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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
Average Rating: 4.50     Total Reviews: 127
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not to be compared with ocarina
by: ginga_spam    On: 2006-01-25

This game should never be compared to the ocarina of time.The ocarina of time itself is a classic.before this was realised i saw screen shots and was extremly dissapointed.I was expecting an evolution in graphic design.I wanted it to mature but that wasnt what i saw.It wasnt until i got the game i realised just how good it was here are some key aspects of the game.

CEL SHADED GRAPHICS:not bad i liked the cartoony feel of it.It made the game seem more light hearted and fun.The scenery is beautiful and although link looks like a girl his facial expressions help to make the game that little bit more enjoyable.

GAME PLAY:The gameplay is great definatly an exolution.It allows you to pick up the weapons of fallen enemys and testing them on them allowing you to throw them at them if you wish.

THE "GREAT" SEA:one thing that stops the game being so fun.there is hardly enough land witch is disapointing still the land thats there is almost good enough.It kinda takes some of the fun out of the game witch is why it missed off five stars.

SEA GULLS:can be controlled is good fun but not integral

LONGETIVITY:there is quite alot to do after youve finished the game and the game its self is a reasonable length but i was expecting more.
The best of the Zelda franchise
by: idrilcelebrindal    On: 2006-01-17

I am not the world's most hardcore Zelda fan. Nor am I exactly the most skilled at playing the Zelda games. But I have played Zelda games on every system--from the originals on NES, the updates and new entries for GBC and GBA, to the introduction of 3D on N64. Most Zelda fans will say that the best of the franchise is Ocarina of Time; an opinion with which I respectfully disagree.

My first introduction to this game came through a demo that was on the Zelda promotion disc released for GCN. Within a few minutes of playing, I knew that I was one day going to own it, no matter how long it took me to acquire the funds for purchasing; I had to own it. The graphics and the gameplay were Just. That. Good.

In general, I'm not one to get excited or negative about good or bad graphics in a game, but in one like WW, it's hard not to be excited. Do not let the cel-shading turn you off--this entire game is an incredible universe of well thought-out, 360 degree exploration that is greatly complemented by the very meticulous and oftentimes truly extraordinary graphics.

The gaming world itself is absolutely enormous. With the entire world covered in water, the game confines itself to a 7x7 map of squares--but that itself takes half a lifetime to explore. And it is more than worth it. While the game starts out fairly linear, it's of a need, as it guides you through the prologue of the game, the eventual introduction and control of your boat, the Wind Waker, and then centers around exploration of the half a dozen most central islands to the story. And from there, it branches out significantly--reaching a point in which, should you choose, you can spend hours upon hours traveling from island to island and mapping out the entire ocean within the given realm. Traveling does take time, and can become monotonous for some--but fortunately, not long into the game, you can learn how to warp and significantly cut down on travel time.

Gameplay is my favorite it's been for any Zelda game I've played. While I became somewhat board with the manner of combat in Ocarina of Time--hit the monster, wait a few seconds till it attacks, hit it again and repeat ad nauseum--combat in this game is wild, fast and furious, by comparison. At the start, on the island where Link starts out, you learn sword fighting from an older man, which includes some very, very cool techniques that can be used in different combinations of your A and B buttons with the control stick. And the puzzles--both in and out of the dungeons--are far from dumbed down, but never were frustrating enough to make me want to stop.

The game includes most of the familiar tools from previous Zelda games (boomerang, hookshot, etc) as well as the Deku Leaf--which allows you to fly using magic and ties nicely into the requisite of controlling the wind--and the grappling hook--which, among other things, allows you to steal items like feathers and hearts off your enemies when targeted.

The dungeons play out in a less obvious manner than other Zeldas, though it does follow some of the commons. However, there are only two that are officially referred to as "Temples" while they come up with more creative ways of dealing with all the others. And the story surprised me in how it ties in with the commonality of the Zelda franchise--so much so that when I realized how it did all tie together, my jaw dropped, I fell more in love, and was officially hooked upon this game.

The gamemakers opened themselves up to the potential of enormous possibilities with this game, and it never, ever lets you down. There is so much to do, so much to explore, so many things to find...once the games reaches it's most non-linear, the possibilities will seem endless. I have played so many games stuck on their linearity, the world felt more like filler--whereas in games like this, one is more than frequently rewarded for test and exploration. And many games that try to add side-items to be found through exploration and side-quest usually disappoint. In this game, for example, you can perform a side-question in which you will ultimately be given a mask that, when worn in battle, will show a life gage for that particular foe. Certainly not a requisite for winning the game, but undeniably a useful tool.

As I've already said, the gaming world is HUGE. Every single square on the map has an island or fortress of some kind--and the ones not particularly relevant to the game usually have a mini-game or subquest of some kind that almost always leads to valuable rewards. You find treasure maps scattered literally across the entire world, in which you can travel to the given island and use the grappling hook to dig up rupees, or a heart piece. There are platforms, and fortresses. And what's better (certainly an improvement from other Zeldas) there are maps that can be found that show (though don't detail) which of the squares have platforms, fairies, submarines, etc.

Music is probably not my favorite, but it's far from being my least favorite, either. Some themes are better than others--though are undeniably fitting for the given area or scenario--and I do absolutely love the music for Dragon Roost Island. It really doesn't get much better than that.

The game does have it's flaws, but what game doesn't. For example, swimming in water can be really hard, and really frustrating. I would climb (or be knocked) out of my boat and swim in circles while trying to get back to the proper position in which I could get Link back into the boat--made all the more frustrating by the fact that you can only be in deep water for a limited amount of time before you drown and lose a heart. Also, while the targeting system is ultimately a brilliant way for dealing with combat in a 3-dimensional plane, I became frustrated when I encountered more than one enemy and, in trying to un-target one enemy, would automatically be transferred to the target of the other enemy. Oftentimes, a particular task to or with that enemy would need to be performed while not targeting anything, and the only way in which I find to solve this problem was to back as far away from all the enemies as possible until they too far away for the targeting to stay on. If there is another simpler, smarter way of dealing with this, I have yet to discover it.

Hardcore Zelda fans have long since purchased this game and passed judgment, so anyone reading this is either not too familiar with the Zelda franchise, or, like me, somewhat of a newbie. To either and anyone I would recommend this game. It's one of my favorite console games I've played, and certainly the best I've come across for GCN. Honestly, I love it so much, I can't way to play it again.
Lots of fun, but SO very big!
by: chelsea1234    On: 2006-01-15

If you liked "Ocarina" you will very likely enjoy this one, too. It's a lot of fun and maintains the same spirit as it's forerunners. There's tons of interaction between the characters (and they say different things to you at different stages in the game). The "levels" are challenging and it really does feel like a quest, as you are zooming all over the ocean to different islands, talking to different people and animals, buying essential items and beating mini challenges to get prizes and information. My only complaint is that it is SOO big and there is SO much to do, it can become a bit overwhelming. I have to admit that I had to use many hints and cheats on-line to get through some of it. If I didn't, there was NO way I could have figured everything out (not that I've completed it yet). Also, if you take a break from playing it and come back to it, you can easily forget where you've been, where you're going and all the crap you're suppose to be doing in between. I started keeping a notebook full of hints and notes on the different islands, etc. This has helped, but I still feel a little lost everytime I go back to it.
Truly Superb
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-02

My only complaint this game is that sometimes the sailing could be a bit tedious, but overall I loved it... The battles and secrets to uncover were amazing. This game alone would be reason enough to buy a gamecube!
At first I didnt like it at all
by: bestpricesonamazon    On: 2006-01-02

but once I got into the game and starting understand the story and concept of the game it was great. it truly is 1 of the most unique games I have ever played and definately the most unique zelda game in the series. in fact I was so skeptical with this game I actually avoided it for 2 years until it was a players choice then I picked it up at the store for 20 bucks. needless 2 say I would have paid 50 bucks for this game it was that good and is my 2nd favorite zelda game ever made behind on legend of zelda ocarina of time(the greatest video game ever made!)
One of the best Gamecube games
by: collinsej    On: 2005-12-30

When I heared this game had cel - shaded graphics, I thought, probaly like thousands of other Zelda fans, that it would be "kiddy" and stupid. When I played it, I found out that I was very wrong. This is obviously one of the greatest games ever created. It's cheerful enough to keep you from getting scared from the darkness of the game, (I got scared from how dark Majora's Mask was) and dark enough to keep you from getting pissed off from all the cheerfulness. If you haven't played this game, you don't know what you're missing out on.
wake up the wind (continued from the review on the book 'zelda- the wind waker')
by: elite_guy    On: 2005-12-28

Anyway, as I left off, Link watches his sis getting kidnapped and tries to save her. He jumps but Tetra (the girl) grabs on to him. His grandma gives him a sheild and he sails off with the pirates. They soon reach Forsaken Fortress where his sister is placed. The pirates shoot him out of the cannon and loses his sword. You'll need to get your sheild ready, cause you've got a long way to go. For more info go to my guide on this. My appoliges to make you jump all over the place.
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Review
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-24

i love the game Legend of Zelda now my dog it name Zelda
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Review
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-24

i love the game Legend of Zelda now my dog it name Zelda
Best Game I've Ever Played
by: highqualitybooks_va    On: 2005-12-20

This is the best video game I have ever played. I loved the original Legend of Zelda for NES and thought nothing could beat it. Wind Waker is very long - it took me about two months to beat it playing it about 4 hours every evening. Whoever says they can beat the game in a couple of days is lying to you. Unlike the Legend of Zelda, Wind Waker is the type of game in which after you beat it, you wouldn't want to play again. Maybe it's because the suspense is gone or the length of the game.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-13

I've always been the mario person and always will be but I noticed myself playing only mario over the years. Well I decided to start playing other games alot of other games and this one stood out to me. I'm glad I bought this one it is very very good and it's very fun. This game has alot of gameplay in it. If you like really really long games this one is for you. The storyline is also great. The graphics are good but could have been alittle better but still very good. Of course there is violence in it but i'd say kids would definatly be into it just like adults. My 4 year old nephew watches me play all the time and he even helps me out at times while watching. He's the type that could sit in front of any video game all day long even if it's watching you play or playing himself. This game I would have to say it is at the top of my list and it's a great thinking game. Awesome game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Still the best Gamecube title to date
by: nout    On: 2005-11-26

As said in the title: still the best Gamecube title to date.

Resident evil 4 is great, but it didn't grab me that much...amazing graphics, motion capture, but bad story and the end boss was an anti-climax ("did I really finish the game?")

Metroid Prime 1 and 2 do not have that epic touch, a story that sucks you in the game.

Although "Zelda - The Ocarina of time" is better, the Wind Waker comes close.
Graphically it looks a lot better, gameplay is smoother, near perfect and the difficulty is geat: relatively easy and sometimes hard, you never get frustrated, but it doesn't mean you can finish the game "chilling" in your couch.

The "Ocarina of Time" has a better presentation overall, Link looks better, less cartoonish and there is more atmosphere in it...with "The Ocarina of Time" I am in that magical world, with "The Wind Waker" I am watching a cartoon...the bright colours interfere a bit with the mood that the music (on the other hand creates) if Link is placed in Super Mario World. (I exaggerate ofcourse)

But still this game is awesome, I do not find the same depth of gameplay and the sense you are somewhere else in any other game (other than a Zelda game).

All of my friends (actually everybody I know) have a dislike for the Zelda games, mostly because of the way the characters look. I agree, if you put Link next to the the Prince of Persia, Snake (from Metal Gear Solid) or Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell) Link doesn't look like a mean mother...
But the action is so much tougher and exciting in the Zelda games...when Link gets hurt I feel it more physically then when the Prince gets slammed.

For me this game beats every recent game on the market.
Very enjoyable!
by: kenleyofeverard    On: 2005-11-26

I have been a fan of Zelda since the game first came out for the NES and I have been addicted to the series ever since. Wind Waker has been a very challenging game for me to play for I still have flashbacks to the original Zelda where play was more two demensional. The cartoonish graphics took a little getting used to and the challenges are fun (even if there is one that is quite aggravating to me).

I am really enjoying this game.
The best Zelda game yet.
by: trevorreichle    On: 2005-11-01

The Legend Of Zelda video game series is one of the best video game series ever.This game is not only fun and has great graphics,but offers so much more to do than just beating the game.There is a huge "ocean" to sail around with so many islands with things to do.There is also many unique characters that all play important roles in the game.This game should be in any video game player's collection,definately.
Wind Waker, better then Ocarina of Time? The cartoon effects are actaully very cool when you get used to them.
by: cominar    On: 2005-10-31

This is probably the best Gamecube game out the closest rival to It's greatness has got to be Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. This game is an indirect sequal to Ocarina of Time and the storys are probably just about the same in quality. DUring the game Link starts a rivalry with a giant phoenix that takes his sister to a faraway island when Link finally reaches there aboard this pirate ship he sets out through the foretress on the island to rescue his sister. when he finally finds her the phoenix flings Link far away from his sister and Link must regain his strength and return even stronegr to fight the bird of prey. *Spoiler* Link finally arrives and scales the mighty foretress on his new found boat named "king of Red Lions" after he encounters the bird it's payback time baby! he flips out his newly acquired Skull Hammer and Pummels the bird silly. then for the finnishing blows Link cuts up the bird with his sword like nothing. But it seems there is a greater evil then the phoenix, it seems Ganon is back and your on an even longer escapade! Highly recomended game EXTREMELY good replay value. Ive beaten it 4 times so far because after I beat the game and the second quest my memory card file got deleted and I had to start all over again but amazingly it was still fun and I enjoyed beating it the next plays through the game. The only downside I can think of is that you have to find a bunch of stuff and all 8 triforce pieces scattered accross the ocean before you can fight Ganon. and then when you finally fight him he's easier then the first boss of the game, *SPOILER* Gohma! Thats right Gohmas back for yet another round of pummeling. this has got to be his 4th or even 5th appearance in a Zelda game. First in Link's Awakening, then Ocarina of Time, then seasons, And I think he may of also been in the first Zelda.
wow what a game...
by: dlefner    On: 2005-10-28

of course we all know that it is one of the handful of games that has been given a perfect rating by famitsu of japan. it is a wondrous game; it's hard to understand where the people who don't dig the cel-look are coming's just an amazing looking game and the gameplay is just as great. a true must-have game.

Legend of Zelda: The wind waker
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-10-08

If you ask me, this is a very good game, though I've played the earlier games (Majora's mask, occarina of time, etc) and find them to be much more entertaining and worthwhile.
Don't forget about this game completly because of that though (I'm amazed if anybody really pays much attention to this review... anyways) because The Wind Waker is still a very good game, though long time Zelda fans like myself may be turned off by the lack of much of the older game's plot and story (As TWW takes place in the future) and also the cartoonish graphics. Sure, it isn't really a true Zelda Game, but a good play none the less.
Zelda & Link Never Disapoints
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-10-07

In all the Zelda games I have ever played they have never disappointed me. Although not very challenging, the story line kept me playing.

In Wind Waker the story was really good and had a few plot twists that caught me. Even some of the side quests i.e. the Nintendo figurine collection at first didn't interest me but after I got started It turned out to keep my occupied. I only wish the second quest were more challenging. They only changed a few things. But all in all I think that the game is well built although the graphics were not that much of a jump from Orcana of Time and its sister game Majoras Mask. Still need to get better voices though, instead of the occasional grunt.

But if you like adventuring and exploration this is one game that is simple enough to just pick up and play and not so challenging that you get stuck for weeks at a time wondering what to do next. Now I just can't wait till Twilight Princess comes out!

How do I describe this? This game is as magic to me as Super Mario 64 was when it came out
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-09-25

I remember for my birthday when Super Mario 64 came out, I received that game and a Nintendo 64. I was overjoyed. I had never owned a video game before, and I devoured it. It's still one of my absolute favourite games- it just has a world so immersive, so wonderful, I can't describe what an experience it's been to me. Two and a half years later, when I finally beat the final Bowser, I cried of sheer delight and nostalgia.

When I first got a Gamecube many years later, one of my first games was Zelda: the Windwaker.

It was like repeating Mario 64 all over again! I had played Sunshine before, but although it's a great game, it didn't have the same, enticing feeling. But with Windwaker, I felt that feeling. A world like that- it's so wonderful. I had never really played a Zelda before that- maybe touched upon Oracle of Ages, which I really liked too- but after this game I love that franchise. I've played Ocarina of Time too, and I loved it, but despite what many people say, it can't beat Windwaker in my eyes.

I found the controls very fluid and easy to use. You understand them after a few minutes of playing, and Link's movement is so fluid and perfect I marvelled. Ocarina's movement is extremely blocky, which I found irritating, but Windwaker's is a treat. The camera can move with the C-stick and you almost never find the camera angle annoying you. The only problems I found was that sometimes the controls weren't as responsive as they should be, especially when trying to climb a ledge or getting up on the boat.

This game is cell-shaded, but that is definately not a bad thing. When I first tried the game, I was under the impression that the graphics were pretty bad, and most people probably will be. But the more you play, the more you realise that these graphics are a blessing. It's like steering an old Disney cartoon; beautiful, colourful- I could stare at this game all day. Sailing when the sun's about to go up and the sea goes from dark purple to a wonderful shade of light blue- it's wonderful. Link has at least twenty different expressions, and he reacts more realistically to the environment than in Ocarina- who could not love his jump of glee when defeating a boss or his embarrassed smile when the fairy queen admits she likes him? Smoke and light effects are excellent, and small things like Link leaving footsteps in the sand, or the cute and, if you take a photo of them and look carefully, beautifully decorated crabs that scurry across the beach are superb.

The sound in this game is great, especially when battling- each time your sword strikes the enemy, an orchestral note is struck. It's like controlling the background music and it's a really nice touch. Shouts, hiyas and the likes are of course there, as well as different sounds for walking on different surfaces. One nice sound effect that I enjoyed is the waves splashing gently onto the shore, and the vulkanic rumblings in the first dungeons sends shivers down your back. Most characters are represented by short sounds instead of voice acting, but I would really liked to have seen this more developed and having all of the characters have this personification.

I'm one of those people who love ancient-sounding, epic scores, so the Celtic piece in the beginning had me in complete joy and excitement. It's a beautiful theme and my definite favourite, only matched by the short, subtly poignant Song of Time in Ocarina. Old musical themes are reworked, and very successfully, and most of the background music is cheery and bouncy. The music at sea is a grand, sweeping theme which makes you feeling ready for new adventures, and when morning breaks it makes you feel hopeful and with a warm fuzzy feeling inside. The eerie theme when you meet enemies at sea is very very effective, and I have to say that you have to work hard to find better music for a video game.

This story starts out very nicely- Link's sister is kidnapped by a giant bird, and Link joins forces with pirates to rescue her. However, he gets pulled into something much more sinister- in fact, when you finally save your sister you're only half-way into the game. Although nothing overly special, the story is suitable for a Zelda game.

This is where the game shines. How could I possibly describe all the wonderful touches of gameplay? Firstly, the world is flooded and you travel to different islands with the help of a talking boat, the King of Red Lions. I thoroughly enjoyed this, as it gives the game a sense of freedom I've only ever experienced in Super Mario 64. Some people complain that the sea is too big, but I just think it adds to the sense of adventure. When I first had to travel back to Outset Island through the storm, and I saw its silhouette for the first time in ages- it's one of those few moments in video games that actually stick with you for life. The windwaker mentioned in the title is not a person, but a conductor's baton which replaces the ocarina. With it you can warp across the sea and control the direction of the wind, among others. All of Link's old weapons are back, but modified for the better, along with some new ones, like the Grappling Hook. The enemies are wonderful and react very realistically to the environment- combat has also improved, with you being able to do several different moves, including an impressive parry. One feature of gameplay that I really enjoyed in the Pictograph- I could spend ages releasing the artist in me and looking for cool things to photograph- with the world being so large, there are so many details and you can get tons of cool pictures. My only complaint there is that you can only take three at a time.

All in all, I think that I already have made clear how much I love this game- it has humour, an epic sense of adventure, excitement and sidequests to last you for all eternity. Highly recommended.
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker by Nintendo [Video Game]
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-09-23

grandson loves this game.
Zelda : For a child or hard core gameist
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-09-21

Now, for all you "Die-hard" Zelda fans out their, you may think this game is just for little kiddies. But don't be fooled with its cartoonish styling. This game will make you so annoyed with puzzles and bosses, you just wont know what to do. Give it a try, now their are somethings in it that will make it seem childish like the way he'll pick up something that is to heavy for him. What he does is simply stupid. This game does have an awsome story line, at first it is a little confusing, and it doesnt make much since most of the time, but I am sure by then of it, it will all make since to you.
The Legend of Zelda....the best game for all ages
by: rozer7    On: 2005-09-13

This is a fabulous game; speaking as a Mom of a young son. After checking it out myself I bought it for my son last year (he was 6 years old) He loved it.

Link is a young boy who goes on a quest and finds the hero within himself....What's nice about Zelda is that there is a story with interesting characters, with lessons to be learned; there is a quest and many challenges our hero Link, must overcome. What's more, there's plenty for your little one to READ (out loud to you--my son reads the story lines in Zelda better than his school's true, that "all knowledge is interest")

In the beginning we read the information booklet (that comes with the game) at night and then he was ready to give Zelda a try. When he gets stuck, I'll help him with a hint(...).....a real life saver for all video games.

There's plenty of action to keep everyone of ANY AGE engaged, and challenging enough to play forever-literally. The moves Link (our hero, who you can name) are amazing, but he must earn the right to be taught the more advanced moves...

Don't hesitate to purchase this game, it's lots of fun for my son to play and even more fun when he has me sit with him to figure out what to do next.

(We saw a preview of the next Zelda-The Twilight Princess at the Comic-Con here in San Diego this summer. All I can say is that my son isn't the only one waiting for this game to be released!!!)

My least favorite Zelda release, but a worthy game nonetheless
by: edugroove    On: 2005-09-04

I have forever pledged myself to the legion of Nintendo quite simply because of the existence of three beings: Link, Mario, and Samus. The countless games these characters have made fantastic is unmatched.

In fact, each character can cite at least one game they were in as a revoltionary game. Mario with Donkey Kong and Super Mario Brothers. And Link and Samus in their first 8-Bit appearances, which introduced the epiphany of saving, and the subsequent long quests that could come from the technology.

And MY GOODNESS, what a long quest Windwaker is. To echo many of the reviews here, yes, the graphics are fantastic and refreshing. Any old school Zelda fan who is not accepting of this experimental animation is just not accepting of change in general. The graphics are colorful, engaging, and a bit humorous in their child-like quality. Extra touches like the vivid movement of Link's eyes towards items of interests are breathtaking if the adjective is applicable to anything in the video gaming world.

Continuing in the tradition that began with the 8-Bit classic, this title provides tons of puzzles of a wide variety; some necessary to the defeating of the game, and some offered only as side games. The puzzles represent the entirety of the game's difficulty. As with the N64 release, an attentive eye and creative mind are needed to make it to the end of this game.

Still, I cannot help but take issue with the overall difficulty of this game. It is WAY TOO EASY. True, the puzzles become increasingly difficult, and you must have solid memory recollection, or the will to take notes to remember everything, but I did not die one time. NOT ONCE!!! I sincerely hope that the return to the graphic style of the N64 title means a return to that level of difficulty as well (though I in no way see the need to change the new graphics--ride em' out for a few more games!)

Equally annoying is the tedious length. Notice "tedious" length, and not just length. Long games are great, really. But I spent so much time traversing the deep blue with the wind blowing through my elvish-blonde hair, that I'm worried I may have unnecessarily wasted precious hours of my life.

To me, the combination of(I hate to say it)pathetically simple difficulty in the combat department, and overly-long meandering back and forth between islands, holds this title back from sharing the spotlight with previous winners.

Regardless, we are holding this game up to a standard created by itself, and that is quite a high bar. With top of the line visuals, and the forever-standard remarkable gameplay, Windwaker continues in the line of successful Zelda releases, even if it is not the leader of the pack.

The best Zelda so far
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-08-30

I have played most Zelda games and this is the best so far. The only tedious part is that you do so much sailing around and there are so many submarines you have to sink. However, you don't have to do everything in order. There are simultaneous quests and you can choose what to do at any time.
A gaming legend..
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-08-19

If there is Halo to Xbox, and Final Fantasy to PS2, there is always Zelda and Mario for Nintendo. (Dare I say Pokemon as well?)

The Legend of Zelda is a legendary game franchise, (just as the game title suggests...) and this new addition lives up to the hype, although the game itself is a whole lot different from the zelda games of NInetendo 64.

In one tiny double-layered mini DVD, there are so many things compacted together, to create a wonderful world of the kingdom Hyrule where our beloved hero Link lives.

At least 30 hours of gameplay of contents are filled in one tiny disk, and that is saying something since most games that come out these days are very short and just focused on how graphically it is amazing.
(Even very much anticipated games like God of War are no exception to that rule...)

But thank god that zelda is outside the box!!

30 hours minimum and if you decide to finish all the sub-quests you receive, the 30 hours of gameplay will at least double to 60 hours.

Such a wonderful game at such low price..

My suggestion is that you go out right now and buy this.

If you are new to zelda games, you will soon get hooked and won't be able to wait for the Twilight Princess to come out. =]

Darth_Chris Review for Windwaker
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-08-15

Though definately worth buying or at least renting, this game is not a game to play occasionally or once in a while because it takes a while to beat. But, if you are used to beating long games, then I would go and buy it. This game has some of the best graphics I've ever seen, really detailed and an interestintg,unpredictable storyline. The only thing is that as you get closer to the end, you have to find items and find travel to little islands which gets boring after a while. I guess maybe they had to strecth the game out a bit? But if your a Legend of Zelda fan and are patient enough to beat long games, this is right up your ally.
Deja Vu.
by: robomagus    On: 2005-08-10

There's something to be said for the Wind Waker. But I didn't find this game to be very exciting. Don't get me wrong it's very solid, but it feels a bit repetitive. You probably should get it anyway. It's worth a play through.

Graphically, the game is absolutely beautiful. Whoever's been telling you that cel-shading doesn't fit this game was completely wrong. It's absolutely stunning. 10/10

Sound wise, it's a different story. The standard effects are here, but compared to the incredible sountrack for Ocarina of Time and even the pretty good soundtrack for Majora's Mask, Wind Waker really lacks anything particularly memorable. The only memorable track was a remix of an older Zelda theme. 7/10

The gameplay is solid. It's just as you'd expect from a Zelda game. Exploration. Check. Sword slashing and item finding. Check. Dungeons with great bosses. Check. It's all here, and it's the exact gameplay you've come to love with intuitive control. 9/10

Story wise, it's a tweak of old Zelda storylines, but it all boils down to saving Zelda and beating Ganon. It's connection to Ocarina of Time is nice, but this is Zelda, and I'm not expecting something mind-boggingly amazing. I have one really big complaint here though. Why in the heck is Link being ordered around by a talking ship he hardly even knows? 8/10

Here's an entirely new category I'd like to include: originality. This is where the game really suffers, in my opinion. First off, they've replaced the brilliance of the land setting from Ocarina of Time and Epona with a vastly huge ocean and a boat. Not good. To be frank, sailing sucks. Really badly too. The first time you do it, you'll probably enjoy playing the song and aligning the wind in your direction. But when you need to get halfway across the map, which you will need to by completion of the second dungeon and throughout the game, it takes forever to sail across. I needed to sail back to my home island, and it took 5 minutes to do it. And that wasn't even at the end. It was at the beginning. Another thing, there really isn't anything innovative about the game. It's the same tried and true gameplay, and frankly, it's startly to feel a little worn despite what a lot of Nintendo Fanboys will say. 5/10

Overall, Wind Waker is a solid addition to the series. It's got enough good gameplay to keep you entertained for a long time. But the feeling of deja vu combined with the ridiculous sailing really made me question how much fun I was actually having compared to say, Ocarina of Time. Twilight Princess looks to be shaping up quite well, so we'll see then. Hope this helped you.
The best Zelda game that was made.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-08-08

The Legend of Zelda games have always been very good games, and this tops the others. The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker is a great game that a lot of people throw away as kiddish because of its cell shaded graphics, but that is a very big, ulgy lie that alot of supposedly "mature" people say. But these so-called people should put down thier complaining for a moment and just play it, then they would see that it is a very excellent masterpiece. The music in the game gives off the right atmosphere. The game-play in it is once again very good, which is just what you want. So give it a try! You won't be disappointed. I fully recommend it.
Pretty Good
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-07-28

This game exceeds far over the rest of the games in the Zelda series. There's only a few problems with this game. First is the gameplay, too easy! Come on! I know this game was made for kids, but you could have made it harder than that. I could be Ganon in 3 minutes flat. The other thing is sailing. Too long! It takes 20 minutes just to get to your destination.

The main highlight of the game is the graphics. Yes, I said it. I think the graphics were cool. Very unique, and that's what I think Zelda needed. All the other games were too similar. Hope you enjoy The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker as much as I did.

Look forward to The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess coming November 2005!
No Title
by: bidsoul    On: 2005-07-18

The Wind Waker captures the saterday morining cartoon visual on a game. With all the bizzare weapons like the deku leaf and wind waker you solve surpisingly intresting puzzels as you hunt for you sister Ayrell.
The Zelda makers used mostly recycled emeimes and one of the origainal bad-boys Ganon(or Ganondorf). You venture across the sea in your talking boat, the red lion king, in miles upon miles of sea, finding outposts, islands and more outposts.
Overal the game is one of the Player Choices, and I personaly think you will enjoy it(Please rate my other reviews).
Littlelink writes:
by: dewing44    On: 2005-07-15

This title in the ever-growing Zelda world is up with the big names, such as Ocorina of Time, A Link to the Past, and others. My favorite parts of the game are as follows: Music, on a scale of 10, I would give music a 11. Graphics, cartoony? Sure, but it is a matter of opinion. Story, Awesome! It has a great storyline. The world around, Great! Exploring the seas above is a great experiance, all sorts of chacters and hidden treasures. Even below, where Hyrule sleeps. Replay, *Secret* The "Second Quest" is worth playing over and over. It never gets boring! Final, This is one awesome game, you'll be playing into the late hours of the night. And when you buy it, you'll say to yourself: Da da da daaa!^-^
Littlelink, a serious Zelda Gamer
A great Zelda game, but not the best...
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-07-13

Yes, it is indeed another wonderful Zelda game. There are dungeon mazes, new characters (including Zelda, who comes in later on), a race to save the world from evil, and our lovable main character, Link.

**This is what is different**:

Link is still a child and the chibi-ish animation is weird.

You can travel a vast world on your boat (once you get a sail) and meet dozens of inhabitants of various islands.

You gradually get treasure maps, which are difficult to come but but mostly worth the effort.

Various people will send you on little mini quests to find certain items for them.

There is a post service, which means there is a post box on most islands and sometimes you can send letters for people.

There is a traveling salesman whose boat is located in most sections so you can easily replenish your arrows, bombs, or hearts.

Hyrule is a very different place, as you'll find out. In time, you'll acquire the master sword and speak with the king about Ganon, who is the all around bad guy of the game.

It takes a while, but it's fun and well worth it (especially if you have patience). It may not be the traditional Zelda game, but it doesn't fall very short of it.
Entertaining Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-06-29

This game was the first gamecube game that I couldn't stop. While I haven't been able to play the first series, I am not upset by the different graphics. The plotline grows as the game progresses, and the attention to minute detail makes the game that much more enjoyable. Listening to the sounds the characters make leads me to wonder if the sounds changed at all from the Japanese version to the English. The music for the game was long enough that it did not loop annoyingly unless you were already stuck in a level. The game did not require strategy guides, as many strategy games, and if you worked at the problem long enough, you could try enough things to succeed at whatever frustrated you. This game really touched me as it was cute, fun and a hook into the rest of the series.
It's kinda fun
by: mackthedog    On: 2005-06-09

This game is fun in some ways: like the parts where you go and around and discover new islands and stuf, but it is NO WAY as good as the other zelda, the Legend of Time. If you want a game that's good for little kids, then get the other zelda. If you are older and are just looking for a good game, get Resident Evil or Splinter Cell or something.
Nintendo Does it Again!
by: gamecubemaniac    On: 2005-06-08

This is the best game that Nintendo has made. The Graphics and music in every way is...balanced.

The timing of it coming was perfect. The world is coming into a technology age where we are putting every thing into digital format. Wind Waker just proves it more. I have been a Zelda fan for many years, and this is the topper of the all games. It should last a long time.

The Animation of it is used with new technology call Toon Animation. This was the first game that used this type af graphic. Majora's Mask did not stand a chance!

The Music is also a improvement. The Original music was awesome; this is better. Every piece of music has a mood, and, frankly, the moods in this game are mixed well. On the Seas you hear a song of upbeat (most of the time) music that defines of the excitement of adventure on the Great Sea (that's what they call it). The ending of the game's (Which is also quite overbearing, and that is wha made it awesome.) music was upbeat, but in a threatning way. I could not help but get my knees to the groud as that music was playing.

The Plot is not fast, but not slow. It takes it step by step and gives you hints to what's next.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Video Gamers and Trainies, we have to realize that this game is quite powerful. We must take it and use it. We must lastly look at the screen and put down that controller. Just take into thought the work and Development this great game went through.

In concluion, look ahead and see that The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess is coming. I hope this will be an awesome
game. But let's not get ahead. Let's remember this game in our hearts forever. Thank you for your time.
Hours and hours of fun!
by: sweet_crusader    On: 2005-05-12

Firstly let me state that I have never before played another Zelda game. I just never got into them; I was a Mario girl.

That said, ZELDA AND THE WIND WAKER is phenomenal. My younger sister got it as a present and she let me play when she wasn't playing it. As soon as I got up and left for college I needed my own.

Link is adorable. His facial expressions are entertaining. All the characters are great; there's such a variety that you'll just keep on Ooohing and Aaahing at the screen, impressed at the creativity.

The fighting/action is difficult but not too much so. I've played games before that I would get so mad at that I would have to leave and come back to them... much, much later. Zelda provided no such frustration, but as I said before, it wasn't so easy that I zipped straight through it and was not challenged.

The storyline is interesting. The sailing, contrary to what some other people may have said, is not tedious. In fact, I did quite a bit of exploring just for fun while I was on my way to other places.

My sister and I spent hours and hours playing this game. In fact, I would even pick it up and play it all over again from the beginning if I had the time.
Good, but below the bar set by Ocarina of Time
by: ts_wahoo    On: 2005-05-11

The Wind Waker was a risk for Nintendo. Besides the obvious difference in graphics due to new cel-shading techniques, they mostly scrapped the core storyline of previous Zelda games and added a different, lighthearted feel to the classic series.

Did it work? Mostly. But the flaws in the game come not from the decision to use cartoon graphics or to move away from the old Zelda storyline, but in the game's execution as a whole. First, however, we must look at the most obvious change: the cel-shaded graphics. Though the decision to use cel-shading created outrage among hardcore Zelda fans, it was actually done quite well; the animation compliments the light nature of the plot. Though a disappointment for some, these cel-shaded graphics are technically very good and certainly show off the capabilities of the Gamecube.

The plot, too, is very different from the previous games, most of which (including the amazing N64 installment, Ocarina of Time) were set in Hyrule. In Wind Waker, the setting is on various islands in the Great Sea hundreds of years in the future... though as the story progresses, it turns out that the story is not as detached from previous games as one is initially led to believe. The shift was a bold move, but was well done as a whole because of the strong ties to games such as Ocarina of Time, which created a sense of nostalgia for longtime Zelda fans. Just as important are the new gamers who will find the plot of Wind Waker to be independent enough to enjoy without any prior Zelda knowledge.

That said, the major problem with this game lies in the gameplay itself. Though various innovations were successfully added to the user interface and controls (the slick counter-attack move, for example), one can't help but notice that many of the tasks given to Link are trivial at best and downright boring at worst. Take, for example, sailing, which is Link's primary method of transportation between islands. It takes forever and requires little interaction; I frequently would set the sail's direction and leave the controller on the ground to go get a snack. Beastly sea-monsters are not all that common, and only serve as a nuisance instead of a challenge while sailing. Additionally, Link is required to go on a kind of fishing expedition at the end of the game that is seriously tedious, frightfully boring, and takes lots of time with no challenge at all. Finally, combat is smooth but easy; death by combat is quite rare for all but the most novice of players.

The Wind Waker was a brave attempt at a new direction for the Zelda series, and the new direction works, for the most part. However, flaws in the gameplay itself seriously distract from the intricate plots that define the Zelda series and make The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker a less-than-stellar addition to the classic Nintendo series.

Surprised! Grreat game!
by: azulmar1    On: 2005-05-02

Wow, when I first saw screencaps of this game, I was turned off by the way Link was drawn. Finally my brothers and I decided to get this game and give it a try. We are really glad we did. It truly was a wonderful game.
The visual cel shading of the game and scenery quickly (like in 1 minute) grew on us. It was actually a refreshing style change in Zelda. It reminded us of Aztec and Mayan drawnings many times. The story was great also, it is a sequel to Ocarina of Time.
The game was a bit on the short side and sometimes the camera angles were a little tricky. Also the game wasn't very hard. So that's why I give it 4/5 stars (well Maybe 4.5).
The new items and the the treasure hunting was cool. It felt like you had freedom and the sea felt like a good size. I didn't think it was too big. Again great game! I love the Zelda games like Link to the Past and Ocarina. I hope they make a sequel to Wind waker in the same style. I can't believe I'm actually wishing for sequel. Give this game a try.

An Evil Wind is Rising
by: rossiofcorsi    On: 2005-05-01

If you play this game you are playing the biggest adventure in video game history.If you like Zelda,you'll love this.
A huge game of nothing but adventure and fun
by: creekergirl    On: 2005-04-28

If you want a game that is filled with nothing but strategy and a game that is absolutely huge, then buy this game. It's never ending. There is so much for you to do and find, and the main levels are big enough to last a day or so trying to beat them. There isn't another game out there that is as fun to play as this one. The graphics are sort of cartoony, but it doesn't take away from the great game that it is. You can sail in a boat around the sea, which has islands all around that you can go inside and find useful things. The bosses are fairly easy, but you won't kill them the first time!! It takes strategy and the right equipment to accomplish the main bosses. I highly recommend this game to both adults and children. Highly entertaining and will take a long time to beat. Oh, and once you beat it, you can play another whole game where you take pictures and go on quests.
Hard, but still the greatest
by: butterflylynn    On: 2005-04-21

I have been a big fan of Zelda ever since I was let's say 6. The first one I played was Link To the Past. Then I played the 1st, and 2nd. And then I got to this one. Right now I'm stuck on the part where you have to find your shield. Instead I have my own fun throwing those pigs in the water... I bought the collector's edition and I stared playing demos and then I bought this one.
This is the best, challenging, and action packed game ever!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-04-21

This game is the best! Take it from me. The first time you go to the Forsaken Fortress it seems like you'll never beat it. It took me 1 month to figure it out! If you don't like long games don't buy this game. But if you like challenging, long games then this game is for you!!!!!!
Sob sob...
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-04-21

Ohhhh... The ending... it was so fantastic it almost made me cry it was so sad. Not many games have even come close to make me feel this way. And it was not yust the ending that was great the whol game is fantastic, this is a game for everybody it doesent realy mather how old you are anyone can enjoy this masterpieace. If you have a GameCube this is a must have. If you dont well buy one now and play one of the best games ever.

This is simply put yust another amazingly great game in the best game serie of all time The Legend of Zelda.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-04-16

Let me just say that there are several problems with this game. First off the graphics sure the cel shading is nice but the character design just doesnt impress me, they look like little cabbage patch dolls or something of that nature. The enviroments themselves are great (except for the water which should have been realistic and transperant the same as mario sunshine, instead they opted for solid blue water which just isn't very pretty to look at). The story isn't very interesting either neither are much of the things you encounter in this game. I would reccomend Zelda ocarina of time for N64 over this game any day and I encourage you not to buy this game. Why give nintendo money when they're just gonna bring out more crap like this. Give your money to microsoft or sony instead, you'll be happy you did. Another complaint is when your sailing around in this game, unless you keep an eye on your compass at all times, you tend to drift in different directions adding to the confusion the blue water makes every direction look the same. Trying to sail around and collect items is frustrating. They better fix all these mistakes before the next zelda game is released and it appears they will the new game will feature non-cel shaded graphics (thank goodness) and a world that is much more similiar to that of the one found in ocarina of time. My suggestion, wait for the new zelda this fall and don't spend your money on this.
Just as fun as'a link to the past'or'majora's mask'
by: catfishburr    On: 2005-04-07

(Darlene's son)When I first played this game,I was very sad because I was expecting A LOT MORE out of it,but I did not stop playing because a liked the story,so I played on...I loved it.The gameplay picked up right away,and now I'm hoping that nintendo will make a 'part 2'of the wind waker!The story starts on Outset island,where Link(note:this is not the'hero of time'Link)has to dress in this weird outfit(green tunic and hat)because it is his birthday and he is now the same age as the hero of legend(or should I say hero of time!?).well that is where the story starts.PROS:You get to sail a boat,there is a lot of extra stuff for you to find,how you use your sword is very importent like in real life,and the story is great!CONS:sailing to one island to the next one takes a long time,the temples are very long,and it's hard to use the wind waker at first(it takes a lot of practice).so over all this game rocks and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes the other zelda games,and don't think the grapics are bad,they are very good once you see them in action!Also,don't be sad because Link is not the'hero of time',later in the game Ganon tells Link that he is the'hero of time'reborn!!
Zelda WW
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-04-07

I think that this game was excellent. The graphics may have been celshaded but you have to look beyond that. I would not reccomend this game to people who love gore. Its for an audiance who can put up with sailing for a while an being on an aventure
Great Start!
by: vze33vnt    On: 2005-03-26

Untill this game I had thought zelda was some sort of metamorpheses of a bug, so when this game came out I tried it out purly for the reason that I had never seen a game like it before. Now I am a zelda super-fan! Because of this game I have played every single Zelda game ever made, and that includes the ones made for NES and game boy origonal! So basicly I give this game a mile high thumbs-up!
i almost beat it
by: yugipc    On: 2005-03-25

very in the wind temple trying to get the boss key and open the bottom of the wind chamber.anyway its good,its hard,itsZELDA THE WIND WAKER/LINK
The Best Game of 2004
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-03-21

THIS GAME WAS THE BEST ADVENTURE GAME OF 2004!!! Some Zelda fans may be disappointed about its cartoon graphics but I still think it was a fantastic game. The enemies aren't very merciful and there are even enemies who can jump! The graphic engine is amazing and the movement is smooth. It's a good game for younger and older audiences. It doesn't really scare the kids and it isn't too hard for the adults. With a perfect soundtrack this game makes the envirements feel just right. In some points of the game you also have to use stealth, but in others you can choose stealth as your advantage to avoid/attack an enemy or slash the heck out of your opponent with your sword, a weapon an enemy dropped or a stick that you find. Also, you can light the stick on fire and attack your enemies which is a big advantage! There are several extra things to unlock such as heart containers, parts for your magic meter, larger quivers and bags for your bomband arrows and even a picto box! After beating the game once it asks you to make a special new file. After choosing a slot for the extra file you can play all over again in the clothes link wore before he got the green tunic and Arryl gets a red shirt with a skull on it. Also, if you had a picto box, it's upgraded to a color picto box which takes color pictures. I give this game 5 stars for excellent detailing, gameplay, a fantastic storyline, amazing special features and several other things.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-03-18

I used to play Zelda from Nintendo 64 in 1992 that it was the last I played, but when my kids got game cube from Christmas last year, my wife bought this one. My kids and I play together every day and we discover together every island.
This game is EXCELENT!!!

Wasn't too impressed... at first, but then...
by: eric_n_dfw    On: 2005-03-14

I rented this when it was a new release and wasn't too impressed, I too was turned off but the amount of ocean travel time. Then my wife picked it up for $15 at Costco this past Christmas and I gave it another shot. This time I got hooked and just couldn't stop playing! The ocean travel is not such a big deal IF YOU PAY ATTENTION. Hint: There is a way to "warp" around the ocean that you can acquire if you read the clues and do a little searching; once you get that the game becomes a whole lot faster.

This game is so full of side quests that I'll probably go back for months trying to find everything.

Like another mentioned here, the boss characters are pretty easy compapred to Metroid Prime or some other games but this game is more about the overall quest than fighting. (And I wouldn't call the end-of-game boss scenerio exactly easy. (Esp' if you don't look up any hints -figuring out *how* to kill some of the boss's can be pretty challenging even if the actual act of doing it isn't.)
Had masterpiece potential, but...
by: rozzy1334    On: 2005-03-11

...The ocean came along! Yeah, this is really, truly a great game. Let me break this game down...

PROS...- The graphics are superb (some of the best I have ever seen in a video game, and it isn't really a cartoon, it's more like a CG sequence from an early PS1 game, it actually reminds me of the CG sequences from Wild Arms, which is a good thing. So yeah, the graphics are brilliant and flawless.
-The characters show a lot of emotion, something that is welcomed.
- The storyline may seem odd and uninspiring at first, but as you venture throughout the game the mysteries of the ocean are uncovered, making the storyline so much better.
- Battle system is great, and you can do more moves than ever.
- There are LOTS of areas to explore, and a lot of heart pieces to collect.
- The items are MUCH better than the failure which was Majoras Mask, more resemblant of Ocarina of Time.
- Everything else, except what is listed in the "cons" list...

-Okay, I'm sure you've heard about it...but THE OCEAN. It is horrendous, making you constantly take out your Windwaker to change the fricken wind direction, something that gets old very fast. Also, the frequency of this is very high, as you often will sail by things too fast and have to turn around, only to have the wind hold you back!....So you have to take out the Windwaker again!! Also, the ocean is W-A-Y T-O-O B-I-G. I mean, there are about 49 squares (at least I think so) to cover, sound like a lot? You have NO idea. Every square on the map is HUGE, and takes at least a few minutes just to sail across. Many times, it takes 10 minutes or so just to reach your destination, and thats only if you arent knocked out of your boat by a suprise shark attack or having to take out your good friend the windwaker to change the wind direction 20 times. Later in the game, you have to find 8 or so triforce maps, and after each one, guess what? You have to search for the triforces!!!! This task takes ages, probably at least 5 or 6 hours, because you have to go to EVERY square and get the map drawn out by the fish. Honestly, I gave up on the game at this point. I dont want to waste 4 hours of my life searching for triforces just to finish this game up. If i do find them all, all thats left is the final dungeon...which probably wont be all that fun considering...

- The dungeons are pretty boring and tedious. Each dungeon takes a staggering 2+ hours to beat, and thats with the fact that the puzzles are very easy, and the bosses are a piece of cake. I often defeat the bosses on my first try, and with a lot of ease. The later dungeons require you to play the "command " melody and play as a different character. Sound fun? Well, it isnt. First of all, playing the song over, and over...and OVER is tedious as it is, and second, if you even get hit with the other character (and its easy, they have no weapons and move at a slow pace), you switch back to link...and have to play the song AGAIN!!!

Overall- This game could have been a masterpiece, really. Everything about it was great...until you uncover the cons. I wish I would have enjoyed it more, because ive always loved the Zelda series. Majoras Mask showed the series going down hill, and this game prooves it. Like others have stated, it would have been SO much better if it had an auto- sail mode. It would have been easy, you just switch the wind to the direction you are headed and sail there, or the game does it for you... But no, they wanted us to explore every inch of the sea till we are sea sick to near death. This is still a pretty good game, well worth the money, just dont be surprised if you give up near the end like I did....

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
by: why183    On: 2005-03-09

Nintendo's thematic action-adventure sequel to Ocarina of Time takes the series back to its more cartoonish roots. Utilizing a completely new look with cel-shaded graphics, the game casts players in the role of a familiar young boy, who sets out to save his kidnapped sister. Gameplay is vintage Zelda, only that the game's overworld is covered by water. Players have to control the direction of the wind to sail across the ocean and find dungeons, towns, and plenty of secrets. A special Game Boy Advance link-up option lets another player join the quest and give hints and assistance via the handheld.

Wind Waker is a masterful achievement -- a shining example, in fact, of how videogames should be made and a case study for developers wondering what makes a compelling game. Nintendo has once again evolved the action-adventure and created a gargantuan world that seems to overflow with mystery and challenge, an epic undertaking that streams across a wide-open sea and through countless islands, into several dungeons, and more. It's all knitted together with a storyline, but it's Zelda's unrivaled design, balanced and varied, and its polished play mechanics and control that ultimately set the game apart from just about every other competitor on the market.

There are shortcomings, yes. For everything Wind Waker delivers in scope and variety, some gamers will find that the challenge level is too lenient. Others will be annoyed by the repetitiveness of using the Wind Waker, or that there are some "fetch quests" that work to lengthen the game, but also prove relatively tedious. Some may even be troubled by the lack of dungeons when compared to Ocarina of Time.

But between the 20+ hours of game served up, there is hardly ever a boring minute, let alone hour, and there's always the draw to keep going, to keep exploring the gorgeous environments and uncovering the secrets that drown the water-filled world that Link inhabits.

Simply put, this is one of the best games in the last few years and one of the most compelling reasons to pick up a GameCube immediately if you don't already own one.
The is blowing.
by: pawpawman    On: 2005-03-07

The Legend of Zelda series has proved itself to be a reliable source of above-quality gaming, ever since the early days on the NES. In 1998, the game moved into three dimensions, resulting in The Ocarina of Time on the N64; which I firmly believe to be the absolute greatest videogame of all time. Then in 2000 we had its sequel, Majora's Mask, which proved that the Zelda games were still a force to be reckoned with. Now, in the generation of the GameCube, we get the Wind Waker. Don't be deceived by its cel-shaded cover; The Wind Waker is definitely the best game on the GameCube, and perhaps the 2nd best Zelda game of all time.

The Wind Waker is actually set hundreds of years after the Ocarina of Time. Hyrule is covered in water now, and the only remains are the mountaintops, which are now the various islands throughout the game. The Link from OOT is considered a legend in TWW, and on a certain island known as Outset Island, it is customary to garb boys in green when they reach the age of the Hero of Time. Here on this island is where the adventure begins. Unlike the old Link, the Link of TWW has a family: his Sister and his grandmother. They live together on Outset Island, and when the game begins; it is Link's birthday. He reluctantly puts on the green clothes (they seem a little hot for this time of year....) and not long afterward, things start happening. A band of pirates sail by Outset, pursuing a gigantic bird who has taken there Captain: a little girl named Tetra. A shot from their cannon makes the bird drop Tetra to the earth. But then, in an attempt to recapture her; the bird takes your sister instead! Link leaves the island with the pirates, determined to rescue her. But things get a lot more complicated, and before the game is over, the fate of the world hangs in the balance. It appears that Ganon has returned, and he's pretty ticked. The Wind Waker has a story thats every bit as epic as OOT. There are many memorable supporting characters, and numerous twists and turns throughout. (Something I missed in Majora's Mask.) And don't worry; it has plenty to do with Hyrule, Zelda, the Master's Sword, and the Triforce But I'm not going to spoil it.

Despite how it looks, TWW actually remains quite faithful to the groundwork laid down in OOT. You traverse a gigantic ocean, go through numerous riddle-filled dungeons, collect new items (which in turn allow you to access new areas), et cet. Most of the usual items are back, (The bow, the boomerang, the hookshot), along with some interesting new ones, such as the Grappling Hook and the Deku Leaf. Not to mention; the title item: The Wind Waker. The Wind Waker itself is much like the Ocarina instrument from OOT and MM. You learn songs for it that do different things. However, you don't learn as many songs for it as in the past two games, and you don't play the songs that often. Three different items can be equipped to the X,Y, and Z buttons, while your sword is default on the B button. The control scheme is essentially the same as OOT and MM, with a few tweaks. The camera can now be rotated with the C stick, which helps when you need to look around. You can crawl through tight spaces with the R button. The control scheme isn't broke; so I don't think they need to fix it.

The combat which worked so well in OOT and MM is here, and its better than ever. The controls are still the same, but this time we're treated to beautiful acrobatic animations for the attacks, rather than just a monotonous slashing of the sword. Also, there is a new feature called Parry; which allows you to dodge an attack and strike back at the same time. Also, Link can pick up an enemies' dropped weapon. This is fairly useless; but adds a bit of depth. Also, for the record, this is without a doubt the most fighting-oriented Zelda yet. There are literally hordes of enemies at a time; and they are a lot more serious than before.

The Wind Waker's overworld is bigger and better-looking than ever, although this time its a vast ocean with islands scattered throughout. You'll sail back and forth of these islands many times throughout the game, on your trusty talking boat. (Yes, talking.) This actually is one of the faults of TWW. The sailing from island to island can take forever. Seriously, you'll sometimes spend 10-15 minutes just sailing. And the sharks that come and knock you out of your boat don't help. Thankfully, you'll learn a warp song for your Wind Waker that seriously cuts down on the time spent traveling.

There are plenty of islands throughout the sea. Most of them are just secret areas where you can find money or upgrades, others are bustling towns and homes. Windfall Island is a very impressive place, with plenty of people to talk to and plenty of buildings to enter. Its not as large as Clock Town from Majora's Mask, but its impressive enough. A lot of the time you'll spend in WW is in the overworld, but thats no complaint. There are an absolute TON of secrets to be discovered.

But that being said, you'll spend a fair amount of time in the game's dungeons. There are only five official dungeons, which is one more than MM, but three less than in OOT. Like in the past games, there is a theme to each one. (Fire, forest, earth, and a newly added Wind Temple.) They are filled with riddles that you have to solve to progress, and at the end of each one there is a massive boss. The dungeons are amazingly well thought out, and extremely fun to navigate and defeat. However, they rarely put up much of a challenge. But this can be said of the entirety of the Wind Waker; it is generally quite easy. The puzzles are straightforward and easily recognized. (For the most part. I will admit that there were a few instances in which I was confused.) But none of the dungeons ever get as difficult as, say; OOT's Water Temple. (Shudder). Also, while the bosses are bigger and better looking in this game than they've ever been, they are all very easy to defeat. Even the games final boss, amazing as it is, really does not put up much of a fight. When I completed TWW; I realized that I had not died a single time. If you have played OOT and MM, you will probably breeze through TWW.

This is part of what makes TWW shorter than either OOT or MM. But it isn't just the difficulty; the course of the game just doesn't run very long. In OOT there were 8 dungeons, plus the Well Temple, Gerudo Fortress, Ganon's Castle; et cet. In MM there were only 4 dungeons, but a TON of sidequests and out-of-dungeon missions. (And 20 masks to collect as well.) TWW has 5 dungeons, and very few out-of-dungeon missions. Plus the fact that you can basically breeze through the game due to its low difficulty, the WW goes down a lot quicker than the past two games. Granted, the game will take you around 15-20 hours to defeat, depending on your skill level. And for those who want to gather every heart piece, every arrow upgrade, et cet; you can probably make it last a lot longer. Also, there are a few uneven parts. For instance, the first part of the game has you collecting 3 pearls (Rather like the quest to collect 3 spiritual stones in Ocarina). You have to beat a Fire and Forest temple to get the first two; but there is no water temple to get the third. It seems like it was cut out, perhaps to get the game finished on time. Then for the last part of the game it makes you go on a "scavenger hunt" of sorts to collect 8 triforce shards. You have to literally sail across the entire world to collect 8 charts that tell you where the shards are, and get them deciphered for a whopping 398 rupees each, which makes money collecting a necessity. And then finally, you have to find the shards themselves. This portion of the game is boring, lengthy, and seems like it was shoved in to stretch the game to an acceptable length.

Now we turn our attention to the graphics. As you know, TWW has a distinctly different graphical style than OOT or MM; going with a cel-shaded cartoony look. There are many people who say it stinks, makes the game a cartoon, et cet. These complaints are unbased, as TWW is, in a word, gorgeous. When you play through the game, you'll realize that this was actually a good idea. As this is a new world and time period, there definitely needed to be a new look. And the graphical strength of the Wind Waker lies in other areas. Mainly in the facial expressions of the characters, including Link. Now, as we all know, we never hear what Link says to others; only their answers to him. In the N64 games, he basically seemed like an emotionless shell. But in TWW he is fleshed out through his many, many different expressions and sounds. But it isn't just Link; its every single person you meet. The expressive characters are the main strength of this game. But there are many more. Wind blows through the grass, trees sway, waves wash the beach, lighting streaks the sky, the shadows cast by torches are beautiful, and TWW boasts an extremely high resolution. The graphics are, in fact, quite a step up from the past games. Also, the Wind Waker is by no means a silly game. The ONLY aspect that is not serious are the look of the graphics. I actually thought TWW to be a more serious game than MM.

The audio is solid as well. The music is mostly remixed themes from OOT, and it sounds great. There are numerous sound clips for the characters, although there is no voicework. And I somehow doubt there ever will be.

Despite a few shortcomings, this is still the best game on the GameCube. A great story, fantastic gameplay and excellent graphics combine to make a more-than-worthy title in the Zelda series. It is every bit a must-own as every Zelda title before it.
The best adventure game
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-03-06

I don't think people realise the brilliance of the cel-shading. It's supposed to look different, it's supposed to look cartoonish because it's telling a different story then in any of the previous zelda games. It's a different world, it's not just Hyrule anymore.
The windwaker also has probably the darkest story then any other zelda game. It starts with Link setting off to find his sister, when it becomes much more than that.
I also loved how it tied in with the storyline of Ocarina of Time and forgot about Majora's Mask.
The fighting is a lot better and easy to get the hang of. The music, especially when you're sailing across the ocean, is nothing less then breathtaking. The puzzles are fun trying to solve, but not too complicated like some in Ocarina. The monsters, some new, some old, are fun and some tough to beat. And it's not a very long game, so you'll find yourself playing it for weeks. 5/5.
Awsome game, must buy!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-02-25

This game is one of the most fun games you can get for the Gamecube. This game is a long, immrsive game that you will probally be addicted to it for a good while. My only real problem is the fact that it can sometimes take a good while to get from island to island. But that's fixed when you learn a warp song for the Wind Waker. Great game 5 out of 5.
Great Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-02-16

The game is a giant world of fun. Instead of going through portals to get from world to world, you sail on your own boat. The game is easy to play and doesn't take a lot of blocks on your memory card.
Beautiful visuals, wonderfully fun gameplay!
by: lien321    On: 2005-02-14

I really do hope Nintendo puts out another Zelda like this one, cel-shading and all! Honestly, when the game first debuted, I was among those who cried and whined about the cel-shading and the 'kiddy' style. However, after having played it, I can say now that I regard this as the most beautiful Zelda game I've played. The world is gorgeous, the visuals are beautiful, and it's an absolute delight to play.

This title is a game worthy to be the latest Zelda installment on Gamecube. The story is tight and well-conceived, the characters are endearing, and it's done a wonderful job of taking serious situations and wrapped them in a veil of kid-friendliness. Like other Zelda games, it's fantasy, fun, and adventure for all ages. It's another story about the little boy who could. Gameplay is easy to grasp, as well, and like OoT, it starts off with some primer 'levels' to help you get started. So, by the time you actually embark on your adventure, you'll know the ropes.

The next Zelda game will go back to the style we're familiar with from OoT and I'm excitedly anticipating its release, but part of me wishes we could have another one like Wind Waker. Considering the drop in price, if you haven't bought this title yet and you own a Gamecube, now is as good a time as any to get it and experience it for yourself!
an awesome game
by: shaytoon    On: 2005-02-05

one of the best games i've ever seen. Great job, puzzles were the best part.
The Legend Continues....
by: steaksauce    On: 2005-01-29

When Link's sister is captured by a bird on an island, you then soon get a boat....AND HAVE AN ENTIRE OCEAN TO EXPLORE!!!! It's full of tough temples and stuff but it's a great Zelda game nevertheless. "The Legend Of Zelda" series is based loosely on the movie "Legend" made in 1985. That might be my next review. So far, this is still one of the best Zelda games I have played in a while. I gave it 4 stars because of how difficult the temples can tend to be sometimes.
Same old wonderful 'Zelda' gaming, fresh new GameCube look
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-01-23

What is the main criticism by people who don't like this game?

"Man, the graphics stink!!!"

To each their own, I suppose.

"The Legend of Zelda" is arguably the most iconic game series of classic Nintendo lore, and "The Wind Waker" for GameCube does more than just live up to its predecessors. In many ways it surpasses them. Everything about it is at least pretty good, and often knock-your-socks-off amazing.

The graphics are the main sticking point for most people. "It looks rediculous!" they cry. "Link meets the Powerpuff Girls" is another statement I've seen.

All nonsense. The graphics are the best part. Yes, they are silly and cartoonish, but "Zelda" games have always been silly and cartoonish, ranging from ordinary (if corny) gags and jokes, all the way to outright surrealism. Just look at the monsters and people who populate every "Zelda" game.

"Zelda" games always have a serious, dramatic plot, but they also have a funny, commical side to them. The graphics of "Wind Waker" serve both sides of this equation. The motion is always smooth and fluid, and the facial expressions are absolutely wonderful to behold.

And speaking of serious, dramatic plots, "Wind Waker" definitely does not disappoint in this area. It is a direct sequel to the N64 game, "Ocarina of Time", taking place more than 1000 years afterward. This new era's Link is a normal boy living on a modest-sized island of fishermen in the far reaches of the Great Sea. But his world is rocked when, on his birthday, his little sister is abducted by a giant bird. Link heads off to save her, only to get drawn into a much larger quest of courage, legend, and love. The story is very engrossing.

The game play has several different modes and mini-games for the player to mess around with, and switching between them is seamless and easy. The control scheme is quite robust, with all buttons on the controler having some function, and is quite easy to learn and master. For example, the versatile camera controls are most excellent. You can leave the camera fixxed immediately behind Link, as is the default, or you can use the C-stick to freely spin the point of view to any angle you wish.

Combat, in particular, is easy to learn, thanks to an early in-game tutorial that takes the form of an elderly swordsman who teaches Link all the basics. The essence of combat, as well as many other things, revolves around a targeted lock-on system. Players of the N64 "Zelda" titles will find it very familiar (though not exactly the same), and new players will quickly come to love it. The one bit of trouble in paradise here is what happens when Link defeats an enemy. When he delivers the killing blow, there is a tiny, split-second pause in the game, one which feels like Nintendo put it in on purpose. This is hardly noticeable when you beat one single enemy, but just see what happens when Link is surrounded by a horde of small, weak foes and you do the spinning attack. It is amazing how much those tiny pauses add up to. It can really ruin your rhythm.

Music and sound effects are also quite good. They always set the scene perfectly, and the effects sound quite authentic. Even the more fanciful, unrealistic sounds are well-done and work perfectly.

There are two problems that I have with all of this. First of all, there are not enough dungeons. Crawling through deep and dangerous dungeons has been one of the mainstays of "Zelda" since the very first game. But this game has only seven dungeons (a strict purist might argue that there are only six), and because of that "Wind Waker" feels a bit short.

Second, between the sixth and final dungeons the game turns into a massive cross-world scavenger hunt, where you are busy searching for all the items that will allow you to enter the final dungeon. There are some mini-dungeon caves that you will need to go through, but that is not the same thing as an actual dungeon with a boss fight at the end. The whole affair feels as though the game designers ran out of ideas and just tacked it on to get themselves off the hook.

Those are really very minor problems, though. "The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker" is a fabulous game. Even after my fifth time playing through from beginning to end, it still has a hold over me. It is a deeply engrossing story with wonderful game play, fabulous graphics, and an ending battle that must be fought to be believed.

Unless you're shallow enough to actually think that the graphics are bad, get this game. Zelda maniacs and average game players alike will love it.
Adventure of Link syndrome
by: rpc991    On: 2005-01-08

Pathetic and unworthy of the name "Legend of Zelda."

When I saw screenshots for this game prior to its release I was up in arms, as were many people, and ready to avoid this game like the plague. Unfortunately, many people seem (for some unknown reason) to have been won over by the game after its release; I, however, found the disappointment of playing this game to be exactly commensurate with my expectations.

I decided to give the game an honest chance; I thought, "Just look at it as Ocarina of Time with different graphics and different levels." Sadly, the only thing carried over from OoT were the horrible controls (funny how technology advances and Nintendo still can't manage to achieve correspondence between controller inputs and character actions; oh well...), though one could stretch a point and say that OoT did introduce gratuitously bizarre new elements to the Zelda world (the Goron race comes to mind), but TWW takes this to such an extreme that I cannot forgive it for its eccentricities as I did OoT.

TWW is boring and embarrassing. Boring because the story has virtually no connection to the prior Zelda games, so the hardcore fan really has to make a mental leap to even consider this as continuous with the other games. Boring also because the game starts out with sheer tedium; it took what seemed like forever to get the sword, only to lose it in the first level. And the game actually starts out with a Gerudo Fortress-like level where one must evade detection. One would think that Shiggy would start the game out with the most fun and pleasant puzzles he possibly could, to encourage immersion in the game before challenging the gamer's patience, but the worst trials of my patience came right at the beginning of the game.

The game is embarrassing because it is extremely immature in a way reminiscient of Majora's Mask. I'm not sure if it's just the way the Japanese design games, but the bizarre childish characters and graphics were very off-putting. While I'm on the subject, the graphics are terrible. There is no sense that this is a Zelda game; it's a cartoon. There is certainly no sense of darkness in the game either, something every Zelda game before this has had. The game is very lighthearted and giddy and yet tedious. Excellent combination for boring me to death.

I kept playing, hoping for a break to the boredom, but it never came. I stopped playing this game and have no intention of coming back to it. Adventure of Link was good enough as a game that I finished it, but this game is just terrible. Stay away unless you want to be a Miyamoto-barning fanboy.
A pure Masterpiece...
by: wwwkabobeater69    On: 2004-12-28

Legend continues on the Legend of Zelda and the newest to the series is Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. This game is one of the best Gamecube titles next to Metroid Prime. The Legend of Zelda series never disapoints and this one surely doens't either. The game features our hero Link as he's back to kick [...] and take names and of course...Once again rescue Zelda and and land of Hyrule. The game features some really memorable new elements and gameplay which I simply loved. The cell shaded graphics are just fantastic! Nintendo did a really great job with this amazing series by boosting up the graphics. The game has a simple story which I'm to lazy to tell but I will say this game is amazing. This isn't as good as the legendary Ocarina of Time but still a classic Gamecube game.

The cellshaded graphics is beautiful in this game and everything about the enviroment makes it even better. The water, character, ect it's all great but you'll notice if you do a close up on the main character you'll notice a big line in the Texture but that still doesn't ruin the experience of the game as it features a [...] load of new things also the new concept of riding a talking boat that holds the truth to your destiny and not to mention you're also be joining Pirates which also has a big part in Wind Waker. The game, just like the rest of the Zelda series, has some really great Dungeons and one of them which involves lava is a very memerable moment in the Legend of Zelda series.

The game has great boss battles, very memorable ones I might add. Though they are a bit easy but still nothing wrong with that. The Zelda series has always had some really great moments and this one has alot of great moments. Link is now more of a child then an adult and is really "cute" how it is done. The game may turn some off cause of the "cute" cell shaded visuals as most like to call it but most Zelda fans will highly enjoy this and put this in there Gamcube library. I remember getting this game when it first hit stores and I must say this is one of the most entertaining games I played in 03.

-Cell Shaded Visuals are amazing
-great gameplay and lots of great exploring
-the story line let alone is what is really great besides exploring..
-Some very memerable Boss Battles
-The Dungeons never looked this great!
-The games plot is pretty linear of course but still a great and still a classic in my mind..
-The new concept of exploring through the sea with a Boat...a very special boat which I won't just great..

-Some gamers might be turned off by the cell shaded visuals
-A bit on the short side I still enjoyed it..

The Ugly..
-Link and Zelda getting it on..ehehehe

Overall this is a really great game and is an instant Classic for the Gamecube. It has amazing visuals, awesome gameplay and a really good score with lots of great Dungeons and great boss battles. It is one of the best Gamecube Titles around and has everything I loved about games...Overall I give this amazing Gamecube classic a

5 out of 5 stars!

the best game EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: lightmar    On: 2004-12-21

this is the best game ever. the graphics are great. geuss who's back? Ganon. you have to travel over the sea to different islands and solve new problems. your sister gets lost and gets thrown into jail by ganon at the forsaken fortress. this one pirate girl that you have to rescue in a forest is zelda. you have to go back to hyrule to the king and find the triforce shards. there is a cool feature in this game with your game boy. you can annoy your friends when the guy who controls tingle with the game boy can say," hiieyyyyyyyy" and your friends get really mad at you after a couple times. this is the best game ever. get it now!
Good game great price
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-08

I recommend this game to anyone who is looking for something to satisfy a young niece or nefew for a good bargain. It's a very enjoyable game for the younger age group.
Ocarina of time fans should stay away.
by: 77882    On: 2004-12-05

*** I really liked this game until I played the Ocarina of Time. It seems like they wanted to make the Wind Waker for a wider audience. For example, the Re-Dead enemies look like black pirates. But in the Ocarina of Time, they actually look like dead people. And the enemies are easier to beat in the Wind Waker. ***
cute fun, but far from legendary
by: ericthehotmale    On: 2004-12-01

The Wind Waker is a charming, beautifully rendered game in some ways, but it doesn't live up to its lofty lineage. The first three Zelda games were probably the most epic and well-balanced gameplay experiences of their day. The Ocarina of Time was an absolute revelation - bigger and prettier than anything available in the day and redefining 3d action gameplay. While fun and nostalgic, the Wind Waker's action is simplistic and mild compared to, say, the latest Prince of Persia and Ninja Gaiden games. Its game world is downright miniscule and uninteresting compared to the fully realized worlds of, say, GTA, World of Warcraft, and Fable. For a series that has traditionally represented the state of the art, that's pretty disappointing.

Link's back, and looking better than ever!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-27

I'll skip the history lesson and get straight to the point.

If you're looking for more Legend of Zelda, this is it. Don't be turned off by the cel-shaded visuals. In fact, I think they add a little extra personality to the game. However, if you're still annoyed, just wait for the next one, of which there are already some screenshots of showing off a more realistic visual style.

Anyway, like I said, the cel-shading adds some extra personality to the game. There are several emotions that can be shown on the characters (Link included), and in fact suit the more story oriented direction of the game. Oh, there's still a lot of gameplay, but from start to finish they added some extra stuff that will appeal to Zelda fans. In fact, I can't think of a single Zelda fan that wouldn't like the final showdown between Link and Ganon (yep... he's back). The environmental visuals are also worth mentioning. The world is so much more vibrant than Ocarina of Time (the Zelda game on the N64). That says a lot, considering how incredible Ocarina of Time looked back then in the environmental effects department.

Sound wise, this is standard Zelda fare. However, it's worth mentioning that this game does well in the technical department here. One great touch is how they add a little extra strength to the battles by using sound and music. Not only that, tensity in general is aided by just minor touches added in the audio department.

Now the gameplay. One of the best things in this game is the fights. The targeting system from Ocarina of Time is back, but along with it they've slightly spruced up how battles work. First off, the different ways to take out an enemy has increased a little bit. You can pick up enemy weapons from defeated foes, though only keep them for that area. While not entirely significant, it's a nice touch that makes the fights more dynamic and fun. Secondly, the enemies block better... or at least the ones that are capable of it. Going up against some of the armored baddies and moblins is quite fun. A full room of them is just an absolute blast (as well as challenging), and there are a few places in the games that are packed with these enemies. Also, the game has added a new option called "parry." It's actually better than it sounds. Basically, if certain enemies get into a certain attack position, there's an audio and visual cue that says you can perform a parry attack. If you press it soon enough, not only will you dodge their attack, but then Link will do a cool attack on the enemy that's usually does quite a bit of damage, or breaks an enemy's defense.

There is one big flaw that would likely keep me from playing this again. The ocean. The world of Wind Waker is separated into little islands. To get to these, you have to sail on a boat (a talking boat that actually gives you hints throughout the game) and go from one island to the next. This can be a problem, because there's quite a bit of traveling to be done, and there's also quite a bit of time consumed in travel. On top of that, one part of the game actually requires you to go on sort of a "scavenger hunt" to find some items necessary for completing the game. This is the only reason I give the game 4 stars instead of 5 (it's pretty prevalent, too, and non-avoidable).

At the very least, anyone who has a Gamecube should play through this game once. If you can get past the traveling element, you will find a beautiful, rich, and engaging world in Wind Waker. If you can't, then at the very least rent it. The world of this game is more fully realized than ever.
A close second to the epic Ocarina Of Time
by: doobyscoo    On: 2004-11-16

The Zelda series has been ongoing for as long as I can remember, even back when I got my first NES, Zelda was the must play game, not much has changed in that time. After much anticipation Nintendo finally released the follow-up to the bland Majora's Mask, and to many fans dismay they went for a popular trend at the time, cell shading animation. Many gamers were too quick to dismiss this game because of it's different animation style, this is not only foolish but just plain stupid. I'll admit I wasn't too hot on the idea at first, it seemed awkward and childish, not too mention Link looked more like a girl than a hero. It only took 10 minutes of gameplay to change my mind and make me a believer. Wind Waker is different, yes, but if you look at Zelda's past no two titles have been the same, accept change as a part of the series if you plan to be a fan of it.

It's hard to live up to the Ocarina Of Time for the Nintendo 64, arguably the best game in the series, but as the title stated it's very close.

For starters the story is gripping, as long as you suspend any disbelief or doubt which is necessary for pretty much any Zelda game. Normally I'd tell you about the storyline but in a game as such it is much too essential, therefore I leave that up to you to discover. What I can tell you is this game is addicting, pure and simple, you'll find yourself driven to complete each quest. The combat system is similar to the others, with some newer features and weapons to help compliment it. Another unique twist is the implement of sailing from island to island, a task that can ocassionally be trying, but always worthwhile. It took me several months to complete this game, keep in mind I played it very casually, sometimes for 10 minutes, other times for hours. While there is no voice acting, the characters clever and entertaining dialogue more than makes up for it.

If you're a fan of the Zelda series this game will please you, I guarantee it. And if you're just a fanboy complaining about the "stupid" grahpics, grow up, it's your loss for missing out on such a great game.
Best Zelda Game I've Played
by: andy1212    On: 2004-11-02

This game is more of a sequel to Ocarina of Time than Majora's Mask was. The Link in this game has no connection to the Link from the games. This game is set 100 years into the future, after Ganandorf has destroyed all of Hyrule, and after the three goddesse's have put buried most of it under water. The graphics are actually impressive and the number of temples is high. Meaning its going to take a long time before anyone gets through with this game.

The cel-shaded graphics look terrible when viewed in still-frame. It looks cheesy, but when it is actually in motion it looks very impressive. They made the whole thing look like a giant cartoon. Everything still has a 3D figure to stay with the times, but they don't fill in any major deatails. Such as individual hairs, or muscle shapes, stuff like that.

The battle style in the game has been changed from the old style of pushing the B button, into mashing the B button. In this game, all anyone has to do is continuously push one button in order to take down simple enemies. Where in the old games, one would have to do a little more work to take down simple enemies.

The dungeon bosses are strange, like always. Like other Zelda games, whatever new item you pick up in the dungeon is going to be the main item used to defeat the boss. This time, the bosses are much larger than those from the past, but aren't as difficult to beat.

Some things have changed over the hundred years that was skipped. The hero of time (Link from Ocarina of Time.) is now a legend. On a certain island, boys are still required to wear green clothes when they hit a certain age. This is why the character in this game is wearing green clothes.

This is a fun game to play, and could take a good while to get through, but the fighting style and battles have been simplified. The bosses are bigger than those from the earlier games, but simpler as well. This is a good game, and is the best Zelda game I have ever played.

Entertainment = 9/10

Favorite Part of the Game = Scene on the pirate's ship where Link needs to get into the dangerous tower to find his sister. They decide the best way to get him up there is by launching him in a barrel. When he realizes that he is about to get launched, he begins trying to free himself, but he is thrown into the air and smashes up against the wall.
legend of zelda the windwaker oh i cant wait for the 2nd one
by: yugifanx    On: 2004-10-29

this game is so fun i beated it twice its a really long game but yet its really fun i liked it at the end where i fought ganon i got to beat alot of beasts to but you have to get the guide to in order to beat the game or else if you dont you wont even make it out of the forsaken fortress. but anyways i think this game was really fun and exciting so if i were you get it.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-26

i liked this game .. i have 2 admit that i didnt like the graphics at first but i got used 2 them .. i thought the story was cool! but going around the sea gets anoying after a bit (thank god 4 that song u learn 2 transport u around) i liked the ending and the way u defeate ganon what a cool game ...
Doesn't live up to Zelda legacy
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-23


- Graphics(could use more detail in certain spots)
- Soundtrack
- Control
- characters
- most gadgets
- Good dungeon design

- Difficulty -1 star(imagine Madden only shipping with a rookie mode)
- Length/Pace - You do a lot of nothing. Overall gameplay is on the short side.
- Story - not fleshed out
- Mechanics - Long WW animations kill certain parts.

Overall the difficulty REALLY hurts the game, but a shortage of dungeons and non-optional fetch quests also are a pain. I find sailing kind of fun, but it's obvious that it was pushed on us to pad the length. If they would of put in difficulty settings and added a couple of dungeons(I heard two were cut, worst move ever) the other flaws would of been much more bearable.
New design, same quality
by: sylphstarwind35    On: 2004-10-23

Zelda games have so many fans for a reason. If you like rpgs, this is for you. It may look like a cartoon, but it's still as serious as the other games. And the characters have more personality. The graphics are cartoony, but they are near perfect. The scenes are quite colorful; most of them are bright, a few are darker. The music is pretty good. Nothing amazing, but it sounds nice. Characters look unique, with different races such as bird people, humans, and talking fish.

Another thing that's new in this game is the wind waker. It's a little flute-like instrument used to control the wind. You get a small boat that you use the wind to move around. There are different islands which you visit on your boat. At each one is a fish that fills in a square on your map of the islands. You can also play a mini-game where you shoot at the fish with your bow and arrow, which is fun.

The story is the usual save-the-damsel thing, but this time it's Link's sister rather than princess Zelda. It's Link's birthday and his sister loans him her telescope. While his sister is showing him how to use it, she spots a girl being carted off by a giant bird. Some pirates are trying to save her by shooting cannonballs at the bird, which may not be the best idea. The girl is dropped in the forest and Link sets out to save her. When he reaches her, some monsters attack, but he defeats them. The bird then comes back and kidnaps Link's sister. It turns out that the girl Link saved is the leader of the pirates, and she lets him come along on her ship in order to save his sister. And so goes the adventure. The plot has a few "twists", but isn't unique or very suprising.

Combat is similar to Zelda games on the N64. It's easy to learn. It's action-style, you can dodge attacks, and you use a sword. There are a few other weapons to use, like a bow and arrow. None of the bosses are very difficult. There are a few extra quests to do if you'd like.

This is a pretty good game all-around. I wouldn't say it's on the top ten best rpgs list, but it's worth a try if you like these types of games.
Here is the deal about this game.....
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-15

If u have the n64 gamethen u know that u destroyed gannon right?
Now this takes place a long time later when gannon has returned!!! So u get the stuff from ur grandma and then ur little sister gets kiddnapped!!!!! u meet this girl named Terra she is a pirate. U go to the fortress but the bird cattches u and u dont get ur sister back(u do later though). Then ur on windfall where u get ur boat. I wont spoil any suprises but this game is all right but the graphics r ahh ok but they could have been better.One thing that is funny though is that when u beat the game and start over u get differnt clothes like u keep ur pjs on instead of the link suit! So this wasnt the greates of the series but i still think it was ok.
A good game overall
by: darthkommissar    On: 2004-10-11

The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker (2003.) The ninth game in the Zelda series.

Ever since the Gamecube was released, rumors fast spread of an upcoming Zelda game. But when gamers saw the previews, they were in shock at the cel-shaded graphics they saw. Many thought the new cartoon look was phenomenal, while others (the vast majority of people) hated it. Angry fans didn't want the childish look, but obviously, Nintendo didn't listen to their fans. Fortunately, gamers like myself looked beyond the graphics and gave the game a chance. And now, I'm going to review this game. Does it live up to the hype? Read on for my review of the Wind Waker.

-I DON'T CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS - THE GRAPHICS IN THIS GAME ARE EXCELLENT! Many gamers were turned off by the game's cartoon look. Admittingly, I was at first, but I gave them a chance, and after a while, I must admit, they grew on me. Don't be so quick to judge, people!
-PLAY CONTROL IS VERY GOOD. The scheme that this game uses is reminiscent of that of the Nintendo 64 Zelda titles, but the Gamecube controller fills so much better in your hands than that godawful thing for the N64.
-NINTENDO HAS SUCCEEDED IN CREATING A TRULY UNIQUE GAME. The game is nothing like anything that any other video game maker has ever created, or probably ever will create. Shigeru Miyamoto is a creative genius, which has been proven to us in the past hundreds of times.
-MUSIC AND SOUND ARE GOOD. These attributes make good usage of the Gamecube's potential, and accordingly, help to improve the game in their own right.

-TRAVELING BETWEEN ISLANDS TAKES TOO DAMN MUCH TIME! This is, by far, the greatest flaw of this game. There's a good chance that over half the time you spend playing the game could be spent island hopping. Rather than doing this, Nintendo should have just used a menu where you select what island you want to go to, and you're instantly there after you select it.
-THE OPACITY OF THE WATER IS A HUGE PROBLEM. I like the cel-shaded graphics, but the water is opaque (for those of you younger folks reading this review, that means you can't see through it.) This is a problem, because you can't see under the water! And since you can't see under the water, you can't see enemies until they jump out of the water to attack you!
-IN MANY PARTS OF THE GAME, THE GAMEPLAY BECOMES PAINFULLY REPETITIVE. There are times in the game where you constantly have to play the Wind Waker, and this gets really annoying fast. The fact that you can only set three items/weapons to buttons doesn't help things ever - chances are you'll spend almost as much time on the subscreens as you will the main game screen!

Put simply, this is a VERY good game, I just don't think it lives up to the hype that has been created around it. Nonetheless, I do like the game, and at the very least, I recommend renting it. It's not necessarily a must buy game, but it's certainly a must play game.
Another Zelda Masterpiece...
by: aa-zz    On: 2004-10-10

The Zelda series has always had it's ups, every game they have made has gotten 2 thumbs up. This ranks as one of the best ones, behind the Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. This game, with major changes to the graphics, making it more cartoony, has made it seem better because its something different. A lot of complaints come from the graphics, but if it's something different, then it can be a little better. And I kind of like the cartoony Animal Crossing graphics, it makes it look a little better. But, they can try the old way if they can improve them.

As for the important part, the gameplay, this game rocks. The gameplay is like any other Zelda game, the best. The story goes that your sister is kidnapped by a big bird, so you go with pirates and kill it eventually. It is an adventure game at it's best. You can sail around trying to get pieces of heart, and a new thing, the treasure charts which you can dig up buried treasure from the bottom of the ocean. If you don't want to do that, you can take pictures of people and try to collect all these little figurines. When you are not beating levels, you can go around taking over islands and collecting jelly and other cool stuff.

Now as you play this game you may say it is similar to old Zelda games, like Phantom Ganon throwing the light balls at you and the same type of weapons. Old weapons like the Master Sword, the big hammer thing, your bow and arrow come abck, and bombs come back, ON BOATS! The sailing adds all new depth to this game, even though it gets annoying going back and forth before you get the song. New weapons like magic armor and shooting bombs from a boat.

But, as in every agme, there is some bads. One, the sailing is one big pain the the you know what, and if you never get the song where you can warp anywhere, you will have to sail... and sail... and sail forever. But, I don't see anything else wrong, and there is absolutely NO GLITCHES, which makes this game a instant classic, the best GC game ever made, and well... who knows.
Patience and fun!
by: bengaltigress_75    On: 2004-09-25

You definitely need some patience for all the travelling you have to do in this game! If one can read, one can have so much fun. You get to travel and meet new folks, you get to rescue and play the little hero. You have to solve puzzles and riddles,(which can be very fun!), and you get to fight many enemies! I have to say, though I am an adult, some things onlya child's simple mind can deal with in some video games- so my 5 yr old had to help! (lol) If you liked this adventurous game, you'll like the book Eternal Undying Love by Brett Keane as well!
The best zelda game of all time
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-09-18

Legend of Zelda the Windwaker, one of thhe most fun games of the century. I think that this game shoud win a video game oscar (if there is one). I thought the story line of this game was great the whole saving your sister thing was fhenomenal, not only that but as you progresed throug the story line of the game you find out there is more to the game than saving your sister but also saving a great sea, a princess, a lost kingdom, and many other things. One of the things that amezed me the most about the windwaker was the new transportation, a talking boat! Another thing that I liked about this game is how it seems to refer to another Zelda title called the Ocarina of time at the start of the game. I also think that at some points it was very puzzling. Also the arsenal of new and impruved weapons is amezing it includes many new itiems such as the deku leaf, the grappiling hook, magic armor, etc. ther are also some classic items like the boomerang, fire ice ice and light arrows, the master sword, and so on. The enviroment is fantastic and gigantic, I mean if you take out Link out of your t.v. screen you might belive it's real. The cel shading of the gamemakes me think this is a very good impruvement even though some people don't like it, but don't lisen to them because the cel shading which makes things in the game look more cartoony is something very good that makes Link do funnier things that he wouldn't be able to do in real looking video games. The only downside I found out about this game is that it seems very short and at some point in the game at least more than one thing will seem extremley easy. So now I just hope the next time you go video game shoping that you will buy this first and nothing else


Not all it's cracked up to be
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-09-05

I decided to pick this game up, but was disappointed. I was expecting alittle more action death coolness, but it wasn't there. It was pretty little link prancing around with a little dagger "getting the bad guys." If your over 11 years old i wouldn't even bother. Though the fact that it is link with a sword, and a well made battle mode i give it 2/2 stars
Primarily a Kid's Game... and NOT because of the graphics!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-08-15

Ok, so I have been a fan of the Zelda series since the original first came out, but I must admit, this one is a bit of a disappointment. Still a very good game, don't get me wrong, but not in and of itself a reason to own a GCN (Metroid Prime on the other hand...).
I am a girl gamer, and although I don't really enjoy super-hard carnage-filled games like Resident Evil, I don't feel like my skills are in any way inferior to those of my guy counterparts, and I like at least a little bit of a challenge, even in a game that can be said to be more puzzle-oriented than battle-oriented. This game just does not present a challenge. The boss battles, especially in the two main temples, are a joke. I think I lost half of one heart defeating the boss in the earth temple, and there were several boss battles where I lost no life at all. I have not come to the final boss of the game yet, but as I have had the game on rental for four days and am almost there already, I don't expect much.
Granted, it will take you forever to complete every task and side quest, but once you have explored all of the islands, sailing around gets to be tedious and you find yourself with the controller in your lap, just waiting to get to your destination. There is little motive to finish every last part of the game.
That said, this game is still very nicely put together and fun overall, if you are looking for some idle game play. It's perfect for young kids who get frustrated with Mario Sunshine and the like.
It's a perfect less-intense installment that Nintendo is justified in putting out to mollify parents before coming out with the REAL thing next year! And as long as that's all it is and it does not become a permanent trend in the series, I think we should all be fine with that.
Oh and BTW the cel-shaded graphics ARE very nice. If only there appearance were not reflected in the difficulty level of the game...
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-08-15

This game is by far the best zelda ever. It is not the same game at all. You sail the seas in a major adveture to become the new hero. Defeat Ganon, Saving the princess zelda, and rescue your sister that was taken by a big over growned bird.
meet pirates and divers. Also see the new Link, his Grandma, Aryll his sister, Tetra the female pirate, also the King, and the princess.

A Child Harnesses the Wind to Save Hyrule...
by: paramitch    On: 2004-08-12

As a gamer who's really enjoyed the Zelda series in the past, I enjoyed Windwaker as the newest title in the series, even though it was so different from previous approaches. Aside from a few minor nitpicks, I wholeheartedly recommend this as a great game for kids or adults alike.

The new cel animation look for Windwaker is certainly somewhat jarring for previous Zelda fans -- it's cartoonish and young, as light and bright and "cute" as the previous games (and especially "Ocarina of Time") were majestic, dark, and realistic. The animation is lovely, though, and gameplay moves along pretty seamlessly, with some beautifully rendered environments and situations. The new "Link's" expressions are also very human, and often really funny (he occasionally resembles a bratty, if brave, toddler).

Windwaker takes place many years after the last game, so that the original Link and his heroics in Ocarina of Time are now simply the stuff of legend. A new young boy, an honorary "Link," now takes up the quest -- and Sword -- to try to battle evil, rescue Zelda, and save the world. You're very quickly swept into the action, across an ocean that's gorgeous, although on occasion it does seem endless.

As Ocarina really played with the concept of time in all its guises, Windwaker really utilzes the concept of wind, in Link's sailing across the ocean (and the sailing is very realistically controlled by the gamer), and in the melodies he plays that control it in various ways. The puzzles are smart (and only occasionally tedious "Fetch" quests), the islands are pretty and very detailed, the inhabitants are chatty and often funny, grumpy, etc.

The whole universe is interesting, enjoyable, and great fun. The boss battles are the perfect mix of toughness and doability, and the game controls are (as always with Zelda games) a joy. Once again, the battles aren't just button-mashers, but instead rely on a series of specific actions for swordplay. I especially love the way the game teaches new users how to use their game controllers, and is able to do so without pulling you out of the game (as a result, most will never even need to glance at the instruction booklet).

The only down sides I would mention, and they are few, would include:

* The ocean-crossing back and forth can get pretty tiresome. You will eventually have the ability to "warp" your boat to where you want to go, but unfortunately that's not until at least 1/3 of the game has passed (and you kind of have to hunt around for an annoying and constantly moving oceanic character in order to make that step). Navigation also really takes some getting used to.

* Battles at sea can be annoying, as (unlike Ocarina of Time), you must STOP the boat completely to fight your enemies at sea while enemy after enemy continues to attack you. Which often means you're stopped indefinitely or the enemies aren't worth engaging at all (it's better just to take slight health damage and get on past them).

Overall, and just IMHO, Windwaker is wonderful but also feels like a small step back. The game itself is superb compared to most titles, but the dungeons aren't nearly as detailed, lengthy, or interesting as in previous Zelda games, and the replacement of teeny tiny islands for locations often means you get the feeling that you're visiting "rooms," not locations, on your quest. (There are a few exceptions to this -- the island forest of the Great Deku is awesome, as is a gorgeously rendered lava dungeon.)

The talking boat is nice, but he also just doesn't measure up to the brave and faithful Epona, Link's horse from the last game (and who actually had to be met, tamed, raced, and won before becoming a faithful companion for the rest of the game--cool stuff). And the experience of sailing constantly across an empty ocean just isn't as realistic or as soaring as galloping across the fields of Hyrule, leaping fences, or fighting on horseback.

But this is all just nitpicky stuff, and measuring Zelda against itself. The most important thing is that Windwaker will (I'm sure) enchant gamers new to the Zelda franchise, as well as providing an enjoyable return for fans. It's a huge game with dozens of hours of gameplay, and is easily one of the best current adventure games out there, and a real gem in the Gamecube crown. A worthwhile purchase (versus rental) for the whole family, and for any adventure gamer. (Just make sure you don't forget to purchase OOT too.)
Great for old + new gamers
by: sakura52    On: 2004-08-08

This game is absolutely brilliant and amazingly detailed. While other games lead you on a string from one obstacle to the other, Windwaker is (after a certain point) somewhat open ended, leaving you hours on end the go off course of the storyline and explore the dozens of induvidually crafted islands in the game. With hundreds of sidequests, you could be browsing islands for hours or only a couple of minutes. The only drawback is that completing the game and all of it's sidequests without a guide is virtually impossible because of many obscure details, and took a very competent gaming friend of mine a year. But I still hold it a the best game I have ever played in my life.
Another Nintendo Classic is Back
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-08-01

Prior the release of the game, the main concern was how cartoony the game looked. This just goes to show that: A)That the critics can be forced to eat their words. I half heartedly felt this was too when I started. I, felt that after completing the game (Several times) that the graffics, in some wierd way, work for the game and I can't picture the game any other way. And B)This is part of Nintendo's Ledgend of Zelda series (need I say more?). The enviroment is amazing even concidering the cell shaded look. The controls could be mastered by a three-year-old in no time flat and yet doesn't feel awkward or strang at any point. The story is basicly the same as the rest of the series but with some unexpected twists (like I'm going to tell you what they are). The music is up to Nintendo's standard (meaning I'm humming along as I play and usually hours afterward). The replay value is exelent due to the difficulty of collecting heart pieces. The only downside that could be mentioned is the fact that sailing is a bit of a slow point in the game and changing the wind direction is a bit tedious after a while. But even those are barely worth mentioning, even by the pickiest of gamers. All in all, if you have a Gamecube, you must have this game. After playing it, I felt that the game was woefully underpriced.
by: yellowren33    On: 2004-07-31

I have had this game for a while now, and no matter how many times you play it, it never gets boring!!! Well, im sure there's a limit, and it definetly becomes less challenging after a while, but there's still the fun in actually doing it. Besides, there's always something you forgot to do, as in collect all the faeries or get all the treasure charts.

This game had pretty good animated graphics, there are slight problems with the 3-D 'ness' of cel-shading, but overall very good. Link has a variety of expressions which can be pretty funny at times. He also doesn't just stand there perfectly still, he moves slightly and looks around every so often.

secondly, the soud is pretty good, each dungeon has a new song, but when your sailing, the repetitiveness can become pretty annoying.

The plot is more...developed in this Zelda, because you are trying to save your sister, which, if you think about it, is more inclined to give someone in incentive to rescue her--rather than Zelda, whom you don't even know. Yes, along the way you do have to protect Zelda, but she's not entirely usless here, nor do you not know her at all. I won't give away who she is, but you do know her before it is revealed that she is Zelda. And I said she wasn't useless...well, let me revise...Tetra helps you, in the middle of the game, but Zelda helps you in the last battle against Ganon [i never did it ganon or ganondorf or both?--oh well]

the characters are well developed, and link actually acts stupid and rash the first time he tries to save his sister. It brings out the reality of an action and the feeling that he has to save his sister. Also the...'people' like Valoo and Deku Tree are defined and have personalities--sort of. I mean, how much personality can you give a dragon that speaks the old language and a talking tree?

Sailing, to me, is minor flaw. You sail alot, but there's nothing to do while you sail. Once you recieve the Ballad of Gales song for your windwaker, you can travel to one of about 8 spots, [Minus 1 for fire + Ice arrows because it's closed off] but in the beggining [once off the pirate ship] it can become incredible boring, with the only things to do are jump randomly [i don't understand how boats can jump while in the water] and occasionally collect rupees or haul up treasure [only if rupees are needed]which causes you to stop.

The windwaker add something different to the line of Zelda games, it isn't a weapon but can be used for controlling people [and statues], used for moving around, and, of course, changing the direction of the wind [it can also open doors in the earth + wind temples, but you need to conduct the two descendents--won't give that away, either]
Overall, everythng works together to create an awesome RPG game. I highly recommend this game.
New Generation Zelda
by: clwinter    On: 2004-07-30

I was a little apprehensive when I first bought this game due to the huge changes in graphics when compared to N64 Ocarina of Time but the cel-graphics quickly warmed up to my cool reserve.

The Legend of Zelda continues on in the latest addition to the series. The Kingdom of Hyrule has all but vanished and what is left is the Great Sea littered by islands and descendents of the original Hyrulians. Link finds himself on a quest across the Great Sea to rescue his sister. Along the way, he discovers his destiny and the legend of the Princess Zelda.

The graphics are kind of campy, I will admit, and do not have the seriousness maturity of Ocarina of Time, which is undoubtedly the best in the series. But slowly it grows on the player and is soon forgotten. The storyline is fairly decent and seems to finally link Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask and explain the alternate Hyrule of Majora. There are of course the typical side quests and searches. The dungeons themselves are just as challenging as one might expect. However, the last quest before battling Ganon (who else would you expect?) is long and tedious and to a point kind of boring. But other than that it is typical Zelda fare.

For any die-hard Zelda fans, they will play this game no matter what. For an RPGer, I'd recommend giving it a shot. It's fun and that after all is the point of video games.
Genuis! But....
by: eber1983    On: 2004-07-28

Simply put, this game is a stroke of pure genuis. I don't know why I haven't writen a review up until now since I bought the game the very moment it came out! Probably because during my first play I was somewhat dissappointed. Having played close to all Zeldas, I just felt something was missing from this one, and couldn't put my finger on it until now.

But in all fairness, I decided to play again and the whole thing just grew on me. For one, the cell-shading was practically a work of art! I mean this is a beautiful game. Eye Candy would be a great term to use in describing it along with all of the excellent special effects.

The sound effects were the best yet I've ever heard in any video game, and the controls were nothing but perfect.

But here's the problem--this particular style (cell-shading) robbed Link of too much of his sophistication. This is due to the fact that the little guy is a tough warrior and this particular style was just too PRETTY for him. Second, I found the game was far too easy, and too short. Thrid, the music in many of the fighting scenes with bosses was a bit too weak.

Other than these four short comings (which is why I docked a star from it) it is an excellent game with a lot of wonderful innovations.

But I can't wait for the new Zelda which was recently announced this year. It will be all 3-D, and Link is SERIOUS again!
I could never give any less
by: tantricgorilla    On: 2004-07-16

Though I AM disappointed with the graphics, this is an awesome game. It's got great game play, excellent controls and beautiful colours.

First, the storyline: definitely not as good as the others but it has it's pros too. PROS/ I like how Tetra is really Zelda in disguise. Ganondorf makes his appearance. CONS/ Link is not really Link. The guy you control who RESEMBLES Link is actually just a boy who dresses in Link clothing and takes the legendary sword and shield. The water filled base, it's cool at first and maybe if it was smaller but most of the whole map/world is water and it gets annoying when you're trying to sail and everytime you want to go another way you have to play the song.

The temples: Only a couple, somewhat of a challenge, pretty well done. I love the enemies and the fact that you have to sneak around under a barrel just so you won't get caught. Puzzling but not as hard as OoT and some of the parts in MM.

The characters: The only character I really like is Tetra and Ganondorf. It would have been a lot better if you were playing as the real Link but you're not. You can pretend all you want but firstly, Link doesn't have a sister (especially a sissy one who would get captured) and secondly, Link does not show much emotion. The main reason for cel shading this game was to have the so-called Link show emotions but in my views, Link is a tough guy who doesn't like to show much emotion. See the facial gestures in Oot, MM and Super Smash Bros. Melee.

In all, this is an excellent game to play, the temples and underground caves are fun to play and the items are cool and interesting. Tingle is the same weirdo as always and the "small fry" fish is cool. Okay well that's all I can write since my computer is messing up royal, anyways, this is an amazing game and I suggest you buy it especially if you enjoyed the other Zelda games. A good edition.

Wind waker
by: chaser2723    On: 2004-07-13

Once again Nintendo rewards it's fans with another masterpiece.
Remeber Pong and Super mario bros. cheesy graphics. Did they matter? No. Nintendo has long taught us that games are fun not because of graphics, but because of innovation and Game play(story, mechanics). But this game succeeds in all categories. The latest innstallment of The Legend of Zelda has by far the best art style in any game to this date. I admire Nintendo for breaking out of the norm of games and daring to create a new experience. This game far exeeded my expectations. Magnificent gmaeplay, wonderful story, interesting new characters and amazing graphics. I love the addition of the grappling hook, swinging around on ropes and chandelleers is addicting. If a game can introduce a new style and completly immerse you in them within seconds, that is success. This game does just that. As usual their is plenty of side quests to keep you playing for months on end. As with Majora's Mask this game also allows you to play as other character in certain levels. Another great addition is the expressions on Links face. He glances around(helping you with clues), grunts with heavy lifting and much more. The attention to the slightest details have all been paid. For instance the ropes holding the bridges can be cut or torn resulting in a dangerous situation for whoever crosses it. There is always two ways to completing a puzzel. The environment is by far the largest of the series, plenty of islands to explore. This game has a gentle learning curve and is very rewarding. As with the first Zelda the second time through offers new elements.
I highly reccomend buying this game, it is a gem in the History of Nintendo.
A toy universe of your own
by: dcoshel    On: 2004-07-11

I've been playing adventure games since the original Crowther & Woods ADV.COM for CP/M, then later Infocom's Zork series (and others, including Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy), and on and on until finally I got hooked on the Tomb Raider series on Macintosh. In other words, I know whereof I speak when I say Wind Waker may be the best adventure-style game I've ever played. In my humble opinion, the Legend of Zelda games rank as one of the great crown jewels of Japan, right up there with Nikons, Toyotas and Zen. The game starts slowly, and builds and builds ... and builds ... and builds ... until, when the little guy finally defeats the Big Hands in the Tower of the Gods ... and you enter the strange, black and white eeriness in the Castle beneath the Sea ... and you realize you've only just BEGUN to play this game, when at THAT point you realize you've been spending so much time in front of your TV and your GameCube because THAT world is so immeasurably more fascinating than THIS world, it strikes you: What Nintendo has done defines magic. Shakespeare at his finest could do this for an evening; Nintendo does it for days, weeks, and even longer. Ok, that's hyperventilating, so enuff said. But still! Unless you have a deficient attention span or a prehuman intolerance for puzzles and mystery, PLAY THIS GAME. Allow me to add, parts of Wind Waker are not specifically aimed at kids. The final showdown with the Big Poe was both hilarious and immensely satisfactory, philosophically speaking. I found myself thinking of schizophrenia, Dante's Inferno and the Stapuft Marshmallow Man simultaneously. Mostly droll, occasionally satirical, Wind Waker sometimes walks a fine and perceptive line between storytelling and proscenium-bending sarcasm. Example: Why does the Nintendo Gallery sculptor hate Link's pictograph of Lenzo and his lady friend? Because Link (i.e, you, dear gamer) acquired it by stealth!
Beautiful Graphics, and that's all...
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-06-30

Well I rented it, because I didn't want to waste my money if I didn't enjoy the game. Like I said beautiful cartoon graphics, but the whole Zelda series just doesn't appeal to me. The controls I think are difficult to use. Overall I think if you're a Zelda fan you should buy it, but if not PASS!
so good
by: meliisme    On: 2004-06-28

this is the first zelda game I ever actually played - and I think it's absolutely superb. First, I have to comment on the graphics. Usually I dont care much about graphics I think the most important factor of a good video game is the actual gameplay itself but with this game- it just makes playing so much more fun. I love the way the clouds are drawn - in a mulan/hercules-esqe style with swirly tresses. Well, graphics is only the beginning. I absolutely loved playing the game- - no words that i know of can describe the capacity of how good this game. So i'm forced to make up my own word - - zelda wind waker is scrumtrulescent. (best of will ferell) (( which is also scrumtrulescent by the way))
best zelda game i have played
by: katanaoo2    On: 2004-06-28

Great Game and a Nice Long as it's Temporary.
by: kiwisoup    On: 2004-06-28

This is a great game. Despite all the controversy about the cartoonish graphics. The cell shading is actually cool looking and gives the game a magical sort of appeal, but it does get old after a while. I liked the controls for this game and got used to them very easily. The camera wasn't a burdance really either. You can tell they were trying to take the game in a different direction, which is fine by long as it doesn't keep going in that direction. A few of the complaints I have is that it's much too easy to beat, and in the middle of the game when you gather the triforce pieces it gets really boring and tedious. The boating is a nice concept, but until you unlock the warps it's a pain to sail from one side of the map to the other, let alone trying to keep track of all of the islands. The endind left a lot to be desired, but other than those few things, I enjoyed playing this game and it might actually be worth the 50 bucks they are asking for. That doesn't mean the price shouldn't go down, because the game has been out for a long time and it's due for a price drop. I miss the classic Zelda style used in Ocarina Of Time and I can't wait for the new Zelda game to be using this style in 2005!

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