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Super Smash Bros Melee
Manufacturer: Nintendo Of America      
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Great Fun on Muilty Player Mode!
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-09-04

Play as a number of different Nintendo characters such as Mario, Yoshi, and Link in a wide variety of places. Collect money to win trophies in a ''lottery''. The graphics are stunningly crisp, vibrant and engaging. The game is entertainig enough on one player, but twice as much fun on muilty player mode! Only one warning, it's addictive!
my 8yr. old son and I play it together
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-08-19

This is a super fun game for all ages and experiance levels!! While I'm not very good with electronic games my son rocks! He didn't have any trouble getting the hang of it. but the point is, is that I didn't have any trouble either! So we can play on the same team or against each other, even my adult friends get in on the fun while visiting.
Don't play if you have high blood pressure
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-08-04

Hmm... First lemme say, i like the game. Better than the original, with better graphics, more characters, and new levels. But... I don't no how many times i swore at the game, threw my controller down, wanted to break the controller in half... and so on and so on. Getting the characters is easy... with help from the internet. There are 2 characters that take a while to get. mew-two and mr game and watch. Infact i havent unlocked them yet. There is some new things you can do, such as home run contest, multi-man melee, and some event things. Homerun contest is pretty much pointless, but it gets you a level. Multiman melee gets you a character, and the event thing, it gets you characters and levels. But its a real pain. I think thats when my rage started to really come out. i actually almost broke my controller, but i just shut off the game before i got really mad. So basically what im saying "its a fun game with your friends, but you'll wanna cuss out the game when you play alone"
One of the best Multiplayers Ever
by: requiem4adream    On: 2006-07-22

I dont agree with the notion that the original is better.Purely because in this sequel there are more levels, more moves for each character and more characters.

Where smash brothers differes from all other fighting games is the ease of multiplay fighting, Once you have figured out and mastered youre characters controls it is rather easy to do a move in a crowd of players that hits all of them, without doing anything harder than pressing B and UP.

Also because of the linear element to the game it is possible to pick up an item and throw it to the other side of the level in the hope of taking out an opponent (it is possible to knock people off the stage with good item throws at people with high percentages) whereas in 3D games like powerstone on the dreamcast, it is more a matter of luck than judgement.

The name 'super smash' refers to 'smash attacks' which you use on an opponent when they have taken a lot of hits previously. This requires holding A and a direction to generate the power required. The player you hit will go flying off the side of the screen screaming (in a cartoony way) and i tell you, there is no better feeling when you can get a big hit off like that.

As mentioned in the review the variety in moves and difference in character sensitivity is astonishing. I tend to cycle between Luigi, Mario, Picachu, Falco and Yoshi and from these 5 characters ive found that Falco and Picachu are much faster, but Falco drops a lot quicker, and pikachu flies off the screen very easily (well, he is a mouse after all). These little intracacies can lead to different tactics when playing the game.

With slow,powerful characters like Bowser, ganandorf and Donkey Kong youll want to get in on the action because youre moves are likely to defeat other players and movement is very laboured and slow.

whereas with characters like pikachu, jigglypuff etc, youll want to put space between yourself and the slower characters if you want to survive

in short, everyone should enjoy this game,its simple controls make it easy to get to grips with but its a game that youll take a long time to master + level 9 computers are rather challenging.
multiplayer gold!
by: clarkws    On: 2006-07-22

Super Smash Bros. Melee is, as I said above, multiplayer gold. However, there is much more than multiplayer in this game. Below, I will review the game briefly covering everything.
First, I will review the game's single player.

There are five single player modes available when you first begin the game: Classic, Adventure, Event, Stadium and Training. I will review each mode one at a time.

Classic Mode....................................................

Classic mode is very straightforward. First, you select the character you want to play, and then you start the game. The gameplay goes like this: you will fight multiple enemies one at a time, sometimes you will fight whole teams of enemies at once, and sometimes you will fight alongside a few allies against one giant enemy. Also, there are some bonus stages to play in- between some of the matches. After you beat all of the stages, you will be pitted against a boss. After you beat the boss, you will earn a trophy.

Adventure Mode...................................................

Adventure mode is like a sidescrolling game of its own. You select a character, and then start the game. The gameplay goes like this: you play through 12 levels of non-stop enemy smashing, door finding, and danger avoiding. After you finish all of the levels, you earn a trophy.

Event Mode.......................................................

Event Mode is a combination of both Classic and Adventure Modes. When you select the mode, there is a list of missions that you need to complete in order to beat the entire game. As I said above, these missions are made up of both classic and adventure mode games. The missions range from beating up a giant version of DK to running away from super fast cars. The more matches you complete, the more matches become available to you.

Stadium Mode.....................................................

Stadium Mode is made up of three minigames: target test, homerun contest, and multiman melee.

In Target Test, you select your character, and then you must destroy 10 small targets places in multiple places on a strange floating group of platforms and tunnels.

In Homerun Contest, you select your character, and then you must hit a bag full of sand as far as you can.

In Multiman Melee, you select your character, and then you must beat up multiple wireframe enemies.

Training Mode....................................................

In Training Mode, you can learn how to play the game, test out different characters, and learn basic gameplay strategies.


Now that I have covered Single Player Mode, I will cover multiplayer. There are 3 multiplayer modes available when you first begin the game: melee, special melee, and tournament mode.


In melee, you can play by yourself or with friends against either computer controlled bots or other human players. You can do free for all matches or team matches. The gameplay is basically straightforward smashing other players, and there are multiple stages to fight on, as well as weapons and items to use.

Special Melee Mode...............................................

There are ten types of special gameplay modes in special melee mode, each of which has its own unique rules and style. Their names pretty much explain themselves, but I will briefly review each one.
Camera Mode: player 4 can take snapshots of the other three players that can be viewed later on, and saved to your memory card.
Giant Melee: All of the players are huge.
Stamina Mode: If you run out of health, yer' out!
Tiny Melee: All the players are tiny.
Super Sudden Death: One hit can destroy you!
Fixed Camera Mode:Instead of following the action, the camera stays zoomed way out, making it difficult to keep track of your character.
Invisible Melee: All players are invisible.
Lightning Melee: All players move super fast.
Single Button Mode: You only use the control stick and A button to fight.
Slo-Mo Melee: All players move super slow.


Now that I have covered the gameplay, I will review the games other features.

Lottery: use coins earned in single player and multi player to get trophies! The more coins you use, the higher your chance of getting a new trophy.

Gallery: veiw your trophies!

Data: well, this mode explains itself. View your records, snapshots, etc.


Characters: When you first begin the game, you can play as the following characters:
Zelda.... who can transform into Sheik
Sheik.... who can transform into Zelda
Donkey Kong
Captain Falcon
Ice Climbers, and...

Each character has his/her own unique attacks and abilities.

The reason I have given this game 5 stars is because of its ability to maintain interest; how fun it is, and just because I like mastering a character's abilities and beating up enemies.
The only downside to this game is how hard some of the gameplay modes can be. Besides that, this game is a must-buy. If you have a gamecube, pick this game up!

SSMB... Screw it, I'll stick with the original.
by: cominar    On: 2006-07-17

I don't actually own this title any more but I regret selling it for $20. It was a nice game (One of the best for Gamecube) It had extraordinary graphics and it showed what the gamecube could do but the gameplay was sligthly diffrent, so abnormal compared to the first it seemed the games went by faster and were boring.

For one, it seemed the character fell down faster then normal and for two, The moves seem to be performed faster and smoother then the original.

I feel this change was for the worst, the gameplay was way better in the original and 1 player is nice and long and gives lots of stuff to explore while completing this game.

The original is way better for multiplayer, this sequal is nice for the one who plays alone.
THE Most Unique Fighting Game!
by: r_seidel    On: 2006-07-17

Super Smash Bros. Melee is easily the most unique fighting game out there. Who would have thought to throw in a load of Nintendo characters, known and unknown, into one big slugfest? The original SSB did so much, and this sequal's even better, another breath of fresh air.

Like with the previous SSB, SSBM has Nintendo characters from different games mixed up and duking it out. The original game had about 12 characters, I think. This one has 25, total. Around half of the characters are unlockable. All of the characters from SSB have returned, along with all of the unlockable ones from the previous game as regulars. The new regular characters include Peach, Bowser, the Ice Climbers, and Zelda.

Every character is unique, pretty much. A few perform almost the same. From Yoshi's high-flying second jump, (Though, he lacks a third.) to Zelda's ability to change into Sheik. All of the characters have the special abilities that made them special in their games. Link's got his bombs and arrows. Mario can still pelt foes with fireballs. It's pretty fun to tinker around with the character and see how well they match your style.

The characters are even smart, once you crank their skill level up into the high range. If you pick up a Starman they'll go into complete defense. Sometimes they'll gang up on you and turn you into a punching bag. They'll even choose which items they want. They'll take a Hammer over a Fan, anyday. Zelda/Sheik will run from the heat of battle to pick up that Poke Ball that's ridiculously far away. The characters will even have their own preferences as to what they do. Some will grab more than others, others will whollop you with one punch after another. It's really interesting.

If you've played the original Smash Bros, I'll bet you also enjoyed the stages. They resembled the worlds from which they're based off of, yet they were tweaked enough to make them more like a fighting arena. But, there weren't really that many stages. SSBM has about 25-30 stages. They're all special, and they still resemble Nintendo's worlds. Some of the worlds have hazards, (Such as the Ice Climbers' scrolling mountain) while others are just darn huge. (Consider Zelda's temple stage.) Some stages are harder than others, while others are minefields to be walking on, since there's no where to hide from that Bob-Bomb that's hurtling in your direction. The stages that have nothing, except platforms will test your skill in battle. Others can challenge your agility and defensive skills.

You've also got a lot of new items that you can whack, hurl, and detonate on your opponents. Many of the items from the previous game have returned, such as the Beam Sword and the infamous Home-Run Bat. The items have different functions. The Fan is weak, but blindingly fast. It can even break shields if you throw them at someone. You can use a Hammer to whack away at that annoying opponent. But this time, the Hammer head can fall off, making it a throwable item that can cause an instant KO. The person wielding the handle is completely helpless. Items can turn the tide of battle, and can be pretty fun to use. There's also a lot more items to use, adding double the chaos! If you want, you can change the frequency at which items appear, and which items you want to appear. You can have piles of Hammers, Bob-Bombs, and Home-Run Bats in one battle!

The controls are still the same, with only some slight changes. Every character has four special attacks, now. The new special works like a regular Smash Attack, except with the B button. There are also four different kinds of throws, but they vary between every character. So experiment a little bit to see who has the best throw. Mewtwo can blow people away with his upward throw, while Donkey Kong can carry his opponents with him. Try sacrificing yourself by jumping off a ledge with an opponent being carried around with you. Grabs can also let you punch your helpless victim without having to worry about being hit back. I think that the controls are pretty easy to get used to, but, if you're feeling doubtful, you can watch the video that explains all the basic controls.

There's also some new modes that you can try out. There's a new adventure mode, which kinds of acts like a mini-RPG. There's also an All-Star mode. (It's an unlockable.) It kind of functions like classic mode. But, you only have one life, carry your damage from battle to battle, have limited healing, and you always fight by yourself. Try playing it on Hard or Very Hard mode and you'll feel the sting.

In addition, there are also some "mini-games" that you can try out. These include Multi-Man Melee battles, a Homerun Contest, and a Target Practice. Multi-Man Melee pits you up against the Fighting Wire-Frames. There's a Fifteen Minute Melee and a Cruel Melee, among a couple others. The Cruel Melee is easily the hardest battle in the game. The Home-Run Contest has you racking up damage points on a sandbag and then taking a bat and swinging as far as you can. Really interesting.

There's also a new Trophy section that'll allow you to collect figures of other Nintendo characters and objects. You can get trophies from the Lottery, or you can get a trophy that can only be unlocked in a special way, some trophies are harder to get than others, though. Particularly the special trophies, where you may have to get a 20 hit combo or beat All-Star on Hard and up without continueing. This adds some more challenge to the game.

That's really all I can say about Super Smash Bros. Melee. I can't fit all of its qualities into my review, but if you play it, you'll find out every little detail that makes it unique. Maybe you'll even rank it the best fighting game. I just hope that my review helped and that you'll enjoy the game.
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-06-20

Just Plain Bad
by: rgoeb7    On: 2006-06-16

After playing the original SSB, i thought it could get no worse. Boy was i wrong. Not only is this game extremely childish and boring, but it requires 0 skill and the entire object of the game is to press buttons as fast as possible. Truely a colossal waste of time. SSB is a waste of money, time, intelligence and anything good in a human being. If you are a fan, i know this is just opinion but please never play anything like this again. Bottom line: Knocking nintendo/baby characters off a platform with boxes, lightsabers and anything else a baby would find "cool." This game simply sucks and i wish this could persuade you not to buy it.
Marios best series
by: pianogirl3031    On: 2006-06-14

Offering intense, multiplayer action with a slug-it-out to you drop mentality,this game offers fast pace gun-wielding action with the spirit of a full fledge action game.I can't stand the single player, but if your the type of gamer who only playes your video games when your're friends are over, your in luck.My favorite part of this game is that if you need to get out of a area of the gamefield quick or simply just dodge an attack, you can use the the control stick to fase through some surfaces and/or jump up as well as move left and right.It gets really intense when you combine the control stick with the "B" button to use your super speedy smash attacks to blow away you're competition.I'd strongly advise this game!

best game ever
by: susanferrell    On: 2006-05-25

this game is so addicting you play as many different charecters and earn new ones such as young Link, Docter Mario, Jigglypuff, and Roy. So buy buy buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MARIO!
Pure Fun
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-05-20

This game is pure fun, for everyone. Unlike many fighters, the controls are kept simple enough that pretty much anyone can play, and yet, they still offer a diversity of moves to keep the game fun. It's a fun game in single player mode, where there is not only the traditional fighting mode, but an adventure mode (which includes levels where you side-scroll through other nintendo worlds, fight wierd charachters, etc.) and event mode (which has different challenges, some of which are kind of dumb, but some are pretty fun.)
Even better is the multiplayer. This is pretty much the ultimate multiplayer game. Anyone can play, and everyone will have fun.

For those who have played the N64 game, this is similar, but with many more features.
I'd also say that this game proves wrong all those who complain about the GameCube controller. It's very instinctive in this game.
One of the best fighting games ever made
by: jravn    On: 2006-05-09

I could go into lots detail about how great this game is. The level of diversity available to players is just amazing. Do a google search or read some of the other reviews and you'll see what I mean.

This game is a classic. It's still played in college dorms all over the country. A shame that N doesn't release an Arcade version of this - it would be huge, and would give Capcom some serious competition.

This game never gets old. It's the ultimate gamecube controller wrecker. If you don't have it, buy it. This is the game to have for Gamecube.
Certainly a beast multiplayer
by: nicknames_are_fuking_stupid    On: 2006-05-02

Okay this game may have been outfor four years, but I am reviewing it anyway

Super Smash Brothers for the N64 in my opinion, is s*** compared to this one, this one is that one on steriods. Usually, games such as Twisted Metal Black don't totally make the older vesions vaporware, but in an exception, this one beats the hell out of that one (and the N64 is good of course, but this one is way better). This classic game is a great game that anybody who likes having fufn with their buds, and not too shabby for people with their own (but I reccomend friends over playing alone).

Why exactly is this a classic and in steriods? Well, it is filled with content, it has so much replayability in it. The game has a bunch of characters, all detailed, and their moves are unique (just check out Mr. Game And Watch). A roster if your favorites are all here. Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Daisy, Yoshi, Link (god I hate this pansy piece of S****), Zelda, Mewtwo, Samus, Ness, and a whole lot more. There is just so many characters and the characters for once are very interesting indeed. The levels are no different, they are full of animation a nd moving parts and scenery to disrtact you, and there are even ways you can har m yourself, and each stageis full of features. You have to check it out, and there are even a few old levels as well (which are not polished up, which is good).

Single player may be a little boring sometimes compared to 4 player madness, but ont really. The adveture mode is extremelt repitive, and the levels are the exact same thing. But however, that doesen't really harm that mode, as because the 51 events are great, and that is where you see the hard as hell Master Hand drom thbe old game, as well as his new friends that he brought along, the Crazy Hand, The final battle is a group of enemies that I am not going to spoil for you (if you have played the game, you know what I am talking about). And with a handful of minigames make it fun to do things, plus the training mde if you just want to hone your skills.

For the fighting itself, it is pretty obvious that it has improved alot. First off, there are combos and points, so the damage point percentage system is still there. However, even though they have kept the core gameplay that made the fist so addicting, the next generation technology added innovation while making it feel like the two games belong together. A ton of new weapons were added, swords and guns, and more detailed of everything. the weapons now make the game more fun alot. the stages include traps and other thigns to trick your oppenent and make stragegy into the game. Ans the ability to get trophies makes collecting more fun, and once you get trophies, you can view them and a box at the right of the big trophy display gives GOOD information on what it is. Super Smash Brothers ios deep , and that's just the singe player

The Multiplayer is the jem here, and I bet people still have blasts playing with their friends on sleepover parties even in 2006, and it's hard not to see why. It's four player mayhem is incredibly fun, never boring, and simnplly a blast. And it ain't one dimensional, you can customize it, and say if you only have two friends, you can have two other computer controlled charaters. You know just how deep it is if y ou are a player, or even a person who has played it once or twice, and if you don't, you'll find out soon enough.

Thsi game is a classic that every Zgamecube owner should have., It's great, and with yoru friends, it's worth it.

Oh, and if you are curios, here are my favorites of the game.

Character:Mr. Game And Watch
Level:Fountain Of dreams
single player activity: Creating a team of three, superpowerful 9 nskilled players (I am one pof the three), and fighting some crappy character with a skill level of one
Multi:Playing with four friends
Other: Looking at the graphics

So anyway, if you are reading this still figureing out if it is worth it, go get it. It's a blast.

For those of you who do, I bet you guys still play with your friends.
Super Smash Bros is back, and it's better then ever!
by: jimnavs    On: 2006-04-29

Super Smash Bros for the N64 was easily my favorite game. Why wouldn't it be? How can you not love Nintendo's lovable mascots getting into a stage and then battling? Well now it gets even better.

Super Smash Bros Melee is a superb game that really can't get any better. That's start with some single player options. One of my favorite new features is Adventure Mode - Here you fight your way across several Nintendo themed locations. Not only is it enjoyable to relive the backgrounds, but some of the enemys are included as well! Another enjoyable aspect of the game is Stadium Challenges (I believe that's what they're called). These present a challenge ranging from killing a character within a matter of seconds or winning in a battle where bombs rule! Not only is this very challenging, it is a thrill to see a different approach on the overall normal Melee.

While this game has a wonderful single player, it just only gets better with multiplayer.

Multiplayer is a fun and addictive section of the game where you can fight it out with your friends. Not only can this present new challenges to even the most hard core player, but it will give you a chance to team up on one specific player. Several strategy's that are just not possable with CPU's come into play here. These battles are also extremely customizable. Not only can you choose between several different styles of combat, but from there you can select handicap, what items will fall, how many items will fall, and much more.

Overall, Super Smash Bros Melee is a unique and exciting experience that will leave you eager for more.
Super Smash Bros. - The return of a classic. Wow is it good!
by: roguska2    On: 2006-04-17

Melee took many people by suprise as did it's predecessor, and like it's predecessor this game is totally awesome. Melee is very much like the original but on a way bigger scale. The graphics have been improved and look great. The controls are very tight and work basically like the orignal Nintendo 64 ones. Between the numerous characters in the game you will have hundreds of moves at your disposal. A couple new characters I really liked seeing where Young Link and Marth. The sheer amount of new stuff added to this game is overwhelming from the number of levels, characters, unlockables, moves. You will deffinently get your money's worth out of this title. Dont worry about it looking childish. This game is sweet. Trust me and all the other reviewers when I say this is a great game. Buy it for your GameCube. I strongly recommend it. Thanks for reading.
by: best_in_the_west    On: 2006-04-13

You have to get this game, it's a must for every single gamecube owner on the planet! It doesn't even get boring after you beat it (which takes a while without cheats so you'll have plenty of gaming time).
One of the best games I have ever played.
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-04-12

When I first got my Game Cube I got 4 games with it. First I played Lugi's masion the I played Metroid prime. After that I played Staw wars rouge sqaud and the I played this game! Super Smash brothers mele is a great and there are tons of charecters. THis game is also one of the best games I have ever played!
Great Game A+++++
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-04-11

This game rocks just as good if not better than the first.

All 4 of my kids LOVE this game.
by: knpjmomma    On: 2006-04-05

Although it contains "violence", the characters are all from video games and are animated. Another feature is that all 4 kids can play together!
There's so much to do in this game
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-03-31

I thought the original Super Smash Bros. was a lot of fun, but unlike SSB Melee, basically once you unlocked the characters, a level, and beat the 1 player game, there's really nothing left to do besides multi-player (which is still fun though). But in SSB Melee, there are so much more characters and stages to choose from, there are over twice the amount, not to mention a lot more to unlock, and they even left some of the stages from the original Super Smash Bros. in here! There are also missions you have to complete in order to get new characters, there are more 1-player games, a tournament melee with up to 64 characters (1-player or multi-player), and the graphics are also pretty amazing. You can also earn money from fighting to buy yourself trophies. There's so much to do in this game the list is almost endless. This game's kept me busy for quite I while because I've had it for a few years and still haven't completed everything. So if you liked the original SSB, I can pretty much guarantee you'll love this one even more, so buy it now!
Super Smash is a Blast
by: polkbrian    On: 2006-03-18

Great Game to keep the kids entertained. All four can play at the same time which can be extremely fun.
My favorite game!
by: alannacooper    On: 2006-02-14

I'm guessing you're sitting at your computer right now, torn between that awesome, mature-looking game you just saw...and this one. But I'm just gonna tell you: pick this one! Several games later and this is still the one that is the most fun; it's a universal game with something in it for everyone. And it's 4-player. ;) Fight it out in VS Mode, Regular (adventures), or the mini-games, or just take pics of yourself in combat (always fun). Pretty-please-with-sugar-on-top check this out? :)
4.5 stars.
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-02-01

This is a good game. I like the special melee the most. Pick it up now.

(P.S If you are a Sonic fan, either or not, It still good. I'm a die-hard hardcore Sonic game and I still love it. (...)!!!!!!!!. By the way, you can unlock Sonic + Tails in this game. Go to Stadium. Choose Multiman Melee. Then Choose cruel melee. Get a high score (Not total high score) of 20 kos with any character. Then you fight Sonic + Tails against you. They are teamed up. I didn't get it yet, but I'm trying. PP.S. This review is continued by the one-star review of "help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" If you still have trouble, I'll post another review every month. I might paste another one when Sonic riders (Feb. 21) is released. Like I said, If you are a sonic fan, This game is still Awesume)
Help! Me!
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-31

Who is the best (Strongest) character in this game. And how do you get it????????? I need to get 20 KOs (Knock outs) in cruel melee because it says you can get Sonic and Tails (Togethor) if you get 20 KOs. Please tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

P.S you can get toad. Just shoot all of the credits. For more information I said, go to and look at some reviews for this game. Tell me and I'll get rid of the list I wrote for No sonic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not a Fan
by: lodgecharm    On: 2006-01-30

After reading all about this game and then getting it I was pretty dissapointed. It is nothing more than a fighting game that lacks excitement to me.
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-28

Super samsh bros was good but this this is awesome. IT'S THE BEST GAME IVE EVER PLAYED. I'd pay 100 times the price for this game.
only 1 con adventure mode stinks, but that dosnt matter mutch.
Super Smash Rocks!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-17

Super Smash Bros. was my favorite game for the N64. Now they've updated it for the Gamecube, adding slews of new characters, environments, and creating some of the coolest graphics that the Gamecube can offer. The stages are just breathtaking, especially Final Destination. This game also has special rules for melee matches, my favorite is the Super Sudden Death option. You can also get cool trophies for achieving certain goals or you can get them through the lottery. The new game also has adventure and All Star modes. Adventure is more about the speed which you can do things, such as escape an exploding Brinstar. All Star is where you have to battle every character in Super Smash Melee with 3 heart containers. THis game also introduces sinister new bosses...but I won't tell you about that, you'll have to find out for yourself. Ultimately, this is my favorite game for the Gamecube, and in my opinion, one of Nintendo's best!
Super Smash Bros. Melee
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-15

First up, this is an EXTEREMELY fun game! Pick characters, and fight, fight, fight! In this game you can choose from 25 different characters, 29 different stages, and infinity ways to have fun!

-In 1-P Mode, there is Regular Match, with the choice of Classic, Adventure, or All star (unlocking needed). In 1 Player Event Match, there are 51 different event matches (many, many, many need unlocking), such as killing 3 people in 2 minutes, use Pokeballs to battle Pickachu, and so on. In 1 Player Stadium, players can choose from Target Test (hit targets on certain stages, depending on the character, before time runs out), Home Run Contest (players use the Home Run Bat to smach Sandbag as far as possible), and Multi Man Melee (self explanatory).

-In VS. Mode, Players can fight with friends, up to 4 players, or fight computers-or both! Here, players can have tournaments for up to 64 people. They can have Special Melees, such as Camera Mode, Stamina Mode, Giant Melee, Tiny Melee, Invisible Melee, and so on. Players can even creat up to 4-letter names for themselves.

-During the game, players will earn Trophies, such as Event Match trophies, Trophies for new characters, Trophies of many different past Nintendo Games and others. Players can view their trophies and purchase new ones (randomly).

This game is great, and I have had hours and hours of fun playing it.

-Characters (*=unlocking needed or otherwise)

*Dr. Mario
Donkey Kong
Captin Falcon
Ice Climbers
Kirby - (my Personal favorite)
Samus - from Metroid games
Zelda - (Shiek)
*Young Link

-Stages (*=unlocking needed or otherwise)

Icicle Mountain
Princess Peaches Castle
Kongo Jungle
Great Bay
Yoshi's Story
Fountain of Dreams
*Flat Zone
Rainbow Cruise
Jungle Japes
Yoshi's Island
Green Greens
Mute City
Pokemon Stadium
*Brinstar Depths
*Big Blue
*Poke Floats
*Kingdom II
-(Past Stages)
*Final Destination
*Dream Land
*Yoshi's Island
*Kongo Jungle

-My Ratings (%.%%/10.00)
Fun: 9.99/10.00
Exitement: 10.00/10.00
Graphics: 9.98/10.00
Small Violence: 7.95/10.00
Huge Violence: 1.93/10.00
Swearing: 0.00/10.00
AMAZEMENT: 9.78/10.00
-Overall: 9.92/10.00

-T- Honestly, I think if there was an E-10 at the time, it would be E-10. An amazing game.

I definitely say this is a recommendation.
Better than the origanal
by: jarrettsuhr    On: 2006-01-15

This game has twenty four of the most famous nintedo charters in it. With a total selection of 24 charters. In the game you go through adventure mode mode. If you want charters with strong single acts use Marth, Row, Samus, or Donkey whose some attack do 30% or more damage per Hit. There a bunch of new charters in this game. The worst playable characters is Pichu. The best is Gandorf. If you liked the original you'll love this.
4 1/4 is a better description
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-10

This is an awesome game but can be a little short.
There is no replay value to it but the multi-player is amazing though there are no real chalenges where I live.
Rent it and see if you like it first.

Gameplay:3 1/2
Must Have for Gamecube Owners
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-06

This game is the highlight of my Gamecube collection. No matter what games have come out since the debut of the console, I still come back to this one to unwind and enjoy what many have called "a love letter from Nintendo, to Nintendo." Each of the 25 playable characters has a wide range of strengths and weaknesses which makes the game extremely versatile. Even though it's a fighting game it's still kid-friendly because it features those cute and lovable Nintendo characters. Being an adult gamer, I am constantly impressed with the sophistication in modeling, backgrounds, and the overall attention to detail.
OMG! Best i've seen in a while!
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-05

this game is a hit for nintendo's purple box. what u have in the begining is great, but what u are in for is even better! like new levels.... wait! im not going to spoil it. find it out yourself!
SUPER SMASH Brothers is awesome.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-29

Super smash brothers is one of the best Mario games I ever played.You get to be Donkey Kong,Bowser,and the rest of the other Mario people.I would give it five stars.You actully get to battle on air planes in the air.I love the game.It is one of the best games I played.It is a best seller it says on the game.It is for 4 people on the game it says.
A Great Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-28

Super Smash Bros. Melee is one of my favorite Gamecube games. It's easy to pick up and play, and it's also fun.

- Includes 14 characters that needn't be unlocked.
- 11 Unlockable Characters
- Various battle stages
- Unlockable battle stages
- "Classic Mode" in which you battle characters. The boss is a giant hand.
- With each Classic Mode victory you unlock trophies, which you can view.
- Affordable price

- Some of the unlockables are extremely difficult to acheieve (one includes 20+ hours of gameplay to unlock a certain character.
- If you do not beat the character you are about to unlock, you will have to go through the whole process again.

by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-27

This game is genius. You choos a nitendo charecter like Pikachu,mewtwo,Link,fox,kirby,princess peach and others and battle in the arena of your chois! It's the best game I have ever played. BUY IT!!!!
just buy it already
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-26

This is the best game i have for the gamecube and i love it soo much you could play it for hours and not be like "okay i played this enough now what do i do?" i cant get enough of it.I think that it is appropriate for all ages young or old because it has fighting but its not really GOREY or anything.
It has all of our favorite nintendo characters such as yoshi, mario, dr. mario, peach, bowser, kirby,samus,link and young link,zelda, pikachu,pichu, mewtwo,and much more with some you must unlock.
I am definately addicted to this game.
atleast the kids stay busy
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-22

No Sonic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and all of the useless crap characters!!!!!! (Revised)
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-21

I hate this game. It's impossible to get extra characters. Coins and trophie makes it even harder.
Special Melee (Like coin match etc. Camera Mode is a rip off)
Good graphics
1/2 Pro 1/2 con:Trophies
No Sonic or his friends + foes(Big thing. He is my #1 fan)
Dumb caracters
Stupid mini games
gets booring after 1 full battle
Gobbles alot of memory
Waste of money

Now don't buy it. For no reason I have to FORMAT F-O-R-M-A-T MY Memory card. It means to DELETE!!!!!!!!! >_< I didn't even touched the gamecube

Don't buy this worthless piece of crap!
If you have hard work in your memory card, don't spend $30 (Garbage if you ask me) formatting your card.
I had 1 million rings in Sonic DX and IT'S ALL GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


P.S The reason I put 1 star is no Sonic. Or else it's a perfect 5/5

best game ever!
by: dfishot    On: 2005-12-20

I remember when I used to play the original one and now I play this! See f*ckers! this is why Nintendo is better than Sony and Microsoft.Very fun multiplayer
"darcknez" speks out about the ultement game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-19

This game rocks!I cant believe stupid sonic lozer fans hate the ultiment game!I give 300 thumbs up to this game.It is amazing .People who hate this game should
die in flames of the nuclear misile. Go nitendo!!!!!!
U need 2 buy this game instead of halo or halo 2!!!!!
I can beat u me as marth vs u as anyone.Power 2 marth and me darcknez!!!!!! I always play it.Multi player is the best.Other wise this game is 4 star.

by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-18

You can play it forever as long as you have someone else to play with.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-18

this game stinks!!!!!.i first get this game to be fun. BUT IT HAS BAD WORDS!!!!!!!!!.IT HAS BLOOD AND KILLING!!!!!!!.IF YOU GOT THIS GAME I WOULD SEND IT BACK IF I WERE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.I HATE THIS GAME.
Booooooooooooooo! This game stinks real bad
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-14

The only thing you do is beat people(things) up. The only reason I took the time to rate this was because it has pretty good graphics.
I played it for 6 minutes and new it stunk.I'd rather play with those baby block things.(I got an honor roll so I know what I'm talkin' about!!!!!)
Smash Smashes other games!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-14

This is by far one of the best games ever!!!!!!And any idiot who thinks that this game is bad should go dunk their head in the toilet and blow themselves up!!! And all of you idiots who are just posting to diss SSBM. are just pathetic fanboys.Anyway this game has practically all the Nintendo charecters and has great gameplay.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-09

This is another game I picked up when I got my gamecube. I've had this game for about 3 months and it's awesome. It does get difficult at times but overall it's one of the best other than Super Mario Sunshine. The 1 player mode is great to unlock all the other chracters,and get trophies. The 2 player mode is really great. When you have 2 or 4 players it's so much better. Me and my friends play the 2 player mode (melee, and the tournements). The best thing I like about it is if you have a really bad day, come home and put this game in. This game is for teens and adults. I don't play this game around my 4 year old nephew because it is violent but it's a great challenge and very fun. I do wish Luigi was in it in the beginning and don't have to wait to unlock him, thats the part I don't like. Get a few friends together and have a Blast!!!!!!!
This game rocks!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-07

I love this game. I don't know why I still don't own it. It's awsome, those that don't like it probably don't play multiplayer games that much. I don't like the pokemon characters, but the rest of the games is great. Having a twin brother makes this game perfect for us. You get to choose what weopons will be availavle or not. It is a good introduction to many video game characters. I have rented it, played it at my friends house, and I need to buy it. Good game for those who like to beat people up.
No Sonic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and all of the useless crap characters!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-01

I hate this game. It's impossible to get extra characters. Coins and trophie makes it even harder.
(Almost None)
No Sonic or his friends + foes(Big thing.He is my #1 fan)
Dumb caracters
Stupid mini games
gets booring after 1 full battle
Gobbles alot of memory
Waste of money

Now don't buy it. For no reason I have to FORMAT F-O-R-M-A-T MY Memory card. It means to DELETE!!!!!!!!! >_< I didn't even touched the gamecube

Don't buy this worthless piece of crap!
If you have hard work in your memory card, don't spend $30 (Garbage if you ask me) formatting your card.
I had 1 million rings in Sonic DX and IT'S ALL GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No Sonic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and all of the useless crap characters!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-01

I hate this game. It's impossible to get extra characters. Coins and trophie makes it even harder.
(Almost None)
No Sonic or his friends + foes(Big thing.He is my #1 fan)
Dumb caracters
Stupid mini games
gets booring after 1 full battle
Gobbles alot of memory
Waste of money

Now don't buy it. For no reason I have to FORMAT F-O-R-M-A-T MY Memory card. It means to DELETE!!!!!!!!! >_< I didn't even touched the gamecube

Don't buy this worthless piece of crap!
If you have hard work in your memory card, don't spend $30 (Garbage if you ask me) formatting your card.
I had 1 million rings in Sonic DX and IT'S ALL GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Super Smash Brothers is truly Super
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-30

This game is definitely one of the best games Nintendo has ever created. Having played the first Super Smash Brothers for the Nintendo 64 I was surprised when i first saw this game for sale because there had been no advertising for it. In spite of that I bought this game before i had even bought a Gamecube. I knew that it would be a classic game with hours of enjoyment. Five years later i still dont have the slightest regret of getting this game, and still play it as if it was brand new. Even though I have clocked around 1000 hours, the fun is still fresh everytime I play it because the game is always changing. It is great as a game for one person, but it truly shines when you have friends join in the fray. In my opinion the Smash Brothers franchise is, and will continue to be, the best multiplayer game ever. If you dont have it your Nintendo collection is just not complete.
second best game ever!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-27

super smash bros. melee is one of the funnest games i have ever playd, it is chalenging but still fun and has alot of new charecters ( i think they should have put 15 more in. )I think the best game ever is super mario sunshine, anyway i would highly recomend this game for anyone who likes to have fun.
Gets Boring and 2 much mario
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-21

theres mario everything. it gets boring and most of the cheats dont work. 1 of the only things i like about the game is you can beat the snot out of people. if you have played the this on N64 for all you parents out there the T rating should be a E. it doesnt have blood or anything. my parents bought for me when i was 8.
great game!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-20

I have had this game for a long time and it still one of my favorites. I play it with my sisters and they like it too!!!
One of the best games this generation.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-18

You're probably looking at the tagline for this review and thinking I'm crazy. I don't blame you, but Super Smash Brothers Melee is probably the best party game on Earth along with Halo. Nothing beats getting together with 3 of your friends and kicking the snot out of each other. (non-violently, of course) I'm sure you know the cast of characters and the stages in SSMB by now. With the exception of the Ice Climbers (i hate those guys), it's flawless. The items are hilarious and effective as well. The single player is great too. From unlocking characters to playing against pretty smart AI in melee mode, it's all a good time. The graphics are quite pleasing to the eye, just pause and zoom in to see for yourself. I best stop gushing now, I guess I have nothing but praise for this four year old gem. See you online in Super Smash Brothers Revolution! Cheers.
The Best Multiplayer Game Ever Created
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-12

This game is, in no doubt whatsoever from me, the best multiplayer game ever created. With all the action and strategy from the first game, it is awesome.

As a sequel to the first game, Super smash Brothers, which I thought couldn't get any better, (was I wrong or what?) this game has brand new characters, including Princess Peach, Mr. Game & Watch, and Ganondorf, brand new courses, including Big Blue and Pokemon Stadium, and even new features, items and game modes!

For those people who are into collecting, there is trophy collecting in the game, too. You can collect trophies of characters and then display them in a gallery that tells you information about the game and character! There is also a lottery!

This game also isn't bad for younger kids, really. No violence or anything, just some cartoon fighting. Just remeber, this game is way better when you have another person, or two, or three more people to play with!

For kids or not?
by: theshawconnection    On: 2005-11-09

A game in which just about every classic Nintendo character beats the phooey out of every classic Nintendo Character. What is there not to like? No blood is exchanged here either. A fighter without blood that rocks ... Nintendo is innovative. Aside from the no blood, legendary characters and crazy fun locations, you have mini-games and power-ups out the yin yang. In short, the power ups and the mini games are way fun. The power ups rule the game. From baseball bats to the SNES light gun. WOW. Finally, the unlockable characters will have you playing forever and ever. This games shelf life will be limitless. I'm on board for whatever sequel they come up with at whatever price.

Bottom Line: Is it fun? Incredible game. Will I keep it? You bet. It has infinite replay value. Good for kids? Well it is just fighting. It is cartoony and fun, but that doesn't stop my kids from enacting the fighting scenes when they are done playing the game.

Best video game out their, hands down!
by: severenteo    On: 2005-11-09

Although the PS2 and Xbox have dominated the GameCube in sales, they have not dominated in quality. This is a perfect example of a "5 star" video game. This game provides hours of multiplayer fun that just can't be beat by any other game out there. The single player may not be the best, but it provides you with enough to do, collecting trophies and all. If you haven't tried this game yet, I STRONGLY recommend you buy it, don't even rent it! I guarantee you'll love it!
Could be better
by: majicjohn    On: 2005-11-07

This game is cool,but the charecters are a rip-off.It hasn't got a plot.The graphics are cool but it is unrealistic.I am into the multiplayer mode,but 1 player classic is sooooooo easy.Too easy.Adventure 1 player is good though.I would rent it first,or else stick with Metroid Prime.(s.s.b.m has Samus!!!!)It's just a little bit violent.Best for ages 7-13,even though it's a rated T game.You should maybe buy it.
Only got 5 stars cause you can't give it 10
by: marqus17    On: 2005-11-07

This is probably STILL and will ALWAYS be the best game on gamecube. It is waaay better than the original ever though that is an EXCELLENT game in its own right. But this game is better in every way. It has more characters, more weapons, more levels, and has a tremendous replay value because it has about 300+ trophies to collect. The action is nonstop and frantic. Each match is different because all the characters are pretty well balanced. One may be lightning quick but weak(pichu) while another may be a plodding brute(gannandorf). No matter what Nintendo game you like, it will probably have a character from that game. Best multiplayer game of all time.
Easily one of the best GameCube games ever.
by: trevorreichle    On: 2005-11-01

The first Super Smash Bros. game was for the Nintendo 64.It became a huge seller,which led to this game.Twice as good as the first,this game has over 20 characters to choose from with lots of stages to battle on.Include the numerous items,more than 300 trophies to win,different kinds of battle types,and the whole rest,you have a great game.It is addictive,I have to admit.Buy this game!
The best multiplayer Game Cube game.
by: the_wingus_man    On: 2005-10-25

Super Smash Bros. Melee is one of the most strategical, addictive and overall enjoyable Game Cube games available -- not to mention THE BEST multiplayer game, ever (in my opinion).

Many of Nintendo's greatest characters from their most well-received gaming franchises appear in this game, including Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Pikachu, Samus and Kirby. The game also features a large number of secret characters which must be unlocked by completing certain tasks.

The game is very easy to learn, but very hard to master. Most fighting games require technical combinations of buttons to execute moves; Smash Bros allows the player to use the most powerful attacks with combinations of only 2 buttons. In fact, some characters' most powerful attacks only require 1 button (i.e. B-button attack). Even so, most attacks require timing and other tactics to battle the opponent(s) and increase the chance of victory.

Other features that separate Smash Bros from conventional fighting games include being able to play with up to 4 players at once (or 5 in some forms of 1-player mode) and the difference in the damage system. Most fighting games give each player a health bar. Once the bar empties, the player loses. In Smash Bros, each player has a damage percentage. The player must be defeated by being thrown off the edge of the field, which becomes easier to do with higher damage percentages.

Graphics: 9/10 (not the best, but does it matter? The characters and items are mostly seen from far away, so you won't notice. And anyway, each character is rendered beautifully - you can see the stitching on Mario's jeans, etc.)
Sound: 9.5/10
Gameplay: 9.5/10 (Single player is short and easy, but Very Hard mode can prove to be challenging if you plan on beating it without using a Continue.)
Replay value: 10/10 (multiplayer! Train yourself and learn new tactics)
Overall: 9.5/10
super smash bros. ROCKS.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-10-14

This game is awsome. I would never imagine a Mario game being so violent. That explans the rating. Anyway the game is a blast. If you are having a bad day this game can get all your stress out. It has charicters from The legend of zelda, Mario, pokemon, and donkey kong. This game is realy worth the money.
This game is number 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-10-12

The game is awesome. It has so many playable characters and stages. I like playing the character Falco. You can unlock a new trophy that you cannot get in the lottery by doing normal adventure mode. There's a guy I know who has beaten the game and he says everything is really cool.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-10-09

A Must Have
by: trizal    On: 2005-10-01

This game is by far the BEST game you can get for Gamecube. To prove my point that this is a must have just look at the Nintendo Power Charts. It has been a best seller ever since it came out.

This game has kept me entertained for over a year. One thing that keeps me motivated to play this is that I want to unlock every single thing possible. There is a lot to unlock and it takes it awhile to get. And all the characters are so diverse its almost impossible to not find one that fits your groove.

The games best part is its multiplayer. You can play it with friends for hours because there is so many stages and rules you can change. Every match you play is a little different. And when you are only playing with one or two friends you can add in a computer controlled player to make things more interesting.

There is nothing bad in this game.

This game is a must have. Without this game your Gamecube collection is incomplete. If you have any doubts about getting it I encourage you to banish them.
I wish I could give it six stars!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-09-24

I started playing this game when I was five. I'm almost eight and I still really enjoy this game. It's a great game because you get to play as all your favorite Nintendo characters. And I can always kick my Dad's butt.
Arguably the best game on the Gamecube
by: darthkommissar    On: 2005-09-22

Super Smash Bros. Melee (2001.) The second game in the Super Smash Bros. series.

All through the ages, there is no doubt that people have often wondered if their favorite Nintendo characters fought each other, who would come out on top. And in 1999, for the Nintendo 64, Nintendo released Super Smash Bros., a two-dimensional fighting game that let gamers answer these questions once and for all. With the arrival of the Gamecube in 2001, a sequel to the beat-'em-up classic was promised. And within a month of the new console's launch, the new game arrived. Read on, and see how Melee measures up!

Super Smash Bros. Melee is a two-dimensional fighting game starring various Nintendo characters. There are a number of different play modes. The game is for one to four players.

To put it in the simplest terms possible, this game is arguably both the best fighting game ever conceived, and the best Gamecube game ever conceived. It's a classic example of a game that's easy to learn, but so complex and involving, you won't be likely to put it down anytime soon. Essentially, you pick from a cast of assorted Nintendo characters, and battle other ones. Among the characters you can choose from are Mario, Pikachu (Pokemon), Link (Zelda series), Samus Aran (Metroid), Donkey Kong, and Fox McCloud (Star Fox series.) Every character has his or her own strengths and weaknesses. For instance, Fox is weak but moves very fast, while Donkey Kong is slow but very powerful. In the single-player Classic mode, you play through several different fights against the computer. In Adventure Mode, you play through a side-scrolling adventure-type game with occassional battles against tough foes. As you play through the game, you can unlock additional characters, modes, and stages. But the true pride and joy of this series is, you guessed it, multiplayer. You can do up to four players in this game, and when you're doing a battle against each other, the thrills are nonstop. And the sheer number of variables you can choose from in a multiplayer contest forever makes sure you will never get bored with the game. The graphics are also excellent - it's been a few years since the Gamecube first appeared, but these graphics still look great! The game is excellent, but even a game this good has a few problems. Character selection is my key complaint. You start the game with fourteen characters and can unlock eleven more. But many of the characters just seem like rehashes of other characters. Dr. Mario and Mario, Pikachu and Pichu, Adult Link and Young Link, Falco and Fox, and Captain Falcon and Ganondorf - these pairs of characters play way too much alike. The differences between them are so subtle, casual gamers won't see much of a difference. There were so many other, more deserving characters in the Nintendo universe - Ridley (from Metroid), Little Mac (from Punch-Out!!), Paula (from Earthbound), Pit (from Kid Icarus) all should have been in the game. I'm also surprised to see they kept the Fire Emblem characters in the game, seeing as how at the time none of those games had gotten a North American release. My other complaint is that the single-player mode just isn't much fun when compared to its multiplayer counterpart - adventure mode, in particular, is quite boring. But despite a little flaw every here and there, as a whole this game rules. Got a Gamecube? Like fighting games that are easy to learn? Super Smash Bros. Melee will be right up your aisle.

Despite the game aging, it remains one of the best-selling and most popular on the Gamecube. That said, it is still readily available in stores, brand new. And with a price from from $50 to $30, there's more reason to buy it than ever before!

Overall I think I've made my point pretty clear - I LOVE this game. I've got a ton of Gamecube games, but I play this one more than any other, and with good reason. If you're looking for the ultimate multiplayer experience the Gamecube has to offer, look no further than this game.
You say you wanna see Link stab Kirby?
by: deathtothemonkeys    On: 2005-09-18

no problem,with this game,you can pull offf any fight you want with Famous Nintendo Characters!

I'd say that the term "this game is great" is a FACT,not an opinion and if you don't belive me than play it and find out!

I'm not going to write a big review but BE WARNED!!!! THE GAME DOES NOT COME WITH FREE MARSHMALLOWS!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-09-17

This is the best game ever! This game is too I cannot stop playing this game it is so awesome! I will always love this game BUY THIS NOW
Great Game for All Ages
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-09-13

This game might just be one of the greatest games that nintendo has ever had developed. It's a great fighting game that any one can get into, plus there is no blood spilling so it's great for all ages. This games does look a bit childish, but all gamers can't deny that this game can get pretty tough at times. This is just one of those games that will keep nintendo alive for many years to come.
The Best Game Ever
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-09-12

I just bought a gamecube just to be able to play this game, even though my friends have it a 5 minute walk away. The gameplay is so entertaining, that we use it as a 4 player party game... it keeps us entertained for hours into the night. Just get it.
I bought the gamecube just to get super smash brothers!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-09-08

Compared to the first super smash brothers this one smashes the competition. Here are some comparisons and things that they should add to make this game a perfect five stars.
1. Thirteen more caracters added including Bowser "the best added", Falco, Young Link, Mewtwo, Roy, Marth, Iceclimbers, Dr. Mario, Pichu, Peach, Zelda:Sheik, Ganandorf, Mr. Game and Watch
2.Lots of added levels including flashbacks to the 1st game.
3. Better items including Metal Box, Mushroom, Parasel, Super Scope, and better pokeballs.
4. Better 1player mode.
5. Instead of three special moves there are now 4
6. The graphics are a lot better in this game.
1. Most of the added characters have almost identical moves example. Falco=Fox, Pichu=Pikachu, Ganandorf=Captain Falcon, Dr. Mario= Mario, Link=Young Link
2. A few sucky items like cloak, Mr. Saturn "A gay pig that you throw at people", Food, The hammer is a worse weapon in this one
3. Ness, Jigglypuff, Luigi, and Mario are worse in this game.
1. Better boards.
2. 1player mode should play more like a side scrolling game with one for every guy. "There is one for Mario and Link"
3. More added characters "with different moves" like Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Lanky Kong, K Rool, Koopa, Toad, King Dedede "kirby bad guy", King Goron "from Zelda, Star Wolf, A few more pokemon, Wario, Sonic and Tails, Shadow the hedgehog,
Please put these guys in the game next time! At least Diddy Kong!
Awesome Game!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-09-04

I bought this gmae when I first got my G-cube on Christmas. I've beaten it 3 x. The hardest part is beating the hand on extra hard(optional). I heard that people can unlock Koopa Kid. I don't know, I've never tried. All I'm saying is that this game is a must buy!!!!
Lookin for a challenge...
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-09-02

I got about 3 years playing this game ever since i owned a gamecube and I really love this game, i think it's the best ever created and my cousin and i would play it all day, until we became so good at it that we would never find anyone able to defeat us, we learned advanced moves, for example, did you guys know that when you bump on a wall, roof or a floor you can press L or R buttons as soon as you bump to recover and you won't fly off if you do this, or did you know that you can reflect energy shots or thrown items at you when you shield? or that you can grab objects that are thrown at you in mid air? well, my cousin and i learned all this stuff with the experience, we both use the same character, that's fox, he's the fastest guy in smash and his moves are so powerful he can easily send someone flying, besides his up and B move its just perfect to save yourself from long distances, he's got a reflector, powerful kicks, the perfect guy, i must admit though that my cousin is better than me though, we also play the same level all the time, that is the Hyrule Castle, because it's the biggest stage and the one with most walls and roofs that we can use to press R or L as soon as we get knocked out fast, we recover by doing that, we can reach the 400%+ damage easily and still survive by doing this, plus we kill people that start with 0% and we got about 300%, and still kill him before we die, that is awesome, i'm 17 by the way, my cousin is about to be 19, i'm always lookin for smash pros to play against them, to prove myself like a good player, i'm lookin forward to find SSBM pros... [...]
great game
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-09-02

this game is so fun i could not stop playing it when i rented it!
Super Smash is awsome
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-09-01

This game is great u can be any of your favorite nintendo characters such as mario and luigi,Link,DK,and much much more and to win characters u need to do something diffrent for each one so it can be challenging u can also smash,throw,and blast your enimies anywhere u want sometimes when u hit your enemy outside the arena the person might hit the tv u can rent the game if u can find it but if u buy it it's only 29.99 get this game it's awsome
Smash Out Amazing!!!
by: kernermichael    On: 2005-08-25

It arguably is so amazing how people really dig those one vs. one fighting games. Arguably, they've remained just as controversial and as much fun since back in the late 80's. Arguably for Nintendo they adequately did find a way to cash in on the fun with a one vs. one combat game for the N64 called Super Smash Brothers. Arguably, the game was fair but easily boring for one player, where if you were playing with somebody else, it would increase in the game of life. Well, Nintendo had to really consider improving the game to make it better for the Gamecube back in 2001. Well, they did and it is fiercer than ever.

Super Smash Brothers Melee for the Nintendo Gamecube is a unique one vs. one combat game that like before, putting regulars and favorites from Nintendo past and present against each other in a battle of the best with returning favorites like Mario, Link from The Legend Of Zelda, and Kirby to name a few. The game also adds a little more fire with additions like the vile Bowser, the sweet and cute Yoshi, Metroid, and Peach just to name a few. The game does thrill a little more with more arenas and zones like Mute City from the F-Zero franchise, the innocent woods from Kirby's Dream Land, and others just to tell a bit. The games graphics are delightful, and it is easy to manuever. Still, it does take awhile for some of the more advanced moves to get used to, but they are simple to fight with.

While many fighting games have come and gone for other systems, Nintendo has remained constant for the Gamecube with the Super Smash Brothers Melee. This has been a pure delight for Gamecube owners, and is sure to be a must have for anybody who loves combat games. If you don't have a Gamecube and want this game, go out and purchase the recent Nintendo Gamecube bundle pack which has Super Smash Brothers Melee.

Graphics: B+

Sound: B 1/2+

Control: B 1/2+

Fun & Enjoyment: B

Price: B+

Overall: B
This game is Awsome
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-08-18

I play this game 24/7. It is so much fun. You have a ton of special moves as anyone and you earn like 20 people and a few battle stages it is alot more fun than the normal Super Smash Bros. It is AAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSOMMMMMMMMMMMMEE! AWSOME!
Possibly one of the greatest fighting games ever developed for any console
by: kabalicious    On: 2005-08-17

Super Smash Bros. Melee is one of the very few games out there in which innovative ideas were just as important as solid, enjoyable gameplay. For instance, in a game like Tetris Worlds (which was released shortly after this game), the concept was rather interesting because the idea was to take various types of Tetris games and throw them into a series of background environments. Super Smash Bros. Melee embraces a similar concept, because like Tetris Worlds, the actual gameplay takes place in a variety of background environments as well. The concept of Super Smash Bros./Melee is both interesting and original because it creates a fighting game using a variety of Nintendo-owned characters and allows them to go at it in an environment from their respective games. For instance, characters like Mario, Luigi, Bowser, and Peach all come from the original Super Mario Bros. and one of the stages (namely Mushroom Kingdom I) is based on that title. Yoshi comes from Super Mario World and Yoshi's Story and actually has three stages based on those games. Kirby comes from the Dream Land series as well as Kirby's Adventure and has a couple of stages based on those games.

The game starts you out with some of the basic characters like Mario, Pickachu, Fox, and Link, but most of all the other characters - who are basically clones (characters with similar moves and/or appearances) - will have to be unlocked. Some examples include Dr. Mario and Luigi, both of whom are Mario clones. Another unlockable character, Pichu, is a clone of Pikachu. Falco is a Fox clone and Young Link is a Link clone. Unfortunately, the game's manual doesn't really specify what one must accomplish in order to unlock the hidden characters and stages, which means you'll more than likely have to visit a gaming site in order to get those answers, that is, if you're not a fan of surprises. Unlocking all the characters and stages will take a dedicated amount of hard work, tenacity, and patience. If you have any small children/siblings who are intelligent enough to erase data from your Game Cube's memory card, then we strongly suggest that you hide your memory cards or make multiple copies of your data, because unlocking all 25 characters and all 29 of the stages is NOT something that you'll want to have to do all over again, even if you're not exactly preoccupied with acquiring all 290 of the game's trophies, which you can earn by fulfilling a variety of miscellaneous objectives. At the start of the game, you will have access to the following characters: Mario, Bowser, Peach, Yoshi, Pikachu, Donkey Kong, Capt. Falcon, Fox, Ness, Ice Climbers, Kirby, Samus, Zelda/Sheik, and Link. Without even unlocking any of the hidden characters, this is just two more characters than all of the characters, both regular and hidden, offered in Super Smash Bros. for the N64. Here are the characters that must be unlocked: Dr. Mario, Luigi, Falco, Pichu, Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, Young Link, Mr. Game & Watch, Marth, Roy, and Ganondorf. Sadly, the game doesn't offer the Master Hand as an unlockable character, as it's only available to the CPU. Similarly, here are the stages to which you will have access at the start of the game: Icicle Mountain, Princess Peach's Castle, Rainbow Cruise, Kongo Jungle, Jungle Japes, Great Bay, Hyrule Temple, Yoshi's Story, Yoshi's Island, Fountain of Dreams, Green Greens, Corneria, Venom, Brinstar, Eagleland Onett, Mute City, Pokemon Stadium, and Mushroom Kingdom I. The stages that must be unlocked are as follows: Flat Zone, Mushroom Kingdom II, Poke Floats, Final Destination, Brinstar Depths, F-Zero's Big Blue, Eagleland Fourside, Battlefield, Dream Land N64, Yoshi's Island N64 (which closely resembles a downgraded version of "Yoshi's Story"), and Kongo Jungle N64 (which strongly resembles "Jungle Japes" more than the Game Cube version of this stage). By the way, the last three stages were ported directly from the N64 version of Super Smash Bros.

One of the most compelling aspects of Super Smash Bros. Melee is that it actually allows you to play against computer-controlled opponents. In other words, there exists a feature called "VS. Mode" and in this mode, you can either play against one or three other human opponents, you can play against one or three other computer-controlled opponents, or you can set a team battle to have multiple players fighting against one other player or have a team of two on two, and all this is represented by the colors red, green, or blue. The fact that you can play against computer-controlled opponents comes in handy because if you only have one controller or simply lack three other human opponents willing to play the game with you, then playing against the computer is your only other alternative. In doing so, you will be able to unlock many of the game's hidden playable characters, depending upon how many of these matches you play. Furthermore, you can adjust the level of difficulty of the CPU via numbers, with "one" being the easiest and "nine" being the hardest. If having the ability to play against three other human-controlled or computer-controlled opponents isn't enough, then the game also allows you to play the role of spectator. In other words, if you find yourself not in the mood to actually play the game, and would prefer to just sit and watch, but you lack computer-controlled opponents fighting amongst themselves simply by setting each character's tab in the selection menu to "CPU" as opposed to "HMN" (human). You can set two characters fighting against each other or have four characters fighting among each other, and you can also vary the CPU difficulty level for the characters. This is a neat feature because it allows you to sit back, and not only serve as spectator, but it also shows you what moves are available to the characters executing them, which comes in handy if you are new to the game. Furthermore, it shows you which characters have the most distinctive advantages in various stages, provided that the player knows how to use them effectively. The number of gameplay options you can set in this game is virtually unlimited. For instance, in "VS. Mode", you can play against the computer or your friends in a variety of battle types including Stock, Coin, Bonus, and Time. In a Stock battle, each player is given a set number of lives (which can be set from 1 to 99), and the goal is to battle to the last one standing. Time battles are somewhat different because the players basically pummel, thrash, and slice each other until time runs out, there is no lives count. However, this mode records a point score, which can go up or down one point for every time that a player achieves a K.O. or gets K.O.ed. Should a player fall accidentally or commit suicide, then he or she will lose one point regardless of his or her percentage, and in this case, no K.O. single point totals are calculated to any of his or her opponents. Coin and battles are similar to the Time battles because they both use time limits. However, the objectives are slightly altered. The object of the Coin battle is to strike your opponent(s) which will cause them to release coins and you must see how many you can collect before time runs out and the match is over. Bonus battle is also a timed mode in which players fight each other to see whom can rake up the most skill points, that is, points for executing particular moves, being the first player to strike, using a special weapon, accomplishing a K.O., etc.

In some ways, the Training Mode in Super Smash Bros. Melee is very similar to the option in "VS. Mode" that allows you to play against the CPU without the use of human opponents occupying the controllers. It allows you to fight in the same levels with the same characters that you have already unlocked. However, the only difference here is that Training Mode has your opponent(s) standing still, walking, evading your approaches, jumping, or even attacking (though the manner in which they do so is consistently bland and uninspired). You can also have more than one opponent pitting these commands against you, but unlike Melee Mode, it has to be the same opponent, and they will all execute the same command. For instance, let's say you select Mario as your fighter in Training Mode, but then you want to fight against Bowser while you are training, then if you set the number of CPs to 3 (the maximum allowed), then you will only be able to train against three Bowsers, meaning that there's no way you can mishmash your selection of opponents. Likewise, if you command the CPs to "attack", then all three Bowsers will only attack you, meaning that the commands also cannot be mish mashed. Training Mode also allows you to adjust the speed of your fighting styles as well as those of your opponent(s). The default setting for the speed is 1, which basically equates to normal speed. However, if you decide to change the speed to say 1.5 or 2, then the rapidity of the characters' momentum will be increased by that many times. You can also slow things down significantly by adjusting the speed to 2/3, ½, or ¼, which decreases the normal rapidity by those amounts of time. One of the greatest aspects of Training Mode lies within having the ability to select which items you want to use as you are training, which in some cases, makes this mode more enticing than Melee mode, because in Melee mode, the items (which can be turned on or off) appear at random, and they're not necessarily the ones you may find yourself wanting to use. The items that you can give yourself to use in Training Mode are the same items that will appear all throughout the Melee modes, Classic Mode, Adventure Mode, and All-Star Mode. This list includes the following: Home-Run Bat, Fan, Hammer, Green Shell, Red Shell, Flipper, Freezie, Mr. Saturn, Poke Ball, Bob-omb, Motion-sensor Bomb, Super Cloaking Device, Food (replenishes health), Maxim Tomato, Heart container, Ray Gun, Fire Flower, Super Scope, Star Rod, Lip's Stick, and the Beam Sword. Unlike in Melee Mode, even after all these items have disappeared, you can continue to re-use them for as long as you want. Even better is the fact that you can actually combine items that you want to use in a vast variety of ways. For example, suppose that you want to use a hammer, the home-run bat, a super mushroom. Then, using the super mushroom, you can grow yourself while playing baseball with your opponent(s), or hammering them to death. In addition to being able to choose which items you want to use, how fast you want to play, or what you want the CPU to do, Training Mode also gives the option to set a starting level of damage on the CPU. The default setting is 0%, but let's say that you want to adjust the damage to 10%, then every time you strike your opponent(s), it will increase 10% each time that they are K.O.ed (the higher the percentage of damage on a player, the better their chances are of getting K.O.ed, which is applicable to not just Training Mode, but the entire game). You can set this option called "CP damage" to anywhere between 0% and 999% damage. With a 999% damage setting, however, one hit basically guarantees an instant K.O. In a manner which is almost similar to the Melee modes and one-person player standard modes, Training Mode also allows you to play around with the camera to a certain degree. Here, you can adjust the camera to "Normal", which is the default setting, "Free", which basically has the camera following your character around anywhere on the stage, and "Zoom", which basically shows the stage from a distance. Unlike Classic, Adventure, All-Star, and the Melee modes, however, there is no way to tilt the camera from left to right, allowing you to see the 3D environment in what's presented as a 2D setting. Likewise, there's also no way to tilt the camera in this fashion if you are having two or more CPU opponents fighting against each other.

Unfortunately, there is one huge drawback in the Training Mode of Super Smash Bros. Melee that particularly damaging to some degree. Unlike the Training Mode found in Killer Instinct Gold for the N64, this training mode does not include an option which would actually show you step-by-step how to execute any of your character's moves. Most other modern fighting games, like Soul Calibur, Tekken 3, or KI Gold, actually show you how to execute certain moves by presenting you the button configurations while you are in their practice or training modes, but Super Smash Bros. Melee just assumes that you already know how to execute certain moves without offering any guidance. Basically, you are expected to learn the moves of each character by yourself. The game's manual does show you how to execute some of the basic moves for a handful of the characters, but this is limited only to those that are already provided for you at the start of the game, not the ones that you will have to unlock. Another problem with the Training Mode of Super Smash Bros. Melee is that after you've done some fighting in that mode, it shows you how many combos you have executed at the Training Mode's character selection screen menu, yet the only clue it gives you in the actual mode is showing you the number of consecutive hits and it won't always count them. Even more disturbing is the fact that it doesn't even show you how to execute combos for any character, nor offer any button configurations. Like the moves for each character, you are basically expected to learn combo execution by yourself. This wasn't a problem in games like Tekken 3 or Killer Instinct Gold, because their training modes actually provided you with a CPU instructor, which would show what button combinations were necessary to pull off three-hit, five-hit, or even nine-hit combos. Furthermore, if you ever managed to pull off a combo of more than two hits, then it would give you a brief description of what you've accomplished at the near top of the screen.

The characters belonging to Super Smash Bros. Melee each have a variety of special moves and abilities. Thankfully, unlike many other fighting games, there aren't a whole slew full of move to remember, nor do they require any overly complex button configurations to execute. Strangely enough, most, if not all of them were borrowed directly from the previous Nintendo games that featured these characters. For instance, using the B button, either Mario or Luigi can shoot fire from their fists the same way that they did in the 2D platformers that featured these characters. Mario also has the same grab-spin-and-throw attack that he used against Bowser in Super Mario 64. Tapping the A button causes him to execute a series found in the same game. Likewise, Bowser also possesses an arsenal of moves inspired by the Mario platformers. By holding down the left control stick and pressing B simultaneously, Bowser executes a ground pound, similar to the one that he used against Mario at the conclusion of Super Mario Bros. 3. Unlike Mario (or Luigi), he can breathe fire instead of just shoot it, and it will last for about 10 seconds. One of the more interesting characters in the game is Kirby because using his B attack, he can temporarily swallow his enemies, regurgitate them, and steal their B attacks, as well as part of their costumes. He can still float around the air by swallowing it, but fortunately, at least for his opponents, it only lasts temporarily. Although the moves vary from character to character, with the possible exception of clones, the basic fighting mechanics for each character share a general set of rules, in terms of blocking, jumping, smash attacks, etc. For instance, blocking is accomplished in one of two ways. You can block by holding down either of the shoulder buttons in which a red bubble known as a shield will form around the character making him or her impervious to most attacks. Unfortunately, the shield only lasts for a limit of time. Once the shield is activated, if a player uses it for an excess amount of time, then it will shrink, and once it finishes shrinking, the character will get an electric shock, receiving no damage, but becoming temporarily paralyzed for approximately 6 seconds, meaning that it's a good idea to know when and when not to use the shield. The other blocking method, which is much more effective, is to press and hold down the Z button, which will form a giant clear bubble around the whole of the character (as opposed to just merely the midsection). Unlike the shield method, this manner of blocking lasts longer and allows the player's character to be impervious to more close-range attacks. Like the shield method, it disappears, but it will not paralyze the character if the player should overuse it. All characters have the same button combinations for grabbing their opponents, which is accomplished either by holding down Z when an opponent is standing adjacent to them, or holding down either of the shoulder while pressing A. Jumping is also accomplished in one of two ways, that is, either by pressing X or Y or tilting the control stick upward. Furthermore, each character possesses a triple jump or a hovering maneuver which is executed by pressing B at the conclusion of a double jump, or pressing either of the shoulder buttons. These moves are useful because they can sometimes mean the difference between falling to one's death and surviving, and hovering is good for dodging aerial attacks, especially those used by the Master Hand. Each character also possesses the ability to walk or run, which is useful for avoiding an oncoming threat. Much like the walking or running in Super Mario 64, the process relies heavily upon the control stick. Except, in the case of this game, walking is accomplished by tilting the control stick leftwards or forwards (depending on the direction) once, whereas running is accomplished by tilting the control stick leftward or forward twice. Smash attacks are accomplished in either one of two ways: by pressing down the control stick up and pressing A simultaneously or pressing the control stick down and pressing A simultaneously, which actually pulls off two different smash attacks. Smash attacks come in handy because they can inflict massive damage upon a foe unlucky enough to receive one, and not only that, the player who can pull them off effectively has a greater chance of achieving a K.O.

Sadly, Super Smash Bros. Melee has some aspects of its gameplay which, at times, are both annoying and weak. More often than not, the controls are unresponsive and sluggish, and they occasionally refuse to do what you want them to do, thus leading to a healthy number of undesired deaths, falls, or unaccomplished objectives. For example, in such stages as Battlefield or Final Destination, the B button (which uses the special hover after the double jump) doesn't always respond when you are close enough to the edge to grab onto it, which often causes you to fall to your death unintentionally. More importantly, it almost seems as if the developers at HAL Laboratories were setting up the players for failure in the control scheme setup. For instance, in "VS. Mode" exclusively, the c-stick can also be used to execute smash attacks, which not only works the same way as pressing the control stick and A simultaneously, but tends to be much more reliable. However, in every other mode in the game, including Stadium, Training, and the One-player standard modes, the player is restricted to just the Control stick + A method, effectively robbing the player of his or her ability to execute smash attacks quickly and successfully. The Control stick + A method does require some practice, but for the most part, it isn't always reliable particularly in frantic situations that require an immediate smash attack, because this method doesn't always allow you to execute the desired attack when necessary. In other words, if you find yourself trying to pull off a smash attack using the non-negotiable control stick + A method, then you'll find that it occasionally executes the wrong attack, that is, the attack that corresponds to pressing down the control stick and A simultaneously, and not left or right, meaning that the control stick + A buttons have to pressed down to the left or right at EXACTLY the same time, which is often difficult, if not impossible, given a situation in which you are being attacked by multiple enemies at the same time in a relatively small amount of space. Another aspect of the gameplay that, at times, can be particularly frustrating is the manner in which you must pick up and throw items and weapons, which is accomplished by standing next to them and pressing A, and Z is used to release them. However, most of the time, it fails to respond adequately enough for you to release an item that you no longer need, like say, the Super Scope gun when it runs out of ammunition, which often succeeds in giving your enemy just enough time to attack you, or worse, pick up an item that you want to use that's right in front of you, like say, the Hammer object. Moreover, there are several instances in the game when multiple items will often be adjacent to each other, and more often than not, it's easy to pick up an undesired item, but lacking an ability to quickly release it does nothing but make matters worse if you are trying to pick up an item that you DO want to use.

The scoring aspect of Super Smash Bros. Melee is one of its more unique concepts which, in some ways, separates it from a barrage of other games belonging to the fighting genre. At the end of any match in the game that takes place in Classic, Adventure, All-Star, or "VS. Mode" (excluding the Stamina Mode found under "Special Melee"), the computer will record your score based on your performance in the matches in the form of what are known as "Special Bonuses." Excluding Special Melee's Stamina Mode, every mode in the game brings the player to a statistics menu, which shows such things as the time spent in a match before getting K.O.ed (VS. Matches only), their rankings, and the name of the winner will be displayed in big, bold letters at the top of the screen, and they will be shown with a king's crown on the top of their head while the other player(s) are shown applauding, or in some instances, pouting. This stats menu also delivers a detailed analysis of one's performance in terms of the quantity of KOs accomplished, the number of falls taken, sudden deaths, damage given, damage taken, damage recovered, distance of flight, time spent in the air, etc. By scrolling the control stick to the right, you can view a list of special bonuses determined by the computer at the conclusion of a match. Here, the computer rewards points for accomplishing such tasks as coming in first place, surviving with a high percentage of damage, or executing special kinds of KOs with varying point values. It also factors in penalty points (subtracts points) for such things as being the first one to fall (or get KOed), repetitive moves, shameful falls, grab failures, getting K.O.ed at the expense of a Bob-omb, or behaving in a manner suggestive of quitting or cowardice. For example, a typical match in VS. Mode will record the names of the special bonuses along with the point values assigned to them. It might read "150% damage" and then evaluate that bonus at 1000 points; following that it might read "Butterfingers" (one of the more common ones) and then evaluate a negative point value of 500; it will award 1000 points for "Skid Master," 3000 points for "Connoisseur," 3000 points for "Lost Luggage," 4000 points for "Wimpy KO", etc. In case you're confused about the meaning of these special bonuses, you can look at the names of them by going to the "Data" menu, selecting "Melee Records," and then "Bonus Records." Under "Bonus Records," you can look at a giant list of special bonuses and their point values, followed by a brief description of what must be accomplished to be awarded with these bonuses. For example, a "Connoisseur" bonus is awarded to players who collect every kind of food that appears during a match; "Coward" subtracts 500 points for spending a great distance away from enemies for a long period of time; "Predator" simply means that a player only attacked opponents with high amounts of damage, which would earn them a 1500-point penalty. Also costly is "Stale Moves," which implies that a player persistently used the same attack. That, along with "Butterfingers" and "Opportunist," is one of the more common ones. The former is punishable by a loss of 500 points and it implies that a player had a high rate of grab failures; the latter is punishable by a loss of 1000 points and it implies that a player did not attack for a very long period of time. The point values assigned to different kinds of KOs are variable. For instance, in a typical stats menu, you might read a variety of KO types, each with a different requirement, etc. Some various KOs you might encounter include "Double KO" (worth 2000 points), in which you K.O.ed two enemies at once; "Capsule KO (800), in which you K.O.ed an opponent using a capsule, or vitamin container, and "Assisted KO" (1500), in which an aspect of one of the game's levels (such as falling tools or shooting spacecraft) aids your K.O. attempts in progress. The rest of these, including "Warp-Star KO" (1000), "Metal KO" (800), "Pokemon KO" (1000), "Freezie KO" (2000), "Tiny KO" (2500), and "Giant KO" (600) are pretty self-explanatory. Other accomplishments in the stats menu will display special bonuses which are particularly significant, some of which include "Target Master" (successfully break all targets in Classic Mode, exclusively), "Classic Clear," "All-Star Clear," "Adventure Clear," "Heavy Damage," "All on One," "Perfect Aim," "Switzerland," "No-Miss Clear," "Speed Demon," and "Mew Catcher." The first four, which are worth 30,000, 50,000, 50,000, and 50,000 respectively, are just what their names imply. "Heavy Damage" is worth 20,000 points, and it is awarded to players who can survive with at least 400% damage during a match, but it is not applicable to team battles. Players who can use their characters to execute every single of their moves to K.O. one enemy will be awarded a special bonus called "All on One," and it is worth 20,000 points. These exclude the use of finishing blows. A similar bonus is called "All Variations," which implies that all of a character's moves were used on more than one enemy; it is worth 10,000 points. The "Perfect Aim" bonus is awarded to players who can hit their opponents with all attacks without missing; it is worth 10,000 points. "Switzerland," which is less common, is awarded to players who can survive through a match without attacking anyone and not receiving any damage; this bonus is worth 12,000 points. An extra 20,000 points is awarded to players who can clear all the levels of Classic, Adventure, or All-Star Mode very quickly in the form of a bonus called "Speed Demon." Simply by clearing any of the one-player standard modes without a continuation (a penalty that costs players 20,000 points), the player is awarded a 10,000-point bonus called "No-Miss Clear." For clearing Classic Mode on the "Very Hard" setting, players are awarded 50,000 points. Last, but not least, are awards for catching two pokemon who have no particular effect on the outcome of one's victory, but come in handy during the Bonus battles. They occur in the forms of Mew and Celebi, and they are worth 10,000 and 8,000 points, respectively.

Super Smash Bros. Melee also features what are known as "event matches," which are basically a series of short, sometimes timed challenges that players must play through in order to unlock certain extras within the game, ranging from trophies to bonus levels. There are a total of 51 event matches, but not all of them are accessible right at the start of the game, as the ones that occur later will have to be unlocked either by completing event matches before them, or by unlocking certain characters. For that reason, prior to taking on the event matches, it is advisable that players wait until they have unlocked all characters. Similar to the "Weapon Master" challenges from Soul Calibur, these event matches test one's ability to K.O. a set number of opponents given a brief time limit, play through a match using a plethora of pokemon balls, survive in a world filled with bombs, fight against two opponents who are in a team, or survive first place in a stage filled with multiple enemies. For some event matches, any character can be used; however, there are some cases where your skills will be tested with one character specifically devoted to the event match, which is indicated by whether or not the name of that character can be found within that event match. The event matches also provide a brief description of what they mean. For instance, you might come across an event match entitled "Dino-wrangling" followed by the description "A giant Yoshi is on the loose! Somebody, stop it!" in which you must defeat a giant Yoshi as a character of your choice. Once you have completed these event matches, they record your score in the form of the amount of time that it took you to complete them, and each time, you have the opportunity to return to your completed event in an effort to beat your original time scores.

Reviewer: Kelvin.

Truly Amazing
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-08-15

I am a Gaming maniac, the button mashing king. I am not here to go crazy about how many characters it has or it looks cool but for what it truly is... a Fighting Masterpiece of a game. I have been a gamer all my life. I played Galaga, Mario Vs. Donkey Kong, Metroid and all the mortal combat games up until now but nothing could be more fun and heart pumping than SSBM. I loved Super Smash bros. on the N64 and now I LIVE SSBM. I am very impressed that SSB has come all the way to the NGC. The gameplay is awesome with heart pounding button mashing, fighting to be the last one standing is what a fighting game is about and SSBM exclaims that.It is this game that brought figting fun to children and adults everywhere. With full thought about this I give this game 5 out of 5 for the NGC. The Vs. mode is what gave this game its pride and fun, but for those who have played this game as much as I, the new adventure mode on SSBM doesnt seem to live up to the excitement as the Vs. Mode. with linear exploration and enemies that just seem to move on a track, the adventure mode takes some points off the rating on this game but the Vs. mode makes up for it. Thank you for reading this review and thank you Nintendo, Hal Laboratories for making such a great game for people of all ages. -Gamer Glacier
best game of all time
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-08-14

quite simply the best most addictive and exicuted game i have ever played. i own an ex-bocks and halo 1,2 and many others and they all fall short of the glory that is SSBM.

if you dont have it, buy it its the only game ever worth buying a console system for.

P.S ive been playing this for 4 years and never gotten tired of it
How 2 get characters
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-08-13

2 get mewto u need to battle 800 minutes or kill one of the charactrs 800 times in 1 game. To get Ganondorf u need 2 do the same as mewto 700 times. u have 2 go on an adventure classic to get jigglypuff. u need to battle with 2 players for1 hour and u get marth. the rest r soooooooooooo easay so u guys work it out urself and be careful of jigglypuff because if u lose ,u wont get jigglypuff but mewto and ganondorf u have 2 kill or u wont get and so with the rest of the hidden characters. u use down B to transform from zelda 2 sheik. sheik is my favourite character and so is mewto and pickachu. i like mewtos shadow ball, pickachus thunder and sheiks kicks and ganondorf and captain falcons super hyper mega punch(which is B).i reckon that sheik pickachu peach(im good with her but if ur not dont include her) ganondorf captainfalcon link young link mario luigi jigglypiff because her rollout.......................
For the Kids
by: snow_girl    On: 2005-08-12

I got this game with my first GC for my 13th birthday. Super Smash Bros Melee is the full title, but for the purposes of typing, I'm going to sum it down to SSBM.
The good points of this game include its characters, stages, and items. Character wise, you get a nice selection. There's Mario, Donkey Kong, Link and Zelda, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Kirby, Samus, and several others. You can unlock other characters like Marth and Roy from Fire Emblem, Ganondorf from the Legend of Zelda, Luigi and Dr. Mario, and three pokemon.
Almost every character has their own stage; Peach has her castle, the pokemon have their stadium, Link and Zelda have Hyrule Castle and Termina. Of course, you can unlock stages, like Poke Floats, Brinstar Depths, and Big Blue.
Random items fall from the sky at random times. Laser swords, poke balls, flower sticks, boxes, barrels, invisible disks, bob-ombs, and tons of other stuff. If you keep the items option off though, it makes fighting a lot easier because you don't get all that junk in the way.
You can also change the type of fight, i.e, you can be tiny or giant, fast or slow, or K.O people in one hit. There's a single player mode where you run through enemy infested stages trying to reach the end, where you eventually fight the boss: a giant white glove. You also earn coins for fighting, and with those you can buy trophies of just about everything Nintendo related. The more coins you put in, the better the trophy.
I became very bored with this game after unlocking all the characters and getting every trophy, so I took it to Game Stop and traded it in for Mortal Kombat. SSBM is great for kids 10 and under who love Nintendo. There's no blood or gore, and controls are very simple.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-08-06

In my opinion, this is the best multiplayer game ever to hit the shelves. The fact that the game can be fun knowing all the controls and tricks or none of it makes it perfect for large parties, weddings, as well as bar mitzvahs.
If, by some dissapointing reason you are unfamiliar with SSB:M, it is a simple game in which you and an opponent [or 3 others], posed as classic characters from video games past, duke it out by smashing the bejesus out of each other using whatever you can get your hands on or whatever you can use your hands to do.

BUMMERS: Weak single player mode--it's huge, just repetitive and boring if you're alone.

THE BEST PART: A ton of great unlockable characters/trophies/levels, many challenges, fun for everybody!

This is one of the few games that make me proud of owning a Gamecube.
THIS GAME IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-08-05

Ok, I love video games, but this is my favorite! I got it when the Gamecube came out. It has lots of new characters, such as Peach, Zelda, Bowser, and the Ice Climbers. Some of the hidden characters are really hard to get, but are really worth it! There's new stages, an all new trophy system, and a name system. This game sells for $20 at Wal-Mart, Gamestop, EB Games, etc., so buy it cheap!

To the 1 star people- You must be retarted, because this game is like the first SSB: It sold millions of copies. So you are stupid to be getting other fighting games over this(except Soul Calibur 2)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-08-02

This game is fun for like an Hour then gets boring.The first day i got it i played it one time, and then traded it in at EB GAMES.
Best Game Of All Time
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-07-26

If you want a good action fighting game then this is the game for you. Be your favorite all-star character and enter the fray in awesome figthing areas and exciting characters. The characters you can be are Mario,Luigi,Donkey Kong,Link,Pickachu,Fox,Samus,Ice Climers,Captian Falcon,Zelda,Skeik,Bowser,Peach,Ness,and much more. Also play Classic, Adventere, Event, And All Star Mode. This game is a must buy for all.

Grahics 5/5
sound 5/5
Gameplay 5/5
0verall 5/5
Great, just don't get ripped off!
by: robomagus    On: 2005-07-20

Super Smash Brothers Melee is great. If you have someone to play with, I highly recommend it, but if you don't, you'll probably get sick of the game very quickly. By the way, don't get ripped off here or on ebay! This game retails for only $20, and they are charging $30 on Amazon! Get it from the store and save yourself money.
Shop For It!
by: mindsunwound    On: 2005-07-10

Don't be fooled by Amazon's "You Save 22.50" This game is a player's choice, I picked it up in a retail chain for $19.98, don't be ripped off, if I can find it cheaper, so can you.
Things about this Game
by: shijianz    On: 2005-07-04

Super Smash Bros. Melee was a fun game. But, after a while it got boring. I mean, the same vs. mode over and over again. I know some cheats too, if you'd like to know. They aren't so bad anyway. Select Ness as the computer player make him any level and click on Jungle Japes and DON'T move. Oh yeah, you have to make it one stock too. Then he'll automatically fall out if you don't move. You should try it. It's a good way to unlock things. Mr. Game and Watch isn't so fabulous after all. It isn't worth those longs hours of playing. I mean, come on, he's a 19th century freak. And you can't even see his eyes. The good stuff about it is that you can get trophies and it's sort of funny. And if one day, you manage to do everything and get 99 trophies of everything then you are worthy to be called the Super Smash Bros. Melee champ.
The best nintendo and multiplayer game ever!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-06-26

This will give you hours of fun per day. The search for more characters, creating rules, and other events take place in this game. Just read a different review. I give it five stars.
I'll never be bored again.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-06-23

I've played the first Super Smash Melee on Nintendo 64(Wonderful!), so I HAD to purchase this as my first Gamecube game. As soon as I got it, I tore the wrapping paper off at the speed of light and jammed it into my Gamecube. Even without the manual, a beginner can navigate and play with ease. The controls aren't too hard either. However, don't think you'll rise to "Game Master" in a day. Super Smash has around ten million secrets for you to unlock. The music is pretty spiffy, and the environment makes you forget that it's a 2-D Game. (But hey, that gets rid of all the annoying camera angles on your average 3-D Game!) There are different ways to earn more courses and secret characters, but the awesomest(Ignore the bad grammar) thing about Super Smash is Versus mode-Go against 3 other friends(If you don't have friends, I recommend you get some just for the game) and get ready for unlimited chaos! It's especially fun to stand by while everyone else battles to the death, then charge in and smash the weakened survivors into deep space.

Any Cons? We need more characters and stages, but I guess that doesn't count since it would be adding to the game instead of taking away.

So, what can I say? Nintendo, you've created a masterpiece. This game deserves all the credits it's gotten-Even my "humble" words don't even begin to describe the gameplay. BUY THIS GAME. You'll never be bored again!
Huge upgrade
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-06-22

This is a great game and is a huge upgrade from Super Smash Bros. This game SHOULD NOT be rated Teen as many of my under-teenaged friends and my two brothers who are 8 and 6 love this game.

There are a TON of characters to unlock and it took me and my brothers who are 15, 8, and 6 forever to unlock all of the levels and characters.

This isn't like other fighting games and there aren't a lot of moves to memorize.

This is probably one of the best video games in the world!
dis game is HHOOTT!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-06-18

dis game was 1 of da best games i have ever played. it has good graphics, good sound, and is easy to play and control. but i wasnt going to buy gamecube, i was going to buy xbox because i already had da ps2 but i bought gamecube and da game and im very happy with it. its way better than da ps2 so 4 u peoples dat have gamecube but dont know wat game to buy, buy super smash bros. melee. and 4 u peoples dat dont have gamecube, get 1 and buy super smash bros. melee because i know u are going to have a fun time with it, specially if u have lots of friends so u can play with them, too, PIECE OUT!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-06-16

There's is Hope!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-06-05

The Gamecube, ah the Gamecube. It's good, but not good enough, but hey, that's just my opinion. I did not want a Gamecube, I did not! But I decided what the heck, I loved the original Super Smash, so I bought The Super Smash Bros. Melee. Oh my god! this game was so good, I loved it, My PS2 seems like nothing compared to Super Smash. It's a great game, and it has such a huge lasting appeal or replay value.

Gameplay: The controls are suprisingly easy, if you can button mash, this is your game, if you're not so good at controls, you need some practice. but very easy.

Graphics: C'mon, you know you like them, kicks the PS2's graphics outta the the park! And they run very smoothely. The only problem is how you can run right through people, but who cares! (8/10)

Entertainment: What do u think? So much, with the BIG variety of characters, nice variety of levels, multi-player, you know, a lot of entertainment is to be had. (10/10)

Replay Value: A lot! You'll never want to stop! Okay, you will, but you'll want to fit it into your schedule every day, yeah, it's that good!(10/10)

Difficulty: C'mon, if you think it's hard, you won't have too much luck on hard or very hard mode. (9/10)

Overall: Sure this game has it's flaws, but what game doesn't?! It should be 19.99, but it's so good, it's still 30.00, and it's a Player's Choice! Buy it, it's really, really worth it!
(9/10, overall score) (not an average)

Finally, There's hope for the Gamecube!!
- D C

by: angeloserri    On: 2005-06-01

this game is a MUST HAVE for people with gamecubes!!!!!
it has prettyful graphics,cool 1P modes,(except adventure,without giga bowser-_-;)
theres lots of characters,25,way more than the original.
u can collect trophies!like almost 300!!!!!
SONIC AND TAILS R NOT CHARACTERS!!!!!!!!!!don't listen to them!!!!!
kirbys the best char!!!!!!!!!
P.S:a super smash bros. is coming out for the new Revolution!!!:O
P.S.S:how can a game with jigglypuff be rated T?!?!
by: yeehaw_with_lime    On: 2005-06-01

Why are you reading these reviews?
This is one of the BEST GCN games out there.
Just BUY IT.

- Kolby Manning

Oh, and P.S. - fire dragon99, you loser. There is not a PS2 version of this game! Stop living under a soundproof ROCK! Why would Sony publish a game LOADED with NINTENDO characters? And if the game did exist, there is no way that it would be "A lot better." PS2 Sucks and ruins games. Just go play your little PS2 nonexistent SSBM. And get a spell checker.
by: godzilla212    On: 2005-05-21

This is a great game. The first time I played this game was actually at "TOYS R US" and then I played it at my friends house. I liked it so much I begged my parents to get it for me and eventually they did!!! I play it all the time!!! I have all of the characters. I enjoy playing this game with my friends and kicking their butts!! I love this game.

The Greatest of All Nintendo Games
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-05-17

This game excels in every area, and does not require a multicategory review to prove it. The sequel to one of the best video games ever, this is a monumental achievement.
This game shows exactly why everyone loves Nintendo.

Well, it used to be that way.

Sony and Microsoft are celebrating over their triumph over the powerful Sega Dreamcast system, and glad that it'll probably never gain the strength to once again be a major force in video games. Now the two supergiants want Nintendo out of the picture, too. Gamers look more and more for graphics and action rather than new ideas, and since Nintendo does the latter, it won't survive long.

Sad to say this, but Nintendo's on its way out.

Here's a list I made predicting the future of games:

1.) Nintendo will die sometime during or after the next console generation. It will not be taken over by Sony or Microsoft, who will consider its games "kiddie" and "worthless".
2.) These game genres' popularity may change:
First-person shooter: Increase
Fighting: Increase
Racing: Stay the same
Platformer: Extinct
Puzzle: Extinct
RPG/Strategy: Decrease
Sports: Stay the same
3.) Future consoles will move their focus even more from games to features, such as DVD, Internet, "Home" systems, etc.
4.) Sony and Microsoft use their mighty money powers to create a monopoly for themselves.
5.) These ESRB games will:
EC: Extinct
E: Decrease
E+10: Decrease
T: Stay the same
M: Increase
AO: Increase
6.) Game systems hit a level of "Maximum realism".
7.) Game mascots (ex: Mario, Crash Bandicoot, Mega Man, etc.) will no longer exist; all characters will be realistic people.
8.) Second Great Video Game Crash will occur somewhere from 15 to 25 years from now when consumers lose interest.
9.) Sony and Microsoft in their ultimate clash; unsure if Sony or Microsoft wins.
10.) Sony and/or Microsoft easily overpower all third companies with new consoles. This leads to less variety in games and consoles.
11.) After the Second Great Video Game Crash, neither Sony nor Microsoft may be able to save the industry they've destroyed. No third companies will help, as they will have been wiped out long ago. There will be no Nintendo to pick up the industry once again, as it had in the First Great Video Game Crash of 1983 with its NES console. No telling what happens at this point.

For all those of you who play only Nintendo, buy all the Nintendo consoles and games that you can, as they'll disappear forever only less than a decade from now. If I was asked, however, which game to get first, I might recommend this one. It'll be a treasure for the ages.
My favorite Gamecube game
by: smithy1185    On: 2005-04-27

Out of all the Gamecube games I have, the one I can always play and the one I play the most is Super Smash Bros Melee. This is one of those games that is great to get out when friends come over. Once I start playing against somebody else thats good, its hard to stop. Its easy to spend hours playing several rounds trying to discover new ways to defeat your enemies. Overall, if you have a Gamecube and still don't have this game, you really owe it to yourself to pick this up.
Very fun.
by: dogloverhk    On: 2005-04-25

This game is A lot of fun.
I think theres another version of
this game for ps 2 (wich I heard is A lot better)
But anyway the fighting arena's are really
cool I like the pokemon arena and the one
called corrnia well I have no idea how to spell it
but it is A big plane and your going through the
sky and you fight on it.If you have A game cube I
would highly recomend getting this game.
Oh My God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-04-20

This was my first g cube game and after that i could not put the controller down this game is great by yourself or w/ 3 friends
i beat the whole game. if you buy this game and unlock all the charcters use roy he is the best go out and buy this game today!!!!
the best fighting game ever made
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-04-15

I simply love this game and I can't grow tire of it. You can unlock many diffrent characters and stages. Even if some characters and event matches are insanly hard, it does not matter because I still love the game. The replay value is of course very high because you can unlock so many things. It will take weeks to see them all. The grahics are amazing and the music is wonderful. Controlling your character is easy and simple. Collecting trophies is very fun and I have 166 in total. If you like Mario or Pokemon or fighting games in general then buy this game.
Super Smash Bros. Melee Review
by: 77882    On: 2005-04-12

This game is really fun! You can play as characters from a lot of Nintendo games. You start out with Mario, Bowser, Peach, Donkey Kong, Link, Zelda, Samus, Fox, Captain Falcon, Ness, Yoshi, Kirby, the Ice Climbers, and Pikachu. As you complete certain things, you can unlock Luigi, Young Link, Jigglypuff, Pichu, Mewto, Ganondorf, Falco, Marth, Roy, Dr. Mario, and Mr. Game and Watch. It's a perfect game to play with your friends. There's also a tournament mode for up to 64 players. You can do a regular 2- minute battle, or choose a time limit. You can also do special battles. You can do Giant Melee, where all the characters are giant, Tiny Melee, where all the characters are tiny, Invisible Melee, where all the characters are invisible, Lighting Melee, where you move very fast, Slo-Mo Melee, where you move really slow, Single Button Melee, where you just use the A-button and the joystick, Camera Mode, where you take pictures that get saved onto your Memory Card, Fixed-Camera Mode, where the camera doesn't move, Stamina Mode, where you have a certain amount HP, and if you run out you lose, and Sudden Death Mode, where you start out with 300% damage. You also use items in battle. If you want, you can choose which items appear. You also have a bunch of stadiums you can unlock. You also get trophies. There's also a one player mode. You can do the original one-player game, where you battle through various stages, and at the end you fight Master Hand. There's the new Adventure Mode, where you walk through different areas and fight other characters. And when you get all the characters, you unlock All-Star Mode, where you fight all the characters. There's various event matches where you fight to do different things. In some of them you get trophies, and in one you unlock Ganondorf. You can also do Home Run Contest, where you're supposed to hit a sack as far as you can with different characters, Target Mode, where you hit targets (It changes with every character.), and Multi-Man Melee, where you hit as many chain people as possible. There are different versions of Multi-Man Melee. If you played the original Super Smash Bros. and didn't like it, don't assume this game is the same. I played the original at the dentist's office, and this one is more fun. The only problems are that the one player mode is kind of boring, and the game is boring when you've unlocked everything. I've heard that Super Smash Bros. 3 will come out for the Nintendo Revolution.
Gets boring very fast because of the VERY high difficulty
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-04-10

At first I loved this game and played it all the time but now I almost hate it, why? well read on. The event matches are so damm hard to beat that you just wanna scream out loud "WHAT THE HELL". Games should not be this hard because it gets BORING very fast. Now I I'm gonna sell it and if you really want well expect to lose like 10,000 times and you can't beat almost every enemy you meet. The impossible game of the year Super Smash Bros Melee.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-04-10

This has to be the one of the best games on the gamecube. When you first play the game you think it's so amazing. It's colorfully detailed graphics and it's fast-paced, non stop action. The music is so unbelievable and catchy. The people who have a gamecube should have to get this fun game in their collection.
I have never had so much fun with a game before
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-04-08

This is the best and most complete fightning game ever made. The graphics are amazing and the music is happy and very enjoyable. The game modes are fun and I like Adventure Mode and Home Run Contest the best. You can unlock many characters and stages but the most fun is the Trophies. Go and buy this wonderful game now.
awesome game
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-04-06

I bought this game today and I simply love it. The many games modes are very fun and you can unlock many diffrent characters and many many stages and extras to unlock. The graphics are very nice and the music is wonderful. Buy this now and enjoy.
It has some major faults but overall it is a great game
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-04-03

This might be the greatest game ever made by nintendo, although some of the major faults make it less fun.1) Some of the hidden characters are amazingly difficult to get. Some of the hidden characters appear without telling you what you've accomplished.2) The fun factor comes down eventually after you spend 3-4 hours with it nonstop.3) The graphics are decent but some of the characters seem like they've come straight from their most recent games.

Overall the multiplayer is the best part of game. I wish they made it where if you were on the same team as someone else you could pull off combos cooperatively. Also it would be a lot more
fun if you could do adventure and classic modes cooperatively.

The singleplayer is good, but not great. There should be more stages in classic mode to make it so you can't beat it in 10 minutes. The difficulty settings should be more complex so on very easy instead of having the cpu characters fall off of the stadium easily then having it in normal mode being 3 times as hard make it so you need more strategic kills and making the difficulty system so you can put specific cpu levels.

This Game ROCKS!
by: lioness4113    On: 2005-03-24

This game was the first one for Gamecube I ever got, and about 20 games later, is still my favorite! I don't know whether it's because of the variety of cool characters, amazingly detailed stages, or tons of things to do that make it fun. SSBM is great to play by yourself or with friends since it has stuff for you to do either way. The only part that I didn't really like was that the game was extremely easy to beat, even if it did take awhile due to the number of things to do.
A great game alone or with 64 people.
by: benpercent    On: 2005-03-21

This game was the second released when the gamecube came out and it is still selling. This game is breaking records.
The funny thing about this game is there is no story what so ever. I wonder way Mario wants to beat up Pikachu?
This is an innovative fighting game. You can insert a health bar, but that is not really the game. Basically, when you hit an opponent it adds to the percent of damage done. The max damage possible is 999%. As the percent rises, the character gets lighter and gets knocked farther with each blow. Your objective is to make your opponent go off the edge of the screen.
There are exactly 25 characters. You start of with a few and have to unlock the rest. You can unlock them all by playing 1000 vs. matches, but look to other sources on how to unlock them faster. Buy a guide. You'll need it.
Each character has it own special attributes. Some are light and fast, but weak. Other can be balanced. The rest are slow and heavy, but super strong. You will end up picking a favorite because each character needs a special technique towards playing. Kirby, for instance, must hit and dodge while Bowser must chase and maim. Pick what works for you.
This game is has many modes. Story mode has no story oddly enough, only that you are fighting special matches. You go to the Mushroom kingdom to fight Peach and Mario while you go to Popstar to fight about 20 Kirbys. You just knock your opponent off the screen and move on. At the end, you fight a big Bowser and if you completed certain conditions, Giga Bowser.
Classic mode is just random character fights with some bonuses and special matches. You start off fighting one opponent, you team up with two computers and fight a giant, and at the end you fight a metal character. The final boss is a floating hand called Master Hand. If you can complete the conditions, after you halve Master Hand's hp you can fight a second floating hand called Crazy Hand.
Another mode is called event match. These are special matches that have a special way you fight or a weird look to it. One match is between you and Pikachu and you can not physically hurt each other, only with poke balls. Weird but very fun.
Another mode is all star mode. That is when you have to fight every character and then 25 Mr. Game and Watches.
Another mode is vs. mode. You can play with up to four people and tweak the rules almost endlessly. You can make each other drop money when hit or you can slow time down. Pick what you want.
The environments can leave you longing for your childhood. Most of them are taken from classic games and a few of them actually have the original music put in.
The bad thing with this game is that it loves to stack the odds heavily in its favor. Take this event match for instance, you are shrunken down and have to fight three players twice your size. Everyone has two lives. It is nearly impossible because being small makes you lighter and you have to worry about three opponents. And the game keeps the odds that way.
The good this with the game is that you can play log many hours and never unlock everything. I have over 200 hours and still have work to do. It is fun because four people can play at once and 64 can play alternating in a tournament.

I strongly recommend it.

The most addicting game ever!
by: nathanielbandy    On: 2005-03-21

Once you get the game, you will not want to stop playing it. I got the DS, but after a month,I wanted the to play the Gamecube. I'm going to get a Action Replay and Detstar shows 100's of codes. If you played the first Smash Bros, you will most likely like this game. people who think that this game is all about stargety,it is'nt. The game's are straget's but when you start playing,it's fighting. This game has Mario Characters,Link Characters,Fox characters,Mr. Game and Watch and more. There's alot more things to do in this version. Like event match,All star mode Special types of Meele. That's why this game is still 30.00 freakin bucks! Now buy it or else!
The best Gamecube game yet
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-03-20

Yep. I said Soul Calibur 2 was the best fighting game ever, but i don't really consider this a fighting game. It's a party game! With over 20 characters and about 30 attacks each with about 24 stages, you'll never have the same match twice! Unlike fighting games, you don't have a life bar, you have a percentage. The higher the percentage, the farther you'll go when you're attacked. Some people can take more damage than others though. Here's what i rate it
This is the best game ever!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-03-14

I suggest this game to all you kids out there, even the parents too. If you play 1 player mode it's super fun, and a great challenge. Even play with your friends and family, this game goes up to 4 player mode, unlock characters from different games and just have fun! I love this game and so does my 4 year old sister, she even beats my dad and mom, and sometimes me too... (Rarely that is):)
Nintendo Stars come together...
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-03-12

For the ultimate video game!

Super Smash Bros Melee is an upgraded,much-improved version of it's N64 counterpart,Super Smash Brothers.Equipped with a ton of stages and familiar Nintendo faces (Mario,Bowser,Fox,Samus,Link and more),SSBM can honestly be labeled a staple in any Gamecube owner's collection.It's that good.

The game itself is amazing.Presice,sharp graphics and swift button reaction allow for only the most enjoyment.Fans of the characters' original games will hear the familiar music on each stage corrosponding with the character.(i.e.Starfox music on Corneria and Venom)SSBM can also be called a fighting game,but WITHOUT the blood and gore,making it pretty safe for all ages,aside from it T rating.

If this all wasn't enough,clever ideas like collectable trophis in the game and unlockable charcters and stage make each gameplay sessiona surprise!

All in all,Super Smash Brothers Melee is one of the coolest games you can get your hands on.Buy today and see what I mean.
Super Smash Bros. Melee
by: jackberthiaume    On: 2005-03-11

This is my absolute favorite game. The cutting-edge graphics are amazing! These graphics are so good that if you look closely, the characters show expressions with most controls. Unlike the first title for Nintendo64, ever so seldom does a button delay. In fact, they react so quickly it is almost as if they react before you even touch the button(s) pressed. There are originally 14 selectable characters, but as you go trough, complete goals, and play the multiplayer options you will recieve a chance to earn 11 more. For each character there is about 1-3 optional battle arenas(earned seperatelly). When you get to about 3/4 of the game you start to earn secret unlockables, in which give a strong advantage to your gameplay. Out of what I've told you so far, you can bet this is the game for you.
Super Smash Bros. Melee
by: why183    On: 2005-03-09

Frantic multiplayer fighting returns with Super Smash Bros. Melee on the Nintendo GameCube. More than just a minor upgrade to the popular N64 game, the GameCube Smash Bros. is chock full of so many options and features it will make your head spin. Players can pummel each other with 25 classic Nintendo characters, and fight in 18 various game-themed arenas (not to mention an assortment of unlockable secret arenas).

Multiple play modes include objective based missions, Stadium Contests, side-scrolling courses, Melee mode, and Versus mode. Stunning orchestrated soundtrack includes exciting remixes of classic game themes. High polygon character models and detailed environments animate smoothly and display in progressive scan.

Super Smash Bros. Melee is a sequel in the truest sense. It's a work of evolution. And it's frankly a thing of beauty. The game has taken the tried-and-true fighting mechanics from the N64 original and deepened them. Mascots combat with an all-around more balanced feel and control -- quick to learn but tough to really master -- is even more polished with the GameCube pad. The multiplayer bouts to be had with Melee are, in my opinion, simply unequaled by any other fighter.

But Melee also brings to the table so many options and extras that one can barely count them all, and this is what ultimately makes this game a classic for me. Firstly, the selection of mascot characters -- there are just so many. From Mario to Mr. Game and Watch, Nintendo purists will be in heaven at the selection here. Second, the amount of fight arenas -- virtually every Nintendo playground ever created makes an appearance in updated form, and they're all splendidly recreated. Third, the sheer amount of secrets, from hidden characters and stages to nostalgic trophies -- Pit and Metroid, for example -- that can eventually be unlocked.

All of this is brought together with downright awesome graphics. Character models are extremely detailed, brilliantly textured, and flowing with fluid animation. Fights illuminate with spectacular particle effects that seem to burst and explode in every direction. And the arenas themselves are huge, gaping things that sometimes move and change, and are undeniably interactive. My only gripe with the game -- period -- is that some of the backgrounds lack the visual polish endowed upon the characters. But given that everything runs at a total, constant 60 frames per second, I'm not complaining. Add in a soundtrack -- wonderfully orchestrated -- that will bring tears to the eyes of longtime Nintendo fans, and one can see why this game is so special.

Smash Bros. Melee is a fantastic sequel and an amazing fighter. If you consider yourself a Nintendo fan, even just a little, this is a virtual treasure of a game that simply mustn't be passed up.

this game rocks!!!
by: gtenis    On: 2005-03-08

this game is awesome the characters are great!! and the multiplayer is great fun.The attacks are cool too,you should get this game for sure

This game rocks!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-03-07

Super Smash Bros. is preety good even tho the characters atacking speed has been dumbed down so people have time to react when somebody atacks. all characters have moves (duuh!) these are the basic moves of all of the characters: Y,x,or up control stick=jump note (you can jump in mid airafter jumping ones,A=punch,up+A=punch up,down+A=kick/punch down,left/right+A=kick. These are the SMASH MOVES: to do a smash move you smash the control stick up,down,left/right+A are all of the smash moves (note that smash moves can be done with the C stick). All characters have B moves which are kinda like there personal moves (so are smash moves but it would take forever to tell you) mario's B moves are fire ball (just B),cape (left/right+B),super punch (up+B),mario tornado (down +B). Pikachu, thunder jolt (just B),skull bash (left/right+B),quick attack (up+B),thunder (down+B) ect. the characters are mario,pikachu,bowser,peach,yoshi,c.falcon,DK,fox,ness,ice climers,kirby,samus,zelda/sheik,link. The secret characters are marth,roy,ganondorf (I call him ganondork!),young link, and watch,pichu,mew-two,falco,luigi,and jiggly-puff. Oh yeah! and there are trophies too I think there are a 1000.for $20.00 this is a good game!

by: Anonymous    On: 2005-03-04

This game combines great sound, graphics, gameplay, and nintendo's favorite all-stars to make one heck of a game. Buy It Today
Let the fight begin!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-03-03

Great fighting game! However it sometimes takes to long to unlock something new but the great fighting physics are some of the best I have seen in a very long time! Highly reccomended!
Awesome! High Replay Value!Best Game Ever!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-03-01

BUY!BUY!BUY! I've owned this game for 3 years and it's still a blast!BUY!BUY!BUY!BUY! Tons of Characters, Tons of stages, tons of trophies, tons of modes, tons of types of melees! All-Around Perfect!Unlock stages from the original. Great Graphics! BUY!BUY!BUY!BUY!BUY!BUY!BUY!
The Best Gamecube Game Ever!
by: mirandam9    On: 2005-02-27

This game is so fun! It has all the best gamecube characters combined in combat. It's real fun beating up yoshi.Just call up a friend and play agaist them. You'll love it. Just buy it!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-02-24

This is one the funnest games I've ever played. I mean come on, what's more fun than beating the crap out of Pikachu with a baseball bat, or slashing up Jigglypuff with Link's sword. To put it simple this game rocks.
taunting has never been more funny
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-02-20

this game is cool and everything but links taunt move is hilarious! its kind of disgraceful to him and gives him a bad name.
The worlds most best game ever!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-02-18

This is like the best game ever! I played and wanted to play more. I first played this with mycousin. My best player would be Roy. For Gamecube fans, play this game!
Edward Park

great fighting game
by: lightmar    On: 2005-02-16

this game should be rated e. this game is really fun and has a whole bunch of charecters. fire emblem is gonna come out with marth and roy(check the review up there or down there depends where they're gonna put my review.)will come out in america for game cube. this is a great 4 player fighting game and has a whole bunch of levels and charecters. there is like 2 levels for each character(s.) this game is one of the best fighting games for the game cube that is 4 player. maybe i wont even be on the same page as him or her.
The Reason GameCube Was Invented
by: dzmaster    On: 2005-02-01

This is one of the best games I've ever played and the best Nintendo game I've ever played. The Graphics are 5/5, the music is 5/5, and gameplay is 5/5.

This is a must for Poke'mon fans, Nintendo fans, Gamecube fans, fighting game fans, gamers, and anyone that likes to play a good game.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-01-25

now, i do not know why its teen rated and it should have been for has no blood or gore and it doesn't have any violece at all exept you really think a game with jiggly puff in it could be violent.this is the funnest game ever on NGC with pokemon and other nintendo mascots.what could be more better than this? it has so many players to unlock.i also still play regular SSB AND IT HAS GOOD GRAPHICS.what more could you ask for?
A good multiplayer game that fails to live up to the hype
by: rpc991    On: 2005-01-24

SSBM is a very fun game, quite appropriate for inviting two or three friends over for some good Vs. battles. There's also enough single-player stuff to do to keep a single person occupied, and the Homerun Contest and Break the Targets minigames are great fun and challenging (though if you simply look up strategies on the internet and slavishly copy the work of others, you'll gain excellent records at the cost of draining all the fun out of these games).

However, the game quickly gets old. Once the single-player features have been beaten, the game loses much of its value. It just doesn't have a lot of replay value. The lasting value of the game depends on the multiplayer modes, and the game is certainly above average and good fun when smashing friends, but it is inferior in this aspect to the N64 game, Super Smash Brothers. The controls on the GCN are pretty pathetic, the buttons seeming very insensitive and unresponsive, so you may have to mash them furiously to get any moves to occur on the screen. Two changes from the previous game "dumbed down" combat so as to give weaker players a better chance. Combos are much more difficult both because of the unresponsiveness of the controls and because moves are less "fluid" and the opponent always has time to react after your move; this reduces combat to random damage-hacking and button-mashing, clearly helping weaker players who needn't worry about mastering combos.

It is unfortunate that the game felt it could only fix the degenerate characters and combos of the previous game by seriously reducing the effect skill has on combat. At a certain point, one must simply mash the right buttons hard enough and hope to hit the opponent more than he hits back. Another randomizing factor in the sequel is the appeance of items: they appear much more frequently and all over the place. The items themselves are weaker and, again, do not lend themselves to skillful use as much as the items in the first game, so they are little more than extensions of the "hack and damage" style of combat in this game. The game reduced the effectiveness of the hammer, but in my opinion the hammer was never truly degenerate - it simply took some skill in the first game to disarm your opponent of it. In fact, against a skilled player, the immobility and vulnerability inherent in using the hammer could actually give better chances to the player without the item!

In summation, single-player modes get old fast so the lasting value of this game depends on the multiplayer game. If you find yourself frustrated at pressing buttons and having little happen, and at combat where wins are highly dependent on random factors and not the player's skill (thus, dependent on something the player cannot ever improve in), this game will be disappointing. It's a decent fighting game but worth no more than three stars, and a massive disappointment compared to the first game, which was easily five stars.
Best game!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-01-17

It is a really good and fun game. It almost adickdive. I realy think you should buy it. I already beat the game. You can get some really good cheats for it at,, and
by: jeancarlo12    On: 2005-01-14

This game is very cool.It has good graphics and you can play as alot of cool characters.Tip:Roy is very strong but not too fast if you are battling the Master Hand Showdown you can use Marth as a good option.
by: one_of_the_undead_zombies    On: 2005-01-09

This game is so great!! Thre graphics are really good, as is the game play. Adventure is really fun, but classic is really entertaining too. There are tons of great levels, with detailed graphics, and many different stages for you to unlock as well. You also unlock many characters as you probgress thruogh the game, so if you dont like the availabe characters, just play the game for a while, and you will unlock many more powerfull characters.
awsome game for all kids !!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-01-04

IM a kid and i know what other people like and this is somthing people like it has people from different generations like luigi, mario yoshi ,donkey kong diddy kong they deserve to be on the high star list and be some people's favorite game for the people who are game freaks and love games and who just plain colect games it will be worth alot in the future for those who dont use it or just buy an extra copy
Exceptional Game
by: glacius92    On: 2004-12-30

This game is just incredible. Instead of the typical button-masher fighting games, this game involves skill. Nintendo characters from all over battle it out. Anybody who plays this game for a few minutes will want to buy. Why dont' you just rent it now? About 15 minutes in, you'll have resolved to buy it..

Now, as for replay value: it is tremendous. First of all, you have to beat Classic Mode and Adventure Mode, first on Very Easy, then Easy, Medium, and Hard. Then try lowering your lives to one and trying them. Then you can play the event mode, with 51 events ranging from easy to incredibly hard. From playing Event, Classic, and Adventure mode, you will eventually gain all of the secret characters, so you have all 25 characters. Then another mode will open up: All-Star Mode. Try beating THAT with every character! Eventually you will get new, secret levels!

If for some reason you can do all of this (I'm not even close, and out of the 30+ people I know, nobody else is close either) you can always try the Stadium Mode, attempt to collect Trophies, or play what is the best part of the game: Versus Mode, fighting against your friends.

This is a wonderful game, but just one piece of advice: Buy one, two, or three extra controllers with this game, so you can bring over friends!

Buy this game now! At only $20, you need to!
zzzz..... Gettin' kind of bored.....
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-29

This is a great game, but there are lots, and lots of games that are a better BUY. This game gets kind of boring and is mostly fun when you are doing multiplayer. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this game, but a renting for a week is a better deal before you buy it!
This game is a lot of fun!!!
by: gameviewer    On: 2004-12-24

This game gives fighting video games a good name. Before the Gamecube came out, there was the original Super Smash Bros. for the 64 and that was a fantastic game. In this game, the graphics are great, there's a lot of enjoyment in the game, and there are many choices of what to do on the game 1 player, to 4 player. But the only reason that Gamecube is a big hit is Mario and Mario type characters. If there was no Mario in the game, the Gamecube would probably not be as big as a hit. When I got the Gamecube, that was the first game that I wanted. So if you have a Gamecube, like Mario, and want an excellent fighting game, get Super Smash Bros. Melee.
SSB melee is the best
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-18

When I first got this game I thought it would be just a average
fighting game,it's not.It has 25 characters,a bunch of levels
and good graphics.It has tons of secret characters you need to
unlock.Two of them are named Troy and Marth and they're from
a japenese game called Fire Emblem that didn't make it too
America yet.there's tons of things you can do on this game.Like
if you pick a character and press the A button on the characters
name you can make up a new name and also there's trophies you can collect there's about 400 of them.Now the next time you want
too buy a game get this one trust me you'll like it.

The Best GCN Game Ever!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-15

I think this game deseves a perfect 5 out of 5 stars because it has 25 different characters to choose from. And there's a whole bunch of levels to unlock along with 292 trophies to collect. This game is a challenge to completely beat and is even slightly hard just to get all the characters ad levels. This is also my favorite game of all time and if you have a Gamecube and don't have this game, I suggest you buy it right away.
About Time DK And Pikachu Appeared In The Same Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-13

I LOVE THIS GAME. I recieved it for Christmas one year and played it every day for months on end without getting sick of it. The things I like best about it are as follows:
The graphics are incredibly detailed.
Donkey Kong and Pikachu appear in the same game.
Some genius at the company had the idea of putting Mewtwo in it.
You get to blow up Captain Falcon an infinite amount of times (I find him obnoxious. Sorry if I offended anyone).
Much of the music is orchestrated, which is a nice touch.
It has a Sound Test (bonus points!!!).
Here's what I don't like about it:
You have to play for 20 hours combined to unlock Mewtwo.
You have to unlock the Sound Test (which takes a LOT of effort. I haven't even done it yet and I've had the game for almost a year).
That's all. But anyway, this game is definitely worth the cost, unless you're touchy about violence, but I don't ever take the violence factor seriously (especially upon seeing Princess Peach swing around a gargantuan hammer).
Oh, and Adventure Mode is NOT BORING. At least, I don't think it is.
Wiked cool
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-12

I thought that this game was wiked cool because you can play with four people. This game had some vilence but no blood or any thing like that. I would recemend this game for kids 7 and up. I play this game with my friends all the time and even by my self against the computer. Even though the adventure is kinda of boring I still think the game is wiked cool. I play the game for hours trying to beet my friends. When my friends and I cant think of a game to play we play this. When I have alot of friends over ( more than four) we just take turns because the rounds are really short. You can play time or survile or coin or lots more I LOVE playing this game. You can just spend hours playing or just 15 minutes and you play like 15 rounds in 15 minutes preety cool huh. Over All this game is WIKED COOL!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-11

This is perhaps the best fighting game I've ever seen! The graphics are awesome! The character selection is great too. You can play with 25 characters. It's definitely worth your money. The first game we got for our gamecube was this one right here, and it's still the most fun Gamecube game we own (I have around 10). And the "T" rating? It should be E! There's no bloodshed at all. It's just characters from games in the past knocking others off the stage. It's not as bad as you would think. Don't believe me? Rent it first, though I GUARANTEE you will want to buy it after the first 10 minutes of playing!
Super Smash Bros. Melee Review
by: jkresco    On: 2004-12-09

This is my favorite game no doubt for Nintendo Gamecube! This was one of the first games to come out and it had exceptional graphics and sound. Super Smash Bros. on Nintendo 64 was an awesome game and I think they really improved this game from the last. I bought this game the first day it came out and I have redone it about six times and it still sometimes a little bit challenging. It's another great hit from the makers of Nintendo and everyone should get a chance to play with it. Your children will love it if they can get this game for Christmas. This game no doubt is a complete smash hit!
One time, loved it
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-07

I played this game at my couz's house!! i beat him every time. peach works better than Dr. Mario. i even unlocked a character 4 him!!! i loved it right away. i just had to have it. now that is what i'm saving up to buy!!!! i'm gonna try the oringinal first though.
Super Smash Bros. melee rocks!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-07

If you have a Nintendo gamecube, you must have this Game. Here is some information about the Game.

-1-4 Players!
-Easy to Play!
-Play as Mario, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Pikachu, and many more!
-Win Characters like Luigi and Mewtwo!
-Play special Game modes like Giant melee!

Super Smash Bros. Melee is one of the best Video Games ever!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-04

This game is one of the best games on GameCube ever!!! It has great graphics and music. It also has a lot of new characters, items, stages, and trophies to get, which the original (Super Smash Bros. on Nintendo 64) didn't have. It is great fun when you have four people at the controllers. GREAT GREAT MULTIPLAYER ACTION. You can play this game all night and never get tired because it is very addicting. I gave the game an overall 4 out of 5 stars because it doesn't have a storyline feature. It would be more interesting and you'd understand it better if it did have a storyline. My other reason, was because it didn't have online play. If it had online play, it would rock all other GameCube games! Overall, this game is great and I recommend it to anyone who likes cartoons and fighting games.
Nintendo 64 version was soooooo much better
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-03

The Video Game characters from the golden agecome together..... to create one game that is so boring I feel sorry for Link and Mario. However, I smiled a few times at the items you got such as a giant hammer (Donkey Kong, Arcade), a Poison mushroom (Super Mario Chronicles, Only in Japan), and an arrow barrel (Donkey Kong Country, Super Nintendo). The graphics had my mouth watering, but this game has so much to do that you eventually get tired of beating luigi and peach under a time limit, buying trophies out of a GUMBALL MACHINE, and trying do do event mode. Sorry Nintendo but you have been rejected!
FUN game!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-28

This game is AWESOME.

The game never ends...! Aside from being able to play in 1 Player mode or 2+ Player mode, you can collect new characters, trophies, and new places to battle!

There isn't what you would call extreme violence. There is no blood or gore. The most extreme is probably shooting people with laser guns, but it just throws them backwards, it doesn't make them bleed, lose limbs, etc. Of course, since this is a FIGHTING game, there will be some minor violence. But my 6-year-old brother plays it, so you know. :P

There really is no plot. You just battle.

*SUPERB* graphics. 10 out of 10.

While this game CAN get boring, it usually is extremely fun and is a great way to take out some excess anger. X_X"
Fun for All
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-27

I think this game is awesome and it had good graphics. Anybody who likes fighting games, this one is for you. I highly recommend that you try this game.
Dangerously Addicting
by: ski_aex    On: 2004-11-23

You have to watch out for this game. You will start playing it with friends and all of a sudden it is 4 am and you have a final the next day. This is perhaps the best game ever made for any system. The range of characters and levels along with the hidden surprises makes this game a must have for all serious gamers.
It's sorda fun
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-17

I woudn't by a new version because it's so expensive to make it fun. first, you have to have at least two controllers plus a memory card and of course the game.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-14

This game is the BEST!!! Using different nintendo characters you battle each other, without any blood or gore. The best part is being able to battle your friends. The graphics are way better than the original smash bro (duh!) but it still keeps the same idea. I would definitely atleast give the game a try!!!!
great gamecube game
by: steaksauce    On: 2004-11-10

I fight so strong and good!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-08

Oh man! there are so many good things about this game that you should really go out and buy it today for the holidays! Man, I fight so good in it! Sometimes I knock them right off, and man, when they come up on the other side they are stars coming out of them. You can be so many guys, and then i fight so hard and oh man I hate kirby but he is still pretty good. Mario can do a punch where he punch you right off the screen! I like to play Link best.

Oh my Gosh!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-07

Look, you may think it's SO FUN at first. Ha! Ha! Ha! Soon you'll be sayin' ZzZzZzZzZz. O.K. First of all, it is missing one of the most important aspects of the game. A DANG STORY MODE!! You just sit around and fight. How boring!? Yes, the graphics are half-way decent. Forget about it! Multi-player action is the only reason I gave it two stars. You can fight all night with multi-player. I wouldn't have bouhgt this if I knew these dark secrets about it. No way! Its jump function is irrelevant. You press the Y button. Ever heard of the classic A button? These are just a few of the more things I'm going to tell you. The trophies are the dumbest things I've ever heard of. Who wants to look at some fake trophy that looks deformed. NOT ME! You may think of the "awesome" modes. They are so not awesome. They have minor excitement with minor addiction ratings. I don't see how Nintendo could think people could like these weird/stupid modes. The characters are so horrible! They have Link and "Young" Link. They have the stinkin' same moves. I can't believe it! Then Marth has a brother. Same moves! The other characters are O.K. The game has a thing where you get coins for trophies. DUMB?(...)!!!!!!!! It is as dumb as that. Nintendo! Come on! You can do better than this!
this game rocks
by: jeremiah123123    On: 2004-11-07

this game is great when i started playing i got up out of my seat and started dancing this is a good game
Super Smashing Bros.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-07

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED this game it has the perfect combo of multiplayer and single player. The only thing missing is storyline.

Looking for a fighting game and want to play it with friends, Get This!
I love this game
by: poodlefreak    On: 2004-11-06

This game is really fun. I learned the controls very quickly and you just have to keep practicing. I always use Kirby on this game and you should start off with him. He doesn't change form, you can see him easily, and his attacks are very straightforward. This is a great game to play with other people.
Great, but the original was better.
by: rayman310    On: 2004-11-05

This is a very good video game, but for some reason they jacked up the characters a little, and the hammer is slower, but I gotta say, it had all the characters: Mario, DK, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, C. Falcon, Ness, Luigi, and alot more like Peach, and Bowser. I definitely finds this a great game.
A Great Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-04

This is a great game and definetley worth buying. But I wouldn't reccomend this game for anyone under 9 because I don't think their parents would aproove of all the violence from the guns and bombs involved. But those don't play a big role in the game and the violence is very unrealistic. The guns you can use are clearly fake and something like that you would never find in real life until about the year 2060.

A cool addition to the game that's different than the origanal game is adventure mode. You get to go through a series of stages at different worlds and you get to battle every character, plus do some awesome mini-games like getting to the top of the cave in Saumus's world. They also added in new characters like Roy the swordsman.

This is a great game and you must get it!
Reason to I Got the Gamecube
by: andy1212    On: 2004-11-01

This is the sequel to the 1999 "smash hit", Super Smash Brothers. Unlike its predecessor, this game contains a large number of characters. 14 to begin with, but 11 more that can be unlocked in different ways. This also provides us with more crazy battle stages, and games. Also thrown into the bunch is an adventure mode, and an all-star mode. With a list of events and 290 trophies, its going to be a long game. I still have not gotten all the trophies.

The cast of characters include Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Link, Bowser, Zelda, Ganandorf, Captain Falcon, Pickachu, Jigglypuff, Pichu, Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi, Ness, Samus, Mewtwo, Mr. Game and Watch, Donkey Kong, Young Link, Kirby, The Ice Climbers, Marth, Roy, and Dr. Mario. Most of them have their own moves, but others are just copies of other characters given a few little changes. The characters have their own special moves that are controlled in a similar style to those of the original. This time, holding forward while pushing B also gives another move. Ex. When holding forward when pushing B with Mario, Mario will take out his cape and swing it in front of him, not projectile, and other items back at the opposing character, or turn the character around.

This game has a classic mode, which is like the old single player mode from the original Super Smash Brothers. Only this time the opposing fighter is a random character, unlike the same characters from the original. The original had you fight the same characters everytime you went through it, but this time you will come across any character during the battle.
There is also an adventure mode in this game. Mode is more like the classic single player mode in the original Super Smash Brothers, but this time there are events and other special changes to it. Ex. Before you fight Mario and Peach in this game, you will have to travel through a world much like the world in the old Mario games. A world filled with goombas and turtles etc..
The All-Star Mode is similar to the Arena from Kirby Super Star. You have to fight every character in the game. It starts off as one on one, but becomes two on one, then three on one. What happens here, is that the percent damage you take after every battle stays. The only way you can replenish your health is to use the hearts that are given after each battle, but there are ony three. So you can't use them to quickly.

This game offers a special Event mode. Its pretty much fighting other characters like normal, except they may throw in some wierd mission, or put some back story into why they are fighting. Ex. An event called Peach's Peril. In this event, you play Mario. Princess Peach just walks around the course through the whole thing, while Bowser attempts to attack her. What you have to do is stop Bowser from doing it in te time given. The only way to pass is to make sure you and Peach survive.

This is one of those games that are meant for people of all ages to enjoy, even though it is rated T for teen. It is a fun game to play with three other people, or more, and has a lot of entertainment value. One of the great games on the Nintendo Gamecube.

Entertainment = 9.5/10

Favorite Part of the Game = The opening of the game where they introduce each character individually. Very well done. Nie graphics, and good orchestra music.
Exellent Game- better than the first
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-30

THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!! It is hard to find that many games that beats this one. I thought the first was pretty good, but it's NOTHING compared to this game! All of Nintendo's superstars join to battle in an action-packed adventure! It has 25 unlockable characters(the first one only had twelve) and tons of unlockable stages. It has event matches, which are fun. In 1 player mode, you can play 3 different modes. You also have difficulty settings. There's trophies, too. You get them by lottery and 1P mode. There is also vs. mode, which is awesome. There are so many unlockable features! This is a MUST HAVE game!!!
totally better then the first because the first sucked
by: yugifanx    On: 2004-10-29

i love this game its one of my favorite fighting games ever it has alot of characters in it my favorites are link,zelda,peach, i hate to ruin the surprise to all that dont have it but i like marth and roy bowser is cool to it has 3 modes first are classic and adventure and you win this mode all star it also has many cool places to fight at and i like hyrule temple alot better its cool looken i like termina great bay and then when you beat things you earn some cool places you also get some of the old places from the last super smash bros.this game is so tight and worth buying i got it 2 christmases ago it was my very first gamecube game and i will always like this game then any other game i get. so if i were you i would get this game.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-26

When you have a franchise that has developed some of the most memorable and original characters of all time, you should have a game that takes advantage of them to the fullest... right? And what better way than to have them battle eachother for supremacy? That's this game in a nutshell, and it's one of the most superb games ever devised.
Nintendo Has Done It Again!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-17

This game has sooo many more characters that the original N64 game. More arenas and advanced gameplay and out-of-this world graphics! Get for your Gamecube NOW!
Melee Blows Away Competition!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-16

Super Smash Bros. Melee is without a doubt the greatest and most fun multiplayer game ever made for any console. The replay value is virtually unlimited, and the mechanics of the game are flawless. In addition, visuals are stunning and the game exhibits an soundtrack extroadinary for any game. This is the ultimate party game, and if your playing alone, it's still awesome! Don't wait another moment! Get Melee as soon as possible; you'll never regret it!
Keeps On Pleasing
by: macdaddy512    On: 2004-10-14

I've had this game since December 2001 and I can honestly say this is one game I never get tired of. It's fun against the computer, which can be set at many different difficulty settings, but it's better when you've got human competition. If you haven't bought this already or are thinking of a GameCube, give this a look.
by: bludragon5891    On: 2004-10-10

The character selection is much more diverse than in SSB, and it's more challenging! My favorite character here is Bowser.
Link's thougths of 10/9/04 4:30 p.m.
by: bidsoul    On: 2004-10-09

Wow, this is one of the best games I've ever done, and I've got some of the best games for the cube like Spider-man 2, Bounty Hunter, and Terminator 3(redemption).
Now you should know that Smash Bros. is thousands of mind-numbing hours of blowing your best bud off the screen. But did you know that you could go to lengendary locations from Princess Peach's Castle to F-Zero Grand Prix? Well you can.
With all these levels, your thinking "who am I going to use" well you can use the heroes like Link or Mario, or the bad boys like Bowser or regular 'ol Joes like Samus Aran.
Now your thinking "With all these characters and levels how can it get any better" Guess what, there is more! You can unlock new homies like Ganondorf, Luigi, Pichu ect (For those of you who are playing at home, that's a good thing).
I'm going to let you in on a secret. You can get these pimps and more if you beat the 1p-classic or adventure mode or doing enough Melees.The 1-p classic is waging an all out war against other melee men you already have. Adventure mode is going around doing pointless tasks, like going around beating up Goompas(don't ask). When you get a sign on the screen that says "new challanger" you'll see the outline of the challenger. You go head to head against whoever. When you beat 1-p or adventure you will get a trophy with the biography of the character.You can do a melee against 64 friends, yes 64, no I'm not drunk. It is not internet linked eather. It's hard to explain.

Even siblings have fun together!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-07

This is a great game. I didn't expect a "fighting" game to entertain my kids (ages 5, 8, and 10)as much as this one has- and especially not at the same time, since they wind up playing it together! It is easy enough for the 5 year old but challenging enough for the older kids.
An Excellent Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-04

The game isn't actually deserving of a T rating. There's absolutely no blood, no swearing, and no suggestive themes. When a character gets smacked, there's just a little blue and yellow cartoonish explosion. It's actually very kid-friendly, seeing as how all of the characters are from classic Nintendo titles and seem to be playfully wrestling as opposed to fighting to the death.

The game is a perfect pick-up-and-play that's easy to learn, but difficult to master. It's got a fun fighting style and addictive versus mode. (The one player's a lot of fun when you're trying to unlock characters and rewards) Also included are the adventure and classic modes where you advance from stage to stage and fight different enemies. The amazing thing is, I've had this game for 2 years, and I still play it quite often. It really holds it own when you play with friends. It's fun to smack about your friends on a virtual screen and hold tournaments for exclusive bragging-rights. The HUGE variety of characters (about 30 in all, almost half you have to unlock) each have a unique array of moves that are at times quite humorous to watch. You can't help but laugh when Pikachu shocks Ganondorf out of the stadium ;)
Yup, this category usually destroys the older games, but in SSBM it's wonderful. The soundtrack is filled with all of your favorite old game tunes such as Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Mario, Yoshi...great nostalgia. The upbeat music works well with the slightly cartoonish feel of the game. The graphics are a little bit dated, but spectacular nonetheless. Great attention to fighting motion and character detail, right down to Ganondorf's chain-mail and Mario's denim overalls.
After a while it gets a little bit repetitive, but it's a great game to play over and over until you get good enough to unlock every trophy, record, and character imaginable. Once again, it's a great game to play against friends with. It is (warning: pun ahead) in fact "a melee". Yup, it gets every bit chaotic when you mix it up with buddies. Would have been great with an online mode, though.
This game may have been one of the first released on the Game Cube platform, but it continues to shine with a quality all its own. A great buy for fans of the original version or any other fighting, adventure, sports, arcade...heck, just buy it if you own a Gamecube.

by: Anonymous    On: 2004-09-24

This game is the best fighting game ever made! Samus is my favorite this game is better than soul calibur and tekken! Gameplay at its best get this game its great!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-09-23

This game is really good. the graphics are excellent and gameplay is good. What was a good idea about the game is 4 player-mode and all of Nintendo's all stars from mario to Roy ( I think Kirby is the best). It also keeps tracks of ko's time, and even how well you fight 9When you use name entry), it can tell you if you are the best. It's also good first start off game like if you just brought a gamecube it can be very soft to a very firece battle (for experts). I think ages 6 to actually 15. overall This a excellent game, and a must for gamecube libaries.
TO: A Gamer: claims its way to violent for 6 1/2 yr oldslol!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-09-20

Dude, This is not a very violent game. when you hit a character blood doesnt even come out. a yellow/blue flash appears. my little 3 yr old bro plays it, and still acts like a civil well behaved kid!? Anyways I havent even play it much and cant find it in the stores ANYWERE? Iv tried walmart,fredmyers,gamcrazy but not gamestop. anyways this games fun for the whole family. NEVER GETS OLD.

P.s. A GAMER if you want to complain about a violent game you should be complaining about GTAVC or TEkKeN 3.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-09-18

This game is so FUN!!! I played it at my cousins house and I had nightmares that I would never see it agin! I love being Mewtwo but i'm ussualy distracted by all the good graphics! I'l be able to play it soon beacuse I'm getting a gamecube! Parent's if youre kids want it....GET IT FOR THEM!!!!
Super Smash Bros. Melee
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-09-12

Now, I've played some good games i my life. But this game............. WOW! it's amazing, you get to do 1 player mode and go in adeventure mode and go through different stages. and you can have 2 player mode which allows you to play and battle your friends! Youget to be certain characters such as: Link, Young Link, ganadorf, Zelda, Shiek, Marth, Roy, Fox, Falco, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Picachu, Pichu, Jiggly Puff, Mew Two, Mario, Luigi, yoshi, Dr. Mario, Bowser, Samus, Mr. Game and watch, Ice climers, Captain Falcon, Ness, and Peach! (that's alot more than the first one)! You can play with up to 4 players, and will have fun for the whole family, get this game you will be happy that you did!
Whoa....That's alot of carnage!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-09-09

This game is addicting and fun.You'll spend days playing to get bonus things such as secret characters.I bought this and was addicted.I played with a bunch of my friends.They thought this game was great too.This game is great for parties.
Shame on you if you don't already own this game
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-09-05

This is the *BEST* multiplayer action game out on ANY system. play as one of many different unique characters, and beat um up with your characters unique skills moves and styles. The only problem i see with this game, is the fact that it may look a little "cute" but once you start playing, or get some of the cooler characters, like Marth (my favorite) or ganondorf you won't be able to drop your controller. 1 player mode is not what this game is intended for so grab some friends, or maybe some enemies, and beat the virtual snot out of each other.
*Warning highly addictivly fun*
by: lumieromaster    On: 2004-08-28

Fun: ***** Coolest, most fun, and once you start playing, you just CANNOT put it down.
Educational: **** A must-have to improve reflexes (physical and mental) and hand-eye coordination.
Durability: ***** I have had this game for three years and it is still in perfect form.
this game has so much to offer it's unbelievable!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-08-26

this game is so cool! it has so many battles and characters modes! it's the best game on earth!
by: zapgirl88    On: 2004-08-26

This is far better than the N64 version. Let me just put this review in simple words.

There are 14 current characters:Mario, Pikachu, Yoshi, DK, Cpt.Falcon, Fox, Ness, kirby, Samus, Link and newcomers Bowser, Peach, Ice climbers, and Zelda. 11 hidden characters Luigi, Dr.Mario, Falco, young Link, Ganadorf, Pichu, Mewtwo, Jigglypuff, Marth(Fire Emblem Japan only), and Roy(Fire Emblem Japan only). 1-player mode:classic mode, Adventure mode, or the hidden All-Star match. There are 50 event matches that you have to clear.Stadium:Target Test(break all the targets), homerun contest(hit the sandbag as far as you can), Multi-man melee.Vs.mode:Melee(compete against your friends), Tournament Melee with up to 64 players, Special Melee(battle in different ways). There are around 300 trophies to collect(you get them by finding them or earning coins in battles to buy them). I hope this was helpful enough of why this game is worth buying especially if you have other people to play with. I forgot something else there are 18 stages to choose from and 5 hidden stages.Note that the graphics are incredibly good. Even some of the music is catchy(one stage has lyrics to it). Well, here is all I can give you. The last word I have to say is BUY IT!!!
Best multiplayer game ever!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-08-16

I glad the people who reviewed this game are smart, because this game rules. Awesome characters, levels, and items. Pimpin' multiplayer mode. And heck the one player mode isn't that bad either.
much better than Super Smash Bros.
by: jmbay10    On: 2004-08-14

This game is a huge step up from super smash bros. and has much better graphics, arenas and characters. I really like using the Ice Climbers because you can have twice as much fun but I hate fighting them. I love the fact that Mr. Game & Watch is here as well and they also gave him his own level. They've also got an upgraded Bowser, I won't spoil it for you so you'll have to see for yourself. They also finally have a descent pokemon, no wait, they all suck, but Mowtwo (or whatever the hell its name is) is better than gay Pekachew. Characters are better since they have better moves and better home battlefields.
Arenas have also been more detailed so now you can actually see where you're going. Some awesome arenas are Final Destination, Corneria, Big Blue and Mute City. Each arena is very different from the last and thats what makes them great.
You can also lose the head to the hammer if you are not careful and there are many more items. Now you can use a flower that keeps damaging your enemies after you hit. You can also use food to recover if there are no maximum tomatoes or heart-shaped boxes around. There are many more items, trust me.
Just buy this game, its one of the only good ones on Gamecube.
The Best Game Ever!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-08-07

I love this game! It is so much fun. You get to battle characters and get secret characters. Some have weird names like Gandorf and some are like regular character names like Link and Young Link. To beat the game you have to do it as one player (not with anybody else)and choose IP mode.
Quite possibly the best game ever made
by: zeromusm0g    On: 2004-07-21

I hate fighting games, Street Fighter bores me, Mortal Kombat is stupid, and Tekken is interesting but not really my cup of tea.

Melee, on the other hand, has me more addicted than an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting held in a Budweiser factory. If you have a Game Cube and don't have this game, it's a crime against humanity. Buy it. Play it. Enjoy.

Side note: I spent money I don't have and my friend spent money she doesn't have to buy Four Swords Adventures and a Game Boy Advance w/ cable so she could play too. Between the both of us, it was over $100. Somehow we ended up buying this game the next day (lack of self-control? OK, well, that and she wants to enter a Melee tournament next week around here, and I have a hard time renting a game TWICE, I might as well buy it) and we haven't played much Four Swords since. Four Swords is an awesome game, but for some reason, we can't stop beating the crap out of each other. Such a fun game.... so fun....
by: saberthefiercelord    On: 2004-07-15

This game is so awsome. Its worth to get a Gamecube alone.My Best and faveorite character is YOUNG LINK!!!!!!!!! GET THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!
Still the best fighting game
by: tantricgorilla    On: 2004-07-14

Super Smash Bros., originally for Nintendo 64 was a great game ... but compared to this, it is and has nothing. This newer, updated version has everything, including more characters, more stages, more weapons ... that means, more fun. The best characters are Link, Roy and Donkey Kong. The best multiplayer game! You can fight each other or fight on the same team, beat the heck out of the worthless computers or have a real challenge by trying to beat Adventure Mode without dying or retaining health by the three hearts ON VERY HARD mode. This game is semi easy to beat but if you really want to BEAT have to beat it on VERY HARD, every mode.
An excellent buy and a timeless game.
Just So Totally, Freakin', Awsome!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-07-11

I would have bought this game myself but someone else bought it for me. (Thanks Andrew) This game has definetly picked up where the oringal series left off. This games rocks. You gotta' love it.
First Off, there are way more charaters than the original.
Second Off, there is so much stuff u can do, by yourself or with others.
I've got lots of trophies, have every character, and level, and have a record of 1,573 in the homerun contest. I love this game and you will too.
Everything is easy to learn. All the controls and everything. It's GREAT!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-07-07

Now this game is totally aweosome. I mean it is a must have game if you are a true gamer and lover pf Nintendo like i am. I know you have been hearing a lot of stuff like its only good for multiplayer but thats not entirely true. Now I had the game for about three months and it was totally great. There are fun things in one player mode also. For example the Home-Run contest is really fun. If u get a high enough score on it you unlock a stage. And there is also the Target Test. If you beat that with every character you unlock Mr.Game&Watch, also it is a test of your skill. And its not really true that classic, adventure, & all star are boring there not really that bad at all.

Now thats just one player. It is definitely true that this game is made for multiplayer. It is a blast. You will never get tired of it. With all the items like super scope,bunny hood,pokeballs(my favorite),a freezing thing,ray gun,and lots more. I also like special melee tiny mode where all of your characters are super small.

Oh and i cant forget to talk about the characters. There is 25 in all. Regular include-Pikachu,DK,Starfox,Zelda(also Sheik),Ness,Mario,Peach,Link,Bowser,Captain Falcon,Yoshi,Kirby,The ice climbers,and Samus. The hidden include-Mewtwo,Roy,Marth,Gijjlypuff,Young Link,Falco,Dr.Mario,Mr.Game&Watch,Pichu,and Luigi.All of Nintendo's all stars in one giant brawl.

To tell you the truth i got rid of mine about a month ago but remembering how much fun I had I am getting another one in a couple of days.

Thats pretty much it about this game all you need to know so my recomendation is get this game before any other game first when you get it you will see what i mean so get it I also recomend pokemon coloseum for pokemon fans it rocks. And on september 7 pokemon leaf green and fire red is coming out i also recomend that it will revolutionize pokemon as we know i have already got mine on pre-order so till next time See ya.

The best game of all time!
by: samtheman_17    On: 2004-07-03

Earlier this year, had a tounament style contest to determine the "best. game. ever." I was rooting for this game. Sadly, it was struck down in the semifinals by Final Fantasy VII (also highly recommended). I disagree with the results of this tournament. While FF7 may be the great modern video game epic, it doesn't have limitless replay value. SSBM does. The game's main focus is vs. mode, where you can battle your friends and/or the AI in matches which never get old. Other modes include adventure (platforming meets arcade fighter), classic (just the regular arcade mode with bonus games thrown in), all star (survival mode against all characters with limited health recovery), and event (interesting 1-player battles with unique objectives). There are an extraordinary number of characters (25, I think), and a lot of environmental-hazard filled stages, (about 30) mostly taken from Nintendo games, from Kraid's lair, which features a large boss from Metroid who slashes at the platform, causing it to rotate and tip characters off the screen, to a couple of F-Zero race tracks, where you must either dodge or stay on top of the raceships, to several moving levels, where you must keep up with the screen or fall to your probably non-grusome death (there is no blood or gore to speak of, despite the T rating. No drug, alchohal, or smoking use, suggestive themes, or adult situations (tm) either.)What is the only bad thing about this game? Well, I was going to say T rating, but I already covered that, so let's just say... no online play. I would be willing to pay $60.00 for this game, but now it's just 30 bucks. The best thirty bucks you've ever spent on a video game.*

*The best 20 bucks you've ever spent on a video game is the aforementioned Final Fantasy VII. Get that too, if possible.

Abso-Tabulo-Rific. I Had to Make Up a Word.
by: rukasu_b    On: 2004-07-03

The truest thing I can say about SSBM? Definitely not your average fighting game.

For those who haven't been clued in to the "Smash Bros." Premise: you get to pick one of your favorite Nintendo heroes or heroines and tangle with the computer or your buddies in a very loose fighter setting. The only way to actually be knocked out is to be thrown out of the arena, whether downward, to the sides, or to the sky. Your character accumulates a percentage of damage as they sustain attacks, and as this percentage gets higher, your risk of flying out of the ring rises.

But to be so preachy about a game that has such a huge fan following and runs on such a simple game engine seems very un-gamer-like of me. Forgive me. SSBM is a great party game, have no doubt--you and your friends could spend hours knocking each other around, figuring out each character's attacks, and unlocking the horde of trophies in the gallery.

The one thing I can assure you of is that you WILL enjoy this title, whether you enjoy fighting games or not. As long as you have friends who like to taunt you after beating you in a high-risk video gaming battle, this game's staying power will astound you.

Every character's attacks are performed the same way: B for a basic special move, Up + B for a different move, Down + B, and Forward + B. Each one produces a different move, unique to your character.

And the character list is huge. I think every major character from the "Mario" series has top honors, including Bowser and the mustachioed plumber himself. The character list is as follows: Mario, Peach, Bowser, Pikachu (from "Pokémon"), Samus (from "Metroid"), Yoshi, Zelda, Link, Captain Falcon (from "F-Zero"), Kirby, Donkey Kong, Fox McCloud (from "Starfox"), Ness (from "Earthbound"), and the Ice Climbers (Nana and Popo, from "Ice Climber"). There are many more fighters, but they are only useable after you have unlocked them by completing various tasks in the game. These fighters are: Jigglypuff ("Pokémon"), Roy (from "Fire Emblem"), Marth ("Fire Emblem"), Luigi, Young Link, Ganondorf, Dr. Mario, Mr. Game & Watch (from Nintendo's early electronic-gaming series, "Game & Watch"), Mewtwo ("Pokémon"), Pichu ("Pokémon"), and Falco Lombardi ("Starfox").

During battles, there is also a plethora of different items that randomly drop in to spice up the action, including Pokéballs, laser pistols, and Bob-ombs. These can be used for their special action, or simply chucked at your opponents as a makeshift projectile.

The stages which you play on are also numerous and varied, ranging from a cold platform out in space, to an F-Zero race taking place at hundreds of miles an hour, all the way back to Mario and Luigi's beloved Mushroom Kingdom. And, as with the items that drop during battles, these stages also have their gimmicks to try and mix things up.

The single-player mode, while not nearly as meaty and robust as the multiplayer, is at least interesting, and the tasks to unlock special characters are sometimes required to take place in this mode. The Adventure mode is a new direction for the series, taking whichever character you choose and putting them in classic Nintendo environments, then having them wriggle their ways out through good old-fashioned fisticuffs.

While this is simple, stupid fun, and even quite violent at times, it's still meant in a strictly non-hurtful way, so most parents can disregard that Teen rating. With no blood, no suggestive themes, and nothing but straight fun for anyone in the family, "Super Smash Bros. Melee" is a hit, no doubt about it.

Inventiveness: 10 (out of 10)
Having Nintendo's otherwise-wholesome mascots duke it out for your amusement is a great idea, and it says a lot about Nintendo's reputation when they can make fun of themselves.

Sound: 10
Any sound effect from a previous Nintendo game is reproduced faithfully, and the new ones fit in well, considering the surroundings. Also, older Nintendo tracks have gotten squeaky-clean new orchestrations and put into these grudge matches as background music. Nostalgia? You bet.

Graphics: 9.5
Okay, okay, so it's not the absolute prettiest game in the world, but it manages to capture a rubbery, flexible version of all characters involved, even those as evil as the shifty thief Ganondorf. It looks comical and well done, and it manages to convey the theme of the game even better than photo-realism would have.

Control: 9.5
The placement of the Jump buttons may turn out to be something of a shock to first-timers, but you'll pick it up easily, no doubt (the X and Y buttons jump, as does the joystick). When in the fray against your friends, you'll adapt quickly and get to learn every nuance of your favorite character's repertoire of moves. (I own anyone as Ness!)


Overall Score: 10
The bottom line: While the single-player mode is lacking--well, let's be honest, you didn't buy this for the single-player game, did you? This game rocks. If you own a GameCube and more than one controller, you must buy this game. If you don't own more than one controller, buy another one and this game. Seriously.

4 player action game with nintendo characters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-06-30

this is the best of 4 player action nintendo has ever done! it has samus, falco, fox, ness, mario, luigi, DK, dr. mario, and lots more! it has lots of stages to choose from, lots of characters to be, and lots of moves to do! collect trophies, do a homerun contest, practice your fighting skills, go on an adventure, or just do whatever you want! there are 25 chacters in all but there are rumors that you can get sonic...
Super Smashin'
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-06-28

This is a great game for anyone who loves fast action and great graphics. Its just like the first but with twice as many characters. Its also good for multiplayer.
A Classic
by: silverskyed    On: 2004-06-28

People don't have any imagination these days. This game NEVER ends. I have yet to beat 3 level 9 characters on a team. Sure it is about senseless fighting and maybe it is bad for kids. But I personally haven't seen a kid throw ANYONE 50 feet in the air and finish him off with a lightning bolt. If you don't want a small child to see any violence lock him up in his room, like that one movie, Blast From the Past. If you think the characters suck, that means you suck! It's called learning. It's not that hard. And even if your favorite character is different, USE A DIFFERENT ONE. This game is a good timefiller, you know how long you are playing because you can set a time limit. If you have 15 minutes before a class starts, do the 15 minute melee. And "I'll tell you what," when I did unlock all of the things in the game, it was past the 150 hour mark.

All in all this game has
-Long play time
-Great multiplayer
-A way to vent your anger upon friends (rather than fists)
-Great replay value
-But it really doesn't have a plot. I don't see how it could make it better though!
This game is pretty cheap now, so there is really no reason not to buy it. Unless, of course, you don't have a gamecube. But then why are you reading this.

The title and the review are the same so read below.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-06-23

This game is 101%! its the best game in existance. Its from the heavens. Multiplayer Action. There is everything! Free for all battle, 1 on 3, 2 on 2, an outstanding, excellent, sequel to the original Smash Bros.

You can unlock 5 times the amount of characters including Ganondorf, Mewtwo, Dr. Mario, Young Link, Prince Marth, Roy, Mr. Game and Watch, and ALOT MORE! Theres bonus levels called "Adventure" on which the levels are side scrollers and throughout the levels you go into smash bros. battle. There are several ways to unlock different characters. You even have Princess Peach, and Zelda. And Zelda can turn into Sheik!

The new levels are infinity awesome. Some of them are even challenging. I forgot the names of them but you'll like be on a moving platform and if you jump off you die and sometimes the platform will land for like 10 seconds and during those 10 seconds, space ships or whatever those are on F-Zero GX come flying for half the time and you have to get on another platform. There is also another zelda level, more mario ones, another samus one, a ness one, and some others!

If I havent mentioned graphics yet, the graphics to this from the original were totally upgraded! Theres new moves and everything for the characters too!

Outstanding gameplay. Multiplayer Action. Singleplayer Action. Tons more characters. Tons more levels. Much better graphics. New Adventure levels. New moves. Theres nothing you dont want in this game. Its the best game ever. Get it. Don't rent it, don't try it out, get it and keep it!

Yep, thats it. Understand now?
Thanks for readin the review. Hope it helped ;)

SMB Melee
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-06-23

This game is very fun. If you like Mario, you'll like this. Try to
get all trophies and charecters, while opening all 50 extra games.
You can play with 4 players. Also, try playing while invisible.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-06-18

Super Smash brothers is one of the best games i hace ever played in my entire life. the graphics are good the fighting is good and the games is good for anyone it has 5 skill levels and is fun for all.
good game.
by: daggerwarrior    On: 2004-06-16

I played this game with my friend Nic Brand, but I beat it just the same. I think that this game was great because I like fighting games. I am a fan of the cap com v.s games. this is like those.
Best darn game ever.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-06-15

This game is great. It has tons of characters, tons of modes, awesome multiplayer action, and it's overall quite awesome, with gameplay that'll never get old! Two thumbs up.
The Best Fighting Game Ever!
by: 2xmom    On: 2004-06-15

This really fun game displays great graphics, sound, and pure fun! There's no flaw as you fight as Peach, Mario, Samus and more! There is a great selection of characters and maps as you try and chuck your enemies off the stage using a gigantic amount off attacks.

I really like this game because of each players specialty. Like DK's giant punch or Yoshi's famed eat you than poo you out as an egg!

It has no real story line or plot but it's still really fun to grab a guy and throw him sky high. The event-matches are also fun, same goes with all-star and classic mode. (Don't do adventure, it's really boring and it takes a year to finish once!)

In multi-player special melee you can be humungo or really tiny. You also can make it so that you fight to the death or battle for coins.

I really recomend this game to all you Nintendo lovers out there!

Yo Ya'll try dis game
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-06-14

This was the first game I ever had so I am kind of bored of it but it's still fun.There are a lot of characters as other people have mentionedbut some people say they have these guys(and girls)
King DeDeDe
And blah blah blah
First Fighting GAMECUBE Game.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-06-12

This is the one great game it has a bunch of new stuff such as trophies, new characters, game modes, and other stuff. All the characters are
Donkey Kong
Young Link
Ice Climbers
Captain Falcon
and Mr.Game&Watch
Damn that's a lot of characters.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-06-12

This is a great game for anyone to play,and it's very interactive.
The best game. It can't possibly get better!!!!
by: zhurrle    On: 2004-06-11

Ok, this is the best game on earth! It can't get any better. I've had this game since it came out and I've never gotten board with it. And it get better every time you unlock something else. Trust me I've gotten it all. I'm am discusted with anyone who thinks this game is dumb. The only possibility of a better game would be a Smash Bros. 3.

Ps. Peach rocks!!!!

Please send us another Super Mario Bros!!!
by: johngraham11    On: 2004-06-10

Super Smash Bros Melee is great!!!! If you liked Super Smash Bros get this!!!! There are so many ways to play! Dont hesitate by this!
Possibly the best fighting game in existence!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-06-10

I love this game. When I was ten or maybe even the age of nine, I just played old graphics games such as Bloody Roar 2, and Street Fighter Alpha 3 (these games were fun, but they got old after a year or so). So I finally got an Xbox, yet, it had very few fighting games. So I'd go to my friend's house, he'd see me all depressed. "Why are you so sad?" he finally asked. I told him how I was bored of all the old PS fighting games and wanted to find a new one. He said that if I wanted a new fighting game, this one would really knock my socks off, and he handed me Super Smash Bros. Melee. I had seen Super Smash Bros. for the N64 when I was six or seven years old, but that was when I was into platformers. I could tell this was a sequel. I said to him "So what?". Then he put it in the Nintendo Gamecube disk drive. He invited me over on the other side of the couch to play multiplayer. We played for hours on end! This game was awsomer than awesome. The slick graphics, the wonderful control! I totally underestimated this game! A month or two later, I saved up enough for a Gamecube (now to be my favorite system) but didn't have enough for Super Smash Bros.! But my dad gave me Soul Calibur II as a gift (I'll review that game later). But then, on my eleventh birthday, my aunt got me the game. I was so happy! I invited my two closest friends to have a Smashathon! Our fingers were to slippery with sweat after the next three hours to play any longer. So yes, if you have asked if this game is good or just a lot of hype, it's the first one. I hoped you will tell your friends if you think this review is helpful. So, tune in for my Soul Calibur II review!
amazing game
by: benjisurphs    On: 2004-06-09

OK first off Id like to say that this game is one of the best ive ever played.
The game is huge: around 20 characters to unlock, huge single player modes, about 400 trophies, and the mutiplayer(up o 4 players) is never ending belive me ive had it for 2 years now and its only just been beaten by Mario Kart DD!! as my top multiplayer game.
The diffrent modes you can put on along with the wide range of stages and wepons means you can play for hours and never have the same battle.
The wide range of options also lets you make youre diffrent games such as Island shoot out:
-You set the mode as stock
-Choose Characters with long range abilitys (Ness,Samus,Falco and Fox are the best)
_choose Mushroom Kingdom II as the map
-each person chooses one Island and trys to kill the other person using long range attacks
-You are aloud to into the middle stage but not to attack
-You may only go onto the other persons Island via the magic carpet without touching the ground
_last man standing wins!!!
This is just one of the many options in this amazing game.
However one fact remains this game is not very complicated if your looking for A soul calibur II with mario this is not it!
The controls are sympol and the combos no more then 2 butoons pressed together.
The character models are done pretty well and the back drops are amazing.
The sound can get a bit anoying after a while (while being a few hours) but it mostly adds tension and fun to the game.
If your looking for a good fun multiplayer game look no further this is it! (plus the price is like nothing now)
The problem of an end in a game
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-06-06

The game super smash bros melee is an awosome game but sure like every game there is an end, something that takes away the fun out of the game what i am wanting realy by writing this review is a way to make games larger an example could be when you finaly finish the game to buy a second disk that only can be used when the memory card has all the memory used (need it in the game) in that way the game would be larger; of cource there should not be an exes of four disks but make games larger could be one of the best things that can happen to the era of video games I end this review by saying that there should be an end but the games should be larger so the end would not be so frustraiting
Good, but this is an easy game
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-06-01

This game is cool, but this is the easiest game. You can play as Mario,Peach, Bowser, Link,Captain Falcon,Pickachu etc.Secret characters are Jigglypuff,Ganondorf,Pichu,Mewtwo,Young Link, Falco, and Mr.Game&Watch.This game has lots of cool things, but in general it is easy but cool.
A good game that falls short of being great.
by: allie19    On: 2004-05-24

This game was very disappointing for me.I mean it was fun to unlock all the characters and stages and blah blah blah but after a while it becomes pretty boring.Dont get me wrong its fun to play against my friends once every two weeks but to me a great game is a game that you can play by yourself and never get sick of it.Its even gotten to be boring playing against my friends.After you complete the event matches and unlock every character it becomes very repetitious and boring.The graphics really arent anything to write home about either.Of all the stages you can play in only 2 are visually stunning(the colorful Fountain Of Dreams and the fast moving brilliantly detailed Mute City).So is this game worth buying?Sure just to unlock each character and play event matches and play against your friends once in a while.But it is it worth keeping if youve unlocked everything?After a while it isnt.So Nintendo youve come up with some games that never get old but sadly this isnt one of them.Back to the drawing board.
Oh my Gosh This game is awesome!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-05-23

OK this game is great I havent unlocked all of the secret people yet but its really fun they take all game characthers practiclly and make it into one game where you can choose your own level I would say this game is made for kids 5 and up because my nephew was 5 when he started playing. I've been playing this game for half a year and still like to restart when it get boring and play all over again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm girl and I even like this game so do my two sisters! And my brother and my sister in law and my dad!!!!!!!!!!
Favorite Video Game Series
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-05-21

I hope the next one is as fun as this. You will love this game because it gives you hours of entertainment. This game is the best game on Gamecube.
The best party/fighter ever,period.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-05-15

To start off this is under the genre of a fighter, but it is so much more than that. Great multiplayer mode, soooo much to unlock, 25 characters, 29 stages, 50 event maches, which are actually very fun, 290 trophies to earn find collect and buy,
3 1 player modes, 6 if training, stadium and event match are counted, 3 stadium modes,
Target Test - Smash Ten Targets!
Home-Run Contest - Smash Sand Bag As Far As You Can!
Multi-Man Melee - Fight For You Life! Fight!
3 Regular 1 Player Matches Are,
Classic - Defeat Each Foe To Advance!
Adventure - Clear A stage from a classic franchise (like side-scrolling mushroom kingdom) than fight boss to advance
All-Star - Defeat All Characters With 1 Life (On Normal this can get tough, on hard or very hard it's, hard or very-hard! and on either of the easy settings it's just boring)
The Characters Are:
Dr. Mario
Princess Peach
Donkey Kong
Captain Falcon
Falco Lambardi
Fox McCloud
Ice Climbers
Princess Zelda
Young Link
Mr. Game & Watch
Plus over a dozen multiplayer modes.

The Game Also Sounds Great. The in game graphics are very good, but not the best. But, if you pause it and zoom in on a character, it just looks fantastic. And when you first put this dist in, don't touch the controller, the opening sequence is nothing less than beutiful.

Just buy this game it's worth the $30s. I looked at my timer when I wrote this review, i've played for 88 hours, and i'm still having fun, of course after unlocking all characters and levels, which will take between 30 and 40 hours, you will need to play with friends to stay interested.

Kill Mario
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-05-14

It's a great game as there are many characters to use and there are many characters and levels to unlock.
It's a cool experience killing other nintendo characters but once you've unlocked all the characters, level and maybe events, the game becomes extremely repetetive on multiplayer mode.They should have also included Wario, Waluigi and maybe even the Baby Mario Bros. (...)
A decent game but better if you have someone to play against
by: allie19    On: 2004-05-13

This was a fun game but its a lot better if you have at least one other person to play against.Dont get me wrong the 1 player option is pretty fun but I only play it once every 2 or 3 weeks.The VS mode when played against 1,2, or 3 other people is absolutely wondeful.However I think that playing against the computer characters is way too easy. I mean come on they dont even use smash attacks for god's sake.I think thats the biggest flaw of the game.They should have made it more challenging to play against the CPUs.They are too easy even when cranked up to 9 and Im not even all that good at games and it is to easy for ME!!!!Anyways if you have someone to play against this game is great.
Wow.. this is one of the many reasons to buy a Cube.
by: icecat516    On: 2004-05-12

I remember the day the Game Cube came out, I was working at TRU, and everyone was asking for this game! Of course it didn't come out at launch... that would have been too easy! This was the main game to get when the system launched back in November/December 2001. This game is a fighter at its core, but it's more humorous then bloody. You fight as many of the Nintendo key characters such as Link, Mario, Zelda, Pikachu etc, against each other. There are some well known names in this group, and there are some vague characters. This is an excellent multiplayer game, but it is good as a single as well. Personally, I don't think it deserves the Teen rating it got. The first one on the N64 was rated Everyone, and I feel it should have received that as well. Yes there's violence in it, but compare it to something like Soul Calibur (great game, just more graphic), and you'll see Smash Bros is much better. With all the different characters you can be, this is a definite must have for the Cube. And at the lower price point, it's a value. A+!
Still the best game available on Game Cube
by: abalog    On: 2004-05-10

This game is too cool.There are so many options it will keep you busy for an eternity and with 26 characters and 29 stages it will keep you busy for an eternity.It also has some of the best levels since Super Mario 64.The single player mode consists of Classic Mode(which is the best single player option),Adventure Mode(which is long but fun),All Star Mode(which lets you play against all the characters),Target Test,Multi Man Melee,and Home Run Contest.The true strength of this game lies in the VS Mode matches.You can play against computer operated characters or real people.I think playing Melees against the computer is great practice for playing a real match.There are all sorts of melees like Coin,Bonus,Giant Melee (which is my favorite),Camera Mode(where you control the camera.This is a true showcase of the graphics),Tiny Melee,Invisible Melee,etc.Yeah its a lot of fun to play and the graphics are awesome considering they are basically just 2D with 3D characters.Also Super Smash Bros Melee has some of the best camera angles out of any game.The characters include Mario,Luigi,Bowser,Peach,Yoshi,Donkey Kong,Pikachu,Captain Falcon,Fox,Ice Climbers,Ness,Kirby,Samus,Zelda/Sheik,Link.The ones you can unlock are Dr. Mario,Luigi,Ganondorf,Falco,Young Link,Jiggly Puff,Mewtwo,Pichu,Mr Game And Watch,Marth and Roy.This is a must have for any fan of great games.
A good game, but did not meet my expectations....
by:    On: 2004-05-01

This game is great, but it did not meet my expectations...

-Theres 24 characters...that's alot to master...
-There's a new Allstar mode, which is kool...
-You can collect trophies - collecting them all will take a while...but it's cool to see all the trophies on your "table"
-Event mode, in which you have to accomplish something with a special rule...

-Adventure mode is BORING!
-Every character, new and old now has Forward B attacks. This causes you to accidently do this attack occasionally when trying to use your B attack and Up B.
-Everyone's voice sounds corny (especially Peach)
-Some old characters just suck now... (Such as Kirby and Ness)

Something in this game is's not enjoyable as it was when the first SSB came out...

What an awesome game!! - 4.5 stars
by:    On: 2004-04-30

Super Smash Bros. Melee is an exciting, fun-filled game, with too many features and modes to count. In this games, you can play as all of your favorite Nintendo characters, and never get tired of it!

Characters available from the start:

~Donkey Kong
~Ice Climbers
~Captain Falcon
~Fox McCloud
~Samus Aran

Characters to be unlocked:

~Dr. Mario
~Young Link
~Falco Lambardi
~Mr. Game and Watch

You can also use many unigue stages from every character's setting, and unlock many more.

The Multiplayer mode never gets boring, partially because of the many different ways you can play. Single player mode is a little bit more boring, I must admit, but it's still ok. Every characters has standard attacking moves, along with many kinds of special moves and abilities.

You can also get trophies for special acheivements, in adventure mode, and you can win a trophy with the coins you earn each match.

Also, almost everything you do is recorded, from the number of V.S. mode matches you've played, to the awards you've received for doing special things during any match at all (i.e. never falling down, striking first, using many pokeballs, etc.).

Speaking of Pokeballs, there are also a million of different weapons and power-ups that can be used, from shooting weapons, to bombs, to wands, you can spot many different items used in games featuring the characters.

Gameplay - 9/10 (its really great)
Graphics - 10/10 (beautiful)
Audio - 10/10 (original, not annoying)
Value - 9/10 (play multiplayer for hours, but you may need to take vacations from it)
Tilt - 10/10
I would have given this game a five out of five, but thats a tough call to make, so I'll tune it down a little and make it a four (because i can't put 4.5)

~~~I hope you buy this game, because it never gets boring or too easy or too hard, and it's should be on the top of everyone's wish list!

What was I thinking
by: starfox007    On: 2004-04-26

Ever since this game came out I have heard nothing but Super Smash Bros Melee. I tried it out a year or so after it came out and played it for like 10 minutes. I couldn't figure anything out or understand exactly what to do. So I just stopped and thought this isn't the game for me. Well it is now mostly 3 years after the game came out and I just bought it the other day. I played it again and still thought man this game is dumb. I thought I had wasted my $30 dollars and couldn't do anything about it. Well I had bought James Bond and Mission Inpossible to so I played them for awhile and went back to SSBM for the last time. I played for 30 minutes and finally understood everything on it. In the end I ended up playing for 2 hours and after that I loved it. Don't make the same mistake I did purchase this game and continue playing it. This is like the best multiplayer game you can get because their is not one slow down or glitch in the game and it is so fast paced. I would reccomend this to anyone.
Best Multiplayer Ever
by: wildcatfan2004    On: 2004-04-26

Don't be fooled by the 4 and a half stars you see on this game, it is pure 5 star material. The main reason it doesn't have five stars is all of those annoying people who say the game is great, yet forget to put ANY stars on it.
Anyway, the one player mode is pretty fun, despite what some people may tell you; however, if you want to really see this game shine, have some extra controllers and a few spare friends handy, since multiplayer mode is what this game is centered around, unless you count the Nintendo nostalgia.
The characters are quite well balanced (Jigglypuff is actually worth playing now, due in no small part to her new 'Rollout' attack). This way, you can pick any character you want and feel confident you can take on whoever your opponent picks, as long as you know what your doing, that is.
I won't go over the other things that other reviews usually do, like graphics, sound, and story, because, as a REAL gamer, I know that those things have nothing to do with what makes a real game. My main concerns are gameplay, replay value, and, of course, how fun it is; SSBM cover each of these perfectly. The controls are so simple, even novice players will be dodging, throwing, and dishing out the damage like a pro. As for replay value, the options you get in multiplayer mode are so expansive, I haven't even gone through all the different variations you can try, and I've owned the game for over a year. First, you have the original option of timed battle and stock battle, but you now have two additional options: coin, where the object is to get the most coins, which appear when a player recieves damage, and bonus, which involves getting the most style points, like the bonuses you recieve after battles in one-player mode. In addition to this, there are several battle variations that are available, such as giant battle, where all the players are extra-large, and super sudden death, where every player starts with 300% damage. There are several other little things, but I don't want to list them all, and besides, you can look that kind of stuff up elsewhere. As for fun, let's just I can play SSBM for hours, if I had that many hours in a row free to play it.
Bottom line: If you have friends that you could get to play video games with you, get this. If not, don't rule SSBM out, but give it some thought.
Best Fighting Game of All Time
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-04-24

This is without a doubt my favorite fighting game of all time. It is the most unique and fun game u can find. The only thing that can possibly beat this is Nintendo Vs. Sega. In which we could see Sonic vs. Mario. Anyway I give this game a perfect score. Go Get ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rock on!
by: jkent2004    On: 2004-04-20

I love this game because it's 5x the fun as Super Smash Bros.!!!
I've played this game like 121 times! On my first try I really got the hang of it! This really wasn't much help but I hope you enjoy the game!
The Greatest Action- Packed Game Ever
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-04-18

Bowser, Mario, Luigi, Pikachu, all the Greats Of Nintendo are packed in this game with fighting, all the well-known items, Bom-onb, Mario's Hammer, Mushroom, Stars that make you immortal... what else can I say? Plenty. This game is packed with action, probably the greatest fight I have fought on this game is Bowser v. Mario. Naturally, I would be Bowser, I don't know why, but he is just the greatest fighter in the game. I had never even heard of Game & Watch until i recived the guide. I beat the game with the guide. This game is just great. My review is 5 stars. This game is nothing but action-packed fighting, punching, item explosions, KOs, 99-life melees, which by the way, I am the master(...)! Though I do wish they had Wario in here...
really cool game!
by: kathyo119    On: 2004-04-15

okay, let's start with the pros. It's really fun and worth every penny when you first puy it.

The only two cons is it gets boring after awhile if you get stuck
or you finshed the game. Also some of the places are as hard, boring, and dumb as crap.

Over all, it's a great game and I'm gald I bought it.

A Must Play
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-04-14

This game is the one game all people should have if you own a GameCube system. The game combines people from many different games and puts them in a free-for-all match for survivle. The Game will knock your socks off with its graphics and sound.
A game for all ages !!
by: yzv    On: 2004-04-12

This game is the best game ever made. It doesn't matter if you are 6 or 50 years old you'll love it.

The best is playing against your friends in a 4 vs 4 battle, Buy it with confidence it guaranties hours and hours of fun without explicit violence is a game for everyone.

I'm 24 and I personally love to play with my friends (same age) or with my little brothers.

Beat the !#!@$# out of your favorite Nintendo Characters!!
by: dnxp44    On: 2004-04-12

Super Smash Bros. Melee is an amazingly fun game. It is neither revolutionary or very original; SSBM is simply amazingly fun to play. The multitude of characters, secrets, fighting arenas, and references to past Nintendo games make SSBM a classic. No Nintendo fan (old school or new school) should be without this game.

The Good:

Excellent Graphics, Controls and Sound
Easy to learn, hard to master gameplay ensures that anyone can enjoy SSBM as soon as they start to play
26 Classic Nintendo Characters-Zelda, Mario, Link, Luigi, Samus, Captain Falcon, Star Fox, Ice Climbers and many more!
An amazing amount of secrets- there are over 300 trophies (which are of various Nintendo games, characters, and other such things), many unlockable characters and levels and more!
The adventure mode in the game takes you to many familar Nintendo locals- if you are a Nintendo fan, you will go nuts when you recognize some of the levels
The multiplayer is insane. Get 4 people together and you'll have a blast.

The Bad:

Playing against the computer is a bit cheap at times

Overall, Super Smash Brothers Melee is a Nintendo fan's dream. There are so many inside jokes, tributes, and references to everything from Japan only games to Donkey Kong Country to Super Mario 64. The gameplay, graphics and controls are absolutely perfect. The multiplayer is simply amazing (Halo? What's that?). If you have ever played a Nintendo system in your life, you need this game. SSMB is a masterpiece and an amazing combination of old school and new school gaming.

Awesome But...
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-04-12

This is a really awesome game. However, I only have two complaints.

1. Why does Mewtwo have to be so hard to get?
2. Ness has got to go. Could they have made him anymore annoying? They should have taken him out in the first game, anyway.

All in all, really fun.

Yes, It Rocks!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-04-12

I am 13 but I decided to use this for fun.

WOW! This game is incredibly awesome. Forget what they think about the adventure mode being boring. It's a game. No, it's awesome game. In fact, this game makes the creators of Halo think:


Yes, that is my opinion.


X-Smasher 3

Nintendo Characters Out Of Control!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-04-12

This is the best multiplayer fighting game I have ever seen, I myself do not own this product but many of my friends do and I play it with them, and I must say I am very impressed! You have many various signature Nintendo Charcters to chose from (the best character is Fox, but for some unknown reason, I also enjoy playing as Luigi) and you put them in an arena, and they go off and start beating the crud out of each other until only one person is left. Thats sounds alot like a gladiatoral competition from the audiances point of view, and it is like a miniturized, not as bloody and gory galdiatoral competition, only difference is you play in it. There is the standard melee which I was just talking about, but you can also team up with a friend and play against the computer or vise-verca, there are modes when you are giant, tiny, and all this other crazy stuff, there is also a story mode, which although it is not as fun as the normal melee, is very hooking as well, finally there is tournament melee, a catchy process-of-elimination two-on-two competition, very cool. Buy it!
Overrated : Yes , Bad : No
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-04-07

Super snash bros is fun , but sometimes a human player can be very cheap. SOme times it feels more like a race to a hammer or pokeball than a fighting game. And if you double jump and get hit you'll die .

long live 2-d


Worth the hype:Maybe , worth the price : maybe

Score 6.75

May be a winner in Book of world records 2005!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-04-07

Hey everybody!Super Smash Bros. Melee is so cool!I have all of
the characters except Garrendorf and Dr.Game and watch.The things
that I think suck about this game is that they make this game so hard that nobody that I know has completed it!One more thing....
stinks!Oh well.Rather than that,Super Smash Bros. Melee is
the best game made for Nintendo Gamecube ever!
by: dragonfly48    On: 2004-04-07

This is the one of the best games for Nintendo Gamecube. The graphics make the original Super Smash Bros. for the N64 look horrible. The characters look incredibly realistic and so do the stages. That's because this game has smooth animation and realistic lighting, which is a really big upgrade since the N64 Super Smash, which had jagged animation and no realistic lighting. But this game's not just good for the aesthetics. There's 25 characters (11 of which are hidden), there's 29 multi-player stages (11 of which are hidden), a target mode, a homerun mode, and an event mode with 51 different events. (for events 40-51 you need to have all the characters.) The event mode is a real challenge, and the 1P mode can be a challenge if you want it to: there's 5 different difficulty settings, and there's 3 different modes (1 of which is initially hidden). There are also 31 different items, 290 trophies to collect, and a whole lot of secrets. The game follows the same basic principals as the N64 Super Smash but it's a lot better and is bound to keep you playing for a while if you buy it.
radical game!
by: alexpalo    On: 2004-04-07

For all of you looking for a good game to get your search ends here. All the classical characters with some cool new ones. Super cool new trophies to let you closely examine your favorite character. It is tricky to win new characters but there worth it. The new event stages are awesome too! Only bad part is with all the action the games graphics start to wear away(like being inside another player, going through platforms etc.) Overall this is a very good game and you should get it.
Still one of the best games out
by: nbamatt628    On: 2004-04-02

Super Smash Brothers is back. The hit from the N64 was one of the first games released on the Gamecube with Melee and like very few games, it's better than the first.

Smash Brothers is such a fun game with a great idea. You get to pit your favorite Nintendo characters against each other. You start off with 14 in this game and can unlock another 11. Single player mode isn't all that exciting and gets old pretty fast. You can change the difficulty setting for harder gameplay. Adventure mode gets old as well, buts fun the first couple of times you play it.

Where the game really gets fun is in the multiplayer stuff. I could fight my friends all day. This is one of the best multiplayer games ever made. The different scenarios you guys can battle in are fun, and you can customize. Multiplayer is the reason to get this game, and now that is a collectors choice you can pick it up for $20.

You can't have a complete Gamecube collection without this game. It's one of the best all-time sellers on the system and it's easy to see why. Don't miss out on this one.

by: Anonymous    On: 2004-04-02

This is the best game ever! You can play as Mario, Bowser, Kirby, Link, Pikachu, DK, Samus, and many more! This game has it all. From over 8 modes, to more than 5 secret characters! If feel like throwing fireballs, BUY THIS GAME!!!
The perfect balance of cool, cute and commendable
by: wwhitehurst    On: 2004-03-29

THIS IS THE BEST FIGHTING GAME. I was hooked on it for days! Everyone is here:

Donkey Kong
Captain Falcon
Fox McCloud

Prince Marth
Master Roy
Young Link
Falco LomBardi
Mr.Game-And Watch

Time to fight for thirty dollars!

This game rocks!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-03-23

This game is 1 of the best games i've ever played. totally addicted
and fun. I would totally recommend anyone to buy it,I mean for only 30 buck it's a good deal.
For multiplayer Gamecube, this is the best!
by: lostsheep1    On: 2004-03-23

Up until I found this game, I had pretty much resigned that multiplayer Gamecubing would be limited to games like Double Dash, where it's ok but not great. I've played this for over a month now, and I still look forward to playing in vs mode. Granted the single-player gets monotonous after awhile, but that can be expected from a game that appears to be so shifted towards multiplayer.
Violent for 6 1/2 year olds
by: bikerun    On: 2004-03-22

This game is violent for 6 1/2 year olds. The game is one big boxing event. Some of the kids that age really like it though.
Better game for 6 1/2 year olds is Double Dash which is a go kart racing event.
Yo Yo Gamers
by: ssbaldwin3    On: 2004-03-20

Yo Gamers you ready for the best game to come out of site? Well Its super Smash Bros. Melee I rate it a 5 star because i got the game. you can earn up to 26 caracters with over 24 stages. I first thought it was a lot of money and wasnt worth it. I got it for christmas and i played it 8 hours straight no potty breaks. BUY It. There is Tournament Vs Matches that you can spend hours on with your friends. there is training and even training videos! And the Game comes with a guide that tell you your main moves and you can play and learn secret moves over 1000s of moves and items to throw at your friends such as bombs swords pikmin and other stuff like party balls over 30 items. Ive beaten this game with an amazing time of 30 hours beat that with all caracters one takes 20 hours to beat 10 hours left. Did i tell you theres trophies to over 400 trophies to collect from different games vs battles adventure and classic i collected them all it is hard. this game i would say ages 8 and up. little kids dont know like who they are and stuff like that but its up to it one site i buy from is Ebay an auction site and which has just buying stuff. I think you will probbaly find from $10 to $20 Well By Gamers and Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is da BOMB!!!
by: surin_mospeed    On: 2004-03-16

Super Smash Brothers Melee is da BOMB!!!!! This is the signature game that represents the GameCube in my opinion. I loved the action that took place in Super Smash Brothers for the Nintendo 64, but now, the action is even more intense and thrilling. I'm not the greatest player in this game, but I do have some skills that I show when I play against friends. I usually play against 3 other friends. Sometimes, my friends and I duke it out to the last man standing. This game is so cool, we even bring the game to school to play it during our lunchtime.

Now that's what I call dedicated gamefans.

P.S. Is there anyone who thinks they are as dedicated as my friends and I???

Game is the best
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-03-14

Had this game for about 2 years now, i im still not finsh with it yet. cause theres a lot if things to do in this game. this game is the best because it came out in 2001 and it still on top in 2004.
Awesomely Fun!!! A must Buy!!!!!
by: yardkarter456    On: 2004-03-13

I would have to say this game is totally awesome!!!
There are some awesome graphics and cool characters!!!!!
Mario and the other Nintendo favorites battle in a slick Multi-Player game,and also a cool adventure mode.
Ages: 10+
Not appropriate for young children
Don't tell me how to play
by: utmoscot    On: 2004-03-12

This is a great multi-player game and probably the best. This game has so many damn trophies, modes and sick-ass action. Leave it all once in once a while. This is the best brawl game i have ever played. When i put my foot down, i put my foot down and this is a great game. 25 characters, metal melee, 100 melee, cruel melee, 290 trophies, 51 events, classic and adventure modes. Ya, I know. It's amazing. I wil simple put it this way:

Donkey Kong, Mario, Luigi, Sheik, Link, Fox McCloud, Samus, Captain Falcon, Pikachu, Zelda, Princess Peach, Bowser, Jigglypuff, Ice Climbers, Yoshi, Sheik, Mewtwo, Mr. Game and Watch, Ganadorf, Young Link, Falco, Marth, Roy, and Kirby.

That's a truckload of characters. the animation is done very well and when 4 players move on the screen, there's no shortage of framerate. I strongly advise anyone to get this game. REALLY.

The funnest fighter on the GCN.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-03-03

This game has an easy combat system just a few buttons to memorize. It has all different kinds of fighters, from Donkey kong to Samus Aran they've got it all. On top of that you can collect trophies from all sorts of games. 11 blocks of memory, for 1-4 players, rated T for Teen. This is a must buy.
super smash bro melee
by: aznhorizon    On: 2004-03-01

this game roqs!!!!they did it agin!!!great,adctive, splendid gamecube game!!!i really reca mend this game!!!to everyone!!!!luv it~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Super Smash Bros. Melee
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-03-01

This game rules! each character has his/her own unique power that you can use to defeat your enemies. There are different stages and different game modes that are very fun to play. Hardwork really pays off here because you get trophies when you beat the 1 player game modes. there are also cool settings that allow you to do special fights. It is definitely a game to buy if you just bought a Nintendo Gamecube. It is a very good game.
Fun, Fun, Fun!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-02-28

This game has tons and tons of action and farmiliar characters. A great game for kids from I'd say 8 to adult. One of the best Gamecube games. This game rocks!!
All the greatness of the 1st one and MUCH MUCH MORE!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-02-25

THIS GAME ROCKS!!! 3 types of 1P mode (but you gotta win one) OVER 25 CHARACTERS! And best of all, it never gets old!! (lets see, 14 guys to unlock, 6 courses to unlock, how could it get old!?!?) Trust me, this is a must have for fans of the first one and anyone who likes video games!!!
This is awesome!
by: ghudson43    On: 2004-02-23

Super Smash Bros. Melee is WAY better than the first version on the N64. The graphics are so much better, there are way more characters to unlock, and so many new levels. The characters have two new attacks. Left or right B. For example, when playing as Link, Press and hold B and he will take out a fire bow and arrow. Press left or right then B and he will throw his boomerang. Also, you can block in the air, simply press the L or the R button while in the air. I was dissapointed that some of the characters had some of the same attacks, like Falco(secret) and Fox. There are two new 1player modes. Adventure and Allstar.
(You unlock Allstar after you get every secret characters.) This is a great game.
super smash bros. melee is goood..
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-02-22

well.. This game was awesome!!! though, it was quite the same from the super smash bros. on nintendo 64.. the only things that changed was new characters, and different fighting backgrounds, all the rest were the same..
best game ever!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-02-17

this is the best game i ever brought! to rate it i would give it 1,000,000 out of 1,000,000! buy it now!!!
How to unlock the Characters
by: landesman49    On: 2004-02-14

Okay this is the best game on Gamecub PERIOD.Okay all the characters I have will have this star * beside its name.Okay here is how to unlock the secret characters:
*Falco-Defeat the 100 man melee.
*Young Link-Defeat classic mode with at least 10 characters.
*Marth-Defeat classic mode with all original 14 characters.
*Roy-Succesfully beat classic mode with Marth.
*Luigi-On adventure mode in the first level in Mushroom Kindon get to the finish line when the seconds hand of the clock is 2 and then you will fight Luigi on the next level and beat him under a minute then when you beat adventure mode you will fight him.
*Dr. Mario-Beat classic mode with Mario with no continues.
*Gannondorf-Defeat event 29# Triforce gathering.
Mewtwo-Play melee mode for 20 hours.
Mr. Game and Watch-Defeat classic mode with every single character exept Mr. Game and Watch.
Okay now just go buy Super Smash Brothers Melee!!!
the best game
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-02-07

super smash bros. melee is like a continued version of super smash bros. only with more characters. if you thought the first one was stupid then you`ll think this one is to. Because there are more characters there are more secret charaters . A lot of them are hard to get if you do not get them in the right order. Other yhen that the two games are the same. If you liked the first one this is a must have.
Mega Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-02-06

This game is like all of the games smooshed together.I liked that it is a challenging game.
The Best Multiplayer Gamecube Game Ever!!!
by: jmetzler11    On: 2004-02-01

A Gamecube is not complete without this game. Super Smash Bros. Melee is in my opinion the best multiplayer game for Gamecube. It has a ton of modes, giving it hours and hours of gameplay. There are 25 playabile chracters and 29 stages.This game is perfect for any gamer of any age. If you don't have this game, run out and buy it RIGHT AWAY!!!
The greatest game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-01-31

Super Smash Bros. Melee isn't one of those brand new I gotta get it games. It's a game that lasts. According to Super Smash Bros. Melee is the 5th best selling game. It was also one of the first four Gamecube games. That is telling you something. The game has so many new features that the original game didn't have. I personally liked the event matches. The home run contest can get a little addictive. If you want to get over a thousand you should use Pikachu, Yoshi, Fox, or Bowser.

Now this is what makes this game the best, multiplayer mode. Oh my goodness it is so freakin, fun. With all the items(Hammer, Bombs, Homerun bats especially) make multiplayer even better.
There is tons of levels. Hyrule Temple, Termina Great Bay, and Pokemon Stadium are three of the best ones. The characters are awesome. There are 25 of them to be exact and they are.
1 Mario
2 Pikachu
3 Bowser
4 Peach
5 Yoshi
6 Donkey Kong
7 Captin Falcon
8 Fox
9 Ness
10 The Ice Climbers
11 Kirby

12 Samus
13 Zelda/Sheik
14 Link
And the secret characters are
15 Jigglypuff
16 Luigi
17 Dr. Mario
18 Marth
19 Roy
20 Falco
21 Gannondorf
22 Young Link
23 Pichu
24 Mewtwo
25 Mr. Game and Watch
I won't tell you how to get them. You have to figure it out yourself. This game is a number 1 choice.
The Graphics are amazing.
I'll just rate everything for you
Graphics 5/5
Sound 5/5
Music 5/5
Controls 4/5
Replay Value 5/5
Overall 5/5
This is a great choice for people just getting Gamecubes.
I bought it why don't you.

The best multiplayer game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-01-28

Super Smash Bros. Melee is a game that is so fun to play. No matter what mode it is. Multiplayer mode is the bomb. I can't say how addictive it gets. The Gamecube is mine and I don't let my sisters play unless I am playing too. So once they played this game they always wanna play the original game on there N64.
Nintendo made this game 100 times better than the first. And everybody on my street had the first one. Now some kids got PS2s and they can't get this game. But they still play it at my house.
Back in the 64 bit days I was the Smash Bros champion. And I am working on getting that status with Melee. I am unstoppable with Prince Marth. I have all the characters except Mewtwo and Mr. Game and Watch. When I first saw this game I thought what could be better than the N64 version. Then I played it. Once I got a Gamecube I got lots of other games but I didn't have this. So I bought it with my christmas money. Boy I am glad I did too. There are 14 characters to start with and 11 additional characters also. They are
1 Mario
2 Pikachu
3 Peach
4 Bowser
5 Yoshi
6 DK
7 Captin Falcon
8 Fox
9 Ness
10 The Ice Climbers
11 Kirby
12 Samus
13 Zelda/Shiek
14 Link
15 Jigglypuff*
16 Luigi*
17 Dr. Mario*
18 Falco*
19 Gannondorf*
20 Prince Marth*
21 Roy*
22 Pichu*
23 Young Link*
24 Mewtwo*
25 Mr. Game and Watch*
* is for unlockable characters.
If you find a special code and you own an Action Replay you can unlock extremly rare characters. Note this code is very rare and these characters replace others.
1 Master Marth for Prince Marth
2 Fierce Link for Link
3 Wario for Mario
4 Waluigi for Luigi
5 Sonic and Tails for the Ice Climbers
6 Koopa for Yoshi
7 King K. Rool for Bowser
8 Diddy Kong for DK
9 Jumpman for Mr. Game and Watch(Jumpman was the original Mario)
10 Raichu for Pikachu
11 Togepei for Pichu
Just remember that this code is extremly rare and it also gives you 10 extra levels for multiplayer mode.
Well I hope my review was helpful.
Make it your 1st GameCube game.
by: deb_michaels    On: 2004-01-24

Super Smash Bros: Melee is so cool. From unlocking characters to 4-player frenzy, Super Smash bros.: Melee is always out on top.

Memory Card 5/5:
Uses ONLY 3 blocks of your Memory Card
Unlockables 5/5: Trophies, New Stages, and Characters
Graphics 4/5: Remarkably Gorgeous (Except Link looks Dopey)
Donkey Kong
Captain Falcon
Fox McCloud
Ice Climbers
Zelda (Transforms into Sheik)
Sheik (Transforms into Zelda)
Characters to Unlock:
Marth (From Fire Embelem, a game only in Japan)
Dr. Mario
Falco Lambaradi
Roy (From Fire Embelem, a game only in Japan)
Young Link
Mr Game and Watch and others
Characters attacks: 5/5
Quite Damaging to Other players

Now that u read that chart, it's pretty safe to say "Make this your 1st GameCube game." Recommended.

Super Smash Bros. Melee
by:    On: 2004-01-21

Super Smash Bros. Melee is an exciting, fun-filled gamed, with too many features and modes to count. In this games, you can play as all of your favorite Nintendo characters, and never get tired of it!

Characters available from the start:

~Donkey Kong
~Ice Climbers
~Captain Falcon
~Fox McCloud
~Samus Aran

Characters to be unlocked:

~Dr. Mario
~Young Link
~Falco Lambardo

~Mr. Game and Watch

You can also use many unigue stages from every character's setting, and unlock many more.

The Multiplayer mode never gets boring, partially because of the many different ways you can play. Single player mode is a little bit more boring, I must admit, but it's still ok. Every characters has standard attacking moves, along with many kinds of special moves and abilities.

You can also get trophies for special acheivements, in adventure mode, and you can win a trophy with the coins you earn each match.

Also, almost everything you do is recorded, from the number of V.S. mode matches you've played, to the awards you've received for doing special things during any match at all (i.e. never falling down, striking first, using many pokeballs, etc.).

Speaking of Pokeballs, there are also a plethora of different weapons and power-ups that can be used, from shooting weapons, to bombs, to wands, you can spot many different items used in games featuring the characters.

~~~I hope you buy this game, because it never gets boring or too easy or too hard, and it's should be on the top of everyone's wish list!

One of the best known games there is
by: matthewharper92    On: 2004-01-18

This is probably one of the best games there is. I got so far the first time I played it and had all the characters, but for some reason it erased. I have got almost all of that back exept for Mr. Game And Watch which you get for beating classic mode with all characters (including secret characters) and ive got somewhere around 115 trophys (Last time I had around 150).I didnt get to much and stuff because I didnt play it a whole bunch. This game never gets old and is very fun.
Best Game Ever!!!
by: bstolt50    On: 2004-01-15

This is brandon jarvas stolt i played this game alot including the super smash brothers for nintendo 64 but super smash brothers melee for nintendo gamecube is THE BEST GAME IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!
A review of expert gamer: Fox Master
by: fox-master    On: 2004-01-15

Ah, this game brings back some memories. Super Smash Bros., I loved that game so much. Then they came out with a sequal...... Which was better than the first! More characters, more attacks, more Vs. levels and Vs. types.

But there's a downside too. I didn't like the fact of the Pokemon in the game. They're just a pain to me. Then, there's the fact that it's best with multiple human players that know the controls.... Which is bad for me consodering that alot of people call me cheap... Jump, jump, A.

On the other hand, counter-parts. Fox and Falco, MArio and Luigi and Dr. Mario, Captin Falcon and Ganandorf, Pikachu and Pichu, Ness and Mewto.... All have their ups and downs. ANd on top of that, the trophies based on them (normal, red smash, and blue smash) which tell you their attacks, ups and downs, and the game(s) that they come from. Then, the trophies that give you more info about that game (ex. Pokemon, Starfox, F-Zero, etc.).....

In short, this game is best used with several EXPERIENCED human players.... And against Level 9 Fox of Falco.

P.S. I still find Fox to be the toughest A.I. in the game, compairing him to SSB Fox....... Fox rules!

by: nellyi    On: 2004-01-13

Nintendo Stars fight for victory!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-01-06

I got this game in 2003 and I never stopped playing it!I have all levels,all characters,and almost every trophy!I have 289 trophies,and I need just one more trophy to complete my collection!The first character I chose for Adventure Mode was Kirby.Did you know that if you complete Adventure Mode in Normal,Hard or Very Hard without continuing,you fight Giga Bowser?Well,Giga Bowser is gigantic and creepy;if you seen him,never play at night.I guess the hardest character to get is Mewtwo.You need to play 1-P or VS Mode for more than 20 hours.Well,that's all I need to say.Get this game,you'll love it!!!
Good, better, best
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-01-06

I like this game very much. When I got it it originally cost 49.99. But now it is cheap. Very cheap. You can buy it for only 29.99. You save around %35 off the original price. You will be sorry if you do not but this game. I ahve unlocked all of the characters but not the stages. My favorite characters are as follows: Dr. Mario, Ganondorf, Young Link, DK, Link, Marth, and Roy. I have unlocked all but one stage and that is the Final Destination stage. Buy this game if you like fighting games and remeber just because it looks like a kid's game doesn't mean that it is a kid's game. And besides it is rated T for Teens.
Awesome multiplayer Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-01-05

If you're looking for a multiplayer game then look no further!!! Super Smash bros. Melee is an all out bash with new characters, old characters, adventure mode, multiplayer, hidden treats(like sound test), trophies and of course, fun. You can choose any out of atleast 20 different characters to smash 'n bash your opponent. The only unfun part is that it is multiplayer so if you have no one to destroy it gets boring, but luckily it has adventure mode. SOME hidden caracters: Jigglypuff, Dr.Mario, Pichu, Luigi and Young Link don't think I'll spoil the surprise of finding characters, but, I have heard that if you get all the characters a certain wacko character will apear...
Super fun!
by: apig    On: 2004-01-05

This game is very fun! Battle with Nintendo's best characters in an all out clash with the best two player mode ever. Unlock new characters and courses in adventure mode and story mode! Another great thing is the music and all the courses.
Searching for a REALLY good game? Here it is!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-01-05

This was the first game I ever played. Once I played it I knew I had to have it! It's a great battle game that brings old game heroes to their finest like Mario,Link,and Samus.This is a great beginner game that you will always love. It rocks!!!
For it's a jolly good game that no one can deny!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-01-04

This is a great game!!! 5 stars for graphics, 5 stars for great action, 5 stars for amazing moves and characters, and 1,000,000,000 stars(out of a chart from1 to 5) for Nintendo for creating this game. I had my doubts based on the previous game but once I got it for Christmas I played the entire night. For if someone wrote a bad review on the game I would go Balistic! Because everyone knows that "For it's a jolly good game that no one can deny"
Three easy words: Just Buy it.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-01-03

I got this for Christmas (with the console, accessories, and a game)and it is great!!!!!!!!!!!
The Graphics: Stunning, except Link looks dopey.
Trophies: Pretty awesome. There are facts and details about the trophies too.
Characters: Awesome!! I mostly play as Kirby and Dr. Mario.
Levels: Beautiful!!! You have to unlock a couple of em' FYI.
0verall: Just buy it. Don't fall for the T rating, just buy it.
One of the best Gamecube games!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: ajmole    On: 2004-01-03

I first got this game a little bit after Gamecube came out a lot earilier than when this was written (when I got my Gamecube)(I got the the first SSB a little after I got my N64 too) It is one of the best games ever with great graphics and awsome control I would give this game 10/5 instead of 5/5. I have all of the charecters and a lot of the worlds (my sister started over my game). The multiplayer mode is great and so is the single player. It's hard to descibe any game so you have to try it for yourself. P.S. Make it your first gamecube game.
best multiplayer game yet
by: nelg7654    On: 2004-01-02

a swear to god this game rules. my first game and should be the first with anyone who wants game cube. awesome graphics, awesome gameplay, although having to play it 70 hours to unlock a charecter is kinda weak but who cares,its awesome
Great, Great Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-12-24

This is a great game. Challenging, but great. I am in the process of beating it right now and have 125 trophies. You pick from a cast of 14 characters at the beginning (with eleven more characters to unlock). The whole game is based on kicking other players/computer's butts. Each character has a basic move triggered by the A button, usually a punch/kick combination, along with special moves triggered by the B button and optional positionings of the control stick. There are tons of items like the star rod that hits people with a star, portable bombs that you can plant anywhere for others to hit, and much more. This game would have gotten five stars, but I rate it a 4 and a half because itcan be mildly frustrating, especially when you're trying for trophies in the lottery.
the best game
by: allnbrian    On: 2003-12-23

this game is the best game u can get your hands on. when playing with friends becareful u just might not put the controller down this game is hours of fun ive had since the gamecube cameout and i still play it alllllllllot.its just so good with characters like link,young link,marth,roy,mewto,mr game and watch,ganondorf,zelda,fox, and my favorite falco.and a load of other characters
Better multiplayer game than single player.
by: superdestructokyle    On: 2003-12-23

This game was super duper on the n64 (remember that system? anyone? bueller?) and now it's been super sized for the smaller gamecube. There are more characters, more stages, more mini games, more weapons and more ways to have fun. The controls are simple, although i don't like that you are forced to use the left thumbstick to move (I always prefer d-pad movement when it's available). The load times are nonexistent, as it should be. This game is definitely more fun with more players (team battles, tournaments, etc.) although i would have liked to see dk jr. or pac man as characters. That's just a minor gripe though. Overall, the game is fun by yourself, more fun on a friday night with 2-20 other fanboys over at your house. A rare must-have.
how to get Mr. Game &Whatch
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-12-23

how to get him u will have to get ervy charter in the game.Then u do ervy guy in classic.
One little box. Four players. Hours and hours of delight.
by: magnum201    On: 2003-12-20

SSBM has got to be one of the biggest, most addictive, most INCREDIBLE games Nintendo has made in years. The graphics are GORGEOUS, and the music sounds like it was recorded live by an orchestra. Hours of gameplay are off the charts, given the time it takes to track down all 200-something trophies, and the wonderful customizability of the one-to-four player battle modes, unlocking all 11 challenging hidden characters, all the hidden levels, and beating all three single-player modes with ALL 25 CHARACTERS. Nintendo has taken the mediocre Super Smash Brothers from the N64 and created a true masterpiece of a sequel. I see many years of long, happy life for this system in the future.
This is a fun game to play with your friends!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-12-16

If you look at this game in the case and then put it back your making a mistake this is one of the greatest games thats multyplayer that means you can play with your friends and family. there's also one player mode.The greatest part of multyplayer is that you get to fight with your friends and see who will win.i'll tell you some of the charters that you'll see right away picachu,ice climbers,mario,bouser,peach.Those are some of begining charters.You kids out there if your looking for adventure do! not! get this game this is really a fighting game.
This is a fun game to play with your friends!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-12-16

If you look at this game in the case and then put it back your making a mistake this is one of the greatest games thats multyplayer that means you can play with your friends and family. there's also one player mode.The greatest part of multyplayer is that you get to fight with your friends and see who will win.i'll tell you some of the charters that you'll see right away picachu,ice climbers,mario,bouser,peach.Those are some of begining charters.You kids out there if your looking for adventure do! not! get this game this is really a fighting game.
Great game for a group of friends
by: mydoghasprettylegs    On: 2003-12-13

This is one of the better gamecube games around, especially if you enjoy sitting around with some friends and playing something together. It's fun, it's challenging, and it has a lot of appeal for fans of all different nintendo franchises.
A MUST BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-12-07

If you like fighting games, this is the one to get. It has all the classic Nintendo characters, tons of battle arenas, and much more. It has alot of action, which is what you want in a fighting game. You can play one player mode, but it's more fun when you play with someone else. It's really fun, so enter the brawl!
Arguably The Best Gamecube Game
by: mad_dog_023    On: 2003-12-07

Let's face it. If you bought a Gamecube when it was a new system, you knew you wanted this game. Or, even if you just bought a Gamecube yesterday, chances are, this title has crossed your mind. I mean, 14 (+11 hidden) of Nintendo's most popular franchise characters thrown together into one game? It doesn't get much better than that.

Super Smash Bros. Melee is the sequel to the original SSB that was a hit on the Nintendo 64 (for those who still owned one). It wasn't just great because of all the neat characters you could play as, but for the exciting gameplay. Four players lay the smack down on each other until enough damage has been done to launch them out of the arena that they are fighting in. They can do this by any means necessary, even if it includes using the stage's obstacles and foreign objects! The battles may be fought in a 2D fashion, but you'll forget about all that once the action starts. In fact, this game is by far the best multi-player game to grace a home console. If you have three friends, you're in luck. If you don't... well... find some, because the single player modes get old fast, as does collecting trophies, as awe-inspiring as they are. This game also features some exciting new modes as well, including a tournament mode, and various branch-offs from the normal formula, like giant melee, small melee, etc. Indeed this game has replay value.

The graphics are supurb for a 2D game. However, you can truly see that it has been given a full 3D feel as you can rotate the camera around when you pause the game. The character models look authentic and true to their characters as do the battle backgrounds. In fact, just seeing some of these worlds recreated makes you wish for 3D updates for these games (like Earthbound). The sounds also remain true to the characters they represent. Almost all the characters have voice-overs that you'll hear when they unleash a special attack. Also, all of the more popular music from the games represented have been included as well, sounding better than ever (even the infamous Donkey Kong Rap).

So, what are you waiting for? If you own a Gamecube, you should also be owning this game. When you have a game where you can smack Pokemon around with a baseball bat, you can't go wrong.

List of characters and their respective games:
Mario, Luigi*, Bowser, Yoshi, & Peach (Super Mario series)
Link, Young Link*, Zelda, & Ganondorf* (Legend of Zelda series)
Donkey Kong (Donkey Kong series)
Fox & Falco* (Star Fox series)
Samus (Metroid series)
Kirby (Kirby series)
Pikachu, Pichu*, Mewtwo*, & Jigglypuff* (Pokemon)
Captain Falcon (F-Zero series)
Ness (Earthbound)
Ice Climbers (Ice Climber)
Dr. Mario* (Dr. Mario)
Marth* & Roy* (Fire Emblem)
Mr. Game & Watch* (Game & Watch series)

* = Hidden Characters

Smashin' into your T.V.
by: whatup276    On: 2003-12-04

Super Smash bros. Melee is a great title, and among the top 5 games for the Gamecube. The Sequal from the orginal Smash Bros. that hit the N64 now is one of the top games made for the Cube. The gameplay is perfect. And graphics are very good for the intence fighting. This is one of the best party games out there. This is one of the "must have" titles that every Cube fan should own. Super Smash Bros. Melee is just a great game, and if you don't own it...pick it up for 30 bucks.
^.^ ITS BACK!^.^
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-12-02

Hi,I got this game and a gamecube this nov.29 cuz nov.29th was my bday.First thing you need to buy if you want to unlock secret characters,stages,and trophies is a memorycard.The nintendo all stars are back in a more action packed game!Mario,Luigi,Kirby,Yoshi,Samas,C.Falcon,Pikachu,And more!There are 24 characters but I have heard that you can play as Sonic The Hedgehog.Sonic aint from nintendo O.O?Plenty of new,better,and cooler stages!Some secret characters are Jigglypuff,Falco,Young link,Luigi,DR.Mario,Pichu and more.
o.o you have to play the game to find all the secret characters.
U :( i have to go.:)Tomarrow im going to buy a memorycard!O.O it can come in handy :D.
Thanks Roland.
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-12-01

This is de best game of all time! (not really)
But it is a really good game.

New Characters: 10/10
Awesum new characters (zelda, ganon, mr. gameandwatch etc.)
So many characters 2 chuse from
if ur a beginner use kirby
if ur an intermediate use jigglypuff (don laugh hes good)
if ur an expert use watever u wanna

New battlefields: 9/10
de battlefields r ok
i don like how dey changed the cornelia place dou

other stuff: 10/10
graphics, sound all dat stuff is awesum

overall: 10/10
I don care if u don wanna by dis game
jus do it
cuz its worth every penny
if sum1 says dis game suks ill punch them
just kiddin

Great Game
by: kirby-oh    On: 2003-11-30

This is a super game. I will give some secrets.

To Unlock: Jigglypuff, beat Classic or Adventure Mode, or play 50 VS. Mode matches.

Dr. Mario, beat Classic or Adventure Mode with Mario without continuing, or play 100 VS Mode Matches.

Pichu, complete Event Match 37, or play 200 VS Mode Matches.

Falco, survive the 100 Man Melee, or play 300 VS Mode Matches.

Marth, use the 14 original characters in VS, or 1-P Regular Match at least once, or 400 VS.

Young Link, clear Classic or Adventure with 10 different characters, or 500 VS.

Ganondorf, Complete Event Match 29, or 600 VS

Mewtwo, Play 1-P or VS for 20 hours, or play 700 VS

Luigi, finish stage 1-1 of Adventure with "2" as the last digit of the seconds place in your time, or 800 VS

Roy, Clear Classic or Adventure with Marth without continuing, or 900 VS

Mr. Game & Watch, complete Classic, Adventure or Target Test with all other characters, or 1,000 VS.

wwwwwwwhait a minute did you said smash bro.melle
by: rqrealty    On: 2003-11-30

thid is the coolest game ever is a little old AND GETS EVER BETTER. buy it buy it buy it.
Super Smash Bros. Melee- Best Game ever
by: spchz    On: 2003-11-28

I own this game and it is so cool! The 2nd version is so much better than the first one. You can collect trophies, earn coins, train with training mode and more! The gaphics on this game are much better too! There is a little violence & comic mistife to this game but it's not that bad.
The new super smash brothers
by: pokerdogjen    On: 2003-11-28

I had been waiting for this game to come out for a few years ever since I heard gamecube 'codename: dolphin' was coming out. My parents had intended on not getting me gamecube, but eventually I got it. I had been a BIG fan of supersmash brothers one and saw this and the graphics were AMAZING compared to the first one. It's a lot more action packed and it never gets boring. The game was easy to beat with CHEATS, but was challenging without them. Here are some of the new features in this game:

1. You get afew new characters you start out with like the ice climbers (they're two people it's really cool, but you only control one and the other one helps you), Zelda/Sheik (you get to play with zelda who can transform into a ninja girl named sheik), Ness(you start out with ness!!!), Bowser (The evil turtle/bull excels in butt slams), Peach (has a umbrella which is an item in this game wich slows you down when falling and a pan which counters attacks)

2. Throw's aren't very effective in this game :'(

3. Here are some new mystery characters Falco(a purple bird that has the same attacks but is slower then fox), Dr.Mario (He's like Mario only looks like a docter but has the same attacks), Grandorf (Like Captain F. only slower but can take a lot of damage, Mewtwo (Has an evil voice and can do power ups like samus), Pichu (This character really pisses me off its just like pickachu only its attacks DAMAGE it's self!!!)

4. New items lipstick (a flower that does continues damage to opponent), umbrella (as mentioned with peach), Flippers (to replace the metal disks in the first game these also do 1 damage)

5. New attacks since they're are new buttons on the gamecube controls!!!

6. You can versus bowser instead of the masterhand in another mode like classic mode called adventure mode

7. In event mode you can do cool different events (in one you verse TWO master hands)

Hope you like my review


if you want to be happy, BUY THIS GAME!
by: jbkhcalton    On: 2003-11-25

This game never gets old and is actually one of the few games that I had a hard time with. It took me over a year and a half to beat it. It's the best game of all, and still is
This is an excellent game!
by: jandamed    On: 2003-11-24

This game,I think,is one of the best games for Gamecube. Whith 11 secret characters and 11 secret stages and 1 secret mode and hundreds of trophies to unlock(plus some secret bosses), this is one of those games that keeps you occupied for up to a whole year, and then when you're at a lack of something good to play,this is a great game to come back to.The ability to take snapshots with a controller in socket 4 is an interesting detail. There is a option you unlock when you have all the characters and stages unlocked called Sound Test which lets you listen to all the music and all the sound effects in the game. Overall, this a great game and if you don't buy it,I,at least,think you are crazy.
Excellent multiplayer action and many features but gets old!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-11-24

This game is an excellent game similar to super smash bros. for N64. It is fun to unlock trophies, players, and levels. But if you know how to get them you breeze through them and if you don't know how then you have to put too much effort into it. Overall, I still think it is worth the money though, but thats just me.
This game is awesome!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-11-24

This is the Jr. version of animated fighting! I like it better than the other one because now I get to beat up Zelda with Pikachu!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-11-22

I think this game is really fun because it has lots of game modes. You can be alot of characters and it is fun to unlock the secret characters, and special levels.
Better then the first!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-11-15

I have Super Smash Bros. on N 64 and played Super Smash Bros. Melee and I got mad at the people who said it was the same but it's not! Lishen to me not them. You can be invisible, there is Adventure mode, you can be big and small, and over 25 charicters!!!!! Get it now!!!! Don't Lishen to those losers at one stars, To ME!!!!!!
Best GCN Game I've Ever Played!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-11-11

This was the first GCN game I ever played, and it sure is a good one. I never played the original Super Smash Bros., but I'm pretty sure that it's better. I think that the rating T is a bit excessive, because the most "violent" part that I can see is the ReDead in stage 3 of the new Adventure mode. Speaking of adventure mode, it is AWESOME, however it could be improved by switching the stages around, every time. The cool part is that there are TONS of trophies. Each Playable character has 2 trophies, one for classic mode, and one for adventure mode. To wrap it up, I reccommend this game to anyone who likes a good (and goofy!) fighting game, and is 8+.
Breathtaking Game.......
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-11-10

Hi, my name is Yuroku. I just thought that I would comment on one of Nintendo's greatest games. I personally suggest this game for anyone who has just gotten a gamecube. I especially think that the American version of SSBM is just as good as the Japanese version (which is the one I have). So, anyway, lets get to the facts.
My opinion is that the people's reviws I read who object to this game are pretty hard up. Nintendo announced how hard it was for them to make it the way it is. It isn't really that much of a 2-D game. I would probably say that it is a profile-like fighting game. The arenas are of such a high variety that at least one of them will suit your taste. (I like the ones where you are on a giant fast moving platform, speeding through mountains, networks, graffiti tunnels, and high above a race track). Favorite chararcters: Zelda/Shiek, Marth, Mewtwo,and everybody else.
This is a great game for anyone who has just bought a GC. It was my first game when I got my GC a week ago............
Best Multi-Player Game On Earth
by: kmhoughton    On: 2003-11-09

This game is an excellent multi-player game and is great for partys. Although, this game is not a very good game to play by yourself. I recomend this game for 7 to 18 years old. You start out with about 18 characters (that really stink!) and you earn about 10 more characters mostly from playing 1 player.
awesome......and then some
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-11-07

this was my first and favorite Gamecube game. I had a Nintendo 64 before and I am 9 and have played for a few years. I think that the game has some of the best four player action just like it said. I really like the 3-d action in this game much better than in Super Smash Bros. for N-64. There was alot of non-stop action. At first, it was hard to tell what was going on, but now I have a lot of fun trying to earn the secret Sonic and Tails (I still have alot of fun even though I have every other character).
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-11-02

*excellent graphics
*Great Battle arenas
*cool new charactors
*fun mini games
*entertaining rewards and trophys

*never seems to end

This game has virtually no cons. It is so worth the money. My brother loves it, plays it all the time. I'm the best at kirby. The levels are exciting, have good graphics, details, and I LOVE the sense of glory you get when you're battling with 3 other people and the crowd on the game starts shouting your charactors name. "Kirby, Kirby, Kirby!" This game is a must buy. Period.

This is nice
by: kohre41    On: 2003-10-29

I first played in one of my friends' house. I didn't know how to play this, so I thought this was going to be one boring game. I was wrong. This game has 25 characters from Classical Nintendo games, like Mario Bros., Game and Match, and etc. All the characters have its own unique attack, and combined with high-quality graphics, this is one perfect game.
This game is also fun for its maps; the scene and battlefield where you play with your characters. Although it's only 2-dimensional, the maps will have nothing except some big island floating in midair. Also, in some maps the enviroment will change from time to time, like Pokemon Stadium. Sometimes mysterious crates or things that might attack the players might happen. Anything imaginable is possible.

This is a great game- I really want to get this game because still I haven't got this game. This is the best Gamecube game ever. For anyone who likes funny fights or colorful action, you MUST buy this game. Signed- Super Smash Bros. Maniac

Love the game
by: shutterboy3    On: 2003-10-23

This game rocks! I was up all night playing with my brother. Get this game
Best Action Video Game in THE WORLD!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-10-20

This game is like the best game on GameCube in the whole wide world! In fact, I think that if you don't have this game, then your GameCube collection isn't even complete! If you don't even have a GameCube, I'd recommend that you get this game as your first. It'll boost your love of your GameCube higher than other games will when you first get it (It also has characters from other games, so it's more helpful). Trust me! The best part about this game, anyway, is MULTIPLAYER! Invite 3 people to your house to play it, get some snacks, and have a jammin' time on it with ultimate 4-player fun! This game has improved TONS from Super Smash Bros. The music has improved, there's more characters, there's more stages, and even MORE! You have to unlock some things so it makes the game more challenging. There are also almost 300 trophies to collect! The trophies are sculpted into Nintendo characters from all sorts of Nintendo games (Pokemon, Super Mario 64, Donkey Kong, F-Zero, Zelda, etc.)! You have to do certain things to earn them. That was just some of it, though. Ya wanna go find out about the whole thing? BUY IT!
what were they thinking when they made this game
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-10-20

super smash bros was a dissapointing game there was no storyline what so ever once you beat everything there was nothing more to do.Damn i wished the producers would put more places and characters in the game.
GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: cubanrebel    On: 2003-10-18

Any one who liked the orginal Super Smash Bros or any one who likes fighting games will like Super Smash Bros Melle. I played it about 20 times in stores on demos. But recently I got a Gamecube and thought I would get. That was the right choice. The thing I like best about it is playing as Zelda(please do not get it confused with Link, Only stupid people do that)with B and down you can turn into Sheik.
awesome, amazing, 10 star game
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-10-15

this game is awsome, amazing, 10 star game. Tired of games where it is Mario vs. Bowser? Or Pikachu vs. jigglypuff? Then this game is a definite, can't live without it, must-have.with over 300 trophies, 26 characters, 29 stages, 50 special stages, Bonus Breack the target, melee, home run contest, normal mode, adventure mode, and all-star mode (unlock by getting all characters). With all this (plus challenging friends)you will constantly have something to do and never be bored with it. If you don't like this game you better throw all your game consels and games away cause i don't think you'll find a better game than this. This game, as some people will put it is a "one-of-a-kind, must have".
by: wwwhot47    On: 2003-10-13

Without this game, I doubt I would've ever brought the GCN. This game was the main reason why I brought the GCN. Other than Racing and RPG's which are my favorite genre of video games, this is my only favorite fighting game that I love. My favorite part of this game other than collecting trophies from Nintendo's past, is knocking the stuffing out of everybody with my favorite character Luigi, yeah that's right LUIGI. The graphics are great, especially the Final Destination battlefield which was breath-taking. For graphics, I would give it 10/10. The controls were great which also deserve a 10/10. The music was da bomb, especially with the sound test option (you can unlock the sound test option by uncovering all of the characters and secret stages and getting the Marin trophy). As other people have said, your GCN collection isn't complete unless you have this game.
not exactly street figther, but i is still a good game
by: superasa2    On: 2003-10-09

. 25 well known nintendocharacters like Mario, Link, Pikachu and Kirby
. many cool arenas
. 51 missions in event mode
. one of the greatest multiplayer games ever
. the sound comes from classic nintendogames like, super mario bros., the legend of zelda, pokemon stadium and DR. Mario
. many trophies to collect
.all-star mode and classic mode rocks
. fun minigames, like break the target and race

. Pichu, Roy, DR. Mario, Gannondorf, Falco and young Link are just copies of Pikachu, Marth, Mario, Capt. Falcon, Fox and Link
. i arenas like Big blue and Icecle mountain you dont get to figth that much because the arena is moving so you are busy trying to save youre ass
. Yoshi, Peach and Iceclimbers are too weak or to hard to play whit
. it takes 4ever to unlock Mewtwo and Mr. game and watch
. adventure mode is too boring

nintendo all out fighting
by: cutsupremeyo    On: 2003-10-09

long replay value the side quests are very intense you will spend months playing this game to unlock characters and areas to beat everything in this game it could take years
Excellent Game Altogether
by: jamesli2us    On: 2003-10-06

When I bought my Game Cube, the first game I bought was Super Smash Melee. I loved the original game for the N64 and I heard many positive reviews. The game is altogether quite excellent and fun. You choose between 25 classic characters (11 must be unlocked) to fight in melee battles. After practice and experience you generally get better. Although the fighting is in 2 dimension, it is very challenging and fun. You use techiques such as jumping VERY high, kicking, attacking, shooting, etc. It can be very addictive.

The game is very fun for multi-players. You have the option for fighting each other or fighting computer players of various difficulties. There are things to do for 1-player as well. There is a "classic mode" to fight different opponents until you get to the "Master Hand." Also there is "Event Matches" where you are faced with different challenges, such as beating 128 Marios. (Some can be very difficult) There is also an adventure mode, where you go through various stages such as the Mario Kingdom and Hyrule Temple. It can get boring after awhile though. There is also All-Star, Melee Men Challenges, Target Test, Home Run Contests, and Tournament Melee. Alot of stuff to do.

It is much better than the first, with the C-Stick controls, and more characters and funner moves. Plus the addition of more stages, adventure and all-star mode. If you have a Game Cube, I would certainetly reccomend this game.

Great Game...
by: frootloops16    On: 2003-09-27

This game is in a league of it's own. You can't compare it to Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, or any other fighting game. The way the game works is just amazing. It has so many customizable rules and power-ups it's insane. And the characters... some are better then others, but they all rock! Get this game it's well worth the time and money.

P.S. Tons of replay value.

Only if you like to smash
by: pinky622    On: 2003-09-10

According to my kids, this is the coolest game but personally, if you have vertigo, I'd advise against it. The game performs really well, no glitches in the programming that I've witnessed but the graphics can be overwhelming. Also the music is so repetitive and there is no option to turn it off. And like all other Game Cube games, I find this a bit expensive.
You think you're a Smash Bros. geek?
by: nalhagen    On: 2003-09-10

Fist off, if you have a GameCube, you are contractually obligated to own this game. Really, I'm serious.

There is no other game that I have played as much as this one. To prove it, check out the stats and see if you compare:

Play Time: 200 hours 23 minutes
Single Player: 33 hours 00 minutes
VS. Time: 167 hours 22 minutes
Combined VS.: 387 hours 46 minutes
VS. Match Total: 4,420
Time VS. Match: 2,315
Stock VS. Match: 1,816
Coin VS. Match: 88
Bonus VS. Match: 69
# of VS Contestants: 10,163
KO Total: 26,071
Self Destruct Total: 5,544
Total Damage: 3,928,894
# of Trophies: 278

All multiplayer levels and characters have been unlocked, as well as all customizable features of the multiplayer (score display etc.).

Favorite character? None. My friends and I no longer choose who we play as. It's done randomly to prevent anyone from choosing last and getting the advantage of knowing who you're playing against.

Do I recommend this game? Of course I do. But be forewarned, the deeper you get into it, the more time it sucks away from your life. Even after playing for at least 233 hours (not including playing on a friend's or relative's machine), we still find things out about the game we didn't know or do things that have never been done before. The depth of the game play is incredible. Once you have mastered all basic moves, then you get into smash moves, then you learn to shield, then you learn about midair dodges, sidestep dodges, rolling dodges, grabs and throws, the ability to jump off of walls, "R" canceling on down smash moves, etc., etc., etc.

Buy it. I mean it.

Bill Smith

The Ultimate Gamecube Game!!!!!
by: snikpoh12    On: 2003-09-10

Ok, heres the deal, this game rocks. If you own a gamecube, you MUST buy super smash bros melee. This game is a great improvement on the orginial 64 version with more gameplay modes and TONS of new characters. Heres a list of the characters you can choose from....

mario, luigi, bowser, princess peach, zelda(sheik), saumus, captain falcon, fox, pikachu, link, yoshi, donkey kong, kirby, ness, and the ice climbers.

Heres the secret characters. (stop reading if you dont want to know who the secret characters are)......

Falco, Marth, young link, pichu, Roy, Ganandorf, dr. mario, jigglypuff, mewtwo, and mr game and watch (i personally recommend young link)

The fun never stops...
by: merosenblum    On: 2003-09-09

This game can be summed up in one word:


Ever wonder what would happen if you pit Pikachu against Samus? Mario versus Luigi? Princess Peach vs. Princess Zelda? Link vs. Young Link? Link vs. Ganandorf? You get the idea. This game is a fighting game between Nintendo's All-Star cast of characters. Each character has one or two stages based on his/her adventure(s) and has character specific moves.

Let's start with the Graphics.

Graphics: 5/5

The graphics are outstanding. The stages vary in style, each featuring its own unique obstruction. For example, the Coronia stage has Arwings swooping down and shooting at your character. All the stages are neatly rendered and are perfect for the game. The characters are very crisply modeled and textured. They stand out sufficiently from the background and have great little effects like reflections and the like. Just take a look at Mario's pants and you'll understand what I mean when I say GREAT TEXTURES!!!

Gameplay: 5/5

The gamplay is simple and efficient. It is designed so the newbie can easily pull of some cool looking moves, and the experianced player can utilize each character to its fullest. The combat system is different from most fighting games in the respect that the damage meter goes up, not down. In most fighting games, you try to kill the oponent by lowering their life bar to nothing, but in this game you try to increase the damage counter, enableing you to hit the opponent farther. If you suceed in hitting them off the screen, you win! There is, however, a special Stamina mode where you play with health, but that is just one special mode.

Controls: 5/5

Like I said above, the controls are perfectly well thought out. L and R shield, A is standard attacks, B is special attacks, Y and X are jump, Z is grab, and you use the control stick to navigate the platformer environment and alter attacks. With the control stick, there are exactly five different attacks you can do on the ground with the A, an additional five you can do in the air, as well as five special attacks with B, ground and aerial. Of course this changes from character to character, but overall, this is the general ability scheme.

Unlockables: 5/5

It seems like there is ALWAYS something to unlock in this game!!! Whether it is another stage, a trophie, or one of the twenty five playable characters, there's almost always something else to do! And if you want to have another go after you unlock everything, you can erase the data and start again!

Sound: 5/5

The sound effects are right on. Everything is properly synced and the sound fits the action perfectly. Little touches like a characters voice getting deep in Giant Melee and squeeky in Tiny Melee give a special touch to this game.

Music: 5/5

Most of the music is stage specific. Depending on what character the stage was modeled by, a different theme will play. For example, if you are playing on one of Samus's stages, music from the Metroid series will play. If you play on one of Link/Young Link/Zelda/Ganandorf's stages, Zelda Music will play. If you play on one of Fox/Falco's stages, StarFox music will play. You get the idea. The only original themes are the Super Smash Bros original stages.

Overall, great game! If you have a GameCube, this is an instant classic!

Rock outloud
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-09-01

Thsi game is the Bomb! Play with your favorite nintendo charactors and beat others ( LIke your least favorite) up. You can play with up to 3 friends. It's a tight experience. Also ( For those of you who played Super Smash Bros. 64) an added story called adventure mode is avalible. Also the old chractors are already avalible. Plus 11 new charactors. I guarrentee you'll love this game.
Weak fighting concepts, Weak game in general
by: darkbackward    On: 2003-08-24

This game, although somewhat fun with 4 people has a terrible single player mode and fight physics that rival that of my grandmother. Hardcore fighting fans must steer clear from this abomination of a game. Inevitably once you get 4 friends over to play the game does become fun, but then surely gets repetitive. As you play for a week you master it without any real skill involved and in the end your just said you spent 50 bucks on a mediocre party game.

Don't buy unless your have a 6 year old kid who has 3 friends following him around.

a must have collection
by: ryanusa200080906    On: 2003-08-13

this gameis a must hav . i had thisgame for over 3 years and still cant beat it. not onl;y is this hard. themultiplayer is greatwith new features such as lightningf meleeor invisible mele. thers new stuf like all stamode where you take on 1to 4 com at a time. also adventure mode where you go through levels from certain games in a side scrolling level. thers also 24caracter in the game and 9 to unlock. in multiplayr theres over 20 levels to choose to battle on. along the way you have to collect 290 trophies of nintendos past and present. and it isnt easy some you need to do hard stuff to earn. also 51 event matches where you take on specific battle can also start a tournament with up to 64 players.this game makes you feel proud for earning stuff case you cn read aboutit and show off to friens in a gallery . the brawl is ON!!!!
Super Smash Bros is the best fighting game out for the GCN
by: perezski    On: 2003-08-10

For fist-to-skull action, this fighting game is the best. You beat up everybody and it is so fun! You can use 25 classic nintendo characters in combat against each other with awesome moves and sweet combos. Each character has four speacial abilities and three smash attacks that be charged up and unleashed to destroy your opponents. With great items like a machine gun that shoots automatic and charges up, a giant swinging hammer, and mushrooms that can turn you to giant or shrimp. You can play four types of multiplayer with time match, bonus, grab the coins, and stcok match(lives). You can also do a tournament with all humans or mixed with CPUs and up to 64 fighters, and there are cool speacialized melles like giant, stamina, and camera where you can take pictures of the action. ASnd when your by yourself you can practice, play classic, adventure, or all-star ( which you unlock later ) and do event matches. You also have the option to do multi man melees fighting wireframes, smash a sandbag with a baseball bat as far as you can, or do a break the targets test from classic mode. You also collect trophies of everything form Sherrif, to pokeballs, to samus's starship, to the characters thm selves and earn coins to buy them in the lottery too. And there are more than plenty of secret caharcters, stages, and modes of play to unlock trhat are awesome. All of the characterrs have varied moves that gives the game more diversity. It never gets boring. And you can set your level of challenge from 1-9 and set handicaps, you can even do a team match like three on one or two on two. If you have a fvorite character for super smash.... My personal favorite is Kirby. Buy his game!
The Ultimate Multi-Player Game!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-08-09

This is totally the best game I've ever played! I don't even have a GameCube or Super Smash Bros. Melee to play it! But I can still play it at my friend's house and when I do, I go totally crazy! It's absolutely the best game for playing with 4 people! The graphics are amazing, there's tons of new characters, items, trophies, and hidden things, the music's great, and there's a ton of violence(my favorite)! If you have a GameCube, your video game collection should definitely have this game, or else the GameCube wouldn't even be worth playing!

Glitch: You know Daisy, Peach's sister? Well, if you win her trophy, and close-up on her and look closely, she'll have 3 eyes.

THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-08-09

yo, this game is the bomb. i just got it and i alredy got 09 poeple unlocked.mewtwo will re quire 20 hrs. of play,but still man,its hot,this game is good 4 every 1 including adults.super smash bros.melee is da buns doggs,sraight up.g-unit!
by: missmegan301    On: 2003-08-06

This game was fun. I thought it was very well done. My little brother, who is 7, still plays it today. The graphics are very very good. I recommend this to you.
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-08-06

this game is amazing!!! Its som fun. there are so many goals you will have to accomplish on this thrilling and exotic 4 player game.You can play with all kinds of nintendo charactors. you have to unlock charictors, stages, etc. you try to collect all 290 possible trophys (which is my favorite part). I hope this will help you decide weather or not to buy this game.
by: mrwaffleberry13    On: 2003-08-05

This game is so fun i love it. first time i played it i was hooked it so addicting it is the funnest! i love it
I wish I could put five billion stars!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-08-05

If I were you, I would consider this game the greatest multi-player game ever made. The graphics are better than the original Super Smash Bros. and there are more characters, too. I like Mewtwo. Once you unlock Mr. Game and Watch, or at least when you fight him to unlock him, you'll see that he's EXTREMELY weird. I mean, he's a black shadow thingy, for cryin' out loud! I do wish they could have some sort of Pokemon switch, sort of like the item switch, so you could turn different Pokemon on & off that appear from the Pokeball item. So anyway, I love this game and you should really buy it.
one of the best games ever!!!
by: therohliks    On: 2003-08-04

I got this game ...and I have to say I loved it!!.Their is tons of characters and the graphics are amazing!!...
SSMB is fantastic!
by: justez34    On: 2003-08-03

If you're buying a Gamecube, I would definitely suggest getting this game. The visuals are crisp and the audio is well done. I love the orchestral renditions of the old Nintendo themes during the battles. While playing the mutiplayer option, you have the ability to change any of the settings to your liking. There are 25 characters to pick from and about 20 arenas to fight in. Other options include a 1-player mode that resembles the vertical scrolling style from past generations; a lottery to collect and view trophies; and finally, a few minigames to round out the package. Playing for several hours opens up different unlockables that can be aquired in several areas. This is a first class and polished game from Nintendo.
Infinate replay value
by: robotlover    On: 2003-08-02

Like Tetris and Galaga, Smash Bros will never get old. I hope..
O.K. game play but, the graphics stink
by: nintendofever13    On: 2003-08-01

When this game first came out it was a hit and I loved it but now I notis that the game play is not all as go as it is said to be. I is a fun multi player game but it dose tend to cheat some times and it gives you or the opponent a unfare advantage like when you are hanging off a ledg when you get up you will be immortall for a second so the opponent wont get a strike on you or it would be to simple to KO someone but some times it dose not do that or it makes you immortall but when you are ready to attack you become mortal so the opponent can easily attack you with no worry of getting hit. Over all it is fun and you sould in joy it.
Greatest fighting game ever!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-07-31

10X better than the first if you could imagine such a thing.
With 25 characters you can choose from the action never gets old.It's better than DOA or Tekken. This is a game you don't want to miss.
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-07-29

This game rock's hard/ IT's the best game in the world al the chacters are good. You can beat up people like pikachu who are just whimps or you can take on stronger ones like Donkey Kong or Mario. Even Young Link is here Buy this game today!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-07-29

i don't have this game! heck, i don't even have a gamecube! but my friend has it and i gotta tell ya, i must have lost at least a good 8 hours of sleep playing it! [slumber party] me and another friend at the party stayed up until 1 or 2 o' clock at least, and then got up at 7 am and continued to play!!!!!!!!!! it's an addiction! i just can't stop thinking about it! i want a game cube so bad! if only for this one game!!!
buy if you are 15 and younger
by: slider8891    On: 2003-07-21

this game is better for persons 15 and younger. i actually bought the game b/c i thought it was going to be an adventure game (i.e. sonic). everything moves way too fast and it is difficult to control the characters or to even understand what you are doing. bring back the days of streetfighter and mortal combat.
The Ultimate Smash
by: matt1423    On: 2003-07-21

Super Smash Brothers Melee (SSBM) is one of the best multiplayer games for the Gamecube. It has an enourmous amount of one player levels. Another great thing about SSBM is that you collect trophies during your gameplay; which will keep you coming back for more. SSBM also has an awsome versus mode which lets you smash around your friends or an AI. This game will keep you busy with 285 trophies and unloackable play fields and characters.
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-07-21

i got this game for chirstmas, and all i can say is this, IT RULES!! This game has twice as many character as in the first one. The characters from the start are Mario, Peach, Bowser, Yoshi, DK, Ness (my fave =P), Ice Climbers, Link, Zelda, Pikachu, Captain Falcon, Fox, Kirby, and Samus. You would NOT believe what the secret characters are. Plus, there are many more stages and items. The bottom line is, GET THIS GAME!!!!!!!
The old Smash Bros. are back!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-07-19

ANyone who has a Gamecube should have Super Smash Bros. Melee on their game shelves. This is the best game ever for 1-4p, and the 1p mode isn't that bad either. The reall fun comes in when you play multiplayer. With 30 secret and basic characters to choose from from all of your favorite games, how could you not have fun and find a favorite? This is also a good game for those gamers out their who love to collect emblems or trophies. Overall, this game is fun for 1p, but the best game ever for 4 players!
Too Young for Smashing?
by: jrandalldempsey    On: 2003-07-19

Overall, Super Smash Brothers Melee is a great 'fighting' game. You get to pick a character, and a color, and each character has their own moves. There are many hidden levels, and a great random feature which picks a level for you. Why was it rated T? There's no blood, violence, or really anything wrong with it. If Pikachu shocking mewtwo is violent, then I don't know what the world is coming to.
Good buy, a well rounded game for nostalgic players
by: myst8199    On: 2003-07-18

Going back to the days of 8-bit nintendo, who would imagine that the system would one day put together all of your all-time favorite characters in one game to fight each other? That's what I thought when I first bought the N64 Smash Brothers, which led me to Melee when I got gamecube. Minus re-learning the controls, the gameplay is EXCELLENT- smoother graphics and more things to do! I've had the game for nearly a year now and am just getting to finish the game secrets, etc.

The minute you think you've won the game, there's more to win! Collecting the statuettes, completing stages, difficulty levels, different kinds of melees- and you can play by yourself or with 3 other people! I give this game a 5 out of 5 for keeping me entertained for a long time to come.

Smashing the competition
by: paranoidandroid911    On: 2003-07-17

The first Smash Bros. game was a blindside of superb multiplayer gaming on the N64. A terrific concept (group together tons of classic characters from famous Nintendo franchises) coupled with outrageous yet deeply strategic fighting gameplay made for a wonderful experience in the N64's heyday. The "king of the mountain" style gameplay truly revolutionized what all fighting games are normally about- it actually managed to make the genre fresh and invigorated. Now, on the Gamecube and improved in just about every way, it manages to do the same.

The basics, for those unfamiliar, are that up to four players pick their character from a bevy of classic Nintendo games and fight it out in huge stages, trying to KO other players by knocking them out of the arena, in any direction. Simple, and yet the premise is stretched to its limits, with a number of different modes (Giant players, miniature players, coin battles, team battles, slo mo battles, fast battles, etc etc etc), a host of challenges for single players to overcome, and graphics and animations as smooth as butter. The assortment of characters are all balanced quite fairly, and barring Mr. Game and Watch, all of them are capable in their own right. Weapons also come into play, such as Poke Balls, bats, lightsabers, guns, turtle shells from the Mario Bros. games, hammers from Donkey Kong, the list goes on and on. Surpassing all of that is a strangely addictive trophy system, for which you win coins in order to buy trophies of many different classic Nintendo characters and locales, all detailed and lovingly rendered in 3D. The only major caveat is if you're a single player, you're somewhat out of luck. The one-player adventure mode is fairly weak (why didn't they have a separate adventure for each character?), and the AI can sometimes be equally parts cheap and stupid. But what does it matter; when the four-player intense fighting is as fun as this, you can't go wrong. And it's cheap now, to boot! You have no excuse.

By the way, if you don't have a Gamecube, purchase one immediately, and thank yourself for your wise choice.

More of a SMASH than the last
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-07-16

Not a single flaw can be found in this game. This was my first gamecube game on the first chirstmas Gamecube went thru. Im GLAD this was my first! I loved the first SSB! The graphics and the sound and the new modes make ALL the difference! I had this thing a long time and it NEVER gets old! I love NINTENDO!!
Great Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-07-14

When I got my Gamecube (in December 2001) I really wanted the next super smash bros game. I've had the game for 1.5 years and still love playing it. Nintindo made a game the of the year this time, even though Halo was named game of the year it's still rated M. I'd say get this game
Best Meele Game On The Market
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-07-12

You can't really experince the fun you will have with this game unless you buy it because renting this game would not let you play it to its fullest. So overall I think its a pretty solid game.
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-07-12

Super Smash Bros. Reveiw
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-07-11

This is one of the greatest games EVER! It has great music, awsome graphics, smooth controls, a plentiful variety of difficulty level, killer multiplayer and the whole nine yards. PLEASE buy this game if you have a gamecube. It was my first ever video game and now I'm a video game freak (beleive me). ...
I was very dissapointed
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-07-10

I was at Media Play and I saw a Gamecube that you could play. When I looked at it, it was playing the game, Super Smash Brothers Melee. I was so excited to play it. I waited in line for like 5 minutes just to play this game. When it was my turn, it was doing the 1 player mode. It was so dum! The multiplayer was also stupid. I guess I will tell you why this game is good and bad. And the graphics were exactly the same as the N64 version except for the lighting affects. And there was a minigame called race to the finish, the finish was 3 second away!! In the N64 version, it takes an average of 45 second. Okay now, this lists why this game is good and bad.

More Characters
More Stages
You can win trophies

Characters are too weak
Hard to control
Stupid minigames
Dumb 1 player mode
Multiplayer isn't made well
Dumb music

I am warning you that this isn't all you expect. No wonder it is at a cheap price! PLEASE RENT IT FIRST!! I have no idea how this actully got 4.8 stars. I hope this was helpful.

Heck of a game to get. Must have.
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-07-08

Super Smash Brothers Melee is the best game I've played for the gamecube. It has so much variety and secrets to obtain, along with 15 characters, including the secret ones found by obtaining goals in event matches, and other single player things such as target practice. It has superb graphics, and excellent stages. The stages are one of the best things about this game! Again they have variety. From wind blowing trees to the classic NES mario stages. Another thing that blowed you away was the music. It is TERRIFIC. I can't get over how well they were made and how much effor was put forth into it.

If you liked fighting games like Mortal Kombat, or the original SSB, you should at least try this game from a friend. And even get their opinion from them, to see what they think of it. Most people that have played that you will ask will say great things about it.

Anyhow you must see why I gave this game a five star. And if not just pretend like you didn't read this.

The Best Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-07-07

Thi game is fanomanal. I has everyting you would expect. Great 1-4 player action makes this game a must have.
So much fun in multiplayer mode!!
by: kkora    On: 2003-06-30

This is the best game ever!!
Especially in multiplayer mode. You could have so much fun with your friends. This game has upgraded so much more than the first "super smash brothers"
here is a word from my 6 year old sister ths is a good geme!!
The best of the battle far!
by: ladycygnet    On: 2003-06-30

This game is worth having. Sheer action without bloodhshed is always nice to see. The cameos were awesome, and I love being able to fight with my favorite video game villian of all time.

SSBM is awesome, but I'm hoping that Soul Calibur II will be able to match it.

A good party game
by: arlando    On: 2003-06-29

People say the gameplay is no different from the previous one. To that I say "Well DUH!" "If ain't broke, don't fix it." This merely expands what the previous Super Smash Brothers was. By that I mean more characters, more levels, more gameplay modes.

I heard someone complain about no plot. Buying SSBM for a plot is probably the dumbest thing you could ever do. This is specifially a party game and if you'd played the original on the N64 you'd know that. This game is all about the fighting, what's mainly what its for. Just to party and have fun. No plot is needed to enjoy this game.

From the original this game is much more of an expansion. The game presents a new set of characters. They went from 11 to 25 and they have 30 or so exciting stages to battle in. Sure its the same thing but that's what we all should've expected....if you reach previews and all that sort.

I was impressed by the graphics this game had and by far this is the best game the gamecube has to offer. Nice way of combining Nintendo's characters in one big Smash party. This game is great when you have lots of friends over as it keeps everyone entertained. Its so simple and fun and even a young three year old could learn to play this game with ease.

My advice is to go and pick up this game as you won't be disappointed to know that the gameplay is the same and hasn't been changed at all.

Awesome. One of the best of gamecube
by: jynhui2    On: 2003-06-27

Excellent game. Its definetly worth the buy. Its one of the 4 best on gamecube along with Metroid Prime, Timesplitters 2, and Rogue squadron.

Graphics 9/10 Very well done, with explosions and cool effects.Good character designs, with cool combat pictures.

Gameplay 10/10 This is the best game for gameplay. Its action packed, nonstop fun. With tons of moves and combos for each character. Each move is done with style.Great multipayer with tons of levels to unlock and characters. there is also many options like special melees, or event modes.It takes skill to really master this game.

Sound 8/10 well done, good orchestrated music. Good sound effects, explosions, lasers, punching etc.

Value 10/10 DEFINTELY worth the value. It never gets old,good ol' fighting styles. You can play this game for hours, and you won't get bored at all. I have owned this game for 3 years already, and I'm not bored yet at all.

Overall 9.5/10 Very excellent game, worth the buy. THis game can beat out any other gaming console's games. One of the best titles ever.Buy it. You'll nver regret it.

Great Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-06-24

This game is awesome! The coolest thing about it is that the charecters look WAYYYYY better then in the one for Nintendo 64(that one was fun too) and look the ways they did in other Gamecube games!
* Fox-Starfox Adventures
* Mario-Super Mario Sunshine
* Luigi-Luigi's Mansion
* Young Link-Zelda: Ocarina of Time(Not a Cube game when they made SSBM, but it is now)
* Zelda/Sheik- Same as above
In this game, you do not have health going DOWN, you have health going UP! The goal is to get your opponents health so high, you can knock them off the platform! It's easier than it sounds, though.
Controls: Kinda hard for beginners, there are a lot of combos you can preform 4/5
Graphics: Unbeliveable! 5/5
Sound: The music is great(The Fire Emblem,Mario, and Captain Falcon music is my favorite), but the charecters don't talk, except for Marth and Roy,they talk in Japanese. 5/5
Fun: Alot. 5/5
Hope this helps!
Never Gets Old!!!! A Wonderful Game!!!!!
by: pleger99    On: 2003-06-20

I got this game about a year ago as one of my first games for Gamecube. I was adicted to this game as soon as I started playing it. I still play it even now. It has tons of new characters and battle stages that you unlock. The multiplayer is great too with four person battles.

The game is battles. You go though stages as different characters, fighting your enemies and trying to blow your enemy off the screen. Each character has different special moves so you have to try each one to see which one you like best. The trick to playing this game is that each person has a hit persentage. A HIGH HIT PERSENTAGE IS BAD!!!!! Everyone starts off every battle with zero persent, and the more you hit and damage your enemy, the higher their hit persentage gets. If someone's hit pesentage is low, when you hit them, they won't go far. If someone's hit persentage is high, when you hit them they will go flying. Same for you when your hit persentage is high.

Good luck unlocking all the characters and stages. The characters are not that hard, but the stages take forever to get them all. I still haven't unlocked the final stage.

I think just about anyone will enjoy this game as it doesn't take muck skill to get through. But when you get to be a master, the fun goes on and on and on.

Smashing Good Fun
by: abbynormal_one    On: 2003-06-16

As one of the most popular games that Nintendo carries in its arsenol of hits, Super Smash Brothers Meley packs action and fun along with great multiplayability. The well-rendered characters, orchestrally-played theme music, and the challenge of gaining secret classic characters like Mr. Game and Watch and new lands to use make this fighter game smooth and entertaining.
This games just downright fun!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-06-16

i've been playing this game for more than a year now!
it seems like i never get tired of it. i suggest you buy it, it will keep you busy this upcoming year
Great Game
by: scgovernor    On: 2003-06-15

After long days in class, this has been perfect for beating out frustrations in a way thats not nearly as anti-social as say, screaming at the cat until you feel better. This has fantastic replayability regardless of your skill level and perfect for groups of friends. Staging a tournament is a must for every owner of SSBM.

Icannot recommend this more highly for senseless mayhem and stress relief.

Multiplayer fun!
by: tinysalmon4    On: 2003-06-10

okay, this game is awesome. first off the graphics are great for a 2 year old game. second there is a neverending amount of replay value. you will have to play for endless hours to get everything. i have 25 hours on my file and i have HALF the trophies. its pretty freaky.

Graphics-9/10 these are good graphics for when it came out but it doesnt stand up to some of the newer ones.
Fun-10/10 This game seriously, never gets old
Multiplayer-11/10- this is the best multiplayer i have ever played, period.
Replay-10/10-See above comment.

by: dnb50002    On: 2003-06-09

Well, this is another masterpiece by NINTENDO! This game, juust like the original is very fun, and original! Here is the low down...

Graphics:Awesome!!! All the characters look like they were taken from their original games and put in this game. The arenas are also very original and cool looking. A

Gameplay: Best cartoon fighting game... hands down!!! All your favorite characters are included and you could just play for hours. YOU JUST GET HOOKED! AWESOME!

Fun Factor: A 100 if possible! Absolutly the best! NINTENDO has created a masterpiece that will go down as one of the best games ever!

This is my review... hope it was helpful! A MUST BUY!!!

Princess Peach
by: nintendo162    On: 2003-06-09

This game is awsome one of the best games ever made. You got a choice of 25 charaters 11 which are secert. There are several other things in this game like adventure mode and colleting over 290 trophies evet mode multi man melee and other cool stuff. I have an amazeing score in cruel melee which is the hardest mode in this game a score of 77ko's wow talk about tough. The only charecter you should pick for this is Princess Peach because of her...flying abilities. In this game the best to use over all is Princess Peach a couple of reason's why she can fly and do cool moves in the air. She can also hit you with a frying pan, tennis racket or golf club thats got to hurt. She's a mix of speed and strenth. So if your a Nintendo fan or just someone who wants a fun filled fighting game then for sure get this game your going to love it peace.
by: ngamer    On: 2003-06-07

read all the reviews here. this game is wicked fun.
The best!
by: ngamer    On: 2003-06-06

Just look at every other review. I'm gonna try not to reapeat everyone else but here goes..........FUN AS HELL! If you liked the first one you'll like this. If you didn't play the first one you'll like this. And if you hated the first...well, you'll still like. Many modes, characters (but we need some Rareware characters like from Banjo-Kazooie, Jet Force Gemini, or DK 64), and levels. Best with a horde of peeps to play with. Gather your many friends (lots of 'em) for tornament mode, I assure you it wll be great and very fun. Some modes are kinda usless (like tiny melee mode) but who the hell cares?! This game is really great. Buy now, its at a low price and will probably be gone fast. GET SSBM!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-06-01

This is a awsome game. A big improvement from the 64 version.Tons of new characters and stages.If I would rate this game it would be rated E. The only thing about this game that would be scary for little kids like age 8 or younger is on adventure mode there are some guys walking around that do look quite like a mummy, its a thing walking around huntched over that lookes like it's dead.But that is only on 1 level.Great multiplayer game for everyone!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-05-27

this game rules...Falco is the best chracter in the whole game
The best game ever!!!
by: allenginsberg    On: 2003-05-27

This is the best game ever. The multiplayer mode is just to good to be true. Up to four people can play at once. There are tons of new charecters to play as, and all of the ones from the past super smash bros. game are there. The classic singal player is good, but the adventure mode is boreing. It would have been nice to include a coop. mode inside the cassic mode. This is a great game. If you liked the first game you will love this. If you like actions games you will love this. If you like any video game you will love this game. Buy this game now. You will never regret it.
a new classic
by: evevpw80    On: 2003-05-26

i played the original ssb for the 64-bit nintendo. this has way better graphics and animation. i love this game
by: vicecity7    On: 2003-05-25

This game, is one of the best games for GC, and at an awsome price! I first played the old one at my friend's house last summer, and when I played this one, I was really happy.
When you play in this game, the graphics acually made your experience more fun. There are many hidden secrets to some of the levels. And, they can be useful, or harmful to your character.
My friends and I always put it on Camera mode and go to the Hyrule Temple, and play Link, Gandorf, and Zelda/Sheik. We come up with awsome pictures and we make up our own storylines. It's really cool.
The one player can get boring, but, when doing it for Trophies, then it's kind of worth it.
Overall, there are more things that make this game awsome, but I really can't say, for I don't own the game. I'm hoping to buy it soon, now that is cheeper.
by: zelda8483    On: 2003-05-07

I am 100% serious when I say that! I thought that I was having the time of my life when I played Pokemon Snap, and then I met Super Smash Brothers GAME CUBE! I fell in love. The graphics are excellent, the moves are awesome, and there are more characters, levels, arenas, and weapons than ever before!! The best new edition is Zelda/Sheik (you can actually change from one to the other between games!!) I totally recommend this game to EVERYONE!
Smash Bro. Melee review by Mike
by: roguehacker81    On: 2003-05-07

This was my first "Game Cube" game. I really enjoyed the first one on "N64" that I had to get it. I mean were else can you beat the ... out of the "Nintendo" Characters you despises and Love. This as a fighting game is so if you're into hardcore violence that other games such as "Mortal Kombat" has to offer. But it's great for fun and to relive stress... I hate those "Ice Climber" twins!
Super Smash Bros. is great
by: sharpshooter88    On: 2003-05-07

Super Smash Brothers Melee is amazing. The graphics are great and the multiplayer too. There are lots of characters and levels to unlock. I played the old Super Smash Bros. and it is nothing compared to this. The only downside is that the one player mode gets boring after just a little while of playing it. This is one awsome game and anyone should try it, who has a Gamecube.
great,easy,fighting game
by: ckwatson    On: 2003-05-05

This game is the best,it's easy and there is a lot of stuff to unlock. I'm still trying to get all of the trophies. If you ever get this game the best guy is roy{ unlock him by beating the game with marth ;-}
Bash 'em up!
by: shadowsrevenge96    On: 2003-05-03

Trust me; Super Smash Bros. Melee is grade A fun! There are well over 20 characters to choose from, a re-done VS. mode, and a hard challenge. As with every Nintendo fan, you have to buy this, cuz if you didn't, you would miss out on the totally new courses, the new characters including Young Link, and you would continue to be bored with your Gamecube.
by: trellik3    On: 2003-05-02

I don't know how anyone couldn't give this game 5 stars. It's so unbelivibly fun and it never gets old. If you get tired of normal mode try the tiny mode or giant mode. Theres so many fun characters and fun levels. This has to be one of the best games ever created. I belive it has a better multiplayer mode then mario party 4. Games usually don't get this good so get this game soon and start having fun.
Brillant. Super Smash bros. Melee
by: ddhboy    On: 2003-04-30

The Nintendo company did a good with Smash Bros. but they did a even greater job with super smash bros. melee. this isn't your boring, dumb, or just plain horrible. It has all of your favorite characters, one old one and two Japanesse imports, even four playable pokemon and pokeballs which releases pokemon as weponds. Its not as good as I thought however, the graphics were very good and the game play is good, but its too bad that most of the hidden characters are so hard to unlock like luigi (to unlock luigi you have to finish the first stage with a 2 at the last place of the last spot of the seconds place--:-2 then defeat luigi and peach under a minute, then defeat luigi after you beat the rest of the adventure mode, very hard) the trophies are something to collect but there not really important. The vs mode is a sight. Your can play up to 4 people at once. There are all sorts of special vs. types like tiny melee and super sudden death.
Differences Between This Brawl and the Old One
by: poop180    On: 2003-04-26

Many people just object to the game and claim, "This is the same as the old one!" This is actually completely false. There are many differences between the new and old. First, the obvious. The graphics have greatly improved. Characters are now much more detailed, and items, which used to be paper flat and blurry, are now three-dimentional. Also, since there are tons more courses and characters, I have no idea how anyone can say this is merely a repeat. There are also new modes to play such as adventure, (SMALL SPOILERS) All Star, objective, and many new multiplayer modes such as giant, tiny, invisible, lightning, coin, Slo-Mo, Camera, and some more. There are also trophies to collect, about over 300, as a matter-of-fact. Overall, if you said this is the same as the old, you are severely incorrect.

P.S. My name is a joke, obviously! (:

One of the best games....
by: vamprexa    On: 2003-04-23

SSBM is one of the best games that I have played in my life. In my opinion, it is a must have for all GameCube owners.
First game I bought 4 GC, and still just as fun!
by: pest291    On: 2003-04-18

This of course, was the first game I bought for GC, and it was too good to be true! Everything you loved about the old one, with a million other things packed in there. You don't fully appreciate the amazing graphics until u play the original again. Also, there are so many trophies, it's unbelievable! Some trophies you can only receive if you have other gamecube games, (like a pikmin trophy if u have that game). After around 1.5 years, it's still just as fun to play! It's amazing! The only flaw though, is that they didn't include "board the platforms."
A feast for the eyes and ears.A masterpiece with one flaw.A+
by: allie19    On: 2003-04-17

Wow this game is really addictive and fun if you play the standard melees and not the special ones. The special melees are a waste of time.All you ever want to do is play against 3 other charecters and not stooping to the level of a tiny melee or especially the invisible one.You should only play the standard cause it has the best gameplay.I recommend you play against 3 CPUS because you can choose the difficulty level of the computer characters. Its a blast to see the Nintendo characters beat each other up especially if youre playing as Donkey Kong against 3 Pokemon characters. The standard rocks.
Great Game
by: i-ball-u    On: 2003-04-16

In my opinion this is a must have game for any gamecube owner. There is plenty of things to do in this game. You can play classic mode where you fight one place at a time and fight at about 6 places, and if your lucky you might be able to unlock a person or place. You can also play adventure mode. That is where you play through a super mario type world and every once and a while you have to stop and fight someone. The last one player mode is event mode. That is where you have to do a specific challenge and if you win you might unlock people, places, and more events.

Multiplayer mode is evenmore fun than 1 player. You can be on teams or against each other. Also, if you play long enough in vs. mode you will start to unlock people and places.

Overall this is a great game. It is a must have in any game collection.

The Greatest Game Of All Time
by: amidala22    On: 2003-04-12

This game is amazing. The graphics very realistic and you get 25 characters to use in battle. Here is a list of all the characters in the game:
2.Dr. Mario
4.Princess Peach
6.Donkey Kong
15.Young Link
16.Zelda(she can transform into Sheik)
18.Captain Falcon
22.Ice Climbers
24.Samus Aran
25.Mr. Game And Watch
The also many stages to battle on. There is also a 3 diferent types of story modes, many diferent types of multi-men meele, almost 300 trophies, a target test, and more. If you don't have it you should get it.
More fun as [fun] itself, and [fun] is pretty fun.
by: 1bengalfan    On: 2003-04-11

As the sequel the N64 game it already had a good reputation for fun, fast paced action, and this one is not only AS good but it is doubly better. Great game for children and all other Nintendo fans.
One of the best games ever
by: amidala22    On: 2003-04-11

This game is amazing. The graphics very realistic and you get 25 characters to use in battle.... The also many stages to battle on. There is also a 3 diferent types of story modes and the is a lot of other stuff. It is much better than the last. If you don't have it you should get it.
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-04-06

This game is mostly for every Game Cube fan.But No one should bad mouth this game simpliy because its the best.
Super Smash Bros. Melee is smashing
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-04-06

SSBM is a great arcade style game. Challenge a friend to a marvelous multiplayer experience. It's Nintendo's hottest stars dukeing it out in a great game. The music is music from the character's game[s]. Use characters that are best to your ability. Unlock secret Characters,courses,and trophies in 1-player mode. Gaming Tip: Beat classic mode in 1-player and unlock singing sensation from Kanto,Jigglypuff Purin.
Super Smash Bros. Melee is smashing
by: gkranick    On: 2003-04-06

SSBM is a great arcade style game. Challenge a friend to a marvelous multiplayer experience. It's Nintendo's hottest stars dukeing it out in a great game. The music is music from the character's game[s]. Use characters that are best to your ability. Unlock secret Characters,courses,and trophies in 1-player mode. Gaming Tip: Beat classic mode in 1-player and unlock singing sensation from Kanto,Jigglypuff Purin.
by: williamdirr9770    On: 2003-04-05

You find yourself battling some very familiar characters in a four player head to head battle. There are still your favorite characters but Nintendo has done a great job making the game even better with all new backgrounds! When Super Smash Brothers! came out for the N64 you didn't have much choice. You had a small choice of charcters and spots to battle. Thank you for reading my review. Buy a GameCube get the game!
Super Smash Hit!
by: ghudson43    On: 2003-04-04

Before I had a GameCube, I went to the store to demo some games. I went to the electronics department to see if there was a free spot. There was! I rushed to it. One of the choices for the demos was this. It sounded cool, and I heard it got good reaviews. So, I tried it. It was awsome! As soon as I left the store, I said to my dad, " Can I get a GameCube with Super Smash Bros. Melee. for my birthday?" And on my birthday, I saw a square and heavy present. When I opened it up, there it was! A GameCube complete with this game! Me and my friends hooked it up, and we started a tournement battle. It was just as I remembered it. At that point, I didn't know the extent of what I could do with it. This game has tons of extras! Including;
Secret characters, Secret stages, and Secret modes! Now that I have almost all the characters, I see how fun it could be. The secret characters are; Mewtwo, Marth ( My best and favorite person ) , Jiggelypuff, Ganondorf, Falco Lambardi, Mr. Game & Watch, Luigi, Young Link, Dr. Mario, Pichu, and Roy ( My second best person ) Well, that's about all I can give ya', and let's just say there's a few.. ummm... suprises along the way. Well, hope you enjoy it!
Disgrace to Links Great Reputation
by: rcbonn    On: 2003-04-04

I think this game is atrocious! It brings shame to all of my glory (Link's glory). My best friend, Ganon, and I were playing this together at his castle and I comprehended that my player in this game is very unpleasant. Humiliation, dishonor, inogmity...The list runs on. You can think of this as a heavy fog of indignity tarnishing the past conciety of my performance. As hard as this is to say, Pikachu and Jigglypuff's feats were remarkably superior to mine. In culmination, I, Link, would not think purchasing this...frolic would be suitable for yourself or other fellow gamers willing to be exultant.
many sleepless nights
by: genericguy    On: 2003-04-03

This is the game for all of you old school nintendo fans out there. Everyone is here for an all out ... kicking. The graphics blew me away as did the excellent control of the characters. No BS Mortal Kombat special moves or finishers, if you can get one character down you can do it all. Endless gameplay opportunity here, from unlocking special characters and stages, to collecting trophies, this game kept me up many nights. I've had this game since the gamecube was released and it is now over eighteen months later and I still play this game with those new eyes we all get when we first open up a game and pop it in the system.
this is a cool game
by: ross_keeley    On: 2003-04-01

Ok this game is one of the most playbly games ever it is so dun to the all youre very charters from link to mario they is a lot of fun to have here. But once you have beat the game game with every one it gets old. but then the multy play opiton has a lot ofun to it. sow If you wount a fun game you go out and bye this game you will like it
MELEE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-03-30

this game rocks!!! but who is MR.GAME AND WATCH?
THIS game is hard. i will tell you how to get some hidden
characters. like Mewtwo in vs. mode play and win 700
matches.young link in vs. mode play and win 300 matches
or .this one is easy I did it myself.beat classic mode 10 times
with any character.and jigglypuff beat classic mode with
pikachu.and Luigi beat adventure mode 10 times.
by: clementn    On: 2003-03-29

This game is great. First I'll write pros & cons.
-14 characters to begin with
-11 secret characters to skillfully unlock

-18 stage arenas to begin with
-11 secret stage arenas to unlock
-3 of 11 stages are from the original N64 SSB

-almost 300 trophies to collect
-each trophy has info and what game the item/character is from
-can use smashcoins to buy new trophies
-can view all trophies at once
-can zoom in and around each individual 3D trophy
-can be found in 1P "Adventure" & "Classic" modes
-3 trophies for each character. total: 78 (extra 3 for Sheik)
-to be able to get more new trophies you have to get the first set

-50 event matches+1 extra challenging event, Event #51
-complete each set of event matches to earn more events
-most difficult stage to unlock is earned by Event #51
-earn some trophies by event matches
-some characters can be unlocked by event matches

-only few items replaced form original N64 SSB
-double the amount of items
-every original item has been improved

-1P has 4 categories:
1.Regular Match(Adventure, Classic, and *All-Star* modes) 2.Event Matches(50+1)
3.Stadium(Target Test[better known as "Break the Targets"], Home Run Contest, and Multi-Man Melee[6 M-M Melees]).
4.Training Mode(you can face 3 training dummies, and set a dummy to Human Mode to have Player 2 control.)

-VS Mode has 5 categories:
1.Melee(basic Melee[Free for All]/Team Battle)
2.Tournment Melee(2-64 entries)

3.Special Melee(10 different special melees ex. Giant Melee: all players are giant the whole match)
4.Custom Rules(can be accessed from Character Select Screen. Includes rules[stock, time, etc.] damage ratios[0.5,0.6...-...
1.9,2.0], etc. Also Addition Rules for more specifically preffered rules)
5.Name Entry (Can enter over 40 4-charactered names to label your character during battle and tournament)

*1P & VS Mode are just 2 of the 4 main menu categories*

-Improved from the original in every single possible way
-Sound Test unlockable
-can take snapshots w/memory card("Camera Mode" in Special Melee)
-almost 250 bonus categories you can earn
-vs record
-misc. record(total damage, # of times GC turned on, total KO's, total vs battles played,etc.)
-in "Addition Rules" in Custom Rules, you can disable Stages when selecting random using "Random Stage")
-each character as a "Smash+B"(-->+B) making 4 B moves in total
-special manoeuvres like the "WaveDash" and "AirCatch"
-dodge attacks in mid-air using "AirDodge"
-dodge ground attacks using "SideStepDodge" (also known as ground dodge, step dodge, dodge, etc.)
-hit opponent while grabbing, throw in 4 direcions(->, v, <-, ^)
-"Wall Jump" with some (light weighted) characters
-Zelda can transform to Sheik in battle!!
-Luigi is no longer a clone of Mario
-the game only uses 11 blocks
-4 can play simultaneously
-computer difficulty can be set lvl. 1-9

**If you want to know more about everything above or are confused or want to know the many many things I did not mention,
BUY THE GAME!!!!! IT IS SO MUCH FUN!** In My Opinion, there are only 2 kinds of people. The kind who love it and the kind who hate it.

CONS (In My Opinion)

-may be too kiddie for some (Rated "T", by the way)
-dumb/annoying/cheap AI
-using grab button to "Power Shield" is the worst idea
-1P Mode may get boring

For those of you who think:
-Fighting has no depth
-It's just button-mashing
-No strategies
-No storyline(doesn't matter anyway)
-Extremely Kiddie
-Gets boring after a few weeks

YOU ARE 100% COMPLETELY WRONG!!! EVERYTHING ON THE LIST IS COMPLETELY OPPOSITE (except for no storyline, IMO better that way) BTW, just incase you missed it, THIS IS NOT "JUST BUTTON MASHING". There are many moves and combos to string up.

I love this game but not to the point of giving it 10/5 stars.
I probably give it 6/5 stars(I know it's an improper fraction)
Rent or Buy, get this game if you disagree with the list above.
It was made in 2001 and it's still one of the greatest games of all time.

by: Anonymous    On: 2003-03-28

One of the best games for the Nintendo Gamecube. Easy controls, awesome fighting moves, and the most classical video game characters including Mario (Paper Mario)Pikachu, (Pokemon Stadium) Zelda (The Legend of Zelda) and Samus (Metroid Fusion).
by: bpritchard182    On: 2003-03-27

tis iz THE game 2 get i mean itz THE ONE AND ONLY BESTEST GAME IN THE ENTIRE WORLD (except 4 a few gba and gc gmz but tatz besides the point) anywaz if u want 2 no how to get characterz... !if it sayz 1player it meanz adventure or classic not both!!!!! .........
puffball(jigglypuff) - complete 1player mode w/any character
mewtwo - play 20 hrs (don't hav to be in a row) or more than 700 vs matchez
luigi - make him appear in adventure mode (keep readin' and itll tell ya)or 800 vs matchez
marth - use all 14 original characterz in 1 player mode or 400 vs matchez
mr game and watch - unlock all characterz sides him o course or 1000 vs matches
dr mario - make a run w/mario in 1playr or 100 vs matchez
ganondorf - lvl 29 event match (beat it) or 600 vs matches
young link - complete 1player mode w/at least 10 characters or 500 vs matches
falco - survive 100 man melee or 300 vs matches
pichu - complete lvl 37 event match or 200 vs matches
roy - use marth (see above) in 1player mode or 900 vs mode matches
k now herez a few helpful hintz.........
SMASH SMASH SMASH! learn how to smash and SMAH AWAY!
if u fini the multi kirby stage (adventure mode) in less than 30 secz (itz EZ i mean REALLY EZ) u fave giant kirby!
have your second on the clock (in adventure mode - mushroom kingdom) end in 2 and mario will be replaced w/luigi
to get giga bowser (adventure) normal or harder and complete all stages in 18 minz or less
11-15 - 6 matchez from 1-10
16-20 - 10 from 1-15
21-25 - 16 from 1-20
26-29 - 22 from 1-25
30 - 27 from 1-29
31-39 - match 30 and unlock falco, young link, jiggly, and luigi (see above)
40-50 - 30 unlock all characters
51 - all matches and face giga bowser (see above)
well hope u find tis useful!!!! baibai
by: thumpmoose    On: 2003-03-22

This is a perfect follow-up for the N64 version. You can play as tons of Nintendo's best characters. Many modes, tournament, Melee and Regular Match are just a few! GOOD BUY!!!!
by: grandtheftauto52    On: 2003-03-22

O man i just bought game cube about a month ago and i absolutley hate it! all the games stink but this 1 i love combat and what better way 2 release ur anger then on a nintendo character. i play this game 5 hours a day! best game ever
This is the best game I've ever played !
by: spongebob930    On: 2003-03-22

This is a very cool fighting game.I mean if I could give it an
overall score it would be 125 out of 100!There are 26 characters,29 stages.The characters are :
Dr. Mario
Peach :)
Fox McCloud
Falco Lombardi
Samus Aran
Captain Falcon
Zelda (Also Sheik)
Young Link
Jigglypuff :(
Kirby :(
Mr.Game & Watch
Donkey Kong
Daisy (Obtained by changing color of Peach (Y))
Well, I can't remember any more but ....

Gameplay: 99 out of 100 : Gameplay is awesome!26 characters,
29 stages!What else would we ask for?
Graphics : 101 out of 100 : The graphics are so cool.The back-
ground,the characters,everything!
Controls : 80 out of 100 : AMAZING!
2-4 players : 100 out of 100 : With 2-4 players you can play
with your friends!
Overall : 95 out of 100 : The whole game is just plain cool!

Make sure you buy this game,Super Smash Bros. Melee because
you'll have the time of your life! ;)

Most original fighting game out there
by: pinkpanfa    On: 2003-03-18

No other fighting game lets you fight with this many options, weapons or control. Old School gamers will recognize the various boards from some of their favorite games (Mario brothers, Kirby, Zelda, etc) and as much as it looks like a classic Nintendo kiddie game, it is far from it. Sure, the younger generation can play it since its built to be a button smasher (much like Tekken) but the expert gamers will see there is much more to it than that. If there are kids in your house, put this game on, plug in 4 controllers (or the adapters to plug in your PS controllers) and let em go at it. They'll play for hours on end without driving you crazy. Make sure this game is in your collection.
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-03-17

Awesome, greatest game ever made, if you are thinking of a game to buy, make this your choise for sure!!
This game has many secrets, levels, characters, games in both mutiplayer and single player!!
I love this game and I will never not love it, once you get this game, buy the stradigy guide to go with it, trust me, you will need it!
The best player in this game is Young Link, he's small and fast, he can jump out of the way quickly and go into moves quickly!!!

Just take my word on this people, and buy this GREAT game, don't hesitate at all!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-03-17

This is a totally awesome four player game! It is so much fun! I love the cool moves like the Fireball and Peach's toad move. I love unlocking all the characters and settings. One of the stupid characters is Ness(in my opinion)cause he can't do a third jump in the tome it takes you to fall. This game deserves an "E" rating, not a "T". With 5 kids in my family, being able to have four of 'em play against each other at the same time is awesome. This is honestly a great game. I love it, my siblings love it, and my parents like it. If you have kids, young or teens, I urge you to make this the first game you buy! :)
Another Great GC game
by: p34z    On: 2003-03-16

I was very impressed by this game...and I liked the original one anyway here are my usuall pros and cons:
*Excellent graphics
*Great battle modes
*1-2-3-4-player action
*Awesome sound
*Many places, levels and characters to unlock and play in
*Many different battle modes to choose from
*A new "adventure" mode [which] is awesome
*Just when the game gets boring "A new foe has appeared"
*Great game to play with your mom, bro, kid, or dad!
*Fun for all including you in 1-player or 2, 3, or 4-player
*After a long time when you unlock everything it gets kind of boring
*1-player vs. mode is a lil' too easy
*First few players you can play as have such a low # of attacks they repeat themselves A LOT
*Some characters are just a pain to unlock
best game on the market
by: cjb-psb    On: 2003-03-14

I love this game and the thing about it is its challenging.I have all the characters but my favorite is still bowser.what else can I say,its the best game ever to be released on the market.
Melee is Violent
by: longlocksf    On: 2003-03-14

This game is ALL FIGHTING. Nothing but fighting. We were searching for a game that both our kids could play together. They fight each other in this one when playing in the two player mode. Anyone who thinks playing these games doesn't evoke similar emotions is kidding themselves. I would not recommend this game.
A KEEPER. Great!
by: bwana150    On: 2003-03-13

This game is the best! I got it when I first got my Game Cube after playing the N64 version. This one is ten times better. I've never gotten bored in over two years. It's got great one-player challenges, but the multi-player part is the real reason you buy the game. It's best if you have a sibling or someone you can play it with a lot because it is primarily a multi-player game. If it's just you, you might want to rent it--a lot. HAVE FUN!
Best...Gamecube game...ever!
by: ghudson43    On: 2003-03-09

... I luv this game more than anything! It's the best game for Nintendo GameCube! It has really fun adventure fighting. ALL Video Game fans should get this!! Well, I didnt beat it yet. U should get this when u get Game Cube ...
Fantastic! Better than the original!
by: happy_nightmare_baby    On: 2003-03-08

This is a great game, and possibly the best to come out on Game Cube so far. It may not be so great as one player, but is great for you and your friends. Many new characters and new worlds help make this game a must have. Hope theres a Super Smash Bros. 2 for Game Cube soon!
The Melee Master's Review
by: xemel    On: 2003-03-05

This is the absolute, 100%, #1 best game in the world!!!!! It is better than Star Fox Adventures, Metroid Prime, Mario Party 4, Luigi's Mansion, and Super Mario Sunshine put together! From 1-10, everything deserves a 10. The best Gameplay,SFX,Graphics,Music,and Entertainment. I don't think that there are any cons in this game, though said that it seems boring for Adventure. With over 20 characters to choose from, there is no reason why you shouldn't never get bored with this game.

The music is perfect for those who like the classics or to get a beat for music today. Especially in Hyrule Temple. If you hold down the right buttons, the Fire Emblem music will play. Whenever I hear this, it adds a good beat to my fighting style while I'm playing.

The Mario Stars are here with new characters Peach, Bowser, and Dr. Mario (or gang-time Mario when he wears black). Fox is back with his new buddy, Falco. The Triforces have gathered into this game with new characters Zelda, Ganondorf, and for the kids, Young Link. Some Pokemon are going into the fray like new characters Pichu and Mewtwo. And perhaps the two newest members of the game are non-other than the sword-wielding, Fire Emblem Stars: Marth and Roy. The graphics for each character have gotten even more realistic. You can see the denim on Mario's overalls, Reflections on Bowser's Shell, and tiny indiviudual hairs on Fox McCloud.

There are all different kinds of stages in this game now. Instead of only 10 stages from the first game, this one has over 20. My favorites is Hyrule Temple, for the music and gigantic size, Mute City, for the music(again), and Final Destination, because it is flat, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and no interference. There are other great stages too, like the platform Poke Floats, or the aerial battle on Rainbow Cruise. There are a lot of places to battle and good for your battle strategies.

The controls seem to be the same, but with the new controller, it will be much easier. Since the characters move faster, and the action is more explosive, you can create all different kinds of combos and hits. You can now charge your smash attack for more power. The sidestep dodge (matrix is what I call it) is a new addition to the game that really breaks the technique of shielding players. You can now dodge from grabs and other attacks. One thing I hate however, are the computer players. They know what you are going to do, and they always use the same move over and over again.

There has been about an additional 15 items to gain an advantage in the melee. The bunny hood makes you jump higher and run faster and the metal box makes you metal and way heavier. The super scope can be used for a rapid fire energy rifle. or a charged bazooka.

Instead of plain battles, you can have an all new kind of battle. You can make coin battles to gain the most coins to win, and bonus battles, where you can perform stunts in your battles to gain points and win. Also, there are new melees like the quick lightning melee, or if it's too fast for you, slo-mo melee. The all new stamina melee lets you fight with limited health, limiting battle time, and if you want sizes, Giant melee and tiny melee is there. Invisible melee is a battle where you can see nobody, and single-button mode allows you to only use the control stick and the A button, which is perfect for beginning players. Last but not least, the memory keeping Camera Melee allows you to take snapshots of your favorite characters battling on a stage.

Overall, this game is a must for all GC gamers. A Gamecube without this game will leave you in the dust. I've played it for a while, and, with the help of my best character, Link, this game will be the best in my life no matter what comes out for the Gamecube (or maybe until Super Smash Bros. 3 comes out).

All out multiplayer Mayhem!
by: ughsassin    On: 2003-03-03

This review can be summed up in two words: MUST BUY!!! But, for the heck of it I will humor you with a little more information. Smash Bros. Melee is the sequel to the fast paced in your face button mashin' full of action 4-player fighter that bashed its way to the top of the charts on N64 a few years back. The game gathered all of the classic Nintendo characters (Samus, Link, Fox, Mario, Pikachu, Ness, etc.) and threw them in the arena to duke it out with tons of unique weapons and items. Now Smash Bros. is back with a vengence, ooooh it's GREAT!

This game is every bit as fun as the original and a whole lot more. Whether you're looking for a quick distraction, something to keep you up all night, or just a fun game to bring to the party, Smash Bros. Melee is where it's at! This game is so fast and furious it might take you a round just to be able to keep your eye on the right guy. It comes complete with a ton of new levels and characters, and like before the levels are very intuitive and add another dimension to the gameplay. I could go on and on, but I'll stop here so you have a few extra minutes to go out and grab a copy for yourself! And now that you've got it you can finally answer the question "if ______ and ______ got in a fight...who would win?!?"

Buy and enjoy folks, this is a rare gem!

What More Could a Partygoer Want?!?!
by: coloradoavalanche    On: 2003-03-02

If you have a Gamecube, a T.V., and some friends(unless you're a recluse) then you'll love the best Gamecube title available to gamers! The original was certainly fresh and fun, and this game holds that true. But now you have better graphics, the same and even more characters, and a rounup of new awesome levels to play in! New taunts and moves also add a touch more the already great game! The characters are even better with new greats like Bowser and the unstoppable Zelda/Sheik duo. If only the Ice Climbers would die!! New levels are back, and this time, there are more than just one level for each character. In the old version, it was hard to create sets of characters from each game. But now, you can have a slugfest with Mario, Luigi, Peach and Bowser in Peach's castle grounds! Or even add in D.K. or Yoshi to the Mario lineup! Create a wizardly lineup with Gannondorf, Zelda, and Link in Hyrule Temple! Even create a cute sense to the game with Pichu, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, my favorite character, or even that dumb...Mewtwo in the Pokemon Arena! There are hundreds of options to choose. Stock, time, team battle among others are back for game mode options, and now you have new SPECIAL game modes with such matches as hitting only the "A" button or even making your characters fight at lighting paces! One player can enjoy the game, but the fun comes with three or even better, four people! Two's good also. If you are a colorful, playful party gamer like me, then you'll love this game! If you worship Resident Evil or Fatal Frame, goths might freak! Above all, if you are not a hermit that's grumpy all day long or a sad person without buddies, then you'll find this game to be worth the investment and it will have a place in your Gamecube heart! By the way, get cheats off of the internet to find how to get all of the hidden characters. There are more than just the ones with question-marks on their mug! Secret levels too!
Great! But a little hard.
by: lmboley    On: 2003-03-01

If your a fan of Tekken or Marvel vs.Capcom you would love this game. Super smash melee a # 2 of Super smash bros. is a terrific fighting game that doesn't use blood or people's guts coming out. The object of the game is to desroy the opponent by kicking, punching, and throwing them off the edge. The reason I said it was difficult is that sometimes you can get a little frustrated, but if you want a challenging game then this is the game for you. If your looking for an entertaining and fun game then spend your money on this one.
Parent of 3 : Kids sure love it
by: sczuba    On: 2003-03-01

I had to write a review of this game - purchased for Xmas for 5, 7 and 10 year old children. This game rarely comes out of the GC console - 2 months later. Animated violence , but in a fun way; the kids just can't seem to stop playing it. The hit of the season - kids with PS2's and Xbox's find themselves at our house playing SSM. Two thumbs up
by: fballjg    On: 2003-02-19

The game's good. Everyone who liked Super Smash Bros. for the N64 should buy this one. There's really only one down to the game- it's ALL fighting. Not once does something NOT involve smashing people's faces. But, there are many characters to choose from. And this is 2nd game that Young Link makes his appearance. The gameing controls aren't hard. X or Y to jump, A to physical attack, and B for a projectile attack (for most characters). I was reading Nintendo Power when this game came out at me (September 2002). When I saw that game, I knew I must have it! I didn't have a Nintendo Gamecube, and Super Smash Bros. Melee is the reason I bought one. I owe it to this game. If I didn't see this game, I wouldn't of bought a Nintendo Gamecube!
Far better than the original.
by: mightyzantar    On: 2003-02-19

For all of you who like Super Smash for the N64 here's my advice: Buy Super Smash Melee. The graphics are above 10 times better, the sounds are immersing, and there must be tons of extras like trophies and new characters.
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-02-18

This Game Rules!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-02-16

This game is one of my favorites of all time. ... the single-player mode is tons of fun, and the Adventure mode is awesome. If you own a GameCube and you like fighting games, buy this game ASAP. Don't rent. Don't borrow. Buy.
My dreams have come true!
by: ghaleon2001    On: 2003-02-15

Ok, so I always thought it'd be cool to see a game where all Nintendo's different trademark characters could meet. What I didn't know was that such a game was in existence, or that it would be a fighter. I'd heard of Super Smash Bros. for N64, but due to the fact that only two games caught my attention (the Legend of Zelda games), I never bought an N64. When Game Cube managed to draw my attention with quite a few interesting games, I resolved to buy one or at the very least, get one for Christmas. One of the games that drew me in was Super Smash Bros. Melee. Well, I got my Cube for Christmas, and much to my delight, Super Smash Bros. Melee was one of the two games I received along with my cube shaped pal. Now, with that out of the way, we'll get on to discussing SSB. M in mor detail.
The game doesn't appear to have a story of its own, soI'll make one up. One day in the vast Nintendoverse, someone insulted somebody else. The insultee got all bent out of shape and gathered together all his buddies. Not to be outdone, the git who started the whole fiasco gathered up all his buddies. On the sidelines were Master Hand and his brother Crazy Hand, who thought to add to the chaos by making themselves the last opponents in this fight. The thing was, Crazy Hand would only appear if the difficulty setting was high.
The gameplay varies depending both on the mode of play and the number of human players. Single players get the classic one on one battles in Classic mode, and a sort of side scrolling adventure in Adventure mode. The playing fields come directly from many of your favorite Nintendo games, from the depths of Brinstar to the seashore in Hyrule. The players can pick up and use all manner of special items in their battles, but that's not all. You also have the environment working against you. In upper Brinstar you have acid that will raise your damage meter like nobody's business. In the depths you have to watch out for Kraid, one of the three bosses from the original Metroid. Every once in a while, Kraid pops up to rotate the area with one of his claws. You also have to take care not to fall off the stage while trying to knock your opponent off. In one-player mode, you fight in the area of your opponent, so if you fight Samus you'll end up either in upper Brinstar or in Brinstar depths (if you unlocked it).
The controls are nice and simple, so you should have little trouble. In truth, the control movements for the special moves do not change all that much from character to character. Only the moves themselves change, so you don't need to worry about memorizing moves. Some characters might have different control movements depending on how many times you want to perform a given move (I.E. a combo attack), but they're not that complicated.
As with the fighting arenas, the music you hear during battles comes from all manner of your favorite Nintendo games. Brinstar Depths has the creepy tune from the original Metroid, the one you heard when you were on your way to face Kraid. In Upper Brinstar you get the old Metroid theme song, that adventurous one from the upper part of Brinstar. Other notable themes include the classic Zelda theme and the palace theme from Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link. In multiplayer modes, each character also has his/her own victory fanfare. When Samus wins a fight, you'll hear the item theme that's been the same in all the Metroid games. The voice acting is pretty cool as well, but I sometimes think Mario sounds a bit too much like that bird from the Cocoa Puffs commercial and Yoshi...well, Yoshi sounds kinda stupid. It's just too bad Samus has no voice.
SSB. M starts out with a total of fourteen playable characters, with another eleven just waiting to be found. In most cases, the hidden character will challenge you to a fight. If you defeat them, they'll be available for use in normal combat. You also can unlock a good many more fighting arenas. Brinstar Depths is one that must be unlocked before you can fight there.
I'd have to say that Melee is most fun when you've got three buddies to pound on, much like the You Don't Know Jack games. Single player is fine for a while, but the fun really begins when you get another few humans in on the madness.
A must have!
by: m_bradford    On: 2003-02-14

I dont think there is anything that i can say that would differ from the rest of the reviews. Its jsut a fun game. Get it!
great game hard 2 get characters
by: sportsgamer2    On: 2003-02-13

this game is good, but the times to get the characters u have to unlock is pretty ridiculas I mean like u play 20 hours for mewtwo and 600 vs mode matches for some other guy uve gotta be kidding me! but the pros are u can unlock people andeach charater is original and different. You get a variety of new stages to play at includiing C.Falcons track and the ice climbers mountain. the graphics are good and the music is good too. controls are so-so cause some combos arent to easy to remember and they dont always work. adventure and classic are fun for single player and u can do home run derby and more
my final review (raiting from 0-5)

sound 5
graphics 5
controls 4 half
difficulty 4

so over all i give 4 and a half stars for the game Super Smash Bros. Mellee

Just how much time DO you want to waste playing?
by: gosselin    On: 2003-02-11

I never thought I would like an ordinary "fighting" game. I mean, what's the point? You fight, right?


The unique thing about this game is you can play as so many different characters. So, you need to learn which characters have which strengths and weaknesses. You have to fight them all eventually. There are hidden characters, hidden levels, hidden event matches, and many unique battles and events you need to complete. I'm still working on unloicking the mysterious Celebi. This can be played by one to four players, with different types of melee battles.

What's most fun of all is the discovery of characters that Nintendo has released over the years. There are characters I played when I was in college (back when "Pong" was popular), and some I've never seen before (but have seen since). This was a fine example of marketing by Nintendo, because my son is looking for all the characters in different games now.

Overall, buy this game. If you're a kid, you might be able to get your father to play some of his old favorites. If you're an old man like me, this is a game you cam play with your kids (or, by yourself, if you're so inclined).

Reason to own a Gamecube
by: rirath1    On: 2003-02-10

Alright! Now this is why I brought a Gamecube! This is the console action I remember and love! This is a simply, a great game. Super Smash Bros. Melee takes everything I loved about Super Smash Bros. and ups it. It adds new, better, more complex characters. It adds more detailed levels. There's a ton of things to do in Single player. The replay value is through the roof if you love fighting games. This is the best Gamecube game I've played yet.

On the single player side of things, my type of game, SSBM easily stands tall. Trophies are a blast to collect, and extremely well modeled. Any 3d artist will be proud of Nintendo's work. The Event mode is a ton of fun, and challenging enough to keep you trying without making you want to break the controller. The standard game is as you'd expect, standard... but a lot of fun and worth playing though at least once with every character. Multiplayer wise, it's as fun as it's ever been. It can be a blast to get a game going between two good players, and certainly a very entertaining time.

The graphics are incredible. Mario has a more realistic look to him this time, as well as Bowser. Bowser is meaner, bigger, and badder than ever. He claws, he spikes, he spits flame... and shows no mercy. All the characters this time around have surprising complexity to them. Zelda can transform into her alter ego, making for two sets of moves and two sets of attacks. Her motion as her alter self are incredible, the animation is a work of art. She flips, jabs, teleports, and fights with the fluidness of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. All the characters have every trademark move you'd expect. Samus is truly a joy to play as in 3d. Her flips, her blasts, her bombs, even her grapple hook are all just as you'd expect. There's nothing quite like blasting Kirby into the stratosphere with a barrage of attacks from the old days of Metroid. Link is cool as ever as well, his shield, his hookshot, boomerang, bombs, and most importantly sword fighting abilities are all intact. You'll feel just like the old Zelda days again, there's even a battle in event mode against your dark shadow self. I could continue on for quite some time like this, but you'll see when you play.

The levels are extremely detailed and varied. They range from the F-Zero race track of the unforgettable Mute City to a Pokemon Stadium that changes form as the battle progresses. Each is fun, each is jaw dropping gorgeous, but none so much as the Hyrule Temple. Zelda fans will simply adore this map. Another favorite of mine is of course, BrinStar. *drool*

This game is incredibly easy to recommend. I highly suggest it as a buy to fans of Nintendo and/or fighting. If you've got a lot of pals around to VS against, all the better. However, the single player action alone is fun for ages. There's just so much to collect and so many characters to unlock and fight with. If you're not a big Nintendo freak like me, or not sure of it's lasting appeal, give it a rental. If by the end of the rental you're bored, it wasn't worth buying anyway. If not, pick it up. It's a great example of Nintendo through the ages and a showcase title for your Gamecube.

- Rirath_com

Why this product is good
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-02-08

This product is good because you get to battle other people and you get to battle against the computer and against your friends. You should get this product. It is very good. It would make your day.
Great game for Nintendo fans
by: koweja    On: 2003-02-05

There's currently 600+ reviews of this game, so I won't go into great detail on it, you can read them on one of the other reviews. This is one of the best games I have ever played. It is really fun as a single player, and the best party game I have ever played. There are a ton of game types to choose from for single and multiplayer.
One thing that should be mentioned is that this game is not designed for people who only like fighting games. If you only like those types then this game will probably bore you. Smash Bros. is designed for people who love the games that these characters are from; ie Zelda, Mario, Metroid, etc.
My only complaint is this: does there have to be so many pokemon? 4 of the 25 characters are pokemon, 2 of the arenas are pokemon based, plus there's the pokemon items. It doesn't detract from the fun of the game, its just that I really hate pokemon, and pickachu annoys me greatly.
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-02-04

This is a great game. graphics are amazing.this is a must for any body that has a gamecube. Trust me, i own this game.BUY is challenging i have had this since august and i still have not beat a copy of SSB:M and u will not regret it ,Trust me.
easily the best game on Gamecube (next to Eternal Darkness)
by: bond3643    On: 2003-02-04

If you're all about fighting games don't even bother renting this game. This is one of the big reasons why Nintendo fans got a GC (Zelda of course is the biggest). The only downside of this game is that a lot of the characters are just clones of others in the game, for example: Gannondorf has the same exact moves as Captain Falcon, and the list goes on. But the game is too fun to even give it less than a 10/10. You will probably be playing this game with your friends until Gamecube 2 comes out in a couple years than hopefully we'll have another sequel. The single player adventure and classic modes are even fun to play and keep you trying to collect all the trophies, characters, levels, and extras in the game. Believe me when you play this game your first time you're gonna have a hard time going a day without playing it for a looooong time.
Read this before you buy!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-01-30

If you're like me, then you're probably wondering why has taken this title, which is STILL a strong seller, off of thier site for ordering. I don't know the official date, but nintendo is going to start a "greatest hits" line of games for the GC. It will be called Player's choice. Along with SSB:M; Pikmin and Luigi's Mansion will also make the list. Of cource, more games will surface, and I bet SMS will make the list when the second Mario game makes it to our beloved GC. So anyway, unless you HAVE to own this game now, wait untill the Player's Choice line makes it to the GC. I'll update this review if I find anymore info!
by: whaney7    On: 2003-01-21

Wow. This game is soo much fun. If only you new the half of it. Lets go through the basics.
Graphics: 5/5 Wow. If you have the first Smash Bros. you will know how much the graphics have been upgraded. My family was wowing over this game the day I got it.
GamePlay: 5/5 This fighting game is probably the only fighting game that i have ever enjoyed. Very different from all the others the player (you) must knock your opponent off the side of the stage in order to win. Sounds easier than said than done considering your opponent has two chances to get back up on the stage once he is knocked off. I might also want to mention that it can have up to 4 players fighting in a free-for-all battle.
Lasting Appeal: 5/5 It took me over 5 weeks just to gain all of the things hidden in this game. When the 6th week of having this game drove by I began to get bored of it.
Music: I love the music in the game.
Sound: 5/5 all games have good sound.
Difficulty: 1,2,3,4,5/5 Haha. You get to set the difficulty from Very Easy to Very Hard( and trust me very hard is VERY hard).
Summary: This is one of the few must get games for the Cube. It has 25 characters and many stages. You had better buy it and if not buy it rent it!
Super Smashing Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-01-20

~Hey there, if you r reading this u have probably got a GC...
if not, GET ONE!!! this game is just one of the many great games for GC... this Game has awesome graphics, fun modes, such as slow-mo and camera, it has 290-something trophies ( ive's collected about 90 since December 02...) there is 25 characters, and about 30 stages... mulitiplayers a blast!!!
Great way to pass the time!
by: abasmaia12    On: 2003-01-16

If you liked the first Smash Bros, then get ready for Melee. It's not entirely new, think of this game as an upgraded version of the original. with 24 characters to play (most of whome have to be unlocked) the game play can get alot more diverse.

With the same premise of the original, a slew of nintendo characters come together to kock eachother off the board. While the play is nearly identical to the n64 version, there are alot more features this time around that make playing this version more enjoyable.

One of the addicting aspects of this game is collecting trophies. Every character, prop and reference from many NES games are recreated as a trophie you can win. They aren't easy to get, and that's what's so much fun.

The only con i can see is unlocking certain levels and characters. to get mewtew you have to rack up over 700 vs games! likewise you have to have over 200 vs games in order to unlock the remaining 4 levels. For someone who is playing by themselves this can get rather tedious and it will take a VERY long time. other characters won't be unlock unless you've played 24 hours or more.

Aside from this, Smash Bros goes to show that a sequal can still have the same controls, characters and gameplay and yet be entirely new and exciting! I highly recomend getting this game to add to your collection.

PS: It's the best with 4 players!

Very fun
by: longshotex    On: 2003-01-07

I was prepared to give this game 1 star because I played it for the first time today and I thought "this game is stupidly easy!" Then I realized the game was preset on "very easy." So that explained things. My first impressions of the game is that it has the most beautiful graphics I have ever seen. There's not a single flaw I could find. The colors are bright and vibrant and the characters are very well detailed. However, the pitfall to this game is the loose controls. They're too simple to be a good fighting game and too loose to be a good platformer. In this fighting game you're asked to sometimes perform some difficult jumping and, while that's not the toughest thing in the world to do, it should be a lot easier. Street Fighter it's not. The game is huge though and offers a lot to a single player or multiplayers. The game creators thought of everything. Even putting a mini Star Fox type game during the credits. If only this game had better controls it would be a perfect game.

Graphics: 5.0
Control: 4.0
Sound: 4.5
Fun Factor: 4.5

Better Than The Original
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-01-06

Well, this game is definitley a must for first-time GameCube users, and, if you didn't get this as your first game, get it now!

For starters, this game is excellent fun, and the multi-player game is the life of the party! the one-player mode is pretty cool, as well!

by: radiowar    On: 2003-01-06

This is a lot better than the original, with new features like Adventure mode, Home Run Contest, Multiman Melee, Event Match, Special Melee, and Trophies. The original 1-player mode (classic) has different battles everytime (THANK GOD) and a new bonus round where you collect new trophies by kickin them in a bucket...thing. Event Match is a cool idea but quickly gets tedious as you have to complete them all to unlock certain areas/characters blablabla...Special melee is a life saver for this game since it adds a fun dimension to Vs. Mode.

The graphics are great, the new characters they added were ok choices. The replay value? Endless in Vs. Mode, almost NONE for Adventure mode (the same EVERY TIME). Overall, a good game to buy.

SMASH BASH KAPOW WHAM THWACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-01-06

SSBM is just simply 1 uv da best games for the cube
by: bigmansco    On: 2003-01-04

I don't care if sum people say it's 4 kids, I love this game. Me and my friends play it all the time. My main man is Roy or Mario.
Superb graphics
nice selection of characters
good extras
One of my favorite multiplayer games
Enjoyable gameplay
enough modes 2 last
charge up moves are great
might be the best 4 player game 4 da gamecube thus far
Some levels are hard and repetitive
Not the kinda game 2 play with pople who crave m rated games(But I have friends who wil play everything)

It's hard 4 me 2 find anything wrong with this game, so if u have a gamecube, u have 2 have dis game by now

Super Smash Brothers Melee
by: picopaste    On: 2003-01-03

This is a whole lot better than the original Super Smash Brothers for Nintendo 64. The characters are a whole lot better. My favorite character to use is Zelda because she morphs into two different people with different moves. The levels are also a lot cooler and more interactive. You can earn new levels, just as you can earn new players. There are lots more levels than in the first game and a lot more players to choose from, aslo. There are also a lot more items and the original items are upgraded. For example, there are more Pok?mon that come out of the Pok?ball items. You can also get trophies and stuff for going through adventures and tournaments and things of that nature. The GameCube has some of the best games. This is a really really good game for GameCube. The graphics are really good and it's really fun to play either alone or with your friends. I reccomend this game to anyone. My friend is really looking into buying a GameCube now after he played this game with me for a while. It's really funand you won't regret buying it, or at least renting it! Enjoy!
Best Game I've Had So Far For Gamecube
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-01-02

I've only had my Gamecube for about a month and I just got Super Smash Brothers Melee for Christmas. Most people say that the adventure mode on this game is boring, it stinks etc.. I have to admit that some parts are boring but it is fun. The level I hate the most is the one after you fight Samus. You have to go up this big tunnel thing and you only have about 15 seconds to do it. The regular classic mode is fun and the giant hand has great graphics on it. The versus mode is probably why nintendo made this game. You can either do team or just battle against your opponent(s). Most of the other reviews sometimes tell you or don't tell you that the only way to get new characters or the most common way is by doing the one player classic. I played the original Super Smash Brothers on Nintendo 64 and this game definitely has a lot better graphics. This game has a good multi-player mode and a good classic mode.
The updated Super Smash Bros.
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-12-31

So fun!!! I play it whenever I get the chance. Basically, it has many more characters, great graphics, and really nice playing fields. I have already been playing it for around a month or two and it's still just as fun as when I got it! Get it!!!
Awesome game!
by: darkjedi774r    On: 2002-12-30

SSBM improved upon everything that the original Super Smash did not have. The graphics and sound have been improved. Now there are many more items to choose and unleash upon your opponents. ADd that to the fact that there are now special scenarios, rules, and even more characters and you have a recipe for a very sway game. SSBM has great replay value and contains the best multiplayer so far out of the entire Gamecube games collection. If you r a Gamecube owner and you don't have it get out and buy it today.
Melee rocks!
by: wizzer5000    On: 2002-12-23

Super Smash Brothers MELEE is a must have for the GCN! You start wit 14 charcters (more than the origina even offered), ad you can earn 11 more! They are:

* = secret character

1. Mario
2. *Dr. Mario
3. *Luigi
4. Peach
5. Bowser
6. Yoshi
7. Donkey Kong
8. Pikachu
9. *Pichu
10. *Jiggly Puff
11. *Mewtwo
12. *Marth
13. *Roy
14. Captain Falcon
15. Fox
16. *Falco
17. Link
18. *Young Link
19. Zelda/Sheik
20. *Ganondorf
21. Kirby
22. Ness
23. Ice Climbers
24. Samus
25. *Mr. Game & Watch

The graphics are outstaning, and now each character has a fourth "B" (special) move! ou can move muc faster, and the block-and-dodge tactic can become very easy to do-and a whole lot cheaper (I use it to sneak behind my friends and grab them)! The Throwing option now allows you to throw up and down, as well as towards or backwards. There are new smash attacks that can be charged. They are very strong, and can easily send an opponent flying. In multiplayer, you can use the C-stick to do instant smashes (as the C-stick is normally zoom). Up to 4 people can play, and you can still substatute them with easy or hard computers. ou can now do Melee (regular battle), a Tournament for up to 64 people, and several special melees (like giant mode and stamina). You can make the rules much more customized, with two new battle scenarios. There are loads more items, and you automaticaly have the item-switch. You start off with 2 levels for each main chracter except for 5, whom you have to earn the super-cool second one for. You can also unlock a bunch of secret arenas, including three levels from the original SSB fo the N64. In all, the game rocks the house!

Best Multiplayer Bash Ever
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-12-19

If you're a true Nintendo fan, you've played Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Pokemon, F-Zero and the like. If you're a hardcore Nintendo fan, you imagine the characters from such franchises beating the stuffing out of each other. Or maybe you just have an interesting alter life. Whatever the case, this game is for you. If you own an Xbox, just turn back right now. You may become too jealous.

The basic premise of Super Smash Bros. Melee is "1. Drop famous Nintendo characters in themed stage. 2. Fight!" Sounds like it would make a bad game, huh? Not the case! This game is so well-made, you look right past the easy premise. The game features 25 well-known and loved Nintendo characters, only 14 of which are available from the get-go. I'm not going to go blabbing on who all the secret characters are, but rest assured that you will not be disappointed.

The game's single-player mode is impressive. First, there is Classic. In this, you fight through numerous battles until you reach the tumultuous attacks of Master Hand, who is basically a large white glove bent on your destruction. Adventure mode also awaits you, in which you run through themed stages towards the goal, and only then can you fight and move on. You'll come upon a Mario stage, a Zelda stage, an F-Zero stage, and, most importantly, the self-destruct sequence from Super Metroid.

Of course, the game is at its best in multiplayer mode. In this mode, up to four players beat the stuffing out of each other, with such options as setting the time limit, or setting a number of lives, or turning on a mode where the lightest touch sends you flying, or a 64-man tournament, etc. There are options on top of options on top of options...

Also in the game is a trophy system. You earn trophies various ways, and there are 296 trophies to collect, showcasing Nintendo's most memorable characters and items, from Mario to Bowser's Clown Car in Super Mario World to the GameCube itself. Although nothing comes out of collecting them all, it's fun to collect them anyways.

This game shows you that Nintendo's purple box with a handle can pack a punch. This game will rock your world to a great extent. Even if it isn't the greatest 'Cube game, it's the second best. Buy the game - trust me, I'm a professional.

A Pretty Good Game
by: x_opp    On: 2002-12-11

If you are looing for a Mortal Kombat type fighting game you may what to look somewhere else (nope, no fatalities in Super Smash Brother Melee). This game may be missing the blood and gore but it makes up for that in hidden stages and characters ,that you may feel like you'll never find. The graphics are pretty good and the moves the players have are excellent. One of the best features is when you play in adventure mode you have opportunities to get trophies. The trophies are of all the characters off the old systems (NES, Super NES). Just remember when looking at the box "looks can be deceiving."
Better Than The First
by: mryahoody    On: 2002-12-11

Super Smash Bros. Melee is better than the first, with all new characters, items and levels to unlock! Super Smash Bros. Melee is equipped with a Classic Mode, an Adventure mode, an All-Star mode and a Tordement mode.This might sound good, but you haven't seen eneything yet until you play your friends...and whop their butt! This is my favorite fighting game for Game Cube. It has out of this world 162-bit grapics and great sound. Great for mindless hours of family fun. Exellent replay value, but why did they rate it "T" for teen, when it should be "E" for everyone!?
Super Smash Bros. Melee
by: rgerber18    On: 2002-12-10

Super smash bros.melee is a great game! It is great fun and it never gets boring.(especilally with more than one person)This game is sooooo great i would recommend buying a gamecube just for this game. You can't go wrong!
super smash bros meelee rocks
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-12-09

This game was worth it from the momement i got it their is enough modes for you to play as well as many charactars. BUY THIS GAME ITS WORTH IT.
best game
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-12-08

If your under the age of 13 and want this game get it. This game has 0 swears no blood or anything els bad.Plus it's loads of fun and never gets boring.
fun fun fun
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-12-08

I recomend this to anyone that likes good graphics,fights,bosses,challinges,thrills,and/or action.This is by far the best game I have piayed
Smashing, baby!!
by: dero64    On: 2002-12-07

If you ever wanted to beat the living daylights out of Mario, Link, Ness, Fox McCloud, and all the other over-rated characters Nintendo refuses to shut-up about, this is your chance. Well, this and the other Smash Bros game for Nintendo 64. Then there's that NES emulation ROM game floating around on the internet...
This has to be one of the best fighting games on this system, if the announcer doesn't bother you. For God's sake, Nintendo, why can't you just give people the option of turning voices off?!!!!!
The graphics are amazing, the gameplay is releatively simple so you don't have to learn a lot of button combinations, there is a great selection of characters with lots of unlockables, you can earn trophies of past and present Nintendo characters, and the mini-games ... well ... the mini-games kinda suck. At least they're not essential to winning the game.
You can play as Mario of course, along with Link, Luigi*, Samus, Princess "Peach Toadstool, Bowser, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Captain Falcon, Fox McCloud, Ness, the Ice Climbers, Kirby, Pikachu, and Zelda. Yes, Zelda is finally playable on a U.S. Nintendo system, and she can turn into Shiek when you pull down on the control stick and press the B button simultaniously. If you intend to buy this game and want to find out for yourself who else is unlockable, don't read the very last paragraph in this review.
Except for in one of the special matches that don't earn you anything, defeating your opponents is not about draining their energy until they are knocked out. You have to send your enemies flying out of the arenas. The more you beat your adversaries around, the easier it becomes to knock them out of the arena. If you want real specifics on the gameplay, look for them at GameFaqs or some other information website.
There is a lot of stuff to unlock and it's not easy, so this game won't bore you easilly if it doesn't bore you right away.

Another cool special feature in this game is the ability to alter the view while the game is paused, showing the full 3D power of the game. It gets even better in camera mode.

*Has to be unlocked.

Other Unlockables: Dr Mario, Falco Lambardi, Gannondorf, Young Link, Pichu, Jiggly-Puff, Mewtwo, Mr Game & Watch, Marth, and Roy. There are a total of 25 playable characters altogether. 26 if you can somehow play as The Hand, which I'm not sure is possible.
Super Smash Bros. is Super!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-12-05

This game is a MUST for gamecube. Parnets don't worry about the teen rating. Ithink it so be rated e for everyone.
The Best Multiplayer Game for GameCube
by: jd24717    On: 2002-12-04

OKay, let's be serious. What other 4-player fighting game for gamecube is as good. This is an absolutely amazing game. I have spent over 5 months playing it, and I still haven't gotten bored. The best part is when you can finally beat a level nine computer player. This game is an amazing experience, and everyone I know who plays it still likes it.
by: patball4407    On: 2002-12-03

I had this game for 6 months now and I still play it all the time. It is a great game for multiple people. One player isn't great, so don't buy this unless you have friends or family to play it with. tournaments are fun, but only if you have 4 controlls and can play 4 to a match. It also takes too l;ong to skip the computer matches.
It is fun but COULD BE BETTER
THE Definative multiplayer game
by: loren_chang    On: 2002-12-02

This game rocks.... period. Super Smash Brothers is THE game to get, especially if you enjoy playing with friends. There's nothing quite like kicking back with three other people and letting all hell break loose as you battle against, or with one another. If you get one game for the GameCube, get this.... it's that good.

- Excellent graphics with great attention to detail.... try pausing the game and looking at the suprised expressions on your enemies faces as you knock them out of the arena....... priceless.

- Fast load times.... levels load in under one second so you can get right down to the business of smacking down your opponents.

- Great performance.... graphics are still smooth and fluid even with four players pounding on their controllers and fancy visual effects.

- Infinite replayability.... with over a dozen chracters and even more items and areas to battle in, you'll never experience the same game twice.

- Slightly weak single player..... let's face it, this game was ment to be played with other people. While the AI is very good, it's just not the same as playing against someone else.

All in all, an excellent game loaded with plenty of action and laughs..... I can never seem to get enough of Jigglypuff chasing around Donkey Kong with a big hammer, or Mario and Link laying the smack down on Peach....

Now if you'll excuse me, I think my GameCube is calling....

Super Smash Brothers.........again![.]
by: ftbllfl77    On: 2002-11-30

Hey, why dont u get off your but and play this breathtaking game with awesome graphics. Im not a game nerd like some people in my school, but if you don't get this game than you might as well go watch Blues Clues and some other crap like that!! ...
Nintendo 4 Life!!!
by: sistojr    On: 2002-11-30

Super Smash Bros. Melee, arguably the best overall game for the G.C.N. This is my favorite video game out right now, and I can't see any visible flaws in it's design. Gameplay is exactly the same as the prequel for the N64 (Super Smash Bros.) except you can perform more different moves. There are 29 playable stages including the place where you fight Master Hand, and there are 25 total characters (Starter and Hidden) including the original 12 from the Prequel, (such as mario, Link, Fox McCloud etc. and even 2 that America hasn't even heard of yet. You also collect these things called trophies, where you can learn about your character. There are 290 of them, (but I only have 287 of them). You'll have to play for a long time to get them all. There are also two modes of play

Classic Mode- Where you fight your way to Master Hand
Adventure Mode- Where you fight your way to Bowser

Once you access every character, you'll unlock the All-Star mode (You fight every character with almost no recovery so it's basically a survival mode). you start out with the following 14 characters...

C. Falcon
Fox McCloud
Samus Aran
Princess Peach
Donkey Kong
Princess Zelda/Shiek
Ice Climbers

And 11 Hidden Characters that I won't spoil... (E-Mail me if you want to find out)

This game doesn't have a basic premise, but it is great for anyone who is s-m-r-t enough to get a GameCube. so I Give Super Smash Bros. Melee for the G.C.N., a 12 0ut of 10.

Nintendo For Life...

(!Look Out for my Reviews on the following Games)

1)StarFox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet
2)Star Wars Rogue Squadron 2: Rogue Leader
3)Bloody Roar: Primal Fury
4)SSX Tricky
5)Simpsons Road Rage
6)Luigi's Mansion
7)Super Mario Sunshine
8)Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee

Super Smash Bros Melee
by: brighteyes818    On: 2002-11-29

This game is DA BOMB! It is a must have! With unlockable characters and level it can be difficult but trust me once you unlock the stages and players you will have an unstoppable force against Master Hand.

The Best Character in my opinion is: Link


Great game
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-11-27

This is one of the best games I have ever played.It has so many differnt players to chose earn alot of players and places.The game deservs five stars.
It's good, but it needs work.
by: danata    On: 2002-11-27

Maybe I'd give it a 2.7, it's not much fun unless you have 3 other people around who are going to play with you, I consider it a Party Title only.
Smash Bros. Melee is a lot of fun. Some things need work, like the difficulty, often they just have an insane player block 80 percent of your moves and you can't stop them. The Hand Boss has moves that are almost totally unavoidable, and that is so annoyingly CHEAP! That's when the game feels clunky and dull, like the moves are too useless to perform or like all your effort in battle is for naught, I just want a realistic chance to win (and not to wreck the controller trying). Maybe the character animation is too far away to see what's going on as you should always be able to. They should have many challenging (but not too hard) levels leading up to the impossible stuff. Also, they should have brought in NEW characters for the Gamecube version, I know we have a Picachu ripoff, but I mean characters like Walugi or Koopa Troopa or maybe one of the Zombies from RE? Sonic and Tails were a rumor, that would be very cool, too. I don't care much for the few new modes, like baseball batting (yawn) - destroying targets is great fun, but there's just 1 level per character. The levels are really nice, but plain, you can't really move around. There's not as much FMV or audio samples as you'd expect of a minidisc. The camera shots take up too much memory card space to be very practical. I didn't even care to finish this game, though I bought it, it never really engaged me much, I think replayability is limited, it will take time to finish, if you do, you'll feel great and you may think you like it more then, but I doubt you'll try most areas ever again. It's almost impossible for young kids!! The running ability is sort of hit-and-miss. When all is said and done, in spite of graphics and modes, it's still sort of a one-note fighting game, it worked on N64 (which I preferred), but I expect more of GameCube. I'm left wondering the different ways they could have made this feel fresh and fun.
Super Fun Super Smash Melee
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-11-27

This game has thrilling action and suspense. It's got a little violence but not enough to be rated T. I think that was a bad choice.

Compared to the first super smash bros. this game rocks. You have 11 extra characters and they are from the same and different games as the other characters. I thought that was a great idea. Some of the players are cheasy but others are really great.

In this game it's not just VS. or 1 player. There's all-star mode, adventure mode, and normal mode. You can also play a whole lot of bonus games and have a lot of fun without being crushed or crushing other characters.

The levels in this game are beyond phenominal and unexplainable. They are great and make you want to try all the levels and not just all the players.

Over all this game is exemplory and will blow your brains away. Literally.

Deeper than the Pacific Ocean
by: gotjr    On: 2002-11-26

The original installment of Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo64 was a great game - classic characters, hidden characters, etc. But the depth of the one-player mode was SERIOUSLY lacking. Super Smash Bros. Melee improves on the first game by adding an almost limitless amount of variety and gameplay. Single player has tons of modes and the trophy mode will motivate you to keep playing the game forever. That?s not even to mention the multiplayer!! This is the most raudy, energy draining, entertaining multiplayer game for the cube and maybe (Goldeneye?s a tough rival) ever!!! Hundreds of different modes to play-in, hundreds of different combinations of items and levels and characters - the chance for a new gaming experience NEVER ENDS!!
If you own a cube this game is an essential. You are a truly a little slow if you don?t buy this game. -Sykes
by: dinfante    On: 2002-11-23

This game is PERFECT! It is not too violent for younger gamers, but is perfect for older gamers as well, seeing it is a fighting game. The graphics are wonderful, and so is the music and play control. As a single player game, getting all the trophies/hidden levels/hidden characters is a blast, and as a multiplayer game, it is THE party game to add to your collection.
Better than the first!
by: krusty_the_klown    On: 2002-11-19

This is the perfect sit-down-with-your-friends-for-a-fun-day-of-video-games game. Full of enjoyable gameplay, beautiful graphics and awesome sound, this game is one of, if not the best for Gamecube, so far.
Best video game ever!!!
by: louiseb168    On: 2002-11-17

SSBM is the best Game Cube game out there and is the top selling video game out there, and it was released last year! unlike the original SSBM gives you much more characters to play as like Ness, Ice Climbers, and the best of all BOWSER! You can also unlock characters like Mewtwo, Dr. Mario, Mr. Game and Watch (old school),and you get to be some of the classic characters like Pikachu, Link, and Mario. It also gives you tons of more moves to dish out to your opponent like the Koopa Claw, Fireball, and (my favorite)The Final Cutter. Buy This Game!!!!!!
Great Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-11-16

Hi, I live down under and have a gamecube and (ofcourse!) Super Smash Brothers Melee on lay-by in Target. I have been Needing information for it and can't find any ANYWHERE, then my friend was given a gamecube and SSBM as a gift (NOT fair). So I got myself invited (hehe) and had a little go, now, it was the GREATEST game i have ever played, the graphics were amazing (compared to my old PS1) and I couldn't stop laughing. When you choose the character Mewtwo (after you unlock him) and hold down B to attack with a psychik ball of energy, pikacu comes up behind you and walks into it and it look like hes being electricuted. then when you let go and get him in the face he goes FLYING!!!! It is the greatest game i have ever played. Thats all cya!

-- only $138.50 to go :D
Nintendo Kicks Some ...again!
by: shyguy22489k    On: 2002-11-13

Super Smash Bros. is back...but this time it's a real Melee. Items fly around everywhere, boards move, and you and your friends can really have tons of fun. The controls become ingrained in your mind easily, and the characters vary with each of their different attacks. There's always a different way to KO someone...whether it's throwing a freezie at someone or using a home run bat. Also, a great add-on of Melee is Adventure Mode. This time, instead of just battling on stages, you get to move around different worlds while battling many enemies. It's...let's say a different way of playing 1P mode. Other modes such as Multi-Man Melee and Home Run Contest are tons of fun too. A third great thing about Melee is that it has a completely new option, trophies. There are about 275 total in the game, each of them hard earned by different tasks. It's a real goal to look forward to and it will keep you playing for a long period of time. And can you believe there's even more add-ons to this sequel? There's also a 1P Event Mode where one player is put in a certain scenario. An example of one scenario would be the Basic Super Mario scenario. You must kill Bowser while protecting Peach at the same time, and you must be Mario. There are 49 other events (and one bonus event) that are fun and tough at the same time. You would think that most sequels, whether they are to videogames or movies are worse than their original, but this is the exact opposite. This game is at least two times better than it's original, and it's another great game for the GCN. It's another MUST buy.
A true fighting game!
by: grobels    On: 2002-11-08

I first got Super Smash Brothers: Melee (A.K.A SSBM) last year for Christmas. Now I would consider my self a pretty good gamer because most games at best only last three weeks for me such as Resident .... SSBM however, has never collected dust on it yet. It is the best multiplayer fighting game out there.

SSBM is to GameCube like Halo is to X-box and like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is to PS2.

The one player mode took about a month for me to complete and that is including 20 hours of Christmas vacation. There are many secret characters in the end totaling 26. Multiplayer is great. I myself since I had it (11 months) have over 100 hours of multiplayer.
What's great about this game is duking it out with Nintendo characters. If you don't like Pokemon you can choose your computer opponent to be a dumb Pikachu. Or if you want Mario to have a party you can play with Dr.Mario, Mario, Luigi, Princess, Dk, Bowser.
A must have game for GameCube

sweet game 2
by: cls575    On: 2002-11-07

This game has got to be 10 times better than the original Smash Bros. for N64. It is a must have!
A great fighting game for kids and retro gamers alike.
by: buddha_waffle    On: 2002-11-06

I just recently picked up a GC about a month ago along with this game, and I have to say that I was highly pleased. "Super Smash Brothers - Melee" has a lot of creative thinking behind it and is sure to last a while with those of us who have a short patience or thrive off of defeating our friends in simulated battle. Nintendo just adds to the replay value of this particular piece by adding the everlasting Pokemon formula with its trophy system.

The graphics, music, controls, and replay value (which is a big thing with me) are absolutely outstanding, and its quite obvious that a lot of care went into its productions (as well they should have, it was one of the opening games for the system). The only apparently bad thing about this game is a typical user error (as with some titles), and that is its not for those who like to sit down and play a lengthy game with a lot of depth.

The best Multplayer game in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
by: nightdragon6666    On: 2002-11-04

One of the best multiplayer games there is. The single player mode is ok but just doesn't feel aas good as the multi. I'm happy that they put in old enemies (like goombas, koopas, redead, etc)in the adventure mode and might appear coming from crates,barrels and etc. The graphic is really good and has been highly upgraded from the N64 version. The music is great for it includes some from classic games like Fire Emblem. The control is great and easy to use. Tons of characters from past games appear for example the Ice Climbers. Even if you get all the characters there is still about nine secret arenas and hundreds of special trophies you can win. Overall if you need a great party game GET THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The best game for gamecube
by: lvnvjamie    On: 2002-11-01

This game never gets old! It's very easy to pick up for the novice player, and it's still challenging even for the experienced. My SSBM throne is in constant jeopardy as my friends figure out new player's moves. It's the most fun for 4 players on any system.
Kids Love It!!
by: mememe_lalala    On: 2002-10-29

My boys love this game. My friend's son & daughter love it too. It's a child's rendition of WWF. I won't allow my children to have anything to do with the wrestling stuff (games, shirts, etc.) but this game resembles the fighting techniques of WWF with cartoon characters and without the bad language, half dressed girls, etc. It's fictional fighting at it's best. There is nothing about this game that makes me feel uncomfortable with my children playing it.
One of the best GAMES!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-10-29

I gave tihs game 5 stars becuse I LOVE IT.If you liked Smash Bros.64 you'l love it,for sure.So buy this game if your a nintendo fan,you won't be let down.
No good
by: morenod71761    On: 2002-10-28

This game [stinks]its no good no good graphics no good story line no good boses I meen whats the reasen of fighting Mario and pikachu what does pikachu got to do with this anyways.
All-Star Fun!
by: starman-je    On: 2002-10-26

Sure there are more games with a more complicated fighting engine out there, but they don't have Pikachu! To be fair though, the game has plenty of moves to develop your own preferred fighting style. Like long distance fighting? Pick Link or Ness. Like to get down to the Knitty-gritty (I think that's how you spell it), your heavyweights Donkey Kong and Bowser are up to the challenge! The briefly entertaining one-player mode motivated me to give this game only 4 stars but the VS. Mode rocks!!! Hardly anything entertains me more than sending my friends flying miles off the screen! Plus the variety of stages also adds to the strategy and entertainment. Oh yeah, the graphics are awesome and the music and sound above normal. It is worth your money.
Family fun with Super Smash Brothers Melee
by: readingmother    On: 2002-10-24

Our family loves this game - since up to 4 can play it. We each have our own favorite charecter that we have become skilled in battling with. We've had the Gamecube since 2001 - and we own several other games, but Super Smash Brothers Melee is the only one we play regularly. I don't understand the "T" rating. There's nothing in this game that most 9 or 10 year olds are not equipped to handle.
I'll say one thing THIS GAME RULES !
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-10-23

there is alot of stuff in this game like secret charecters and stages
but there is a way to get other secret charecters besides,mewtwo,ganondorf,and those other guys.
I'll say one thing THIS GAME RULES !
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-10-23

there is alot of stuff in this game like secret charecters and stages
but there is a way to get other secret charecters besides,mewtwo,ganondorf,and those other guys.
The Best of all games ,SUPER SMASH BROS
by: cyclonex    On: 2002-10-22

these are my thoughts and codes for this game
1.I like this game because you can fight in master hands court
The more you play the more secrets you discover.
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-10-22

I must be the only one who knows you can play with CPUS in vs mode which is best with 3 cpus.There are some things that are really wonderful that some havent even figured out such as giant melee with super mushrooms only,super sudden death,camera mode,tiny melee with poison mushrooms only,lightning melee,slo mo,etc.Not to mention its a good idea to try using one item only with every charecter be it metal boxes,bunny ears,mallets and so on.Experiment a little and you will never get sick of it.I must also be the only one who enjoys playing against cpus more.Also I must be the only one who loves classic and adventure modes not to mention the majority of the event matches.Best used with the new wireless controller(Wave Bird
Multiplayer madness
by: mattchuuu    On: 2002-10-20

I know this will be lost in the other 400 reviews, but I want to post anyhow. This game is terrific multiplayer fun. This is the only fighting game I like, as its gameplay is completely different than the one vs. one, fight until your dead style. Its fresh (even after 4 years of its existence) and very deep. I didn't know how deep until coming to college, and seeing how amazing these characters can be under strategic gamers.

one player mode is shallow, like the original, but still fun. For a while I enjoyed breaking new time records on 'break the targets' mode, and hitting the homerun bag at new distances. The trophies add nostalgic incentive to complete the 1 player modes with every character, among other interesting tasks. If you want to collect all 193 trophies you NEED trophy guides. And if you're in college, look out for Super Smash tournaments! My college has 3 already this semester, with another one happening in my own hall in two weeks.

by: maritzat    On: 2002-10-19

This is the best game ever! You start off with 12 (i think) characters, each with their different moves, strength, and weaknesses. As you pass the game, you get even more characters (20+ in all) and hidden stages. Even trophies to collect and showoff with your friends. And the controls are simple. You basically only use a and b (and x if you use it to jump, i just press up in the control pad). a button is kinda weak, but if you join it with the control stick, it can be your finishing move (a.k.a the smash attack, tap (front) a or down a). The b button is even better. mainly for making them weaker, it can also save your skin with up b (just incase this make no sense, you lose if you fall from the arena, but you can double jump and the b attack to save yourself). ok, so i mainly just said how to fight, but the thing its, its very easy. and the best fighting/action game too. its only weak point is the 1 player mode. still fun tho..... boy if i could write like this on school stuff
An Amazing Game!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-10-16

After having been undecided on which gaming platform was best, I decided that I would head to my nearest gaming retailer and try out games from each platform. Is it really any surprise that Super Smash Bros Melee was my pick?

With more than two times the amount of characters and levels, there is something for everyone. Choose your favorite character and learn their coolest moves so you can whammy your friends in four player mode! The Adventure mode is stunning, and the graphics make the game look like you are actually a part of the fights.

With the many multi-player modes, like Super-Sudden death, Invisible mode, and Giant mode, there is an adventure every time you play!

Collect trophies, play in the levels that do various things to try to knock you off screen, and try to conquer against the other characters are just some of the many things you can explore on this amazing GameCube game.

I would recommend Super Smash Bros. Melee to any casual or serious gamer!

by: Anonymous    On: 2002-10-15

This is a fun game. Great for four player. Buy it! It's worth it! I don't see why it got a T rating though.
Super Smash Brothers....... MELEE!!!!!
by: eggman183    On: 2002-10-14

In SSB Nintendo really outdid themselves to make sure they made a five-star fighting game. I don't want to take up too much of your time so here's my short review.

Graphics: Fantastic. There are so many things to see; the fire in Bowser's breath is extremely authentic, Nintendo even bothered to put in Mario's teeth! 9/10

Gameplay: Ah, it's okay. If it only weren't so darn fast-paced... 6/10

Sound: GREAT! GREAT! GREAT! That's all I can say. 10/10

Overall:8 1/2 out of 10.

Best...Game EVER
by: tipper_carter    On: 2002-10-09

This game [is good]. You start off with Mario, Pikachu, Peach, Yoshi, DK, Captain Falcon, Fox McCloud, Kirby, Ice Climbers, Link, Zelda/Sheik, and a few others I can't think of right now. Of the unlockable characters, there are 6 "clones", and five basic characters, the five basics are Marth, Mewtwo, Jigglypuff(only good for trying moves out on an opponent), Luigi, and Mr. Game and Watch (that's one person). It also features several, I consider different things training modes: Training Mode, Multi-Man Melee (which has 6 different endurance programs), Home Run Contest, Single Button Melee, and my favorite, Stamina Mode, in which you must reduce your opponents H.P. to 0, like the Master Hand, is it possible to change the amount of H.P. you start with.
Four player mayhem with Nintendo's greatest mascots
by: fredricchio    On: 2002-10-03

Ok, before I start this review, I should probably offer this disclaimer: I am not a fan of fighting games in general. I've never played Tekken, DOA, Soul Calibur, or any of those others. In fact the last fighting game I owned was Super Street Fighter 2 for the SNES. The reason, I guess, is that I just absolutely hated the combo systems that seemed to be standard for those types of games. You know, the old 'left, down, right, a + b' executions that were necessary just to pull off a single move. I know a lot of hardcore fighting fans live for that kind of thing, but for me it was just needlessy complicated and ultimately detracted from the experience.

So it's no wonder that I find this game so much more appealing. Every move is executed with a button and a direction on the control stick. Thats as complicated as it gets. Easy to learn, but theres so much depth to this game it's ridiculous. There are tons of items you can pick up that add new twists to the fighting mechanics, many of the environments are interactive (via rotating or transforming stages, moving cameras, or lightning fast hovercraft that knock you off screen), different gameplay modes (try slow-motion melee for Matrix style combat)and many hidden characters to unlock. Not to mention the nearly 300 trophies that can be collected.

The meat of this game is definitely in the multiplayer modes, but the single player modes are pretty deep as well, and necessary for unlocking many of the game's secrets. They include the adventure mode, where you play through sidescrolling levels from classic Nintendo games, Home-Run contest, where you try to smash a sandbag distances of over 1000 ft, or you can test your mettle at an unlimited wave of CPU opponents, or see if you can last for 15 minutes (not nearly as easy as it sounds).

Super Smash Bros. Melee is unlike any other fighter out there, and as far as I'm concerned that's a good thing.

by: ajcar1992    On: 2002-10-02

If someone can tell me how this game is not worth buying, I'd throw my GameCube out the window. Got it? Okay, good. Because this game rules. This is probably my favorite game of all time. It even beats out Halo (Xbox), Mario Sunshine (GameCube) and many other amazing games. Please buy this game, if you enjoy playing a game that has one of these all-stars. Or buy it if you enjoy playing video-games in general. You won't regret it.
Greatest Gaming Experiance ever
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-09-27

I REALLY like this game. In my opinion, this is the best game ever!
The Best Non-Arcade Fighter of all time
by: meganium00    On: 2002-09-27

Great graphics, and a great style of fighting games. The best i've ever seen. If you like action, you'll love this game. Don't think "Oh, another arcade fighter" because it's not. It's a totally different style from Bloody Roar, Tekken, etc. It's fun for anyone.
This is a masterpiece...
by: crustaceankidd    On: 2002-09-27

Do you own a Gamecube? If the answer to that question is yes, do you own this game? If the answer to that question is NO, then you'd better get it sometime soon: you won't regret it AT ALL. It's worth every cent and isn't one of those boring games you'd tire out with in a few weeks. Remember the original Super Smash Bros? You think that was fun? Smash Bros. melee takes that ultimate four-player fun up a whole new level: with a grand total of twenty-five chracters instead of the original 12 (past characters still present), tons of better items like the freezie and the super-scoper, and many new worlds to smash to your heart's delight: from Hyrule Temple to Final destination and three past stages. That plus there are new modes, like coin and stamina mode, to play in. Some chracters, stages, and options require unlocking, but, hey, that's half the fun of it. It's even more fun when you've got three other friends over: most probably what you'll stay up 'till past 1:00 AM playing...

...stop reading this review if you're new to this game and GET IT!

5 star game!
by: _________tom    On: 2002-09-26

Hey buy this game! This game keept me playing for months without rest,food,water, or pausing! it's great! Heed my words.... buy this game...
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-09-26

SUCH A GREAT GAME! This was my most fae game or Gamecube! then I got Super Mario Sunshine..... So i think sunshine might be my fave now. Anyway the grapics are great, REALLY GOOD IF YOU PLAY WITH 3 OTHERS, and a NEW ADVENTURE MODE!!but no board the platforms :( i was kinda mad. SO BUY THIS NOW DON'T BOTHER RENTING JUST BUY IT YOU WILL LOVE IT!
simply smashing!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-09-24

this is probably one of the hottest games for the nintendo gamecube.with it's enhanced graphics,better controls,more characters and stages,it's my favorite title.this is a must have game.
Best game on Gamecube and all consoles
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-09-22

SSBM is and will always be one of my favourites . The first 1 was a gift and this ones just absolutely fantastic
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-09-21

this game is great to get Sonic and Tails you beat crule melee
and thay will challenge you at the same time.To get Young Link
do 500 vs. matches or beat classic mode with 10 charecters.
To get Marth try out all of the charecters that you have in vs mode and he will challenge you. Then beat classic mode with marth
to get Roy.To get Pichu do 300 vs. matches. To get Mewtwo do 700
vs. matches or in vs time mode play for 20 hours. To get Jiggley puff beat classic mode with Pikachu. To get DR. Mario beat classic mode with mario with out dieing do it on very easy
Super Smash Bros. Melee
by: kid06us    On: 2002-09-20

It is the best out of the two games. With more characters and a bitchen Advenature mode, this tittle will have you comming back for more. Although, if you are use to the N64 version you may have some control problems. The graphes are AMAZING. Game play is tight, and with new modes like event and special melee, with your old favorites like classic, and past stages you will play this game again and again. I give a 8.5 out of 10
This game is tight!! oh and i can beat you on this game.
by: lil_m13    On: 2002-09-18

This game is so cool... it is really fun with four players so you can kick....some...TAIL! buy this game or rent, i would buy it(even though i already have it)or rent it, either way you get soooooo much fun out of it.
Melee B00005Q8M0
by: litlrox    On: 2002-09-17

Great game and stimulating...but you could get bored with it quickly.
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-09-14

100 times better than the original, you can get a ton of secret characters (I've got about 7 already) and over 300 (I think) trophies (who knows how many I have). Simply the best fighting game EVER!
SUPER smash brothers
by: tomchop    On: 2002-09-13

This game is realy one of the bests fighting game I've ever seen. The control you have over the character you are playing is amazing. Graphics are great,and so is the gameplay. I only get two downsides of this game:
1)Game modes are a bit repetitive (only three different modes, two of them which are identical with every characters)
2) As in the previous N64 game, there are secret characters, but most of them are like clones of other of them. Nintendo could have done an incredibly better wirk in this area.
Anyway, I recommend this game (with 5 stars despite the problems above), since it is for every age, and is GREAT muliplayer fun. Enjoy.
by: pjclb    On: 2002-09-13

AHHHHHH! Your character screams as he/she/it flies of the screen in a spectacular explosion! As you can see, there's a lot of action in this fighting game. But, instead of just punching and kicking, there's, arrows, lasers, swords, electricity (Pikachu, Pichu), there's bombs, and with the items you've got guns, more bombs, laser swords and so much more. There are, like 11 hidden characters to unlock, and they're all worth it! For the multiplayer, there are hidden levels to unlock when you've completed certain objectives, and a new mode if you unlock all the characters! It is one of the best GCN games out there. Don't listen to all the people saying the GCN is a "kiddie" system, because it's just as powerful as the other systems, with the exception of DVD and CD players. I've heard the GCN's graphics are better than the PS2's!! Well, I hope I've cleared things up, thanks for reading!
super smash brothers melee review
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-09-10

melee is 1 of the best games made on the planet.
it has the following geat characters:
mewtwo=20hrs or 700 vs matches and watch
young link.And many more its worth the money.
and it has all the ariganel characters like
and more,and it has alot of secret arenas.
but sonic and tales is a hoax
but quper and paren may be a hoax but e-mail me at wuzzup ratler if u have info on it.
by: snowfox00x    On: 2002-09-09

This is the same as the first nothing new blah blah blah.
Many Nintendo characters in a great game.
by: portugalleo    On: 2002-09-09

Great, rock-solid gameplay. All my friends that have played it agree with me. A must-buy if you own the GC. You choose from one of 25 characeters (about half of which you need to unlock including Mario, Luigi, Peach, Fox, Link, Kirby, Mewtwo, and Samus) then battle in over 20 different stages (you need to unlock some of them also). The single player modes are Classic (same as SSB on the N64), Adventure (much like the old mario sidescrollers with the boss fights against the main characters), and there is also a home-run bat mode where you hit a sandbag as far as you can after doing damage to it for five seconds. There are several multiplayer modes also. Of course multiplayer is the core of this game. These modes include, Stock, Timer, and Coin battles (you knock the coins right out of your enemy and whoever collects the most wins). Great selection makes this game so fun.
The characters have some small details added to them such as mario's overall pockets but not much more. The characters look fine though. Most of the stages look great too but some look terrible.
The music has changed from the bad music in SSB to the old classics of the characters original games. This is a great change.
All the characters control smoothly and all their moves are easy to do. You shouldn't have any problems here.
You will spend tons of time getting all the secret characters and stages. There are also 300 trophies to collect. You can get them by playing almost any of the game modes and earning coins which you can use in a lottery for these trophies. The tokens of Nintendo characters from every single game they ever made. You name it I'm sure they have it. They have everyting from Mario to Duck Hunt.
Okay, commence drueling gamers!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-09-07

This game is incredible. It has almost no gameplay end, you have a selection of 25 of nintendo's most famous characters, you can big up diffrent items during battles to turn the tide in gameplay, and it's just down right fun! The graphics are amazing, and so are the controls. You can do over 16 moves WITH JUST THE "A" BUTTON! Each person has special abilities, and each one has certain falts too. The computers are almost always challenging, even if you become an expert, because you can just keep setting them higher untill the highest rank. There are over 20 diffremt VS modes, 51 event matches, and 5 other Single player modes. Also, during this entire time, you collect trophys, from almost EVERY single nintendo game, and you can collect up to 290 (291 in Japanes version.) This game is fun, exciting, full of action, and my most favorite Nintendo game so far. It is a MUST buy! And if you don't have a GameCube, but an N64, try it's predocessor, "Super Smash Bros."
Extremely Fun Multiplayer Game
by: osuknick26    On: 2002-09-04

Simply put, this is a great game. It features 3-D Nintendo characters fighting each other in 2-D environments. The characters are (some are hidden and need to be unlocked): Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Bowser, Peach, Link, Ice Climbers, Dr. Mario, Mewtwo, Mr. Game and Watch, Young Link, Zelda, Marth, Roy, Jigglypuff, Pikachu, Pichu, Captain Falcon, Falco, Fox, Kirby, Samus, Ganondorf, Ness, and Yoshi. The main one-player game consists of fighting computer players and some side-scrolling action, with the final battle of each one-player mode being a fight against a giant hand. However, the single player modes don't vary with each character you are so they are repetitive and and it gets boring if you decide to beat it with every character. There are also event matches which put you in a certain situation with a certain character and you need to complete a task (an example is needing to defeat Bowser while being Mario and making sure that Peach doesn't die.) But the main glory of the game is Melee mode. This can be played with one to four players and the players can be human or computer controlled with a skill level of one to nine. This mode is very addictive and extremely fun to play with a few friends. You can either have a set amount of lives or play for a certain amount of time with the most KO's winning. It can be a team battle or a free-for-all and there are numerous interactive stages to play in, many of which are based on a Nintendo game such as Mario's Mushroom Kingdom. To sum this up, the one player game is okay but it is extremely repetitive but if you want a good multiplayer game then this is definately for you.
When you are hitting pikachu over the head with a baseball b
by: sleepyjd    On: 2002-09-04

Plain and simple, this is the game you can play with your friends and your 8 year old cousin. Fun and beatings for all ages is pretty much what SSBM is. It's a game that can be shallow or deep, depending on the user. Too bad there is no online play for it though. But gamecubes always behind for that kind of stuff. Just go buy it.
One of the best games
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-09-03

What can i say except spectacular, fun, and great for parties. This game has it all. When i have lots of friends over this is what we play. An amzing party game. Gameplay 5.0, Graphics 4.5 and sound 4.0. Get 4 controllers, and some friends and you'll be playing it for hours. Trust me if u liked the previous super smash bros. you'll love this sequel to it.
man what a game!
by: crazydirtbiker96    On: 2002-08-30

this game is so much better than the N64 version, graphics, game play, players, its a must get
Teddy 5 star review
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-08-25

This game is very cool but it ranks 2nd to me You should GET
This game it tells about everything even hidden characters!This
game is the coolest game ever next to Mlb Slugfest 20-03
this is what i think about Super Smash Bros. Melee
Teddy 5 star review
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-08-25

This game is very cool but it ranks 2nd to me You should GET
This game it tells about everything even hidden characters!
i dont believe IT!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-08-25

this game has been my all-time fave game since SSBros.(SSB)i am so good at BOTH of these games i have ALMOST beaten event match 51(with Yoshi)this game is TOTALLY worth your money!i have had it for about 2 weeks and already played it more than 40 hours!thats how much i LOVE THIS GAME. every chance i get im playing this game!heres a list of the characters

3)Mr. Game & Watch
8)Young Link

14)DK(Donkey Kong)
19)Captain Falcon
21)Ice Climbers(Popo and Nana)
24)Dr. Mario

personally im best with Roy and Link(pretty good with Mewtwo too)if u like action and fighting games, this game is NOT the game for u.or dont take my word and get it anyway.if u like ANY type of VIDEO GAME get this one!it may take u a while to get the GC but its worth it!

10 times better than the N64 Version
by: joshgamer    On: 2002-08-25

With almost every Nintendo character you just have to buy this game if you own a gamecube. There are so many options and modes that you could still be having fun 5 years from now. If you have 3 friends this game is the best in its class. This is a MUST BUY!
Smash is back
by: prgilbe    On: 2002-08-24

Just two things, This is a wonderful game , and 1P gets boring
after a wile.
Super Smash Sequel Is SPLENDID!
by: akhtarathar    On: 2002-08-21

With tons of levels, many characters, and lots of fun returns the Smashing Smash Bros. Melee. Play, Beat It, and Play it Again! This is the best GC game by far and I think it rocks! Buy it and trust me, you won't regret it!
One Chaotic Slugfest
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-08-19

This crazy sequel to the N64's great hit is back and better than ever. Featuring lots of new characters, and new moves to compliment the Gamecube's tight controller. A total of twenty-five characters in all, plus more stages and items, it's definetly worth the buy. Also puechase extra controllers for multiplayer, pretty much the reason that I got it. A must have.
This Game ROCKS!!
by: deavonab    On: 2002-08-19

Oh I love! this Game! The Music is awesome! The Graphics are awesome! Everything about is perfect! I love having me and 3 other friends duke it out! There are so many features and the sound is awesome even on my (sorry) 19 inch mono tv. I love the remakes of classic songs which were on metroid and zelda and mario, I could go on for hours about this game! I mean 29 characters 25 levels geesh! You would be crazy to not get this game! This game is perfect for all ages! Long Live Nintendo!!!
So much better then the original
by: wwfrockfan    On: 2002-08-19

Super Smash Bros. Melee is a much better game the Super Smash Bros (for N64). There are more characters and and has a better playing mode. Here are all the good and bad stuff about it.
1. There are more characters to choose from. When you unlock all the secret characters, you can choose from Mario, Luigi, Dr. Mario, Mewtow, Pikachu, Pichu, Samous, Fox, Falco Lambardi,DK, C. Falcon, Princess Peach, Zelda, Link, Young Link, Gannadorf, Roy, Mr. Game and Watch, Marth, Kirby, Yoshy, Jigglypuff, Iceclimbers, and Bowser.
2. The appearence of the characters' fighting moves have advanced. Ex. If shoot multiple times with Fox's blaster, instead of taking one shot and putting the gun back in his jacket and taking it back out to shoot again like in the original, he'll just keep shooting as many times as you press the button and not put it back in his jacket.
3. The weapons have advanced and there are more new weapons. Ex. The ray gun used to shoot out a whiteball, now it shoots out a green ray. There are new weapons like the metal box you use in SUPER MARIO 64. And an item that makes you invisible and bunnyears that make you run faster and more health item and much more!
4. Unlike the original Super Smash Bros, you do more stuff then just to get points and unlock secret characters. Now you do what you van to do both thing and try to beat all 50 event matches and are on a mission to collect hundreds different trophies.
5. This game has the same type of mode in the original. It's called CLASSIC and there is also one called ADVENTURE where you do more things then just fight characters, you also have run through the stage. It's similar to what you do in the original Mario games.
6. In some bonus levels there are some in it that you can take so you do not always have to use the LOTTERY for trohies or having to beat the game with everybody.
7. There are now new stages. Ex. Remember the stage "Rainbow ride" from Mario 64, well they now turned that into a stage. Now there is a stage of a pokemon stadium, stage of the front view of the STARFOX ship, there is a new link stage and there is a stage where you fight on top of peaches castle and more!
8. Most of the stages now have more fighting so the chances of you dying are not as good as it was in the original.

1. When you beat Classic or Adventure mode, you get atleast 3 coins which is meant for a lotter which I mentioned in sentence 6 about the good quantities, Lottery gives you any random trophy but after you have collected alot of trophy's the chances of getting a new one are bad. I have 200 trophies and the chance of geting a new trophy when I use one coin is something like 19%.
2. You need a memory card to save your work instead of being saved on the game like the Original. If you don't have a card, then all your hard work gets erased.

Anyway as far as I am concerned, this game has more good things then bad things. Ialways have fun when I play this game and I'm pretty sure you will too if you buy this. Get it!

by: patty10065    On: 2002-08-17

I got this game and I was very impressed by it. Many reviews I read said it was too much like the original but I disagree with that. Their are LOTS of new modes in the gamecube version and the graphics are amazing! Their are many new and exciting characters such as Bowser, Ice Climbers, and Zelda. And some exciting secret characters such as Mewtwo, Doctor Mario,and Mr.Gmae and Watch! Their are many more characters on this exciting squel and many different modes such as Classic, Adventure, and Event. I am only dissappointed with this game becasue some parts (especially the 51st level in event mode) can seem unbeatable and I don't know anybody who has beaten them. In total this game is lots of fun and I suggest that you should buy it if you enjoy action/adventure games.
The learning curve is WORTH it!
by: thatguymarc    On: 2002-08-14

While the game's controls may be a bit confusing to newcomers, veterans will appreciate the fine-tuning they did to an already-great game (the N64 version). More characters, more levels (and beautiful), and more control options. This game is almost too much fun. Battle your friends; the more the merrier. And try not to get addicted.
Smash of the Titans!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-08-14

Super Smash Bros. Melee was a cool game. The graphics were so good that you could see the stitching on Mario's overalls, the individual hairs on Fox McCloud, and the reflections on Bowser's shell.
Also there were great secret characters, like Mewtwo, Mr. Game and Watch, Marth, and Falco. The characters were so cool. The stages also ruled.
The only problem is the rating! I mean, it's rated T for teens, when there is hardly any bad stuff!!!
I really recomend this game!
Super Smash Bros. Melee Review
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-08-13

I got this for my birthday and is is and awsome game. Theres hidden charecters levels and to many moves to count. Anyway i thought this was a great game and thought I'd share the experince!!!!!!!!!!
Awesome game
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-08-13

Super Smash Bros. Melee is my favorite game for gamecube. It's a fighting game up to 4 players. Choose from 25 different Nintendo characters and 28 stages. There are 11 Hidden characters and stages...
Super Smash bros Melee is a Super Smash Hit!
by: gamefreak0    On: 2002-08-12

This game is almost too good to be true. You start out with 15 default characters and a nice varity of stages. In one player you can play either classic(same style as the first smash bros)or adventure(a new twist) mode and over time earn another new mode. As for secret characters there are almost as many to earn as the amount you start with. These include well known characters like mewtwo, to less famous characters like Roy and Mr. Game&Watch. Nintendo couldn't have made this game more perfect.
The Best Game I've Ever Played!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-08-11

This is the best game in the world!And it's a million times better then the N64 prequel.There are tons of new characters(like Pichu,and Ganondorf,and Mewtwo,and so on),lots of new arenas,and more.You can now collects trophies of Nintendo characters.For example,if you beat the game with Link,you get a Link trophie.And there are exlusive trophies that you can get if you have the right game.If you have Metroid Prime data saved on your memory card,then you'll be able to get a trophie of Samus with her helmet off.1 player mode is boring,so be sure you have two controllers so you can play with someone else.And I think that the ESRB messed up on rating this Teen.Sure it's a little violent,but most of it is just slapstick action.

Graphics: 10/10
This game is so detailed,you can see all the stiches in Mario's overalls!And if you want to see really good graphics,watch the opening movie in this game.

Sound: 10/10 The sound is very good.But if you want to hear great sound,try hooking this up to a surround sound system.

Replay Value: 10/10 Even if you beat this game a million times,you'll still want to beat it a million more times.

Overall,this is a very good game that every GameCube owner should have.

awesome game
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-08-11

this game is one of them games that will keep you up all night this is one of them games you can never really beat but if you buy the game you might want to have the stagey guide there are almost thousands of trophies to unlock and you start out with some players like link dk mario then you unlock some like the legenderey mewto and lugi and many others i really think ANYBODY who likes nitedo charters would love this game this is an action packed game you could play for hours and hours i sugeste anybody who likes link mario dk yoisi or any other nitendo charters should buy this game
by: dragon30902000    On: 2002-08-09

Some people seem to think that adventure mode is boring because its always the same. I love it!! This game is way better than the original for N64. 25 characters, almost 300 trophies twice as many levels and more. You get to unlock certain chars that go along with the game. The graphics are execellent, the sound is boring to listen to when you hear it over and over and over, but i don't concentrate on the music when i trying to beat my friends or trying to unlock a new char or level. this game like pulls you into it so you kinda feel like your actually in the game. A must buy
Boring? I think not!
by: foxhound77    On: 2002-08-09

If anyone says this is boring they should be locked away. This is a great game for the whole family, this should be a first buy for your gamecube. If you think this is too violent, it's not. I loved every bit of this, everything was fun, and did'nt get old.
Best game on the planet
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-08-08

Right from the start you get thrown into a universe of complex levels, endless lists of awards and bonuses to unlock, and more combos than you can imagine. A 4-player brawl is the best option there is, combine it with the dozens of play types, objectives, and the fact that you start with item selction, and you can have endless (literally) games. Event match provides challenges and just all-out fun games while adventure is the backbone of every game and is a must to beat. And with bomuses like home run challenge and the cnace to smck Pikachus face in is enough to be worth the $50.
by: ssdcubs    On: 2002-08-07

Simply amazing graphics, along with a bundle of new characters, attacks, levels, and items. Everything from the original hit has been dramatically improved. If you even remotely liked the first one, you'll adore this. There's really nothing else to say except "Wow".
best game for gamecube so far!!!
by: pamarket    On: 2002-08-06

Great game with great features....many things to unlock such as almost 300 trophies, great 1p. and 1p.-4p. modes such giant melee!,zoom in on and look around on a paused screen and even take snap shots of that screen in a special melee mode!,and good graphics.
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-08-06

What a great game! There are 26 characters and 29 stages. The stages are Icicle Mountain, Peach's Castle, Rainbow Cruise, Kongo Jungle, Jungle Japes, Great Bay, Temple, Yoshi's Story, Yoshi's Island, Green Greens, Fountain of Dreams, Corneria, Venom, Brinstar, Onett, Mute City, Pokemon Stadium, and Mushroom Kingdom. The 11 secrets are Flat Zone, Brinstar Depths, Fourside, Big Blue, Poke Floats, Mushroom Kingdom 2, Battlefield, Final Destination, N64 Yoshi's Island, N64 Dream Land, and N64 Kongo Jungle. The characters are Mario, Pikachu, Bowser, Peach, Yoshi, DK, C. Falcon, Fox, Ness, Ice Climbers, Kirby, Samus, Sheik, Zelda, and Link. The secrets are Dr. Mario, Luigi, Ganondorf, Falco, Young Link, Pichu, Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, Marth, Roy, and Mr. Game and Watch.

The 1-P mode Regular Match contains Classic (7 Vs. Stages with random opponents, 3 bonus stages), Adventure (12 stages, Side-Scrolling stages with Vs. action in a fixed order), and All-Star (Secret mode with all characters, 1, 2, or 3 at a time, 30 Mr. G&W's at end, and limited recovery.) 1-P Event Matches (play up to 51 Special Smash events), Stadium (Smash 10 targets in Target Test, Smash Sandbag as far as you can in the Home-Run Contest, or 10 or 100-Man Melees, 3 or 15-Minute Melees, or Endless or Cruel Melees in Multi-Man Melee), or Training Mode.

1-4 Player Vs. Mode consists of Melee (Time, Stock, Bonus or new Coin, choose what items appear, set time for Stock Matches, Melee or Team Battle), Tournament Melee (up to 64 entrants!) and Special Melee (Camera, Stamina, Super Sudden Death, Giant, Tiny, Invisible Melee, Fixed-Camera, Single-Button, Lightning, and Slow-Mo Melees.

There are 293 trophies to collect. Look at a description of each in the Gallery, look at your collection, or buy them in the Lottery.

With a special movie, improved AI, 293 trophies and incredible depth, this game is a must have.

Fun for the Whole Family!
by: lisashea_dot_com    On: 2002-08-03

The GameCube has some great titles that can keep you occupied for weeks on end. Super Smash Brothers Melee is definitely one of these. It's fun for the whole family!

In essence, the game is the same as the Nintendo 64 game Super Smash Brothers. This game was brilliant - for the first time you could see all of your N64 characters - Zelda, Link, Pikachu, Kirby, etc. - in one game, interacting with each other. There were random powerups from all of the games, and the levels and soundtracks were perfect. It was really amazing to see Yoshi up against Zelda in a StarFox background with the music.

Super Smash Brothers Melee upgrades the game for the GameCube, adding new characters, new modes, new graphics and sound. Once again you have a variety of ways to play. You can do an "adventure mode" which really just means you play through a series of levels to an "ending boss battle" to win. There are many player-vs-player battles too, with up to 3 opponents.

It's not a full fledged fighting game. There aren't multitudes of move combinations to work out. But it IS great fun anyway! The moves they do are all imaginative and fun. The powerups you find are also quite inventive. There are trophies and special characters and levels to earn as you play more and more, giving you incentive to keep playing. You gotta unlock them all!

It's not really a thinking game. There aren't any great puzzles to figure out, no characters to develop, no long quests to go on. But many times, you don't want that in a game. Like Tetris and Bejewelled, you just want to kick back, relax, and have some mindless fun. SSBM provides that in great abundance!

A great game for any GameCube owner!

Nintendo's classic revamped
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-08-01

Lot's of gamers probably remember the original SSB for the N64. Now, in the sequel for the Nintendo GameCube, there are more levels, characters, modes, and an extended multi-player mode where the number of different matches you can play are virtually limitless.

Graphics: Absolutely stunning. Nintendo took the graphics to the highest level imaginable on the GameCube. They also took the time to put the greatest detail on things some people don't even notice! For instance, the cardboard in the Yoshi's Island stage, has every small hole a real piece of cardboard would have, and you can actually see the stitches on Mario and Luigi's overalls!

Sound: The sound here is great. However, some things arer not as good as others. The music and sound can get repetitive. After all, hearing "Yahoo!" a million times over in one match can get pretty annoying. 7/10

Playability: Most of the time your objective is to knock your opponent off the side of the stage. The playability here is fine, but the limited amount of moves per character, and the fact that 2-3 characters at the most share the same moves (i.e. Ganondorf & Captain Falcon / Mario, Dr.Mario & Luigi) gives this section a low 6/10.

Replay value: Fantastic! There's so much to do in this game. With 290 trophies, over 15 stages and 25 characters to play as (including over 7 to unlock), SSBM will keep you playing for hours. 10/10

Overall: SSBM gets a 4/5 overall. This game is worth playing at your friend's house during the afternoon, but it's suggested that you buy it if you're a fanboy of the fighting genre.

by: taorslovecraft    On: 2002-07-31

Worthy of my time playing it, ecspecially with friends or relatives.
How much fun can a "button masher" be?
by: zotan9    On: 2002-07-30

Well don't look here, because Super Smash Bros Melee is anything BUT a "button masher." With dozens of characters, each with limited amounts of moves, they're easy to take control of. But mastering a character takes hours of practice, hours of adventuring, hours of multi-man melees! Smash Bros Melee isn't a rehash of it's N64 brother, but a revamp. There's so much new stuff that it'll feel like a totally new game.

Well what's so "new" about it? For one, about 13 new characters. That's right, there's 25 characters total this time. Of course, only 14 are playable at first, so it's your job to unlock the rest of the characters, which is no easy task. Not to mention there's about twice as many levels, with some classic levels from the first game (in case you really miss 'em that much). Most of the music is orchestrated; it's a great feeling to listen to a stringed orchestra play the Legend of Zelda theme. There's also tons of trophies to collect, over 200. New modes, including TONS of 1 player modes, so this game is just as fun by yourself as it is with a large group of people. The loading times are fast, the secrets are plentiful, there's just too much to mention!

So what am I saying basically... hmmm... well, you owe it to yourself to buy this game. And if you don't have a Gamecube... buy it then buy this. I've had it since December 2001, and I'm still unlocking new things. It just never ends!

The BEST game EVER!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-07-29

one of the best mutiplayer games that is made. allowing 1-4 players to fight not just that the graphics are just superb with wicked sounds affects aswell. the 1p mode is also so cool, it includes all star mode, classic mode, adventure mode and more! featuring
25 characters (15 secret one's) with 30 cool stages AND many events and gamemode that would keep you going forever! The thing that i think is the best is the characters featuring allstar players such as Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, DK and more also including the ice climbers! just one of the best game i ever played i'll suggest you to buy it! if your still thinking to buy it or not they wont be a game that is worthy to buy then...
SSBM Is Great For Kids Who Love Nintendo Characters!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-07-29

Super Smash Bros. Melee is a fun game.The characters are Zelda/Sheik,Fox,Ice Climbers,Samus,Kirby,Princess Peach,Bowser,Pikachu,Link,DK,Ness,C.Falcon,Mario,and Yoshi.The secrets are Jigglypuff,Pichu,Mewtwo,Young Link,GanonDorf,Marth,Roy,Luigi,Dr.Mario,Falco,and Mr.Game and Watch.There are trophies in this game too.There are 300,and 12 extra.I have 270 in all.In 1 player mode,There is adventure mode(absolutely fun) and classic mode(too boring).When you get the characters I listed above,you get all star mode(even better).After you beat a level in all star mode,you get to walk through a park.Also it has special items to like a pokeball.Lugia,Ho-Oh,Suicune,Entei,Raikou,Mew,Zapdos,Moltres, Articuno,and Celebi is the hardest to get.Well,there is other things,too.I did not want to tell you what they are.You will have to find out what they are yourself.From Spngbbfan02.
A great fighting game for beginner gamers
by: michaelgiblin    On: 2002-07-28

S.S.B.M. is the first game I got for g.c. It was pretty short but it was fun while it lasted. There are two modes classic and adventure. Classic is like the first smash bros except the order of characters you battle change every time you play it. Adventure allows you to do races against time, regular battles and other special stages, but the order never changes in adventure mode. I think that there are 25 characters including the secret charachters. You can earn character trophies and earn new stages. I gave it four stars because it got boring fast. Also the only scene with notable gamecube graphics is the opening sequence. I reccomended buying a used one.
by: bcmekruse    On: 2002-07-28

This game rules! You should definetly buy it today. Multiplayer allows you to play up to 4 guys at a time and its great for birthday parties and stuff like that. It definetly is the best game for gamecube. The players are easy to control and have simple combos and the music is full and its not like that beepy gameboy music and its pretty cool too. The graphics are awsome, and there is a all new adventure mode where you go through stages like Mario's mushroom kingdom, DK's congo jungle, and captain falcon's F-zero track. then there are all the charectars. These are all of them: Mario, bowser, pikachu, peach, yoshi, DK, captain falcon, fox, ness, ice climbers, kirby, samus, zelda, link, sheik, dr. mario, gannondorf, falco, young link, pichu, luigi, jigglypuff, roy, mewtwo, prince marth, regular marth, and mr. game and watch. If you like fighting, this is the game for you!!!!!!!!!!! I rank it 5-star, so buy it today!!!!!!!!!!!
I love this Game!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-07-25

If you want fun, or you just want to kick your brother's ..., BUY THIS GAME NOW! You've got like all the important characters from past Nintendo games, including 4 Pokemon, 5 Mushroom Kingdom characters, and even Prince Marth from a Japanese-only game. The Adventure mode is a bit weak, but the 2-player action more than makes up for it. Plus, you've got the challenge of collecting over 300 trophies full of fascinating Nintendo history . . . but if you're like me, you just want to play, who cares about the history part? :)
Super Smashin!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-07-25

Super Smash Bros. is one of my favorite games. I would have given this game a 4.5, but you cant do halves, and I would never give it a 5! The characters (Mario, Pikachu, Bowser, Yoshi, Peach, Capt.Falcon, Ice Climbers, Fox, Kirby, Ness, Samus Aron, Zelda-Shiek, and Link)are cool, and the hidden characters (secret) are really cool! I think the graphics could usee some help, but thats not a biggy. In 1P event matches are so fun, and they have the perfect number of them (51). I also think that their could be more hidden characters. My advise is rent hen buy, and if you you already have this game and your bored of it get a stratagy book.
No Collection is Complete Without It!
by: ghudson43    On: 2002-07-24

This game is too good. There are 26 characters and 29 stages. The 15 default characters are Mario, Pikachu, Bowser, Peach, Yoshi, DK, C. Falcon, Fox, Ness, Ice Climbers, Kirby, Samus, Sheik, Zelda, and Link. The 11 hidden characters are Dr. Mario, Luigi, Ganondorf, Falco, Young Link, Pichu, Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, Mr. Game and Watch, Marth, and Roy. The 1-P Mode consists of Classic & Adventure Mode (All-Star to be unlocked), 51 Event Mode matches, 3 minigames in Stadium, and Training. Vs. Mode consists of Melee (Time, Stock & new Coin & Bonus), Tournament Melee (up to 64 players), Special Melee (10 different ways to play), Custom Rules & Name Entry. There are 290 different trophies to collect (100 in the Lottery alone). Look at your Collection or look at a description of each one in the Gallery. With 162-bit graphics, a ton of depth, a special movie and more, this is a must-have. Also buy Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, Star Wars: Rogue Leader, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, Pikmin, and sports titles.
by: mlemieux20032002    On: 2002-07-24

I have the original super smash brothers and the sequal and I have to say that the sequal is a ton better. It has got to be the best gamecube game made so far. Even though it is pretty simple to get all of the secret levels and characters, the trophies provide a harder task. There are 290 trophies in the game and some of them are really hard to get. I currently have 287 trophies and the toughest one I think is diskin because you have to accomplish every bonus melee record in the game which are the things you get at the end of a match. The game itself is amazing. You can use 26 characters in 19(I think) stages. The secret characters are Dr. Mario, Ganondorf, Young Link, Falco, Jigglypuff, MewTwo, Pichu, Mr. Game and Watch, and others. The secret stages are Battlefield, Final Destination, Mushroom Kingdom 1, Mushroom Kingdom 2, Pokefloats, Big Blue, Jungle Japes(N64 Version), Yoshi's Island(N64 Version), Kirby's Land(N64 Version) and others. This game is a great way to battle with multiple players and will provide hours of great fun.
It was well worth the wait!
by: the_peacemaker    On: 2002-07-23

I had many reasons to buy a Nintendo Gamecube (state-of-the-art graphics, lightweight, doesn't use too much electricity, etc.) but by far the best reason was to get Super Smash Bros. Melee. This game is the sequel to the Nintendo 64's excellent Super Smash Bros. (which from here on I will refer to as "SSB"), and I had been waiting and waiting and waiting for a sequel until FINALLY one came out--on a different console. (Don't you hate it when that happens???)

The gameplay is very similar to that of the original--try to knock your opponents around, then defeat them by sending them flying off the stage. The new feature that you'll notice first is the wide variety of characters. There are 25 characters--nearly half of which are secret--ranging from the floaty Princess Peach, to the ox-like Bowser, to the transforming Zelda/Sheik, to the Japan-only game Fire Emblem's heroes Marth and Roy, to even the quirky 2-D Mr. Game & Watch! Plus all your favorite characters from SSB (Mario, Kirby, Ness, Link, etc.) are ready for action again--though you'll have to unlock a few of them.

There are also a great deal of maps, including three from SSB. It would be kind of redundant to list all of them, but my favorites are Fourside (where you fight on top of a city's skyscrapers), Big Blue (where you fight on speeding race cars and try not to fall on the track below), and Poke Floats (where you fight on top of drifting Pokemon blimps). This is also where the Gamecube's top-of-the-line graphics stand out; the backgrounds are so detailed and the animation so fluid that you'll swear you're watching a live-action movie. (The Hyrule Temple and Final Destination are miracles!)

There are also many new items to use: from Warp Stars to Super Scopes to good old-fashioned FOOD! The old items from SSB are also back, but some have new features (I HATE IT WHEN I GET A HEADLESS HAMMER).

I could go on all day! There are so many new features to this game that make it a blast to play even when your friends aren't around! These include the one player Event Match (a series of 51 progressively difficult 1-player matches--#51 is not impossible but INSANELY HARD), the trophies (try collecting all 293), and the Multi-Man Melee mode (can you stay alive for 15 minutes with one life and no recovery items?) And there are also lots of new versus modes too, including many versions of regular matches (Invisible Melee, Slo-mo Melee, Fixed Camera Mode, etc.), as well as the Camera Mode. This ingenious mode allows two or more players to take on-screen snapshots of the action from ANY angle. (This feature also makes it possible to photograph the female characters in...ahem...somewhat suggestive fighting poses, which is the sole reason why the game received a "Teen" rating from the ESRB.)

One of the other improvments which I feel that I am the only one to spot is that the AI is vastly improved over that of SSB. One example: NPC's in SSB often picked up items and threw them down on the ground OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN--even if they were set on level '9' difficulty (hardest). I would say that a level '9' NPC in SSB is about as challenging as a level '6' NPC in Melee. (However, this is not to say that Melee's AI is perfect--I once beat Event #48 in 18 seconds because an NPC came lunging at my character with a powerful attack, only to miss and fall into oblivion. But this only happened once.)

And, last but not least, we have the credits. Even the credits are lot of fun; they take you into a Star Fox-like zoom through space in which you can fire lasers at the credits to read more about them. Very cool.

Bottom Line: This is a wonderful game, and if you don't already own a 128-bit or higher gaming system, then this game is well more than reason enough to run out and buy a Gamecube right now! I just hope the next Super Smash Bros. sequel is coming in less than three years from now.

The best GameCube title so far
by: vpm17013    On: 2002-07-23

I played Super Smash Bros. on the N64, but it doesn't quite compare to this! 25 characters in all, among them, characters that have been icons for years. For starters, Mario, DK, Link, Luigi, and Pikachu. Lots of great stages, some have to be unlocked, but, still a game that rocks! One person playing by his/her self is good enough, but with 2-4 players, the possibilities are infinite. It's a great party game. So, for anyone who wants to own a game with great replay value, get this. I promise u, u won't regret it.
good or great
by: retrob0017    On: 2002-07-23

super smash bros melee was a good game the only thing is that if you have ouned the first smash bros melee gets boring after awile some good things about this game is the graphics on the levels are great and their are tones of seceret charictors all in all if you really liked the first one you will like this one
Super Smashing Fun
by: mlrosato    On: 2002-07-21

It is cool at first. Once I earned all of the stuff I lost interest. But it is still a great game. Awesome graphics.
The Sweetest Smashin' Mario Bros. Game ever!
by: gateguardian    On: 2002-07-20

This game is recommended for everyone, even the nerds at school and your 90 years old Grandma(if she doesn't have recent any heartattacks!) This game is one of the main reasons I got a Gamecube and I don't have any regrets about it! It has 150% great graphics, sound, and gameplay! One of the best games for gamecube!
12 Year Old Gamer
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-07-18

Super Smash Brothers Melee. This game brings so much enjoyment. No matter how much you play it it is ALWAYS going to be addictive. My older cousins really like multi-player games so when they saw Super Smash Bros. Melee They had to get it! And they still have fun playing it up to this very minute. It has music that gets you pumped up and ready to take on anyone who challenges you! And has graphics that make your mouth water, so much it gets all over your controller!! With a stunning 25 characters to chose from I promise this game will have unstoppable fun for all ages! If you like fighting games then this is the perfect game for you. I would tell you other activites that are on the game but that would ruin all the fun wouldnt it.I hope the info I gave you will help make your decision. Goodbye (for now)
The best fighting game ever period!
by: jon-odo    On: 2002-07-17

I absolutely love Smash Bros. Melee. It's fun by itself, super-easy to learn and one of the best party games that have ever come out ot any system. Mario Party pails in comparison party wise to this great title. This title deserves to be bought with out a rental. Me and my friends are still enjoying this title since it's release.
This is the best game!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-07-14

I love this game. You have 25 characters in the game.(26 if you count Sheik.)I am 9 but I don't know why it rated "T". I am not allowed to play "T" games but my parents let me play this one. It has many more features than the original game Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. had only 12 characters and 9 levels. Melee has 28 levels. More levels than characters!
Super Smash Bros. Melee is almost flawless
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-07-13

Super Smash Bros. Melee is the best Gamecube game avalible at the moment. There was a big difference between Super Smash Bros. for N64 and Super Smash Bros. Melee for Gamecube. Melee is much better.

Control: Complete control over your characters. It doesn't take long to learn and you'll be able to master it in no time. While you're playing the game it feels natural as you control your character. Many games lack this but not Melee.

Graphics: As you know the game is cartoonish and does not look like real people. But that's how it is suppose to be. This has the best graphics I've seen for Gamecube so far and I'm sure it'll hold the title for some time.

Gameplay: When in battle, it runs very smooth. I haven't seen any glitches yet and don't expect any. No loading and that makes the game much more enjoyable.

Replay Value: Very High.

Characters: So many to choose and each one is very diferent from the other. It may be good to try all of the characters and find your best 3, then play on with them so you'll get really good, really fast.

Modes: Adventure mode is actually boring. You can create tournaments which are fun. Classic Mode is great, one battle after another. The Home-Run contest never seemed great to me, but you might love it. Many many more.

Super Smash Bros. Melee is just one of those games that you must buy, if you have Gamecube. You can't go wrong with this game. So don't waste your time reading other reviews just go out and buy it now!!!

Nintendo's all stars are back
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-07-13

I have all of the stages,charactars,and I've unlocked everything.But it doesn't mean i'm saying this game is bad it's awesome.Theres 25 charactars mewtwo you must play vs mode for 20 hours straight {leave your system on all night have 2 controllers pick who your best with don't pause it.}Theres roy,marth,bowser,peach,mario,luigi,yoshi,DK,dr.mario,ganondorf,link,young link,zelda,samus,mewtwo,pichu,pikachu,jigglypuff,caption falcon, and watch,fox,falco,ice climbers,and kirby.Theres 51 event matches and much more heck I'm 10 this games awesome.
Why this is the best GameCube game that has been released...
by: ronalduck    On: 2002-07-11

I think Super Smash Bros. Melee for Nintendo GameCube has to be the best game they have released. This is what I think of everything -

Graphics: 3/5 -- Okay, so they're only 2-d graphics and admit it, lots of games have better graphics but they aren't terrible. They didn't focus on the graphics anyway, they focussed on other things.

Addictiveness: 5/5 -- Once you start playing, you can't stop. It stays in your GameCube perminantly and you play it daily. Very addictive.


* Charecters: 5/5 -- Twenty-five charecters all together. You have to win a few but it's your fault if you can't get them all. Keep practicing and you'll get them.

* Levels: 5/5 -- If 22 levels isn't enough for people, then nothing is. 5/5 for levels.

Hidden Stuff: 5/5 -- Hidden Trophies, Hidden Charecters, Hidden Levels, All-Star Mode, Score Display, Random Stage, Sound Test, Events 11-51, definitely 5/5.

Controls: 5/5 -- Easy enough once you play the game for a while. Easy controls even though the original GameCube controller isn't the best.

Overall: 5/5 -- Simply the best GameCube game out. Very few faults makes this game unbelievable.

Best game ever
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-07-10

I first played the original super smash game. I liked that game but it was kinda lame. About a year later, I went to my friends house and he showed me this game. When I played it was so fun! The game improved since the first one. Better graphics, better sound effects, more character and a so much more. Later my interest grew more and more by the time. I had seen more when my other friend had this game. I saw more character since the last time. Some of them are Mewtwo, Dr.Mario, Falco, Ganondorf, and Mr. Game & Watch. I always enjoy the background music, espicially the final stage music. My favorite thing to do in the game is the event match. The object is that you have to beat event in some special circumstands. Still, there is so much thing to do in the game. Collecting tropies, get all characters and stages, master all events You just have to play to find out! So I say to buy this game! It rules!

Well, Since you're gonna buy(or not) here's a little tip: there are total of 27 characters and 34 stages in the game.

THE game to get for your Gamecube!!!!!
by: s_lenz    On: 2002-07-10

Are you trying to pick a new game for your Gamecube? Look no farther, this is it! This is the first game I bought for my Gamecube. I was a little afraid to buy it because everyone said it wasn't as fun without 2 or more people playing it, What a lie!
I have just as much fun playing by myself as I would with any one else. There is so much to do in this game besides the basic Multiplayer fights like in the previous Super Smash Bros. on the N64. Bottom Line: You really should spend the money on this game at some time, you will always thank yourself that you did!
Go melee go melee
by: rabbitandfriend    On: 2002-07-09

SSBM is the best game ever made. If you liked the first one on 64 then you will love this game. You get so many more players than the last like my personal favorite (even though I am a boy) I like Zelda. Other favorites that weren't on the last one Ice climbers mewtwo and a whole lot more.

fun 100/100
and every thing else 100/100

Smash Bros. Is Back and Better Than Ever!
by: mikau860    On: 2002-07-09

Super Smash Bros. Melee is a game with something for everyone. You can take your favorite Nintendo characters (such as Mario, Kirby, Link, or Donkey Kong) and beat up other Nintendo characters. Don't like Pikachu? Vent your rage by smashing the little guy off the screen. Some of the secret characters from the original SSB (like Ness and Captain Falcon) are available right off the bat, in addition to a few surprises, like Peach, Zelda, the Ice Climbers, and even Mario's arch foe, Bowser. The secret characters (there are 11 of 'em, including Mewtwo, Luigi, Ganondorf, and Young Link) and stages make trying to unlock them addictive. The 1 player mode has also been greatly improved from the original. The Adventure Mode and Event Matches give you something to do when you aren't smashing your friends in the 4 player Melee mode. Super Smash Bros. Melee is a must have for all GameCube owners.
Super Smash Bros. Melee
by: sabuu44    On: 2002-07-08

This game is the reason I bought a GameCube instead of an XBOX. Yeah, it's that good. I owned the last game and I tought it couldn't get any better, I was wrong. This game is definately the best fighting game. 4 players, all types of weapons, and all different characters from the best Ninendo games. It may be a 2D fighting style, but when you're playing it, you don't notice. You just think of how to kill Picachu and what weapon you should pick up next. It is a must have for anybody that likes fighting games!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-07-08

I would have never thought that the characters in this game would be so clear unlike super smash bros. This game is so much fun. My friends and i always play it. I also like having so many new characters to unlock. It gives you more to do in single player mode.
Solid Fun - At First......
by: blackrock81    On: 2002-07-07

This game is lots of fun at first. But when you are stuck days later trying to unlock the secret playable characters "Mr. Game and Watch" and MewTwo, you realize the game is not fun anymore.

The graphics look great and the characters are cool, but once you've beat the game with the characters provided you are left bored. It's one of the best Gamecube Launch games but I recommend it for the under 12 set. They always get a kick out of Picachu [winning fights].

by: videogameluver    On: 2002-07-03

The starting video is absolutely gorgeous those graphics are almost a match to resident evil!This game has great graphics all the time and a countless number of modes. You can even create your own battle. It's a great game and collecting all the trophies would be a pain in the neck so don't try just have fun.adventure mode is really cool its like old school mario with good graphics and a lot of characters. There are many more secret characters than there are boxes with question marks (I Think) there are also many hidden levels the hardest one being brinstar depths. a great game i didn't buy it but i rented it and didn't want to take it back so i highly suggest you buy it.
Great Game
by: robostiggy    On: 2002-07-03

This game is one of the best on the market. It has brought hours of enjoyment for my son and his friends ( and me!).

The graphics are great and the game play is very smooth. There are lots of options that make game play interesting ... plus 20 or so characters to play with.

Pausing the game during a battle captures some great action shots.

Buy this game.

by: Anonymous    On: 2002-07-03

This is the best game! It is the first game I got for GameCube and it was a good choice. I have this game and the original for N64. What I don't understand is why the original game was rated Everyone, while this game is rated Teen! It doesn't include anything bad for children besides the concept, which is to defeat your the oppposing player. Yep, no blood,no guts,no swearing, no anything! Like I said the concept is to defeat the other player, BY KNOCKING THEM OFF THE EDGE! You aren't trying to kill them, you are trying to knock them off the edge! And the charecters are Mario, Kirby, Peach,Donkey Kong and more!CRAZY GAMERATERS! Oh well, this is still A MUST BUY! DON'T HESITATE TO BUY IT BECAUSE OF THE RATING!!!
The best fighting game I've played so far!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-07-01

This is one of the best fighting games I have ever played. The graphics are top qualaty and the gameplay is easy to catch on too. This game is packed with secoret stages, charactures, and trophys. Play from Mario- Young Link and from Link- Roy. This game will privide hours of fun for everyone! Now if only Sonic and Tails were in it. Sonic verses Mario or Tails verses Pikachu both sound like far fights to me.
Smash bros rocks
by: betsymae18    On: 2002-07-01

This game was a big improvement from the N64 smash bros. You'll find more characters, items, levels, one player modes, and of course some very nice looking graphics. Everybody I know with a gamecube has this game. I'm sure everyone with a gamecube has this game they should because its fun. In this game you earn trophies. There are 300 but I think thats a lie. I have 289 trophies and theres only one I havent gotten. The trophy is called diskman or diskun. I wish I knew how to get it and I wish I knew what happened if you get every trophy. Well its a great game and it would have been cool if Sonic and Tails were in it. It even would have been cool if Bomberman was in it or captaing olimar because nintendo made both those characters.
by: righteousedude    On: 2002-06-30

this new smash bros game kicks ...
by: spikey9018    On: 2002-06-30

nintendo back with a brand new super smash bros game and this game rules.The new game Super SMash Bros.MELEE is similar 2 the 1st Super Smash Bros. game but it ishas alot of new features that the other one doesnt have. NEW FETURES ON SUPER SAMSH BROS. MELEE this new game has slick graphics and awesome play control and lots gameplay variety has tons 9 new secret characters like(Falco,Ganondorf,Marth.andMewtwo).SSMB also has minigames like Homerun Derby where u smack ... a poor little beanbag 2 c who how far it goes and 100 man melee and ext...
One of the Best Games I've Ever Played
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-06-30

Super Smash Bros. Melee is a excellent quality game. There are more things you can do then the one of N64. Plus more players. There are also more detail and also more places where you can fight.
by: xblumx420    On: 2002-06-27

its a good game everyone who has gamecube should gets this and bomberman and its not a kiddy game
A Game Bursting with stars
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-06-27

The game is good for the whole family. It is full of different ways to play such as very easy, easy and so on. It is a great mutiplayer game for you and your friends to battle. This game is a lot better than the old it has a new way of playing , and even new characters. The graphics are outstanding you really feel like your in the game when you play this. This game is a great deal for your money , and you should do everyrthing you can to buy it.
good GaMe
by: xblumx420    On: 2002-06-27

this is a good game but its alittle kiddy its worth the 50 bucks but it gets kind of old if u want fun and u love the nintendo charators buy this game!!
good GaMe
by: xblumx420    On: 2002-06-27

this is a good game but its alittle kiddy its worth the 50 bucks but it gets kind of old if u want fun and u love the nintendo charators buy this game!!
by: simpsonsfreak9    On: 2002-06-26

This game is tite!! Must buy for any gamecube owner
i own ps2 n gamecube, heh..XBOX is coming soon.
Best Game for Gamecube I have played yet
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-06-24

This game is the $hit. (I mean that in a good way). The best thing about it is thaT IT IS AWESOME in multiplayer!! I love playing it with friends. There is 290 trophies which will keep you occupied for a while and characters and stages to earn also. I also like how it has an adventure mode instead of being fighting the whole time. Also I like the home run contest which makes this game unique and cool.

This game is hard to master and will keep you occupied for a while as i have been since February. I strongly suggest you get this game.

Super Smash Bros. Melee
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-06-24

This sequel to the N64 game is a lot better. It has a one player adventure mode if you don't have any friends. There are eleven characters you can unlock and eleven bonus stages you can unlock.
There are two ways to unlock every character. You can also get 290 trophies that tell about old game charcters and secrets about your favorite characters.
5 stars isn't enough!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-06-23

This is the best game for gamecube so far! You start out with all the old characters even the old hidden ones!Even Knew ones! Plus 10 more hidden characters. The gameplay is superb! They have two one player modes. Adventure mode starts you out in mario world! When you play against your friends you can finnaly show them who's boss! You can also win Knew corses! If you have game cube and you don't have this game the only thing that should hold you back from this game is the fact that it's rated teen. I'm telling you X-box and Ps2 gamers, swith to gamecube and buy this!!!!! IT ROCKS,PERIOD,END OF DICOSION!!!!!!!! NOW BUY IT!
The best game that I have ever played except for it's faults
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-06-22

Unbelievibly detailed and unbelievibly good! This is the must own gamecube game. Its quality could never be beat by anything released for PS2 or XBOX. The options for multiplayer are mind boggiling. you can set everything right down to what items you want to appear and how often! The single player modes (Classic adventure and all star) are good but get old after having to play each one 25 times to get all of the character trophies. There is a trophy in every mode for all 25 characters.Speaking of the characters,you have 14 at the start with 11 more waiting to be unlocked. There are all of the characters from th original super smash brothers(N64),plus Roy, Marth, Young Link, Pichu, Mr. Game and Watch, Mewtwo, Zelda who can transform into sheik, and Dr.Mario. My favorites are Ness, Bowser, and Link. My only real complaint is how you unlock Mewtwo. You have to either play 1 player for a combined total of 20 hours or by playing a combined total of 700 vs. matches! Yikes! The other hidden characters can be unlocked by a lot of vs. matches too, but they have easier alternitives.(Mr. Game and watch is the 2nd hardest to unlock.)That is all I have to really say. Get this game!
Roy Strikes Back!
by: cindysakai2002    On: 2002-06-22

This game is great! I could play it all day if I wanted. My fave character is Roy he is the best. Besides this game Sonic Adventure 2 Battle is great also. If you are thinking about getting a new game and you don't have Super Smash Bros. Melee, get it its the best!
A good game
by: darkmusashi    On: 2002-06-22

I love this game!!! It is currently one of the best games on Nintendo Gamecube. Although it is a lot like its N64 predecessor "Super Smash Bros.", it has a lot of new levels and a WHOLE lot of new hidden and default characters. There is also the brand-new Adventure Mode, where you go through Mario-like mini-levels. During the courses in Adventure Mode, you occasionally reach an area where you have to fight someone. It's pretty cool. There are also some new items. Check out the 100-man Melee for a challenge! Try it out if you're a fan of Super Smash Bros., or even if you're just looking for an entertaining game.
Great Game ! Great Caracters!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-06-22

This game is exiting fun some of the caracters are weird but who cares they have has cool moves and great event matches. get this game before they run out!!
Great Game ! Great Caracters!
by: gotanks30    On: 2002-06-22

This game is exiting fun some of the caracters are weird but who cares they have has cool moves and great event matches. get this game before they run out!!
If only every game was this good
by: gemini3243    On: 2002-06-21

...Super Smash Bros. Melee is simply put, astronomically entertaining. Nothing can compare to this game in multiplayer competition, unlockables, sheer fun, and nostalgia value. Every aspect of this game deserves a 20 out of 10. They say nothing's perfect in this world. I beg to differ. Melee is as close to perfection as gaming will ever get. 25 different fighters, hundreds of trophys, 30 different arenas to fight in, and more special features than you can possibly imagine. I can't describe how awesome this game is. Get it.
Easily the best game on the Nintendo GameCube.
by: yodasaber    On: 2002-06-21

As I mentioned in the title, this game is the best and most long-lasting Nintendo GameCube game released so far. If you have a favorite Nintendo game, chances are there is at least one mention of that game in here. For those who don't know, the Smash Bros. games are fighters where Nintendo characters battle it out and try to knock eachother off the stage. They aren't like normal fighters, as they don't feature a Health meter, but a damage meter. The higher the damage meter, the faster and farther you'll fly. Nintendo games featured include Mario(of course), Zelda, Metroid, Earthbound(my fav), Kirby, Game and Watch, Fire Emblem, Pok?mon, and countless others. If you're having a party, and want some fun, buy this game. 4-player support is included, and a 64-player tournament mode is also included. So it's obvious that this game is an AWESOME party game. All that said, you must accept the fact that this game will get old after a while. But this takes a LONG time. I got this game on December 7, 2001, and I still am not even close to finishing, and I don't even think it's possible to finish, unless you beat the game in every mode with every character, on the hardest difficulty, while getting all 290 trophies in the process. This is a VERY tough thing to do, and most owners will never accomplish this.

Overall, this game is a must for any Nintendo fan. And if you don't think you're a big enough Nintendo fan to enjoy this game, well, you're totally wrong. My advice: Get Smash.

Gamecube at its Multiplayer BEST!!!!
by: rsponzo    On: 2002-06-19

I bought this game at its release time and played it constantly since. I read the data of Super Smash Bros. and it said I played close to 100 hours total!!!!... and I'm still not tired of this game! The massive amount of lands (around 30) with their own obstacles and real-life simulation from other Nintendo games (some levels morph, melt away, constantly moving,... just amazing!!). The characters are real and have their own special moves and abilities.
-Dr. Mario*
-Donkey Kong
-Mr Game and Watch*
-Young Link*
-Ice Climbers (Nana and Popo)
-Marth*(from Fire Emblem, a Japanese game never released in the U.S.)
-Roy*(from Fire Emblem, a Japanese game never released in the U.S.)
-Captain Falcon
-Falco Lambardo*
-Samas Aran
* = Hidden Characters to be Unlocked one way or another.

Also you can collect trophies... I have 249.This game is also unbeatable with it's 4 player-support.Like Gamepro rated it:

Graphics: 5/5
Sound: 5/5
Control: 4.5/5 (I think it's well worth a 5!!)
Gameplay: 1 player: 4.5/5
2 players+: 10/5

Is it possible that it has no mistakes?
by: pizzaman29    On: 2002-06-19

I just got Gamecube and i opened up this game first game i open up is this one because it has 4 players and i have a older brother and younger sister than want to play so this and blitz are the only 3 player games I have and we took at least 20 minutes to pick our players.I mean its great it took 20 minutes because we had to pick our players i was like Links (from Zelda) or Bowser. I endded up picking Bowser sister Peach and brother Mario and we played then what level we took 20 more minutes to pick the level and we ended up doing rock paper sciccors. I won to bowsers place we go! But we took forever to fight my little sister out in about 1 minute me and my brother we fought for hours breathing fire punching kicking and grabing weapons from the ground. I finally won with 4% of my life back and my brother 23%! i got a baseball bat while my brother was getting a gun and whack i hit him off the land he got back up from the falling from flying back up he had 2% left and i blew fire right on him and mario go bye-bye! Well less about that and me and my friend play one player to beat the game there was a ton of levels and i love bowser but i love the giga bowser it looks just like godzilla! Then giant Dk thats pretty cool. Theres no problem with the characters young links and pichu (which i thought was stupid to put on) you have to win alot to unlock em all)Me and my friends like the consept be the last man standing which is very very good. This is a great first game to memorize the controller and learn the basics to fun on the cube. the graphics are great but i guess and games could be a little more detailed but its from the original system NES. Each player has there own moves to win but Kirby has the best. But everything evens out because the one with the best stamina might be the worst runner it all evens out. Also its a fun game that you could play and not get bored even when its done. So go out get it and have fun of course its just the best game ever!
The best part is kicking Bowsers fat ass!
by: haroldpalmer    On: 2002-06-19

This is a really great game for people looking forward to beating up Nintendo character. My favorite thing about this game is that you can get all the Nintendo characters in one game. Ever had trouble kicking Bowsers... in Super Mario 64? Then kick his... and every other Nintendo characters... in one game.
pika..... *SMASH* PIKA!!!
by: matthias99    On: 2002-06-19

Frankly, one of the best (and most addictive) video games I've ever played.

If you don't know (or didn't play the first Super Smash Brothers on the N64), this is a fast-paced cartoonish fighting game where you can control (and beat up) characters from Nintendo's other games (such as Mario and Luigi, Link and Zelda, Kirby, Pikachu, Samus Aran, and lesser-known ones like the Ice Climbers). Its cute looks and deceptively simple controls (punch/kick, special move, jump, and block/throw) hide a surprisingly complex fighting game that will please players of any skill level. It's probably too confusing and fast-paced for little kids, but I'd heartily recommend it for anyone above the age of 10 or so.

There are three vastly improved single-player modes: straight fighting (much like the single-player from the first game), an "adventure" mode where you fight your way through various levels, and a series of fifty challenging "event" matches to test your skills. There's also an endurance mode (fight up to 100 opponents in a row) and a highly entertaining home-run contest.

Of course, the game is at its best with a group of people -- it supports up to 4 players duking it out at once, which is an absolute blast. You can also play on teams, and include computer-controlled fighters of various difficulty levels. There are dozens of characters and stages to fight on, and almost every aspect of combat can be adjusted (such as how much damage your characters do, how fast the game runs, and which items will appear during the battles).

It can take some time to unlock all of the game's hidden characters and levels, and beating the single-player mode without continuing (to get to the "real" boss) is *tough* on the higher difficulty settings. Its real replay value, though, is definitely in the multi-player mode. If you don't have 4 controllers and 3 friends, you might think twice about this, but otherwise, you can't go wrong.

Besides, you can whack annoying Pokemon upside the head with a baseball bat. And really, isn't that the whole point? ;)

Best game EVER!
by: ghudson43    On: 2002-06-18

This game has to be the best game for gamecube (besides Tony Hawk's pro skater 3)I've ever played! I have it at my house and I usually play it every day! If you know who Roy is, Then I think he's the best player, besides Mewtwo. ... So please don't call me a "BOY" ! Well If you've never played this game, I suggest it to you! Hope this reveiw helped!
Love this,hate Poke'mon
by: zee01    On: 2002-06-17

I love this game.It is one of the best i've ever played on gamecube.Except one thing!Ok,were I come from Poke'mon is........for baby's.I HATE Poke'mon,but this game has too much Poke'mon and not enough Zelda and others.Which I will probably will never get all of the people,levels,and never beat it with everyone because of stupid Poke'mon.Because of those dumb creatures I give this a 4.If Nintendo left them out I'd give it a 5.But,this is a very,very awesome game.If I were you (even that this is a must have)save your money,buy an extra controller if you need it,buy a memory card,and another game.Then you will be prepared to get this.
Love this,hate Poke'mon
by: zee01    On: 2002-06-17

I love this game.It is one of the best i've ever played on gamecube.Except one thing!Ok,were I come from Poke'mon is........for baby's.I HATE Poke'mon,but this game has too much Poke'mon and not enough Zelda and others.Which I will probably will never get all of the people,levels,and never beat it with everyone because of stupid Poke'mon.Because of those dumb creatures I give this a 4.If Nintendo left them out I'd give it a 5.But,this is a very,very awesome game.If I were you (even that this is a must have)save your money,buy an extra controller if you need it,buy a memory card,and another game.Then you will be prepared to get this.
Should u buy it or not?
by: byim2002    On: 2002-06-17

To my perspective , u should buy this game . When I bought this game I was just in love with it . U could rent it first if u want but I just think u should go ahead and buy it.These are my ratings for Super Smash Brothers Melee.....

this game has wonderful graphics on the items,backgrounds,and characters.
There is so much to do and collect.You'll be playing for hours.
The sound is just wonderful . No flaws or anything.
Replay Value:10/10
As I said there is so much to do . Get characters , trophies , stages , and of course beating Classic,Adventure(ect.)
Overall Value:10/10(5/5)
I would give this game a 13/10 but that is just plain cheating.

You should go ahead and buy it.This game is much better than the regular(of course).

this one game makes xbox look bad!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-06-16

I just played this game in the store for about 10 minuts and its the best game ive ever played!if you liked the first ssb. then don't even bother renting it.
Super Smash Bros. Melee! GET THIS GAME!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-06-16

This game is the bomb. You could play for hours on end and never get bored. It has so many different things to do, and the secret characters are cool. DEFINITELY GET THIS GAME! I garuntee you'll enjoy it. It's about the best game I've ever played. listen to me and get it! its a complete ands total masterpiece. If you don't wanna listen to me atleast rent it. thers a ton of new characters, much more interactive levels, realistic graphics, and as far as I'm concerned not one single flaw!
BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL!! (if you can imagine possible)
by: scubaben1    On: 2002-06-15

This game is absolutely awesome! I used to rent the 64 original all the time because it was so fun.When I heard they were making a sequel for the gamecube i just knew I had to get it. I got this game for Christmas and I still play it all the time and it is June! You would not believe the hours of gameplay. My favorite way to play is multiplayer melee. You can play with up to 4 players in an all out smash-a-thon! Plus you can choose from 25 diferent players including the secret characters. Here is who you can choose from:

1 Marth (Marth and Roy are in a game called fire emblem which was only a Japanese game and was not released in the U.S.)
2 Roy
3 Link
4 Ganondorf
5 Zelda (which can transform into Shiek)
6 Ice climbers
7 Kirby
8 Donkey Kong
9 Mario
10 Dr. Mario
11 Peach
12 Yoshi
13 Luigi
14 Fox Mcloud
15 Falco Lombardo (Fox's partner)
16 Samus Aran
17 Pikachu
18 Pichu
19 Jigglypuff
20 Mewtwo
21 Captain Falcon
22 Mr. Game And Watch
23 Bowser
24 Ness
25 Young Link

Well I encourage every gamecube owner to buy this game. I hope this was helpful. Until my next review....... c-ya later......

Another Smash
by: the_game_master    On: 2002-06-13

Well, they've done it again; and this new Super Smash Brothers is even better than the first. The multitude of playable characters and levels, and the variety of moves make this a game to be remembered along with the best of them. A truely wonderful multiplayer game, but if you'll be playing alone, don't bother. All the fun is in the human element. Playing against the computer gets you more levels, characters, and trophies; but the one player modes aren't too much fun to just play.
The best fighting game in the world!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-06-11

Super smash bros melee is one of the best fighting games I've ever played. You can play with up to four players and the game requires eleven blocks of memory card dada. The game has fourteen original characters and ten secret characters. Super smash bros melee is one of the only must-have games for gamecube and it is a very, very, very popular game.
totaly tight game
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-06-10

dude this is the best game ive ever gotten its so cool. ssbm has every thing i look for in a video game graphics, extensive gameplay, and variety of gameplay. you can unlock tons of characters, arenas, and totaly awsome trophies. GET THIS GAME! NO COLLECTION IS COMPLETE WITHOUT IT.
Best GameCube Game....... so far....
by: zilrrj    On: 2002-06-09

this game is really fun! u have to own this game if u have a GC! there r many different characters and levels to unlock, you wont stop until you unlock them all! this game still lacks alittle in 1player, so make sure u have friends to play with you, other wise you'll get bored FAST! but other then that this game is great. great graphics, sound, and value, u need to get this!!!!
Just about the best game out I mean it!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-06-07

When I first got my gamecube I bought the game super smash bros. melee. I really liked it because at first you could choose more than 14 characters and still you could unlock a lot more characters. It has the best graphics. It just that the gameplay can get boring after a while so when you get bored make it so it's harder because when your in very easy mode you can unlock all the characters in a week. But over all it's a great game and I would spend your money on the game.
Only a couple drawbacks
by: ahlers5    On: 2002-06-07

First of all, I'm 16 years old. I just thought I'd tell you that. This game rules. You get to play as lots of different Nintendo-exclusive characters, 25 to be exact. The Single player gameplay rules and the multiplayer battles are so cool, my friends never want to play any other games I have. I play this game soooooo much and have everything except 8 trophies.
That brings me to the 2 cons of this game, the characters are WAY too easy to get. I remember in the first SSB I tried for days to get Ness, and finally got him. In this one, I got all the characters in the first 5 days I got it. The second con is, some of the characters are almost the same as another. Young Link and Link are the ones that bother me most.
All in all, the pros outweigh the cons by far. This game is worth a buy. Before I got the original, I hated fighting games, but now, this is the only fighting game I like. This series is REALLY good. Buy it, you won't regret it!!
Beating Nintendo Characters Up... Over and Over
by: drifitz    On: 2002-06-04

I bought this game, the first game I bought with my gamecube, and I was prepared for a load of fun. This is the first gaming system that I've bought and I was really pleased with the graphics.
I LOVE THIS GAME, don't get me wrong, but it's a little bit repetative. I've played the "Adventure" version and after a while it gets a lil bit tiring.
The game is great to play with others! That's the best part! Beat up your friends as nintendo characters!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-06-04

If you like super smash brothers for N64 you'll like this game.It has more secret characters,more features,and it also has secret worlds.If you like the one for N64 you'll like this game.OK! Now buzz off!!!!!!!!!!
A Game that Shouldn't be Rated Teen
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-06-04

I played this game at a friend's house after Christmas. We played this game with about 5 other people switching off the controller. He told me it was rated teen and I couldn't believe it! It's a basic fighting game with no blood, gore, cussin', etc., like in usual teen games! If that is rated teen, then those hit-the-button boxer/dinosaur punching/fighting games should be rated the same way. Come to think of it, those martial arts games that you can see at your local pizza place are WAY more violent, with blood and guts. So, if you are someone who would enjoy beating the stuffing out of Picachu or Jigglypuff as Zelda, this is a great game for you.
SSMB Spotlight
by: jrgrey    On: 2002-06-03

This was a great game when it came out but after
you start beating all the levels and stuf it gets very boring.
Great, Best!!!!
by: jessan0    On: 2002-06-03

SSBM was the 2nd GC game that i bought. Half the time playin the game i spent looking at how detailed the chaachters are and watching them dodging a shot or falling off an edge, all still so you can see the detail that has been put in. There are so many trophies. This is the longest game i have ever played and with the most replay value. The first time you play you are overwhelmed by all the charachters and spots for secret charachters waiting to be unlocked. Then much later in the game you find out that there are even more secret charachters. the only bad thing is that the people dont have opening sequeces anymore like in the original. I loved the original but cherish this one.
by: lanceleader    On: 2002-06-02

This is the best game for GCN I have ever played better even than Luigi's Mansion. Almost nothing can beat it except maybe Zelda. 14 charathers with 11 hidden ones. That is unbeleivable.
A kiddy game console still
by: snowman1050    On: 2002-06-02

... I will talk about Super Smash Bros: Melee here. This game is good... when you have about 30 people over your house. It has a good multiplayer mode, but the single player games are so boring! The cast of characters is good, but two characters always have the same moves like Link and Young Link. ... The array of levels is quite good. The Melee Modes are very good. The trophy idea lets you see characters from other games. Overall, I believe this game was a waste of money, but as I said, unless you have at least 3 human players it is pretty dumb.
Cooliest game on GameCube so far!
by: jalsr201    On: 2002-06-02

This game is one of the cooliest I have seen on Gamecube. This game is the sequel to Super Smash Brothers on Nintendo. For example, this game has 29 excellent characters and 25 cool levels. Please note that you have to unlock some of the characters and levels. The characters that are already unlocked are: Mario, Pikachu, Bowser, Peach, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Captain Falcon, Fox, Ness, Ice Climbers, Kirby, Samus, Zelda/Sheik, Link, and Jigglypuff. The hidden characters are: Mewtwo, Luigi, Marth, Mr. Game and Watch, Dr. Mario, Ganondorf, Young Link, Falco, Pichu, and Roy. The levels that are already loaded on the game are: Princess Peach's castle, Rainbow Cruise, Kongo Jungle, Jungle Japes, Great Bay, Te,ple, Yoshi's Story, Yoshi's Island, Fountain of Dreams, Green Greens, Corneria, Venom, Icicle Mountain, Brainstar, Onett, Mute City, Pokemon Stadium, and Kingdom. The Hidden stages are: Brainstar Depths, Fourside, Big Blue, Poke Floats, Kingdom 2, Flat Zone, Battlefield, Final Destination, Dream Land, Yoshi's Island, and Kongo Jungle.

In this cool cartoon battle game of Nintendo's hottest characters there is so many different options. For example, on one player theres: adventure mode, classic mode, 51 events, training practice, target tests, homerun contests, and multi-man melee. In vs. mode you can: play melee, tournament melee, and special melee.

You can even make up your own rules! Every character has different attacks and moves. If you want, try to collect the hundreds of trophies.

Once again I give this game 5 perfect stars. This is one of the most funiest games ever! I recommend that you should buy this game if you love fighting combat.

Fighter game of the year
by: shaykayjay    On: 2002-05-31

i got this game with my gamecube so it was my first game. i couldn't have picked a better game. this game is awesome. it has 25 characters. the regular line up is: mario, capt. falcon, bowser, princess peach (ick), ness, kirby, samus aran, link, zelda/sheik (for you people who didn't play ocaria of time, it is the same person),the ice climbers(popo and nana), fox, yoshi, donkey kong, and pikachu. the secret characters are: young link, pichu, dr. mario,mewtwo, jigglypuff (the litle pink puffball must have some fans),luigi, marth, roy, ganondorf,falco, and mr. game and watch(he's flat. literally.)
the music in this game are flashbacks: the overworld theme from zelda games, the old mario theme, and even that irritating donkey kong rap. the graphics blew me away. detail was paid attentin to: you can see the stiches in mario's overalls, fox's tail will twitch if you leave him alone for awhile, Mewtwo's eyes will glow gold for a second after he gets hit,zelda's skin tone even changes when she transforms into sheik.
zelda is personally my fave fighter. her looks will decive you human opponents.and since she can transform into her alter-ego (sheik) she has two seperate arsenal of attacks.
in short this game rocks and is a must for every gamecube owner.don't belive the people when they say it it stupid. (now an american game systerm *cough* X-box *cough that is the size of a suitcase, thats kinda stupid, but that's not the point). it may be a little cartoony, but it's worth every penny. the only thing i am disapointed by was sonic wasn't in it. or banjo and i see a super smash bros. melee 2 on the horizon????
Super Smash Brothers Is Back!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-05-28

Smash Is Back! Are you ready? The sequal to Super Smash Bros. is out with more characters than ever! There are all of the original characters plus many more like Zelda, Bowser, and Ice Climbers. There are also 12 unlockable characters, but I won't spoil any of those for you. There are also trophies, and alot more stages to start with (one is Hyrul Castle from Zelda) and to unlock. You can do alot more multi-player games such as GIANT MELLEE and tournament mode. THIS IS A GAME TO BUY! ONE OF THE BEST!
Can't we just get along?
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-05-22

Super Smash Bros. is a great game.You can fight with your favorites including Mario,Luigi,Ness,Peach,and a lot more.There are some new characters to unloc like Pichu,Dr.Mario,and even Ganondorf(the bad guy from the first Zelda),and theres more.The graphics are a lot better the the N64 version and theres no slowdowns. Theres also more arenas to fight in like pokemon stadium and Mute City from F-Zero.But I really,really wouldent reccomend this game to anybody under the age of 11 and a half because it can get really violent.Overall,this game is great and you should get it.But get the N64 version for littler kids(9 and up).This is a great game!
Super Smash Bros. Melee
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-05-22

Super Smash Bros. Melee packs mario and his friends but Dk and pokemon too. It is the best Super Smash Bros. Yet. Go ahead buy it and see for yourself.

Believe me it's awesome.

If you don't wanna know how to beat it don't read it.
by: yunfengc    On: 2002-05-21

First of all this game is really good , also buy sonic adventure 2 battle, spiderman, and ssx tricky for a great arsenal of games. Second of all, the controls are great , it has good graphics, and there are some really cool combos.

Well any way, to get marth play versus with everybody,to get roy play classic with marth, to get ganandorf beat event match 29: Triforce Gathering and for the other people it will take forever to type.

And finally, this is super smash bros for N64 except there are at least five new versions of game play, some good char. you start with(like ness and C. falcon) and level 9 of the regular game would equal level 7 on this game, well that's all folks!

The best game I've ever played!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-05-20

Firstoff, I want to tell you how amazing the graphics were when I played it, although it was for 3 minutes. You could see Mario's overall's buttons!The gameplay is awesome, featuring much wider ranges of new charachters thann the one for N64. Some of the charachters are Ice Climbers, Zelda, Roy, Gannondorf, Mr. Game and Watch,etc. On a scale of 100, I give ...
Gameplay:85 [I couldn't get the items]

I have played around 110 different video games, all longer than this, and this one is very easily the best!You can even take it in the car/truck/van!A must buy for anyone!!!!!

A Must Have for the Gamecube
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-05-19

If you have a GC (Gamecube), Super Smash Bros. Melee is a must have. It's the best fighting game out for the GC. You can choose from over 20 Nintendo all-stars, including Pikachu, Kirby, Link, Mario, Bowser, and many more. With great graphics, all new courses(Mute City, Rainbow Cruise, Peach's Castle, and tons more), and new music, this is a great game. It even has a one-player mode where you can unlock new characters and courses. If you have a GC, go to your nearest video game store and get your copy today.
The only reason to buy a GameCube
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-05-19

When I first saw the previews in magazines, I knew that I would have to get SSBM (Super Smash Brothers Melee). I would read up on it on the internet and Nintendo Power. When I got the game for Christmas, I fired up the GCN and started to play it. My cousin was there so I started to play and I was amazed at even the title screen. The first person I picked to play was Bowser. Naturally being a video game expert I had "mastered" the controls instintally. The thing about this game is that it's very easy to get the hang of it, but if you play it long enough(and I have) you'll get very good at everything. The catching items is a very usefull thing when you have a pokeball thrown at you and you catchit and through it back at them! There's also a button where you can dodge attacks and flying obfects in the air. That I haven't qiute mastered and I play almost every day. So as you can see it's easy to lear, but hard to master. Then there's the trophies. What they are, is a model (3D model) that you can look at. But there's only about 300 tophies so you can look at Ray MKII if you wanted to. You get the trophiesby either complteing a certain task, or by playing the slot machine. The reason to buy this game (and a GameCube) is the preeminent (if you don't know what thatmeans look it up) multiplayer mode. It's also the only reason i borght four controllers for the GCN. So as you can see. this is the MUST HAVE GAME OF THE YEAR.
Smashing good show, eh?
by: smitywabur    On: 2002-05-15

I must say that when I bought the first SSB, I was amazed. When I tried SSBM, I wouldn't leave it alone!!! It is so cool and detailed!! More characters adds to the fun! Whats more, the single player rocks! Play it!! You'll love it more than ever!
This is an awesome game!
by: blade_torture    On: 2002-05-15

this, to my opinion is much better than super smash bros. from n64. this is so much more realistic with more options, characters, and moves. definetily recommend it. this even has some characters that were in the sahdows, and for once, let htem have some fame in the game of all time. Bless Nintendo and it's creaters. marvelous invetion.
An excellent sequel to the N64 Smash Hit
by: ffootballguru27    On: 2002-05-12

Super Smash Bros Melee, the sequel to the hit Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo 64 is a much improved game. Super Smash Bros Melee includes all new, re-done graphics (everything right down to the moustache of Luigi and the fur on Fox's back), many new characters to fight with, and great worlds to battle in.

There are 26 characters (including the hidden ones) from several different Nintendo games. Some of the characters include: Link, Zelda/Sheik, Young Link, and Gannondorf from Zelda. Mario and Luigi form the Mario games, Fox and Falco from Star Fox, Pikachu, Pichu, Samus, Jigglypuff and Mewtwo from Pokèmon, plus several more.

The new worlds from a large variety of Nintendo games, including those form Zelda and Mario are also a great addition. The levels are perfectly done and updated from the N64 game. If you are playing single player there is a great Adventure mode which wasn't on the N64 title. All I can say is this amazing game is AWESOME!

great game!!!!
by: candyman909    On: 2002-05-12

im going to keep this short since there is nothing else to say that has not been said about it already. its a fun game that will keep you entertained for a long time. if you like this style of game get it.
The King of Video Games.
by: cobra_snake31    On: 2002-05-10

I definitely think that it would be unfair to give this masterpiece anything but five stars. The amount of options and replayability is just amazing.

First, I'll start with the downfalls, which should be quick.

-The music in some arenas (Ness) is annoying.
-The Z button is very inconvienient for throwing.
-The tournament mode does not have enough options (double-elimination would have been nice).

Everything else in this game is WAY above par. The graphics are above-average and very fluid. The stages, characters, game modes, items, and bonus games are abundant. The control for this game, with the exception of the Z button, is extremely great. Once you get used to the control scheme, it becomes very easy to control. The addition of the mid-air dodge adds quite a bit to gameplay as well.

The bonus games could practically be a game in themselves. The homerun competition is quite fun, and I also enjoy getting fast times for the bonus target game. The multi-man melee also adds a challenge as well as longevity to the single-player experience. However, the event mode is the cherry on the top of this excellent game. The event mode offers abundant challenges, and also gives the player a chance to unlock new secrets.

All in all, I am suprised anyone would give this game less than five stars. The game improves a large amount over the previous Smash Brothers, and offers a slew of new additions and game experiences. A reccommended buy for any gamer.

Gamecube Smash!!!!!
by: alexanderdavid2    On: 2002-05-05

Super Smash Bros. Melee is the best gamecube game I own!! With new people and better graphics, it made me forget all about Nintedo 64's version. Each level is better than the last! I hope this review makes you want to get the best game in Gamecube!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is it really that different!
by: lunadiosa1    On: 2002-05-04

Ever since i bought the original Super Smash Bros. game for my Nintendo 64 i was hooked. So when i bought my gamecube i bought this. the first different thing i saw was that you could earn trophies. Seriously i couldn't give a darn about that! This game provides nothing that is to seriously new. It is similar to the origanal. But i like event mode. This is a nice game but it does not live up to the hipe.
by: rpg_lover15    On: 2002-05-03

This is the ultimate game for GameCube!! The graphics and sound are GREAT!! The replay value is SOOOO big, with all of the levels and trophies and secret characters. On a scale from 1 to ten I would give it and 11!!!! I would buy it right now if I were you!!!
I didn't even have to rent this to know it was good.Readthis
by: gamer0024    On: 2002-04-28

When I first bought the Gamecube I also purchased my first game. I knew immediatly that Super smash Bros. Melee would be great so I bought it. I have never regretted it once...

About the game, It's graphics really exploit the system and the gameplay is fast and exctitng. It has reponsive and easy controls. There is nothing wrong at all with the game itself, the ONLY downfall is the replay value. alone It gets tiring after you have all the stages and characters because the one player story mode isn't the most intriguing.

All in all though, if you looked up 'party' in the gamer's dictionary it would say: what happens when you have FOUR people and Super Smash Bros. Melee. Also if you looked 'must have' it would say: 'Super Smash Brothers Melee'

In Short have this game at a party and in your house. There is some downafalls but trust me, the good HEAVILY outweighs the bad. You will hardly, if ever say you made a mistake in buying this game. I am content with it and i'm pretty sure you will be too.

by: dtboliver    On: 2002-04-26

It is a fun game and you can challenge yourself by trying to earn new characters. I would say a good game for all ages.
Excellent videogame for the Nintendo Gamecube!
by: gomezmatthew    On: 2002-04-25

Super Smash Brothers Melee, the follow-up to the N64's high popular Super Smash Brothers, is, without a doubt, a huge leap forward in all aspects to its predecessor. Not only are the graphics completly redone and are beautiful (see for example everything from Mario's overalls to Fox's fur to see what I mean), the gameplay, replay, sound, music, etc., are all top-of-the-line style. The number of characters (26 if you include the hidden ones as well) are amazing, and include everyone from Nintendo's most popular games from the original Nintendo to the N64, and even one or two characters that have yet to appear in another game. Personally, coming from sort of a back-story, my favorite characters are those from the Zelda series, with the Mario characters close behind. I love the fact that you can play not only as Link, but also Zelda/Sheik(her character from LOZOOT), Young Link, and Gannondorf. Other characters include Fox and Falco from Star Fox, Samus, Picachu, Pichu, Jigglypuff, and Mewtwo from Pokèmon, etc. The worlds are also amazing from a number of Nintendo games. Again my favorite levels are those dealing with the Zelda and Mario games, including the Hyrule Temple, Termina, Peach's Castle, etc., and the levels themselves have been beautifully done, and in some cases, retouched from the past. For single players, there is the advantage of the Adventure Mode, which wasn't on the N64 version. With levels that are 2 1/2 mode (like Yoshi's Story for the N64), they are also beautifully done, like the Hyrule level, the Mushroom Kingdom level, etc. What else can I say about this amazing game, except that it rocks!
The only reason to own a cube
by: dustin_carter    On: 2002-04-24

Each system has to have at least one "must-have" game, and Super Smash Brother Melee is THE game to own if you have a GameCube. There's no denying it: SSBM is good. Surprisingly good. Near flawless, if you will.

Nearly everyone was certain that Rogue Leader was the only must-have game on the GCN, considering that Wave Race: Blue Storm and Luigi's Mansion were huge disappointments. Much to my own surprise, I didn't find Rogue Leader to be all that. After those monumental disappointments, I turned my sights over to SSBM. I wasn't much of a fan of the original, but I did enjoy what little bit I played.

It was without haste that I snatched up a copy (along with Pikmin) as soon as it became available. After putting in a lengthy bit of playtime, I've come to the conclusion that SSBM is a lot of fun-both for the single player and for multiple players as well. SSBM has everything that Rogue Leader was missing: Depth and gameplay. There's such a variety in the modes of play, one could be busy for weeks on end. That's not even considering the fact that there are hidden characters to unlock and hundreds of trophies to earn.

Quite simply, if you own a GameCube, Super Smash Bros Melee should be in your possession as well. If there is any game that solidifies the GameCube's place in the next-gen console war, this is it. It's not perfect, but it's as close as we're going to come. Buy it now, if you haven't already.


For those who are unaware of what SSBM is all about, I'll give you a quick rundown:

In essence, SSBM is a fighting game using Nintendo's flagship characters. Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Link, Samus, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Kirby, and Pikachu all make an appearance, along with some lesser-known characters, and some "secret" hidden characters. That's the main draw.

The fighting is broken up into several stages. Some are one-on-one fights, while others have you take on a large number of fighters at once. As with most fighting games, the premise isn't very deep--knock out the other fighter, move on to the next stage. However, SSBM adds powerups and items to the mix, which turns standard fighting into an all-out melee (hence the name). A couple of small bonus rounds are also thrown in to add some variety.

An adventure mode is also available, and I must say that it's even more fun than the classic fighting mode. Your selected character progresses through levels that are straight out of Nintendo's classics (graphically enhanced, of course). The Mushroom Kingdom from SMB, Brinstar from Metroid, the Caves from Zelda-all are recreated in 128-bit glory. It still makes me laugh when I see Samus breaking bricks in the Mushroom Kingdom.

There are also some "special events"-much like mini-games. Each requires you to complete a certain task within a specified time limit. There are quite a few of these, and they're perfect for when you're not looking to play a complete game.

The real fun comes in with multiplayer. Up to four people can battle it out, with most of the matches becoming trash-talk fests. No game has conjured up this much multiplayer fun since Goldeneye on the N64.

The main thing that got me, however, is the trophy collection. Upon completing certain tasks or clearing levels, you are awarded a trophy. They range anywhere from statues of the main characters to statues of obscure old Nintendo characters, such as Mach Rider or the Balloon Fight guy. There are over a couple hundred trophies to get, some with obscenely difficult objectives to complete that ensure that you'll be playing for quite some time if you're aiming to collect them all.


Graphics-wise, it's exactly what you'd expect from a GameCube game. Smooth edges with little or no aliasing, vibrant colors, and fluid animation are all present and accounted for. The sheer amount of action on the screen is mind-boggling. Graphics like these are the reason you bought a GameCube, and this is the prime example of what the system can do.

One feature I found particularly interesting is the pause screen. Most pause screens are static boxes that give you the option of quitting or continuing. While SSBM offers those options, there is the ability to rotate the camera 180' around each character in real time, and even take snapshots. It's a true testament to the power of the system-and it shows the amount of detail that went into each character. It's not a groundbreaking feature, but a nice little addition that rounds out the package.


Mind-blowing is the only way I can describe the sound of SSBM. Each sound effect is ripped directly from the corresponding game. The sound that Mario makes when he throws a fireball is dead-on, and even the sound of Samus laying bombs is perfect. It may not seem like a big deal, but for those of us who grew up with the classic NES, it's a rich treat.

Music falls directly into line with the sound effects. Each classic tune has been spruced up and sounds amazing. Once again, it's a great throwback for those of us who grew up playing the classics.

Good Game !
by: stupac14    On: 2002-04-24

I was a little skeptical when I first got this game for Christams, but I was soon to find out that the little GC disc was one of the funnest multiplayer games ever. I had just 1 controller at first so i spent all my time geting all the secrets, and it was quite enjoyable. I actually had something to look forward to by beating geting all the charecters too. I soon bought 3 more controllers I had the best time of my life at my friends house on his 62" screen (im too ghetto with my 13") and we stayed up all night playing it and racking up hours. Definantly one of the best times i had ever spent with my friends and i suggest if you have friends, get this game, and if you dont have a gamecube get one!
Gamecubes pride!
by: riversarl    On: 2002-04-24

Amazing game- even better than the original! What I loved best was the new stages (and also revamps of old ones, like kirby's). The best in my opinion are the fzero stage (the action moves so fast, and there's a place where all there is to fight on is a teeny platform in midair) and the new starfox one (for a short period fighting in total darkness - the mayhem!). The graphics are nothing short of superb with realistic water and great light effects acting on the characters. Overall, one of the best multiplayer games on any platform!
SSBM is cool,and SSB,two!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-04-21

The grafics are cool and the 1st one for n64 is cool!!
Smash Mania
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-04-20

This game is great. With the GCN's high-capacity disks, you can have 29 stages, 25 characters, and 290 trophies. New additions are trophies, an Adventure mode, and an All-star mode, which you unlock by getting all the characters. Al-star pits you in battles against the characters. Adventure mode has different stages, most relating to a game. If you want nintendo character destruction, get this game.
OMG!!!!!!!!!!! (Oh my God!)
by: rikatori    On: 2002-04-16

This game is utterly awesome. It is one major step from the origonal Super Smash Bros. It is really good. The graphics aren't that awesome but the fighting abbilites are really cool. Almost every character has different abbilites from the rest. Music and sounds are great. Buy this, and you won't be sorry!
Super Smash Brother Melee: Better Than Them All
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-04-16

Super Smash Brothers strikes again! Combine with 3-D graphics and three excellent one player modes, Super Smash brothers is a game worth every penny. Super Smash Bros., in addition to a Class, Adventure, and All-Star mode, has an action packed Melee mode with tons of levels to choose from. The game has 25 characters, 11 more than the original Super Smash Brothers for N64. The is even a special Melee mode, where you can be giants, microscopic, fast and slow. When you pause the game, you can see the characters from every angle. There is also a photography mode where you take pictures. Basically Put, Super Smash Brothers Melee is the BEST GAME OF ALL TIME.
Excellent game!
by: amy_rose    On: 2002-04-16

**Actually, I gave it 4 1/2 stars, but since they don't give fractions, I just put 4**

If you liked the Nintendo 64 version, there's no way you'll dislike this game! Mario, Link, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox, Pikachu, and the rest are back for a rematch in GameCube. Almost all of the characters from the N64 game have come back to this game, along with some new faces like Zelda/Sheik, the Ice Climbers, Peach, and Bowser. There are 14 characters to start with, and 11 more to unlock. There are also more than 15 levels with different hazards that you'll have to avoid (i.e. falling in the water in Great Bay, staying on the turning platform in Brinstar Depths, etc.) **I'm so glad they included Falco! He's my favorite Nintendo character of all time!

I gave this game 4 stars because even though the music was amazing and the graphics were superb, the controls always get the better of me. I always try to jump by pressing A, but I punch instead. Plus, there are some attacks you have to do by pressing two buttons at the same time, or pressing the control stick in one direction and pressing a button with the other hand (i.e. the reflector attack with Fox and Falco). Some people won't be able to do that very easily. But other than that, this game is very fun and I'm sure you'll be addicted to it as I am.

In conclusion, I recommend you buy this game!

~Amy Rose~

what a way to start GC.
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-04-15

So much to unlock.(but it took me 2 weeks to unlock)but fun.
Smash Hit
by: werdnaraad1    On: 2002-04-14

One word: AMAZING! If I had to, I could end this review right there, but since I can say more, I will. I love this game. The graphics blew me away when I first turned it on, the diverse play modes are endless, and the sheer number of characters is astounding (25 in all). This is without a doubt the BEST fighting game EVER! The number of moves is high, but their simplicity to execute is a welcome change to the normal combination of buttons needed to execute a basic manuver. Aside from being a great game, it is great for nostalgia! The trophy feature is great because you can learn about new people, or remember old favorites you may have forgotten about. Go buy this game, I guarantee you will love it. Here are some character suggestions for you: The Almighty Kirbish One (Kirby) Roy (once you earn him), Link (also try his young self), and Ganondorf (once you earn him). Have fun.
by: spence108    On: 2002-04-14

This game is one of the highlights for the Nintendo GAMECUBE. It's da bomb!It's one of my favorite games for the GAMECUBE.It's characters are awesome,and the graphics are tight.The characters are off da hook.They also have new characters like, Peach, Zelda, Young Link, Falco,and many more.They also have thrown up some new combos for the characters.That's why this is one of the must haves for the GAMECUBE.
Ahhh, my eyes hurt now...
by: mitchnarver    On: 2002-04-14

I started playing this game the day I got it (a few days after Christmas) and haven't stopped yet. The character designs are simply beautiful; from the minor puffs of smoke that come from Bowser's mouth, to the incredibly detailed designs on Link's shield. The sound is REALLY where this game is at!; although it borrows plenty of music from previous Nintendo games, who's complaining? They tidy up the songs and sounds anywhere from the classic Mario World tunes to the bob-omb explosions, this is yet another high point of Melee. With 25 characters, 29 stages and buttloads of modes and tons o stuff. I can't explain it all in 1,000 words. The biggest reason to get a Gamecube so far is Super Smash Bros Melee, and will be for a little while yet. If you are going to get ANY game for Cube, make it Bros!
In Japan Melee means fight: Let's get it on!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-04-12

This is probably the best games i own on the gamecube system besides Rogue Leader. The only flintch is when you are in a melee and you'r fightin' some one and the camera zooms out to see the whole picture. I have every player for this game and let me tell you the best player is Roy. A Japannese player from the game Fire Emblem (only in Japan). The best original charchter is Link. Anyway, Melee has many good points like event, special, All Star, and 1-player mode. The best is special Melee that allows you to play in different settings like slo-mo melee, camera melee, giant and others. You also get trophies for different things. Like beating 1-player with Link you get the original Link trophie.

My vote for Melee is: a perfect 10/10

Thanks and see ya

Best Game on the planet
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-04-11

This game rocks the graphics are a lot better than in the first. There are so many things to do not just fighting. THIS IS A NINTENDO GREAT!!!!!!!!!
by: droregon    On: 2002-04-11

I would like to start with my comment on the superb handling and attacks of all of the characters. The ice climber's ice blast (down B) is a real good move. With enough damage on an opponent it will freeze them in ice for a few seconds, but anyway, The controls! The large A button makes for perfect melee combat. Also the sound is great. The fire spewing from Bowser's mouth actually sounds like the real deal. The soundtrack is perfect. There are two of every stage that comes from a game, except for the ice climbers. The Hyrule Temple is huge while Termina Bay is perfect for 1 on 1 battles. All around this game is worth the money. Buy it. You'll never leave 10 feet from the system.
Best 4-player action in a positively SMASHING brawl!
by: samtheman_17    On: 2002-04-10

For those of you who played the N64 version, I'll just say that this one is a million times better. For anyone else, just buy this game. It features a whopping total of 25 playable fighters, from Dr. Mario to Mewtwo, as well as 29 fully
interactive arenas, from standing atop moving F-zero ships to leaping around an ancient ruins from Zelda. It is not a fighting game in the traditional combo based fashion, but it is at least as cool. Don't think it's "too Cutesy". It is serious multiplayer fun.
Great fighting game
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-04-08

Super Smash Bros. Melee is a great fighting game. The controls and play style should be familiar with anyone who has played the original Super Smash Bros. Instead of whopping the other character until their health bar run s out like in most fighting games, Super Smash Bros. Melee requires you to knock your opponent into the sides or bottom of the screen. There are new characters (both default and hidden), plus the new stages each have something special to them and apply to a certain character(s) in the game. For instance, Yoshi's Yoshi's Island stage has yellow blocks that spin when you jump under them, just like the original Super Mario World. This is a good buy, as long as you don't mind having your friends comind over every day to play nonstop Melee matches.
New Smash
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-04-08

This is a great game I remember when the first came out on 64 we all been waiting for another.this is a hot item.their are lots more people to be if your thinking about geting it think no more becuase to be honest the reason you got your gamecube in the first place was becuase of melee right????
Unbelieveable, unsurpassed, superb, perfection...
by: mitchnarver    On: 2002-04-07

These are just some of the words to describe Super Smash Brothers Melee. The hype leading up to it was huge, no bigger than that, it was the biggest of any game coming out! And did it ever deliver! I was expecting a sweet game with about 25 levels and 24 characters, instead I got a ... game with SOOOOO many extras that it will keep me busy for a long time to come. With unsurpassed multiplayer and super-strong 1st player replay value, I can't see anyone getting bored of this amazing game.
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-04-05


i give this game a 10 on graphics. it is because you can see mario's sweat! game play, i give this a ten because the game is so addicting. sound, ten because the sound is loud 'n clear.

i highly reccomend this.
so dont just stand there!
you have to get your hands on this game!

AWESOME GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: link331    On: 2002-04-03

This game is the best. I've rented it 5 times and I never get tired of it. It's just like the original, but with more characters, levels, options, items, and moves! This is DEFINITELY NOT a waste of money!!!!!!!!!
Better than Super Smash Bros.
by: pjagliata    On: 2002-04-01

Both the graphics and the game play on his game are sooooooo much better than the first Super Smash Bros.You can't even compare the two games. First, you can pick different modes(such as giant meelee). Second, there are more world to battle in.
Pure fun
by: myamazonaccount    On: 2002-03-31

This game is definitely one of the most fun games I've ever played in my life. The graphics are amazing, the music and sound effects are beyond this world, the control is easy to learn, and the gameplay keeps me addicted for hours.
The bulk of the game is to get all of the secret levels and characters, and thats what keeps you playing. Don't forget the versus matches, in which you can play friends, or team up with friends against the computer. You'll play on and on and on!
Just the same as the first
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-03-31

Don't beleve what the other people think about this game. Sure it has great graphics, but the game play is the exact same as the first Super Smash! It may have more characters and more levels, but if you beat the first one, why do you want to do it again just with more characters? It is a rip off! I thought this game was going to be the best game for the GameCube, but I just wasted $[money] on a game I already had. If you love Super Smash Bros and you are willing to beat it again with more characters, buy it...
Warning: FUN! FUN! FUN!
by: john117    On: 2002-03-31

SSB mellee is SOOOOO fun...if you have four controllers, three friends, and enjoyed the 64 version.Great party game. You gotta love four player, stock: 25, all items ON. After ten or twenty lifetimes it can get boring, though.
Final verdict: buy this game if you have a hundred bucks to spend on extra controllers.
Rating (overall): 9.5
Also try: NBA Courtside 2002 (great game)
Super Smash Bros. Melee is the ultimate party game!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-03-30

When my friend first got the original Super Smash Bros. on the N64, I thought it was the best fighting game ever...but that was 2 years ago. When I heard that SSB was coming to the Gamecube, I was so excited. This game has it all. The intense(I mean INTENSE)4-player melee, the fun 1-player modes, and some of the original mini-games(break the targets, race to the finish) and some new ones(catch the trophies, Home run derby) and much more. No GC owner should be without this game. 5 Stars.
My Favorite Fighting Game Ever
by: darklink_14    On: 2002-03-30

Nintendo is criticized for having only happy, cutsey, child geared games. In Smash Brothers Melee, you get a little of both worlds. So what if the characters are cute? The action sure isn't.

You start off with 14 characters, some of which havent' been seen since the glory days of the NES, plus you get 11 more to unlock. Stages anyone? The stages will remind you of your old NES, your favorite N64 game, and pretty much just about everything in the nintendo universe..

The Sound is crisp, and the music is awsome. From the melodic intro to the rocking tunes of Captain Falcon, this game has it all. Music from Nintendo's past and new ones just for the game.

Bonus features anyone? Aside from the 11 new characters to unlock and the 9 (I think) new stages, this game has over 300 trophies to unlock. Challenges? Try your luck at the fifteen minute melee. Bored? Take on four friends in a no holds barred free for all.

Melee may have a simple fighting engine, but what makes this game awsome is that it can be as simple or as complicated as you want. You can hit here and there everyonce in a while, or you can combo your opponent or juggle them into oblivion. A few overlooked features in this game include the ability to doge attacks int he air and catch items in the air. Although they sound simplistic, they completely change the way you play. No more hurling an item at a returning opponent and having a guaranteed KO. No bomb will ever be 100% guaranteed to connect. No one is safe.

No, to the nitty gritty, The Graphics. This game has some of the sweetest graphics you've seen. In the N64 version, the characters were 3D and most if not all the items and background effects were 2D sprites. Nevermore. Everything is now represented in a lush 3D enviroment that leaves you drooling for more. No more choppy animated Charizard to help you out, now you get a full fleshed fire pokemon to terrorize your opponents. Each character is also SO gloriously detailed, you won't believe it. While you're playing, pause and zoom in on your favorite character. Look closely, you're sure to find something you've missed. You can see the stitches in Mrio's Overalls, the lacy designs on Peach's gloves, the fur on fox. Textures are gone, every item is now separately rendered giving you a level virtually unseen before. Link's shoulder strap, Marth and Roy's armor, all are now seperate from the character and free to flow and move on their own.

Bored of the same old same old? Pit yourself in a special melee match. Your Lightning melees, slow mo melees, giant melees, mini melees, and more. Or you can further costomize your brawl by modifying items. Why not a Super Giant Melee? Activate giant melee and only allow super mushrooms to appear. A super fast melee with the lightning melee and bunny hood. The options are only limited by your imagination.

Seriously, you cannot own a Game Cube without owning this game it is near perfection. I only say near because after 30 or so hours of solo play, it gets boring without having variety of real people to lay the smackdown on.

Enriched Graphics, Beutiful Sound, Pain-inducing moves
by: rams_redsox    On: 2002-03-29

If you ever owned a Nintendo 64, I'm sure 99 out of 100 of you had played Super Smashed Bros. at least once. It was a BIG hit for all Loyal Nintendo fans and Mortal Kombat fanatics. Those little 64-polygraphic characters provided hours of entertainment, because it was something completely new. I mean, C'mon, what other game has characters from OTHER games combine into ONE game where they battle each other in places from OTHER games and use items from OTHER games? Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, BZZZZZ! Times up, NOTHING!
Well now, it's back! With EVERYTHING from the old games (Except for 1 element, I'll get into that later) plus MORE, MORE, MORE! This time with perfectly smoothed textures and tons more moves, plus more options. Super Smash is a super smash!

As I've already said, much of the original version has been included in to the newer one. The old characters: Mario, DK, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox and Pikachu, plus the 4 hidden chatacters, Luigi, Captain Falcon, Ness and Jigglypuff, are all in it. (In the newer one, Captain Falcon and Ness have already been unlocked for you. You must unlock Jigglypuff and Luigi.) Every level and item is in it. It would take forever to explain all the details, but basically it is the same as the 1st one. You unlock levels and characters like the 1st one, more moves, etc. It's amazing. However, what happened to Board the Platforms? Oh well, I can't put anything lower that 10/10.

Don't get me started on the Graphics. Really, don't, or I'll be going on...and on...and on...and on. I was blown away the first time I played Super Smash Bros. Not because my TV overheated and exploded, however that could add into it, because of the Graphics. Full 360 degress character, items and levels. The texture is SOOOOOO smothed. I love it. I can't explain much more. You can Zoom in and out, and the texture and quality will remain the same 4eva! There's no doubt in me saying this gets a 10/10.

Pika! Pika! Pika! Pika! Pika! Pika! Okay, I swear, If Mario goe's "Ha Ha!" or Captain Falcon goes "Falcon!" again I will scream! The sound in this game is the bare minimum. Everything has a sound, but unfortuantly it is always the same. Most smashing sfx are the same. All weapons make the same sound, and when players perform moves they say the same thing. The constant DING sound whenever a menu is changed will annoy most users. I really thing Nintendo could have had a field day with the sounds, but just slapped some crude sounds and called it quits. I have to knock 'em down with a low 7/10.

Well, for one thing, the speed is definitly not as fast at Pikachu running, but it gets there. The only thing that kinda bugs me is that it saves at every menu. It takes about 4 seconds or so, along with some other things as well. All I can say is that it is fast but not superman. It's about as good as a 9/10.

With any fighting game, controls are key. This game makes it very easy with simple commands such as "a" is punch/kick/slap, whatever. "b" is a standerd power move. Z is throw, R is shield. The most technical is goes into is having to move the analog stick up, down, left or right with pressing "a" or "b". The control makes the grade, with a perfect 10/10.

The great thing about Super Smash is that it's not fun, fun, fun ... then it's over. The great multiplayer option lets you play endless hours with friends or againts the CPU. Unlike the original 1p mode, where you would fight Link, 12 kirbies, Fox, etc. and it would be the same everytime, this game bends the rules. It is simply Fight one random character, then fight 12 random charactders, then fight one random character, etc. Replay again and again, knowing that you can't go wrong with a 10/10.

All in all, Super Smash makes it's trademark by being Nintendo all the way. Made by Nintendo, made only for Nintendo, this game will beat Xbox's trademarked games anyday.

Let's review:
Gameplay: 10/10
Graphics: 10/10
Sound: 7/10
Speed: 9/10
Controls: 10/10
Replay value: 10/10

CHEATS: Nothing really. You get some trophies, you get some secret characters. I give Super Smash an extra point for cheats.

Total: 56/60 giving Super Smash Brother Melle a 94.34, + 01.00 for cheats, so it's a 95.34

A "Smashing" Good Time
by: ignis33    On: 2002-03-28

Words cannot even begin to describe how much fun this game is, but what the heck I'll give it a shot. If you loved the first Super Smash Bros., you'll melt over Melee. If you never played the first one, this one is a definite buy if you own a GameCube. It's unlike any other fighting game in the world (well as far as I know). A total of 25 characters, of which 11 of need to be unlocked plus 20 something levels (the number escapes me at the moment), with a few of those also needing to be unlocked. On top of all of that there are nearly 300 trophies featuring characters, objects, places, etc. from Nentendo's past games and a few from future releases.

Now let's talk about game play. In a word: Wow. The presure sensitive L and R buttons gauge the strenght and size of your shield bubble. If you press either button all the way down, your shield becomes smaller and shrinks faster, but it's a stronger if you were just press the button only slightly. All of the original SSB characters have all of their special moves from before plus one more. When you grab characters you can push the A button a few times to do extra damage to them while you have them, then throw them in one of four different drections, instead of only two from the first one.

There are two 1 player modes. Classic, which is just like the SSB 1 player except all the characters are randomized instead of fighting them in a set order. So instead of fighting Link first all the time, it's a completly random character. Then there's Adventure mode. Now Adventure mode is always the same. You trek through levels of a total of 7 or 8 stages accomplishing goals to finish the level. I guess to some it could get repetitive. Oh well. Let's get to the good stuff.

This game is the ultimate party game. If you have two or more controllers you're all set. Multiplayer features the core mode Melee which is a 2-4 player (human and/or computer) smash fest. I say it's the core mode because there are many variations to Melee. There's stamina mode where you are given a set amount of hitpoints and when you're dead, you're dead. Coin mode where the object is to knock coins out of your opponents, collect them, and whoever has the most coins at the end wins. There's Tiny Melee w/ tiny characters,and Giant Melee w/ giant characters. There's also an option to set your own rules to the Melee. And every single one of those modes can be made into team games. So you can team up with friends or computers and duke it out. There's also a tournament mode that can host anywhere from 4 to 64 combatants. Multiplayer ensures hundreds maybe even thousands of hours of game play.

Finally, I want to make a quick comment on the music and graphics. First, the graphics are superb. Very smooth with virtually no lag. The wind in some levels, though not affecting character control, does move the little things on characters such as DK's tie and Princess Peach's hair. And as for the music, the music is awsome. Remakes of many of the original NES tunes will bring back fond memories of the past. Probably my favorite is the remake of the Zelda 2 temple/dungeon music which starts with acoustic guitar.

Super Smash Bros. Melee is by far the best game for the GameCube so far and will be really hard to top on my list. If you own a GameCube, do yourself a favor and buy this game. I'm sure you won't regret it.

Mario and the Gang... just a few characters from SSBM
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-03-28

HI, i'm just gonna tell you about a few SSBM characters. Mario, plumber. Luigi, plumber. Donkey Kong, retarded ape. Bowser, stupid turtle. Princess Peach(Toadstool), lady in despair. Yoshi, dinosaur with long toungue. Picachu, pokemon with high-piched voice. Captain Falcon, some character from F-zero. Samus, weak Super Metroid lady. and so on. Man, sniff sniff this game brings back memories.
Super Smash Bros. Melee Smashes Super Smash Bros.
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-03-27

This game is the best! I've been playing SSB for a long time, and that game was always my favorite. This game kicks that games butt. The graphics are awesome, the sound is great (though the fact that Ness says everyone of his attacks is annoying), there are twice as many characters. Though the hidden characters are easy to get, the game is still challenging. It's got so many modes, and a bunch of cool extras, such as getting screenshots, or collecting trophies. If you get any GameCube game at all, get this, and if you don't like it, get SSX Tricky (Rock On Kaorie). P.S. I'm Adam...
Super Smash Bros. Melee Rules
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-03-27

Its more challenging than the last Super Smash Bros.. Its very,very,very,very fun. Its fun unlocking the hidden chracters like Dr.Mario,Pichu,Mewtwo,Falco etc.. I like all of the new stages like Big Blue,PokeFloats,Congo Jungle etc.. The graphics are great. I really like all of the new features like homerun contest,cruel melee,adventure mode,all-star mode etc.. Overall I think it deserves 100 out of 100.
This game is the best Gamecube game you will find!!!!!
by: joshuamontoya2    On: 2002-03-26

This game really is so swwweeeeeeeeet!!!! if you have GC buy this
multiplayer fast ation game.The caracter desining is wonderful
and the level detail and selection is amazing.

And the controling is so easy you pick it up on the first try!!!
the game is moreeeeeeeee better than N64 version????????
by: susu_81    On: 2002-03-26

when i buy the game and turn on the NGC i said: i can't believe... the intro is very good and when i play with my little brother in versus mode is really cool...

the moviment are great and the details, this game will be great for all people that played the super smash bros in N64, i can't compare the two games.

i love the nintendo, the x box is really powerfull but don't is a nintendo.....

Not Bad!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-03-26

The game has the best graphics and doesn't get boring in multiplayer. The only bad thing about it is that I've had the game for Christmas and I've not yet gotten one of the secret characters (Mewtwo). I haven't been really trying hard, but I've only played about 13/20 hours required. Everything else, overall, is perfect! You don't need to rent it if you liked the first Super Smash Bros.!! New characters brought to the game adds tons of new excitement to the game. You can never get bored with your friends in this game!
Not Bad!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-03-26

The game has the best graphics and doesn't get boring in multiplayer. The only bad thing about it is that I've had the game for Christmas and I've not yet gotten one of the secret characters (Mewtwo). I haven't been really trying hard, but I've only played about 13/20 hours required. Everything else, overall, is perfect! You don't need to rent it if you liked the first Super Smash Bros.!!
Super Smash Bros.Melee:The Ultimate Fighting Game
by: bigj636    On: 2002-03-25

I really love this game! If they had more stars I would give them
to this game because it deserves every one. It's even better
than the N64 version. All of my favorite Nintendo characters all
packed in an No holds barred tournament. Mario,Yoshi,DK,Pikachu,
definitely Pikachu, and Peach looks beautiful too. In my opinion,
I don't think any other fighting game for Gamecube can top or
even match this game!
The best game Mario ever stared in...
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-03-25

Super Smash Bros. Melee is a game that is challenging. It includes Vs. Mode, Classic, and Adventure. You can choose from more than 5 different ways to play Vs. Mode. Including: Slo-Mo Melee, Lightning Melee, Stamina, Tiny Melee, Invisible Melee, Giant Melee, and much more! The whole Nintendo all-stars are here! Including: Mario, Yoshi, Peach, Bowser, C. Falcon, Star Fox (A.K.A Fox),Link, Zelda(Transforms into Sheik), Pikachu, Kirby, Ice Climbers, Ness, and more! The ones you must unlock are: Luigi, Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, Pichu, Ganondorf, Marth(From Japanese Fire Emblem), Roy(Also from Fire Emblem) Falco, Dr.Mario, Mr. Game & Watch(From Game & Watch serires on Game Boy) and more! This game is awesome. Buy it! Even unlock secret stages like Flat Zone, Kingdom II, Fourside, Dream Land and more!

HINT: To unlock Falco from Star Fox, win 100-Man Melee. To do that, Get DK and use the handslap rapidly. Push down the the Control Stick and keep pressing B. Or, Up+B for Link.

HINT 2: For Jigglypuff, win Classic or Adventure. Or play VS. Mode 50 times.

Okay, one more hint will do you some good.

LAST HINT: For Dr.Mario, Win Classic or Adventure with Mario, using no continues. I prefer Classic.

Okay. Your on your own. This game is great. Buy it!

how could you not get this game!? heres 5 good reasons
by: godzilla_killer    On: 2002-03-24

#1first of all it has loads of things to unlock so theres a good start out with 14 charactors and you unlock 11 and there are secret modes which are really fun!
#2great sound and music and if you dont like it get your hearing checked
#3it is so much better than the N64 version because just look at the graphics
#4one player mode is great with the classic mode your oppoent is randomly chosen and stronger or weaker (yeah right!) to fit how good or ... you are and adventure mode is [bad] but not and another mode whitch you battle every player
#5tons of options whitchcan be really fun
theres your five reasons to buy this game
Sonic and Tails
by: khomerun11    On: 2002-03-22

This game is very hard. It's graphics are OK, but what stinks in how it is a left to right game. You cannot roam freely like in Pikmin. This game is especiallly hard to control. Hidden Characters like Falco and Ganondorf are near impossible. There is also one secret of the game that nobody knows. You can unlock Sonic the Hedgehog and his Partner, Tails. All you have to do, is get 20 KOs in Cruel Melee. This is Impossible, if you want proof you can get them, get Electronic Gaming Monthly. Have fun trying to get them!!
A good multiplayer game
by: jljoker    On: 2002-03-18

This game is VERY fun when you play with two or more players. However, when it comes to single player, it falls short in many ways. While it IS fun to play adventure mode (a very cool mode where you can play in super mario style) it grows old very quickly, as you face the same type of enemies over and over. The "Classic" mode single player is simply to repetetive. Once you beat the classic mode with one of the characters, the rest of them are the same, as you face the same opponents every time. However, this game is VERY fun multiplayer. You can set it to timed mode, where you play for a certain amount of time (YOU CHOOSE!) or knockout (where you have a certain amount of lives). The only thing about multiplayer is you have to beat single player to get extra characters (see above info about single player). My conclusion about this game is that it deserves three stars, since you really cant fully enjoy it without at least two controllers.
Very very very great.
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-03-18 this game for cristmas and i was thinking that this a bad chose because i had rented the first one and i thought that this one was kind of lame but when i got this on cristmas i thought i had died and gone to heaven this game is so action packed that it is like having four ssb in one tiney disk that is only half the sise as a pleystaion game disk so i think that you should buy it or ask your parents to get it fof you.
Couldn't love it more
by: kirby64422    On: 2002-03-16

I Probably couldn,t love this game more than i love it now. there are 14 normal Characters and 13 hidden ones, the two other hidden ones are Sonic and Tails, you can get them by defeating 20 characters exact in Cruel Man Melee, then after you KO 20 opponents, then fall off the edge and they will challenge you. I dont own this game but it is my most favoritist game in the whole world. I cant wait for another second to get a Gamecube.
Blows away the first one
by: hobbes90    On: 2002-03-16

This game is SO much better than the first one. There are tons of characters, the graphics are superior, and it stays challenging and fun. You can even have up to 4 human players (which is extremely fun!) There is an enormous variety of characters, from originals like Mario and Luigi, to super-secret characters like Sonic and Tails! There are so many things you can get, this game stays challenging and fun for more time than any other game I've experienced. If you have Game Cube, you must get this fantastic game.
Bets game in the GameCube
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-03-16

I think this game is a great game!! I was going to buy an X-Box but when I finally played the Gamecube this game changed my mind. It has all of the characters that you want to have in one game. It has some characters that you would never expect to come out in a game again. The stages are great and the characters look so realistic. I can explain this game as much as I want to because it is so cool that I get desperate to play it all day!!!
WOW my nieces love this game!
by: lsynergys    On: 2002-03-15

My nieces are 10 and 7 and they love this game. My sister can't keep them away from it. Buy it now for your kids because it's totally worth the money. It's an amazing game!
Fun Game!
by: igotask8board    On: 2002-03-15

This Game Is fun I recommend u BuY iT! Once U beat it Its Fun To Play W/ All Ur friends in 4 player Mode! 29 Stages! 25 Characters! 3 1 player modes ALL-STAR ADVENTURE AND CLASSIC MODE! Graphics Rule! and 51 Events!
by: bspellmanlil    On: 2002-03-15

THIS GAME IS AWESOME!...Awesome Graphics, Awesome gameplay, awesome everything! There are tons of places to fight and 25 characters. It's fun to unlock the secret characters such as DR. Mario and Young Link. Also, there are no complicating combos to remember. For all you gamecube owners out there, DONT MISS THIS! BUY THIS GAME BEFORE YOU BUY ANYTHING ELSE! THIS IS A MUST HAVE!
Butt Kicking Action on the GameCube!
by: static2007    On: 2002-03-15

...The youngest person I have seen playing this game is my 10-year-old friend and she [plays good]. OK, now for the review! This is one of my favorite games ever! The graphic are amazing and so is the sound! You can duke it out with up to 25 characters! I, of coures, kick most butt with Pikachu and Mewtwo. What is really fun is challenge and friend to a battle and keep on saying your going to [win]. After you [win] have fun listening to them curse at you because Mewtwo just K.O.ed Kirby! This is a game worth buying! GET IT!!!!!
The Best Fighting Game Ever
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-03-14

The best part of this game is the characters! With 25 different characters, it's not easy getting every character trophy! And some of the characters are secret. You have to find them then beat them. There are lots of combo moves to throw your opponent in the air. Unlike other fighting games, Super Smash Bros. Melee dosen't have health meters. It has damage precentages. When your opponent's damage is high, smash him/her/it in the sky! Adventure Mode is side-scrolling mode where you have to reach the end of the level before time runs out. After that you have to fight an enemy! Classic Mode is a one-on-one fight, team battle, etc. At the end of Classic Mode is a big Boss Battle!
This game is Ok
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-03-14

I think that this game is alright.You start off with a certain amount of people. You have to beat all of these boards to get another or some of the best people.The game is cool and fun once you get everyone to play with.It would be fun to play with people who are very good at fighting.If you're not that good, then it probably won't be real fun.
like its cool
by: geotan1    On: 2002-03-12

this game is cool!!!!!!! and there is nothing wrong with it it took me 2 weeks to find it the cool RPG sword an shield charecters are the best but ya gotta unlock ganandorf (who is like a slower but stronger capt falcon)fromlegend of zelda ocarina of time and marth an ROY from Fire emblem. and young link who like a younger and faster link with a fire bow and stuff is weaker.there are event matches that i like 52 in all the 25 charecters is a alot of chioces and Zelda turns into sheik
the best
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-03-12

AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH I could go on screaming how cool this game is. there is nothing beter than having a hand to hand oldschool battle. if I could rate this game in stars i would put a 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 star rating on it. my favriot part is being link. I have enjoyed the wonderful fighting in all zelda games since I first got my nintendo along with legend of zelda ocorina of time. I am just so excited to be able to get that clasic slash 'em up gaming on this game I hope you by this and if you dont EENY OWNY WANHA that will give you 64 years of bad luck HA HA HA :) :) :)
Great game
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-03-12

This game is a must buy if you play with friends alot. Tournament mode shows is very cool. If you try to play it in 1 player it can be quite boring. There are many characters and modes to unlock, but once unlocked it gets boring REALLY quick. Adventure mode is too long and the stadium games are too hard. But the good thing is that All Star mode is fun. In conclusion, it is good with a party but stinks in 1 player.
by: teknokelor    On: 2002-03-11

OK, I had this game on n64 and hated it. read all these reviews and rather than be suckered again i rented it. it is worse than the first one. like others, i think everyone that gave it 5 stars is 5 years old. it is very boring, easy, pointless, and flat out stupid. but hey, don't listen to me, go waste 50 bucks. maybe you'll get lucky and be able to sell it on ebay for 20 bucks...
Meaningless fun
by: luvbooks103    On: 2002-03-11

This game is pure ridiculous fun, and like the previous game it has no depth what so ever, but that isn't what this game is about. The differences between this one and the last installment are:

Highly detailed graphics
Adventure mode improved
fighting mechanics are truly sensational
more crazy stuff
and it's about 1.86384219103 times better than the last one.(don't ask me why I used that number)

I would reccomend this game to anyone who can produce the human fun hormone.

It made me laugh, it made me cry...
by: goaliedude10    On: 2002-03-10

Complete Masterpiece. HAL Laboratories added event match and several fun minigames to add to the one-player experience. The original super smash brothers lacked single player replay value, but this one has it. Long after I unlocked all 25 characters, I still have 60 trophies remaining to collect. This is the reason to buy the gamecube. The multiplayer is even better than the original. Now there are many kinds of special games, such as Giant Melee, Tiny melee, and Super Sudden death. The tournament mode is awesome, you can have up to 64 humans, or combos of computers and humans, and you only need two controllers. However, this game is best with four players. Thankfully, very little slowdown from the 60 frames per second. A Great game, for all Nintendoids and others. The trophies have great descriptions about games from Japan Only to N64 to gamecube to Nes. These can bring back memories, and for younger players, educate them about the greatest games on Nintendo systems.
Super Smash Bros.Meele
by: ghudson43    On: 2002-03-08

Best dang game I played.If u want all most all nintendo charecters to fight get this game. I recemend it for 6 years and over even though iy is rated teen.
You CANNOT buy a GCN w/o getting this game!!!
by: mitch175    On: 2002-03-07

Of all nintendo games that have ever come out (except for super mario bros. 3) this is the best i have put my hands on. It lasts for hours and hours and hours and hours....ok i'll stop. but really, i got it at the end of December, and I didnt beat it til the end of February!(I spent most of my free time playing on it, and thats a ton.) First of all, the multiplayer is great. Personally, i love the tournament mode w/ 4 players. But there is also the classic brawl between 2 or 4 players. Then theres the single player mode. I love it most of all. I like the challenge of trying to get all of the hidden characters and stages. There has been LOADS of improvement on the single player mode from the first one. there's classic, adventure, target test, homeruns, multi man melee, and lots of other stuff. Overall, the modes are awesome.
Onto the gameplay. Its amazing! All the characters have awesome attacks and cool looking ones. All the characters can move fast and block attacks. Its awesome.
The graphics are really stunning. The n64 version looks like cow dung to this. Fox's cheeks dont point out like the fox in n64. All the characters have had a facelift and added to them the GCN's power.
The music is great too. I like listening to the zelda and mario themes.
I give this game five stars mainly because it is for everyone. No one can not like this game. Its impossible! And if nintendo is planning on another SSB on gamecube, bring it on, but i dont know how they're going to improve this one! Overall, go out and buy it today. You have no need to rent it, trust me.
just read the other reviews
by: phaserboy    On: 2002-03-06

YUP! Just like everyone else says, the game is all that. Whether
you loved the first one and you are dooling for a sequel or you
want to buy a new Game cube title that will provide hundreds and
hundreds of hours of play time by yourself and with friends buy this game. It is simply excellent.
For a 6 year old-very cool, for a 36 year old-not so much.
by: pdmetrocap    On: 2002-03-06

My six year old son calls this one of his all time favorite games. I played it for a while and was bored to tears. For the six year old, the excitement of fighting nintendo figures is fantastic. For a 36 year old, man get a life.
Best game ever!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-03-06

Super Smash is a relly great game! It has all the characters from the old game and some new characters (young link,doctor mario,gannondorf,falco,pichu,jigglypuff,pichu, and watch,mewtwo,marth,and roy). It also has a bunch of new places,modes, and items, which would take forever to list. The best item is the super scope. The game takes a long time to unlock everything, but it will still be fun to play even after you have unlocked everything!
A Must Have For All GameCubers,
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-03-03

You just got to have it. My mom,dad,and sister bought me this game, a Gamecube, a memory card, and an additional controller for my 11th birthday. This game is so fun. It has all the classic characters from the Nintendo 64 classic like Mario, Fox, Samus Aran, Link, and the others. There are also some new characters like Yoshi, Peach, and Bowser. Unlike the N64 classic, you can unlock secret characters, such as Marth and Luigi. My sister and I REALLY enjoy this game. This is a great game for anybody with a Gamecube. Super Smash Bros. Melee. It's a must have.
Get Ready for the Ultimate Fights Ever!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-03-03

This is one of the bestests games ever for the Gamecube. It has more action,better graphics,more characters,more stages,and it's even more challenging than the N64 version(Super Smash Bros.)It takes a lot of work to get all the hidden characters and hidden stsges.The only easy hidden characters to get is Jigglypuff and Dr. Mario. Starting with 14 characters, this is one game you should definitly buy.
Get Ready for the Ultimate Fights Ever!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-03-03

This is one of the bestests games ever for the Gamecube. It has more action,better graphics,more characters,more stages,and it's even more challenging than the N64 version(Super Smash Bros.)It takes a lot of work to get all the hidden characters and hidden stsges.The only easy hidden characters to get is Jigglypuff and Dr. Mario. Starting with 14 characters, this is one game you should definitly buy.
by: wwwuntouchable104    On: 2002-03-03

This is a completely awesome game in millions of ways.
Graphics:9/10. Some of the best around, with great backgrounds and smooth characters and cartoony clouds the graphics are spectacular.
Sound:9/10. The characters make all sorts of cool noises. Music and explosions are cool too.
Control:8/10: Easy to learn and easy to play but can get a little annoying.
Characters:10/10: All your favorite nintendo characters out to duke it out.
Replay:10/10. Well duh! Of course you can play this game twice. And twice again. And again and again and again.
Great graphics
Awesome music and voices
All your favorite nintendo characters
4-player mode
Certan lack of a story.
game may cause loss of sleep
Overall fun:10/10
Super Smash Bros. Melee
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-03-03

One of the my complaints of the original is the lack of characters and levels (only one unlockable level?!?). This game, however, there are a lot of "standard" characters(Bowser, anyone?) and secret characters(including the all powerful Mewtwo). There are also two certain certain Sega characters when you get a high score of 20 KOs in cruel mode(one of the shiny new modes, emphasis on the s), a blue hedgehog and a flying two-tailed fox. Overall, this is a must buy,EGM's fighting and Gamecube game of the year.
This is a great game
by: solarcry66    On: 2002-03-02

It has lots of modes to play on, as well as a frantic multiplayer mode. If you have a sibling or friends who come over a lot, this is a must.
by: njcashes    On: 2002-02-28

BEST GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: drewski3489    On: 2002-02-27

I have this game and it is the best ever!!!!!!!!!! If you have a Gamecube, get Super Smash Brothers Melee!!!!!!!
SSBM is a killer game!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-02-25

Super Smash Bros. Melee is a game all GameCube owners should have. The first game was great but this game is awesome. Where else can Mewtwo and Link fight to the death in the middle of the Congo Jungle? All of the charaters are extremely well balanced. There are no bad charaters. They all have the standard punches and kicks but have a few moves of there own like Mario's Cape, Captian Falcon's Raptor Boost, and Mr. Game & Watch's Chef. This game requires strategy unlike many other fighting games because the arenas aren't just flat and there aren't any instant death super moves. A skilled player will always beat a novice because they know how to manupulate the environment and use their special moves effectively. It is still fun for those unexperienced though. The only drawback is after you unlock all the charaters and become good at the game you can only get thrills from fighting other skilled players. Playing the game with three other people can get insane, which is why they added the word "melee" to the title.
Get it NOW!
by: lharbor    On: 2002-02-25

This is the greatest game ever made. It has tons of trophies you have to get and lots of characters to discover too. This game even has an adventure mode for people who don't just want to gight other characters. I play it everyday and I have about 200 trophies to get and that is keeping me busy. The more characters you get the funner the game gets. The best part is the awesome lightning speed gameplay. The gameplay is better than any ordinary fighting game, it's MADNESS. And who says the graphics haven't improved. Only a stupid person would be blind enough not to see the intense increase of graphics. If you are still reading this I hope not because if you still don't have this...STOP WASTING TIME READING THIS! get it NOW. I would also recommend Star Wars Rogue Leader: rogue squadron II.
Awesome Game
by: whitakernick    On: 2002-02-25

In the video game, Super Smash Bros. Melee for gamecube, there is a lot of cool stuff. There are 25 characters and a lot of them are secret ones you have to unlock. The real beauty of the game though is the multi-player. I enjoyed the game very much by itself, but until I had friends come over and play against each other I had no idea it was so good.
Good Game
by: whitakernick    On: 2002-02-25

In the video game, Super Smash Bros. Melee for gamecube, there is a lot of cool stuff. There are 25 characters and a lot of them are secret ones you have to unlock. The real beauty of the game though is the multi-player. I enjoyed the game very much by itself, but until I had friends come over and play against each other I had no idea it was so good
The Best Gamecube Game yet!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-02-25

This is the reason I got gamecube. Even if you stink at fighting games, this is a diferent type of game. The simple controls don't require memorizing combos, and you can play as tons of nintendo charecters. Even Peach and Zelda.
It's 4 player action like nothing you've ever seen before! The different arenas do actually greatly affect the battle, unlike most games, whre they are just different backgrounds. If you liked the N64 version, this is the same but better: better graphics, better action, and more characters and arenas.
This puts the M in Melee
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-02-24

From Mario to Mewtwo, there lots o' fun packed into this 3-inch CD game. If you liked the N64 version you'll love this one.

Amazing graphics.
Unpredictable Gameplay.
25 characters, including Zelda, Bowser,and Roy
25+ Battlestages, including Superflatworld and Corneria.
51 Sinchy-to-not-so-sinchy Special event matches.
Challenge Giant Yoshi to a melee
Win Ganondorf in a Triforce event match
Battle attack-resistant Kirbies with Warp Stars
Assault Invisible Falco & Fox
Win tons of trophies

A smashing finish!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-02-24

A great game---must have! I would give it a 10 if I could, though-I have heard rumors of 27 characters and over 35 stages... but only have 25 characters and under 30 stages. Can't wait for the 3rd.
The Luke Skywalker of video games
by: lillianllou    On: 2002-02-23

This game is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The fourteen playable characters in the begining are the best. All the new stages, items, characters, and tropheys are so sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don't have this game already, get it!!!!! The 3d graphics are so good and the charged smash attacks are da bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the all new attack are so cool; and you can do sooooooooooooooooooooo many combos, you no bam, bam, pow, wing and KO. The dodges are sooooo cool, sidestep dodges and midair dodges make you feel like your Neo in the Matrix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Simply put... THE BEST
by: gameangel64    On: 2002-02-23

This is by far the best game available on the GameCube at the moment. It is strides ahead of its predecessor. While the 1P Mode in the original SSB could get boring, this game delivers, regardless! If you have a GameCube you must definitely have this game in your collection! Nuff said.
by: fribri    On: 2002-02-23

At first I thought this would really stink, since I'm not a violence fan. The game has more of a point than punching Mario or socking Luigi. There are secret characters that you can unlock (like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1,2, and 3). Also there are secret levels to win too. All these things can be played with once they are unlocked. After you beat certain things, you get coins and trophies. With the coins you can "gamble" to get more trophies. This game is pretty fun but not really my favorite.
another near perfect game from nintendo
by: gravitykilledthecat    On: 2002-02-22

First of all, this is one of the most entertaining games i have ever played. The reason is the multiplayer. when the original super smash brothers was released the programmers realized that the most talked about aspect of the game is the multiplayer. It is so great because of how simple it is to play, yet how complex it can get. SSB: melee is also very unique. it is one of the only games to use items as a key element during a battle. Yet this game does have its shortfalls. the new adventure mode is nice, but the basic game has gone virtually unchanged. the classic mode gets VERY boring after a while, but the fact that there are 25 characters to fight with and unlock keeps you playing for a while. this is a fun game but not perfect.
How to make a perfect sequel
by: seraphim_24    On: 2002-02-21

Although some may critizize Nintendo for being too reliant on it's franchises Nintendo always manages to make these franchise titles the best thier respective genre has to offer. Mario the best platformer, Zelda the best Action RPG, Metroid the best adventure, and Super Smash Bros Melee the best fighter...
Most fighter games get old within a few days, but I've had this game since December and I'm still finding more than enough things to do in this game to keep me busy, and I'm beginning to wonder if there is even an end to all the things to unlock! So many trophies, side quests, alternate modes, and the more you complete the more you unlock, this game is simply amazing.
This game is not the pinacle of the GameCubes graphical power, but for the most part it still manages to stand above the competing consoles. The backgrounds could have had more detail, but the characters looks imply amazing, and the real time clips mixed into the FMV movie at the beginning show such a smoth transition between prerendered and real time graphics you start to realize that GamCube is definately the most underrated system of the batch. The sound of this game is simply great, and the adventure mode gives gamers a chance to live the fantasy of playing through Super MArio Bros as Samus Aaron... though it would have been nice to have had the adventure mode a little longer and more elaborate (especially the metroid inspire level.)
This game is nearly perfect for it's genre, and most importantly the game is a blast! I haven't had this much pure fun in a very long time.
It's probably better
by: the4woodpeckers    On: 2002-02-21

Okay, I have a Game Boy and a Playstation, and used to have the original NES system. My cousins have an N64 and also have (who doesn't) Super Smash Bros. By playing it, I am excited to get the new Cube version. Hey, I've played at Wal-Mart and Toys r Us and anybody who calls it a Lame Cube is just a plain and simple idiot! And what about this gore-loving creep sayin' that there's not enough blood? I say it's great. I'm gonna try to get a Cube as soon as I can!!!
(P.S. Go Link!!!!)
Video Games Reviewer
by: demobri    On: 2002-02-20

Super Smash Brothers Melee for the Nintendo GameCube is truly an excellent game. The game features 25 playable characters and around 30 different areas to duke it out. All the best Nintendo characters are included in the game. The game has a very quick learning curve. Players that have no skill at all are able to pick up the controller and play the game. Having said that though, this game is very detailed, and on the hardest levels can be extremely difficult for even seasoned players. What really makes this game shine are the various game modes. There are actually so many different game modes I could not even list them all. For one player there are three different game modes from classic to adventure and a really fun All Star Mode. The multiplayer is also great. Super Smash Brothers is also a walking statistic tracking machine. It keeps track of everything from the amount of time the game is turned on to the amount of KO's each and every player has. Another unbelievable feather to this game is the trophy system. There are latterly around 300 different trophies in the game that are acquired by doing various tasks or getting to different milestones. This game is truly worth its price and is very easy to recommend to any Nintendo fan and is seriously a must have game to anyone's GameCube library.
super smash bros melee
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-02-19

this is one of the most best video games I ever played because it has more characters then the old game.It has enough hidden characters and stages to keep you busy for months,maybe years.And it has great graphics,great sounds,great every thing.If you are going to buy a new system,buy a GAMECUBE take it from me because I own one.
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-02-19

This is the BEST game out there (at least to me). the original version on the n64 was alreadly amazing and addictive and was said to be the best multiplayer game, but now, it has gone beyond...

first, ratings

gameplay(the style of the game and controlling)-10
value(if it's worth the price)-10

the graphics are AMAZING!!! it is so detailed( check out mario's over-alls and link's "tunic") the graphics improved like 1000% from the n64(well duh, it's Gamecube)

the gameplay is totally AWSOME! every button on the gamecube controller is used in it. u may think the + pad doesn't do anything but it does, it makes a character do a cry or a taunt. i can't explain everything but go to some game site and see. and i love this style of games, you don't need much "looking at instructions" to play, just pop it in the GC grab your controller and go! this game you can play over and over not like some RPGs(i'm not dissing up RPGs) where you'll get bored after you beat the game.

not much bout music to say, cuz i don't care about music.i think music don't matter that much.

value is Best! it's replayability is very very high, infact it doesn't have a maximum. it's so addictive so if u or ur child has to study for a test, or do something important, lock up the game till their finished. this game is so hot, it'll be a blast at parties! if u don't have anyone to play with, you could play the 1-p games and modes or fight computer players.

this game have so much stuff in it, i'm amazed how they put all that in a little disc. there are so much characters and stages and options that can be unlocked, and trophies to earn, it'll be a couple of months before you'll get a new game. there are a total of 25 characters that you can use. but some characters are clones (meaning they have the same moves but just differently animated) well who cares.

THIS IS A MUST_HAVE!!!!!!! trust me, this is the best game! get it!get it!GET IT !!!!! ;)

this game is better than the last one
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-02-17

If you liked super smash bros. you will love Melee. you can collect trophies play different kinds of multi player games, you can play classic, adventure, or all star modes in one player. I recommend this game to any one who wants to have lots of fun.
I changed my mind.
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-02-16

I have read other reviews and Ive changed my mind.I mean all you do is kill guys!Their isn,t even blood!!!Also whats the change of graphics?!They could have made better characters like Rainbow Yoshi well any characters except those!!I say you shoudnt sell your Lamecube well just wait for better games.And you should rent it first.I mean Ive played games ever since I was four!But if you do sell your Gamecube get a Xbox!I would rate this 0 stars but I cant.
A Smashing Fun Time
by: dididk    On: 2002-02-16

This amazing fighting game is creative, funny, and extremely cool. This game alone should make anyone want to buy a Gamecube. It is irresistable fun that can keep you going for hours. Now with a new Adventure Mode that gives people who don't like fighting games a chance to experience this accomplishment. Nintendo should be proud of its strong new baby.
Better than any other
by: r51    On: 2002-02-15

SSBM is simply better than the rest. The VS. mode is quite simply amazingly fun, unless you think that seeing 2 Pikachus with party hats being pummeled by a blue Donkey Kong with an umbrella right before Dr. Mario used a beam sword to destroy a Bob-omb which blew up and sent him flying is an everyday sight, or nothing is fun to you. There are 7 trillion charcters (ok, 25) 260 stages (or less...) and 500 other secret and incredibly rewarding things to get. The 1P mode has been upped incredibly, but it's not like the best thre is out there. SSBM deserves props for creating an excellent game and not just goin' for the "updated version" of a good game.
Its one of the best games ever!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-02-15

This game is really fun!!But quite like Super Smash Bros.
This is a fun game so you you should buy it!But be sure you have a Nintendo Gamecube and a memory card.I have played Nintendo systems ever since I was four!Not just Gamecube.
I have written many game reviews.I hope this will help you want to buy this game.
Okay whoever says that this game stinks is definetly messed
by: lmtart2    On: 2002-02-15

Okay , yo this game is the best fighting game out there, and if you say that this game is easaly beat you got something wrong or your cheating. If you were smart you wouldn't even pay any attention to those annoying people who put up those one star reviews. This game can't be beaten in "like ten minutes" because you need hours of play for some objectives and it took me even longer then that.That person who said that the game was beaten in ten minutes either has a boken watch, or a broken brain. Another thing that makes this game awesome is that if you have more then four players you can setup tourtuments that can involve up to 64 players! So, get this game if your smart. Listen to those one star reviews and feel like an idiot when you go to a sleepover and you don't know how to play. Buy it!
Reason to go out and buy a Gamecube
by: rabbitgirl    On: 2002-02-15

One of the best video games I've ever played. Graphics and control are awesome. Enough hidden characters and stages to keep you busy for weeks, maybe months. Loads of customizable options. Not to mention the fun of watching Nintendo's cutest icons beat the stuffing out of each other. And if you get tired of that, there's always the event matches, or the adventure mode. Enough nods to Nintendo's rich gaming history to satisfy a hardcore fangirl like me, and enough to appeal to a first time gamer. If I could, I'd give it 10 stars.
Great Game!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-02-14

This game has great graphics, great sound, great everything. Incredible depth, 25 characters in all, what more can you ask from a game! Another great reason to buy a Gamecube!
by: dannorth    On: 2002-02-13

When i saw this game i thought it was a [joke] that just had all the nintedo chracters in it. When i acctually played it it was amazing everything in it was the great. It just provides tons of laughs and good times. Its multiplayer mode is the best. You'll defintaly be getting good deal for buying this game
Some guy named Bob likes this game mucho
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-02-12

Here we go! This game is exellent. Great. Super. It rocks the house. Buy it. Now.

Ok... anyway, this game has great grafics (ecept for the slowdown when you play on big blue with 4 ice clibers and ten pokemon out) and the gameplay is easy to learn and hard to master (like othello!) Basicly it rocks. It is great. Buy it. Right now. Your still reading this. Stop reading and buy it! BUY IT!

Awsome Change of pace
by: neochefmatt    On: 2002-02-11

This Game is The most unique fighting game out. The Original N64 game was great, this is even better. I've played it for around 41 hours and still have yet to uncover everything. The Computer AI Is Much improved from the previous game, making sure there is no sure way to trick them now (Remember In the yoshis island stage, When you could just go on the clouds and watch them stumble in the n64 version? won't work anymore 0_-) If you can beat 1 level 9 computer opponent head on, Reward yourself with a cookie. beat 2 level nine opponents, 10 cookies. 3 level nine opponents, Eat the whole stupid package of oreos. You deserve it.

Another thing i love about SSBM is how It's anything but a Button smasher...This game acctually involves stragity and mashing the same buttons will do nothing but make you stand in place looking like an idiot.

Overall, this game does not get old. you can play the same kind of match over and over and you won't get tired of it. Well thought out game. Dozens of hours to play. This was obviously a well planned and thought out game from the original.
Best Fighter/Best on GC/1 of nintendos best :)
by: gamecubedfreak    On: 2002-02-10

This game is absolutely INCREDIBLE...It has great cartoony graphics, it's such a joy to play, it has all your favourite NIntendo characters (26!) and it is the most original fightning game out there. Who isn't tired of spiky haired Japanese fighters and women with excessive cleavage which only excites sad nerds. This game isnt like them at all, the fighting system and the characters are so perfect so it makes the rest look crap. "Magic" BUY IT
Best GC game and beats any PS2 or Xbox game too
sensationally great
by: beccaboolicious    On: 2002-02-08

Ok, so I previously said that this game was easily beat but then I realized I stated it in the wrong words. I meant that each time you battle another character that it was easy to beat but it still is challening. My little nephew has a great time trying to beat off new or old characters each time. I definitely recommend this as a first game for little ones but if you want something more challenging, it's not really going to provide it unless you just want to relax.
Super Smash Bros. Melee
by: jgworthey    On: 2002-02-07

Great Graphics. Really Fun to play. I wanted to get it ever since I got my Gamecube.
this game ...
by: okie5466776    On: 2002-02-07

I got this game for christmas. The game is boring. I don't see any good point in the game.The fights are stupid and you cant lose, you just hit the same button over and the enemy hardly ever fights back he just stands there and takes it.After 5 minutes you will be wondering how someone could actually make such a stupid game.PLEASE RENT THIS GAME BEFORE YOU BUY.
All you could ask for in a sequel to SSB
by: born-to-rummage    On: 2002-02-07

When I played Super Smash Brothers, I thought it was incredible. The most awesome game ever. So of course when I heard this game announced, I was ecstatic. I didn't even buy a gamecube until this game was released. And it was definitely worth it! If you liked the first game at all, you'll love this one. It has twenty something characters (including 4 Pokemon: Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Pichu, and Mewtwo). The play doesn't get boring because the more you play, the more characters and levels you unlock. One scene (and an awesome one, may I add) requires you to play 200 matches of vs. rounds to unlock. As well as other features that are hidden...the game even includes a tournament mode for up to 64 players! And the graphics...are amazing. It's difficult for me to go back to the choppy, polygonal graphics of N64 after playing this game. The characters are smooth and sleek (just look at Link) and the hidden character Marth is gorgeous... =) Well, anyway, this game is definitely 5/5 stars.
13 year old gamer with super bros. in a console!
by: sonic480    On: 2002-02-07

Hi I'm Luis and I got this game for Christmas , and I loved it! You can play as the couragous Mario, the adorable Pikachu, the pink fighter Kirby( my fav) ,and other characters. You also get hidden characters and hidden stages.I give this game 5 stars this deserves it!!!
Great Game....Missing 2 Great Characters
by: evolution682    On: 2002-02-06

This game is awesome, I'm always unlocking something. But there are 2 Characters who really should be in this game, Wario and Waluigi. There are the ice climbers, Marth and Mr.Game&Watch. But Not Mario and Luigi's evil counterparts?

Here's a Trick to Unlock Mewtwo. It takes 20 Hours of gameplay to unlock old 150. You'll need 4 controllers to pull this off. Go into VS. mode's custom rules and set them option to stock and the stock to 1. Now go into the item switch and turn off all the items. Exit and enter the Melee Mode. Start up a Vs. Match between 4 characters. And choose Yoshi's Island:Yoshi's Story because the stage doesn't change. Walk away,go to sleep, just let it run for 5 hours, Then have your other 3 players walk off the screen. Mewtwo will challenge you. Beat Mewtwo and it's selectable.

My kids love it
by: cfebythesea    On: 2002-02-06

My kids love this game all 4 of them play it.
best console title... ever?
by: goatcane    On: 2002-02-06

this is hands down the most fun I've ever had playing a console video game. fun is the key word. this game is fun. I've played literally hundreds of hours of it, and it's still the only game I want to play.

Now, it's not the best console game ever. That spot is reserved for either 1)Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time... or 2)Metroid for the original 8bit. But it comes damn close.

so, if you're considering this game... stop, breathe, and buy it. you won't regret it.

#1 gamecube game on the market
by: gamecubefan5    On: 2002-02-05

What can I say? A multitude of characters from a variety of games. You start with Link,Samus,Captain Falcon,Fox,Kirby,Pickachu,ZeldaShiek,Mario,Peach,Ice climbers,Ness,Yoshi,Bowser,and DK.You have to unlock Mewtwo, Young Link, Luigi, Marth, Roy,Dr.Mario,Gannondorf, Pichu,Jigglypuff, Falco, and Mr.Game and Watch. Stages include Infinite Glacier:Icicle Mountain,Mushroom Kingdom:Princess Peach's Castle, Mushroom Kingdom: Rainbow Cruise, DK Island:Kongo Jungle, DK Island:Jungle Japes,Termina:Great Bay,Hyrule:Temple, Yoshi's Island: Yoshi's Story, Yoshi's Island: Yoshi's Island, Dream Land:Fountain of Dreams,Dream Land:Green Greens,Lylat System:Corneria, Lylat System:Venom,Super Flat World:Flat Zone,Planet Zebes:Brinstar,Planet Zebes:Brinstar Depths,Eagleland:Onett,Eagleland:Fourside,F-Zero Grand Prix:Mute City, F-Zero Grand Prix:Big Blue,Kanto:Pokemon Stadium,Kanto Skies:Poke Floats,Mushroom:Kingdom,Mushroom:Kingdom 2,Special Stages:Battlefield,Special Stages:Final Destination,Past Stages:Dreamland,Past Stages:Yoshi's Island, and Past Stages:Kongo Jungle. There are a variety of modes including vs. mode. vs. mode can be broken down into 3 different modes. Melee- a standard battle with up to 4 people. Tournament melee- a tournament consisting of up to 64 competitors in a 1 on 1 battle. Special Melee- a variety of different melees with special twists such as tiny mode and super sudden death. Next is the very long and challenging event mode. There are 51 events which get harder as you go along.There are also Stadium matches. They are target test, a mode n which youn break ten targets with a character, Home run contest, a match in which you hit a sandbag as far as you can, and multiman melee, a contest in which you defeat many lightweight characters.Classic mode is a series of matches in order to obtain a characters classic trophy.
Adventure mode is where you fight many obstacles to obtain a characters classic trophy. Allstar mode is where you defeat all 25 characters in order to obtain a characters allstar trophy. Another goal is to obtain the 290 trophies in the game.I hope this review causes you to buy this game.
This game NEVER gets boring!!!!
by: blessedbyhim    On: 2002-02-04

This game is awesome! 25 playable charactors and tons of game modes! The controls are very easy to master! You can pull of awesome comboes with just a few buttons, unlike other games where you have to go X+Y+A+B+UP+DOWN and all that. And the more humans that are playing, the better! You can earn up to 290 trophies for meeting goals and beating levels. I have four gaming consoles (SNES, DC, GBC, and GCN) and over 50 games and this is one of the best! Nintendo's finest!
Great Game With Many Features
by: mwrules    On: 2002-02-04

This game has many secrets. It's a very indepth game. It has over 200 trophies, many of them secret. Let me tell you, it's very hard to get all of them. If there is one thing that I enjoyed about it, it is that game's multi-player modes. This game, unlike it's predecessor, has many different multi-player modes. You can also take pictures. Really, a lot of fun. With a total of 25 characters, after you get all the secrets. And that's if you don't count Shiek as the same character as Zelda. With it's many new characters, modes, including new one-player modes, like Adventure, and Home-run Contest, it's a game of good value, and definetly worth the money.
This can't be true.
by: bash004    On: 2002-02-03

Why the heck is this rated T?
Ha ha! I will give away a secret!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-02-03

This is a good game. Buy it. But, I am going to tell you ALL the secret charcters! Dr. Mario, Ganondorf, Falco, Young link, Pichu, Mewtwo(or, as I call him, "Kitty"), Mr. Game And Watch, Marth, and roy. Dissapointed and think I'm wrong? YOURE WRONG! Just because of that, I'm going to name the secret stages too. Brinstar Depths, Fourside, Big Blue, Poke Floats, Mushroom Kingdom 2, Battlefield, Final Destination, Super Flatworld, And the past stages are: Kongo Jungle, Dream Land, and Yoshi's island. Once you get these all you unlock sound test HA HA HA!! NOW YOU KNOW!
A Must-Have for Nintendo Freaks
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-02-03

Super Smash Bros. Melee is the best Gamecube game out there. It's ten times better than the first game. With TONS of levels, lots of new characters, extremely improved graphics, and cool moves (including the new ability to catch thrown items and dodge an attack in mid-air) SSBM is the ultamate fighting experience. If you like Nintendo a lot or just like to brawl multi-player style, then SSBM is the game for you!
daaaa bomb!!
by: geotan1    On: 2002-02-02

this game rocks!everybody will like this game. (even olpeople) my brother even likes this game.(who is very pickey of video games likes it.Link and zelda rock!! I just love this game.
Amazing Game
by: chrisk216    On: 2002-02-01

This Game is the best! Compared to the first one It has more game modes like adventure and tournaments. There Are even more charters and places. So far I think this is the most AMAZING game for GameCube. And the graphics are great.
Best game of the century
by: biffbird    On: 2002-01-31

This game is the best ever. I love the new characters! The graphics have improved a lot since the last Smash Bros. You can have a classic fight, adventure, and a normal vs. So anyone who has gamecube i strongly recommend this game. there is no game like it
The Best Game For Gamecube
by: ekmckinlay    On: 2002-01-31

This is by far the best game for the Gamecube. There are tons of new characters to choose from including the Ice Climbers, Zelda(who can transform into Shiek), Falco, Dr. Mario, Roy, Marth, Pichu(My favorite character), and Mewtwo. Another thing is there are cool moves that you can use on your opponents. There are also tons more items than the first Super Smash Bros. including the super scope, Mr Saturn and a lot more. This game also includes a Tournament mode for up to 64 players to play.

This is a great game to play if you have a lot of people at your house. The only bad thing about this game is the Gamecube controller takes a little getting used to since it has a different button setup than the Nintendo 64 controller does.

Overall this is a MUST HAVE game so if you have a Gamecube buy this game as your first one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Greatest Game for GCN
by: fattony7007    On: 2002-01-30

This is one of the greatest games I've ever played. The first Smash Bros. was great, but nothing when compared to the new one. The graphics have been greatly improved, and the characters look much better. There are many more levels, characters, and items. There is a lot more stuff to do in this game than there was in the original. There are a lot of event matches, and three different types of regular matches (Classic, Adventure, and All-Star). And keep in mind, there are 25 characters, so this is a lot of gaming. If you buy a GameCube, you have to buy this game.
by: paintballperson    On: 2002-01-30

This game is like a time machine. When i first played this 4 hours went by like fifteen minutes. Ger this game and you wont regret it. Ever
The reason to buy a gamecube.
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-29

This is the best game ever! If I could, I would give it 100 stars. There is so much to do, it will keep you up of hours. It is so addictive. It is 5 times better than the 64 version. So many characters, levels, and things to do. So if you really want this game, stop reading this review and buy it!
BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-29

Super Smash Bros Melee is the best game there is for the Cube!! With awesome gameplay and outstanding graPhicS, sSBm CAn dOMiNate aNy OthEr GaME!If YOu Are GettINg a GaMeCuBe, iT WOUlD Be Wise To GEt sSBm As A stARter
Super Smash Bros Melee
by: goldidragoon    On: 2002-01-28

If you think the first Super Smash Bros was good, check out this one! There are more characters, modes, and even an tournament mode for up to 64 players! I have to say that Melee is a lot more challenging than the first Smash Bros! With 25 characters, the games fun never stops! This is the best multiplayer fighting game out there! So if your gonna get gamecube, you should get this game first thing!!
Great Game
by: polybear    On: 2002-01-28

This is one of the best games for Game Cube. I own a Game Cube and this is a great game to play for mutiplayer and it never gets boring because once you beat it by getting all of the characters and courses it just makes it more fun because you have more stuff to choose from.Also not only is there regular multiplayer battle there is special melee like Giant melee and Slo-Mo melee. Overall this is the BEST multiplayer game of all of the games. So this is a great game and you should buy it.
Great Game, Hard Trophies, Never Ends - GO SHEIK!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-27

This game is great. It has a lot of bonus characters and arenas. Both old and new! There are charecters from all sorts of nintendo related games. There is a new adventure mode that is really cool. It has levels and all sorts of stuff. You cxan earn an all-star mode where you fight all charecters. well, you can get up to 300 trophies but there are some that you can just never get. I have been playing for ever to get them but i can't! that is why i gave it a 4. In total i have played close to 40 hours. Geez!
This game is simply, UNBELIEVABLE!!
by: o2cool834    On: 2002-01-27

I got this game as a Christmas present and I still am not bored of it. Since theres a timer built into this game saying how long you've played it, I realized I have played it for a total of 93 hours. And even with that much time played, I still have plenty to unlock, but I'll tell you what I have unlocked, so many characters, modes, levels, and what I still have to finish, the history-filled trophies you collect so many of. I'm currently at 276 trophies, and theres a total of 291 in the game. But enough of that, the thing that stood out the most to me was the event mode. Most of these tasks seemed impossible at first, but when you figure out the perfect strategy for each event, the difficulty eases slightly and its not as impossible. Last night, i finished all of the events, but its still fun to go back and do them again

Graphics: 9
The characters are extremely fine tuned. No more of the papery type looks of the original N64 version. Graphics are perfect for this game's cartoony type feel. I cant really complain about this game's graphics, but the backgrounds of the levels could better.

Gameplay: 10
This game takes so much time to really master it due to the difficulty of the Computer's AI. In the N64 version, I didn't even own it and I beat the game on very hard difficulty with no problem. While many people get annoyed at the computer's abilities at harder difficulties, I find it as more of a challenge and it makes me want to play the game more. But, sometimes I believe the computer doesnt want me to accomplish certain tasks when I spend around 10 minutes working on all-star mode, only to die on the very last level when I fall on a bomb. Another thing I liked about this game was the amazingly fast gameplay. This game runs so fast during battle that you constantly lose track of where you are on each level. The gameplay can't be beat though, I say.

Modes: 9
The problems that the N64 version of this game had, this game made up for entirely, with 17 multiplayer modes, several one-player modes that AREN'T boring, and various other things in the game. The only reason i gave this section a 9 instead of a 10, is because of the seemingly unending adventure mode.

Value: 10
If you aren't satisfied with this game, you need to have brain surgery, QUICK!! As I said before, I've played this game for a total of 93 hours, and I still haven't gotten bored of it. Even though it seems as though I don't have a life, I know so many people that have played this game more often than I have.

Overall, this game cannot be beat.

1. Extremely Fast Gameplay.
2. Worth Every Penny You Spend On It.
3. So Many Things to Unlock
4. All Kinds of Modes

1. Boring Adventure Mode

by: jman51086    On: 2002-01-26

Not only the best game that I have ever played, but it is never the same battle twice, therefore it never gets old. I LOVE it.
by: crazidavi128    On: 2002-01-26

This is better than the 1st game! i am the king of this game i am unbeatable!!! I have all the characters, stages and trophies! worth every penny!
Not much to say about this
by: triskite    On: 2002-01-25

but if you don't have it by now.... well u should have it by now. This is the best multiplayer game for gc thats out right now, and if you have not played it or heard about it, it takes all the main nintendo characters and puts them in a melee battle, 1-4 ppl, amazing graphics, many chars, (and about 8-10 hidden, i unlocked them all but i forget xactly how many there are)... trust me this game is a must have. I really dont have much else to say, if u dont have it, get it, NOW. RIGHT NOW, QUICKLY, HURRY UP, RUN. ull have a lot of fun with this
one of the best games I played in my entire life
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-25

When I first played this game I thought that it was like the
first one from n64 but later I started getting the hidden characters like Ganondorf,Dr.Mario,and Young Link.I kept winning
trophys and beating opponents esepesially with Ganondorf with his
warlock punch smash.So I recomend this game to the video gamers of the world.
SSB:M-Worth buying a GameCube for
by: linkandzelda    On: 2002-01-24

I will keep this brief as others have done a great job of reviewing the game already.

If you are looking for a fun pick up game with breadth, depth, and suprises, this is it. If you are expecting "realism", ..., or tactical challenges look elsewhere. This game is all about crazy fun.

Roll up your sleeves and jump in the Melee!

The strength of Event Mode
by: lodix02    On: 2002-01-24

I am personally a Nintendo fan and have read all the rave about this game before buyint, so my expectations were high. Not being a big multiplayer guy, I relied on Adventure mode to keep my lone play hours over Melee. I was deeply dispointed - its not that different from Classic to make the game worthy.
However, upon discovering Event, I was officially addicted: every level challenged me in a different way and the difficulty curve is balanced but mastering at the same time. Also, getting everything on the game (believe me, my friends, its very tough) is a big plus on my list.
Buttom line: this game offers plenty to anyone. Be it single, multi or fan player, you'll, with no doubt, enjoy the game - if you look close enough.
SSBM Is the best
by: darkcodeblast47    On: 2002-01-24

If you have ever played pokemon and hated it, then you have 4 characters you can really enjoy kicking the stuffing out of. This game has it all, strategy, fighting, complexity, awards, and some humor. If you enjoyed the first game, then you need this one.
Poor single player game...
by: rrryan    On: 2002-01-23

My neighbor recently bought this game for his gamecube. He likes it, but it is really a boring game for just one person. All you do is fight the computer and after the orginal novelty wears off, the game is boring and repeditive. However, the reason I game it three stars instead of one or two is the multiplayer games. This game is very fun if you want to play two to four players. I recommend renting this game before you buy it and deciding for yourself. Personally, I think it isn't worth the 50 dollars it costs.
Way better than the first!
by: jedi-master-jelin    On: 2002-01-23

When I first truned on this game, I thought 'I hope this is as good as the first'. In case you didn't know, the first one one a few awards for best N64 game. After the first few minutes, I was a little upset. It seemed to be almost the exact same thing execpt with much more highly detailed graphics. Then I started getting sceret characters and stuff and I changed my mind. This game is way bigger, better, and ultimatly, funner. How much fun is it to be a 10 foot tall dragon beating the stuffing out of a 2 foot tall pokemon? Lots. It's just as much fun being a the pokemon and beating the stuffing out of Bowser. All moves are done simpily by pointing the joystick in the direction you want to attack and pressing "A" or "B". Combos are done by pressing "A" repeatedly. To do a super powered attack all you have to do is tap the joystick in one direction and press "A". The controls are so simple that a beginner can look like a master at the game. There are 25 characters in total. And all of the sceret characters are cool execpt for Mr. Game and Watch. He's so annoying. Also, there's lots of explotions. Set the items to only bob-oms and you'll see what I mean quite clearly. Sometimes even an "A" move will shoot a short-range fireball or surrond you in lightning bolts. It takes hours to get all of the secret characters, even longer to beat the events, and can take months to get all of the areans (I don't have them all yet). Who knows how long it takes to get all the trophies. The biggest problem with the game is that IT'S TOO HARD. In some events you fight invisible people or giant hands that seem to like crushing you a whole lot. This is the best gamecube game out right now and it will probably stay the best for a long time. It's the best fighting game ever.
Super smash brothers melee
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-22

this is the best game i have ever seen a rea hit for nintendo give shigsy (its creator) a pat on the back, well worth the wait and the money. there are a choice of pla yers to suit everyone and tons of levels and its almost impossible to get secret characters like mewtwo and young link.
Best Game for gc so far... By Jason The gamemaster
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-22

This game tottally roks. It is very fun and it is so much better than the regular for 64. I got an xbox for my birthday, a gamecube for christmas and a ps2 last christmas. This game offers everything from sweet graphicsssssss to amazing sound. i might even sell my xbox or ps2 to get more games like this one. This game is incredible and I suggest that you get this game if you like your games hot and cubed.

Greatest Gaming Moment:
Getting Mr Game and Watch

Time played: 10000000000000+ hours

reccomended to:
multiplayer gamer
hardcore gamer
people who like fighters

da review
by: mistah_mef    On: 2002-01-22

this game is hot!!!!! i just wish i could give it more than 5 stars. the first time i played it i fell in love with it. the gameplay and graphics are better than the 64 smash bros. go get this asap
2nd best game
by: lilbova    On: 2002-01-22

Tony Hawk is the best. This game is incredible. I got it 2 days after christmas and it is also hard to put down. It has everything to keep you going: adventure, classic, and all star mode. It has versus mode, 2 player mode, even matches, and their is even a game on the credits. I have every character and every trophy so i guess i beat it, but i havent cause of the even matches. Get this me, youll love it.
The Only Thing That Would Make This Game Better...
by: boogalopikmin    On: 2002-01-21

is if I were a secret character. Please somebody hook me up to an IV of SSBM. Never before has a game been this addicting. If you like mario, buy this game. If you like zelda, buy this game! Even if you hate pokemon to the point you set your little brothers Pikachu Doll on fire, buy this game. I really don't like the fighting genre, but is that what this game is supposed to be? I just call it a take all the best nintendo characters, ridiculous amounts of stuff for you to do and unlock, never see the light of day, call up your friends and make them use the [inexpensive] paddle so you feel better about yourself kind of game. This is your chance to take all your aggresion about pokemon out on pokemon. Oh yeah and the graphics and levels look amazing! Buy this game! Buy this game! Buy this game!
by: yoshi_bowser    On: 2002-01-21

The best game for GC is this!You liked ssb,didn't you?Well throw it away because theres no use to it.Why would't you want a game with all the nintendo people???Here is the better things about ssbm:

There is now more charecters then ever!
The animation is great.You can see bowsers scales and marios overals much better now.
More stages and secert ones too.
More things for single player.

And for you"PS2/Xbox"people,i bet you never played the game yet!Some people call the system lamecube.And some say it's for kids who wear diapers...Why would they make a game about people killing each other?Why would nintendo rate it T??Oh,i don't know..BECAUSE THE SMALLER KIDS WILL PEE THERE PANTS SCARED!!!!!!
And whats with xbox?Just because it has an x ON it that does't mean they should call it that.But gamecube is actually a CUBE shape!!You people shouldn't be here

by: tschwanbeck    On: 2002-01-21

Personaly I think this is one of game cube's best sellers.Super Smash Brothers Meele is a fun, and action-filled game with lotts and lotts of great suprises.Its chalengeing hard ,intense,suprising and fun at the same time.Though I like many other differant video games this is my absalute favorite.
There is just 1 thing that sucks about this game
by: jolorkesha    On: 2002-01-20

YOU NEED A MEMORY CARD. i had this game for about a week without a memory card and it was torture. I would unlock 2 hidden charectars, get about 30 new trophies (and all of that) and knowing that i am not able to save it.
Smash Bros. once again rules Nintendo
by: americacapital    On: 2002-01-20

Super Smash Bros. Melee is definintely a good game to buy for the gamecube, especially if you have played the first one on N64. If you liked the 1st one, you'll like the 2nd one, and if you don't have the 1st one, you'll like this one anyway. There are many new characters, including the girls such as Peach and Zelda (who can transform into Sheik). There are also twice as many courses than there were in the original, and they have much better quality graphics. There are also more secret courses and characters to unlock. And to add to that, there is even a new mode called adventure mode. Adventure mode is just like the classic, except you travel throughout different worlds and defeat different bosses. It's a bit more exciting than the classic version. The bottom line is, buy this game if you liked the 1st one.
A Great Game
by: volrath9    On: 2002-01-20

When I first bought a Game Cube, the first Game I bought was this game: Super Smash Bros Melee. I used to own the first Super Smash Bros, and I was a little disapointed. After you get sound test, item switch, Mushroom Kingdom, and the four secret characters, all you can do is erase the data and start over again. The moves were limited, and you couldn't play at the final places. Now you can, it's all in Melee. 25 Great characters, powerful and fast, many levels and more moves. All the First characters are there, the music is much better, and there are three girls who kick .... In the first all there is is Samus, and you can hardly tell she's a girl. I'm not a girl, but I think that there should always be some kicking girls that do more then reveal their bodies (flashing). I think that if you only buy one game for GC, get Melee. All the others come second. If I could give this game more then five stars, I would. It deserves 10.
Smash bros melee
by: fafaru    On: 2002-01-20

This game is one of gamecubes biggest games!!! It has great new characters, some new levels, new items, enhanced graphics, and much much more. A great addition to any Gamecube library. You should buy your copy today.
A smash hit
by: fantasia617    On: 2002-01-20

super smash bros has it all aweosome fighting tons and tons of secrects from the new trophys to courses and awsome secret charaters and hours open hours of fun! with new modes such as adventure and special melee and allstar that will completly hook you in and with all the old modes you will want to play them all over agin. this game is excelent and no madder what type of gamer you are it should not be missed!
Best game created in history!
by: gecko293    On: 2002-01-19

SSBM is one of the best games ive ever tried. After playing the NN64 version, i got hooked, and now Nintendo has done it again. SSBM is back with better graphics, sound, and gameplay. It has all new secret characters, plus a few new default characters. Also 2 new 1 player modes, including Adventure, and the other one is a secret so i cant tell you tat. You can also collect trophies, about 290 of them! and multiplayer mellee is better with all new modes of play like giant melee, slow melee, tiny melee, lightning melee and many more! so get out there and but the game!
Super Smash Bros. Melee Champ
by: sgerding    On: 2002-01-19

The Graphics of the new Super Smash Bros. is incredible... they blow you away with exitement and there is a new tournament mode, and the special modes. I own this game and already have played it almost or over a thousand times! This game is great to prove to your friends that your better than them. Start at level 1 and work your way up. I've counted 25 new charcters!
Good Luck!
Super Smash Bros. Melee Champ
by: sgerding    On: 2002-01-19

The Graphics of the new Super Smash Bros. is incredible... they blow you away with exitement and there is a new tournament mode, and the special modes. I own this game and already have played it almost or over a thousand times! This game is great to prove to your friends that your better than them. Start at level 1 and work your way up. I've counted 25 new charcters!
Good Luck!
The Best Game Ever!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-18

This is the best game ever period!The best characters the best levels!I know I have all characters and levels and they ROCK!
If you don't already have a Gamecube go buy one and buy this game!
by: eddy13z    On: 2002-01-18

IS very good GAME the best I play in gamecube you must have it really if you want to see link or samus kicking the mewto,pichu or picachu's butt great battles!
Best Game Ever
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-17

If your looking for a unbelievably fun game, you've found it. The original Super Smash Bros. was great, but this is unbelievable. Over twice as many characters, plus a new 1st player mode. The graphics are outstanding. This is the best game ever!
The ULTIMATE game!
by: cscer    On: 2002-01-17

The super in Super Smash Bros. Meele should be ultimate! This has to be funner than any game ever! This game has more characters than before and loads of more items and loads of new stuff and more levels than before and you can get trophies to do what more could you want! There are 51 events you have to get and beat to get every character to beat the game! Like I said before the ULTIMATE game!
A Real Hit !!!
by: rpetty14    On: 2002-01-16

This game was very entertaining and I loved the graphics. Much better than the first one ! You have to buy this one today.
The best game ever
by: _keith41    On: 2002-01-15

Wow was i imprested when i first strted playing this game. I would have to say it is a little kidish but for some people they can't handle little kid games. the resons people rate this game so poorly is because they like x-box r PS2 witch is kinda funny. Smash brothers sold more than halo ever will and ps2 people are just afraid that the gamecube is winning. But this game has awsome graphics and awsome music. I wouldn't be surpiresd that some people will buy it just for the soundtrack. and what's cool is that after you beat the game you can listen to it when ever you are playing a different level. I think that this game coulld be the reson the gamecube is beating the other systems. this game can be for any one. the T rating means nothing the game is just and violent than the first (not at all) So i highly recomend this game to every one. I know that this game could be the reson for getting a gamecube.
Smash Bros. is a Smash Hit!
by: srreftreygreen    On: 2002-01-15

As multi-character fighting arcade games go, this game follows in its predecessor's (Super Smash Bros. 64) with the same great gameplay and slightly better graphics. Most fighting games on the market pit Won Hung Lao versus Wang Chung in a battle in a far off land, leaving gamers helpless at the feet of a more experienced gamer. Definitely not party fun. (At least not for everybody except the power gamer) The good people at HAL and Nintendo integrate lightning-fast 4 player excitement with 25 different characters all recognizable from other Nintendo games of the past, each with his/her own stats and playing style. This is quite a step up from the 12 characters available in the original. Of course, many of the characters need to be unlocked (10), and prove quite a challenge that makes single player action interesting. There's a good chance if you're playing this game that you're either by yourself or with another person (barring some freak radiation accident where half a person grows out of you), so I'll split my review up into "party" gaming and "Solo" gaming.

In solo gaming, the player usually selects their' favorite character, and travels through "modes", facing different challenges, including solo battles and side-scrolling levels. If the player is talented enough to beat these, then they fight a boss. These modes are fairly easy, so that's when the Event Matches take center-stage. The player has to accomplish some very difficult events in order to pass the event, making for hours of mixed frustration/joy. Unlocking the characters/levels/trophies makes for hours and hours of play. I totaled about 30 hours of gameplay before I achieved the goals, so you can expect to have a good first-play value. Replay value is standard for a fighting game, once you've achieved all the goals, then the only real reason to play single player mode is to hone your skills versus a varying-level AI, which can be set between extremely difficult or very easy.

In "party" gaming, up to 4 players can duke it out on 16 levels at game start, but eventually can be spread to 27 different playable levels, each with it's own unique environmental hazards featured in other Nintendo Games. Players who spend a lot of time practicing tend to dominate less experienced players, but the game has an automatic handicap system if one player is thrashing another, or you can manually adjust a player's handicap to give him/her an advantage to make the game more enjoyable for anyone. The biggest rewards of this game are seeing how a person takes a character and moulds his fighting strategy around his own advantages/disadvantages. This makes for some wild battles in four-player mode, sometimes becoming so hectic that players will scream in agony or cheer in victory at the end of a match. For those parents worried about violence, SSB:M is rated Teen for cartoon violence, which means no blood. Nobody dies a violent death; points are totaled by how many times a character is knocked off the screen.

In all, this game is an enthralling single player game, as well as an explosive multi-player party game that will leave friends asking "can we play one more game?" The multitude of characters, levels, and modes make for exciting matches, attention-grabbing action, and a serendipitous single-player experience.

The best fighting game you'll ever find!
by: jbajbek    On: 2002-01-14

This game is the gratest. Once I went to my friend Jacksons house I couldn't put down the controller. We spent hour after hour playing super smash bros. Malee. I thought the first one was good for nentendo 64 but I have changed my mind peminently. They have a ton of characters to play as, and they all have their own special mindblowing attacks that send your enemy into the 99th dimention. If you ask me, Forrest Bajbek, this is the game for you.
The best fighting game you'll ever find!
by: jbajbek    On: 2002-01-14

This game is the gratest. Once I went to my friend Jacksons house I couldn't put down the controller. We spent hour after hour playing super smash bros. Malee. I thought the first one was good for nentendo 64 but I have changed my mind peminently. They have a ton of characters to play as, and they all have their own special mindblowing attacks that send your enemy into the 99th dimention. If you ask me, Forrest Bajbek, this is the game for you.
An absolute hoot
by: brickcha    On: 2002-01-12

This is a great game, and a must have for a GameCube owner. It is an excellent party game, easily picked up by new players, yet is sophisticated enough for the most hardcore among us. Tons of extras and easter eggs can be found throughout the game, and the game's retro feel and classic characters add to the fun.

Buy it.

best game ever
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-12

This is the best game ever in my opinion. I think that you need to keep making games like this.
Its ok:{
by: zooper    On: 2002-01-12

well there are more charecters but the graphics are exactly the same. Mabie theres a diferance but i can't tell.
awsome and addictive
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-12

This game is sooooo good. I can't stop playing it. The graphics are pretty good. The different modes are really fun. I like that there are more secret characters and more things to do than SSBM1. Marth, Roy, Kirby,Zelda(or Sheik), and Mewtwo are relly good.You should definately go out and buy this game ASAP. It is 1 of the most popular ones
Great Game By Gamemaster Jason
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-12

This game is massive! The impressive graphics in this game are amazing! u can unlock alot of new characters and four new stages. I have ps2, xbox, and the cube, and this game is one of my favourites! It is a very fun game, especially if friends are over to have a little bit of multiplayer madness. The sound is very good and the satisfaction is ok. The new Super Sudden Death mode is awesome as well as the stamina mode, my favourite. My favourite character is Roy, having hit sandbag in homerun contest with him 714.9 feet! Prince Marth is also pretty good but I still prefer Roy. This game is a very stlyish fighting game for the cube and u just have to get this game if u have gc. If u don't, get one, and then get this game or Rougue Squadron 2 frst, or get both. In short, this game is incredible and is an absolute must have for fighter fans.

Gratest Gaming Moment:
Unlocking the powerhouse, Mewtwo!

Time Played: 100+hours

Melee Rocks!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-12

I think Super Smash Bros Melee is the best game for the Gamecube so far. The detail and graphics are awesome, and there are a lot of levels to choose from. Also, there is a wide character selection (who wouldn't want to be Bowser and Kick Pikachu's butt all over the place?) There are also a lot of hidden characters to be unlocked, and most of them are extremely cool. However, I must warn you that the game can sometimes be frustrating on event modes, adventure modes and home run modes. In addition, sometimes unlocking characters can be very difficult. Even so, this game RULES!!! If you have a Gamecube, or are considering one, you will want to check this game out. IT TOTALLY REEKS OF AWESOMENESS!!!
it is awsome!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-11

it is so much better than the other one for nintendo 64
Best Game for Any Platformer In the History of Mankind!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-11

This game is the (see title above)
I mean, come on!
How can you say this game isn't good!
25 Playable Charachters.
28 Interactive Battlefields.
Tournaments capable of up to 64 human players.
45+ useable items.
Remixed music, some even orcistrated.
300+ trophies detailing Nintendo's history...
My favorites are the Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo ones.
New types of matches like Giant, Tiny, Camera, and Coin.
Whatever! It all equals tons of game time!
(Ness is the best!)
So, if you are going to buy any GCN game this year, buy Melee!
If you are going to buy two GCN games this year, buy Melee again for a friend!
The best game that has come out for Game Cube yet
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-11

SSBM is the best game that Nintendo has come out with for their new system. The graphics are spectacular and the amount of characters to choose from makes the game even more enjoyable! My personal favorite characters are Link, Marth, Roy, and Zelda. The only fault in this game is some characters were very disappointing in their abilities. These characters are definitly Pikachu, and also Fox and Luigi. However there is many great levels and I really enjoy the trophy option in the game. Its a really great idea. 5 stars without question!!!
I'm not sure which GameCube Game To Buy?
by: priceteller    On: 2002-01-10

Well I love the GameCube because I've played it in stores, I don't have a GameCube yet but I think I'll get one. Although what game should I buy? Well Super Smash Bros. Melee is by far the best. It's got super graphics, amazing characters, and great game play. Get this game Today!
this is a game I can play forever (Or at least until SSM3)
by: dsullivan322    On: 2002-01-09

The original Super Smash Bros. was game you could get the hang of in minutes, master in days, and play for years. Up until I got the sequel for Christmas, I was still playing SSM. Like GoldenEye007, this was a party game for all time. And like GoldenEye, the followup blew was all that and more.
Action vets will need a few rounds before they get the hang of it, as the new controler (a cross between N64 and PSX, for those who don't own a Gamecube yet) places the controls at different spots. While there's a good chance that you favorite sharacter from the 64 game will still be your best, between new characters and the new moves for the old characters (There's now a difference between B and B+left/right) you'll find yourself pleasantly surprised by some of the characters that show up to challenge you. Not to mention the 11 (I think) secret stages, and the equal number of hidden characters to give the game replayability.
Smash Bros. Cubed
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-09

Basicly, an updated verson of one of my favoite games, Super Smash Bros. The game sports inpressive graphics and a horde of new and inproved characters, an inpressive up-grade to the multiplayer mode (plus several other multi-modes) Unfortunatly, the Single player game gets a little boring after the first few times, and while this may turn some gamers away, be sure to remember, you can pummel a low lever computer or challange a high level computer in the multiplayer modes, this vastly overshadows the little flaws in the single player mode

Thanks for listening to my senseless ranting!

Everything I thought it would be and more!
by: drad225    On: 2002-01-09

When I was egarly anticipating playing this game, there was a small nagging feeling saying "I hope this version isn't just a better-looking Super Smash Bros.(N64)...

Well, now I know that I had absolutly nothing to worry about! This game takes absolutly everything I loved as a veteran of the old version, great characters, simple controls but a surprisingly large array of moves and combos, and getting to beat the snot out of picachu and jiggalypuf.

Then is has everything i wish it had in the old game, more characters, more levels, a tournament mode, and a more extensive single player mode, and an amazing amount of moves such as mid-air doges, smash B-Moves, and 4 different throws.

And finally it has gone beyond what I hoped it would have! I've got new levels plus some old levels, 2 great single player modes, the great new power-up smash A-Moves ability, the all new trophy collecting(which i think is absolutly awesome, seeing a bunch of my past nintendo favorites), and...oh boy...Now I get to beat the snot out of picachu, jiggallypuf, AND Pichu!!! Its just amazing how nintendo can take such a great game and make is so much better!

its da best ever im addicted to it seriously
by: ghudson43    On: 2002-01-08

its awsome its great its amazing itssss just so addicting if you dont have gamecube then buy it just to get this game its like super i brought it on vacation with me and i was glued to the tv im so its so addication ok u get the point well my point is its da best game eva!
The Best Game Cube Game Yet!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-08

I own this puppy and THIS IS WITHOUT A DOUBT THE BEST GAME FOR GAME CUBE YET!! Now that I got that off my chest, lets talk. Now when you purchase this awesome mini-disk, your getting 128-bit graphics 11 SECRET CHARACTERS AND 10 SECRET STAGES! Plus a wider special and physical attacks(than the first smash bros.), cooler steges, and 14 charaters(to start off). There is easily a million things to do one this safe,MILDLY-VIOLENT game. I LOVE THIS GAME AND YOU WILL TOO!! In fact EVERY WAKING MOMENT YOU PLAY THIS WILL BE FILLED WITH AWE, GLEE,AND EXTREME EXCITEMENT!! MAKE THE RIGHT CHIOCE ...
The Best Game Cube Game Yet!...
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-08

I own this puppy and THIS IS WITHOUT A DOUBT THE BEST GAME FOR GAME CUBE YET!! Now that I got that off my chest, lets talk. Now when you purchase this awesome mini-disk, your getting 128-bit graphics 11 SECRET CHARACTERS AND 10 SECRET STAGES!... Plus a wider special and physical attacks(than the first smash bros.), cooler steges, and 14 charaters(to start off). There is easily a million things to do one this safe,MILDLY-VIOLENT game. I LOVE THIS GAME AND YOU WILL TOO!! In fact EVERY WAKING MOMENT YOU PLAY THIS WILL BE FILLED WITH AWE, GLEE,AND EXTREME EXCITEMENT!! MAKE THE RIGHT CHIOCE *nudge nudge*
The funnest game ever
by: diamondavery    On: 2002-01-08

This game is real fun and has a lot of new
modes for smash brothers fans.the adventure mode
is a great idea. I am the best ever in this game.
Super Smash Brothers At It's Best.
by: minscandboob    On: 2002-01-08

This great, fully interactive game is the best gamecube game out to date. This game is great for kids of all ages and the controlles are very easy to master. The graphics alone is enough to buy this great game. Another reason this game is great is that it NEVER ends it just keeps on going. Plus all of Nintendo's Allstars are in it which will give you years of entertainment.
Super Smash Brothers At It's Best.
by: minscandboob    On: 2002-01-08

This great, fully interactive game is the best gamecube game out to date. This game is great for kids of all ages and the controlles are very easy to master. The graphics alone is enough to buy this great game. Another reason this game is great is that it NEVER ends it just keeps on going. Plus all of Nintendo's Allstars are in it which will give you years of entertainment.
Nintendo's best effort to date. What a rush!
by: brettlink64    On: 2002-01-07

I could go on all day about this game's revolutionary gameplay, sound, graphics and replay value. A true Nintendo fan's dream. A virtual history of Nintendo! This game is GOLD! Do not pass this up! I couldn't wait to get it home.
the smash is back
by: criticiza    On: 2002-01-07

The smash bros saga continues.If this is the only game you get for gamecube this is the one! Its got all of the same characters from the old one ecxept c. falcon and ness are default characters. and it adds a couple too like bowza zelda peach and ice climbers.ALlthough board the platforms isnt on this one the game makes up for it on the multple melles homrun contest and whole bunch of vs. options. As far as levels go.... its off the hook the levels can rotate,dissapear,parts off them can eaven be destroyed. The secret characters are awsome personally my fav. is Roy prince's marths body guard for you fire emblem freaks. hey also got marth as well. plus for you zelda fan ganondorf.his moves are so powerful.there are also some others such as mew two mr. game and watch,falco,pichu,luigi as in the old one his b moves are the same except for his smash move but his a moves are totally diff. and ther is also jigglypuff u got a lot to choose from but it takes practice alot.well sorta.ive gotten all but mew 2 game and watch and pichu. the new stuff the trophies over three hundred collect them all and get a surprize evry 50 trophies. certain ones give you new levels like birdo gives you a new level. also some new stuff you get an extra move on each character the over b moves the smash move som ove the normal b moves are replaced with new ones like ness' fire is over b but he gets pk flash totally awsome. well to some it up this game totally rocks the only bad thing is for you real gamers.. its kinda easy see im not a real gamer and ive already got all but three characters outa ten thats the only flaw other than that i highly highly recomend it.oh and it got evry single pokemon you could possibly emagine in the new pokeballs and its got a ton of new and old items to help you in melee's such as the super scope ..charge it long enough and youll get a surprise.well dats all perpare to hear from me if another ssb comes out. lata
Super Smash Bros. Melee, Is it worth buying?
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-07

i think the game is great. You start out with so many charactors but there are more hidden charactors. im talking 26 charactors in all. i feel this game is a great game for older kids. i recomend buying this game.
I love Super Smash Bros!
by: ledgendofthesun    On: 2002-01-06

Considering how much I love Super Smash Bros. for N64, I never thought that Super Smash Bros. Melee could be this much better! It's nice to see some of the game characters who were left out of the N64 game, like Zelda/Sheik and Peach, join up with old favorites. Over all, it's a just plain awesome game!
Definitely, GameCube's best game so far
by: g-cuber    On: 2002-01-06

The best GC game to date. You start with fourteen characters, Mario, Peach, Bowser, DK, Ness, Kirby, Link, Zelda, Yoshi, Capt. Falcon, Samus, Pikachu, Fox, and the Ice Climbers, Popo and Nana, plus loads more hidden characters, like Luigi, Falco, Ganondorf, Jigglypuff, and more! Each character has four special moves using the B button, lots of attacks, grabbing, throwing, smashing, etc. Lots of items, including a beam sword, fire flowers, pokeballs, invisibility potions, metal caps, even a fan! So many ways to play: invisibility mode, lightning mode, slow mode, stamina mode (where you start with 150 hp and when they're gone, you lose!), mini mode, giant mode - you'll never get bored!
In conclusion, I would like to say one last thing - BUY THIS GAME!.....
Addictive yet very frustrating
by: stronghr    On: 2002-01-06

If you would like to have your pulse race, this is the game for you. The advanced gameplay of this new Nintendo title can be a turnoff for many gamers. Ridiculous new modes don't deliver, however. The trophy mode is silly. Somehow game designers thought it would be fun to collect meaningless icons throughout the game and have a lottery to get new ones. The new CPU characters do not live up to expectations. While in the old SSB, CPU characters played like actual humans, where now they have disregard for their surroundings and only try to stalk you and slit your throat. I find battles with the computers are the same thing, many times over. There is no variety the the VS. mode unless you have friends over playing too. And with a poor 1 player mode, the only time the game is fun is when you have people over. The new stages are very busy, with obstacles that inhibit gameplay. Although they are interesting at first, they hardly act as a catalyst for more interesting play. The huge new levels force the camera to pan back ridiculously far, making your character a small spec on the screen. However, the graphics and the new music are wonderful, which are the redeeming qualities for this game. But if you want to get frustrated really quickly with unoriginal and methodical gameplay, this is the game for you.
This is a dangerous game. from Mr Ohno
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-05

Pros: Everything about this darn game!

Cons: more time during the day to keep playin it.

This is by far my favourit Gamecube game. it is total multiplayer madnessstarting with the tip of links blade to the end of bowsers tail. Ive unlocked just about everthing in this game including Mewtwo. wanna hear how I did? too bad! Find out ya self. My favourite character for super sudden death mode is Prince Marth and Yoshi. For Stamina Link roks. As soon as I get home from school I play it wit me friends. they suk bad so i beat them all the time. The game can be very challenging at times (just the way i like it) but do not worry, you'll beat it in the end. Classic mode is kinda lame 'cause you still fight Master HAND, BUT ADVENTURE IS COOL. ...

This is the best game ever!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-05

This is the best game ever because it has so much nintendo stars in it that has all these special moves and it has all new people and worlds to fight in and that means more fighting!
The Smash King Returns
by: wordenj1    On: 2002-01-05

The most addicting game on the Nintendo 64 has arrived on the Gamecube. And the game is just as amazing and just as addicting. The graphics, while not the best the Gamecube can offer, are fluid and have no slow down. That is a must in a fast action-paced game such as this. The music is fun, but easily forgotten in the fury of the matches.

What makes this game a stand out is not only the loads of classic characters, but also the various modes of play. The VS. and Team matches are excellent playing the computer or a friend. The 1P mode, adventure and classic, while not as exciting carries its own merits which makes it interesting. The event matches are the challenge in the game and give a very nuanced playing field. You go from playing as giant Donkey Kong to fighting 128 little Marios in these Event Matches. Another new aspect in the game is the collection of the various trophies. These trophies come from every aspect of Nintendo's storied track record and create a little extra the replay value department. To be rewareded with trophies you fight VS or 1P to win them or use your earned coins in a lottery machine.

Another element to this diverse game are the mini games; the home run contest and target test. Each are fun and challenging. The game starts with 14 classic Nintendo faces including Mario, Link, DK, among others. Later you gain secret characters from beating classic and adventure modes, and by playing a number of VS. games. These characters include Luigi, Mewtwo, DR. Mario, with a few others I won't risk mentioning.
Anyway great game with few flaws, get it for a party favorite or a 1P smash fest its worth it either way.

10 times better than super smash bros for n64!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-05

If you liked ssmb for n64 than get this game!
this game has 2 levels for each game(with the exception of
icicle mountain and the mario stages)this game also has many
more hidden characters and more hidden stages like fourside and hidden
characters like gannondorf(from Zelda)And falco(from Starfox64)
ever wondered how it was to play as giant donkey kong from ssmb?
now you can!,and you can do it with anyone else too!just go to
giant melee.still not big enough set the items only to super

mushrooms and get ready for a true clash of the titans!you can also become invisible or metal!so do you perfer hit points over
persent?than stamina mode is for you!in this specal melee you will hp just like master hand in ssmb!also has trophys so you can have a little somthing to work for.and you can pick adventure mode to play through levels before getting tothe enemys
rather than fighing them to advance.still like fighting to advance than there is always classic mode for you!

And that my friend is only a brief preivew

The best game ever!
by: slg    On: 2002-01-04

This game is so good that if you think there is another game that is better than this, you're wrong! Everyone who has a GameCube should definitely get this, 'cuz it's awesome!
All i can say is, "Whoa."
by: mitch175    On: 2002-01-04

This game is truly amazing. It shows you what the gamecube can do. When i bought this the other day, i got home at 2:00 and didn't stop til dinner at 7:00, then kept on going til midnight. They have really expanded the 1 player mode into a lot more fun than the n64 version. It has a lot more players, the levels are awesome, and the graphics are awesome. There's something in this game for EVERYONE!!!! you really need to buy this game if you have a gamecube. if you dont have a gamecube, go buy one and get this game!!!!
The greatest game I have ever bought!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-03

I have this game and it is definitely a MUST HAVE! It is so much better than the first one,and the first one rated a 11/10! I very highly recommend you buy this NOW!
Wonderful.. Just Plain Wonderful
by: neochefmatt    On: 2002-01-03

I just must say.. This Is a Wonderful game... Seriously.. The only bad reviews (1 star reviews) are made by biased PS2 owners Who can't Seem to enjoy they're third party ps2 games which sony doesn't even make. "Wow.. This game is bad... Play ps2. lamecube players are 1 year olds who wear diapers.. Mgs 2 and final fantasy X are cool." Those are the people who are biased and Can't seem to be able to handle facts
Gamecube for kids? Far from it. This game for you sony lovers information, is rated T. Sure.. Gamecube has a few E games but seriously, Nintendo acctualy aims for all ages including teens, children and adults. If you ever look closely..almost all the time, the only thing people can use aginst nintendo is it's for kids.

Anyway, about the game, this is a wonderful upgrade. The first ssb was good but hal/nintendo Really found every way to improve it. The Controls are very comfy and If you've played the old ssb, you'll get used to this in no time. The game is loaded with hidden characters (11 in all) lots of hidden stages, and 300+ trophys to obtain, and to unlock them all guarentees that you'll spend quite a while with this game. Graphicwise, this game has Improved drastically from the first and hasn't droped one bit in gameplay. In fact, the gameplay has improved just as much. The game is much faster, the computer A.I Is much more challenging. In one player mode, you can do The Classic tourniment and fight character after character (with a few bonus rounds) Or in Adventure which is the new one, you get to go through everyones stage and do something let it be go through the stage, or complete a certain objective. You have the Event mode which is where you just need to complete a cetain objective which can prove challenging. Or The Multi Man Melees, which will challenge even the toughest expert. Say you want to relive the original multiplayer modes? You can play with normal rules, or Change it to certain other rules (giant melee, everyones huge, Stanima mode, uses the concept of energy meters) The Music Is just WONDERFUL. The music in the game is all either professionally orchristated or techno remixed. all off original tracks which old school fans will realize. Overall... this game will last you months and months of gameplay. I kid you not.

Greatest Game Ever
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-03

A Variety of modes to play. unlimited posibilities. Enhanced move list with awesome effects.
25 characters including Ganandorf, Mew Two, Doctor Mario,young link and many others. collecting over two-hundred trophies provides a unique challange. Definitly a game you want to buy.

Even more fun on multyplayer

One Of The 2 BEST GAMECUBE Games Yet
by: dc_talk_rox_the_block    On: 2002-01-02

This game is riding in with glory. With Super Smash Bros. as its ancestor, this game is one of the greatest of all time. With over 300 tropihies, 11 hidden characters, and many different modes, this game will not grow old fast.

To begin, this game features all 10 of the character from the original Smash Bros. game, like Link, Mario, Fox, Kirby, Donkey Kong and Pikachu just to name a few. But it also features 15 new character, such as Bowser, Zelda/Shiek, Peach, ect. But you have to unlock 9 of the new characters.

The Graphics and Sound are OUTSTANDING! These graphics could never be achieved on the PS2. The Sound is also awesome. It features well orchestrated versions of classic NINTENDO themes. A soundtrack CD for this game would be outstanding. And the Graphics; with a framerate of 60 FPS, this game won't leave any room open for bad graphics to even peep their little head into this game.

The 1P game is much better than it was on the original game. Each time you play the Classic 1P game, it is always different. you NEVER battle the same order of characters twice in a row. The Adventure mode is alright, as you need to play it to get the SMASH trophies of your characters. But the order that you play Adventure mode in is ALWAYS the same. You also need to play the Adventure mode to get a hidden character.

This game is best played as a multiplayer game though, which is known best as Vs. Mode as well as the all new name: Melee mode. It always has been and always will be THE BEST way to play this game and its ancestor. With over 25 battle arenas, your game will never get old. You also need to play the multiplayer game to unlock a FEW of the characters. You can also play the Special Melee games for added Multiplayer enjoyment. Such games include: Invisible Melee, Giant Melee, Slo-Mo Melee, ect. One Melee to check out though, which will really shows off the graphics quality is Camera Mode, in which player 4 is the controller of the Game camera. you can zoom in and out, rotate around the screen and see everything from a large collection of angles, all of which are camera user-specified.

This game has a huge collection of trophies that can be bought, earned, found, and more; 300 trophies in all. Each one is from different NINTENDO games all of which are from the 12+ year history of NINTENDO.

The Data Section of the game tracks everything, and with the internal clock and calender, every time you earn something special it saves it.

But to save all this stuff you need a memory card. I suggest buying Memory 59, the oOficial NINTENDO Memory Card. The reason you should buy the official one is because, if any of your data gets damaged, it is GONE!!!

Also, if you want to be able to play the ultimate Melee with your friends, you need to buy some more controllers. The Official NINTENDO controllers are the best, as they offer the best feel and durablity.

Buy this game today. Also, make sure you buy some accessories for added enjoyment. Also, try to find a good GAME FAQS website for info on how to earn all that stuff. A stratagy guide also really helps.

Have fun playing and ROCK ON.


by: dragon7610    On: 2002-01-02

This is the best gamecube game you will find. Over 20 nintendo characters and more then 20 stages. New adventure, Stadium, coin, event, tournament and even more modes! You got a gamecube? You got 3 friends then buy it! I assure you this is the best game for multiplayer freaks.
it is awsome, the very best game ever!
by: almeterlj    On: 2002-01-02

i'm a hardcore gamer that heard gamecube had second rate graphics, but after this game i realized that they are just that, rumors. it is the very best game ever!:-)
The Greatest Video Game Ever Made
by: hawkscib    On: 2002-01-02

Super Smash Brothers Melee is the greatest video game since the beginning of time (somewhere in the 70`s when the "Odyssey" was released). This game not only has the first Super Smash Brothers game built in (every character from the first and most of the levels), but it has over 30 characters in total and tons of levels. There is also the trophy mode, where one can purchase a character from any game ever made by Nintendo, including insanely obscure games from Nintendo`s earliest game. If you have ever enjoyed a Nintendo game from any console ever, then buy this game now. Now. Right now.
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-02

the best multiplayer game
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-02

I just got this game from a store (I forgot to come here first)and I love it, one problem is I only have one controller and it gets boring playing the same level 9 computer players. But, I have played with 3 people and it's great, it's like battling a level...1000 guy! Because you never know what they will do. So if you are gonna get this game, I highly suggest you get at least 2 controllers with it.
Impossible to get bored
by: celestialchick    On: 2002-01-02

Unlike in Xbox's DOA3 where you get bored , GC's SSBM is guaranteed to keep you playing for at least 1 hour. Bowser is one of the best players but wait untill you unlock Pichu and Ganondorf. They rock. This is THE reason to get a GCN when you can!
Where did they come from
by: ragex2000    On: 2002-01-02

I am the only one out of my friends with a game cube. My friends and i have always loved to play SSB for nintendo 64, and when i heard that it was to be released in december for the cube i knew it was a must have. In order to get the game i had to go to the mall which takes 20 min from my house to get there and 20 min back. I left right after school and was lucky to get a copy because the one that i got was the last copy. When i returned home, my friends were already in the house waiting to play. I dont know how they knew i was getting the game that day, but that day was the most fun day ever.
Best Gamecube game ever!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-02

Super smash bros. Melee is by far the best game for gamecube. The game has amazing graphics and gameplay. It has new characters like Bowser and Peach with a bunch of secret ones like Falco Lombardi and Dr. Mario. Super Smash also has a new adventure mode with bosses along the way. And contains the old smash game with Master Hand. There are collectable trophies and new moves for each player too. Now this game has brand new items like Mr. Saturn from Earthbound and a bunny hood for speed and jumping. The multiplayer mode is awesome for parties with special matches. Also the game has some mini movies with some interesting taunts. Overall this game rocks!!! [....]
Excellent Game
by: gregoryhaye    On: 2002-01-01

Out of 4 games we have, this is the best. My 6 year old twins love this game. It is rated teen, but I don't see anything bad about it. You get more violence on Tom and Jerry, and I love tom and jerry. You can also set the game for very easy to very hard. I would highly recommend this game!!!!!!!!
2 Thumbs Up WAY Up
by: mcwilliamsa1987    On: 2002-01-01

This game rocks. The gameplay and character detail is amazing new and old nintendo fans will love to play with some of thier fav characters like mario, link, zelda/shiek, fox, kirby, pikachu, iceclimbers, donkey kong, bowser, samus, peach, captain falcon, and many more.
PS. if ur a dbz fan go to......
Super Smash Bros. Melee is Truly Amazing!
by: bushfan7    On: 2002-01-01

One word sums up Super Smash Bros. Melee: Wow! This game is truly amazing. SSBM improves on the original's already great multiplayer mode and improves its graphics, sound, and gameplay. First: Graphics. SSBM is astounding, with each character brilliantly animated. Capt. Falcon's punch forms into the shape of a bird, Peach's hair blows when running, Fox's fur ripples in the wind. It's these details that make the graphics wonderful. Also, each level is brilliantly reproduced. For example: On Kirby's fountain you can see your character's reflection off of the water. On F-Zero raceway you can see the detail of each unique F-Zero car. And on Mushroom Kingdom II, Birdo and other Mario Bros. 2 characters are perfectly reproduced.
Second: Sound. As I've said in other reviews, sound is the best aspect of the Gamecube system. When you play SSBM it sounds like there's an orchestra! You can hear every instrument from the booming drums of Kirby's fountain to the banjo of Yoshi's island to the synthesizer reverberations of Capt. Falcon's racetrack. Melee has the best overall sound of any videogame I've ever played. Third: Gameplay. In the first Super Smash Bros., gameplay was somewhat lacking. This has been fixed in Melee with the addition of Adventure mode and the unlockable All-Star mode. These add to the strong multiplayer gameplay to make an overall gameplay that's very high. My ratings: Graphics-10. Sound-10+(It's Incredible). Gameplay-9.5. Overall-10. Super Smash Bros. Melee is the game of the year not just on the Gamecube, but on any videogame system. Buy it. You won't be disappointed.
by: mariagale    On: 2002-01-01

Hey it should have been rated E but it RAD! 999,999,999,999,999 stars for it
Got a Gamecube? SSBM is for you.
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-01-01

I own Super Smash Bros. Melee and I can tell you from personal experience that it derserves five stars. If you liked the N64 version you'll love this one. Invite your friends for the most fun, but don't get me wrong, single player is just as great. Nearly a dozen hidden characters, 14 starting ones, almost 20 stages, and even collectible trophies (over 300!) are new, improved features in SSBM. Test your fighting in the many melee rounds, or hone your skills in Adventure or Classic mode. There's even an added video starring the 14 original characters. You won't be disappointed.
Super Smash Fun!
by: julyacoolya    On: 2002-01-01

Mabye i never played it before,but it just looks great!The new charecters(bowser,princess peach,snow kids and princess zelda in a freaky costume)also all the others!And in melee,when you throw a pokeball you can get one of the neo pokemon!cool,huh?thats why i give it 5 stars!
Great Game but be warned:
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-31

Let me start off by saying that this is a terrific game and should not be judged by just one play, especially if you are used to the N64 version. I am a huge smash brothers fan so i bought this game right away thinking it would be the same with more modes, characters, moves, and levels. I was wrong. I soon realized how different this game was. Although the base is still the same, the gameplay is much faster, the characters a more true-to-life (ex: they fall faster as the go farther), the characters are somewhat hard to control at first (but that gets much better), and the computer is much much harder. When you get used to the gameplay and the new set of moves, this game proves to be a much better version of the orignal.
The Overall Best Game for Gamecube
by: theoriginalslawsk    On: 2001-12-31

The ratings say it all. 5 stars from over 180 reviewers (over 190 by tomorrow!) can't be wrong. It requiers 11 memory blocks, but more for snapshots. I'll keep it short but sweet. The object of the game is to beat your opponent and play this game many, many times. If you do so, you will get extra characters and levels. I have played it over 200 times with my friends, you can't go wrong. Sure, it's fun by yourself, but it's even more fun with a friend or 2 or 3! Do yourself a favor. Get it!
Gamecube's Multiplayer Game of 2001
by: joebegamer    On: 2001-12-31

This is one of the best games i have ever played. The amazing detail in the characters is obvious, but the backgrounds need work. (which is why i gave it 4 stars) And the replay value is unsurpassed, with 300 trophies featuring rare games from japan and nostalgic trophies from old famous NES and SNES characters/places/weapons/etc. The secret characters could have been better, I cant believe how much Luigi stinks at fighting, and the rest are just copies of the regular characters. This game needs a bit more variety. Nevertheless, still a classic and a must-have in my book.
Throw your Super Smash Brother 1 Away and Get this!!!
by: nbastyle1093    On: 2001-12-31

Its Super Smash Brothers Melee!! theres tons of diffrent thing you can do than number 1 you can Play as Mr. Game and Watch Mewtwo, Falco, Pichu, Dr.Mario, Luigi, Ganondorf from Zelda, Young Link, Jigglypuff, and More (Notice these are the secret Characters) theres more stages and you can play the old stages from Number 1!Theres more Items you can have the Mashroom and turn Big, you can get the Metal Box and turn Metal, theres new Pokemon that comes out of the Pokemon, (Raikou,Suicune,Entei,Moltress,Articuno,Zapdoz,Lugia,Ho-Ho, Unknowns) and More!! My advice is that you should get this Game!!
This game is the best game I have ever played!
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-31

This game is the best game ever get it!!! there is 25 characters, hundereds of trophies to collect, and about 25 levels. There is new moves awsome graphics and levels 3 differnt 1 player modes. Don't buy thisgame if you don't have more then 2 controllers it gets boring. I gave this game 5 stars because of all the stuff I just typed.
Best game ever even if you owned the first!
by: beefypie167    On: 2001-12-30

This game ROCKS! The graphics are awesome and the gameplay rocks! There are 14 characters that you start out with and 11 secret characters. The characters you start out with are Mario, Pikachu, Peach, Bowser, Samus, Ness, C. Falcon, DK, Yoshi, Link, Kirby, Fox, and Zelda/Sheik! There are a huge amount of items to use in the game and tons more pokemon that pop out of the pokeballs! There are more stages than I can count along with the secret stages! There are tons of different things to do in 1P mode to such as the home run contest and different event matches! There are special vs. modes such as giant melee and slo-mo melee! You can even collect trophies when playing the games! If you have a gamecube and you don't have this game, get it!
Excellent Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-30

This is a long review, but good for people who want to hear about the game.
First, lets talk about the new characters. The Ice Climbers are a pair, and a little hard to get used to. Bowser is a slow, huge, powerful character with great moves. Peach is great because she can float. Zelda has a lot of great moves, and where she is bad, Sheik is good, and where Sheik is bad, Zelda is good.
There are a lot of good new stages. The music is fantastic, and there is a big variety. There are plenty of stages to unlock, including some N64 Classics.
There are 11 secret characters to unlock, (spoiler) Mewtwo, Mr. GAme and Watch, Young Link, Roy, Marth, Luigi, Jigglypuff, Dr. Mario, Falco, Ganondorf, and Pichu.
There is a new one player mode called adventure, and there are actual adventure stages.
There are too many different modes to mention, but I'd like to end by saying you will never get tired of this game, there is way to much of a variety for that =)
This game rocks!!!
by: bigguyrc    On: 2001-12-30

this game is the best game in the world it has over 15 new characters such as mr. game and watch roy prince marth peach zelda/shiek ganondorf young link and the ice climbers there are probably more than fifty ways to play the game whether its homerun giant or tiny melee oh by the way its pronounced muh lay
its a french word.
by: charspence    On: 2001-12-29

I think that right now you can't beat Super Smash Bros.. It is definitely the best game out there. The graphics are absolutly amazing! It is really fun.
Pretty Good Game, if You Know What You're Doing...
by: johnny_cat    On: 2001-12-29

So it's like... This is a great game. It actually took me a while to get into. I got this as an unsuspecting Christmas presant, and so I had no idea what it was about. For those of you who have played the original in N64, this will probably be a piece of cake for you. But for us newcomers who are buying or asking for this game for the sake of having something good to play on GameCube, it'll take a second for it to sink in. I first had to understand what was going on, because I felt no need to purchase the Official Strategy Guide.
Once I actually got into the game, it was so much fun. A little mishap rendered me not being able to play it for several days, and during that time span, I found myself missing it, so it really grows on you.
Being able to play as several of your favorite characters is just great fun. It's like playing all your favorite video games, and kicking the.... out of certain characters that you hate. (Personal Example: Kicking the Pokemon in their Pokeballs).
A 5 star game marked down once because it took a day or two to figure out what I was doing. But a good one none the less - on of the great first games released.
Great game, bad controls!
by: gamezone_ab12    On: 2001-12-29

I have waited for this game for a long time but to tell you the truth I expected alot more from nintendo, to start off i'd like to say the controller for Gamecube is horrible, they should have left the same one for N64, putting 2 analog sticks was just more trouble and the Z button being on top is alot harder to control. This is a cool game with more than 300 Trophies to collect with many different and exciting modes. New charcters and more hidden characters, the levels are good with a very good soundtrack. But then again lets get to the controls, the combos in this game are not as good as in Super Smash Brothers for n64, smash attacks are much harder to do in this game because you must tap the joystick very lightly, it's hard to do that seeing how loose it is. But the game, itself is great, the graphics are truly amazing and you will have fun for hours. I would have given this a 5 but its hard to adapt to these controls, in time it will get easier, but for now 4 stars from me.
Great game, bad controls!
by: gamezone_ab12    On: 2001-12-29

I have waited for this game for a long time but to tell you the truth I expected alot more from nintendo, to start off i'd like to say the controller for Gamecube is horrible, they should have left the same one for N64, putting 2 analog sticks was just more trouble and the Z button being on top is alot harder to control. This is a cool game with more than 300 Trophies to collect with many different and exciting modes. New charcters and more hidden characters, the levels are good with a very good soundtrack. But then again lets get to the controls, the combos in this game are not as good as in Super Smash Brothers for n64, smash attacks are much harder to do in this game because you must tap the joystick very lightly, it's hard to do that seeing how loose it is. But the game, itself is great, the graphics are truly amazing and you will have fun for hours. I would have given this a 5 but its hard to adapt to these controls, in time it will get easier, but for now 4 stars form me.
Sorry People that I rated my last review a 1
by: dmxtonyhawkgame    On: 2001-12-28

Sorry that I made my last review a one. Now I have p[layed this game and this game rocks... This game is like Super Smahs Brothers in the fighting part but it has more features, charators and modes that you can unlock and chose for. Let me start by introducing the charactors. Every charactor that was in the N64 version of this game is in SSBM. There are new charatcors which you can obtain by beating the game, play versus mode for hundreds of battles and many more. Bowser, Peach, Zelda, Shieik, Ice Climbers, Mewtwo,Marth, Mr. Game and Watch, Dr. Mario, Ganondorf, Young Link, Falco,Pichu and Roy are charactors that were not featured in the first Smash Brothers. Bowser is something to play because he is extremly powerful and lacks speed like DK. Peach is one of the easier sage charators because she is light and fast and her moves don't that a lot of time to complete. Zelda looks like peach from far away. Zelda is much harder to play than Peach because she lacks combos which I like when playing a charactor. Ice Climbers are Popo and Nana. You only get to controll 1 of them but the other one mimics what you do. MewTwo is AWESOME. He looks sooooo cool and his moves are poewerful andhe is very well balanced between speed, size, power and usage. Marth in a way is like link because the way he uses his sword is almost the same way Link uses his sword. Marth is also quicker and powerful. Mr. Game and Watch is a black silluette. Their stats aren't that great. The defense and usage and power is not very high though Mr. G&W are very hard to find and obtain. Dr. Mario is like Mario cept he shoots out pills instead of Firballz. Ganondorf which is from Ocarina of Time is very powerul but I find him very hard to control. Young Link IS Link except Young Lick is a whole 10 years younger than link. Young Link lacks less power than Link. Pichu is Pikachu except HE IS VERY HARD TO PLAY BECAUSE HE HAS BAD ATTACK AND DEFENse.
Now onto the Gameplay modes. Melee mode is excellent. It is like versus in the original Smahs brothers. There is also Adventure mode in which is is like a Mario Brothers. It is a vs. and a side scrolling adventure. All Star Mode is unlocked after youhave every charactor, Default and hidden. In all Star Mode you battle versus every Melee charactor on the way to victory. In Event match, you play tons of events. In some event matches you might get stages or charators(after the stage in which a charactor challedges you, defeat it and you will have that charactor)In Stadium you try a mini game. THe mini games are Target Test, Home run contest, Multi Man Melee. Target Test is when you try to break all the targets and set records. Home Run Contest is you try to hit the bag as far as possible. Mulii Man Melee is when you battle wire frame enemies.
On to the regular game. SSBM is a awesome game you will never forget. It is tons of fun and will not bore you. THe graphics are supposed to look unrealistic and the graphics are superb for a cartoon fighting game. THe gameplay is fast and you NEED to have good timing in this game because charactors are diffrent from normal fighting games like tekken. They can jump high and dodge attacks in a snap. There are soo many Modes to ahve and soo many charactors you have dreamed of playing. So,, are you ready for some action then...............


by:    On: 2001-12-28

This game is incredible with addictive multiplayer and single player modes. Lots of goodies to unlock will keep you coming back! Do yourself a favor and don't goto spoiler sites and find out the secrets -- discover them yourself!
by: sasha_slutsker    On: 2001-12-28

This game is so awesome! There are a ton of NEW modes! Amazing new charcators! The trophies rule! The graphics are great and the sound is awesome. The gameplay is where it is SO AWESOME! You'll be playing for hours trying to unlock the thousands of stuff you can unlock. YES THOUSANDS! YOU MUST GET THIS GAME!
Fun, fun, and wait... More fun
by: javrixx    On: 2001-12-28

I was suprised on how fun this game is. Yeah, it is just a bunch of hard hitting fighting, but it's really fun. Especially when you get 4 human players, man talk about all night, blood shot eye fun! And there is lots of stuff to do in the game, and I'll tell you, there is some things in this game that are really hard. One little "mini-game" is called Cruel Challenge or something, but it's you and 5 other computer players, but they kick your sorry a** in about 5 seconds. Seriously, if anyone's beaten that level, tell me how you did it for a free cookie.
1/1 is tons of Fun. 4 at a time. Oh lord!
by: natoma77    On: 2001-12-28

I play this game all the time with my boyfriend. The other night we had our friends over to our apartment and we all took turns playing against one another. I currently have four controllers and we played easily 8-9 hours straight.

Let me tell you. You haven't had fun in a fighting game until you play Pikachu versus Zelda/Sheik in Pokemon stadium, while calling down a lightning bolt from the sky while screaming 'Pika!!!!' and hearing the rousing orchestral and vocal score through a Dolby 5.1 system.

This game has definitive replay value, from the adventure and classic to the events and versus mode. It has it all. This game should definitely be part of your collection if it isn't already.

Smash bros
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-28

One of the best games for N64 is now on gamecube and is even better! So if you have gamecube buy it.
A must have!
by: dreamlovrs    On: 2001-12-27

I haven't played this game, but my teenage daughter and her friends do ALL THE TIME. They love it. They were fans of the first Smash Bros and were really looking forward to Melee. They weren't disappointed. They have spent about 12 hrs so far (not at one sitting) and are shooting for 20 hrs so they can get a new item. Another great Nintendo game.
Fun, Sorta
by: gregkinne    On: 2001-12-27

This game was fun for about two days and then afterwards, I quickly became bored with the entire premise behind it. It was really fast paced and after a while I couldn't tell what I was doing. The graphics are fantastic, the music mind numbing although it boasts classic scores of video game music. Ick. So-So gaming.
by: nikos88ssj13    On: 2001-12-27

This game is great even better than the first. The graphics are amazing and the game is realy addictive and fun. the new characters are cool. The cantrols are realy easy to use the controller melts in your hands( gamecube has the best controllers by the way). I would highly reccomend this game to anyone. your money will not go to waste.
by: modusisrobot    On: 2001-12-27

I look at all the reviews, most of what I see is five stars or one star. This game is a five star game, and any one that says this game is a one star is just looking for something to do because their X box or PS2 has already gotten boring. SSBM is the best game I have ever played, every thing about Game Cube is better than PS2 and X Box.
Super Smash Brothers Series
by: dragotj    On: 2001-12-27

This game is the most successful fighting game in response to the history of Nintendo/playstation Fighting series.......though I yhaven't yet played the melee version for the game cube, I'm still reveiwing this to show my appreciation for the game. I believe others should experience this feeling.....Thank you.....

(not exactly a review) =)

by: luminglas    On: 2001-12-27

If you love Nintend and have grown up with it just like me (got a NES when I was six months old-now I'm 16) and you love the characters you'll really love this game. The characters have all been updated with thier looks and attacks, but some of their voices have changed which is sort of a down side.

Each character, even the slow ones, are alot faster with the game being on Game Cube but thing I like the most is the game play. Each of the main characters you start out with has their own speical qualities. So even if Bowser could knock Peach for a loop she could always come back and kick his tail becasue of her life saving umbrella.

The down B and the up B attacks are the same on the original Smash Brothers characters but they all have new ones too. Instead of A or B just being little attacks, if used right, they are actually really powerful, especially when it comes to Jigglypuff.

Zelda and Peach are great new additions to the game. Samus was the only girl in the first game as we all know but just because the new girls are princesses doesn't mean they are not strong.
Princess Peach Toadstool attack's prove that if it really came down to it she could really take on Bowser. The same with Pricess Zelda. Three of her main moves come from the 3 magical attacks Link got from the faeries in Ocarina of Time. Remember them? Well there was Din's Fire, Nayru's Love, and Farores (pardon my spelling) Wind. Each is now an attack of Zelda which also proves that she could take on the King of Darkness... but we don't know if he is going to show up in SSBM ;)

Well the game is great! Trophys-adventure mode-invisible melee, that are all great parts of this wonderful addition to Nintendo history.

P.S. Some of the new worlds added to the game are classic worlds visited throughout all Nintendo games. So when you go to Yoshi's world be sure to remember that when the little blocks are hit, they spin. And when they spin, you can't stand on them anymore. :)

Just the same as the old one
by: mobafrotes    On: 2001-12-27

Its sad to say, but the first smash bros was better. With the new one, they dont emphazise the damage. The game is much harder and all the controls are confusing. Its a dissappointment that Nintendo just made this game even worse by making and worse sequel. Dont waste your time with trying to buy this game, especially the fact that you probably wont even find it. People just overrate this game because of the "sequel" part. It even got a rating of 8.9 while Halo got 9.7. Super Smash Brothers Melee is just a dissappointment.
by: dmxtonyhawkgame    On: 2001-12-27

Is anyone here over 9? There seems to be a lot of peeps. This game is for people who go wha wha and wears diapers. It is stupid and unaddicting. Wait, let me tell you about the system called Lamcube I am going to sell my L-amecube and get a ps2 with games like Metal Gear Solid 2 and Extreme G--G. If any ... there would play ps2 because u people are wimps and can't play Scary Games. PS2 ROCKS
What a hoprrible game
by: amoufarege2    On: 2001-12-26

This game is the worst honestly. I got for xmas and it is the worst game i ever played. i wanted it bad but now i wanna burn it. this game is horrible.
Smashin' good time
by: kentnielsen    On: 2001-12-26

If you're looking into this game, then I'm willing to bet you're already familiar with the original Smash Brothers on Nintendo 64. Well, you're in for a real treat, then. Melee offers much better graphics; more arenas, characters, weapons, moves, and multi/single player options over its predecessor. I thought I'd be in heaven... until I tried to play the game. Next generation console controllers are always kind of screwy, and Gamecube's own device does more harm than good to this beautiful package (i.e. Smash Bros. Melee). The characters move too awkwardly in essence to the goofy button configuration. Also, the level designs are way too elaborate and I found myself getting lost in the background rather than keeping an eye on my player. -- But you will eventually get used to how it plays, and when you do.... you've just found one of the greatest things you could possibly do with friends. Melee is here, and boy is it a treat.
Completely Awesome
by: pennyw333    On: 2001-12-26

When i first played super smash for N64 i was amazed at the graphics but now i look back and realize that they were horrible compared to these graphichs on melee! The gameplay is great with tons of versus, and single player options to play. The strong part is obviously the multiplayer but the single player is fun to and very much improved over the N64 version. Has my vote for game of the year.
Raised Standards!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-26

Today is Christmas, i woke up and went into the living room, sitting amazingly in front of me was my GAMECUBE!!! I opened it immediately ,and soon after doing this found that i had also recieved S.S.B. melee. I started to play it immediately and was amazed at the incredible graphics. I started out on single player, after beating it on very easy :-
) ,i had to go over to my grandmothers house. While I was over there my uncle gave me a memory card and another controller.We played for a very long time. I was aware that the eye candy from this game was enough to fill even snorlax's giant hunger.I was so amazed. There are so many things to do. I played all the different types of games. Since, I had 2 controllers, I tried out the snapshot thingy. I was also amazed at this. For, no matter how much I zoomed in, the graphix still stayed amazingly beutiful.I would recommend this game to anyone with a gamecube. And if you ont have a gamecube, well your missing out on a big upgrade from the original.
Super Smash Better Than Expected
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-26

Hey everybody. I would really reccomend this to the player who plays Gamecube MUCH. It has many more, cool, and interesting levels, characters [I LOVE ALL OF THEM (see*)], and many features. There is a homerun contest, and break the targets is back!!! This game is really good. * back to characters. Ice Climbers, Roy, Marth. All cool. Bowser rocks. Mr Game and Watch, etc. There is soo many. PLus, there are a whole wack of new moves. Ness has sooo many!!! Even though you have to play the game MANY TIMES.....800 OR SO TO UNLOCK PEOPLE.....its totally worth it
A flawless Melee of fun
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-25

Super Smash Bros. Melee is one of the best games I've ever
played. You will never get bored with it, there's over 70
different ways to play, 25 characters, plus awesome one player and multiplayer modes, make it the perfect game! Super Smash Bros. has officially gone to the third power!!
Im sick of PS2 lovers talking crap about this game.
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-24

Now, yáll know this game is the best. I tried it with a bud at an Electronics boutique store(full version) and I fell in love with this game . I played it for about an hour(literally) until finally I had to go. It is simply the best game for any system.In fact, the only competition is Warcraft II Battle chest for PC, which is so addictive is should be considered nicotine. But Super Smash bros.Melee is still better. Stunning graphics, 60 frames per second, and no bugs just isn't enough to justify the purity of this game. My personal character is Kirby, which I play as on my N64. It's just the joy now watching Kirby take out a hammer on GC and hitting a guy 15 times his height and endless times his weight across the ring. The only thing that bugs me is the "hmph"-ing PS2 moron crapheads who write half-baked crap reviews about this game like a one I read earlier-
(1 star)
This game suks it has bad grafics I gonna sell my lamecube(ooh,clever) get PS2 game suks long live PS2!
O...k..... But of course, that isn't SSBM's fault is it? Simply put, in my 8 years of gaming (starting with a gameboy pocket) I haven't seen a better game. What are you doing sitting on your lazy butt reading this? Go get SSBM! Don't got a Gamecube? go get one! hurry! Move,move!
What a blast!
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-24

Do you have a Gamecube? I'm buying one with this in mind.What you do is you take your favorite nintendo mascot and pummel your friends(or they pummel you) into submission. You can work with your friends,too against the A.I., which is absolutely fantastic. Also, the graphics are better than most PC games! This is THE ultimate game! 54 out of 10!
read review... noting else
by: metalgear2k1    On: 2001-12-23

Super Smash Bros. Melee is a fun, fast-paced action/(4 player) fighting game with wonderous graphics. If, no WHEN, your'e going to get this game, get a memory card-you'll need it.
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-23

ssbm is the most action pack hand to hand combat for GCN the graphics show all that gcn has to ofer. ssbm is my favorite game, all other five star games [are bad]. the runner ups to ssbm is pikmin, waverace: blue storm ,luigi's mansion and nba courtside but there not as godd as ssbm. theres loads of new characters ,levels ,secret characters ,secret levels ,new moves, and new items .there are so many ways to play ;theres metel mode ,tiny mode, giant mode, lightning mode, slo-mo mode ,invisable mode, tournament mode, classic mode ,adventure mode .theres so many diferrent things to do ;like collecting trophies ,vs mode ,team mode ,multi man mode ,than theres the boss master hand he's easy but thats ok its still really fun. the only thing it needs is a harder boss. well thats what i think and u sould go to the store and buy it right now. o yeah my favorite characters are samus#1, ice climbers #2, zelda#3 and bowser#4. well goodbye go get it NOW!O YEAH I WOULD HAVE MADE NOW BIGER BUT I CANT GOODBYE!
This Game Stinks on Ice!
by: llknodle    On: 2001-12-22

For any of us extreme sports fans, this game in a real bust. It couldnt come close to being "Off the heezay." This is so boring, theres nothing to do, its totally rehashed! Now if it was for XBox I might reconsider, they could make a stupid game like this rock the house. If you extreme sports fans want want action, get the hit game of the year, Halo.
Smash Bros.= Smash Hit
by: -skitch-    On: 2001-12-22

Super Smash Brothers for 64 took the nintendo world by storm, this amazing game provided me with hours upon hours of fun, my friends used to line up to play this game! About 15 of us would be crammed into a room, fighting over whos turn it was(good thing I had 4 controlers), so we were kinda having our own super smash fight over who turn it was. We thought no game would ever top this one, but then there was Power Stone 2 for Dream Cast, oh that game kicks smash brothers butt! And now coming to plow Power stone 2 out of my video game favorite spot is Super Smash Brothers Melee, and now here's my review of SSBM. If you have noticed or not, this is my second review of this game, in my other review I mainly told about all the characters and where they originated from and didn't tell much about anything else in the game, in this review I'll tell about the modes of play and other stuff, so if you wish to hear about the characters then find my other review titled "Smash Brothers Smashes all competition in its path". 1-player modes: Classic Mode: this is just like 1-player in the original, you fight melees, team melees, and giant melees plus others, your goal is winning and getting to master hand and defeating him, but in normal mode and higher, after master hand is half way dead then crazy hand joins the fight, crazy hand has completly different moves and some master and crazy do together. There is also adventure mode in which you go through areas and fight new and old enemies(some from games like Lengend of Zelda:Orcina of Time.), and you kinda go along with a story too. Event mode: pick a character and pick an event(51 total) and play, an event battle has special settings on it like Hide"n"Sheik you have to defeat Zelda, but she only loses stock when she's in Sheik form, and bomb feet event, where many bombs appear at a very high rate and you must defeat your opponent. Multi-player modes: 64-Player Tournament: Yes that's right gather up 64 of your friends and prepare to have fun! 4 People or computers or both fight at once, then the winner goes on and fights the three winners from other rounds, then the winner of the top half faces the winner of the bottom half in a 1-on-1 match. Normal Versus: Fight up to three of your friends in free-for-all or team battles, choose who to fight with from 25 characters(this 25 includes all secret characters too). Over 25 levels to duke it out on. There are many special modes of Versus to play also, like giant melee where your all slower, stronger, and alot bigger too: Tiny Melee well your characters are tiny, Vitality Melee, you have HP like Master Hand instead of Percent, so you die if you reach 0. There's also a mode where player 4 controls the camera while the others fight which makes a fun but frustrating battle, there's fast and slow motion melees too. 1-player modes I forgot to mention are break the targets, board the platforms, 10-man melee, 100-man melee, endless melee, cruel melee which is extremely hard. This game is the best game ever for any system. I haven't even with all that text told you about everything you can do in melee like collect over 275 trophies. Read my other reviews by clicking on more about me by my name.

Super Smash Brothers Melee Evaluation:
Fun Factor: 100/100
GamePlay: 100/100
Replay Value: 95/100
Sound: 95/100
Graphics: 100/100
Variety: 100/100

MUST BUY GAME THIS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Read my other Smash Bros. Melee review to find out more about the game and mainly the characters.

by: flyersguy_2000    On: 2001-12-22

As soon as i saw this game out i knew to buy it. The game is mad. Everything bout it is sweet so buy it, belive me u'll luv it. It may look like a kids game but it is great for any age.
Da Show Stoppa
by: da-icon    On: 2001-12-22

Plain and simple, the new smash Bros. game is gonna be the best, the best 4 a while.When i first saw the first smash bros commercial i was like, wow, gotta get it.Here comes the second.If u are a true gamer this game will make you think hard about gettin it.4 me, its a must buy.I got an xbox but im buyin a gamecube this Christmas just 2 get this game.Well, im out.


Super Smash Bros. MELEE
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-21

I love Super Smash Bros. MELEE. My favriot person is the Pink ice
lady, I love the Blezzard Attack. I love the Pokemon Stadium stage,and the Fountain Of Dreams stage. I love the game.
Our favorite Nintendo characters are at war again !
by: dark-gundam-pilot-kyoji    On: 2001-12-21

When Super Smash Bros. came for the Nintendo 64 as the first four player fighting game, it started an unspeakable revolution with its rich high quality graphics, breathtaking gameplay, a wide selection of unforgetable Nintendo and Rare characters, and a wide variety of game modes to choose from. Super Smash Bros. was so great, that even some of those N64 haters loved how it played and how it looked. It almost plays just like one of Capcom's fighting games. Now the Nintendo 64 is about to leap to its grave once the new Powerpuff Girls game comes as the last N64 game, Shigeru Miyamoto now gives us fighting fans a new and improved Super Smash Bros. That's right, I'm talking about the new hit Nintendo fighter, Super Smash Bros. Melee for the Nintendo Gamecube. Super Smash Bros. Melee as you know, is the sequel to the smash hit N64 game, Super Smash Bros. Everyone you've known and loved (and love to hate) from the Nintendo universe are all here. Fox, Mario, Pikachu, Link (My favorite), Zelda/Sheik, Captain Falcon, The Ice Climbers, Dr. Mario, Ness, Bowser, Jigglypuff, and more. And plus, expect some perfectly good secret characters, and yes, Luigi is still a secret character. The game still remained the same as its Nintendo 64 predecessor, but unlike the prequel, it has more game modes and for the first time ever, you can either go on a regular battle mode, where you normally battle all kinds of opponents, or you can go to adventure mode, where you can battle your way through a side scrolling stage. Possibly one of the coolest aspects of the gameplay, and it makes it much more long lasting. Not to mention, the multiplayer modes are very addictive, leaving your friends with a deep urge to play over and over again. The graphics are soooo great, they almost looked too real (just wait until Resident Evil come on the Gamecube). The characters have flawless textures (you should see how Link looks like up close. And check out the texture on Mario and Luigi's outfits !) and the backgrounds never looked better. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the graphics whatsoever. This is far by, the best technology I've ever seen since the PS2 and the Dreamcast ! The gameplay still remained the same as its predecessor, but who cares ? Besides...this is Super Smash Bros. Melee we're talking about ! This game has spectacular controls and it still plays and feels just like one of Capcom's fighting games (think Street Fighter and Power Stone). Controling the characters is a snap and its not that hard to master if you already played the first one. A neat new feature in the game is the "Smash Move". With this new element, you will be able to unleash your character's signature special attack. The coolest aspect in the gameplay in my opinion. The sound is far by, pretty cool. Although some voice samples were taken from the old N64 game and some new additional audio, the voices sound pretty cool. And the music sounds very cool. Nintendo has remixed almost all of the classic NES and SNES songs perfectly (you should hear the theme from Legend of Zelda II on Link and Zelda's stage). Another graceful feature in the game. All in all, this is one of the greatest 3D fighters that Nintendo has ever made and it will never be forgotten. Everyone will like playing this game. You'll like it, your friend will like it, your brothers and sisters will like it, even your parents will like it...just kidding ! But hey ! I know I like it ! If you had your enjoyments with the first game, Super Smash Bros. Melee for the Nintendo Gamecube is an excellent choice for you Gamecube owners out there !
by: monkeyhead720    On: 2001-12-21

This game, well.........I'm speechless. It's the best game, ever. I was a great fan of the N64 version, and I really enjoyed beating my friends( or fools)who challenged me. Now, when i tried the gamecube version, i was, like I said before, speechless. The game comes with soooo much more items, levels and so on... If you even slightly liked the N64 version, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BUY THIS ...GAME.
Super Smash Brothers, smashes all competition in its path
by: -skitch-    On: 2001-12-20

There are few games as fun as this one, the only game I know of that's as much fun as this, is Power Stone 2 for Dreamcast. This game is phonomenal. Gameplay is superb, graphics aren't up to Game Cube's limits, but still the graphics are smooth and very good, the variety is immense. There are more then double the characters there were in the original including: (skip over the next few sentences if you don't wish to know the indentity of the hidden characters)Players you can be from the start: Mario:Plumberwho first appeared(FA) from the DK Arcade game, Bowser Mario's arch-nemiesis FA in mario brothers, Captian Falcon from F-Zero on SNES, DK FA in game with Mario, Fox FA in Star Fox, Ice Climbers FA in a NES game called Ice Climbers, Kirby FA in Kirby's Dream Land, Link FA in Legend of Zelda, Ness the hero of the SNES game EarthBound, Pikachu... I'm sure you know this Pokemon, Peach a princess from mushroom kindgom(hmm everyone who lives in Mush Kingdom is a mushroom person except Peach hmm... Adoption!) Zelda FA in the Legend of Zelda... well it should be call the legend of Link, i mean what does Zelda do besides sit in her castle, Samus Aran FA in Metroid, Sheik: Zelda transforms into her, Yoshi FA in a mario bros game. Hidden Characters: Falco Lambardi Fox McCloud's son I think, Dr.Mario a doctor version of mario FA in a old puzzler NES game called Dr. Mario, Gannondorf from Zelda: Oricina of Time, JigglyPuff a pokemon, Mewtwo supposedly a very strong pokemon, Mr. Game & Watch FA in the game&watch series of portable games made before Game Boy was, Pichu a baby Pikachu from gold & silver versions of pokemon, Prince Marth from a game called Fire Emblem that never came to the USA only in Japan, Roy FA in Fire Emblem, Young Link a young version of link. WOW so those are all the characters and where they came from. The game also includes Event Mode: you are put in to different situtations and you deal with the problem, 64-Player Tournament mode, an adventure's kinda a themed battle with new bad guys from older games, I think there are 7 adventure levels. There are many special modes of play and over 300 trophies to collect by profroming certain unknown tasks.

OverView out of 10.
Replay Value:10+++++

The best game ever and for ever more on GameCube except if they make Super Smash Brothers 3!

by: ushashiv    On: 2001-12-19

The game is the best. I haven't played it yet, though i own it. I beat the old game in seconds. But this game is Awesome. A 11 out of a 10.
this game sucks
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-18

i think the game stinks because the first one was almost the same as this one. If you like good games, get another one because this one stinks on ice.
A Brawl
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-17

This game is great really its trueley is but there is 1 problem
its almost the same as the orginal.
I think this is a great sucess for the game cube I give it a.

pros + cons -
+ Fun gameplay
+ Good graphics
+ Tons of modes
+ Plenty of characters
- Not much different from original
- Fighting needs more details

So now you look at the report card happy gaming!!(...)

Melee!?! More like Mayhem!!!!!!
by: uyoku    On: 2001-12-17

Let me just say this, Smash Bros.(N64), 9 stages, 12 Characters,2 or 3 modes of play, sounds cool right?, Not against this. Smash Bros. Melee (Game Cube) Over 25 stages!, 25 or more characters, So many Items you can't even count them all, including all of the Pokeball actions, tons of modes to play, scrolling levels and stationary. More fast paced action you'll be playing for hours. Bowser is basically unstoppable along with a few hidden characters, SPOILER WARNING!

Ganandorf and MEWTWO!!! the most powerful characters in SSBM. More moves for each character, and much more. I think Super Smash Bros. Melee is the best. Unless they come out with Super Smash Bros. Mayhem, more characters, like 50 and tons of stages and items. Hope this review helps alot. Graphics are astounding, you'll ahh and ooohh at the marvelous worlds and characters. (...)

Super Smash Brothers Melee
by: dmshain    On: 2001-12-17

I think Super Smash Brothers is one of the best games on Nintendo Gamecube.
worth getting even if you have the first
by: nitrothunder    On: 2001-12-17

Especially because of all the new modes of play, the heaps of totally new stages, items, and characters.
The graphics are totally stunning and it's really great fun collecting the 300 or so trophies.

I only have a few problems with the game, one being that Jigglypuff is still in it and I hate him, and Gannondorf (secret character) is EXACTLY like captain falcon. Other than that the new characters rock.

The ultimate multiplayer game.

by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-17

This game has very nice graphics and cool characters. This game is better than Super mario bros. because this new game has 20 new characters. My favorite character is bowser. He sometimes scares me. But i am not scared anymore of him. You people should buy the game and gamecube. Trust me this games DA BOMB.
about them both
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-16

after playing super smash brothers for the n64,I know super smash brothers melee is one of gamecubes best games,besides luigis mansion,pikmin,and wave race:blue storm.
The Best Gamecube Game of the Year!
by: ajnrules    On: 2001-12-16

Anybody who's played the original Super Smash Bros. should know how fun it is to smash your friends as popular Nintendo characters. Not only are the controls so simple even a 5 year old could play, but it's also fast, furious, and most of all, fun.

A little bit after two years after its release, Nintendo announced a sequel to the best-selling fighting game. Shown at E3, it passed Star Wars Rogue Squadron 2 as the most anticipated Gamecube game. Over the next 6 months, Nintendo tortured their fans by revealing saliva-inducing options such as 292 trophies, 25 characters, 28 stages, an much, much more. Finally, the wait is over, and fans are treated to the greatest fighting game of the year.

The graphics are magificent. People claim the backgrounds are terrible, but they look fine to me. The character design is so detailed you can see the furs on Fox and the curves of the cloth for Mario. And most importantly of all, it goes at a blistering 60 frames per second. That's an amazing feat considering most of the things documented in this site goes at just 24 fps.

If anybody's a fan of Nintendo music, then this is the game for you. It remixes many popular tunes from Zelda's Overworld Theme to Pokemon's Battle Theme. The sound effects are wonderful, and best of all, there is none of the sound editing that plagued the first version.

Super Smash Bros. Melee is not a rehash of the N64 version, as it has been often called. It has brand new moves. Now, if you grab somebody, you have a choice of attacking the victim, or throwing them up, down, forward, or back. There are 4 Special Attacks instead of the usual 3, and you can dodge projectile attacks and mid-air attacks.

In the original Super Smash Bros., the one-player mode was going through a fixed set of 13 stages. In Melee, there is Classical Mode, which is a lot like the original, only the stages are mixed. There Adventure Mode, where the player goes through scrolling world with hazards before fighting your enemy. There is Stadium Mode, where you can play your character's target practice level, beat up a beanbag before seeing how far you can hit it with a bat, and fight against up to 100 computer characters. There is an event mode with 51 events where you fight in special pre-set circumstances. And then there are the 292 trophies which include people like Misty from Pokemon or the go-kart from the Mario Kart games.

But the truly amazing part of this game is the multiplayer mode, which is what makes Super Smash Bros. one of the classics for the N64. You can play the usual stock (lives) or time mode, but you can also play coin mode, where you knock coins out of your opponents and collect there. Then there are the special melee modes, with special battles like Giant Melee (where everybody is big), or Special Sudden Death Melee, where everybody starts off with 300% damage. This game WILL last you over 500 hours if you are a fan of the original.

This game is a perfect example of why Nintendo is so successful today. Like what has been mentioned earlier in this review, this game is fast, furious, and most of all, fun. If you are a fan of fighting games or Nintendo, then this game is a must.

Melee Mania
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-16

This game is totally awsome. THE FIRST TIME I PLAYED IT, I COULD NOT GET MY HANDS OFF IT. I played as Bowser, I was playing at Jungle Japes, I kept knocking evreyone in the river. Take that Captain Falcon!
Simply great!
by: dreamersreality    On: 2001-12-16

Personally I love this game... I play it about everyday. Maybe I don't have a life... but gotta love it!
For those that have played SSB (For 64) :It retains some negatives from the previous SSB (Super Smash Brothers) for ex: running. Possbly new negatives are: awkward throwing (with Z) but like always they give you two ways to throw. Umm Camera angle can sometimes be odd because of the damage are covering the level. Player Control, overall was a major plus. If you read the reviews for the controller design for Game Cube you'll see why and this takes full advantage of the controller. Ah yes, and that pretty lil rumble pack that you don't really see...well, this game has that featured into it too.

I'll let you discover characters on your own. ... the music is pretty good get to hear stuff that you haven't heard since Nintendo. And if you read about Fire Emblem, to my knowledge that's a game only released in Japan?
If you liked SSB you'll love SSB Melee. It's as simple as that. If you're not sure rent it. And don't come to me if you get addicted to it.. lol

SSB Melee
Characters: 9.8/10.0 - Great! - Large selection of characters a lot with similar attacks and subtle differences. Useful whenever there are two people who want to be say Pikachu or someone, but this is only after you get most of the hidden characters.

Levels: 8.0/10.0 - Pretty Good! - Personally I'm not sure about the levels yet. I have about 4 that I like a lot out of all the levels. There are a few levels that like to move around a lot. One of which I grew to like. But for some levels it's a whole new game compared to SSB for 64.

1P Mode: 9.7/10.0 - Great! fun, many modes on which to play on! Difficulty can be adjusted for the game.

Vs. Mode: 10.0/10.0 - I can't say enough about this! many more functions available. There's also coin battle and HP battle. Only possible trouble area ... is stage selection, make sure you decide how you want to select 'em!

My personal ratings on this game:
Graphics: 9.50/10.0 - good; could've been better possibly.
Player Control: 9.70/10.0 - pretty good!
Game Design: 9.21/10.00 - pretty good!
Sound: 9.90/10.0 - It'd be nice if you could select your music... from the music already on the CD or.. whatever you wanna call it
Replay Value: ?? / 10.0 - Not sure! but it's multiplayer... and SSB for 64 proved to have like 11.0/10.0 replay value. I'll put it this way... if I stop playing it by 2004, I'll tell you..
Overall: 9.55/10.0 (95.5%)- Great!
...If you ask me. This game is an absolute must.
Definitely a great multi player game. Whether you're into fighting type games or not!
Player control: 30%
Game Design: 30%
Sound: 20%
Graphics: 20%

by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-16

This is one of the best games that I have for the GC. It's non-stop fun. I like the new features on it such as the Homerun Derby, where you try to hit the Punching Bag as far as you can. Remember there is a bat there for you, for the ones that didn't know. I personally didn't know until I was just looking around the screen. MUST BUY!!
simply the best game
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-15

This game is the best game I have ever played with most of my favorite nintendo characters a perfect game to play with your friends with 4 player mode there is many things to unlock like events,all-star mode,and many characters.
great tag team modes
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-15

when you play this game i suggest you play a tag team match lets say Mario and Luigi agenst Link and Young Link
Buy Game Coool
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-15

This game is a awsome game and I think if u enjoyed the 1st one u will be lovin this. This game rocks!!!!!!!!!!!
GO KIRBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-15

i played this game at toysrus and i played whith ice climbers.
Its better than da first one
The best game in the world, the only reasoin for gamcube
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-14

This game is the best. If you don't believe me, get it. It was my only reason for getting gamecube. Its a must have. Ten times better that the old one for 64.
by: annoying_jammez    On: 2001-12-14

Why didnt my package come in yet? it is the 13th and it said package will be recieved on Dec. 9-13! what is up with that? well i played i at my friends house and it is super fun...
Two words, AWE SOME! wait actually one, AWESOME!
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-14

It doesn't matter how you spell it but this game is the bomb. Secret characters are (...). This game will last forever. The graphics are BEYOND COMPREHENSION, well actually it is, but lets get to the point. A must buy if you have the GAMECUBE. Once again AWESOME!


This ones for little kids
by: lotj    On: 2001-12-13

This game is horrible. It is for little kids with diapers. Oh I forgot the whole system. I am selling my lamecube and buying a ps2 and metal gear solid2 and final fantasy X. The game is very repititive and is not as good as it seems. The lamecube is overrate unless you are six years old. Go PS2!
Great Features, alot of charactors
by: redwings62    On: 2001-12-13

Well...... All I have to say is that is is awesome. If you liked Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo, this is the game for you. I like the amount of secret, and starting charactors including Kirby, Bowser, Young Link, Ganondorf, Zelda, Yoshi Mario, Luigi, Dr. Mario, Peach, ice climbers, Ness, and plenty more. Also with about 15 new modes you will never not want to play it. I think this is in the top 10 for any games made by Nintendo. (...)
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-13

Can someone tell me who is mr. game and watch if you know review me back ty.
Classic Nintendo goodness. Get ready to get nostalgic.
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-13

I have never played the N64 version of this game, and quite frankly wasn't all that interested in this sequel until I saw it in action. When I saw the Mario level in the adventure mode, I was sold. The level has the old school mario look down, and the reworked music is unbelievable. If you have grown up with Nintendo, as I have, you need to get this game. All the cool touches from the old games will stir up many memories.

Not to mention, this game is a blast to play, even if the characters weren't Nintendo's greats. The game moves so fast and there are so many moves to master that it will keep you playing for hours at a time. On top of that, the vast selection of extra modes will keep you coming back for more.

The graphics are, of course, outstanding. All of the famous Nintendo scenes are beautifully rendered in full 3D, and the particle and lighting effects during fights are a sight to behold.

The sound is amazing, with many famous Nintendo themes reworked or remixed with amazing symphonic and choral touches. Each character has their own set of sounds and reactions. It seems as though no detail has been spared.

This looks to be another Nintendo classic. Between this, Pikmin, Luigi's Mansion, Rogue Squadron 2, and Super Monkey Ball, it's a good time to be a GameCube owner. What's unbelievable is that the best is yet to come. We still have Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Resident Evil, Soul Calibur 2, Mario Kart, Sonic Adventure 2, and many others coming out in the next year. Go get your GameCube, and get this game!

by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-13

Best vrs. mode I ever played.
Super Smash Bros. + GameCube= More fun than you can imagine
by: yerkaz    On: 2001-12-12

The already extremely popular game from Nintendo 64 is making an early appearence in the GameCube's Game Library. Let's take a look at he first one, it was fun, it looked ok, plus it was really good to play at parties. I'm sure when you first got it you thought, "nothing could get better than this!" Well guess what, it can. Now that Super Smash Bros. is on GameCube, those hours of fun will double or even triple. It now has stunning new graphics, Hugely improved One player and multiplayer modes, and all of your favorite Nintendo Characters that you could possibly need. It's only rated Teen so it would make a great gift to someone who just got a gamecube and needs to start their game library. If you get someone this they will shout out in joy because this is the ultimate Christmas present.
Super Smash Bros. + GameCube= More fun than you can imagine
by: yerkaz    On: 2001-12-12

The already extremely popular game from Nintendo 64 is making an early appearence in the GameCube's Game Library. Let's take a look at he first one, it was fun, it looked ok, plus it was really good to play at parties. I'm sure when you first got it you thought, "nothing could get better than this!" Well guess what, it can. Now that Super Smash Bros. is on GameCube, those hours of fun will double or even triple. It now has stunning new graphics, Hugely improved One player and multiplayer modes, and all of your favorite Nintendo Characters that you could possibly need. It's only rated Teen so it would make a great gift to someone who just got a gamecube and needs to start their game library. If you get someone this they will shout out in joy because this is the ultimate Christmas present.
Best 4-player fighting game
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-12

Melee has many features:Adventure Mode,Classic Mode,Event Mode,All-Star Mode, what else would you want.The cast of charcters are amazing there are 25 of them including the secret ones they are:Luigi,Dr.Mario,Mario,IceClimbers,Roy,Marth,Pichu Mewtwo Kirby,Falco, Young Link, Link, Ganondorf, Zelda/Shiek
Jigglypuff, Pikachu, Fox, Bowser, Samus, DK, Ness, Peach
C.Falcon, Yoshi, and Mr.Game and Watch.I'm giving it 4 stars cause it lacks new moves and honestly I am a bit dissapointed by the graphics but never forget it's always gameplay over graphics
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-12

Well this game is a sequil to the nintendo 64 game which was super! In this game the two favorite secrat characters of the original Captin Falcon and Ness are in the original line up! They also added 5 new characters in to the starting brawl, Zelda, Bowser, Sheik, Peach, and The Ice Climbers. In my save in the game I have 5 secrat characters (which I wont revial!)Well anyway you should buy this game it is a must buy for all Gamecube owners!!!
And if you dont have Gamecube get it before it is too late!!
5 stars isn't enough...
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-12

From what I have heard about this game, it is going to be one of the best games for the gamecube ever. To tell the truth, I haven't even played the original SSB, but this game has so many cool features that I couldn't help but to beg my mom to get it for me for Christmas. I also know some secret characters:
Mewtwo,(Gasp!) Pichu, Gannon,(GASP!!!) roy,(???) young link,
Falco (from Starfox 64) Dr. Mario (How's he different?), Mr. Game and watch (Who's he?)and probably others. There are also cool modes of play, such as boss battles, Big-dude battles where your opponent is huge, and adventure mode. And also:
DON'T BE A IDIOT AND SAY THIS GAME (...). This game deserves more than 5 stars.
Best Game EVER!!!!!!!
by: keveen14    On: 2001-12-11

Oh my God. I played this game for ten minutes, and I couldn't believe all the things you can do. There is so much play variety, you could play this game for years and still find new things to do. This is a MUST BUY!! If you only buy one game for "The Cube", this is IT! In fact, buy it right now.
by: z-booger    On: 2001-12-11

If you are a fan of the N64 version you will love this. Packed with secrets and bonuses, you are sure to be adicted within a few minutes. A definete must in you Gamecube library!
Good Game u know it
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-11

this game has good grafic
Total Smash
by: mystikalworld2002    On: 2001-12-11

With over 30 levels and 20 characters, this is a definite game to have. I was the master at the old game, but it got boring after awhile. I have to train in the new one, too bad there's no such thing as a Super Smash Official Tournament! This game is a must buy. With characters like Roy, Mr. Game and Watch, Marth, and Daisy (i think, i saw her fighting peach once), this is so worth the price.
Super Smash Is a SMASH
by: jamaicafan    On: 2001-12-11

This game is awesome for all ages. I have nephews that are from 7-12 and they can even play this game. I'm a 22 year old woman and i love the game myself. I like the one player mode so it gives you more options to play when say you are at home alone.
BEST GAME EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: tmchrs4    On: 2001-12-11

This is the best game ever. If you have GAMECUBE get it. be DK and charge your arm with B, then smash pikachu right in the nose. that is so fun on training mode in slow motion.
You can't touch this game!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-10

Man.....all there really is to say is that this game ROCKS!!! I mean, there are tons of levels and characters to choose from. This game has the best replay value; I could play this game for years with my friends and it never gets old. Get this game!!
Goooooood Game
by: wwwyahoo3    On: 2001-12-10

this game was very appealing and really gooooood.The graphics are ok but the gameplay is most important.This game ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!
pretty good
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-10

this game is pretty good but its kinda hard to see whats going on and the controling is touchy but other than that the game is great i recomend this game to anyone who likes nintendo charecters beating the (...) out of each other
what is there to say? A lot!
by: fpre    On: 2001-12-10

Few words can describe this game. I think the best word is FANTASTIC. This game is unlike any other game I have ever played. Although many people would say Gamecube is not worth getting, this and a few other games makes these statements opposit. Super Smash Melee is amazing! It has 2 single player modes (one classic mode from the original, and the other a new adventure mode). In addition it comes with three mini games. Home Run Durby *using the baseball bat item to hit a large tube across a field*, Brake the targets *from the original*, and a game where you fight really bad drones. But wait! Theres more! There is also, like in the original, a multiplayer game! There are MANY new additions in the multiplayer-like turny mode. Game play isn't the only upgrade from the original. There are now 25 players (14 starters, and 11 hidden). I havn't gotten all of the hiddens, but I have gotten three, and i know of some others. They are as follows: You 1st get Jiggly Puff *i know, argh*, then Luigi *NUBERA ONE!*, and then Dr. Mario *YES! DR. MARIO!*. I have heard rumors that there are other characters like Gandorf from Zelda, and Mewtwo. I'll try to find out the others later. But it dosn't stop here, oh NO! There are many new items too (like the Zelda bunny ears, and Mr. Saturn). Lastly, there is a new feature. This is the Trophy. You can win, and gamble for them. They're VERY cool. I hope this convinceses you to buy the game, because it sure is worth it! Well, this is Mal, signing out!

-Mal *the Gamer

Only one word, FANTASTIC
by: fpre    On: 2001-12-10

Few words can describe this game. I think the best word is FANTASTIC. This game is unlike any other game I have ever played. Although many people would say Gamecube is not worth getting, this and a few other games makes these statements opposit. Super Smash Melee is amazing! It has 2 single player modes (one classic mode from the original, and the other a new adventure mode). In addition it comes with three mini games. Home Run Durby *using the baseball bat item to hit a large tube across a field*, Brake the targets *from the original*, and a game where you fight really bad drones. But wait! Theres more! There is also, like in the original, a multiplayer game! There are MANY new additions in the multiplayer-like turny mode. Game play isn't the only upgrade from the original. There are now 25 players (14 starters, and 11 hidden). I havn't gotten all of the hiddens, but I have gotten three, and i know of some others. They are as follows: You 1st get Jiggly Puff *i know, argh*, then Luigi *NUBERA ONE!*, and then Dr. Mario *YES! DR. MARIO!*. I have heard rumors that there are other characters like Gandorf from Zelda, and Mewtwo. I'll try to find out the others later. But it dosn't stop here, oh NO! There are many new items too (like the Zelda bunny ears, and Mr. Saturn). Lastly, there is a new feature. This is the Trophy. You can win, and gamble for them. They're VERY cool. I hope this convinceses you to buy the game, because it sure is worth it! Well, this is Mal, signing out!

-Mal *the Gamer*

This game kicks
by: annabelled    On: 2001-12-10

Man if there is one game you need to get this Christmas happy gamecube owners it has got to be the funnest fighting game ever for a Nintendo system, ladies and gentlemen you need Smash bros. Melee. With some of the coolest, cutest, huge, evil, and just awesome characters the world has come to know smash bros delivers. With fluid graphics, a improved one-player mode, and of course all the 4-player fighting any maniac could ask for this game delivers. With new imersive environments and new weopons your bound to get hooked to your gamecube for hours on end. When you need something to boost your spirits (...) smash bros. is the game I highly recomend it.
Da Bomb!
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-10

This game is endlesss! A must for christmas!
Without a doubt, the best GameCube has to offer!
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-09

I have played the N64 version of this game, and I gotta tell you, this game is a head and shoulders above its predecessor. While the graphics itself are top-notch, Nintendo has added oodles of extra stuff into this game, including more characters (more of which you can unlock by completing certain tasks), more battle areas (including scrolling worlds), tournament capabilities (up to 64 people!) and even mini-games, such as a home run derby and special event games. This is a game that you will NEVER get tired of, because there's always something new to explore in the game. The real fun comes with playing with friends though, and the folks at Nintendo have made the ultimate use out of simultaneous four-player action. Mark my words, this is THE GAME for Christmas 2001, and it's exclusive games like these that will keep the Xbox from achieving popularity. Grab Super Smash Bros. Melee today!
The best game I have everplayed, hands down.
by: becky_w    On: 2001-12-09

I just got done with my frist hour of this game, and I'm still recovering from the experince. This game will bring a new era to fighting games.The game offers tons of diffrent ways to play, 30 plus some charcters and AMAZING level's with unlimited detail. This is the best party game, but it is also a above average solo game. If you don't own this game, why even own a gamecube??????!?!?!?!?
All I can say is "Wow!"
by: billfy    On: 2001-12-09

This game is in definate contention for best game of the year on any list.

Super Smash Brothers Melee has Everything that the original Super Smash Brothers has and a whole lot more. All the characters, levels, character moves, and items have returned, with the addition of a whole bunch of new goodies in each of these areas. (a total of 25 characters, twice as many levels as the original game, and a whole bunch of new items).

But perhaps the biggest advancement from the original is the addition of many more gaming options. The biggest of these is the Adventure mode, which for the most part is a suped up version of some old side scrolling games that the characters originated from including an impressive level that closely resembles something out of the original Super Mario Brothers.

With great representations of Nintendo characters past and present that include Mario, Princess Peach, Bowser, Jiggly Puff, Pichu, and a couple of guys that never made it to the US in their own game Prince Marth and Roy, this game had the ability to be the sole purpose for my obtaining a GameCube in the first place.

Super Smash Bros. Melee
by: hbstevens    On: 2001-12-09

Duke it out in Nintendo's Newest Fighting game. Play as 25 of your favorite Nintendo characters:
Mario, Bowser, Peach, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Ness, Ice Climbers, Kirby, Samus, Link, Pikachu, Fox McCloud, Captain Falcon, Princess Zelda, Ganondorf, Dr.Mario, Luigi, Young Link, Marth, Roy, Pichu, Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, Falco, and Mr.Game and Watch.
Choose your favorite fight 1-player style, or duke it out with up to 4 friends on Nintendo GameCube.
Super Smash Bros. Melee
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-08

This game is the coolest!!!!!!!!!!The graphics rock, and the characters have cool new moves.I like the new 1 player mode the best.The old one player was boring.In this one player, you have to battle people or theme characters on the way to the next battle.Take Mario for example, on the way there, you have to battle koopas(cartoon turtles).They also have new modes to play.There's coin mode, where you have to keep other players from getting coins, while you try to get the most coins.The other is combo mode, where you have to pull of very good combos to get points.the last mode is like a tornement.Up to 60 people could play!There are also new characters.They are Bowser(koopa), Peach, Shiek, Zelda, Ice Climbers, and more to come!This new sequal to Super Smash Bros. for GAMECUBE rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The greatest sequel ever to the N64 version
by: carriebogdan    On: 2001-12-08

This game is one of the reasons why I want to get a gamecube for Christmas.It has more characters, features, and areas too.
ame of the Year Nominee
by: sean122    On: 2001-12-08

This is the best fighter ever made, with up to twenty-five characters, over twenty levels, and fifty different events to complete? This is the best game out right now. If you don't have a cue, get it just for this game!
Pokemon is wonderful
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-08

This game is extremely poor, I can't stress that enough ladies and gentlemen. I would never ever play this game again even if money was involved. On my first encounter with this beastly game I chucked up all over the screen, quite a sticky siuation if you ask me ! Everything was wrong; the controler; the gameplay, it just prooves that it wasn't my fault the tv was covered in noodles ! (Despite the above text, the game is excellent ... what are you waiting for ? BUY IT ).
Great Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-07

This game is by far the greatest fighting game i have ever played. It is a four player melee with classic nintendo characters that fight to the death. Its a game for all ages and it never loses its fun. I bought it the day it game out and i have been playing it almost non-stop.
The rewards of single-player mode
by: lkefka    On: 2001-12-07

Yes, this game is designed for multi-player, and yes, you can spend all night playing it with your friends. But to get all that you can from it, you will have to play the single player modes, especially if you want to unlock all of the characters.

One of the most uniqe parts of the game are the event matches. Each event match provides its own challenge. For example, in one, you have two fight to sets of ice climbers, and only defeat the rear one with out defeating either of the front ones. In another, you control Yoshi who is trying to defend an egg from three other characters, until the time runs out. (I succeeded in doing it by grabbing the egg and avoiding all of the other characters, but it was still VERY hard.) And if you hate Mario, there is a Mario 128 match (which you can reach by clearing most of the early matches..) In this one, you have to defeat 128 mini-marios, that one is just fun.

There are characters and stages to unlock. For the most dedicated players, you can unlock the oldest Nintendo character of all...Mr.Game and Watch. (Remeber those handhelds from the pre-nes days?) The only thing that could make it better would be to have the final boss in adventure mode to reflect the character that you played it through with.

It's a great game... but...
by: cturalba    On: 2001-12-07

It's no doubt that Smash Brothers Melee is a great multiplayer game fo the Nintendo Gamecube. It has great graphics, it has AWESOME music, a lot of characters to choose from, more options, and more moves. There are vast improvements in the 1 player department over the first, shown in the adventure mode. There are some really exciting events in this mode, such as the classic Mushroom Kingdom first level, and when the Star Fox team zooms in to help Fox McCloud, and when Luigi bounces on his brother to battle you alongside Peach. I love Peach!

We all know the pros of this game, so here are my nitpicks:

Special moves became more difficult. Now there is an extra special move executed when you press -> + B, and it's kinda annoying when you want to shoot Mario's fireballs, but get the cape instead. In my opinion, this addition is a mixed blessing. It's nice to have a 4th special move, but executing the toward vs. the stationary creates frustration.

Characters just don't jump as high or as long as they used to.

The Sound FX just doesn't have the impact that the first game did; they are kinda muffled. It doesn't have the appeal it did in the N64 version when you *SMASHED* the other character. In particular, I miss the old Smash Move sound effects, and the bomb blast. The impact that sends shivers down your spine isn't there anymore.

The voices are average (while I was expecting better). Everyone will agree that the new announcer is subpar to the first, and that Captain Falcon's voice really stinks compared to his N64 counterpart.

The controls are TOO responsive. I believe they tried to get the characters to feel more human so everything in the game feels like it's in hyperspeed, and players will no doubt get overwhelmed trying to find their tiny, zippy character on the screen. If you thought it was hard to keep track of and control your character on the Great Fox on the N64, wait 'til you play on the gigantic Hyrule Castle or Rainbow Cruise area on Melee. Sometimes, so much is going on the screen that you just get overwhelmed, but I believe that you'll get used to it after countless hours of battles. Hitting that L button to block is annoying as well... I used to block all the time in the first game, but that odd gamecube L button makes you press down all the way causing a delay.

So to summarize my review, the pros are that it has many options, decent sound fx, good graphics, and an awesome soundtrack. The cons are that the controls are a bit slippery, the voices (announcer and captain falcon in particular) are a downgrade from the N64 game, and the characters are hard to keep track of. It warrants more than 4 stars, but I don't feel that it deserves the whole 5 for thre reasons stated above, and because it just feels that there could have been more; more 1 player adventure courses (like the Mario level), better voices, and better control.
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-06

this is one of the most precise controlling games i have ever played its chaos on screen,but you never lose yourself when fighting other players,its highest point is its fighter characteristics there all awesome and true to thier nintendo heritage,if your a fighting game fan and sick of just kicking and punching this is it.and the visuals are stunning..get it (...)
by: jmjj81    On: 2001-12-06

A Smash Hit!
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-06

Super Smash Bros. smash back on nintendo game cube. Finally the sequele to nintendo 64s hit game Super Smash Brothers. The game for 64 was great, but from what ive seen and heard this appears to be the most highly anticipated gamcube game this holiday season. Its finally available but if you want one you better get it because its a hot item. The graohics on the preview were increadible and if its as good as all that, Then its a must-get. Its the same as the old Smash for the 64 except with new charaters,levels weapons etc. Oh yea, not to mention the 162 bit graphics! Each charater has its own one player level mode, each one different,(unlike the original). You can also play with up to 4 players. You can fight against computer bots or your freinds. Features new characters like bowser, and originals like Mario, Dk, Samus, etc. There are even new hidden characters. Looks good to me. Nuff said
Super Smash Bros. Melee
by: bahamut9999    On: 2001-12-06

The game is outstanding. Apart from the find detail, incredible graphics, and tremendous effects, the gameplay is awesome. If I were to compare this to the Smash Brothers for N64, I would say this is six times as good.
great fun
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-06

i own the previous super smash bros. fo the n64 and i thought this game would be a flop or it would be good or not as good as its predicesor. I was wrong this game is a barrel of fun plus it has good old bowser what could be better. nothing a must buy
A great addition to any collection
by: djcarr234604    On: 2001-12-05

Just to let everyone know Sheik (i think thats how you spell it)is not a secret character, her and Zelda are the same person (she can change to Sheik in battle) and is a deafault character.
There are 14 default characters in the game they are Mario, Bowser, Peach, Link, Zelda/Sheik, Metroid, Capt. Falcon,Star Fox, Ness, Yoshi, Ice Climers (from the Regular Nintendo), Donkey Kong, Pickachu and Kirby. I'm not perfectly sure how many seceret characters their are (I think 5). I do know that Jiggly Puff is one, I think Wario is one, their have been rumors of other pokemon characters,one of them was Mewtwo, the other was Pichu (Im getting the game so i'll find out soon). There are so many different things you can do in this game such as the tournament,giant melee,multi melee,classic,and many more I cant wait to try this game.
by: the_spickle    On: 2001-12-05

Incredible.. I never thought they could top the original. Basically the same gameplay.. just more moves, more characters, more levels, better graphics.. without losing that Smash Bros touch everyone loves. What I found most amazing is that the 1-player mode is actually really really fun. Its still nothing compared to 4-player, but a whole lot better than the original. This game alone is reason enough to buy a GameCube.
complety loaded
by: 3pete    On: 2001-12-05

in the first one you had not that much fun in the first one in one player. but this time in one player you get to go through like a mario staged area and then face goombas and of course they have the regular mode wheere you only fight. then the multiplayer is just plain awesome. with about 20+ characters and many clones this game is loaded
Super Smash Bros. Melee Parenst Guide
by: bamster333    On: 2001-12-04

This is the best game to get your kids.Mild violence.Suitable for ages 13+.This Game involes combat of the best nintendo Charecters throwing items at each other punching and wiping the snot out of each other! must have for kids!It even has pokemon for pokemon fans!go (online) for more info they are a site deticated to Super smash Brothers Melee! Good holiday shopping!
Hands down the best multiplayer game for the system.
by: sym2    On: 2001-12-03

If you have somehow fallen asleep in the past few years in the video game department, let me fill you in. Super Smash Bros. was made to settle that age old argument of "I think Link can beat the crud out of Mario" "Nuhuh" "Yahhuh" This sequel to the original puts Nintendos trademark characters on the battle arena ready to duke it out. Special weapons, powerups and the occasional arena based obstruction will either help or hinder your quest at Smashdom. Special tournament mode will help you work out matches to have a tournament with your friends. It's pick up and play multiplayer appeal makes it excellent for parties. In Melee, graphics have been greatly improved and many more secrets and extra characters have been added. My advice: An absolute necesssity for the gamecube
SSMB is awesome!
by: matrixman1    On: 2001-12-03

Super Smash Brothers Melee is the sequel to the multiplayer extravagnecia called Super Smash Brothers. Now, some people say SSMB dosen't have nough one-player depth. (...) SSMB has a minigame in each battle you face.
One of the best games coming oput for Gamecube
by: gamecuber25    On: 2001-12-03

Super Smash Brothers Melee will be one of the hottest games this christmas. Its gameplay is unlimited and the ways you can play endless. There are 14 default characters and 6 hidden. There are new characters like sheirk, bowser, ice ppl and many others. This game is perfect for four players because the outcome is endless. Each characters has its own streghtens and weaknesses. There is no best character. Some characters may look childish but i assure you that they are not. Many people think this game is for child but it is for all ages. There are several different modes you can
play in this game. There are new weapons too. So if you liked the first one then you will love Super Smash Bros Melee
Smashing the house
by: cornbread41    On: 2001-12-03

I haven't played this game yet, since I must wait 'till christmas to see if I'm gonna get it. But I own the first one and LOVE it. I can't wait to play smash bros. melee. It looks awesome. And it has gotten great reviews and all the gaming sites are waiting anxiously for it. I can't wait to get it, and I highly recommend it for anyone that has a gamecube, or is getting one for there kids. It's gonna be awesome.
One of the best games I've ever seen in a long time.
by: nutellaconsumer    On: 2001-12-03

I love this game! That's practicly all I can possibly say. I mean...what else would I have to say to a great game like this! It has tones of secrets,over 20 characters,great sound,music,and crystal clear graphics! I think anybody who has a GameCube should buy this "Most Wanted Game" before everybody gets it!
Graphically Stunning
by: marianneodea    On: 2001-12-03

Much effort on nintendo's part has been put into designing this game. I have had a chance to play this game do to where I am located and I have to say the improvements over the original game are impressive, while it retains the same feel towards gameplay. I am positive that many a hour will be spent playing this game over the holiday season.
by: falcolambardi    On: 2001-12-03

If you enjoyed Super Smash Bros., then you wont like this'll love it. It has around 25 chars., tons of new levels and a huge lot of secret levels and characters. The graphics are outstanding and the speed of the game is excellent. I just recieved my copy on 11/31 and I have played it 24 hours a day. This game smash's the competition!
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-03

This game has so many new charecters with all the old ones.
Hope for more like this,
Brian P.
A must buy
by: skywalker1122    On: 2001-12-03

This game is awesome! You have to buy / play it. Now why should you listen to me? Well, unlike every other review, I've actually played the game, and currently own a GameCube. I played the game at one of those GCN conventions they held across America early in November. And let me just say this: It handles excelently. Graphics are amazing. Lots of new character, new levels- all of which you can interact with- and a very engaging single player campaign. If you liked the original, you'll LOVE this one. I didn't want to give up the controller.
All the fun of the original, and lots more!
by: forestlaw15    On: 2001-12-02

With almost 30 stages and 25 secret characters, along with more than a dozen modes of play, this game will be worth every penny. The original did not have many modes, and not nearly as many characters or stages, but it was still a lot of fun. Melee will be fun for years to come. Among the new character additions are Bowser and Mewtwo, who are the strongest characters in the game, also my favorites. Ganondorf is as strong as them, but he's not as fun. Anyhoo, there are a few things that have changed from the original that bug me. It's harder to see the action up close and personal, the bob-ombs aren't as "Kaboom"-ey sounding as they should, and that damn flower item... grrrr... Also, I find myself pausing waaayyy too often to check out a cool special attack. Those minor flaws don't take away from the fun all that much, and in the heat of battle, you'll be too busy to notice because the computer players put up much more of a fight than they used too. Buy it, or at least rent it, and you'll see why it's such a hit.
SSB:M A New Type of Gaming
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-02

With the release of Game Cube (quite possibly the best console out this season, heck, who needs an X-Box? It's owned by Microsoft, and Microsoft is owned by Bill Gates, enough said). SSB:M has brought back the old characters, but they're improved, and they've also brought some new additions on board like Zelda (who was on N64, Gameboy, and some of the more primitive Nintendo systems). SSB:M is full of realistic graphics and everyone's favorite Nintendo characters (and some that everyone dispises)! Great gift idea for Game Cubers, especially ones who owned the first Super Smash Brothers, or an N64.
Super smash bros melee
by: puffypeg    On: 2001-12-02

this game is the best.It has 20 characters.Then all have improved and new attacks.New levels.


buy me
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-02

i dont have the game but i'v seen and heard enough. there are over 20 charicters 14 normal(2+the n64with secret)tons of different modes and none stop action you never get sick of.
Awesome Secret Characters
by: maxtwo    On: 2001-12-02

If Want a big Surprise BUY! this game i never wait to see the Awesome pokemon Mewtwo and the evil ganondorf and the clasic and watch and pichu and Doctor Mario and a lot more
of course you must discover how unlock them hehehehe..........
the secret chars are
by: osirusthegreat    On: 2001-12-01

The secret chars are

Mr game and watch, roy, marth, mewtwo, luigi, jigglyupuff, young link, gannondorf, falco, pichu

This game is too raw to refuse
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-12-01

Raw means very cool and thats what this game is (...) thank you
by: leo2033    On: 2001-12-01

This is my favorite game so far nintendo has come out with for the gamecube. I recommend this game to anyone who likes to have friends over and that plays gamecube. 4 player is the best mode ever. It is a big improvement from the N64 game. That was also one of my favorite games on the N64 that I couldn't stop playing. People who get this game that have played the N64 version will like the new graphics,modes,levels to fight, and the awesome new characters including Zelda,Peach,Bowser and some new characters to unlock. I can't wait till I get this game. I'm so glad I got gamecube.
If you give this less than 5 stars... you're an idiot.
by: dmjfam    On: 2001-12-01

I have to admit that the first one could have used a little extra work. It was only really fun when friends were over. BUT THIS IS BETTER. If you liked the first one because you loved fighting with your friends, you're in luck. Melee has new modes like the coin mode. It also has new items, attacks, arenas, and the characters are evenly matched. It's not Jigglypuff compared to Kirby anymore. Have you seen some of the new characters yet! Princess Zelda can transform into Sheik, The Ice Climbers can freeze opponents in ice. Bowser can fry the competition just by pressing the B button.

If you don't have friends that like Super Smash Bros. so you enjoy playing the one player mode, you'll be happy to know there will be a new adventure mode, where you do more than just fight an opponent in a small battle arena. (There is still that mode though.) Ex. The first level is Mario Kingdom. First you have to walk along a trail, killing goombas along the way, until you come to 20 Yoshi's. Kill all of the Yoshis, and then you will have to fight two Mario characters as the boss of the level.

Now, lets compare Super Smash Bros. to Super Smash Bros. MELEE.

Super Smash Bros.
Play Control- 8/10
Graphics- 8/10
Satisfaction- 9/10
Game Design- 9/10
Sound- 9/10
Multiplayer- 10/10

Overall- 8.7/10

Super Smash Bros. MELEE
Play Control- 9.5/10
Graphics- 10/10
Satisfaction- 10/10
Game Design- 9.5/10
Sound- 9/10
Multiplayer- 10/10


HAL Laboratory and Nintendo are making HUGE improvements. Many more people will probably start enjoying Nintendo Games.

Just take a look at the Gamecube controller's controll pad

Best Game EVER!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-30

If you liked fighting then this is the game for you!! Especialy if you like Nintendo, My favorite game and system company. I like this game mostly because it's rated teen. My favorite type of games are fighting with blood as one of them!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-30



by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-30



It Rocks Speeking As An Expert
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-29

Probably the best console game you could find!
I'm a game cridict And I would recomend this game for any one looking for a fantastic game!
Super Smash Bros. Melee
by: daclint    On: 2001-11-29

This game is great! If you liked the first Super Smash Bros.
you'll love this 3 times more. It includes new characters like Bowser. The graphics for this are fantastic!
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-29

(...)BR>This is an amazing game.It has so many more things than the get trophys there is a gallry new modes way more characters way more levels way better graphics and way funner! This is a fact,there are 11 secret characters and three pokemon secret chars.,mewtwo,pichu,and jigglypuff.There is someone called in it and the ice climbers look awesome! I'm getting sick of people saying nintendo is for "kiddies"does a game need to have guns, swares,sex and violence to be mature? Take DK 64,a great game!It has bright colors and has no blood but it was challenging and took me 25 hours to beat!So anyways a MUST HAVE!
by: matrixman1    On: 2001-11-28

In 1999, a game revelitionized the multiplayer game industry and that game was...Super Smash Brothers! The long-awaited sequel came at a huge surprise at Spaceworld last year which was the debut of Gamecube. SSMB has awe-inspiring graphichs and a more detailed one player mode. One player mode now has mini-games based on where the battle takes place. For example,after you defeat Samus you have to escape the planet fast or you're rubble! Boasting over 10 new players, SSMB is the jewel of the Gamecube. Xbox will have to do amazing games to catch up with Gamecube and PS2!
Melee is Awsome!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-28

I haven't played SSBM yet but I've seen screen shots,and let me tell you they're a good enough reason alone to buy this game. But incase the graphics don't impress you the game is packed with features upon features. It also has more characters than the original Super Smash Bros. Including some other surprizes like trophies and secret characters that can all be unlocked in the game. So obviously this is a great game to buy,but remember this review is only to assist in finding a good game and what I like may not be what others believe so you might want to do some research before purchasing any item.
The Best Game Ever!
by: greengauge    On: 2001-11-28

This is the best game in the universe!
It's got Around 25 caracters, about 25 levels, Hundreds of trophies, Over 10 modes of play, and infinity replay value.
This game's the best!
Smash Bros. Melee delivers fun on a level few others can!
by:    On: 2001-11-27

Super Smash Bros. Melee is a reincarnation of the best selling n64 fighter Super Smash Bros. Now the game is returning to keep you up for countless hours with your friends again on the Nintendo GameCube. There are over 22+ Nintendo mascot fighters ranging from Mario to Bowser to the Game and Watch Guy. There are also over 24+ arenas to fight at. Including but not limited to, The Classic Mario Bros. Level, Pokemon arena, Yoshi's Island, BOwser's castle, and man, many others. The gameplay is improved as well. There is now more of a block presence there, as apposed to the old take the hit and grin from the n64 version. Plus each fighter has at least one new move or combo, plus improved old ones. A new mode which is really neat is the Trophy mode, where you earn points to buy highly detailed trophies, along with extensive background info on each one. Control wise SSB:M is a little complicated at first. I found myself having to make a few ajustments to get comfotable. It may take a while, the diffrent location of the Z Buttom will prove odd for players of the n64 version. But in all the control scheme is ok. Graphicly, SSB:M is very detailed. Plus everything is now 3d, unlike the 2d sprites used in the n64 version for explosions, items, ect. All in all Super Smash Bros. Melee is a pretty fair GameCube game, it's best feature has to be it's fun. It should practicly be a requirment that you have friends to play it with. It's some real fun!
Super Smash Bros. Melee
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-27

This new Gamecube game is truly awesome! With over 20 stages and over 20 characters to play as, you should really buy it. Players could play as classic characters like Mario, Link, and Donkey Kong, as well as newbies like Zelda/Sheik, Bowser, and others as they duke it out in stages like Mario's castle, Zelda's temple, Pokemon stadium and other cool stages. Some secret ones are Ganondorf, Marth, Mewtwo and more. It's a must-have!
UPDATE Spoiler warning!!!!
by: majick117    On: 2001-11-27

well this is an update to my last reveiw,i know some of the characters(there may be more) i own the import of it known as(super smash bros deluxe)......

the regular characters are:
iceclimbers,ness,zelda/sheik(she transforms),link,mario(duh),donkey kong,fox,captain falcon,bowser,samus,pikachu,peach,yoshi,and kirby.DO NOT READ ON IF YOU WANT TO BE SUPRISED!! SECRET CHARACTERS:
luigi,jigglypuff,mewtwo,pichu,falco,dr.mario,gannon,young link,roy,prince marth(if you do not reconize the last two dont feel bad,ther from fire emblem)and last but deffinatly not least.........MR. GAME AND WATCH!!!!*gasp*(youll see)
there are 30 levels (some old some new),and plenty of new items,more notabally mr saturn,super scope six,and food items.
if you did not see your fav nintendo character dont worrie the trophie mode has virtually every nintendo character(old and new)


super smash bros. melee
by: ingridhlewis    On: 2001-11-27

Super Smash Bros. Melee is an amazing sequel to the N64 version. New charcters, such as Bowser, Princess Peach, the Ice Climbers and Princess Zelda are amazing fun and new modes such as Tournament mode(up to 64 players) and coin mode are really fun. Amazing graphics and hilarious videos bring Pikachu, Mario, DK, Fox, Link and all the other Smash characters to life. Although it's coming out on December the 3rd in America, keep an eye on it.
Smaash Bros Are Coollio
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-27

ble blah bloo super smash bros rule this game outclasses the old game by a mile
new characters
new modes
"mew" pokemon moves (thats my little joke)
all and all a fantastic game
This game is awesome!
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-26

If you liked the first one you'll like this one. Oh... and, the release date is December 3rd, straight from Nintendo!
Sequel? I don't think so - check it out!!!
by:    On: 2001-11-26

Everybody keeps calling Super Smash Brothers Melee for Gamecube a sequel to the hit Super Smash Brothers for Nintendo 64, but, from what I know, it's way better and shouldn't even be compared the the original, which would just make it seem inferior. I haven't played it yet, but from what I can understand so far, it's gonna blow all the other games away. With over 20 stages and characters, over 10 modes, at least 5 secret characters, (though I've heard there were as much as 12), over 40 items (some that are very creative), and over 60 players allowed in the tournament mode, I can't understand how anyone wouldn't want to buy it the second they can. I also have heard that there are mind - blowing graphics and the most intense gameplay a game can dish out. I hope though, that there will be harder computers in this Super Smash Brothers because now that I've had the original one for so long, I can beat 3 level 9 computers at once so I will be dissapointed if the computers are easy. The original Super Smash Bros. is also full of flat, vague characters and pokeballs that stay in one place when let loose. The new game will have more attacks, combos, modes, items, characters, graphics, secret characters, players able to play at once, and way more fans.
A MUST buy for any type of gamer - 5 stars +
by: sababeth    On: 2001-11-25

I loved SSB for the N64 and played it all the time with my friends, I thought it was the the best multiplayer game for a console system ever. But now SSB melee is coming out and it is going to be SO much better than SSB (which is saying something on its own).

Every possible thing you could think of to be inproved on IS improved on this and more. There are 25 playable characters in melee vs the 12 characters in the old SSB!! There are over 20 stages you can play in (I think 23 but im not sure) vs the 9 in the old SSB. There are many more interesting items. The Charecters have more moves, not to mention that the graphic effects of the moves are dazzeling, with very realistic lighting effects and smooth animation. There are many more modes of play and the single player mode is much more challenging. One of the most new and exiting new modes is a side scrolling adventure mode much like a classic Mario game. But under all these great changes the gameplay is still at best in the multiplayer melee mode, the kind of game play that made SSB a classic.

Whether you are a SSB fan or trying something new, this game is top quallity fun. You will be hooked on this game. Make sure to buy an extra controller because it is most fun with friends. There are some fetures that need a memory card, BUT these are minor and one is not necesary to play the game.

Overall this is the one of the best games ive played for any consol, I strongly suggest you get it.

A MUST buy for any type of gamer - 5 stars +
by: sababeth    On: 2001-11-25

I loved SSB for the N64 and played it all the time with my friends, I thought it was the the best multiplayer game for a console system ever. But now SSB melee is coming out and it is going to be SO much better than SSB (which is saying something on its own).

Every possible thing you could think of to be inproved on IS improved on this and more. There are 25 playable characters in melee vs the 12 characters in the old SSB!! There are over 20 stages you can play in (I think 23 but im not sure) vs the 9 in the old SSB. There are many more interesting items. The Charecters have more moves, not to mention that the graphic effects of the moves are dazzeling, with very realistic lighting effects and smooth animation. There are many more modes of play and the single player mode is much more challenging. One of the most new and exiting new modes is a side scrolling adventure mode much like a classic Mario game. But under all these great changes the gameplay is still at best in the multiplayer melee mode, the kind of game play that made SSB a classic.

Whether you are a SSB fan or trying something new, this game is top quallity fun. You will be hooked on this game. Make sure to buy an extra controller because it is most fun with friends. There are some fetures that need a memory card, BUT these are minor and one is not necesary to play the game.

Overall this is the best game one of the best games ive played for any consol, I strongly suggest you get it.

Coolest game ever invented!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-25

This is going to be the best game ever invented because there are new boards, new pokemon, new weapons and also all the characters have thier own special attack! I mostly like it because it has a bunch of new characters and a bunch of new boards. (They) do a good job making games, keep it up!!!
Coolest game ever invented!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-25

This is going to be the best game ever invented because there are new boards, new pokemon, new weapons and also all the characters have thier own special attack! I mostly like it because it has a bunch of new characters and a bunch of new boards. You guys do a good job making games, keep it up!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-24

the game is exellent I liked the Nintendo imagine how I like this
by: tk-13_ben    On: 2001-11-24

Get ready for the sequal to the best multi-player, nintendo/character game made! If you are a fan of the first SSB for N64 your gonna love Melee. Its great graphics on the cube make this awesome to play. Not to mention new abiliaties, moves, and items.

And of course the new characters:
*Ice Climbers

And new modes:
*Coin Mode
*Adventure Mode
*HP Mode

If your gonna buy or already have a gamecube like me, this is defintly a game to get and to have fun with, with your friends!!!

Super Smash Bros.Melee
by: chombo    On: 2001-11-24

This game is super cool!!!
i played like 10 times in the mall and is COOL!
Go buy it!
Cool gamers' point of view.
by: tech-2    On: 2001-11-22

I don't have the game and we're already it's biggest fan. From the tons of commercials and video clips we've seen to the tremendous researching we've done, we can't find any faults. Tons of new characters, this game is guaranteed to be a hit. Well, at least we're positive that this game, along with the gamecube will be on our Christmas list. Whoever manages to purchase this game, I really hope you enjoy it. It has to many offers for someone not to. Have a great Christmas......

yours truely,
Blood hawks.

by: mghods11    On: 2001-11-22

I couldn't stop playing to original SSB, but now there's going to be one for the NINTENDO GAMECUBE! SO what I'm pretty much saying is, you can't lose buying this game, it is going to rock.
I love the idea of this game.
by: froglegtaco    On: 2001-11-21

I loved the 1st super smah brothers, except this one will blow it away. The idea of going through the game fighting smaller battles before you get to the main character bosses is genius. Soon as this game comes out I will have it popped in my gamecube and ready for extreme joy for days on end.
Super Smash Bros. Melee
by: ghudson43    On: 2001-11-20

I love it! I love it! I love it! With the same action-packed fun as the N64 version but with better graphics, new characters, and more!
Melee, The Best Follow Up Since Mario Bros. 2
by: doorhy    On: 2001-11-19

Super Smash Bros. Melee is a multi-player gamer's dream come true. The combonation of Gamecube's graphics, player competition, and classic Nintendo characters is nothing less than unbeatable. And the reason that anyone who likes to play with friends would love this game, is that not only is it designed 95% for multi-player action, but that it comes with a tournament mode in which up to 64, thats right, 64 people can compete in. Super Smash Bros. Melee has earned every one of the stars in it's 5 star rating by My opinion, is that Super Smash Bros. Melee has begun a new era that will continue with the advance of virtual fighting, and will eventually lead to a gamer's paradise.
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-18

it is the coooooolest game on earth the first time i played it was so cool.if you have the old one , you will love this one.there are over 20 charecters plus enen more bonus charecters whats there to it just go buy a GAMECUBE and buy super smash bros.MELEE
Get ready to pummel...
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-18

Wow, this game is going to be amazing! I think I like the way they changed smash bros., from button mashing to actual combos. Smash bros. will be on many x-mas lists this holiday.
This game looks sweet!
by: bendover163    On: 2001-11-17

This game looks awesome. I have the Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 64 and if this game is as good as the other Super Smash Bros. is, this will be awesome. They have REALLY good graphics too!
Four Giant Bowsers stomping one little Pikachu, nuff' said!
by: felya    On: 2001-11-16

Ok, to get a full grasp of this game you have to have this picture in your mind:

Get two of your friends and your self to choose bowser as the character. Set the bot to be Pikachu. All three Bowsers get a power up to make them huge. Now get Pikachu a power up that would make him tiny. NOW STOMP THE RAT!!!

Four players at once, tons of nice levels of pure "melee". How can you go wrong with that. Might not be the technical fighter of Soul Caliber or Tekken, but the depth is huge. More modes of play that you can spank a monkey too. And for those who love the pokemon, Pikachu is not the only pokemon in the game. You can unlock three more, which I will not tell you what they are. Also you'll be able to unlock a certain Zelda villain, who will be nice and big... to stomp on all four pokemon. Pokemon Massacre!!! Take out all the frustration you have against the little buggers you want.

Have fun, this game is a sure fire way to get you to smile and have a good time.

by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-15

I tried this today in the Nintendo tour.This is a great game!!!!!
I would recommend this to anyone even though it is a T game for parents that check the ratings.Anyway,this game is cool!!!!!!The controls are very simple and there are more characters than in SuperSmashBrothers for N64.There are more secret charecters also.The new characters are,just to name a few,are Sheik,Princess Peach,Bowser,and the Ice Climbers.The game is just plain cooooool!!!!!!!!!!!
Super Smash Melee: A Smash Buy!
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-14

This game has it all! If you like the first, this is a must buy, especially if you have many friends. There are pretty much new of everything. More stages, items, modes, and MORE than 20 characters like new characters such as Peach, Ice Climbers, Bowser and Shiek/Zelda! If you didn't like the single player, you are not alone but in Melee, single player is much improved. You have to go through levels until you get to the character. It was said to be a lot of fun. Also, if people think this is a rehash, they are very wrong. First of all, this is a Multiplayer game! Not single! Also, this game is not allowed to be compared to Tekken or Street Fighter! They are two complete different things! The last thing is that there are so many new types of gameplay like Coin Mode, or HP Mode and now there is a new Forward B move. If there are any reasons to get the Gamecube, it's this game!(Other than Zelda, Mario, Metroid...)

*WAY better graphics
*Control is much better
*Faster paced action (60 fps)
*New Modes (Gallery, Classic, Adventure, Home Run, Coin, HP...)
*New characters, more than 20!
*New types of moves like dodging, forward B...
*Harder CP
*Pretty much more

*Lack of friends means lack of enjoyment
*No Online Gaming(...)

great!!!! but needs even more......
by: majick117    On: 2001-11-13

Well, i have to say this is the must have GCN to have. (aside from luigi)but.................................................................................IT NEEDS EVEN MORE CHARACTERS!!!! like:poo(earthbound),mallow(mario rpg),person from harvest moon(???)(harvest moon),doshin(doshin the giant),conker(conkers bad fur day)monkey in a monkey ball(super monkey ball),and last but not least sonic the hedgehog(sonic the hedgehog),diddy kong,(donkey kong country)spaceman(pikmin)paper mario(paper mario).............. plus they shold add a few new levels like: saturn valley,wave race coarse,paper mario land,and on top of a giant moving (wait for it..)MONKEY BALL!.......overall good but needs more
Great Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-13

All the nintendo characters in one game??!! All I have to say is PEACH RULZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-13

when i saw this at first i didnt give it much thought, but when i got a gamecube preveiw disc that had .mov files of games i saw smash and i was stunned!! the grafics kill the first ones. the fetueres in it let your smashfest more then barable and the new charicters adding 14 to start with and plus 6 secret chars (20 chars in total) made my head about to explode in excitement!!!! i will get this definately i hope you all will too!
The game could have been released in its earliest stages ...
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-12

... and sold to be a smash hit! The unexpected prequal, Super Smash Bros., for Nintendo 64 had very little excitement drawn to its release. I, myself, admit saying "That game looks stupid!" when I first saw it. In fact, I only purchased it because I was a Pokémon-freak at the time. But after getting the hang of it, SSB proves that fighters don't have to have 20 button combination moves and fatalities to be fun!
SSB is a very unique fighting game. Every character has three special moves, two throws, and a bunch of physical attacks, and they are performed all the same way. The moves are, of course, different and it takes strategy to use them effectively. And, instead of having life, you have damage. The more you get hit, the higher your damage percent goes up. The higher it is, the farther away you fly when you get hit. To die, you have to fall off the stage, which floats in the middle of no where. The true shine of SSB is its multiplayer action. It's perfect for when you have friends over and it's still the life of the party, 2 years (and growing) after I got it. Of course, fans wanted a sequal. Though one for the Nintendo 64 while it was still alive would have been nice, the wait was well worth it for Super Smash Bros. Melee, the sequal coming to the newest Nintendo console this December!
First off, the graphics are incredibly updated. They are just so beautiful! No more sharp, jagged objects. Everything is nice and round, beautifully animated, and nicely textured. The fur on Fox looks so real! Aside from graphics, and an incredibly soundtrack to boot, there is an incredible Titantic-sized ship-load of new features!
The game starts out with 14 default characters. You get Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus, Kirby, Pikachu, Yoshi, Fox, Ness, Captain Falcon, and four new characters: Princess Peach, Bowser, Zelda, and the Ice Climbers, Popo and Nana! There are also at least 7 hidden ones, as Nintendo swears there are over 20 playable characters in the game. The previous title only had 12 characters (two, being Luigi and Jigglypuff, which are most certain hidden). This title also has 23 stages (5 hidden), while the previous only had 9! Want some more? Close to 30 or 40 items to use, while the previous had maybe 20. Tons of new game modes, such as Adventure Mode, Tournament Mode, Giant and Tiny Mode, One-Button Mode, Coin Battle Mode, Colessium Mode, Invisible Mode, and tons more! You'll never get bored!
The multiplayer fun factor still holds true, but HAL tried to boost the single player areas as well. The newest Adventure Mode is most likely the best. You control your character through different platformer worlds of various Nintendo stars, like through Mario levels or the castles in Hyrule!
I guess its time to give you an insight on some characters. Princess Peach is definitely gonna be a strong force! She can use a frying pan, tennis racket, golf club, parasol, explosive butt bump (no kidding), Toad, she can float, and she can throw vegetables! Yikes!
Bowser, on the other hand, is nothing but defense, power, size, and no speed. He can breathe fire, bite, body slam, butt stomp ... the usual big character stuff.
The Ice Climbers are more unique. Instead of fighting with one character at a time, you actually fight with two! You control the blue Eskimo guy, named Popo, while the pink one, named Nana, follows you around and copies your every move! Popo and Nana have to be together to use a lot of their moves, so losing one is a bad thing. Of course, they come back eventually.
Zelda is also very unique. She has love, wind, and fire attacks, as well as a special transformation move. She can transform into her male counterpart, Sheik! As Sheik, she's faster and has a new moveset, including throwing needles, a whip, and teleportation. You can switch back and forth constantly, making the strategy incredible!
Speaking of move sets, the moves are still as easy as ever to pull off. You can perform special moves by standing and pressing B, pressing Up and B (often used as an airborne jump to return to the stage), Down and B, and the new Side and B! Characters also now have four throws to chose from, as well as a multiple-hit throw. Tons of new techniques, even including tilting into the background or foreground to avoid attacks, are included as well!
Stages are incredible. Whether you're fighting in the middle of an F-ZERO race or in the peaceful town of Onett, the action is always great! Stages include a fight atop Peach's Castle from Super Mario 64, over the raging Kongo River, on an icy mountain, on a flying ship over the rainbow, in a retro 8-bit Mushroom Kingdom, on a planet of acid, and tons more! Each character has at least two stages, except for the Ice Climbers, who have 1, and Peach, Bowser, and Zelda, who share stages with related characters.
Another innovative feature is the Gallery mode. Every mode you play will reward you with Coins. You can use these Coins to play a Slot Machine game. If you win, you can win trophies of Nintendo characters! These trophies look nice and include short biographies, written by the director of HAL, but other than that, they are basically the "PokéDex" of SSBM. NES fans will be delighted to see old characters such as Balloon Fighter, Gloopy, and tons more!
If you get a GameCube, you can't possibly enjoy it without this game! People say its just a rehash of SSB, but in reality, its everything SSB had and tons, tons, TONS more! I recommend you get it, without a doubt, and buy a controller (or 3) while you're at it! It's definitely a multiplayer game.
Action Packed Bonanza
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-12

This game is awsome, the graphics are intense, the action is adrenaline pumping, the 4 player tournament mode is non-stop fun.
The graphics are taking the GameCube to it's full extent.
If your looking for a 3rd person action/fighting game this is the game for you.
Got Smash Bros?
by: gobeau    On: 2001-11-12

Incredible control. Deep game design with intense graphics. If you have an urge to kick (...), buy this game.
the best 4 player game ever
by: burnquistchris    On: 2001-11-12

stunning graphics, in-depth levels, a slew of deadly and silly weapons, and the best team of video game characters ever assembled. what more can i say? this is the best game for the launch of the gamecube (which is going to kick some serious xbox and playstation (...)and is probably going to be the strongest game until zelda and mario make their appearance on the cube. dont think twice, just by this game!!!!!!
Nintendo does it again
by: branpaul    On: 2001-11-12

This game is AWESOME! Explosive graphics, awesome gameplay, easy controls, and more!!! I have the first one and I'm getting the second one for sure.
The Best Game On Earth
by: phattrucker25    On: 2001-11-12

SuperSmashBros.Melee si the best game that ever came out for GameCube. SSB.Melee has the best graphics, control, and it has more than 20 of the most famous characters from the most famous games on N64 and GameCube.So,if you're going to buy GameCube,I suggest that the first game you buy is SuperSmashBros.Melee(SSB.Melee).


Super Smash Bros. is Back!
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-11

Looking for the perfect game...look no maore. SSBM has everything a nintendo loving video game could want. 20 of the most famed nintendo characters ever, all packed into one high octane game. With the mind boggling graphics in the gamecube, you won't miss a spec of dust.And theres not just single arcade action. You can go head to head with your friends, play challenging minigames, and use different characters in an all new adventure mode. You won't be dissapointed, I garauntee it.
Smash em out!
by: maliklove1    On: 2001-11-11

You Probaly already heard that this is the best game ever.Well you heard right.If you like the old smash bros. you will adore this one.You have plenty of characters ranging from:link,zelda,fox,gannandorf,captain falcon,samus,kirby,yoshie,mario,luigi,pikachu,donkey kong,ice climbers,ness,and more.this is a must buy and it just shows you what the gamecube can do.Also there are alot of deferent modes,some from the original and alot new!!Trust me if your still trying to figure out what you want for christmas,get a nintendo gamecube and smash bros.melee,and if your wise enough to get this get an extra controller and a memorycard. Your going to want these extras.Til then peace out.
Most FUN game of all time!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-11

This game is the coolest. If you like adventure, fighting,and the Nintendo origional charactors this is a game fo you. there are more then 20 charactors, many levals, secret charactors, about 6 diffrent modes to play in, and over 40 diffrent items to use from a bat to a rapid fire laser gun. Yoshi, Bowser, Mario, Donkey Kong, Pikachu and the rest of the gang are examples of some people. it is from 1 to 4 playors and in one mode you can have 64 people battaling.if you like all these things then I suggest you should get Super Smash Bros. Melee for Nintendo Gamecube.
Make way for the King of Fighters
by: dragon_cubed    On: 2001-11-11

Super Smash Bros. Melee. How to sum it up in one word? Amazing! Smash Bros. Melee is the sequel to the N64 version. All the Nintendo characters (if not, most of them) from the first game make a return. Plus there's a bunch of new characters like Zelda, Princess Peach and the retro characters the Ice Climbers. Also, throw in a handful of extra hidden characters and you got the fighter lineup. The modes of play are plentiful. There's the original tournament and there's also new modes like the Adventure mode, Coin mode and even a Homerun mode. Smash Bros. was one of the best multiplayer games on the N64. Smash Bros. Melee is no different. You can go up against 3 other CPU controlled characters or even better, get 3 of your friends and you'll have one pretty hectic game. Overall, this game is great for anyone, no matter if you're a newbie to this game or a long time fan.
It doesn't get any better.
by: pinkyg    On: 2001-11-11

The sequel to the hit game Super Smash Bros. will be one of the best fighting games you will ever find. It has everything that made the original great, all the characters, all the stages, all the moves, and then some.
New moves include defensive blocks and dodging attacks, new power and smash techniques, and several new items. New characters include Princess Peach, Sheik, Bowser, Gannondorf, and the awesome duo the Ice Climbers, among several others. Every new character has their own stage to fight on, and their own special single-player level full of special enemies to battle. Their are about four times as many multiplayer modes to use as the the original, and all of them are definite keepers.
Of course, if good graphics are what you are looking for, you found `em. Super Smash Bros. Melee has great graphics. Not as great as, say, Rogue Squadron II (also an incredible game,) but they are still the highest quality you will find in a fighting game. It doesn't have any blood or gore, and it doesn't need it. You can have the bloodiest, goriest game in existance, but if the gameplay isn't up to par, its a stinker. Gameplay is one thing that Melee has in spades. Super Smash Bros. Melee is going to be the best fighting game, period.
MEGA Smash Bros. Melee
by: Anonymous    On: 2001-11-11

This is going to be the best game for the next 2 years. You can play as Sheik, Mario, Luigi, 2 Ice Climbers (old NES characters and no matter what 1 will always be your teammate!), Peach, Bowser (he can pack a punch!), Cpt. Falcon, Kirby, Fox, Pikachu, Yoshi, Samus, Link, Ness, Jigglypuff, and a few more! Cpt. Falcon and Ness even have courses of their own, and the GCN controller makes it so easy to play! This game is a must have. If you are getting a GCN (GAMECUBE) then this is the game you want!!!
If you have a gamecube GET THIS!!!
by: anime_bell    On: 2001-11-10

One of gamecube's "Killer Apps" for this year. This is a reason to buy a Gamecube. It's not just some game with add-on features, it is fighting excellence! I got the chance to playing this game in a cube club so I know what it's like. It has a ton of new items and characters (secret and from the start) from games even the parents will remember. It has new levels and music from you're favorite games, and tons upon tons of new modes. One thing that Nintendo know is how to make games fun, and this only shows even more when you play this game. True the graphics are perfect and at a constant 60 frames per second, the best part is playing the game. This game should make the word fun be spelled as "SSBM" from now on! If you don't get it on Dec 3 get it when ever it's restocked! Reserve or wake up early and buy this because this game may as well be a furbee or Tickle me Elmo i