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Need for Speed Underground
Manufacturer: Electronic Arts      
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by: Anonymous    On: 2006-08-02

NFSU (need for speed underground) is a great game. Yes your car may be slow in the beginning, but it just gets better. Graphics are awesome in color: the lights, neon bar, and even the asphalt looks good with it being wet. Modify your car to make it a 5 star reputation (the best). I havn't beat this game yet... but i am not discouraged (even though i lose every time) I highly recommend this game for people that like fast pace racing games!! TRUST ME!!!
best gamecube racer
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-04-18

sipley put -this game rocks. Since the Gamecube dosen't have Gran Turismo it has to put up with crappy racing games like NFS hot pursuit 1 and 2. But this games delivers were others fail- the speedis awsomley fast and simulates it well even though if hit things you don't crash
Great racing game!!
by: leer10    On: 2006-03-13

Thank goodness some companies like EA, have released all their titles across ALL consoles, including the Gamecube. Otherwise, I would've missed playing one of the great racing games, marking a new twist on the Need for Speed formula.
Great Addition to the NFS Series!
by: impickles    On: 2006-02-10

This is an incredible racing game. I will tell you right now, I am not the average, "all games are great" type of guy. For instance, I think the Nascar games are the worst games on the planet, but... This game is really great! The graphics are insanely good! The gameplay is great, and the multiplayer rocks! Buy this if you have a Cube, it's great.
greatest racing game
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-24

this game is so much fun. You can play in several different modes and unlock cool things for your car as you go along. I highly recomend this game to any racin game fan
Burn em down
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-08-10

This game is everything I expected and more. There are tons of options when it comes to tricking out your ride. I loved the different paint schemes and the variety of graphics you could choose from for the cars. You move through the game at a fairly good pace. It is not like Gran Turismo for the PS2, where you have to race for hours just to get new exhaust. The courses are well laid out and the graphics are mind boggling. The game also has a great sound track as most NFS games. This game is definitely for you if you like fantasy Fast and the Furious type games, but if you like simulators, I would not recommend it.

Pros: Variety are cars and options to customize your ride. The graphics and the soundtrack are well done. The controls are easy to use. One of the best if not the best tuner race game I have played.

Cons: Sometimes you go a little to fast and inexperienced gamers may have a hard time staying in the race. They give you to many decal and dress up options at the end of the races instead of what you need to win the races. By the time you get to the good engine parts, you have already beaten the game.

Overall: As a tuner car nut, I loved this game. It would be great if they added some more European cars though like BMW M3s or Audi TTs

awsome but frusterating
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-04-07

i love this game. i got it for my birthday which is march 11th and havent plyed anything els sinse the car ditail is amazing like you can have custum body kits dicals and even company stikers like NOS and AMV and YOCOHAMA the gameplay is great and it has somewhat of a story line WOW. and there is 20 diferent brands of cars like nisan toyota suberu and vw. and there is realy cool music like get low. so this game is a must have.
i hate this game
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-03-26

NFS Underground is not a challange for experienced drivers but in this game there's a huge factor called "traffic". As I soon realised while playing the game, your chances of crossing the finish line first depends mostly on the traffic conditions than on your driving skills. This can be really nervewrecking while on your last lap and especially when you can almost see the finish line and suddenly a car appears. After you've finished the whole game, you'll either become a great driver or end up in a madhouse. Dispite the graphics, having fun with "pimping your ride" and the selection of music, I won't be playing this game again.
Extremely Fun, yet challenging
by: scarborough_kid    On: 2005-01-29

This is one of the funnest games in the world. There are over 100 different races that you can go through and there are over 20 cars that you can buy, customize, paint and more. The game gets challenging as you progress and the difficulty increases. The races are fun and so are the graphics. When you are racing, however, please be sure NOT to flip your car. :) Overall, this game was fun and entertaining.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-06

This is the best need for speed game I've ever played, the features and the cars are awesome, I'm gonna get the need for speed underground 2 for Christmas.Well, let's see the cool things is this game:

The graphics is this game are really awesome! it's like looking at the real car, and the sound is oustanding! some of the coolest songs like "get low" and some of them.

The underground move is great, you get some cool challenges and each time you win you get cash to buy performance, paint, vinyls, and neons to your car. You can get challenge in drift, drag, circuit, and sprint.

The gameplay is pretty good, I mean the controls are easy to use:
you accelerate by pressing L, reverse by pressing R, breake by pressing A, and use nitrous by pressing B. Quite comfortable.

So go BUY IT now!
it is great
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-08-26

this game has so many cars and tracks to choose from! it is just as much fun racing as it is in the free run! a must have!
good but flawed game
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-08-25

Here's a guide on getting through this LONG game, at the beginnig all the cars are good choices except for the Golf and the 206, the best car to get is the Miata or the Neon (their stats are pretty much equal), you can probobly play these cars until about level 60 then get the RX-7 when it comes avavailible (I think you win it in a drift race). Here are some pros and cons about the RX-7, Pros: very high top speed, good handling (better than Skyline). Cons: bad acceleration (even if you get T.J.'s acceleration mods it still doesn't work), you'll find yorself in last place at the beginning of a race then rocket ahead of every body about 20 seconds in the race, you crash you lose, this could actually be the drivers fault but if you crash at least one racer will fly by you and you won't be able to cetch up.
What I like about the game is the realisim of it, you actually feel like you're going 180 (at the end of some 6 lap races my hands are sweating), the cars handle realisticly.
Now the bad news, the game is 112 levels long and you have unlock all the cool parts when you could just go to Auto Zone and get it. Toward the end of the game the opponents cheat. If you play the game on hard and you're flying at 180 in your pimpin' RX-7, the assh*le behind you comes flying by and keeps going and you lose. The opponets go at the same speed through circut and sprint races, and their cars handle like they're on rails. If you crash and a guy passes you, you seem to go slower and he wins. Not enough cars, for the legenth of what the game is you only get 15 odd cars. The long list of cars that are missing, the classic muscle cars of the 60s and 70s, the Datsun/Nissan Z-car, the old RX-7, the one that's on the game is the final 1991?-1995 model I'm talkin' the 1985-1991? model. The old Golf GTI from the 80s. Mitsu 3000GT, Dodge Stealth, Chevy Chevette 3-door amd the early Toyota MR2. That's my view of the game. Have fun playin'
RX7 beats Skyline
by: syphon_virus    On: 2004-07-08

First off, I must say this game is awesome. I have been playing it since I have received it a few months back. I have beaten all the levels on the Underground mode and am now playing with a Civic only. I used the Skyline the first time, and found that it isn't all that. Yes, it is fast and furious (sorry for the pun), but it is a bit slow on some races. I had to trade it in for the RX7, which spanked it in a drag on hard with full options. The Rex (RX7) has better handling than the Skyline, and is faster off the line. I have hit 234 mph on a drag with the Rex. Skyline only got to 190. Use the Skyline, then trade for the Rex when you can't win with the Skyline. It works.

Graphics are good. It makes you stay on your toes when you come around a corner at 135+ mph. Sounds are good, although the music can get repetitive. Game play is good as well. As you progress through the Underground, your skill will rise. And the re-play value is great. You can go back thru and use different cars.

All I can say is you won't be disappointed if you buy this game.

This Game Is The Best.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-07-04

I truley do reccomend this game to anyone who liked need 4 speed hot pursuit 2.I am glad they diden't use imports.Oh,and uhh one more thing,you can costomise your own car!You don't make a car,but you take other cars and but off hook upgrades on
it until you are #1.

P.S For your first car,
try a Civic.Don't use VW Golfs,Those suck.

by: viktoria32    On: 2004-06-16

This racing game is not really fun. Burn OUt is much better.
by: best_shop1988    On: 2004-06-13

This game will keep your adrenaline running at pleasurable levels, guaranteed. I played it and let me tell you: ITS NOT THE SAME TRACKS. If you are good and keep advancing in it, you'll race in different parts of the city. It's the same city at night (always), since its illegal racing; but different streets. Buy it, rent it, borrow it, trade it.
Awesome game
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-05-12

If you like the Fast and the Furious. This game is for you it has cool cars tons of different decals and vinals for you to make the car as you want it to be.
Long term fun
by: goekeja    On: 2004-04-27

I have been playing this game with some regularity since Christmas and still have only made it to level 55 of the 125 levels! The intensity is fantastic and I find myself leaning forward, heart pounding, screaming around the course. The steady progression in difficulty plus the customization of the cars allows the game to stay challenging as you get more advanced. And the different kinds of racing: circuit, drag, drift, sprints-keeps the variety high. The courses could have been made to look a little more different would be my only criticism, but overall a great game that you certainly won't finish in one sitting!
by: cano2006    On: 2004-04-06

this is THE GAME of cars not that kiddy stuff like hot wheels and mario kart, dude the graphics are realistic the cars are cool (well they cold have a mustang included) but if u want 2 buy a game of cars and racing performance this is the best u can buy.
Surpassed The Finish Line
by: kernermichael    On: 2004-04-05

It just surprises me when it comes to video games these days. Especially with all the hype and feel coming toward them, and then when you've played them out, you have nothing else to play with. That comes within the case of racing games these days, they all seem to be just the exact same thing. That does come with the case for Need For Speed. They have made quite a handful of great racing games, and made its way into one of the most popular racing series games of all time. Although the quality is great, the feeling can become quite overdubbed these days. Largely, because all racing games need to be exactly the same ideas of fast cars and killer tracks, not music though.

Need For Speed: Underground is considered a remake of the Midnight Club series for the Sony Playstation 2. Although it never made it into the Gamecube as much as Need For Speed, the game in itself feels like it. This game deals with all of its courses into one big city, which offers all different kinds of street raving games and courses. Although each course gets repetitive, largely because the game takes place in one location, rather a whole set of locations the previous Need For Speed games considered. Still, the game offers a lot of great automobiles to drive in, including the Ford Focus, the Mazda RX-7, the Toyota Celica, and Nissan's longtime automobile, the Sentra R edition. Another downside is that the music really is more of a downside as well, with too many performers in the fields of Rap. Hip Hop, and Hard Rock, there is no sense in actual feels for decent music. That is more annoying than the game itself. All in all, this is a pretty challenging racing game, and is worth the wait for die hard racers.

It just really surprises me about how much these racing games are in detail, like Need For Speed: Underground. I strongly suggest you get this game, only if you're a die hard racer. If you've played Midnight Club 2 for Playstation 2, don't buy this one, you will only be wasting your money.

by: Anonymous    On: 2004-03-23

This game is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Best racing game of all time.Challenging but fun.Sick cars.You will not want to stop playing this game.
Best Racing game ever!
by: goldensunnut    On: 2004-03-20

I had just bought this game and i love it. it is so challenging and fun also my favorite part is that you can customize your own car to fit your needs. The only thing missing is the in dash view but thats not a big deal. The selection of cars is awesome and all the parts you can add to your car like NOS or suspention my favorite kind of racing is drag when you can go in one straight line racing three other cars. Like my Miata i added nos, suspention, weight reducion, a new engine all on level three. The last thing is that you can add a neon glow under your car.
A game over heels.
by: wooven    On: 2004-03-20

This Game:Need for Speed Underground,Has amazing Handling, But it's a little perky & rough. 20 cars to choose from!! weird.
by: ramyun90    On: 2004-03-19

this is the best game for cars///racing and u know the rest. It has car brands like Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, and alot more. Add parts to improve the car~! Its definately the best of the best
best GC racing game
by: stlaurent9    On: 2004-03-14

I found this game very fun. The graphics are good and the car modification options are endless. though i do wish that there was a bigger selection of cars.
Sweet game! Buy it now!
by: ghudson43    On: 2004-03-07

Geez, this game kicks butt! I got it in early Feb. and am already addicted to it. {SOOOOOOO CCCCCRRRRRRRRAAAAAAZZZZZZYYY!!!!!!!} I am on race #85 and I got the Nissan Skyline on race #74. [people, you don't get it on race 90! It's because you nimrods don't know how to drive, baby!] Mine is lime green with a five-star reputation. But back to the game. EA games, this game is a work of art. The grahics are awsome because it is like and urban rainforest out there in the night, and when you use your NOS [nitrous oxide], the screen turns all blurry and you get and incredible sense of speed. [use it in the place with all the chinese stuff and it's really cool] The cars look great against the inner city, reflecting all of the lights. That brings me to the cars. Peugot, Mitsubishi, Honda, Volkswagen, Toyota, everything. There are just enough customizations to pop your brain. Viynl, neon, rims, body kits, decals...... I won't put you through the torture of listing them all. There is also a booming soundtrak, including Overseer, Crystal Method, Asian Dub Foundation, Junkie XL, and Rob Zombie. The only problem with the game is that it gets pretty hard around races 75 to 80. However, I have solved that problem. If you are stuck on a sprint or circuit race, this is what you do:

Put all of your speed performance upgrades on stock, exept your NOS. This includes engine, drivetrain, turbo, ecu packages, etc. BUT, leave all of the handling upgrades maxed out, like suspension, tires, etc. Don't worry the AI cars's stats will go down with yours, and suprisingly, it is alot easier. I got stuck on race #84 [yes, even with the Skyline] and it WORKS! Please use this stratgy!

Overall, this game rocks!


Overall, fun but....
by: ageofmythology2    On: 2004-03-03

This is a fun game, don't get me wrong. It could fun and enjoyable but it could also make you mad and want to throw your controller at your TV screen.

Here are the two major issues I found :

1. relative computer car speed
- The problem is, the computer races in a speed that's relative to yours. So, it has no absolute speed and if it gets behind it speeds up and if it gets in front of all others, it slows down a bit. This sounds cool, alright? You think this would make the game more challenging and fun? Well, the answer is no. If you're a noob, (no offense what-so-ever) this could make the game more suitable and easy to learn, but if you have experience in racing games, you would find this annoying. For an example, you could be in first place for 3/4 of the game and then the computer suddenly speeds up, and you lose. I found that the computer sometimes races faster than my car's top speed, and sometimes strangely slow...This isn't right. It's easier to win a game when you're amatuar just as long as you don't crash a 'major one' in the game. You could turn off the catching up option to prevent this from happening, but still the computer has no absolute speed and has somewhat relative speed. And, the underground mode doesn't even give you that option. It's always on, so it's possible to finish the race in 1 min and still lose, or finish it in 1 min 30 sec and still win. (really happens)

2. graphic
- Again, don't get me wrong. This game has fantastic graphic. But, if your GC isn't connected to your TV in progressive scan mode or S-video A/V, you might find it hard to see what's what in the game screen. For a guy like me who has a cheap 28 inch TV, this fantastic graphic could turn into an ugly view...(just try to set all the graphic effects and resolution into low in a 3D computer game, you'll see what I mean...)

You could ignore 2 if you got a flat screen plasma TV =)
But you probably couldn't ignore 1.

I recommend you get Hot Pursuit 2 instead of this. It only costs half of this game and is more fun.(just my opinion)

But again, you are the one who's playing, so you make a decision.

Only one Complaint
by: rizing_fenix    On: 2004-02-05

NFS- Underground is an awesome game. The track selection could have been slightly more even ie. same amount of rap/edm/rock/punk

but thats ok.. they all jam.. and you can cut off the ones you dont like..

My main gripe with the game.. NFS.. Why isnt there an indash view like on most racing games.. I mean.. the cars handle right.. well concidering that its a game.. so why not feel like you are really in the car... the bumper view really sucks. because it gives you a floating perspective.. and the off tail camera is so fake feeling.. oh well.. my Miata is hopped up.. Its all good..

great racing game
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-02-04

This game is cool.the graphics are good and the racing.If you are in to racing games you should get this.
This game is awsome
by: kimduwe2    On: 2004-01-26

I love this game. I like modifying cars. The carrer mode is tough but you have to do it to ulock stuff. I would recomend it to anyone.
by: angel10033    On: 2004-01-25

Hear are some codes i found out
by: tadpole13132003    On: 2004-01-20

This game is awesome I dont get why every body hates it but hear our some codes i have found out.

Drift physics for all cars- R button Up Up Up Down Down Down L buttom

Unlock all circuit Tracks- Down R Button R Botten R Button x x x z

Unlock all sprint Tracks- Up x x x R Button Down Down Down

Sorry about this I couldent find that many codes but i hope this review helps u. I also wrote codes for need for speed on x box and ps2.

This Game is ... FUN!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-01-20

This game is unbelievable, you do have to win races to upgrade and custimize your car but it is worth it. There are three levels to all the visual and performance, the NOS is so helpful and once you get to the races in the 80's or 90's you get the NISSAN SKYLINE from 2Fast 2Furious. It may seem like there are alot of races but they go pretty quick. The handling for your car is horrible at first but about 10 races later when you get your suspension upgrade the handling is great. For your first car I suggest the Honda Civic or the Mazda Miata. They are top starting cars. And if you want to get a different car you can trade it in for another, once I got the skyline, I traded it in as fast as I could and it looks and plays like the best car in the game! Good Luck! I Suggest You Buy It NOW!
pretty descent but a bit rough
by: spydaman27    On: 2004-01-14

i got nfsu for christmas and by now with most games i would have my fill. but this game shockingly is still in heavy rotation because of its length, fun for single and multi users, but mainly because u have to go thru the whole damn game b4 u can get the best nos and the nissan skyline. i would recommend this game to anyone but look out, the handling is not at its best and this tends to turn u off when ur playing the harder circuit and knock out levels even on easy beacuase one lousy crash ( how i hate traffic) can lose the race and in this game only first place counts.
this game is terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-01-10

When I first played this game i felt like killing my self.If i could I would burn all the copies of this in the world to save
all innocent people playing it.I would rather play barbarian and barbie horce adventures and jump off a cliff than play this.The graphics,playability,controls,and sound were atrocious and loathsome (disgusting).On a scale of 1-10 i would give it a
-10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.I would highly recommend to throw this game in a fireplace and watch it burn into ashes and laugh at its stupidness
Need For Speed meets Fast and the Furious
by: pimpedprobegt    On: 2004-01-09

I really enjoyed this game, but there are both Pros and Cons to it. After playing this game on three seperate platforms (PS2, XBOX and Gamecube) I have found the Gamecubes version to be the least appealing. The graphics tend to be sub par and cartoonish, but overall the game is fun and challenging. I do not like how sytle points only unlock cars and decals, but the timing of unlocking parts tends to keep you playing for hours on end. Overall I give it a 4 star rating for enjoyment and hours of gameplay that never seems to tire.
by: -_wtr2008_-    On: 2004-01-05

i like this game but I hate the traffic. sometimes you cannot dodge it and when you hit it the camera changes view and you go in slow-motion while the other racers are going normal speed. Otherwise this game is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Also, I want to know if you can get a ferrari, someone please tell me
by: google121    On: 2004-01-05

this game is the best game you can buy. it's graphics push it to the limit and the gaming is intense. if you like racing, tricking out cars, and nos you will love this game. i got this game for christmas and i have been playing it since. don't listen to anyone who says it stinks this game is well worth every penny. take it from me!!
great driving physics, no damage physics
by: 3dbeauty    On: 2004-01-05

I rented and drove this for a week (and now am shopping for it). Love the graphics in the game, though they do seem repetetive - I'd like to race in the rain or snow sometime! doesn't it get foggy some early mornings? The city is wet, so where's the fog when you go down into the industrial side of town? Those sort of variations (visibility and traction) would have been easy to add to the programming, but they did not.

Also, why they didn't open the city up to free cruising is a mystery: the different courses are all in one city so all the streets have been modelled - some courses share the same streets - maybe it takes too much memory to open it all up at once?

There is traffic to mess up your perfect driving, but that adds a lot of fun and keeps you on your toes. But you can't have enough (too much processing I guess). Even set to maximum traffic, the city is pretty sleepy. You never race in the kind of traffic they show in the trailer, which is a letdown. (I've driven in Manhatten and enjoyed "getting through" traffic.)

The physics seem good to me. I've got a fair amount of driving experience , including some kart racing, and I love driving/drifting in snow. The cars do feel pretty real, the speed at which you drive affects the handling properly (as you go faster the cars get more mushy as they should). You can affect drift of the car by "tapping" the parking brake. This allows you to get the tail of the car around if you get into some bad understeer (useful for front wheel drive cars).

When you pick a different car, the feel of it is definitely different as the stats would indicate (too bad power is not given numerically). You can pick a car to suit your driving style and skill level. As is true on a real track, building up to top speed requires diligent, error-free, precision driving and adjusting to the behaviour of the car which will vary with speed. When you lose it in a corner, the cars are difficult to save... to repeat: very real and quite addictive fun.

When you race and miss a shift or turn-in point at a corner, you will pay for it with speed, as you should. At top speed you have to hit it on the nail. If you turn in late by a hundreth of a second, you blow the corner. Very realistic. In worst case you crash and then your penalty is spending another 3/4 lap of perfect driving trying to get your speed back up to what it was. Just like in real racing you have to get into the "zone" of perfect concentration and co-ordination. Some night I couldn't play this game because I was distracted by something.

Unfortunately there is NO damage modelling. you can drive and crash all you want. except for the hit to your speed, you suffer no penalty, so the incentive to drive cautiously (at 135MPH, ha!) is minimal. (Plus the crashes would be an awesome graphics opportunity!) This is also seen in the AI opponents who drive against you like they're on crack or worse (maybe that's part of the realism too). Then again, you don't feel bad when you nudge someone trying to pass you into oncoming traffic to put them out of their misery (temporarily, at least)! And the two player mode is BOSS!

Despite the few flaws, on the whole the racing is lots and lots of fun and I look forward to owning this game. If anyone knows a game with such realistic driving, AND proper damage modelling and good AI opponents, I'd sure love to know about it.



I noticed that when I get going really fast the left and right 15% or so of the screen becomes blurred or out of focus. It's obviously part of the graphics programming. What is that? Tunnel vision? Something to give the video processor a break? Weird.

Need for Speed Underground
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-01-03

Man if you ever play this game you wont be able to let it go. This game is a Gran Turismo look alike but ten times better. This game starts out giving you a choise between a few different cars but there isnt any upgrades yet. You have to do a few races then it will give you money and sometimes it will give you visiul upgrads and some performance upgrades. The first car you get will be slow but the fastest you could get to is two twenty mph. There are five different types of races, there is circiut, drag, drift, tornament, and sprint. So if you want a good racing game this is the game for you man.
Fun and Entertaining
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-01-03

This game, Need for Speed Underground, always keeps you entertained! It includes drag races, drift races, circut races, and sprint races. It is very challenging so if you don't like challenges, you won't really like this game. It does include music in it and if you don't like rap, hip hop, or rock music, you might not like this game because it has music playing all the time. I would highly recommend this for everyone. Also it does has some mild language in it so you might not want children 9 & under playing this game. Other than that, it's great!
Best Racing Game Period
by: gamecubefreak2003    On: 2003-12-30

The games main soundtrack is Lil John and The Eastside Boys Get Low, there are some really phat cars the musics kicks and the upgrades are insane what can't be liked. The graphics are a new style which are actually bad at first but when you get use to the diffrent look it is actually truly amazing. The sound is top notch and the fun factor is just blown out of the water by all the stuff you can do. The game is a easy 10 and the setup is perfect just get this game don't hesitate. The graphics and the way they look at first is why people might rate it low but everyone I know got use to them after an hour and said it was there favorite racing game by far.
by: mb4x4fan    On: 2003-12-26

underground speed
by: privatepat69    On: 2003-12-26

This game is AWSOME!!!!! You can customize cars and get parts to upgrade your car. You can even drag and play in drift mode. Drag is awsome and you can even have nos. The only thing that sucked is that you cant get any american muscle cars like gto vipers or mustangs but you can get skylines!!!! If you dont have this game, make some money and buy it!!!
This game ruuuuuuuules
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-12-24

NFSU is the best. The graphics are the best i have seen and the customization is awesome. Even though the cars are not exotic they are still awesome. If u don't buy this game get ready to be laughed at.
It's Aite..?
by: westsida    On: 2003-12-23

Ok, considering this is probably the first true "racing" game for the Gamecube, it's great! Trust me, when it comes to imports, no one's better. Ok, let's see.. The cars are great.. the graphics are crisp and sharp.. problems were that there were WAY TOO many races just to get parts.. It gets pretty frustrating, considering that you might have to win 10 races just to get some parts. The racing is ok, but what really annoys me is the fact that there are so many friggin' pedestrian vehicles! you can be doing great one second, almoist winning, but then a car appears in froont of you, and bam, you lose automatically! you just simply can't get enough speed to win.. and it is very crappy when this happens on your final lap.. grr.. and all those sing le things.. like friggin' trees.. you cant run them over, and it just messes up your whole game.. darn trees..

As for customization, ther's none better! So many rims, and so many parts (after you unlock them all). it's so nice to see the variety of parts and cars.. still, i think the neon should've been replace with something better. maybe a mustang, as in the imports vs. high-power american muscle.. just my 2 cents.. 4
stars.. but 3 cuz of the flaws..

Great game, with somewhat major flaws.. Get it if you really wanted a racing game to play with.. Gamecube owners finally got their prayers answered! Now onto Auto-Modellista..

Best Game Ever-No Doubt About It
by: popmetal1    On: 2003-12-22

Okay, it's plain-this game is awesome.The tracks could have used a little bit for difference from one and another,but overall EA did a great job.Only problem with the cars is that they are all imports,no American muscle cars-it needed a Comaro,GTO,and Viper.Best part of the game is that you can customize your ride to your tatse(my neon green RX-7 has decals and wheels/tires/performance parts-it's awesome!!).Another great thing about it is that it has bout 125 levels.Also, it has Drag,Circuit,Sprint,Free Drive,and Drift race modes.Going Underground lets you race for $$$,but from the main menu,you can customize any car for free-personally,I think that you should have to buy parts for Quick Race cars as well.For people who like Gamecube racing games, this is a must buy.
This is the best racing game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-12-20

I love this game. The graphics are awesome. The only problem was that the underground mode was fairly easy to beat. Another thing was that the tracks are kind of redundant because you see a lot of the same places over and over again. Also, there is no cruising mode where you just cruise around the city. There is pretty much endless replay because there are so many ways that you customize your own cars. It's great that in splitscreen mode that you and your friend can race against each other with your own cars, except that you have to transfer your files own to a single memory card. This game is much better than Midnight Club 2. All in all, this game is great and you should get it because it's definately worth your []money.
buy it now
by: yourmom123    On: 2003-12-16

This is probably the best game in the whole intire world.
if you dont buy it your considered very dumb. the game is the best on gamecube so forget ps2 and xbox. get the game.
completely annoying.
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-12-12

This game stinks!From what i've heard this game has no lamborghini!I might be wrong but if i am someone write a review that is helpful!
by: ghudson43    On: 2003-12-10

This game is great!!! it isnt really like nfs hot pursuit 2 but it is great! u start out with a normal typical car that u c on the streets all the time but then u race for some $$$ and u can get great rims a tail bumper a front bumper a spoiler, viynels (stickers) hood designs, u can install nas when u get alot of cash and u can get alot of upgrades when u get alot of money buy this
Need For Speed?
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-12-08

why would any body wanna buy an action filled racing game that allows you to build up your car. Because of the fact that it is fun? Well here is my oppinion ill give it a 4 because it has great graphics and is fun but Ill take away one of the five because it wasn't as good as the comercials make it out to be.

AWESOME game to play on the Nintendo GameCube
by: cschmell    On: 2003-12-06

Need for Speed Underground is a AWESOME game to play

I give it 5 Stars "Highly Recommended" REALLY WORTH IT TO BUY & PLAY on the Nintendo GameCube

(8.0 out of 10) fun, but flawed.
by: purpleimp2    On: 2003-12-03

Okay, so everyone is nuts about this game. and when i finally played it, i understood why. the cutomization options are such a fun gimmick- i had a lot of fun turning an ugly yellow VW GTI into a drag racing monster with beautifully tinted windows, custom decals, and rims of my choosing. It's what everyone wants when they play a racing game- the ability to craft a car that suits their taste, right down to the type of exhaust. And i have no problem with the fact that this feature was implemented. i think it was a good idea. The problem I have is with the way that it was implemented.
Why am i still unlocking decals and vinyl at level 100? who cares that i finally unlocked the nitrous express decal; dont i deserve more than that at level 100? and why dont i get the wide body kit until the 3rd to last race? great! i can throw this wide body kit on my car, which does absolutely nothing for performance, so that i look good for the final competition.

Money is never a problem in this game. You always have more than enough to unlock anything you want, because you get money after every race. So, a better way to do this would have been to make everything availible from the start of the game, with higher prices on the performance parts and consistent lower prices on the things you dont need (like decals and vinyl). That way, the player can see what they could potentially be unlocking and work for it, instead of just having it blindly handed to them when they can most definately afford it. But because of the way the customization system was implemented, theres really no point in having money in this game.

My other complaint is with the AI. its not like you're actually racing to gain distance on other cars, ever. its more like you're racing against other cars that will always either be ahead of you, or slightly behind you, and catching up fast. This is especially true in later races, where even if you set the difficulty to easy, cars will catch up quickly, and most likely, pass you. I did an experiment to see how the AI worked, and what i found was kind of dissapointing. In later races, when i would perform almost flawlessly (because i'd had to do the same race about 50 times over and over), another car would always be right behind me, or in front of me. But when i slowed down to the pace of the rest of the group, the AI was more lenient, and waited for me. An advantage to this is that the gameplay always provides tension. But the disadvantage is far greater: having to do a six or seven lap race over and over, possibly doing a single circuit a hundred times, just because you crashed once.

Of course, these are technical flaws, and the game appeals to people at an aesthetically pleasing and fun level, rather than a technical one. its an arcade racer, and it doesn't dissapoint at it's arcadiness. You customize your car because it makes it look better. You race against difficult AI becase nothing beats the thrill of seeing the screen blur all those downtown lights into a complete euphoric mass when you use your nitrous to barely pass up another car, just before the finish line. The graphics are amazing, and are a complete evolution from previous nfs games.

This game has conquered it's niche, with cutscenes and music straight outta the fast & the furious (the drawbridge jumps are a complete rip-off of the second movie's drawbridge scene). And the cars are awesome in that they're actually licensed, and you treat em' like your babies as they go from crap to demi-god machines. And i guess thats what matters most with this game- fun. And you'll have quite a great deal of that, as long as you're willing to put up with a slightly less amount of frustration.

Incredible! Endless Fun.
by: tdominey    On: 2003-11-27

I've played a lot of racing games - including many earlier releases in the 'Need for Speed' line - and "Underground" is one of the best. Compared to another decent racer, Breakout 2, NFS Underground is way more challenging and less cartoonish. I finished Breakout 2 in a couple of days, and never returned to it again. I've been playing NFS Underground for nearly the same amount of time, and I've barely scratched the surface. According to the level counter, I still have another 100 challenges to go before finishing.

Graphically, the game is very rich -- I happen to have a digital TV with component video cables hooked up to my GameCube and the details are so sharp they're almost distracting. In first-person view (car on screen), the frame rate is noticeably lower than playing at road-level (without the car). In this mode, the game is very intense, with a very high level of realism when you hit high speeds.

On top of that, NFS Underground isn't just running around a track. It takes place late at night in an urban setting, with lots of shortcuts, construction sites to blaze through, and even a partially-open bridge to jump over. The maps are very challenging, but a blast.

And then of course there is the car customization. I've never been into "skinning" a car in other games, but something about NFS Underground makes you want to deck out your ride with all kinds of decals, funky paint, tinted windows, wheels, under-carriage neon, and all the rest. It's actually fun, and very easy to apply.

In all, the game is a blast, and a very good value considering how many levels / challenges there are. Replay value is sky high. If you like racing games, you have to get it.

arguably the best of its kind
by: ma_fan    On: 2003-11-21

Take the crashes of Burnout 2(although to a lesser degree with no damage), the customization of cars in Auto Modellista(but to a greater extent), the underground racing themes of Midnight Club and Tokyo Extreme Racer, and slap on the NFS title and this is what you end up with. A really good game(but not quite perfect or THE definitive version) that is arguably the best of its racing sub-genre. With really good graphics, gameplay, and options(especially in the customization area of your car), this game is highly recommended as a buy for those heavily into this type of racing(drag, drift, import street racing scene). For other Gamecube owners, a rental is still a must if only to see what the system can do in some talented hands.

general info=
2-player simultaneous, uses 8 blocks, progressive-scan compatible, THX certified, Dolby Surround Pro Logic II, rated E.

* great graphics with progressive scan(no widescreen though) capabilties(with proper support/hookups)
* intense and challenging(3 difficulty settings) 4-car races in expansive urban areas(they all take place at night)
* at least 25 songs to choose from(mix of rap, rock, but coulda used more electronica imo)
* customizing your car is a game in and of itself in NFSU(has auto-save feature so you won't forget, or lose what you've done to your car)

* no replays or replay modes AT ALL(there is a 'jump camera' that briefly replays an in-game crash or jump, but you have to set it to max and it hardly makes up for the missing replay options)
* could have used more licensed cars(only 20), and had more variety overall in its tracks/courses/music selection etc.
* slightly awkward controller set-up, but you'll get used to/over it
* only 2-player head 2 head, only PS2/PC owners have online options

As one can see, a great game with just a few minor shortcomings/omissions that prevent it from being a near-perfect game(but hey, that's what sequels are for right?). Overall, if you love underground street racing games and the customizing/modifying aspect of them, then this is a worthy game to add to your Gamecube collection. For all others, at least rent it, you might find yourself strangely addicted. (note: framerates hover around the acceptable 30 frames per second but sometimes take a dip, nothing that should hinder gameplay or fun, but to the trained eye will be noticeable)

Fun game
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-11-21

When i first saw the commercial i was at first scared off by the japanese riceburner cars that it shows. (personnaly i prefer muscle cars) But then i decided to get over it cuz it was probably fun anyway. so i went out and bought it and it is the BEST RACING GAME EVER!!!!! the graphics are stunning!(accept on PS2 as per usual)and the game was just put together well. If i could give it more than a five i would
Ridiculously fun...
by:    On: 2003-11-19

This game is a great balance of fun and realism. Not as realistic as some of the other games, but just a really ridiculous amount of fun. The game modes are great (Drag, Circuit, Sprint, and Drift) and make for a good amount of variety. The graphics are fantastic, the audio is great (not enough blowoff valve noise, unfortunately), and the music is always good. The tracks are huge, have all kinds of shortcuts and opportunities for extra style points. The sense of speed is absolutely incredible, and pushing the NOS button is just too sweet. There's over 100 'missions', which makes the game appropriately long.

There's a few downsides, but none of them is overwhelming. If you don't have a high-res cable, the graphics suffer quite a bit, and gameplay suffers from fuzzy graphics turnout. The music *sometimes* feels a bit repetitive, but there's a lot of tracks, so it's not a terrible thing. I'm not huge on the trigger accelerators (prefer the buttons for acceleration) but it's also not a big deal. The steering can suddenly feel twitchy, but I suppose that happens when you're pushing 150mph. I really, really wish there was a 'wander' mode where you could wander the streets and pick a fight (see Tokyo Extreme Racer Zero).

Finally, my biggest compliment and my biggest beef with this game stem from the same thing: the VW Golf GTi. I think this is the only game that includes this amazing car (a good thing) but the research is horrible (a really bad thing.) Whoever did the research for the game intended for it to be a VW Golf (not a GTi), and the stats reflect that. Luckily, you can beef up the car to its rightful place (in front of all the other cars), so it's all good.

All in all, I give it a full 5 stars because it's amazingly fun, and is the second best street racing game I've ever played (see Tokyo Extreme Racer Zero). It's a solid, worthy buy. For the GameCube, it's definitely a good toss-up between this and Auto Modellista, and this game has a more realistic feel.

by: villaltajose    On: 2003-11-16

If you like street racing this is your game it has everything you need to make the car ilegal. All the gadgets are amazing the cars are cool all of them, this is a game that is going to leave you speechless.It is better than all of the xbox car games like project gotham and playstations gran turismoÂ'combined.
Game Rocks!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-11-16

This game is awesome! I downloaded the demo from, and it's amazing. The cars look great, the cities look great, everything is just amazing! Although in the demo you can't customize, trying it in the real game should be SO COOL! This game will definetly be worth the $50 it when it comes out!
Wow Great Game.
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-10-26

I went out and bought this game the first day it came out. I was amazed. The graphics are amazing and the audio is great too. The only problem is the sliding that the cars do, they loose control very easily. All in all this is a great game.

P.S. Customize the Supra!! My favorite

by: Anonymous    On: 2003-10-22


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