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NBA Street Vol 2
Manufacturer: Electronic Arts      
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Gym rat's father
by: gdfritz2    On: 2005-12-27

This is the best basketball video game. The players make up their own teams of current stars and NBA legends and play three-on-three on legendary playgrounds across America. The players make every shot so it's lot of fun for younger players. Players accumulate points on their memory cards to "unlock" NBA legends for their teams (e.g. Dr. J, Moses Malone, Larry Bird, Clyde Drexler). Game is also fun for students/historians of the NBA game.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-11

I sneak in my cousin's room and play this game on game cube every chance I get! It has awsome grahics and game play, not to mention lots of sick moves like Revrese. Also very good songs, my fave is Not at my house. I suggest this game to people who love to play B-ball =D
One of the best NBA Street games yet!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-17

This game is awesome. I played NBA street vol. 1, And I personaly thought it was bad. But NBA Street vol. 2 Is 1000x better.You get to choose 4 modes in this game.

-Pickup game: The exhibition of NBA street vol. 2
-NBA Challenge: Pick or create a team to play over other teams
-Be a Legend:Create a player and battle off in this new story mode
-Street School: The tutorial that teaches you the game,with Strech Monroe as your trainer!

This game is a total must buy! So go dunk yourself into a video games store and buy it today!
volume 2 hard but intertaining....temporarly
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-09-12

the nba street volume 2 has three stages. the first is wen u first get it. wen u first have it for the first month or so it is very hard. in the second and third month, u find it fun. and any time later its simply boring. uve played, u know how, but u only win on easy mode. i do not suggest buying this game, id say u should rent it.
A Great game
by: ehabmd    On: 2004-07-01

The game is great, you get the best basketball players. The multiplayer is good. And the the story is well-built.
A Great game
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-07-01

The game is great, you get the best basketball players. The multiplayer is good. And the the story is well-built.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-05-22

As I said above this game kicks @$$. It never gets old, even after you beat it. The legends are off da hook! You can create your own baller and take him from hometown hero to national sensation. Commentary and sound track are phat. You cannot call yourself a gamer or b-ball fan without it. It was named game of the year, but screw that, this is the game of the century!!!
Buy it and from the moment you pick up the controller you will be glad you did.
Street Vol. 2 is WAY Better than Vol.1
by: creagan73    On: 2004-04-05

Street Vol. 2 is awesome. First you can make a team of Bobbito a long-range shooter, Dr.J., and Michael Jordon! Anyway you can make your own team and player. Try to unlock Legends by winning the NBA Challenge games. If you can't quite do Back2 Papa, Off the Heezay, or a turbo dunk go to Street School. For graphics out of 10 stars I'd give it 8.5 *s. For gameplay 10*s. So overall I'd say it would be 9.5*s. But heck just buy it ALREADY!!!!
This is a must for basketball fans
by: nbamatt628    On: 2004-01-30

NBA Street Vol.2 has quickly established itself as one of the greatest basketball games ever made.

The game is exactly as it describes itself. You play NBA ball on the streets with real NBA players. Street rules are in play, so there is no travel, carrying, fouls, goaltending, or double dribble. You can do also the latest moves from the street and the rosters are fairly updated.

The thing that really sold me on the game was the create a baller option and taking him on the road. It's fun to develop him and beat the best street ballers in the world. Great option to the game.

This is a fun multi player game. I hook it up and play with my bros all the time and we always have a good time. The game doesn't get old.

Like I said earlier, this is a must for all video basketball game fans. You won't regret it.

By far, the BEST GAME OF THE YEAR!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-12-29

I don't know how to explain it. This game is (like i said on my title) by far, the best game of the year! I thought it would be like the original... slow, bad graphics, and only ONE fakeout(trick move). But... I WAS VERY VERY VERY WRONG!! This game was better than i thought. It has more trick moves( my faves are shammie-sham and back 2 papa), better players, cooler shots, and OLD SCHOOL PLAYERS like bird, magic, pistol, and dr. j. you should get this game. you would be a fool to not get this game.
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-12-15

Ive played lots of basketball games but they were boring and had no exitement to it, but NBA STREET VOL 2 was of the hook. I recromend that you buy this game instead of renting.
i love this game!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-11-28

I thought it was AWESOME. That's all. Good graphics. Cool tricks.
Bangin' playas. especially biggie littles. gotta get this game.
Too Short
by: cheetah_k2000    On: 2003-11-13

Like I said: Must. Buy. This. Game. The graphics are awesome, the only flaw I saw in the entire game graphics-wise was every now and then someone's head would go through the glass of the backboard, and come out unscathed! The gameplay is optimo! ((Latin for great)) Takes two minutes to learn, yet days to master ((the way I like it baby!)) I usually HATE sports games, but this game rocks! The one thing I DIDn't like: To. Damn. Short. I beat so quick....the NBA challenge takes maybe what? 10 hours at the most? Then the be a legend mode is EZ! Maybe 20 hours for me to beat. They definetly should have added some mor elevel on B a Legend mode....but it's still good for multi-player after you beat those two modes...but besides its multi-player mode,...TOO. SHORT.
Legends Better Than Ever
by: lord1of1dragons    On: 2003-11-03

Larry THE BIRD Legend is my favorite nba player,targets all shots,and is represented the best with graphics,music,and etc.This for the Bosten Red Sox,Celtics,and for the peeps in Boston.
by: matthias99    On: 2003-09-08

In the beginning, there was NBA Jam. And it was good.

But lo, then the NBA Jam series began to be less good. Various other basketball games came along, and for a while it seemed that we would be subjected to "serious" basketball simulations for the rest of eternity, or else just horrible ripoffs of NBA Jam. And it was not so good.

But then, along with the next-gen systems came NBA Street, a slick basketball game that wasn't a full-strength simulation and yet wasn't a (complete) NBA Jam clone! It was good.

And now there is NBA Street 2. And lo, it is very good.

They've taken the gameplay of the original NBA Street and polished it up real nicely. The new cel-shaded engine looks awesome -- it gives everything a sort of cartoonish 70s edge without becoming goofy or overly unrealistic. They added dozens of new trick moves, tons of new (and old) players, and some much-needed new abilities (such as trick counters, special passes, and a way to control someone who's not the ball carrier). You can also play 3- and 4-player games now, while Street 1 limited you to just 2.

Other improvements include the new "Be A Legend" mode, where you can build a custom player up from humble beginnings (you start out at a neighborhood court in New York City) to be a national powerhouse on the street-ball circuit. There are a number of real-life courts featured in the game, rendered in fairly amazing detail (including a great-looking 3D crowd). They've also ditched their annoying announcer (Joe "The Show") for a real NYC DJ, who provides some high-quality (if occasionally odd) commentary that takes much longer to get old. Custom teams can now only have 5 players on them (down from 15), which means you can no longer have *every* good player in the game on your team at the same time. Gamebreaker shots (which subtract points from your opponent) are back, as are new, hard-to-pull-off-but-unblockable "Level 2 Gamebreakers" (which are just pretty damn cool to watch). There's also a new set of music, featuring the new "EA Trax" feature (basically, EA licensed a bunch of artists whose music is featured in all their games now).

Is there a downside? Well, you can play 3- and 4-player games, but you can't put 3 human players on the same team! That's kind of a bummer. Also, the AI is still pretty weak, even on the highest settings (the game compensates by basically crippling your characters stats' at the higher settings, which is *not* the way you should do it!). But it's still a lot of fun, and the multiplayer's great.

Anyone who enjoys arcade basketball will find NBA Street 2 to be a great game, and a big improvement over the original. If you're not sure, give it a rent, and it'll probably win you over.

by: rachel116    On: 2003-07-15

Great basketball game. All new tweaked out tricks and dunks. With an all new "Be A Legend" mode where you can take a created player up the ladder to a street legend. 25 NBA Legends to unlock. If there is another NBA Street game EA will be working a long time to make it better than this.
If you a balla, this game will make you halla
by: gangle-monster    On: 2003-07-14

A great sequel to a great game. This game is a vast improvement over NBA Street, which was already a very good game. Offers Be A Legend mode, where you create a balla, and gain a reputation as a legend on the street of major cities in the US. Also, the Defend the Court/NBA challenge is much improved. New rosters for the NBA, more complex gamebreakers, and customizing your balla's skills, looks, and moves are great improvements. An overall outstanding game that is a must have for anybody who even remotely like sports games.
Without question, the best basketball game!!!!!
by: the_voice    On: 2003-07-12

I hate basketball videogames, all of them are boring and the same (I especially hate NBA 2k2). I heard about a sreet basketball game made by ea sports big (NBA Street), but I thought it was going to be the same, so I didn't give it a try. Then, one year later, I heard news about a sequel for this street basketball game. I started to read positive articles of the game and I got excited about it. It sounded like a big blast! Finally, on my birthday (june 17), I bought it. I started to play it and became deeply in love with it! Its a must for any gamer, you must have it in your game library. Here is why:
- You can perform insane tricks and dunks (Ea sports Big is all about that)
- A great single player experience that goes in two modes: NBA Challenge (you choose a team and you have to beat all NBA teams. About 10 hours of gameplay), and Street Legend (you create your own baller and take it to the top. Almost 20 hours of gameplay)
- A great multiplayer for up to four players.
- A nice, explanatory practice mode to learn all about Street stunts and crazy moves.
- All NBA teams, NBA legends (inlcuding Larry Bird!!), and Old School Ballers (plus you can make your own team)
- Tons of cool songs (Hip-hop)
- Unlock a secret team, which includes Nelly as a player.
- About 12 courses to slam the ball! (my favorite one is The Cage, or the Lincoln College)
- Earn reward points to spend on your created character (to increase its stats, or to improve his clothing), buy jerseys, buy players, courts, or even invented street Legends (Stretch Monroe is the best one)
- The ability to choose your own rules with the feature "My Rules"

Just buy it and dunk the ball on this must have game!

this game is pretty good but gets boring once you beat it
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-07-02

i liked this game until I beat it! it is fun but there needs to be some more game modes or longer game modes but other then that it is pretty damn FUN! if you like basketball then it is your type of game! even if you don't it's still fun
by: pink19666    On: 2003-06-16

What can I say, this game absolutely and indiscriminately rocks. This truly is fantasy basketball at it's finest, most flashy and exciting pinnacle.

If you were a fan of Midway's "NBA Jam" series you'll appreciate this game straightaway; it's got all the wild dunks and oldschool gameplay you could ever hope for. Unlike "NBA Jam" however, the dunks aren't random, you can select which jam you want to use. This addition, while cool cosmetically, also aids in fooling the defense, since block timing and positioning differs depending on the dunk used. Trick moves also allow you to bypass pesky defenders and charge your team up for a gamebreaker which allows you to score points while subtracting points from your opponent!!

While the strongpoint of this game definetely lies in the pristine controls and the amazing arcade-style gameplay, strategy is actually, believe it or not, very, VERY important in this game; which more than anything adds to the long-appeal of the game and separates it from the NBA Jam style games to some degree. Instead of a 2 on 2 setup, each team uses 3 players. You can cancel each other's game breakers, throw picks, perform combo tricks and dunks for more points, you can use, cancel, or save gamebreakers for level 2 gamebreakers, you can throw chain ally-oops (called "hookups") between multiple players to avoid defenders, pull fadaways, bounce passes off the backboard into dunks and even goaltend (it's allowed, unlike NBA jam). While this game borrows heavily from the oldschool gameplay you remember from the NBA Jam series, it has enough in-game features to deliver the most unbridled, giddy basketball-induced lovefest you could imagine.

A couple of my friends hate basketball and basketball games in general (even NBA jam) and they love this game. With the ability to create your own players and improve them, to play through an NBA challenge league against real players (that actually look like the players) from every NBA team, the option to use and play against oldschool players like Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, and to create individual exhibition games that cater to your rule and scoring preferences, NBA Steet Vol 2 still has me hooked even after a month of almost continuous play (I've lost sleep from this game, LOTS of it). Very addictive, challenging on hard mode, fun with other friends, I can shower praise on this game forever. I don't usually get so sentimental and nerdy about games but this one IS AMAZING!! Trust me, if you're a fan of classic fantasy/stunt style sports games like NBA Jam, you will LOVE this game passionately!

Ol' School + Nu School = TRUE School!!
by: mac_attack    On: 2003-05-19

I've been a fan of this series since NBA Jam for Super Nintendo and with this new version i can tell you that you will become a fan too, if you are not yet...

The biggest addition for this new version is that you can play with some of the greatest players of all time like: Magic, Wilt, Bird, Clyde, Doc J, etc.

You will find new moves, new dunks and now you have different shot styles. Some of the characters of the first vol. are still here like Stretch Monroe and now he is faster (in the first version he wasnt only slow but weak on the dunks), now he is the player you expect him to be. You can create you own team mixing NBA stars, NBA legends and Street Legends, imagine a team with Shaq, Stretch, Magic, Dominique and AI???? The difference in this vol. 2 is that your team can only have 5 players, i would have liked a bigger roster.

A new game mode is "Be a legend" in wich you create a player and a team and start playing against street ballers and legends, all over the country, and in different challenges like games without gamebrakers, only dunks, etc. The game also includes a new and revamped "create player" mode, this new version includes whole lot more looks, and includes shoes, jerseys, haircuts and more.

The music is good too, in the first version the soundtrack included several songs from The Herbalizer(from the prestiguous Ninja Tune label) that was great, now the soundtrack includes Talib Kweli and Dilated Peoples (both from Rawkus), Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Lords of the Underground and Black Sheep, hip hop fans can you ask for more???

One last thing, for all Knicks fans the roster includes McDyess, this is a good chance to see him on uniform and playing.

The Best B-Ball Game Out
by: j_silversmith    On: 2003-05-18

This is such a great game. I have played most of the basketgames for all the consoles. I prefer this game above Live, NBA2k and Inside Drive. The graphics are great on this game. There are so many characters to choose from. The "Be a Legend" mode is great, working your way up the ranks of being a street legend. There are so many moves that you keep uncovering, and Bobbito has funny commentary. This game never gets old with the unlockable characters and great multiplayer mode. I recommend this game for every baller.
by: franchise3030    On: 2003-05-10

You know i've heard alot about this game. I read about it. It appeared that the only thing that was going to be diffrent from the original, was the rosters... I WAS WRONG! The game has so many more moves, better gamebreakers, Street legends, NBA legends, everything. The best part about this game is the easy to use controls. The Be a Legend mode is cool. And all you people that love basketball, or even just like to play awesome games, this is the bomb!
Great Game BUT liked the first one better
by: rmc1991    On: 2003-05-06

I Loved the game really so much fun. The best is be a legend it is like you try to be the best street star. You also can make a team in the regular version like the 1st one. I made a team with Yao, Kobe, Shaq, Iverson, and MJ. It was so much advaced and every thing but i like games that are simpile.
its stupid.... Just kidding!
by: johnnyqueeks    On: 2003-05-05

Who cares if you like steetball? This game is just cool, you don't have to like basketball or your idea of "streetball". It is old-school and it has normal nba stars as well. ...NBA Street Vol. 2 is cool anyway.
by: mg_skribble    On: 2003-05-05

I've heard so much about this game, and i have not even played it yet. I can't wait until i get it in a couple of games. People say that you can be NELLEY! All i want to do, is throw the ball againsts Shaq's head, like in the commercial.
Best basketball game since NBA Street!
by: streeteagle    On: 2003-04-30

The first NBA street had alot of cool characters that you could rally up against or place beside you on your team. Also you can create your own player and the items that you the player have to unlock are countless. This is the exact same for NBA Street Vol. 2 but with a little more. I love how they suped all modes up and the pace of the basketball game is even better on screen than before. I still wish they had a few different camera angles to play the game but that works easily for instant replay mode where you can move around your whole character to watch every millimeter he made to make that fabulous dunk. Anyways this is a good game to buy mainly because I'm not a real basketball fan but I really like this game and the length it takes to complete everything and unlock every cool hidden item the game contains is very lengthy!
Gunna be great!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-04-29

This game is going to be out of this world. All new moves, new courts, better graphics, and new players from MJ to Larry Bird to even NELLY!
this game [ rocks ]!
by: twigster5000    On: 2003-03-12

This game is the best game ever.From how good the first one was this one must be at least 100 times better.It looks so cool i cant wait to get this game the street legends look so cool.YOU SHOULD ORDER THIS GAME RIGHT NOW!... I know i am so get it!...

ps. i'm awesome!

Street stars
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-02-18

this game is so sweet because there are over 15 street legends over 30 kinds of dunks and over 20 kind's of street tricks if you'r kids like streetball then you must buy this game when it first comes out! There are some cool new dunks, and tricks. The first game was fun and all, but this game has it all. New street legends, New courts, and new edit's for you'r create player.

Review By Haik, Sahakian

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