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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2
Manufacturer: Ubisoft      
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Ghost recon 2 is the worst game i ever played
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-04-22

this game is soooo bad. When i started this game it was okay but then i noticed that you could tell when the enemies coming because the screen would jump.i also found out your teamates are the worst shots ever. also the only weapon that actually works is the sniper rifle because with every other weapon youll die before you see the enemy which makes this game pretty hard.
the reviewer who talked about pro gamers magazine review is a liar this game stinks
Tom Clancy Went to Lunch...
by: stubroyles    On: 2005-05-28

while he was out, Ubisoft dumped the Gamecube version of this game on the market.

The graphics are interesting, but don't turn when the game decides to put new enemies in the field. The game gets choppy each time certain "enemy addition" points are passed. If you happen to be turning, you will end up looking away from the new guys, getting blown away before you have a chance. The choppiness can drive you nuts.

The guns are highly variable. Three shots directly to the head and the other guy turns and kills you. The sniper rifles are the least accurate of all the guns.

The easiest level is exceptional. Seems like the North Koreans definitely ripped off some excellent optics technology. They can pick you off long before you can see them.

Over all this game is just plain lame. Tom Clancy should be embarrassed.

Ghost Recon 2 not what you would expect
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-05-19

Ghost Recon kicked ass for GC. Recon2, however sucks. You don't have the game play as before; now you can only control one soldier, which sucks. The load time, jeez.... The load time is the worst load load time I've seen since Mortal Kombat 3 first hit SNES.... The load time is horrible....

the controls take some getting used to, but aren't too bad. The lack of expandibility for your soldiers is disappointing...

In closing, this game is okay to rent, but I wouldn't recommend buying it. If, however, you want to buy it, email me, and I'll sell it for $30. I just bought it this week, and haven't played it too much.

If you were looking forward to something simliar to what GR1 offered, you'll be very unpleasantly surprised...


Oh My God What A Change
by: starfox007    On: 2004-09-19

I just recently recieved my newest issue of Gamepro and they previewed several games from Halo 2 to Metroid Prime and Killzone but out of them all I think I was most impressed with the change of Ghost Recon 2. My friend and me liked the first Ghost Recon to a point but the 2 looks to overdue the first in light years. You can choose from over the shoulder view and first person view depending on what you like. The graphics are stunning just as good as Splinter Cells and Halo's. The way it's setup and at how realistic it is really makes you wonder how good this game is going to be. November 2 will find out but until then really im quite impressed and will pick this up along with Metroid Prime 2 and Smackdown Vs Raw. Check this game out at IGN you'll see what I mean.

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