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Sphinx And The Cursed Mummy for Nintendo GameCube

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A Word Of Advice
by: ophelia_girl_98    On: 2006-04-11

I'm a gamer who prefers adventure type games akin to "Banjo Kazooie/Tooie" or the "Spyro The Dragon" series, so this game definately caught my eye. I wasn't sure what to expect with this one because so many can be disappointing, but I was pleasantly surprised with how much I liked it. It's pretty straight forward for your seasoned adventure gamer, and it has a good mixture of puzzle solving, collecting, and fighting skills.

It can be convoluted at times, I.E. you can't choose when you're going to switch between the Mummy and Sphinx characters, some of the boards involve a lot of long distance running for seemingly no good reason, and there's not as MUCH good stuff to find hidden in corners like some other games.

Still, if you're like me, it's hard to find good adventure games among all the tons of first person shooters and sports games dominating the market out there, so this is a pretty good find for the money. It has some decent replay value as well.

HOWEVER, like a few reviewers mentioned previously, it DOES have a MAJOR glitch as far as saving is concerned. I played for a good six hours worth only to be stuck at the same point as one of the reviewers before me, with absolutely no way out of it. To continue into the rest of the game where I left off, I'll have to go back and repeat about six hours of game play which, I think you'll agree, takes away A LOT of the fun of it.

So I give the same advice as the other gamers before me. When you switch between characters in this game, SAVE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Once you're finished with any big mission as the Mummy, save immediately when you return to being the Sphinx and you'll enjoy this game. If you don't, you might wind up losing all of your progress and it just HURTS.

That's the only thing in this game that I dislike but at least it's a glitch that's easily remedied if advice is taken. This game isn't as classic as "Banjo Kazooie" or the Spyro games but it really is fun for those who enjoy these types of games. There's lots to look at, puzzles to solve, cool places to explore and fun skills to learn. The main skill being finding those save points and doing it as often as possible!!!
Save issues - but still fun
by: beckyhar    On: 2005-10-04

Actually just a word of advice... I have been playing this game for awhile (I am not a hardcore gamer and only occasionally have time to play), but I must agree on the save issue and make an addition... 9 hours into the game - having completed the mummy portion where I get the atun statue - I then was killed as Sphinx. Am back to save point with the mummy - but the door is closed and locked and I can't get through... must now start at beginning again. Moral of the story... find the stupid statue and save all progress no matter how far you must walk to get to it...
So sad... other than that - it's a pretty cool game...
Really great fun
by: sthomas682    On: 2005-02-21

Some games where you have to switch characters are just okay, but this one is unique in that one character is alive and the other is dead, and you have to play in different worlds. Playing as the mummy is the most fun and entertaining out of the two. This is a game that can be enjoyed by everyone of all ages.
Good play
by: tantricgorilla    On: 2004-08-18

Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy is definitely a good play, if not for the great storyline then for the amazing gameplay. The storyline is ancient eyptian and may be quite hard to understand for the younger players, it also lets you play as two people, Sphinx and the Mummy. When you're Sphnix, you can use a sword, lift heavy things, run really fast and you beat all the bad guys. With the Mummy, you basically just sneak around the Castle of Uruk trying to find items to help Sphnix with awesome capabilities such as you get to be lit on fire, lit with electricity, go invinsible and you can get split into 3 and swap with them by using L or R. It's actually quite "neat" for it's a new option I've never seen before.
The gameplay plays excellent, the movement is great. The only downside to this game is that one of the save statues is actually a glitch in the game and can screw you over, to find out go to Game Faqs. With Sphinx, you run quite fast but can run even faster when you get a running pad. He jumps pathetic at the beginning until you get the Wings of Orisis and then you can double jump. The Mummy runs quite funny and can crawl. He can also sneak around walls. It's very easy to control.
The game length is actually quite short. I've only rented this game and I beat it within 6 days (14 hours in gameplay I believe). BUT this is a great game. Another downside to this is if you save after teleporting to the Castle of Uruk with Sphinx is that you can't go back so you can't go and do all the things you never got to do before. I'd suggest to just create two files.
Without cheating (ie. using a guide), this game can be quite difficult. Even with a guide, some of the tasks can be hard and frustrating. Overall, this game is great, I would consider buying it even after I've beat it. It could provide a lot more gameplay, considering I skipped over a lot of the things you don't HAVE to do. Hopefully we'll see a sequel!
the best game ever
by: fosterfreed    On: 2004-08-15

This is a very good game. It is kind of hard at first, but once you figure it out it is first rate. I found the sphinx levels more interesting, even though the mummy levels were fun as well. It is a must buy.
Very Solid Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-08-08

The only reason I went out to buy this game was because I had just finsihed Metroid Prime and the Windwaker. I had had enough fun playing all my sports games and Resident Evils. I wanted something new, something fresh, something a little different then zombies and shooting stuff.

This game provides all of that packed into one. (...)Bottom line is if your looking for a cheap game to buy pick this, heres why:

Gameplay: 5/5. You cant really put the game down from when you first put it in. It handles well and you get a nice array of gameplay. The game really shines because you get to play as 2 different characters in 2 parts of the worls helping each other advance. The parts when you play as the mummy make this game what it is.

Control: 5/5. Wonderful. The camera moves fast when you comand it too. The walking around is standard controled and it makes the game more enjoyable.

Replay Value: 2/5. Sorry, this is the downside to the game that gets it a 4 star. Once you beat this game thats pretty much it, theres no "go back and try and get this". (...)

Length: 5/5. For a game to get about 12 hours out of it aint too bad.

Overall: 4/5. Great game I enjoyed it beginning to end. It has a medium diffuculty to it. If youve beaten games like Metroid and Windwaker this is proboly an easy game as it was for me.

Entertaining Adventure Game
by: ktn7064    On: 2004-06-17

This is a solid, entertaining adventure game. Like most everyone else who wrote a review, it strongly reminds me of Zelda. The story is fun and entertaining, the graphics are great, and it has provided me with hours and hours of entertainment. My only complaint though: I wish there were more save points - they are few and far between and that can lead lots of frustration.
Sphinx Really Packs a Punch
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-05-09

Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy is awesome! It his great graphics, it has a preety bad fighting because all you have is a sword, it has great mind thinking puzzles, and to top it all you get to be two chracters throughout the game! The only bad thing is that once you get transported from Anubis's tower to Uruk, you can't return, so save your game before you get there! In fact, it is my favorite game besides Jak 2 and Ratchet & Clank. GET THIS THING NOW!
by: chriszerox    On: 2004-04-17

If you are a Zelda lover, I show you Sphinx and The Cursed Mummy. Very much like Zelda but in my opinion, it has better graphics, better story, and a better action-adventure game. You can jump(not like in zelda), do sword combos, and switch from sphinx to the mummy(or tut). So if you are a zelda lover or an action-adventure lover, I suggest this game to you.
Best game in a while
by: yutka    On: 2004-04-02

OK, I am a bigtime Video Game fan and own 55 Nintendo GameCube games myself. THis past Christmas my wife and I got 9 games, including the big ones, like Mario Kart and Return of the King. Much to our surprise though this game owned our GCN until we beat it. We hadn't had this much fun with one game since Wind Waker... WE didn't have any Camera problems and the control was Great. It is true that the Mummy levels were by far the Highlight, but that is not to say that the Sphinx levels were in any way "bad." Like I said, my wife and I have a lot of Video Games, and this is one of the BEST in recent history. We can't wait for the sequel... just look at all the reviews, not a bad one among them... Give this game a rent, but be warned, if you don't finish it you will probably end up seeking out a purchase...
thumbs up
by: kentnielsen    On: 2004-03-10

I wish THQ would spend more time testing their games before they are released. Sphinx has a lot of glaring problems. But don't get me wrong, these problems don't make it a bad game, they just detract from the overall experience. There seems to be a dying niche for solid adventure games, except for the occassional Zelda, but Sphinx proves adventuring hasn't lost its flavor yet. A very refreshing game bursting with originality, cleverness, and life, and while the game is decidedly linear, it really doesn't feel like it. Take on the roles as the sword-wielding Sphinx or the clumsy mummy. While Sphinx's levels seem more open, it's playing the mummy where the game truly shines. Pure puzzle genius. Worth picking up just for these parts.
An Adequate Level of Fun
by: samael    On: 2004-03-06

It's not that Sphinx is horribly flawed, it's just not very good. The camera is mediocre, the targetting system was forgotten, and the gameplay just isn't very fun. With great 3D platformers littering the fields, why bother buying one that's just adequate? Ubisoft has released quite a few great games recently, but this isn't one of them.
Excellent game
by: android122    On: 2004-01-30

I am a major Zelda fan, so I figured I would have to wait until a new Zelda came out before I could enjoy another game. We got Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy at Christmas, and it was very very good. It plays very similar to the Zelda games. It has great puzzles, the monsters are easy to fight (though some might find this a drawback), the graphics are great, and the story was fun. Also going back and forth between the two characters (Sphinx and the mummy - Tut) was very interesting. If you love Zelda, you will certainly enjoy Sphinx while you are waiting for a new game to come out. My only trouble now is I have to wait for a new Zelda and a new Sphinx.
New Chapter In A Legacy
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-01-19

This video game legacy is about a head strong demi-god who tries to get crowns of Egypt and stop a power-hungry god named Set
from taking over Egypt. This game is fine if your child owns at least 1 rated E game with cartoon or fantasy violence and is at the least 10 or over to buy or rent this Rated T video game for
GC, PS2, or XBox.
New Chapter In A Legacy
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-01-19

This video game legacy is about a head strong demi-god who tries to get crowns of Egypt and stop a power-hungry god named Set
from taking over Egypt. This game is fine if your child owns at least 1 rated E game with cartoon or fantasy violence and is at the least 10 or over to buy or rent this Rated T video game for
GC, PS2, or XBox.
Must have
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-12-30

This game is a must have. Awesome graphics, great sound/score, great story line, challenging puzzles, and extremely fun to play. I was hooked from the start. A bit difficult at times, but that's what made it fun. Similar to Zelda in a way, but I enjoyed this game more. Cant wait to see if they make some kind of sequal. Anyone who is into adventure/RPG's, if you want to call it that, should have this one.
Sphinx And The Cursed Mummy....... ROCKS
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-12-21

Sphinx is the best Egyptian hero type of guy, and the Mummy
continues to be cool. Sphinx And The Cursed Mummy has such smooth gameplay and incredible graphics. I advise this as a game for any Action-Adventure fanatic.
Great focus but misses a few points
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-12-14

ok first this game has a lot of potental it has a great story line a few mini questes BUT for thos of you who compar it to zelda i think that you either havent finished it or have just wanted to be positive the resen is that the game is far to short and just dosent have eneuf mini questes or side things to do like for instance the game has 3 mini quest that dos not have to be done to be done to progress thro the game and that is a game that you race some one and you beat this guys training thing and play a game were you run over walls but for thos of you who think that you dont have to do anything then you do ohh and i dont know who play tested it but they missed a few parts of the game were it is all scrachy AND

on the game they try to make it vast but it dosent work there is only one citiy to trade and buy stuff and there is only 4 usaable objects you barly have to trade forword and back word and money wise is nothin you get more money just tryin to beat the game then tryin to beat the mini games were you shot stuff with your blow darts and it gives you no choices at all you either beat the one quest givin or get rid of the game because you have to do it a cirtin way and monster wise dont even bother to sell becuase you have all the scarabs you can handel for most of the game unless your rally bad a games but it dos have a very hocking stoy line but has a lot to do befor it is perfect but other then that i loved it

Great game
by:    On: 2003-12-02

This is one of the best games I have played in a while. The graphics are superb as is the storyline. Very challenging puzzles and top notch cut scenes make it a high quality and fun game to play. My only gripe with the game however, the reason I gave it only 4 of 5 stars, is that the save feature is really lacking. You have to find statues that serve as save points to save the game. I have no problem with this style of saving the game. The problem is ,however, that the statues are few and far between, so it gets really annoying when you're forced to go through a long period without being able to save and then you get killed and have to go all the way back to the previous save point again. In short, the save feature was poorly applied in this game. Other than that, it's an excellent game and well worth the money.
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-11-28

this game is a zelda kind agame. You play as a mummy and
egyptian god kind of boy. while you are the mummy you get
electrified and burned and flatted to get past walls or deadly
obsticals. you are a master swordsman too(so is zelda) and the bottons are on the screen just like zelda.this is my favorite
gamecube game.I think its better than zelda.
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-11-28

this game is a zelda kind agame. You play as a mummy and
egyptian god kind of boy. while you are the mummy you get
electrified and burned and flatted to get past walls or deadly
obsticals. you are a master swordsman too(so is zelda) and the bottons are on the screen just like zelda.this is my favorite
gamecube game.I think its better than zelda.
I love Sphinx!
by: micka280    On: 2003-11-22

This title really seems to be flying under the radar and I am hoping that it will get the attention is deserves because it really is a fantastic game! If you like Zelda then you will love this game!! If you are at all interested in Ancient Egyptian mythology then you will love this game too. Its got elements that really do remind me of Wind Waker but its also very original. I would say that this is a must have for any Gamecube owner.
A good Ancient Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-11-17

This is a game for people who are interested in Ancient Egypt. The graphics in this game are really good and the music is good too. You start out as the warrior sphinx and you work with this other warrior named Horus searching for the Blade of Osiris and other artifacts. Along the way you meet the mummy,a warrior named Anubis,and a girl named Nefertiti all working with you. The scenery is cool and the animation is really good, but the one thing I don't like is the characters have no speaking voice its all typed on the screen for you to read on your own. Other then that it's a great game. Also its kinda hard.

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