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It'll make you think you're good at golf.
by: eric_c_olsen    On: 2004-11-29

I have spent more time playing Tiger Woods 2004 than any of my other gamecube games. I am a golf fan, but this game is not limited to us. In fact, it is quite unrealistic, so many of you "Links" fans might not enjoy this game. Once you've played for a couple weeks, getting par on a hole is a dissapointment. There is so much involved in this game which makes it so much fun. You can participate in a PGA Tour Season, playing all the standard tour events. But 72 holes, even in video game time, takes quite a while. You can also play different scenarios, which are very fun, and allow you to get better while gaining money which lets you raise your stats (longer drives, better putting), or buy new clubs and clothing. There are many two-player games as well, with lots of customization. The courses are wonderful too, with the typical favorites as well as some new, exotic locations. The lone downfall is that once you get good, it's too easy. You can find this game for around 20 bucks now, so it's a much better bargain than the new, 2005 game. Great pick-up for the sports-fan, and those who might be.
by: kneelpert    On: 2004-07-08

Thought that would be a good title seeing as people rate the game & no stars appear & that is why this game has a two star average rating. Well let me tell you this game is 10 stars. From gameplay to graphics it really does not get better than this. I am middle aged & this game makes me feel young again. A tournament only takes two hours to complete & there are so many different games on these two discs it is insane. A masterstroke from EA sports this may go down as the greatest sports game ever for the Cube. But again do NOT buy this game as it is very addictive & may cause lack of sleep & other disorders I take no responsibility for. As for it being on two discs. WHO CARES. They could have used ten discs & it would still rock. Good luck & swing well !!!!!!!!!!!
Buy it and enjoy!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-03-09

Great game, everything you feel it needs, just play the PGA Tour Season mode and you'll feel every cent you spent on it it's worth it, sponsorships... and things like that makes you feel like a real golfer and even if you don't enjoy serious in-depth play there are other modes that even golf-not-likers will enjoy like speed golf.
Very underrated!!!!!
by: samtheburnthurn444    On: 2004-02-21

This is better than nba live NHL whatever and maybe madden. This is about as close to real golf as possible. It gives you that golden tee feeling (that arcade game). It isn't easy which is good. The only set back is if you want to win alot of money you have to play a major tourny which takes about 4-6 hours. But its a great game and you should get it.
Best Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-01-23

This game is best on Game Cube because of the better graghics and controls!! It owns PS2's and XBox's versions!!!!
Best Game
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-01-23

This game is best on Game Cube because of the better graghics and controls!! It owns PS2's and XBox's versions!!!!
Aww, shut up about the discs
by: elawson89    On: 2003-12-31

When I first got this game I had some doubts, because of reviews that said the two discs were a pain. But, each time you need to switch discs takes a total of about 15 seconds, which is totally made up for by the sheer loading speed of game cube. Besides, it's one awesome game, and is actually quite realistic. Be careful though, it's really addictive.
Best golf game to date
by:    On: 2003-12-14

If you ever do anything in your life ignore all other reviews and take note of this one. I have played all the golf games out there and this is by far the very best available. I thought TW 2003 was good but this one is way better. It is very indepth, and just comes short of the real thing. It crushes Mario golf and the other generic golf games out there. If you are planning to get a golf game do not hesitate to pick up this one.

The create a golfer is awesome. You can make one that looks just like you do. There are hundreds of clothes, accessories and equipment for your golfer and all the game modes are fun. Trust me pick this game up even if you don't like golf bscause after playing this you will.

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Best golf game period
by: tjascoonie14    On: 2003-12-01

I just got this game a week ago and it is the tightest golf game this year. I know none of those other golf games would compete with tiger woods like mario golf. But compared to Outlaw golf, it beats the crap out of it. I gave it five stars for a reason because, I can not put this game down. I have played it for at least 24 hours and I know that its a long game, but thats good you get your moneys worth.
The reason I like it better than the Ps2 version is that the gamecube version has such shorter loading times compared to Ps2. But I have to tell the truth if your not interested in golf you would not like this game, or maybe you will who knows. Well anyways its Tigerwoods, get it, garented you will get your moneys worth.
The other reviewers don't have a clue....
by: sensharm    On: 2003-10-25

OK, I've read the other two reviews of this game, and all i have to say is: "put down the bottle of booze and sober up." This game is amazing. I beat 100% of Tiger Woods 2003 and now I'm working on 2004. Sure, there are two discs, but it's not like you have to change them on every hole. for certain courses, you need to put in a different disc. But, in my opinion, this is way better than having to sit through the insane PS2 load times. The game offer not only new courses (which is good enough for me) but also a massive amount of new options. Not only are there options to customize your character down to the jaw structure(!), but you can also play a fulll PGA season for up to 10 years. There are new characters to play against, new courses, new chapionships, and a whole new slew of items for you to buy (shafts, woods, irons, glasses, shoes, etc) to customize and improve your golfer's performance. With all the new choices, I honestly cannot believe that you will be able to finish the game in under 30 hours. This game is amazing. If you played Tiger Woods 2003 and loved it, or if you are simply looking for the #1 golf game to purchase for your Gamecube, buy this. I guarantee you will love this game!
by: ferrari947    On: 2003-10-10

I would suggest you purchase the tiger woods 2003 version instead. The tiger woods 2004 version comes with 2 discs instead of one, and you have to keep switching between them. When you do come to the last person to beat (tiger woods), you play on tiger woods' "dream 18" which means that you have to switch between discs over 5 times to finish 18 holes. You have no idea how annoying that can be. When you play the international tour, every time you play in a new country the disc needs to be switched. The graphics seem to have gown down a bit too! The announcers say a few new things, but gameplay is so easy that you'll beat it in days. I would suggest you stick with tiger woods 2003 instead of spending the big bucks to get the 2004 version. There are just too few improvements.
More than a little disappointed...
by: s-rose4    On: 2003-09-29

Tiger Woods 2004 is much like its predessor (2003): Just way too easy regardless of how one sets up the game. My friend and I got holes-in-one on our first game without even having any noticeable attributes! I mean come-on!! Because of the game's overall easy gameplay, it makes playing it not very exciting. Even with the 2003 version, I had an unskilled friend beat me by getting (count it!!!!!) three holes-in-one in one game!!
Also, this particular version, while having some additional courses, which is a nice attribute, seems to be somehow more amateurish when compared with the previous version. The colors and details are less vivid and the primary announcer is horrible when compared with the announcer from the previous game. Sound effects are terrible as for example the cheesy sound that is heard when the ball goes in the cup.
Overall, a big disappointment. If you want a physics-realistic golf game then get OutLaw Golf. A hole-in-one is hard to come by in that game and thus the game itself is more rewarding in the long run. Just turn off the announcer and music and you've got a great, physics-realistic golf game.

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