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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon
Manufacturer: Ubi Soft      
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Tom Clancy Has Done It Again
by: g-raptor    On: 2004-12-27

Before I begin, let me tell you, this game is not for any undetermined fighters. True, it is not as good as the XBOX or PS2 versions, but it sure as hell beats the heck out of most fighter games. Ignore the weopons, they stink, but you can beat most shooting games with only a pistol. What I'm saying is: If you don't know how to plan, you'll screw up pretty badly. One more plus, it's perfectly fine for teens (not people younger than that).

The squad you lead is a double or nothing squad. One man down and you feel that you have failed the mission. The excitement and realism is amazing. But remember, if you don't care, you don't win.
Ghost Recon for Gamecube
by: ppa35    On: 2004-06-29

Overall, this is a great game for anyone who likes tactical shooters. It takes a lot of concentration. The weapons are cool, and the levels are cool, too. Multiplayer is the best part. I haven't done any missions yet. The blood aspect isn't really that graphic, Its just a little red on the ground. The guy doesn't even have bllod on him. This game should have been rated "T", but I'm not going to argue about that.
The snipers have congo camo, like in nam. It's really cool. They have a thermal view, too. If you like the run out and shoot em game, get unreal tournament, not this.
Ghost Glitch
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-05-26

Needless to say I won’t ever purchase another Clancy or Uni Soft game. I found the movements in Ghost Recon to be slow and clumsy and about every fourth play the game will freeze up entirely. The “combat” is unrealistic and the weapon systems wholly inaccurate. Very disappointing, but we live and learn. Peace.
Ghost Glitch
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-05-26

Needless to say I wont ever purchase another Clancy or Uni Soft game. I found the movements in Ghost Recon to be slow and clumsy and about every fourth play the game will freeze up entirely. The combat is unrealistic and the weapon systems wholly inaccurate. Very disappointing, but we live and learn. Peace.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-04-24

Oh my god this game is so good. If you don't like this game you should be shot. it is also a great starter game. So if you don't enjoy this game BURN IN HELL
Ghost Recon is the best game. Ever.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-04-16

This has to be the best game ever made. It is by far my favorite. Incredibly realistic graphics (you DO need a high performance video card). With it's unothidox fighting, it is unlike any game you will ever play. It takes an incredible amount of strategy to figure out just how to get through without being killed. Very tedious, with a strong emphasis on patience. You can't just rush in with guns'll get capped in the head long before you ever know there was 1 hostile 200 yards away who knew you were there the whole time. If you think the controls might be will get used to them. After a while they become very natural. For ANYBODY who says this game is easy, I have no idea what they are thinking. Just try it on 'Elite', and with 1 man (what my friend and I do to test our skills)...and you will have a new definition for 'hard'. There is a vast online collection of mods for the game (PC). But I will say, Ghost Recon is definitely not for everyone. It takes dedication. You have to still want to find out how to survive after being killed more times than you can remember. Its for the skilled gamer who knows that precision counts, and in real life there's no such thing as health packs and random ammo clips. I invite you to try it out and see if it's for you, and you may just become one of the few, one of the Ghosts.
good game!
by: chetta257    On: 2003-12-14

I read reviews that said this game was terrible because gamecube did not have online playing for it. Granted playing people online with this type of game would be fun BUT the gamecube version is still great! If you are looking for a really good war game this is it. I like Conflict Desert storm, but this is better...especially for the price! Stealth and Action roled into one, very realistic! You control 2 teams, and able to switch to any player on any team. Have different objectives that teams can complete simultaneously. Graphics are good, and the controls are NOT BAD for the gamecube. The Xbox and PS2 controls are horrible for this game, gamecubes are smooth and easy. Looking for a cheap game that is good, here it is...GHOST RECON!
by: quasarjoebum    On: 2003-12-12

I rented this game for two weeks, and I can tell you that it was really, really bad. The interface was really screwed up, with confusing, unorthodox controls. The zoom and aiming was confusing, and once you were trying to aim, it took a while to detoggle it.
The weapons were monotonous. There was no diversity between them and they all did essentially the same thing.
The graphics were moderate, but still disappointing and sub gamecube quality.
Personally, I think that even Terminator 2 for the SNES was better than this game (in relation to its time, of course). And Terminator 2 was a bad game.
Good game but could have been better
by: sam2k    On: 2003-12-01

Great game. But the graphics were very bad. I like the whole futuristic idea though. The idea of getting badges was good
but I think the bad guys should have been harder and your team mates should have been smarter. What never made sense were those giant globs of gray on the ground. First, what the heck are they? And second, why couldn't you walk over them when they're an inch high? All in all I think it was a good game though.
want a good game?.This is it.
by: rqrealty    On: 2003-11-20

this game is th best game ever
1.extremly realistic.2mush weapons than ever.extremely cool.
This Game is Horrible
by: acave1    On: 2003-09-28

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon looked amazing, the back of the case said improved graphics from the PC version, added things and it would keep you sweating. I beat the game on hard in 4 days. The day after i bought the game i went to my friends house and played Conflict Desert Storm. That game is way better, graphic wise, game wise, and its not EASY. Ghost Recon is not as good as it says it is so i say dont waste your money on it!!
Another Tom Clancy game!
by: sharpshooter88    On: 2003-07-31

Ghost Recon is a great FPS. Here are some pros and cons for you to read.

Intense Single player
Lots of weapons to choose from
15 Missions
Easy Controls
Realistic Gameplay
Awsome multiplayer

Not online with the Gamecube
Only 2 player
Inaccurate machine guns

Well, there are alot more pros than cons. This is just one of the many Tom Clancy Masterpieces. I highly suggest that you purchase this game as soon as possible.

This is it
by: jesusfreak1427    On: 2003-07-18

This has to be the best FPS for GameCube. Naturally, it's a Tom Clancy title.
You commmand a small, six-man squad of Ghosts (specially trained Green Berets that are the first into action and the last out).
Yes, a six-man squad. Not a "platoon". Six guys is small for a squad; a platoon is made up of three or four squads. The use of the word platoon may be the only goof in this game, and it's more of a pet-peeve than anything else.
Your squad is divided into two teams, Alpha and Bravo. You can set waypoints for a team to follow, which comes in handy.
Finally, a story that isn't about terrorists!! Woo-hoo!! It's 2008 and radical Ultranationalists have seized power in Moscow, attempting to rebuild the old Soviet empire. You go in and screw up everything the Ultranationalists are trying to do and finally wind up in Red Square, liberating the people of Russia. Wierd. The U.S. liberating Russia. Weird, or brilliant story-writing?
Unlike the similar GameCube title, "The Sum of All Fears", this game provides a challenge. You have to be careful. If the baddies see you before you see them, you can consider yourself dead. When you open up, you have to be accurate or they'll get you in a matter of seconds. If you're really a bad shot, you have to start worrying about ammo.
You are thoroughly briefed before each mission, and then are able to hand-pick men for your squad whose abilities fit the needs of the mission objectives.
Everything from SAWs to Claymores are at your disposal, and bringing along the proper equipment and placing your teams in strategic locations will win the mission.
I loved the little movies with H-60 variants and tanks and demo charges going off. Fun to watch.
I have my doubts about the "M" rating. Conflict: Desert Storm has a "T" rating and is just as bloody. You can even turn the blood off in this game!! ESRB must've been having an off-day or something when they rated this.
This is an excellent war game, with a fictional but realistic and believable story that will have you at the edge of your seat. I want to see if someone can top this one heck of a game.
Flawed but Fun
by: 12xu12xu    On: 2003-06-01

For a game released in 2003, the graphics are mediocre. Especially the people: at a distance, they are grainy blobs. Up close, they're blocky and awkward looking. The Gamecube is capable of much more, and deserves better work from Ubi Soft. And the AI is really as bad as people have said.

But despite those problems, Ghost Recon is still a fun game. It's different from Medal of Honor, where you're on your own for most levels. In Ghost Recon, it really is about the squad, and using a variety of resources to complete a mission. You can select different soldiers for different missions, give them different weapons etc.

Ghost Recon is not a great game, but realistic FPS's are hard to come-by for the Gamecube, and you could do worse.

Fire for effect!
by: huskerstj2    On: 2003-05-26

Finally, a game for somebody who enjoys a bit of strategy and thought. As an ex-military person, I would recommend this game as one of the most accurate depictions of what it's like to be an infantry soldier in today's military. The weapons are perfect and accurate, such as the Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW), the tactics are real, and the action is intense. If you've ever wondered what commanding a squad of six soldiers would be like, this is your chance.

You have the ability to switch from soldier to soldier in order to utilize the different loads and weapons that each soldier is carrying. You can set way points and assign your men to do various actions.

Like I said before, this game is by far one of the top five that exists on the Gamecube platform today. It may be a bit pricey, but it's worth every penny!

Airborne all the way!

Not the best FPS available.
by: charliekkkk    On: 2003-04-27

GHOST RECON manages to keep a pretty even pace with its only competition, CONFLICT: DESERT STORM. You manage a squad of four soldiers, and all of them must stay alive. Unlike CONFLICT: DESERT STORM, all of the missions are pretty similar.

Mulitplayer is good for split-screen, but there is no online play. If you want to play online, buy SOCOM on PS2. Split-screen multiplayer is actually pretty good here; better than MEDAL OF HONOR: FRONTLINE or CONFLICT: DESERT STORM.

Single player is just not as exciting. MEDAL OF HONOR has an awesome single-player experience, but if you own that, check out THE SUM OF ALL FEARS, SPLINTER CELL, or the upcoming RAINBOW SIX 3. Graphics are behind those of RED FACTION II or SPLINTER CELL.

In the end, GHOST RECON is not a bad game, but there are better games available.

Ghost recon
by: jeanbellm    On: 2003-03-22

I think this was a 4 and 1/2

the graphics where good good gameplay good 2 player co-op and good snigle play but over its not as good as the pc version i recommend it 4 the pc

Develop Strategies
by: casmyers    On: 2003-03-20

I do not consider myself to be a serious game player. However, I do enjoy playing this game a lot. First, the emphasis is on developing and implementing strategies, rather than just randomly running around shooting or blowing up things. For example, as a goal I try to accomplish the tatical missions while minimizing the casualities of my squad(s). In real life, losing 5 men to save a pilot would not be considered a successful mission. The game seems much more realistic that way. Moreover, Ghost Recon could be considered more of a combat simulator than a video game.

The missions are challenging and realistic. The game controls are a bit ackward, and I still make mistakes even though I'm fairly familiar with most of the actions. I haven't quite figured out to strategically use the map and Rules Of Engagement to its fullest. I am unsure if the fault is with me or the game.

Overall, I would recommend this game to anyone who wants to learn tatical combat strategies. It allows you to practice different roles in each mission (leader, support, demolitions, and my fave, the sniper). This may not be the game for you if you like shooting and blowing up things with as much carnage as possible. This is more of a strategy game that has plenty of action and firefights, but you must be patient and plan if you want yourself and your brothers at arms to survive.

The artificial intelligence is good, and not too predictable. However, you may be wiped out if you let your guard down thinking that you know the scenerio. The game also seems to emphasize eliminating all opposition in order to win, which takes from its realisim to a certain extent. For example, you simply do not rescue and guide the pilot to the extraction zone, but you must kill all enemies to complete the mission.

A well-executed game that rewards thinking
by: funlibertarian    On: 2003-02-27

Finally, a first-person shooter that requires strategy and forethought. This is one of my favorite games for the Gamecube. As another reviewer pointed out, this game will appeal to people who like the James Bond series of games, but is superior in every way.

The Gamecube version of this game does not have online multiplayer capabilities, a significant drawback compared to the Xbox version. It still gets 4 stars from me because the single-player game is so deep and so much fun, I never notice the lack of online capabilities. The A.I. of your squad members and of the enemies is intelligent and sophisticated, and requires real strategy from you to get missions accomplished. Also appreciated is the realism of combat - one wrong move and you're dead. No unrealistic "health meters" in this game, and no flashing hearts lying around to restore health. Either you survive or you don't, which introduces a level of excitement to completing a mission that I didn't even know was missing from other games until I played Ghost Recon.

This game sounds remarkable in a surround-sound setup, and since the game is designed so that you need to know if someone is sneaking up behind you, surround-sound can actually enhance your gameplay. This game comes most highly recommended.

The best army game ever created!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-01-18

This game has good environments and good graphics.If you buy it you wont regret it.It also a good game to play with your friends.Its the best [money] you will ever spent .
the best game
by: ghudson43    On: 2002-12-28

i like this game so much i went and bought ten for friends of my. the game is so cool you look for all the bad guys and just shoot them all so if you want a game that has action and adventure get this one dont get any of the james bond.
Solid Game -- Highly Recommended!!
by: roller_coaster    On: 2002-11-19

(Note: This review is based on the Xbox version, but I have not included any Xbox-specific features.)

Ghost Recon is a welcome break from death match, you-must-be-on-speed-to-keep-up type games. Instead of pulling a trigger and running around until you kill someone, this game forces you to develop detailed strategies to accomplish your tasks. The action you do encounter (and there is plenty) is intensified by the fact the stakes are much higher -- a couple of bullets or a well-placed grenade takes you out of the game. This forces you to develop a properly planned and well executed course of action.

The game is squad based. During single player mode, you play one of six soldiers and can switch between them at any time. Your player leads one squad of three, and you set a course of action for the other squad which is controlled by AI. As you complete missions and tasks, you unlock addition items such as new soldiers to choose from. Surviving missions also increases soldier skill.

Ghost Recon has significant replay value. It has 15 levels and 50 different tasks to complete, but because there are so many strategies that can be used to complete a level, they can be played numerous times with the same enjoyment level. Of course, on-line play adds tremendous replay and excitement.

In my opinion, the mark of a good game is how quickly time slips by while you are playing. Time after time I have intended to wrap up in 10 minutes only to find that an hour has passed. This is a fantastic game.

I do have a few complaints. The graphics are generally good, but can be on the choppy side at times. I have also experienced instances where the AI squad didn't do what I had mapped out. But, for the most part, the game is a welcome addition to my game library.

For Gamecube? Really?
by: flagsitta101    On: 2002-10-31

When I first saw the Ghost Recon game for Gamecube on Amazon, I was excited, but also skeptical. I realize that writing a "review" for a game that I know nothing about at the moment is stupid, I can't help but hope that it does come out. Gamespot, IGN, and EGM all contradict the release of this game for the Cube; but Epinions, EB games, and of course, Amazon all show that the release of this game is indeed quite realistic. I can't wait to play the game of the year on my console for even more fun gameplay. It would certainly be heartbreaking if the game failed to come out. *fingers crossed*

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