worth the money
Great Graphics but much too short
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-05-01

This was the first game I bought when we bought GC and I have to admit I am somewhat disappointed. The graphics themselves look very realistic but I can't believe that I finished the game so soon. You would hope when you spend [money] on a game it would be worth it but it just isn't the case here. You can pick up this game used for [money] on [local store] now so that says a lot. If your looking for a great GC game, try Super Monkey Ball instead. Or buy this used if you HAVE to have it. I wish I did.
Ghosts don't leave shadows but Luigi does!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-05-01

I think this game is perfect in every way especially the shows made by lights. Such as the flashlight, shine it on furniture then look behind the furniture. You see a perfect shadow. Also all the ghosts when they appear scare Luigi and sometimes me too.
Luigi goes solo, Ghostbusters style
by: samtheman_17    On: 2002-04-27

I'd say this is a fun game. It is a puzzle/adventure game in which you catch ghosts using a flashlight and a vaccuum. That's right. A vacuum. Despite the plot, there is really nothing scary here, but there is a good, medium difficulty adventure. Catching ghosts means exposing their weak spot and then vacuuming them in a fishing style. Buy it used or rent it. It's very short.
in love with Luigi
by: foxbear    On: 2002-04-16

i am in love with luigi.
mario is nice, but luigi is just loveley.
well, if you do not own this game bye now you must have been in sibiria or on the moon since november.
if you own a gamecube and you are just a tiny bit of a nintendofan - you have to have it - or at least have played it, so rent it.
i own it - and it has got its place on the shelf as long as my cube lives.
One of the best games out there
by:    On: 2002-04-15

I didn't get luigi's mansion at launch thanks to all those people that gave poor revies to the game. Now that I played I found that it is great and should be in any videogamer collection
A great flagship brought down by length
by: mitchnarver    On: 2002-04-14

I drooled, eye poped and everything else when I played this game, but there is ONE, only ONE problem with it; it's too [dang] short! I got to the last boss in 2 days...WITHOUT A MEMORY CARD!!!

Still a definite renter.

Repetitive but still alright.
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-04-12

First off i would like to say i only got this game to start off the gamecube world. So the game does get repetitive-catch ghost, turn on lights, save Mario-thats about it. Anywho... the graphics are good and the sound is alright. the only thing i can't do is get this plant outside of the mansion to give me a ruby. I really recomend this game for kids 5-11 about.
Luigi's Mansion with poor fun.
by: naterules    On: 2002-04-03

The game is great when you first buy it, but the game becomes boring when you repeat each mission to find Mario. The game is really short and compared to games like Agent Under Fire (AUF) or Smashing Drive you wouldn't want Luigi's Mansion (LM).
Great game.
by: allie19    On: 2002-04-02

The most challenging and fun part of the game is when the power goes out.Try and see how many ghosts you can vacuum when that happens try for 20 or higher.It's also a lot of fun to catch every Boo.
really bad game
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-04-01

it was just a really bad and pointless game there are many better games out there
Luigi's Mansion Review
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-04-01

I got this game for Christmas and at first it was my favorite game. I beat it the morning of December 26. It's such a short and easy game. It's very fun at first, but it's so short that the fun doesn't last long. The hardest part was beating Bowser, but it only took about ten minutes. I probably wouldn't recommend this game to anyone because it's not worth [the money]. The graphics aren't too great, either. If you're looking for a new game to buy, I recommend Tony Hawk. Luigi's Mansion's a fun game, but Tony Hawk will keep you interested much longer. Luigi's Mansion is only for one player, while Tony Hawk allows you to compete with your friends. If you have millions of dollars and are willing to throw your money around, get Luigi's mansion. If not, get Tony Hawk. By the way, Louisiana rules!
Magnificent Game! But...
by: eber1983    On: 2002-04-01

I just bought my Game Cube and this game two days ago, and I must admit that this game displays the magnificent effort that Nintendo has put forward to remain one of the most influencial creators of video game technology. The graphics were anything but short of a masterpiece.

One of the main reasons I decided to go ahead and give this game 5 stars rather than four is because I have had a life long infactuation with ghost houses and the paranormal. So for me the subject matter of this game was fantastic, but I felt the potential for this game could have gone much further than what it did. My reasons for this is are the following:

1) The method of killing the ghosts became far too repetitive. This becomes increasingly noticable as you progress through the game. Designers at Nintendo should have devised more ways of destroying the ghosts throughout the game.

2) Although I enjoy the game I still felt at times it was far too easy. So if your a gamer who loves complex games that will burst your brain cells like Zelda, you'll prpbably be disappointed. Then again maybe not.

3) At times controlling Luigi was difficult for me. The controller seems rather complicated when compared to older models of the Nintendo consoles. Then again maybe I have to get used to it.

4) Other times Luigi was just too darn slow! He reflectes just stinks at times and he comes off as being to clumsy!

Other than that it was a great game.

this game has really good graphics.+ very fun
by: zario15    On: 2002-03-29

This game has really good graphics.Its very fun to play ,even after you beat the game.The object is to save mario from ???.I wont tell the boss of the game,because if you buy it I dont want to spoil it for you.In order to get a surprise at the end of the game collect money and diamonds .Its kind of challenging,But this game is very fun.But it might not be easy for kids under about 7 yrs old.
A Fun Game. I loved it
by: bdjwill    On: 2002-03-28

Plot: Luigi recieves an unexpected message. He's won a mansion! Naturally, he's very excited and calls his bro. Mario. Luigi tells Mario to meet him at his mansion to celebrate. Luigi tries to follow the map to the mansion but he becomes lost. Finally he finds the mansion. Mario is no where to find. He goes inside the mansion but doesn't find Mario. He is chased by a ghost but when it looks like his adventure is over, Professor E. Gadd tries to suck the ghost into his invention : The Poltergust 3000. He fails and the ghost gets away. they run back to his lab where he tells Luigi that Mario has been kiddnapped by the ghosts! What will happen to Mario? You have to play to find out.

Review: I personally loved this game. I bought it for my son and I found myself playing the game more than he does! It's funny, sometimes challanging and full of fun. Buy this game!

luigis mansion goes down the drain
by: rgoulding    On: 2002-03-28

This game stinks it does have a good graphics to it but the gameplay is worst then boring after five minutes you will feel like you wasted your money and you will walk away.

take my word for it DONT BUY IT.

Short and Sweet
by: drgrantseeker    On: 2002-03-26

It's a relatively short game with hardly any replay value. It's a nice little game to wet your appetite until bigger and better games reach the GameCube. It's easy to control, relatively easy to beat the game, and pretty fun to play. I'd probably look at a second-hand video game store for this one though. Either that, or rent it for 3 to 5 days.
I cannot believe you call it a video game!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-03-26

This was one of the wost games I have ever played. It did not have replay value or even "play value" halfway through the game I was forcing myself to play this game because I payed for it. All you do is stun a ghost then suck it up. The bosses are also all the same. shoot a ball at a ghost to stu it then suck it into your vacuum. That is it. you do it over and over and over again it is soooo boring. I waoul acctually write my history essay than to play this game. DO NOT GET THIS GAMe. unless you get it free or are piad to get it. This was a very bad game and gave me a horrible intoduction to the gamecube. I recomend Sonic Adventure 2 Battle or Star Fox Adventures-when it comes out. I just cannot believe nintendo put their name on this game. I expected much more than this. But if you really must rent this game if you really think you want it then think you lkeep doing this over and ove believe me it is vewry boooring. I just acnnot believe this. PLEASE. I am warning you. You can also buy a controller and memmory card instead. I was SOOO disapointed1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A spooky-but fun game!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-03-26

Luigi's Mansion is probaly the first game you'd get if you owned a Gamecube. I had fun with this game. It is short though. The second day you'll probaly win it. This is actually the ONLY second game Luigi was in. Guess what the first one is? Here's a HINT: It was a Super Nintendo game that was educational. Give up? "Mario is Missing"!. Anyway, this game is really not worth buying. But it is worth renting. Or buying it used is good. But 50 bucks for something you win fast? Overall, the best graphics ever for GCN(Nintendo Gamecube) I've ever played... Here's my rating:

Graphics: *****

Sound: **** 1/2

Control: *****

*Replay Value: *** 1/2

Fun: *****


*-Replay value means that you can play it over again.

Well, this game is for all ages. Here's some hints:

HINT: To battle with Chauncey the baby ghost, suck in the balls and shoot them at him. Works while you're beating him, too.

HINT 2: Use the Game Boy Horror at any mirror in the game to warp to the entrance of the mansion.

HINT 3: To get a load of cash, find a cheese wedge and use your GBH(Game Boy Horror) on it. Then suck in the Golden Mouse.

FINAL HINT: To defeat Bowser/King Boo, when Bowser throws spike balls, suck it in and throw it at him. Then, when King Boo comes out of Bowser, suck away at his HP.

No more hints, but you'll get through!

Have fun!

rent this game and dont buy it!
by: bspellmanlil    On: 2002-03-20

If you are looking for a good rental game you can beat in 5 hours and not have to rent it again to beat it, this is the game. However, DO NOT BUY THIS GAME! Good graphics, but basically no challenge or gameplay. It also gets slightly repetitive... kill the ghosts, get the key, and move on. I would suggest this game for a good rental, but save the big bucks for SSBM and Rogue.
Not as amazing as Mario 64 was....
by: balesh1    On: 2002-03-19

This game is definatly non-challenging. If you have the I.Q. of 50 or more you could beat this game in literally less than 2 hours. Other than that, this game is extremly innovative and the graphics are beautiful. The sad part is I got bored of the game and was glad I just rented it, and that's all I think anyone should do if they're thinking of playing this. In conclusion, I find this game to be a great first game to show off your GameCube but Nintendo can do MUCH better and the GameCube has the capability to.
First game I bought for my Nieces and the liked it.
by: lsynergys    On: 2002-03-15

Well, my nieces are 10 and 7, and I bought them this game with a gamecube for Christmas. They really enjoyed playing it, and the graphics and sound are really top notch. I would totally suggest picking it up for young kids, but not a teenager because it is kind of built for kids, in my opinion.
short but sweet
by: wrecked242    On: 2002-03-14

This game was great for about 5 hours. It did get a little annoying though since you do the same thing over and over again. I reccomend for younger kids. The graphics are great in it though- i was very impressed. All in all it was fun while it lasted.
Slightly Repetitive
by: goaliedude10    On: 2002-03-10

This is classic Nintendo. Easy to master, yet still deep enough to be fun. Unfortunately, it is slightly repetitive and a little short. However, the lighting effects and visuals are simply stunning. The hardest part in this game is getting the A and H levels. Stunningly, getting less than 5000 is the hardest part in this game, which, admit it, is kind of sad.
Luigi does pretty well on his own
by: peadavin    On: 2002-03-09

I enjoyed this game alot because I like to solve puzzles when I play instead of alot of blood and gore action... I agree with everyone elses review that this could have been a longer, harder game, but I think the graphics make up for it. The attention to detail is amazing and the ghosts show alot of personality. It only took winning the game 4 times before I had won the biggest mansion possible... I think it is worth a try
Ok game game if you are willing to play for hours on ned
by: epete367    On: 2002-03-08

This is a good game but it takes a while to get used to and is very annoying for the controller
sum it all up
by: maxonators    On: 2002-03-08

Luigi's mansion is about how luigi looks for mario in a manchine. He meets a guy in the mansion who sucks ghosts up into this device. The man gives it to Luigi so on his voyage to find mario he can have away to defend himself.

The game is set around a simple problem. Yet this game is like many others. It's easy to learn hard to master.

A Few Boos
by: scgovernor    On: 2002-03-07

Luigi's mansion is a fun game for a boring weekend. Once you master the basics of sucking up ghosts, the game becomes not much more than a time killer. There are, of course, woprse ways to spend your time.

Not partivcularly challenging, this was a perfect game to offer at Gamecube's launch. The cutesy graphivd are excellent. However, anyone expecting something similar to past Mario Bros. efforts will be disappointed at the challenge and length of Luigi's Mansion's.

It's a fun game to play, but a better rental than a purchase, IMHO.

Fun without replay value
by: pdmetrocap    On: 2002-03-06

A fun game to play with my six year old son. The best part is the "dad, wanna play cube?" However, once solved why play.
It's Finally Luigi's turn
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-03-03

If you've been playing Mario games for the past few years,then you've seen him trying to save Princess Peach from Bowser, and Luigi was always his sidekick. But this time, except of Mario trying to save Peach, it's Luigi trying to save Mario. Not from Bowser, but from ghosts,and except of punching and kicking, Luigi has to use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the ghosts. It's the first time Luigi has to work alone, and except of being in a castle, Luigi has to work in a mansion, alone!
Go and play the game
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-02-27

Luigi's Mansion is a fun game. Don't think the game will be boring or anything. Just go play it. I wouldn't recommend buying the game because it is short and pretty easy to beat. When I got the game, I played it the first day, stopped playing for a while, and then I really got into the game. Unfortunately (and the reason why I gave it only 4 and not 5 stars), this happiness and sheer joy lasted about 3 to 4 days. Instead of buying it, rent it and you'll probably beat it. But the game is completely fun while it lasts.
I love this game!
by: weenyay2    On: 2002-02-27

This game is great, great graphics, great gameplay, great fun.
Nintendo is just the best when it comes to fun.
Well.....It can get a little boring
by: drewski3489    On: 2002-02-25

Don't get me wrong, Luigis Mansion is a great game whilr it last. The graphics are amazing, there is no loading time and it is easy to figure out. Also the controller feels like it was made for the game. But, the game is to short and can get boring. It's one of those games that you can rent and beat before returning it. I got this game when I got my Gamecube and I was disappointed with it becaus it wsa so short. I beat it over the weekend and returned it. You can find better games out there than this. I reccomend Super Smash Bros. Melee or for sports lovers, NBA Courtside 2002
Far from BOOring!
by: bungieman1    On: 2002-02-20

A type of game like Luigi's Mansion is a great way to kick-start a new video game console.

This time, Luigi gets to star in a game of his own. Luigi wins a haunted mansion in a contest he didn't enter! He calls Mario and tells him to meet him at the mansion so they can celebrate. On the way there, Luigi gets lost in a dark forest. When he finally gets there, Mario isn't at the mansion.
Luigi goes inside and finds out that the mansion is infested with ghosts! Luigi looks around and finds an odd little professor named Elvin Gadd. Luigi explains everything, and finds out Mario was captured by King Boo and his subjects! Gadd equips Luigi with a flashlight and a vacumm, and he goes out to save his brother!

I think the cartoony graphics in this game are very detailed and rather add a new style to Mario games. The ghosts are extremely funny with things like their "pop down and throw the bomb on the floor" routine. To defeat ghosts, you need to shine your flashlight on the ghost and its heart will appear. Suck with your vacumm. It's energy decreases as you suck more.

The music is very cute. It has a "something doesn't seem right" type of sound to it. There isn't much music in this game, but the quality of it makes up for that fact.

One of the few flaws of this game is that it can be finished in less than a week (I finished it within 5 days of getting it). But I didn't, like most people would do, take one star away, because the puzzles are challenging, and it's SO much fun to play around in parts of the mansion that are already cleared.

I hope a sequel comes out soon!!

Video Games Reviewer
by: demobri    On: 2002-02-20

Luigi's Mansion is an excellent game for the Nintendo GameCube. The basic storyline behind the game is that Luigi gets a memo stating he has won a very large mansion, so he calls Mario and tells him to meet him there to check the place out. When Luigi arrives, he sees a big dark scary mansion and Mario is nowhere to be found. The rest of the game involves going into the mansion and trying to find out where Mario inside this large mansion filled with a wide variety of ghosts that do not want you to find your brother. The Mansion itself consists of a basement, a main floor, a second and third floor, and a roof. Each floor consists of separate room and new ghosts that all have special methods necessary for you to capture them in an attempt to rescuer your bother Mario. The game has an adequate amount of replay value as well. Upon completion of the game, a new "Hidden Mansion" option becomes available where you get to go back through the mansion with a stronger vacuum. Also with the money you win, you purchase a mansion at the end of the game, and depending on the amount of money you have collected you can continually get a better mansion. Another added element of replay value is that the ghosts you capture are turned into pictures, and depending on how fast you capture them, you get a different border around the picture. All and all Luigi's Mansion is a new and fun game to play moving away for the "been there, done that" games that have been coming out lately. This is truly a must have game for any Nintendo fan, and a great addition to anyone's GameCube library.
"Ghostbusters" for all ages!
by: dissec19    On: 2002-02-18

If you ever saw one of the "Ghostbuster" movies and loved what you saw, then this game is for you. In many ways "Luigi's Manison" resembles the "Ghostbuster" films a great deal, including the ability to bust ghosts, the poltergeit vacuum Luigi uses to capture the ghosts(practically the same as the proton packs the Ghostbusters use), and the fact that Luigi, like the Ghostbusters, keeps his captured ghosts in a large containment unit. Although this game does have a few flaws(takes less than 12 hours to beat playing nonstop, some ghosts are a pain to catch, sucking up the ghosts can sometimes take a while, especially with the bosses), the simple controls, mildly creepy atmosphere, and the fact you have an awesome weapon with which to capture the ghosts make this game one heck of a ride!
Luigi's mansion
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-02-18

I think this is a great game for anyone who is getting GC or has it. After the first cupple times you play it it's fun.It gets you hooked so you can't stop. The game isn't really long but in some parts it's really tricky. I highly recomend this game to everyone who wants a fun but not to hard game.
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-02-17

this game is fun!in this game luigi has won a huge mansion he is really exicted he calls mario over.then luigi gets lost in the woods.hes walking then he sees a creepy old masion.he looks on the map and its the right one!so he walks queit up he opens the door and boo!a ghost comes out of no where!an old man tries to get the ghost with a vc but the ghost escapes.then more come out.then the oldman and luigi escape.then the oldman says his name is professer elven gadd.then he says mario was taken by the now its up to luigi to rescue mario!you go around sucking ghosts up and collect money.our old friend toad is in the mansion he just saves your game.some ghosts may be hard there are these ghosts like a father,a mother,a baby,dancing ghosts,a fat guy,a grandma,a servent,and way more!THIS GAME IS FUN!THIS IS A MUST HAVE!
Not a worthy successor to the Mario series
by: zlionsfan    On: 2002-02-16

Like most people, I bought a GameCube as part of a bundle, so I didn't have much choice over my initial game selection. Unlike the PS2 bundle I bought, I wasn't won over by the games that were included, with one exception. This wasn't the exception.

The premise for Luigi's Mansion is startlingly different from the previous launch titles for Nintendo systems, especially from Super Mario 64. Instead of Mario having all the fun, Luigi is now the central character, exploring a mansion to rid it of ghosts and find his brother.

The graphics are excellent, as you might expect, although it's more about detail and subtlety than high-speed action. The game play, however, leaves something to be desired. Instead of the standard run-around-pick-things-up-and-do-things play, Luigi has a vacuum on his back reminiscent of Ghostbusters. He uses it to flush out ghosts, suck them up, and return them to the paintings from which they've escaped. He can also use it to pick up some items to throw and to suck up elements and spit them out. That's about it, though. If you're used to squirrel tails, super-high jumping, and the like, you won't find it here. I found the absence of unusual movement to be a detraction from the game play.

The puzzles, too, don't seem to be quite up to par, possibly because they're limited by the tools with which you can solve them. I'll admit that I also got stuck at one point in this game, which is something that I use as an indication of a game's quality - how frequently do I get stuck, and, if I use a hint book, could I have discovered this on my own? I never did check this out for Luigi's Mansion, partly because I wasn't inspired to keep playing.

The actual capturing of the ghosts is essentially reeling them in as fish - if you played Ocarina of Time on the N64, you'll remember that little part of the game. For me, it was an enjoyable break in the game, but hardly enough to base an entire game on. Little ghosts are easy to reel in. Bigger ghosts take more effort. Sometimes you can reel in two or more at once. Special ghosts require that you do certain things before you can reel them in. Yawn.

I'm not quite sure if this is intended for adults as much as it is for kids, but my experience with this type of game and with the kids that I know indicates that more often than not, kids expect just as much out of these games as adults do, especially if it's their money they're using to buy them. In any event, I found it to be a disappointing launch title, and I traded it in about a month after purchase. If you're a die-hard Mario/Luigi fan, or if you're collecting every GameCube game there is, maybe you'll have more fun with it than I did. It was fun for a while, but the novelty wore off quickly.

Luigi's Mansion
by:    On: 2002-02-16

What's hot:
>Interesting story
>Cristal clear graphics
>Good challenge
>The Luigi we all know and love
>Very creative

What's not:
>Can be beaten over the weekend
>Vacuum cleaner a little over-used

Good game, but short
by: min_pins2002    On: 2002-02-11

This game has great graphics. It's not too hard to follow. But it does provide some challenge. I reccomend this game to people who like a little challenge but doesn't take too long to beat.
Luigi Rocks
by: lharbor    On: 2002-02-09

This game is very good quality. It deserves to be named after the MARIO series. It has a reason why it is 4th in the best selling game list. It has excellent graphics confusable puzzles and plenty of action. I would say this is a 4. This was my first game and I am not too sorry about that. So if you like puzzles and adventure then don't hesitate to get this game.
The Best Game for GCN so far
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-02-09

I'v only played this game twice, and only beat the first boss, but I know this game is good. I don't even have GCN yet, but this'll be the first game I get!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great game!
by: wolfiegrl    On: 2002-02-09

This is a really great game. My husband and I both really enjoy it. Our only complaint is that the game was too short. We played for an hour or so every night for a couple weeks and finished the whole game. Though of corse you can play it again, we both think there should have been a lot more rooms and floors to conquer.
Decent Intro Game, Not Close to a Classic
by: philly5    On: 2002-02-08

Game is way too short. Controls take some getting used to, but that is most of the fun. No need for a strategy guide. Graphics are well done; Lastability and replay value kill the score. Not much feeling of accomplishment since difficulty level is not there. Good game for younger kids.
Luigi Sucks Up the Ghosts
by: katherinegray    On: 2002-02-06

Luigi's Mansion teaches one dexterity, strategy, and memorization. I absolutely love this game because of the depth of its CHARACTERS (many ghosts that each have a "special" way to capture them, the "boos" that must be captured to proceed through some of the levels or doors, the "boss" on each floor that is more difficult to capture); its STORYLINE (you must capture ghosts, boos, Mario's 5 articles- all in an effort to find Mario); and its DEPTH-it took me a long time to get through the first time. Once you get through once, and learn how to operate the "Poltergust" to suck up ghosts, then its much easier on subsequent tries. I'm in my 30's, but I believe this would be a fun game for teens & young adults. The game is challenging and fun, and a "must have" in your GameCube library.
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-02-05

It was so bad. It made no sence. I mean you run around with a vaccuum and vaccuum up ghosts. I sugjest that you dont get the game. You will be bored to tears playing it. So just dont get it.
Not too hard once you know what to do and how to do it.
by: supergarbagetruckman    On: 2002-02-04

This game has graphics that are well done and it was pretty creative how they came up with sheets of facts for each gallery ghost but if the people at Nintendo spent more time on making this it would be even better.For one thing the hidden mansion that you get to play could have its own gallery ghosts instead of having to play the same gallery ghosts over only a little differently.The controls are pretty easy to vacuum up ghosts all you usually have to do is press the top right button and then do a little clockwork motion thing with the lower right button(C).They also could have had more levels in the regular mansion.When playing Bowser I had to look for tips on the web.The option of sidestep or standard control is great because it was a lot easier to capture King Boo with the standard control but other parts of the game were easier if you used sidestep.I would recommend this game to people who have just bought a game cube and want to get used to using it's controls.Id also recommend it to people who have a hard time playing video games because of poor or average hand coordination because you just have to look for tips,think for yourself,write down notes and try your best to finally beat the thing.It took me a little less than a month to beat it.
give it a break!
by: sharpx13    On: 2002-02-04

ok, its true this game is pretty short. it has four main areas to defeat each with a ghost boss to fight. still, there are a few goodies our friends at nintendo stuck in there to keep us busy. there are 50 BOO ghosts that you must hunt down to gain bonus points after you beat the game. you can look for marios 5 missing clues, you can go hunting for the 3 treasure rooms and the rare golden cheese. with all that said, more about those 4 areas. each area has a number of sub bosses that must be defeated for keys to open doors. there are about 28 of these ghosts all together. once the game has reaches the 4th area limit, the manion goes dark and stays like that untill the section is completed. this part is pretty scary. to top is off, the final boss is very very very very very HARD!!! so dont expect to have him beaten in one day. it took me a week just to beat him. once the game is over, your total score ir ranked by how much money you found, all the BOOs you found, all the bosses and sub bosses you defeted, and any other bonus items you have. the higher your total, the better yout letter grade will be. once you have your rank, you get a sort of new masion. the higher you yout rank, the better and nicer the new mansion looks. there isnt a huge diffenrce with the game once you play it with the new look, but it still makes you feel proud you did it. to wrap it up, the game is kinda short but still is an instant classic that is bound to be up with Donkey Kong Country(SNES) and Mario 64.
Too simple, too short
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-02-04

While there is nothing terribly wrong with this game, it is way too simple and way too short. I was able to beat the game in 3 days. The gameplay is solid, but there isn't enough variety to warrant a purchase. Good for young children, or for people new to videogames. Otherwise, it only warrants a rental.
Great Game
by: chrismedic15    On: 2002-02-03

This is an awesome game with great graphics and amazing gameplay. The story line is great and it is a great game to have for Game Cube.
pretty cool
by: javdschu    On: 2002-01-31

Im 9 years old and i thought it cool,but the game was short and I beat it in 3 weeks so it could have been longer,so I must give it four stars.but overall its a fun game.
He's No Mario
by: fattony7007    On: 2002-01-31

This game was ok. The problems are that it is short, and it is very easy. I wouldn't recommend buying this game.
Length eats up a star...but cool.
by: babymario    On: 2002-01-28

It would get 5 stars if it was 5 times longer. It would get 3 stars if it didn't have such great replay value. All in all its a great game, so if you own everything in the world except this game, or just want a fun game, buy this game. Its scary how great the graphics are, and its highlighted when you see him turn a doorknob for the first! The music is very hummable, and the sound is hilarious, especially if its from Luigi. Press A in the middle of nowhere and he says "Mario?" in several different tones.
Fun but yet boring.
by: happyglow    On: 2002-01-27

I got this game for Christmas along with a few other games and a GameCube. This game seems really fun at first and has pretty graphics.It's about how Luigi wins a mansion from a contest he did not even enter and it is filled with ghosts. Bad enough,Mario is trapped inside and Luigi must rescue him. You meet this little professer dude in the mansion called Professor E.Gadd or something like that. he gives you a vacuum to help you suck up the ghosts. So what you do is basically suck up ghosts. After a while it does get a little boring and the puzzles are not too hard. I am a 14 year old gamer and say this must be for a younger audience. It isn't totally boring,it still is fun for a while. 3 out of 5
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-26

i hate this game the control is bad
the end have a nice day
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-26

i hate this game the control is bad
the end have a nice day
Too easy for me but cool!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-24

I got this game when it came out as a late brithday gift with the gamecube it's self of course. This game is one fun game with great graphics,sound and effects. It's cool that you could see the dust particals in the air and the way the light shines. The story scenes are also great...
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-22

I have always been a fan of the Mario series, and im glad Luigi finally gets his own game. When I first heard about the game i thought it was going to be boring. But once i started playing The game got really exiting. Although diferent from past Mario Adventures its destined to become a Classic.You may not of known it but even Bowser plays a role! The controls may be hard at first, but a good 10 minutes of practice and you'll know how to use them. If you have been playing The Mario series for years, or just started I Reccomend this Game!
Updated to my last review.. Gamemaster Jason
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-22

I love this game! I ought to take my gamecube and swing it at one of you gamecube haters out there. I do have the cube, i do have the xbox, and i have the ps2. I also have gba, so i am pretty experienced with gaming situations. Luigis mansion is a fun filled game. I am a little upset at the fact that you cant jump even a little, but the game is the best launch for gcn and is a must have. The game is short, but it is also very challenging sometimes. At some points in the game, it gets scary, espescially the time after your fight with boolossus and the lights go out and all the ghosts appear everywhere you walk. I am not going to spoil it for u. Get off your lazy butts and get this game. And if you are a true nintendo fan like me, subscribe for nintendo power. Luigis mansion deserves a spot in your collection. If GTA3 for ps2 does, then this game obviously does. This game has amazing graphics and very moderate sound, since most of the music and sound is either luigis screams or nervous humming. My suggestion to you is to get this game an you won't be disappointed!

Graphics 5/5 The graphics in this game are very cool and the mirror reflections are a very nice touch indeed.
Sound 3/5 The sound is ok, but you could never call it bad.
Challenge 4/5 Although the game is short, doesn't mean that the game is pure easy. This game will keep you at the edge of your seat for hours.

Greatest Gaming Moment:
Beating the second mansion that is spelled in japanese.

Time played: 15 hours combined both mansions and all items and secrets you little kids dont no.

Recommended for:

RPG fans
basically everybody wit the cube

Great graphics, low challenge
by: cressidas_faith    On: 2002-01-21

Luigi's Mansion does a great job of showing off the Game Cube's graphics and sound. The ghosts look really cool and the animation is smooth. The game play, especially using the vacuum, seemed a little awkward, but after a while you get used to it. The problem with this game, in my opinion, is the challenge level. I rented the game to see if I would like it, but after about 10 hours of gameplay, I had beaten it. If you're looking for something to play in short doses, Luigi's Mansion might be right for you. But if you want an extended challenge, you might want to try something else.
Luigi has a Fruity Jump in Mario 2
by: boogalopikmin    On: 2002-01-21

1. bought the game 2.played the game 3.beat the game 4.liked the game 5.sold the game
Great Launching Game for GCN
by: americacapital    On: 2002-01-20

I think this game definintely was the right game to launch for the GCN. Don't be fooled by it's appearance, it's not that childish or young in the game as it looks on the cover. One thing about this game that I like is the graphics. The lighting effects, the rooms, and definintely the characters (Go Luigi!). I have never seen Luigi any more detailed in any other game. And besides, isn't it his turn to take the spotlight? His brother has always been the leader, and Luigi was usually the sidekick. The only problem with this game could possibly be how easy or tough it is. It's a bit challenging at first, but it becomes really easy and short. That's the only downside.
Starts off good, gets tedious real fast...
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-20

I love the old Mario games, back to the days of Nintendo, so when I saw this game, I had to have it. Right off the bat, it was "Ghost Busters" (movie) meets Mario bros, and kept me occupied and entertaind for awhile. The it looses creativity and gets repetative and tedious. I haven't touched the game in more than month, as I can't get past this one stupid level.
Pathetic Game!
by: nightkisserr    On: 2002-01-19

The Graphics are are worse than N64. The game is boring beyond anything I've ever played. The controls don't make any sense. Highly recommend buying something else.
Luigi's Mansion is sooooooo cool!
by: ghudson43    On: 2002-01-19

hay, gamee cube fans! if you don't have that many games, or wan't to get another one, get luigi's mansion! its not the best,but its a good game! one good thing about it, is that marios not the star! i'm not saying that mario is a bad person, it just that they made too many games with him in it. i'm glad luigi got a wack at it! wounderful game guys!
Rent Before You Buy...
by: engione    On: 2002-01-19

MMM... Luigi's Mansion... Sounds like a good game. It looked like a great game on all of the E3 shows and magazines. This game has great graphics. I was hooked as soon as I took it out of the wrapper. This game has many strong points, but unfortuantely there are also weak points(many weakpoints).
Control is no factor in this game. This is some of the best control since...well ever. You can move Luigi around in all directions rather easily. You can move his upper body as well as his lower at the same time different dirrections. As I said the graphics are oustandinly gorgeous. You will feel like you are really in a haunted mansion. When I saw Bowser at the end I forgot that I was playing a rated E game, but before you go get in the car and run down to the store read the rest of the review.
Even thought this is a great game on the outside, it isn't as good on the inside. The gameplay gets old fast. All you do is just suck up some ghosts and it gets really boring. The story also isn't very good. There is really no plot development. All you do is go around sucking up i already said. The game is so easy that it isn't funny. I beat it in 2 days and I wasn't even trying. The only reason I can think that you would purchase this game is because it has Luigi on it. So if you haven't purchased it yet, rent it first. Then make up your decision after about your 100th ghost.
Luigi's Adventurous Game!
by: cool_mom3    On: 2002-01-19

I like Luigi's Mansion because it's a mystery game, and you have to figure out where things are hiding, such as keys, ghosts, money, and secret rooms. The graphics look very cool, in 3D. The game should take a while to beat. It's very fun. Luigi's Mansion is a one-player game. You can chose how you want Luigi to walk too...sideways or straight. Luigi has a flashlight and a vacuum in which he uses to suck up ghosts...kind of like ghost busters. The ghosts get stronger and harder to beat as you move up levels. Overall, I think the game is really great.
Luigi's Ghost Fest
by: ghudson43    On: 2002-01-17

I had a great time playing Luigi's Mansion.I got scared stiff when a ghost jumped out at me... BOO!The boss characters were espescially fun. Even dopey Bogmire made me happy. I give Luigi's Mansion a perferct ten for fun graphics and cold thrills.
Great holdover for fans until Mario Sunshine comes
by: adrock88    On: 2002-01-16

It seems like this game was put together quickly by Nintendo just to hold off fans until marios next appearance. The idea isnt original and it is fairly short. It isnt fairly challenging and in the few parts it is, the game is frustrating. People have been saying that it takes them 5-6 hours to beat the games. Two things: thats a lie and anyone who times how long it takes the beat a game has no life. Im guessing it took me about 10 hours without a guide. With a guide you can get it done in eight.
The final battlevs bowser is great and the game is very entertaining on a whole. despite these mistakes, the game is perfect. Great graphics and its addicting game play will make you crave for more. People have been saying the game has no replay value, but it does. As soon as I finished the game, I wanted to play again. The idea of a whole new mansion is great. This should be a buy for any die hard mario fan and at least a rental for any gc owner.
luigi who knew
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-16

mostly mario gets all the credit like in every other game with mario and luigi in it mario is one player and is the star while luigi takes a seat. This is a game where luigi is the star it is different it is really fun and is set in a haunted house which makes it even more different than any other mario bros game
I'm glad I bought a Gamecube
by: billybrown412    On: 2002-01-14

Alright, I already own a PS2, but I've always regretted selling My N64, three years ago. I was pretty dissapointed when I heard all about the new system. My PS2, library consists mostly of violent action games and I'd gotten to where I yearned for the good ole Nintendo titles that I remembered from childhood. Recently, I plunked down my $... and bought a Gamecube. And, with Luigi's Mansion, I'm glad I did.

While it may have been on odd decision to launch a title like this with the system, I can understand it better now. Let me just get this out of the way. If you're expecting a free-for-all adventure like Mario 64, you may find yourself a little dissapointed here. It's a very different title, and despite what the editorial said, I found it to be very unique and inventive.

The premise goes something like this; Luigi wins a mansion. Naturally, he's excited about it. So he calls up his good buddy Mario to meet him at the mansion to celebrate. When Luigig arrives, Mario aint there. Instead, he finds a strange little scientist running around with a vaccum cleaner and recieves the news that his new dream-home is haunted by hundreds of prank-loving ghosts. So, Luigi acquires the vaccum-backpack and sets out to find his buddy and rid his new place of the ghosts.

Sound simple? It is. And a LOAD of fun to play. At least, once you get past the game's learning curve which can be pretty difficult. I have never played a game where finding a way to hold the controller was actually fun. In fact, the thought had never crossed my mind, but here, due to the gamecube's button-happy controller, and the fact that the game will require you to use most of them, it's gonna be a little tricky to find a way to hold the thing so that it works. Once you get the hang of alternating the use of the flashlight and the vaccum, you're going to have a blast. Hand and eye coordination are very important here and it's all part of the fun.

Let's talk about the graphics for a second. Simply put, they're absolutely gorgeous. The detail is outstanding with the flickering candles, the dust effects, and the transparent ghost effects. They showcase the cube's hardware perfectly and you will be amazed that they are coming from something so small.

I guess when it all comes down, I don't have any complaints about "Luigi's Mansion". If you've just bought a Cube and area looking for a good title to start your library, this one is perfect for both younger and older gamers.

Now, I can't wait to see how Mario fares on the system..

A great RENTAL game.
by: carriebogdan    On: 2002-01-13

This game is a great RENTAL game.It involves Luigi to save Mario who is trapped in a painting in a scary mansion full of ghosts. But unfortunately this game is short and you would get board of it right when you beat the game the first time.
Luigi's Mansion
by: lupus_88    On: 2002-01-13

This game is pretty good. Luigi's wins a mansion conteset he didn't enter. When he gets to the mansion he encouters a ghost. The ghost terrifies Luigi then he see a small guy with a vacumm and he starts sucking the ghost up. The ghost drags him around and gets away. The little guy introduces himself as Professer Evilin Gadd. Then a gang of ghosts shows up and Luigi and E. Gadd decide it's time to leave. The adventrue begins there.

What I like about this is that i see a lot of horror games are really gory or "M" or "A" rated. But this is a really cute game to start off the Gamecube. It's also Luigi's first game for himself. There was a game called Where is Mario but i think that was cancelled or even counterfit. Luigi is really becoming a star. One bad thing about this is that i beat it in three days so it's a bit easy but it is still a cute little game that anybody should enjoy
Pretty fun.....
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-13

I tryed this game and it was pretty fun.The controls were kind of hard though,but it is still fun.
good game
by: nsports25    On: 2002-01-13

the five star rating that i gave this game is entirely based on the game play and graphics which were 5. it's not based on the length because if it was it would get 1 star. i beat this game in the first day that i got it- easily. its nothing like the length of zelda games which take weeks to beat.
Great game
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-12

First a quick introduction-Luigi wins a mansion so he and mario agreed to meet at it to check it out. Well,when Luigi gets to the mansion it doesn't look to welcoming, and to make things worse, Mario isn't there either. Luigi opens the door and looks inside. The room is dark and spooky, but Luigi gets all of his courage together and walks in.
Don't think that this game is for little kids because I'm 15 and I really enjoy playing it. INFACT I HAVE A FRIEND THATS THE SAME AGE AS ME AND ITS TO DIFFICULT FOR HIM TO PLAY! It might be [short] compared to some other games but it's still long enough. Nintendo did another great job, the game is a blast!
Spooktackular game
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-12

all i have 2 say is great i couldn't stop playing this game it is so good plus at the end if u get alot of money u can get a huge mansion instead of that spooky 1 the ghost chaser type guy is so funny looking it is just a great game rent it from the 1 and only blockbuster and if u like it buy it the ghosts make the game enjoyable they r all shapes and sizes and the gallery ghost r extra hard and extra unique please just go and buy it
Great game
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-10

Luigi is suckered into going to a mansion that he sopposively won. the mansion is haunted with ghost and they have Mario!!!

it's nice to see "THE WEIGE MYSTER" in a game of his own. at first the controls are tuff but you get used to it. awsome graphics and great story line. Minor problems 1: too short
3: anoying- i couldn't find a key for an hour. a was walking all around the mansion and said to myself "WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING!!!" i did find the key though after a frien told me what i was doing wrong

The game is really fun though and is a sure buy for any gamecube owner!!!

also buy: smash bros.
simpsons road rage

Great Fun But Too Short
by:    On: 2002-01-08

Luigi's Mansion is filled with great gameplay, graphics, sounds and creative new ideas. It actually feels a bit spooky when you enter a dark room filled with ghosts. This would have been a definite 5 star game if it was longer. I'm a pretty poor game player but was able to finish this in about 3 weeks of light play.
very funnnn
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-08

it is fun but easy to beat. i like it alot so buy it
Disappointingly short and easy
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-07

The game itself is great--it has awesome graphics and it's a fun concept. However, it only took me about twelve hours to win the entire game. And I have little interest in playing it again, since I've already figured out how to beat each ghost. Having played N64 games like Super Mario and Zelda, I expected it would take me weeks to win Luigi's Mansion.

Save your money and rent it.

I spent [price]on this??
by: ldoubled    On: 2002-01-07

Although this game has great graphics, it's incredibly short. I solved it in a week of intermittent play. I'm the kind of person who needs guides, etc, for games like Mario 64, Zelda, and the like and I didn't need to think very hard at this game at all. I'm just disappointed, there was so much potential there.
A shorter game than super Mario 64 but with much more fun!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-06

In short, get this game! It is amazing no matter what anyone says. some say to only rent this but they are the ones that do not really have it.

Graphics: The stunning graphics show you the full EXTENT OF THE gAMECUBES POWER. tHE high detailed areas of the mansion will keep you playing for hours even if it is a it on the short side.

Sound/Music: The music and sounds are mostly droned out by Luigis nervous humming and screaming when a ghost sneaks up on him, but the music is however respectable.

Gameplay: The gameplay is fabulous thanx to the gcn controller. Luigis Mansion makes full use of all the buttons except maybe the z button.

Challenge: At some times this game is a cinch but when you fight boss ghosts such as boolossus,Chauncey, Or Bogmire things start to heat up.
Overall: This game lost one star from me because of the sound but it is still loads of fun and like me and many others, get. this. game. Period

Peeece out yall , Jason

Awesome graphics, this game rocks!!!![....]
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-05

When I had my vacation we rented this game, my 17 year old cousin played it with help from this guide from the internet, but heck, he beat it in only 2 nights!! SWEAT!! DO NOT READ AHED IF YOU DONT WANNA NO THE BOSSES or ending!! Okay this 1st boss is pretty easy, a baby ghost, then in the graveyard lies the shadow second boss. KING BOO IS #3, then Bowser and the crowned ghost is #4, the final boss! tHE ENDING? Mario ina portait the proffesor makes him come out and yageta secret mansion!! The gameplay is unbeilevable and the graphics are explosive!!!![....] I WOULD GIVE THIS GAME ON Nintendo 9 STARS if I could, by the way!
Got it as a gift.
by: dallasjay    On: 2002-01-05

I got it as a gift for my brother last Christmas. He enjoys playing the game.
Good, if not predictable platform game...
by: evildead242    On: 2002-01-04

Luigi's Mansion is the first game I bought for Gamecube and it did not disappoint. The graphics are awesome and the gameplay is smooth. The story is adequate and the level of play is challenging but not frustrating. I usually pass on these kinds of games because I get frustrated not being able to pick up every little nuance of the game. But, in Luigi's Mansion, the hints are pretty clear. Once you've mastered how to suck up ghosts the game is rudimentary. Some of the ghosts are harder to lure than others but finding out how to expose their hearts is part of the fun of the game. The last ghost is not too hard to beat and the pomp and circumstance that end the game are ok. Overall, this game is a solid purchase and good addition to any Gamecube collection.
I absolutely Love this game
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-04

I began playng this game in the Circuit City's and Best Buy's in my area. This game was the reason i purchased a Game cube.!!! it is an abvsolute blast! and simple to understand!
Good rental... maybe
by: kerryandben    On: 2002-01-03

This game has great graphics, and is fun for about an hour or two. It is very short- rent it and you can beat it in a day (with plenty of time for breaks). There isn't much to it- once you figure out how to vacuum up ghosts, that's all you do until you have beaten the game (you can't even jump!). It definitely falls short of Mario Bros predecessors like Mario 64.
nintendo does it again
by: almeterlj    On: 2002-01-03

the game is fun, but a little too simple. i would recomend it only if you are age 4-12. the plot is simple but good.
An adult Nintendo fan
by: phertel    On: 2002-01-03

Graphics, music, and overall use of creative ideas outstanding. "Rewards" (positive reinforcement for doing things correctly such as jewels, keys to access other parts of the puzzles, defeating ghosts) at just the right intervals to make this game highly addictive-- at least for someone who hasn't spent a lot of time playing video or computer games. It was like a good book I just couldn't put down. I don't care that this game is not worth playing a second time-- for me, the fun is in the new puzzles and in making new discoveries and working through the "story". I had a total blast and wasted 2 perfectly good days spending HOURS glued to the screen. Thank God I'm done-- now I can get back to my normal life.
sweeteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet nintendo does it again
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-01

a [age] year old gamer
This game rules, all those people who say its a baby game get a life go suck your tushes oh i have xbox im so cool well it sucks you people gamecube is what to by if theres ones reason it is because of luigis mansion i was shocked when i played its short huh shut your mouths its not to short its extremely fun youll be playing for hours. cartoony look shut your mouths its so fun catching differnt kinds of ghost so get off your lazy buts and buy gamecube and luigis mansion oh yea xbox sucks ps2 sucks gamecube is the one ihope this helped did it?

graphics 10/10 you can see the dust when he walks.the ghost are very cool looking.
fun factor 10/10u will be playing for shocking funny hours
sound 10/10 you hear luigis shoes make noise and the ghost sound rocks.
challenge 10/10
this game rocks buy it hope u enjoy it bye

Luigi's Mansion is Short But Fun!
by: fribri    On: 2002-01-01

Luigi's Mansion is short but fun. Four Areas, full of different rooms and different ghosts (Including Neville, Lydia, Mr. Luggs, Melody, and Boos.). Each Area has a boss. The boss is the hardest ghost of the Area. You cannot beat the Area until you beat the boss. (Bosses: Chauncey, Bogmire, Boolossus, and (Bowser) King Boo) Mario fans will love this haunting game of Luigi's quest to save Mario.
Luigi's Mansion is fun, fun, fun!
by: ryanoreilly    On: 2002-01-01

Luigi's Mansion is great, though short, but fun and great! Well, Luigi is the star this time, so it is sure to be a blast. It is also a launch title, so expect the best graphics of the use of the system. It is like Super Mario 64, it was great, then other games get the bad graphics.
Who ya gonna call?
by: julyacoolya    On: 2002-01-01

Luigi of course!His very first game(since mario took every thing luigi could have stared)and i have to say,it's ghostly good!The graphics,the sound(ya know,all spooky)and the gameplay!The point is you win a mansion and you get the adress.You walk there and all you see is a huge haunted house towering over you.A proffeser runs out to tell you"your house has been taken over by ghosts!You have to stop them"you get a vaccum and a flashlight.You also figure out that the ghosts have kidnapped mario!You walk in to save your house and your brother
Tricky, Fun, and Exciting!
by: bobbert52    On: 2001-12-31

This game is a lot of fun! But in order for one to not get bored quickly of this game, be sure to play it in short sequences and sessions. The graphics are awesome and even though the game play after you beat the game is not very fun, it might be a good idea to rent this game if you are a player who plays one game at a time. But if you are a player who plays one or more game at the same time, buying this game would be a good investment. Even though parts might be more suitable for younger children, your children will most postively need a parent's help on some parts of the game! Over all, the biggest complaint I would have about this game is the lack of extra game play after you beat it.
*Happy Holidays!*
Buy it!
by: supermariofan    On: 2001-12-31

This is one of the best games I have ever played. The graphics are awesome!!! Everything you touch or vacuum up moves!!! you can see Luigi's Breath
This game is to short and easy
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-31

This game is so short I beat it in 2 1/2 hours. But at times it's still fun. Don't buy it rent and beat it don't waste your money.
Great Game For The Younger Nintendo Players!
by: shane1029    On: 2001-12-30

My kids absolutly loved this game! The graphics and humor are great, it will keep you laughing! It's not difficult but it's still challenging. The only thing I found disappointing is that it is very short! But overall, it's a great game for the young and the old!
by: shazzybubba    On: 2001-12-30

Being a devoted Nintento fanatic since "the beginning", I was highly anticipating the release of "GameCube". I couldn't understand how "Nintendo"was going to improve on the excellence of "Nintendo 64", but considering they've never disappointed me in the past (especially with the release of "Mario64"), I was expecting something spectacular! Boy, was I wrong! If "Luigi's Mansion" is an example of what "GameCube" is going to be offering in the future....Goodbye, "Nintendo"! Hello "Playstation2"!

The graphics are decent, but I can't see any outstanding difference between "GameCube" and "Nintendo64", although it was difficult to make a fair judgment on the graphics with "Luigi's Mansion", considering most of the game play is set in a DARK mansion with the only light coming from Luigi's pathetic little flashlight. I thought the lack of adequate lighting was dull, boring and made it hard to see details.

Nintendo is said to make games geared toward younger children (6 and up) and in the past I'd agree. My grandson (6 years old) and his friends (6 to 9 years old) spend hours playing on my "Nintendo64". Although the younger ones haven't mastered the "N64" games, they are fascinated with the cartoon characters, the bright colors, and especially the action capabilities of the "N64" characters.... (jumping, climbing trees, flips, flying and so on). They also love the creative special affects of "N64" and the endless variety of vistas to explore...never knowing what's coming next! The only similarity in "Luigis's Mansion" is that the game stars a cartoon character. Luigi can't even do a simple jump!!! The gameplay is repetitive and boring and there are entirely too many speech bubbles interrupting the game. If you're buying this for a child under 10, forget it, because it won't hold the attention of most children in that age group for more than about 15 minutes.

What happened to the creative geniuses of Nintendo64?!? Please get them back, Nintendo!!! You're going backwards!

One other thing that parents of the younger Nintendo players should know. "GameCube" uses CD's and not the old "Nintendo64" Game Cartridges. Not as kid-proof...needs more supervision to protect I prefer cartridges, but that seems to be a thing of the past.

Aj's Granny

by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-30



by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-30


ALL I WANNA SAY IS GET IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Over and Over AGAIN
by: the_voice    On: 2001-12-30

This game might have one of the best graphics seen on any console and it has on of my favorite nintendo characters: Luigi. But the game itself is the same thing over and over again: Get keys, open new doors, capture ghosts with a vacuum and getting coins. Also the game is too short, i beat it in about 4 hours. The game is fun while it lasts, but i recommend to rent it first.The way to move and control luigi is outstanding, but come on, it is a game for the little ones. I recommend this game to any parent searching for a game for kids of ages 7 through 13.
Truly fun and enjoyable
by: myyoshi    On: 2001-12-29

When my 12 year old finally beat the game and allowed me to play, I couldn't stop. You will find yourself so wrapped up and wanting to continue that you may forget to get to a save point and save. It was midnight last night before I realized I had played for 4 hours straight. You simply want to go from room to room catching ghosts and finding what treasures are hiding. Truly a game for all ages.
Nice demo, nice early game, but little game
by: petit_kevin    On: 2001-12-29

I've just read another review that says Luigi Mansion is similar to Mario 64. My question is: do you play the games with closed eyes or do you write reviews at random?
Those two game have a COMPLETELY different gameplay, so if you expected a platformer, you are gonna be disappointed. Luigi plays in 2D (although the display is in 3D), it is a very old school game. The graphics are good but the engine slows down and glitches, and the framerate is a mere 30fps. The gameplay itself is fun and easy to pickup, but extremely repetitive. And it takes 4 hours to finish the first time.
I bought this game in Japan in September before any review was out. If I had known I would not have bought it. Save your money for real games like SSBM and Rogue, you can find free 3D demos on the net for free and much better than Luigi Mansion.
Way too short!
by: lubofsky    On: 2001-12-29

This game was a lot of fun, but way too short. I was excited about the possibilities of a new Mario-type collector game, but still had fun sucking up the ghosts. The graphics are GREAT and the details, such as Luigi humming to himself, are both amusing and less inclined to stick in your head!

Overall the game was enjoyable, but the first Mario type game for the GameCube should have taken more than three days to beat.

Buy this!
by: forestlaw15    On: 2001-12-29

Even though this game is short, and a bit repetitive, it doesn't get boring. Even after you've completed a bunch of the rooms, the Boos you release provide some replay value. I just got to the final boss, and I haven't been able to beat it. It's a lot of fun. The visuals are impressive, but there isn't a lot of music. The mansion isn't quiet however, as the ghosts pop up and holler to make Luigi yell, and there's some frantic music when you vacuum up the ghosts. Luigi hums and whistles a tune nervously as you roam the halls, and he calls for Mario when you press A. It's one of the better launch titles, and an enjoyable walk through a haunted mansion.
A fair game, but it won't hold your interest...
by: pieandc    On: 2001-12-29

This is a fairly good game, definitely worth rental, but perhaps not as a purchase. The game in itself is not difficult, nor does it require any extensive skill to beat. However, it does get very repetitive quite quickly. A simple formula of "Suck up ghosts+get key=unluck next room" is the basis of the entire game. While it is fun in the beginning, the complete lack of variety can ultimately kill any motivation of the gamer to continue playing.
I DID enjoy the game, and am glad that I had the chance to play it. It will appeal to many different types of people, and I do therefore recommend it. But, I strongly suggest you rent it first, that then may be enough to satisfy you. It eliminates needlessly spending a decent amount of money on a game that may only hold you for the first few days.
You must play this game!
by: changsteven    On: 2001-12-29

This is a great game for the Nintendo gamecube! It was my first game for the new system and I love it! The graphics are great and it's not too difficult. It has been a while since I have played a game and actually beat it!
Luigi's Mansion is a great game for starters
by: pitoluvl3g3ndz    On: 2001-12-28

Luigi's mansion is a worderful game and has good graphics if your a great fan of Nintendo this is a good game. This game contains comedy,mind puzzle,action and horror....lets just say this game has every thing.
Luigis Mansion
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-27

Luigis Mansion is the best Gamecube game to date! It is also the most detailed game i've seen. For example, if there's a mirror on the other side of the room,you can see yourself in it! The point of the game is: Luigi has won a huge mansion,but it's crawling with ghosts! But when he arrives,Mario is MISSING! This is a very good game!
Great, but low replay value
by: dennis-l    On: 2001-12-27

I was absolutely blown away by the graphic and sound quality of this game. I loved that the entire game is within one huge castle, and that the names of each room pop up when you enter them. And I loved the music room, where you use instruments to "play" old Super Mario Bros. theme songs. Luigi even hums and whistles along (nervously) to the background music.

The control also is incredible, and very natural-feeling, using both joysicks and all the buttons.

However, my buddy and I finished it in one night, about 6 hours of playing (taking turns on rooms). And after that, we had no desire to play anymore. Rent this and wait for the first GameCube Mario game.

Absolu's Luigi's Mansion Review
by: spaceace2    On: 2001-12-27

First wave of games on a new system are seldomly very graphical or rich in gameplay content. Rarely do you find a first wave game that lacks both. This is the case with Nintendo Gamecube's Luigi's Mansion.
The main purpose of playing a game is to have fun and kill time. None of which Luigi's Mansion accomplishes. I found Luigi's Mansion to be no fun at all. Although, it wasn't completely boring, it didn't give me the urge to hold on the controller to keep playing.
Let me start with the general goal of the game which is to catch ghosts. That's it! It doesn't change throughout the game nor does the types of ghosts.
Second, the challenge of the game disappears the moment you become accustomed to the Gamecube's controller. Unlike, Super Mario World 64 where the difficulty steadily increased to match the players' adaptation with the controller, Luigi's Mansion's difficulty level never left zero.
Third, the music in Luigi's Mansion wasn't great either. It sounded like it was composed using the system's General MIDI feature. Which is terrible considering the massive storage capabilities of compact discs. What really put the final nail in the coffin music wise was that the musical theme repeated throughout the whole game dispite changing floors of the mansion. This might have worked had this game been released on the NES or SNES but for the CD based Gamecube is unacceptable.
Graphically, Luigi's Mansion is at the bottom of the barrel among first wave games. Yes, the lighting, mist, dust, water, and fire effects are nice. However, I've seen the same things on a lessor scale accomplished on the N64. It seems as if all the graphical attention was paid to the ghosts and Luigi and not to the rest of the mansion. Certain background objects that needed to be three dimensional were left in one. Another graphical slip in Luigi's Mansion is the details paid to the walls. The details of the walls within the mansion don't increase as the distance between them Luigi decreases. This factor might've helped the realism. I thought the days of playstation bitmap layered walls were over. I guess I was wrong.
Overall, Luigi's Mansion is not a bad game, it's just a bad game to buy. The good thing about Luigi's Mansion is that seemed to be a protype testing the systems capabilities. Perhaps, this game was just a stepping stone for greater games yet to come. It's sad that Luigi had to be the one to suffer through it. Nintendo really should've created a character to play through this game and not tarnish the rep of Mario's bro.

Save your money and buy one of the other games like Rogue Squadron and Tony Hawk or even John Madden.

Is this game for you??
by: mantadan    On: 2001-12-26

This game is pretty fun in all aspects. But, I love every mario and luigi game that has been created; so does that count? The only thing bad about this game is that it is way to easy. I bought it and had beat it in six days!!! Another thing is its not that much fun to play again. So I would recommend renting this game, it's cheaper and you get the same thing out of buying it. But don't get me wrong this is a very fun game.
A good game for the smart gamer
by: cyberboots    On: 2001-12-26

Lugi's Mansion features excellent graphics, which do a great job of making the game even more emersive. You (Luigi) go throught he mansion, solving puzzels, capturing ghosts, and learning how to save Mario. Some people may find this game a tad dull becuase it involves more stratagy than you'd expect from a ghost-catching game. All the environments in the game are 3D, Luigi can look up, down, and anywhere in between to shine his flashlight virtualy anywhere. Becuase the GameCube has two analog sticks (control stick and C stick) you are able to walk around with one while pointing the flashing or vacume with the other., making Luigi easier than expected to control, once you get the hang of it. While the game may be bit too linear to instill alot of replay value, it's most definitly worth playing!
Luigi's Mansion
by: gcn_gekko450    On: 2001-12-26

Luigi's Mansion is a good game, until you finish it. The graphics are of the best the GameCube can offer on the first-gen titles, but others games are better than LM in graphics (Rogue Leader, Smash Bros. Melee, etc). The sound is not the best thing ever, but it's good. The value of the game is BAD. Finish it in 10 hours. A short game compared to other games like Super Mario 64. And it's always the same thing. Capture a ghost, get a key and enter the next room. And do it again. The gameplay is regular.

Gameplay: - 19/30
Graphics: - 18/20
Sound: ---- 16/20
Value: ---- 6/30

TOTAL: 59/100 -----------> Mediocre

Comments: A good game until you finish it. Rent it or ask a friend for lend it to you. If you want to buy it, consider another options, like Smash Bros. Melee or Rogue Squadron 2. Another game of its kind very recommendable is Pikmin. But you have the last word.

A great game
by: priddyboy13    On: 2001-12-26

In short Luigi's mansion is great. If you enjoyed games such as Mario 64, Zelda or Banjo Kazooie you will love Luigi's Mansion... Some people say that it gets repetitive sucking up ghost and getting keys, while it may be somewhat repetitive it is also extremly addictive. You are Luigi, you get a flashlight and a vacumn to beat the ghost, its great. If you enjoy any of the games that i named at the top, you will love this and should buy it for sure. Or if you are on teh border-line of trying it out i would advise you to. This game is very deserving of a Full 5 stars....
The Best
by: swimgurl900    On: 2001-12-25

This is the best game I have ever played in years! It's a must have if you have the Gamecube!
Tons of fun, until you beat it.
by: nintendorksstaff    On: 2001-12-23

Don't be fooled that Luigi's Mansion, a game that is only good, serves as the Nintendo Gamecube's star title. By now, that honor belongs to Super Smash Bros. Melee, and at launch it was held by the likes of Rogue Squadron 2 and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3. Here to give you the word on Luigi's Mansion is Nintendorks' Eric Denney.

"It's been very difficult to come to a decision on just what to rate Luigi's Mansion. Luigi is the closest thing to a Mario Flagship title that we saw for GameCube launch, and the bar has been set almost impossibly high after Super Mario Bros., Super Mario World, and Super Mario 64. In the end, while still a solid game, Luigi's Mansion doesn't deserve a spot next to the predecessors.

Now that the ugly comparison is out of the way, lets examine the merits and faults of Luigi's Mansion in its own right. What we have in Luigi's Mansion is a fun, solid adventure title with little to no replay value.

While the game concept is hardly fresh (and indeed been nearly beaten to death by Capcom), Nintendo still manages to pull it off with characteristic grace. Using the Poltergust vaccum to suck up the ghosts, and mastering the timing of using the flashlight (or other objects) to make the ghosts vulnerable injects a breath of fresh air into the game. At the same time, it proves to be a good example of how to properly program a game for the GameCube controler. Every button is put to good use, and it isn't hard to believe that the game was designed to make the most out of the controller. It wouldn't surprise me at all if future games in the haunted mansion genre start to pick up on some of the controller ideas in future installments.

Luigi's Mansion is a fun game, but hardly worth the full retail price. You can rent it once, twice, or even thrice and have a great time with it. A rental time, however is about all the time you need for it. I'm no game wizard (in fact, I rather suck at figuring out game puzzles), but I breezed through this game effortlessly. I wouldn't call it easy, but it isn't more than moderately challenging even at its best. Rent it, and you take it back satisfied. But there are just too many great GameCube games out now to spend the full $on Luigi's Mansion."

by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-23

This game is ok. I gave it a 3 because it is a little too short I was thinking it would take a few weeks. Also because it might get boring after a while. If you just bought a gamecube and got enough money and will get this get it with something else because soon you'll get tired of it soon...
Very Fun-- While it Lasts!
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-22

Now, many people are being very hard on Luigi's Mansion. A lot of them say that it's for kids. I'm not a kid, and I do enjoy this game. The graphics are stunning, and the gameplay is very fun the first time around. But after you beat the game, you really have nothing more to do. You can always go back and play it again, but it is exactly the same as the first time. The most fun you have in this game is learning to vacuum. It's not easy, but you eventually get the hang of it. This is a very fun game, and I recommend buying it, even if it does become redundant. I have never considered this game boring, and believe me, neither will you.
Will Nintendo ever speak?
by: figdragon    On: 2001-12-21

I bought this as a Xmas gift for my niece. But I thought I'd try it myself because I've enjoyed every Mario related game to date. This was my first experience with Gamecube. I don't see any big advantage with this game over any older NES system. I was really floored to see that the characters still speak with quote bubbles and not with a voice! Come on...get with the new age of video games! Graphics were nothing to write home about either. I was bored in a matter of minutes. I'd rather play one of the other Mario titles.
Well, It can get a little boring
by: aenir    On: 2001-12-20

This game would be the most fun game I've ever had, except for the fact that without a playersguide, you wouldn't know what to do. It has the same feel as Mario 64, but with a dark, eerie, spooky theme. The point is to go around collecting the normal ghosts you usualy see in cartoons, the ones that have the sheet over their head, the classic boo's that have haunted Mario for so long, and the "bosses", portrait ghosts, which come in all shapes, ages, personalities, and sizes. Once you do something special, usually capturing a portrait ghost, you get a key. The problem is, you don't know where to go once you use the key and do everything. It can get hard, especially when there are fake doors in the halls that slam you into walls.
Luigis Mansion is great!
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-20

Luigis Mansion is very fun. I have beat it 2 times but it's Still fun.If you are reading this, GO BUY THIS GAME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Giving Up the Ghost? I Think Not!
by: wkrp10    On: 2001-12-19

This is the most awesome game. The graphics are unreal. The way the shadows follow the flashlight and the way you can see Luigi's breath make this game so realistic. The ease of control in this game is great. I consider myself video game challanged but managed to manuever easily. (I am an old Sega Genesis 3-button user.) I also enjoy the fact that you need to check rooms several times after they have been cleansed. It's fun just to find treasure. The Luigi's Mansion strategy guide is a must have to find all the secrets hiding in this game. The replay value on this game is high. Once you start, you cannot stop. So pop the popcorn and line up the pop (soda) before you start the game. To me, the fun factor is off the charts.
A Launch Game That Might Not Be Worth Your Time
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-17

Luigi's Mansion may be a good game for young,fresh,new gamers,but expirienced gamers,like myself,might find this game a little short.It's as long as Pokemon Snap!Besides that,it's one of the best games from the GameCube launch.Just make sure you like a game that would take a seasoned player 15 minutes to get to the first boss.
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-16

(...) i was shocked the graphis rule so i played it is extremley funny it kicks abo it beats mario 64 it is so fun catching ghost and vacuming and poussles i reccomend it its sweet and the graphics rule get it now its not short or a reapeat listen to me im a true gamer get it have fun im 10.
I love this game!
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-16

The controls are easy. The plot is good and it is just all out fun. I think it was very creative to suck up ghosts in vacuum cleaners. This game is very original and extremely fun.this is one of the best games for the gamecube. The one thing that would be better is if you could play with your friends at the same time on it.
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-16

i got this game and i also purchased the gamecube the same day,i played the game for about 3 hours then beat it,it was EXTREMLEY easy and boring..i suggest dont buy this game just rent it.
by: actsiren    On: 2001-12-16

Good, but not great
by: redwings62    On: 2001-12-13

This game is okay, but it took me only 13 hours to beat, and is sort of based along the same thing, catching ghosts. That is all you do. This was the first game I ever got for gamecube, and I would beg to difer. I think N.H.L hitz 20-02 is better (...) If you thought this would be a good sequal to Mario, guess again. I wouldn't pay (the price) for this. This will have to do untill Mario Sunshine comes out next summer.
Not awful but it's not good.
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-13

I must admit that the Gamecube is very impresive in graphics and Luigi Mansion (Luigi's Mansion) proves it but when it comes to gameplay it's bad. I mean you can win the entire game in a couple of boring 10 hours. Another thing is that it's always the same thing,suck up ghosts,get key and find the next room, over and over. So as my advice to everyone is this one, just rent it
or play it at your friend's house(if s/he has a copy of it,of course).
A Launch Game to get
by: atlantathrasher13    On: 2001-12-13

This game is the best, the detail is amazing. You can see when Luigi is walking you see the dust from the ground
Chase, vacuum, unlock, repeat...
by: mvlaing    On: 2001-12-12

Having been brand-loyal to Nintendo since the launch of the NES, my purchase of both the Gamecube and Luigi's Mansion was pretty much a given. While the game looks and sounds *spectacular*, the actual play is mind-numbingly boring. You chase ghosts. You vacuuum ghosts. You unlock doors. Repeat until either game is beaten or you pass out. I would suggest purchasing another game (like Rogue Leader) to show off your new system, and then picking up a copy of LM off a place like ebay in a few months-- there's going to be a tidal wave of copies of this game that no-one wants.
A Smash hit
by: yerkaz    On: 2001-12-12

I have played Luigi's Mansion in Toys R Us and Circuit City. I have beaten the demo, I found it fun and entertaining. I could sit there for hours if I actually owned it. This game just has a cartoony look to it but don't let that fool you. It is completely fun.
What you are supposed to do is go throughout the mansion sucking up ghosts with a vacuum cleaner (it is a lot harder than it looks.) Then as you beat the boss ghosts, their picture is shown in a ghost gallery. Then you have to go through the entire mansion until you get to big boo. After him you win. Parents, this is a very good game for kids. You may find yourself playing it when they are at school. I know my parents will be.
Fun.. but could be better!
by: gr00vingm0ney    On: 2001-12-12

Luigi's mansion is fun game.. eventually. It takes forever to master the controls.. i didn't have it down 100% until i was halfway done... You better have good hand eye coordination because most of the game you will be using two analog sticks and one analog button. Not exactly a piece of pie. I am the only one i know who can play it.. no one in my family, none of my friends.. i had a lot of practice.
another downside is the shortness. After you beat the game (not too hard to do, even for unexperienced gamers), they try to give you a harder, longer mansion to play through. Well let me tell you.... its fun the first time through... but just completing the same task in a different manner? We should have gotten the harder one first. I enjoyed the game the short time that it lasted and once i figured out the controls...
do yourself a favor: invest in Pikmin, Smash Bros, Rouge Leader, or Tony Hawk 2. Rent this game.
pretty cool ........................too short
by: secretrot    On: 2001-12-12

I loooooooooved this game its playability its graphics how Luigi hummed and whistled the background music, the cinema when Luigi unlocks a dor or when he is about to face a boss or when Luigi enters the parlor for first time, etc. it is extremly short but a laughed so much I can't laugh now, how we laughed when bowser walks with the head backwards.
Iliked the detail that at the end of the game they give you a tent a normal house , a big house , or a new mansion I highly recomend this game but if you are looking for a long game think it twicw before buying this game.
Trust me it is pretty hilarius, I want to say bravo to all the developers and continue making games like that.
fun but extremly short
by: secretrot    On: 2001-12-12

I bought the game the day it was realised and it is very cool the gallery ghosts and the end and everything but it is as I said extremly short, and the secret mansion is exactly the same a the first mansion, if your looking for a fun game go ahead and buy it but if you are looking for a game where you will be playing for months this is not for you exept your really bad, but the 50 bucks are worth the short experience
Great fun. Incredible graphics!!
by: buckizard    On: 2001-12-12

This game really shows off the capability of the Gamecube. Reflections in mirrors, see-through ghosts, and more. The levels are intricate and involved but easy enough for the younger crowd to handle. My 8 year old loves the fun of trying to find and vacuum the ghosts up!! I got addicted real quick. The only down side personally was that I completed the game relatively quickly. It takes me awhile to finish games but I had this one licked in no time. My son is still working on his game, though. A great game but there are better for the Gamecube!!
by: rconn14    On: 2001-12-11

I love this game, but I would have given it 5 stars if it had more to it. This game has incredible grafix, truely showing the power that the GameCube has; the sound is pretty good, but much of it still sounds EXACTLY like the original Super Mario, you know, the one that came with Duck Hunt for the NES? You pick up a coin and you remember the good old days of 2-D. It's a great game while it lasts, but it doesn't last for very long, catch my drift? After a little while, it gets a bit too boring anyway, repeatedly pressing that R button to suck up ghosts with your PolterGeist 5000. Despite these things, I still reccomend it to all GameCube owners under 15 or so.
If you get it make sure you have clear days for months
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-11

This is got to be the most action packed game that i have ever played in my entire life second after second your killing ghosts or solving puzzles

Overall Rating: 10/10

A major let down
by: rbishop1    On: 2001-12-10

Sure the graphics and sound are great but it does not live up to the Mario games of the past.(I have played and beat them all) This game took a total of 6 hours to beat. There was no real challenge to it. The puzzles weren't even close to hard. For 50$ I would expect a game to take longer to beat. I think Nintendo was more concerned with graphics than the actual game.
A 10 year old gamer
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-10

This was great even though it only took me 4 hrs to beet. I think that nintendo had a huge sucess for gamers 7-12.I give it a

+ Beautiful lighting effects
+ Attention to detail
+ Original control style
+ Great bosses...
- ...but only four of them
- Redundant dungeon game design
- Short game with little replay

Finished Game In Days
by: robynjh    On: 2001-12-10

This was one of the coolest games I have played in a while. It takes some coordination at first, but once you get the hang of it, it really rocks! I was a little surprised at how easy the game was to beat. I kept thinking that something else was going to be happening, that this couldn't be the end. Fortunatly, once you finish the game, playing again is a little different. The ghosts are harder to capture, but you do have a more powerful sucker-upper. Have fun!
Great Game!!!
by: musicmoviesandbooksbuyer    On: 2001-12-10

This game really showed me what Gamecube can do. The graphics, control, and storyline are amazing, no matter what age you are. The addicting gameplay is fast and creative, and the graphics make you feel as if you are creeping through the mansion. Though I have been a fan of Nintendo for years, the pictures made it seem as Xbox has better graphics than this highly-anticipated system. But, don't trust the pictures; GCN is a lot better, and this game shows that. The only con is that the game is quite short, and not extremely hard. Still, the replay value is good, and this is a great game!
Great Fun!
by: norrisalex2001    On: 2001-12-10

I got a Gamecube on Thanksgiving, and LOVE playing Luigi's Mansion! The graphics are great, the gameplay is top-notch, and the storyline is easy to follow. I have only gotten past area one, because I don't have a memory card. *SOB* :(

If you buy this game, have a memory card ready. The saved game is actually pretty small, 3 blocks compared to Wave Race: Blue Storm's 12.

Luigi's Mansion is way cool !!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-09

I think Luigi's Mansion is awesome. I think it should be rated #1 because it's fun and challenging. It's cool because they give you clues where Mario is. That's why I think it should be rated #1.
Luigi's Mansion, a fantastic game for Nintendo GameCube!
by: harry1234potter    On: 2001-12-09

Luigi's Mansion by Nintendo is a fantastic game only for an unbealeavable system, Nintendo GameCube! Luigi's Mansion is rated E for everyone and is a RPG (Roll Playing Game). Throughout the game you play the roll of Luigi, a most rather famous Nintendo character throughout history. Luigi is a plumber and one day recieves an unexpected message: You've won a huge mansion! He called his brother Mario and told him this and to meet him there and celebrate. So Marion agrees. When Luigi gets to the haunted mansion he meets Proffesor E. Gadd who gives him the vaccum cleaner to suck up ghost with and finds out that Mario is in danger. Professor E. Gadd has divided ghosts into many categories, Normal Ghosts, Portrait Ghosts, and the most famous Boos. Throughout the game you will collect all of these with your vaccum cleaner. You also enconter Toad and Bowser! This fantastic game is a "must buy" game for the Nintendo GameCube.
Now It's Luigi's time to get some action!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-09

I'm finally happy to see that Luigi has his own game now because Luigi is much better than Mario but he never used to do anything.Sometimes you might here about him in some of Mario's games but you would never have a chance to see him.Now it's time to not see Mario but see, hear and play with Luigi.
by: djchickie    On: 2001-12-09

I am much older than most video gamers but I have to say Luigi's Mansion was way too easy and way too short, even for me!
This Is Amazing!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-09

I really think this is an amazing game! The visuals are just astounding!Finally Luigi has his own game. This is one of the funnest games I have ever played. The puzzles are really challenging. The transparent "Boos" are amazing! This is a must have for any Gamecube collection!
Luigi finally gets his own game!!! But is he prepared?
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-09

So, Luigi gets his own game, finally. But if you're looking for a true sequel to the Mario 64 game, you'll have to look further. Luigi's Mansion is a cool game, but it has some major flaws that keep it from being perfect. First, and probably the most talked about, is that it's too short. The game doesn't take that long to complete, and after completing it, some gamers may not feel the need to play it again. Second, it's not a true Mario game like we've seen in the past. You can't jump, fly, any of those things like in the original games, and the controls don't feel much like a Mario game. It's more like a spin-off. But overall, Luigi's Mansion is an enjoyable game, but you should try it out first.
Not for anyone over 15
by: wessidekilla    On: 2001-12-08

I played this when I went home over Thanksgiving and I must say I was diappointed. Sure, the graphics are nice, but the rest of the game is nothing to get excited about. The sound gets annoying, the gameplay is boring, and the entire game is far far too easy. I've been losing faith in Nintendo ever since zelda 64 came out. Their games are too simple and too easy to have any extended use, other than a few games. If you're looking for another mario 64, keep looking.
Good Game but too short
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-07

THe graphics on this game is top notched but the game is too short. I finished this game in about 5 hours. Should have been much longer. for the price of this the challenges should have been longer.
really -REALLY- boring
by: spookyfusion    On: 2001-12-07

i can't believe how boring this game is. it's really linear and the things that you are forced to do aren't that fun. it doesn't even seem to have a plot. the fact that this game has such great reviews makes me really nervous about having wasted $(...) on a gamecube.
Worst game of the year?
by: gadgester    On: 2001-12-07

Imagine paying (...)your hardearned money (ok, or your parents' hardearned money) and get zero value. That doesn't sound exciting, does it? Well that's exactly what you get with Luigi's Mansion. There is zero fun factor and zero play value. In fact, Nintendo should pay us to play.
A good game
by: s_gerald    On: 2001-12-07

Luigi's mansion is a pretty good game and though not without its flaws is very fun. The graphics for the most part are very good though there are some blurry textures that should have been fixed up before release. The realtime lighting and shadows are quite simply amazing and easily make up for the handful of blurry textures. The boss fights and some of the puzzles you have to solve to fight the subbosses are extremely innovatetive, I would like to list some but I don't want to spoil it for those of you who have never played. The biggest problem I have with the game is that it is too short, hopfully they will make a longer sequel. In short this is one of the best launch games for the system and is good fun for gamers of all ages.
Pretty good, but not my favorite
by: writeme5    On: 2001-12-06

(...) Luigi's Mansion is definitely a well done game with excellent graphics and game play, but it still seems a little bit kiddy. The idea is very creative, but the game wasn't quite what I expected it to be. Being a teenager, this game was definitely not the greatest, but I still enjoyed it and it was definitely pretty challenging. The button configuration is difficult at first, but after about an hour of play, you'll be in playing it like a pro. This game does not match up with Super Mario 64 for the N64 because it is a classic. This is still a great game and I enjoyed it very much. I would recommend it to anyone below the age of 12.
Over too quickly
by: greg_stroud    On: 2001-12-06

I bought this game for my 8 year old son and he enjoyed it for the 2 weeks that it took to finish it.
Luigi's Mansion: One of the Greatest games ever!
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-06

A great game with great graphics, I don't care if people think it's too short.
good for the kids
by: travis118    On: 2001-12-05

Well it's no suprise that nintedo once again geared ther new system to the 8-12 year olds. This game was fun but got really really really repetative. Plus it was way to short. I beat the game in two nights (5 hours total). It's was also way to easy. I DIDN'T DIE A SINGLE TIME. BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!
Excellent graphics, Lame game
by: f3r_0    On: 2001-12-05

I went to a store and they let me play LM. The games graphics were the best i've seen. There was metal gear for PS2 on the other side but LM(luigi mansion) grphics were much better.This is nintendo and shiregu miyamoto so it doent surprise me. Now i played for like 30 min. and the the game was BORING. I mean how fun is it to get in like 100 rooms suck like 5 gost in each one and try to find a key. If your liked Yoshis story this is for you(i hated that game). I cant wait like 1 or more weeks for my mom to get me the gamecube super smash brothers melee one extra control and a memory(and i can hopefully get another game out of her). So for now i have to wait to get a good impression out of the Cube. I can wait for zelda(wich is supposely not going to be as good as ocarina as a GAME). I gave instead of one for graphics, realism, and details
luigi's mansion was pretty good!!!!!
by: jic9    On: 2001-12-04

when i got a game cube, i got luigi's was a pretty good game, but i got where i was going quickly....unfortunately i didnt have a memory card, so im not that far yet....but let me tell you this is a sweet game, and im getting smash bros next
by: juanitoyk    On: 2001-12-04

I think this game was really cool when I bougth it it's like I would not want to stop playing the game to go eat or to sleep but of course I got really sleepy and fell asleep I really recomend this game it's one of the best games I ever played........
Will Saddened those Rummaging for a true Mario Sequel
by: sxith_man    On: 2001-12-03

During the late 80's a duo of plumbers ruled the gaming industry. . .Mario along with his poorly recognized brother, Luigi. Overshadowed by his rotund brother, Luigi has accepted Miyamoto's brace on a reputable spot for the GameCube. Despite the fact that the green plumber lacks the highest of the high eminence when compared to his counterpart`s Super Mario World and Mario 64, Luigi's Mansion sends the player on one of the topmost experiences a game can frankly provide. Although it does not live up to the demoralizing hopes for a weekly played platformer, Luigi's new 2D-like dance is incredible in all its rights. Conversely, not taking the vital steps as a boundless platformer, Luigi's Mansion has one sticky, discernible shortcoming. Spanning only and about six hours, the game will be a mixture of being awestruck or deeply saddened for those rummaging for a clear-cut Mario sequel.

Luigi's Mansion lobs the player as Luigi, a spineless Ghostbuster. Armed with a flashlight, the Hoover (a vacuum cleaner), and a Game Boy Horror (which serves as a map), the mildly brave Luigi must investigate a haunted Mansion where each corner and crevice must be thoroughly searched for interleaving puzzles. The puzzles work as a chain of sequence throughout the game, marking advancement into the vast halls. Each room, gushing with several hordes of terrorizing ghouls, must be explored in order to attain keys where entry is denied. The regular, constant ghosts found to and fro the game are vanquished easily. By screening the flashlight on a ghoul, a significant number of HP will appear, and the player must completely nullify that number. Operating the Hoover, Luigi will be thrown left and right while the skirmishing ghost endeavors not to be sucked into oblivion. Gradually, its HP will melt down, reaching 0 and finally being bagged. Sounds very simple, no? Well, soon the rules are altered as new, nastier, and more technique-employed ghosts come screeching down the halls. If the player is stomped on how to thrash a certain ghost, simply utilizing the Game Boy Horror will force the phantom to discharge a hint on ripping them apart. Other ghosts, intent on not letting the player see them, unveil themselves once Luigi carries out particular tasks. Subsequently, Luigi goes face to face with immense bosses that require different tactics to slaughter. On the dot, Luigi's Mansion keeps and repeats this gameplay pattern., not really making up for its abrupt conclusion and obvious repetitiveness.

On the graphical standpoint, this is beyond what other previous consoles have come close to imitate. Remembering when the PlayStation tried to encapsulate fitting cartoony looks, the GameCube scoffs at all preceding efforts, pulling off the greatest type of cartoon visuals ever. Running at 30 frames per second, making use of spotless lighting, shadow, and transparency effects, Luigi's Mansion will have any kid ditch the teletubbies, and glue their faces onto the pulsating gaming screen. Luigi has a original collection of facial expressions. Moving gracefully, without any slowdown, the player and his surroundings are planed in a radiance of lightly colored backgrounds and an overwhelming number of illumination effects. Just the little threads of detail in the game give a hint on how future GameCube titles will be furnished around dazzling tapestries. As if to counter this pro, the musical soundtrack are rather lackluster and utterly uninspiring. While the game's many sounds (Luigi humming to himself) and all the other jingles are up-to-the-par with quality, the redundant music recurs over and over and over. . .

Even though my gaming hunger for the next Mario platform is months away (Mario Sunshine), Luigi's Mansion proves to be a wistful frolic until the ornate mind of Miyamoto breaks all the gaming rules yet again. Lavishing some good innovation, save for the succinctness on the hours, the game is a demanding buy, but well worth a revisit on the all-star plumbers.

by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-03

I think that "Luigi's Mansion" is super cool . One reason is because the way they make the ghosts transparent . I also like cleaning up ghosts .
go ahead nintendo
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-02

this game is definetly one of the best games out there. The graphics are unbelieveable. Even though it is a bit short and not that much of a challenge for an adult gamer, it still rocks!
Too Short for a good game
by: duom02    On: 2001-12-02

I beat this game in about a day. The game was pretty repetitive. I will say that Nintendo has brought all the characters in the game to life. The graphics were some of the best I've seen. I would suggest to rent it and see if you like it before you think of purchasing the game.
Luigi's Mansion Rules
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-02

Luigi just won a mansion. When he goes there to meet his brother, Mario, he finds out he is missing. Now Luigi must explore the mansion to find his brother. While exploring the mansion he must fight and suck up ghost using a vacuum cleaner. The point is to collect as much money as you can so you can buy something special at the end. The controls are easy to use. The game is addicting and challenging.
Gadd Zooks!
by: lisaphd    On: 2001-12-02

Luigi wins a mansion in a contest he didn't enter. When he arrives at his new "haunted" home to meet his brother, he finds that Mario is nowhere to be found! The great Professor Gadd is on the scene to help Luigi find his brother. It's up to you to suck up the ghosts with a vacuum called the Polterghost 3000, designed by Professor Gadd. Anyone who thinks that this game is just for children is wrong. I'm 24 years old and I enjoy playing the game in my spare time. It's quite challenging, especially for someone who doesn't play Nintendo often. The controls are set up for even a novice to understand. In short, it's great for people of all skill levels and ages!
Childish game
by: eisrael1    On: 2001-12-02

This game was obviously targeted at a younger audience. I beat this game in about 7 hours; Way too fast. They definitely made a big mistake by not starting with a Mario Game
Lots of Fun
by: jesperwarren    On: 2001-12-02

Luigi's Mansion is simply put, a fun game. It's easy to learn and play (I only had trouble with the last boss) and very entertaining. It's short (around 10 hours for an average gamer) but great.

Graphics (9.5): Though cartoony, Luigi's Mansion showcases the power of the GameCube. The textures are beautiful and very detailed. I have never noticed ANY framerate slowdown. The game is eye candy.

Sound (9): The sound and music, presented in Dolby Surround, are just great. The music has typical Nintendo charm and is quite repetitive, but somehow, it NEVER becomes annoying. Overall, very good.

Gameplay (8.5): Albeit repetitive, sucking up ghosts with the vacuum is quite fun. There are many different types of normal ghosts who can each be beaten in a different way, larger ghosts who are a little tougher, and finally boss ghosts who can be fun and aggravating. There are other things to do, too, including finding Mario's lost items and turning the power back on, but I wouldn't want to spoil the story for you.

Control (10): The controller feels like it was designed for the game. It just works. It uses all the buttons, and often uses both sticks at the same time. This may be quite difficult for beginners, but there is a training room to help you master your technique. The pressure-sensitive L and R buttons can be used to control the force of your vacuum, but that function is almost useless during gameplay.

Lastability and Replay Value (5): Ouch. The game's only flaw is its length. By the time you're really into the game, it's over! Games this good should not end so soon. Don't be fooled by claims of a hidden mansion when you beat the game. There is such a thing, but the only difference is that your vacuum is more powerful. You may want to play the game a few times to increase your final score, but after that it's over.

Final (Not an average) (9): Luigi's Mansion is great. If you're looking for an easy game that you can actually complete for a change, this is for you. It's worth purchasing for families, younger kids, and new gamers. However, hardcore gamers may be disappointed with the length, and I therefore recommend a weekend rental for them.

Addictive, Fun, and for All Ages
by: cowsmoo4    On: 2001-12-02

Regardless of what others may say, I find EAD's "Luigi's Mansion" a great game for anyone. It really is a shame that people may bypass it due to its graphics (remember to never judge a book by its cover).

The premise is simple. Mario's younger and less famous brother Luigi won a mansion in a contest he never entered. Sound suspicious? Things get even more mysterious when Luigi arrives at the mansion. According to long time friend Toad, Mario came to the mansion to surprise Luigi, but has since disappeared. Digging deeper into the mansion, Luigi realizes the mansion is haunted with ghosts, and they are going after him. Luckily, Dr. E. Gadd arrives in time to suck the ghost up with his Poltergust 3000 vacuum. After a trip back to his lab, and a little training session, Luigi re-enters the mansion to find Mario and solve the mystery of his mansion.

The gameplay is classic Nintendo. Very simple to pick up and play, but deep enough to avoid being called "simple". The main premise of the game is to capture the ghosts. Players do this by shining the flashlight onto their exposed hearts and then suck them up with the vacuum. There are normal ghosts, which are scattered throughout the mansion (and are not that hard to capture). Harder ghosts are known as portrait ghosts. Players need to solve a puzzle to find a way to expose their hearts and capture them. Some of puzzles are difficult, so have your brain prepared. Even harder ghosts are the bosses. They usually require players to figure out their weakness and then use action-based gameplay to capture them. The controls take some time to get used to, but players should find themselves comfortable by the first boss. The use of the vacuum makes exploring the mansion fun. Around every corner is a hidden treat. Using the vacuum, players can do everything from rattling vases to shake money and hearts out of them, to sucking up table cloths and towels. Also, if your lost or confused, the handy Game Boy Horror will help players learn about their surroundings and direct them to the next areas. The basic way to lose is to be attacked by ghosts. They can hit you, throw bombs at you, or hope you slip on one of their banana peels. Once you're out of hearts, you will start from your last save.

The graphics are cartoony. Some gamers would turn away at first sight, but the graphics really fit the game well. This isn't the type of game that would have blood, guts, and profanity anyway. Though the game is not a texture paradise, it carries a lot of impressive effects. From the transparent ghosts, to the lighting caused by Luigi's flashlight, this game is a treat to look at.

The music composes of one major song. Luckily, it is a good one. The basic tune will change many times over the course of the game, and even Luigi will hum along. The sound effects are simple, but impressive. The best sound effect comes from Luigi himself as he calls out for Mario throughout the game. As his hearts decrease, the desperation in his voice increases. It is a simple Nintendo touch that will always put a smile on your face.

Overall, Luigi's Mansion is a great game. It is incredibly addictive, as I found myself heading back to game often to find out what is hidden within the next room. It may not be the flagship, "Mario 64" Gamecube owners were looking for (that is coming next year), it is a great start. I would recommend that gamers look past the graphics and the seemingly repetitive nature (which, once you play, won't seem all that repetitive), and at least give it a trial run. In the end, the gameplay is what really matters, and when it comes down to the bottom line, Luigi's Mansion is a blast to play.

Way too easy
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-02

This is not Zelda or even Mario...I wish someone would have told us that this game could be completed in no time - and with no book. Very disappointing, because it is so easy and simplistic. I will pass this down to my nephew, who almost finished the game Thanksgiving day as I cooked the turkey. That's how easy most of it is. Final boss is hard though-that's our star for this game!
by: sasha_slutsker    On: 2001-12-02

I got this game along with a jet Gamecube a few weeks after launch. The graphics RULE! The gameplay RULES! The idea of sucking up ghosts might not sound like the best idea in the world, but it is! The gameplay is so addicting you'll be playing years after beating the game!
Smart, funny game
by: dnodelius    On: 2001-12-02

This game is a hoot. Graphics are terrific, with all the nifty GC features like moving light sources, fog, etc. Superb detail. Hilarious character: Luigi hums along with the soundtrack nervously while searching dark rooms. When the lights are on, he whistles along in relief.
Downside: the game is pretty easy. Children will enjoy it immensely...the ghosts are pretty non-threatening, although sometimes surprising. If you're looking for something with the sophistication of Mario or Zelda or DK64, this isn't quite it (at least, not so far...I'm about halfway in).
Annoying thing: the Prof. E. Gadd character's pseudo-speak. It's made up of Japanese phonemes, but it just sounds silly. Kids, again, may find this less annoying.
Luigi's first game is fun, but short.
by: dmjfam    On: 2001-12-01

Luigi's Mansion is great fun, but it includes a few disappointments. The main thing that might turn gamers off is that it lasts for 4-8 hours. It has beautiful graphics, and easy play control. It is not anything like other Mario Bros. games, so I would prefer you rent it first (Unless you beat it), but if you're a serious Nintendo fan go out and buy it. I promise you will have a blast. Take a look at our ratings below to decide to get it or not.

Luigi's Mansion Ratings

Graphics- 10/10 Best Graphics out of any of the release games.
Play Control- 9/10
Satisfaction- 9/10
Game Design- 9/10
Sound- 7/10

Overall- 8.8/10

by: whitneygallery    On: 2001-11-28

This game is AWESOME!!!! I got my gamecube on the first day it came out and i bought this game also. I could not put it down!!! I played form 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM!!! If you ever even think about buying a gamecube definitely buy this game!!!
it was ok.....
by: escakirby    On: 2001-11-28

Yes the game was quite good. Cept not enough challenge. The only hard thing was figuring out how to make picture ghosts weaknesses exposed. However beating King Boo, was quite difficult, but eventually i was able ti kick his bum! after you beat King Boo, there is a star next to the gameboy horror. I dont know what it symbolizes, but my best guess is that the stun of the flashlight wears off faster, because catching orange ghosts was harder with the star. I beat normal mode in 3hours! =| well it was fun.... its ok..... however a GREAT game to get used to gamecube is Super Monkey Ball, and that one can be HARD on expert! INCREDIBLY HARD!

Dannyboy =)

Go Wildcats
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-28

I think Luigi's Mansion is just another example of great graphics thta we all know nintendo is capable of. But of course, once again, nintendo has put out yet another baby game out there. LUigi's Mansion was a game that I believe would certainly have been a good game if it took less than 3 hours to beat. Take it from me, I'm not a really big gamer who plays video games 24/7. So if I beat it that quick, then if you're a big gamer, than you'll hate this game. So if you have the attention span of a two-year old, or you are a two-year old, then buy this game. But if not, then just go out and donate your money to a better cause, New York.
Move over Mario its little brother's turn
by: gamecubefan5    On: 2001-11-27

First of all I would like to say I have always been a fan of Luigi. I recently purchased this game and I was suprised at the amount of fun I had playing this game. Yes I will admit it is a little short but that is no reason for you not to buy it. Tons of ghosts to catch and puzzles to solve. Its good for the whole family. If you're like me and are shopping for gamecube games for christmas this is a definite game to buy. Remember it's people like mario and luigi that seperate the great gamecube from other inferior systems like Xbox and Playstation 2.
What they don't tell you is how easy it is
by: knightindustry    On: 2001-11-27

There is nothing I can write here that hasn't already been said about how graphically stunning and spectacular this game is. (...) What I don't like about this game is the sheer repetitiveness of the actions. Luigi goes from room to room doing the same thing in every room. There are subtle differences as to the problems that need to be solved, but ultimately, it is very monotonous. The game was suprisingly short as well. I finished this game in the span of exactly one week, and it wasn't the only game I bought at launch so I wasn't playing it 6 or 7 hours a day either. While I would say that is was fun to see the ending, I would rather have a more diverse gaming experience than a rich pre-rendered FMV to see once I'm done. I would recommend buying this title for younger kids, but not for those of us who are even remotely adult at heart! I try to avoid that "kiddy" stigma because I believe in the Gamecube, but Luigi's Mansion truly is for the younger gamer.
Great Old School Game!
by: cgrange1    On: 2001-11-27

Luigi's Mansion reminds me of the good old days. This Gamecube game is fun and actually funny! Its good for kids as well as adults (I'm 26 and love it!) I highly recommend getting this game if your lucky enough to have a Gamecube system.
Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters? NAH! You call Luigi!
by: dingledootie    On: 2001-11-27

(...) The graphics are AMAZING. Now for the game. Luigi won a contest in a contest he didn't enter; a contest with no contestants. He tells Mario "Meet me at my new mansion I won at the contest." He enters, and is surrounded by ghosts. A short old man by the name of Professor Elvin Gadd saves Luigi. Gadd tells Luigi that the mansion is a phony, gives Luigi the POLTERGUST 3000 and Luigi is on his way to suck up about 75 ghosts (50 Boos plus the bonus ghosts). Despite the fact that this game is TOO SHORT (you can beat it over a weekend basically) and it may get repetitive (sucking up ghosts over and over and over is what this game is all about), Luigi's Mansion is still DAMN fun. I suggest you get this number 1 Game Cube launch title. (...) AHHHH! There's a Boo behind you! Heheheh gotcha!
Cool game
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-27

I went to target and played this. It was so cool. It is one of the best gamecube games i have played so far.
Luigi's Mansion-for children
by: silverde    On: 2001-11-26

This game will be fine for youngsters. However, I, as an adult gamer felt the game ended way too soon, way too easily. The graphics are fabulous, but the game is a big disappointment. This is by far the easiest game I have played, and also the shortest.
One of the best and worst launch titles for Gamecube...
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-26

This is one of the best launch titles, because it is a really fun game, and it's easy to get into. The controls are great, has a real comfy set-up. Its a bad game because it is way to short, the puzzles repeat themselves, and the bosses are WAY to easy! If you want a real fun game you can get into, get this game. But if you want a game to last more than 6 hours look somewhere else!
gamecubes first game
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-26

Finally a game staring Marios younger bro. Because this is Nintendo's first game for gamecube they made it a game fun for all ages. Althogh this may not be the best GC game its still quite fun and a good game to start your gamecube experience. This game is not to hard and not too easy it is just right. Plus sucking up the ghosts is really fun. The graphics are not half bad. I rate this game a four out of five because better Mario games are soon to come. Game Cube is realeasing "Mario Sunshine" for this system. It will be available this summer.
by: yummychicken    On: 2001-11-25

It is a great game. But catching ghosts gets kind of boring and gets really easy. The game went too fast. I beat the game in five days but some puzzles took me a while.This game should be really fun for kids, but not for adults. If you played super mario for N64 and liked it you will probly also like Luigi's Mansion.
Great Game, too short
by: qwermy    On: 2001-11-25

Luigi's Mansion is an all around good game. Your objective is to try and find your brother, Mario, who go lost in the mansion awhile ago. You are armed with a flashlight and the Poltergust 3000, a vacuum cleaner, which can also blow out as well as suck in. You explore the mansion collecting keys as well as ridding the haunted place of ghosts. You give the collected ghosts to Professor E. Gadd, who you met in the beginning. The game would be perfect if the puzzles were abit easier.

At first, collecting ghosts with the Poltergust 3000 may sem hard but you'll get the hang of it as you gain experience. It gets frustrating at times, but all in all it is a nice feature of this game.
Can you say game of the year?!
by: finaldarklord    On: 2001-11-24

This was the game I got with my black Gamecube, and I must say it rules! Beutiful graphics, excellent gameplay, and just plain fun! And do you know what the best part of the package is? Pikmin demo! Incerdibly fun, and brilliantly detailed! This has been the "special project" of Shigeru Miyamoto himself! What beter a way to start your Gamecube library! PS2 and xbox officaly lost when Gamecube launched, and Luigi's Mansion proves it!
Have it all the equipment
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-24

Well this game is great the gameplay is good and the controlls are awsome to but you really need a memory card because there is no way in the universe that you can get through the hole game with out dying . So you have to have a memory pack. I own this game and it rules but I was on the 3 level and I died and had to start all over from 6 hours of gameplay so to save you from wasting a lot of time.Bye a memory pack to save you a lot of trouble
It is great
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-24

This gameis really great Ilove it so much. A lot of game reviewers are saying thiis game is on the short side but I think they are all wrong. If you are a total adveture game freak like me then I'm sure youi will also love this game. Another thing that like about this game is that it takes a long time to finish it because it is so hard and I like hard games. I give this game a five star and thats what I think it should get from every person that plays it.
Wow GREAT game...
by: destro_1988    On: 2001-11-24

This game is great in every possible way. The light and shadow effect is just PERFECT ! And the annimation is great ! The only thing I don't like it that the game is NOT long ... I was playing for about 10hours and i'm finish... It's a good game but I took off a "star" in the rating because of that...

Well I recomend that game...If you wanna play a quick game...

Great game
by: aquarion    On: 2001-11-23

The game's got goods. Graphics, fairly decent plot, and lots of fun. The only issue I had was with length. I played the game without a memory card, and managed to get through the entire game without being able to save. Other than that though, the game really was extraordinary.
A Fun Game But...
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-23

Luigi's Mansion (LM) is a very fun, addictive game with beautiful graphics and great game play, but the game does have a couple flaws.

The graphics in LM are simply stunning. The Game Cube's abilities were displayed in everything from the dust particles that become visible when using the flashlight to the translucent appearance of the ghosts.

The game play was simple, but good. Expose a ghost's heart and then vacuum the ghost. Although some found the game play repetitive, the puzzles one needs to solve in order expose a ghost's heart kept me busy through out the game. For example, in order to access one ghost's heart, one must vacuum up balls and shoot them at her. These puzzles prevented me from growing bored with the repetitive game play.

On the downside, LM was short--very short. It took me a total of about 6-7 hours to beat the game. The game should have been at least twice as long. I also found LM too easy. I died only once during the entire game, and that was while I was fighting the last boss. The problem was that after one finds the secret to exposing a ghost's heart, the method of catching every ghost is the same: shine the flashlight on the ghost and vacuum the ghost.

Overall, I was happy with LM. Although it only took about seven hours, I had a lot of fun beating the game and seeing the wonderful graphics and textures the Game Cube is capable of producing. If the game was longer and a little more difficult, it would have earned 5 stars, but those flaws caused it to earn 4 out of 5 stars.

Child's Play
by: crash_mcdougal    On: 2001-11-23

GameCube's marketed towards a younger audience, and this game proves it. I found this game to be mediocre at best. Anyone twelve years of age or more should have very little trouble finishing this game. The puzzles were quickly and easily solved, and eliminating the ghosts soon became monotonous. And why is it that every Luigi game is him trying to find Mario? Mario is Missing, Mario's Lost in Time, and now Luigi's Mansion. Clearly, Luigi is the superior of the duo, how about his OWN adventure? Definitely a rent before you buy.
It's pretty good...
by: sym2    On: 2001-11-23

This is a fun game, but it just seems lacking. It's incredibly short; about 8-10 hours to get everything and the gameplay gets a little monotonous at the end. It becomes- See portrait ghost, find way to get portrait ghost, take key, get boo, do it again. One goal is to get 50 Boos, elusive little special ghosties. That may seem like a tall order, but when one boss is a Giant boo made of 15 Boos to be slurped up, I felt a little cheated. I also felt really cheated at the ending-it deletes the game and gives the option to go to the "SECRET MANSION" which, in fact turns out to be the identical mansion except you have a small star icon at the corner of the screen!! I feel it's more of an "Ohh look at that lighting effect!" and "Ooowww neat reflection" demo type thing. Although the graphics do what the N64 couldn't, it doesn't really show off the true GCN horsepower, for that, try Rouge Squadron II. The simple and basic gameplay will appeal best to less experienced players, but nonetheless, if you want a game to break yourself into using the GCN controller (NOTE: drool) this is it. If you want a challenge, try Rouge Squadron II.
should be 5 and not 4 out of 5 stars on the average rating!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-23

this game is way better then a 4 out of 5. I think this would be a good second or what ever number og games you have even if it was the only game you play. I got stars wars rouge leader II, luigis mansion, and wave race: blue storm and by far the best game of all was luigis mansion.
A 3 1/2 star if there was
by: wak57    On: 2001-11-22

Luigis Mansion was supposedly to sell the gamecube. When I first got this game it was amazed by the graphics and the gameplay and how fun it is. I had been researching this game a lot before the cube came out, by the way I got the gamecube and mansion on the first day it came out. 5 days later I have beaten the third boss out of four and I haven't been playing that much. I expected this game to be another Mario 64(by the way which was the best nintendo 64 game ever made). I thought this game would be extremely fun(which it is), extremely interesting, exploring new levels and everything and just an increadable game that would take me a couple mounths to beat. I was completely bummed that it lost its interest so quickly. There is undoubtedly no other word for this game : DISSAPOINTING. When I looked at how many levels there was on this game(which there is 5)I thought this game would talk a long time, like mario 64 which took me probobly 3-4 months to beat it fully. It is interesting though the boss' and the different paintings people that you can suck up. This game is very fun in the beggining then it sort of losses its juice after awhile. I would rather rent this game instead of buying it.
Luigi's Mansion
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-22

I just got the gamecube and I must say Luigi's Mansion
is a must have game. It has great graphics, hours of gameplay
and you'll laugh at all the funny expression Luigi makes when
he gets flattend by a door. A con about the game is that it's a
bit repetitive at times. But I'd denfinetly say it's a great game to get.
nice game
by:    On: 2001-11-22

Any disappointment i felt over the GameCube launching without a Mario game was gone after playing Luigi's mansion. It's so different from any other 3D character driven action title i've played in the last five years. Every room is like an easter egg hunt filled with surprises that'll make you tingly all over especially if you're a longtime Nintendo fan. Uncovering little details like discovering things you didn't see before in mirrors, etc. Make you realize how finely crafted this game really is. The controls take about five munutes to get used to they're really intuitive. If you're getting a GameCube, you owe it to yourself to but this. You won't be disappointed.
by: markapaul    On: 2001-11-22

ok, first off, this is an ok game. i didn't hate it, i didn't love it. the plot is very, um, non-original (hello, vaccum cleaner that sucks ghosts, sounds like a couple of movies i heard of). Great graphics and gets u hooked, but waaaaaaaayyyy 2 short. I finished it with no help from the internet or a guide and i usually need help. i got my gc for when zelda came 2 it, i would have the equipment. i could only afford 1 game, so i chose the mansion. i thought it would b like mario 64, looks short but playz long. BOY WAS I WRONG. buy this game for show or when ur bored, not for hours of fun. i fininshed it in 3 days of 2 hours. start this as ur collection, great graphics, great "adventure" i'd say 2 and a half.
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-21

this game is great it has great graphics the only thing is they could of made it harder i recomend this game to anyone who likes soving puzzles and likes adventure
A great game
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-21

First off, this is a great game. It shows what the GameCube is capable of. Basically, all you do is suck up ghosts and move on to the next room. It's NOT as boring as it sounds. It's really not a bad game. I would highly recomend this game to everyone.
Luigi's Mansion
by: kkr203    On: 2001-11-21

Luigi's Mansion is one the best games I have ever played. The graphics are great, the controls are godly, the fun-level of this game is incredably high, and the sound is just perfect. The game never flinches even if there's a lot going on in it, it runs so smoothly even I was suprised. The musical score in this game is great and the diversity of each room is genious. I love this game!
Luigis Mansion-a tollerable game
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-21

I bought Luigi's Mansion the first day it came out and at the end of the second day it got old. There is nothing 2 do. Only buy this game if you want to spend lots of time looking for stuff.
the number 1 game for gamecube
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-20

I love this game. I played it (...) and it was fun! It's like ghostbusters but you don't get the vacum as soon as you play it you will meet a prof. that will give you the vacum. It's really fun for all ages and I think it should be called number 1 for the gamecube games.But you need a memeroy card to save so if you want gamecube ,Lugie's mansion and the memory card for christmas ask Santa Claus and he might give you it. I am going to ask him if he could give me that stuff.P.S don't forget you need the memory card you can't save the game without it.
Luigi's Mansion
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-20

AWESOME graphic's!!! SWEEEET sound!!! If your looking for fun here's the game.
Overall Great Game..
by: elusiv3    On: 2001-11-20

Not Quite the "Mario 64" of the GC launch games..but still a great game

First--What is does good
1. Graphics--set standard for real-time lighting and effects
2. Atmosphere--Scary mood has you tense in anticipation of ghosts
3. Replay Value--It hooked me for the short time that it lasts..

1. Length--5 hours straight and I almost beat the game
2. Game Menu--Ok, a little bland but who really cares?

In summary, this is one of the games to get with your GC..I got this, Super Monkey Ball, and Rogue Leader..and I am DAMN happy

...GC is where its at!

EluS|v3--Game Reviewer
"I'm like the man who wore pants...instead of bushes.."

Fun...While it lasts...
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-19

The game is fun and includes a great battle with Bowser at the end, but is too short. I beat the first trip into the mansion in only a few days, with minimal help from guide-material.
This game is fun
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-19

Its a mix between an adult game and a child game in its complexity (use of controller), but I like it a lot. Any body who says Nintendo is for kids is wrong, Ive been playing them since I was a kid an I love the games they bring. Its really fun for kids and big ones.
A cool game
by: nitrothunder    On: 2001-11-19

This is a very original, and beautifully detailed game. It's very short and has little replay value.
Mario sunshine is much better.
Really Good
by: ldv0913    On: 2001-11-18

I bought this with my GameCube, and it is awesome! The graphics are great, The story is interesting(especially after you meet Madame Clairvoya), and the gameplay is well thought-out. I highly recommend buying this game!
One of the best!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-18

This is a great game! I am close to beating it! Ghost pops up u turn off your flashlight get behind the ghost and then turn your flashlight and quickly get your vacuum out and have a battle!
Boolosus is hard but fun. "Looks like the scaredy-cat Luigi got up here. We're so scared. Let's give him a scare!!" Boolosus appears! I didn't know Bowser was behind this, I thought it was king boo. It's a very fun game. I give it 6 out of 5.
Get this game
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-18

I played this game while it was on display in a store, and from all that I've seen so far, this is a keeper. Basic inrto storyline is that you (Luigi) win a contest that you never entered, and get a free mansion. It (of course) is haunted. Mario goes ahead to check it out, and doesn't come back, so you go. So then your walking around with a flashlight, calling mario, then you find a key, go through a door, and find this little old guy trying to suck a up a ghost with a vacum. He tells you his story, give you the vacum, and, ta da, you've got your main 'weapon'. Then you get used to the feel of it and go off back to the mansion to continue the search. Thats about as far as i got. Great graphics, good Nintendo-style stroyline...I recomed this game to most anyone.
by: homertv    On: 2001-11-18

This game is slow and borning. Save your (money) and take a nap you will be better off!!!
Better Then Mario 64? HA!!! Yeah Right!
by: kevintrod    On: 2001-11-18

What can I say? This game is boring. Yeah that sounds right, Childish? Very much so. Balenced TOO well!?! Yes. Very much so. "Luigi's Mansion" plays out like this (In all the same order):

Go into a room.
Suck up gousts into your vacume cleaner (???).
Find the key.
Go unlock the next room.

Now go directly to jail. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200 dollers. Even though $200 will buy you your Gamecube, this game will not take off your ming off the spent money with entertainment. Honestly, I can't come up with any reason why anyone would want to spend 6 hours sucking up gousts and then not play the game again! There is no real ending, and the game ends once you figure out that the game is getting boring. Rent only. Unless your of the hardcore type and must own EVERYTHING that is Mario!

Luigi's Mansion: Luigi's Solo Debut!
by:    On: 2001-11-18

After playing this game on my imported Gamecube (review posted on this website), I have quite a lot I'd like to tell you, the consumer. So without further to do, here I go:

After being Mario's sidekick for more than a decade, Luigi has finally been given the chance to star in his own game! Starring in his very own 3D game for the first time, Luigi has become the Peter Venkman of the 21st century by taking up the mantle of a ghostbuster in Luigi's Mansion. An extreme departure from what Mario Bros. games have been in the past, Luigi's Mansion features some refreshing ideas but fails to match the classic status of Mario's adventures.

The story in Luigi's Mansion is adequate enough, but there are few if any twists or turns. After receiving a strange letter from his brother Mario, Luigi heads out to meet him thinking he's won a mansion in a contest he doesn't remember entering. Upon reaching the mansion, Luigi is greeted by a short, bald scientist named Professor E. Gaadd, who explains that the mansion only appeared a few days earlier and is overrun with ghosts. Professor Gaadd goes on to explain that he met a fellow with a red cap shortly after the mansion appeared and hasn't seen him since. Luigi, realizing the fellow in the red hat is Mario, sets off for the mansion after Gadd equips him with a flashlight and the Poltergust 3000, a modified vacuum cleaner that can be used to trap the ghosts.

Controlling Luigi is fairly simple, but it takes some time to get accustomed to it. The left analog stick controls his movements, while the C stick controls the direction he points his flashlight and vacuum cleaner. It's the same control scheme that is found in most modern first-person shooters, and after a few awkward moments you'll be swinging Luigi's vacuum around with precision. Opening doors and examining objects is done with the large A button. The Z button is used to check inventory, the X button is used to view Luigi's ghost-sensing Game Boy, and pressing the Y button brings up a 3D map of the entire mansion. Learning to accurately aim the vacuum is one thing, but sucking up stalwart ghosts with it is another. To catch a ghost, it must first be stunned with Luigi's flashlight. Once stunned, its heart will appear, which is the cue to start with the vacuuming. Pressing the R button will make the vacuum suck air and begin to bring the ghost in for capture. But it won't be snared without a fight. Ghosts will pull Luigi around the room as he attempts to snare them, but holding the analog stick in the exact opposite direction of the ghost will make the process easier.

The Poltergust 3000 has more than one use. It can also be used to shoot objects or spray a variety of ammunition such as fire, ice, and water by pressing the L button. If you press the left shoulder button all the way, the vacuum will fire a projectile. As mentioned earlier, a ghost's heart must be seen before the ghost can be captured. But it's not always as easy as illuminating the ghost with a flashlight. That works for the majority of drone ghosts located in the mansion, but there are 23 special ghosts in the house that must be snared in different ways. This is where the puzzle elements of the game come into play. Some ghosts require Luigi to perform special tasks before showing themselves. One particularly buff ghost must be drubbed with a heavy bag before being captured, and another must be struck with billiard balls before it's vulnerable. It's essential for Luigi to search every last nook and cranny of each room, because items can be hidden virtually anywhere. At the end of the game, you are rewarded for how much money has been collected, so finding every last coin, gold bar, and jewel is worth the time. Luigi's Mansion progresses in a completely linear fashion. Once Luigi exterminates a room of ghosts, the lights will come on, and more often than not, a chest will appear with a key inside. The 3D map will then automatically appear to show you which door the new key opens. This same process repeats until the end of the game. If Luigi's Mansion were as long as most Mario Bros. games, the lack of gameplay variety would be an issue. But just when things start to become tiresome, the game ends.

There are a few problems with the graphics that should be mentioned. The GameCube has been heralded for its texturing abilities, but most of the textures in Luigi's Mansion are low resolution and look muddy and pixelated when viewed up close. This is understandable considering the impressive variety of textures in each room, but it can be distracting nevertheless. In true Nintendo form, the graphical emphasis is placed on the lead character. Luigi is made of plenty of polygons and is expertly animated right down to his vacuum hose, but it doesn't leave many stray polygons for other things. The result is cramped environments filled with angular objects. When the game engine does happen to draw a lot of polygons, the textures have a tendency to shimmer. Other slight issues include an occasional flickering shadow and glitchy reflections when entering rooms. These graphical issues wouldn't be nearly as noticeable if the rest of the game didn't look so consistently good, and the last thing those who play Luigi's Mansion will complain about is its visual prowess.

Luigi's first solo excursion has flashes of brilliance and is fun while it lasts, but the short amount of time it takes to complete it makes it a hard 5 star recommendation. There is some incentive to play through the game a second time, but even that can be done within an average rental period. However, if you're a serious video game collector or just want a game that will adequately show off your new console, Luigi's Mansion is worth picking up.

I hope this review assisted with deciding which game to purchase for your Nintendo Gamecube. (...)

Another Gamecube piece of (...)!
by: suprgamer55    On: 2001-11-17

This game looks good before you play it, but when you actually play it. It is horrible. The story line (stinks), the controls are bad, and the story is pathetic! This game makes Nintendo looks like they ran short on ideas! If I were you I'd just get x-box or PS2.
Who you gonna call...LUIGI!
by: matrixman1    On: 2001-11-16

One of the games Nintendo showed off at E3 and about everyone loved this excellent game! The graphics are amazingly good. If you look close enough, you can see Luigi's misty breath. The ghosts come at you out of no where to stop you from reaching poor Mario! The problem with Luigi about saving Mario is his fear of ghosts! Armed with a cool looking Game Boy Horror and a vacuum cleaner, Luigi will need help from Toad and E.Gadd! If you don't know E.Gadd, he's a very strange scientist who investigates the strange paranormal happenings in the vast mansion. In English, he stuidies ghosts in the big mansion. If you think Xbox can match up to this excellent 3-D game than play it and weep!
Possibly the best looking game ever
by: demogoblin2001    On: 2001-11-14

I must be honest and say i havent played it yet only a couple of mins at Wal Mart.From what i played tho NO DISSAPOINTMENT what so ever!! I realy suggest if you can get only 1 game for Christmas this year it will be this! It has the best sound effects ive ever heard (you can actually hear Luigi whistle and get more and more shook up when he is hurt).Also it has great graphics!!(So real there are scenese where water drips from faucet(bad eg)).and it is fun.It may not be the longest game ever but it is long enough and just plain out fun!! Happy Buying!
by: sunshinekirby    On: 2001-11-14

Ok I'm mak'n this very summary so read. The game is VERY FUN but its con is it's to short but still very fun. the game's never complete until you catch all the Boo's. The game play is good. Controlles are very easy to master. There are loads of secrets. Enemys are very unique. Lasting factor is INCREDABLE. Luigi is on a ghost-buster patrol. He and his brother(Is'nt he known to the world) enter a contest no one else entered. Mario is captured and Luigi is the boo's next target can you resque Mario or will a Nintendo saga go Bye-bye-bye-bye-bye?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?
Beautiful game, but repetitive and too short
by: atatnall    On: 2001-11-13

Luigi's Mansion is fun while it lasts, and the graphics and animation are really excellent. As far as gameplay goes, it's fun learning how to trap the ghosts, and it's a rewarding experience when you solve the puzzles and open up each new room of the big mansion. But that's all there is to it: enter new room, find out how to get the key to the next room, repeat. You keep hoping there'll be something new, but there isn't. And then the game just ends, with no real reward...about 5 hours after you started. The game is way, way too short.

Kids will enjoy this game, but if you're an older gamer, you'll want to rent this one and save your money for games like Eternal Darkness, Rogue Leader, Wave Race, and Super Smash Bros. Melee.

To buy or not to buy...
by: d_gamer    On: 2001-11-12

This should be a simple decision:

1) If you have played it and liked it, then buy it. (Remember it is a short though)

2) If you played it and did not like it, then do not buy it.

3) But whatever your decision, make sure that you do play it sometime.

Personally, I liked the game. I thought it was fun and had good graphics/sound. However, it is a short game and sucking up ghosts with a vacuum only appeals to me for so long. I think this will be a great game to rent (...)

The best GCN launch game
by: wadams911    On: 2001-11-11

This has got to be the best GCN game of its kind.Yesterday I was at Toys R' Us and I played 3 GCN games and put them into 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in a half hour. Luigi's Mansion was 1st. It has a simple but interesting play control and an even more interesting story.When the game starts, you'll see a jittery Luigi walking into a mansion...a mansion he won in a contest he didn't even enter(creepy,huh?).Inside Luigi meets a one-haired professor that gives him the Poltergust 3000(or something like that),an ultra-powerful vacuum that can suck up paranormal beings. He then tells Luigi what happened to Mario...he got lost in the mansion(...with ghosts!!!!). And then Luigi's adventure really begins. I recommend this game to anyone that owns a GameCube(or will own one.)
Fun But Short
by: crazy_axel    On: 2001-11-11

Well, I must say a pretty good launch game from Nintendo, but certainly not their best. This game basicly lacks replay value, and that hurts a game now, a lot. So, instead of adding more levels, they basicly give you, (after you beat the game) the same mansion just only with a few items in different spots. After playing the Japanese version I wasn't disappointed at all, as a matter of fact, I was highly impressed. The puzzles are simple and not very complex, that is until you inch your way to the end, then it starts to pick up a bit, but nothing to absoultly tease your brain over. For the average gamer, 14- and up, I'll say 8-12 hours of gameplay, if that, so rent this one before a purchase.
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-10

I love this game. I think the graphics are just amazing. You will confuse reality and virtual reality after you play this game. And don't let any idiot tell you this game is too easy to beat. Trust me, I'm no idiot, this game is the perfect length and features a great cast. If you love Luigi and want a change of paste from mario games, buy Luigi's Mansion.
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-10

I love this game. I think the graphics are just amazing. You will confuse reality and virtual reality after you play this game. And don't let any idiot tell you this game is too easy to beat. Trust me, I'm no idiot, this game is the perfect length and features a great cast. If you love Luigi and want a change of paste from mario games, buy Luigi's Mansion.
Luigi's Mansion. It's so fun it's scary
by: mariotas8    On: 2001-11-10

This game looks like the best title at release for Gamecube. It is the sequel to Mario Is Missing, but it is alot better. You play as Mario's taller brother, Luigi. Luigi must search a haunted mansion to find his missing brother, who is none other than Mario. (gee, who saw tht coming). You have to capture the ghosts that inhabit the mansion with a vacume cleaner like tool. You have a Game Boy Color that acts as a special camera to help find ghosts. If your looking for a game to start your Gamecube collection with, look no farther than Luigi's Mansion.
Better than walking through pipes!
by: crazyap    On: 2001-11-10

Don't be fooled by the appearance of this game. Luigi's Mansion is the best choice for a launch game for the Nintendo Gamecube. Its intuitive gameplay and supurb lighting effects makes this game a sure hit for fans of all ages. The controls are a bit tricky at first but it provides you with a better handle over your main character, Luigi. I played this at my local Cubeclub and it was fantastic. I came in thinking that the game would be fun but nothing too extraordinary, after playing it I was blown away by its unique scenario and its ability to mix puzzle, action, adventure, and comedy in equal amounts throughout the game. This game simply has the best lighting effects I've ever seen, and it IS very original.(It's not Ghostbusters with Luigi thrown in.) Whether you're a long time Mario Bros. fan or a newcomer to games, Luigi's Mansion is all around fun and a soon to be classic in gaming history.

quote:"Yeah! All right!"

Just don't jump in
by: spicypecans    On: 2001-11-08

At first I thought Luigi's Mansion would be a great game………but watch out. If you tried it out at the Club Cube, you may of noticed using both anolog sticks. Ifound this very annoying while trying to play. Plus as many of you have heard the time it takes to beat the game.SHORT. Please rent it tosave yor self.
Awesome game! You should better buy this on Nov. 18th!!
by: supersnake2012    On: 2001-11-04

I played this game at Dragons Den at the Cross County Mall in New York (yeah!). Although it was the Japanese version, it was still awesome. This game starts off with some really cool FMV's and then it says "Press Start!" You press start and there is a picture of a Mansion and a picture of Professor E. Gadd, (the crazy scientist) for options. You click on the mansion and the game shows Luigi walking toward the mansion, looking at his map. You go inside with only your flashlight. You go to the second floor and try to open both doors. They are both locked. You go back downstairs and a key falls from the sky. (wtf?) You bring it back upstairs and open the door in the middle. Then you see Professor E. Gadd trying to catch a orange ghost with the Polguster 3000 (the vacuum)and it gets away. He gives it to you and sends you in the training room. Go to the middle water pump and press A on it. A ghost comes out behind you and it's your first encounter with a ghost. You flash it with you flashlight for one second and a purple circle with a number 10. Hold the R trigger and you will suck it in with your vacuum. Hold down R and chase it with the control stick. You need to be really good, this requires a lot of hand/eye coordination. You have to do this a couple of times. He will take you back to his room, and choose the second choice (I don't know what it said). You will go back to the main entrance of the mansion with Toad crying. Talk to him, and he'll say that he brought Mario with him and he got lost. He will also ask you to save your data on your Memory Card 59 (available on for 14.99). Then your adventure begins. You better get this game! It's awesome, just like I described it. I hope you like this review. It's more like a walkthrough! LOL :)
Another Rushed and Lackluster Launch title
by: chewbaccathebuflakaka    On: 2001-11-04

Having been a fan of the Mario Bros since their inception, it's no wonder why I was looking forward to this game (as well as all of the "home-grown" nintendo games out there). To articulate my disappointment of this affront is somewhat disparaging, but I will try to do so shortly and sweetly.

What disappoints most about this game, other then the complete lack of originality and lackluster graphics, is that it could have been good, yet Nintendo seems to have neglected this one. This game was so rushed it's not even funny. The gameplay is incredibly repetitve, and leaves you wondering just why anyone would htink this is fun. If you're looking for a game that you can finish in less then 5 hours and then stick it on the shelf and forget about it, congratulations, you have found it. It's not surpirsing that this game has sold so poorly in Japan.

Note to Nintendo: your success in this generation will rely on the quality of your first party games - don't fudge the rest of them up like this one!

Luigi's Mansion
by: skmb    On: 2001-10-21

Finally! A game dedicated to Mario's younger brother. The Mario bros. win a Mansion in a contest. Mario told Luigi he was going to meet him there. Luigi goes there but meets a freaky scientist who tells him the house is haunted. He gives Luigi a Vaccume which he can use to suck up ghosts that try to attack him. He goes into the Mansion and doesn't see Mario. He figures Mario's somewhere deeper in the Mansion and starts to look for him. Probably one of 1st Gamecube games. Extremely FUN!
Awesome game
by: stevie_guy9    On: 2001-10-21

I played this game at the Cube Club in Plymouth, Michigan and this game is so awesome. The graphics looked so real I thought I was watching a movie.
by: ncubextreme    On: 2001-10-09

With amazing graphics and a funny cast Luigi's mansion will have you screaming with joy. This games star is none other thenLuigi, Marios brother. You take control of Luigi as you bring him around a mansion filled with ghosts,spooks and other scary things in search of his brother. Its the game to get! [....]

Sean O'Neill

by: ncubextreme    On: 2001-10-09

With amazing graphics and a funny cast Luigi's mansion will have you screaming with joy. This games star is none other thenLuigi, Marios brother. You take control of Luigi as you bring him around a mansion filled with ghosts,spooks and other scary things in search of his brother. Its the game to get! [....]

Sean O'Neill

by: ncubextreme    On: 2001-10-09

With amazing graphics and a funny cast Luigi's mansion will have you screaming with joy. This games star is none other thenLuigi, Marios brother. You take control of Luigi as you bring him around a mansion filled with ghosts,spooks and other scary things in search of his brother. Its the game to get! [....]

Sean O'Neill

Totally zany!
by: hoyteroo    On: 2001-09-26

I loved this game! Luigi's antics are hilarious! Garuntee you'll love it!
A good start...
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-09-23

I'm in Japan right now, and Gamecube has been released. I played it on a display thingy outside a video game store. The story is like this:

Luigi goes into a mansion. There he finds Toad sitting on the ground crying. He tells him something about Mario. THen you meet some weirdo professor guy who teaches you how to catch ghosts. THen you start your journey.

Each unexplored room starts off with no light at all. Armed only with a flashlight and a vacuum, Luigi tries to suck up cash. While he greedily gathers money, ghosts appear behind him and try to kill him (duh). So Luigi whips around with his flashlight and immediatly begins the battle to suck up the ghost. The only difficult parts about this process are: 1, If you don't have the proper timing, the ghost will disappear before you can even begin to suck it up. 2, If there is more than one ghost, there other can hurt Luigi and cause the other ghost to escape the vacuum cleaners grasp.

This game is pretty cool, and it's on my list for games to get.

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