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Mario Superstar Baseball
Manufacturer: Nintendo Of America      
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Going, going... where?     On: 2006-10-20

I am a firm believer in buying a game and finishing it. I pre-reserved Mario Baseball and got it the first day out. When I finally sat down into playing it...

Let's start with the tutorial. It is very fun and easy to comprehend. The graphics are crisp, clear, and goofy enough to keep a high fun factor. Mario Baseball's sound effects are comical and appropiate to keep the sports experience fresh too.

Eventually, you will get out of the tutorial and be able to grasp enough to start a story mode and play against other human players. However, I could not get into any of these modes. This game felt way too much like Mario Party, which I do not have a problem with. However, walking around a virtual world to compete against other teams that are obviously better than you is not a lot of fun. I found myself disappointed that the skill level of your default team is very pitiful compared to your rivals. I smiled inside and out hoping that it would become enjoyable, but the story mode was just a wash... Don't get me wrong... I love Mario Golf and Kart, but Baseball was just a strikeout.

Outside of the strikes against M. Baseball, I am really impressed with the originality of the mini-games that are offered. This is one of the aspects of the game that kept me going. The piranha and balloon games (do not remember exact names) are highly addictive. Since I am a Mario fan, I do recommend this game but be fair to yourself and buy it at $25 instead of the full price of $49.99 like I did :(.

Great Baseball Title for Everyone.
by: snootchies    On: 2006-09-08

Sure, it's another Mario sports game. My biggest appreciation is that these games appeal to both genders. (Guys typically like the competitive elements and the trash-talking opportunities, and the girls typically like the cute little characters and sounds.)

As an avid lover of sports, but especially baseball and football (American), I found Mario Superstar Baseball to be a blast. I've played it in the "Story Mode" (one player), and I've had an awesome time playing it with friends of mine.

The women I know who have played the game prefer the Story Mode because if we go up against each other, I'm throwing off-speed pitches in deep counts, getting them to strike out. I also rub it in their nose. So they prefer to play when I am not there since I never go easy on them.

But when I play against my guy friends, all the feel of the Mario games is present: great controls, great features, the Mario World, and above all else, variety.

What makes the variety so wonderful in these Mario games is the ability to unlock characters who have unique abilities. After you go through the motions to unlock them, you can't wait to use them in a game. And it is nice to have such great balance and variety because then you don't have to argue with your friend over who gets which players on whose team.

In terms of sheer baseball, Mario Superstar Baseball has it all. I read reviews here defaming the controls and the ease of fielding. If you have played most baseball video games, you will see that MSB actually ranks pretty high in controllability. It is easy to find the ball in the outfield (the computer switches your active player for you and even camps you under the ball to make a play). If you have a good head for the game of baseball, MSB won't let you down at all. I also think that about most of the Mario sports titles: if you understand the game you are playing, the Mario World video game style will provide a different way to make it fun.

So to close, if you don't like baseball, don't buy Mario Superstar Baseball just to see Mario and his cute friends with gloves and bats - you won't like it. If you love baseball, competition, AND the Mario World theme, this game rocks, and I recommend it for anybody, all ages.
I love this game
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-04-23

I do not have the game, but The first thing I do when I get to someone that has the games house, I ask assoon as I can "can I play mario super star baseball?" Then I get to play. My favorite piture is wario because I can strike anyone out with him. I even made Mario,DK, and Bowser strike out. If you want I can tell you how I do it. When you select characters you choose wario to be on your team. Then make him be you pitcher after you let your opponent bat first. Then, if the first firson stands on the left side of the base you move your joystick halfway between the bottom and the right side. then you press A rapidly and pitch. If the other teams person stands on the right side of te base, do it vice versa.
Mario Superstar Baseball is the best sports game on Game Cube
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-03-27

Mario Superstar Baseball has alot of Mario charm, and a fairly large roster of Mario characters to select from. The baseball fields, with the exception of Mario's field, have obstacles in certain parts of the outfield that can certainly make things more interesting. I think the single-player has four different cups along with different difficulty settings to choose from with the Bowser Cup being the most difficult cup. It has been a while since I have played the single-player campaigns because the multiplayer is extremely addictive. In fact, Mario Superstar Baseball is quite possibly the most addictive multiplayer game on the Game Cube with Mario Strikers taking second, TimeSplitters Future Perfect and Digimon Rumble Arena 2 taking third, Super Smash Bros Melee taking fourth, and F-Zero GX tied with Mario Kart Double Dash taking fifth. The talent on your team will depend on the players you select. The captains have the abilities to execute superpower hits and throw superpower pitches while ordinary characters can wind up their hits and pitches. The base running is okay although sometimes it is a bit glichy when you are trying to advance a runner or send one back to base. The fielding for the most part is good, but not without unnecessary difficulties in controls for throwing the ball towards the base in the direction of the obvious base-runner. And it is this factor which often times determines the outcome of the game with friends. Yet, it is so funny and simply fun to watch characters like plumbers, mushrooms, turtles, goombas, and others march around the bases, which any professional baseball player could throw out at their pace but the characters in this game. In addition, challenges like homerun derby and wall-ball await you in the single-player campaign and playing in the toy field is another great option for multiplayer fun. If you have to choose one multiplayer game for Game Cube, then this game is the one. Note: Multiplayer baseball games are only between two players, while the toyfield hitting game is for up to four players. In conclusion, I like Mario Superstar Baseball because it is like no other baseball game out there and it has alot of charm. Simulations of baseball tend to be just no fun. If you like realistic baseball, then maybe you should get off your couch or floor and turn off the TV and go outside and play some actual baseball. The same is often true for other simulation sports games, which are more often than not zero fun and cannot compare to actually going outside and playing the sport with some friends. It seems like the video game industry is counting on people in this society as having no friends or friends that are no fun, so they make these simulation sports that might give a miniscule amount of enjoyment to simulate what it would be like if people actually had friends and played sports. Get out there and play sports not imagine you are playing sports. Video games are meant to be fun not simulations of what it would have been like if you had played sports or if you had friends to play with.
Fun at First
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-02-13

Mario Baseball is a entertaning game that is tons of fun at first. Anyone who buys the game will love so many of the intresting features like powerups mini-games, and fields. However you will find yourself very frustrated at times with the fact that you did not make the right play because the feilding controls are herd to master. Also after a while the game is not fun ro play for many then about 1/2 hour at atime.
*So many diffrent charcters to make up your team with
*Mini-games help to master some of your playing skills and are also fun
*Graphics and Sounds are good as always
*More characters can be unlocked
*Each character has a special ability that can be used when pitching or hiting

*Can get boring after a while
*The controls while on the feild can be hard to master

If you are a Mario sports fan it is exactly what you would expect. If you are a baseball fan this game might be alittle to crazy for you. However I think that it is worth a purchase because the game is entertaining even though it is not one of the best Mario sports games on the market.
Addicting and Awesome
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-02-03

I love this game. I can't stop playing it. There are at least 30-40 different characters to choose from and all with thier own unique strength. The batting and pitching is like a dream. Superpowers unique to the more important characters (powers such as Mario's Fireball pitch and hit and Bower's Bullet Bill pitch and hit) evaporate the tides ( I don't even know what that means...). The only flaw at all is a slight base running problem where characters run every time a ball is in play, which often results in undeserved outs due to pop flies. After you spend a couple days on it, you get the hang of it, and you will find it has some of the most fun gameplay and multiplayer, particularly, of recent games. BUY IT!!! *please
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-02-01

This is the most fun I've had playing a baseball game in a while. You need to have a friend or two that you can play baseball games with and you will be whisked back to the good old days when games made you so mad you wanted to throw your controller and kill your friends. They should have made the A.I. better and there should have been more characters if you ask me but still, you have to love the addictive/destructive nature of Mario Baseball!
Kids love it
by: carolski6    On: 2006-01-31

my children ages 5-10 love the game.. it took a little to figure out how to play.. but are pros at it now..

Now what?
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-21

First off, if you want a good multiplayer game, here you go. Mario sports are always fun multiplayer, and it holds true here. But single player in Mario Superstar Baseball is abysmal. I had fun playing through challenge to unlock everything, and it took me about 9-10 hours of total gameplay. If there could have been some sort of a season mode it would have been excellent. There is NO replayability to challenge, and now that I've beaten it all I can do single player is sit around and play exhibition. With just a little bit more effoert, this game could have been marvelous, but my copy sits on the shelf collecting dust in between multiplayer uses.
This game is too hard
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-14

I own just about every Mario game that has been out because I'm a huge fan of the mario games but I've been playing this game for almost a month now and I still don't understand the controls. It's so hard to hit a home-run. I bought a power bat in the game which is supposed to make your team hit homers and my team didn't even hit one. The only good thing is that I made it to the special level. I also think there's too many loading screens. This game is fun but you can get really bored with it really fast. If you want a good game, play Mario Strikers.
A new twist to Mario sports
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-03

Mario baseball is one of the best games i have ever played. The graphics are unbelievable and you won't get tired of playing it. Whenever i get a video game i usually get tired of it in about a week. But i've played it since i got it for my birthday a month ago. It's not hard to play and good for young children too! There are a few bad things though. You may get frusturated. The bottom line is that it is a great game for all ages.
It is good
by: gameviewer    On: 2006-01-01

I have to admit, these Mario games are fun, but who would want to spend $50 on a game that will never be played again in 2-3 years. I guess I am one of those people. But for the people that want this game, and I mean really want this game, here is a good review.

The GOOD THINGS about this game:

The fields- There are many selections of fields that you can play on, even if it is your first time. The fields in the beginning include a Mario field, Peach field, Wario field, Yoshi field, and a DK field. They all are different, interesing, and cool in many ways.

The selection of players- There are many new people included in this game. Some of the players were from other games which includes Super Mario Sunshine. What amazed me was how many players there were that you can start with. I mean you can play a game when you first get on.

The graphics- You know that the Gamecube doesn't have as good as graphics as the Xbox and PS2, but now overtime, the graphics on some Mario games have really improved. Mario Golf was so-so for the Gamecube, but now the graphics are great for Mario Superstar Baseball.

Options to play- Instead of just play a game and a adventure, there are many other things to do instead. Toy field is when you are in a dome with 4 other different players (human or CPU). On the field there are big buttons on the field, whatever the ball lands on you get points. It is pretty complicated at first, but it gets easier. Another thing is the minigames. In the beginning, there are 5 minigames to start out with, and there is at least one more you can get. But they are also fun!

The BAD THINGS about this game:

The fielding- In the field, it is so easy to catch a ball. It may be good for the fielders, but when you are up, it is tough. No one catches the ball all of the time.

First starters- When you get home and put the game into the Gamecube and you are ready to start a game, usually the first words would be "How do I do this," or "I don't get it." There are so many conrols that you don't know what to do. Now, I have had it for a few months, so I know.

OVERALL- I say this game is alright. I say it is too much money.
Gets old fast
by: trizal    On: 2005-12-30

This game was fun at first but not fun enough to keep me playing.

Pros: 1)Easy controls 2)Good graphics 3) Lots of characters from the Mario Series

Cons: 1) Feilding can be difficult 2)Your players are stupid when it comes to base running 3)The game is repetative 4)HItting and pitching controls can be too simple 5)Obsticles in the feild can make the game random instead of skill

Conclusion: 7/10
I would recommed renting this game but not buying it.
A fun "Mario-style" game with some real baseball packed into it!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-29

Mario Superstar Baseball is not only fun but challenging. It is easy to beat the other teams in the game, but hard to perfect your skills as a player. The characters that you can play as are very unique and are classified according to skills, which makes picking your team easy. I really love MSB, and am very glad that a game following all the baseball rules came out with such fun players!
This is great!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-19

This super Mario game has gone better with baseball! All of the playable characters are based on the entire super Mario history, from Mario's allies to his enemies. This game is packed with all original baseball rules; including stats, stamina, techniques, etc., special batting and pitching effects for each player, rookie to superstar experience mode, player vs. player expedition, and baseball minigames for up to four players creates an entertaining video game for everyone!
Mom Finally Finds Game to Enjoy with Son
by: thepilbugs    On: 2005-12-18

Hi, I am not usually one to write reviews, but this one is well in deserving. My son, who is six, plays his Game Cube daily;--usually he asks me to join him and I am not one for video games. Mario Baseball is one of the only few games that I will play with him, as it is (as said in the other reviews) a short game. It is a fun thing to do if you want to take a break and do something non-continuous; especially if you are a Mom and very busy all the time.

Obviously this is not EA sports, but each of the characters have their own strengths and weaknesses;--just like Jeter and ARod and you have to adjust to them accordingly. And yes, Mario and Donkey Kong cheat; they hit home runs all the time, especially in the challenge level when you are about to win!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-13

Hey, batter batter!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-04

This game is really fun. But it went way to fast. I beat it in three days. And I can only play 2 hours a day. other than that, the controls are easy. Solo play is no fun, but multiplayer is really fun. This game adds twist to baseball, though, like fireball pitches and stuff.
the best best best game ever
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-26

i like this game because there are all of the different carecters i like the and my friends love playing the game.we arent very good but we laugh about time my friend said i would hit a homerun and i did .iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii looooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve mario superstarbaseball..........................
baseball game for the kids
by: kmtaylor742    On: 2005-11-18

Mario finally has his own baseball game. From a visual standpoint, this game is very impressive. Lots of colorful characters we all know and love, as well as lively ballparks and smooth sports action.

This one, however, is really for the kids. This is due to the cartoonish, gimmicky style of play that Mario Baseball has to offer. For example, Donkey Kong doesn't use a bat when he steps up to the plate, he uses a boxing glove. A couple of other creatures use rods. One one of the ballfields there is a stream running through the outfield, and on another, giant plants that will gobble up the baseball. This isn't baseball in the purest form, but more of a Saturday cartoon version of the sport. But with all the colorful graphics and cool sounds, I doubt the kids will mind at all.
Batman and Robin's opinion on mario super star baseball
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-09

Hi,it's Robin again. Batman and I thought that this game wuz awsome. It is more than baseball,characters have special powers and you can play at stadiums with obstecls. Batman will tell you about them,
Hola, it is Batman again. In Mario stadium there are no obstecles. In Peach garden there are boxes in mid-air and if the ball bounces on them it will bounce. In Yoshi park there are pirhana plants that will bite. In Wario palace there are tornados and chomp chains that move the ball. In D.K. jungle there are barlles and claptraps.
Simplistic Bliss
by: jspackman    On: 2005-11-08

While many believe that the simplictity of this game is it's downfall, I for one think that it is what makes the game so darn fun. I ussualy wasn't one to play too many baseball sims as they got too complex or tedious but this game is just right for me and all of you others like me who think baseball is kind of a slow game. All your favorite carachters are here and thensome. We have Mario, Wario, Peach etc. but we also have some obscurities like King Toadstool and Trixie Kong. Each carachter has their own specialty (other than balanced players i.e. Mario, Power players are good at hitting hard and pitching hard and fast but tend to be slow runners. Speed players tend to be good fielders and baserunners but average hitters and pitchers. Then there are technique players which as far as I can tell excell in pitching and are ok at everything else. Each player also has their own star power that when tapped into allows the player to hit or pitch with cool powers like a flame ball for Mario. That isn't the only piece of Mario flavor that finds itself in the game. Every field has it's own obstacle that is ussualy a staple in the series such as piranha plants that eat and spit out your ball. This game has the full range of modes but nothing really worth talking about. Over all this is a great great game for those of you looking for a simple fun sports game or a young baseball fan who wants a video game that is easy to play. Caution though, baseball purists will probably be turned off by this games simplicity and ablitity for games to end in a tie. Another annoyance is the announcer who has a kind of annoying voice but those gripes really aren't big enough to hurt the score. 5 stars.
Great Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-08

As the pitch is on its way, this game is on its way to greatness. By far the best Mario game yet, the graphics are as good as ever and so is the fun. Mario Baseball (MB) follows all the correct baseball rules, except for the added obstacles, which do not appear at Mario stadium. The only thing that I don't agree with about the obstacles are the musical note boxes at Peach Garden. If you hit the top of one, the ball will bounce out of the park. There are several different fields but if you want to play clean, hard baseball, play at Mario Stadium. Another good thing about this game is that the skills are spread evenly amongst the players, nobody being good at everything, nobody being good at nothing. None of the mini-games are especially fun but the one that I reccomend is barrel batter. Challenge mode is a one player mode where you can buy power bats and things like that to play better. You also play other characters teams, the only downside to this is that you don't get to choose your team and you get a lot of one character. Toy Field is a fun way to play with friends. You compete with up to 4 people for the most coins. During a real game you will see on one side of the screen a small thing(that is the only word that I can describe it with) has several orange dots. Just to give you a hint when you are pitching or batting if you want to use a star hold the R lever then, still holding R, press A, if you want results every time, do it when you are pitching. All of the stadiums include Mario Stadium (no obstacles), Peach Garden, Yoshi Park, Wario Palace, and DK jungle (all have obstacles). If you like baseball, action, Mario games, or pretty much any video games you will most likely like this game alot, it is fun to play by yourself and with your friends.
A good idea with lackluster execution
by: darthkommissar    On: 2005-11-06

Mario Superstar Baseball (2005.)

Over the years, Nintendo's main man has always been Mario. The character Shigeru Miyamoto created so long ago has remained consistenly popular over the years, appearing in a variety of games. From action/adventures to roleplaying experiences, Miyamoto's creation has done everything the video gaming world has to offer and then some. Sports titles have been a rather popular exploit for Mario in recent years, as well. With games that stay true to their respective sports while at the same time adding in that innovation only the Mario universe could do, these games are usually great. How does Mario's first visit to the baseball diamond measure up? Read on for my review of Mario Superstar Baseball.

Mario Superstar Baseball was released in 2005, and was released only for the Nintendo Gamecube. The game features a variety of different gameplay options and modes, as well as single and multiple player options. At this time, it retails for approximately fifty dollars American.

These Mario sports games are becoming increasingly common. And I thought for sure, Mario's first baseball game would be an excellent one, in the same league as those other excellent Mario sports titles. Unfortunately, a number of small flaws came together, and made the gaming experience a very mixed bag. Read on for some pros and cons of the game.


-EXCELLENT GRAPHICS. Mario games are often known for boasting some of the best graphics of any Nintendo series, and this time around, it is no exceptions. The characters, scenery, and everything else looks great. Since Mario games are among Nintendo's most popular, it's not surprising to see them pump so much effort into creating excellent graphics.

-MANY DIFFERENT CHARACTERS CAN BE USED. When you play a game, you'll be able to select a team, and pick which characters you want to play what positions. Characters are all different in their attributes - for instance, one may be a good base runner but may suck at fielding, or vice versa. This forces you to take strategy into account when you select a team. This is one of my favorite things about the game.

-MANY DIFFERENT FIELDS TO PLAY THE GAME ON. In most baseball games, the field is strictly a cosmetic affair. Not true in the Mario universe! Every field has its own obstacles and challenges, making it so that no two games are the same. Leave it to Mario to innovate a franchise left and right.

-LOTS OF DIFFERENT GAME PLAY OPTIONS. There are no shortage to the different types of things you can pull off in this game, making the package all the more appealing. From different play modes to mini games, there is a lot of innovation at work here.


-THE FIELDING IN THIS GAME IS HORRIBLE. Most baseball games (smartly) include automatic assisting when you are fielding. The game lacks this, and as such, the fielding ends up sucking. With a Mario game, it seems like Nintendo is often trying to open up new genres to potential fans, and a lack of auto-assist fielding really hurts the game in this aspect.

-CAMERA ANGLES ARE OFTEN POOR IN THE FIELDING SEQUENCES. As such, this makes it extremely hard to run after the ball. In other words, your enemies are likely to score a lot more often than you, making victories against the computer highly unlikely.

-DELAYS WHILE BATTING GREATLY HARM THE GAME. In most baseball games, you push the button and the bat swings. Simple as that. NOT TRUE HERE. There are annoying delays when you swing, and this makes the batting, one of the key components of the game, much to difficult.

-NOT AS EASILY ACCESSIBLE AS MOST MARIO SPORTS TITLES. Most Mario sports titles are great because the gamer can pick them up right away, and often easily learn a sport they may not have known before. Sadly, that isn't the case here. Because of this, the game falls flat in one of the most vital areas of success.

-THIS GAME IS AN ACQUIRED TASTE - NOT SOMETHING YOU GET INTO RIGHT AWAY. And since many of the fans of Mario games are young gamers who lack any real experience with gaming, and they also lack patience. This means that the game loses a good portion of its target audience.

Overall, this game is a very mixed bag. Everywhere it succeeds, it fails somewhere else. It many ways, it seems like Nintendo took a generic and mediocre baseball game, and just put Mario characters in it and threw in a few extra modes. And it seems like it fails in some of the most vital areas of all. In the end, I think this game would make for a worthwhile rental, but I don't really recommend purchasing it. So my final verdict is a simple one. Try before you buy. I'm glad I just rented the game rather than purchasing it!

There's really not much to say here. The game is a recent release, so just about every store that sells video games should have new copies on hand, readily available and for sale.
Mario Baseball Strikes Out
by: danielh852    On: 2005-10-28

It was the worst gaming decision of my life. I popped the Mario Baseball disk into the gamecube and wondered what wonderful new game Mario game we had. I was in for an ugly surprise.

I love simulation sports games. I played Mario baseball in the hopes that it would be kinda sorta realistic with the Mario style charm we all love. The only problem is that it hardly resembles anything simulation. Now you might pass that off as the fact that this game isn't supposed to be sim. The only problem with that is the fact that this is a sports game. You don't play these games with your friends with the expectation that the game will screw up regardless of what you meant to do. Let me explain

The baserunning in this game is horrible. It will force you to advance everytime, regardless of grounders or flies. 100% of the time when my friends play, we always scream at the gamecube to hold the runners when we fly out. But they never do. It's like a 75% of double play if you hit a fly with baserunners. It's just plain annoying. How is it fun when the game controls don't respond when you repeated press "X" to hold your runners.

The catching on this game is a little flawed too. Several times, players like Yoshi would rather get hit in the head by a fly ball than catch it. Annoying to say the least. Also the little circle should indicate where you should place your fielders, not where it will land (as the game has it). As a result, it is really easy to let the ball hit the ground, even when your character is right there.

Bunting is a major exploit in this game. Since you cannot move your fielders in for bunting situation, it is incredibly hard to field the ball. Therefore suicide squeezes ALWAYS work. It's funny when you pull it off on your friends, but the most annoying thing in the world when your favor is returned. In all, bunting is just so bad in this game, the developers should have just left it off. After all, if this is just an arcade game, there should only the option to swing.

The gamecube controller is also very bad for this game. It's really hard to throw to the correct bases to get someone out. It's very easy to advance or withdraw runners trying to steal cause all you have to do is press x or y. So if you get a person good enough, there can get an inside the park home run all the time, by simply running between the bases and waiting until their opponents screw up due to the bad joystick config on the gamecube controller.

There is no magic in this Mario game...a major dissapointment cause all the other Mario games are wonderful IMHO.
Another hit
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-10-24

Another Mario sports game, but one the best. Easy controls and playability make it a great pick up and go game.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-10-23

by: Anonymous    On: 2005-10-20

who ever looks at the nintendogs reveiws knows me. I wrote 7 reveiws for nintendogs. Now about the game it is complicated just like real baseball. It is amazing to me how 1 tap of a thumb can hit a homer.Their is one concern. Sometimes the computer stops the game. For example if my brother hits and I want to tag him as soon as I try to the next batter is up.The new characters and the baseball are a blast. keep on hitting nintendo.
A Decent Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-10-18

I have mixed feelings about this game. I've always loved the Mario Sports games. They're usually very action-packed, fun to play with friends, and easy to play. The thing I've always loved the most about them is the vast differences in the characters. With any of the Mario Sports titles you can choose someone who fits your style, be it the strong and slow Bowser to the lightning-quick Yoshi. It's what makes the games in this series so much fun.

Where I think this game falls short is the characters. Not in the variety of characters--there is a VAST amount of different characters to choose from--but rather in the difference between the characters. Take, for example, Yoshi. He's one of the fastest guys in the game. You can bunt for a single with him. He can steal a lot of bases. But compare him to Bowser, who's the slowest guy in the game, and there's not too much of a difference. Sure--you're probably not going to bunt for a single with Bowser, but his lack of speed just isn''s not something that necessarily hurts having him. I don't think the characters are really balanced. You would think they would be more extreme--that's what the series has always been known for. Someone like Bowser or DK, as powerful and slow as they're rated, should be able to hit homeruns OFTEN, and thrown out running to first from left field. There should always be a downside to having a powerful character (and an upside, for that matter). Or Yoshi, who's as fast as he is, should be a pretty poor hitter. I just didn't feel a real sense of balance in the characters like in other Mario Sports titles. It seems that no matter how well someone is rated at pitching, it doesn't make much of a difference as to how well or 'unhittable' they pitch; you can pretty much use anybody to get the job done. Batting ratings solely have to do with Power, and nothing to do with Contact-ability.

A few people were complaining about the stadiums. Like anything Mario-related, they threw quite a few wacky and quirky things in the outfield to make the game interesting. Although all of them are annoying while you're in the field, some can be funny (watching a Toad get hit by a rolling barrel in DK's field and hearing him scream is pretty funny). I personally don't care a whole lot about the things they've got going on in the outfield, because Mario's field is a normal field. If I want to play a normal game of baseball I just have to play in his stadium. If I want to play in a wacky stadium I can play in one. Since it's really an option, I can't see blaming the game for putting it in. It's nice here and there, because the 'routine fly ball' no longer becomes a definite out, which can make the game interesting.

As far as playability goes, it's not a very hard game. You'll actually find when playing versus a friend that you won't get a ton of hits, and very few homeruns. Just like any Mario Sports game, the controls are very basic, and I can't decide if I think that's a good or bad thing. It gets annoying and frustrating when fielding because you can't change the player you're controlling, and the game doesn't always give you the right person. When someone bunts it's always a question as to who you control (you can't see the catcher) and so more often than not they'll get on base because I couldn't find my fielder. Sometimes the game will change who you're controlling and it'll mess you up. Baserunning controls are a bit difficult. I can't understand why, with the game's design being so similar in design to RBI Baseball, they couldn't simply have the running controls be B + Up to go to second, and A + right to go back to first. Instead it's a combination of X and Y, and way too often a player will be standing still in the middle of the basepath and you didn't know it. Double plays happen all the time on line-drives, as the characters are almost to the next base by the time you can tell them to go back.

Part of the fun of playing MVP Baseball was the ability you have to choose where you're going to slide on the base, things like that, but in this game they slide for you. The characters never have to make a tag; they just need to catch the ball to get you out. Again, it's a Mario title--I wouldn't expect the game to have all the little nuances of a baseball game, but it would be nice.

As far as the graphics go, they're not bad. I think Mario Power Tennis has far crisper graphics, but I don't think this game's value is detracted by its graphics. They're very cartooney. The sound is fine. None of the tracks really stand out, but none of them really grate on your nerves, either. Standard Mario sound. The one thing that really annoys me about the sound, though, is the umpire. He has maybe five words that he says throughout the entire game, but he says them in the most annoying way possible. After about an inning you get sick of hearing the guy calling balls and strikes. I'm not sure why they couldn't have a normal voice say it, or even Mario for that matter (and I'm not a big fan of HIS voice, but it's much better than the one they've got now).

The game also has these things called Team Stars. Basically, they're special powers. Some of the characters can throw near-unhittable pitches, some can hit the ball and have it react crazy, things like that. Reminds me a lot of Backyard Baseball, if you've ever played that. I don't particularly like the star plays that you can do, but again--it's an option. You can take them out of the game if you want to, so I can't blame the game for having them in the first place. Some can be kind of fun. I don't think they necessarily detract from the game, or make much of a difference, if you think about it. With the amount of special pitches thrown in comparison to normal pitches in the game--it's really not a very big deal.

The AI isn't extremely difficult to fool, which can be irritating. You could have a lead baserunner who's a foot away from crossing the plate, and a runner who just made it to first, and the AI will throw it home no matter what--even though it's obvious that they don't have a chance to get the guy out. It's not a huge deal, but it just means you can take your guy on first and move him to second safely because the AI isn't programmed well. I like having to EARN my bases; little things like that annoy me. They use their Star pitches at inappropriate times; you'd think they'd use them for a third strike at an opportune time, but they don't. It just feels random.

As far as the minigames go, I haven't played all of them. I played the Toy Park and liked it, and also the Homerun Derby, which were both fun. I haven't tried the other ones, so I don't have anything to say about them.

I don't know. I really wanted this game to be a lot of fun--and when playing a friend it is, arguably, fun. When playing the AI it's boring. As much as I'd like to give this five stars as another top-notch title in the Mario Sports series, I just don't see it. It seems that the game couldn't decide between being a crazy, ridiculously extreme style and a conservative, realistic style, and it ended up somewhere in the middle. Which is the same rating that I give it.
BEST GAME IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-10-15

This game is better than I expected!It has tons of characters including Mario,Luigi,Wario,Yoshi,Donkey Kong,Bowser,Waluigi,Peach,Daisy,Boo,Bowser Jr.,Diddy Kong,Birdo,Shy Guy,Koopa Troopa,Baby Mario and Baby Luigi,the Toads,Toadsworth,Goomba,the Piantas,Koopa ParaTroopa,Dry Bones,King Boo,the Nokis,Paragoomba,Magikoopa,Dixie Kong,Toadette,Petey Pirahana and more.Mario and Luigi can fire fireballs when they are pitching.Bowser and Bowser Jr.can throw killer and killer jr. balls that mostly can never be hit. the best hitters are Bowser,Donkey Kong,Wario,Bowser Jr.,King Boo,the Piantas and Petey Pirahana. The weakest hitters are Baby Luigi,Baby Mario,Paragoomba,the Nokis,Monty Mole,Diddy Kong and more.Once in challenge mode,blue shy guy hit the ball to purple toad,but it hit one of the blocks and it turned into a home run!In challenge mode you have to beat every team in order to get to Bowser.If you win against him,you can unlock a player.5 out of 6 ballparks have quriks in them. In Peach Garden it has floating'll have no idea where it's going to land!In Donkey Kong Jungle it has klaptraps that bite and giant barrels will knock you down!Frighting!At Wario Palace it has chain chomps that will mess with you and sandstorm tornado genarators will make it hit the chain chomps.At Yoshi Park,the pirahana plants will sometimes spit the ball out over the fence so that can turn into a home run.At Bowser's castle the lava will burn you.the minigames are bob-omb derby,wall ball,barrel batter,pirahana panic and chain chomp sprint.At the toy field collect bundels of coins in just 10-50 turns.Pratice to learn how to play the game.So if you want a perfect video game.Buy this one NOW!
Mario Baseball, safe or out?
by: iwantnoemails    On: 2005-10-14

Mario Baseball is fortunately safe but only because it was a tie. Sure it has all the elements a good game needs but some of the stuff in here is so annoying. It has all the main Mario characters with some side ones such as Goomba, Paratroopa, and a lot of other ones. The hitting system has no targeting system, which means that all you have to care about is the timing and where the batter is standing. The pitcher only controls the speed of the ball and where it goes. The game has all kinds of wacky things such as Chain Chomps in the fields, power shots for fielding and batting such as sending a fireball across the field or pitching a curving bananna across home plate. The baserunning seems like crap at first but it actually works to the extent that you can have your players run and steal when you want them to. Pitching is kind of hard at first but once you get the hang of it, you'll hear the umpire saying "Strike, out!" all the time. Each player has unique abilities in the field such as quick reflexes or making a spectacular diving play. Fielding is so annoying that I just turned it to auto so the comps can do it all for me. Multi-player is only two player for the exhibition but you can do 4 people in mini-games or in toy field. Multi-player in exhibition isn't that fun because it's a race to see who can choose all the good players first such as Bowser who can easily get a homerun every time he hits. They should have a turn based choosing system where one person chooses a guy then the next person chooses a guy and so on and so forth. This has become so bothersome that me and my brother have designated characters(Like he gets Mario and I get Luigi) when we play against each other. Exhibition is a regular baseball game(You can change all sorts of options such as innings,mercy,who hits first, and more) with Chain Chomps and Pirahna plants in the field which can turn a single into a double or triple and possibly even a home run. Challenge is probably the best thing in this game. You choose a team captain who has preselected team members who fit in that team caaptain's world. Such as Yoshi having Shy guys and Mario having Piantas. You play through all the other teams to get ready for the showdown with Bowser. Each game is 3 innings(Except for Bowser's which is 5 innings) and you get people on the other team if you impress them such as finishing the inning with the enemy team using only 3 batters or just getting a plain hit. You can play mini-games along the way to get coins to buy items like the power bat which makes you hit farther. Your players can improve along the way and you can unlock people for exhibition mode if you beat certain difficulties in challenge. Toy field is where each player tries to get the most coins through fielding, batting, and pitching. I don't do this mode that much because the enemies know where the ball is going to go before the batter even hits it while you sit there thinking about where the stupid ball is going to go next. There are a bunch of mini-games from a version of a home run derby to a baserunning coin collector game, each with four difficulties and their own high scores. Practice is a great way to increase your skills with things such as free batting, pitching, fielding, or if you're just wondering how to do stuff in the game. Everything from bunting the ball to throwing a super charge pitch. And you can look at records of exhibition games, challenge, and all the other game modes. Some of the later difficulties such as the last one are kind of rigged so there's no point in even facing them. Even though there are only six fields to play on, this game never seems to get boring (Unless you play like 10 hours a day). Even though it has bad points, it's a great game and a must have.
Mario Charm Overshadows Gameplay Quirks
by: an808guy    On: 2005-10-13


Developed for Nintendo by Namco, Mario Superstar Baseball does it's best to put a Mario spin around an arcade baseball package. Unfortunately, the game's fielding and baserunning gaffes prevent this All-Star from a pitching perfect game.


One can argue that the heart and soul of baseball is the showdown between pitcher and batter. In Mario Superstar Baseball, this is very much the case. Both pitching and batting are fun arcade-style match ups with lots of tricks and twists to spice things up. Controls are simplified for ease of use with pitchers having only basic control of the speed and direction of the ball to the plate. No need to worry about pitching high or low or otherwise any kind of varying strike zones here. Batting is similarly basic with players having control over where the avatar sits in the batter's box, how hard, and what general area of the field to hit the ball.

Both pitcher and batter have several "Mario" twists on the game: charge moves, and "special" moves. For pitchers, charge moves increase the speed of the pitch dramatically, while the "special" move is a limited use pitch that is just about unhitable. For batters, the charge swing ups the power of the hit, while the "special" hit makes it even more difficult for the opposing team to field cleanly.

And speaking of fielding, this is where the game hits a foul ball.

The most annoying aspect of fielding is the confusion caused when balls are hit between fielders. While there is a targeting ring that appears where the ball is going to land, the camera and targeting system doesn't always make it clear which fielder is closest in line to make the play. The result is that the player often ends up controling the wrong fielder and the ball ends up squeaking through for an extra base hit. Otherwise, fielding can be pretty interesting. Fielders can sprint for balls with the B button at the cost of some control. Fielders can also make diving plays, for a special animation and recognition of making a nice play.

Another area where the game hits into a double play is the baserunning. In what must be one of the worse lapses in judgement in Nintendo baseball game history, the developers somehow omitted any kind of AI on what baserunners do when the ball is put into play. Say a fly ball is hit to mid-field--if you're not careful, you might accidently end up committing to the next base regardless of how clear it is that there will be a fly out. As a result, the player has to seriously make an effort to get them back to their original bases to avoid a force out. All-in-all, it's a frustrating exercise that could have been avoided with a little fine tuning. Even NES arcade sports games back in the day didn't have this problem.

Still, there is a lot to like in the game design. There are a lot of different stadiums and a ton of recognizable Mario characters like Yoshi, Wario, and Birdo available. The stadiums have unique Mario "gimmicks" in each, such as pirahna plants and chain chomps in the outfield and other goofy goodies. In addition, there are different minigames to play that range from crazy homerun contests to a four player free-for-all to collect coins.


Colorful, round character models, and flashy 3D effects are the order of the day. There is a decidedly cute factor present in just about every Mario-themed game, and Mario Superstar Baseball is no different. While not innovative or incredibly awe-inspiring by any means, the result is generally pleasing to the eye and convey the right excitement at the right times.


Nothing too special here, there are the requisite familiar blurbs from each of the characters, appropriate Mario-ish sound effects everywhere, and a cutesy soundtrack.

Replay Value:

In addition to the tournament/season play, there are lots of minigames, and of course, muliplayer versus modes to keep players busy.

Here's the breakdown:


Great, simple pitching/batting interface
Lots of different characters
Interesting stadium designs and gimmicks
Lots of powerups and other Mario-themed goodies
Solid multiplayer
Minigames to extend replay value


Poor fielding and baserunning interface
AI opponents never make mistakes regardless of difficulty

Although not without it's flaws, Mario Baseball is a fun, and entertaining arcade-style sports title worth checking out.

Mario superstar baseball
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-10-10

Mario superstar baseball is a fun game.In Challenge mode you have to beat bowser.You might get a new character depending on which captain you use. I think Special level is too powerful.You can play minigames and even a special toy field minigame and also a tutorial. But you could buy it if you like mario
Plenty of fun when you get the hang of it
by: kweerious    On: 2005-10-09

This is less a multiplayer title than some of the other Mario sports games. The single player challenge mode is fun and offers plenty of challenge as you learn the ropes of the game. Overall the mechanics are decent, there's a quite a bit I'd like to change about the fielding and baserunning. However, I think this is more of a solo or two player game. I've had a lot of fun advancing in challenge mode on my own and playing a few exhibition games against another friend. As soon as more players were added, everyone's interest waned and calls for Mario Tennis or Super Monkey Ball came out.

The game has gorgeous graphics and the sound works well. The different fields keep it interesting (imagine that you're about to catch a fall ball and a chain chomp knocks out your character and the ball bounces off of the chomp only to fly out of bounds). It's craziness, but somehow baseball-like.

Not everyone is going to like this game, but if you do then you'll probably love it.
Mario Has Reached an All Time Low
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-10-08

Mario Superstar Baseball is weak. I'll admit it, that I do NOT own this item... because who would want to play this piece of crap. Has anyone heard of a... oh I don't know... decent Mario game after the Nintendo Gamecube came out! Oh, and don't give me Super Mario Sunshine, because that's just a load of ****!!! Such as, Dance Dance Revoloution Mario Mix?! What the hell!!! Mario Party games are NOT fun at all!!! Okay... I suppose Super Smash Brothers: Melee was awesome, but Mario wasn't the main character... nobody was!!! So, I'm NOT counting that as a Mario game!!! As an NBA Street fan, I was furious at Nintendo after putting Mario & other characters in the 3rd NBA Street. Oh yeah, and "Coming Soon, A Soccer Game About Mario?!" I mean what the hell! Well... there was one game that has always been fun that was a Mario game after the Gamecube was released. That was... of course... Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door. (yet it wasn't as good as the original. Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga was enjoyable at first, but it got lame. Mario vs. Donkey Kong sucked like hell. NES Classics games with Mario were good, but they were better as an original. Super Mario 64 DS was just a copy-off the first one with a few added features. Mario Power Tennis should've been titled "Mario Power Tenass" because of it's sad feature of being worse than the Nintendo 64 Mario Tennis. Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour is the same thing as the others. Super Mario Kart DS could be a decent Mario game, though... but I'm not risking it. What's next, Mario Football?! Luigi's Mansion was one other decent Mario game. Even though, you play as Luigi. Nintendo is coming with some sad new releases. They're another Mario & Luigi game and Super Princess Peach?! Tsk tsk tsk... how sad. I realize this game was not played as Mario, but still... and it's Wario World, which was a game that would make you want to vomit. Finally, there's Donkey Konga which was only frickin drumming. Hey Mario, go **** a pole!!!
The Legend Returns!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-09-27

Tennis, Dancing, Kart-Racing, Golf, Parties, and noe baseball. Is there anything that this little guy can do!?

This game is probobly the most entertaining Super Mario Bros. Game to date!
Come on!
by: carolinazheng    On: 2005-09-26

Almost every game that has yoshi has mario. I mean, can't yoshi have him own game? But I like the game. It's fun. A lot. I recommend it.
by: cardiff-cat    On: 2005-09-18

Ive been waiting for this game for a long time, even during my 8-bit wonder years. So here it is. But where is IT? This game is clumsy, unpolished, and repetitively rediculous.

The batting sucks. Characters use everything from Wands to sticks with mushrooms on them to boxing gloves. Gimme a break, I just want a bat in my hand when Im playing baseball. Basically most times I am up its a 1-2-3 inning - pop fly, pop fly, pop fly. If i happen to get some hits, all players on base get tagged sooner or later because the runners are so slow and unresponsive. Homeruns are pretty damn hard to hit.

And what is with this 3-inning-games-over crap? 3 innings? Are you joking me?

And what is with this "tie" crap? TIES? In baseball?

And what exactly is the object of all these weird minigames and special top secret maneuvers i cant seem to figure out? Everything is extremely vague.

So do i have anything good to say about this game? Yes. The Home run derby is cool. And some of the scenery as well. Thats about it.

Enough of all this riff raff, tell me what I need to know, how to do it, so I can relax and play a game of ball.

This game is goin on the shelf until i have kids.
by: marshalltigner3    On: 2005-09-15

Thank you Nintendo for another half-hearted and incomplete interpretation of a pro sports game. Your unparalleled brand recognition tricked myself, parents and fans pay full price for something that should been free on the internet. There is not enough content to keep this game interesting, Only one pitching viewpoint(top down) The batters float into position(ooh), theres only enough characters to fill the rosters of two teams. What the Fudge! On top of all that the actual game play was so laid back It felt like I was playing pool. I predict Mario and Luigi to be the best all around characters in Mario Wrestling, soon to be released with limited playablitiy at a store near you.
Baseball Like Mario Party
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-09-12

Game play- It is fun, but over time it gets a little repetitive. When a pitch throws a ball it can not go up or down, just left and right. You can however pitch fastballs, super fastballs, curveballs, slow balls, and special throws which are different for every main character pitcher. Batting is pretty fun because it seems to be a little more challenging then outfield. You move your character with in a box, and then you can charge your hit to try to hit a homer/ or you can just hit it for a line drive. Just like pitching every main character has there own unique special hit. There are many characters to choose from like 30 or so. It is over all an ok baseball game.

A BIG FLAW IN THIS GAME- Once you have a guy on base, they will run right to the next base once your other character hits the ball. This makes it easy for the other team to get a double play off of you. You can control your characters movement so if they happen to run off you can tell them to go back, but sometimes there's not enough time to get back once they take off when you hit the ball.

Toy field- This is where you go against 3 other people to get the most coins off of a 4 person baseball game. Seems like a Mario party game.

Challenge- This is the coolest thing to do if you are playing by yourself. You can unlock the secrete characters here by beating the game with all of the captains or main characters including Bowser which you can only obtain by beating the game on its hardest difficulties. You can buy upgrades which last for 1 game only that will help you win other games. You get money be beating mini games, and if you loose on a mini game you loose money so choose your difficulties well.

Practice- Teaches you how to play the game, but it doesn't teach you how to throw to the cut off person. This can be done when you're in the outfield and you hold down The R trigger, and then press A. Throwing it to the cut off person can help you throw faster; because throwing the ball farther means less speed.

Mini Games- There are only 6 mini games I believe or 7, but the only way to get the last one is to beat all of the other mini games on hard mode. The mini games are short, but they are still challenging.

Difficulties- in this game there are 4 difficulties the only difference between each one seems to be the batting difference. The harder you play the better the batters are on the other team.

Just Plain Ole FUN!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-09-08

Forget the criticle reviews. They can't be Mario fans. Anyway,this game is awesome. I watch my 8 year old triplet boys having a ball playing it. It's Mario baseball, with all the characters. Mini-games too. If you like Mario Golf and Tennis, then you will like this as well.
The only reason I gave it 4 stars overall is because you can't play the regular baseball game with 4 players. Only 2. Mini-games are 4 players.
Just buy's a game. Not a new invention to master cold fusion.
4 players simultaneously? Nope, not really.
by: erudolf    On: 2005-09-07

I was looking for a game that my family could play TOGETHER, and as the back of the package said "1-4 players simultaneous" I wrongly assumed that we could ALL play a GAME OF BASEBALL at the same time. Nope. Although you can play some ridiculous mini-games (such as Toy Field) with 4 people, you cannot play an actual game baseball game with 4 players. This is ridiculous.

Why Nintendo did not make is so that you could have 2 players on each team (as opposed to just being the "captain" of the team, I do not know. They should have made it so that each team could have one person pitching, and another playing a field position, and then when batting, simply take turns being the hitter.

We don't find the game controls too bad (other than running, which we always put on "auto". But if I had known that I could not be on the same team with my 8 year old daughter, and either play against others, or against the computer, I would not have bought this game.
good game
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-09-04

This mario game is pretty decent. It has loads of characters to choose from and differnt stadiums that fit the characters personailty .
Absolute Mario Madness!!! =)
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-09-04

I played this game at Best Buy and it was impossible to resist!
Here are why I liked this game: (thank you, nintendo!)
- easy hitting, pitching, fielding, etc.
- familliar field backgrounds (like yoshi's field)

Of course the mini games (my favorite is 'wall ball') totally rock. The Mush Room (that's what it's actually said) on the bob-omb is hard. (hint: the high score in the beginning is 1000)

Yup! This game is a 5 star indeed!

I can't finish it because it's soooo fun!

Hands down the worst "baseball" game I've ever played.
by: iwanttouseelipsesandicant    On: 2005-09-03

Those who've played the other Mario sports titles will know that these games tend to bury the actual 'sport' beneath a pile of special moves and crazy locales.

Mario Baseball takes that attitude and pushes it to the absolute extreme. Stadiums are filled with obstacles which can turn an easy out into a double, a routine single into a triple, and can send a foul ball back into play so that it winds up fifty feet fair (and probably in your opponent's glove).

Pitchers can throw special pitches which are largely unhittable (such as Donkey Kong's banana pitch which breaks so sharply that it practically crosses the plate going the wrong direction). Batters supposedly have special hits as well, but I've never actually seen one of them work. (I was irritated far too quickly to keep trying).

And even the actual 'baseball' qualities of the game are suspect. When one first turns on the game, there is no power whatsoever. Homeruns, which are usually the break and butter of arcade style baseball, were few and far between in my experience.

The fielding leaves a great deal to be desired as well. Many fly balls turn into double plays simply because the player couldn't tell whether or not it was going to be caught.

I have no gripes about the "lack of depth" in the game, which many professional reviews have written about. Arcade style sports games usually have a lack of depth. They are supposed to be pick-up-and-play games. But that's the problem, Mario Baseball is not a pick-up-and-play game. It is incredibly annoying by ANY baseball standards... The few hours which I gave to this game were certainly anything but an enjoyable diversion. From winning by seven runs in three innings to an extra inning tie, no result in this game feels like anything more than dumb luck. Whoever hits fewer balls into the 'special feature' catastrophes will probably win.

One of the most frustrating game experiences I've ever had. Certainly the most frustrating sports game I've ever played.

Not recommended in the slightest...
Everyone Makes a Mistake
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-09-03

I am a Mario fanboy. I admit it! But I'm not obsessed enough to think that everyone that pertains to Mario is the best thing since sliced bread. Mario Superstar Baseball is a fluke. Hey, everyone makes mistakes once in a while!
The graphics of this game are quite good. Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, Bowser, DK, Wario, and the rest of the gang are all present, along with many others, including the newly playable Toadsworth, Magikoopa, Goomba, and others. They look as realistic as ever. The baseball diamonds flourish with nice landscapes and backgrounds.
The sound is anything you'd expect in a Mario game. Since the gang isn't too chatty, you usually only hear grunts or sounds of celebration. BGut, i absolutely HATE the umpire's voice. That annoying, high-pitched, "Strike!" gets on anybody nerves. I want to strangle whoever did that voiceover.
Pitching is perfect. Namco put a lot of depth into the pitching, and I'm pleased with the result. I also love the star shots concerning each of the 12 captains' personalities.
Batting an be a challenge at first, but batting is simple, but not too easy that an experienced player will never strike out. I also like the different bats for each character.
Fielding is flawed. The controls are clumsy, and you can sometimes accidentally push the analog stick in the wrong direction, causing it to go to the wrong base.
Baserunning is HORRIBLE! I. Hate. IT!!! Every time a ball flies in the air, the idiotic AI on your team tries to run to the next base. When someone catches the ball, they almost ALWAYS get out while trying to get back to the base. Also, the diagram of the diamond in the upper right-hand corner is a poor reprenstative of how close or far you are from the base.
It seems that Namco put so much depth and fun challenge into pitching and batting, they skimpily added controls for baserunning and fielding.
Let's get this straight. I can honestly say that this is one of the worst Mario spin-off games in recent years. Seriously, some of the minigames in Mario Party 5 (the only Mario Party I dislike) are more entertaining and satisfying than getting a homerun in Mario Superstar Baseball.
I AM a Mario fanboy. But, all of fellow fanboys out there, please don't push the "unhelpful" button just because I'm giving this a negative review.
For you Mario newbies, don't start your Mario collection with a mistake. Try Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour or Mario Power Tennis by the superior-to-Namco Camelot Ltd. Or maybe even try the surprisingly good Mario Party 6.
Leave Mario Superstar Baseball to collect dust on the game racks.
make it stop
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-09-03

i,melisa, love mario party and mario sports and i want them all. but there is too much why cant they just put all the sports in one. to have every sport and party it will be 500 dollars. so its not fair and aint waisting my money. but more on the game. its pretty fun and its not like great but its a good game filled with special baseball games and tournements. in other words just like the other mario sports!! i personally hate baseball but i thought since it had the name mario in it id get it. it was fun for a week but then i forgot about it because after 2 or 3 days it becomes super easy and you wind up winning every game. its way to easy not enough things to do but there is a massive load of characters to choose from. bye(plaese no more mario half of walmart is covered with the name mario! im starting to like this guy in my school named mario.weird!!!)
Worst baseball game ever
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-09-02

I watched this video called lets play baseball i noticed this game is very dum GIRLY KIDDISH GAME SO NEVER BY THIS BASEBALL GAME!! That dumb looking cloud guy does not ref propely at all. And when you throw a strike it says straaaiiike in a stupid voice. And they are stupid impossible catches in this game and if it hits some stupid building block it is a homerun. And if you make a catch some very kiddish thing happens. You get hit by a chain chomp and the fielder loses the ball and the batter is safe. It is a dumb kiddy,boring,crazy,girlish and unrealistic video game. Only type of baseball worse than this is Monkey Baseball in Super Monkey Ball 2.
Excellent Game. Well Done . Great Fun for kids
by: maine-bay    On: 2005-09-01

The wait was worth it. This game is great . My son is learning how to play baseball by playing this game. The parks look so good you can't believe it. Mini Games and so much more. Well worth the purchase price.
Batter Up!
by: kernermichael    On: 2005-09-01

Arguably, Nintendo really knows exactly how to put the Mario franchise within the worlds of sports extraordinarily well. It first started with the status of the fast and furious Mario Kart series. Then, it was more laid back towards the putters with the wild and wacky Mario Golf series. After that, it took a turn towards aces with the Mario Tennis games for the Nintendo 64, and last year with the Gamecube. Still, there are a few other sports that are going to have the Mario bandwagon soon. Within the next year, there will be the European football, or soccer hyped Super Mario Strikers. But in the meantime, a Spring and Boys Of Summer tradition called baseball.

Mario Superstar Baseball for the Nintendo Gamecube, is a fast paced and eclectic gamers paradise through the world of baseball. The game really goes a lot deeper from the Super Mario Briothers series past and present with so many characters like Yoshi, Luigi, Mario, Peach. Also, some old favorites like the flying goombas, and dry bones from Super Mario Brothers 3, Koopa Troopa, and so many others. Arguably, the graphics are just delightful, and the gameplay and control is very easy to learn for some characfters, whether it is in the pitching, or the batting, and simply within the outfield. The fields also blend within each unique feeling of the Mario worlds with courses from the Princess Castle, and even the wild and wooly jungle worlds of Donkey Kong. The musical score is as cutesy, but not over the top for the game, but that arguably doesn't matter at all.

Mario Superstar baseball is a great addition for any fan of Mario, and baseball alone. While, there have been so few baseball games for the Nintendo Gamecube, this happens to really be one of the very few that does stand alone. This is a great sports game, and one of the few that really does hit a home run.

Graphics: B+

Sound: B-

Control: B+

Fun & Enjoyment: B- if you're playing solo; A- if you're playing with others

Overall: B

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