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Sonic Mega Collection
Manufacturer: Sega Of America, Inc.      
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Results of the game...
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-06-10

Okay here are the results of the playable games. It depends on music,fun, and diffuctly.

Sonic the Hedgehog
Music: Terrible
Fun: Its pretty fun...
Difficultly: Pretty hard.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Music: The music's great!!
Fun: This game is SO FUN!
Difficultly: Well the same as Sonic the Hedgehog, but.. there is Tails to help you! ^_^

Sonic the Hedgehog 3
Music: Pretty good.
Fun: Its my favorite game. So its fun.
Difficultly: Since it has a save feature, it should be easy!

Sonic and Knuckles
Music: Da bomb
Fun: I hate this game. Its not fun,
Difficultly: Too hard.

Sonic Spinball
Music: Its better than the gamegear version. IT HAS THE BESTEST MUSIC!!
Fun: Pretty fun
Difficultly:Very Very hard

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
Music: good
Fun: Bo-ring *snoring*
Difficultly: I am still on level 2. O_0

Sonic 3d Blast
Music: ha ha ha ha ya kiddin right
Fun: Don't even get me started
Difficultly: Look at music and fun

Overall, this is a pretty good collection of games

by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-29

This game is so great! My favorite game that is in this series is Sonic The Hegehog 2 this is also the best game in the series. I can remember in 2002 when I got my gamecube I was in need of a good sonic game so I bought Sonic Adventure 2. Then Sonic games were the best! When Christmas came I needed another Sonic game so I asked for this one. It was so much fun! I still enjoy it. Once you buy this youll never want to sell it. I also love Dr. Robotniks Mean Bean Machine. All of the games on here are great. So why are Flicky and Ristar on this? Flicky is on this because in Sonic 3D Blast you save the Flickies. Ristar is on this because that is almost what Sonic was supposed to be. Only instead of a star he was going to be a rabbit with strechy ears.
THIS IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-09

This game is great and very fun. I love this game. I never really got into Sonic until recently. I'm glad I bought this game. You have 7 games on 1 disc. I really like the Sonic and knuckles game. They are all good. But the thing I don't like is you have to unlock 3 of the games. Alot of hours of fun. It reminds me of the older mario games. It's great. I plan to get all the Sonic games for the gamecube. I'm really happy with this one.
Kick @** man, if your a real SEGA man, like me!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-09-26

This is truly amazing to have every genesis game of Sonic on a single cd for GameCube. They don't call me the Speed Demon for nothing, topping out 30 mph.....yes no lie and my biggest insperation to such speed over the last, fast 13 years is Sonic the Hedgehog. I was fast back in 2nd grade but then I met Sonic, when he was first introduced into this world, with the games like Sonic the Hedgehog 3 I wanted to be like my new hearo and became faster. Many Great games including Sonic 1,2,3, Sonic & Knuckels(4 so to speak) Sonic Spinball and Dr.Eggman's Mean Bean Machine, which I personally don't care for ( not exact name of the name of the game, I just used Eggman's name) It also has a very fun game called "Blue Sphere",
which you have to unlock which is too easy to do. They say to play the games included to unlock these secret games but you don't have play them exactly, I won't spoill it though you'll have play and see, sorry. The unlockables I will unvail, they include "Blue Sphere" which is, on the old system the result conecting Sonic/Knux to Sonic 1 & pushing all 3 buttons down at the same time. "Sonic 2 & Knuckles","Sonic 3 & Knuckles" (my favorite) both of these connecting games and a new game not of the Sonic world "Rystar" a very fun game.(sorry no details it would take too long) it also has Sonic 3D blast. These and extras like scrolls on game guides, comics VIDEOS(ohhhhh...ahhhhh) which are fantastic man! Not to mention the animated menus with awsome music too them ohh yeah. This game's a party in can,man! Sorry, disc man!! Get it play it love it.
Note: The opening and ending videos for Sonic CD are on here but not the game just you don't get too disapointed like I did. I first saw these minimovies I thought the last secret game be Sonic CD but it was Rystar. ohh well Now on Sonic Gems collection you CAN plat that game(on sale here at ta da.....37 blocks of memory requiered for Sonic gems collection, only 2 for Mega collection) A Must buy, so do it!!!
Only four games are really worth playing, but they ROCK
by: sirpoop    On: 2005-08-13

Ah, Sonic the Hedgehog...truly, a staple of my youth. Some of my fondest memories growing up as a 5-8 year old are of me sitting in my playroom, blasting through the likes of Hydrocity and Chemical Plant Zone, perhaps with a brother sitting behind me, watching my prowess in awe. Those were the good old days. I loved the Genesis sonic games (well, the main ones...Sonic 1, 2, 3, and Knuckles). I loved the speed. I loved the levels. I loved the bosses. I loved Sonic himself. Back in 2002, I picked up Sonic Mega Collection for the GameCube within days of its release date. It had been years since I'd played the classics, and I was dying for a dose of nostalgia. And while it could have been better, Sonic Mega Collection is an awesome ride down memory lane.

The four games I think are worth playing are Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, and Sonic and Knuckles. These are from Sonic's golden age, and many consider them among the top 2D platformers of all time. The other games on here range from abysmal (Sonic 3D Blast) to slightly amusing (Mean Bean Machine) to boring (Sonic Spinball). But that's OK - the four true Sonic games make up for their shortcomings.

So what makes Sonic so great? Here's a few highlights...

-The music: The background music for the Sonic games is FANTASTIC. So cool, so catchy, so groovy, so creative...kudos to the people who penned these tunes, they are simply awesome and quite unforgettable.

-The speed: I dunno about you, but I like my games to be thrilling, fast-paced, and exciting. Sonic fulfills that formula to a T. No puzzles, no collecting items, none of that crap. Just good old running around, smashing robots, collecting rings...the best games shine in their fun simplicity, and the four main Sonic games are some of them.

-The level design: The zones are awesome. Great colors, great backgrounds, cool hidden secrets and obstacles (especially in Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knucles). The expertly-designed courses make playing the games a joy.

-It's fast, fun, and for some of us, very nostalgic. 'Nuff said.

If you remember playing these games back in the day and want some sweet, sweet nostalgia, don't hesitate to buy this. But if you're a real youngin or just never experienced these gems, there's no time like the present to start. You won't be disappointed.

Sonic rules!
by: babbil4900    On: 2005-07-07

Simple as this: Everything a fan could ask for, and it's all of the games plus more in one package.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-05-12

This A Pretty Good Game, With most of the the sonic classics. I haven't had this game very long yet,so I haven't got a chance to unlock bonus games, but another person who reviewed this game has.
I am posting the games, posting my top 3 favorite games.

1.Sonic The Hedgehog
May not have tails yet,and no Spin Dash,but I really enjoy the zones. (Marble Zone,the 2nd zone, is really fun!)

2.Sonic The Hedgehog 3
Cool zones, and the only game you can play where you can make tails fly and swim.

3.Sonic 3D Blast
Really fun. I love how you only have to press A to spin dash. It's also fun to rescue the flickies (a fake kind of bird)

I wish they'd put in a dfferent game instead of sonic spinball though. Otherwise this is a fun game!
Play the original need for speed
by: simonc1138    On: 2005-05-11

This is a very fun compilation disc. As an SNES owner, I never had a copy of the Sonic games, so this was a great addition to my library. It includes 7 main games, unlockable games, and lots of bonus material.

Of the 7 games, Mean Bean Machine and Sonic 3D Blast are the duds. One is a tetris/puzzle bobble/tetris attack variation while the other is a pseudo-3D game from an isometric perspective. Its nice to have them for completion purposes, but thats about it. Sonic Spinball is a cool (if hard) pinball variation.

The real fun is in the 4 traditional platformers, ranging from Sonic 1 to Sonic and Knuckles. All four stand the test of time very well, with catchy music, tight controls, and colorful graphics. Sonic 3 is probably the weakest, as it's rather short and seems more mean-spirited about where hazards are placed, but its still a fun time. As a side note, the variations of the "Sonic and Knuckles" lock-on cart are also included as bonuses.

So what's missing? Sonic CD, which is rumoured to be on the next mega collection (the videos are here though). A save function (apart from Sonic 3) would also have been nice. Finally, the PS2 and X-Box editions have the Game Gear Sonic games as bonuses, but these can be found on the Sonic Adventure Director's Cut disc for those interested. Sonic Mega Collection is a worthwhile old school gaming experience.
One glaring omission.....Sonic CD
by: creekergirl    On: 2005-05-08

Out of all the games that are on this compilation game, Sonic CD, the best of the sonic games, is missing. This is the game that die hard sonic fans are waiting for to come out on a game system again. Sonic Mega Collection does have the first, second, and third Sonic which are great also, and you can still use all the old cheat codes at the start up menu. I just really wish that Sonic CD was one of the unlockables, but once I found out that it wasn't on here, I traded it in for a different game. Not saying that the others weren't great, just that I bought it only for Sonic CD. If you want a splash of nostalgia though, pick up the game and play to your heart's content.
by: cjtude2    On: 2005-05-01

Sonic Mega Collection is this version two of Sonic Jam - the late 90's Sonic collection which featured Sonics 1-3 & Sonic & Knuckles. Sonic Mega Collection includes all of the other Sonic games...or does it? It includes a lot of awesome games, comics, and other stuff for Sonic fans to go crazy about, but misses a few great Sonic games. Overall, Sonic Mega Collection as a whole is an awesome buy because it includes most of the Sonic games which made him so successful. Even though the graphics of the games are not that good, they're better not revamped and just there as the classics that they are known for. I'll list everything else for each game.


Sonic the Hedgehog (B) - The original Sonic game is a pure classic - the game that started the huge Sonic franchise. The graphics are "eh", but it was the early 90's! What are you expecting? DOOM 3 style graphics? No. But the gameplay is fun, high-speed, and includes much replay value. I wish Sonic Mega Collection implemented a save feature (like in Sonic 3), but it's more fun to just replay the game to win it anyway. OK, no, but whatever. Awesome music, also. Overall, awesome game.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (B+) - Much better than the original - not in the graphics, but in the levels. Many more levels, much more variety. More awesome music, but no save feature still. Another fun, fast Sonic game in the franchise.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (A) - Despite being really short, Sonic 3 is probably the best Sonic game in Mega Collection. Its graphics are MUCH better, and so is the music. The save feature is introduced and is very helpful because ALL of the levels here are hard. Play this game or you're missing out. Big time.

Sonic & Knuckles (A-) - Second best in the series, continues from where Sonic 3 left off. Kind of empty without Sonic 3 involved because there is no save feature, but the levels are really fun. More great graphics & music.

Sonic 3D Blast (B-) - The first 3D sonic game by a different publisher - Travellers Tales (I almost wrote 'Tails'). Decent, but the viewpoint of the whole game is kind of wierd, ruining the whole experience. The speed is kind of lost in the mix, so this game is not as good as the others. Listen to the Panic Puppet music, though :-) .

Dr. Eggman's Mean Bean Machine (C) - Tetris-style game which is not very good. Bad graphics, sound is kind of "eh" and, well, basically, the whole game is "eh". Dissapointment.

Sonic Spinball (C) - Pinball-style game which is known for being horrible. Bad graphics, slow-moving, too tough, 'nuff said.


Knuckles in Sonic 2 (B+/A-) - Same as Sonic 2, only with Knuckles. His ability to fly and stick to walls makes a lot of levels easier, therefore raising the score a bit. Fun game to play as Knuckles.

Sonic 3 & Knuckles (A+) THE REASON TO BUY SONIC MEGA COLLECTION. A fourteen level classic which is the best in the series. Now you can play as Knuckles or Tails also, and the save feature lets you explore Sonic & Knuckles after Sonic 3 is completed. Really fun...every single level is great.

Blue Sphere (B+) Remember that minigame in Sonic 3 where you had to collect all of the blue spheres on the outside of a 4x4 grid to unlock rings? Yeah, it's back. Play through endless levels of this game, each level extremely hard but they get progressively harder each time. Really fun, but really hard. Also, that music just repeats and repeats, somewhat coming off as annoying after hours on end of playing it.

Ristar (A) Fun, long game which almost was Sonic, but wasn't. Really fun and different from the sonic games. Nice music, decent graphics, and fun gameplay. Hard to unlock though.


Sonic R - The computer racing game with the cheesy lyrics.
Sonic CD - The second-best sonic game ever on Sega CD and the PC. Why isn't this here?
Sonic Game Gear Adventures - Short but fun sonic games on the 'unknown portable Sega console'.
Sonic Chaos - Another fun GameGear adventure.
Sonic on NeoGeoPocket - I don't really know about this one.

Why weren't those games there?

Anyway, Sonic Mega Collection is an awesome collection of (mostly) awesome games - just exclude Sonic 3D Blast, Sonic Spinball, and Eggman's Mean Bean Machine or whatever it was called. Buy this game if you loved the classics or are an avid Sonic fan.

Welcome back to the 80's folks
by: nathanielbandy    On: 2005-03-27

This is a game you can't miss. The extra games are classics. The other feaurtures are OK. The game has Sonic 1,2,3,Sonic + Knuckles and much more.They eveb have a movie of the past to the feauture. Don't even rent it,just buy IT!!!!!
Or else.
Best sonic game I have played.
by: benpercent    On: 2005-02-07

Yes, yummy classic Sonic. This game offers a lot of Sonic's old games. There are only a few games you will not touch, like Blue Sphere. You get Sonic 1 through 4, 3D, and Mean Bean Machine.
The others are special and need to be unlocked. It will tick you off on finding out how. I know how. When you are starting up a game, you will get a loading screen. Once you log in, log out. Log in again, wait, and log out. Repeat until you no longer get a loading screen. THIS TAKES FOREVER! AND YOU MUST DO IT TO EACH GAME! Each game unlocks something.
That is really only one of few downsides. The other is lack of games and special features.
The games are untouched and are still feeling fresh. Sonic has no speed limit here, so run, run, run!
The games are linear in what you must do. Run through some loops. jump on Doctor Robotnik (Dr. Eggman you younins!). Watch him blow up and repeat. They still keep it fresh each game.
There are even some games that are not Sonic and are really good! You will need to unlock them ( Hint: log in, log out!).
Play it!
Update: Of course it is hard to know whether to buy this game since I reviewed the games as one. Here is a little short and sweet run through.

Sonic 1: This is Sonic's first game and it is not a bad try. The story is that Dr. Robotnik wants to steal chaos emeralds by using animals trapped in robots.
Your job is to run from point A to point B. The bad thing about Sonic's first game is that this is when Sonic moves the slowest. The only way to move faster is to either roll into a ball (Infinite speed) or hit a speed powerup (Limited but higher speed for a brief time).
In the levels you can collect rings and powerups. Your enemies consist only of robots. Jumping or rolling into them lets you free the animal inside. The stages mainly consist of three very long acts. Two acts for running and one act for the running and boss.
The bosses are okay. Dr. Robotnik mainly will come with a wacky machine you have to jump on a certain amount of time before blowing it up. Then you jump on a button that releases many animals.
You are able to collect chaos emeralds. You have to hit a level's finish marker with fifty rings and jump into the big ring before the game makes Sonic run to the right. Inside the stage are blocks that tip clockwise or counterclockwise. You have to roll Sonic to the chaos emerald hidden near the center of the stage. It is mediocre.
3 out of 5

Sonic 2: I will focus on what is new. The story this time is that Dr. Robotnik wants the chaos emeralds to power his big space weapon, the Death Egg.
Your objective to complete a level is the same as Sonic 1. The new thing is that you have a partner, Tails. The problem with him is that he often glitches up and will seem to be as competent as a newborn child. Some things will seem strange, such as when he moves by sliding on his feet. Other times, you will scream at him for either foiling you or being no help to you at all.
A good improvement in the sequel is that Sonic now has the ability to run at an infinite speed depending on slopes. No speed lock! You get a new move as well, spin dash. This allows you to charge up and blast off at high speed while rolling in a ball.
The bosses are still mediocre. The explosions this time around are more realistic and satisfying.
Another new feature is that there are now 7 chaos emeralds instead of 6. Collecting all 7 allows you to turn into Super Sonic when you jump after collecting 50 rings. You are golden and all your abilities double on top of invincibility. Your rings trickle one per second though.
To get to special stage, you must run through a checkpoint with fifty rings and jump through the stars. The special stage is that you are running trough a half pipe and have to collect a predetermined amount of rings.
4 out of 5.

Sonic 3: The story here is that the Death Egg crashed somewhere and Dr. Robotnik is repairing it.
Again, the level objective is the same as the first 2 games. You can use either Sonic or Tails. Tails gains the new ability to fly via your control and to carry Sonic at the same time. He can now swim.
The levels are better since they put even more power behind speed. There is even a new type of item, shields. An electric shield draws rings to you, a fire shield protects you from fire and a bubble lets you stay under water without worry. Every shield has its own attack too.
You have the chaos emeralds at the start of the game, but Knuckles steals them from you. To go to special stage, you must find a big ring hidden somewhere in the stage and jump into it. The game this time is that you are on a checkerboard with three types of spheres; red spheres end the game, you must collect all the blue spheres and yellow spheres throw you across the board.
Yes, you can go super. This time around, you can save your game.
4 out of 5.

Sonic and Knuckles: The story here is that the Death Egg, once again, crashed and is being repaired. You can alternate between Sonic and Knuckles. Knuckle can run through special walls and fly. He can latch onto a wall and climb it if you fly into it.
The levels are actually very boring and I found myself just snoring in the center of the game. The first level focuses on speed, but then the other levels focus on platforming. Bad idea Sonic team. The pace can cause you to phase out.
Bosses are more interesting since they now need a different technique to beat them. Of course, final bosses let you press a button to release the animals.
A deadly mistake is Sonic team only took six months to make this game. There is no save feature. The special stage is a carbon copy of Sonic three. And only Sonic can go super.
3 out of 5.

Sonic 3 and Knuckles: This game is connecting Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles. A mere fusion. Read the last to reviews for full details.
Anyway, the improvements give you a save feature since this game span two games. You can take tails into Sonic and Knuckles. The biggest thing is the new "Super".
The special stage is the same as the last two games, but you play for super emeralds. The first seven give only Sonic the ability to go super. It does not effect Tails or Knuckles. Then you can play the stages again and upgrade to super emeralds. Tip: Once you get a super emerald, Sonic cannot transform until you get all seven super emeralds. Once you get all seven, Sonic can go Hyper, Knuckle can go Hyper and Tails can go Super. I won't spoil it for you, but I will tell you it is definitely a goal worth the gold!
4 out of 5 for putting in the super emeralds.

Knuckles in Sonic 2: The only thing that changes is that Knuckles can fly, run slower and jump lower. The game changes not in the least bit. Read the review for Sonic 2.
4 out of 5.

Blue sphere: This game is merely nothing but the special stages you play in Sonic 3 and such. It is endless and only offers you the reward of going to the next level.
1 out of 5. Worst game on the disk.

Sonic 3d: The story is that Dr. Robotnik is once again trapping animals in machines to find the chaos emeralds.
The level objective is to destroy every machine in the level and take the birds inside to a ring. This is annoying. The birds separate when touched by an outside force and separate all together if you get hit. You more that not will take the birds to the ring, to realize you dropped one and have to search the level for a bird that is hard to see on the screen.
You can collect emeralds if you want. You have to collect 50 rings and take them to Tails or Knuckles. They will send you to a graphical remake of Sonic 2's special stage and behold it is the easiest and most fun. I ask the question, why do Tails and Knuckles only take my money and refuse to help me. Don't just stand there!
The worst thing about the game is the plane of view. It is tipped to a side, making it extremely hard to run and jump correctly. Which leads to frustration when it comes to the bosses. Mediocre bosses.
Overall, it is platforming Sonic instead of running Sonic.
2 out of 5.

Sonic Spinball: An original game made by the inspiration of fan letters. The story is that Sonic is in Dr. Robotnik's lair and must get through the pinball machine defense.
The control is simple. Hit X to flip both flippers. Remember, even though it is pinball, moving the joystick will indeed influence Sonic's movement in the air. I strongly suggest you do it.
In the level, you must do special things in the level and collect the chaos emerald (There are three in the first two levels and four in the last two. You cannot go super. Collecting the level's emerald will open the boss room. These bosses are actually very good. They show a maturer Sonic and the boss music is tense. Destroying the boss give you a million satisfying explosions.
Between levels you play a bonus game that uses an ordinary pinball you can only influence with the flippers. It is all fun.
There are only four levels, but each one takes a long time and the game is extremely hard, I made it to the final level, but died.
A very strong 4 out of 5.

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine: The story is that Dr. Robotnik is capturing beans and turning them into robots, trying to rob Beantown of fun. Sonic is nowhere at all in this game; it is all you buddy.
You fight through 13 bosses. You have to connect four beans of the same color to make it disappear; thus making referee beans fall on your opponent's side. The more beans you make disappear in one turn makes more referee beans fall on your opponents.
The fun thing is coming up with your own strategy and using against your opponent. Each boss has its own personality of a strategy. As you progress, the beans fall faster, and the bosses use better AI. One of the best things in this game is the fact you can stumble into devastating combos by a mere accident.
This game is additive for anyone of all ages and the perfect two player game. Boyfriends should call their girlfriends.
A perfect 5 out of 5.

Flicky: This is a simple kid's game. You are a bird that must herd little chicks into a door. Your only obstacles are cats and lizards. You can kill them by touching a weapon and throwing it by jumping up.
Like in Sonic 3d, the birds separate if the cats or lizards touch them. You will lose them all and die if you get caught.
Between every few levels, a bonus stage. Two cats on seesaws send 20 chicks into the air and you must catch them with a net.
Two problem with the game. The walls are rubber because your bird seems to bounce off the walls when it touches it. I mean really bounce. It is a very weird thing to do with physics.
Another problem is the game has extremely poor graphics for the original Sega. The graphic are of the NES, but on the graphically better Sega.
Although it is a kid's concept, the game is almost too hard to beat.
4 out of 5.

Ristar: You are a star kid and your dad has been kidnapped. You must travel from planet to planet to find and defeat the space pirate who kidnapped him.
With the levels, go from point A to point B. The special thing is your method of attack. You stretch out your arms and then ram your face into the opponent, causing it to bounce all over the screen. You can also launch yourself like a comet.
The music for normal levels is okay, but the bosses are awesome! The tense music for approaching the boss and the fight music for the, well, fight. The bosses are brainwashed leaders of the planet and you must defeat them. Then you launch yourself into space like a comet.
This game is too fun. There are no problems with controls or glitches. It is a classic.
Another perfect 5 out of 5.

If you have any questions, E-mail me.

Febuary 2nd, 2006- I have removed my e-mail address from my profile.

best sonic game(s)!
by: lightmar    On: 2005-01-04

this sonic game has 7 games in it. there are also unlockable games. the games are mostly the original sonic games like sonic 1, 2, 3, and all the old games for the nes. to unlock games you have to play each one like 20 times. if you like tetris there is a tetris game with eggman a.k.a. dr. robotnic. it's not one of those other sonic games where you switch people like in sonic 2 battle and sonic the hedgehog for the sega. some games (most of the games) do have an adventure mode if you pick the right game. this game is sweet but most games don't have 2 players.
by: paperbagprincess2000    On: 2004-12-18

Lots of classic sonic racing fun. A great buy for 7 games.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-03

This is a very fun game but it is the almost least played game in my collection with # 1 being Star Wars Rebal Strike. The reason why that is, is because I had almost all of the Sonic Genesis Games and because when you have all the new generation games most people are going to play those....I am not saying old games stink, I am a HUGE Sonic Fan. The fact that is the only thing I asked for my birthday was Sonic Stuff and I bought this by selling my broken PS2 and all of the games I got three games this was one and I still do play it but I have SA2B, SADX & SSBM to keep my time and yet this still has a BIG place in my heart.
Ahh... Sonic 2-D.. memory
by: gobbo26    On: 2004-11-13

I also grew up on the Sonic games. My favorite was Sonic 2 with it's easily explioted Debug Mode. The secrets are great too. Flicky, Ristar, Blue Sphere... I sold my Genesis for this, but I'm considering buying another, with the differnt body style, to overclock.
ok, ok
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-23

I was the guy that said this was bad. I played it, and this is pretty cool. I'd still love that 3-d world, but for 2o dollars, this is great. It has the better sonic games, unlockables and other stuff. this is a great deal!!!!
The best intro/guide to Sonic... for now...
by: joebonjovi    On: 2004-08-23

Let's just sum this up now, the Sonic The Hedgehog series are one of the best set of games you could ever play. It's all about fast side scrolling action with slick character designs set to energetic music. It is definitely a trendsetter and you can tell because age has not surpassed its fun and coolness. (The Sonic series is about fourteen years old too.)

Although it well worth the price, I feel Sega have missed a good opportunity to really pay tribute to their long-lived mascot. Sure it's a big improvement from the Sega Saturn compilation, Sonic JAM, which could only fit the first three Sonic games plus Sonic & Knuckles with the lock on technology, but there is still the glaring omission of Sonic CD which was made for the old Mega-CD add on for the Mega Drive `back in the day'. (Not to mention the Master System's Sonic series that were very different.)

But don't let that get you down (Or make you download games illegally through emulation.) because if you want to own a piece of the classic Sonic for your console system to get that feel then by all means it's money well spent.

I'm sure one day they'll perfect a console with discs that can store Sonic's entire career up until this day including all the Dreamcast and arcade games, and if the past is any indication of the direction the franchise is going Sonic will keep entertaining future generations for years to come.

Hedge Hog Mania
by: kernermichael    On: 2004-08-09

Nostalgic video games are really making a comeback right now, not just on the computer, for video game systems, and portable lookalikes of controllers from classic video game systems. Nevertheless, with so many classic from Nintendo, Atari, Sega, and others to add on. For Sega to add on this nostalgia, they put their classic mascot that really franchised a dynamic level for Sega, Sonic The Hedgehog. Arguably, the blue character has been in some magnificent video games predicaments and mazes. Arguably, he was a true giant during the Genesis days. Sadly, Sega was never able to rebound in the video game wars after the Genesis. Still, the Sonic days still come and go.

The Sonic Mega Collection, is a collection of seven great Sonic games from the Genesis days: Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Sonic Spinball, Sonic 3D Blast, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, and Sonic & Knuckles, as well as 5 hidden games to add on. The games from those 2D days were just completely outrageous and still filled with fast speeds and excitement. The games still remain as addictive as they did then, but a little more. The collection also includes 5 hidden games: Flicky, Blue Sphere, Rishtar, as well as the 2 lock-on games that were added on to Sonic & Knuckles, that put Knuckles into the game, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and Knuckles in Sonic 2.

The games were each remastered beautifully, without any flaws or detail missing from the Genesis days. The game also includes some extras as well, including the old Sonic comics that were issued from the mid 90's, well over 300 issues of them. Not only that, you see some trailers from clips from different games including Sonic CD, which was overlooked for this collection, as well as a video about the making of Sonic The Hedgehog. All in all this is truly a game for the record books. Sega has done this time & time again with their own systems, Saturn, Dreamcast, and the PC, but the graphics are crisper here, and the gameplay control is just as simple as it was during the Genesis days.

I'm just surprised this kind of collection hasn't been issued on any other console whether it is Playstation 2, Xbox, or the Game Boy Advance. Still, if you have missed the Genesis days from then, you get a second chane here with Sonic The Hedgehog, Knuckles, Tails, and the rest of the gang here on the Gamecube. Sonic Mega Collection is one well worth the twenty bucks spent.
Better than Megaman's collection!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-07-17

This is the coolest game ever! I don't care what other people say it'is awsome. Also to all you people out there who say your mad cause you can't save on games, just go to a cheat website and do level select to go back to the level your on. Comen sense!!!

These are the games in it-

Sonic 4/5

Sonic 2 5/5

Sonic 3 5/5

Sonic and Knuckles 4/5

Sonic Spinball 5/5

Sonic 3D Blast 3/5

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine( a Tetris/Dr. Mario game)-2/5

The unlockable games are Sonic and Knuckles 2 and 3

Blue Sphere



Bonus contents are the intro and ending to Sonic CD.

Over a 100 Comic book covers

Commercials for sonic advance 2 and Sonic adventure 2 Battle


You can also read all of the original game manuals

Overall a good game and a must buy.

It's Good, but It's Missing a Few Things
by: brian_belmont    On: 2004-07-06

At first glance, this has everything that a Sonic fan would want. It has all the Sonic games on Genesis and even a non-Sonic related Genesis game. It is however missing three games which were different from the rest. The games that are on it are: Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Sonic and Knuckles, Blue Sphere(Sonic 1 attached to Sonic and Knuckles), Knuckles in Sonic 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic 3D Blast, Sonic Spinball, Dr. Robotnik's Bean Machine, Flicky, and Ristar. That's a pretty impressive list but it's missing some hard to get games. The first is Sonic CD. It was released on the Sega CD, but most people didn't get to play it until it came out on PC. It's highlights include time traveling and an excellent CD soundtrack. The PC version isn't too hard to find, but it doesn't run on computers with Windows XP. For that reason it should've been included on this, as most people have upgraded from earlier versions of Windows. They already added the cutscenes to the extras, and I really doubt they were running out of room on the disc. The next game it's missing is Knuckles Chaotix, a game featuring Knuckles and his friends that was released on the 32X. For that reason alone it's hard to get as it's virtually the only worthwhile game on the 32X. The last one is Sonic R, which was released on Sega Saturn and PC. It's a racing game like Mario Kart, but with Sonic characters. I have the PC version, but it doesn't seem to work on my computer and most people don't have a Saturn, so it should probably be on here too. If those games were on it, it would get a 5, as all the games are great, but as it is , it feels incomplete. The $20 price tag isn't bad, though. If you're Sonic fan, then should get it for sure. Even if you aren't you should still give it a try.
Worth the price of the GameCube itself
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-06-28

I just recently got a GameCube for my birthday,and
I got this game with it.I used to have a Sega Genesis
with some kind of Sonic game (I can't remember which one,
I think it was Sonic II but I'm not sure)so this was
a great game to have.

Here are the games on this set:

Sonic I:My fave on this set.Not the best Sonic game
ever (that honor goes to Sonic CD) but still very good.
***** 5 stars

Sonic II: Kind of a rehash of the first (aside from
the fact that it features Tails and a multiplayer
**** 4 stars

Sonic III:The only one one the set where you can
save the game. NOT like the first two at all.
Very,very hard.
***1/2 3 1/2 stars

Sonic and Knuckles:SUPER HARD! I really wish you
could save the game on this one but you can't.
** 2 stars

Sonic Spinball:This one is a (very hard) pinball game.
I don't play this one too much.
** 2 stars

Dr. Robotnick's Mean Bean Machine: No comment.

Besides the games,there is an extras menu with:
1:A gallery of the Sonic comic books.
2.A gallery of Sonic artwork.
3:The opening title of Sonic CD.
4:The end credits of Sonic CD.
5:A short film on the history of the Sonic games.
6:Commercials,but they are for
Sonic Advance and SA2:Battle. Give me a break.

Like I said,this is the PERFECT game for

Best deal available for the Game Cube system.
by: allie19    On: 2004-06-26

But it might be cheating to call it the best game available for that system because its basically just all the Sonic games from back in the day with a few other Genesis games to unlock.But still out of all the games available on the Game Cube this collection of Genesis ones is my favorite title.Okay now on to the available games.
1.Sonic The Hedgehog-The ultimate 2 dimensional.platform game.Thats what I thought of it back then and thats what I think of it now.The graphics may be dated but the music is as good as ever.5 stars.
2.Sonic The Hedgehog 2-More of the same and almost as good.Again the music is the highlight especially on the Aquatic Ruin Zone.4 stars.
3.Sonic The Hedgehog 3-Almost as good as the original and pretty different too.Graphics are a little improved and the music is still good.4 and a half stars.
4.Sonic And Knuckles- Possibly the best one since the original.Out of this world graphics and great music to boot.5 stars.
5.Sonic Spinball-This game is only for hardcore Sonic fans seeing as its so hard.I could only make it through the first level.1 star.
6.Sonic 3D Blast-Incredibly bland and outdated.Isnt even fun.0 stars.
A great idea by Nintendo but could've been better
by: wwwhot47    On: 2004-06-23

I was never a Sega fan but unfortunately my father bought me a Sega Genesis back around 1992 and i never wanted it. it's a good thing i got it. I was able to play Sonic the Hedgehog 1 and i loved it. I got Sonic the Hedgehog 2 about a year later and it was far greater than one esecially with Sonic's new ability to transform into Super Sonic. Unfortunately that was my last Sonic game and the Sega Genesis was my first and last Sega console. Since i got this game in 2003, i never played a single new Sonic game in 11 years since 1993. In an attempt to clean out my house i sold my Sega Genesis and brought Sonic Mega Collection to make up for my loss. Here's my review for the games on Sonic Mega Collection.

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG I: Sonic's first game. The graphics are exactly the same as the Sega Genesis. Still love it despite the fact that it is an old game and technologically less advanced compared to today's games. Robotnik makes his first appearance and begins the Sonic Vs. Robotnik rivalry. 5 stars

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG II: Tails makes his debut and Sonic acquires two new features. One, he now can use the spin dash and second, Super Sonic (once you collect all the chaos emeralds). Again still the same as the original. New way to obtain chaos emeralds. 5 stars

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG III: Knuckles makes his debut. Everything else is bacially the same except for new levels. new way to obtain chaos Emeralds which i find to be confusing and stupid.
5 stars

SONIC AND KNUCKLES: The worst game in the entire collection. Too long with no save feature making it annoying an tedious. 0 stars

SONIC SPINBALL: I hate pinball games. tried it but fell short several times. 0 stars

SONIC 3D BLAST: A great game. Graphics are awesome. Loved it.
5 stars.

ROBOTNIKS MEAN BEAN MACHINE: A good game. Similar to Dr. Mario. like it. 4 stars

Overall: 3 stars. Sonic and Knuckles and Sonic Spinball are the reason.




nice compilation CD
by: ewfchild    On: 2004-06-20

I remember all of the Sonic games from the Genesis days and I must say that playing Sonic brings back memories, especially the first Sonic. Some of the old cheats, codes and shortcuts apply to the Nintendo Gamecube and that's a good thing. But I like to play every single level of the games, no skipping.

However, Sonic Spinball can be a long and tedious game. I love pinball like the next person, but Sonic Spinball can be a bit irritating as you try to collect the crystal and defeat the master. Sonic 3D I just completely ignored (I'm really not into 3D). I played "Dr. Robotnik Mean Bean Machine" and it's cool. But I rather play Sonic 1, 2 and 3. I haven't played Sonic and Knuckles that much.

So if you want to go back in time (or just miss playing Sonic), I recommend this game.

Best game for gamecube so far
by: rocker66687    On: 2004-06-04

This game really brung back the classics Sonic 1, Sonic 2 which I had for mega drive when I was young happy days :) Sonic 3 which id never actually played before so it was a new challenge, Sonic and Knuckles, Sonic Spinball a arcade type game, Sonic 3d the first ever 3d sonic game, and Dr Robotniks Mean Bean machine which was a sort of Sega version of the Nintendo classic tetris. So if your a die hard Sonic fan like me id say GET THIS GAME OR F**K OFF
Great Games Good price
by:    On: 2004-02-17

7 sonic games 1 package

There are 7 sonic games Sonic 1-3, Sonic and Knuckles, Sonic Spinball, Sonic 3D Blast and Dr. Robotnicks Mean Bean Machine. There are also 5 unlockable games (ill tell how to get them later). Also there are movies, drawings, and comic covers
Here are my game reviews

Sonic 1: A great game. Good music and bosses, theres only 1 downside no spindash. Final Grade A

Sonic 2: Also awesome. More in depth gameplay. And Tails first appearance. NO big Part for Tails a 2 player can be him except they cant do much, I suggest letting them beat the boss. Also theres a 2 player mode! Final Grade A+

Sonic 3: Not the greatest but good. You can now save! Also you can play as Sonic alone, Tails alone or them together. If you play together with someone use Tails to fly Sonic to the end. Also I suggest playing with Tails alone,for you can fly through the level, In #2 you couldnt fly. Final grade A

Sonic and Knuckles: Play as Sonic or Knuckles, no tails. This is an okay game no save nothing really new except KNuckles and annoying music. Final Grade A-

Sonic Spinball: Use Sonic as a pinball. Kinda BOrig. Only pinball fanz will really get into it. Final Grade B

Sonic 3D Blast: Lousy, Sonic in 3D here sucks. The controls are lousy all levels are the same. Beat it once and never touch it again. No tails or KNuckles also you have to gather these annoying birds to beat it. Final Grade C-

Dr Robotnicks Bean Machine: not even close to a Sonic game. Its a more advance and complicated tetris game. Only fun with 2 players. Also it has ... funky music that rocks! Final Grade B+

The 5 are
1) FLicky its a old Sega game. Your a blue bird that runs around collecting chicks and getting them to an exit, before the cats come and eat the and you. Final Grade B

2)Ristar- Never played it
3) Blue Spheres- Never played it

I dont know the rest.

How you unlock these is having a Sega made game on your memory card like Sonic Battle 2, Sonic DX, MOnkey Ball, Sonic Hereos.

Overall this is an excellent package, for any die hard fan or new comers. Dont recommend to people with most of these games on Sega VERY FINAL GRADE A

Awesome Colection of Sonic Games
by: speeding_blur    On: 2004-01-30

For 40 dollars you get 7 sonic games, 5 of them classics.
Plus you get a bunch of unlockable games. This package is sweet and a must buy for any Sonic fan. I'll run down the list, game by game:

Sonic 1:

A great game to pick up and play. The first in the series, and in my opinion, the best (besides Sonic CD). Good graphics, catchy music, perfect level design, tight controls and fast gameplay- this game has it all. Excellent. Only bad thing is there is no save feature (just like the one for Genesis). Still very fun.
Grade: A

Sonic 2:

Has better graphics, but is not as good as the original. Still an excellent game though. Still great level design, even catchier music, and a new character (Tails)make this game awesome. A new move was added (Super Dash). Another excellent classic.
Final Grade: A

Sonic 3:

Not as good as the others. While the graphics are better, the gameplay isn't. The level design isn't either. What can I say, this game simply isn't as fun. While good, Sonic 3 isn't as good as the previous 2 Sonics.

Final Grade: B+

Sonic and Knuckles:

Great Game here. It adds another character (Knuckles) which adds another dimension to the gameplay. very fun, and good level design. The levels are original and differnt than the other sonic games. Excellent and a classic.

Final Grade: A

Sonic Spinball:

While mildly amusing, this Sonic take on pinball is average at best. A bit clunky and the graphics are not very good. The pinball "tables" are boring and the levels are drawn out. Overall, you'll probably play this one for about 5 minutes before going back to playing one of the other games on this disc.

Final Grade: C

Sonic 3D Blast:

Ughh. Crappy controls, an isometric point of view, bad levels- this game is bad. Doesn't even feel or play like a sonic game. The graphics aren't even 3D and look terrible. The controls make it feel like Sonic is running on ice. This a clunker and should be avoided. Not even close to worthy of the Sonic name.

Final Grade: D-

Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine:

This is an excellent puzzle game. Very addictive and deceptively simple gameplay. Good controls. Everything a good puzzle game should be: easy to learn, hard to master. A classic.

Final grade: A

Overall, this collection will give you hours of Sonic fun. Whether you've been a Sonic fan for years or are just getting into the blue blur, you should buy this collection. The games stand the test of time and are excellent. A great collection.

great game !!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-01-17

when i was 4 my brother got a genisis for chrismas with a sonic level cartrige special. I never stopped playing that level! soon about 6 my brother gave it to me, and about 8 it broke !!! at 9 my brother downloaded a genisis system from the internet in our comp. soon i bought a gamecube and bought this game. I was so surprised of games from the sonic series!
Great games, but there aren't enough of them here
by: darthkommissar    On: 2003-12-28

For over a decade now, the Sonic series has been growing, and it has since become one of the world's best-known and best-loved video game series. Unfortunately, with all the new Sonic games emerging, gamers will have a tendency to overlook the classic games that made the franchise so amazing to begin with. At long last, several of these games have gotten a Gamecube rerelease! Read on for my review of the Sonic Mega Collection.

-With this game, you get seven Sonic classics. They are Sonic The Hedgehog 1, 2, and 3, Sonic And Knuckles (a stand-alone game that could also connect to the former ones), and you also get the highly underrated classics Sonic Spinball, Sonic 3D Blast, and Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (the latter of which is actually a puzzle game.)
-The game is priced a full ten dollars less than the average next-generation consular video game.
-In addition to the games themselves, you also get a ton of bonus footage! Don't overlook this stuff, because it's pretty interesting.

-You only get seven games in this collection. As another reviewer stated, due to the disappointingly low number of games, a sequel collection would be nice.
-If you already own these games on their respective systems, there really isn't reason enough to purchase them, unless you're some kind of die-hard Sonic fan who can't live without owning every one of the series' releases.

If you're a fan of classic gaming, then don't pass the Sonic Mega Collection by. These games are fast becoming forgotten by modern gamers, but thanks to this collection, the games will live on forever. This is highly recommended to any fan of the Sonic series of classic games.

This Game Rocks
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-12-12

I have loved Sonic scince 1994. He rocks.I bought the Genisis just for that reason.Now I can Finally send it packing.This game has all the clasics and the controls are real easy.Thank you sega!!!...
Along with Super Smash Bros Melee I play this game the most.
by: allie19    On: 2003-10-15

This is my most played game along with Super Smash Bros Melee.Why do you ask?Maybe its the gameplay and the music,maybe its because these games never get old but most of all its becuase its a highly addictive compilation.Few games have this much replay value.You just never get sick of it.My favorites are Sonic 1 and Sonic 3 and Knuckles.Those 2 games are masterpieces.I dont know what else I should say except that anyone with even the slightest interest about games should get this.They definitely wont be disappointed.
SEGA - Company you like supporting but makes it difficult!
by: kuhndawg    On: 2003-10-12

Chances are, if you are reading this, then you know exactly what these games consist of. Most likely, you have played these wonderful games in the past and are wanting to relive the fun or are wanting to introduce a new (young) person to these games. For these reasons, I won't really give any of my opinions on these games. You know the drill, Sonic One through Three and Sonic and Knuckles are outstanding games -- a must for any gamer's library. Sonic 3D, although had good intentions, has it's problems -- mainly camera angles. (Was this a premonition of Sonic Adventures later?)

My only complaint about this collection is that I believe $40 is a little too steep. Sega (company you love and feel good when supporting, although sometimes it seems they go out of their way to make it difficult) missed an opportunity to give a rebirth of the Sonic epic. Had they released this collection for $20, they would've created a large new fan base. With "Sonic Heroes" being released early next year, this fan base would continue to mushroom.

Final conclusion: if you are really into Sonic, that is you read, are a member of the "Sonic Cult" website, then you probably bought this collection already. Otherwise, I offer another alternative.

For the same price, you should easily be able to locate a used Sega Genesis system and get at least two of these games on carts. Locally, Sega Genesis systems are being solded at game stores for $19 and the Sonic carts are going between $5 and $15. While this means hooking up another console everytime you want to play classic Sonics, what could be better than plugging a cart into a Genny?

I bought this collection for the GC, but mainly because I consider myself a semi-avid collector. My most prized part of my collection is actual development sketches and cels, used in creation of Sonic animation in very early 90's. I have these framed as they are beautiful works of art. This brings up another point, if you are starting to collect then focus on the Sonic items from the early 90's. The Dreamcast items, while disperse, aren't really as 'rare' as some make them out to be.

Then, once you physically own the Genny carts, go ahead and download the Sonic ROM's and play them on your favorite Genny emulator. :-)

I gave this GC Sonic collection 4.5 out of 5 and rounded up. I would have easily given it a 5 had all the games included a "save state". "Sonic One" didn't have a save option originally, but it would've been nice to have seen it added for this collection.

All the games in this collection are the exact original games, including the opening SEGA (with voice: "SAY-GAH!") screen. I'm inclined to believe that they are the actual original ROMs, running on an emulator. Without drifting from the original games, the graphics have been enhanced as well -- although I'm not sure if this is due to the emulator giving enhancement or because the Gamecube's video out is so much stronger (and cleaner) than what the Genesis's video out was.

Bonus features include several additional games you can unlock (I won't write a spoiler), the Archie Comics' covers for the entire Sonic comic book series, illustrations of characters in Japanese and US/International sets, the opening and closing animation from "Sonic CD", a Sonic history video (illustrating the main Sonic games from Genesis, to Sega CD, to Saturn, to Dreamcast, to Gamecube, and finally to Game Boy Advance), and several promo videos for "Sonic Advance 2" (Gameboy Advance) and "Sonic Adventure 2:Battle" for the Gamecube.

I'd love to a see "Sonic Mega Collection 2" that included "Sonic CD", "Sonic Jam", and "Knuckles Chaotix".

by: Anonymous    On: 2003-10-12

There are 7 games and how good their are.
Sonic The Hedgehog is a fun game. Though you can't spin dash but who cares. I give it (9.8/10)
Sonic The Hedghog 2 is better than Sonic 1. Only thing TAILS cant fly. So if you have a friend or a brother THEY WILL BE Jumping or Spin Dashing. I give it(9.9/10) Sonic The Hedgehog 3 is the best Sonic game in the world! TAILS ROCKS BECAUSE HE CAN FLY OR TO FLY SONIC! 2 PLAYER MODE IS EXELLECNT! DON'T PICK KNUCKLES SINCE HE IS NOT GOOD. I'D ADVISE YOU TO PICK TAILS BECAUSE HE ROCKS! I GIVE IT A (10/10) KNUCKLES IN SONIC 3 ROCKS! WORSE THEN SONIC 3 BUT IT IS ALMOST GOOD AS IT.KNUCKLES CAN GLIDE AND CLIMB WALLS! I GIVE IT (10/10) Knuckles in Sonic 2 is good. I give it (9.9/10) SONIC& KNUCKLES YOU DEFEAT COOL BOSSES LIKE YOU KNOW SONIC DEFEATS ROBOTNIK RIGHT. KNUCKLES DEFEATS THIS OTHER EGGMAN ROBOT! NOT GOOD AS SONIC 3 i give it (10/10) DR.ROBOTNIK'S MEAN BEAN MACHINE nOT VERY GOOD. ThOUGH IF YOU LIKE puzzles you will like this. I give it (9.2/10) SONIC SPINBALL IT IS GOOD. i give it (9.6/10) SONIC 3d blast is bad. sonic moves very slowly and weighs 100,000 POUNDS! you have to collect flickys and their inside the enemies (which is not fun) I GIVE THIS (3/10) FLICKY FUN GAME BUT IS A LITTLE HARD. I GIVE IT 9.5/10
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-10-09

This is great! I've been playing Sonic since 1992 when Sonic The Hedgehog was released. I eventually had to sell my Genesis, and I really missed my old sonic games. I'm so happy that they made this game. Now I can play all my favorite sonic games on my gamecube. Thank you, Sega I appreciate it. Although, they could have added a save feature.
Great Game...
by: bionic-sonic    On: 2003-09-27

Sonic Mega Collection: To sum it up in 1 word brilliant. Its got all the classics in there. The only thing which could have been added is a save mode for every game. So buy it now! Oh and by the way no sonic game is retarded, ryan, so that must just be you, and its not isothermic its isometric, so learn to spell!
by: spreo    On: 2003-08-06

this game has 7 classics
1 sonic 1
2 sonic 2
3 sonic 3
4 sonic and knuckles
5 sonic 3d
6 Robotnik's mean bean machine
7 sonic spin ball

This has 5 bonuses i found on another website

1 Flicky
2 Blue Sphere (donnt kno wut it is)
3 Ristar
4 Sonic 2 (u play as knuckles)
5 Sonic 3 (u play as knuckles)

This is a great game it is fun. here r my ratings

Graphics 3.5/5 i think they should have made them a little better

Fun 5/5 Awsome just lik the old times

Sound 5/5 doesnt mata to me but its goood

Challengin 5/5 these games r a challenge 2 me, my cuzin is good at these games so it should be lik a 1 or 2 out of 5 for him


awsome but is missin...
by: spreo    On: 2003-08-05

this is a great game. ive played just aboutt all theese 7 games (dr. robotnik machine one and sonic spinball ive neva played) now, i got thoughts. i dont know if anybody heard of sonic heroes (releses jan 04) but u have three people on a team wit 4 teams. 1 team is the chaotix team wit characters frum the chaotix game, so i think that sould be on this mega collection. this is sooo cool and is a must haver 4 gc. Ohh, and if u dont have gc, but ps2 or xbox, ur in luck cause sonic heroes is 4 ps2, gc, and xbox! dont believe me. go 2 or (forget witch 1s got it) NEway, this is a great game cause sonic classics r betr than the newer 1s. this should be a players choice and if it isnt, than whoever doent like this game is messed up
Hedgehogs Are Not Blue........ At Least Not That I Know Of
by: marc24    On: 2003-08-03

Sonic The Hedgehog. Blue, furry and fast. So many games packed into won. Yippee. Now it's time to come out with Sonic Mega Collection Volume 2.. Get to work on it Sega..... Please? :)
For Me This Is Heaven
by: tylermustdie    On: 2003-07-28

Buying a compilation game is like buying a dvd for a movie you've already seen a thousand times. You're looking for more nostalgia and extra features than you are actual
game play. So why would I make my review over the game play? I wouldn't.
When I went to Wal-Mart and saw Sonic Mega Collection for my newly purchased gamecube, and only 30 bucks, I went crazy. As a kid I never had a Genesis, my mom bought me a super nintendo for Christmas one year and that was that. So once I
went up to pay for the game I found out that someone had priced the game wrong and it was actually supposed to be 40. After throwing a fit they were forced to give me the game for 30 dollars! I felt great, not only was I getting to play the sonic games for the first time in years but I was getting it 10 dollars cheaper. Well anyways let's get on to the
The first game I played when I got home was of course Sonic the Hedgehog 2, easily the best game on the compilation. I like the other games fine (well most of them) but Sonic 2 is the best sonic game out there old or new. After a while of playing I decided to check out the other games. Some of you might be saying we've played these games a million times blah blah blah, but not me, for me I was reliving child hood memories when I used to go to my cousins house and play on his Sega.
There are actually a couple games on here that I hadn't played before, and after trying them out I figured out why I hadn't. Sonic 3D Blast was a game that came out right
before the Genesis bit the dust, and that's the main reason I hadn't played it, by then I was consumed with my playstation. For any of you out there who missed this game like I
did, let me tell you, you aren't missing anything. Don't expect this game to be Sonic Adventure. I didn't last but 30 minutes on this repetitive piece of crap before saving little
bird creatures called flickies became more of a chore than actual entertainment. The other game is a game I hadn't even heard of before : Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. I can't really give you an honest review over this one though seeing as I just don't dig puzzle games. I didn't even really like Tetris when every one else was infatuated with the stupid thing. I tried the game out though playing first against the
computer and then against my little brother. After about 15 minutes of puzzle game boredom I quit and haven't played the game since. Now that I'm shredding Sonic Mega Collection to pieces let me point out the other poor parts of this compilation before I began to praise it.
Like I said to start the whole review off, when you buy a compilation like this you expect to find lots of extra features. And although the features aren't bad, they could of
been better. Features include, full manuals that you can zoom in and out of, illustrations of the characters, and short little movies you can watch. A few of which are actually interesting like the ending sequence to sonic cd. The one extra that caught my eye though was an archive of every sonic comic book cover. I'm not ashamed to say that when I was a kid I purchased a few sonic comics, and its fun to look at all the covers and point out all the ones I own. And a few comics are offered in their entirety where you can zoom in and read each one, but only a couple..
Although I did enjoy the comic book covers that enjoyment only lasted a few minutes before the extras all became useless to me. This was kind of disappointing but I got over it fairly quickly. With this game you get the original sonic the hedgehog, the best of them all sonic the hedgehog 2, the entrance of knuckles in sonic the hedgehog 3, the
amazingly difficult sonic and knuckles, and the surprisingly fun sonic spinball, along with the two disappointments Sonic 3D Blast and Dr. Robotnick's Mean Bean Machine.
Even though some people have complained that with the power of the gamecube, sega should of upgraded the graphics on these classic games, but I don't agree. When Nintendo upgraded their classic Mario games on Mario All-Stars to the graphics of the
day I was disappointed and since I had sold my NES I was looking forward to the same games on my SNES but I didn't get it. I'm glad Sega left the graphics just the way they are.
But one thing they could of added to the games was an option to save your game on games that didn't include that option already(just like mario allstars did) but
disappointedly they didn't.
Shoving the flaws aside Sonic Mega Collection is a great game. If you've never owned a Genesis like me or you had to part with it some where down then line than this game is perfect for you! If you already have these games lying around in your closet then don't even think about buying this game, even if you are a sonic fan you're not going to enjoy playing the exact same thing for 40 dollars. I love the game myself though and if it
wasn't for a couple crappy games and weak extras than it would of gotten a perfect five. Right now I'm leaving it with a 4.
Chock Full of Sonic Goodness
by: dethark    On: 2003-06-28

What a value! For less than the cost of most new Gamecube games you get several great Sega Genesis titles on one disk. There's very little to complain about here. The disk even contains copies of the original manuals to every game included. I'll give a short description of each game on the disk.

Sonic the Hedgehog: a perfect copy of the first Sonic game, right down to the secret stage select and debug mode.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Tails the fox joins Sonic, enabling fun two-player simultaneous action.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3: only minor changes in the gameplay separate this one from Sonic 2.

Sonic & Knuckles: more of the same. The Genesis cartridge had the distinction of being able to open it's top up and have Sonic 2 or 3 plug into it. Doing so allowed the player to use the character Knuckles in either of those two games.

Blue Sphere: a larger version of the minigame found in Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles. This game opens up only after accessing other games on the disk a certain number of times.

Knuckles in Sonic 2: an alternate version of Sonic 2 which allows you to play as Knuckles the Enchida. Must be unlocked in similar fashion as Blue Sphere.

Sonic 3 & Knuckles: this is just like Knuckles in Sonic 2 except, well, it's Sonic 3.

Sonic 3D Blast: essentially a non-polygonal, 3-dimentional Sonic game. The controls are horrible.

Sonic Spinball: if you love pinball video games you might like this one. It's a vast scrolling pinball field with Sonic as the ball. It never interested me.

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine: an addictive Tetris-style strategy game for 1 or 2 players.

Flicky: very cutesy, simple 1 player game that has nothing to do with Sonic. It's another game which must be unlocked.

Ristar: another cute game that has nothing to do with the blue hedgehog. But unlike Flicky, Ristar has rich graphics and deeper gameplay. Like Flicky, though, it must be unlocked.

As if the games weren't enough, Sonic Mega Collection offers a slew of bonuses including cover pics of every Sonic comic book produced, detailed illustrations of various Sonic characters, and video clips from non-Genesis Sonic games.

Glory days of Sonic
by: kissfan01    On: 2003-06-17

Being an old school sonic fan, I can strongly endorse this game. This game has all the genesis games made. The basic run-to-the-end-of-the-stage gameplay is what rules here. The bosses are simple, just time your jumps just right, hitting Robotnik 8 times to beat him. There is also the chaos emerald collecting, which is different in every game. After collecting 7 chaos emeralds, you can transform to supersonic, after collecting either 50 or 100 rings(I can't remember, its been so long.) Trust me, this is a must have for anyone who claims to be a sonic fan. Its just old school 2D Sonic, but what do you expect from games made from a system 10 years old? Graphics are 16-bit quality, but what do you expect from Sega Genesis games?

My only objection is the exclusion of Sonic CD and the inclusion of Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine.(Wasn't this game a Kirby game on SNES?) If Sonic CD was included, this would be perfect.

Well worth your money.

Cool complation on 1 disc
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-05-21

Well, this a cool game, but I dont play it much, but maybe I do. Here's the rating I give for all 7 regular games...

Sonic The Hedgehog 1: Great game, but Sonic cant use spin dash, but still pretty cool. 10/10

Sonic The Hedgehog 2: BEST GAME!!! Tails's 1st appearance, & cool 2-player action, & lots of stages!!!! 10/10

Sonic The Hedgehog 3: Cool game, but pretty hard. I cant beat Aquitaic Zone 1 yet, but I will soon thoh. I like this game thoh, & Knuckle's 1st appearence. 9/10

Sonic & Knuckels: Cool game, & u can play as Sonic or Knuckles, & its better than Sonic 3 but kinda harder. 9/10

Sonic Spinball: 3d best game on here!!! U can use Sonic pinball-shaped, and go through only 4 long levels by warping alot. Play this 1, folks! 10/10

Dr. Robotnicks Mean Bean Machine: No worst game on here or this 1ns not wither, but this 1ns pretty fun & weird. Its like a bean tetris, & u put lots of shapes down. its weird 2 brake them & get 2 next levels thoh. 5/10

Sonic 3D Blast: Some people hate this one, but I love it. Well, Sonic's not really 3D in this one, but cool. U have 2 rescue Flickies, & their's something weird with Knuckles & Tails thoh. 10/10

Good complation game with movies, comin book covers, etc. People should buy this anytime. They should make Sonic Mega Collection 2! With the games... Sonic CD, Sonic Adventure, Sonic Jam, Sonic Blast, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Advance, & Sonic Advance 2. PICK IT UP!

Sonic The Hedgehog
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-04-26

Sonic the Hedgehog Mega Collection is a good idea as the Sega console is almost impossible to find. Anyway, its a great game for children and adults with a child at heart. Its a great game. Especially for 2 players as it is competition between the two to finish the game.

The Mega Collection is a combination of all the Sonic games which is a great buy. I'm glad it was released on Game Cube and I hope others find it good too. I am in the process of buying the Mega Collection for myself and a Game Cube.



Always loved Sonic, always will!
by: shadowsrevenge96    On: 2003-04-22

This collection is awesome, because it contains all of our favorite games, like the original Sonic, Sonic 2 and 3, Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic 3D blast, and Sonic Spinball. Oh, and the only one that is a flaw, Robotnik's mean bean machine. I wish the could of put Sonic CD on instead of that, like that previous reviewer. I give this collection 4.5/5. Go and get it today!
Sonic: Mega Collection RULES
by: metanite32    On: 2003-04-17

This game is really cool. I play Sonic alot and me and my sister love the games and charecters. This game is cool. But you can only save 1 of the games in it, which takes ALOT of time to beat the whole game(s). I don't play this much, but its still cool. Just play it. If you dont like it, play Sonic Adventure 2: Battle or wait for Sonic Adventure DX.
This game is pretty good.
by: coops11    On: 2003-04-14

Especially if you play it with friends because a couple of the games are multiplayer. I got this for Christmas and it brings back memories. Sonic 3 is my favorite game but the hidden game Flicky, and Dr. Robotnik's Mean bean machine also come close. Overall, this game is cool because it has around 10 or so games on it. However, don't expect the graphics to be topnotch or anything. They're pretty good and all, but then again, they were directly ported from the Sega games.
by: sleepyjd    On: 2003-04-04

More sonic re releases. I think we've played Sonic 1,2 and 3 if we wanted to by now. Same with Sonic an Knuckles and the rest of the junky games you get on this disk. It's not worth the money unless you see it for 2 dollars at a garage sale.
It's Okay
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-03-21

It's all right. I don't think it's that great. If you want something good, try The Lord of the Rings the Two Towers or Metroid Prime.
Great games here are my opinions:
by: foxymoodswinger2082    On: 2003-02-17

All Game Guide gave Sonic The Hedgehog 5 out of 5 stars for its historical importance.It was very revolutionary and groundbreaking back then. I remember when it first came out the visuals and music were so revolutionary and stunning. Now theyre old school but it is still a great game. Then Sonic 2 came along and Ive never seen anything so fast and the sound so amazing(at the time). Sonic 3 is a masterpiece and the graphics obviously took up almost all of the Genesis' power.It was one of the first really graphically stunning games since Super Mario World. Sonic and Knuckles came along and it was more of the same only more impressive but Sonic 3 was the first sign that Sonic was evolving. Sega had true classics which were some of the greatest games Ive played ever(Sonic 3 and Knuckles).
Historically, Sonic Mega Collection misses a few important games. But thats alright because the games here are all great and I can sense that there will be a Sonic Mega Collection 2 (with Game Gear,Saturn and Sega CD Sonic games on it) and that Sega is just being this quiet this year because they want to surprise us with their 2 secret weapons( a rerelease of Sonic Adventure and a whole new Sonic and Shadow game that will come to X Box and Game Cube). Those arent just rumors because they will eventually come into existence. I can sense it.
Quite the Collection!
by: abasmaia12    On: 2003-02-15

Sonic was the rival of Mario back when Nintendo and Sega were competitors. Sonic was everything mario wasn't: fast, cocky, and had an attitude. the only similarity was that they both want to save the world.

This collection of the original sonic games is great. I wish game companies would make more platform games instead of 3-D ones because of how much FUN these could be. Anyone can enjoy these games reguardless.

The games are recreated faithfully right down to the pixel. It's a wonder of nostalga for those who lived it, and it's a world of exploration for ones who havn't.

why 4 stars? No save feature. Why use the memory cartridge if you can't save?

More like a DVD than a game, it has special features including concept art, movies, and previews.

Fun for everyone, sonic will open a new generation to the wonders of 2-d platorms! Enjoy!

Awesome Collection of Games
by: jambubby    On: 2003-02-06

I was one of the first to adopt the SEGA GENESIS when it made its debut. The capabilities of that system at the time were leagues above its closest competitor, Nintendo's original NES (Nintedon Entertainment System.) I look fondly back on the days of some really wonderful 2D platformers that were made in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Sonic was a developed as a deliberate attempt by SEGA to challenge NINTENDO's undisputed dominance of the platformer market with its "Mario Bros." series of games. While Mario has to this day, yet to be de-throned as king of 2D, and now 3D platform games, SEGA's Sonic the Hedgehog was the best and most fully realized challenge. The original "Sonic the Hedgehog" (StH is included in this compilation) was a truely innovative game. It combined some of the best elements of previous platformers like Mario and Megaman, and added something unique... SPEEEEEED. Sonic was fast. For its time, the Genesis could push pixels at a rate no Nitendo player had ever seen before. And the character design was cool too.

This collection is one of the best values available for the GameCube. It potentially and rightfully should appeal to 3 different groups. 1) Younger gamers who have never had the maddening pleasure of experiencing some of the best of the 2D era of gaming. 2) Old school Nintendo loyalists who wanted to, but never took a chance on their former competitors best attempt to challenge Mario. 3) The most likely scenario for buying this collection... gamers like me who played some or all of the originals, but have not played them in years and are looking for a quick fix timewarp back to the good old days.

Why four stars instead of five? This sounds lame, but this game won't appeal to everyone. Namely gamers who are more interested in groundbreaking graphics and sound will have little interest in this collection of 2D 16-bit era games. Granted, the gameplay and innovation for the time could blow away some of the current stuff, (not to say that Metroid Prime doesn't kick complete [tail]) but some will not be able to get past the dated look.

The days of Nintendo VS. Sega may now be permanently a part the relatively short history of video gaming. This classic rivalry, however, lead to what is arguably the most innovative gaming era ever. Play these games for what they are... an important and creative part of video game history... and you just might find yourself having more fun than you've had in quite a while.

A reason why people love the old-school
by: dirtay425    On: 2003-01-23

Sonic Mega Collection can be summed up that newer games can't cut it these days. You get practically all the Genesis Sonic games in this compilation which isn't a bad thing. Sonic 1 was good, Sonic 2 was better, Sonic 3 is practically is the best, and S and K was prety good. The others Mean Bean Machine and Spinball are also reasons to own. 3D Balst don't because it's bad, get the better PC version. All in all these are great and those who remember Sonic 3 getting stuck at that part in Carnival Night can't get [angry] again because it's still there. Special Features, hidden games, and more make Mega Collection a thing to own. Sega, for allof us who wanted Sonic CD in the pack, make that a feature in Sonic Adventure DX like for the GBA-GC link.
Hedgehog Heaven
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-01-21

This is one of the most fun games on the market! It includes: Sonic 1, 2, 3, Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic 3D Blast, Sonic Spinball, Dr. Robotnik's MeanBean Machine, and bonus features such as Comic Covers, Comics, Pictures, and movies! There are bonus games, too, but I won't tell you what they are, or how to get them... Here are the categories: Sonic 1, 2, 3, 3D Blast, S&K: Action, Sonic Spinball: Pinball, Dr. Robotnik's MeanBean Machine: Tetris. To access a secret comic, in extras, go to the comics section and select "Sonic Firsts."
Quality classics back to life
by: holyrustedmetal    On: 2003-01-14

This game consists of 7 sega classics, and 5 unlockable games. I have unlocked all the games, which is an unbeleivably long process, because you must access all the games about 50 times to do it. On the plus side, you don't have to be able to beat any of the games to do it. I would've spent the 40 bucks for sonic 1,2, and 3, but it also comes with sonic and knuckles, sonic spinball, and the mean bean machine, a dr. mario type puzzle game. Also 3D blast, almost forgot. You get to play as knuckles in the unlockable games, the blue sphere mini-game from sonic 3, and two lovable non-sonic titles, very hard by the way. I am 20, been around, and this is the best deal I've seen on one game ever. Besides, what's 40 bucks, if you wanted a used sega with these titles, you'd be payin around 100 by the end of it. I've never regretted buying it, and still haven't conquered everything. Plenty of gameplay, and good for all ages, definately a must have.
It's the best of Sonic with a few exceptions..
by: twistag    On: 2003-01-13

I've done reviews on Sonic 1,2,3,S&K,SA/SA2 and Sonic Advance. Should I do Sonic Mega Collection? Let me think....... yeah (I am a Sega fanboy mind you). Who would've imagined you'd be able to play as Sega's beloved mascot on a Nintendo console and not get the feds called on ya? (times have truly changed in video games my friends). SMC gathers almost every single one of Sonic's best games (with a few exceptions of course) on get this: ONE disc! But for some reason Sonic CD is missing...oh well maybe next time.The games included with thier 2-D side scrolling play engines, (don't laugh most of you grew up playing these types of games) gihugic levels (and yes I did make that word up) and obscure terms like "Blast Processing". Each title has been faithfully reproduced fight down to the very last sprite, but without the slowdown. Nostalgic gamers and videogame historians (like me) may get more out of SMC, but it's a decent complilation of some of the best Sonic games created minus a few screw-ups.
It could be better
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-01-09

well the game is actually good,but they havent used any advantage of the gamecubes 3D mini-world to explore like sonic jam.well the 1st four games are the only reason for new sonic fans buy it.and i think that sonic jam is a bit better than this game for one reason:the mini world.they used advantage of the sega saturn's power on those days,so thats why i think its better.having a bunch of unreadable magazines except one is really frustrating.and theres only 5 movies to watch and one of them isnt that much to watch.its about sonic adventure 2 battle.not very enteresting to watch.having digital full manuals is a great idea,but they could also put the japanise versions of the manuals you can see,some games in the cd(like sonic 3D blast and sonic spinball) outright suck while others(like sonic 1 and sonic 3 &knux) are cool.they could have swapped sonic 3D and spinball for sonic triple trouble and sonic chaos.this game worth buying it afterall.
Sonic Mega Collection
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-01-07

There are 7 classic Sonic games from the Genesis.

The 1st is Sonic the Hedgehog. A speedy 'hog runs through loop-de-loops, floats over lava, shoots like a pinball, and moves at the speed of sound. There are 6 zones of 3 acts (plus a final zone). You can search for 1 of 6 Chaos Emeralds by going through a giant ring at the end of the stage. Save your animal friends & defeat evil Dr. Robotnik. This is one of the harder games.

2nd on the list is Sonic the Hedgehog 2. This is the 1st intro of Miles Prower (A.K.A Tails), the Spin Dash (then known as the Super Dash Attack) and the 7th Chaos Emerald. Grab all 7 by either entering a cheat (I ain't telling you) or by activating the new Starposts (instead of Lampposts) and leap into the tiny stars. Grab them all and you have Super Sonic, who runs faster, jumps higher, and is invincible to enemies and spikes. There are 11 zones, 7 with 2 acts, the 8th with 3, and the last 3 with 1. Defeat the doomsday machine the "Death Egg". There is also 2-P action.

The next is Sonic the Hedgehog 3. The Death Egg crash lands on the huge Floating Island (N.K.A Angel Island) Dr. R tricks the guardian of the Chaos Emeralds, Knuckles. The giant rings return, but they are hidden. There are 6 zones with 2 acts (but the zones are 3x larger than StH 2 zones). There are 5 new 2-P zones. There are also 3 new shields and a Robotnik item.

4th is Sonic & Knuckles (3 of the secret games have something to do with this, the other 2 are seperate). Dr. R now needs the Master Emerald to get the Death Egg out of the huge volcano. There are 5 zones with 2 acts, and 3 with 1. (They are as big as StH 3 zones). This is basically Part 2 of Sonic 3.

5th is Sonic 3D Blast. Save all of the Flickies from their robot shells. Explore snowy mountains, volcanoes, and groves.

6th is Sonic Spinball. Destroy the Veg-O-Fortress while freeing the animals, grabbing Chaos Emeralds, destroying bosses & playing bonus rounds. The game that's right on the fine line between hard & easy, it's pinball with a Sonic twist.

Finally there's Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. This is basically Puyo Puyo with Dr. R's henchbots. Let the beans escape!

There are 5 secret games, Knuckles in Sonic 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Flicky, Ristar, & Blue Sphere. There are also original manuals for the 7 defaults, Flicky, and Ristar. And there rare artwork, comic book covers plus a full comic, and movies. All at a discounted price!

Bad Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-01-05

This game is terrible. Sure it has 7 sonic games but in extras you can't walk around in a digatal world. If you want satisfaction get sonic jam for sega saturn
the best game ever!!...
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-12-27

this game is good , but i could expect better
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-12-16

this is a good game. it includes
sonic 1,2,3,& knuckles,spinball,3d blast and
dr. Robotniks mean bean machine.with secrets like
ristar,flicky,32,000 Bonus lenels,knuckles in sonic2 and
my all time favorite sonic 3 and knucles.the didnt include sonic cd.but its not genesis(duh)but it includes extras like artwork,commercials,animations,movies and best of all comics!
so heres a list of things to expect for game cube &gba
sonic adventure balttle(1),
sonic collection gear:
sonic gamegear

sonic gamegear 2
sonic drift 1(in america)
sonic drift 2
sonic chaos
sonic blast
sonic triple trouble
sonic labrynth and
tails adventure & sky patrol
sonic compilation:
sonic cd-yay
sonic r
knux.'s chaotix

sonic drift 3 & alpha
sonic rally
sonic 2 in 1(sonic 1&knux. in sonic 2)
sonic advance 2
sonic advance 3(with rouge and mecha tails)

and the most anticipated game of the year for gamecube:
sonic adventure 3 (battle or no battle.)

good now that all this wonderful info is off my mind and to the public. i can have a happy christmas. C YA,!

Who could rate this anything less than 5 stars?
by: righteousedude    On: 2002-12-14

An exquisite collection of Sonic hits. This one disc holds 7 Sonic the hedgehog games + extra games and bonus material. If you purchase this game here is what you will get... SONIC THE HEDGEHOG, SONIC 2, SONIC 3, SONIC & KNUCKLES, SONIC 3D BLAST, SONIC SPINBALL, DR. ROBOTNIK'S MEAN BEAN MACHINE, A HAND FULL OF ATARI-LIKE GAMES (with better than Atari graphics), A SONIC COMIC BOOK, COMIC BOOK COVERS, RARE ARTWORK & MORE. All of which is playable or veiwable on a tiny little disc. These games originated on plastic cartridges and have been all placed on a compact mini disc for GAMECUBE. The games never looked better. Any SONIC fan would give their right arm for this MEGA COLLECTION if they thought they could still play it afterwards. A great collection that is very much worth the low price. Buy it now because a game like this goes up in price, not down.
A Sonic fans dream come true.
by: westcoastwoman    On: 2002-11-25

If you are a fan of Sonic and the crew then this is a must buy for you. Sonic Mega Collection includes: Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Sonic and Knuckles, Sonic 3D, Sonic Spinball, and Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. Plus, there are comic book covers, a history on the Sonic empire, and more along with the massive gameplay. This game is simply nastalgia times ten. For someone who has never played a Sonic game there can be no better introduction then this. I can't wait for Sonic Mega Collection 2 (if they release one).
I love sonic
by: alalust    On: 2002-11-23

I been a die hard sonic fan since I was five .I love almost every sonic game .I bougth a dreamcast best I love the sonic games so much
by: wingnut19    On: 2002-11-21

It's nice to beable to have a disc with this many classic Sonic games on it, brings back many memories. I have always loved Sonic, and although I wish this disc contained Sonic CD it still gets 4 stars.
Finally! A good Sega compilation!
by: unbreakable16    On: 2002-11-21

If you're like me, you're probably wary of Sonic Mega Collection based on Sega's horrible track record with their "Smash Packs" and other horrible Windows ports. The vast majority of Sega's ports come nowhere near the quality of the original. Well, thankfully that's not the case here. All 7 appear to be flawlessly emulated. The sound, control, and graphics all look identical to the originals. Actually the graphics look better since I've got my Gamecube hooked up through S-Video, and the picture looks a bit sharper, brighter, and cleaner than on the Genesis back in the day.

My only two complaints are pretty minor. First, the Gamecube control pad isn't the greatest for games that need digital directional control. The d-pad is small and kind of positioned strangely. It works fine, and actually the analog stick feels okay for these games too, but for these games it will never feel quite as good as a controller with a more "normal" d-pad. Secondly, this is theoretically a compilation of older Sonic games, but it's missing by far the best game in the series-Sonic CD. It's strange that Sega would include only marginally related titles like Bean Machine and Spinball, but drop one of their best platformers ever.

Still, most of these games have stood the test of time well (most of them are far superior to Sega's somewhat flaky Sonic Adventure games). The first three Sonic games plus Sonic & Knuckles still look pretty great, and even after a decade, there's nothing else that plays quite like them. This collection is a great deal if you don't already own most of these games.

by: Anonymous    On: 2002-11-19

This compilation disk has 7 default titles, 5 secret titles, movies, art, and his whole comic book collection on it.

Sonic the Hedgehog is a good game. A speedy 'hog runs through a series of loop-de-loops at brakeneck speeds. You must save your animal friends and defeat Dr. Ivo Robotnik. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 introduces Tails, a sidekick, the Spin Dash (a charged-up, spinning, super-speed boost), and with all 7 Chaos Emeralds, transform into Super Sonic! Defeat Robotnik's Death Egg. A direct sequel, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 has 6-10 zones. Eggman (Robotnik) trickes a new echidna, Knuckles, into thinking that Sonic & Tails are the bad guys and are out to steal the Chaos Emeralds! Sonic & Knuckles is another direct sequel to the prequels. Sonic & Knuckles team up and fight Eggman! There is a secret, "lock-on technology" to link STH 2 or STH 3 with S&K. Sonic Spinball is a game where Sonic is the pinball. You must escape Ivo's evil pinball fortress on your own! Sonic 3D Blast is in an isometric, 3D environment. Save Flickie Island before Eggman gets it. Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine is a button masher. Eliminate the objects quickly.

Sonic 2 & Knuckles is a secret game. You can now play through as Knuckles. Sonic 3 & Knuckles not only lets you play as Knuckles, but S&K adds all of it's zones! Flicky is a puzzle game where you must collect your bird infants before the cat gobbles them. Ristar is a platformer featuring a star as the hero. Blue Sphere is a minigame from S&K. There are movies, art, and his whole comic book collection. Buy it now!

wow what can i say
by: papaxroach22    On: 2002-11-17

how bout this is a game you better get all th sonics what will GC do next?
Sonic! Yaaaaaaaaaaay!
by: shoyru92129    On: 2002-11-14

I think that this will be GREAT! And it's out NOW! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
But it doesn't have Sonic Adventure 1 in it...Oh well!


Ah, memories.
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-11-13

I grew up on Sonic. At first I went for Gamecube only because of Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. But this 'hog (and his friends) are coming back. Sonic the Hedgehog, STH 2, and STH 3 would be enough for me. But the pinball fun of Sonic Spinball, the red fun of Sonic and Knuckles, the challenge of Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, and the neat (for it's time) graphics of Sonic 3D Blast is a neat finish. All it needs is Sonic CD (from the Sega CD) and Sonic Triple Trouble. But Flicky and Ristar, as well as Blue Sphere (minigame from S&K) and Knuckles in STH 2 & 3 is good enough for me. But Sega and Sonic Team put in Sonic movies, Sonic art, and Sonic comics. With a remake of Sonic Adventure 1 next year, Gamecube fans will really have some speedy fun.
Oldschool Goodness
by: gameguy67    On: 2002-11-12

I was around when these games first came out and, I still believe these are even better than the new ones(in certain aspects). Although you may not be able to fully experience the combining features of sonic and knuckles(unless they are the 3 unknown hidden games)this will still be great. Although the graphics are 16 bit, which means dont expect great graphics by todays standards, they are still fluid and fast. Each game has around 13-20 levels except for Sonic 3, which has 6. Buy this game and play the games that shapped the face of gaming.
Glory days of Sonic
by: kissfan01    On: 2002-11-12

Being an old school sonic fan, I can strongly endorse this game. This game has all the genesis games made. The basic run-to-the-end-of-the-stage gameplay is what rules here. The bosses are simple, just time your jumps just right, hitting Robotnik 8 times to beat him. There is also the chaos emerald collecting, which is different in every game. After collecting 7 chaos emeralds, you can transform to supersonic, after collecting either 50 or 100 rings(I can't remember, its been so long.) Trust me, this is a must have for anyone who claims to be a sonic fan. Its just old school 2D Sonic, but what do you expect from games made from a system 10 years old? Hopefully they clean up the graphics for this update, but if not, who really cares?!?!
Sonic Sonic!!!
by: jfergus12    On: 2002-11-04

Well I've been playing sonic games since 1991 when sonic the hedgehog came out. Here are all of the games.
1.Sonic the hedgehog- Sonics first game. Help sonic by saving his animal friends from the evil Dr.Robotnik.
2. Sonic the hedgehog 2- This time robotnik tries to take over the world using the giant ship called the Death Egg. Help sonic And his new bud tails to stop the death egg from destroying the world.
3.sonic the hedgehog 3- Continues right after sonic 2. This time after crashing the death egg on the floating island sonic and tails must stop Robotnik before he finds the master emerald.
4.Sonic&Knuckles-Join sonic and knuckles as they try to protect the master emerald.
5.Sonic spinball- Help sonic escape robotniks evil pinball fortress.
6.Sonic 3D blast- Save all of the filkies befor Robotnik captures them all.
7.Dr. Robotnik's Mean bean machine. A fun puzzle game. Sort of like Dr. Mario.
There are a ton of unlockables so I really encourage you get this game.
by: joshnickerson    On: 2002-10-25

I was a Nintendo fanboy when Sega was in the console business, so I never played many Sega games, the exception being the games starring a small blue hedgehog. With Sonic "Officially-Unofficially" exclusive to Nintendo's systems now, we can finally experience all of the blue blur's games on one system, with the release of both Sonic Adventure games on the Gamecube (the first adventure is being ported next year) and new games on the GBA, it makes sense to bring all of Sonic's previous adventures to the Gamecube.
The title itself tells you these are exclusively games from Sonic's Genesis days (Known as the "Megadrive" in Japan... "Mega Collection"... get it?) And contains the following games:
Sonic The Hedgehog - Sonic is out to defeat Dr. Robotnik from turning all his animal friends into robots.
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - Sonic and his new pal Tails set out to defeat Dr. Robotnik once again, in this excellent sequel.
Sonic The Hedgehog 3 - The first Sonic game to feature a save feature (and the ONLY game on this disc that has a save feature) Sonic and Tails tangle with Robotnik once more, but this time they also have to deal with Knuckles, an Echidna who believes that Sonic and Tails are the bad guys!
Sonic and Knuckles - Sonic and Knuckles team up to fight Dr. Robotnik together! Knuckles brings some new gameplay to the series, but ultimatly, this game didn't sell very well.
Sonic 3-D Blast - Sonic must maneuver through a 3-D world to rescue Flickie Island!
Sonic Spinball - A Sonic flavored pinball game features four stages and bosses.
Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine - Based on the popular Japanese puzzle game Puyo Puyo, players must match colored blobs to defeat Robotnik and his army of robots.

The game also features two other unlockable Genesis games created by Sonic Team, Ristar and Flicky, both of which have faded into obscurity. You can also unlock "Sonic and Knuckles" enhanced version of Sonic 1-3.

Other features include galleries of manual art, a few movies and comic book pages. Otherwise, the extras are pretty weak (the History of Sonic video is pretty grainy) and despite not being included, the intro and ending for Sonic CD are included.

This is a fine collection of Sonic's Genesis days, but those looking for any extra treats will probably be disappointed. A previous collection of Sonic's games, Sonic Jam for the Saturn, was jam packed of extras, including Japanese and American commercials and animation, as well as a unique 3-D overworld to roam about. Here all you get is a lot of menus. Plus, not adding a save feature to all the games in Mega Collection as they did in Sonic Jam really hurts the game. While hard core Sonic fans won't mind the lack of a save feature, it may turn of casual gamers who don't want or have time to spend two hours in one play session. Fortunatly, the stage skip codes from the original games work here as well. Another feature that might have been nice would be graphically enhanced versions of the games, a la "Mario All-Stars", and implemented the "Sonic Adventure" style of art into the game. But nonetheless the games look just as good as they did on the Genesis.

Sonic's other adventures on the Sega CD, Game Gear, Sega Saturn or Dreamcast are not included in this collection, but as I mentioned before this is only a collection of Sonic's Genesis adventures. Who knows, if this collection does well, perhaps we will see Sonic CD again soon!

Sonic Super-Duper Hyper Mega Collection
by: patamander11    On: 2002-10-16

Not only does this great game contain:
- Sonic the Hedgehog
- Sonic the Hedgehog 2
- Sonic the Hedgehog 3
- Sonic & Knuckles
- Sonic 3D Blast (Genesis Version)
- Sonic Spinball
- Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
but it also contains 5 unlockable games:
- Ristar
- Flicky
- 3 Unknown (hopefully Sonic CD)
PLUS tons of extras:
- extensive collection of pictures
- complete character biographies and histories
- collection of Archie Sonic comic covers and one full comic ("Sonic Firsts")
and lastly of course:
- Sonic & Knuckles Lock-On Technology allowing you to play as Knuckles the Echidna in Sonic 2 and 3, and allowing you to explore new areas and new levels
A strong casual fan leaves his feedback
by: vpm17013    On: 2002-10-12

I have played many a Sonic game in my 12+ years of playing video games, but I never owned all of them, nor have I beaten them all. Sonic Mega Collection will be a great addition to my library, and an opportunity to add to my list of games which I have mastered.

Hopefully, anyone who was dissappointed with Sonic Adventure 2: Battle will remember the Sonic games from the Genesis, and want this upcoming compilation. Don't get me wrong, I liked SA2: Battle, and I even own it. Despite the weak points, I was impressed. This Mega Collection is a chance for old Sonic fans to rediscover their roots, and for new fans to see Sonic in his pre-3D prime.

by: wonderboy3    On: 2002-09-26

So here it is the ultimate collection.This game will be much better than the previos collections,with hundreds of new xtras including the lock on technology.It will contain the following titles from the 16-bit mega drive(genesis):Sonic,Sonic2,Sonic3,Sonic&Knuckles,Sonic Spinball,Sonic 3d and DR Robotnik`s Mean Beam Machines plus Two unlockable games Ristar and Flicky.The only dissapointing is Sonic cd which is excluded from the collection.Anyway a great game for all time,Thanks to Sonic Team for this brilliant game

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