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Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly for Nintendo GameCube
Manufacturer: Majesco Sales, Inc.      
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Worst Spyro game in the world!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-05-08

In the comercials they made this game look so awsome and when I got ,IT SUCKED!!!There is only 1 world. This game made Spyro look bad.All the friends I have think this game is the worst game in Spyro history! If you are reading this and you have this game,SELL IT!
Amazingly bad!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-04-06

im normally a first person shooter fan. but this does not mean ive got biased opions on platform/adventure type games. i used to go crazy with n64 platformers. as it is ive also own several for the dreamcast and gamecube. this game is just WRONG on so many levels. first of all i found it very difficult to operate the controls. i normally dont figet over little things like controls. several games people were complaining about because of supposive bad controls ive played and had no problem. but the controls in this game are just plain horrific. typical platformer manuevers like jumping short distances from ledge to ledge are an excecise in sheer luck some of the time. i have to say the controls alone take away any possible enjoyment in this game. but then there is also a nearly unusable camera. the camera like the controls seems to have not even been tested. as when youre running around onscreen the camera constantly jerks around in some pretty akward manners. if youre playin a special challenge or something like that expect the camera and controls to contrubuite to many of your constant deaths. graphically i know ps2 is more capable than this. while there are a few sections that look pretty-lau island. the game mostly is very drab and while bright and colrful looks quite poor compared to other ps2 games. also just so you know the game is usaully locked in at 12 frames per second. the basic idea is to capture dragonflies which is shown in a breif nonsencical opening to the game. catching dragonflies unfortunately takes up much of the meat of the gameplay. which is insanely frustrating because you can get into 5 minute pull your hair out chase bouts to the point you just wanna scream. imagine trying to perfectly position a flawed camera system just to catch a dragonfly. it comes to me as nonsensical they run away from you. then again none of the script makes sense and would not appeal to a nine year old because nne year olds are probally writing it. the game is very short about 4 houurs.
boring with a capital B
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-03-28

Its very dull,and its the exact same concept as all the other ones. Find gems,kill monsters,collect treasure,save the world from disconfigured sorcerers,bla bla bla.
boring with a capital B
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-03-28

Its very dull,and its the exact same concept as all the other ones. Find gems,kill monsters,collect treasure,save the world from disconfigured sorcerers,bla bla bla.
this game is the pitt's
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-03-27

wow this game is the end to the spyro line. It lacks entertainment value,its hard to master the controls,and its also a rip off of a good 20-30 some dollars. if it was my oppinion i would discontinue the game, becausethis game really is a stinker!
Spyro enter the garbage desposal
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-03-02

Spyro 4 sucks! It freezes up to many times. The breaths are cool, but the game sucks. The plot is stupid. Plus they switched the people who made it. Spyro 2 and 3 I recomend that you get them. Camera angles suck. Camera angles suck. It sucks monkey butt....... Cudos to X Play.
could be better
by: paperbagprincess2000    On: 2005-01-13

I bought this game on the weekend and have already won it. It's a very easy game. Not the best challenges. My copy of the game also has an error in it. In the Dragonfly Dojo when you race the Ninja's it will not let you exceed 3rd place. Even when you pass all the Ninja's it still says your in 3rd place. It's not a big deal but it makes it impossible to get a perfect score in the game.
On the other hand, this game is great for young kids who aren't too avid gameplayers. It is cute and entertaining, just doesn't last long.
what happened to spyro?
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-12

When I first saw this game in Best Guy, I thought "Wow, cool! The new Spyro games's out!" Then I bought it for $50. That moment I could've ate the $50 bill, crapped it out, wiped myself with it and give it to a homeless guy and I would've had more fun then I did with this piece of crap you call a game. The music sounds like a retarded monkey in a music shop. The voice acting is so choppy, it sounds like William Shatner after eating a peanut-butter sandwhich with popcorn kernels. It's like Confidential Mission or House of the Dead for the Arcade. This game makes South Park Rally look like Banjo Tooie. So in short, this game sucks
this game STUNK!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-28

i wish i could give it 0 stars, but its not a choice. where should i start?? the first comment. the first level took me an hour and i STILL didnt finish it...pointles game!! thats ALL i have to say about it. i was smart and rented it and am i glad i didnt buy it...for those of you who like to be bored...this is the perfect game for you!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-29

This game is HORIBBLE. There are annoying glitches galore, gameplay is absolutly awful, and the story is stupid. The old Spyros, even though the graphics are a little out dated, are fun and witty. This game is a disgrace (hope this doesn't happen to Ratchet and Clank).
Fun,but not extravagent
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-08-29

The purple dragon is back on Gamecube!

First,let me get this straight,if you buy this,don't have ANY pre-concieved ideas of what's is gonna be like.You many end up dissapointed...Anyways,

Spyro:Enter the Dragonfly is very well put-together game.The plots flows,the graphics rule,and the music is catchy.The levels are VERY detailed and there's plenty of hidden corners and secluded spots to snoop out.My only issue,is that is just doesn't seem to have as much as the Playstation and GBA games.But if you're a die-hard fan of Spyro,or just a fan of pleasurable,entertaining game,this is a good one.

Just don't get any ideas of what's it'll be like!
Not as good as playstation 1 spyro
by: roxyjgirl    On: 2004-08-15

I love Spyro for PS1 and the only reason I wanted PS2 was for Spyro. Thank goodness I have found other games because this one is not good at all. Spyro's reaction and walking is slower and doesn't move as smoothly as the PS1 versions do. I didn't even want to continue playing the game so my 4 year old son plays it now and it even makes him mad at times. I would not recommend this game for anyone who truly loves Spyro and is used to playing him on PS1.
I hated this game!
by: navysquidandmarinesoldier    On: 2004-05-15

I have always enjoyed the other games, but this one suck. In the other games you visited other worlds, and had really great challenges. But this was only in one little world, and hardly any levels or challenges. I would suggest you not get this game. It was really bad. The only thing that was good was the change in the quality of the graphics compared to the other games, and the extra special powers that Spyro gets. But to be honost, it's not worth having. I mean I beat this game in half a day and I like games that are challenging and take some time to accomplish. Not something that you can beat in half a day. Don't waist your time or money on this game. It isn't worth it.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-04-15

This game is horrid. It's slow, ridiculously hard is some parts and hard in others, and just horrid. The game play is sketchy, the plot is meaningless, the controls are badly designed... Dont' bother spending your money on this.
terrible game
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-02-13

spyro enter the dragonfly is a pathetic excuse for a game. theres numerous glitches jagginess in graphics and too much gem collecting. youre going to have to go around collecting as much as 1000 gems yes 1000 gems. one of the things i liked about spyro games was that they were fairly long. each had somewhere between 20-30 levels. but this peice of junk has only 8. besides the game is just a much worse version of all the others. i love spyro but i hate this game. not only that enter the dragonfly has one of the worst camera systems ever. simple things like trying to jump from one platform to another at very close range can be a difficult task. usuaully i just fall and its in lau island. if you fall you have to swim underwater then do about 5 more minutes of platform jumping every single time. youll fall quite often off a platform then its another 5 minutes of pointless irritating work. and if you beat this game geuss what happens nothing. the game has groce camer angles awful storyline telling repetitive levels and unfair controls. whatever you do do not buy this game. just rent it if you must play it.
Very boring and easy
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-01-19

This is the worst game ever, definately not a good game. Kids may like it a little, but if you all are 10 and over dont buy this. This is the easiest game ever and incredibly BORING. Trust me, this is not worth buying, and if you get it, go trade it in at Gamestop, I got 11 dollars for it and I got it for 10 dollars at Massachusetts.
Cute Game, But Really Not That Great
by: evenstar7139    On: 2004-01-02

I do not reccomend this game to you if you play the Gamecube mostly for the experience of stunning graphics and awesome animation. The character modeling (how every character in the game was drawn up in 3D for the game) it is almost as bad as Nintendo 64. The animation of the charcters is not realistic and there are scenes where characters are walking and they look like they're sliding across the ground.

If you want a better visual experience play Super Mario Sunshine, Starfox Adventures, a Need for Speed game, or Sonic Adventure DX

Ugh, Freezes up all the time!
by: bridgettedance    On: 2003-12-29

I love almost every apect of this game, except is has a habit of freezeing up especially on challenge boards when you are winning. Personally I like this one the least of all the Spryo's and I love these games!
Bad Port for GC
by: erdie84    On: 2003-12-01

If you're going to play Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly on a GameCube, I'd rent it and have a look at the sub-par porting job...It seems like they took it from the psx driver. The graphics are nice, sure, but the frames jump from 60 to 15 or so. Really really choppy, definately not something you'd expect out of a gamecube. I think Majesco needs to have a talk with their software team. If it was as smooth as a game like...Crazy Taxi for example, it would be an awesome game.
die hard spyro fan ver very disappointed
by: ghudson43    On: 2003-09-10

I'am a spyro fan but I'am disappointed on this spyro game and heres why.The loading times are slow,also their are a ton of gliches in this game and it can freeze. The game play and the graphics and the plot are k but not really great.Plus ripto is back again for his 3rd time which really bothers me that they cant make new ones. The abilits and weapons havent really changed that much and the bubble breath is useless onless used on a drgaon fly. the ice breath freeze them only the fire and electric braeth do damage.

I hope they cure this promblem and stop making ripto come back.I think spyro 1 was way better then this spyro game and that was made a long time before this spyro game.

spyro one has got better reviews then this game and so has 2 and 3 for the playstation.

If your not a spyro fan dont buy this game, I hope other spyro fans see my point that this is a bad spyro game.

I think this is the worst spyro game I've ever played in my life.
This also goes for the ps2 and the xbox version(if made)of this spyro game.If i could have gave a 0 for this spyro game i would have.

Could of been better
by: petelaframboise2    On: 2003-08-30

Well When i first played Spyro for the playstation I thought It was pretty good. So When i got my Gc and this game came out i said ok ill get it. I have never been so disapinted with a game in my life. The game Doesnt take advantage of the Gamecube at all. The game is not smooth the game is really choppy and full of bugs. If you are a hardcore spyro fan then get it. But if you are just looking for a fun game forget this one. get Mech assault or metroid prime .
Beat it in 2 days. NO LIE!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-08-24

EASY and Annoying! It take a long time to load and the voice-overs are stupid. The graphics are very good but not for GameCube, it's just better than the old ones. I recomend you wait for a new one to come out because you'll fly right through it. Literally!
Hours Of Entertainment!
by: dodgibird    On: 2003-07-29

With it's bright graphics and easy to control moves, Spyro Enter The Dragonfly is a winning game.
The game play is fantastic! There are lots of new worlds to explore and even if you dont complete every game and collect every gem or dragonfly, you can still progress through the game.
There are loads of puzzles (some simple, some tricky) to complete and lots of diffrent characters to interact with. Theres so much to explore and so much to take part in that it will keep you amused for ages.
If if you're not into the cutie pie characters please make sure you still check out this game. There's much more to this game than meets the eye!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-07-25

This spyro game has extremly long load times, you could go out, take a walk, and make a sandwich and when you come back It will still be loading. The sound effects are repetative and the voice-overs are painful. Most of the time I played this game with the sound muted. The music is okay, but it could be better. I don't think I ever reached the 3rd level, It was just too slow for me.
Slow at times
by: hunneebee    On: 2003-07-17

Overall the game was fun to play. The graphics were amazing and the game was not too easy (like Ripto's Rage) but not too difficult. The only complaint I have is that it is truly a pain to go to a new world. It takes such a long time to load the next world! At first I thought it was my system but after bringing it to a friend's I figured it was just slow, and that is a major bummer. At times it took nearly 3 minutes to load, which is just ridiculous.
There's a reason for the glitches...
by: jmcgrth    On: 2003-07-10

When I first played this game I was disapointed. Not only was it short (9 levels.) it also had unbearably long load times. And some glitches. (But that depends a great deal on how early you got the game...)
Bugs?... Anyone?...
My copy of the game had a few glitches. (But they were minor. Stuff like swimming out of water for a couple of seconds...) The reason other games had probably loads of bugs was because V. Universal had to rush to get the game out by the holiday season, they simply had no time to get out all of the bugs. Therefore, since I got mine a few months after the release date, it had few bugs. I'm sure this is what drove most gamers away.
More Bugs... No, Really!!
The story of the game is um...good? No, it has a horrible plot. But, it is a game so, really it doesn't matter that you half to capture dragonflies, yep about 90 of 'em...urrr...I'd sure like to shake hands with the man that thought that idea up. NOT! But like I said its a game. No worries in the story department if you don't really care about storyline.
Like Fireworks In July...
The graphics explode with color. Each enviroment is uniquely well-made. And the water, oh the water! Never have I seen water of this wonderful quality on a game of this genre. It is simply amazing! The graphics are definitely where this game shines! They're like fireworks on the 4th of July. The only problem here is the occasional frame-rate drop.
Continuing The Tradition
One thing V. Universal did get right with Enter the Dragonfly was the brilliant voice-acting and music, that made the movies worth watching in the previous games. Everthing in the sound category is awesome, except, I would turn Sparx's hints off. Whoever thought of giving him a voice should be fired.
Press The (A) Button To Jump Or Wait Is It The /Y/ Button?
The controls are wonky and hard to remember. You'll find yourself asking the same question as above, but by the time you remember, the ritoc will have gotten you. Sometimes the button response is slow, but other times it is right on cue with the pressing of the button. Nothing real bad about the controls, but they do add an element of diffuculty to the game that the developers did not intend, I'm sure.
Overall, Spyro is a good game that suffers from far to many things. The game is worth renting. And the perhaps buying if you like it. Only if, there is a fair chance you won't.
Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly is a great game!
by: spyraa020    On: 2003-06-21

Before I begin, I will note that I have the game Crash Bandicoot: Wrath of Cortex, which was also published by Vivendi. I must confess, from what I've seen, that Vivendi has a problem with the loading time on games. With the Spyro and Crash games for PSX, there was never a problem with the loading times. The loading times on Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly and Crash Bandicoot: Wrath of Cortex are extremely long.
But other than that, Spyro is a great game. The graphics are amazing, the music is great (as with all Spyro games I've learned - a soundtrack needs to be produced :) and the storyline is even worthy of note.
In Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly, the fourth video game with the clever purple dragon (and the first on the PS2 platform), the dragonflies are captured and, in a nutshell, Spyro and his cronies must set off on an adventure to rescue the dragonflies that Ripto and his allies have captured. This makes for significant, in-depth worlds. Spyro also has (in addition to his fire-breath), the powers of ice-breath, bubble-breath, and electric breath.
All in all, if you're looking for a fun, action-packed (family) game, Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly would make a good choice.
Sypro Shoots A Blank
by: jl_depot    On: 2003-06-03

What ruins this game is the fact that is suffers from numerous programming bugs that make the game look cheap. The game lacks for inspiration in other areas besides graphics. The story is just a rehash of the first adventure, which by the way is a classic game. This Spryro is just as cute, but the game is half as clever. If you missed the first 2 games on Playstation then you have missed the best Spyro has to offer. My advice is skip this game and find yourself a more worthy purchase.
Great Game
by: mfbadal    On: 2003-04-22

This is a great game even though it does seem to be a little shorter than the original PS games. The added breaths make the game more fun and catching dragonflies is much more fun than getting eggs or orbs.The only thing that dissapointed me about this game is that you can only be Spyro unlike in Spyro 3 for PS where you could be a yeti, Kangaroo thing,monkey, bird, and Sparx your trusted Dragonfly companion.
the worst spyro...
by: a14yearoldkid    On: 2003-03-21

I have never owned a PS, but i had once gone to a friends house and played the spyro games. They were great!!! On, all the old games got at least an 8, but this one only got a 3! The thing is, the characters and such make it seem like a stupid game, but parts of it are to challenging for little kids. The graphics could have been waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than what they are. I think that this is just one of those sequels that are made just b/c they know that ppl will buy it because all the other ones were great. Don't waste you $ on this game.
by:    On: 2003-03-18

i think this game is the greatest, its fun. Man i love this game its awesome
My 4 year old loves it
by: stuberman    On: 2003-03-03

My 4 year old is really enjoying this game, I like the way that most characters speak the instructions (although one is intelligible to us) since my son can't read yet. The violence is mild enough to consider this appropriate for some children (you are playing a flame breathing dragon that has to eat and attack!) The GameCube implementation is a little rough, but not so bad that kids won't tolerate it. We rented this for a week, after the week, we may buy it if my son is still interested...
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-02-15

I thought this game is fun. Everything is challenging and i love a good challenge. The only thing i could complain about is the loading. It takes FOREVER! Other than that i love the game. I think it is worth buying if you're looking for a challenge.
Legendary game -bad conversion...
by: routemichele    On: 2003-02-07

I'm a spyro fanatic if the game is on Playstation, but the conversion to GameCube was poorly made. There are just way to many bugs in it. For example while I was playing it froze, couldn't move, couldn't even save. Maybe next time the Spyro team will take their time, not to mention test the game before they release it to the market.
by: cheerio2    On: 2003-02-02

This is a sad excuse for a game. If you want better, buy Metroid Prime. If you want worse, buy Monsters Inc. Scream Arena. Buy Metroid. Not this.
by: johnnybgood15    On: 2003-01-31

I was a pretty big fan of the others but I must say that this spyro is much better! It has great mini games and the new breath weapons are a breath of fresh air! ahahah Oh and did i mention the music all I have to say is stuart copeland from the police nuff said!
Worst Spyro EVER!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-01-22

Aside from being a fraction of the gameplay of previos Spryo games, it is full of BUGS. Be prepared to restart your gamecube if you buy this game, I believe this is actually a beta version of Spryo. I would suggest not wasting money on this game.
this game is adorable
by: 3691122    On: 2003-01-18

I love the beautiful graphics and pleasant music in this game. You couldn't ask for a more adorable hero than Spyro. I must warn you though, it isn't so easy as you might expect for a kid game. Many of the dragonflies, essential to advance, are cleverly hidden and the soar and hover movement is a little difficult to master. Spyro is very challenging.
Spyro Enter The Dragonfly
by: stanford_co    On: 2003-01-12

My child loves to play this game truly! She says it has
parts that concern thinkng. I thought Spyro Enter The Dragonfly
was a well made game when I tried it out.
It was OK, but ...
by: sisterchick2    On: 2003-01-08

This was an OK game, had some fun worlds to explore. However, after Spyro year of the dragon and Ripto's Rage, this one was quite the disappointment. The other Spyro games were my favorites, but this one is not. It was way to quick, did not have the fun "reward movies" at the different levels. After defeating Ripto, nothing happened. Very disappointing.
Not Worth It.
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-01-05

I played this game for a couple of hours after buying it and i got totally bored. Its a real good waste of [money]. The game is glitchy and slow and I am truely disappointed.
A discrace to the saga
by: bigmansco    On: 2003-01-04

I mean look, Spyro was good in his early days, but now, he's garbage. The spyro saga has took a turn for the worst. I mean this game grows boring reel fast, and I'm glad I rented it. Spyro was one of my favorite games, now it's one of the best games that can spell G-A-R-B-A-G-E!! Do not enven spend ur money 2 rent or spend ur time 2 borrow, this is the game that tarnished the shining saga.
Not As Good as It Should BE
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-01-02

I bought this Spryo game for my daughter for Christmas this year.
(2002) Sadly, she had finished this game in 3 days with no book and all levels cleared. It didn't even come close to any of the previous Spyro's. It all came down to collecting the jewels. Not
much with game action. Very Very dissapointed in SPYRO. I hope that if they continue to make this series, It will be much better than this.
PS. This takes a whole memory card to save this game. (8mb)
Sad Day For Spyro
by: racerfv24    On: 2003-01-01

I was really excited for this game, having played it on Playstation. However, the graphics were not great, the story was boring, and the game froze up on me at least 6 times, no joke. At one point I was unable to reload my saved game. It really ..., I was half way through the thing. The game is super easy. It only took me a day to get through half of it and I'm not a big gamer. My advice is to only rent this game. It will only take you about three days to beat it anyway. I wish I could give this game a better review, but I can't. It's just not worth the money.
Spyro:Enter The Dragonfly
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-12-29

This is a game that is advertised so well,and you'll think this game is just like the other spyros.You are really wrong. This game only has one boss named Ripto. You could beat this game faster than any other spyro. Talk about ruining the Spyro series.
Spyro:Enter The Dragonfly
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-12-29

This is a game that is advertised so well,and you'll think this game is just like the other spyros.You are really wrong. This game only has one boss named Ripto. You could beat this game faster than any other spyro. Talk about ruining the Spyro series.
It's Good, But Not a Leap Over Spyro 3
by: bigdumptruckdotcom    On: 2002-12-28

I got this for our new GameCube because Spyro 3 is the best thing that ever happened to our Playstation.

Well, this Spyro is good, and it does build on that last one, but in my mind, it's not a significant enough improvement over 3. In fact, it actually reminds me more of the first Spyro. I just hope it gets better as we get further into it, but my son (5), who played Spyro 3 constantly for several weeks, has basically ignored this one, which is a shame.

If you've never played Spyro, GET THIS GAME. But if you've played 3 just don't be surprised that it feels very similar to that one.

This is the best spyro game ever! By Prston cocoli
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-12-23

The graphics are perfect the gamplay is awesome the sound is wonderful the coolnes is overwilming I would recomend this game for a holiday gift 100% this is the best game ever This is a cool game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is the best spyro game ever! By Prston cocoli
by: cubemaster222    On: 2002-12-23

The graphics are perfect the gamplay is awesome the sound is wonderful the coolnes is overwilming I would recomend this game for a holiday gift 100% this is the best game ever This is a cool game!!
Slowwww Loader
by: bre2dre42    On: 2002-12-23

I bought this game for my kids, but I've also enjoyed playing the games as well. This is the first Spyro game that I could cook a meal and play at the same time!! World warping takes an average of 2-3 MINUTES to load to the next world. Graphics are still good as is the story,but the excess time that it thats is enough for my kids not to want to play.
Spyro is a classic!!!
by: gamedemounus    On: 2002-12-20

If anyone hasn't played the newest Spyro I really recommend you should. There are great new features. The best has to be his added breath options. There are a few to chose from: fire, ice, bubbles and electric. The visual design of the game is also stellar. The graphics rock. I hope that future Spyro games are this good.
Encore please!
by: gamedemounus    On: 2002-12-19

Yeah, I said that! I think this game is awesome! You critics out there need to play the whole game before you start talking about my purple friend. I personally think the graphics are outstanding and the gameplay is entertaining as hek. Lands are huge and there's room and time to explore the area. If you explore the land good enough and find all the dragonflies, then you get a special ending for passing the game at 100%. The only problem though is that gameplay is relatively short, only being about 15 hours. But if you a lover of platform games like I am, then you definitely gots to add this to your game collection.
Enter The Dragonfly is GREAT!!!
by: dungeonmaster1877    On: 2002-12-18

Spyro has always been regarded as a good collection of games. Enter the dragonfly is totally kick A##. There is hours of game play. Countless worlds to discover and catch those dragonflies. Spyro travels instyle on new vehicals such as a surfboard. The last thing I pictured on a surfboard was a dragon. Anyway so I also was impressed by the realistic way the characters look when they move around. Great job there. In all an excellent game and excellent buy.
Old Spyro gamers will be let down.
by: dinakan    On: 2002-12-18

I loved Spyro for PSX. It was so much fun, it lasted a very long time, there were tons of levels, and it was a flat-out great game. So, I was so exited when I saw this game on the shelves. I immediatly got it, looked at the atlas, and whoa-there's less than ten levels? It was also kind of pathetic how they couldn't come up with new ideas; there was too much of the same. It might just be my GCube, but it was really slow. Aside from all that, it's a Spyro game, so it's fun, but nothing in comparison to any of the other games. Sorry Insomniac, but would ya think a little more?
Grab Spyro Today
by: lonegunman99    On: 2002-12-18

Ever think things can't get any better? I was having the best day of my life last week. I got a job promotion, my girlfirend came to visit and I woke up on time and wasn't late to work. And then, my girlfirend gave me a present and was Spyro Enter The Dragonfly. I immediately began playing it and was impressed by yet another great Spyro game. The different worlds are amazing. Great graphics! Spyro also is armed with some new breaths. Ice, bubbles , fire & electirc. The game is really great, I say everyone should get one. You'll like it.
by: lonegunman99    On: 2002-12-17

The title "Rock on Spyro" could be taken literally. I hear that one of the members of the "POLICE" did the music for the game. I liked sting with the Police better than Sting, the solo artist, but that is beside the point. 'Enter the Dragon' - the latest Spyro release is very good. Great new environments, tons of them. Also new breath choices - ice, electricity and bubbles. And mini-games galore. Ah, Good times. I highly recommend the game.
Move over for Spyro
by: lonegunman99    On: 2002-12-17

Spyro isn't your run of the mill shoot em up very macho video game that I usually like, but regardless I love playing Spyro. He has this very subtle sense of humor, I'm sure past Spyro players know what I'm talking about. And the animation and graphics on this new game are excellent. Also there are added charcters for Spyro to interact with. The best part of the game has to be the many many places he gets to visit. I haven't been to all of them yet, but so far they are very cool.
Unfinished product
by: rollinsgrl1    On: 2002-12-17

There is no way that this game was tested thoroughly before release. I feel robbed! I think that Universal Entertainment owes all Spyro fans a big appology. The frame rates are incredibly slow and nauseating. The story line makes no sense, the game does not flow smoothly. It does not live up to the previous three games. If you want to play a good Spyro game, I suggest you go back to one of the first 3 games.
Worst of Spyro
by: opus57    On: 2002-12-17

If your looking for the old Spyro you won't find it here. Vivendi Universal has totally trashed the Spyro legacy.
Anything that can be wrong with a game is in this one. Looks like Vivendi Universal released this game before they even tested it because as far as I'm concerned this game is unplayable. Long load times and frame rate problems are just a few of the problems. I played this game for 10 minutes and I could not play it anymore. Don't waste your money. Buy Insomniacs new game Ratchet & Clank. It's 10 bucks cheaper and 1000 times better. FYI - Insomniac was the original developer of Spyro.
Very Disappointing
by: jeffrey_haden    On: 2002-12-17

The gameplay is excrutiatingly slow and the graphics get choppy if you get Spyro to run. All in all, compared to the other Spyro Playstation platform games, this is a joke. Any visual improvements are lost in the sloppy design and game flow.

Bring back Insomniac!

The Fantastic Spyro Games Continue
by: gameinsomniac    On: 2002-12-17

Like the past Spyro games, this one doesn't disappoint. When I first began the game I didn't know what to expect, but after messing around with it for a bit it reminded me of the prior games. I like the way it handles and there are new features. besides the main game there are also mini-games. Sometimes I find myself playing the mini-games more then trying to catch all of the dragonflies and "beat" the game. The voice acting was good too.
Spyro - Pretty Good!
by: gameinsomniac    On: 2002-12-16

Enter the Dragon could have easily banked on the popularity of the other Spyro games, but it succeds in adding new features and a new journey to produce a grade A game. Ripto is back and Spyro must collect dragonflies that have been scattered everywhere to prevent Ripto's evil plan. I like the way the game handles and especially like the different places Spyro visits. They are very elaborately illustrated. A few examples are a rainbow and monsoon. The music and voice acting also sound great. I hope to find other games that interest me as much as Spyro.
Great Game *** Spyro Enter the Dragonfly
by: johnnyjj456    On: 2002-12-14

Anyone who loves the Spyro franchise will totally be into the newest Spyro game ~ Enter the Dragonfly. The game brings back some of the old characters and also introduces some new ones. There is also added breath options and new environments to visit. Catching dragonflies, collecting gems, ridding ufos & surfboards and much more. I hope future Spyro games will be coming soon.
Great fun!
by: johnnyjj456    On: 2002-12-13

If you aren't a fan of Spyro you will be after this game. There are many levels where Spyro searches for dragonflies. The music and voice acting is done well. Also the animation is stellar. When spyro moves it looks pretty real. Also, he can shoot ice, electricity, bubles and fire. in all great fun. Playable anytime and by anyone. Good or all ages.
Not as good as the previous Spyros
by: dragon-alien    On: 2002-12-12

I own all the spyro games and this one was no where near as hard as the rest of them. The only thing that was better than previous Spyros was the graphics. The game was way to easy, I beat it in a week and I am not even a huge gamer.
The Return of Spyro!!!
by: johnnyjj456    On: 2002-12-11

Spyro is back with a new game 'Enter the Dragonfly' It's pretty solid. He has some new breath options, no more just shooting fire. He also gets to ride these crazy new vehicals, such as a UFO. His quest is to collect dragonflies and prevent Ripto's plot to take over. In all a great game choice.
Spyro: ETD is 1 of my favorites
by: johnnyjj456    On: 2002-12-11

Being new to the spyro series, I'm quite impressed. I've heard good things about it so I purchased the latest game, Enter the Dragonfly. It handles pretty good. A lot of fantastic realms & worlds to visit such as a rainbow level. Also I thought the animation of the characters was done well and believable. Hopefully next week I'll have more time to explore the game further. I highly recommend it.
SPyro is cool
by: superspeedracer23    On: 2002-12-09

i bough tthe spyro game not really playing the other games before but I love this game. It is really fun. I enjoy the minigames as well there not as cahllenging as the regular game....but alas the gamee looks great 3d Pick it up for a fun gaming experience
Great for all ages!
by: gamedemounus    On: 2002-12-07

Spyro enter the Dragonfly has been receiving mixed reaction, but I for one think it is a pretty decent game. I've been fooling around with it for about a week now and it handles well and the graphics are pretty good. One of the best things abut the game is that it appeals to all ages. I'm 29 and love it. My cousins and other young people like it as well.
Enter the Dragonfly, Dude
by: suesue2    On: 2002-12-05

I've always been a Spyro fan,this is the best one so far.
Spyro is back! Enter the Dragonfly
by: gameinsomniac    On: 2002-11-25

I've been a fan of Spyro since the begining and hoped it would come out on the new gamming systems. So I was totally stoked when i got it for my GC. I practically ripped the game apart when I tore through its packaging and that damn plastic wrapping. When I finally poped it in, the magic began. A new adventure to save the dragon realm from who else, Ritpo. You must ride crazy new things, jump onto platforms, avoid obstacles and so on in these sweet new environments. There is a rainbow one, tornado environment and many many more. Great platform action!
Superb New SPYRO
by: lonegunman99    On: 2002-11-23

I've been hearing some mixed things about the new spyro game, But I'm here to tell you that the game is GREAT! There are 30+ levels for Spyro to explore, some include tornados, rainbows, moonsoons....etc. New weapons, skills and vehicals all enhance the game and make it a lot of fun to play. The graphics are sweet too. Spyro & his new and old friends look vibrant on the screen. And oh yes, the subtle humor that was present in the other games is back yet again in this new installment. If it isn't clear, I really like the game and advise you to buy your copy today and join in on the party.
Superb New SPYRO
by: lonegunman99    On: 2002-11-23

I've been hearing some mixed things about the new spyro game, But I'm here to tell you that the game is GREAT! There are 30+ levels for Spyro to explore, some include tornados, rainbows, moonsoons....etc. New weapons, skills and vehicals all enhance the game and make it a lot of fun to play. The graphics are sweet too. Spyro & his new and old friends look vibrant on the screen. And oh yes, the subtle humor that was present in the other games is back yet again in this new installment. If it isn't clear, I really like the game and advise you to buy your copy today and join in on the party.
Hooray for Spyro!!!
by: johnnyjj456    On: 2002-11-20

The newest editon of the Spyro series does not disappoint. He is back with his old friends & also some new buddies. His mission is to retrieve dragonflies that have escaped. Spyro been updated with new breath weapons and new skills. Some reviews talk about the game freezing, but in many hours that I have been playing it, the game has never once froze up, or have I had any other problems with it. I think the game is definetely worth the purchase. Hope the review helped.
Don't waste your money
by: luteum    On: 2002-11-20

This game is nowhere near as fun as its predecessors. The game is pathetically short, and each level is a sad approximation of level designs from the previous Spyro games. Game play is ridiculously easy; no challenge whatsoever. I'm not sure that it's even worth renting.
Stick to the first three!
I miss Insomniac!
by: ambiestars    On: 2002-11-17

As a Spyro lover, i was really excited to hear of a new spyro coming out, especially on the Gamecube system. Unfortunately, the Gamecube version as well as the Playstation 2 version, seem to be plagued with bugs. Game freezing up, slow frame rate, weird camera angles. I say definately rent before you buy this game.
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-11-16

I am very far on this game and it is a lot better than the previous Spyro games for playstation. You have four different breaths that help you through the different worlds. It is an awesome game.

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