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Mario Party 5 for Nintendo GameCube
Manufacturer: Nintendo      
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Whats with the orbs?
by: tangaro0o    On: 2006-06-15

Another great Mario Party game. It's just not Mario Party 4. The biggest difference I have found in this one from the last is the orbs. They become confusing and it's not as much fun as finding mushrooms in boxes. It's sometimes hard to differentiate the different orbs and what they are going to do.

The mini games are always fun and exciting. Although, I have played this game for a very long time now and some of them are still not unlocked.

This game is fun for the whole family, my 4-year-old even enjoys playing it!
snore fest in your face stinky butt this game rocked!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-26

this is a cool game I loved it here are my ranking
graphics: A+++
sound: A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
control: A+++
fun factor: A+++++++++++++
over all: A+++++++++++++++++++++++
I gotta say there are 2 unlockable weapons in super duel mode they are called:bowser punch and bomb omb wall to unlock those 2 you gotta get every parts in super duel mode.
Get This Game!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-15

This is an extremely fun title! If you are even thinking about getting this, do! It's extremely fun, creative. unique, etc.
Its the best videogame ever!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-14

its the best video game!! people who thinks they dont like has a stinky face like that stupid boy who said {maio pay 5 is a masteak} thats rubbish
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-17


where is dk???????????????
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-13

the game is alot of fun, but where's donkey kong. HE'S MY FAVORITE and you can't play as him. ok in super duel mode you can.(you have to beat him first.) BUY THIS GAME!
What is This?!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-09-05

I am a Mario fanboy. I'll buy a Mario game, no matter what! But I sadly admit that the purchase of Mario Party 5 was a mistake. I'm sorry, but this series was getting tired. (I am pleased to say that the release of the satisfynig Mario Party 6 brought the series back to life)
The graphics of the released-earlier Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour and Mario Kart: Double Dash far exceed the character models and other graphics of Mario Party 5. Come on Hudson, get with the program! Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Wario, Waluigi, and Yoshi are playable again. But what happened to Donkey Kong? He is no longer playable. Now he's just some extra character who gives you bananas in Party Mode. Hudson, WTF?! To take DK's place, Toad and Boo are now playable, along with some dumb thing created by Hudson called Koopa Kid. Again, Hudson, WTF?!
The sound...what do you expect in Mario Party? The character voieces are same old, same old, but I wish that Hudson would trash Daisy's annoying voice. She is my favorite character, and I hate always hearing, "Yeah, Daisy's the winner!"
The minigames of Mario Party 5 are very dull and boring. I was hoping for Mario Part 5 to improve some of the flaws of other Mario Parties, but I was disappointed. The minigames of Mario Party 4 were more entertaining. I was able to find about five or six that were remotely fun.
Party Mode has about two new innovations. The names of the boards are stupid: Sweet Dream, Toy Dream, Pirate Dream... Hudson, WTF?! Gameplay is slow. I absolutely HATE how slow and tediously the computer moves. Also, the Item Shop has been replaced the Capsule Machine. Capsules are probably the biggest and worst flaw of the game. They are flimsy, indecisive, and are usually never landed, on the effort is obsolete. But they are free! What do you expect from something that's free?
Story Mode. Oh. My. Freaking. GOD! What an idiotic story. Bowser and his sidekick Koopa Kid want to take over Dream Depot! Nooo! Who the heck is Koopa Kid? What happened to Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings? And Dream Depot? Could Hudson not think of another word that begins with a "D"? "Domain" souds much better and more fantastical. A preschooler wouldn't even be scared of Bowser and Koopa Kid's idea.
On a whole, Mario Party 5 is the worst Mario Party game, as well as the worst Mario game period in recent years. An effortless failed attempt at a game. I positively love the Matio franchise---it has great characters, games, and ideas, but everyone makes a mistake once in a while. The only fun in Mario Party 5 is laughing with your friends at how stupid the game is.

This game is veryy repetitive..
by: joel453    On: 2005-08-30

My brother got this game last xmas, it came with this useless microphone lol, anyway we loaded the game, and it was pretty dissapointed, at least for me.. ill tell you why:

1. The in-game voice is not good, specially, I hate Daisy's voice.. is just not that good and it can be very repetitive. you will just like to turn off your TV.

2. Characters: The same old ones: Yoshi, Mario, Luigi wahh, but these ones are the original see? but then nintendo wanted to come up with this lame idea to put Wario, Daisy, and another guy that looks very tall... this is dissapointed cause they are just a bunch of duplicated characters with differents clothes.

3. The gameplay is good but is just the same trick in every sequel they make! is just the same thing with another set of graphics, and new minigames. The game here suffers in being repetitive specially when you play it alone (This is pointless cause this game is no fun if you are not playing it with someone else, is more funny in multiplayer) but as I said, is very very repetitive, the game chooses the minigames for you.. is just get very repetitive. Dont get me started, this game is pointless if you just have one GC controller...

4. The controls are nice, but it depends on which minigame you are playing, the learning curve will take about 15 or 30 minutes to learn, or maybe less, as I said it depends on the minigame.

5. The graphics are good but not excelent, this is why I gave it a 2 stars rating..

Well, if you have more than one GC control pick this up, if not avoid it, otherwise it will get veryyyy repetitive in both multiplayer or story mode.

More of the same
by: staticdragon    On: 2005-08-18

This series is really getting old. The mini game are fun , but the board game setup is soooooo slow!!!
too easy
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-08-06

on my 8th birthday i got a gamecube and this i almost beat story mode (...)
It's getting old..
by: babbil4900    On: 2005-07-07

Well, after 4 games you can't expect much more. Maybe some better graphics, and new levels, and possibly new characters. Well they chucked in a hundred or so more mini games into this game to try and make money for Nintento, or so it seemed. I got this christmas of 04 I believe it was, and I stopped playing not too soon after. It's a fair game, but like MP4, it has too many additions for its own good; it ruined the solid N64 style of the mario party franchise. I guess this one is up to you. I'd reccomend rent it for a kid whos having a sleep over, or buy it if he has a lot. Overall not that great of a game, or worth buying for that matter.
board game trite, but bonus mode saves it
by: deeyeewee2    On: 2005-06-28

Except for Mario Party 3 and 6, I've played them all. Although I was disappointed at the unoriginality of MP4, I still found myself playing MP5, and not just for one hour, either. However, there were flaws that made me sigh, and not with happiness, either (that came later, at the bonus mode).

MP5 comes back with vibrant graphics and the same gameplay it always had: four players go around the board collecting coins from mini-games to buy stars. The board game, as many know from MP experience, becomes trite after, oh, an hour. I agree with reviews that vent frustration at how long it takes to finish a mere 10-turn game due to too much pointless animation! Most people, including myself, eventually play the board game only to collect all the mini-games so they can play their treasure trove later, and waiting an hour only to get one new game, if any, is annoying. Also, some of the boards are designed so that the players tend to go around in a circle unless they land on a certain spot to take them away, which can result in many circles but no stars to be found! Time to play mini-games and try to get the one remaining ??? that the roulette never seems to land on.

Capsules are fun to experiment with on the board. Players get free capsules from this cute capsule machine and can either pay to use capsules on themselves OR throw them on spaces, where they stay. An example is a golden mushroom: it adds two dice blocks. MP5 has done away with the stores, which is silly because players can end up with lots of money and nowhere to spend it, especially if the star is in a secluded place that nobody can reach. I played MP5 team battle with a friend, and we ended up having 300+ coins as a team but nowhere to spend it!

Some of the mini-games are addicting and great, which make up for the numerous cheesy ones they have, but besides the better mini-games, the Bonus Mode helps to make MP5 a worthwhile game. This is a new addition that I wished they had in MP4. The Bonus Mode only has three games, but two of them are really fun to play with friends: beach volleyball and ice hockey. They are both 2 vs. 2 and have easy controls so players can easily goof off with some friends for a couple of hours :) My friends and I loved the friendly competition!

There are other modes in MP5, like the super duel mode where one builds funky cars and battles with a friend, or the Olympic-like stage, which is basically a beefed up version of playing mini-games. They are not too spectacular but are worth checking out.

In conclusion, the "better" mini-games and the Bonus Mode are the two things that kept me playing MP5 for some hours. Grab a friend, grit your teeth through the dull board games (warning: may take hours to finish), but rejoice as you play the better mini-games later and indulge in the hilariously fun Bonus Mode games!
Let The Party Begin
by: kernermichael    On: 2005-06-09

It has been so amazing that Nintendo has really been able to capture the status of Mario so very well. He has been recognized as one of the most beloved characters of all time. That has been true with so many different games. Since the Mario Party games debuted back in 1998, it has taken the feeling of interactive board games to a whole new level. While many companies have tried to catch that same bug like Hasbro and the CD-ROM versions of the classics, to Sony trying a Crash Bandicoot knockoff, Mario Party has remained king. With the status for the Nintendo Gamecube, the series has still stood tall, and number 5 is just that peachy as well.

Mario Party 5, the fifth installment for the Nintendo Gamecube, is a real delight for any group that wants to bring those game faces on. The game offers 60 different and challenging mini-games for you to test your skills with, including Bus Buffers, Coney Island, and so many others. The game also increases the challenge by adding a story mode through 5 challenging dream boards, where Bowser and his cloned Bowser Jr. kids want to hold complete control over the Mario World. The graphics are simplistic, just like the prequel, and the new Mario Party 6. The control is also very easy to pick up on with all the mini-games and a little practice as well.

All in all, Mario Party 5 is a good game for the Nintendo Gamecube for all ages. Unfortunately, you have a better chance of getting this one used currently than in new condition. For those, they may just consider Mario Party 6, or the upcoming Mario Party 7. Still for the fun & value, Mario Party 5 is a great party to hang around with.

Graphics: B+

Sound: B-

Control: B 1/2+

Fun & Enjoyment: C+ if you're playing solo; B+ if you're with others

Overall: B
good but gets boring too fast
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-05-24

Mario Party 5 is fun a couple of hours but gets boring too fast because there's not so much to do. Almost no extra modes or new characters. I really hope this series ends soon because each new game is the same.
It's an all-out bash!
by: rossiofcorsi    On: 2005-05-01

The superstars of the Mushroom Kingdom are partying again! Grab your friends and join in the madness as you battle across all-new game boards in a race to collect the most stars. Brand new mini-games, including one-on-one duels and everyone-vs.-Bowser brawls, as well as mini-game tournaments, a decathlon event, and much more make this a party you just can't miss! I like it!

More than 70 all-new mini-games!

Good Game of Mario Party
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-04-06

This Game is awesome!!!! The computer is back to it's cheating ways but I like the challenge. This was difently the best Mario PArty game until Mario Party 6 came out. Still get it because it is very fun.

This suffers the same problems as MP4.
by: benpercent    On: 2005-03-28

The only new thing is that this game is a little young. It otherwise is the same as MP4. Go to "See all my reviews" and look it up. I am not writing the same review twice!
Party Pooper
by: torik30    On: 2005-01-14

Well when I heard of a new installment of the Mario Party series I was thrilled. But I got excited for nothing. This game is the same as Mario Party 4. Except Mario Party 4 was more exciting with the new graphics and it being on the Gamecube and all. But it just didn't work for Mario Party 5. First of all, the boards are extremely boring, and the introduction of capsules (which give you a ball and you can purchase only the item you get whenevr you want). There is no lottery shop. Most of the "all-new" mini games are pretty mucht the same: repeadtedly pushing a button or dodging something. As for the format I don't like the different stars introducing the games. The Ice-Hockey is almost impossible and Volleyball is the same you got on Mario Party 4. The introduction of new characters can't even save how bad this game is. 1 on 1 games are OK, but contribute little as you can't duel as much. It is too expensive. Save your money.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-01-09

this game is fun. they have good mini games. You even get to make machines and battle. the story boards are it if you dare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don't worry it is a good game

by: Anonymous    On: 2005-01-03

Ahhh at last a mario party game I wanted one since 2002. Boo is in it YaY! I'ts Even better than what I thought. The super duel mode is cool make a mashines to battle other players to battle other players whith other players in addition you can use you'r mario characters.

Queen of the button pounding...
by: mortons_pearl    On: 2005-01-01

So this is how it starts...

I used my Christmas bonus this year to buy myself a live in boyfriend already had a I figured it was the next logical system to get. Having had a N64...when I saw Mario party at the store I was psyched! I have maybe 6 or 7 other games for the GameCube right now (hey...give me a break...I only got the thing a week ago)...and Mario Party 5 is the only one I play! My only reservation about this game is in the Party Mode...the shortest number of turns you can play is makes the game last a little too long...especially for people like my boyfriend...who would much rather be playing NBA Live 2005 (which is also good by the way)...then running around a magical board as a princess...
stop the madness
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-31

the mini games are bad,the format is bad.the boards are bad,the story is bad, and ofcourse the game is bad,dont waste 50 bucks on this junk.get mp1 and 2
mario does it again!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-28

this is a great game! my cousin got it for his birthday and i asked him if i could play it...i never wanted to leave the room!! i knew that i HAD to get the game...there are different, BETTER mini-games and me and my friend are REALLY into the game after we have been playing it for about 10 minutes! this game is GREAT!!
too short.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-13

I beated this game in one day. It was too short. I did like the story. The story was fun. Too bad they didn't show part of the story for a little preview like they did with mario party 4 before. It isn't as good as mario party 6,3,2 and 1. Don't buy this game if you don't like games that are very short, very easy and boring. Please just buy mario party 6.
I can carry all the ice cream!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-09

In this game I learn pretty good how to carry all the ice cream. This game is okay, but man I have to say that I like to play other games like Smash Bros. this one time I was mario and man I punch stupid kirby so hard in the face, and you know he just fall right into the hole! There is a part in this game with monkeys that my friend is good at. He play that part for me sometime so I can win it.

Better the second time around
by: shawnallan1978    On: 2004-10-11

Before I begin, I should say that I'd never played another Mario Party before this...

The story goes like this...
It took well over a year to convince my wife that we needed a gamecube. So after winning a bit at the local casino, we decided we could afford to splurge... Bought the gamecube, and after reading the back of every gamebox available, we decided on MarioParty 5 made our purchase and headed home.

Got everything hooked up, popped in the disk and... Oh what is this!? This game is horrid! I called the store where we purchased the game and BEGGED them to let me return it. Of course, they would not let me... So I was stuck with this game ($49.99 at the time) which we HATED. Here I was with the Gamecube I'd been wanting for a year, and not a single game worth playing. Sure the graphics were great... the sound was nice... but come on! There was nothing to this game (or so we thought).

And then it happened.

The shops had all closed up... We had no choice but to play MP5. So we did. We played one full game. It was okay. We played again... hey it's not so bad... we played again... this game is sweeeet! The more we played the better it got. The board game, the mini-games we loved it all. My wife and I soon were addicted.

Neither my wife or I are huge video game fans, but we love a good card game or board game... The more we played this game, the more it appealed to our sensibilities. I think (honestly) that we use the mini-battles as a chance to get back at eachother for little annoyances. It's really quite fun. When we have friends over, we'll hook the GC up to our 55" and have all out wars.

Over the weeks and months that followed, we purchased more games, Toadstool Golf, Simpsons Hit & Run, Zelda, etc. et al. But Mario Party 5 is really the only game that gets any frequent play.

To make a long story short... Good game, just give it a chance.
by: hypershadowdx    On: 2004-10-05

I've never played the first 3 mario party games ' because i never owned a N64 ' but mario party 5 is indeed a very fun game when i rented it out i use to think it was a childish game ; but later on i think its an okay game so months later i decide to buy it ; but I realise story mode can be hard but their was always the party mode to play ' In my opinion this game is a must have for fans of the mario party series ' Their are older people who enjoy this game I also think the music to the game is cute and we can all look forward for mario party 6 which will be release in december of this year.............

So buy this game you wont regret it :)
Get ready for 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-09-25

The 5 in MP5 probably means this game is for children 5 and under. The graphics are no different than MP4 and the concept is exactly the same as its predecessors with a few new game modes. The games are boring and often have the same objective: repeatedly press buttons to do something. The new features don't make the game any more exiting than the other 4. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!!
Needs more originality
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-09-06

THE CONS1:no item system insted you get these dorky capsule thingys that almost never save you in a tight spot 2: Lack of originality in mini games most games are shades of games past 3:1 bowser space you got to be kidding me!

THE PROS 1: it's the best party game on the market ,though disney party is fun 2:super duel mode 3:no more "computer always win games" (sooo many in the first 3)

OVERALL: get the game for fun!
Very Good game
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-08-01

Like previous Mario Party games this game is very fun and addictive and recommended for all Mario fans for muliplayer mode is just amazing but what brings down this games rating is the still weak and sometimes boring single player mode and too much text screens the level of reading in this game is too much and this is a great turn off but besides these the game is very good.
Its pretty good
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-07-31

I think the latest installment isn't as bad as Mario Party 4, but the best one by FAR is Mario Party 3. I LOVED that game!!!!! The capsules are so-so, as are the minigames. Buy this if your a Mario Party fan, or if your looking for an okay multiplayer game.
'Feh!' on all the nay-sayers
by: hudso1bp    On: 2004-07-25

MP5 is a fun game, and much better than MP4, which was a mediocre follow-up to the N64 franchise. 3-D boards and the new capsule system, plus new playable characters and new board spaces, all combine to make this a great addition to my Gamecube collection. There are some really neat games, too, as well as some really bizarre ones (and one game I really hate!).

Is it as great as MP1, or the best of the lot MP3? No. But if you're like me, you don't keep your N64 hooked up. MP5 is the GCN Party we needed, especially after the lame MP4 (the mushroom system ... ick!).
Mario Party 5 is the Best
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-07-17

Mario Party 5 is the best installment yet. Especially the all new new 3-D gameboards. Also the new mini games are the best in the whole Mario Party series, the 70 new ones are the coolest. Everyone should buy Mario Party 5.
The final Mario Party ... hopefully
by: tantricgorilla    On: 2004-07-13

I hope they don't make any more Mario Partys for they are getting really repetitive. The best games Mario Party had was in the first one, with the fun games Crazy Cutter, Face Lift and Grab Bag. They tried to "reinvent" some of those but they were never the same. This game gets boring real fast and I would only recommend you buy it if you don't have the other Mario Partys, if you absolutely adore the Mario Partys or if you are a HUGE Mario fan. Otherwise, just put in the first Mario Party for N64 because it truly is the best out of them all.
by: dannynguyen03    On: 2004-06-12

THIS game is really bad if you like party games get PAC MAN FEVER or Warioware inc. Its boring mario party 1 2 3 4 are ok but common they are ALL the same exept they took out the good games for the bad ones!!! DONT buy it!!!
Only if you don't have the other Mario Party Games
by: arlando    On: 2004-06-11

As many have mentioned this a game that if you have the previous version(s) then why bother with this one. In fact, unlike other games like this, Mario Party 5 is more close to Mario Party 4 then one could possibly imagine. There are almost no new concepts and the mini-games are more or less the same and not very exciting.

I very muched enjoyed Mario Party 4, mostly because I don't have an N64 so I didn't play the other three. But Mario Party 5 is almost the exact same. In fact, all they did was change the four to a five. If there was any big difference to point out, that would be it. Other than that the mini-games are about the same and the new ones aren't fun... they're frustrating. The gameplay is the same, which doesn't really bother me, but that doesn't mean everything else had to be.

If you don't have Mario Party 4 then grab it but if you do its the same thing really. Wait for the price to drop if you really plan on buying it.

by: Anonymous    On: 2004-06-01

a good game but........
by: gameplayer9    On: 2004-05-31

Ever since mario party 3 they made a big mistake THEY TOOK OUT MINI GAME ISLAND!!!!. that was the best thing to play in the original mario party. Plus in mario party 2 they made it more challenging. I bet in mario party 6 they are going to make the same mistake. Please Nintendo put the mini game quest story mode back in the mario party games.
by: tenley30    On: 2004-05-30

My 6 year old likes this game a little bit. My husband and I would rather scrape and paint the side of the house. There are much better choices for games: Animal Crossing is a good non-violent game, and Gauntlet Dark Legacy (if you can find it anywhere) has provided a lot of hours of fun too.
YOU'VE GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: dawwg    On: 2004-05-22

Ok, now if this game was the very first mario party game ever, then i would like it. BUT COME ON!!! There r already 4 MARIO PARTY GAMES!!! AND THEY R ALL EXACTLY THE SAME!!!! O sure, there might be a few differen't mini games and crap but ITS THE SAME EXACT CONCEPT!!! AHHHHH!!! IM GONNNA DIE!!! The only reason you should buy this game is if you have NEVER EVER played a mario party game before or if u don't have ANY mario party games. IT would just be wasting your money if u collected all these games. And if you've never played a mario party game but wanna buy one, i would say u should probably buy an older one becuase the older ones r ALOT CHEAPER and still EXACTLY THE SAME!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
Mario Party Saga
by: crowbar050874    On: 2004-05-22

Yet another Mario Party game. We had to buy a game cube just so we could play it. We have play many of hours on this game and the other in the saga.
by: dementedinsaniac    On: 2004-05-20

This game can be played by anyone in the family. The kids love the colorful atmosphere and the adults will like the fun, challenging games and also spending time with their children. This game is fun and has great replay value. There are many modoes, but the best would have to be the Party mode where up to 4 players can play. You move around the board and play minigames to earn money and stars. And after you earn the minigames, you can go back and play each individual minigames themselves if you have a memory card. A memory card is a must for this game. Overall, a great, fun game.
This is as lousy as mario party 4
by: davidzok112    On: 2004-05-19

Its true. First of all its not as fun as Mario party 1,2,or 3. This is not good at all. Youll probably want Mario party 1,2,& 3.
A person would probably fell disappointed If they bought Mario party 4 or even this. I think they will make a mario party 6. They dident did do a very good job with this or even mario party 4 or even this. They however did a good job with mario party 1,2,& 3.
Fun... for a four year old.
by: evandersen    On: 2004-05-05

This game was recommended to us as THE game to have-- the one that everybody wanted, and fun for all ages. We took it home, popped it in, and played. Now when I say played, what I really mean is sit back in the chair and hold the controller with one hand, and wait for the computer to move your characters around and do everything while you wait to hit A again.

Honestly, that's about it. You push A to roll dice. You push A to make a choice, and every once in a while you push A as fast as you can. The so called "great mini-games" were great challenges of "which plant is different from the others," "who can push A the fastest," or some form of addition and subtraction. We weren't pleased.

If you are looking for a fun challenge, go for Super Mario Sunshine, or even Luigi's Mansion if you want something more simplified. At least those games change and require both hands on the controller. Mario Party is mindless drabble for 4 year olds. Don't waste your time or your money.

Time to crash this party
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-05-03

First of all,there's not a whole lot to say on this game.It has changed a whole lot just improved the same game.Mario Party 1,2,3,4,5 aren't really differen't games they're just more developed versions of the same game.But since I have nothing else to do,I decided to rate it.

One of these reasons I gave this game three stars is (as others have said this isn't a new brillant thought) it's really not worth the money. I don't know about you folks out there but I'm not going to pay fifty dollars for a game that is the same as Mario Party 4.You might as well buy Mario Party 4 because it's about the same as Mario Party 5 (and as one of the other reviewers have said) it's cheaper and just as fun!

Another reason I gave this only three stars is the mini games aren't fun! They are a ton harder and I'm not saying there is anything wrong with harder butand the majority of them are just rapidly pushing buttons.And I don't know about you but I just don't have the thumb strength for that! It's frustrating! The majority of games in the previous Mario parties were at least fun but nintendo tried too hard with this game.I think half of them were because they ran out of ideas.They're pointless.

Not to mention the fact that during the story mode you don't play half the games (since they are chosen randomly) which means when you are playing mini games just for fun you don't get to play alot of the mini games because that's the only way you can play them out of story mode.You only get to play a few so you might as well not play at all.And another thing is they are alot less random events. You pretty much roll the dice,buy stars,and play the games.It's BORING and time consuming.

I'm not claiming to be a video game expert and like I said I don't find as much to say on this game as I do other games.But personally I recomend renting this for the weekend as opposed to wasting money on the game.I recommend older mario parties they are more fun!

Mario Never Fails Us, Does He?
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-04-29

Well Mario has done it again my friends. He has made another excellent Party Game. While I personally prefer the theme of MArio Party 4, this game has more excting mini-games (and isn't that why the Mario Party's are so irresistable), more cool things to do on the board, and also, which makes it really cool, it has a duel mode were you get to create your own duel machine car! I love it! This game is a must have for any MArio Fan, so get off your butts and buy it!
the best ever
by: cutsupremeyo    On: 2004-04-16

i have been playing this game for months and i have to say it is the best mario party gamew ver.i always win button masher games and i never broke a controller in 4 years.i always get the first star and i always beat the dumb computers.there are ways to throw capsules to make things happen on the board the board gamew is not boreing so don't listen 2 those casuall gamers this game is the best
Great Game - We love all the MP Games
by: baubie    On: 2004-04-15

This is a great family game. We love to play this game together - in party mode. Easy navigation and not too difficult to learn.
Great Fun for all
by: peaches22298    On: 2004-04-13

My family loves this game, true we are Mario Party addicts and love all 5 of them. The capsules are a new aspect and can be a pain, especially if you don't play competativly. I liked the customization possibilites of 4 and I wish they had left that option. The graphing of stars and coins in this is neat and can help your school aged children understand graphs in a more personal way.
Ok game
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-04-01

Mario party 5 is mostly a copy of the first 3 games (i haven't played mp4). Me and my friend were playing the game and i was explaning what to do in the mini games and she saysoh thtas like blah blah blah in mp? and she said that to at least 7 times. Mini games are the best part of all the mario partys and mp5 is kinda lacking in games but it is worth your money its really good for a nothing weekend or a b-day party.
This Mario fan finds it mediocre....
by: fennippee2    On: 2004-03-26

I love Mario games. They're the reason I bought a Gamecube. I rented this because I was interested in buying it, and I was sure it would be an excellent game, because the other Mario bros. games for the Gamecube are very good. I was totally, absolutely disappointed with Mario Party 5, and I'm glad I rented it first.

First of all, you can't just play minigames by themselves unless you unlock them. (I think the board game part is ridiculously boring, so I'd like to just be able to play minigames.) Unfortunately, the only way to GET the minigames is to play through the stupid board games!! And get this--in this game, no matter what the mode, you MUST have 4 players playing it at a time. That means, if it's only you and two friends playing the party mode, you MUST have a computer player in there also. And guess what: the computer always gets a high roll on the dice, always wins the minigames (even if you set the computer player's level to easy) and ALWAYS gets to the first star before you do!! It totally stinks!

And don't even think about playing alone.... The only way for one player to play is to play the stupid board game party mode, against three computer players. That means you spend a lot of time watching the computer play the game, because you can't skip past the computer's turns. You have to watch them, EVERY TIME. That is one of the worst things about this game. Even if you have three human players, watching the computer take its turn always feels like a waste of time.

Although the minigames have simple controls, they often involve extremely careful timing, or quick alternating of which button you're mashing, which makes things much, much more difficult. And of course, then, the computer always wins--even on the easy minigames.

The graphics aren't bad, but they're nothing special. Not much to say about music, either, because if it's there, I don't notice's all the same. If you want to play a good multiplayer game with some friends, get Mario Kart Double Dash or Super Smash Bros. Melee. This game is no party.

Worth 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-03-18

Hi,this is Christian Pease.I am a major Mario fan and,to be honest,THIS IS THE BEST MARIO GAME EVER!!!
I have seen the awful comments of this game,and for those who hate this game,WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?THIS IS A BRILLENT GAME,AND IF YOU HATE IT,YOU BETTER TEST IT TWICE,BECAUSE I'LL SEE WHY YOU HATE IT!
I'M SAYING THIS GAME IS THE BOB-OMB!(Hah!I said Bob-omb!You know, the alive bombs in the Mario world?)
Mario Party 5 ratings
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-03-18

Mario Party 5

Party Mode:9 of 10
Story Mode:10 of 10
Super Duel Mode:10 of 10
Mini-game Mode:10 of 10
Bonus Mode:100%better than Extra Room in Mario Party 4,or 10 of 10
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-03-16

MP5 is the best MP!The Super Duel Mode has fast machies,the caples are great,best one Chance,the Bouns Mode is better than the one in MP4,the DK mini-games are awsome plus the other ones,the Mini-Game Mode has new games,so this MP is a must-have MP!!!
Fantastic game by Stevin Gifford
by: hazy_lilly    On: 2004-03-09

Mario Party Five is a fantastic game. I like it because there are 3 new characters. I can make my own machine in super dual mode. There are new mini game to play. There are new place in the board maps. Mario party fans should buy this game.
More is less
by: dennis-l    On: 2004-03-02

The main problem I had with MP5 is that it just takes so stinking long to play a game. I also have Mario Party 3 (for Nintendo 64), which is the best game in the series, and it has options to allow you to skip the CPU's mini-games and speed up the movement of the characters. MP5 doesn't have this. What it does have is special "events" and bonuses on nearly every space.

The result is that it took me about 75 minutes to play a 10-turn game the other night, when I can play a 15-turn game of MP3 in less than an hour.

I do not like the concept of the "capsules," either. Instead of buying bonus items from stores, you get a "free" item every time you pass a gumball machine, and you have to pay to use it. Problem is, the game asks you before every turn whether you want to use a capsule or not. Annoying!

Also a problem (in this game even more than the other MP games) is the excess of animations that slow down the game even more. The boards also seem to be overly complex... sometimes you'll go through an entire game and none of the players will ever get a star.

The mini-games, which are the heart of any MP game, seem very dull. Only a couple seemed not to be derivative of the previous games. On the plus side, the graphics and sound, of course, are very nice, especially the 3-D game boards. But no one plays Mario Party for the graphics.

A fun game, repetitive at times...
by: movie-enthusiest    On: 2004-02-28

This game is great, and it is fun to play at parties or with your family, but it would get kind of tiring if you played it often. While there are mini-games to unlock, you play many of the same ones over and over again before it randomly unlocks a new one. Maybe you should buy it used like I am going to. It is now cheaper because you can buy the new version: Mario Party 6, which looks awesome with the microphone that is included. Mario Party 5 is perfect for any level of gamer, and I especially like the fact that you can add a handicap of stars to any player. Have fun, and best of luck to the future Dream Star! (You'll know what I mean when you play the game!)
Mario Party 5
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-02-26

Mario Party 5 is an excellent game because the whole series is great but this is the most advanced yet especially the mini games
Great game, great graphics, hard story line!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-02-25

"In the night sky, past the moon and beyond the stars, there's a dream world known as dream depot, where everyone's dreams come together. This is the real land of dreams. . . In this land, there are Star Guards who protect the dreams of all. One dreamy night, the Star Guards thought of something. 'Many dreams arrive here at Dream Depot Every day,' they said, 'so. . . why don't we offer those with the power of dreaming a chance to visit?' It the end, they decided to invite Mario and his closest friends because, when it comes to dreamers, nobody dreams bigger than they do! So the Star Guards prepared for their guests' arrival by creating many fun filled games for them to play. And that is how the story of Mario and his friends both old and new began!" And that's only the first page in the instruction booklet! 7 courses, 10 characters, 3 of which are new, and an awesome story line! The ONLY resson why I'm not giving it 5 stars is cuz you CAN'T play more then 1 board map and a mini-game Wars at a time without going NUTS, but other then that, it's perfect!!!!
P.S. the game takes only 5 "Memory Blocks"!
Over the Limit
by: spikeman42    On: 2004-02-24

Mario Party 4 was ok but this version pushed it. First of all, Bumper Balls (a classic) is not in MP5. The games are not that fun and Nintendo could've done better. Stick with MP4. Frankly, I belive the N64 versions were much better (MP3 especially). Don't get this game. It's a waste of your money and time.
Luv this game!
by: retrokitty03    On: 2004-02-23

This is one of the best gamecube games i have ever played. Its a blast! Its like playing a board game and after all the players go you play a minnie game, one of my favorites is when you race to climb up a vine! You can also just play minnie games or make a car and race! I recomend this game for ages 6 and up, Go and get MARIO PARTY 5!!!!
An average game...
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-02-22

I say that because Mario Party 4 is better. Mario Party 4 is the best of them. But Mario Party 5 still is good!
The Phattest Game Ever
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-02-18

This game is the coolest game for your Gamecube. I would highly reccomend it. This game provides fun for up to four players. This is the best game Nintendo has ever sold. You should definately buy it.
by: joejoe123    On: 2004-02-16

by: Anonymous    On: 2004-02-12

Get ready for some fun! The new mini-games are very creative and the main mode is great. This game also features a special bonus mode, that has beach vollyball, Hokey, and a spiecal card/board game. The reason I would not rate this five out of five stars is that the 1P mode and super duel mode are both very dumb. But if your a Mario Party fan, or even new to the Mario Party series, then this game is a must have!
I Want More Mario!
by: ghudson43    On: 2004-02-06

This is a very good game.I just rented it and it's fun.Don't listen to those other people who don't like it.Listen to me.At least rent the game! It has very good mini games and levels.Like I said,RENT THE GAME!
Pushy Penguins!!
by: jazzlemming    On: 2004-02-05

I'm going to start by saying that I haven't played any of the other Mario Party titles, so I have no basis to compare this one to those (I have heard there was a general lack of new features). However, that being said, I enjoy this game very much.

There are several different modes (some of which will not be mentioned in this review). The main game is a somewhat lame board game. Entertaining at first, but soon gets dreadfully boring. This, however, is how you unlock new mini games (the heart of the title), so it is your task to bear with it for the time being.

The mini games are awesome. Most of them. Okay, some of them. But the ones that are great are plentiful enough to make up for the bad ones. And once they are unlocked, you can go back and play them anytime without having to go through the board game. I particularly don't like button mashers (hit A as fast as you can and break your controller!!). Other games, like Pushy Penguins, are so much fun it's ridiculous. Hotel Goomba is a neat little puzzle game. And there's some sports-related mini games, as well (baseball, speed skating, etc.).

My favourite part of Mario Party 5 is Bonus Mode. That mode on it's own could easily be it's own title. You can play four-player ice hockey, beach volleyball, and a fun board/card game. Each of the three games have different options you can set to make things more interesting. For example, beach volleyball can be played with an exploding ball (kind of like hot potato.. the timer counts down and then, um, explodes. Point over.)

Overall, MP5 is a fairly average game. You won't have a huge amount of fun playing by yourself. This is definately a multiplayer game. And it's lots of fun! There aren't too many titles out there that anyone can just pick up and play. There is almost no learning curve, and it's safe for all ages. Four stars for jolly good FUN!

by: newfound32    On: 2004-02-05

This games ok but uhhhh...ya see I kinda like Mario party 4 better. I just like the levels better and the mini games. Well actually that's the whole point of the game. Im telling you don't play or get this. Well play if you don't agree but I like Mario party 4 better. I don't know there's just something about it that you know. I never really liked these games anyways but you know,....I guess some day they'll make a Mario football because they advertise it too much. The only good one was Mario kart. Which I recommend double dash instead of this peace of crap...!!!
Better than MP4
by: amdfanatic    On: 2004-01-25

I think that this game is fun for people of all ages. take control of one of eight characters in story mode, bonus mode, mini-game mode, and one of the other 5 modes. After that you get to play on a board (there are 6) to collect stars to win the game. between every round there is a mini-game and this is the reaql fun of the game. There are 75+ mini-games to keep you busy for hours on end. I think that you should get this if you are a gamecube owner.
by: apig    On: 2004-01-24

in this game it is extremely entertaining in two player but only a little fun in one player. There are 70 new mini games! The boards go in circles. But the mini games are REALY fun!!!!!
Not Much to Offer
by: mk777    On: 2004-01-24

The Mario Party franchise is one of the most well-known game series and has known to be one of the most fun. However, after playing and beating Mario Party 5, I must say that it is evident that the developers lost their touch and are running out ideas. All, and I seriously mean all, of the the mini games are either boring button mashers or mini games that we've seen in Mario Patry's 1, 2, 3, and 4. I was greatly disapointed by this title because I did love the first four Mario Partys, but this one is purely unoriginal. I know one could say that it looks good because they added a single player mode, and still has a great party mode. However, who honestly cares that a game has a single and party player mode if the gameplay itself is boring? The answer is no one. Take the word of a hardcore gamer that has beaten the single player mode of this game and played through the party mode, this game is not worth $50. If you want a party game, seriously, your better off getting Mario Party 4. It has the same graphics, better price, and is a better game. Only extremists of party games and the Mario Party series that have all of the previous installments should consider buying this game when it becomes cheaper. But, for the average gamer and as of right now, you'd be better off saving that $50.
At Least Good for Parties...
by: stevcarls    On: 2004-01-23

Mario Party 5 is a great game and is definately worth purchasing if you do not have a Mario Party game for your Gamecube. If you have Mario Party 4, though, you might want to reconsider purchasing this game. The maps are nothing extraordinarily different and brand-new mini-games are few and far between. Maybe Nintendo should have delayed the game a year or two in order to make this game more different than Mario Party 4.

Another thing that irks me is that it seems like the computer cheats with the CPU characters. For example, it too-often places the next star location directly in front of the CPU player.

Of course, where Mario Party games really shine are at 4-player Nintendo parties. If you are a hardcore Mario Partier, then this game may be just what you are looking for.

Mario party lost their touch
by: jaron1    On: 2004-01-18

Mario party 5 is the worst out of all of them! The super duel mode is poor because the cars are slow, the capsules was a dumb idea because your never sure what your going to get and they dont do anything good at all. Most of the mini games are boaring and the levels are boaring also. They lost their touch! I asked my dad for it on christmas because I thought it would be better then all the other ones I played. Major disappointment! If you have a Gamecube get Mario party 4. Thats just my opinion though!
Mario "Mild Get-Together"
by: bobbert_417    On: 2004-01-15

For the most part, each successive Mario Party game gets more and more repetitive, while still offering the same amount of quality fun with three other friends. However, this party just seems especially stale when compared to the previous installments. What's worse- it seems that the quality of the mini-games have also suffered as Mario Party sees yet another sequel.

I bought the game and played with two and sometimes three people, telling myself that the game would be a lot better once I got the full human players. I was disappointed to find that the game was still rather boring when four very enthusiastic people were playing together. When we finished the game, we quickly went back to Super Smash Bros Melee and Mario Kart: Double Dash. These two games were much more exciting for four people to play together. Mario Party seems to be fun only sometimes, and for such a high price, it seems like this party is one that most people should just sit out on until the price comes down.

- Three new characters are added, bringing the total number of playable charaters to ten.
- The game has over seventy mini-games, keeping a somewhat varied game each time you play it.
- All mini-games are allowed to be practiced before each time you play, in order to give newcomers an even chance.
- Bonus hockey and volleyball games are a great addition.
- Mario Party can be fun when four very competitive players are together.

- Repetitive gameplay
- The game relies far too much on chance in order to win.
- The animations are very slow and most of your time with Mario Party 5 is spent watching, rather than playing. This is where my major problem with the game lies.

Mario at His Best
by: jcbays2    On: 2004-01-14

What can I say? This is a great game! In bonus mode I thought the Card Party would be HORRIBLE, but I was wrong! There are so many things to do. I've beat story mode, and it is FUN. (Kinda hard for beginners though...) What I'm trying to say is it is GREAT. (Thanks for reading my reveiw and bye.)
Mario Party 5-- Perfect
by: cfjoe068    On: 2004-01-12

This is the best game out of the Mario Party series. The only bad thing, is that DK (DG) is not a playable character in the game. But the addition of new characters like Boo (Squalls) and Toad (ME!), make the game more fun.
The new mini-games are great. I'd say about 95% of them are fun and worth playing.
And of course, the luck factor is still in the game. Yoshi always gets lucky, while Wario and Toad never seem to catch a break.
Item shops are replaced by capsules. You get a capsule at random and have to pay to use it, or it's free to throw it on a board space. The worst capsule is KAMEK. He is stupid and doesn't help you when you need him. The best capsule is TWEESTER. When you need to move a star closer to you, he'll come through.
Overall, this game is very worthy of buying. I don't need to say more.
Fun for the WHOLE family!
by: erik_cornell    On: 2004-01-10

My wife bought this game for Christmas and we haven't stopped playing yet. It is of course a GREAT party game, but it isn't bad as a single player game either, plus it has Mario Hockey, Beach Volleyball and a card game that can be played with 1-4 players.
The cool thing about this game is that adults can finally compete with the kids and everyone gets to win something. My wife and I rely upon the age and treachery strategy, and the kids whip us on the mini games.
If you or your spouse doesn't care much for video games, this might be the game to change their mind. Before we got this game, my wife NEVER played these games, but she loves this one.

Well worth the money!

by: wwwlimpbizkit7773    On: 2004-01-07

Teams, Capsules, & Cards
by: off4neverland    On: 2004-01-07

Mario Party 5 randmonizes the whole "Item" thing that's been a part of the last few Mario Party games. You get a capsule that you can throw on any of the next ten spaces you might accidentally land on or you can pay to use it on one of your next turns. Just like the old days, some of them are good for you (now chain chomp steals from the other players) or bad (hammer brothers are back). Some are really annoying like gumba (exchanges coins with another player--bad if you've got 200 coins and dumbo CPU has 12) and the pirrahna plant (takes half your coins). However, the whole randomness of the capsules make it more interesting, especially if Bowser covers every space with a capsule.

I love the team playing--two against two--except you miss out on the three-vs.-one mini-games. There are also several games that I haven't figured out yet, like one where you build your own bomb-blowing car and take on an opponent. There's hockey, which is frustrating and impossible for me, but I'm sure somebody can do it. There's a card game, beach volleyball, and the usual virtually-impossible run-in with Bowser to open up his game board through story mode.

What's not to love? Rolling ones and threes 15 times in a row while your CPU dumbos zoom around the board rolling tens. That's what. But I guess that's true of any game, right?

Good game. Keep them coming.

Shoutout and Review...
by: cherngj3    On: 2004-01-07

Alright before my review...

To the reviewers...if you liked the game, don't go here and give it ZERO STARS!!! ZERO STARS = AWFUL GAME. I read all the zero star reviews and everyone who gave it ZERO STARS said the game was good. That completely throws off the average customer rating, which I was shocked to find it at 3 Stars. C'mon, if you don't like the game, don't give it stars, but don't say "THE GAME IS AWESOME" and give it Zero stars...rate it at least 1-5...make some sense gosh.

Now the review...

Marioparty 4 was already a huge improvement from its N64 predecessors, saving the platform since Marioparty 2 and 3 were about to send it to oblivion (cuz they were both bad). Marioparty 4 was the best game in the series but it still had problems. The One-Player was tedious, the randomizations in the game was awful (Played Slime Time 6+ straight times so many instances which drove me nuts), and there were no duels.

Now I can say...Marioparty 5 has shoved 4 to the side as the best party in the series. Duels are back and better than ever. In fact, it's possible to dual for a star also, which places the concept "It ain't over till it's over" into the game even more truly. The Randomization factor improved a lot. I hadn't had an instance where I played a mini-game twice consecutively...which is a nice thing.

Mini-Games and One-Player is where the biggest improvement came from in 5. Mini-Games are loads of fun. I enjoyed it far more than 4. A lot of varieties, some funky mini-games, some skills, button mashing, luck...all were great. Admittedly, boards did get a lot smaller, but in my opinion, it's the mini-games that are critical in this can play mini-games without boards but not boards without mini-games...that's where I believe the game should be judged, and the package of 70+ Minigames offered is amazingly fun, especially with more people.

Hudson finally decided to make One-Player a little more fun now. Now you have to go against 3 baby bowsers in one board with the objective of driving their coins down to 0 for all 3. Most complained the wait time between turns for 3 CPUs and yea I found that frustrating also, but Hudson worked on that to make the 3 Baby Bowsers roll simultaneously, which is start in the right direction. So One-Player improved significantly also.

A Great Improvement Over 4...and I give a VERY high recommendation to those seeking a party game for 2-4 players. A GOOD recommendation to just own the's nice to have when guests come over.

not better than four but great
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-01-07

well its not better than no.4 (esscpeally story mode) but the mini games is better and bonus mode is my fav. because it gives you three fun mini games also i like super duel mode. all in all this game is a must buy!
A very fun game for Gamecube!
by: sbatt80    On: 2004-01-05

I like playing this game a lot. There are lots of different ways to play, you could battle other people in the battle arena places, or you can play the original one, gamebord style, with new mini games and features!
I think its fun playing this game with my friends in multiplayer, but i dont think that its as fun in 1 player mode just playing against the cpu. If you like all the other mario party games, you would like this one too.
Laughably easy...and then it gets hard!
by: panda-lover    On: 2004-01-03

When i first rented this game I was surprised. Unlike most Mario Party games, this game in story mode is about taking all three players coins away before twenty turns. you compete again Red, Green and Blue K. Kid in 5 dream worlds. Your mission is to save the dreams from Bowser. To do this, you must take all the Koopa kids coins away before twenty turns is easy. Most of the mini games you will be playing are in duel mode again a K. Kid. When playing a duel either the K. Kid will lose coins or you will. To start a duel you must pass (you don't have to land) a k. kid or have a k. kid pass you. If a k. kid passes you, if you win the duel, the k. kid will lose 5 coins. If you win the duel you will lose 15 coins. If YOU pass a K. kid, this is the other way around. Andywas once you get the hang of it, this is an incredibly easy game. I found my self taking all the coins from a K. kid only 2 or 3 turns into the game. I got through it within a few hours.
After saving the dreams (there is also one nightmare stage) you must pass four of bowser's mini games. After a REALLY easy game I was expecting this to be easy to. NO SUCH LUCK. This was hard. You were put in a game without any insturctions. I had to try quite a few times before I understood what to do. HINT: to see controls press start. in the first mini game you must get rid of all the koopas by throwing them or stomping on them. WATCH OUT FOR THE FIRE BREATHING ONES! In the second game, simple jump through the fire rings without touching the fire. not a very easy thing. I lost many hearts on that part. thrid game. bowser comes and stomps on areas. get him to stomp on a square three times to win. to do this quickly hover around a square and bowser will jump there and make a crack. make good use of a the already one time cracked one. beware not to touch bowser or get into his fire. then the last game. THIS WAS REALLY HARD FOR ME. Bowser fires some kind of metal ball whic you must throw at him six times to win. NOT SIMPLE AT ALL! plus you have to watch out for fire and the balls while they're still hot and his energy ring. I think it was really mean making a really easy game with a supr hard ending. if you lose your hearts you have to start ALL over again. THREE STARS. RENT, not buy.
not very fun
by: cobra794    On: 2004-01-02

i played this game for about 2 hours then got bored.great for kids though my 4 year old sister loves it. new mini games and only 5 boards!!??!! very easy to understand but i reccomend renting it careful what you want and dont
by: kkiester    On: 2004-01-02

I Love this game. After becoming addicted to Mario Party 4 at college one night as a way to get away from studying. As soon as Mario Party 5 came out, my friends and I rented it (when we finally found a place that had it in), and we were impressed! It is great to have new characters to play with, and the mini-games are great (most of them, so are pretty lame, but over all I'd day 85% of them are great). I ended up having to buy a gamecube for myself to feed my addiction of Mario Party...

If you are into non-stressful and laid back games, I would totally reccomend it!!

It's A Good Ol' Party Game People!
by: imbehindyou    On: 2004-01-01

How could you not love the Mario Party franchise? It's one game I can think of that can hold 4 sequels under it's belt and still not stink. From the moment you pop in this game into your cube, you'll love it. Me and my friend Bob were the first two to test it, and we found ourselves loving it from begining to end. Single Player wise, you might not be purchase/rent this game only if you have friends! I reccomend the first board you try is the future board, because it extremely helps you improve on your strategy. Another great thing is, with each combonation of characters you get on your team, you get a catchy team name. For example, Mario and Luigi together are the Super Mario Bros, and Boo and Yoshi together are Team Scary Dino. How cool is that? All of the new minigames will have you beggin for more, and you can unlcock them to play anytime you want. If you own a gamecube, you need to get this, and Mario Party 4. Cook some popcorn, pour some soda, and enjoy.
Fabulous, fun, and every other good thing!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-12-31

Mario Party 5 is probably one of my favorite games of my six GameCube Games. I choose only the games I really want, so that's a pretty high honor. With five diferent modes--Party, Story, Mini Game, Bonus, and Super Duel-- it's perferct for almost every occasion, party or boredom! The controls are thoroughly explained at the beginning of each mini game and are simple and well-thought. We will now explain each mode with detail.

Party Mode:
Rules are easy: Whoever has the most stars at the end wins! To get stars, you need to win coins in Mini Games. Happening spaces do exciting things, and theres a lot more than that.

Story Mode:
Fight against Bowser's new Koopa Kids. If they have any coins or stars by the end of the game, you're done for!

Mini Game Mode:
Choose your way-- Free Play, Mini Game Battles, Mini Game Circuits, Mini Game Decathalon, Mini Game Wars, or a Mini Game Tournament! Fun!

Super Duel Mode:
Buy parts, create battle machine, fight! Sounds cool? Better than that!

Bonus Mode:
Move around the game board looking for the coveted star cards. Kind of random, yet fun! (still better than most games)


Buy it! Why would I really be writing this my review from my own freee time if it wasn't for a good cause?
(I was not payed by Nintendo to advertise)

this game is for Eric Onjack
by: bman0027    On: 2003-12-30

This game stinks Eric.bvbv
Stop eating dimes Eric.bvbv
Mario is watching you Eric.bvbv
Please, do our country a favor Eric.bvbv
Don't buy this game Eric.bvbv no no
by: user432    On: 2003-12-30

Well, Let me just say I have played all of the Mario Party's in the series and this is by far the worst one. While the graphics and animation are better then ever, who thought it would be a good idea to play against 3 koopa's in story mode and iliminate the star aspect of it? First off, it is harder for you to attain coins then it is for them and secondly your not even after stars, just each other. You have to play the same 10 games over and over with them, most of which are based mostly on random luck and button mashing.

Nintendo, what were you thinking when you made these mini-games? They are beyond tedious and involve little to no real skill unlike the previous Mario Parties. They get boring very fast and after the last dream mode in story mode, you have to fight bowser (which you will probably mess up about 45 times before you get it right because you will have no idea what on earth you are suppose to be doing).

Cute game at first and much more fun when you have a group of people to play along with. I would recommend it for younger players, but just rent it from the video store or get it used. Dont bother ponying up 50 bucks for it. It really isnt worth it.

by: Anonymous    On: 2003-12-30

this is a game i got for christmas. i was excited at first but right after i was very displeased. this game is not only boring but terrible!!!!!!!!!! in story mode after 4 turns you dont even get to play a mini game and hu wants to plays 3 bowsers? and the mini games are babyish and terrible and the levels are terrible! i hate this game!
Different than other titles in the series
by: babybowser5000    On: 2003-12-29

Since the Mario Party series hit GCN lots of changes have occured.Some dissapointing and some better.But, one of the most biggest changes I've seen in the Mario Party series is in MP5.That change is that items have turned into capsules.Capsules are fine, but are way different than items.The way you use capsules is this:To get them you have to go past a capsule machine(looks like gumball machine).The result is completly random.You use capsules on different spaces on the gameboard or yourself.If used on the gameboard than whoever lands on that space is effected by the capsule.

Enough about capsules!!!!Wouldn't you rather hear about the game??????

This Mario Party takes place in Dream Land.Every board map takes place in some kind of dream:Underwater Dream, Rainbow Dream, Pirate Dream, Future Dream, Toy Dream and Sweet Dream.(I might of missed 1 or 2)There's more than 70 new mini-games!(As usual)

The new bonus feature is awsome!You get to play ice hockey,(my favorite)beach volleyball, or card party.(lame)They are all action packed and really, really fun!(except for card party)

You can now play three new players:Toad, Boo, or Koopa Kid.

If you played MP4, this game is nothing like it, but is equally as fun.

by: madisonwe    On: 2003-12-28

I started playing GameCube about a year ago, so of course i had Mario Party 4. When i heard that 5 was out I immediatly went out and bought it. Basically I love it. It is pretty much like 4 but with MUCH better boards, MUCH better mini games, and THREE new characters (donkey kong now has his own gameboard space, and plus i never really like him anyway he gives you coins now.) so basically it is great!!!
by: powerpuff_92    On: 2003-12-28

ok, the boards just suck, i mean like they are cool at first but after that they are just plain boring. the animations just drag on and on. but there are new minigames and if u have four human players and u play in the minigame mode, it's super fun
Review for families or those new to gaming...
by: seemommygo    On: 2003-12-23

The Game Cube is our first experience with video games, and it was difficult deciding which games would be appropriate for our children, ages 4 & 8. Considering the price of some games, we didn't want to make a costly mistake! I can say without reservation that Mario Party 5 is a hit with the whole family. We also have Mario Kart Double Dash, soccer, and basketball, but Mario Party 5 is by far our favorite. Mario Party 5 has lots of mini-games (which you can't play until you play a board game), and the board games are full of surprises which makes them continuously entertaining. I know some reviewers haven't liked the game, but for families with younger children, this is the one game I would recommend as a must have.
mario party 5
by: allnbrian    On: 2003-12-23

well this game is good but the new way of using the items isnt exactly as good as it used to be. you dont get to choose your items like u used to but the mini games are alot better and theres plenty of em there are also alot more chaaracters than on any other mario party. so i very much recommend this game to all u fellow gamers
Not as good as the others
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-12-22

All the Mario Party games 1-4 have been fun to play. It had a good idea to work with other computer characters, but this one doesn't do that. I mean, this game isn't really that good playing by yourself because you can never really work with a partner. You need another human player. I know it may sound fun now, but during the game, you have a battle every 5 seconds literally. Everytime a bowser character passes you, you fight him. Also, the way to win this game isn't as fun as the others. You don't get stars, you just try to make the Bowser characters lose coins.
Best Mario Party yet.....seriously
by: jonnycongo    On: 2003-12-20

The bottom line is....if you like the mario parties.....this is most certainly the best one yet. Why i say that is because the maps are 3-D and there are 3 new characters! Except you are not allowed to be DK anymore because he has a special chance square on the board that you can get tons of coins and maybe a star if you land on it. I won't tell you the secret characters....but now all i pick is the new ones. Good game to buy.
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-12-18

Wonce eye saw this on da movie of movies eye had 2 buy dis!!! It's sooooo bad!!!! I loved it! I fyou hate bad games get dis! It"s goad! REELY!
Mario and his friends are back and better than ever
by: aairhead889    On: 2003-12-14

With more than 75 new minigames and 6 new boards, Mario Party 5 is a hit. Some minigames like Leaf Leap or Coney Island are very addicting. There are also 3 new characters. Now you can control Boo, Koopa Kid, and Toad. This makes the game even better. All the boards like Underwater Dream are 3-D. That means that instead of just a flat surface you can climb latters and hop up stairs. You could sit down for hours and play this game. They also include some new features. They include volley ball and ice hockey. There is also a new battle mode where you can build cars and battle other people. It is almost like battle for Mario Kart. I highly recommend this game. It may be the same in some ways, but they improved it so much.
coolest game on earth!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-12-11

Mario party 5 rules I love it I play story,super duel,party and
mini game mode. Some of my friends cant stop playing it I am
stuck in the last thing in story mode. My dad wins most of my
games and I will ask him only to help me on this part of
mario party 5. Then I will do it all over because i will not
stop playing story mode until I use all the players I only
am playing with luigi.I want to finish it.
It has to stop here
by: goldidragoon    On: 2003-12-09

I enjoyed mario party through all the games and now its just getting old. I'm not saying Mario Party 5 is bad, but the boards could have been done better. I like the minigames too, but there didn't seem to be as many. I'm just saying that Nintendo has to stop here or else its just gonna get really bad. Other things I do like about this game that makes it unique is that you can use toad, boo, and koopa kid. Its better for a change to use mario or yoshi. Overall, I give this game a 4/5 which is good, but its not what I expected it to be.
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-12-08

the worst game ever.dont waist your money on it.
If they had a 0 this would get it!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-12-06

The first Mario Party was ok, but at least it was entertaining. This game is a disgrace. At first, you should at least get all the mini games at the beggining of the game. You dont. There should only be mini games. There isnt. Mini games are the only thing that draws people to this game and they still have boards. Thats boring. Nintendo get rid of Mario Party. Bring back classic games and make us all happy.
This is good
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-12-06

This is a really good game but it gets really boring if you play it too much. I have the game and played other mario paties too. The reason why i give it four stars is because it is very very similar to all the mario parties except it has new games and new modes and the party mode's rule are kindof different than the ones before. If you have played all the mario parties a lot already, this would be REALLY fun at first but gets quite boring really quickly unless you are trying to make everything perfect in that game by saving it in a memory card.
Great to entertain preschool kids just as much as the adults
by: jtargo    On: 2003-12-04

I bought Mario Party 5 the day it came out, and have often lent it out to the aftercare at my church with kids from ages 4-6. Just with any game with kids in that age group, it took a little crash course to teach them the basic way to play it (kids that age don't pay that much attention.) Amazingly enough those kids (4 players, 2 boys, 2 girls) got it down packed within 20 minutes of playing, and are so good at it, that it's scary. It's perfect for little kids to develop great hand-eye coordination and dexterity, they learn fast since this game is an all out competition. (Let me add that the little girls wipe the floor with the little boys at this game) Even if you're just thinking about buying it for older kids, teens, or adults, this game is a definite crowd pleaser (and child shutter upper.)
by: whatup276    On: 2003-12-04

This is one of the worst, if the not the worst game I have played for the Gamecube. This game is no different then the horriable Mario Party 4. I do not recommmend anybody to get this game. This game is not worth 50 dollars, its worth more like 5. The gameplay of this game is very, very simple. Press one button has many times has you can...and if you do it the fastest..YOU WIN. Now that is not a game at all...its something that should be held at a carnival with a water cannon. There are much better games than this...check out some of my othere reviews if you want your money well spent.
The best game made in history
by: daffy2004    On: 2003-12-02

This game is the best game made in history and it would be smart of you to ask your parents to get it for christmas or your birthday. This game has new action packed new mini games and has new gameboards and three new characters to go with it. If it was a scale of 1 to 1,000 I will give it a 1,000. This game is 3x's better than the old Mario Parties. This game would be useful to spend your money on. ROCK ON MARIO PARTY 5!!!!!
Once again, Mario Party adds more fun to our home!
by: rosemaryannebertinelli    On: 2003-12-01


we purchased this for our sons 9th birthday. We were apprehensive over the fact that after 5 editions of the same game they would be repetitive...Once again we were pleasantly surprised. Mario and friends have been entertaining our boys for years and continue to do so with Mario Party 5!

We love the board game concept...the boys love the mini games. It is an easy game for mom's and dad's to join in and play too. Although I am not an avid video game player, there are times that the kids just want you to "play with them". Mario Party 5's concept is easy to understand, the games are easy enough to play to make it interesting for all ages.

Mario Party games are always in the active play file!; at least in our home. It seems as if Mario Party 5 took the same great concept and just expanded it to include much more.

Our boys love it! It makes them laugh! That is music to our ears!

Thumbs up once again to the newest member of the Mario Party family!


Mario comes back with some new friends and fun
by: olsonpat    On: 2003-11-29

I played this game and I would say it has a lot to offer. The main part of the game is pary mode where you play a bord game where you travel around and get stars and coins. You also play a mini game at the end of every turn. this is where you and the other players play a short game. There is lots to do if you get bored with pary mode. Theres is a mode I like best in this game it is called super duel mode. in super duel mode you build a car and battle other oppoents is a arena. There is also a "pick and choose" version of party mode called Mini game mode. you get to choose which mini game you want to play. In all ied say that Mario Party 5 is a good game that will keep kids busy for a long time.
by: dannygirl144    On: 2003-11-29

WOW!!!! I've never seen a better greater game! I'ts definetly worth your money. I'd give it 1,000,000 stars.
Mario Party Rocks the Party that Rocks the Party
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-11-29

This game is soooo addictive. I was a fan of the first one when it came out, but this one is awesome. I dont know anyone who is not addicted to this game. My boyfriend and I are in college, but we love this game and play it often. It has a lot more characters to choose from and many interesting worlds. I love all the mini-games and I never get bored of all the different modes you can play. Buy it!!!
The best Game ever.
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-11-27

The game is very cool,butI like the mini-games the best.
"exam."-In the 1vs3 game MarioMechs,1 player controls a big,powerful,robot,while 3 players ride jets. (lasers includid).
There are also new kinds of mini-games called DK mini-games,so relax,peel a banana and have fun!
Little Boring
by: pauloba    On: 2003-11-25

The GOOD Things:
3 more players to choose from !! Boo, Baby Bowser and Toad
70 New Mini Games !!
More Boards
3 extra-games

The BAD things
Donkey Kong Can't be choose as a player, he disappeared...(well, not completely because now gives you coins)
The Boards are EXTREMELY SHORT, you only go in circles again, and again, is sooo boring !!
The Story Mode is ALWAYS the same thing in each game
The voices of the Characters Changed, por example, my FAVORITE character is Yoshi !! When i heard the new voice, i was shocked !
is HORRIBLE......

WARNING: Is boring, but not completely. Only if you play alone...

Just Plain BORING !
by: misssanne2u    On: 2003-11-25

I waited and waited for this game to come out ... and was VERY sad and disappointed the game. Yes the Mini-games are fun but there is no challenge in them. The game is slow and has nothing to really work for. The stars are so easy to get it's like getting acne ! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ! Buy Mario Party 4 .. its more fun !
by: misssanne2u    On: 2003-11-25

I loved MP4, but MP5 is just plain boring ! I waited and waited for its release and was sadly disappointed in the game. It's slow and not as much fun. Its really easy to get the stars, where's the challenge? Story mode doesn't have anything to work for, and Party Mode is just nothing. The only good thing about it is the new Mini-Games.
Great Game for all
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-11-25

We found this game to be highly addicting. Our 4 and 7 year olds love it, as do we adults. The party mode is great fun with a lot of cool things to discover. The bonus card game is a ton of fun as well. My wife and I were up many late evenings after the kids were fast asleep still playing this game. Nintendo did a great job with MP5. MP4 was a lot of fun too, but I like this one a little better.
Mario Party 5
by: spiffyofcrud    On: 2003-11-24

Its a good game but not a great one. I've played all other games in the Mario Party series and Mario Party 2 was my favorite. They were fun for a while, but Nintendo needs to learn when to stop. The firs flaw I noticed when the Mario Party games emerged was the "when is it my turn?" element. There is an improved story mode that doesn't take so dang long. I played a couple story mode maps in an hour. There are some very fun bonous modes, but it isn't worth it. Mario Party 5 is for hard core Mario Party gamers ONLY. Otherwise don't waste your time and money.
Another year, another Mario Party
by: dusty_gates    On: 2003-11-23

First off, I'd like to say that my review on Mario Party 4 may've been a bit harsh. That being said, I'm making this review more open-minded, rather than to just say that it's horrible for being another Mario Party game. Of course, if you've played the past games, and did not enjoy them, chances are slim that you'd like this version. Of course, with that in mind, if this is your first Mario Party game, there's a chance you will like it. Regardless of which camp you're in, you'll have more fun if you have three friends playing with you (one player is boring, plus the A.I. is easy).
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-11-21

The overall game is excellent! The new kind of one player mode is extremely convenient for the player. All three Koopa Kids roll at the same time, cutting game time down considerably, and therefore letting you get more done before your parents scream at you to get off the Game Cube!
by: cutsupremeyo    On: 2003-11-19

it's alot better than mario party 4 .the minigames are better the graphics are better you have a couple diffrent choices in characters .its a solid fun experienced.BEST IF PLAYED WITH 3 PLAYERS OR 4 .
Where is the online capability?
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-11-19

THis is great game. Then again, so was MP4. But this one if you are in need of more mini-games. However, i wonder when Nintendo is going to realize that this would make a perfect broadband game. Whats the use of even having the technology available if they arent going to utilize. Thank god that mario kart double dash is online,or else everyone with the broadband adapter would really be screwed.
Mario Party Strikes Again!
by: katiecat100    On: 2003-11-19

I know, I know what you are thinking about. 'ANOTHER Mario Party?! These games get worse and worse every year...' Well, in my opinion, this is the best Mario Party game; better than the last four Mario Party games combined!

Obviously, you know what the gameplay is about. You move around the board, play mini-games, get stars, then BOOM! Game's over. Well, in between all this, there are new features.

For one thing, you get to play as three new characters: Toad, Boo and Baby Bowser(also known as Koopa Kid). However, there is a drawback-you cannot play as Donkey Kong. He, instead gets his own space! In addition, if you liked Paper Mario, then you'll love this little-big feature. The Paper Mario Star Spirits are back!

Plus, like any other game, there are a total of 60 new Mini Games! They range from popping baloons to shining Chomp-Chomps with flashlights. The possibilites are endless!

One more thing before I end this review. Now, there are also three bonus games;Card Party, Ice Hockey and Beach Volleyball! Each of these games are fun. Plus, there is a battle-type game, where you can construct different machines to defeat your opponent and test them out in trial battles.

Overall, I love this game, and I highly reccommend it to anyone who has liked the other Mario Party games.

Another Great Mario Party
by: champ56    On: 2003-11-17

I just rented this game and let me tell you that it is tons of fun. With all of the new minigames that keep you coming back for more, this game is sure to get you hooked. Along with new characters and even more bizarre minigames you can change the odds with a new slew of items. But there is one flaw. The game is still to much like all of the others. That is why I didn't give it a five star rating. I mean it is fun, don't get me wrong but if you are looking for a new and different game for Christmas maybe this one isn't the right one for you. The story mode is very easy to master and takes almost no effort to complete. After you complete it there are a few new bonuses but ill leave those up to you to find. Well if you love Mario Party or just want to get in on the party action then this game is probably a must-buy. However if your looking for something different perhaps this isn't the best way to go.
NEW characters!!!, NEW boards!!!, NEW fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-11-17

This game is really fun. My friend hated Mario Party and I turned him onto it, and he WWWWOOONNNN!! Also, three new characters take the boards like Toad, Koopa Kid, and Boo!! There is over 65 new mini-games including super-duel mode!!! There is alot more items to, but you don't just buy them like in Mario Party 4, you get them out of a capsule machine. The stars are pretty easy to get sometimes but you'll have fun on the WAY!!
MARIO PARTY 5 all the way
by: xtinastripped88492    On: 2003-11-15

I have Love these game so much . I love the nintendo 64 too. I love love Mario party 4 I like the 3D in it and how it was fun and I cant wait to get party 5 for christmas , I buying mario kart double dash I recommend this too you guys on here. WEll I given 10 stars wooooo. GOtta luv it! ... LAta
by: www36708    On: 2003-11-15





Come on Nintendo!
by: missmegan301    On: 2003-11-15

Since I'm a very big fan of the Mario series and Mario Party series, I was very excited when this came out. I ran to the store and waste MY $50 that I saved up to buy a game. I don't think it's worth $50 at all. It's just a repeat of the last Mario Party game. Yeah, there are a few new characters and mini games, but they don't really impress me. I mean, the game boards are just getting boring. I used to play on 20 Turns. Now, I just play on 10 because I can't stand the boards. You just go in a big circle. I mean, yeah I had fun for about an hour but that's it. I probably won't touch it again.

I just think that Nintendo needs to come out with something better than this. I should have waited for Mario Kart instead..

Mario Party Fan
by: glitterboy2k1    On: 2003-11-15

This is the most fun of all Mario Party series. It fun and it's grat entertainment for all ages! 5 stars!
crash the party
by: shutyomutha    On: 2003-11-14

You notice how in movies and books how 90% of the sequals are s***. Well guess what? It's the same thing for video games. I must admit that the old Marios were tons of fun. But then that stupid Nintendo 64 had to come around and start the new Marios. You could by an old nintendo system and a classic mario game for almost half the price of this garbage. And i can guarantee that you would get more enjoyment and playing time out of a classic then one of these imposters. Plus 90% of gamecube games suck. If the title of this game didn't have the word Mario in it, this game would have a hands down 1 star. Do yourself a favor and run as far away from gamecube games as you can.
Star Mania
by: ni_na_m    On: 2003-11-14

M-a-r-i-o i-s k-o-o-l !-!-!
numba 5
by: luvlucy5    On: 2003-11-13

All I can say is that this game is off the hook. If you have a Gamecube, go and buy this immediately!
by: disco_daddy    On: 2003-11-12

This game is SOOOOOOOOO Lame!! Every game is in BRAIN-DEAD Mode to ANYONE over the age of 5! Hince>>Party (5) game......It's SLOW, you can't see where you're going on the crowded and OVERLY decorative game boards! You have to PAY to PLAY and use your items! There's NO item stores to buy from to help you defeat other players. The "A" button to fight back when a player is trying to steal your items, STILL DOESN"T WORK, on THIS game NOR in the Party 4 game!!!! You can't understand how to play the mini-games at all!!! This game , only kids would like...MAYBE. The kids might complain about how complicated and lame this party game IS also!!!.....What a WASTE of money, and a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!!!
Stop it already!!
by: thkeharris    On: 2003-11-10

There are plenty of Mario's already. Let's just say that nintendo should have stopped after 2. We have the cube and are big fans of the children's games but we would like some variety in characters. This is just getting a little redundant an lacks variety. Fun premise but that's it.
tooooo many
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-11-10

MARIO PARTY 1 and 2were good but 5? common, all you do is roll a dice, move, and play mini games, over and over and over and over....... get my point? Nintendo should have stayed with 1 and 2 or changed the game a little,
RE:This is is THE best Mario Party to date!
by: youngken7    On: 2003-11-09

I think that this game is going to be alot of fun. I played the other Mario Parties, and they were fun! My mother bought me MP4 for the Nintendo GameCube for Christmas last year, and I was satisfied with it, probably because it had cool Mini-Games in it.
However, the ONLY thing that I will probably hate about MP5 is the waiting time, because when I played the other Mario Parties(including 4), the waitng time were VERY short, and I've seen gameplay movies of it. But I think that MP5 will be a player's choice, for both young AND older gamers. And so what if there really isn't anything new in MP5? You don't need new things to Make Mario Party. All you need are Mini-Games, 3-D board maps, a few Nintendo characters(ones that have to do with Mario, of course), and, my favorite, a few friends over so you can play ALL NIGHT LONG!!
Cant wait!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-11-09

The Mario Partys are really fun, but i think they should stop making mario partys now and start making maybe a mario sunshine 2. Mario games are great! Keep up the good work Nintendo!
Keep them coming Nintendo!
by: drewb923    On: 2003-11-03

The reason I buy the nintendo systems are because of these games. The mario/zelda and other unique nintendo games with the classic characters are by far the best out there. I was six yeas old when I played the first super mario bros. and I am now 22 and still hooked!
give credit
by: orpta22    On: 2003-10-27

I just read the reviews and just wanted to say that my 6 year old daughter loves these games. I think that this is a great game for the younger ones. Like I say my daughter loves it and she loves for me to play with her. This is more on her level and there are not many like that for her. So I would like to say great job NINTENDO keep up the good work. Hope to see more games for the younger ones.
How many will there be??
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-10-26

Let's see how many years ago was it when mario party first came out four or five. when it first came out it was fun and so i bought number four i never had the other ones but played it at my friends house. mario party 4 was fun and all but it gets boring after a while. nintendo needs to learn when to stop like the way they need to stop with the mario partys there getting pretty old and getting older fast.
I don't know about this
by: kegcav    On: 2003-10-22

Well, alright then, now this is getting pretty old fast.
When I think back, I suppose it has been since the 4th, and I was exited about that one, but this one is really pushing it.
The original ideas for these games were great, move around the board, play mini games, collect stars etc. Simple but fun.
And of course there's the old saying, "don't try to fix something that's not broken", but by this point there should be a new saying, "simply cloning something makes it broken"

Okay so sure, this still has a good 60 new mini games, but just how new are these? For all we know most of them could be basic clones of others with other names or themes. It's hard to get enough originality in a game like this when one is released per year.

Although something was mentioned about a new board structure, which does sound interesting, and an improved 1P mode does have its merits, but overall it just doesn't look like enough to keep selling.
If Nintendo wants this game to last, it needs to take more time between releases.

hey mario party 5 will be wroth it
by: xtinastripped88492    On: 2003-10-21

I think this game is going to be fun! I loved the mario party's I have 2 to 4 and I am buying this one cause the graphic look better so what they use the same formula but I am buying this one cause I want it real bad! I am a single player most of the time but I will buy this game I will end up getting it for xmas so people I remend this and for all ages . Mario rockssssss

also remond the mario kart double dash

this is old
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-10-20

First of all the mario party games are so old now and are getting to be boring. 50 buck for this game is terrible its not even worth 30. Nintendo needs to take my advice and start a fresh idea before they die out. Yes yes do not shoot me yet i will probly get this iteam when it is 30 ( with nintendo it might not be till 2009) but it is getting to old and boring. The same mini games over and over and over. Its been going on since 1998. lets get a FRESH IDEA HEAR NINTENDO [...]
Good ol' fun!
by: cobrarr6500    On: 2003-10-17

This game is just like the previous Mario Party games. If you are new to the series, this is a really fun multiplayer game, but its really boring as a single player. Anyways, this game is all about minigames, and there are plenty of it! You will have blast playing this game with friends/family members. The graphics are nice, music is Nintendo themed, and anyone can pickup a controller and play, its really simple. If you have Mario Party 4, stick with it, because there isnt anything new in Mario Party 5 (redesigned minigames). Dont let the "Kiddie" theme fool you..i am 22 yrs old and i had a fun playing (MP 4)aginst my 10 and 12 yr. old cousins! I would recommend this only if you are new to Mario Party, or just like playing games with friends and having a good time. I do not recommend this game if you plan to play as a single player, the A.I is terrible, and its just not as fun!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-10-12

mario party 5
by: ghudson43    On: 2003-09-24

mario party 5 is really good but .............the only problem is its not ANY different then any of the other ones i personally think that they shouldve changed it a little more but its still really good so i really think you should try it
Mario Party 5 is going to be so much fun
by: xtinastripped88492    On: 2003-09-21

Hey guess well I want to say that this is game will be the best I really love mario 2 3 4 and now 5 I love mario party 4 for the gamecube its the best game ever . but they get better and better as it go a long . They add more player to mario party 5 plus also 60 new mini games. I also cant wait for this game

mario games rockk

It me mario do do do

by: rabbitandfriend    On: 2003-07-24

Gosh another Mario Party. I love them so much. How can the people that make these get this many mini games thought up. Some of the mini games on #4 i would have never thought of at all. Another got 2 get mario party. don't no much about it but more characters and minigames. I can't wait! got to buy it.

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