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Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
Manufacturer: Nintendo       Average Rating: 4.50     Total Reviews: 127
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Mario kart double dash
by: 9crowder    On: 2006-04-27

Im not the best at computer games, and always seemed to get beaten by mates when we play...However Mario Kart is one game that anyone can get into and enjoy. If you're losing you get better weapons which help you get back into the lead. You have a different choice of players and karts. Every player has a special weapon, so some players are better for other courses.

All I can say is this is the most epic game known to mankind
A Ton of Fun
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-04-23

This is probably one of the best, most fun games I own. You can play from a variety of players, even Baby Mario and Baby Luigi. What makes this game fun and different from all the other Mario Kart's is that each character has their own special item. For example: Mario and Luigi have fireballs, Baby Mario and Luigi have Chain Chomps. You can also play as two charecters, while in the other Mario Karts, you could only play as one. Double the fun! This game takes a while to "beat" or get all the levels on. Even after you get all the levels, it is still fun to play, even more since their would be more levels! This game may be hard at first, but after awhile it is fun and an exiting game to play. If you are thinking about getting a Mario game, or some form of a Mario Kart game, I suggest you get Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
10 years later and still as fun as the original!
by: syncopate1    On: 2006-04-13

Like many reviewers, I have a long history with Mario Kart, and I couldn't resist buying Double Dash as soon as I could find it... I was incredibly surprised with the graphics, the race courses and the unique two racer (driver, thrower) setup, and it's addictive nature gets both me (and my wife) immersed quickly.

My only beef, (and this doesn't change my 5 stars!) is that they haven't made a battle mode similar to the original Mario Kart on the Super Nintendo. The new battles are fun but they get resolved very quickly, where with the original, two good players could stalk each other for 10-15 minutes before getting an upper hand... With all the new characters and weapons, maybe this could be considered for the next Mario Kart?
Fun, But Not Much Here is New...
by: goldentoaster    On: 2006-04-08


Mario Kart started as a great little game on the Super Nintendo. Super Mario Kart on the Super Nintendo assumed you as one of eight mascots of the mario world, and let you race against the computer, or with a friend. The twist, setting it apart from all the other racers in the genre, was it's Item and power-up system, letting you attack your opponents with shells, and get a boost from mushrooms, plus many more. Looking back on the game now, you will see very aged graphics on a very aged system. But sit down with it for a few minutes, and you will find the addictive gameplay that made it such a classic.

Mario Kart then moved to the Nintendo 64 in 1997, and replaced the flat courses of the origional with huge, lush courses to show off the hardware of nintendo's new system. Unfortunately, this upset many people because the bigger courses made winning the race more about who could best use power ups, rather than actual racing skill. Multiplayer in this game was fantastic, letting you race with three other people rather than just one.
Mario Kart 64 also built up on the battle mode, making it much more than just a diversion from the main game. But this game was plagued with many bugs and glitches that made the game unfair, and sometimes even unenjoyable. Mario Kart 64 was fun to play with friends, but was a little unbalanced, and had too many problems for its own good.

Now comes the third outing of the Mario Kart franchise to hit nintendo consoles. Mario Kart: Double Dash!! combines the best aspects of both the games before it, but unfortunately doesn't really do much else to improve the game.


The graphics in MKDD are crisp, smooth, and very colorful. The style of the game is very cartoonish, so those looking for a more gritty dark game will be very dissapointed. Nothing in the graphics catagory is done wrong. It has that classic mario style, but some might be somewhat concerned about how nintendo has places eyes on many of the game's inanimate objects, making it somewhat distracting to drive without feeling that you are being watched the trees... (Graphics 4/5)


Mario and the Gang are very chatty, commenting on most of thier actions. Voice acting isn't terrible, but it might get annoying to hear those italian plumbers shout out their nintendo nonsense over and over. Some catchy themes on some of the race tracks, but nothing to get too excited about. (Sound 4/5)


The gameplay in this game remains mostly unchanged from previous editions of mario kart. Race 3 times around a track, collecting power-ups from Item boxes scattered throuout each course, and beating your opponents. Controlling your Kart in this game has been tuned to perfection. The biggest addition to this edition of mario kart is the two-player-per kart aspect of racing. There is one driver in the front of the kart, and one in the back who handles the weapons and power-ups. This means you can hold two items at a time, and you can switch your character's places whenever at the push of a button.

This adds a strategic element while chosing your character, because you can combine any two characters in one kart. There are 20 characters in total, each with their own specialized kart. Another thing to worry about is that each "team" of characters has a SPECIAL item that they get randomly from any item box on the map. Each special item is different, and adds a lot to a team. The addition of a two-player-per-kart system works well and adds a lot to the game, but Mario Kart Veterans of any kind will find that playing with as two characters at once doesn't really change the gameplay that much.

The tracks you will race on are some of the best and creative courses to date, but unfortunately there are only 16, and some of them are mediocre and dull compaired to others. (Gameplay 4/5)


Multiplayer is the main draw of this title, and should be where you spend most of your time. WARNING: If you have no friends, do not buy this game! The two-player-per-kart lets you play co-op with a friend, but honestly, controlling your own kart is way more fun. Battle mode has unfortunately taken a step down from Mario Kart 64, because the courses to play on are boring and uninspired. Two new battle modes to play with are fun and welcomed, but just not fun on such bad battle arenas.

Nintendo also offers LAN play, offering up to 16 players to race, but it looks like this was thrown in at the last second, and only recommended if you actually have the resources to do it. (Multiplayer 4/5)


This game is a great addition to the Mario Kart franchise, and recommended to anyone who owns a gamecube, and is looking for a great multiplayer experience. It perfects the mario Kart formula, but it has too little tracks, and a bad battle mode, and in the end, doesn't really offer anything new.

Overall, it is a great game. 4 out of 5

Mario Kart Double Dash is a Good Multiplayer Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-03-27

Mario Kart Double Dash is a good multiplayer game because it delivers like other Mario games that Mario charm. The game allows you to throw various types of shells and objects at opponents as you race around all the tracks. It is by no means a complex racer or a super-speed racer, but it is fun all the same. The cups are not long, but if I remember correctly the game has four different cups with with increasing difficulty, of which the Special Cup is the hardest. The multiplayer has a few battle options such as balloon battles along with races throughout the cups. However, the multiplayer races/cups are the main net that catches you into this game. It is fun taking the lead from one of your friends away because you hurled a locked-on heat-seeking turtle shell at their kart. And your character that throws the item enjoys it to as they let off a signature woo hoo or something of the sort. Each kart has two characters, one in the driver seat and one standing on the back of the kart, that you can switch between. The character standing on the back of the kart is for hurling objects and the character in the driver seat is for driving which makes sense. In the game are various unlockable karts and stages that certainly enhance the gameplay. The difference in racing abilities of the karts is good because it provides diversity to the game, yet it also can give players with the better karts unfair advantages over others.

Double the racing = Double the fun!
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-03-25

After running into a purchased "dud," we decided in order to avoid purchasing more duds we are going to rent video games just to make sure which games are and aren't good, and throughout the renting period, I will keep you updated.

This game was the first on our list, and now we're going to end up buying a copy because it is so much fun. In this game, Mario and his friends and foes are racing, with each team having 2 characters. You start out with Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, Birdo, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Koopa, Paratroopa, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Bowser, Baby Bowser, Wario and Waluigi, and you can later unlock Toad, Toadette, King Boo and Petty Pirahna. Each character will race, but they also get to knock characters of the track with special moves. For example, Bowser and Baby Bowser get to use giant shells, while Baby Mario and Baby Luigi get to use Chain-chomps to clear the road. Try using different character combos for different moves. Some of the race tracks include Baby Park, Yoshi's Island, and our favorite, DK Mountain!

Overall, 5 stars, a fun racing game for Mario fans.

P.S. one small request: I wish our local video store would offer Nintendo DS games, that way we can know what DS are and aren't good, without the hassle of purchasing the "duds."
Great fun for the whole family!
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-03-19

Definitely an addicting and fun game. If you're not familiar with the previous Mario Kart games, then you're completely missing out. Of course you'll need somebody to play with. Playing by yourself is only fun for the first few races.

In this game there are two people on one cart. You can switch over the people and decide which one belongs on the back or on the front of the cart. This was definitely a clever and good idea, because it makes it double the fun! Besides racing, you can also do battle mode. This is where you try to destroy your opponent with shells, bananas, etc. It's only for 2-4 players and sadly you can't play against the computer. There are also alot of characters to choose from (I think 16) and you can also choose which cart you drive. If you want power choose the huge carts or if you want speed choose the lighter carts.

As for the gameplay, it's easy to get used to. The controller is just perfect for this game. The graphics are also good and better than the previous Mario Kart games. The music fits perfectly to this game and some remind you of the previous games. The challenge of this game is nothing. It's just so easy even if it's on hard (maybe because I play more challenging games) and you could easily beat it in one day.

Overall, it's definitely worth your money and time. Even the whole family can enjoy such a wonderful and fun game. And for the price you can't complain.
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-03-09

This is a great house party game all the Mario gamers should have. This time they're driving two-seaters! Pick an assistant and race through wild courses much fun!
It's back and better than ever!
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-03-06

If you're anything like me and loved the Mario Kart games on Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64, then you will absolutely love this game! After I got rid of my 64, I missed a lot of the games and wished they would develop newer versions. Mario Kart 64 was one of those that I missed so much. Thankfully, the Nintendo people saw this coming and developed an even better version of the Mario Kart game!

Mario Kart: Double Dash!! is a game that will entertain kids for hours, but it's also a game for the entire family. Yes, the entire family will love it! This game is crammed full of single player fun, but it also features many multiplayer options.

*Single Player
In single player mode, you can choose to race in Grand Prix mode in one of three different speed settings, or you can race against the clock in Time Trial.

In Grand Prix mode, there are several karts, characters, and Battle mode arenas to be unlocked.

In Time Trial, there are also secrets to unlock by beating the developers' best times on the tracks.

First of all, you can have up to 4 players racing with one Game Cube, or you can link two or more Game Cubes together with ethernet cable to have even more racers.

With 2-4 players, you can race in Grand Prix (with 8 total karts) Versus (no computer karts) or Battle. There are three different Battle modes to keep things interesting!

I can't even begin to tell you everything about this game that makes it a worthwile addition to your game library, but after you play a while you'll understand. If you were a fan of the previous Nintendo Mario Kart games, this is a must for you!

Highly recommended to all!
Gamecube Mario kart
by: kissthebest    On: 2006-02-28

Mario kart is a long time established video game if you go back there is the early super nintendo version and then the nintendo 64 version that sold milions and was one of the best game created then they made gameboy versions.When the gamecube arrived fans wanted a new mario kart game and the result is really impressive!

They featured a new two player mode,but not the mode you would play on separate cars they made a new 2 player mode when both players are on the same car at the same time.A cooperation mode not seen often now the players help each other one is driving one is throwing stuff it wasnt seen before and yet it was so simple.

Just that option makes the game 5 stars but there is more.The graphics looks great the race tracks are great,and you got many cars that fits one character`s style but you can all use them.There are 3 types of cars;light,medium and heavy to go on the light car you need 2 small characters ans so it is for medium car but for the heavy you only need to have one heavy player.

You can unlock cars as you do the tournaments and characters many are here;birdo,didy kong,toadette,daisy are making appearances.Many stuff to unlock the game isnt really long it didnt took a big amout of time to beat the game but its always fun to replay this game its a classic maybe not as much as the 64 version of mario kart but still a heck of fun!

The cooperation mode,the characters,the fun everithing seems to be there the tracks are really good yet there isnt a negative point gamecube owners you should think about having it its a must have for mario fans!
A Fun Racing Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-02-14

Mario Kart Double Dash is a fun and exciting racing game that you fill find yourself constantly wanting to play gainn and again. Pacing is only half the frun of the game. You also have to use crazy items to protect your self and mess up the other racers.
-So many diifrent characters to race with
-So many diffrent courses
-1-4 players
-Items make the gameplay even more fun
-Sound and Graphics are great
-Choice quotesfrom the charcters add even more value to the game

-There is no need to have two characters on one car
-It is hard to find some of the secert paasage ways that are hidden on the race course

A fun Mario game that is worth a purchase because it is hard not to like that charcters, cars, courses, and items that are in this game
I love this game..
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-02-08

I love this game. I have Mario Kart on Super Nintendo and I have to say I like this one more.:);)
Overall:A poor effort
by: downwithhomework    On: 2006-02-03

When I first heard of the new Mario Kart game, I got really excited. After all, Mario Kart 64 was awesome, fun, nd basically a hit like on other. Plus, it was a fun game that still has not lost it's buzz.

Unfortianlty, this game was not the game I expected. It's fusrtating, lame, and just plain boring. It dosen't have the kart feel like the 64 game. It is a kart game, but is more simulation like, and basically, the game feels like an over done, over processed racing engine that's no fun to play. (that's one reason why kart games suck today, they think that stuff is neseccary). The tracks aren't exaclty like the 64 version either. The shifting from two karts is not good eirther

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Mario Kart Double Dash: A Kids review
by: priya68    On: 2006-01-16

Mario Kart Double Dash adds another great game to the Nintendo collection.
There are 16 characters. 4 are unlockable.
The game is racing with 2 people on a go-kart racing to win the championship.It is a 4 player game.
There is 4 modes, 50cc,100cc,150cc, and mirror mode.
50cc is the easiest, mirror mode is the hardest.
You can be any main characters from nintendo.
There are 16 courses. Each one has its own twist.
You collect cubes with items inside to get weapons then fire at people.
If you are a nintendo or racing fan I advise you to get this game.
It may seem silly to older people but, they will love it.
But the conclusion is get this game.
It's worth the money.
Even my little sisters like it
by: xlawrence    On: 2006-01-15

My 10 year old son's review: I just got Double Dash for my gamecube. I played it on vacation as a rental in the hotel. I played it for 3 hours with my cousin and ran my aunts hotel bill up. She was OK with it and we had lots of fun playing it. We have it at home now and even my little sisters like it. They like the game too because they can play as the princesses. I can play with my sisters at the same time because they can ride on the back while I steer. My favorite car is the Koopa King. And my favorite character is Bowser. There are lots of cars and drivers to choose from. Its really fun to win trophys and new cars when you race in Grand Prix. My mom plays too but she's a crazy driver. My dad is a good driver but I usually beat him in battle. This is a good game because there are lots of choices for drivers, rides, race tracks and cars. Get a memory card so you can save your trophys.
at first i had mix feelin about the game
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-08

when i first got this game amd played it i had a few mixed feelings about it .... i didnt no wether it was good or i went back and looked at the past mario kart title ..... firs thing i notice was doulbe dash was alto faster ... graphics were better ..... then i saw no bowswers castle but i after i complete the 100 cc cups and got all gold there it was a bowsers castles ....... level deszines are better on the n64 ..i like the levels better on mario kart 64 but graphics are better on doulbe dash....tracks are about the same in lenth.... baby park dont count cause it dotn take a rocket scientest to see that one is short ... 11 secs a lap easy
mario kart doulbe dash is a great game and a awsome addtion to the mario kart series ... some will find the tracks not a good but stil real fun to play .. overall its worth buyin .. battle mode is not as good super nintendo game .... even mario kart 64 battle game was not as good....i give it rental and if u like buy it .. its worth checkin out ..
Another title to the Mario game chain!
by: gameviewer    On: 2006-01-03

Mario is the focus of Nintendo Gamecube because it is so popular. These games can sell for more than $50. In fact, I got it in a bundle where you get the Gamecube and the game. Anyway, Mario Kart: Double Dash is when you are racing against other racers and karts. Double Dash is up to 4 player and in the carts there are 2 people. One is driving and the other is throwing items at the other karts.

The GOOD THINGS about Double Dash:

The Characters- The original Mario characters are here. Also, there are new characters like Baby Mario and Luigi, Diddy Kong, and Baby Bowser. It is exciting to see many new characters.

The modes- Instead of just racing and cups, there are many other ways to play. Of course the different modes are more fun with other friends, but sometimes CPU is good also. Some other modes include battle, versing against each other, and time trails. It is very fun.

The graphics- The nintendo creators have really gone an extra mile with the graphics on the Gamecube. Most people know that the graphics are not good on the Gamecube, but this game really surprised me.

The BAD THINGS about Double Dash:

The amount of creativity- All of the Mario games have chain chomps. All Mario Kart games have desert and valley tracks. They do the same thing with this game. They could have been a little more creative.

Pricing of the game- I know that this game is very popular, but this game has been out probably around since the Gamecube just came out. The game is still $50. I'm not playing it as much anymore so this game does get boring and you will probably stop playing.

In all of my reviews, I say if I would buy it or not. This time, I would say if you really wanted it, it would be worth it.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-29

This is one of the best video games I have ever played with my children. Even thought it's a video game, me and my husband play it all the time! I recommend this video game without a doubt! My kids enjoy it so much and so do we. Please, do your whole family a favor and get this game!!!
Great game
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-20

I've had this game for ages and it is still one of my favorites. I owned the original Mario kart for N64 and this game is double the fun. There are more characters in this one and more variety of karts to drive. Even for a game that was released at basically the launch of the system the graphics are terriffic. I would definitely recommend this game for anyone who liked the original or anyone who wants to discover the magic of little animated characters on fast little karts.
Great Racing Game!
by: kissjz    On: 2005-12-18

This is by far one of the best racing games. The best thing about this game is that you get to throw bombs, turtle shells, bananas, and lots of other things. It is a great game to play with 1 friend or 4 friends.
Awesome Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-17

My brother and I got this game last year for Christmas. In my opinion, this game was one of the best games I have ever played because of the excellent graphics and the fun stages. (The stages are the places you can race in). There are 4 different stages to unlock (the star cup) and you can also unlock cars, characters, and mirror mode, which is all the same races, but backwards. Id say that this game is definitley worth the buy.
Best Racing Game Ever
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-17

This game is very long and Hard. You will never get bored of it. You also get to unlock many characters, stages, and cars. To make a long Story, short you will be happy if you buy this game. Bye it for your kids or kids ask for it, they or you will be happy.
Family Fun!
by: floridas5    On: 2005-12-15

My entire family loves to race Mario Kart together! We range in age from 3 to 35 and have a ball playing! Highly recommended for family fun!
I'm 13, and I LOVED THIS GAME!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-11

It was really fun!!! It was actually fairer than it's previous game. In Mario Kart 64, the CPU players got items w/o even running into the box. In this one, though, if the CPU players miss the box, they don't get an item!! Thats fair enough for me!! There's more choice of characters, courses, and every character has a special item that they can use. And when you play on the courses, they can either be easy, and calm or deadly, and energetic due to the characters fierceness on the course, which I found enjoyable!! 2 courses have an odd number of laps so that's a good change!! The music is very good and I purposely have the volume up high to hear it. I love Dry, Dry Desert, Baby Park, and Rainbow Road's music. I'd recommend this game to any1 who likes racing games and Nintendo's systems and games!!
One of the best games!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-11

My dad bought the game for me last year. I thought it was like all mario games, simple and usual, but when i played it, I had a blast! there are 5 cups you can win and over 20 ways to play! It is like the old verison, but now the can be up to 8 players in vs. mode! but to play 8 plaers, you need two tvs, 8 controllers and 2 gamecubes. I strongly reccommend this game to race fans!
Mario Kart..............finished!
by: elite_guy    On: 2005-12-10

I own this game, and I must say; Mario Kart-Double Dash is short.
So short, it took me 3 hours to beat. It's beater to rent, or you could sell it if you buy it. Choose Mario and Luigi-for example- and race through all the courses (50cc, 100cc, 150cc)which would take about 1 hour. Then special cup will appear. Race through it and you've won the game! Note: there are hidden bonuses throughout the game.
Greatest Gamecube Game Ever
by: forsbergfan    On: 2005-12-08

This game is so much fun. I'm a 35 year old guy. My wife is 29 and hates video games. Everyone in our family has a ball playing this game. My mother-in-law even loves it. I'm telling you, this is a deserted island game. Any game you can have on a deserted island? Pick this one.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-05

This Game Is SOOOOOOO Fun!I Play It All The Time!
I Really Reccomend Buying This game,It's Great!
Great fun for the family!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-03

me, my friend her 2 sisters her mom and their dad play it all the time its FUN and a kick you can play on teams or all single you can play also mini games and its awesome for the family and i recommened this game.

Best game eva!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-29

this is the best game it has great graphics and there's a secret passway to a new track it's super cool it's worth the $50.00!!!!
The best racing game ever!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-18

THIS GAME IS AMAZING! If you have a Gamecube and you don't have this game you are missing out on something. I don't care how old or young you are, you'll love this game (unless you're like 80 or something, then you probably won't). I'm not a big fan of racing games, I am a big fan of Mario games though. Just because this is a racing game and you don't like racing games doesn't mean you won't like it. There are only a few games ever released on any system that I like better than this (probably less than 10). One thing I noticed about my 2 favorite games though is that they were both made before the year 2000. They are Starcraft (the best strategy game ever, actually the best game ever) and Super Mario World (this game was made in 1993, it's kind of pathetic of Nintendo that with all the technology we have now they can't come out with anything better). You can probably tell from above that I'm not a big graphics person. I barely care about graphics. Anyway, this game does have pretty good graphics. If you have a Gamecube get this now!
One of my favorites
by: capteo    On: 2005-11-17

I don't play a whole lot of games but this one is one of my favorites. When Mario Kart came out a few friends and I stayed up pretty late over Thanksgiving weekend playing this game. It has been a year now and we're still not tired of it. We still haven't gotten the gold cup in all races either. Recommend for a group of friends who don't mind getting knocked around by red shells and exploding bombs. Not recommended if you have neighbors who like to sleep at 2 a.m. :-)
It was the bom dog
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-07

ThIs GaMe WaS tHe OnE.I love how u can get to pick out your own chracters instead of them just picking it for you.Each charecter has different stuff like if you double dash with peach and daisy they throw hearts at the other players to win , yoshi and birdo throw eggs,Ditty kong and donkey kong throw bannah peals which is realy annoying cause it slows me down exept for donkey and ditty kong and theres like so many more charecters but i hate typeing. BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT....To be truthful this is a kids game for like 16 or under otherwise if your older it may be a little to easy but i am 10 and it is so hard to beat star cup.Any ways i hope u read my other report on mario party 6.Oh another thing about this game is the charecter you pick you also get to pick a car also.And if u win one of the races u win a trophy and a new car sometimes and more places to race.
A great addition to an excellent Nintendo library
by: marqus17    On: 2005-11-07

This is the best Mario Kart game to date. I've played everyone except the one for DS. This is probably the best racing game every too because it is stragety compared to just speed. Anybody can put the pedal to the metal but can you stay ahead when you have no advantage in speed.

The best thing about this game is that you can use two characters at once. So one is driving(driver can hold an item also) and the other is throwing the items. That essentially turns the game from an 8 player game to a 16 player game. Chalk this game up on the list of Ultimate Nintendo party games. Whoever on the Nintendo staff thought that idea up should be put in the Nintendo hall of fame beside mario and donkey kong. That is pure genius. Now you can save an item that you may need instead of using it right away. The only catch is though that if you get hit by a shell, lightning, or banana, you drop all you items.

That can easily be avoided by dodging shells and bananas. How you may ask. Well here is the other, less noticably addition to the game. When playing with a friend in the back, they can press the L or R button to dodge things, slow drivers down, knock opponents of the road, or steal items from opponents.

The last addition is the ability to use specials. Maro & Luigi can throw green or red fireballs. Baby Mario & Baby Luigi can use Chomps to clear the road for them. Donkey Kong & Diddy can throw a giant banana. Wario & Waluigi can throw an explosive bomb. Bowser & Baby Bowser can throw a giant Bowser shell. Peach & Daisy can steal opponents weapons. Toad & Toadette can get unlimited boost for about 8 seconds. Yoshi & Birdo have a homing shell. Koopa & Paratroopa have 3 green or red shells. Last but not least Piranha Plant & Boo have ALL THE POWERS. All in all, this is a best game in the series and well worth owning for any serious Nintendo fan or Gamecube owner.
The second-best multiplayer Game Cube game (after Smash Bros Melee)
by: the_wingus_man    On: 2005-10-25

This is the best racing game, ever. The entire Mario Kart series has never failed to impress me.

Other racing games (Need for Speed, for example) involve driving around circuits, maybe trying to find shortcuts (that's not all to them, but bare with me). Mario Kart involves strategically trying to stay ahead of your opponents with weaponry and power-ups, as well as the traditional short-cuts and drifts. Lay traps with banana-peels and fake item-boxes, knock-out foes with red or green shells, etc.

The newest feature of this game, if you didn't know already, is the ability to use 2 characters at once. You can pair up the default pairs: Mario & Luigi, Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong, etc.; or you can mix and match: Mario & Koopa Troopa, Princess Peach & Baby Bowser, whatever!

The other new feature is the unique character items. Each pair of characters has their own unique item. For example, Mario & Luigi have a fireball item, Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong have a giant banana peel, Bowser and Baby Bowser have a giant spiked shell, etc. etc. etc. Find your favourite 2 items and use 2 characters that have them! I personally like Koopa Troopa's & Koopa Paratroopa's triple-shell item.

There is no storyline to this game - just great gaming.

Secrets? You bet. Secret characters, courses (racing and battle-mode), racing modes, etc. Not to mention the shortcuts - many of which require the use of items to pass through.

Single player or multiplayer? Either way, you're going to race with up to 8 opponents (well, in multiplayer the maximum is 4 players). Single player is great and challenging, depending on the mode you use: 50CC is easy, 100CC is medium, 150CC is hard, and Mirror is 150CC with the courses reversed; very hard.

Multiplayer is great; the item system allows for a fairly even game: players coming last will get the best items, while players coming first will get poorer items that can be used for defense--shoot a green shell behind you to block an incoming red shell!

Graphics: 10/10 (the first full-3d Mario Kart game; Mario Kart 64 used 2D sprites for the characters)
Sound: 10/10 (the music is excellent and addictive)
Gameplay: 10/10 (single player and multiplayer will both keep you addicted)
Replay value: 11/10 (I don't think I will ever get sick of this game)
Overall: 10/10

Mario Kart is an essential addition to any Game Cube owner's collection, even if you don't like conventional racing games (I don't like them but I love Mario Kart!)

Bonus feature: you can link up 2 Game Cubes and play a LAN game of Mario Kart! I've never done this, myself.

I can't wait until the Mario Kart DS comes out.
dosen't match up to snes and 64
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-10-24

while this game is fun, its not nearly the classic snes or 64 mario kart games. but thats just kinda how the gamecube is. snes invented the game in glorious 2D, 16-bit graphics, with classic characters, simple controls and unlimited replay value. then N64 moved the game into 3D, and 64-bit graphics, but most importantly upgrading multyplayer to 4player. then gamecude came out with better graphics, but the games wern't as good. classic titles like super mario kart, star fox, and super mario64 became mario kart double dash(2 player karts?), star fox(an action/adventure game with dinosours? what happend to the great space shoot 'em up?) and super mario sunshine(classic goomba stomping coin-collecting becomes stopping polution?). if you want to have s 2 players per car battle, try halo for the xbox. nothing like two warthogs fighting when both the chain guns are blazing
sooooooooooooo fun, not only for kids!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-09-29

best racing game ever! Awesome graphic. AMAZING unlockables. best multiplayer too!
Great game but not worth the money
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-09-28

We have this game and it is fun but it is not worth almost 50.00 i think it should be 15.00 the graphics are great and it has cool multi player modes but after awhile the same racing tracks get boring and the multi player games get old, overall this is a great game but if i were you I'd wait for the price to go down!
Want some re-hash? Step right up.
by: dosei-san    On: 2005-09-24

Everyone loved Mario Kart for the SNES back in the early/mid 90s. It was one of those rare games that was fun for everyone, regardless of age or favored gaming genre, yet challenging enough to get some decent replay out of the single player mode. Then came Mario Kart 64 in the late 90s, and it didn't do quite as good. Sure, it sold millions, but it was basically a 3D version of Mario Kart with little improvements. There was power sliding and extra items, but I could never get into it as much as I did the original. I don't know what it was, but something didn't click. And here we are with the latest version: Double Dash. Sadly, the franchise doesn't look like it's advancing any time soon, and we're left with a better-looking version of Mario Kart 64 with a useless two-person system, and more of the same. I'll say it right here- unless you absolutely need an upgrade from the original Mario Kart, or haven't paid respects for one of the best Mario Kart clones out there- Crash Team Racing, then I -guess- you should settle for this. Or at least wait until the price drop.

If you haven't played games in 10 years, Mario Kart is a highly popular racing game that includes the use of weapons/power-ups found in the Super Mario Bros. series. Koopa shells can be launched at opposing racers to knock them out for a second while you get the lead, mushrooms give you a short burst of speed, starmen grant you the usual invincibility, etc. This makes for some pretty chaotic races. Everyone can pick up these items as well, and almost always use them on you right away. At times, it doesn't seem fair, but you have to realize, that it's part of the surprisingly decent AI. But all the game is, is you race around a few tracks from 3 levels of difficulty under 3 subcategories, and that's all. There's no plot here, which is good, and it's all just a matter of fun. You can play alone, or with 3 friends. While the single player mode is nice, and does take a few retries before you can get everything, the real fun is in multiplayer. You can play the main racing portion with friends, or the infamous Battle Mode. Unfortunately, I don't know 3 people that wanted to play this game at the same time with me, so I was stuck just playing against one person. It was still fun. There's the usual battle modes, even the classic balloon ones. Granted, the matches this time around are a lot shorter because of how cheap you can be, getting items like the tri-koopa shell (ie- 3 red koopa shells that you can use whenever you want. This is basically an instant win). That's all there is to the gameplay in the main game, and the same applies here. No matter what way you cut it though, Battle Mode is as fun as ever. In fact, the only other battle mode as successful and fun as Mario Kart's, that I know of, is Bomberman. They're timeless.

The only real update to the main game mode is the new two-characters per cart gimmick. And let me tell you, this is not an update. There's NO NEED for two characters per kart. One drives, the other uses an item/weapon. They didn't have this in the first two games, and it wasn't needed this time around. Hitting the 'z' button allows you to swap driver with item user, and supposedly changes the acceleration and everything else with how your kart drives. When you select your characters, it changes what vehicle you drive. Let's say you pick Diddy Kong and Birdo. They'll be able to use a decent variety of karts off the bat. But if you pick Bowser or Wario, and Diddy Kong, the huge weight difference between the two isn't going to give you much selection. While this looks like a cool mechanic at first, it doesn't make much of a difference. In fact, I've yet to get different results when picking two heavy characters vs two light characters in races. It's all based on skill from what I've seen. Hardcore players would argue with me here, but the truth is, you can win the game just as easy with Donkey Kong and Bowser as you could with Baby Mario and Baby Luigi. And with any vehicle.

Visually, the game looks decent. Everything runs smoothly, and I didn't notice any slowdown, but some of the character graphics are an embarrassment. Remember how great the characters looked in Smash Bros. Melee, but then when the Mario Party games came along, everything looked bad? That's what we get. Mario and Luigi almost look like they were ripped from the 64 version, their baby versions don't have too much going on visually, so I can't really comment, Donkey kong has the least amount of detail, and Bowser made me whimper...with sadness. Where he looked dominant in Smash Bros., here...he's slender and less menacing. At least Diddy Kong, Birdo and the princesses look alright. The level design doesn't have much going for it either- it's simple, so that explains the lack of slowdown in the frame rate. It runs at a constant 60 fps. Unfortunately, the audio suffers the same fate as some of the character designs. While the music is great- some tracks taken from the games they're from (Mario Sunshine), the character voices get old quick. Like, from the second you select them quick. Princess Peach says her name when you select her, and she says it like she's talking to 5 year olds with down's syndrome: "PEEEEEEEACH!". I mute the tv whenever I select her, just so no one thinks this is going to be a kiddy game. It's that bad. But if you have a good entertainment system, the game supports progressive scan and Dolby Pro Logic II, so you have something to look pretty, despite it not looking that good in the first place. This is a very contradictory category here.

See, there's no way I can go on about Mario Kart without mentioning some bad things. The good things are the usual: fun, easy pick-up-and-go gameplay for anyone of any age, and it never gets old. The cons = kiddy voices and sound effects, one-sided weapons (a banana peel is easy to dodge, but then there's the red koopa shell...), and the two-character gameplay mechanic is pointless. But, it's fun, and that's all that matters. Unless you've never played a Mario Kart game before, only then can I recommend you to pick up Double Dash. If you still have Mario Kart 64, ignore this version and wait for the next upgrade. Better luck next time Nintendo.
A Fun Nintendo Style Racing Experience
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-09-24

MarioKart was the first game I got for my gamecube.
Mariokart is a very fun,unique racing game. You get all
of the Nintendo All-stars on racing carts racing for 1st
place. Plus you get to get to hit mushrooms on the road
and boost your speed.Watch out for bananas in the road,
they will really throw you through a loop!Specially if
you like racing or if you don't, it is alot of Nintendo
action fun like always.
The best game ever!
by: elainereads    On: 2005-09-08

Mario Kart Double-dash for the Gamecube has to be my all-time favorite video game! My fiancé and I play against each other all the time! We've "beaten" the game a couple of times now, but it's still a lot of fun! Sometimes when we're driving around in real life after we just got done playing the game, I can't help but look around for boxes we can drive through to get objects to throw at the other drivers... I know it's not real, but wouldn't it be fun if it were?

My favorite characters to drive with are Baby Bowser and the green turtle-duck guy. Baby Bowser's special is, of course, a giant Bowser shell that crushes everything in its path. Sadly, I almost always take myself out with it when I throw it as well, but it still does its job! The green turtle-duck guy's (whose actual name I'm not sure of!) special is three green or three red shells. The green shells are another self-destructive weapon on my part, but the three red shells are awesome! Bananas are just about worthless, unless you use them to deflect a red shell attack! Mushrooms are helpful, as they help you to steal other player's objects if you use them to drive into the character while they're holding something. They are not helpful if you're on Rainbow Road, and I speak from experience. Rainbow Road is not a friendly course! The fake box is all right, but not great. You really can't aim where you want it to land and I often forget where I throw them, so I end up hitting them myself! The "first place killer", as my fiancé and I call it, is great, so long as you're not too close to the guy being blown up! Another thing you can get is the star, which is the same as in all Mario games in that it gives you a shield that saves you from anything bad, except falling off the side. Nothing can help you there!

Next, the car I always drive is the blue or pink sporty go-cart-looking car that you win with the mushroom people. They handle really well and are pretty fast! Before they're available, I use the green turtle shell car.

I love everything about this game, and I highly recommend it. Even the previews for it from television when it came out a couple of years ago were great! I think they're definitely what made me want to get it... The old people on the golf carts and the lady is throwing stuff off of it at the people behind her! So funny!

Just get it!

great and dissapointing at the same time!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-08-27

I finished 100% of this game and I gotta to say these things. It is the fastest mario kart game so far, but the contrulls feel weird at first, then you get used to it. It lacks the items that made mario 64 great and fun. It lacks the long bannana, purple shell (replaced by blue shell in MKDD) , golden mushroom and the triple shells are special items for only the koopas and they don't roll around you! But it still lacks alittle speed. It has some of the worst level designs like Baby park. It has a great rainbow road and tricky obsicles. Petey is the worst driver since the day of Billy Hatcher's release. Don't use PETEY!!! The grapichs are clean, shiny and weak. The Parade cart is the best cart in Mario kart double dash. Mario kart DS is goning to be way better than MKDD and MK64. overal it loses to the great mario kart 64!
Mario kart double dash
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-08-23

it was the best game ever!!! i buy that game for 3 or 4 years but i unlock a few stuff on 50cc. On august 2005 i went to my friend's house and i unlock a lot of stuff like special cup, all tour cup, waluigi racer, turbo burdo, bullet blaster, and toad and toadette duo, thats all i have for today bye!!!
Very addictive & fun for all ages!
by: rozeeeta    On: 2005-08-19

I have been a Mario Kart fan since it first came out on SNES, and maintain that the original version is by far the best. However, I continue to be impressed by the various versions of this game Nintendo puts out, and Double Dash is no exception.

When I first played this game, I have to admit, I did not like it. It seemed a little too fast and too over the top for me, as I prefer simplicity in my gaming. I put it away and didn't touch it for a long time, but I decided to give it another shot a couple months ago. This second time around has been wonderful and I enjoy being able to chose different character combinations, unlocking characters/levels/karts, and playing the various battle modes. Be warned! This can be addictive and hours can by without you realizing it!

My only complaint is that the 150cc mode is very hard. In all the previous games, I have found Mario Kart to be a bit on the easy side, and the 150cc mode to be not very challenging. The opposite is true here. Expect to spend a lot of time mastering the 150cc mode--I know I have! I suspect that Nintendo has purposely made this mode a lot harder. For example, characters recover amazingly quickly when hit by various items, whereas you do not, and they seem to go a lot faster than you, too, regardless of the kart/characters you have chosen. Overall, this is a great game for girls and boys of all ages. Happy gaming!

Mario Kart is Awsome
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-08-18

Mario Kart has alot of really fun mode. especially the wacky battle, Grand Prix, and the awsome 4 player vs mode. This game is alot more fun than Mario Kart 64 because you have two people and alot of more items. Every one has a special item. Like mario's fireballs and yoshi yoshi egg. This game is great fun to my whole family. and it could to yours!
Double Dash review
by: sas05jackal    On: 2005-08-17

Overall, the game was fantastic. It's a good addition to the Mario Kart series. The wide selection of characters, karts, and combinations makes the game interesting to play over and over again. The one drawback to the game is the difficulty of the mirror mode, especially in the all cup tour. When you place first in one race in the all cup tour (Mirror Mode), the AI does its best to make sure you don't place first again in subsequent races. Or should I say, it becomes extremely difficult to win 1st place again. I might be imagining it, but the AI becomes fiercely competitive, even close to cheating. Everytime I win first place, the computer attempts to knock me over the edge in the next race, and it succeeds most of the time. And once you get knocked over the edge, 9 times out of 10, you're guaranteed to finish 5th or worse. Magically, all the karts gain exceptional speed except yours. It's very frustrating because the all cup tour is approximately a 40 minute race. You might start out doing well, but once you flop in a race, it becomes extremely hard to climb your way back up to the first place standing again, making a waste of time to play that particular tour.
best mario kart EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-08-09

my friend just told me a secret character one of them is candy kong her secret attack is kisses like peach and daisy's special hearts.back to title:this is the best racing game ever like mario power tennis everybody has specials my favorite character is king boo and petey piranhas.their special is every body's
Lets A-go!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-08-02

Welcome, to Mario Kart!!! This game is so fun I could barely turn it off! Play as Mario,Luigi,Peach,Daisy,Yoshi,Birdo,Baby Mario,Baby Luigi,Koopa,Paratroopa,Donkey Kong,Diddy Kong,Bowser,Bowser JR,Wario, or Waluigi. You will be picking two players for your kart (One drives the other fires items).
After you pick the players you will pick a kart depending upon which players you choose. Last you will choose one of the 3 cups to race in (in 2-4 player VS. mode you will choose a cup then one of the courses). ***Warning*** If you like to find out secrets by yourself then do not continue reading! If you don't care than read on.

There are a lot of secret players, karts and courses to unlock.
For example: Win the 100cc Star Cup to unlock the Special Cup.
Beat the 100cc Special Cup and you unlock two more players and a kart. The players are T%a%4# & R5r^%$#w. **Error** Was not
able to tell you secret players. Please find out yourself.
Well I'm outta time so if you have or are planning to get a gamecube at least rent this game. You won't be sorry.
Loads of fun!
by: anricat    On: 2005-07-28

I've had this game since it came out and it is pretty much the only Gamecube game I play on a regular basis. It is incredibly fun and definitely the best racing game ever. The best part are the items you can use to slow down the other players. This game has a plethora of a ton of different weapons you can use against the other players. At first, it may take awhile to get used to all the different types of items. But once you get the hang of it, it's the best part of the game.

The other cool thing about this game is the network feature. With two gamecubes with networking cards and two copies of the game, up to 8 people can play. There are some limitations of the networked feature (it chooses the characters and carts randomly for each player) and the framerate drops quite a bit, but it is crazy fun having that many live players playing the game together.

Kids and adults will love this game - highly recommended. I just hope they come out with a new version soon before my copy is worn out!
Great, but gets repetitive after a while...
by: robomagus    On: 2005-07-20

Double Dash is a fun racing game, but like its predecessors, it doesn't really innovate much or last that long, but its still pretty good. Graphics are great and framerate is a solid 60 FPS. Sound is pretty good, and the game can offer a challenge. Don't get this game if you plan to play alone. It's no fun. Get it only if you have someone to play with on a regular basis. It's a solid racing title overall, and considering that the GC doesn't really have a lot of them, it's a lot more appealing. But wait for it to go down to $20 before purchasing. Also try F-Zero if you want A LOT of speed.
No Title
by: bidsoul    On: 2005-07-19

Mario Kart double dash brings back the sixth instalment in Mario's racing history.
Play as one of the origanal NES Mario cast as well as Waliugi/Wario. You steer your charaters own kart of choice as you go through of what is mostly Mushroom Kingdom, wiving in and out of props from your favorite NES games.
You have a gunner and a driver. The driver of course drives, while the gunner throughs random items from green and red shells, to your gunners speaical iteam.
The multi-player is one of Nintendo's better ideas, esspicaly the broadband connection. It would be extremly smart of you to buy this.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-07-15

This is the ultimate game!!!! I'm getting a gamecube just to play this game!

as Mario,Luigi,Peach,Daisy,Yoshi,Birdo,Baby Mario,
Baby Luigi,Koopa,Paratroopa,Donkey Kong,Diddy Kong,Bowser,Bowser JR,Wario, or Waluigi.

For the first time two players are in the same kart. So you will be picking two players at the player selection screen. (Thats why there are so many players to choose from.)

Now each player has his/her special item that only they can use.

Mario and Luigi: Fire Balls (5 fireballs go fowrards or backwards and act the same as a green shell bouncing around 'till they hit something.)

Peach and Daisy: Hearts (a heart will spin around the kart and say a green shell hits them, it won't hurt them. In fact you get to keep the green shell that hit you and you get to use it.)

Thats an idea of each special item for you.

Battle Mode has returned!!!!!! Only this time instead of just the balloon battle there are two new modes to play.

Balloon Battle: Classic game where each team has 3 balloons and if you get hit by an item you lose a balloon. Last one with balloons wins.

Shine Thief: There is a shine sprite somewhere in the arena and you have to run into it. Once you run into it you have to keep it for 60 seconds, but if you get hit by an item you drop the shine.

Bob-om Blast: Maybe the most fun game in multiplayer, bob-om blast is where you collect bob-oms and throw them at opponents. Say you hit someone, you gain a star, but if you get hit you lose a star. Firt one with 3 or 4 stars wins.

If you want a very fun game unlike any other. GET THIS GAME!!!!

P.S. Please tell me if this was helpful. I want to know.
The highlight of my game collection
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-07-06

Ive been playing this game for years by myself and with my friends. It is simply amazing. For single player there are 3 different grand prixs each with 4 wacky courses with 3 levels, 50cc,100cc, and 150cc. Higher the cc the higher the speed. Each level up is harder. Beat levels to unlock the special cup, special karts, and new amazing characters. Each character has its own special like marios flame balls and koopas triple red shells. There are tons of multiplayer options for up to 4 players. Race each other in a grand prix, go one on one or whatever combination in a versus. Or face off 2 on 2. For two players, there is a co-op mode. One person drives, while the other rides shotgun being able to throw items and punch nearby opponents karts. There is also a battle mode for up to 4 players with weird tracks such as tilt-a-kart and pipe plaza. There are 3 battles, Shine theif, bob-omb blast, and balloon battle. All of them are loads of fun, especially bob-omb blast and balloon battle. Unlock another level known as mirror and play each course reverse. Unlock the all-cup-tour and play a 16 race tour following every single race. Here are my final totals:

Fun: 9/10, nothing like throwing items and duking it out to the finish
multiplayer/co-op: 10/10, tons of fun options for up to 4 players
time: 10/10, hours upon hours of gameplay
bugs: none
features: 10/10, several unlockable features and race courses
overall: 10/10, a legendary game. One of the few bright spots in the gamecube library.
Cool game (I think)
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-06-25

This game ROCKS!!!!!! At least I think it does.
I don't know because I haven't even played the game yet!!!!
But I've read so many reviews, looked at so many screenshots, and watched so many micro movies that of all the people who have never played the game before, I might know the most about the game. You can be Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Yoshi, Birdo, Wario, Waluigi, Bowser, Bowser JR., Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Koopa, and Paratroopa. There are also locked drivers. If you want to learn more about the game I suggest you go to the official website of Mario Kart: Double Dash.
Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-06-20

The latest installment to the Mario Kart series has just arrived. The very first Mario Kart game was a classic and will remain that way forever. Mario Kart 64 hit the N64 and had surprisingly good qualitys. Mario Kart: Double Dash has the good qualities, but not many.

As you know, there are two characters handling a kart. One drives, while the other handles all the items. There are three modes: 50 cc, 100cc, and 150cc. You also get mirror mode as you progress through the game. The character selection is very good, they have got every Mario character there ever was. But character selection really doesn't matter because they all good and bad. There the same.

The level selection is good, but could have used more levels. Then the races begin. The driving is real slow, and after playing F-Zero GX and playing this, your bound to get a seizure.

The multiplayer is pretty good too, but nothing you'll get that attracted to. The battle mode is good, but it certainly doesn't offer much variety.

Graphics: 8.0/10
Gameplay: 7.8/10
Sound: 8.7/10
Playing Value: 10.0/10
Multiplayer: 6.0/10
Variety: 4.0/10
Lasting Value: 6.0/10


It's definitely a game worth playing and is a lot of fun, but it's too slow and offers poor variety.
A complete restoration to the racing genre
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-06-16

I got this video game for Christmas and boy I got a lot more than I had ever hoped for.
I salute Nintendo for restoring the classic Mario Kart genre, this game is better then the Mario Kart 64 in my opinion because you're given the ability to have two racers of your choice on a Kart so you can combine your specials to eliminate the competitors.
The graphics are the best I've ever seen on a Gamecube game, the sound and the voice-overs are a pleasure to your ears,the concept can't be beat and there are a ton of things to unlock like characters, vehicles, and courses.
I was so obsessed with the game that I stayed up five nights sequentially and unlocked everything and beat it.
This game is very fun and enjoyable and will have you glued to your seat for hours, it is a definite must-own for any Gamecube owner.
The only flaw I could see in this game was that it was a bit too short and easy, also there could've been a few more courses to unlock. Overall get off your ass and go order/buy this game NOW,it's worth your money every single penny.
Could have been better, but still tastes sweet.
by: benpercent    On: 2005-06-10

There is no story to a racing game. Moving on.
This game just cannot stand up to Mario Kart 64, but is still unique in its own. For one, you have two racers per kart. What type of kart you can drive is judged upon the character that weighs the most on your team. Light karts has high accel, but low top speed. Medium karts are well-rounded. And heavy karts are the opposite of light.
Each character have special weapons. The two characters most related share the same weapon. Such as Wario and Waluigi have bombs and Baby Mario and Baby Luigi summon a chain chomp. How far behind you are in the race improves the odds for you to get a special weapon. It is best to mix two characters with two different special weapons.
The graphics are nice and there is no choppness in the game at all, but I wanted more of a background to enjoy. The eye candy is just not tasty.
The music is way too easy to ignore. This game could have worked harder on the aspect in order to be proud of it like Mario Kart 64. The audio is quite low.
The gameplay has a twist to other racing games, you can collect items and lay on the offense to other players. Laying banana peels, using stars, throwing shells....
Hint: If a weapon explodes, you lose all your items and the person on the back will ALMOST fall off (Implying they never fall off).
In the races, you can switch the roles between the two characters on the kart. From driver to item thrower.
Muitplayer for me is only good when you are racing each other. When it comes to any battles (Balloons, Bombs, Shrine Sprite keep away...) the arenas are just too small for me.

It just falls short. But I recommend it.
Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Review
by: 77882    On: 2005-06-02

I got this game for my 14th birthday a few days ago, and have been playing since. I really enjoy this game! I usually don't like racing games. The characters are Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Koopa, Paratroopa, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong jr., Wario, Yoshi, Birdo, Waluigi, Bowser, Baby Mario, and Baby Luigi. Like in the other Mario Kart games, the characters' weight determines how fast you go. Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Koopa, Paratroopa, Bowser Jr., and Donkey Kong Jr. are light. Mario, Luigi, Waluigi, Yoshi, Birdo, Peach, and Daisy are medium. Bowser, Donkey Kong, and Wario are heavy. You can also choose different cars, with different status. The tracks are really fun. In the Mushroom Cup, you can race in Luigi Circuit, Peach Beach, Baby Park, and Dry, Dry, Dessert. In the Flower Cup, you race in Mushroom Bridge, Mario Curcuit, Daisy Cruiser (a cruise ship), and Waluigi Stadium, In the Star Cup, you race in Sherbet Land, Mushroom City, Yoshi Circuit, and DK Mountain. You can also unlock the Special Cup if you get the gold trophy in all the cups in 50cc and 100cc. The tracks are Wario Colosseum, Dino Dino jungle, Bowser Castle, and Rainbow Road. You can do also do Multiplayer Battles. You can do Shine Thief where you try to get the shine and not let the other players steal it, Balloon Battle where you have to pop the other players' balloons, and Bob-omb Blast where you throw Bob-ombs at the other players. The stages you can do them in is on top of a giant Nintendo Gamecube, Pipe Plaza, Cookie Land, and Block City. This game doesn't have any problems.

Lady Racers Golden Moment
by: snow_girl    On: 2005-05-31

Omfg I love this game so much. I got it with my black Gamecube cause my purple one broke.. oh well. I never played the first Mario Kart so this was entirely new to me, but oh so fun. Each kart holds two people, one driver and another to chuck stuff around the track. There's three kart categories: light, medium, and heavy. The light karts have great acceleration, but poor speed and weight. Medium karts are well-rounded and average. Heavy karts are fast and stocky, but have really bad accel. The graphics and backrounds are great, and some of the tracks are so original, but I won't give those away.
If anybody is ever interested, I wasted some time and made a giant list of all Mario Kart: Double Dash! components, with items, characters, karts, and tracks. Just send me an e-mail requesting the Mario Kart guide.

Not Bad
by: babbil4900    On: 2005-05-31

This game can be either fun, or not fun to someone. it may also be hard, or easy to someone. This game to me was in between in both of those. I found this game to be on the rather easier side at times, then at other tiems, this game was pretty hard. I rented this game back when it first came out and I pretty much beat the game ( i just couldn't get the secret characters, though i know who they are ) . I think this is a fun game to play on occasion, and It's rather repetetive ( not many levels... ) but all-in-all this game is a fair one, but i would put my guess on that this game was aimed at kids, but do not let it fool you; it can get fairly difficult at times.
Sweet Racing Game By Nintendo For GameCube
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-05-29

This game is really great and it brings back memories for me.
4 or 5 years ago I used to play Mario Kart 64 at my friends house every night and sense he lived in the same appartment building as me I got many many opportunity's to go over there and play it. I've loved the Mario Kart series from the beginning it's always been extremely fun, chaotic and worthwhile. Well this game is totally fun cause u can have 2 people per kart. My favorite combination is probably Toad (Todd) and Baby Lugi or Koopa-Paratroopa. There are many secrets in this game that just makes it even better. I suggest if you are a fan of the Mario Kart series to get it.
Preety Good
by: nathanielbandy    On: 2005-05-27

I love everything in this game. The graphics,the sound ( big time) but there is some flaws. When you are doing the Grand Prix,what happen to retry's if your 4th to 8th? This makes the game almost impossible. But that's a good thing. We want the game to be more challenging (unlike to Mario Kart 64). In this game,you can unlock characters,karts and even battle areans.Now I've spoken about that,there's 3 modes in battle

Ballon Battle: Same as original Ballon mode in MK 64
Shine Thief: Touch/Run into a sun and don't get attacked for 1 minute (this match is pretty easy for people who have the sun)
Bomb Battle: Collect bombs and hit people 3 times in a row to win!

Overall 4/5
This game is great except for a few important flaws.
One of the Most Replayable Games of Recent Years
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-05-17

Mario Kart Double Dash!! is one of the most phenomenal video games ever made; a game that makes me fondly remember what video games used to be.
Firstly, for Mario Kart veterans (who I am sure have already picked this game up), this is the most unique game in the series. Two racers now occupy each car. The racer in front steers while the character in back handles weapons and attacks (you can punch nearby players now and steal their weapons). If you play single-player, you control both characters, stearing and firing weapons, while a single tap of the 'Z' button will switch character positions. This comes in handy, since each character can carry a weapon, while only the character in back can use them. So, if the driver has a banana or a shell you want to fire, and the character in back has nothing, tap 'Z' and switch positions in an instant, without slowing down your car at all.
Because of the two-character mechanic, there are now two types of weapon boxes that you drive through to recieve your weapon: single boxes give only the character in the back of the car a weapon - so if the charcater in back is already carrying one, switch the charcater's positions when you drive through a single weapon box so that both your racers will now carry a weapon. Double weapon boxes give each racer on the kart a weapon, (if one charcater is already carrying one, the other racer will recieve a weapon regardless). In single-player, if both characters have a weapon, and the one in back fires theirs, the characters automatically switch positions on the car, so the character with the remaining weapon is instantly ready to fire.
In multi-player, you have a few options. Each player can control their own car and both characters on it, or you can each pick one character to race on the same car. If you choose the latter, both players will have to push 'Z' simultaneosly to switch positions on the car. So, if one player prefers driving, and the other prefers handling the weapons, you can stay that way the entire race, since the characters will not automatically switch positions (instead, the player in front can tap the fire button to toss his weapon to the player in back when they are empty-handed). Multiplayer is incredibly addicting; especially (surprise) in battle mode, which makes a welcome return. For players used to ballon battle from Mario Kart 64, the levels in Double Dash will seem small at first (though you can unlock a few more, one of which is bigger), but give balloon battle a chance. It is incredibly addictive, and nothing is more satisfying than hitting your opponent with an expertly timed shot of a green shell from across a level. (There are also two new battle modes this time around, but I found balloon battle to be the most enjoyable.)
One thing that surprised me was the game's difficulty. The learning curve is perfect, with three difficulty levels as usual, 50cc, 100 cc and 150cc racing modes. But for a Nintendo game, 150cc proved fairly difficult, which was a welcome challenge. Computer opponents are smart on 150cc mode, but make similar mistakes to the ones you'll find yourself making. They win races not by cheating (like in other games), but by firing weapons at strategic moments in the race, or using power slides around turns (do it correctly and you'll get a mini speedy boost at the end of the power slide). So, regardless of how far ahead you may be on 150cc mode, one simple error can prove devestating. On the flip side, if you are behind, one great, well timed shot can be all you need to take the lead. The gameplay is expertly balanced, and there is even strategy involved now in selecting your team and your car, since different players and cars have varying weights and pros and cons. Plus, each character has a unique special weapon.
In addition, the course design, as usual in the Mario Kart series, is flawless. Every course is unique, and you'll develop strategies for approaching each one. Moreover, the graphics are sharp, bright and colorful. Each course and each character has their own personality.
The replay value is infinite. There are plenty of unlockables in single-player, inlcuding new characters, courses (racing and battle), cars, and game modes. Once everything is unlocked, multiplayer alone will keep you coming back for more, not to mention besting your best course times in time trial mode.
This game is a great reminder of what used to make games great - gameplay and replayability, not graphics, physics or online modes. This is a brilliantly crafted game, a game that will appeal to all ages, both genders, gamers and non-gamers alike.
A true classic!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-05-16

this game is fun but it is great with budies
Good game.
by: godzilla212    On: 2005-05-15

This game is pretty fun and has pretty decent things to do and awesome cars!!! The courses are great to!! I love playing this game with my friends and kicking their butts!!!! I love this game!!!!!!
Backseat Drivers...
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-05-12

Nothing... nothing is worse than a backseat driver... unless of course they're throwing koopa shells or launching fireballs at your enemies. Mario Kart Double Dash is incredible, everything responds well, the controls are tight, simple to pick up yet difficult to master, no story... just fun. It's a game anyone can enjoy, including young children and grownups.
Reminiscent of ''Mario Kart 64''
by:    On: 2005-05-03

I'm a fan of ''Mario Kart 64'' and this game tops it off nicely. Bowser's casle is a good remake of a great course. Rainbow road is a lot better than the original and isn't as long and the new courses are very fun also. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because some of the characters look kinda plasticy (cough cough wario & waluigi).

Double the Fun!
by: rossiofcorsi    On: 2005-05-01

Take all the crazy action of the celebrated Mario Kart series...and multiply it by two! In Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, each kart holds two racers that can switch places at any time, so choose from a huge cast of favorites and pair them up any way you see fit!

Team Up for Twice the Fun!
More Fun With Mario
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-04-29

I think this game gives a really good challenge to people 6-12. Our whole family plays it together. We loved discovering new characters, carts, and courses, but we wish there were more because we have unlocked everything. We still have a blast playing it and trying to beat our records.
If it were only online...
by:    On: 2005-04-15

If anyone reading this begins to believe a word that I say, then please read the last paragraph.

It's amazing all the things you can do online in this game. Up to eight players from eight different cities can compete head-to-head, either one race at a time or for an entire circuit. Getting exploding-shelled at the last moment, then finding that mushroom you need and powering through the finish still in first place - this is quite a way to spend an afternoon.

Then there's challenger mode, which works like a time trial except that the three ghosts racing against you are real people racing at the same time as you are. You look for a 'room' without too many people, and take your place in line. Then when your time comes, you take your place as one of three challengers, and race against the champion. Whoever wins the race then becomes champion and gets to race again; the losers have to go back to the end of the line. Then as champion you are challenged by three more challengers. The first challenger in line gets to choose the track for the next race. While you're waiting, you get to watch the current race from the champ's point of view. It's a blast.

But that's only in my dreams. For now. I will buy Nintendo's next home console, in the hope that they will get their online gaming in order. And maybe the next system's Mario Kart game will work online something like this. For now though, Mario Kart Double Dash is a very good (off-line only) game. The action-packed, no-race-is-the-same-as-any-other gameplay is fun enough that I have kept playing long after unlocking everything (and there is a lot to unlock). I thought that it might get too weird and complicated with two racers in each vehicle but it doesn't. With such a huge lineup of characters and karts you will find one that works for you (mine is Luigi's baby buggy). More challenge in Grand Prix mode could have given it even more replay value (250cc maybe?), but if you want more challenge you can try to score first in every race - the game keeps track. That's not quite enough, but that's what multiplayer is for (more frantic challenge). Don't think this game is just for young kids though -- in Time Trials just releasing the course ghosts is a challenge, and I have never come close to beating one. I do wish there were more tracks. This game isn't that flashy, won't thrill you, but is very, very fun. But not online.
Great Kid's Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-04-11

My 11 y.o. daughter received this game in a Gamecube Bundle for Christmas. I see her playing this game more than any other. $49 is pricey for this game and I doubt I would have purchased it separately---glad it was included!

5 stars for fun: many levels and options, three ways to play
3 stars overall: too expensive, good family game but I think
teens and older my find it a bit childish
One of the must have games for the Game Cube.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-03-24

This, in my opinion is the best of the Mario Kart Series. The levels, karts, and graphics are by far the best. The real fun part is the 2 Player option, my friends and I have stayed up all night just playing against each other. Definitely a must have.
The Best Racing Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-03-17

I am telling you the truth. This game is literally the best racing game available today. It is easy enough for everyone to learn to play and it does not get boring like other racing games would after a while. You could just spend hours unlocking things. My friend recommended this game for me to buy and all of my friends want to borrow it or buy their own. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! GET YOUR COPY OF THIS ACTION PACKED RACING GAME! Trust me, it is worth every penny.
Best game for gamecube!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-03-13

best game ever!has all the characterslike mario, luigi,peach, daisey,DK,diddy kong, yoshi, birdo, baby mario ,baby luigi,wario,waluigi,bowser,bowser jr.(or baby bowsr,i like calling him by his original name) and koopa and parakoopa.u could also get toad and toadett and petey pirana and king boo. to get toad and toadett u have to get 1st place in 100cc in every cup and to get petey pirana and king boo u have to beat mirror mode in all the cups. before thatu get special cup by beating 100cc in star cup later u get all cup tour by beating all the cups in all the speeds(50,100,150).beat all cup tour in all the speeds. after that u get mirror mode beat that with all the cups and get petey pirana and king boo and thats it..This game possibly could be the best game for game cube so far that i have next to mario sunshine.Overall this is a must have game so i gave it 5 stars.
I'm Lovin It!!!!!!!!
by: xoskiingurl1331    On: 2005-03-03

ok, for the first couple of months i loved this game but then you get sick of the courses and it gets boring, once you've mastered all the courses, it's so boring i dont even play it any more. but all in all i really liked this game
so hey, mabee youll like it and mabey you wont but i think you will and it is an excellent game for a child say 5-12 but after that youll get board with it quick like i did
Mario Kart: Double Dash - The Best Game I've Ever Played!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-02-17

I recieved Mario Kart: Double Dash as part of the Gamecube Holiday Bundle. When I opened it on Christmas Eve and started playing, I was amazed. The graphics were wonderful, although any Gamecube game would have enthralled me then because I was used to Gameboy Advance graphics. The sound was catchy, and a lot of the songs became stuck in my head. The gameplay also was amazing.
This game is so great that a simple paragraph cannot describe all of its features. The following review will explain the graphics, sound, and gameplay in depth, and will be a guideline to people who are thinking about buying this game. Even if you decide not to buy it, hopefully this review will be informative. Well, what are you waiting for, read on!
First off, the graphics. As I said before, they are excellent, but how detailed they are is amazing. Say that Princess Peach is your item-throwing character. When your kart turns, her hips will sway, and when your kart jumps over a hill, her ponytail will fly up and down. These and many other details make the game a great experience.
Next, the sound. Nobody wants to play a game with annoying music and voices, right? Well, that isn't a problem in Mario Kart: Double Dash. The music is excellent and I could listen to it all day. The voices are all cute and match the characters personalities perfectly. Best of all, neither of them are the least bit annoying.
Now for the most important part: the gameplay. There is a course for everyone, each one highly detailed. Dash panels and power-ups make the game a truly crazy experience. The courses vary dramatically in difficulty. Some, such as Luigi Curcuit, are very easy, but some, such as Rainbow Road, are extremely difficult and require high amounts of concentration.
If you are low on patience, however, don't buy this game. If you have a bad run on one course and want to redo it, you have to redo the whole cup. Also, on the harder levels, extreme amounts of concentration are require to keep from falling off the course's edge or bridges. If you want to know about the multiplayer, try looking at other reviews. I have not yet played multiplayer, but I am sure it will be as great as the rest of the game. I hope you enjoyed my review!

THE Mario Kart Game
by: tessajacobs    On: 2005-02-07

An awesome treat to add to any video game collection. Big or small, everyone will love this game. Nice graphics, not to mention.
Racing to the top!!!
by: jrs3065    On: 2005-02-06

Mario Kart double dash features unique new modes in which the previous to the sequal just didn't have. There are many new tracks and the game is in really great shape in my opinion. There are many things to unlock such as new karts, tracks, and modes. Multiplayer mode features what I think is the most fun - games such as ballon battle (each person begins with three ballons and you have to hit each other with weapons to knock ballons away and steal ballons) and bomb bomb blast (using bomb bombs you have to blow everybody up and have three or four kills before anyone else.) This is defiantly up there with the best games ever, and should be seen on you shelf.
good! but a few cons
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-02-02

one! neat game. just a few things....
why does it have to be so darn hard? argggggggggggggggggg!
but buy it anyway. now!
by: scarborough_kid    On: 2005-01-29

In this brand new mario kart game, you have two 'players' instead of one. The driver drives, and the person in back grabs objects to throw at the other cars. This new game has many fun, entertaining tracks. There are many new items, some to get revenge, some to help you get ahead, and some for just fun. This game features a battle mode, where several different people gcan be trying to destroy the others' balloons. Overall, this is a great game.
Great Game!!
by: cordero67    On: 2005-01-26

This is a great game. The entire family always has a great time when we play together. It is much more fun with multiple players.

No complaints from here... :-)
Seeing Double
by: serfius    On: 2005-01-23

I've never played a bad mario game, and this is no different. This game is very fun, it has a good selection of characters to choose from, and many different tracks. With the new feature of two racers on a car you can double the fun. If you like any mario games than I suggest you get this game.
Great fun for the whole family...and probably the kids too!
by: sametro    On: 2005-01-18

My brother received a Gamecube (it came with this game only) for Christmas. He's in his thirties. I'm almost in my thirties. And I'm the youngest. There were six adults at our family get-together this past Christmas. There were no children. But all of us got the biggest kick out of this game. I don't even usually like racing games, and I loved it! I almost never play console games (only computer games), and I couldn't get enough of it.

This game is easy enough that anyone can enjoy it and still presents enough difficulties not to make it boring. That is a balance which very few games ever achieve. If you own a Gamecube, this is definitely for you. If you don't own a Gamecube, this game could potentially make you want to purchase one.
Raj Venkat's Mario Kart Double Dash review
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-01-18

Double the action! You can now have 2 racers on a single kart! The front person drives and the rear person is the one that throws/uses the objects (i.e bannana peels,shells etc.) You may switch these two around at any given time. The Mario Kart series dashes in front of other racing games again! If you liked Super Mario Kart and/or Mario Kart 64, you are probably going to like this one. Nintendo makes yet another successful game.

-2 racers in a kart

-Graphics have improved a lot


-New multiplayer battle games

-large array of character combinations and karts

- In 100-150 cc you will probably get frustrated at the CPU

- The Mario Kart series has been notorious for boring you quickly unless you play multiplayer with a friend

Not very many cons compared to pros eh?
Double the FFUUNN!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-01-07


This game is the most fun racing game!This beats the other MK games,new karts,characters,stages and lots of unlockables.

Audio:4/5 a nice cartoon style audio
Gameplay:5/5 Soooooooo x 1,000,000 fun!
replayability:play it over and over and over and over and over!


Make another one.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-01-05

There are two people on a cart.One driving and one tossing out weapons.That's what you can do in double dash.There are 16 tracks.From a quiet ride on a boat in the middle of nowhere,to a busy city with traffic and confusion,double dash has it all.There are about 20 characters as well.Buy this game!!!!!
Mario Kart Double Dash
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-01-04

I love this game alot! When choosing your characters, you have to pick two. one for driving and one for throwing th bannanas, boms, and turtle shells to other players. There are only 3 cups. star, mushroom, and flower each with four different race paths. this is a great game and it is a 4 player game but it is still a ton of fun with 1,2 and 3 players.
way better than the first one!
by: lightmar    On: 2004-12-30

double dash is a fun game. if you didn't like the first one you gotta give this one a chance. the graphics are better and the same characters are in it. they all return like mario, luigi, donkey kong. new characters are introduced. like baby mario and luigi, diddy kong, bowser and baby bowser. i won't tell you the hidden characters but here's a little game of fill in the blanks for the hidden characters: ---, ----- ------, ----, and -------. give this game a chance for you evil people who hate this game!
great game
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-30

I got this for christmas last year and I am still playing it!! It's a great game for all ages.

It has secret levels you can lock, along with charecters, and new cars to get. While you play the game you have 2 charecters one driving and the other who gets objects you can use on yourself or stun other players with. There are also secret paths you can find on the levels. GREAT GAME!!!
Read this--you'll need it soon.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-29

Mariokart is a fun game where you race in karts and throw items at your opponents to distract them. It is a pretty fun game, and I like it very much. In the tournament, whoever wins the races wins a cup, and they will be the champion of the game! Very fun. YOu should try.
It's Alright, worth the money
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-28

Overall, this game was pretty good, but the camera angles were really awful though. But, still the controls were easy to learn and the gameplay was good enough. I'd recommend this to people who have time on their hands (since it gets tiring) and it's good for any age.
by: jakestu4u    On: 2004-12-28

I got this for my b-day, and this is one of the funnest games out there! Its really cool how 2 people can be on the cart at once. this is so sweet! it is really neat becuase you work togeather to win, or against eachother to have the sweet taste of victory to yourself. this game is the best!

( i gave it 4 educatinol points because of hand eye corrdanation)
Simple and fun
by: emmakbryant    On: 2004-12-28

I received Mario Kart: Double Dash for Christmas along with the Nintendo Gamecube. I'm very glad that this is the game that came along with the system because it is a lot of fun. I consider Mario Kart: Double Dash to be that type of game that is great for when you need a break from playing other games. It definitely is a simple racing game, but how complex would you want the Nintendo characters to get in a racing game? The graphics are nice as well as the sound. The levels and the characters are great. What I like most about this game is that it is everything that Nintendo is to me: fun.
It's Too Much Fun!
by: cubscoutgenocide    On: 2004-12-28

I've found the key to happiness

All you have to do is get some Wild Turkey, A room full of friends, and this game, and you will forget all that is negative in your life. It's too much fun. Highly recommend!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-26

There's really nothing back about this game. It's great. I think the characters are cool, the game is fun... It's really worth it.
ZIP ZOOM There Goes Mario
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-20

Best racing game in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!The best combination in lightweight is Toad and Baby Luigi because the Chain Chomp chomps the opponents and the Golden Mushroom gives you lots of speed.And use the Toad Kart with them.
Not Addicting
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-19

This is a great game for about a month! Once you are stuck on something and no friends, then it gets boring. If you have lots of brothers and sisters, then buy this game(if they like it). If you're single, then rent it.
Best party game ever
by: knellie21    On: 2004-12-16

Take note:

The real fun in it is the multiplayer. This has been true of every Mario Kart game, so don't complain that the game is too short.

The multiplayer game is unbelievably fun if you have 4 people. Once you're in college, you'll understand the value of Mario Kart. Everyone knows it. Everyone loves it. There's a reason for it - it is terribly easy to learn how to play, but entertainingly difficult to master. In any given game, the worst player has a chance at winning, but the best player still has the best chance. This is how it differs from most other multiplayer games - usually the best player wins 97% of the time, and there is no hope for someone who has barely played the game. But there are hooks to MK DD that make it possible for anyone to win.

This is one of the top 5 best console multiplayer games in the history of video games (behind Halo for Xbox and Perfect Dark for N64 for sure) mainly because of it's simplicity.

Plus girls love the game, which is always a plus.
Simple but beautiful...
by: peakhunt    On: 2004-12-14

Actually I used to play with Playstation games and Metal Gear Solid 2 is still the best game I ever played. But just because of Mario and those cute Nintendo characters, I bought a gamecube with Mario Kart. My first impression was "what a simple game it is!" . But as I played the game more and more, I just got addicted to the game and finally I found myself angry and shouting in a saturday night becasue I didn't win a race due to that Donkey Kong and Bowser pair. If you never played this kind of game before, I highly recommend this game. It's very funny to play alone and also multi-player mode is 3 times funnier.
The only missing point is it's too short and too simple(but still it's gonna take more than a month to unlock the hidden map.). I hope next time Nintendo will come out with just a little more sophiscated Double Dash with more maps.
BTW, the last rainbow racing course is beautiful and the jazzy game soundtrack is awesome.
Fun yet Short
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-12

this game is fun to play when u first get it but the grand prix courses are easy and boring because only three exist and all the carts are the same and people say that the "best" characters are koopa and paratroopa but they are all the same even wario.
so wicked asume
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-12

I thought this game was really cool but the one thing I didn't think was that cool was the durable part because the game took up alot of my memorie card so I cant play it any more cause I dont have enough room on my memory cards

I don't like racing games.
by: gator_macready    On: 2004-12-11

So maybe I'm the wrong person to be doing a review. But they are all basically the same and while Double Dash looks pretty it does little to further the genre.

The graphics are, quite simply, gorgeous. Mario Kart Double Dash shows what the Gamecube is capable of with brilliant colors, wonderful landscapes and vivid race courses. The sound isn't up to much though. Sound effects are kind of generic and the music is hardly a standout.

Pretty much, if racing games are for you then Mario Kart Double Dash is essential if you have a Gamecube. I couldn't care less about this genre so I can gladly never play again, no matter how stunning it looks.
a fun game
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-10

in this game you get to pick 2 people to drive one car. or u can team up with a friend and drive the car together. race in all new courses with some new characters including: toad, toadette, boo, petty pirana, koopa, paratroopa, daisy, baby mario, baby luigi, and diddy.
speed equals really really fun game
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-10

this game is sooooooooo amazing and fun i cant explain it! I can only say hooooow much exiting and fun this game can be! i will recomend out of all games this one is the best the one of your dreams and the best game you can pick.
speed equals really really fun game
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-10

this game is sooooooooo amazing and fun i cant explain it! I can only say hooooow much exiting and fun this game can be! i will recomend out of all games this one is the best the one of your dreams and the best game you can pick.
A Cool Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-28

In this exiting game of memorys, this is doubled by all of the games in the world (other than this one) put together! You'll earn other cars to race egenst each other. And if that's not enough, race egenst your friends. What, not enough? Yep, still goin',if you're a beginer, and your friend is amazingly good,don't cry, just be in the same car as him. I'm making your hands want to play, aren't I? Well, sorry, and bye, ;-).
Very Entertaining...
by: majesticsock    On: 2004-11-27

This game is fun. It builds on the previous Mario Karts, MK64 and Super MK, to deliver an entertaining expierence. Most of the maps are long instead of short courses with many laps, you don't have to waste time picking up coins while the computer does not, and all the main characters are here (KOOPA TROOPA!) with some new ones as well. I like the addition of two people per Kart, and the many Karts available for driving. The graphics are also good. The game isn't as long as I would like it to be, it took a short amount of time to beat it compared to the previous two. But other than that, this game has evolved from the previous ones with good results.
Wow!! They've done it again....
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-24

I origanilly had mario kart 64 and that was great. But this is the same game only with five times the bells and whistles and the tracks on this game rock!! They're not terribly long but they are just right. Yes, I did pay 50 dollars for this game which is a little much for me, but if you find this game cheaper then I enthusiastically advise you to buy it. And that doesn't mean that I'm not advising it to you if the cheapest you can find it for is 50 because it's still a great buy. The only reason that this game isn't perfect is because you get bored of it after a while but I'm sure to play it again. So if you're thinking about getting this and you don't know weather or not to get it then I will solve you're problem for you. Get it!!
by: littledibby    On: 2004-11-19

I got this game for Christmas last year, and I'm STILL playing it! The fun never ends! (wow...) I love the "two-person-in-a-kart" feature and there are so many people to choose from! You can even win people to play with. The courses are fun and range from incredibly easy (Baby Park) to not that easy (Rainbow Road... according to my friends at least. I think it's not that hard.) The special courses are probably the best ones, so you have to work a little for the good stuff! Also, the other things you can do on this game are great too. The bob-omb blast is the BEST! Anyone can enjoy that.
Not Bad Just Different
by: ski_aex    On: 2004-11-15

I was a Kart-a-holic when it came to Mario Kart on the 64. I guess I was just too set in my ways when I first started playing this game. It is a great game, with quality levels, and fun new characters. However it is different. If you are one of those people that still dreams of the days when you would argue with friends about the distance from the television you had to sit in order to play Duck Hunt this one might not be for you.
A Must For The Holidays!
by: zuegma1977    On: 2004-11-13

I never had so much fun or never been so fustrated over this game! Get this game for the holidays yr kids will love it. Seriously, who actually uses the technique "double dashing"?
You can drive so fast and good!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-08

Man I put this game in and right away I drive so fast and good! I win some of them and then I get to not win as many but I still like to play the girls. My favorite part is when you be a baby. My worst favorite part is when the dinosaur steps on me and I get flat. when you play try to go down to play on the flower part but the mushroom part can be hard to beat sometime. You shoud play on the flower part. and play on for a bit and then maybe try the mushroom part. One time I find a car like a pipe!

by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-03

Let me just start off by saying that this is my first Mario Kart game. If all of the games in this sieries are this easy, then Nintendo needs to learn the meaning of CHALLENGE. I played this game for 1 week and beat it very easily. I mean, the racing part is pretty cool with all the hidden shourtcuts and traps, that part I liked. But it wasn't very exciting and the game as I said is way too easy. I reccomend this game for a seven or eight year old and this would be their first racing game. I also should say that I didn't think this game was worth the $50 at all. Should you get this game, WAIT UNTIL THE PRICE DROPS, TRUST ME!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-31

If you think Madden doesn't change, play this game. The one player competes with DOA for the title of most shallow. Where the hell is create-a-kart, a FULL career or something to give you something new to do. In terms of multiplayer, SO MUCH wasted potential. Where are the bots and level designs? Get diddy kong racing on the 64, trust me.
mario karts best racing game so far
by: yugifanx    On: 2004-10-29

this game is so cool you get new cars and new people and its so fun racing i like doing it i am really good mabe the best i no i can beat alot of ppl at this game this game is really fun as well i bet alot of kids that dont have it yet will like this game alot.
Totally Awsome
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-28

Mario Kart: Double Dash is so awsome!The pair I am the best with is Donkey Kong and Luigi on the DK Jumbo.I like this video game so much it is the only game I play.So buy this game TODAY!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-27

I bought this game about a month ago and it's great. I beat it like 4 times already because it's so FUN!! This game is one of the reasons why I bought my gamecube. You can unlock karts and much more. The battle mode is also very FUN! So if you have a gamecube, this game is a must have.

P.S. Toad and Koopa are the BEST team!!!

Best Racing Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-14

Mario Kart: Double Dash is an extraodinary game. It is is full of secrets to be unlocked as the game proceeds, along with the amzing characters.

One of the best features of the game is that you can cooperate with a friend/ sibling, and attempt to win the race together. There are also many new shortcuts to be found and a new array of race tracks. There is also a large assortment of items, including special items that can only be recieved through the character that you are currently playing.

Mario Kart:Double Dash is a must have for all Mario lovers. It brings back many of the old characters like Luigi and Peach along with newer ones, like Daisy and Waluigi. It is the best game for people who enjoy the thrill of racing.
by: joey606988    On: 2004-10-13

Dont even rent Mario Kart: Double Dash. It is really boring. All the Mario Karts are the same. Im sick of Mario. He should die already. Dont buy it.
mario kart double dash
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-11

it's a great game. I mean in Battle mode you can battle atop a giant cookie! If you save a ghost time you can race it. Every cup has a special trophy. And that's for starts, i don't want to give away too much. How do i know all this? I beat it all.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-09-07

Having played Mario Kart: 64, I had huge expections for the hopefully advanced Gamecube version. I was truely dissipointed.


- Very small. The tracks are very small. It takes less than 30 sec to compleate most races, most while Mario Krat: 64 races take me 2-7 minutes to compleate.

- The batteling is horrible. The batteling arena is very small, and the only enjoyable (Which saved this game from 1 star overall) batteling segment is where you throw bombs at each other.

- The replay isn't good. This game takes 1 hour to master for the average gamer to beat.

Basically, the major downfall of this game is that it is too small. In the N64 game we had fun, and sometimes long race tracks. Hopefully, Nintendo will improve...
Mario Kart - a step back
by: kidkrow    On: 2004-08-25

When i first heard about this game i was soooo excited about it. I love the n64 Kart and super circuit so i knew this game was gonna be good. Unfortunetly i was disappointed. The music is just not as good and the levels just aren't as good. Everything looks nice and the two person kart idea is nice, but one player gets old fast. Even battle mode just isnt as good. One good thing about the game is multiplayer race if you have access to 2 or more people who will play with you anytime then this is a buy. If you dont then its not even a rental
Double of fun!(..)
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-08-23

This game is a must have game. You need this.
game it is so much fun. I rate this gamein smarts 2
because it teaches you not to crash.
WARNING: Addiction is bad!
by: winonaryder    On: 2004-08-11

I agree with the kid that said this was "Hands down the best racing game ever!". It's more than a racing game, it's an all out road war. If the other racers don't get you the obstacles on each track will. Mushroom Kingdoms favorite foes like Goomba's, Piranha Plant's, Pokey's and many more are waiting around every turn. There are a number of weapons that you can put to use againist your opponents.. like turtle shells, bombs, banana peels, large spiked King Koopa shells, fire, explosive boxes and more. There are also mushrooms that give you that extra boost of speed that can sometimes help you win the race at the last minute. Not to mention the famous speed boosters that are on each track. The tracks are great, they're "Super Mario Sunshine" themed. I recommend that game highly as well. There are some tracks that are not "Sunshine" themed however. I recall one track that traffics regular and not-so regular vehicles, these cars and trucks will slow you down if you don't stay clear of them. I did notice some people say this game isn't much more advanced than "Mario Kart 64", don't believe such bologna. This game blows "Mario Kart 64" out of the water. Just in case you haven't played this yet, you may wanna know where the subtitle "Double Dash" comes from. That's simple you are able to choose two characters that race together. The combination is up to you. For instance you can team Mario with Bowser if you like, or you can be traditional and put the Mario Bros. together. My choice last time I played was Koopa and Wario. An odd team but that gives you an idea of your options. One character drives while the other is equip with an array of weapons (mentioned above), with the press of a button they are able to switch jobs. There are unlockable characters and tracks, but you do start off with a wide variety. Bottomline is, I really believe you won't find a better racing game. It's not Nascar and there's not a woman in a bikini that waves a checked flag, but I recommend it fully based on hundreds of hours in replay value, beautiful graphics, user friendly controls, and Nintendo's timeless characters that I always seem to fiend for more of. "MARIO KART DOUBLE DASH" IS A GREAT GAME TO ADD TO YOUR GAMECUBE INVENTORY. 100%
Too easy, but lots of fun!
by: anotherloser    On: 2004-08-06

This is a great follow up to Mario Kart 64, only it is a lot easier than Mario Kart 64. For all those people that said the game is hard...well you just are not good at the game and are not playing it right, anyone can beat this game, I beat this game entirely in about 4 days.

This game is best when played with a lot people, it's a lot of fun making people mad when you are really good and they are not! HAHAHAHAHA! PRACTICE YOU LOSERS!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-08-01

this game is truely awesome.It is a must buy for everyone evey thing is improved and buy far better than before.The only problems I had with this game was that some stages are too short and there should have been more unlockable levels.but besides these the game is excellent a true masterpiece.Thank you Nintendo
A really good game!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-07-30

Now before you read this and seriously consider it, know this: I have not played any other Mario Kart games besides this one, so I can't say anything comparing it to that. So, having said that, here we go!
This game is really fun. You can compete on several different levels. If you are a novice gamer, you can do 50 cc mode. Once you've mastered that, move on to 100 cc and 150 cc courses. If you're feeling confident, unlock Mirror Mode and the All-Cup Tour (same courses only CPU's are harder) and see if you can win the Parade Car!
That leads me to another thing. You unlock stuff after beating almost every cup. It gives you a sense of accomplishment even if you don't get very far.
Versus and Battle modes are pretty fun. Versus is good if you want less competition or you just want to play with your friends. Battle is a hectic, edge-of-your-seat mode that is really fun but doesn't help you unlock anything.
Some final pointers: You can always try to do the Grand Prix by yourself, but it does make it a little easier if you have another human player in the kart. (For one, bashing and another thing is easier mini-turbos). Now I don't know if this is just the best game ever or what, but on almost all other games I stink worse than... well, just imagine something that smells like B.O. mixed with stinky socks dipped on a skunks tail and you'll have it. But anyway, I have unlocked everything on this game, so I would strongly reccommend it to anyone who is looking for a good game to play this summer.
Great Sequel to the N64 Classic
by: quellebellereve    On: 2004-07-28

This game is so much fun. Being able to ride two players in one car and work as a team is a blast. The 150 CC does prove to be challenging. If you enjoyed the N64 version, you'll really love this one.
Mario's greatest game yet!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-07-25

This is really the best Mario game ever. If you like Mario Kart for Nintendo 64 or Gameboy then you have to have Mario Kart Double Dash. You get a whole bunch of people to choose from. There is a whole bunch of karts. There's old characters like Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Bowser. And there's new characters like Baby Luigi, Bowser Jr.,and Diddy Kong. Get this, they each have their own items to win with. The coolest thing is that when you win races you get new karts and characters. If you get this game eventually your whole family will be having fun with it.

P.S. Baby Luigi is the coolest!!!!!
one of the best racing games
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-07-24

This game is so much fun tht you can feel the chaos. Sure the game is challenging but that doesn't means you shoun't put it down it beats mickey speedway and other ripoffs. the multiplayer is so great that it it it's that you can't
Lan and internet is perfect.
my best player combanation is: toad and King boo every cup in 150cc,mirror mode,100cc,50cc.

Not a good game
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-07-24

I think anyone who is considering to buy this game should know this first.

This game doesnt break any new ground, neither graphics or sound fx. The duo tag-team option is new but not great. There are GC games out there, even kids games that look and sound a little better. Cel shading would have been nice. This game isn't.

The unreasonable difficulty towards the later parts is the main reason why this game fails when compared to Mario Kart 64.

1. It does not have the option to replay the course you failed in. Therefore you are forced to replay the entire cup of 4 courses. Although the game designers might have thought this would make it more difficult, yes it does make it more difficult but I think it's not a good move to piss off your consumers. Mario Kart 64 had the option to replay the course.

2. The computer karts can move faster than what is technically possible in this game. Therefore whoever you are handling will have a disadvantage against the computer. Their ability to turbo boost reminds me of the power of using game cheating devices except you, the human player is up against a bunch of cheaters controlled by a computer.

That is a major disadvantage and a turn-off. You either have to buy your own action replay or gameshark or use 4 controllers to control up to 4 karts of 8 characters leaving the rest to the computer, increasing the odds of you winning - but sadly that option is not available in this game. You can only control 2 karts up to 4 characters.

I think the game designers mistook " a difficult game" for " a great game". Granted that difficulty makes a game more challenging and replayable, Mario Kart: Double Dash is not MGS2 or Gran Turismo. There is no need to push the human players this hard. The winning point of this type of game is not in it's difficulty, it's in the simplicity and possibilities when playing this game. Game design is not all about making a game difficult by making the CPU more challenging.

We paid a bit of money to buy this game and we want something in return. If Nintendo is serious about being a key player in this market, it has to not only produce quality and variety games but also know what we want out of different genres of games. Because the Gamecube has much fewer games than the Sony PS2, each game is very important in deciding how the console will fare.

I know some will come to defend this game as a ground-breaking spectacle. That the criticisms are unfair. But think about it, this is really to help Nintendo improve. I recommend a rental to decide 4 urself. You will win and complete this game eventually but at the price of being pushed to fustration and having to replay the grand prix cups over and over again is just not consumer-friendly.

I hope that the next Mario Kart game will be a better game.
Good, but no Super Nintendo Mario Kart.
by: sporkdude    On: 2004-07-19

The Super Mario Kart of SNES days, despite the cartoonish nature of it, was perhaps the greatest racing game ever. In my time, it was a college dorm staple. The battles were just a medium for trash talking, the time trials were a measure of pure skill, and the races were a great combination of both. Very rarely does a game reward skill. When the N64 version came out, it came out with a collective, "ughh". While darn good looking, much of the skill was replaced by luck, and it just wasn't as fun.

Now the latest incantation is for the Gamecube. Sure, Nintendo is no longer the only major player in the video game market, but it still shines. This game still relies a lot on luck, and the power slide of yesteryears have been replaced by a useless unintuitive turn boost. The Super Nintendo version had different levels of characters, where the ultimate goal was to master the clunky but amazingly fast Bowser and Donkey Kong Jr. Now, even though there are more characters, the AI and lack of a power slide removes all motivation to switch from the lighter ones, reducing replayability. The battles are good though. I especially enjoy the bomb battles, but the lack of good levels severely limits the playability.

The worst part of the AI is what I like to call the "Colorado Rockies Pitchers" syndrome, where if you get hit once, you get hit over and over again. The second you get caught in the pack, it's over. It's very common to get hit once with a red shell, then before you start again, get hit by a start, a green shell, a red shell, and hit by lightning, throwing you into last place. It sucks.

With all its faults, it's still darn fun and is pretty easy to pass all the levels. Probably the best non-shooting multi-player game out there at this time.

Good looking.
Still fun.

Cheap AI.
The larger characters are not fun.
Needs more battle levels.
No power slide.

Double Dash is fun!!
by: kabobeater69    On: 2004-07-18

Mario Kart DD is a great game.

The gameplay and variety in it are pretty good but average...Cmon they could have done better with this game!
The graphics?...Great! So slick and smooth. Mario Kart Duble Dash is one GCN highest points of getting a gamecube.

You get a choice of a few classic Nintendo characters...I.E Mario characters. The level desighn is very good. I have to give Nintendo credit for some of there actions towards this game. Good job...If you like Double Dash then Get FZero GX...

Gamecubes DD is another Nintendo hit and not a miss.....Get this game..If you don't have it then what are you waiting for!

Overall 4/5..........

Thus a good game...although difficult @ some point
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-07-12

I'd like to first and foremost apologize for writing some emotional reviews about the CPU cheating. I have to admit that the game tends to become fustrating at the later stages.

Nonetheless, that doesn't mean this is a bad or average game. Nintendo first party titles have a usually high standard but as far as Mario Kart: Double Dash is concerned I'd recommend the following a) Go co-op, you stand a better chance b) Learn to manage your anger when you don't get the gold cup.

Anyway, enjoy this classic karting game we all know and appreciate since the SNES days. We all know there isn't much like them around anymore.

If you like the original...
by: thc-1138    On: 2004-07-08

Back in college, my friends and I would spend hours upon hours playing Mario Kart 64 on the Nintendo 64 system. There is no feeling like shelling your best friend 5 seconds before the race is over, passing him (or her), and then winning the race. In my opinion, and definitely in my apartment, that was the first real party game for consoles.

And, as the saying goes, if it ain't broke, then don't fix it. Thankfuly that is exactly what Nintendo did with Double Dash. The look and feel of the original are still here (with upgraded graphics, of course), and the gameplay is the same, too; the main difference being an additional driver/rider on each vehicle, allowing you to hold twice as many items.

I must say, I like the new tracks that were made for this. Some are variations on previous tracks, such as Wario Stadium, and some are just brand new. The extra tracks that you have to unlock remind me of F-Zero, another great racing game for Nintendo.

Someone pointed out in another review that when you race on the 150cc level, it seems like the computer cheats. This was also the case in Mario Kart 64 (I only played the original SNES Mario KArt once, so I can't say how that one was). However, 150cc is supposed to be the hardest level, and if the computer didn't "cheat", it wouldn't be too difficult. And, once you have been playing this for a while, youll relize that the computer isn't actualy cheating, but is just more skilled than you are. One example of this is the turbo boost manuever. I don't know how to do it, but you can make your Kart perform a boost by some combination of slide-turning and joystick wiggling. The computer uses this tactic at the 150cc level, so if you don't know that trick, then it will seem like the computer has an advantage that you don't. All I can say is keep playing, and you'll learn how to beat the computer.

This game has great replay value, especially if you have four controllers and at least three friends (preferably more) to play with. And, guys, if your girlfriend doesn't normally appreciate video games, I've found this one is appealing to both sexes. It's a great way to get her hooked on video games.

It is double the fun...Double Dashing!!!
by: ninjallama    On: 2004-07-07

This game is really fun!!! You can do Time Trial races, you can multiplayer racing, one player racing and racing with ghost characters! It really cool. You earn new kinds of cups like the Special Cup to race in. You also earn different cars depending what king of medals you get in the Grand Prix. There are different levels like the 50 cc, the 100cc and the 150 cc. 150 cc is really hard. I especially like this game because if you are tired of racing and want to play something else, in the game, you can do battle mode. Battle Mode is where you try and beat your opponent by doing the mini-games that they have.


Graphics: 5 stars
Action : 4.8 stars
Boringness: 1.1 stars

by: Anonymous    On: 2004-07-03

I was wrong to have said that the CPU cheats.

I know it was my fault cos I'm just lousy @ racing games.

It was my fault that I was denied first placing because the CPU controlled opponents were always faster than my lightweight kart EVEN THOUGH their heavyweight karts had slower acceleration

It as my fault that even as I was almost to the first place, two or more karts will 'suddenly' appear from behind and cause me to fall to 4th or 5th place. I put that down to not pressing the 'A' button hard enough as the CPU must have applied 0.00000000001% more pressure than I did. Oh well.

This is a great game that you should buy with a gameshark so as to activate the TURBO INFINITY+INVINCIBILITY+ALL CPU KARTS SLOW DOWN 90% code so as to complement the truly excellent policy of competition that the CPU shows throughout the game;save for 50cc- but does 50cc really prove anything?

MK double dash
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-07-02

I love it because it is fun and challenging. I also like you can play more than one player so that me and my brother can play at the same time. We've borrowed this game and I want to get it.
cheats, cheats, cheats, period.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-07-02

I'm going to start this review by expressing my displeasure again. I repeat- this game is F-U-N but it is a huge stinker for the fact that the CPU cheats like crazy. JUST TRY PLAYING 150cc- even with the Toad/Toadette combo (one of the best and fastest karters in the game) - IT SURE FEELS LIKE THE GAME WAS PRIMARILY DESIGNED TO MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE A LOSER.

I mean, just for an example, put the HEAVIEST opponents i.e. Bowser and Donkey Kong into the SLOWEST and BULKIEST kart and then LET THE CPU CONTROL THEM and guess what?! They will still win and DENY YOU the No.1 placing.

No matter what you hit them with - red shells, bombs, blue shells, a supernova explosion, and they just slow down for LIKE ONE second and resume their HYPERKINETIC TURBO rush to the finish while you ARE BOMBARDED with the nuclear missiles and hydrogen bombs of the other CPU karts that will ENSURE your lousy placing unless you HAVE SUPERHUMAN reflexes, maybe and that's a BIG m-a-y-b-e you might

And what's with the no-retry feature of this game? AREN'T WE SUPPOSED TO BE ABLE TO RETRY THE COURSE IF WE ARE NOT SATISFIED with the placing?

Hey, I mean this IS THE GAMECUBE RACING GAME from NINTENDO. It's supposed to be better than great. I only wish Nintendo would listen to that tiny voice telling them - PLEASE MAKE IT PLAY FAIR.

Good, but...
by: catmark1    On: 2004-06-30

First off this is a Pretty fun game to play. At first I didnt like the idea of two characters riding in one kart but once I played my mind changed quickly. There are now different karts to chose from depending on waht characters you pick. The reason I gave it a 4 instead of a 5 is because I thought the courses could have been better. The ones in MArio Kart 64 are better in my opinion, but there are still some pretty cool ones. Also if you beat all the cups on 150cc you can unlock a cup with all the races in it. So I would say get this game because it is fun and you will play it a lot.
Good multiplayer and singleplayer.
by: byouells    On: 2004-06-29

This game is alot of fun even after playing it several months.

The battle mode is good but lacks depth severely. The only good level is Luigi's Mansion and the others are just okay. Why they couldn't make more levels is beyond me.

The tournament is very fun, both single and multiplayer. I really like all of the levels, and finding shortcuts and mastering all the turns is very fun. Mirror-Mode definately adds to the challange but I don't understand why they don't have a more difficult CPU setting - a single-player game is dead easy even at 150cc.

Music and sound effects are awesome. I find myself whistleing along to it all the time, and certain shouts from the characters just crank me up like crazy. I'm not sure why. I'm 21 years old and very much a jaded video gamer, but this game has been one of the very few that has kept my faith about good fun games that really draw one in.

CPU cheats, yes it does
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-06-29

I don't know which game cheatin devices the 'gamer from conneticut' uses to override the CPU's ability to inspire enormously difficult races from the 100cc mode onwards, thanks in no part to the CPU's NO 1 KART ABILITY TO MOVE BEYOND THE SPEED OF LIGHT even after being hit with EVERYTHING YOU GOT.

Maybe I suck at racing games, or maybe it's 'cause I can't press 'A'button. But then again maybe it's cause someone dreamt they won at Mario Kart: DD and got all the gold medals and then turned on to reality and realized that the CPU still cheats and they decide (that) daydreaming is better...

the cpu doesnt cheat
by: bigsickdog    On: 2004-06-27

what are u talking about if anything the cpu is too easy i beat this game in less than a week its so simple, u just either suck at racing games or cant figure out how press A. mario kart double dash is a great game to me, the only fault is it could of been more difficult because after u get gold on everything the only fun is racing ur friends but dont get me wronng that never does get old
CPU is the master cheater
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-06-24

Let me give an objective review of this game. This game isn't not fun; that's why it got 4 stars for fun. But here's the REAL DEAL - I'm giving it a ZERO for SATISFACTION. I just hope the people who made this game weren't behind the EXPONENTIALLY BETTER Mario Kart 64.

What's the problem? Well, Mario Kart: DD is the MOTHER OF ALL CHEATERS from 100CC onwards. It doesn't matter whether you MASTERED powersliding, doesn't matter how fast your reflexes are, 'cause that AIN'T GONNA GET YOU ANYWHERE near the GOLD CUP. It's an impossible dream.

The CPU cheats by giving itself massive turbo boosts (so anything you throw at them won't slow them as much as they slow you), they have all the best weapons while you get BANANA SKINS and hmm...the incredibly inaccurate GREEN SHELLS versus THEIR RED SHELLS/BOMBS/CHAIN CHOMPS/STARMAN/etc... and the CPU g-u-r-a-n-t-e-e-s it's first place kart will REMAIN first place by using all the other 6 CPU karts to THRASH YOU REAL GOOD. So let's see everyone else is JUST THERE TO SABOTAGE your race so the CPU gurantees you will never see the gold cup in your lifetime from 100CC onwards.

Maybe I'm a lousy player but i think THERE'S A DIFFERENCE BETWEEM A DIFFICULT GAME AND ONE THAT CHEATS. CPU Cheating is just plain lazy way of making the game difficult.

Having said that, TO BE OBJECTIVE- the game is fun to a certain degree, and it has an innovative feature; the dual players per kart;it plays fast and looks bright and pleasing to the eye.

My advice to Nintendo. JUST make the game play fair (yes that means TAKING AWAY the ridiculous CPU turbo boosts) and PUT BACK the replay the course feature - when you didnt make the top 3.
This could have been a great, great game.

riding shotgun
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-06-22

this game rocks! I ONLEY GOT TO PLAY it for 10 minutes because somethig is wrong with my gamecube but like u care anyway this is better then the 64 verson so buy it if you like racing games
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-06-21

this game is so fun and cool! amazing graphics and sounds! if you own game cubve, you must get this game! it is incredibly fun!
by: 2xmom    On: 2004-06-15

This game is incredibly fun! You get to be 2 characters in any combination (Mario and Baby Bowser or King Boo and Luigi, you know.) I particularly like these sort of games because not only can you run into boxes and get the classic shells, banannas, and mushrooms but now you can get giant banannas, chain chomps, bombs and more!

There are some classic courses like Mario circuit and there are some new ones like Waluigi stadium. In addition there are 2 new battle modes: Shine Thief and Bob-omb blast, a classic as some of you know is, the BALLOON BATTLE!!!

Choose your characters wisely, for they will affect which car you get and your rating for speed and acceleration...

You should really get this game, I'm obsessed with STAR WARS and I still love this game! The graphics are perfect and the sound is superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's the best out of all racing games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so so
by: best_shop1988    On: 2004-06-14

This game is fun for the first hour, but has only a few tracks and gets boring. Maybe on multiplayer is more fun.
My 8 year old novice gamer loves it.
by: amazonjohnny    On: 2004-05-27

This review is from an 8 year old's point of view.
First my son loves picking his own characters. Each character has its own special feature. Baby Mario has the Super Chomp Chomp, Donkey Kong has the Super Banana Peal, etc.
Depending on the characters you have several carts to choose from. Then you have 10 cources to choose from.
This game has stayed new and fun to him because of all these choices.
The multi-player mode works great. This is a game that up to 4 kids can play at the same time so you don't have to hear, "HE'S NOT SHARING".
I must say there is one game I enjoy playing with him. Most games I could care less about but with this one we have fun together.
So from an eight-year-old novice gamer. He loves every bit of it.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-05-24

I got this game it rocks you can race more then 10 reguler courses and there are unlockable things . You can Battle too! Overall Excellent game
OK, but the SNES version was probably the hardest....
by: classicvideos2k    On: 2004-05-18

This game is OK, but is highly overrated if it gets 4-5 stars!! It's extremely easy, I beat it very quickly with little practice. The play is exactly like the N64 version. The extra characters is nice, but you still have the same crap of 8 drivers competing. They should go back to the drawing board. By the way, you can only get a maximum lead on everyone, then the CPU boasts their speed. Don't waste your money, or buy it from someone on eBay really cheap.
by: kthorpe5    On: 2004-05-15

ok, i wanted to like this game. i almost liked it for about 1 minute, and then it got sooooo boring. i was ready to return it after 5 minutes. PLEASE dont get this game if you dont like boredom.
Very enjoyable
by: jasontrane    On: 2004-05-13

This game is great to play with friends, it's very fun, especially when you team up with a friend against 2 other friends, the single player mode is also a lot of fun, a lot to complete, including Mirror-mode, which is after you beat everything else, you'll have to beat everything driving the tracks backwards. A few unlockable characters to be won also. Pick it up today!, if you're a parent looking for a fun game for your kid(s) this is the game!
A Huge Disappointment
by: als332    On: 2004-05-10

Being a huge fan of the Super Nintendo and N64 versions I was sure to reserve a copy of this game when it came out.

However, I soon discovered that while the tracks, graphics, and extras are great, the controls and driving engine are TERRIBLE.

Racers familiar to the N64 version will feel like they are driving a school bus on ice when playing this game. The system of power sliding is completely ruined.

Definitely rent this game first, and if you must buy it, at least do yourself a favor and play the N64 version so that you know what you're missing.

best kart game i've played
by: mert62    On: 2004-05-09

this game's multiplayer mode is just as good as it's inidividual mode. this is the best gamecube game i've played not to mention i've always been a mario kart fan. i loved all of the courses and the fact that you can add a partner is bloody brilliant. i honestly didn't think i'd like this game as much as a did. it separates itself from mario kart 64 but it still stays true to what mario kart is about. once you beat a cup you win a new kart. the fact that you can even choose different karts... i am amazed at the brillance of this game! if i were you and i wanted a great multiplayer game i'd go out and buy this game now.
Fun, Fast and Awesome
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-05-05

Mario Kart Double Dash is much more fun then the old version of Super Mario Kart. With the old version you have but one driver, the new one you have two. You also get to 'switch' drivers while you are driver. But watch some courses has the chompers!!!! (Big black balls who chomp you and try to throw you of course) This game is fun for all ages. If your a fan of Mario and Lugi and the rest of their friends this is a must game. You will also meet "baby mario and baby lugi" This game I give two thumbs up!!!!!
Dang this game rocks!
by: ken17    On: 2004-05-04

I Love this game so Much!So Many characters,items,specials'courses,and mini games!Lan Mode is so cool!8-16 people playing at the same time!Hot Dang!Buy this game!
un-underratable! IT ROCKS,MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-05-01

In multiplayer two players a kart and moreeeee.........CHAOS!!!!!!!!!(...) This game is utimatly fun. buy it. There is a Nintendo Gamecube level in battle mode,you can make character combinations to be on the kart. SOUNDS GOOD TO ME HOW ABOUT YOU?
an improvement. don't rent it, buy it!!!!!!(...)
cool game, do not underrate
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-05-01

This game is a whole new improvement to the series. you don't have two racers a kart in any racing series, do you?
Great game but could be alot better!!!!!
by: jbrockfan    On: 2004-04-27

I like the cast of characters, but they could have included characters like Kirby, Dixie Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., and others whitch would be awesome!!! I wish they wouldn't have made Kirby Air Ride because Kirby would have been better on Mario Kart: Double Dash. But this game is great non the less, The tracks are short, thier isn't very many either just 12, and There arn't that many weapons!!!! I give this game 4 Stars!!!
Best Racing Game Of All Time, Simply Put
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-04-24

I dont know how anyone in the world could give this game anything less than a perfect score as its just as fun as a racing game can be. It is just as fun as the original, as a matter of fact it it even better. Tied with best game of the year for me with Zelda windwaker and Viewtiful Joe. Go Get iitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's pretty fun, but nothing new.
by: jrabbit68    On: 2004-04-23

Mario Kart has gone through so many transformations and so many consoles, that they're all looking pretty much the same. The difference is that you get to choose two characters, and each car has a different attribute.
Overall, it is a very fun game, and the cartoony graphics (Nintendo trademarks!) are very fluid and clear. Kids, teens, and young adults would enjoy this game a lot. This would be a fun game to play, but I'd say you should only pay $40 for it.
Uno de los mejores Juegos para 4 Jugadores y de competencia
by: frankbb69    On: 2004-04-22

Este es uno de los mejores juegos de competencia en carros, sobretodo por lo divertido que es cuando estas compitiendo con cuatro y 8 personas la verdad es uno de los mejores juegos gandayas que puedes jugar con tus amigos.
5 Reasons why this game is great:
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-04-22

1.It's multiplayer so no waiting for your turn.
2.Unique Levels so you don't get sick of the same thing over and over again.
3.Lots of characters and cars to choose from. (yeah again for variety)
4.You can earn even more levels and characters so it doesn't get old quick.
5.You can mix match your teams so it's not just Mario and Luigi ride together ect, you can have Donkey Kong & Yoshi while riding in Bowsers car.

Very fun game hours of playing time.
by: xmentalmoosex    On: 2004-04-21

This game is one of the best GCN games ever made. Never have i had so much fun playing a game since i played The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker or Super Smash Bros. Melee. This is a must have game for any one and everyone who has a gamecube.

The grafics are some of the best I've ever seen and the gameplay is awsome. It is the best party game. I play it all the time with my friends. You will not get bored playing this game.
It's OK for about 3 days
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-04-20

Its cool for a while,but than it toooooooooooooooooooo hard.
The Best Game I've Ever Played
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-04-18

This is the best game I've ever played on Gamecube in my entire life. The graphics were good. It is an awesome game that is very very fun. You get to play with over 10 opponents and lots of cars for two people. I especially liked how baby Mario and baby Luigi have a crib cart! The tracks are awesome, me and my little sister (6) love it! If I could go past five stars I would go to 100!
This is one of the best games ever you should buy it now!
by: hondaelement1955    On: 2004-04-18

I got this game at Christmas and I loved it.I think who ever likes Mario or Racing you should definitly buy this game.My friends and I have a blast.I almost play this game every day.I would even buy the game for 100 dollars it is that good.So I really think you would have a blast like me.
Everyone loves this game.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-04-17

As a kid I played the original Mario Kart with my sisters and parents on Saturday mornings and had a great time. The latest version is just as much fun for everyone. I have played this game with my boyfriend (age: 25), my sister (22), friends who are female and usually would not touch a video game (22, 24, 22), my mother (46), and all of my nephews (4,5,6). Every single one of these people had such a good time that they didn't want to stop playing. Games like this show exactly why Nintendo is the best option for people looking to buy systems that are not all about macho games or for their kids.
by: mental_freak    On: 2004-04-07

brilliant game, although it gets a bit repetitive towards the end, with mirror mode ans all star cup
Looks can be deceiving- stick with the N64 version
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-04-06

Personally, I thought that since Mario Kart 64 was a great game, that this would be even better. Big mistake. Although this game did offer some improvements (new drivers, better graphics, play with more players, etc.), this game was mostly a dissapointment for me. The game could've easily be renamed as "Super Mario Sunshine Kart", as this game seemed to center around that game. I hoped for a wider variety of courses (I swear over half of them are on or near a beach), but the scenery had to be amazing, I admit. Also, the Karts are harder to control (it starts turning a second after you've already pressed the control stick), but I like how there is a specially-themed kart for each driver. I still like the items, but it is nearly impossibe to control the same kart at the same time with two people unless you can think the same thoughts as your partner through telepathy or something. This could've been a great game, but there were too many changes. For true Mario Kart action, stick with Mario Kart 64, and older gamers who desire more speed should go with F-Zero GX. Play at your own risk.
MKDD may look the same as MK but it isn't
by: rabbitandfriend    On: 2004-04-03

Ok maybe it is a little close but it is sooo much fun. You play with two people one driving one hitting people. When you have two players on one kart it is awesome. I wish I could play it all night
Best Racing Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-03-28

Get this game if you want a racing game and you like Mario games! This is a very fun game that is better than the old Mario Kart for N64. There are a lot of different levels to race on.
I've Already Played This Game . . .
by: artemicion    On: 2004-03-26

. . . on the Nintendo 64.
- Is there $50 worth of additions? No.
- Is there $50 worth of better graphics? No.
- Is there $50 worth of new characters? No.
- Is there $50 worth of new gameplay? No.
- Is two characters in one cart worth $50? No.
- Is GC broadband compatibility worth $50? No.

Face it, this game is not a sequel, it's an expansion pack. Moreover, single player is no fun at all. Has our society become so blind that we spend money on games that WE ALREADY HAVE all the while there are people in other countries who are STARVING? I mean, give me a break, donate $50 to a worthwhile charity and play the N64 version for crying out loud.

mario kart
by: matt_clough---mohi    On: 2004-03-25

first of if u have read any of the other reviews nocking this game dont listen.they say the ai is hard?that it takes 200 hours to unlock everthing?on the contery, the ai is unfortunately a bit to easy and its too easy to unlock everything.BUT this game was made for multiplayer and its the best multiplayer game available on the ' just have to practice.if you and your mates are fairly similar in ability on this game, the ai is more of an anoyance, as you and your mate battle it out with seconds to go and the a computer lobs a blue shell just as your mate hits a bannana.he recovers more quickly and takes the checkered flag.this kind of thing is a regualar ocurance in this game and thats what makes it great................................Matt Clough
Great game and YOU CAN PLAY ONLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: qualos    On: 2004-03-24

Ok people, this game is A LOT OF FUN! It's true that the battle modes aren't as good as previous versions, but it is still a favorite, especially when you have friends over. This game transcends gender and age. Now for the good stuff.. you CAN PLAY Mario Kart : Double Dash!! online! Check out WARP PIPE - a free software that you install on your computer, allowing you to play people online. This is done by creating a WAN (Wide Area Network), which basically tricks the GameCube into thinking your opponent is on a LAN. I can personally vouch that it's awesome! That should take care of one of the negatives to this game.

Way too much AI.
by: lostsheep1    On: 2004-03-23

Don't get me wrong, this game is fun, but they tried to put way too much dynamic content into a game that was never intended to be a racing simulator. That was one of the best parts of the old versions of Mario Kart, you could choose whatever characters you wanted and still be competative (within reason). In this, you have to choose two drivers, plus a kart.

Aside from that, the AI in 150cc is rediculously hard, to the point that it's no longer about driving skill but luck in weapons and computer drivers' errors.

Multiplayer is ok, but once again, the boards seem to require far too much strategy than simple entertainment factor. Personally, I still plug in my N64 when people want to play multiplayer Mario Kart.

Pure Fun.
by: jpturner    On: 2004-03-23

This game keeps our entire family entertained. The courses are fun, and we enjoy playing as family teams now that you can double up two players to a Kart. This is why you bought your Gamecube - a quality Nintendo title that is FUN, not a blood and guts fest. Really top notch controls and graphics, like playing a cartoon.
by: endobiotic_chaos    On: 2004-03-21

There's really nothing wrong with this game, except for the fact that it sucks. Actually, by itself it's not too bad, until you compare it with it's predecessors. It's worse than Mario Kart 64, in so many ways. The worst is, the tracks are just plain to small. That takes a lot of the fun out of multiplayer, which is pretty significant since that's what the game is really designed for. Another major problem is the level of difficulty on the single player coupled with all the junk you need to unlock. Most of us don't have the time to spend 200 hours unlocking stuff, and yet we want it unlocked to use in multiplayer. I'm by no means a novice to racing games. I've spent many, many hours on MK64, as well as all of the Need for Speed series - I beat Porsche Unleashed quite a few times and Underground once (a game which, by the way, is even more pathetic). But I finally gave up trying to unlock the stuff on Double Dash after nearly driving myself mad. Another major problem is the changes they made to how the items work. They should have left the items the way they were on 64. Sliding on a banana peel makes sense, but crashing into one?! WTH?? That's just so lame, and the red and green shells are pathetic. And while Double Dash does have slightly better graphics, the difference is not significant. That's because with game consoles, the TV screen is the limiting factor, not the console.

In summary, if I had tested this game before buying, it would still be at the store. I have to give Mario Kart 64 a significantly higher fun factor.

Get this game if you're smart:
by: surin_mospeed    On: 2004-03-16

I am a 16 year old video gamer from St.Croix U.S. Virgin Islands. I currently own a GameCube. When I first played Mario Kart Double Dash, I was enthusiastic. This version was even better than the two previous ones. I liked Mario Kart Super Circuit for both the Super Nintendo and Gameboy Advance, as well as Mario Kart 64 for the Nintendo 64. So you know if I enjoyed those so much, I must like this version 10 times greater!!!

Get this game if you're smart. It's worth the cost. You won't be disappointed.

by: Anonymous    On: 2004-03-10

I dont have this game...yet but I played it at a friends house and it was so much fun and I have to say way much better then the original Mario kart. I would surely reccomend this game to anyone who likes fun and racing. Im gonna have to buy this game myself.
very very fun
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-03-08

I think this game was very fun. I love how you can play with lots of players and it's perfect at a party. I've only played it a couple times but I still think it is a great game.
mdd is the way to go.
by: kocon49    On: 2004-03-06

When bordem strikes and there's "nothing" to do, this the the game to do make that nothing somthing. Gameplay is vayiayed depending on the skill of the players and the amount so when you have 4 players skilled or 8 skilled players [with LAN] then the gameplay is quick and fun. Although it was not as fun as the mario raceing game for the n64, there are many unlockable things so you will be playing until your thunbs fall off. The best part is the multiplayer battles. There sveral modes but the same stages for all three modes. I would give this game 5 stars out of 5 stars because there is always a race to win or a game to play.
Fast non-stop cooperative action
by: kaureq    On: 2004-03-03

The game is the best action/racing game ever, forget about need for speed underground, This game is truly fast and furious
More fun then a game should be allowed to have...
by: frootloops16    On: 2004-03-02

This is by far the best Mario Kart game. The SNES version was great (it was a revolutionary game at that time) and the N64's version was okay (some of the tracks just seem to go on way too long) but this combines both. The tracks are laid out perfectly, the races are never too long, and I am amazed at how well they incorporated every little Mario detail. The graphics are amazing (duh, it's a GameCube game), the animation of all the characters is is flawless and even sometimes very amusing. The single player mode is great, but the multiplayer options are fantastic! Whoever thought of having two players control one kart is a genius! But what I think is one of the best things about the game is the sound. Oh my, the music is just pumping and matches every track superbly. And the addition of all the character's voices is just more then pleasing to hear. This is just one heck of a game.
Game of the Year: 2003
by: ajnrules    On: 2004-02-26

Utter the words "Mario Kart" in a group of gamers, and you are likely to receive a reaction that can best be described as "awe." Why not? Mario Kart made appearances on three Nintendo since 1992, and each time they had been among the premiere games of their respective consoles. In 2003, Nintendo finally comes out with the Gamecube version of the legendary kart-racing series: Mario Kart: Double Dash!! And once again, Nintendo has a winner on their hands.
Veterans of the Mario Kart series would feel right at home with the new Mario Kart game. The controls are generally the same. Even those new to Mario Kart would have no problems adapting to them. The biggest change to the Mario Kart formula is the appearance of what I call the "buddy system." Now, instead of one racer controlling the driving, you've got one person manning the wheel and another dropping the items. However, there's no difference whom you have driving and whom you have dropping. Unless you're playing Co-Op (more on that later), all you have to do is press Z and the characters would switch places. The only advantage this new system has is that it allows you to store items for later use.
Another important addition to the game with the addition of the extra racer is the appearance of a new Co-Op mode. Now two players can combine to control one kart. One player drives while the other takes care of the items. One person Drifts while the other person does the Turbo. It may seem difficult to coordinate between two players, but the execution is quite excellent.
All the various driving techniques make their reappearances in Double Dash!! Mini-Turbo Boosts are back and easier to perform. Boosts off the starting line are also back. The jump is gone, but seriously. Can you jump on a go-kart? The options in Double Dash contain old classics and new features. As was expected, Grand Prix, Versus, and Battle are back and better than ever.
Unlike Mario Kart 64, which is easy to jump right into 150cc Grand Prix and capture first, or Mario Kart: Super Circuit, which has an astonishing jump in difficulty between 100cc and 150cc, Double Dash eases you into the Grand Prix. Gone are the days where the AI catches up almost immediately after you take care of them. Now you can easily build up a 10-second lead, or find yourself 10 seconds behind the computer. The former is the case in 50cc, which is easier than a walk in the park. The latter describes 150cc, which often become bitter battles for first place.
For the first time ever, Double Dash features an All Cup Tour, which is an intense, 16-course marathon Grand Prix with all of the courses. This is just one of many unlockables present in the game. Other important unlockables include Special Cup, Mirror Mode, and two secret Battle stages.
Of course, the most important aspect of Mario Kart is the courses. A kart racing game with bad courses are no fun to play. Thankfully, we don't have anything to worry about. The geniuses have supplied us with some of the most enjoyable courses ever to hit a racing game. Sure, there are some duds, but courses like D.K. Mountain are just pure delight.
The problem comes with the Battle courses, which are excellent in their own right, but just seems like of lacking when compared to the courses of the past. (Tilt-a-Kart is cool, though.) The addition of two new battle modes makes up for the state of the courses. Shine Thief is like Oddball in Halo. There is a Shine on the course, and one player must take control of it for a combined 60 seconds. Bob-Omb Blast is just insane. Players chuck Bob-Ombs at each other for points. You gain a point if you hit somebody, and you lose a point if you get blown up. And for the traditionalists, there¡¦s the Balloon Match.
While Nintendo refused to supply Mario Kart with online play, it does make use of the broadband adapter in LAN mode. It may be rather costly to connect to LAN, as two Gamecubes, two broadband adapters, and two copies of the game are needed in addition to a standard network cable. However, nothing can top the joys of 8-player Mario Kart, even the lack of a player-select.
Graphically, the game is very similar to Super Mario Sunshine. The character models are detailed, and everything seems to have a sort of glossy, cel-shaded look. The game certainly is no Metroid Prime or even The Wind Waker in terms of graphics, but the visuals are definitely no slouch.
The music of this game doesn't seem to be as good as the music in Mario Kart 64. However, they do fit the racing mood very well, and some of them are rather catchy. And it¡¦s always great to hear the Mario Kart 64 Rainbow Road theme pop up in Double Dash. Sound Effects is where the game excels. There are 22 characters, and each of them has their own distinct voice samples. Even Daisy's "Hi! I'm Daisy!" line has its charms. The screeches of the karts are present but virtually unnoticeable in the heat of the race.
All in all, Mario Kart: Double Dash may not be an epic to the scale of The Wind Waker or Prince of Persia, but with the best replay value in gaming since Super Smash Bros. Melee in 2001, Double Dash may very well be the best Gamecube game of 2003. It's never fun to fall from first to fourth following a cavalcade of shells, but you'll still find yourself wanting to play some more. Now that's power.
Mario Kart is back for Gamecube!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-02-22

I do not know where to start. Well, this game is awesome and gameplay: A+ charecters: mario luigi walugi donkey kong and much more. 2 charecters per kart and on the go!
graphics A+ Graphics and levels are Awesome.
So buy this game no matter how many bad rewivs you read.Looking for a good racing game? Buy mario kart double dash!!!! This game is a must Buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Impressive gameplay good graphics
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-02-22

Super Mario Kart Doulbe Dash is a very fun and entertaining game but can only be enjoyed fully with the multiplayer modes. When I first saw the game in a local electronic store I was somewhat dissapointed with the graphics. But after playing the game for a while they slowly began to grow on me. The number of characters to choose from from the start is pretty big. These characters include most of the staples from the older games on some suprises like the character birdo who appeared only in super mariio 2 for the nes. Though most of the charaters are welcome to the game some of them are a little to much like the baby marios for instance. We already have good mario and luigi and evil mario and luigi but now baby versions of the same character. Perhaps they could have added some different lesser known characters like birdo rather than bombarding us with the differt version of mario and luigi. Despite this most of the characters are enjoyable and welcome addition to the game. As far as gameplay goes this game is great. Being able to dodge a shoot turtle shells at your appoinents is a fun and original aspect of the game. Not only can you pick up shells but a variety of other items to help you through the race including special items that are different for each set of characters. Beating the entire game was somewhat harder than I expected. In order to win you have to beat all the cups while winning new characters and new carts to help you along the way. Then, once you place first in all the cups by coming in first place in standings , you must go all the way back and play each cup in a row to unlock the mirror world which is each course reversed. This game can provide hours of fun entertainment and goes to show you that all games don't have to be Mature in rating to be fun.
Best racing game on Gamecube.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-02-21

This game is great! To start with, the courses are original and exciting, while offering a varied difficulty level. The graphics, for a Mario game, are suberb. The music is great, if sometimes a small bit repetive. The 1 player mode is extremely fun ranging from the super-easy Mario Circuit to the extremely hard rainbow road.However, this game shines in multiplayer, where you can play cooperatively with a second person or go head to head. Battle mode is a blast, if not the best mode in the game, but again the tracks there are original and cater to battling. The controls are also very responsiv and well layed out. There isn't one major problem with this game. Buy it, you won't regret it.
Grade: 10/10
Mario Kart - One of The Best Games Ever!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-02-20

If you have £30-40 burning a hole in your pocket + you have a Gamecube, and you are looking for a great game for your Gamecube, then buy Mario Kart! It certainly is worth your money. Why? Well, it offers fun, non-serious racing, even if you lose, you'll be laughing, it's hilarious. Plus four controllers means more people can play, ( There is also LAN link-up) and this is one fun party game, where you and your friends can race against each other, and make teams. Nintendo have also cleverly added karts that hold two racers, so you can take a friend ( or a sibling) onto the tracks, in the hope of winning the races! Yes, one player drives, and the other throws items, helps with drifts, steals items and attacks other players. The tracks are excellent- drive through Bowser's castle, or even on the stunning Rainbow Road, to try and win yourself a cup, more characters, more karts, and more stages for battle mode(battle your friends in different ways!).
However, don't think that the races aren't that serious. You will be racing serious races here, but if you're the ' Burnout' kind of racer, you'll want more speed and more panic, and more pressure. But to other racers, and even plain fans of Nintendo, this fun and frantic game is an excellent choice and there's enough races and action to keep you going for months.
Mario Kart: Double Dash Review
by: ericcorgi    On: 2004-02-18

Mario Kart Double Dash is such a good game until you beat it. I love the way the courses, charaters and karts are so detailed. I was was playing it so much until I beat it. Now, I'm so bored with it, that in Time Trial I do the courses backwards! It's so boring! So if you're one of those people who beat games quickly (not that that's a bad thing) , I don't highly recomend this game to you.
So Fun!@#$%^&*()_+
by: tborgion2    On: 2004-02-16

Great Multiplayer Game
by: big_erk    On: 2004-02-15

Gather your friends and family around for a great time with this game.
Another Classic
by: kwazyniak    On: 2004-02-11

This game is very solid. Following up the previous titles in this series is a hard thing to do, but Nintendo did a pretty good job.

The graphics aren't as detailed as I would have expected, but the framerate is always constant and the game never experiences any slowdown, even with four players.

It is a little more challenging than the MK 64, but that's because the weapon system is extremely biased towards racers in lower positions. If you're in first, all you get is bananas, green shells, and fake blocks.

The multiplayer is pretty good. The layouts of the levels aren't as good as the ones in Mario Kart 64, but there are now 6 to choose from (after you unlock the last 2). There are also more modes besides just popping the baloons like a type of capture the flag, bobomb blast and a few others.

The idea to put 2 people on one kart is also new. Still not sure if it was better this way or not, but it adds to the multiplayer options because you can have one person driving and another person using weapons. There are also a lot of characters to choose from, and you can choose your own kart for them and unlock some new ones.

Overall, I would give the game 8 out of 10. It takes a while to unlock everything and you'll have hours of fun playing it with your friends. Also, if you get the broadband modem for it you can download software from a third party developer (Warp Pipe) and play people online.

Much better than I expected
by: amisfitsfan    On: 2004-02-10

When I heard a new Mario Kart game was coming out, I was obviously thrilled. But when I found out about the 2 characters in one kart thing, I began to hesitate on whether I should get the game or not. I decided I might as well give it a try, and I am very gald I got it. The 2 character system isn't bad at all, with the new characters in the game (plus 4 hidden characters), I think 9 more characters total than in Mario Kart 64. At first you start with 3 grand prix, 4 races per grand prix, but you can unlock another one early in the game, and then a second one with a twist, as well. Don't expect a big dissapointment just because of one added feature, this game is a definitely good game.
fun game
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-02-10

This game is fun because the driving is impressive. And the games graphics are pretty good.
A Double Dosing of Fun!
by: daclint    On: 2004-02-09

This game is the probably the best Mario Kart game in the series. Obviously, unlike the other Mario Kart games, you can have two people racing in one kart. This is a great feature for people who have siblings who sometimes want to team up and win things usually only available in One-Player Mode. The unlocks include new karts, tracks, characters, modes, arenas, etc. The battle games and arenas are pretty fun but I still miss the classic Block City from Nintendo 64's Mario Kart. This is a great Single a Multiplayer game. I recommend this to anyone ready for fun.
How could anyone ever think this is bad?!? IT ROCKS!
by: kristinandpaul    On: 2004-02-08

What a game! Where do I start? Well, let's see. You can choose from SO MANY STINKIN' CHARACTERS! You can choose Mario, Luigi, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Koopa, Paratroopa, Diddy Kong, Baby Bowser, Waluigi, Yoshi, Birdo, Peach, Daisy, Bowser, Donkey Kong, and Wario, plus you can unlock 4 more characters you can unlock, Toad, Toadette, Petey Piranha, and King Boo. Also you pair up two characters so that you can create a winning duo. Each set pair (ex: Mario & Luigi, Petey Piranha & King Boo) has their own car to start with, but as you progress, you eventually unlock a kart for every character! It's extremely cool, because you can choose any kart you want for any character, but only if the kart fits the heavier character's weight class. It means that if you pair up two light characters, you can ride in a light kart. If you pair up a light and a medium or a medium and a meduim, you can ride in a medium kart. If you pair up a light and a heavy, a medium and a heavy, or a heavy and a heavy, you can ride in a heavy kart. The courses range from begginer course like Baby Park and Luigi Raceway to advanced courses like Dino Dino Island and Rainbow Road. You can also unlock a bonus cup, the Special Cup and the All-Cup Tour, a championship that takes you across the country ina frantic 16-race Grand Prix. And the multiplayer is sweet! If you want to, up to four players can drive alone controlling both racers in the kart. Or you can team up, one driving and one taking shotgun. Each character pairing also has a unique special item only them can pick up. If four player team up into two karts, you can race 4-player Grand Prix! FINALLY! WHOO-HOO! The multiplayer battle mode is the only thing that lacks a little, although that is much more entertaining than recent battles. Instead of just a baloon battle, you can also play Shine Thief where you chase a Shine Sprite until someone drives into it and the timer starts. Then other players attack the player in possesion of the Shine with items so they drop it. As soon as someone picks it up the chase begins again. Whoever is in possession of the Shine when the timer stops wins. Or you can play Bomb-omb Battle, where the only item boxes available contain Waluigi and Wario's special item, the Bob-omb, and you have to blow up the opposing characters a pre-determined number of times to win. You start with four somewhat interesting courses, but you can unlock two much more interesting courses, Luigi's Mansion and the Tilt-a-Kart stage.

Graphics: 7/10: Not stunning, but cartoonish in spots (but isn't that what Mario is supposed to look like?)

Gameplay: 10/10: Pretty easy to master, very fun.

Replay Value: 10/10: It's always fun to try new character pairings on different courses.

Multiplayer: 10/10: Friends and I have a blast playing this.

Overall: 9.25 of 10: That score is technically correct if you do the math based off of every other catagories scores, but I'd give it a ten anyway. BUY THIS GAME!

And the Mario Kart Series Rolls On
by: shedb22204    On: 2004-02-07

Although overall the game is not perhaps as impacting as Mario Kart 64, Double Dash is certainly worth buying. The innovative and chaotic element of two players on each kart enables for more depthy strategy, a wider cast of characters, and a much faster experience. The only drawback is the levels. Although some are excellent (DK Jungle, Mushroom City, Rainbow Road), others seem relatively weak (Baby Park, Luigi Raceway). Overall, the course are nothing but average. It's a shame. If not for that, I'd have surely given it 5 stars. Luckily, the gameplay is good enough that you will seldom notice the flaws in level design. Also, this game is by far the hardest Mario Kart made. 150 cc tests even the most skilled Mario Kart veterans, and to no surprise, you can easily be screwed out of winning a race. Of course, this adds to the game's depth and makes it much more gratifying to win the circuit mode. All in all, a must-have for any GameCube owner.
Into the Winner's Circle
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-02-06

I received Mario Kart: Double Dash!! for Christmas '03 and took a very strong liking to it. I put in MK:DD!! as a last-minute addition to my Christmas list and now I wonder why I hadn't asked for it earlier. Anyway, the latest Nintendo kart racer outdoes any Mario Kart before it. With astounding graphics, fun gameplay, and hilarious battle modes, Mario Kart: Double Dash!! is far more than "just another kart racer". The backseat driver is a major plus as having two characters rather than one lets you hold two items at a time, switch characters rapidly (a favorite activity of mine when I'm way ahead of the pack and I don't have anyone to throw stuff at), and get multiple special items (Specials! Another new feature!!). The second driver also allows for some zany new multiplayer options with co-op mode, where two players team up on one kart and one throws items and uses slide-attacks while the uther steers. (I NEVER let my little brother drive, of course ... that would not end well.) There are three cups initially available (Mushroom, Flower, and Star), and by completing them on all the different engine sizes, you can unlock new karts and characters. Beat Star Cup on 100cc to unlock Special Cup. Beat that on 150cc to unlock the All Cup Tour, which consists of all of the game's 16 tracks packed into a big funfest of 16 races. Beat THAT on 150cc to unlock Mirror Mode, where all the tracks are flipped, like in a mirror. All four cups and the All Cup Tour will be available in Mirror Mode.
Here's how to unlock all the hidden characters and the two secret Battle Mode arenas:

Luigi's Mansion: place 1st on 150cc Mushroom Cup
Tilt-A-Kart: place 1st on Mirror-Mode Flower Cup

Toad and Toadette: place 1st on 100cc Special Cup
Petey Piranha and King Boo: place 1st on Mirror-Mode Star Cup

To end this review, I will say that I think that Mario Kart: Double Dash!! is an inexplicably fun game. With creative track layouts, entertaining gameplay, excellent replay value, and a lack of rules that prohibit you from bombarding opposing karts with koopa shells, MK:DD!! is a game for the record books. It will be very hard to ever outdo this instant classic.

Mario Kart Rocks the House!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-02-06

I think mario kart double dash is the best game in the world!

I love the graphics and the characters! It feels like I'm driving a go-kart.

We have a winner!
by: jazzlemming    On: 2004-02-05

A new Mario Kart title. We all know what this means; more multiplayer golden goodness! I've been racing and battling my friends and other Mario Kart fanatics since the nostalgic age of Super Mario Kart. MK Advance did a good job of bring back some of that nostalgia. And although I am somewhat partial to the original, I must say that Double Dash is my favourite thus far.

I was certainly skeptical when I first read in a gaming mag that the new Mario Kart was going to feature two characters riding one kart at the same time. Whazzat?! But ah, what a great idea it turned out to be! The greatest thing about Double Dash is how character-based it is. Unlike in the previous titles where characters only represented the kart stats, each racer has their own special abilities to bring to the table. For example, Paratroopa gets the ability to hold three shells at once, while Donkey Kong gets a giant banana peel, and Baby Mario gets a chomp. Some specials are more powerful than others, but the more powerful ones are more rare (it's random when you get a special, since a "special" is just another item like a mushroom or a star.) And since there are two racers on one kart, you can mix, match, and tweak until you find a combination that works for you. Also, each character has a weight class. This will determine which kart your team can use. There are a variety of karts available per weight class, including a "prefered" kart for a certain character (for example, Waluigi has an evil-looking purple kart, while Mario has a red kart with an M on it), but you can pick whatever kart you want, given the weight class. Lights generally have faster acceleration and lower top speed, while Heavys generally have slower acceleration and high top speed. Mediums, as you can imagine, are a balance of both. There are exceptions, as each kart has it's own stats. Also, weight affects how much you get pushed around.

As for multiplayer, there's a savvy new way to play: co-op. One player drives, the other handles items. Sounds boring for poor player two, eh? Well they also get to physically punch any kart that gets too close and knock them back (something you can't effectively do one player). And you can always switch places and take turns driving. Although I don't play co-op much anymore, it was a lot of fun when first learning the game.

Another new neat feature is the All-Cup tour. You race all sixteen tracks (Luigi Raceway first, Rainbow Road last, random order inbetween) straight and go for gold. It sounds daunting at first, but I find myself playing this one the most. Must... get... 160 points!

The graphics of MKDD look really nice. And, for the first time ever, your kart is in full 3D! The levels are well-designed with a few quirky little short cuts, but not so short as to make them "cheap". There're some familiar ones (though I swear they mixed up Wario and Waluigi..), and some new ones, too. I was disappointed to find the game was lacking a Banshee Boardwalk. But it does feature a fun Bowser's Castle. And, overall, the tracks are varied and won't get boring. From the maddeningly confined arena that is Baby Park, to the insane tumbling down the DK Mountain, you'll have a blast.

Double Dash is a quality title that will offer many hours of gameplay. I got it when it first came out and am still playing it avidly. You won't want to pass this one up.

By a GC for this game !
by: bodydown2    On: 2004-02-04

This game is so much fun. My whole family plays together and we have a blast. The tracks are interesting to look at, the power ups are devastating and add a truly cool feel to this game. I can't recommend it enough.
best racing game ever
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-01-31

Mario kart is very fun to play.There are a whole lot of unlockable things such as new races, characters, and battle stages. There are a lot of changes from the previous mario kart games. The game has a lot of replayability too. A must buy for gamecube owners.
Mario Kart: Double Dash
by: qwertyman_01    On: 2004-01-30

To be completly honest with you, despite double dash's superior graphics and ingenious gameplay mechanic, I didn't enjoy this as much as I did Mario Kart 64. As the title indicates, throughout every race in the game, you will be driving with two characters as supposed to only one. This mechanic works fairly well, especially being able to switch between characters to be able to have 2 powerups at once, but for me, the game quickly got stale because of it's poor track designs and substandard AI.

I was really disappointed with the tracks in this game, they are incredibly bland and just plain uninteresting. Many of the tracks are essentially the same layout with different backgrounds and ambient effects. Not only that, the controls aren't nearly as refined as in Mario Kart 64; I found it much harder to execute the power slide maneuver in this game than in MK64. Essentially, your cart handles like a shopping cart with one to many rusty wheels. The only real saving grace in this game is the multiplayer. It is quite fun to play this game with some friends, and with lan play, it is probably the gamecube's best multiplayer title.

This game is moderately fun, but it isn't as quick paced as some of the other racing games out right now. Most of the time, it felt like I was snailing along in the aforementioned shopping cart at around 6 mph, even on 150cc (the fastest setting). If your looking for high speed thrills then i suggest you buy F-Zero: GX. Not only is it more fun to play, it is also much longer. MK:DD can be completely finished in about 4 hours.

Best Kart Racing Game Ever To Be Made!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-01-30

Harder then the older game for Nintendo 64, but if you liked the older one, I guarantee you will LOVE this one!! Prepare to be disappointed with the multiplayer battle mode though, I personaly think it went down hill. All and all it is still an excellent game, it is worth every penny, so take no hesitation in buying it! Happy Gameing
I was not disappointed....
by: dennis-l    On: 2004-01-27

....but this game does have a few flaws that put it a little below Mario Kart 64.

First, the good: The track design is *amazing* and greatly improved from Kart 64. The track in Wario Coliseum is impossibly twisted, and DK Mountain, the best track, has a cannon to shoot you to the top of the mountain, and you fly back down. I also liked Baby Park for its simplicity - it's just an oval, but it's so small that you're constantly switching places with your friends, and there are weapons ricocheting everywhere during the seven (!) laps.

Some of the other tracks have interesting premises (Daisy Cruiser, which is set on a cruise ship), but they're not quite as fun as they should be. Other tracks are blatant rip-offs of the previous games... we get yet another rainbow track, Bowser's castle, a dirt-bike track, a jungle, a beach, a desert, etc. How about switching things up a little? How about a track on the moon, or a roller coaster, or a funhouse, or in a level from another Mario game? See how easy that is, Nintendo?

One thing about the tracks I do appreciate is that many of them have "zippers" that give you a boost of speed. Only a couple of tracks in the last version had these.

The two-characters-to-a-cart aspect works well... you can hold two weapons and switch depending on which one you need. Although it's quite hard to reach the Z-button to switch characters while you're playing. I also think the slide technique is not as effective in this game as it was last time. Neither are some of the weapons. The new bomb would be an excellent weapon; unfortunately, when you toss it forward, it always explodes when you're right next to it. You should be immune to your own bombs.

The new special, character-specific weapons are great, and the giant banana peel is hilarious. I find it very annoying that you can't tap the brake after you hit a banana peel to stop from spinning out, as you could in the last game. I like having a choice of many cars, as well.

Some players will be angry that they cannot access four of the tracks until they pass the final level on the medium difficulty. This is not an easy thing to do; I'm a veteran Nintendo player and it took me about a dozen tries before I could do it. Although I do like the new point system for the tournaments that gives even the 7th-place finisher a point.

The battle modes, which some people consider the heart of the Kart games, did disappoint me. They aren't the slightest bit creative or interesting like the main tracks, and the variations are kinda stupid. Amazing that the battle mode keeps getting less fun the more advance the graphics get in these games... or is it that it's just played out? Nah, I don't think so.

Overall, this is a great game, with outstanding graphics, fun sound effects and music and great replayability, especially with multiple players. But when you're making a sequel to some of the most popular video games of all time, you've gotta be perfect.... at least to get my five-star rating. ;)

Better than Mario Kart 64!
by: amdfanatic    On: 2004-01-26

his game is one of those games that you will keep playing until the next line of consoles come out. This game is hectic one player and even more hectic if you bring friends over. There is the engine size like in all MK games (50cc, 100cc, 150cc, etc.) the higher the CC the faster you go and the harder the AI is. after choosing your cc you get to choose your characters and your kart. You get two characters per kart each charaacter with a special item (baby mario gets chain chomp, DK gets big banana, etc.). after choosing your characters from the list of 16+ you choose your kart. The karts are sorted by weight class (light, medium, heavy). your characters determine what weight class you are in, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. after that you choose between 4 cups (mushroom, flower, star, and special) each with 4 tracks in them. by getting golds in the cups you unlock new content like extra battle tracks and characters.

speaking of battle this is one of the best parts. get your friends together and blow them up in one of three battle types (shine thief, bob-omb blast, and classic balloon battle). in shine thief you want to take control of the shine until the timer reaches zero, get the shine by hitting them with shells, banana peel, or whatever else. in bob-omb blast every question mark block is a bomb and you blow each other up first to 3 or 4 hits wins. In balloon battle you have three balloons and the last one with any balloons wins. Knock your friends out by shooting them with shells to make their balloons fly away.

All in all i think this game is one of the best on the gamecube and i recomend it to all gamecube owners.

Better than what they say!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-01-25

This game is way better than the older one(s)! Everyone sais that the "Double Dash" part has no meaning. Well, in multi-player co-op mode(lots of fun, also great for learning controlls), If both players press A at the same time, they'll get an incredible turbo boost! Obveously, the battle levels are small, but they had take out something to add another cup, INCREADIBLE graphics, more sounds, more detailed battle arenas, twice the characters, 9 new attacks, special moves, longer, more thought-out courses, AND two more kinds of battles. Actually, i'd give this game a 4.9! You people who say that no one would use LAN mode have never tried it! You could ONLY have the heart to say that stuff because you either have never heard of kindness and respect or you buy Nintendo games to complain aboute things! Although I have to agree with every 1 out of twenty compaints about Mario party 5. Or possibly every 50 about Super Mario Sunshine, but THAT'S IT!!!
The Bomb!!
by: sturcotte1    On: 2004-01-25

This game is awesome! There is a ton of stuff to unlock. Characters like Toad, Toadette, Petey Piranha, and King Boo. The karts, I can't even tell you! Every character has their own kart. There is one extra called the parade kart. It is the hardest to get! You even have to unlock Special Cup and All Cup. Then there is Mirror Mode! Great with multi-players.It is better than other Mario Karts. Trust me! I have played them. You didn't get to unlock anything. You only had eight charcters! Here you have about 20 characters! A challenge too. It isn't easy unlocking everything. Great game. You'll have fun for hours! Great with other player to play battle mode. You can had ballon battle, shine sprite battle, and bomb battle. You even have to unlock battle courses. (Luigi's Mansion and Tilt-A-World) Any-who! A great game. I would get it if I were you.
The Best Game of the Year!
by: waterskir    On: 2004-01-22

Ok. So we all know you're addicted to Mario Kart 64, and if you're not, big mistake. So why then, would you go and spend $49.95 on what seems like a new version of the same game? Because the new one is SO much better. First of all, now you pick two characters when you play- they work as a team. There are plenty of new characters to choose from, like Babies Mario and Luigi, Peach and Daisy, Toad and Toadette, and Donkey and Diddy Kong. There are new fun levels like "Daisy Cruiser" (on a cruise ship) and "Wario Collosseum," which resembles a rollercoaster. What's more, you can now choose your own kart. So if you're going to be addicted to any new Game Cube game this year, I'd make it Mario Kart Double Dash if I were you.
It's just ok, don't believe the hype
by: otterlove    On: 2004-01-22

I was really expecting much more. Only buy this game if you really like racing games, because compaired to most games there's not much gameplay value. Sure, it looks great, objects far away are blurred. And driving feels perfect. But the kids and myself all got bored with this one REAL fast. The battle levels feel thrown in and not well designed. Even battling in the games isn't that fun. Wish we'd just rented this one instead of buying.

If you're looking forward to the battle modes, skip this and check out "Super Smash Bros. Mellee" instead. Even with the worst menu I've ever seen, it was 10x more fun than Double Dash.

A great new addition to this excellent series
by: bixodoido    On: 2004-01-22

The people at Nintendo have really outdone themselves this time. I have always been a big fan of the Mario Kart series, and each release has been better than the last. This is no exception. Mario Kart Double Dash includes all of the classic elements that made the Super NES and N64 versions so much fun--wacky cast of characters, cool weapons, intense battle mode, very enjoyable Grand Prix mode--and yet manages to improve in almost every aspect of the game.

The new Karts, which hold two people, are a great new feature. Not only does this allow two players to team up together, it also allows four people to play in Grand Prix mode, something that was not available on the N64. In addition, each character has a unique weapon, which adds variety to the game. With many characters to choose from, and a large assortment of unlockable karts, levels, and characters, Mario Kart Double Dash also has a greater potential for extended game play than any of its predecessors.

The graphics are stunning, and the commentary by the characters enjoyable. It is entertaining to work on various combinations of characters, and try to pick out a kart suited for them. The game is difficult, but not so difficult that you have to dedicate your life to playing it. As always, the battle mode contains unlimited possibilities in the way of kart mayhem. In short, this is an excellent game, worthwhile in every way. With this game, Nintendo continues its tradition of excellent, unique games, and provides yet one more reason why the GameCube is a great choice for a system.

life is good
by: loganjaffe    On: 2004-01-20

Mario, Peach, Bowser, and the Mushroom Kingdoms hottest Kart-racing stars team up for a hilarious action-packed race. 16 cups and 100s of races make this game sweet fun. This is the Best Cube game I have played all year. This game has pretty much every character yes even king boo. MUST HAVE NOW !!!!
I don't understand why people don't like it
by: kstrickairforce    On: 2004-01-20

Mario Kart: Double Dash....

While it's not Mario Kart 64, and it takes a few hours to completly get used to the control (hell, the sliding system is more difficult to use properly than 64's incarnation of the move), but I like a lot of the game. The levels, for the most part, are pretty fun. The weapon system, while cheap sometimes (whenever I am doing very well, they will whip out the Blue Shell on me...) is a very cool addition.

Another fun part is trying to find a decent team that works for you. I am quite fond of Toadette and Paratrooper in Toad's Kart.

And the multiplayer levels aren't that fun until you unlock the Luigi's Mansion or Tilt level (can be VERY intense when in the heat of the moment). I'd like it if you could edit how many balloons you had, but that's only a minor detail at this point.

All in all, it is a VERY well done game, with beautiful visuals, and impressive overall gameplay experience.

Needs a little more work
by: jaron1    On: 2004-01-20

This game is really good but the battle game stages suck. In Mariokart64 the battle stages are 10times better then the ones on Double Dash!! but the over all race tracks are better. I would suggest buying "MARIO KART:DOUBLE DASH!!" and buying "MARIO KART 64".
It's Alright...
by: negatif_1    On: 2004-01-19

Mario Kart won't survive another videogame generation if Nintendo waits another 7 years to make a sequel. Famously, at E3 when they were still introducing the gamecube, Nintendo showed charts displaying how game sequels were just perpetuating old ideas, like anyone minds. The big N's idea for the GC Mario Kart was to give them two riders. The difficulty on 50cc is pathetic, you'll never see another kart for the length of the laps. 150cc is challenging but the placement is random determined by whether you get hit by a spiked shell in 1st or not on the last race. Multi-player is bland, no one is going to hook up two tvs, two gamecubes and two mario kart discs. The multi-maps are simple and limited to one level.

I would have enjoyed seeing some obstacle courses where you dodge bananas, etc. all through the lap. Also, many other tracks are too plain. DK Mountain is probably the best of them.

Not what I was expecting
by: jordchapman    On: 2004-01-18

Mario Kart: Double Dash has 3 main problems:

The steering is very very tough to control. You practicly have to jam down on the control stick to get the cart to turn.

You cannot pause during a race. That's very bad when you have to go somewhere during a race-- it makes you either miss the race or be late for where you are going.

The "Double Dash" part has no effect on the game at all. It doesn't matter if your character is in the front or back of the cart, you still have to control both characters.

Overall, very very disappointed in this Nintendo game.

Incredibly boring tracks,"2 riders" idea adds almost nothing
by: altairjjl    On: 2004-01-17

Ok I just want to let you people know that in terms of gameplay, this is kart racing at its best. But the most important part of any racing game by far in my opinion is the tracks you have to race on. They have to be interesting and well designed. The tracks are what made MK64 so fun, they were well designed, long, creative, etc.... I expected a LOT better from Double dash. Theres probably about a total of 4 or 5 decent tracks in this game. Not very impressive! Very few shortcuts, boring design, nothing special at all.

And as far as the 2 riders idea, its so overhyped its rediculous. Ok, so instead of seeing a banana peel flying from your cart..... um... you see another character throwing it? Each player has their own special item, but that doesnt really matter, its pretty much choosing which special weapon you like best. And switching drivers and riders in mid-race does absolutely nothing.

I just wanted to warn the people who like awesome tracks in their racing games, and that this 2 rider idea adds nearly nothing to the game at all. Big stepdown from Mario Kart 64.

Mario hits the speedway!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-01-16

this is the hot mario game to buy! Graphics= fabulous!
you choose your two characters,your car, and circuit. It is a fab-feeling game and is co-ed and aged for 7 and up! its a good first game to buy when you just by ninttendo gamecube. it gets you familiar with the controls!
by: lemalema    On: 2004-01-16

Mario Kart DD is absolutely awesome! I have to admit that I was a little hesitant about liking two riders for each kart. After only about a minute or less I was absolutely hooked on Mario Kart AGAIN! DD is in my opinion the best kart since SMK on the SNES. I have been a huge Kart fan my entire life since they came out. Double Dash is so incredibly fun that any fan of the other Kart games should simply go out and buy this game! It really is that good! Don't bother renting it first, JUST BUY IT!!!! It's sooo worth it!
Nintendo gets this one right! Mario Kart a must buy!
by: cincy_fan    On: 2004-01-16

I recommend this game highly for every GameCube owner. The game is easily one of the best racing (and for that matter, any game) ever. If you don't know by reading other reviews, websites, etc., the basic premise is simple. Race a variety of Nintendo game inspired courses with a slew of old nintendo characters (Mario, Luigi, Princess, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Birdo, Yoshi, Toad, Toadette, Wario, Waluigi, Piranha Pete, King Book, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Daisy (easily the most annoying character...), Bowser, and Baby Bowser.

The game is amazing (NO LOAD TIMES, which is great), but is best enjoyed as a multiplayer game. Racing, battle mode (3 different versions), and time trials round out the majority of the options.

(9.3 out of 10)
This game is fun, but the true challenge lies in multiplayer. It won't take long to unlock everything (which requires beating everything). The computer A.I. is decent, but not overly challenging once you get used to the controls (roughly 30 min - 2 hour learning curve.) I highly recommend this game to all.

GREAT GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-01-15

I first rented this game and found out it was great.But after you play 1P for a while it gets boring.But it is much much much much much much much much better than the old one.I like the game and it is worth your money.YOU SHOULD BUY IT :)
Great game
by: david_minsk    On: 2004-01-09

Nintendo has done well eoyh great co-op play and lots to unlock with new smaller battle courses {more to unlock} more charters and 4 cups one to unlock and much more.
Now this is a kart racing game!
by: rivenknight    On: 2004-01-09

Wow. Perfect word for this game. I have the other three mario kart games but i never thought that the series would head in such a dramatic innovative direction. The courses are unbelievable (getting launched across the course in a cannon? being lifted up an air tunnel? driving up the side of a bridge?). The new co-op mode allows for a crazy amount of multiplayer mayhem, as does the two new multiplayer modes, along with the staple balloon blast. Just get this game if you know what's good for you!!!
Great Game but Nothing Revolutionary
by: cherngj3    On: 2004-01-07

First off...there's almost no way you can compare Double Dash to N64 Version of Mariokart. Many people on my floor suddenly complained that N64 version is better for various reasons...probably because the graphics weren't real or that there was 160 tracks like they think the Cube can process...

I played both a lot...and since this is a Double Dash review...I'll tell my experience there. First, the concept of two riders per kart opens up many options, and yes it does make a pretty big difference gameplay wise UNLESS you're playing by yourself. Having 2 riders per kart allows 4 players to play Grand Prix, which is a very good thing...and I think throwing items at enemies is really fun as is power sliding...which is the responsibility of the rider riding shotgun. Also, the life span of this game can last a long time, esp. with multiplayer and the tough task of unlocking the 4 extra riders and so many karts also. Another aspect of the game I really liked was the fact that each riders have their own specials (or group persay). Mario, Luigi get fireballs that only they can use, Baby Mario/Baby Luigi gets the cheapest item in the game the Chain Chomp, and so on. Finally...they improved the vs. mode. The music stays on! Plus 4 people playing does not chug the system. Very smooth and competetive. Same for Battle, although arenas are smaller. This is one of those games where the more players...the better...which is why they have the LAN connection where you can play with up to 16 players. Sweet, eh?

There are some downfalls I can name though. First, the game can get frustrating in its difficulty. It almost took me a week to beat 150cc Special Cup because the computers were garbagely cheap...everytime I was in first...I'd be blown off by a blue shell, fall off a bridge, and start cursing out my Cube. Then the All Cups Tour is very time consuming also...which could be good in the fact that it expands the length of the game. I wished for a bit more tracks than 20. I mean all of them were enjoyable but they were a bit short. 30 would've been nice but it's not a big complaint. At least they cut down the length of Rainbow Road and made it REALLY REALLY challenging. Remember SNES? Yea...similar to that...ALMOST NO RAILINGS :-O.

To me, it was definitely worth the preorder. It's fun in its own ways...and to those comparing it to the 64...that's a mistake. Enjoy what's given here and adjust to it.

Highly Recommended.

best game ever
by: detroitsportsfan11393    On: 2004-01-07

this game was amazing i had fun with it. my bro who hates mario games even got into it! i mean it was just so fun like grand preix mode was the best. im already on the all cup tour! anyway this game is the greatest and you will be satistfied!
An Excellent game for Gamecube!
by: sbatt80    On: 2004-01-05

Mario Kart Double dash is and excellent game for anyone who enjoys racing, and competing.
You can bash people with shells, use your mushrooms to burst through finish lines, and nock people off the edges of the course. Now, two people can be on a team! One person can stay in the back and chuck items at other carts while the other one drives, and you can switch! There are many, new, fun courses that you can play through. There is also a wide variety of carts to choose from, and more players. I think anyone would enjoy this game, it is a must have and one of the best for Nintendo Gamecube.
by: apig    On: 2004-01-05

Race a kart throgh an action pact game with your favorit Mario characters. Great graphics, amazing two player mode, and intense raceing!!!!
by:    On: 2004-01-04

Mario Kart: DOUBLE DASH!! is one of the most fun games for the gamecube yet. I think the best part is that I don't have to play against my brother - who is no good at it, by the way - and always win. Now, he gets to fire weapons, and I get to fairly win.

The special items were amazing! C'mon, what other game lets you fire out a shell that's as big as 3/4 of the road, or how about firing a chain chomp that pulls you along at a breakneck pace whil eating everyone into some place behind you? That's right! None! So if you like amazing racing action with frenzied attacks, then you will love Mario Kart: DOUBLE DASH!!

Drive, Throw, Switch, Drive, Throw, Switch, Battle, Race!
by: imbehindyou    On: 2004-01-04

You know what's hard to come by these days? A game that you play when you feel like playing games. Sometimes you'll be sitting in your room, and you wanna kick back and enjoy a game. You think you'll play one game, nope, you've beat it. You decide on another, no your stuck on it. You decided to play this one! Now there ya go. This game just can't get old, especially in multiplayer, and much like SSX or Super Smash Brothers, you can play it anytime just because it's fun, not really challenging, just good ol' fun. You would think that the controls are confusing, but they aren't, and unlocking new karts gives the game good replay value. Needless to say, Nintendo did it right this time, and they are keeping on a great franchise that I hope exists for a long time!
Plain awsome, the best racing & throwing game ever!!!!!!!!!!
by: peircebiz    On: 2004-01-03

When I started to go around and around the race track, I loved it imediatly, just like what I did with my Mario Kart 64. As Yoshi and Koopa, I bumped everyboby with Yosi eggs and shells. My brother roared down the tracks with the chain chomp as he was baby Mario and baby Luigi. I hope everyone in the world with a Gamecube gets this speedy game!
Drive, throw stuff, swicth,and get your controler and play!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-01-03

I was not dissapointed at all by this game,it was exellent!I have to say the weapons are one of the keys to its greatness and also the different charecters and there special weapon.The one
bad thing about it is that when I play with my two cousins and we do grand prix it has to be two on one and there's not much to unlock but racing mode and battle mode are awsome.I would recommend this game to anyone especially Mario fans.
two riders are better than one
by: nelg7654    On: 2004-01-02

nintendo does it again with the best mario kart game so far. ride with your friends or against our friends in an extreme co-op mode and an awesome versus arena. youll get fustrated and want to quit, but will stay sucked in by will to win, i did it you can too
A pretty darn good game
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-01-01

This is a great game and worth your money. This time in this Mario Kart game there's 2 people on every Kart. The guy in front drives, and the guy in the back deals out the items to slow down your opponents. Some of the new characters are Koopa, Birdo, Baby Mario and Luigi, Baby Bowser, Waluigi, Diddy Kong, Princess Daisy, and Parakoopa, along with the original characters. You can also unlock Toad, Toadette, and I think there is Petey Piranha and King Boo! Another plus is that there are different Karts this time, not all the same dopey ones.

There are all the same items, but this time there are Special items that are different for every character. The Special items are Giant Bananas, Hearts, Bob-ombs, Fireballs, Giant Shells, Eggs, Chain Chompers, and Triple Shells.

The racetracks are fun to race on. Probably the best is The Wario Coliseum, once you get the Special Cup. There are plenty of shortcuts and Double Item Boxes. Plus another good thing is that whenever you get a new Gold Trophy, you unlock a new Kart, Cup, Battle Stage, or character.

When you've got a friend or two, it's even more fun. You can team up on one Kart, or race or battle against each other. There are 3 Battle Modes: the classic Balloon Battle mode, Bob-omb Blast, or Shine Theft, which in my opinion is the best.

This is a good game to buy. It only takes 3 memory card blocks, but a little more if you want to save ghosts on the Time Trial mode. I can't think of a bad thing about this game.

A wasted christmas present
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-01-01

I got this game for christmas and i was really really really dissapionted. The levels are so small and boring and i would say that the graphics are even worse than the old N64 version. The two person karts in the game have no effect at all on the excitment of the game. Even the battle levels are extremely small. If u wanna play a mario kart game then just play the N64 version cus this version is the worst game for gamecube yet. There is no challenge in the game at all. If i could i would burn all the mario kart double dash copies in the world, so no one would be exposed to such a crappy game. Good think i got a gift card for $250 dollars to bestbuy so i can buy me a REAL game that's actually FUN!
Total Chaos
by: tcarnahan75    On: 2003-12-31

The designers went overboard on this one. In short, there are too many bells and whistles that at times render the game almost unplayable.

This is most evident during the 150 cc Grand Prix. There are so many bombs, turtle shells, bananas, etc. flying around that the 150 levels are pretty much impossible. If you fall behind there is zero chance of driving your way back into contention, as racers who lag behind are barraged with booby traps and specials. Basically the game isn't very fun, and is, in fact, very frustrating at times. The original N64 Mario Kart was challenging, but streamlined enough to allow racers a chance to correct mistakes and gain ground during races. In Double Dash that's next to impossible, mainly in the upper levels, as the screen is clogged with flying shells bombs etc. Also, winning high-level races with the "big" drivers (Wario, Bowser, DOnkey Kong) is next to impossible.

All in all, the game has many of the same features that made Mario Kart 64 great -- smooth gameplay, beautiful graphics, nice environments. But the positives are almost totally counterbalanced by an over-abundance of features that reduce what could have been an incredibly fun and challenging game into a headache inducing exercise in sisyphysian frustration.

A Great Addition to the Mario Kart Family
by: sminch    On: 2003-12-27

Known for its elegance in go-kart racing, the Mario Kart video game line has a new addition that will not disappoint gamers. Picking up in the 3D racing world, where Mario Kart 64 left off, Mario Kart: Double Dash!! takes the Nintendo-related racing world to a new level. The beauties of this game come on several different levels.

Primarily, the action in this game is much faster paced. With the addition of queued items, player-dependent item bias, and a few new items/item ideas, the opponent-verses-opponent aspect of this game is more intense than in previous Mario Kart games. Additionally, allowing players to assist each other by splitting the responsibilities of driver and item user makes multiplayer more interesting and alive, creating a very friendly team-oriented race. Finally, as with the previous Mario Kart games, Double Dash is friendly overall and isn't anything more than cartoonishly violent, making it a nice family gaming experience!

Overall, I must give Mario Kart: Double Dash!! 5 stars for its overall appeal to all players and its fast-paced action. I definitely recommend it to any old-school Mario Kart players as well anyone interested in racing with your favorite Nintendo Characters.

Fun for people of all ages
by: carlitox    On: 2003-12-27

The concept of racing games always grabs the attention of everyone, even those who have never played on a game console. Mario Kart Double Dash (MKDD) not only grabs you, but also hooks you with its ingenous racetracks, colorful and funny karts and their favorite trademark characters.

This game is one of the few to take advantage of the broadband adapter (sold separately). The broadband setup allows up to 8 players to play simultaneously using 8 separate TVs and consoles (requires an 8-port hub with patch cables), or 8 players on 2 TVs(4 players per TV) using 2 consoles (requires only a cross over cable to connect the 2 consoles). These kind of setups are fantastic for a LAN party or even a MKDD tournament.

Racing in this game is now a cooperative effort, there's the driver and the thrower on the same kart. Characters are classified as light(e.g. Baby Luigi), medium (e.g. Yoshi) or heavy(e.g. Bowser). There are also three (3) corresponding kart types. Any combination of driver/thrower is possible but they can ride only on a kart as big as the heaviest character in the pair. Light karts accelerate fast, but are weak when colliding against heavier karts, and they don't have great top speeds. Heavy karts accelerate slowly, but they are strong and have the highest top speeds. This character/kart combination allows the player to experiment and find the best pair for him/her.

The main event is the grand prix competition. In this event you race against human and/or computer opponents trying to reach the goal first not only with speed but by using your wits. Special items such as banana peels or green shells, among others, are scattered all over the tracks for you to pick up. Each item gives you a strategic advantage that if used wisely can make a difference at the end of the race.

Apart from the grand prix competition there are also other race modes such as time trials (to measure how fast you finish a track), versus (race against human players only) and battle, which also has its own variations. These game modes combined with multiplayer capabilities makes this game entertaining for a long period.

How many character are there to choose? Well, there are 16, but who knows if there is some kind of code to unlock others.

How many karts? There are 8, but you unlock others as you start winning grand prix tournaments.

If you want clean, fun entertainment for the whole family then this one is a winner.

by: harryinidaho    On: 2003-12-27

Well nintendo did something right with mario kart 64, but it must be hard to repeat. I was disapointed about the battle mode. The course are so much smaller. There is no room to ambush surprise attack or do anything. You are always in the open. I liked it when there was all sorts of places to hide, and a bunch of levels to the maps.

The tracks for racing are smaller too. Or so they feel. They are also unimaginitive. No more star world.

Handling:Well I didn't take a star off for this since it's just my opinion but I liked it when there was less "OH NO! I almost slid off on that turn and.....ahhhhh!!! I got hit with a shell, but.... ehhhh???? I fell off!!" Instead of "Whoa this place looks cool, hey you! Take this! Why you little... overtaking me, eat shell! OWWWW! Well that didn't hurt me so much that I'm in 8th place it does in Mario Kart double dash". OK so the last part was oddly specific. The old one was hard but still let you focus on warfare a lot more. The levels were much larger and the control and map more forgiving. Well thats just me. The computer can think about that dangerous turn up a head and think about nailing you at the right milisecond with a shell so that you spin off the turn. One small mistake and the whole level is meaningless.

Mario Kart is DA BOMB!!!
by: marewhitesell    On: 2003-12-26

This is a GREAT game! It is incredibly fun! It has great graphics, sound and simple game play. The controls are easy to remember, and your car "sticks" to the track. Addictive and exciting! Buy!
by: newfound32    On: 2003-12-26

this is one of the funnist game for game cube. its not really fun with one person. its fun if you have like 2 or more people, i like those games where you could beat the game with two people. there fun. this game you could hit people when your driving. i cant remember if there is any new weapons. the levels are really fun too. it doesnt really match the old mario kart for super nitendo. i dont know about the sixty-four one but its still a great game. there are new characters too, like toad and his wife and you could pick your car too thats d coolest. well not the coolest but its still cool
by: skankcrakajoey    On: 2003-12-25

I'm a huge gamer, and I have a hard time finding things to entertain my non-gaming friends when they come over. This game has done it. Everyone LOVES this game. My friends who hate video games come over just to play this, and they play it for several hours. It's captivating, cute, easy to pick up, and ... one of the best things used to make a good video game... STRESSFUL.. :-)
Best Kart Ever!!!
by: lemalema    On: 2003-12-14

What else can I really say that others havn't already said. Double Dash is a total Blast!!! I swear that it's rare for me to be able to sit and play one game for almost an entire day at a time, but Double Dash has done it! Read everyone else's reviews and you will easily see why I gave this game 5 stars and say what I do about it. This game is great!
Dear God
by: dairy84man2    On: 2003-12-14

This game is awesome beyond words. I was a little worried about battle, but its just as fun as the last ones for n64 and SNES. This game is a must have. Get it right now. Seriously, right now.
Mario Kart Double Dash Is By Far The Best Racing Game Ever!!
by: roxytai    On: 2003-12-10

Awesome! This is the best of the mario kart games and everyone should own it! sooo much fun.
Hop in a kart and have a ball
by: chrismarch5    On: 2003-12-09

This game is so cool! This game will keep you entertained with all the modes and characters to choose from. I'ts nonstop action weather your playing alone or with friends. Mario fans will enjoy this game so much. I know this because i am one myself. When I got it (the day it came out) i played all day nonstop. This game is number 1 on my favorites list. You will enloy all the unlockables challenges in store. This game brings kart racing to a whole new level!!!
Great game... and it gets better
by: bryanfeelsgood2    On: 2003-12-06

This game is great. When you first try it out it seems a little dull. Not as many initial levels... but as you beat new grand prixs you get great new stuff. Each gold trophy gets you a new car, character, level, or cup. I have had it since it came out, and I am still discovering new stuff eavery time I play. Great game for all ages too!! Super Gift. Good luck!!
Online Play..
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-12-05

Just to clarify the last user's review. The broadband adapter CAN be used to play Mario Kart (as well as any other GameCube LAN enabled game) over the Internet. For further information, go to and enjoy playing this excellent game online!!
Get the hell outta my way!!
by: vpm17013    On: 2003-12-05

Playing Super Mario Kart on the Super Nintendo was great. Mario Kart 64 was hella better. Mario Kart Double Dash takes the game to a whole new level.

This game is somewhat in the vein of Super Smash Bros. Melee in the sense that there is plenty to unlock this time around. Also, the adding of a passenger is a nice touch, since it gives the game a deeper feel. You actually have to really consider who you pick, because everyone has their own strengths, and special items.

IGN originally trashed the game because they thought the demo was too slow. That's not the case here. All of the courses are really tight, but I remind you that this is not just a single-player game. This was made with multiplayer purposes in mind, case in point, the LAN support. It never gets dull with at least one other person around.

Overall, I loved it. It manages to retain the feel of the previous games without sacrificing too much. It may take a little time to get used to this new feel, but I assure you, this game just plain rocks!

Warp pipe
by: flameel    On: 2003-12-05

Broadband? Why yes please. Check out and see all the wounderful online options this game has. They let you route the lan capabilities of this game through your pc to connect with other people online. Go hit it!
Beware of the Broadband Adapter
by: jetta8300    On: 2003-12-03

Great Game!!!! But just a word of advice. If you think you can buy the broadband adaptor and play with other people online, you are wrong. The only thing the adaptor does is it lets you play with 8 people on 8 different TV's, and 8 game cubes, all in the same room. It is just a way for people to compete against their friends without having to have a split screen.
Start The Warp Pipe Engines!!
by: kernermichael    On: 2003-12-01

It is just so amazing when it really comes to video games these days. When I decided to purchase a new video game system, I had a very difficult time in knowing which system to buy. I could've bought the Xbox or Playstation 2, largely because of the value of games they've each came up with. Instead, I felt it was a wiser move to purchase the Gamecube from Nintendo. I think it was a much wiser mover, because it was easier to drag around, and because of the games that were available for it. One of them, really reminds me so well of a classic. Mario Kart has been considered as one of the Top 5 racing games of all time, accoriding to the Nickelodeon GAS show Play 2 Z. When I got to play this one, I thought it was much fiercer than ever before.

Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, is the first Mario Kart release to really have a massive impact, since Mario Kart 64 back in 1997. The game takes on a true new light, as not one, but 2 different characters range with special weapons, and much more difficult tracks than the previous Mario Kart. The graphics really stand out on all the tracks as a premium that Gamecube has brought for about the past few years, and the game has more than ever. The game has the exact same number of courses and surprises that was in the previous one, but the oponents are tougher and make your road to #1 a lot harder. I also have to admit, the idea of swapping the team during the middle of the race also makes the pace a lot harder to go around, and the carts are definitely cute to fierce, depending on the status of your driving. I also like the idea of the internet device that can be used to add to the mayhem of Mario Kart. It just makes the game a lot more exciting, considering that just came out recently too. The game stands out a whole lot more than other racers at this time, largely because other racing games are exactly just the same these days.

This is the very first game I've ever purchased for the Gamecube, since I bought the game system just recently too. I don't know how many people may enjoy the new Mario Kart: Double Dash!! as much as I am. Whatever the case is, Nintendo should really consider making a sequel very, very soon. This race cannot be stopped.

A gaming masterpiece
by: darthkommissar    On: 2003-11-30

Mario Kart: Double Dash!! (Gamecube, 2003.) The fourth game in the Mario Kart series.

When the original Super Mario Kart hit the Super Nintendo in 1992, it started a gaming revolution. There had been racing games before, but none like it. Four years later in 1996, Mario Kart 64 arrived on the Nintendo 64, bringing the series up to date. It has stood the test of time as that system's finest game. In 2001, the series arrived on Game Boy Advance, giving players a portable version of the classic at long last. And now, in 2003, the series has arrived on the Gamecube. How does the fourth installment in the Mario Kart series, Double Dash!!, measure up? Read on for my review.

-Let me start by saying that the graphics are excellent. Nintendo is really beginning to push the Gamecube hardware to its limits.
-There are a number of characters and vehiches to choose from.
-The game is very unique due to its "two people on one kart" system. One person drives, while the other uses weapons. This makes for some very interesting gameplay.
-The game supports LAN (local area network) capabilities, meaning if you have enough systems and television sets, you can do a game of more than four players!
-There are a number of characters and new karts that you can unlock.
-The game uses the same power slide/mini turbo system that Mario Kart 64 did - I was glad to see it back!
-There are a number of new weapons you can use against your enemies - including fireballs! All your old favorite weapons, like shells and fake item boxes, are also back.
-It's got a multiplayer mode. If you played Mario Kart 64, you know that's a good thing. There are a number of multiplayer modes, as well, depending on the number of players.
-Some editions of the game include a bonus disc of demos/previews/etc.

-The steering controls here are considerably less responsive than they were in previous Mario Kart games (this was probably done to up the challenge level.) Because of this, you'll often find yourself crashing in to the very obstacle you were trying to avoid.
-The two man system takes some serious getting used to, especially if two players are on a single kart.
-To use the LAN connection feature, you're gonna need MULTIPLE TVs and cables. And as you know, TVs are pricey.

I'm glad to finally see Mario Kart on the Gamecube. I had long been waiting for this day to come, and I must say, I'm not disappointed. If you've got a Gamecube, this is a highly recommended release.

Game Owns You
by: dykwfm    On: 2003-11-28

This game is simply amazing. The one and only thing i didnt like was the jump being taken out of the game, but the power slide is just as good/useful if not better.

The graphics are superb, but the greatest attribute of this game is the fun factor. 2 players per kart rocks. If you have a serious amount of friends you can buy the broadband adaptor and have 16 players on two TV's.(2 players per kart)

And to the person that said the 2nd person is useless.....try playing the game before you write a review. 2 players per kart adds so much to this game it is ridiculous. Especially if it is another human player, you have to communicate back and forth on what the both of you are doing, as far as who drives and who has what weapon and which one is needed at the given time, resulting in having to switch to use the other persons weapon.

This game is great for younger kids as well as older people that still remember super mario kart on SNES.

Rock on Nintendo.

Very Good, But...
by: popgod4u    On: 2003-11-28

First things first, the graphics in this game are absoultely amazing. The colors are worth the buy, period.

Secondly, the game play is another great feature, although there have been some deletions from Mario Kart 64 that I don't quite agree with. The removing of the jump when taking tight corners sucks. Instead, it's been replaced by a slide attack, which does do a good job of slowing you down, but that's exactly what it does, is slows you down around corners. The jump was better. Who wants to slow down? It does make lots of fun on straight-aways, however, slamming in to other players and stealing their items.

I do like the Driving School which teaches a begginner, as most of us would be on this specific game, how to properly control your kart.

In this game, a new feature is the doubling up of players in one kart (hence the title: Double Dash!) and while I love the concept, to me it would be better if all was left well alone and one player remained in the kart. In all honesty, the second player isn't really necessary.

Overall, I like the fact that Nintendo decided to try something new with this one. And it was well worth the wait. The course selections are great, the variety plentiful.

All in all I give it four out of five.

an awesome game, but it gets old
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-11-28

I bought this game the day after it came out and really enjoyed it. But I was very dissapointed by the fact that there was no single player quick run option. But aside from that, this game is phat(cool/awesome), and all fans of mario games should buy it.The addition of two characters per kart and a special item for each character(for example, mario can throw fireballs,ETC.)adds originality to the game. The the gameplay is solid and very enjoyable in every game mode. The controls are tight and responsive,like they should be using the gamecubes awesome controller. The graphics are great, what you'd expect from a next gen. console, but nothing more. The multiplayer is awesome, and is clearly the focus of the game. The replay value is why I gave this game a 4/5, if you don't have any friends or siblings to play with the game will get old, and it won't take a very long time either.NOTE: if you are a gift shopping parent and have two or more kids this is a must have,unless they absolutely hate racing games.
a solid, fun game- but its a rehash
by: lordcodeman    On: 2003-11-28

My friend brought his GameCube over my house recently and we rented Mario Kart: Double Dash. Having previously owned a N64 and Mario Kart 64, and loving it, I was expecting a good, fun game and a quality sequel. Well, I was right, and I was wrong.

Double Dash!! has a number of new features, such as two characters per cart. Two characters per cart means one is driving and the other handles the weapons or other goodies you pickup. This also creates a number of new things:

1) since different characters have different weights, it affects which carts you can choose, since the cart has to be big enough to fit the bigger of the two. This makes it so bigger carts might have a higher top speed, but accelerate slower or handle looser, ect.

2) it allows you to switch between characters, so if you're playing with two people on one cart, you can switch drivers, ect.

Some other new features are the ability to "power steer" into turns. This makes you loose the ablity to move around sharply, but slows you down and lets you hug the turn better, so you don't go flying off the road. Also unfortunately the hop was taken out, probably due to power steering being added.

Double Dash has the same number of cups, and the same number of levels per cup, so theres still 16 levels, which is pretty good, but a lot of them are rehashes of old courses. For instance, theres a desert course, ice course, beach course, castle course, rainbow course, and other ones. These were all basic course designs in MK64, but there are some new ones, like a cruise ship.

DD has new LAN multiplayer features, so you can play over a non-internet ethernet network. The game is popular at colleges since you just plug into the college LAN and game away. Its a cool little feature but online play should have definitely been included.

The problem with DD is it feels like a rehash. It plays just like MK64, and it seems like little has been done to make it more like a sequel. The courses are too similar, I was disappointed with the lack of very many new drivers (theres only a few new, I was expecting a lot), and I think there should have maybe been an extra cup added at the end to make it even more interesting. Don't get me wrong, its still a fun game, and I will probably buy a GC soon and pick up a copy, but as a sequel I think it fails. I give this game 4.5 stars. Just my two cents.

Why You Bought a GameCube..... To Play This
by: kudos_27787    On: 2003-11-17

i had been waitong to play this game for well over a year( since i heard it was in the making) and november the 14th, my dream had come true. The garphics are superb, with great character modeling and great looking tracks. the noticeable thing about the driving is that the steering of the Karts has been made very slow to respond, but works brilliantly.My first impressions after playing this game was that is seemed rarther slow and very very easy, seeming to chug along(50cc mode)i won the mushroom cup with ease, but my worries were soon thrown in the bin once i stepped up to 150cc, i got absolutely hammered in the championship and was very happy with that .... i hav completed the game now and unlocked everything (you unlock something every time you win a chapionship( unlockables include new carts, battle mode arenas, two characters who i will no say, and a new 'all cup tour',( you play all of the tracks randomely in one go), and look forward to gaming with my mates on the good old battle mode.
i wouldn't buy this game if you arent someone who likes multiplayer gaming, the 1p mode can be completed in 2 or 3 hours, but other wise..... GET THIS...GAME IT ROCKS!!!
by: jesug    On: 2003-10-26

HI...... alll of you that are reading this review of the Mario Kart Double Dash.... I'm from MEXICO!!!! and I want to tell you that this game is the better one of the series of MARIOKART and I have some secrets for you.... I WILL ONLY SAY YOU ONE AND IF YOU WANT MORE GO TO THE PAGE.... (a short URL) and the secret is that there are 1 pair of unlokable characters... YEAH!!!!! it's TOAD and TOADLEET (or something like)



by: xtinastripped88492    On: 2003-10-25

I really can't wait for MARIO KART DOUBLE DASH!! I have seen so many sreens and movies of the game. I have seen the USA mario kart bonus and disk a 15 second comerrical. I been to site are Mario Kart Double dash, is a really good site they have a lot of imformation like reviews,movies,sreen shots. I really like the 3D graphics in the game. I love how there are 16 player and that there two people to a kart and that u can be as the driver or the wepon thrower.The tracks look challing and really fun fun!!!!I really like that rainbow road one of my favorite tracks are included again! woooo. I have always loved mario kart game I remember my first time playing super mario kart for super nintendo that I kind of miss. I remember the first time I got mario kart for nintendo 64
I really can't wait to have this game in my hand I can't wait for MARIO KART DOUBLE DASH game in my hands plus I can't wait for the MARIO KART DOUBLE DASH bonus disc when I pick it up at BESTBUY . Japan rated MARIO KART DOUBLE DASH 9 /10 . All the reviews I seen are very good reviews for the game very postive . this game is going to totally be the best out of the MARIO KART GAMES! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


This is gonna be awesome!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-10-22

This game hasn't come out, but if you've played any of the previous versions, you know that this is one of the best games. Nintendo takes it's first party software seriously, so expect great things from this one.
hey i got a qustion
by: xtinastripped88492    On: 2003-10-21

i reserved my copy at bestbuy they said to come get it on november 19 2003 but if it comes out on the 17th what i am i spose to do?

this game is going to be # 1 game sell rank for christmas I just know it everyone has to have this game if they have the nintendo gamecube!

its me to marioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

welcome to mario kart! double dash!!

They have the game with the bouns disk seperatley.
by: cellversesfrieza    On: 2003-10-18

Did you guys notice that they have the game with the bounus disk as a sepearte item than just the game by itself. I recommend ordering it with the bonus disk.

Anyway, this game should be awsome. Based on the prevoius 3 Mario Kart games, the series is awesome. The first was one of the most popular games on the Super Nintendo. The second was an early Nintendo 64 game and the third came out on Gameboy Advance a couple of years ago. This is the first time they made a big chance to the karts themselves having two riders in each cart instead of just one.

You take the wheel,I'm riding shotgun!
by: babybowser5000    On: 2003-10-17

This game is the best Mario Kart in the series.From its colorful 3D graphics to its awsome multi player features.This game's got all you want in a racing game.

The biggest change is that you can have 2 players in a kart at the same time and choose the car you want.Each pair of players has a special item that only the two of them can use like Yoshi and Birdo's egg or Baby Mario and Baby Luigi's giant chain chomp.

The characters that you can use are as follows:Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, Birdo, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Koopa, Paratroopa, Bowser, Bowser Jr., Wario, Waluigi, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong and the unlockables:Toad, Toadette, King Boo and Petey Piranah.

One of the coolest new features is the unlockables.You can unlock different coarses, characters and cars.This adds a brand new twist to the series.

The coarses are amazing.Travel through sandy beaches,dry deserts,rainforests and a lot more.Beautiful 3d graphics create the awsome scenery.

Finally, a good Gamecube game!
by: mjellerson    On: 2003-10-16

Well, actually, Gamecube has come out with a few good ones, but since its release, I have been waiting for Mario Kart to come out. It was like the 2nd game out for N64, and I was surprised that Super Smash Bros. made its Gamecube debut before Mario Kart. Anyway, it's coming and it's sure to be as good as, if not better than, Mario Kart 64.

For starters, the game is more interesting now that you don't just pick 1 pick 2: one to drive and one to throw items at the competition. This will make the game much less boring, since you can do so many combinations.

Also, this version has all of the latest popular Mario-verse characters. The other versions of Mario Kart for N64, SNES, and GBA were all really limited in the character-choosing aspect. Now, it looks like we'll have all the characters that we saw in the newer Mario Party games and Mario Tennis. Waluigi is a cool character and I can't wait to see how he is in this game.

The long wait is almost over, and it's just about time to get one of Nintendo's best games! Buy this, it doesn't get old! Let's just hope that they come out with MARIO TENNIS for Gamecube soon! I mean, they came out with Mario Golf, and that game is so not worth it...

Double Trouble
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-10-12

I couldn't agree more with potato_mike's comment about this game. It is a short game and would have lasted SO much longer if it was online.

But that said, I do think the graphic's are brilliant. The whole two characters on one kart is a bit gimmicky (more then Eternal Darkness's sanity meter) but it's still a nice feature and you do get a sense of chaos.

Nintendo have been making A LOT of short games lately. Luigi's Mansion, Pikmin, Sunshine, Zelda. Only Metroid Prime seems like a decent length and even that's a bit too short for my liking.

I was really hoping Double Dash was going to be an online game. It would be the longest lasting game Nintendo's ever made. Oh well, hopefully they will learn from their mistakes.

It's still a great game though. I love Mario and his lovely moustache!

by: Anonymous    On: 2003-10-12

Mama Mia
by: pokemonsapphire1993    On: 2003-10-12

I can't wait till this comes out. I know this will be better than the others because you can have 2 people on one kart. Also that it is on Gamecube so that makes is even better. This game will be fun. The game also looks 3D to me. It also has new characters that I can't wait to check out.
I reserved mine at bestbuy
by: xtinastripped8849    On: 2003-10-05

I reserved mine at bestbuy . I had to pay $ 5.25 . I am so excited I just had to preorder it there . I can't wait for this game to come out it going to kick *** but I love these mario games they all are fun I have just about every mario game u can think of.

mario kart is 3D in it going to be the best ever

Better than ever before
by: rburghar    On: 2003-09-29

You wanna know why this will be better than all the previous mario karts....well first off you arent just one play as 2 and you have to mix and match for the best possible duo to go against the rest of the racers....another thing that im looking forward too are the new characters....this is a must pick up for any of your mario kart fans....this will add a whole new dimension to the mario kart game im really looking forward to the game.


by: pyro88    On: 2003-09-28

This is gonna be one of Nintendo's biggest hits of the year! All Mario Karts were fun but this is gonna change. This game will be better! I highly recommend this game to anyone who owns a Cube! If you don't buy i, its your loss!
I want this game so badly the grafics are crazy
by: xtinastripped88492    On: 2003-09-27

Well I really cant wait for this game because I love mario games , aspecially mario kart games and I love the mario party games too. I just cant wait because I will have two people to a cart and the 3d looks so damn awesome. I defently think this will be the best one yet! I think that they could make it more real cause it's put on a disk which they couldnt before but nintendo is gradully getting better and better with the grafic I hoping for more leavels then before. I wonder if they will do something like extra mode when u go backwards ! I love doing that! I am such a mario fan all the game i own is for my gamecube. Mario will last for ever and ever. I think ill buy this game before i buy mario party 5 i would wither wait for mario party 5 for christmas then being able to get mario kart double dash is going [to be good] but i love mario games .

mario u get 5 stars hell yeah nintendo awesome job i cant wait to play i might just buy the 2 game in november mario party 5 and mario kart double dash is going to rock

AWESOME game to play on the Nintendo GameCube
by: cschmell    On: 2003-09-23

Mario Kart: Double Dash is going to be REALLY TOTAL AWESOME game to play on the Nintendo GameCube

I give it 5 Stars "Highly Recommended" REALLY TOTAL WORTH IT TO BUY AND PLAY this game on the NINTENDO GAMECUBE


A great sequel to some awesome games
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-09-19

Mario is back with another great racing game. Even though we can't give an honest review because the game isn't out yet, I still think this game will be so much fun to play. What really surprised me is that now you can take the Nintendo Gamecube internet adapter and hook up with 8 people for an excellent multiplayer experience. Another great advantage to this game is now you have 2 people in the car at the same time. One has driving duties, and the other provides classic Mario weapons to fire at the other drivers. If you're an avid Nintendo gamer like me, you'll love this game.
Mario Kart is back
by: drbaker17    On: 2003-09-14

Mario Kart 64 was an awsome game it had mario and racing what more could you want.This game will be even better because its a gamecube title.
This is soo fun!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-09-14

Everyone who has Gamecube should get this game. You can race with your favorite all time people. You can race dongy kong or be him or peach anyone! This is the best game ever!
Same old...
by: potato_mike    On: 2003-09-08

I'm pretty used to Nintendo games now. I've been playing them for far too many years. Just when they released Mario Sunshine they get the difficulty just right. Unfortunately they didn't make the game last. Sure I could get all the blue coins but why bother? The game was TOO SHORT.

Nintendo are getting in the habit of releasing these short games and Mario Kart Double Dash is no exception. You really got the feeling they put the effort into Mario Kart 64 but this just looks like a 3D/cel-shading mix up.

But lets not concentrate soully on the graphics. The gameplay. No online gaming. It was amazing how many people were outraged when they heard there was going to be no online gaming. Playing it with your friends will only last so long before they go home. There's no challenge when you're playing the CPU. The game would have lasted so much longer if it was online.

The tracks are a bit more intresting then Mario 64. There are pipes with flat piranha plants, there are flat balls of fire, there is a sphere chomp. Oh wait... the sphere chomp was also in the N64 game. Oh how technology has advanced!

The game is boring. You start it, you finish it. And all for fifty notes. So what? Wait a year until it's in the bargin bin. Maybe half a year. If this was a report card to Nintendo I'd write in red ink, "unoriginal" and "must try harder!" I expected so much from Mario Sunshine but now I've learnt better from it. Come on Nintendo, give us a long game for once that isn't on the Game Boy Advance. PLEASE!!!

AWESOME game to play on the Nintendo GameCube
by: cschmell    On: 2003-08-20

Mario Kart Double Dash is going to be a REALLY TOTAL AWESOME game to play


I give it 5 Stars "Highly Recommended" REALLY TOTAL WORTH IT TO BUY AND PLAY this game on the NINTENDO GAMECUBE

Double Dash of Excitement
by: sellis163    On: 2003-08-10

Although no one can give this game an honest review, as it is not out yet...I think it is quite obvious what the results will be: A definite 5 star sequel. Everyone loves playing Mario Kart games whether they choose to admit it or not, so naturally... this game will be one of Gamecubes top sellers if not the top-most. And, although X-box and PS2 have their high points, few things can compete with a good Mario Kart game, especially when it has 128 bit graphics, twice the amount of players, better karts, and options to fly, drive, or go by boat. Every gamecube owner should by this game at any cost.
by: o1kanoby    On: 2003-07-27

I played the one for n-64 even though i didn't own one back then, i had a ps1. now that i have a gamecube i'm not going to miss out. I know i made a lotof mistakes choosing games, but this is some thing i've got to have. I my self am pre-ordering it so i don't have towait til christmas to play it!.And i myself love mario games thisone is not a downer if your deciding ofgetting oen your self.I mean the sharpness it exelent the gameplay beautiful,sceen shots are good.IF YOUR STILL NOT CONVINCED YET,go to click on games then go to master game list. click on gamecube, after go tto the m's you'll see mk:dd(mario kart double dash) click on audio/video chooes oneof the two quicktime or midia player and wala!so i hope you enjoy bye. reminder dooooonntttt miss out
This game is awwwwsome!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-07-18

This game will be a blast, if you see this game on Television you will feel like if you were about to get paralyzed and you will probably be too stuned to say a word. I don't know about you guys but to me I'll give this game 5 stars. In this game there can be 2 people in the karts , and there are even more players than before. I can't wait until they sell this on November 20, 2003. I'm going to beg my parents until they say yes.
This game is awwwwsome!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-07-18

This game will be a blast, if you see this game on Television you will feel like if you were about to get paralyzed and you will probably be too stuned to say a word. I don't know about you guys but to me I'll give this game 5 stars. In this game there can be 2 people in the karts , and there are even more players than before. I can't wait until they sell this on November 20, 2003. I'm going to beg my parents until they say yes.
5 starz awsome
by: g-man64    On: 2003-06-19

THis game is sweet! U get 2 drive 4 weelers!! If you loved the first 3 you will LOVE this one!
5 starz awsome!!!!!!
by: g-man64    On: 2003-06-19

This game is sweet!!!!!!!! You get to drive 4-weelers with people riding on the back of them! I loved the gameboy & N-64 games. I still play them both!! I think is going to need a 'double dash' shippment of this game.
One of the best games so far fo the Gamecube
by: morbius292    On: 2003-06-17

All I can say is about time. This is going to be on of the best for the Gamecube, the graphics are awesome.
another solid racing game
by: trellik3    On: 2003-06-15

Mario kart games have always been good and this one has a style of its own. Now there are 2 characters in a kart, one for driving, the other for throwing items at the other karts. It looks like it will be another mario kart winter.

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