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Rugrats Royal Ransom

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First game I bought for our GameCube, and it was a hit!
by: stuzle    On: 2005-07-22

This was the first game I ever bought for my sons's Gamecube. I bought it before I realized that most "tie-in" type games are no good---just brought out to make money. But somehow I lucked out wtih this one! It's been one of our most played games. The premise is that the babies have to climb up Angelica's playhouse and defeat her. On the way, they go to all kinds of levels and do all kinds of activities---races, collecting things levels, snowball fights, driving around the moon in low gravities--quite a lot of different types of fun! You have to collect batteries on each playfield to unlock more playfields, and you also collect cash as you go along to "buy" mini-games at an ATM. I admit I wasted some hours collecting money as I wanted to see what the minigames were like! My younger son adored the snowball battles, as he could play it with his father---my husband likes simple games to learn and play! We all completed the game eventually, but it has a lot of replay value, without being frustrating. The only complaint I really have is the annoying voices---the kids say the same things OVER AND OVER AND OVER until you feel like you will go insane just from that. Turn the sound down and this problem might go away!
A great time for the kids...absolutely "KID FRIENDLY"
by: gameondude    On: 2004-01-29

RUGRATS: ROYAL RANSOM - My 5 and 8 year old absolutely love this game. It's very creative and colorful. There's alot of good, clean gaming action here. The graphics are fantastic and, if you have kids, "WE" highly recommend this.
Probably for Little Little Kids Only
by: rmjournal    On: 2004-01-08

Maybe I didn't give the game a chance, but I couldn't because I would get motion sick too quickly. Maybe it's the very bright colors or the high-pitched music or the constantly going around in circles, but I was hanging over the side of my TV, turning green within 15 minutes every time I tried to play this. I was on the Baby Easy level, too, and I didn't find it all that easy, but I'm not a kid. No doubt it's probably a lot of fun later on when you get vehicles and stuff, but I couldn't even put together the snowman in the beginning levels. To its credit, the Baby Easy level does let you win even when your skills are horrible because I was a huge failure as far as navigating a river, and the game still applauded me and advanced me to the next level. (And still I couldn't put together the snowman. I am such a loser.)
Finally, a great game for the younger gamers!
by: huskerstj2    On: 2003-05-26

This has to be one of the best games available today for younger children that enjoy playing on the Gamecube platform. This game offers more levels that most adult oriented games but the challenge is set at a level in which younger hands can prevail.

My daughter simply loves this game! There are so many things to do that she never runs out of enjoyment or challenges. The best part of the whole game is that the violence is non existant compared to some games available.
Worth the money and your child will enjoy it for hours and hours.

Bottom Line: A+

by: cinnamon12345    On: 2003-05-18

I am a Mom and a gamer and this has been one of the best childrens games we have purchased. Lots of fun and the adventure can continue even after you have beaten the top level. Many different activities to do and is fun to go back and collect more funny money to buy the goodies. As a parent this game's music is VERY easy on the ears and annoying repeating phrases are at a minimum. Will keep them busy for hours while you enjoy, say a nice bath or book on occasion. Has easy adventures and more complicated ones for various ages. My daughter is 7 and enjoyed them all.
A great price here and is well worth it! :o)
cool game
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-11-26

Rugrats are back so pull up your dipers for a game that you'll love.And fun to the top level.
My son loves this game!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-11-26

I wanted to say that I just bought the Rugrats game for PlayStation 2 for my 10 yr old son. Although I have not played it, he enjoys it if I sit in the family room and watch him play. I must say, every time I glance at the TV he is playing some new adventure. He is hooked to say the least! He likes it because it has the real Rugrats Nickelodeon characters and I like it because it is not obnoxiously violent like some other games. Two thumbs up from a parent!

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