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NHL Hitz: Pro
Manufacturer: Midway      
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Absolutely superb,but overlooked.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-07-15

With EA and Sega hogging the spotlight,it's easy to forget about the "other" developers.However,Midway has produced by far,without a doubt,the finest hockey title ever made.
It's now 2005.The NHL will be back on the ice in twelve weeks,and nobody seems to care about any games that aren't 2006 titles.Well,you should care!This overlooked gem is a masterpiece,and although it's nearly two years old,I don't think it will EVER be topped.
This game is about REAL hockey baby!No soft stick-checks or silky smooth dekes,just monster hits and garbage goals!The previous hitz titles were a little too arcade-like for me,yet I don't love 2k4 and 5's overly-sim-like gameplay.This game has the perfect balance of real rules and regulations with a dose of ridiculously fun monster hits and fights too.Seriously,whether it's single or multi-player,you'll be sore from how much fun you're having!I never get tired of smacking some shrimp from behind and watching him flip,yes flip,forward in mid-air!
This game is a purist's dream.You actually feel like you're at a hockey game!This is what makes this game so special.In every hockey game I've ever played,there's NO atmosphere AT ALL!This game,on the other hand,is wonderfully loud.The commentators have the perfect tone,the organ music is great,the goal horns are superb,and the crowds go CRAZY after hits and goals.Simply put,any exhibition game has the excitement of a Stanley Cup Finals game 7.Awesome!
The game has all the other neccessary elements as well:Great graphics,awesome gameplay,tons of modes,(Could the pick-up mode be any cooler?)and very high replay value.
In conclusion,don't pay attention to how old this is-just buy it and enjoy the best hockey game of all time!
by: bostonclamchowda    On: 2004-04-18

This is the best game I have ever played. I don't know what the other people were thinking who gave this game bad reviews, but 5 stars isn't even enough. Somebody said that the view is terrible, well, there are 3 or 4 different views that you can choose from, and to make it like the other NHL Hitz games, just slect the view "ice". And not only can you chose rules off or on, but you can chose which rules and penalties specificaly! The best part, however, is franchise mode, the first thing i did when i bought this was make my own team, you can make the town your team is from, select the team name and jersey, name every player on it, chose from a good selection of nicknames for the announcers to call them, and their name and number even shows up when you play a game!!!! The game has random "game highlights" that show a player and stats, which makes it even more realistic. Also, at the end of every game you play, there is a "player of the game" and a "play of the game". Tthere are so many play modes to chose from, so this game never gets old. YOU MUST BUY THIS GAME!!!!!!!
Great Addictive Hockey Game
by: hyperman2000    On: 2004-01-15

All it took was a few days of play with this game and I got hooked. This is a fast-paced hockey game with excellent game-play. The controls are easy to learn, but difficult to master; making skill actually important when playing this game.

The settings are highly customizable. You can set what kind of rules you'd like to call, length of the period, how loosely the refs call games. It also lets you go so far as to set how good the goalie is at defending certain types of shots. Also, the computer's skill level vary from allowing you to pretty much score on them at will to them coming out and kicking your butt.

The graphics of the game are pretty decent. You can change the camera view as well, although it's mostly a matter of how much you want to zoom in from the top. I don't think there's an ice-level view. The in-game announcers are very good and provide pretty much seamless running commentary for the game. One feature that's great is that you can customize a team, and there is a list of pre-recorded names you can attach to the players, allowing the announcers to call the game with these customized players in it.

I've read some of the other reviews and just don't agree with some of the negative comments. You are able to create a franchise and compete against real NHL teams. You just need to go through a brief 15 game season to qualify. You can also "lock" your controller on a specific player, which makes it MUCH easier when it's a multiplayer game. Having four people on one team trying to switch from one character to another would just be impossible. And yes, you can change goalies in the middle of the game.

Some of the cons: One feature that was lacking is player substitutions. I would have also liked to be able to select who my extra attack is when I pull the goalie. Also, I thought the fighting mode was pretty lame. I have no idea what it was before since I'd never played another Hitz game, but from the sounds of other reviewers, it sounds like Hitz Pro downgraded this feature, which is kinda lame. Also, when playing against highly skilled computer opponents, I feel like the computer-controlled players are much worse than the other team, making the game much harder.

The only other hockey game I own (not including the NES Ice Hockey) was EA's NHL '96. So it's been quite a while since I've played a hockey game, which may be why this exceeded my expectations.

by: Anonymous    On: 2003-12-23

the hitz games are just sweet as it is. this game makes it more realistic and more fun. the graphics and game play are awesome. i really love the 5 on 5 game play. the only bad part about this game is the fighting. i much prefered the fights of the previous 2 games. other than that this game is very sweet. the franchise mode is great. letting you create a team and work thier ways through the semi-pro league before making it to the nhl. just a great great game
Best Hockey Game this Year
by: ghudson43    On: 2003-12-04

This game is so cool. The graphics are awesome and there is alot more animations. Such as the goalie covering up the puck then shooting a pass down the rink. The game is more realistic but doesn't give up the bone crushing action that made this game fun. If you like hockey u have to get this game.
Big-Time Letdown
by: evildead242    On: 2003-11-28

I've had NHL Hitz 02 and 03 both are amazingly addictive and entertaining titles with endless replay value. NHL Hitz Pro, on the other hand, has an identity crisis. It's billed as a traditional hockey game with some of the Hitz trademarks, but it just doesn't work. For one, the graphics are horrible and you are not able to switch to an on-ice view. It feels like your playing the game from the nose-bleed section of your local arena. The gameplay is ok but call me retarded because I don't believe you're able to switch your goalies during the game either. The fighting mode is really bad as is the background crowds or end of the period segways which are ALWAYS the same. I was wondering why this game got little to no publicity from Midway but now I understand completely...this game just plain stinks. Avoid!
The Best Takes a Step Backward
by: tiberius8    On: 2003-11-25

If you are completely new to NHL Hitz, you may enjoy this one; however, those who have owned and loved older versions may not. The fight engine has been reworked, and it has become quite clunky. The fights completely lack action now. The franchise mode no longer lets you play against real teams. Finally, you can no longer lock yourself to an individual player. You can not even lock the goalie to compuer control. This constant switching of players can be very disorienting. I was terribly disappointed to find that all of my favorite features were massively reworked for the worse or gone altogether. I am glad, though, that they used a different naming scheme. Perhaps this indicates that they meant for this to be a different game than the others. The graphics are good, and I am hoping that Midway returns to their tradition with an "NHL Hitz 2004".
The Best Just Got Better!
by: lilnick4354    On: 2003-10-13

Ok, so obviously if you buy this game you are a fan of hockey, and probably played the other HITZ games. Well im gonna tell you what sets this game apart from the previous titles. First, the addition of 5-5 makes the game alot more realistic, but still maintains the fun level by, harder checks and new finishing moves in fighting. Second, the graphics are out of this world, and more better and might as well strap on a helmet, grab a stick, and skate. Third, new additions to franchise and side-events will keep you amused for weeks if you get bored of the season mode(highly unlikely)! For these reasons and many others not listed I recommend this game to all and is a great addition to you game wall! Happy Gaming!
The Coolest Game on Earth
by: lothodies    On: 2003-10-03

I was so excited to hear this game was coming out this year. The hard hitting nature of the game endured and I am pleased at many of the new features. I do like the game very much and think it will provide many hours of enjoyment. The new five on five feature is cool and with the bigger rink it feels more natural. There are also lots of new intricacies regarding Franchise mode.
Many people I have spoken with regarding the previous '02 & '03 versions of the game complained about Hitz not being "real" or close enough to the actual NHL. Well, Duh! I think that was the point. It was supposed to make hockey fun to play while still retaining some resemblance to the "real" of the NHL. 3 on 3 was fine with me because the game was about fun. Hitz wasn't, and still isn't for the most part, trying to copy the sport exactly; where's the fun in that? If you want to watch an NHL game buy some tickets. If you want to play "real" hockey get your can off the couch and grab a stick. So, my recommendation to you all is to buy this game, but respect what it's trying to do. I also think I will still play my 2002 and 2003 versions often. Something that's not all that common with those OTHER NHL games out there when the season is over. Go Avalanche!!!

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