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NASCAR 2005 Chase For the Cup
Manufacturer: Electronic Arts      
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best race game ever
by: sarah_cheeba    On: 2005-08-01

this game was awsome the missions were cool NASCAR ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
My son's (9 years old) review of Nascar 2005: Chase for the Cup
by: jlmjacks    On: 2005-07-05

My name is Lawson Jacks and I am 9 years old. I have been playing Nascar 2005 for about 7 months now. I got it for my good grades in 2nd grade. This game is the best Nascar game yet. I like that it has skill points that Nascar 2003 did not have. It has quick races; you get to pick custom settings with easy, medium and hard settings. It also has lightning challenges which are to get lots of skill points and make you a veteran. Then if you go to the legend levels, you begin to be a legend. It also has the Dodge speed zone where you can try to get your Nascar license and skill points to drive in the Nextel, Busch, Craftsman Truck series and Featherlite racing. Also it has 'season' mode where you can drive easy, medium or hard. Also you can drive a quick game for each season, like 5 or 10 laps. At the start you can race a Dodge Viper against Ryan Newman's Dodge Viper which is way cool. Overall, it is the greatest racing game ever. I can't wait to see what Nintendo does for Nascar 2006 for Game Cube! Lawson F. Jacks Round Rock, TX
Best Nascar Yet
by: starfox007    On: 2005-05-27

About two years ago I purchased Nascar Thunder 2003 for the Gamecube and so you all know the Gamecube was the only new system I owned at the time. Now two years later EA has released yet another Nascar game. Since I missed Nascar Thunder 2004 not being on the Gamecube I was excited to get this one. Well now I own a PS2 and Xbox and reading reviews on IGN they said that the Xbox version was the best. Sorry myself I don't buy PS2 versions over the other two no matter what so it was either the Xbox or Gamecube version. Well I went out next day and rented it for the Xbox since my rental store doesn't carry Gamecube games. Awsome game amazing enough to the point of me buying it that night. Well I went to Walmart and they never got the Xbox version in so it was either the PS2 or Gamecube version. Well since I already said I never get PS2 games over Gamecube or Xbox versions I bought the Gamecube version. I again put her in and started making my way to the cup.

Nascar 2005 Chase For The Cup

This is so diffrent compared to Nascar Thunder 2003. The graphics are alot better the sky and sunset effects are amazing coming around a corner, and overall polygon count is higher. The frame rates very solid and everythings more well setup. Instead Nascar 2005 has a story mode where you work your way from a rookie to a pro. You start right off first race, racing a Dodge Viper great start out my favorite car, and yourself also has a Viper to race. Well it's a very easy race and gets you started out beginning your career. Your agent gets you a job in Nascar featherlite Series which is just the beggining of what is to come. You race for a couple weeks making friends or enemies depending on how you race. After several races you'll be offered to race in the Nascar truck racing series which is alot of fun. Every week you have a schedule some featherlite mixed with truck racing some weeks it's just truck or featherlite so you know. Im far into the truck racing and thats as far as I've got next is the Nascar National series. So far im having alot of fun and to note there is no diffrence in graphics in my opinion since I played both versions and sound is the exact same. There is one diffrence though the Gamecube version has no online play which the Xbox and PS2 versions have. From what I have heard thouggh online with this game sucks so your not missing much. So if your looking for a great racing experience I'de say this is your best bet and probaly your only Nascar game that you'll ever get into this much. Im luvin it and hope you do to.
Not nearly as good as Nascar Thunder 2004
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-05-19

Its good that they added the featherlites,trucks and busch series,but they took away too much from the actual racing.You dont get all the cool pre-race stuff,the cars do not handle worth a crap and the audio for this game is terrible.The cars sound like electric weed wackers(for real)In the 2004 game they sound like real cars.Ive had Nascar 2005 for about 7 or 8 months now and have played it about 10 times, I play Nascar Thunder 2004 about everyday.I really hope EA Sports fixes this for the 2006 version
Fun Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-05-18

I rented this once and thought this was probally over all my favorite game i had ever played.
SWEEEEEET! Best racing game ever!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-22

I am a huge NASCAR fan. I follow all three major series and watch them on TV every week. I go to Nextel Cup races almost every year. And, to top it off, I play the video games non-stop (or so it seems.) I own NASCAR '99 for N64, NASCAR Thunder 2003 for GameCube and now 2005: Chase for the Cup. 2005 beats the others by a long shot. The variety of game modes and series is fantastic, as is the gameplay.


The main mode of CFTC is its all-new Fight to the Top mode. In this mode, you can be either an owner or driver as you make your way from the lower divisions of NASCAR all the way to the Nextel Cup Series. You can receive contracts (even to the point of replacing Jeff Gordon as driver of the 24 car)and battle the best along the way. My brother is currently has a Fight to the Top going, and from what I can see, it's AWESOME!

Another great mode is Chase for the Cup mode, where you pick your starting position in the Chase for the Nextel Cup and race the final 10 races of the season. I played this mode once, and, although it was pretty challenging, I won the championship! The final main mode is Race Now, or Single Race. This is the one that I play most often.


Production Cars: In Production Car racing, you can choose from about 10 types of street cars to race on NASCAR tracks. With these cars, you race as Cup drivers. The only problem with the mode is that these cars are not very good on speedways- they are MUCH better on road courses.

Modifieds: These cars have special offset wheels to improve cornering speeds. Problem: The only available drivers are made-up ones.

Trucks: The slogan Tough Trucks, Tough Racing says it all. These babies are bad to the bone. Too bad there are several drivers missing. Where's Ted Musgrave or Dennis Setzer?

Busch Series: This is the "minor leagues" of NASCAR racing. You race in cars that are pretty much identical to Cup cars, except they have less powerful engines. Only problem: 2004 series champion, Martin Truex Jr, is missing! Dang!

Cup Series: This is it. The Cup Series. You're finally here. The most horsepower of anything in the game. The most adrenaline. The most everything. Yay! But how did they leave out 2004 Chase driver Jeremy Mayfield and veteran Ken Schrader?

Aside from these missing drivers, Chase for the Cup is a fantastic racing game, guaranteed to provide countless hours of bumpin', rubbin', and bangin'. And, to all those who think that Pocono was left out, you're wrong! You have to UNLOCK it.

Overall, an awesome game. I would highly recommend it to all hardcore NASCAR junkies.
Best Racing Game Ever
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-03

This game has been changed a lot from the 04 version and some of the changes are for the worse, most of them are better though. First off you get this really cool agent. He tells you what you need to know and can get you contracts. Another thing that's cool is that it's not just not Nascar Racing anymore. You can also race for Featherlite, Truck, and Bush. The best mode is Fight to The Top Mode. You can become a villan by spinning people out and knocking them out of the race. It makes it easier to win. The only bad part is that when you qualify, you have to run a whole extra lap. They also took out the singing of the National Anthem and the fly-by of the track. Otherwise this game is just awesome. Stop reading all of these dumb reveiws and BUY THIS GAME!!
NASCAR 2005: Chase for the Cup
by: thundermaker0    On: 2004-09-07

The NASCAR games are getting better. This one is great. I like how that the other drivers can become either your allies or rivals. If they are your rivals, then they try to wreck you or block you. They also have a part where you start from the bottom up in racing to the Nextel Cup Season. The graphics are great and the action is even better. I know that I will spend more time playing this game than any of the other games that I have. This will make the off season very enjoyable. A whole lot of great special effects and events off the track. Awesome game.
Why is EA going backwards?
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-09-05

This game sucks!! I absolutely loved the 2004 version, I thought it only needed a few tweaks, but they changed the game completely! There are just too many things wrong with this game to list here but let's go with the online game play...

1st. They added the ability for two more people to play online for a total of four, but it never works right, I haven't finished a game I started with four people yet. Someone always gets kicked off.

2nd. When you pick your track it doesn't show you the track or any information about it (Size, laps, location, etc.) Tey added a few new tracks but how are you supposed to know what they look like?

3rd. When you pick your driver it doesn't show you what the car (or truck) looks like. It's great that they added the Modified Series and trucks but I don't know any of those people and I'd like to know what the car looks like before I pick it.

4th. The menus just look retarded! They look very 80's!

5th. The Rookie level is way too hard and the Legend level is easier than the old Rookie level. Did they get something backwards?

6th. They changed the way you run your qualifying lap. Now you start in the pit and you have to wait for some jackass NASCAR official to get out of your way and you have to go all the way around the track to start qualifying, that's one extra lap! And don't think they did it to be more realistic because they took away the race preview where they sing the National Anthem and do a kick-ass fly-by (and if you didn't like that you could just hit the `X' to bypass it!) They also did away with yellow flags online!

7th. Just way too many more to list!

Greatest Game on Earth
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-07-27

It`s great! You can race in modified, truck, bush, and cup. It`s just perfect. It`s what us kids have wanted forever.

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