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Shadow The Hedgehog
Manufacturer: Sega Of America, Inc.      
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For an older crowd, but still Sonic     On: 2006-10-23

I have been a HUUUUUGE Sonic fan all of my life, so I was automatically worried when I saw Shadow with a subautomatic in his hand on the preview. Yet I was plesantly surprised when I bought the game. IT IS AWESOME!!!!! I couldn't believe how it still had that Sonic feel and attitude. Speed, robots, same characters, all with that little twist that you would expect from a game that stars Shadow. This got so many unnecessary bad reveiws. The only thing I find a little annoying is the CONSTANT use of "damn it." Now, I think if they said it in just the cut scenes, then it would have made the game a little more dramatic and have a more mature feel that the older teens would like. But to hear it EVERY TIME HE TAKES DAMAGE... it's like Sega was saying "Hey look aren't we bad now?" But over all the game is fantastic. The camera can sometimes get a little uncooperative, but not very often. Another thing that also gave the game bad reviews was the multiple endings. I actually think that's a pretty cool feature. I mean, every level has at least two different goals, so it's got plenty of replay value. As for the soundtrack...WOW. I hear my Dad walking around the house singing "I Am...All of Me" all the time. Fantastic music. So overall, I'm really happy with this game. Highly recommended by a Sonic expert.
Great Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-08-02

I've been a Sonic fan for several years now, and this is my favorite of the 3D Sonics. Of course, nothing beats the classic style of the 2D Sonic games, but Shadow is a truly awesome game.

What I love about it is the sheer gameplay variety. This game has fantastic replay value. There are 10 endings to unlock, and I believe there are over 300 possible stories that can be created by the paths you choose. The game saves your stories in its library after a story is completed. I imagine it's pretty nice to be able to go back and watch the different stories from beginning to end.

Keeping with the theme of variety, this game also features several different guns. Some people say the guns are too hard to control. My response is that most of the guns are quite easy to use because they automatically aim at nearby enemies even if you aren't facing them directly. Now, there are some weapons that require you to spend a little more time planning your shot. These are the heavier duty weapons, like a rocket launcher. I don't think this is a flaw. Sure, the controls could have been tweaked to make it easier to aim, but it just isn't that big of a deal to me.

This brings me to the overall issue of movement. If you're moving very fast, it can sometimes be difficult to move in a way that allows you to get to all the rings in a path. So, if you want all the rings, even though it isn't necessary to get every ring, you might have to slow down a little bit. This is also not a major flaw, though. After all, analog sticks were created so that we could slow down and speed up at will. The reason I'm elaborating on this issue is because I have read a review on one of the gaming sites that harped on the difficult controls of this game, including the fact that it's difficult to precisely move to the sides when you're running. I'm not going to lie to you. This can be somewhat challenging at times, but it doesn't ruin the game by any means for me. In my opinion, the controls are for the most part better than they were in other Sonics, particularly Heroes (which is also a great game). Yes, there are a few control and camera issues, but if you've ever played a 3D Sonic game, you probably are already familiar with most of these problems and should be able to look past them.

So, back to the main theme of variety, there are also a great deal of vehicles to use. Some of them are unnecessary, but they're fun to use if you try to get used to them. I don't want to go into too much detail about the different vehicles, because I think that would spoil some of the fun for people who haven't played yet. Just allow me to say that there was one level that relied heavily on a certain contraption, and this was probably one of my favorite levels so far. I say so far, because I haven't finished all the levels yet. Even so, I've finished enough of them to feel totally confident in my review.

To wrap things up, let me just tell you that I wholeheartedly recommend this game. I think it would be a shame for Shadow to sell poorly due to the bad reviews it's received. This is a wonderful game, and, if you're reading this review, please just take my words into consideration.
A Believable Challenge
by: catlovercs    On: 2006-08-01

I think this game is insane. First, I found out that wherever you go next is based on the mission you solve. Then it gets harder and harder to master every mission because near the end it's like getting to a higher level. Yet, I find it interesting when you unlock a gun at the end of a story.
SHADOW ROX MY SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-07-01

this has to be by far one of the best games i ever played!!!!!!!!! the music is asome! almost dead rox! the whole game is cool, the storyline is awsome, [which is most important.] alot of the sonic games have been lacking in storyline as of late. shadow the hedgehog is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool! GUNS! EXPLOSIONS! ACTION! CUSSING! COOL GRAPHICS! AWSOME OPENING!
Finally, a game for my favorite character!
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-06-09

This is about one of my favorite games of all time! Finally, my favorite character get a game all for himself! The graphics are good, the music is really good (except the almost dead one...)and the multiple endings make it so you can play over and over again. For me, some of the story was sad, and I got really sad on some of the multiple endings and I felt bad because I made him bad a few times, but it was definately worth it because there is an even better last story! When I finally finished it all, i was happy that he got to know his past and did the right thing, sad because I now know more what he had to go through in his life( and I thought I had problems...), and also I waas upset because I finally beat it and I had nothing left to do, but in my heart, I hope that more people will appreciate these games and like them more. This is why I gave this game 5 stars :)
Sonic sucks like hell!
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-06-08

Sonic sucks like hell! Eninem could fight sonic and sonic would loose in like 2 seconds. I'm going to write bad reviews for a lot of sonic games, because I hate sonic. Sonic is for little babies who are stupid and eat cat food all day! But wait! There's more. That little hedgehog is going to the very bad place when I'm finished with him! And that bad place is darkness.
a cool kid
by: scottandjoyce    On: 2006-05-11

I love this game!!!!! It's so cool because you can get all these guns. I love when Shadow dies. He starts swearing. It's also really cool because you can choose your path if you want to be a good guy, a bad guys, or go by your own ways. You can get alot of different types of sonic guys, like Knuckles, Tails, and Sonic and more. You can also do two different types of special powers called chaos blast and chaos control. When you do chaos blast it will make a huge explosion. When you do chaos control it makes you invisible and you can fly around.
Why bad words?
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-05-11

I DONT GET IT! Why the heck did Sega(or Sonic Team) made a
Sonic game with bad words in it?!?! If they were no bad words, this game would have been better. THATS why I gave the rating 1 star!!!!!! Its fun but too many bad words!!!!
Great Action-intensive game!
by: eomga    On: 2006-04-08

I think this is a more intensive game than Sonic Adventure for GameCube or DreamCast. Now you can use weapons which you take from the defeated enemies to add a new style of game play.

- two new super powers to unleash when you have killed certain numers of enemies.
- You have the right to choose your path with the decision you take on each stage. And in the end you get 10 different endings!!! so you have a great replay value.
- Great graphics!

- 2.player mode sucks a little bit.
- You can use vehicles in some areas and they are not fun because they are slower than you and hard to drive.

Overall: It is some kind of an RPG (i know it isn't) but it looks like one because you choose your path on each stage to get differents endings.
Sorry to dissapoint
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-03-29

Ok let me start off with I am a huge Shadow fan and was really looking foward to this game.When i bought it and played it the first time i thought it was a pretty good game. after awhile i got bored with doing pretty much the same thing level after level. you run, then you pick up a gun and shoot somebody,you die and swear. i mean seriously, even sonic swears. I think the best part of this game is the story. i really bought this game to find out more about my favorite sonic character, shadow. some of the cutscenes (movies between the levels) are in amazing CG anamation while others are a piece of junk. another problem with the game is you work really hard to get all A's on every level and what do you get for it? nothing. Overall you should borrow it from a friend or rent it before buying. For all the 10 year olds who are saying "THIS GAME IS THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!! BUY IT NOW!!" To you i say try a real sonic game like Sonic adventure battle:2 or sonic CD and then tell me how great this game is.
Stick with the original sonic!
by: rip1432000    On: 2006-03-15

Shadow the Hedgehog was the worst sonic game ever made including the first pinball ones. But, really they should sitck with the original sonic and just leave shadow alone. The boards are too complicated and takes at least ten min. really bad game!
should be rated T - review by Alex, age nine
by: mitako    On: 2006-03-09

Shadow the Hedgehog should be rated T because this game has violence and blood and very graphic gun battles. So I recommend teenagers play this game, or people who are allowed to play T games. There are reviews that say this game has bad language, and they are right. Whenever you die, you say a bad word. Now for the good stuff.

Graphics are very, very good. It has all of the Shadow abilities and very cool guns. The bosses are fun and there are lots of levels.
It turned out excellent as i expected
by: hypershadowdx    On: 2006-03-09

Now this is what true sonic games are all about " Well is not a sonic game though but improves very well over sonic heroes the game has a good story to it ' all though what they added in it is 326 story path ' so if you do beat the game you wont get bored with it you can just go back and complete all story paths . now this game is like a sonic adventure 3 , the enivorement is so cool

Gameplay 10/10

it has the same controllers from sonic heroes , though but i can see why though but its no biggie . its a good way to move fast in the stage , and the space stages looks so much like they took the space stages from SA2B and remixed them in Shadow The Hedgehog , also the gun fits shadows personailty very well , its actually pretty fast fun paste to use it

Sound 10/10

I maybe the only person who dont mind the sonic x VA in it , but they did do a good job in it actually

Music 10/10

The music is a blast , some tunes make you wish you owned the soundtrack that is out now also lost impact has pretty music

2 Player Mode 9/10

2 player mode is my only disapointment i was expecting more stages in it not just 3

Overall 10/10

its a real fun game that will keep ya going at it , if you like shadow the hedgehog , so buy this game you'll like it ^-^

Beware before you buy this game
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-02-27

My 10 year old son asked if he could buy this game with his Christmas money. He had researched the game with his grandfather and told us that it was rate E10 for mild (?)language and fantasy violence. We had seen commercials for the game and didn't think much of it. It looked like fun and the rating it was given didn't seem so bad. He played the game at his grandparent's home for a couple of days and then brought it home to show us. OH MY GOD! The language is mild (if you're and adult - I don't want my son sayiny "damn" every time some unfortunate event happens thoughout his day.) That bothered me a little, but the violence disturbed me. The violence seemed not to have a purpose except for violence itself. This is not a value I want him learning. Needless to say, the game has been packed away and we had a great "values" talk. He was disappointed, but I believe he understood our point of view (as much as a 10 year old child can.) The next day we went to the store and got a more appropriate game for his game cube and he seems to like it. He's no worse for the wear.
This Game Is Not Stupid
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-02-21

I realley like this game. I don`t like the language but I like the weapons. I mostley like all of them so far but the only one I don`t like is the Heal Cannon because you can`t kill anybody! Anyway, the soundtrack looks and sounds good but my mad dad won`t let me just because they say evil 2 times.Well,at least they dont swear because if they did,I`d feel like a teenager already. As I was saying about the guns, you can take guns,cannons lock-on weapons,swords,torches,steet signs and stuff like that,Good Bye
just a refresher...
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-02-19

im going to summarize everything everybody else said, in short form, but i havent played the game, so i cant say for certain. everything i say i shwat ive heard, which is why i rated this 1 star. i cant really say about stars.

Ok, the biggest thing on their minds: swearing. from what i hear, shadow says the d word and the h word. Woop de doo, i say. Many people are offended by this, and if you are, dont buy the game, rent it, or play it. its that simple. if you do not want your kids exposed to another entrance of swearing, dont let them play. Also, i hear the swearing is only when you die, so.....i guess just try to not die. that simple.

Next up, the rating! This game is rated E 10+. THIS IS NOT E!! i want everyone to know that. If you have a problem, write to ESRB, who gave the game its rating, and dont blame sega. Also, the 10 is there to tell you; this game is for kids 10 AND UP, NOT 9 AND YOUNGER. Some say this should've been rated T just for swearing, but like i said before, its only when you die. some die more than others. they hear it more.

Next on my list is the music. The music in this game is the kind of music that is popular now. Kind of depressing and the whole "heavy rock metal", i guess, but just dont pay attention to the lyrics, which seem to be offensive to church goers. heck, go ahead and mute your TV.

Finally, THIS IS NOT A SONIC GAME. I just want to get it through your thick little heads that you shouldnt compare this game to other sonic games, because this game is not about sonic, its about shadow. People keep comparing it to Sonic Adventure, but DONT, you idiots! This game has Sonic, but he is secondary.

I hope you've enjoyed my ranting, and i hope you get all the facts straight you dumb little moronic pieces of idiotic himan CRAP!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-02-16

This game is the best game ever. And those you think you had beaten the game, you must have the following:

All the stages
All the Secret keys (The pain in the butt)
Everything Rank "A"
Expert mode beaten 1 time.

Overall, I didn't get all of these things, but it's a sweet game.
I had it over 3 months and I still play it for 9 hours.
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-02-16

I have been on millions of game websites and all of the reviews for, "Shadow the Hedgehog" are low. I disagree. "Shadow the Hedgehog" was the best video game I have ever played. 1.Its easy to master,2.It had a different plot, and 3.It had SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG!!! Before I type anything else I have to make it clear that I am very obsessed with Shadow. I love the black and red speed demon and always will. Now I know what your saying, "She just likes this game because of Shadow", and that is almost right. But, I also hate Sonic the hedgehog with all my heart. Yea, I know if he wasnt around Shadow wouldnt be either (or would he?)but he's an annoying blue pest. I also know that "Sonic Heroes" got some pretty lame reviews from fans to but I disagree on that to. "Sonic Heroes" was a great game! It had a nice gameplay, good graphics, and all around my second favorite game after "Shadow the Hedgehog" I just want to say that all those "Sonic fans" out there that dont like "Shadow the hedgehog" because of Shadow, are ignorant. I hate Sonic, but still like the games he's in. All in all "Shadow the Hedgehog" is a great game and would be enjoyed by all.
"Who Am I...And why can't I remember anything?" Shadow the Hedgehog
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-02-16

Before I begin, I wish to say that I was very much impressed by this game for GameCube. I have to admit that this is the first Sega/Sonic game I have ever owned. And it didn't disappoint me.

Plot: 5 out of 5 stars.
The unique aspect of this video game is that the plot is extensive and non-linear. The definite highlight is that you are able to choose your paths, whether you will stay with Black Doom on the dark side (along with other casted characters) or rival legendary Sonic on the light side. Each progressing level offers three separate missions finishing that stage, whether destroying something specific, or finding a certain room. You are free to choose your choice and that affects to which ending or level you will travel to.
Quoted from the instruction manual:
" `Who am I...and why can't I remember anything?' It's that black hedgehog that shares the all too familiar silhouette of sonic...he's Shadow the Hedgehog.
Some fifty years ago, this `Ultimate Life Form' was the result of the army's secret research. With no records of what transpired, Shadow's true character is shrouded in darkness and even his own memory cannot serve as a key to unlock the mystery; there is only emptiness..."

Graphics: 4 out of 5 stars
I was stunned by the smooth, flowing graphics of this game. I was delighted to have theatrical moments and cut scenes to reveal Shadow's character. Graphics are an important aspect of any game. From the Glyphic Canyons, to inside computers, to Westopolis; each level was full of depth and challenge. Colours and methods of movement were perfectly suited to the game play and I felt as if I was truly exploring the alternate world with Shadow.

Audio: 4 out of 5 stars
While most of the music was not enough to stand on its own, it still added the proper background to each scene, each level. While some sound tracks were slightly familiar from other Sonic games I've seen being played, they made this experience all the better.
However, the cast of voices were very impressive. Each character shown had his or her own personality and voice to give Shadow advice or command. You'll find in this game, fans of Sonic, past characters to help Shadow for light or dark. You'll enjoy this game through watching as much as you do playing it.

Game Play: 4 out of 5 stars
I would have given this a higher standard, but sometimes the camera would disappoint me. The camera does not offer a option to look through Shadow's eyes to view the upcoming landscapes, which would have been much more helpful. It would occasionally be difficult to spot enemies from behind you or to the side and that often made me slightly frustrated. Other than this factor, many views officered wonderful actions in the midst of battle. The controls may be a bit difficult at first, but it takes not time at all to get used to them and into the heart of the game.

Key Features:
Many items and actions are included in this game to give it five stars from myself. Among them include:
- A wide assortment of weapons to use or to unlock.
- Special abilities to get further than any human character ever could. I especially enjoyed two abilities: Chaos Control and Chaos Blast, which let Shadow to manipulate time and fast-forward through the stage, or to wipe out everything within a 20-Yard range.
- A wide assortment of characters that contribute to Shadow's recollection of the past.
- Multiple paths and endings that add up to unlimited replay value.
- `Secret keys' included in each level to unlock rooms. I haven't quite finished this myself!
- Multiple modes of transportation offered to you for both the light and darks sides. (For example, the Black Hawk, Air Saucer, GUN vehicle, Jump vehicle, and more)

Now, I have seen many reviews ranting about this. The game is rated E for everyone and for ages ten and up. This rating is more than fine for most. This is what I can guarantee you the game will or will not have:
-There is no gore.
- Yes, there is violence, but in fantasy terms. Guns or other weapons may be used but don't show anything severe. Most ways of battle are used by Shadow's special abilities.
- Yes, there is the occasional curse word. The only words I have EVER heard in the is game is `damn' and `hell'. The characters may occasionally say something along these lines when something dire or extreme happens. For example: the characters running into a hated scientist, or Shadow falling off a ledge into a void of darkness below. Obviously, this game is for mature gamers who will not judge or be influenced by the word `damn'.

Overall, I highly recommend this game to any GameCube owner. I, myself , enjoyed Shadow the Hedgehog very much and I am glad to have it upon my shelf.
fun game, but why the cursing?
by: vikingking    On: 2006-02-15

My 6 year old rented this, and yes as a parent I should have noticed the 10+, but I did not. I have no problem with anything in the game, except for the cursing when you die. Being 6, he fell off the board several times, and after 5 minutes of repetitive cursing he was repeating it subconsciously. He had to play the game on mute after that. The violence is not that bad, he has other games that has the same cartoon violence, but this is the first game I have seen (for children) that has cursing. I think it teaches very bad sportsmanship. Every time shadow dies or gets hit he curses, what is this teaching our kids? And for the kid who said in his review to get over it, you hear worse at school, yes in this day and age you do hear more cursing in public, but just because you do hear it, doesn't mean you should hear it. I don't think there should be an E for everyone 10+ rating. Why not just a 10+ rating? Also, because of the repetitive cursing (I wouldn't have minded one or two times, remember the Transformers movies or GI Joe?) I wouldn't have rated it 10+ unless the tv was on mute.
Great game!
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-02-14

All the bad reviews are horribly wrong. Shadow The Hedgehog is a HUGE improvement on Sonic Heroes, which was the worst Sonic game ever made, in my opinion. The graphics are great, especially in the cutscenes, though the PS2 is aging. The game lets you choose Shadow's path, if you want him to be good, neutral or evil. Either way is great. The addition of weapons makes multiplayer mode very fun, and if you get the rocket launcher, you will have your opponent running from you until the end of the game, where you either blow them up,or time runs out. So, yeah. If you liked Sonic Heroes, ignore the bad reviews, because this game is 20 times better.
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-02-14

This game rocks. I love it alot. The only thing I wish (and it doesn't affect the WHOLE, entire game) is that I wish that Sega had made a M (17+) rated Shadow the hedgehog for ALL of the game systems where blood flies out of the aliens and as well as the human solders. That would be very cool. I'd buy both of the rated versions. Anyways. THIS GAME ROCKS!!!!!!! I hope Sega will make a Shadow the hedgehog 2 (with a Mature rated (M)) game and a E10+ one.

Here are my ratings: (out of 10)
Graphics 10
Camera 8-10
Violence 4-5 (tiny amount of blood flies of the black solders)
Key searching 7
Missions 10
Weapons 10
vehicles 9-10
Overall 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000

I also like the checkpoint warping.
Walk into the mystery...
by: pamelamwolfe    On: 2006-02-11

Such negative reviews... I beg to differ. I was always a huge Shadow the Hedgehog fan, and the idea of a videogame dedicated solely to him was thrilling. This game is packed with thrilling missions, intriguing plot twists, and brand new characters. Black Doom, head of the alien force called the 'Black Arms', appears in front of Shadow just as his soldiers land in Westopolis, merely a holographic image beamed out of his thrid eye, Doom's Eye. Claiming to have recieved a promise from Shadow long ago, he orders him to collect all 7 Chaos Emeralds. You hold ultimate power over which path our tormented rebel will choose, either siding with Black Doom and his army, or aiding Sonic and company. A neat trick I dicovered is that while having a hero guide/player accompying Shadow, a second GameCube controller can control them. They can't use weapons however, and won't get far without Shadow nearby. So, your choice. Save the world...
or destroy it.
Reiner and Me are Right
by: bikerchamp2001    On: 2006-02-08

Before I write my review, I want to share with you all a review written about this game by Reiner of GameInformer magazine to prove to you that I am not the only one that thinks that this game sucks:

"Wait... this game is mislabeled. This isn't Shadow the Hedgehog. It's that miserable Broken the Hedgehog! With the scent of a dirty diaper permeating from his speedy wake, this killer of classic gaming franchises does what he does best. He sucks. Not since Bubsy have I seen a mascot-based action game corner the market in unresponsive controls, disastrous level designs, inconsistent framerates, traumatizing character designs, and (my personal favorite) just being flat out broken. At the very least, this game has its place in the history of gaming for that. Shame on you, Sega."

Now for my review: If you have any sense of self-worth or decency, don't buy this game. If you do, it's just a waste of your money. You ask, "Why isn't this review longer?" Frankly, because Reiner already said what needed to be said. Listen.
Guns,swords? Has the world gone MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-02-06

I know that this game has guns,swearing what if your kid just wants to get the game because they want to know if Shadow is good or evil. If you're just getting mad with all the guns and swearing oh the heck with it!!! But as it said what if your kid just wants to know if Shadow is good or evil. Actually only the player who is playing the game can choose Shadow's future of good or evil. In hero missions you can play as Sonic or one of his friends, Tails,Knuckles,Espio, you name it. During dark missoins Black Dooms Third eye (Domm`s Eye) will help you on your way to take over the Earth as the alien black arms army will help you.If you do normal missions you just need to get to the goal ring with out killing anyone and find the chaos emeralds to find out Shadows past.
Guns sowrds and swearing oh my!
by: chrozencik    On: 2006-02-06

This is the best sonic game ever to be realsed it has the coolest weapons ever pistols kifes lazers you name it.Parents are geting so angrey about the game just becuse they thought it was rated E didn't they see the 10+ on the box and secound of all they should look at the back of the box to see what the game is rated befor they even buy it.Anyway at the begianing shadow is still trying to figure out who he is but can't then all the sudden the sky truns red and alians start dystroying the town then shadow gets a message from the leader black doom that if he brings him the 7 choas emralds he will tell him his past shadow dosn't know what to think but he bealives him and sets out the find them.You can choose to do dark missions or hero missions and just normal missions.Thare is also a 2 player battle mode whare you can play has shadow or metal shadow and collect weapons to fight agenist your friends.The thing that sega went to far with is the swearing ever time shadow falls or get hit he says d**n it youll probley here it about 40 times befor you beat the entire game they also say h**l sometimes.This is a great game but in my opinon I think it should be rated T for teens just for some of its content if you are a hudge sonic or shadow fan go buy this game now!
The good, the Shadow, and the ugly
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-02-01

My little brother has been wanting this game for some time now. I checked the ratings and was not sure we would like this game. Unlike many other Sonic games, this game was full of gunplay violence and offensive language. It's more like Grand Theft Auto.

However, I'm glad we did play this game. Despite the violence and the offensive language, it's neat to meet Black Doom, the leader of the jet black and crimson aliens. Shadow is brought back to life, but can't remember his past, so Black Doom tells him, "Shadow, find the seven chaos emeralds, and bring them to me as promised." Shadow is not sure whom he trusts, so it's up to you to decide. Shadow's quest between good and evil depends on what kinds of missions he does. If Shadow takes orders from Dr. Eggman and Black Doom, he will become a villian. However, if Shadow takes orders from the GUN army and Sonic and his friends, he will become a hero.

Other reviewers have commented on the violence and the offensive language of the game in a negative light, but I think most children find out about this before the age of 7.

Overall, 4 stars. Sonic Heroes holds our attention more than this game does, but still, I think this game is definitely worth renting.
Our furry little friend gets a downgrade
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-28

It's a plane, it's a Falcon, nope sorry folks, it's Shadow the Hedgehog. Sob,sniffle. This game is so bad that when you play it reality is warped. Up is down, down is up. Left is right, right is left. There is no stopping this meaningless game. Guns + Shadow = crowd with pitchforks. Sega, your out of your leauge. Just roll over and die. The Sonic franchise has been around for about 20 years. End it. For all you little kids who say this game is hardcore, you must have a bad taste in games. I cry myself to sleeep at night, thinking of the people who bought this game. You've been ripped off. Don't worry people who agree with me. In a mere month or 2, you'll find this game in a bargain bin. Kudos to everyone who agrees with me. No kudos to the children who disagree. You just think this game is good. Some kids say you should buy this game. Yeah right. The only good game Sega has made is Criminal Origins for the Xbox 360.
Will you people just lighten up?
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-27

Look, everyone's upset that there's cursing. But, let's face it - cursing is everywhere today. Just come to my school during lunch and you can learn about five curse words that you've never heard before!

I really liked the game itself. For anyone with anger issues, it's very therepeutic. The only reason I gave the game's fun 4 stars is because my brother plays it more often than me! The beginning was very cool, in my opinion, the dialogue helps to explain what's going on, and it's challenging enough to keep you coming back.

10 different endings? That's a lot better than most games. You can replay it and not get the same ending just by changing your choice in the end.

Overall? 6 stars.
History of Shadow the Hedgehog
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-25

Recently, Nintendo has come out with a game called Shadow the Hedgehog. Shadow is a sequel from the game series Sonic the Hedgehog that Sega started. Sega is now partnered with Nintendo to create some popular games like the following: Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and Sonic Heroes.

This is the story of Shadow the Hedgehog. Shadow was created by Dr. Gerald Robotnik on the Space Colony ARK. Shadow was created for some mysterious reason but he can't remember why, the only thing he does remember is an image of him and a girl named Maria trying to escape the ARK. Years later, Shadow was discovered by Dr. Ivo Robotnik, Gerald Robotnik's grandson, on the ARK and asked Shadow to help him take over the world. Shadow was willing to help because he thought that Dr. Robotnik would help him remember something about his past. After helping Dr.Robotnik, Shadow realized that the ARK was falling towards the Earth and he had to go help Sonic stop the ARK from destroying the Earth. In the process of helping Sonic, Shadow lost all of his energy and vanished. Sonic and friends didn't know what had happened to him; they figured he had died.

Knowing Shadow's past helps the player fully understand the game. Shadow the Hedgehog the game starts out with Shadow standing on a hillside trying to remember anything about his past. The only things he remembers are the image of him and Maria trying to escape from the ARK and that he is the Ultimate Life Form. That very same day he's thinking alien monsters come down from the sky and start attacking the city, Shadow starts to walk away until he hears a voice saying his name. He turns to see the head alien telling him to collect the seven chaos emeralds to learn about his past and then the alien vanishes. Shadow has no choice but to believe him and start his adventure.

The game is hard to learn at first because the controls are different, but once the controls become comfortable the game becomes easier. There are also good and bad things about the game. The good things are the following: Weapons to destroy the enemies, cars to drive through-out the game, different routes to take to make the game more fun, and high speed action. The bad things are the following: The camera angles the game has changes all of a sudden and that the routes change when the player doesn't want that route.

This game would be recommended for the players who like high speed action and shooter games.
Best Game Ever.
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-18

This is the best game ever! I don't get why some of you guys don't like this... ok there's bad words in it but hey i'm 10 years old! But it has awesome music and you get to ride some sweet machines so BUY THIS GAME!
Highly disappointed
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-16

I am very disappointed in this game. I have been playing Sonic almost all my life and I've seen nothing like this one. My siblings wanted to rent this game the other night and thinking it was like the others, we rented it. I saw that it was rated E 10+ so I told them that I had to play it first and make sure it was OK. When we got home, I stated to playing. I turned it off in less then 15 minutes due to the swearing and gun violence. This game is pretty much Doom or Grand Theft Auto for 10 year olds. I heard more cussing in 15 minutes of playing that game then I have heard in a rated R movie. I don't think it should be rated what it is. This game is NOT for children under the age of 13. Parents, PLEASE DO NOT LET YOUR KIDS GET THIS GAME!!!
To do this quickly...
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-15

Do not get all mad at SEGA for making a game with mild curses. It is not their fault that it was rated E 10+, it was ESRB's fault. SEGA wanted to appeal to the older audiences. Trust me, if you fell off a cliff or got shot in the chest, would just stand there? Instead of taking 15 minutes to write a pointless review, please take the time to talk to your kids about how cursing is wrong.
(To all parents who keep naging about how "violent this game is")
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-14

shut up and READ THE BACK! The ESRB content discription is located in the bottom right corner of every game. Yes shadow does say some swearing and has an smg (who knows why) but if you are mad you baught this game, return it and then from now on read the back to see if it is a game for your child. I can think of some better "Sonic" games for you to buy your child. sonic gems collection is a good one and so is sonic mega collection. both rated "E"(Everyone) and have no violence except jumping on things and destroying them.
What is wrong with everybody?!
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-14

I'm 13. So some parents don't like "damn" or "hell", but honestly, one video game by a beloved company that goes off the beaten path to something new has to be beaten down like this. Oh boo hoo. If you go into my school, which is a good school, you'll hear more bad words than ever if you played this game. Also, the only time you hear "damn", is when Shadow dies. So unless you don't understand that jumping off cliffs is BAD, then you won't hear it very much. And, on a final note, if you don't want to have your kids exposed to ANY bad words, then get rid of all forms of communication, throw away the tv and electronics, books, board up the windows and doors, and don't let your child out of the house. If your child accidentally says a bad word, and then you go blame it on this game, then that is just messed up. And finally, 1 star is not my true rating, and I gave it 5 stars through and through!
Very good and fun!
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-14

I got this game for Xmas, and was a little nervous, since some reviewers did not like it much. However, as soon as I started to rip up enemies in stage 1, I knew I was going to have a lot of fun. And even though it is Sonic the Hedgehog, this game is a little darker and dirtier, with a few expletives appearing here and there. Shadow especially likes the "d" word, and you'll hear it from a few others in the game. Even Sonic lets one slip at one part. The final part that makes this game so good is that you get to control the way the story plays out. You can pick whose side you're on. I think there are a total of ten endings, plus the "true" ending, which is what is really going to happen. All in all, it is a great game, but I wouldn't buy it for someone who is under ten years of age. So, go get it, and have fun doing whatever you want with it.
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-11

First of all, let's good a review from someone that has actually played this game. I am 11 years old and I know that saying the word d*** is wrong. now seven year olds don't know as well and THREE year olds definitely don't. First of all, don't blame SEGA/Sonic Team for the game being rated E 10+. It is ESRB's (Entertainment Software Rating Board) fault. I'm sure if SEGA/Sonic Team had the choice, they'd name it E. Also, I think the complaining parents are really lazy because they don't spend a good 15 minutes that you could use to talk to your kids that cursing is wrong (although the curses in this game aren't even censored on live TV anymore). Instead of using those 15 minutes of writing a pointless review, talk to your kids. (Psst, they only use damn and hell which is in the Bible) When I was FIVE, my parents took responsibility and talked to me about curses. Also, about gunplay. Do you think just by playing a videogame, a kid would want to shoot people's heads off? If you tell them not to while they're still young, it could make a huge difference.

My actual review for the game consists of this. This is a new type of game that SEGA has made. Without those constant curses (I'll even tell you that they are annoying), this game has nice sound and music (not counting the wierd comments by some characters). The gunplay is a nice touch to a game that is supposed to be naturally fast-paced. Many will disagree saying that there is no lock-on and the game did too much work. Well, if you're trying to just get to the end of the level, that could actually help. The story was okay, it told a lot about Shadow's past. But *SPOILER WARNING* in the last story, Shadow does give up his past, which is kind of a disappointment, *END SPOILER WARNING* and I really think a really good character will now go to waste. He will possibly never have a big role in a SEGA game ever again. The graphics were okay, some say they could have used some work, but I thought they were okay.

All in all, Shadow the Hedgehog is a great game, which has annoying curses although that is not a good enough reason to buy this awesome game.
In my teenaged opinion...
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-10

In my opinion people should try this game a little more. No, not 5-year-olds, 6-year-ols or even 'mature' 9-year-olds. There is no such thing as a mature 9-year-old if you need to worry about them that much. Everyone needs to realize that the rating system will only work if you follow it. My little sister (Who is ten) plays this game with me a lot. We play co-op mode, and do you wanna know what? We're usually laughing so hard that we don't even hear the swearing. Sure, we can hear the silly voice acting and the good honest humor, but we don't notice the swearing.

Seriously, if your children pick up on the slight swearing (although I still say that 'hell' isn't a bad word) Then it's the parent's fault. My sister and I know that language like that is innaproprate. And don't tell me that a seven or six-year-old won't be taught enough, either. Anyone under ten shouldn't play this. The rating system is an important thing. If you get an M rated game for your ten-year-ol it is the same as if you were getting an E10+ game for your three year-old. It's your fault, not SEGA's. This is a good game, me and my sister enjoy it and have completed Expert Mode. If you don't at least make it to the Last Story you haven't really played it.

Also, The 'rasism' accusation is completely without ground. Shadow is black, therefore his father Black Doom should be too. End of discussion.
What a mistake - it needs a recall or rerating
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-10

I brought this home for my 10 year olds birthday last night. He'd been asking for it for a while and we've enjoyed the rest of the titles in the series - chao's are cute.

This game creeps me out. Badly. This is the only game I've gotten for my kids that I'll have to take away from them.

Ok parents - imagine your young one sitting in front of a game where the cute game character is running around whith a gun in his hand while the alien invader is saying over and over "shoot the soldier" in a creepy voice. A shoot em up movie is one thing but having a kid sitting with a game system practicing how bad he can be while shooting up the defenders of earth just is over the top in my book. I was so appalled by the basis of the game that I didn't notice the language mentioned in other reviews. That is not my complaint about this one. Having my child interacting with a game that is whispering "Luke, come to the dark side of the force" is.

I think this one whould have been rated M and filed away with grand theft auto.

You idiots
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-08

Damn and Hell aren't really bad words,there not much,U RETARDS,people who are 10 or 9 or 8 or above can buy this game,people who are 9 or 10 can buy T rated games even M rated,they cant buy ao u retarded monkeys,get over it,fine sorry but those bad words arent really bad,plus people who are 13 to 17 are still kids besides its still a sonic game,yeah the main character is shadow but in many ways its still sonic(duh)i got this game for PS2 through i like nintendo and Sega more than any game company(sega doesnt make game systems they stopped in 2001)also have u all heard of Alex Kidd,i like sonic more than him but they should still make games of alex kidd(there is 2 d's in segas game alex kidd)i like sonic more than shadow.i bought this it was cool,but u ppl are just getting DUMB!!
Great! P.S.: It's not that violent!
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-08

This game is great!(Hence Title 'Great')
The Shadow's graphics were a lot better than
in Sonic Heroes. I played this game for only 1
day and I love it. At first, I thought that this
game should have been rated 'T for Teen', but
a few hours later I realized that the game was
barely violent at all. Sure, the game had guns,
who cares all that much? Anyways, the game was
pretty short, resulting in 7 stages per story, and
two bosses. But considering that there were over
20 levels increased the value of replay. Two-Player
didn't offer much except for a 2-P battle mode.
They offered two characters, but with a variety
of different colors. Shadow and Metal Shadow are
available. The main reason I like this is because,
well, it has Shadow in it, he's the main character,
and It's a multi-ending game.
Heres a summary:

-You play as Shadow and only Shadow(Unless
you count Metal)
-It offers great graphics
-Multi-Ending game
-You can unlock weapons
-Chaos Blast & Control are available
-New cast of Villains/Heroes
-Shadow's past is finally revealed!

-Since it's multi-ending, they're may not be
any more Shadow games, if so, "Sayonara Shadow"
-Not much of a 2-P
-Wished they would offer more levels
Oh please.
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-07

I was reading through some of the reviews for this game, and it seems a lot of people are stressing over words like "damn" and "hell." First off, if you let your child watch television, I can guarantee that they have heard those "bad words" before. The next thing I saw people complaining about was the game rating. I think it was rated perfectly. Why? Because it's still very mild compared to what other games show. People need to understand that our culture is letting things slip more and more. Have some of you seen some of these so called "children's" movies? They are much worse than throwing the word "damn" around here and there. Third off, Shadow is a BAD GUY. Of course some things about him are going to be controversial about him. Hello, he's evil. Next off, some bring up the topic of violence in this game. Violence in video games is something you just have to put up with. In case you haven't noticed, we live in a violent world filled with wars and fights and all sorts of violence. So I ask you, why does a computer animated hedgehog with a gun disturb you? Do you let your kids watch the news? That's worse, if you're concerned about violence. I have been a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog since '93. I have watched as Sonic and his friends grew and became better characters. I think this game is a great addition to the line of Sega games, regardless "bad words" and "violence" displayed in this game.
Wrong rating.
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-07

This rating is wrong. It has blood and bad language. They have to change the rating so teenagers, buy this game because it's violent. Don't get mistakened. Most E10+ games are for teen so don't get confused.

This is a terrible game
by: engeldesign    On: 2006-01-06

there is no excuse for the words and violence in this game. Nintendo should be ashamed of themselves. I don't think it is appropriately rated E-10. I don't think swear words are Mild Language. Parents beware.
Shadow is just cool
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-03

This is a great game, it is a bit hard for some of Sonic's younger crowd (my little cousin couldn't get past the 3rd level) but if you can beat the older games, you should do fine. The guns added a fun addition to the sonic gameplay, but the real fun is the classic sonic gameplay and fun levels. Shadow was cool in Sonic Adventure 2, and he was the only reason i didn't get rid of my copy of Sonic Heroes, his attitude, dark looks, and mysterous and dramatic past gives him an extra layer of cool..ness. The gameplay can get frustrating at times, and it sucks when you black out at the end of a 30 min level and must start over, but the game is a must have. The cursing in the game isn't much, only "damn" and "hell", and face it, most kids by the age of 7 have heard that already, the game isn't even that violent, even with the guns in it.
This is for you parents.
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-01

by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-01

This game was good and I know many people like, N. Verdin disagree with me when I say this,but I'll say it anyway. The words in the game Shadow The Hedgehog are defined as bad, but that doesn't make it so. "Damn" and "Hell" are only bad because we make them out to be. No words can really hurt anyone, it's the feeling behind them that does this. When Shadow dies he swears at his own doing, not others, so there is no "bad feeling" behind his words. Now some swear words are different, like the n-word, because they are always directed at someone or another, therefore making them "bad". You also might not enjoy these words for their reference to God and his doings, but if your God was a true loving and caring God and as great as many say, then he would not smite people for such words for "saying God's name in Vain" or just plain "swearing". These are the reasons why people hate these words so much, and by hating them, they give firepower to those against their cause. But if we all just stopped disapproving of these "bad" words, less pain would come from them, yes people might use them more, but it would not matter, for we would have come over the barrier of discrimination by the useless and feeble words we call "bad" and we would therefore make the world a better place to live.

I rate the game a five out of five.
Sonic with Guns (^_^)!
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-01

This Game, Shadow the Hedgehog, is an okay game. The Gameplay sucks, but the game is still fun (probably just because it has GUNS!!!!!!!! (^_^)!!!!!!!!!!). The Gameplay sucks because SEGA tried to put two extremely different types of gameplay together; Shooters and the Fast-paced style of Sonic games (which KICK A**). But shooters are slow* and Fast-paced Sonic games are So the gameplay is B-A-D! But for you over-protective dumba** parents, this game does have a tiny bit of swearing (the d-word is said when you die, but that only happens if you really suck**), but THE GAME IS RATED 10+ AND IT SAYS IT HAS "MILD LANGUAGE" IN IT, SO YOU PARENTS SHOULDN'T BE COMPLAINING!!! But the d-word isn't that bad (and I really doubt your child is going to become a mass-murderer because they heard Shadow The Hedgehog saying the "d-word"). But this game still has very good features, like it's interactive(ness?) and all the GUNS!!! (^_^)!!! But in the meantime the story is really, really, really bad (not to mention the acting). But this game is still fun and it's a MUST-BUY for all Sonic Fans (like me). I thereby (thereby is such a weird word) declare (oooooh! Now it's pro-like- thing-like) this game pretty good (4 stars!!!)!


*So people can actually HIT their enemies
**The Game is EASY!
***I like footnotes (FEET!!!)
This ERSB rating should be a more mature rating.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-30

Too short! Your out with a rifle shooting aliens and people! They
cus and there's alot of gory, bloody, violent scenes! Reminds me
of Grand Theft auto vice city, a real great game though!
Awesome, but short.
by: collinsej    On: 2005-12-30

I would have rated this game as five stars, but it is too short. I mean, I beat all of it (including the final story that I unlocked) in SIX DAYS. What is with that? Other than that, this game is awesome. It was good that Sega allowed us to have a different way of killing enemies (shooting them) than the annoying, childlike way (bouncing on enemies to kill them). This game also has the neverending cliche in the Sonic games: you have to turn into Super Shadow to defeat the final boss, Devil Doom. Shadow also had a good voice in this one.
by: kaseycoley    On: 2005-12-30

This is one of the very few games out their where they need to publish a sound tract, the music is awsome! And though the cammra tends to get stuck in places and they have one unfavorable word (damn) to me its a great game and I think every one sould at least rent it and try it out.
I hate my little brother
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-30

I got to play 2 levles of it but it was my brothers game.Then one they my brother was outside with his friends and he missed a swing in basball and said d!@n it and when he came back in it was gone!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-30

Sonic is the coolest game out thare you run around as shodw with a gun shooting realistic montesrs.One question why is it E10+ if it is so viloint.I am 100% sonic fan.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-30

I love this game I can't play T games but they finally came out with a E10+ game with guns.Not musterd guns like in the kids next door videogame but machine guns pistolis.Knifs sowrds.LASers but it.YOULL BE HAPPY :>
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-30

Game On
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-30

So in Shadow the Hedgehog you are Shadow. You have guns to use and vehicles. The best part is you could kill anyone. The only thing you can't kill are the NPCs.

There are many guns in the game and some are to be unlocked. Some weapons are powerful and have lots of ammo but some are weak. Like the Shadow rifle is a weapon that needs to be unlocked, but it can kill anything in one shot and it has alot of ammo.

Next the missions. Usually in one level you have three missions to choose from. Normal, Hero, Villain. The choice you make is which way you will go on your journey. The hero missions are usually led by Sonic and his gang. While the Villain missions are led by Doom's Eye, Devil Doom, and Dr. Eggman.

This game is a great game and is a must buy. See if you can unlock everything. It'll take time.
Hmmm. tough decsion.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-29

Well, Shadow the Hedgehog is something that I expected a lot from. As you may have guessed, you play sort of the bad guy instead of the good guy. In my opinion it's sort of a mix between Sonic and Destroy all Humans! The people who gave this game 1 star for bad language are partly correct. The game does have a potentially high amount of bad words, mostly (excuse my expression) "damn." True the word is bad, but it's not as bad as some of the other swears. But you know you hear that word on the street every day. But overall, Shadow the Hedgehog is a good game. I say rent it. Buy it if you really love it.
"My Name is Shadow..."
by: shedb22204    On: 2005-12-29

Since those immortal words in Sonic Adventure 2, it has been all but inevitable that Shadow have his own unique title bestowed upon him. I will admit that I wondered about this after his supposed death at the end of Sonic Adventure 2, but I was not surprised at all to see him make a return in Sonic Heroes. Shadow the Hedgehog, Shadow's solo quest to find out the truth about his past, is a darker, edgier, and more mysterious game than any other Sonic game.

From the game's impressive introductory cinematic to the gratifying ending theme "Never Turn Back," several qualities are definite. First and foremost, the game stays true to its Sonic roots while simultanteously branching out to a more mature atmosphere. As the E-10 label suggests, the game contains mild language. When Shadow dies, he says, "Damn! Not here." However, that is as vulgar as the profanity goes, and it is certainly no reason for anyone not to play and enjoy this game. (After all, if I was shot by a laser or fell from a ledge into the dismal abyss of space, I think I would utter quite a few more coarse words than "damn.") Some people seem to consider this a major problem for the game, but frankly, I can only wonder what they were expecting. The most highly advertised aspect of Shadow the Hedgehog is the new gunplay, and I thought that would be an obvious clue to the content (Also, the game cover shows Shadow standing in the wake of an explosion holding a rocket launcher...that was another clue that was overlooked, in addition to the E-10 label in the bottom right hand corner.)

The game has several powerful strengths. The gameplay is a smooth blend of shooting, platforming, and occasional exploring. The plot is, unlike other Sonic games, ridiculously open-ended and includes ten separate endings. Each time you play the story mode, you only play six missions. There are 23 main story missions in the game, but several playthroughs are required to see each one. There are a staggering 326 possible combinations of paths and endings (That's not an exaggeration), and I doubt many gamers will even attain a third of them. One playthrough takes from one and a half to three hours depending on your skill level, so I am guessing it would take even an expert around 500 hours of gameplay to beat every combination. After beating all of the initial ten endings, the last story mission will become available, and you discover what truly happens at the end.

The soundtrack for the game is downright amazing. The tracks are essentially either of the hard rock or electronic genres, and there are some awesome tracks of both. The notables include "Waking Up" by Julien-K, "All Hail Shadow" by Magna-FI, and "I Am (All of Me)" by Crush 40.

Visually, the cut scenes are incredible, but the gameplay graphics are a bit lackluster compared to other recent titles. The controls are a bit sketchy but definitely managable after an hour or so. The major flaw is the camera, which constantly gets stuck in inconvenient positions for no obvious reason. Frankly, this is the sole reason the fun-factor of the game can only rightfully be given four stars.

That being said, the final product still earns a five star rating from me because of the intriguing plot, innovative twists to the gameplay, and remarkably good soundtrack. If you like Sonic Adventure 2 or are the least bit curious about Shadow's mysteries, you'll like Shadow the Hedbgehog. Honestly, even if you've never played a Sonic game before, Shadow the Hedgehog is still worth at least a rent.
Senseless Language
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-28

What is the point of all the swearing in this game? It adds nothing and ruins the game for the yournger kids.
Please don't buy this game!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-28

I bought this game for my almost 10 year old son. He put it in Christmas morning and out came this horrible language. I purchased a game rated E 10+ not M. We don't talk like that in our household and I do not appreciate Sega bringing this into my home. I was misled and I want my money back! I have a 4 year old who loves to watch his brother play video games. That is not what I want him learning. The bad language is every few seconds, not that it is appropriate any time, but this is ridiculous. Please don't buy this game and send a message that this is unacceptable for our children. This game is not rated correctly!!!
What's the Point???
by: booksfromjeff    On: 2005-12-28

What is the point of all the swearing in this game? I played with my 10 year old son for 10 minutes, and heard expletives about 10 times. I was also surprised by the amount of violence - very non-Sonic like.

I'm absolutely ticked off by this game, and the trash the makers of Sonic have pushed on us. I'm sorry we bought it. I am not raising my kids in a gutter, and this game belongs there! And it will not stay in my house!!!
THIS GAME RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-28

This game is the best game I have ever played. I play it all day and never get tired of it.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-27

This game rocks.I'd give it 1,ooo,000,ooo,ooo thumbs up. I do say bad words sometimes so i'd give it a B- on language.I don't rec
comend this game for all people,but i do reccomend it for ages 11 and up.So i give it anA++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-27

This game rocks. It's hard, fun, and lots of action. You can do anything in this game. You ride in cool cars and lots of other things. If I were a teacher I'd give it a big fat A+. I'd give it to people anywhere. Guns and fun here. Pick good or evil,you choose. I'd give it (...)thumbs up.
Well now...
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-26

Alright. Let's see here...a Shadow the Hedgehog game. Well this should be interesting.

All in all, Shadow the Hedgehog is one of those games you feel is a gimmick. "Oh my god! It's Sonic, only he's black and he has a gun!" Yeah, the whole gun thing. I thought the really funny thing about the Sonic games was the ability to run circles around people who have firepower. Oh well, there goes that. Most of the guns, aside from making the game more 'edgy' don't have much of a purpose. Yeah yeah, long range attacks, blah blah blah. It just gave the makers a huge excuse to make there be some incredibly annoying amount of enemies who ALSO have firepower going at you.

In Sonic Adventure 2 the enemies shot slowly so you could dodge and easily retaliate with a homing attack. Here, we get rapid fire from the enemies, covering the screen with almost seizure-inducing lights. Way to go, SEGA. You just alienated everyone who played Sonic Adventure 2 for the ability to have breathing room.

Also, one of the main reasons I bought this game was for the ability to race through levels like the Sonic Adventure games let you do. Nope, because of the guns there's lots more tramping around to little areas to look for things. I thought I chose this game because I didn't think there would BE pointless missions like "Slaughter so and so many G.U.N soliders" or "Collect blah blah blah amount of blahs". Nope, they're still there. And if you think you can escape by shouldering the missions off to the side and taking your OWN route, well..have fun for about an hour, but you'll have beaten the game by then. And then you're kinda screwed because you have to do the other crap if you want your money's worth and the ability to beat the final boss.

Overall, the "offensive" language and "moody" music just make me think that we're raising a whole new generation of emo 12 year olds who can identify with this hedgehog who thinks his life sucks. Remind me never to be trapped in a room with them.

So yeah, it's actually an okay experience, but it should be priced down to more like $20. Rent it, play through the straightforward part, and don't buy it.
NOT a Sonic the Hedgehog game!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-26

For all the horrible ratings on this game for bad language and straying from the other Sonic the Hedgehog games because of use of weapons and vechicles, people must keep in mind that THIS IS NOT A SONIC THE HEDGEHOG GAME!!!!!Get youst to it!!It is only suppose to have a LITTLE of that Sonic touch in it.....jees.Yes, it should have been rated T, but it was ment to not be like Sonic the Hedgehog that much.It has a very good storyline and is an AWESOME game, so if you like Shadow.......BUY THIS GAME!!!!
NOT a Sonic the Hedgehog game!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-26

For all the horrible ratings on this game for bad language and straying from the other Sonic the Hedgehog games because of use of weapons and vechicles, people must keep in mind that THIS IS NOT A SONIC THE HEDGEHOG GAME!!!!!Get youst to it!!It is only suppose to have a LITTLE of that Sonic touch in it.....jees.Yes, it should have been rated T, but it was ment to not be like Sonic the Hedgehog that much.It has a very good storyline and is an AWESOME game, so if you like Shadow.......BUY THIS GAME!!!!
Please allow me to introduce myself: I am a man of wealth and taste...
by: litbolt    On: 2005-12-24

Sonic has come a long way in just four games. From the wide open, free roaming of Sonic Adventure to the mind-boggling and fast-paced action of Sonic Adventure 2, to the crash of the series in Sonic Heroes. This game, unfortunately, follows in the footsteps of Sonic Heroes, though not as bright and cheerful.

Honestly, after seeing the 4.8/10 rating Gamespot gave it, I was in no hurry to play this game, even with my love for Sonic games, but then something caught my eye. "Rated E 10+ for Mild Language," that was my sole reason for playing it.

As the name implies, you play as the anti-Sonic, Shadow the Hedgehog. To make the game more appealing, I assume, to older audiences, they have tried to turn him into a hardcore, more evil character. To that end, Shadow can now wield guns, and "Mild Language" is an understatement - The first time I got hit, I was convinced I must have heard wrong and tried to get hit again, only to discover that I had, in fact, heard him say "d**n." Every time you get hit, fall, or make yourself more evil, that word seems to come out of his mouth. I, a 17 year old, found this highly amusing, although I'm sure that most parents will not.

As I mentioned, Shadow can use guns. Some realistic, some overly cartoony, but guns nonetheless. While this may seem like it's trying to rip off Ratchet and Clank, they have nothing to fear, because save for a few, the weapons have no way of being aimed, they simply auto-aim most enemies. It's not bad; it's just not impressive either. You still have the usual homing attack and spin dash from previous Sonic games, although neither are very useful attacks and are rarely even used in puzzles. A note to Sonic fans - When you get hit, you lose only ten rings, not all of them. This is probably because you get hit, a lot.

The controls have been changed in comparison to the other Sonic games, and not for the better. The A button is still used to jump and use the homing attack, but X has been shifted to spin-dash duty rather than B, which is now used to fire guns or do a punch-kick combo when you are unarmed. Unfortunately, the X button is also used to switch your weapon for one on the ground, as you can only hold one at a time, so you can find yourself careening somewhere you don't want to be if you're not careful. The C stick is used, instead of L and R, to control the camera, which is unresponsive and is probably the worst one ever in a 3D Sonic game. Y activates your special abilities, or causes you to drop your weapon if they aren't ready. The D-pad is used to switch who follows you around the level.

One of the games other gimmicks is the ability to choose between being good and evil. This manifests itself in the form of having a good guy, like Sonic, follow you around the level, telling you that you need to complete some mission that will help people and all that, or having a bad guy, such as Dr. Robotnik, tell you to do something nefarious, or by simply ignoring them and fulfilling your own purpose, namely, getting the Chaos Emeralds. Completing these different missions in a level will decide where the next level takes place and what missions need to be done there. The farther to the dark side you get, and the more sinister your objectives become. The more light you become, and the more you fight off the evil forces that are threatening all of mankind. This is actually a nice system, and is one of the game's high points.

There are also two gauges, a red and a blue one, that, when filled, will allow you to perform a special move. "Killing" good guys will fill the red gauge, which when full will let you use the Chaos Blast power, which obliterates all objects and enemies in a wide area around you. Killing bad guys will fill up the blue, which will let you use Chaos Control, a power that moves you forward through a level while bypassing all obstacles. Again, a nice gimmick, but nothing terribly useful in actual practice. Filling these gauges have no effect on your path through the game, however. Only the mission you complete decides that.

The levels themselves are pretty linear, though some have multiple paths and you can travel throughout them using warp pads, necessary when trying to find a mission-critical item. Shadow can drive vehicles, although this is simply another gimmick, albeit a slightly more important one as there are places that cannot be passed any other way than by grabbing one.

There is a plot, of course, with all this talk of good and evil. Shadow is resting one day in a quiet central city park, when suddenly the sky opens up in a dark swirling cloud and demons begin pouring out, destroying everything they see. Seconds later, their leader appears to you, claiming to have information about your past and saying that you were created to aid them. From there, the story unfolds differently depending on what missions you complete. Those among us who found themselves curious about Shadow after his excellent introduction in Sonic Adventure 2 will likely want to play it simply to find out all about him, although I admit you'll have to be a pretty die-hard fan to complete it all.

Graphics, despite using a new engine for them, are on par with Sonic Heroes, which was basically a 3D Sonic 2. Though there are more textures, the main characters look inexcusably bland, and other than some really cool effects such as the Chaos Blast, the game looks pretty bland. Another bland point is the music. The trend of the game having a theme song started by Sonic Adventure prevails, and the song I Am is a pretty good punk-rockish song. Other than that, however, the level music is mostly a bunch of electric guitar riffs jumbled together with a drumbeat in the background for good measure, which you will probably tune out after the first minute into each level.

The sounds are the standard Sonic sounds, with a few more being the explosions and gun shots, neither of which stand out in any way. The voice acting is... passable, on average. The voice team from the previous games has been dropped (Dr. Robotnik's voice actor died in January of 2005, so they didn't have a choice with him) in favor of the cast from Sonic X, the Fox Box cartoon show. Sonic and Shadow have the same actor, although I was shocked to find out as such, meaning he must be pretty good. Other than that, the acting is about what you'd expect from translated Anime - some highs, some lows.

Other than the guns and swearing, the shock of which will quickly pass, this game is really rather bland. It seems to have had a lot of nice concepts that just weren't developed as much as they should have been, such as weapon and vehicle usage. If you really, really like Sonic, or Shadow, you will probably want this game. Most everyone else should give it a rental first. Chances are if you liked Sonic Heroes, you will be able to find some enjoyment out of this, as that is the game it most closely resembles in terms of game play, minus being able to switch characters. The game was a nice try, but it just has too much unrecognized potential. Perhaps the next Sonic game, that stars Sonic, will go back to being like Sonic Adventure 2...
Parents are stupied
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-22

Why are all these parents so angrey about the curseing.Your childern will hear it soon ennough and why have half the parents think the game is rated E when its E10+ they should learn to read.In my opion it ahould be T 13+ due to the viloince and lanuge but I have no problem with that becuse I dont care!
Don't listen to
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-22

Gamespot is lier this game is awsome they wrote that pice of crap becuse they hate shadow and I may like sonic more but the game rocks.Gamespot said that the game had tarbile controols and gameplay and that is sooooooo not true.Don't take advice from gamespot they are liers!
dont listen
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-20


Great, Fantastic, awesome, spectacular game, bad rating esrb.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-20

I dont no what the people in esrb were thinking, rating this game. It should be rated t or even m 4 just language. I understand that people like me- im 13- can see, read, or hear that language and not get freaked out about it. But 10 year olds?, this game is a little hard to understand,and has cursing it should not be 4 anyone under at least 10. I guess no one ever reads the ratings.
mom walked in and saw me playing it, unfortunately saw me die, (When Shadow dies, he says D*#@) she didnt aprove. A Great game 4 those over 13.
I am a catholic, but It is still ok to play if you dont freak out about bad language.

The Best Action Packed Game Ever!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-20

If you try this game youll love it!I got into the game when I got it if you will to test it out you might fall in love with it like a spell,also if you give it a 5 star rateing the sonic company might throught out another game like shadow the hedgehog 2!!!How cool would that be?
Cool but also bad
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-20

Sega went a little too far with cursing but its a fun game
i want my money back
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-19

The guy who say this game is rock is a fool this game is crapy read the review and see why this game is bad.
Da bomb
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-19

I have collected all the Sonic games over the years and this is #1. Sghadow has forgoten his past and doesn't know if he should take hero or dark path. Attack aliens or G.U.N Soilders with homing attacks or shoot them. You get to play through the game multiple times.

Zip through the stage with viechles and use special moves.The power of Chaos control to skip portions of the stage or the power of Chaos blast to get rid of what is in your way.

Ok,here is what bothers me, alot of people are bothered by the swearing. Alot os parents are bothered. My mom doesn't care really because they are very light swears. The D word and the
H word.Even though Shadow says the D word throughout the whole game, he only says the H Word 2 times in the WHOLE Game!!!!

I have been waiting for this game for over a year!!! Shadow is my favorite character. He is cool. Hopefully Sega will make a Shadow the hedgehog 2. i would rate this game A+.

I really reccomend this game. You will love it. I have had it for over a month and i am still addicted to it.

~ Good Luck!~

Da bomb
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-19

I have collected all the Sonic games over the years and this is #1. Shadow has forgoten his past and doesn't know if he should take hero or dark path. Attack aliens or G.U.N Soilders with homing attacks or shoot them. You get to play through the game multiple times.

Zip through the stage with viechles and use special moves.The power of Chaos control to skip portions of the stage or the power of Chaos blast to get rid of what is in your way.

Ok,here is what bothers me, alot of people are bothered by the swearing. Alot os parents are bothered. My mom doesn't care really because they are very light swears. The D word and the
H word.Even though Shadow says the D word throughout the whole game, he only says the H Word 2 times in the WHOLE Game!!!!

I have been waiting for this game for over a year!!! Shadow is my favorite character. He is cool. Hopefully Sega will make a Shadow the hedgehog 2. i would rate this game A+.

I really reccomend this game. You will love it. I have had it for over a month and i am still addicted to it. Best music ever in a Sonic game since Sonic adventure 2:Battle!!

~ Good Luck!~

The game roxs
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-17

I dont know why the person below me trashed the reviews but he is lieing the game has a lot to do with shadows history and is a great part of the sonic story.However it does have some stuff that somefans will not like becuse it contains guns sowrds lasers and swear words!The guy below should get a life.
Really sick game
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-17

This games is sadistic, grotescus, an INSULTING FOR THE SONIC fans this is the worst game of sonic legacy,the graphics are a little good but the game doesn't have a history in fact when i finish the game i don't belive this the really end of the game, the music is HORRIBLE, and the GAMEPLAY SLASHY,STRASHYAND and confusing, all the reviwers say the game is great is beacuse they don't what to admit their 50 bucks going down, belive me if you want a really sonic game buy the great original hits games of sega like Sonic Adventures 2 Battle or Sonic Adventures DX but if you want to buy it okay the 50 dollars are not mine wahaha...
Really sick game
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-17

This games is sadistic, grotescus, an INSULTING FOR THE SONIC fans this is the worst game of sonic legacy,the graphics are a little good but the game doesn't have a history in fact when i finish the game i don't belive this the really end of the game, the music is HORRIBLE, and the GAMEPLAY SLASHY,STRASHYAND and confusing, all the reviwers say the game is great is beacuse they don't what to admit their 50 bucks going down, belive me if you want a really sonic game buy the great original hits games of sega like Sonic Adventures 2 Battle or Sonic Adventures DX but if you want to buy it okay the 50 dollars are not mine wahaha...
Really sick game
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-17

This games is sadistic, grotescus, an INSULTING FOR THE SONIC fans this is the worst game of sonic legacy,the graphics are a little good but the game doesn't have a history in fact when i finish the game i don't belive this the really end of the game, the music is HORRIBLE, and the GAMEPLAY SLASHY,STRASHYAND and confusing, all the reviwers say the game is great is beacuse they don't what to admit their 50 bucks going down, belive me if you want a really sonic game buy the great original hits games of sega like Sonic Adventures 2 Battle or Sonic Adventures DX but if you want to buy it okay the 50 dollars are not mine wahaha...
Shadow Hedgehog GameCube Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-15

TOTALLY UNNECESSARY STRONG LANGUAGE is used throughout the game. This game should have been given at the least a "T" rating. My local game store was kind enough to let me exchange it.

Parents! Don't have a spaz!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-11

Parents shouldn't be getting so angry about the cursing! FACE IT! Your kids are going to hear it some day! Better sooner than later. You can't stop them from hearing it, but you can stop them saying it. Rating it 'T' wouldn't help. I'm not a teen but most of my games are 'T'. Kids will still buy 'T' rated games at 9. Don't complain because it's getting you nowhere! Buy the game because it's awesome! If your kid has played Sonic games before, they'll love this. Don't have a spaz over nothing. This game rocks!
The Best
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-10

I loved this game. The bosses are challenging but also fun. I loved to do the chaos blast often. The levels are awesume and the graphic are incredible. I have all of the sonic games for gamecube and this is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (or shall I say 2nd. Sonic DX is my first) I like the teaming and everything. This is the bomb. It beats all of the mario games! I love it soo much that whenever I play my gamecube, I play this game 99,99% of the time.

Get this Game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS If you have Sonic Mega Colletion, don't think the heat barrier (red shield) is a fire shield. I tried it in digital circut and the second time i got hit, I scattered 10 rings ( you only scatter 10 rings at a time if you have 11 or more)
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-10

As for that "cheat" a previous reviewer discussed, haven't you noticed you can do that in Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut also?

As for the game, I believe this game doesn't get the credit it deserves. It is harshly critizied by "professional game reviewers". This is one time not to believe GameSpot, GameSpy, and all the others.

Finally, Sonic Team cleared up that mouth-animation while their talking. Something that was bad in the previous Sonic 3D games. Other than that, graphics are pretty much the same as the others, slightly better though.

Uses Dolby Digital Pro Logic II. Fans of the anime, Sonic X, will see that the same voices are used. Sound is clean and the music well suits the level, while being great. As for these mad mommies, they don't surpass use of da** and he** (only once from my hearing). 'Kay?

A long story. There is a variety of guns available. You can take guns, cannons, swords, et cetera, from enemies you destroyed or killed. Along the way, every level has 2 mission characters. They assist and offer alternative missions. Or, you could just take the neutral path and reach the end. Your choice. The way you play, your choice. For Sonic fans, guns are optional, same with vehicles. It's challenging, not frustratingly hard though. The controls aren't terrible. I like them the way they are. I must admit, Doom's Eye is annoying and often times blocks sight, but not all that bad. Just great gameplay.

Basicially, well worth your money, promising fun, some good challenge, and much more. (P.S. Due to issues with other versions, it's recommended you get this version, the GameCube version)
Sega, get real. Why are you recking this game.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-09

My name is connor and i was going to get this, until i used my brains. i read some reveiws and according to what i read: bad language, swords and guns, unusefull bad music. one of the reveiws said bad language is every where, that really got me MAD! i'm a christan and dont think that i dissagree with all games. i have a cube and own quite a bit of games including lord of the rings, and two other rated T's the rest are E's. i also own sonic adventure battle 2 and its great! but sega has gone too far and neads to stop NOW! becouse there are angry parents that wish they wouldn't of bought this game. so my advise is to buy a older sega game.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-08

Okay, I've been a sonic fan since dreamcast days, when I was about four years old. Back then, the games were amazing, and are still unsurpassed by any new game, Sonic or not.
After the horror and terrible failure of Sonic Heros, I was hoping that Sega wouldn't screw up a game that revolved around Shadow. They just couldn't. But somehow, they did.
I'd been expecting something like Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, but this was just a copy of Sonic Heros, another big fat failure. When I say like Sonic Heros, I don't mean the same concept, I mean the same patheticly long stages, cruddy graphics and the lack of speed.
I play Sonic games for the speed, as I'm insane when it comes to speed. Can't get enough of it. But in this game, I didn't feel the need for speed that makes Sonic, well, Sonic. Rather than racing through stages, trying to beat your best time or whatever, most of the time, you have to kill all the soilders or black creatures or something. There were like, two bosses, which were used over and over. It took me maybe five hours to beat every stage, and it was incredibly tedious.
I seriously wanted to cry over the suckishness of this game, and it's finally made me realize that there'll never be another Sonic Adventure, or Sonic Adventure DX, Sonic Adventure 2, or Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Rather than getting this game, I highly recomend getting SA2B or SADX
And now to give my grades and such.

Music: F- What music?
Gameplay: D-
Story: D, I really didn't see a story, at all, and it hardly explained Shadow's past like many people said it did.
Graphics: B-
Overall: F---- (Four minuses) I was truely disappointed by this game.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-08

A slap in the face to Sonic fans everywhere.
by: yakmir    On: 2005-12-07

Are you a long-term Sonic fan? Would you like to feel like Sega shafted you in favour of casual gamers and GTA fans? Here's your game. A transparent, cynical, cold-hearted, rushed cash-grab, an inferior version of existing Sonic games with a blatantly tacked-on gun system to sell to the OMGLOLGUNZRCOOL crowd. Buy Sonic Rush instead; that's a Sonic game. I'm not offended by the language or the violence; I'm offended by the lack of respect this game shows to the Sonic franchise.
To the complaining parents:
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-05

I'm Sonic the Hedgehog fan. Ever since the Genesis days. This isn't a Sonic game. It's /SHADOW/ the Hedgehog, making it something I can honestly say that I'm loving this game. Shadow the Hedgehog seems pretty true to Shadow's genereal character.

I realise that many of the parents out there are complaining about Shadow's usage of the words 'Hell' and 'damn'. Ok well first off. I will say this. I've beaten one of the endings and have only heard the word 'Hell' once. And yes. I do realise that perhaps they went a bit overboard with the use of the word 'Damn'.

But honestly think about it. Whether you want to believe it or not, your kids are probably already hearing these words at school, on the radio, and tv. Some of them are probably already using them. It's jsut the way things are, and if you're going to get spaztic over such a small thing then I suppose this life just isn't for you. Because no matter how much you might want everyone to use clean language it isn't going to happen. Not with the way things are today. Have you listened to the music that alot of children listen to these days? Have you bothered to turn on the radio lately? They're going to hear them. No matter what you do, no matter how much you complain, it's INEVITABLE. Get used to it. It's jsut a fact of life.

And yes, perhaps Shadow the Hedgehog should have recieved a 'T' rating. But after reading other reviews on here. About them complaining about their 8 and 9 year old children hearing those words. Sorry to be so blunt. But are you people complete dumbasses? Last I checked 8 and 9 were under 10. Where the back of the game says clearly '10+'. So before you decide to get online and bitch them out for it, think about how stupid /YOU'RE/ going to be left looking. They warned you. 'Mild Language' '10+' DEAL WITH IT.

If you're illiterate then that's not Sonic Team's, Nintendo's, nor Sega's fault.
Good game but might insult christains
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-05

This is the best sonic game ever you can get guns and soerds and the they curse.But however thare is one vary insulting song its called almost dead it say stuff like no more god.Hevan can safe us all and hell is jest a joke.And other lines beware of this
Parents Beware...
by: melinky    On: 2005-12-05

My 10-Year Old Loves It; I Don't. I wish I had read some reviews before purchasing it for my son, but it was rated E-10. He loves the game, but I would never have bought it for him if I had realized that the "mild" language indicated on the packaging included repeated use of "damn" and "hell." I really think this game should have received a "Teen" rating.
#1 Sega game!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-05

This is a awesome game. It has a lot of unlockables and you can unlock characters and there is a last story! That is alot!! But wh is it E 10? It should be T. Listen. You got to by this game and forget Ign, gamespot and those other sites.You want it. Trust me.
Good game! But.....
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-04

I am 14, going on 15 soon, and I have always loved Sonic, but people MUST realize that this is NOT Sonic! This is Shadow, a completely different game and character. Its loaded with guns,cursing, and violence. I respect that, due to shadow's outlook on life, but the only thing is that SEGA should have kept it rated T for teens because many parents arent happy about their kids saying 'damn' or 'hell' but if it was rated T, it would get a better review because people would know what to expect! You must realize this opens up Shadow's past! SO many teens love him, Sonic if more of a character for younger kids(my opinion)
Not pleased with Hedgehog's E Rating
by: specialk178    On: 2005-12-04

I'm sorry, but I do not think Sonic the Hedgehog should have been rated E. I don't think 9 year old boys should be hearing "damn" and "hell" in video games. Call me a prude if you want, but it's got to stop somewhere. This one's going back to the store. More parents need to listen to and watch these games to see what their kids are playing.

thought it would be T[i cAN buy t games]
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-04

SEriously,i thought shooter games are t or M OR ao but this is E10+ im a 9 year old,can buy T games,can PLAY m games,can play E GAMES[DUH]can play ec games but AO[ADULTS ONLY] is also werid to give a hedgehog a gun.but still awesome,sonic;s 1st game is the best.and screw gamespots review and people don't like dis review they can burn.
Parents beware of foul language
by: chood4    On: 2005-12-03

Shame on Nintendo for releasing this game and promoting it as appropriate for ages 10 and up!!! Why in the world did they take a wholesome franchise like Sonic the Hedgehog and add unnecessary cursing? Parents, note--the words "hell" and "damn" are strewn in with the dialogue with alarming frequency. We returned our game to the store and they refunded our money. Just be aware that there is no way to squelch the curse words, and why should we be exposing our kids to even more smartmouth language than they already hear? My wife and I were sorely the rating of E10 is a joke. This should be for teenagers or older only.
Sonic the Hedgehog Advances to the Next Level
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-03

Even with recent advancements in video game technology, very few games offer a mix of everything gaming has to offer. First person shooters, and racing games come by the dozen, as do games about soldiers, crooks, or mystical anime-like worlds. Shadow the Hedgehog, the newest addition to the classic Sonic series, combines the best aspects of these popular gaming concepts, enhancing the over-all Sonic experience.

Simply, Shadow is an inverted version of Sonic the Hedgehog. Those unfamiliar with Sonic Adventure 2, might assume this to be cheap characterization on the Sonic Team's part, but it is actually just the opposite. Visually, yes, Sonic and Shadow are extremely alike. Shadow's colors are just flipped from Sonic's and his look is more menacing. The actual background of Shadow's character however, is more complex then any other character's in the series. In fact, Shadow's past and personality are the bases of the game. This is a huge step up for the Sonic Team. Sonic Adventure 2, which also centers Shadow's motives, is the only other Sonic game that has ever truly regarded any kind of thought out story line. Sonic Heroes, Sonic Adventure, and pretty much all of the Sega Genesis Sonic games, gave you a very clear mission; Defeat the Evil Doctor Robotnik using some Chaos Emeralds, and thus, save the world.

The Story line in Shadow the Hedgehog is: who is Shadow? Is he good, evil, misunderstood, indifferent? Does he want to help human beings, or does he want to kill them all? It is the player's job to decide. And the great thing is, you can change your mind right in the middle of game play.

Here's how the system works, the order of stages depends on the mission you choose with in each level. For example, level one, Westopolis, throws Shadow into a situation where aliens are attacking the city. You have three options: You can either, help Sonic and the G.U.N. army defeat these aliens; You can assist the aliens in killing off all the soldiers; Or... you can blow everyone off and snatch one of seven chaos emeralds, hidden near the end of the level. There are over twenty levels, all of which are huge 3-D environments, with lots of directions and little crevices to choose from. It is actually a combination of the path-set levels in Sonic Adventure 2, and the exploration based levels in Sonic Adventure.

Its easy to choose which path to take, as the game's other characters are always meeting up with you as you play, and trying to sway you to follow their directions. You can also reference each mission by pausing the game. This takes you to a menu of your options. Often I would be very close to finishing a mission, and at the very last minute, decide to just blow everything up. This is possible because for good deeds, a meter on the top of the screen fills up in blue, eventually giving you a special move called, Chaos Control, allowing you to wiz through the level in double the speed.. If you choose to be wicked though, another meter fills up in red, giving you the power of Chaos Blast, which is the equivalent to a mini-nuclear bomb. Each move is very nicely animated and easy to control.

The weapons are also a nice addition to the game. There are special weapons, which can be found in Shadow-colored boxes. Each box has four weapons to choose from. I recommend the vacuum chicken, which sucks up all your enemies, but the chao doll shooter is nice too...

Regular weapons, which you steal from your enemies, include missiles, bazookas, machine guns, plasma lasers, hand guns... basically all the good stuff. This might seem violent for a Sonic game, but aliens just turn into green blobs when you shoot them. Soldiers and army fighting machines? ...Okay, I know, shooting soldiers is a bit dark, but again, its not like blood flies every where. Soldiers just yelp and beg for mercy after you shoot them. There are no violent graphics or real solider deaths, so its hard to feel too guilty once you get into blasting them all. That, and its fun to watch their machinery explode.

Getting back to the "darkness" of the game... Some very minimal, almost silly swearing has been added to the dialogue. Trust me, it is not offensive. Its actually kind of goofy. Also, the voice actors have all been re-casted, so, aside from the harmless cussing, lines are delivered a lot better then those of previous Sonic games. Though, be warned of the cheesy "mwhahaha" crap every now and then.

Other problems that have been addressed: The angle issue that the Sonic Team is notorious for, is actually a lot better. There are a few levels where I had some problems with it, but very rarely did they cost me one of my Shadow lives. The animation, especially in the major cut scenes, is really nice, great actually. It is very clear, textured, well lit, and nicely directed, though some of the human characters move a bit awkwardly. Still, in Sonic Adventure 2, the animation of a human character, Maria, was practically deformed. She looks a lot better in this game, I promise.

Lastly, the soundtrack to Shadow the Hedgehog features digitally mixed, guitar-heavy, electronica-like themes. The tracks with vocals, which are played during the introduction of the game, and as the credits are rolling, range from Marilyn Manson rip-offs, to even a semi-eighties/The Cure techno track. The best theme is one called The Chosen one. Its very pop-rock, but actually has a really somber chord progression. It almost stands alone from the game, just as Suteki Da Ne does in Final Fantasy X.

Over-all, Shadow the Hedgehog is a major advancement in Sonic games, that features very polished animation, and a detailed story-line, which the player has control over. It is "dark" but not offensive or truly violent, and includes well-produced music and voice acting.
stop dissing my reviews
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-03

hey little kids stop dissing my reviews. you can't say there not helpful, if the game sucks. to see the truth about this lackluster game, visit it's the truth about this game. ps. i am hard rocker tom.
Is it really Rated E?
by: mollymac17    On: 2005-12-02

I thought this game was perfect for my 8 year old son, until I sat and listened to it. Everytime Shadow falls of a cliff or gets hurt he says "Damn!" or "Dammit!" I would assume if it was rated E the main character wouldn't be swearing. My son has been begging me for this game and he was so excited to finally get it for his birthday, but then I had to sit down and discuss the bad words with him. Many kids go around mimicking their favorite characters, so I don't need him running around saying dammit. Granted, this is a very light swear word, but I still don't think it's necessary.

That aside, it looks like a cool game and my son really enjoys it. It was a good buy.
People please listen to me. I own all the sega games!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-30

by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-29

This is the best game ever. The gun part is the best (No violence)BUY THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shows that Sega is desprate.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-29

WTF? Shadow the Hedgehog sucks. When Sega added guns, that meant they were desprate. It doesn't stay true to the franchise. I've played every Sonic game expect for some of the arcade ones, and they are all better than this. The story of this game is Shadow is on a planet, where all hell breaks loose. And quote, I'm not refering to Doom. You can chose one of three paths. Good,bad with Dr. Eggman, or bad with tall dark and mysterious. Depending on with path you choose, you'll face a certain end boss. I found myself in the game running into the same boss like 3 times. There are also some controll issues. All the people who give this game 5 stars must be high on crack. This game is a poor excuse for a Sonic game
Sonic,Tails,Knuckles,Shadow,and Amy Fan 4EVER
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-28

This game is so cool.I always wonderd when they would make a game about Shadow and wat his purpos was.Its really run.All the Sonic and Shadow games are cool.I've been playing sonic since I was about 3 or 4.I never thought I woulde still be a sonic fan after 9yrs.But saga proved me wrong.
Don't listen to kids who say its to short!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-28

All you Shadow lovers out there! This is the game!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-28

Kids don't listen to that christian. I am christian and there is nothing wrong. THis game rules! SHadow's past is open to us! All of you shadow fans have to buy this! Here are the ratings


Fun: 10



Sound: 10!!!!

COntrols:10( It is very good controls. But it is a little hard to know all.)

Gameplay: 10

Overal grade: 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000!!!!


This is from a Christian standpoint...
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-25

I found this game to be very fun, but there was so much wrong with the content. SEGA can do better than this. They do not have to stick language, blasphemyic lyrics, and Violence in a game to get them to play it. If it were not for this content, this game would be very fun. Another warning that should have been on the case was "Comic Mischief" due to the the somewhat GTA type aspects to it (Hopping in a deserted vehicle, playing with random guns).

Story: 8.5/10

Awsome story. Multiple endings give tons of replay value. The story goes like this: It is the 50 year anniversery of the Fire-In-The-Sky Festival (Those who beat SA2's last story should know what this means). Shadow is staring at the city, trying to remember his past. When all of a sudden, the sky starts turning red and the "Black Arms" alien army are falling out of the middle. Black Doom appears to Shadow and says "As you know, the day of reckoning will soon be here. Bring me the Chaos Emeralds as promised". When Shadow try's to talk to him, him and his third eye dissapear into the ground, making a tiny earthquake. Shadow says "If he knows the secrets to my past, then like it or not I have to beleive him. The only way I am going to get my memory back, is if I get those Chaos Emeralds!". Then rushes into the city to find the first 2. You get to decide what happens from there on.

Graphics: 7.2/10

The in game graphics are Dreamcast style. Nothing is to fancy then. But the opening and the beginning videos in the game are absolutly amazing! One part to note is when Shadow is rushing off into the city (as I stated above), when he runs, you can see the grass moving over the boots. It has detail that of StarFox Adventures.

Sound: 6.7/10

Now, the in-game sound is okay, but it has some of the best music lyrics and songs I have heard in a Sonic the Hedgehog game. A few favorites are "I Am" and "All Hail Shadow". Those were some of the best. But, the reason I gave it such a harsh rating, was because of the "Almost Dead" lyrics. These two lines of lyrics can be EXTREMELLY offensive to Christian's:

Heaven can's save us,
Hell is a joke

THAT is the finishing reason I am getting rid of this. The other problems were the in-game cinemas and in-game language. 75% of the time, whenever Shadow got hit or died, he let out a d***. In the in-game cinema's, One of the lines are "I'm sending you straight to he**!". That was another thing that set me off.

Gameplay: 8.7/10

What Shadow lacks in camera, is made up for in gameplay. There is a very wide variety of guns. You can even pick of street signs and start wacking em' all around! There are a few vehicles to choose from (A Jeep, G.U.N. Vehicle, Floating Disc, ect.). He has a punch and kick combo and can do the good ol' homing attack. You get teammate's to help (Some help they are...) when youa re doing the Hero mission's. Oh! A little secret.. If you have a second controller, you can have a second player be the non-flying characters!

Controls: 7.7/10

They control's will be a little confusing at first with the guns and everything. Shadow can easily fall off a ledge, but, that is the gamer's fault if you think about it. There is not much to them, really.

Overall: 6.9/10

The reason why I gave this a low one is because of the highly enduced language. They did not need to stick the D and H word in there. Heaven CAN save you from living in a terrible life in Hell. Speaking of that, Hell is NOT a joke. It is the real deal and words like that should not be said by the human tounge... or any tounge for that matter. I took of a whopping amount of points off of it for those reason's alone. The only other problem is the camera. Something just dosen't feel right when playing. Wether it is seeing Shadow, Sonic, Knuckles, G.U.N. Troops, E-123 Omega cursing or seeing Eggman get killed (or KO'd) in 3 or 4 of the endings, something does not feel correct. You dissapointed Sega. You can do better than that. Hopefully Sonic Rush will be a better alternative, or Mario Kart DS (Which I should have a review of both up soon)... Sega, please don't ever do this again. This should be T, not E-10...
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-24

SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG RULZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by a kid
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-24

[...]the game is awsome, guns, hand to hand combat, swords, and multiple story lines. sure 1 storyline is short, but try doin all of them, i got it on saturday and the storyline i beat, shadow murders eggman( a.k.a. robotnik) and a good 2p batlle mode!!! good for sonic fans, but if ur new to the series, try playing the other games first.




by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-22


by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-22

Sonic has gone up to a whole new level with guns, swearwords punching, and kicking!The game is about shadows past and him trying to figure out who he relly is?The gun play is vary intense and you her d**n it every level I hope they can do this with sonic someday.P.S To the guy who every wrote sonic sucks i think you suck the game should have been rated T becuse you can kill millatry soldiers dont write anything bad about sonic becuise he rocks!
Good, but too short!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-20

Shsdow the hedgehog was one of my favorite games this year for Nintendo Gamecube. The graphics were incredible, the story line was superb, and the gameplay was flawless. There was only one problem with it, IT'S TOO SHORT! I beat the game in 2 hours. I'm not even a good gamer, but I've beaten all the Sonic games on Nintendo Gamecube, which were all pretty good. This game is not as good as Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, but it is definitely a 5 star title.
Awesome! Just plain awesome!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-20

This is an excellent game. I don't know why certain people keep giving it bad reviews, but don't listen to them! (Gamers can be a very critical audience and a big chunk of them expect every single game that comes out to be the best game ever made.) If you're a fan of Sonic and Shadow, then definately pick this up! I bought it about 3 days after it came out and I don't regret it at all! It's very FUN, has great storylines, and it's a little more adult oriented which makes it more interesting for a Sonic game.
I love Shadow; I have every since Sonic Adventure 2 came out (my screen name isn't "Draven's Shadow" for nothing.) Sonic Team did such a great job on this game. Sonic Team, THANK YOU for making Shadow the Hedgehog! It's so cool! I hope you make a sequel. :D
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-20

this game is sweet! my favorite character is shadow so this is what i was waiting for!!!!! I THINK YU SHOULD GET THIS GAME!!! THE GUNPLAY IS SWEET! GET THIS GAME!!!!!!!!
This deserves more then "roxors"
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-19

This game is cool. When I first heard of it I thought, "I gotta practice my gunplay before fall!" Its funny that just because they can use the word "damn" they overuse it so much.
I hate it when the characters pop in and help you with thigns you don't want to do. And now for something completely diferent, I am really REALLY ticked off that they replaced the original cast. They better get a new eggman and get the original voices back. The awsome gunplay makes up for the sucky voices. Now to make you sure this is a kid's reveiw: THIS GAME R0x0rs. there I said it.
Sonic sucks!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-19

Sonic is the dumbest game out there. All shadow does is run around with a gun shooting fake looking creatures. One question: Why would they make this game E for everyone 10+ if this game is so baby like? If you like shooter games so much, get GTA or 50 Cent Bulletproof. I am 0% a sonic fan.
One Word..............SWEET!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-19

YO! this game is awesome its off the hizzy this game is the best in the world i also like the characters i already beat i like sonics dark side
Does Sonic's darker half have what it takes to dazzle discerning players?
by: deathtothemonkeys    On: 2005-11-19

It's all too easy to draw parallels between Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog. The classic mascot characters have endured the years to become videogame icons, recognized and loved by millions of game addicts around the globe. Nintendo's fat, Italian plumber helped pioneer the platformer genre and SEGA's blue hedgehog transformed it completely, placing a new emphasis on speed and rollercoaster-inspired level designs. In the old days, Mario and Sonic stood on even ground, each taking lead roles in an impressive selection of critically acclaimed titles. But as the years passed and consoles become more and more powerful, Mario's inevitable jump to the third dimension faired much better than Sonic's. Case in point: Super Mario 64 is remembered even today as one of the greatest games of all time. Sonic Adventure for Sega Dreamcast is conversely thought of as a flawed, but still enjoyable sequel by hardcore fans, and an altogether broken platformer by everybody else.

It is more than a little puzzling, therefore, that developers SEGA Studios USA and Sonic Team continue to draw upon that archaic, clunky design for various Hedgehog-based sequels. Sonic Adventure 2, for instance, hit Dreamcast and was later ported to GameCube with the same fundamental mechanics and shortcomings that blemished the original title. And now, the software house has created Shadow the Hedgehog for GameCube, PlayStation 2 and Xbox, a game that looks and plays like it was designed for Dreamcast a full six years ago. Sonic's darker half occasionally shines in the same way that its predecessors did -- namely, with an impressive sense of speed and dazzling stages complete with trademark twists and turns. And it's solely for these reasons that anybody who defends the original Sonic Adventure will probably like Shadow's one. Alternatively, though, players unimpressed with Sonic's Dreamcast outings will find more of the same here, and unlike a fine wine, age has not improved the formula.

Identity Crisis
Shadow the Hedgehog seems to be Sonic Team's unofficial attempt at aging up its platformer games and as a result the title regularly deals with slightly darker and more convoluted themes that center on the balance between good and evil. The story is kick-started by a gorgeously rendered full-motion animation cinematic that introduces players to the troubled Hedgehog, who has recently lost his memory and is struggling to come to grips with his place in the world. The tale picks up after the events in Sonic Heroes and consequently Shadow can only vaguely recall in flashbacks that there was a girl named Maria, he may have loved her, and she was murdered.

Shadow isn't allowed much alone time before his thought process is so rudely interrupted by the sounds of war and destruction. An alien threat called Black Arms explodes onto the scene and demolishes everything in its path, including nearby city skyscrapers. This is, again, all illustrated in impressive FMA cut-scenes that seasoned Sonic fans will undoubtedly appreciate. Shadow observes this phenomenon with a level of indifference before he is approached by a demon-like figure known as Black Doom, who leads the extraterrestrial forces. The menacing entity acts as though he knows Shadow and commands the Hedgehog to retrieve the seven powerful Chaos Emeralds located throughout the land. The anti-hero begrudgingly agrees, but only because Black Doom promises to restore his memory immediately after the artifacts are collected.

This oddball setup is supposed to extend into and become an integral part of the gameplay experience. Shadow is out for himself and therefore he can and in fact does switch allegiances depending on the preferences of players. The hedgehog can be made to carry out Black Doom's commands, or he can switch sides and team up with Sonic and friends, or even Dr. Eggman. Changing teams is as simple as tapping the D-Pad during gameplay. One quick tap and Shadow will find himself being guided to various goals, such as destroying G.U.N. troops, for Black Doom. Another tap and Sonic and friends will appear at his side to fight against the Black Arms.

The concept itself is intriguing primarily because it enables gamers to choose different paths for themselves as the hero advances through the adventure. The choices made will have a direct bearing on the stages that follow thanks to a branching storyline that allows for several possible paths and endings. This is a clever way to extend replay value and we're confident that completionists will play through the title several times, switching allegiances, so that they may see everything that there is to see.

However, observing the unique goals per different allegiances is a messy undertaking marred by poor design. The fact of the matter is that any level of serious planned strategizing is wholly unobtainable in the intensely frantic makeup of the game, whose mechanics perpetually dart Shadow forward with both limited visibility and control. In turn, even when gamers are trying to fight alongside Sonic and friends, they will accidentally dispose of hordes of allies and even zoom into and activate switches or complete puzzle components that they should ignore. This truth renders the entire operation of choosing sides more or less useless.

Speed, Loops and Guns, But Very Little Fun
Dreamcast owners will already have an unfortunately accurate idea of how Shadow the Hedgehog plays (and for that matter, looks). To be brief, like Sonic Adventure before it. What this means is that speed and forward momentum are emphasized over control, puzzles, or to be frank, depth. Honestly, that isn't always a bad thing. Shadow, like Sonic before him, has his redeeming gameplay moments. We're referring to the rollercoaster-like stages complete with loop-de-loops, corkscrews and pinball bouncers that send the hedgehog zigzagging up and down environments at remarkable speeds. Because these scenarios are still plentiful, undeterred supporters of Sonic Team's efforts will undoubtedly find something to like about Shadow's quest.

That noted, these thrill-ride fundamentals have outworn their welcome, as far as we're concerned. Just because they dazzled players six years ago does not mean that Sonic Team can copy and paste exactly the same loops and spins into each new franchise iteration and expect everyone to be happy with the outcome. Admittedly, Shadow is at its best when the character is zipping through 360s and or skating a rollercoaster track. But it's also during these moments that the game plays itself. It is, in fact, possible, for participants to put their controllers down for seconds at a time and simply watch what unfolds. How is relinquishing control for what amounts to watching Shadow tumble through a scripted corkscrew a rewarding play environment?

Unfortunately for Sonic's darker half, there are all-new problems exclusive to his adventure. The very first level in Shadow the Hedgehog is a shining example of spectacularly lackluster game design and probably one of the worst single stages that we've played in any title for many months. The reluctant hero is thrust into a drab environment and immediately nudged forward -- right into a progression of objects, including obstructing walls and enemies. Disappointingly, the platformer also features a horrendously malfunctioned camera system that catches on environments or even occasionally runs amok for no particular discernible reason. The result? Commonly frustrating undertakings where the goal is to burst forward and gain speed, but before that can happen Shadow crashes into enemies and loses rings, or simply goes careening off a ledge. These impossibly trying outcomes are worsened because Shadow moves loosely through the worlds he explores, which at times makes precision navigation an insurmountable hurdle.

The character can, unlike Sonic, wield a number of imposing weapons, from massive swords to explosive projectiles. But in a move that again harkens back to the days of Dreamcast, there is no lock-on system in place and therefore what is a simple process in other titles is overly complex and cumbersome here. Successfully targeting and unloading a bazooka shot at an enemy may as well be left to chance. Sonic Team has positioned Shadow's gunplay as a primary selling point to the platformer, but in practice the mechanics are really not that enjoyable.

Recycled technology and replicated production values have ensured that Shadow the Hedgehog looks and sounds almost exactly like its Sonic-based predecessors. To Sonic Team's credit, there are more than 20 levels in the game and each is varied in design. Some areas have a futuristic look to them while others feature large metropolis backgrounds and more still take Shadow through lava and forest settings. Meanwhile, the game engine draws long, stretching locales populated with a moderate number of polygonal characters. And on GameCube and Xbox, the fluidity usually aspires for the 60 frames per second mark with some dips. The PlayStation 2 version is noticeably more sluggish despite the fact that it is visually lacking compared to its counterparts. And yet, these are small graphic victories, especially when held to today's more robust standards. Shadow oftentimes looks like it could have been designed for Dreamcast simply because the worlds and characters lack polygon numbers, which leads to a generally square presentation void of curvy shapes. Worse is that many of the game's textures are downright muddy, especially when the camera malfunctions and pans up close, as it consistently does. And overall character animation is primitive and incomplete when compared to the majority of today's games.

Shadow the Hedgehog is proof that Sonic Team needs to get with the program if it plans to compete with legitimate current and next- generation software. This is Sonic Adventure with guns and less polish, and players today are far more discerning than they were six years ago. Diehard Sonic fans will cling to the fact that the title still conjures up corkscrews and loop-de-loops, as well as an impressive sense of speed when Shadow really gets moving, and this is all true. But this doesn't make up for the game's long list of shortcomings, from stupid level design, unrefined controls and useless gunplay to disappointingly outdated graphics.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-15

Shadow is no longer in Sonic's shadow
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-14

At first I had my doughts about this game. Is gunplay a good idea for a Sonic game? What can I say, it was fun.

The Game takes place 50 years after the events of Sonic Adventure 2. Plus Shadow has amnesia. The goal is to recover his memory and find out about his past, and to do this, you must find the Chaos Emeralds which are in a number of worlds. The games biggest feature is how you decide the hero side, or the dark. There are over 30 different types of weapons, some of which are a machine, a plasma gun, a bazooka, laser guns and there are over 50 missions and over 20 stages. But that's not all. Shadow will access more destructive things like a cannon. Also you can drive vehicles like a motorcycle or an alien spacecraft. Like most of the recent Sonic games, Shadow can grind. In this game, there are some parts where Sonic, Knuckles, and others will follow you around like Tails did to Sonic in Sonic Adventure DX. Shadow can use Chaos control, where he can briefley bend time or space, or the incredibly destructive Chaos blast, destroying everything on screen. Also, a second player can join in on the action. Shadow fights against aliens, the G.U.N Army, and it wouldn't be a Sonic game without...Dr. Eggman! The levels are in the Sonic tradition with the loops, the spirals and Sonic developers design the levels to make you want to go fast.
This game might also be the fastest game you have ever played.


Graphics: 9.5

Replay: 10

Sound: 9

Story: 9.5

Violence: 3 (compared to a game like Mortal Combat)

Gameplay, 9.5

Camera: 9

Controls: 9.5

Fun Level: 9.5

This is a great game with the average price tag of a video game, so this is worth your time and money for sure.

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