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Prince of Persia: Warrior Within
Manufacturer: Ubisoft      
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Free Style Fighting System!!! Yeah!
by: johanna11w2    On: 2006-07-02

I am a huge fan of the Prince of Persia series. Warrior Within is my favorite one.
Warrior Within is much darker in theme that Sands of Time. The Prince has grown darker in personality because of past events.
The fighting system in the game has much improved since Sands of Time because it gives you a very wide range of attacks you can perform on enemies. The booklet that comes with the game gives you a very long list of button combos that you can use when fighting, this makes the game more interesting and you aren't there pressing the same button rapid-fire until the enemy is defeated. There is even the option to strangle an enemy, you can even relieve an enemy of it's weapon and slice the poor fool in half as well.
Unlike Sands of Time you have a choice between two diffrent endings. One is the real ending, and one is a false ending.
Good news for girl gamers, the prince has a more rebellious persona and is much more attractive! ^.^
The game also supplies equally challenging puzzles to solve, just like in the last game.
You may find the repedative boss fighting of the crow man a little aggrivating, as well as other boss fights tend to be on the aggrivating side.
Good about this game you can also fast foreward through cutscenes if you don't feel like watching them over again when you lose a boss fight.
The end glitch ruins the game
by: am22    On: 2006-04-01

I was one of the people that ran into the glitch at the end that left me unable to fight the final battle. The more I read about this game, the more people I found with the same problem. It's horrible. I got through the entire game, which was not easy, and now I am unable to fight the final boss. The glitch is too common and the game ends up being a huge waste of time. Stick with the first one.
Not the best, but still good
by: dani1016    On: 2006-02-26

As I read over the other reviews here, I find mixed reactions over several aspects of the game. I'm here to offer my own opinions if anyone really cares. First off, I stepped into WW understanding the tone was going to be much darker than Sands of Time. I accepted this, realizing the Prince wasn't likely to be the same character we met in SoT. After all, living on the run for several years from a mythical beast one cannot kill has a tendency, I would think, to ruin one's spirit and outlook on life. However, while I accepted the darker tone and understood the reasoning behind it, I found it hampered my ability to really enjoy the game. At times, it just felt downright depressing ... but then again, I think that was the point. And while the storyline was still intriguing, it lacked the coherency of SoT. Some parts just made me go huh, what the heck was that about? In addition, I missed the Prince randomly talking to himself and I missed Farrah, though it's unlikely her presence would've made any sense in WW.

Okay, storyline aside, let's talk about glitches - another big complaint in WW. Honestly, I didn't run across a single one with the exception of the voice audio dropping out on some cut scenes. I don't know if there was something special I did to avoid the game stopping glitches I've read about or what. Bottom line, glitches weren't a problem for me ... thankfully.

Background music was another aspect that seems to have drawn mixed reactions. Though I enjoyed the Middle Eastern compositions of SoT, the metal music in WW didn't bother me. I like Godsmack, and "I Stand Alone" is an appropriate theme for the game despite it being obviously out of place for the time period. So again, the music was not so much of a problem for me.

Okay, let's move onto gameplay and combat. Platforming wise, the puzzles are still great and still an integral part of the game. There is a lot of backtracking, which can make some parts confusing, but, overall, I didn't find the backtracking tedious. In addition, the Dahaka chase scenes add intensity to the game, though some of the longer chase scenes are definitely a lot of trial and error. You don't have room for mistakes when the Dahaka is right behind you, so expect to run through these sequences a few times - at least - before getting it right.

Combat has been significantly upgraded from SoT as many people have already pointed out. The Prince can wield duel weapons, and he has numerous combos at his disposal with which to dispatch enemies. And what's even better, you don't always have to fight the enemies if you don't want to, which is a great thing considering they pop up all over the place and get really annoying. In keeping with the darker/sadistic overtone of the game, Ubisoft decided to have our enemies become rather vocal ... repeating the same few lines such as the sadomasochist women ninjas who continuously say such classic lines as "There's so much pleasure in pain," "Hit me harder Prince," and "Can't we just talk this out?" Gag me. And let's not forget the freaky, doughy looking half naked leather clad men all dressed for some whips and handcuffs fun who bark at the Prince ... yes, they bark. At least, I think that's what they were doing. Aside from that, there's just a lot of yelling and screeching period, so yes, it's nice that combat can just be avoided at many points during the game.

Boss battles have been upgraded significantly, which is a nice addition seeing as how the final battle with the Vizier in SoT was rather anticlimactic in the combat sense. In WW, the boss battles aren't throw-your-controller-across-the-room annoying difficult, but they are a nice touch. If you move around, use the sand tanks wisely, and know when and how to attack the bosses, it's never too difficult.

Lastly, I would just like to address the mature rating for the game. In my opinion, if you're going to make it a mature rating, then give it a real reason to have a mature rating. The aspects that gave the game that rating were forced and could've easily been edited. Edit a few cuss words that served no purpose, throw some more clothes on the women, and eliminate the ridiculous sayings used by some of the enemies.

Overall, WW is a four star game. It's not nearly as enjoyable as SoT or Two Thrones, but it's still a good game despite the darker tone, the annoyance factor of some of the enemies, and some minor flaws. Especially at twenty bucks, the game is worth the price.

PoP: Warrior Within
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-02-19

This is going to be a quick and dirty review. Ready?
Even with some glitches and backtracking, this is a great game. The glitches are mostly graphical, and with all the traps and pitfalls in the game retracing your steps is rarely a boring experience.
You can't rewind time as far as you could in Sands of Time, but 8 seconds should do the trick, getting you out of whatever mess/spike pit you've gotten yourself into.
If you liked Sands of Time, this will be worth your while, especially at $25 or so. And if you haven't played Sands of Time, pick that up first.
Problems with a Good Game
by: cflax5    On: 2005-12-21

The gameplay is incredible, and so is the music and story, but there are so many glitches! The music and sound effects are constantly dropped, during certain parts of the game it fades from black and white to color when it shouldn't, and I even had one of my save files corrupted because I viewed some of the concept art I had unlocked. It's a good game with fun play, but do yourself a favor and buy it for another system.
Two steps forward, three steps back...
by: lake_area_media    On: 2005-10-27

This game is awesome if you like hack & slash, button-crunching fight games. However, I remember when the Prince of Persia series used to focus more on puzzle-solving and strategy. Ah, the good ol' days of using your brain while playing video games. Remember?

As far as the audio drop-outs that have been reported, I had this problem until I realized that the television my 'cube was hooked up to was outputting MONO sound. So I moved it to a TV with stereo output, and - voila! No more drop-outs!

Overall, a fun game, but a step down from Sands of Time. and I'm sure the next one will be a step down from this since this one made the big money
Excelent game, but...
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-08-04

The game is excelent. More movements, simplified Sands of Time mechanism, the combos, etc. But the major flaw of the game (at least the GC version) is that the sound editing is very poor. There are parts where the absence of sound make the whole scene to lack of excitment. Also, there are sections where the soundtrack stops suddenly, and giving a sense of emptiness in the gameplay. On cutscenes, the voice and the image don't mach, making it anoying, and the very last dialogue with the defeated final boss has no sound at all.

The game is excelent thoug, and I'm waiting for part 3 to be released soon, but with another sound department for god's sake...
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-08-01

It's been a long time since I've played a game for my good ol' Gamecube that has genuinely gotten me really excited while playing, but that has changed with "Prince of Persia: Warrior Within".

The graphics are jaw-dropping. Not since I first played "SSX Tricky" when I first got the Gamecube have I been this impressed by graphics. The dull/dark colors really set the tone of the game. And it's also awesome to see how much the temple changes from past to present.

The game is fairly challenging which is nice. There are plenty of clever puzzles to complete, and even more amazing acrobatics needed to pull off. Fighting can be difficult, but it is still fun (just remember to block!), and the bosses can be fairly daunting (especially early in the game when you aren't too "into" it yet).

My only complaint is the audio in general. As stated in other reviews...The heavy metal music just doesn't work. I'm even a big fan of metal, and it just doesn't feel right. Also, I find the sound effects to be a bit grating once you really get far into the game. You will get extremely sick of the Prince's grunting and "aaaarrrggghh!!!"-ing.

BUT! Overall. I really, really enjoyed this game and HIGHLY recommend it.
rrice of rersia warrior within
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-07-21

this game is the best the grapics the setup and the polt of the games. with all the blood and gore excites all kids to want to play this violent game to do thing they cant in real life.
This game is only good for Xbox and PS2.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-06-08

This ain't good for Gamecube. It too hard to play on Gamecube. Only play it on PS2. It more easyer. This is good for Xbox and PS2.
Why does it crash?
by: kjdksafdiwqjdhjiushyfieji    On: 2005-05-13

I really want to like this game. I've played the first prince of persia on the gamecube. The graphics are better looking on this second GC instalment. The whole game has a grittier and darker feel to it. It has a long play life. It's taken about about 2 weeks of evening playing and apparently I've missed quite a few power ups so possibly some replay value.
A minor gripe with the game is the music. What does heavy metal music have to do with ancient Persia? There is the occasional track where Persian tones blend well with a modern track but on the whole it's out of place.
My major gripe is the crashing. My game has crashed 3 times and I haven't finished it yet. I thought that crashing games were confined to PCs and the older consoles.
Generally a game I'd recommend if you save often enough.
advice for the next Prince: get rid of the heavy metal music
by: nout    On: 2005-05-08

Great game, if I hadn't played "The Sands of Time" first, I wouldn't have thought that game to be better than "Warrior Within".

Overall it's pretty much the same game; fight, puzzle, swing, walk walls etc.
The mood and color is darker, a red tone where Sands of Time had a blueish tone.
The fighting is easier, the enemies are not all over you and you can even avoid them. Boss battles are finished without having to use the back-in-time feature. With the "Sands of Time" the enemies were everywhere, even at the very beginning of the game and it was at times very frustrating, those creatures smacked the hell out of you.

The "puzzles" in "Warrior Within" aren't that easy as in The Sands of Time", every now and than I got stuck not knowing what to do next (how to reach the second tower took me a while to figure out)

The graphics are great, the surroundings, camera angles...stunning! even better than in "The Sands of Time"
Although I don't like Kaileena's silicone breasts, it makes me laugh rather than thinking "what a beautiful woman", I like the evil woman's butt better ;)

The music sucks! Those cheap heavy metal tunes really got on my nerves, it destroys the game atmosphere a lot, they had to stick with medieval/mid-eastern music.

Overall a great game.
Awesome game!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-04-28

Love this game, good, long story line. Tons of moves. And of course a lot of weapons. One of my top 15 Gamecube games!
Good game, but only half what Sands of Time was
by: idemockle    On: 2005-03-22


Really I can't say much about the graphics in this game. The in-game graphics were really fuzzy and, while the cut scene animation was excellent, the longest one was at the end of the game and only was about one minute. Also, at certain times in the game, an in-game graphics cut scene would cut over into a CGI graphics cut scene, causing lag and sound problems. The graphics ARE better than in Sands of Time, but in SOT the edges were much smoother, and the level design was much more elegant.


The sound was absolutely horrific in this game. I can't say the music was bad, but it was definitely worse than in SOT. What really killed me though was there were so many sound glitches. Like, after a battle ended the battle music would keep going for like five minutes after. Also, in a lot of my in-game cut scenes, the sound disappeared all together. Horrible. Also, it doesn't help your concentration during a battle if the prince and the enemies are saying stupid catch phrases like "You have two choices: run or die" over and over again.


The controls were the same as in SOT. However, they were not nearly as responsive, and too often I would find myself running off a platform to my death instead of up a wall. A few things were added from SOT in the way of motion-based puzzles, such as swinging on ropes hanging on the wall and slicing through curtains to slow your fall. Most of the movement puzzles had to do with timing, like running accross a wall during the small window of time spinning blades aren't there to knock you off and into a spike pit. I have to say, this was fun but towards the end of the game it is rediculously easy as you have a practically unlimited sand supply so you can just slow down time. Some of the puzzles take forever to figure out but, hey, that adds to the fun of finally getting it. Running from the Dahaka is probably the most fun to be had in the game. You need to be fast, and even if you die its a REALLY cool death. Sometimes, the controls would mess up in fighting, like jumping over this enemy instead of that enemy, and trust me, in this game it matters because some enemies can knock you back down while others can't.


This is my main gripe about WW. The story was absolutely horrendous. The prince isn't narrating like in SOT, he just talks to himself, so there isn't really any background information given at all about what happens in between SOT and WW. In the first scene, he is cornered by this giant demon called the Dahaka, then all of a sudden he's on a boat heading who the hell knows where. You find out, it's not like you spend the whole game not knowing where you are, but sometimes (especially later in the game) it's like you are watching a movie that you have no clue whats going on but every character in the movie does. At some parts of the game, however, the exact opposite was true. Some 'plot twists' were rediculously predictable, and some of the conflicts and battles to the death could have been easily prevented by one of the characters just saying one sentence to let the other character know what the heck was going on, making the entire storyline unrealistic. Also, the end was rediculous. Just when I thought it would be a normal ending, it added another crappy 'plot twist' that made absolutely no sense whatsoever. And it offered no explanation for it. The game just ended...


Combat is the saving grace of this game. Fighting is the only part of this game that I truly enjoyed. The moves were greatly upgraded from SOT, and not having the dagger pretty much eliminated that one hit kill that you would jump over the enemy's head then suck him up into the dagger. Being able to pick up secondary weapons that your enemies drop significantly adds to the fun of the fighting as well. Another thing that I must say is that I enjoyed the new puzzles that were combined with combat, like using enemies that explode to blow up doors. Also, it added a healthy bit of gore seeing your enemies split in half in slow motion. So really, I have no complaint for the combat except that some of the battles were rediculously hard, but like I said for the puzzles, that adds to the fun of finally winning.


This is definately a very entertaining game, but with all the movement and sound glitches and the crappy storyline, there are definately better games out there. If you are one of those people that doesn't really care about story, go ahead and buy this game because the combat and the puzzles are very fun. If you like a game with a really in depth story or get frustrated easily by glitches, this game is not for you. If you don't have Sands of Time, get that instead.
Buyer beware!
by: lord_cabra    On: 2005-01-26

In the rush to release Prince of Persia: Warrior Within before Christmas, several fatal bugs were not corrected. These issues exist in every version of the game and make it impossible to continue when encountered. If you dare to play this game you will be required to have multiple saves in the event that you encounter one of these surprisingly common bugs. Even this is of little help, as you may not realize you have encountered a bug until you load your saved data and find yourself unable to continue. Ubisoft has been unable to provide adequate instructions as to how to avoid these bugs or to provide a patch to resolve these known issues. Purchase this game only if you are a die hard Prince of Persia fan whom has the patience to restart his/her game multiple times.
Hands down the best game I have ever played
by: andromedafan    On: 2005-01-03

I have been playing this game for 3 days and I can honestly say that it is the best game I have ever played. The last game I got this into was mario 64 and have been waiting ever since for a game that would peek my interest. If your not into solving puzzles(what I mean by puzzles, in this game you have to figure out how to get from one place to another while avoiding many hazards. most of what you will be doing is wall running, Using ropes and beams to get where you need to go while avoiding the many obstacles in the game and facing enemies in your path) Then this is not the game for you. If you buy this game the strategy guide for it is an absolute must because there are so many things to figure out and many different ways to go. There are secret weapons, life upgrades(which are a must), and switches. Playing this game without the guide would be like playing zelda without the guide. The fighting in this game couldn't be better, there are many different moves and button combinations to use them, what I really enjoy is the manipulation of time in the game. I can go on and on about this game so just buy it.
You can flip over guys and strangle them to death
by: mdizzog    On: 2004-12-30

In this sequel that, to me, far surpasses the original.

The puzzles are the same as the old game. Ledges, jumps, ropes, and walls. If you played PP:SOT, you won't have any trouble here. Occasionaly the camera won't turn and you will make a bad jump, but you always have your rewind for that.

The battles are much more violent, which is good. You now get a secondary weapon which you can hurl at enemies or fight with. If you played Metal Gear Solid 3, then you know about CQC techniques. In this game, you can flip over your enemies and do a variety of techniques just like CQC. You can strangle them, which results in you stealing their weapon, slice their bellies open, cut off their heads, or hurl them over cliffs. You can even launch yourself over their heads and split them in half. This feels rewarding because it results in you gaining more sand.

The new addition to the game is the past and present thing. However, this doesn't make the game difficult. You won't ever find yourself in the middle of a puzzle realizing that you need to time-travel to finish it. The game is very linear and basically tells you when to time-travel.

Also there's this Dahaka chasing you sometimes, which is just like Nemesis from RE:3. The Dahaka will show up out of nowhere and you will here the beggining of a song play, then have to solve a puzzle purely on instinct. If you screw up you can restart right before the Dahaka, which makes it easier. This is kind of porely done at times because the sound cuts out weirdly, and the music never fully plays which feels a little odd at times. Another thing, sometimes the Dahaka will kill you, but you won't realize it because the game doesn't play any sounds. You just all of a sudden watch the prince be eaten alive and it's game over.

This game is fast-paced and action-packed. I don't think this game has any real replay value other than artwork chests, but it offers some nice thrills that you won't find in other games.
Prince of Problems
by: jl_depot    On: 2004-12-27

This game has many major flaws. I am talking about software flaws that will inevitably ruin your gaming experience. I have never played a platform game with so many problems. The makers of this game should be ashamed of themselves for putting this out. What makes this even worse is the fact that I really want to like this game. I loved "The Sands of Time." That was a flawless gaming experience, so for them to follow-up with this game is very very disappointing. It seems as though the game developer got greedy and not only ruined the premise of the original game, but managed to release a buggy game too boot! Boo!!!
Good, even for an experienced Gamer
by: player_2    On: 2004-12-27

This game is a worthy sequel to Sands Of Time. The fighting system is revamped, the graphics are stunning, and, it's gotten a lot darker, too.

Like I said above, this game has gotten a lot darker and therefore has gotten an "M" rating slapped on it. Don't get me wrong, this game is amazing, but all the blood and gore doesn't seem neccessary. But, don't get me wrong, this game still kicks a**.

Now, for the gameplay. In the game you have new fighting abilities, such as two weapon fighting, and using the environment as a weapon as well. With only one weapon the prince can hurl enemies into the abyss, water (Insta-Kill), or at other enemies. he can also strangle the enemies-taking their weapons in the proccess. With two weapons the prince is now a Death-Dealer. He has amazing combos and can take out enemies easily-in exchange for that left arm of his. And, don't forget, you can also throw your weapons. This is good for: finishers, distraction (A sword in the gut, that WILL distract them), or if you weapon's about to break-get rid of it-or if you want another weapon.

There is one part about this game that I don't like- the map is EXTREMELY unhelpful- it never actually helps you get where you're supposed to- all it does is show an "X" where you should go, and a Prince-Figure where you are. Many times you will get stuck and have no clue where to go until you decide to explore or just goof off and accicdentally find the way your supposed to go.

Overall, though, this game is amazing, and is a worthy sequel. It will take an experienced player on "EASY" to complete the game in about 3 days. I should know, (14yrs. old) I beat it just today. There is a good plot twist to the game, and at the end, you KNOW that there will be a sequel. But, I don't want to ruin the fun, now, would I?

An excellent game
by: eudaimonia_03051    On: 2004-12-21

This game impressed me in every way. It was one of only two games I've ever wanted to play over again.

The graphics are stunning. The game developers explictly wanted to make the game dark and oppressive, and they've achieved that. There is a constant sense of danger. Part of what fuels this is that an unstoppable beast called the Dahaka pursues you. You never know when this monster will appear, but when it does, you can expect to have to run, jump, and flip across obstacles, often taking blind leaps, in hopes of escaping. Every game should have a Dahaka.

The fighting system is great. There are far more combos possible in this game than in conventional adventure games. It comes closer to a hand-to-hand game a la Soul Blade than normal hack and slash games. As the developers describe the so-called free form fighting system, every action leads to a new opportunity. While this is not quite true, the number of combinations of attacks makes it so that combat never becomes tiresome. You have a huge range of grapples, throws, projectile tosses, slashes, strangulations, etc., available. You also can use the environment to modify your fighting. For instance, you can run up a wall away from enemies, flip over, land while slashing one enemy, and then spin around and kill others. You can also grab hold of pillars and spin around them while slashing enemies.

Many people have complained that the game tries to be edgy and dark, and that's its downfall. Personally, I'm glad it has this feature, since I'm waiting for Devil May Cry 3 to come out. Enemies taunt you; the women often do so with sado-masochistic overtones.

It is not merely a combat-driven game, or even primarily a combat-driven game. Largely, your job is to explore, solve puzzles, and avoid traps. The puzzles and traps become increasingly difficult as you progress. Toward the later stages, you will become very adept at jumping from pole to pole without hesitation, since the poles give way immediately after landing. You can climb objects, do acrobatic flips, jump back and forth between walls to ascend or descend, and more. Also, you will probably miss plenty of extra areas on your first run through, so in subsequent plays it will be fun to look for places you initially missed. Some of the highlights include jumping around an overgrown hanging garden, leaping between levers, wheels, and cranks in a mechanical tower, and traversing perilous footing while fighting wolves in zero-visibility fog. Traps include buzz-saws, spikes in the floor, various blades that shoot out from walls, rolling bands of spikes, and more.

The enemies are decent, though they could stand some improvement. There are living shadows, who throw daggers at you. "Bladedancers" are acrobatic women who attempt to land on your back and eviscerate you. There are a variety of other soldiers. Halfway through the game, the enemies become quite difficult when encountered in large numbers, though they are easily dispatched early on. My favorite combatants are 20-foot-tall ogres. These monsters wear thick armor. You have to roll between their legs, slash at their calves until they stagger, then climb up their backs. Once on their backs, you must slash at their heads, all the while avoiding being grabbed and tossed to your death, until they finally die. The ogres are quite tough to fight at first, but you'll eventually get the hang of it.

The bosses aren't too difficult. You'll fight some scantily-clad women and a giant griffon. You may, if you are very good at exploring, end up obtaining a sword that allows you to fight the Dahaka (normally, if you try to fight it, it kills you instantly).

This is the best game I've played on the Playstation 2.
Good game, but......
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-20

First let me say that this game is very fun. The combat system has improved, and I like the idea of being able to throw items at people. I played this game at my friend's house, but I don't think I will buy it.

In this sequel, they've added more blood, less clothing for the women. Although this game makes you feel "cooler" as you play it (rock music, dark feel, seriousness, makes you feel ready to kick some ass!), all of the M rated material was unneccesary. Plenty of my friends loved the first one, with reactions like "I am so getting this game", now the general feel is unsure. Many of the people who loved the first game had this sequel jump way ahead of them. If you are older, you should get this game.

It makes you feel more like an adult than the first one does. The prince is now more experienced, mysterious, and serious. I like the prince in this game better, even though I'd have to say I liked the Sands of Time better. plays good?
by: canadian3    On: 2004-12-16

The original was one of the coolest games to come out for all 4 systems yet barely anyone played the thing. Since it did have a devotion and critical success, Ubisoft made the sequel Warrior Within. Deciding to up everything about the first one, they essentially created a game that while fun to play, lost the feel of the original, which is what made it such a joy.

The nameless hero Prince of the last game has successfully averted a tragedy in the first game. Only one problem: Fate did not like anyone screwing around with timelines. So it sends Dahaka, a monstrous beast to pursue the Prince relentlessly. Barely able to sleep, trust anyone, he's constantly on the run and not his joyous self. He discovers a way that could actually stop the Sands of Time from ever being made, thus the first game's story technically wouldn't exist.

Graphics: The first game had so much life and atmosphere. The locations, the architecture...this game? It looks bland. Since the game's darker in tone, so's the graphics and it looks unattractive. A bunch of browns and blacks and a limited palette although some areas are nice.

Sound/Music: There's a Godsmack song. I don't mind Godsmack but it kind of confirms what I thought the game would be: it's trying to be cool and edgy. The self-deprecating innocent attitude of the first game has been dropped to such lines as "you bit*h". What was likable about the last one, the innocent hero who has to correct his mistakes, now it's like he's only out to save his own skin, which makes you care less.

Gameplay: The saving grace. Having an acrobatic ability to climb up walls, jump off them, hell, even horizontally run along them, he has to solve puzzles using these methods. It's no surprise to have a room that requires you to hop across to a crumbling platform, wall-run across to another platform, do it again then jump away from the wall to a column, climb it up then jump to the door. Sound complicated? Maybe, but boy is it fun.

Ubisoft offers a more advanced combo system than the last one and it's neat at first. Instead of disintegrating into dust Buffy-style, enemies will lose limbs, get cut in half by the waist or the top of the head down, or decapitation then disintegrate. But like the first game, you'll find a favorite combo and use it over. Personally I like jumping off a wall and splitting them in 2.

Still possessing the ability to turn back time for a bit or slowing it down, he's able to beat his enemies who move slower than turtles or not even move at all. While it might make the game easier from preventing a misplaced jump, you have a limited use for it. And you will use it I will assure you.

Overall, the game's fun to play but everything doesn't have what I loved in the original: story, characters and the atmosphere. This game kind of feels like if somebody gave you a pet that looked like your old one: you'll enjoy it but you won't love it like the old one.
Same great game, just a little darker
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-14

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was a game that got much critical acclaim (not to mention a few Game of the Year Awards), but didn't sell as well as it should have. So in order to gain sales from "casual gamers", Ubisoft decided to add more blood, add some Godsmack to the soundtrack, and take away some clothing from the female leads.

That doesn't make it a bad game though, actually far from it. The controls are smooth and responsive. There is a nice mix of puzzle solving and fighting. Also, the free-form fighting system pretty much lets you take on your foes anyway you want. You can sneek up on them, steal their weapons, block, block, block, and stab, or even just be a button-masher if you want.

Instead of writing long paragaphs, I'll give you a breakdown of the pros and cons.

*smooth and responsive controls
*detailed graphics
*good storyline (you may be lost unless you played the previous game)
*many moves and combos
*nice blend of puzzles and action

*such a change in tone may be too much for some that liked the last one
*the skanky girls (I miss Farah from the last one)
*some sound glitches here and there
*godsmack's contributons to the soundtrack (not really a problem for me, but maybe for some).

I also recommend the original PoP:SOT if you haven't alerady picked it up!
Sell Out.......
by: hihosilver42    On: 2004-12-14

Okay, First off, I love this game. I have loved every prince of persia game that has come out since the old computer version through the NES version, Super NES version, and now the Game Cube, X-box, and Playstation 2 versions. I loved the Sands of Time. It was probably the first video game I bought in a while where I didn't get tired of it before I beat the game. I loved everything about that game, and when I heard about this new one, I was totally stoked. Well, I love the game play because it is better that the Sands of Time as far as combat and the booby traps and everything. However, I am severely disappointed with all of the Blood, Skimpy outfits on the women, and the Hard Rock music that plays when you fight. It was almost like the developers weren't confident in their game enough, and to get it to sell, they threw in the elements that make other games popular when it wasn't even needed in the first place. I don't understand why they needed to make it darker and seem more evil than they really needed to. My little sister, who is 19, loved to watch me play The Sands of Time, left after ten minutes saying that it was "too gross, and degrading". I loved this game play, but please, Ubisoft, next year, make a Prince of Persia 3 without all the crap.
A Great Sequel
by: gail4paint    On: 2004-12-02

I just bought this game about 4 hours ago, and just now I have gotten up and taken a break. Wow. This game is truly amazing. If you are a fan of Sands of Time, then you will love this game. The combat system is better, you are actaully fighting real people (not all the time), and it is much more difficult.

I bought this game at a Game Stop for 50 bucks, but I see that I could have gotten in for 40. Look around before you buy this game so you can get the lowest price. (Not that it wasn't worth an extra ten bucks.) Also, I would recommend buying the strategy guide with it. This game is very difficult and I have already gotten stuck for a while in several places. Some stores are giving like 20% off the guide when you buy the game, so it might be worth it to you.

Again, this game is terrific. I know I have only been playing it for 3 hours, but for what I have played, this game is great. A 5 star game, no questions.
Just a quick comment....
by: tonyrush-dot-com    On: 2004-11-27

This is a revised review since I now own the game and had a chance to see -- firsthand -- at the choices that Ubisoft made in the game's tone.

Fun. Great puzzles. Annoying battle combos.

As far as family fun -- which was my initial concern -- I was glad to see that the "blood" was an option that could be turned off in the menu. But the whole "M" rating is stupid. Ubisoft could've edited 2 or 3 words, put some clothes on the silly looking women characters and removed the blood altogether and widened their audience. Plus, my kids would be able to play it.

I give it a C+.
A preview of a worthy sequel...(rating based on first-look)
by: sagittarian7    On: 2004-11-24

If you enjoyed playing Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time, then you will be spellbound by its sequel "Warrior Within". This game no doubt, ups the ante of the previous rendition by a huge scale. Since I am not in a position to review it yet, let me state my first impressions of the game in the context of the videos and files I've gone through.

Firstly, the protagonist. The Prince in the first game was an up-and-coming warrior of immense skill and heart. Though naive, he had the courage to set things right . But he had no clear idea of what to do except restore the order of time.
In Warrior Within though, the Prince is 10 yrs older. And more mysterious. He is the ultimate warrior, having experienced countless battles since restoring the Sands of Time. He is dark, broody, independent and utterly dangerous to the point of being manic. And he knows exactly what to do now.

Sands of Time has a very brightly-lit atmosphere to it. All the surroundings are visually breathtaking and there is a soft aura of appearance to it, probably showcasing the transient beauty of the Arabian landscape.
POP-Warrior Within is the exact opposite in appearance. It has vivid and awe-inspiring landscapes, no doubt, but it is creepy, foreboding and unforgiving. It rather showcases the effect of the Sands of Time's disastrous effect on the world. It also has a completely re-worked graphics engine which looks terrific. The terrain and the characters looks extremely realistic and fluid in movement.
I wish to state that if there is any reason POP:WW might have a fallout with you, it could only be the environment itself. Take it for granted that the game will have a very dark, menacing look to it, all through. It will be gorgeous to look at, no doubt, but somehwere down the line, we might start asking "Why is it SO dark in concept?". This could turn us off quite a bit coz' we would want to relate this game to the fantastic feel of Sands of Time. Let's face it. Sands of Time had the most uplifting level design to date. I surely hope Ubisoft has not taken the word 'bleakness' to the extreme.
I also noticed that the Prince is not the same naive, likeable guy we know off. Hopefully he doesn't have a total makeover in his personality.

Neverthless, POP:WW has a lot more to offer.....

Sands of Time had the bubbly Farah as your companion. In Warrior Within, you seek no one's aid in combat. But a few new mysterious characters do help you at times, in achieving your objective. Variety is one thing you can expect.

In Sands of Time, the Prince has only a few but effective combat moves to his repertoire. In one hand he held the Dagger of Time and in the other, he had a Scimitar to deal primary damage and he could piece together a few combos to deal some effective damage.
In Warrior Within, the combat is truly groundbreaking. Just like Ryu Hayabusa in Ninja Gaiden, the Prince has some amazing combos to showcase his skill. Not only can he dual-wield weapons this time around, but he can also grab his assailant's weapon and counter target his enemy. He can also contextually use his environment to good effect, for instance, latch onto a pole and revolve-slash multiple enemies. The effect, I tell you, is something to be seen. Warrior Within is the first game to introduce 'free-form' combat, meaning, you can create your own combos and latch them together to deal some truly unique and incredible attack manoeuvres. Imagine. Think of all the weapons that he gets his hands on and the combos you can attach them to. The though itself is whetting my appetite.

Sands of Time had a sense of grandness that not many games could even think off, particularly the level design. Even Halo cannot compare itself to it. But Warrior Within is very similar to its predecessor. Though darker story-wise, it has the same sweeping sense of scale the first rendition enjoyed and provides a lot more than that. Ubisoft has been clever not to expose everything just yet but it is safe to say that Warrior Within is much bigger than Sands of Time.

The enemies in Sands of Time were few and all of them were zombies. With some understanding, they could be easily disposed off. Not so in Warrior Within. I believe there are all-together 9 types who range from the fast Executioners who attack in co-ordinate pairs to the massive Brute who can crush you with one swipe. There is another creature called the Griffin that could put even some Ninja Gaiden bosses to shame. All sounds exciting.

Phew !. If I go on, this preview would probably never end. Since this is just a general description of what you can expect in Warrior Within, I'd be hard pressed to discuss its finer details. It is astonishing how Ubisoft has managed to change the game completely in just over a year after the first game. I would be very surprised if you aren't impressed with its technical aspects. They are truly Next-Gen and among the three consoles supporting it, the XBOX version undoubtedly looks and feels better. But it is safe to say that Prince of Persia : Warrior Within will be a must-buy for any console.

PS: Thanx for going through the preview. If you are interested in my review , you can check it out in the Playstation version of the game.
Have a nice day.
mannn...why did they have to make this game bloody??
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-20

the last prince of persia was awesome and this game look kinda cool too but why did they have to put all this gore into it?? its gonna be rated "M" so now i cant get it. They should have just made it like the last game and not put all of those decapitations, and stabbing and slashing crap with all of the blood. if it was rated "T" i would have bought it fast. too bad its not.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-18

Well i have been wondering if there was going to be a NEW Prince of Persia after beating The Sands of Time. Soon I searched it up and found out that they where. I got the trailer and the graphics are GREAT! It looks as if it was almost real, but still game looking. It also looks like you can have more moves, more monsters, and even more bosses. Over all this is a great game but it looks like it will be mature(not stopping me),and will be more bloody(COOL!!!), and not for little kids or teens(But me).
Very impressive looking
by: starfox007    On: 2004-09-15

The first Prince Of Persia was great but this looks even better. The biggest improvement are the graphics obviously which look quite impressive and the new fighting system is so in depth that it would take quite awhile unlike the first to figure it out. This games plot looks like it will be more dark and have a creepy background. Try this game out because it looks promising.

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