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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003
Manufacturer: Electronic Arts      
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What A Disappointment...
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-11-18

I lay the brunt of the blame on myself for not trying the game before I purchased it for $13.00 at Sam's in Temple, TX. I read the back, saw Tiger, saw the EA Games logo--pulled out my $13.00 and took the game home. Before I begin ranting on this atrocity, I will say that the last time I purchased something of this nature without trying it first was "The Spaghetti Incident". Don't remember that nauseating Guns N' Roses album that followed up the Illusion series? Either does anyone else because It was one of the few times America has mass-suppressed a bad memory.
Mistake #1

Well, I put it in the freshly bought Gamecube and began to play. When I found out that EA Games made a game without making a customizable character mode, that sinking feeling started to well up in the pit of my stomach. Why even play a sports game if you can't make a guy look like you, or a hot chick to stare at when you learn a new golf system.
Mistake #2

I am a gamer at heart. Some I like more than others, but I usually get a "feel" for games--even if they suck--after playing them for an hour and a half. Striking was too easy when hit solid and too hard when wanting to do other things. Putting, compared to overthrowing the Ottoman Empire, was easy.
I never got a "feel" for this game besides the knots in my stomach I get when I wasted $13.00 on it.
Mistake #3

I didn't have fun. This game will make me look at Tiger different now knowing he endorses things like this game. Enough with the purist drivel you probably hear from whiny people who hate things because they hate them.
Pro #1

The tutorial came up quickly. Gave me about 20 min. before I found out I couldn't make myself.
Pro #2

I only spent $13.00 on this nightmare. I will try to sell it after I find someone I dislike enough. Maybe I'll get lucky and they wouldn't have tried it or read some of these happy reviews about it.

Synopsis: Do not buy this game and taint your cube. Do not buy this game for anyone you love because they will not love you when you give it to them and probably find it as an act of aggression. I would rather take a knee in the crotch before I play another Tiger Woods/EA Games golf game again. Have a nice day.

Great Family Game
by: mattvryan    On: 2003-10-02

This is one of the best games I've bought for my GameCube. The single biggest reason for this is that I can play with my whole family - with my wife, who doesn't really get into a lot of video games, and with my children, including my three-year-old daughter. My three-year-old can play and have a good time because it is easy to learn how to hit the ball well. Yet there are so many ways to fine tune your shot, select different clubs, and try different types of shots that it is fun even when you have played it a lot.

There are lots of ways to play - tournaments, Tiger challenge, Skins, Stroke play, etc. But the other great part is the courses. The more you play, the more courses you unlock, and some of them are fantastic. They may be so difficult I find myself throwing the controller at times, but they are wonderful.

Whether you are looking for a game your whole family can play together or one you can play by yourself, whether you like golf or not, odds are you will love this game. It's great.

Truly Addictive Yet Enormously Irritating
by: evildead242    On: 2003-08-11

Tiger Challenge is what this game is all about. But, how many times can you [lose] by the computer making a ridiculous shot? Losing on a Hole in One!?!? Anyway, the graphics are great, the game is somewhat challenging and frustrating. The gameplay is among the best of any game i've ever played, simple and responsive. The soundtrack is catchy as well. My only real gripe is with the computer play and BS shots which make me absolutely lose my [mind]. Anyway, this is still the most realistic golf game out there and an overall solid addition at a great price to your Nintendo Gamecube collection. Recommended.
Best 21st Century Gaming Coach!!
by: david_kremer    On: 2003-07-19

After all, this game is found to be suitably the most spectacular for every video gamer. I want to briefly say that the style of game is so fabulous that you'll hardly regret and never forget throughout your lives, even for the easy-to-handle controls and the scenic views almost has its incredible smoothness. For those who plan to compete in golfing and are new to or haven't been playing video games that consist of golf for the longest time shall own this one, for the time being.

After all, his is the most incredible gamedisc you'll love to share with friends and families in your area.

by: samz350    On: 2003-06-27

OK... this game cannot be described, you have to play it to believe it. I have probably never been interested in golf, but as soon as this disc was spinning in my gamecube, i got hooked. now, im actually heading out to the golf course and swinging away. the game is as solid as they come, and the graphics rock. the price is perfect and more than anything, the amount of fun you will have when you play against your friends is worth the full 50 bucks it was originally priced at. go get it now, NOW!!
EA Sports hits a hole in one with TW 2003!!
by: huskerstj2    On: 2003-05-26

This game is perhaps one of the best sport games available for the Gamecube. If you enjoy the game of golf and video games, this is the perfect combination of both. The graphics are intense and the action is incredible. There's nothing like hearing the ting of the metal driver striking the ball for a 345 yard drive right down the center of the fairway (what I wouldn't give to be able to do THAT on the course!). Not only is the action enjoyable but the game offers the challenge of creating your character, earning money by winning events, and using those winnings to enhace your players abilities.

The best part of the game??? Well, that has to be the price...Go Gamecube!

It looks pretty good.
by: sleepyjd    On: 2003-04-04

I'm not a big fan of golfing games but EA always makes good sports games so I'm confident this one would be a pretty good title.
very good overall with room for improvement
by: shortstop-ok    On: 2003-01-22

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 will provide hours of entertainment for the golf (or video game golf) fan. Let's face it, this is your only chance to play Pebble Beach and drive the ball over 350 yards.

There are several different ways to play the game. My favorite is the Tiger Challenge which has an increasingly difficult series of golfers and tournaments to defeat. Along the way, you get awarded Trophy Balls for achievements like hitting a par-4 green in one, making a hole in one, chipping in, and so on. You earn money with each victory and trophy ball which you use to upgrade your golfer's stats. Besides the Tiger Challenge, there are tournaments to enter, "Speed Golf", and some skill challenges to complete - each of these games also let you earn money.

I have the PS2 version of TW 2002 and will attempt to provide a comparison for those that have played the series before - this year's version is an improvement in several ways. First the golfer's models are much improved and the pro golfers actually look sort of like the real people. The non-pro golfers are also well done and much more varied than last year. I haven't counted, but I think there are about twice as many different golfers, and maybe twice as many golf courses. New this year is a stat that tells you what percentage of the game you have completed.

At the beginning of the game, if the person playing is not very good, the computer controlled golfer he's playing seems to get worse and worse until he can be beaten. Through the game the computer golfers seem a little smarter and more skilled than in previous versions and the Tiger Challenge gets really tough about half way through. Unfortunately it seems like the better you do, the better the game gets. Time for 18 holes: about 1 hour against (or with) a computer player. 2 players about and hour and a half, 3 players, about 2 hours.

One thing sorely missing from the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 200x series is a way to read the green. Some golf games have a feature where they overlay a grid on the green that shows you the elevation on it. The only way to read the green on TW2003 is to move the little target marker around and look at the elevation but it isn't very effective and can make it difficult to chip.

Whenever you hit a really good shot or you are going for the green in 2, the game plays a heartbeat sound and your shot goes in slow motion which is really cool about the first hundred times you see it. Next year, there better be a way to turn that off or I'm not buying it. I also hope that they drop "Speed Golf" next year and maybe spend that time adding online play or something else cool.

On the Game Cube version, there is an annoying blue rectangle ALWAYS present about 1/3 of the way down the screen that gets darker and lighter but never goes away. I know this is in the game because I've tried it on 3 different TVs and it is always there. I wonder if this is on the XBox or PS2 versions of the game. But the Wavebirds rule!

Excellent golf game with fabulous courses and challenges
by: big_irish    On: 2003-01-15

"Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003" is another great title that's a part of the Nintendo GameCube library (although not exclusively). Prior to getting this game, the only types of video golf I had played were a mini-putt game online and the barroom staple, "Golden Tee". This game far exceeds and of those and probably most other golf games as well. It's very easy to make a sporting video game unpleasant to play (see the Acclaim series of baseball games for example). The game can be too simply, thereby removing any significant challenge for the user. Or, the game can be made too complex, causing the user to get frustrated and not want to take the time and effort to learn how to play the game (once again, the Acclaim baseball games suffer this fate). The key is striking a balance between challenge and simplicity. "...PGA Tour 2003" succeeds here because goes for simplicity in the basic mechanics of the golf and putt swings, but employs challenges it the form of weather conditions, course setup, skill of opposing golfer, etc. If the mere mechanics of the swing were so complex that it would take a physically gifted athlete to master them, then the user would not play this game. However, since the challenge exists in the other variables, the user can get comfortable with the mechanics and then can go about figuring out how to beat the courses and other golfers.

"...PGA Tour 2003" employs spectacular graphics as it takes the user all over the world to some of the most famous golf courses in existence. Pebble Beach, St. Andrews, and Royal Birkdale are just a few of the courses that are available for play. Most of the courses are locked and it takes winning certain amounts of money and success in the 'Tiger Challenge' to unlock them (in addition to new equipment and golfers). The graphics make it seem like you are standing at the tees of each of these courses. Sunlight, cloud cover, rain, fans, rodents running across the fairway all make for an enhancement experience. The features on the golfing opponents are quite lifelike, too. From known golfers to fictional ones, "...PGA Tour" creates very real opponents (the female golfers they come up with are pretty sweet, too *wink* *wink*).

The real 'ace-in-the-hole' for this game is the 'Tiger Challenge'. In this format, you get to face off in individual match play format against a number of golfers as you earn higher rankings on the tour and more money. Most of these matches are, indeed, 9- or 18-hole match play matches. However, there are other matches thrown in for variety. There are 'Skins' games matches where golfers you have already defeated challenge you again in a four-person battle for money. There are also tournament matches that allow you to achieve certain goals and even more money. Unlike match play, though, you are not required to win these variations in order to move on to the next opponent. It's just something fun to engage in. The 'Tiger Challenge' offers a lot in terms of...well...challenge. Some of these opponents will be quite difficult to defeat, so strategy becomes as much a part of the games as long drives and short putts. It took me more than 20 tries to defeat 'Mulligan' McGregor and more than 40 tries to defeat Brad Faxon, but the knowledge I developed in learning how to master specific course, weather conditions, and hole-by-hole scenarios outweighed the frustration of playing them multiple times and will actually provide me with strategic planning the next time I play golf for real.

In addition to the numerous courses to be played and the 'Tiger Challenge', there are many other features in this game. There is a 'skillzone' mode where you can practice your accuracy, a 'speed golf' mode that puts a different spin on playing through, and various match, stroke, skins, and tournament modes that can provide a different approach to playing the game. On top of these, there are a number of rewards that the user can go after. There are 'scenario medals' where the user is presented with any one of 53 different situations and his or her performance will determine if they get a gold, silver, or bronze medal or any at all. There are also 'trophy balls' awarded for any number of accomplishments like a bogey-free round, a double eagle, all fairways hit in regulation, and a hole-in-one to name a few. There is a lot of money to be earned when any one of these 'trophy balls' is earned and it will allow the user to improve their game by buying more attributes for their golfer.

It's hard to think of what else there is to add to the superlatives already heaped on this game. Yet, I do not think it would be hyperbole to say that may be one of the best video sporting games I have ever played.
Great Mix of Arcade/Sim, Easy Intuitive controls
by: rcelley    On: 2002-12-30

The strength of the game is that it is very quickly and easily learned and not very easily mastered. I'm wondering if the reviewers who found it "easy" reached the challenge match with VJ Singh. There are two modes of difficulty. The EA mode is easier and very playable by my 8 yr old daughter though it also gets qite hard when you progress through the matches. The "Tour" mode has less built in swing aids and makes the game subtly harder. With no swing aid, no power boost and some realistic wind the courses play tough from the back tees to the tough pin placements. Playing under par on what would be real pro tour conditions requires good decisions, concentration and some luck. In short, quite realistic. The graphics are very good, though some characters are drawn better than others. The courses are beautifully rendered and the weather changes are nicely done. Especially love those camera lens flares when the sun hits it at St. Andrews. If there is a noticeable weakness it is that there are only 14 courses. Three are "fantasy" courses which can be quite difficult and are a little unrealistically weird at times. They are great looking though. On the plus side the mix of courses gives a very good variety with links, seaside, parkland and forest courses. There is a feature which allows you to mix and match holes from any courses you have un-locked to make your own course layout. This makes for inconsistent looking courses (of course) but can be kind of cool. String together 18 of the toughest par 3 holes and you'll see what challenging golf is. this game has good replay value once you turn off the aids and plays very nicley as a sim at that point. I love it. My kids (8 and 12)like it. If you are a gamer and a golfer I think you will find it very enjoyable for a long time.
The inside scoop on the new Tiger game
by: eisenfam2    On: 2002-12-24

I'm a junior gamer who has played lots of sports video games. Tiger Woods is not too challenging but does offer some difficulty. The graphics are great and controls are easy to learn. The game play is among the best of any sports video game on any system. I'm also a real golfer and this helped me with my game! Top on my list! Perfect gift!
Good, but not great
by: wallabjack    On: 2002-12-24

Tiger Woods golf is a descent golf sim. Like other reviews say, its way too easy. The game does have a lot of depth though. In the ten + hours I played it, I was only 37% done. The competition gets progressivly harder when you start taking on the CPU oppents. The game does start off with a nice tuitorial. Pebble Beach and St. Andrews are remarkably real, but the fantasy courses may irk the average golf fan. So all and all its definitely worth the rent, but unless you're a golf fan, like myself, or get completely raptured its probably not worth the 50 bucks.
No Good..Weak effort
by: oog    On: 2002-12-10

Too easy and too hard all at once. You swing by using control just isn't a good system for your swing. Rent it first and you will see what I'm saying. Wish it could be a good review because this game is the reason I bought the system(I love golf games) but it falls short. Little childish as well with the corny cut scenes. Thank goodness for "agent under fire". Now thats a good game! Not great but good.
This game rocks!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-11-09

Hey, Tiger Woods 2003 is the best sports game Gamecube has come out with. When i first saw the game (Tiger Woods 2002) i was in shock that it was not on Gamecube! I give this 5 stars. and i reccomend it for everyone!
by: tysmalley    On: 2002-11-09

Requires alot of memory (but a new card)
Easy to learn
A hole in one is way too easy
The cut scenes are cheasy (Tiger staring down the pin / Happy Gilmore / etc)
This is a good 1st golf game for the Game Cube
Great Game but contols are a bit difficult to master
by: carbmw    On: 2002-11-08

My son has been waiting for TW2003 gamecube version since gamecube came out last year. He loves the TW2002 pc version with the trueswing feel, definitely realistic in judging distance and accuracy. The controls for gamecube are quite difficult to master especially the actual feel on a shot, the distance and the accuracy. The players' shots are not consistant which provides much frustration. In addition, the distances are not truly accurate. The club selection on the screen indicates one yardage but when that club is struck well the club used typically comes up short by at least one to two clubs. Chipping can be difficult too. An approach shot just off the green does not consistantly go where you aim and the distance is very tough to judge. When it comes to putting, often times on long putts you cannot see the hole! A blind putt? Unless you use the X button and zoom to the hole. The Tiger Challenge is fun. Trying to unlock players and courses is fun. The graphics are excellent except the colors could be better matched. For example, on some holes the water actually looks like a huge,whitish sand bunker. This game has alot of great things going for it, but games are designed to have FUN and not for kids to be overly frustrated. As much as kids love gamecube and playstation, kids are now starting to look at the pc version due to the more realistic feel of playing golf. By the way the kids I am referring to are the some of the best junior golfers in the country.
by: scuba_skeeter    On: 2002-11-02

I have always loved Tiger woods PGA tour for the Playstation and have spent many late nights playing until finally beating a nemesis golfer. But now Tiger Woods has swung (pun intended) onto the Gamecube. It is my dream come true. When i first saw this, i was in disbelief and awe. I truley was jumping for joy when i read that Tiger woods was on Gamecube. I would definatly recommend this to both golf fans and non golf fans. The controls are easy to learn, but it takes many late nights to master them.
by: scuba_skeeter    On: 2002-11-02

I have always loved Tiger woods PGA tour for the Playstation and have spent many late nights playing until finally beating a nemesis golfer. But now Tiger Woods has swung (pun intended) onto the Gamecube. It is my dream come true. When i first saw this, i was in disbelief and awe. I truley was jumping for joy when i read that Tiger woods was on Gamecube. I would definatly recommend this to both golf fans and non golf fans. The controls are easy to learn, but it takes many late nights to master them.

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