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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
Manufacturer: Ubisoft      
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AWSOME GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-08-22

This is the best game i have ever played!!!! I played it at my friends house an was hooked. I played it till the sun rose the next morning!! this game is not really hard, but sometimes it gets a little hard to find the route to the end. overall, this game is wicked awesome. i would buy it, but i've got to wait for my b-day. on my list, this game is second only to Halo 2.
My Favorite Game
by: dvd-pro    On: 2005-07-26

I bought this game having never played it. So i poped it in my g-cube and i was hooked. I couldent stop playing it. It is so fun to sneak around and completing secret missions. Not like other action games that are very easy this game is on the challenging side.

Sam Fisher is asecret agent who is famous for his stealthy moves. Sam is called back in after two adgents go missing in Gorgia. Get ready to be thrown into a action packed wirlwind adventure, which will take you all over the world as Sam Fisher. You will love this game.

Sam is voiced by the famous Micheal Ironside, who brings a cool vibe to the charecter. For being made in 2002 the graphics are amazingly good. I would reccomend any game from this series to anyone also.
very much fun and challenging
by: crazycolb    On: 2005-01-10

its a lot of fun except for one thing doing the same part over and over and over and over and over and that kinda gets annoying but other than that great graphics cool gadgets and lots of choices on how your gonna kill someone.shock, explode,pop one in his head,sand bags,wack or just get killed by him.

oh yeah and something else thats really funny on the last level presidental palace when you knock out the first guy grab his body and go as close as you can to the cliffs edge and hit "R"
and youll pull out your gun and his body will fall off the cliff which is really funny to watch so enjoy
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-29

I don't own this game, but I borrowed it from someone and I never gave it back. I love it, which means you will love it, because everything I like is good.
One of the best games I ever played!
by: flaviadietrich    On: 2004-05-19

Splinter Cell is awesome! It has great graphics, kick-butt stealth tactics, and blow your-mind-off weapons! You can move in the shadows so no one can see you, you can pick up bodies, you can hack into computers, and use lethal or non-lethal force!
If you like strategy and/or stealth games, you'll love this! If you like an all out war, do not get this game! The story line is great but it could be longer. Still, the leves are long so it will keep you busy! There is a hard mode and normal mode. I suggest playing in hard mode. Normal mode is easy. Now, a message to all people who think that all shooters have to be 1st person:Splinter Cell is better in 3rd person! After you beat this on normal and hard mode, get Splinter Cell:Pandora Tomorrow!
One of my all time favorites!
by: rx3mill18    On: 2004-03-17

I received this game as a free gift for buying the Prince of Persia. I ended up enjoying Splinter Cell much more than the $50 game I payed for. The graphics are well done and the game play is excellent.

You are Sam Fisher, an under cover agent who leaves no trace of his existence. You carry two armed weapons, a SC Pistol and the SC-20K M.A.W.S. The SC-20K will be used in the later missions of the game. You have a 3rd person view and can interact with all of your surroundings. You hide to existing shadows or create your own (shoot out the lights) and take out your opponets one by one in a stealth fashion.

The graphics could improve slightly. The shadows seem very light even though your stealth gauge tells you are nearly invisible to enemy eyes. The AI intelligence is limited also. They may walk right past you in the dark even though they are looking right at you. They also give up their search for you after 30 seconds to a minute if they can't find you, even though one of their comrades was just shot in the head.

I used to hate stealth games because they were very frustrating and you had no defense to enemies, but Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell brings a whole new light to working undercover.

I suggest to play the game in hard mode, even for your first try, because the game is relatively easy in the other level of difficulty, normal. I was hooked after 20 minutes of playing the game and have no intent on trading the game in.

by: Anonymous    On: 2004-01-02

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This game is great. I am totally addicted to it. In how many games do you get to sneek up behind people and put them in a chokehold with a gun to their head and force them to do things that you want them to do? How many games are so challenging that if you get heard walking around, you get shot?
Clancy Moves to Video Games
by: dwild0ne    On: 2003-12-29

I've been a huge Tom Clancy fan from reading his books. This video game is essentially an interactive look into one of them. All the great characteristics of his books, the complex storylines, the character development, the sweet technology, can be found in Splinter Cell. I'm normally wary about these type of games; they're normally hit or miss with me (e.g. I loved Hitman, but wasn't a big fan of Enter the Matrix). This game, however, hit it big. Rather than being just another shooting game where you run at people with guns raised, this game relies on stealth and patience to get the job done. If you're a fan of this genre of video games, I guarantee that you'll enjoy this one. I'm looking forward to the next installment. Hope this helps with your decision . . . .
by: scarletaka    On: 2003-12-14

This game changed the way I look at Video games. I love Video Games, but I'm not the most skilled player. This game however even allowed someone like me to enjoy game play. If I got to a part I couldn't pass I'd just set it aside for a day or two come back and work through it. This is a game that made me want to try again.
What is great is that everything come together with this game. The graphics, acting and game itself all work together to give you the ultimate gaming experience. I have never been into these type of games but Splinter Cell keeps me coming back for more and now I eagerly await the sequel. I only hope it is as well put together as Splinter Cell and hope they keep the same actor playing as Sam he does a great job!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-12-05

i had just bought this game and started playing it and right off i knew this was the most realistic game ive ever played. again with the differeces between the shadows and the light. and sneaking up on people and grabbing them makes it even more realistic and fun.this game is even better then grand theft auto 3 and vice city ill be looking for more games from tom clancy
Splinter Cell Rocks
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-11-19

This must be one of the best games ever. You have the ability to sneak into shadows and even to use people as human shields. I really liked this game and got hooked on istantly. Its not to hard but at the same time challenging.
Its must be the best game ever until Splinter Cell 2 comes out. Theres so many things you can do. You can have Heat vision and night vision. You have lots of cool gadgets like the fiber optic cable the explosive lock pick and so on. When you get the big gun you can equip it with sticky shockers or sticky camers and even airfoil rings used to nock out people. This is a great game if you enjoy long suspenful (sometimes boring) games this one is yours.
Ubi Soft takes gaming to a new level
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-11-19

An excellent game crated by Ubi Soft, splinter cell combines Bond-style gadgets with realistic gameplay for a game that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Gameplay- smooth gameplay allows you to easily perform standard motions, (i.e. jumping, crouching, shooting) while allowing you to master more complex functions easily, like sneaking across broken glass quietly, or rolling past an enemy guard undetected.

Graphics- some of the best graphics ever on gamecube, though vision while using infrared goggles is a bit blurry. Also, arguably the best part of the game, you can "hide" in shadows even if you are less tan five feet of a person.

Sound- Outstanding! The makers at Ubi Soft capture everything from guards talking to dogs barking to boards creaking. Sam Fisher is funny at times, while guards say a variety of things, not just monotonic one-liners.

Difficulty- NOT A GAME FOR BEGINNERS! Severely difficult. At some points you may get frustrated with the game, and more times than one you have to use the guess and check method. Don't worry, though, there is more than one route you can take to beat a level.

Length- Very lengthy so you'll be sure not to have beaten it for quite some time.

*A few notes*

For those who do not like games with bad language, there IS swearing, but nothing worse than the d-word.

VERY Suspenseful- not for the faint of heart

Although there is no blood, there ARE people that die and there is talk of several U.S. soldiers getting executed

No multiplayer or co-op mode.

Overall- a great game, definitly worth buying. (Don't rent, you won't have time to beat it.)

by: slowdarkness9    On: 2003-11-11

I got a demo disc for my gamecube not to long ago that had splinter cell on it as one of the playable games...i put it but because the demo disc doesn't have the training level like the full version does i was TERRIBLE at it and the game was EXTREAMLY HARD!! i started to become bored with it after a while but i was determined to at least beat the i kept on playing over and over again and began to get better and better and better at it until i finally beat the darn demo. Now that i'm sooo good at it it's SOOOOOOOOO FREEKIN FUN!!!! I've been playing the demo OVER AND OVER AND OVER again!! I've probably beaten the demo at least 20 times!! I'm not gettin the least bit sick of it and all i'm playing is the one level on the demo disc!!! I'm definitly going to get the full version ASAP!!!! This is definitly a MUST HAVE!!! If for some reason you become retarded and you don't want to get the game then u need to AT LEAST rent the game so you can see how stupid you are for not buying it!!! This game is completely about stealth. Everything about the game is soo realistic and the AI is AMAZING!!!! If you go to, u can see some clips and pics from the game! GET THIS GAME!!!
The Best Gamecube Game Ever!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-11-09

Splinter Cell is the best game ever for gamecube because.....
1. The Graphics are awsome
2. Realife sounds includeing shots,effects and conversations
3. Good cut secnes (best one is the end of the klaitex building)
4. Only two guns to use but one has great attachments like sticky shocker, sticky camera, diverson camera, smoke grenade and ring airfoil round on the gun you get in the CIA mission
5. Great gadgets like Lock pick, Optic cable, Camera jammer and the Micro listener.
6. three visons like Regluar vison, Night vison, Heat vison.
7. Very easy to become invisable by the darkness and night.
8. And finally awsome martial-art stealth moves (my fav is the spilt jump = where you jump up between two walls and stay up there by your legs pushing against the walls. That is why this game is the best and please make your son or daughter happy by buying it for them :)
Great game
by: mdizzog    On: 2003-10-15

I found the levels to be some of the best tom clancy stuff yet. I mean, rainbow six has some intricate ones, but not like this. The levels are all beautiful.

The lighting is the best thing. Real time shadows and lights make the game seem incredibly real. The stealth is awesome, because it is new. Like there aren't many stealth games, but stealth games are great.

The stealth techniques are vast. I mean, u don't need half of them, but they are fun to use. You can also hold a guy and like shoot another guy, which is kinda like metal gear solid 2 except with the shooting. I just enjoyed sneakin though, which is always fun.

The problems? When you are in the dark, those 3 dots for night vision are always glowing, and for some reason the badguys don't see the dots. I don't know how the creators missed this, but it was pretty stupid of them. Also, the gun selection is extremely small. 2 guns basically, some different bullets for the main machine big gun thingy yea yo. But all in all, it doesn't make the game bad.

In fact, the game is even more realistic. I love how when in rainbow six, any weapons you use are actually on your body. If you are holding your shotgun, your pistol is actually in its holster, and so forth. This game does that too, and does a great job of making the spy world seem easy.

Splinter Cell review
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-09-28

I totally love this game the graphics are awesome its challenging
and its way better then James Bond 007 its got awesome gagets like stealth action grapple hook tons of guns and a scope. As I said it is challenging I am stuck on this helecopter level were you have to shoot down a helecopter its really cool tons of people come in and you have to try and shoot them then you ahve to shoot down this helecopeter so... If your going to get James Bond think again Get Splinter Cell
Best Game I Have Ever Played!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-09-20

This game is incredible!!!! It combines all elements of gameplay, good music, graphics, sound and storyline, and immerse and intense gameplay. The graphics are real great because you can move around from a completely shadowy area and into a completely light are which makes the game's graphics incredible. The story is also amazing and it is a very difficult game to complete. If you are going to beat this game you will need: a sharp ear, sharp site, and strategy on how to get past your opponents wisely and unnoticably.
Don't rent this game, buy it!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-09-18

I would give this game 10/5 if I could this game is so great. The only glitch in the whole game is if you pick up a body and drop it on stairs it while sink through them a bit. This has got to be the most realistic game of all time for the 5 main following reasons.
1. When you watch any movie it looks like real life
2. You can do all sorts of amazing moves like dropping from ceilings on to baddies.
3. If you run through veils or paper it goes over your head, you don't just go through them.
4. So what if it's a bit hard, do you think real spying is any easier?
5.The bodies don't just disappear ten seconds after you shoot them they stay for ever.
Also for all those moms worrying about there kids seeing blood and gore, there is not one drop of blood or gore even though it says there is. The only thing James Bond games have over this is the catchy music. Make this a game to add to your console library.
very good game
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-08-27

This game is really good.
the graphics are good and the stealth implementation is great.
i think most of the people who dont like this game were looking for action and more killing people.
But if u want stealth then this game is really great.
almost as good as metal gear
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-08-05

Boy i tell you don't listen that kid who gave this game a one star this game is great the only bad thing is there's no blood it would be cool if their was blood like in mgs2 and the graphics aren't as good as mgs2 but boy i rarly spend over an hour playing games but this i spent about 2 hours one while renting it and now gamecube owners and ps2 owners can enjoy this wonderful game. Rent it first because i had for three days so far and i'm almost halfway through the game and i plan to beat it.
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-06-18

Everyone and anyone, do not not rent or bye the this game. It may sound good, look good, bot it is not. If you have anything that at all resembles intelligence, you eill not get this game. The sound is terrible, weapons are unrealistic, and it is just plain boring.
Stealth Action Redifined
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-06-14

Now, If you are the kind of James Bond shoot'em and get shot a thousand times and barely loose health, and those are the only kind of games you have,and ever will have in you collection. Then I suggest you rent before you buy. Anyways, I give this game fives stars for a whole...load of resons but I'll keep it nice and simple for you. 1: The replay value is very good, I prefer hard because it is more realistic. Speaking of realisum, This game is infact one of the most realistic games I've ever played, for example: you have alternate methods of taking care of youre enimies than just shooting them in the head. you can shoot a device called a sticky shocker, wich upon impact releases electricity, if you shot that in a puddel of water you can take down 1,2,3 birds with one sticky shocker,"hypothetically speaking" Reason 2: The split jump. if you are in a tall, narrow hall you can jump on the wall, thrust both legs to either side and suspend youreself and get a good drop on enimies. Resaon 3: Grafics. I would give the grafics a
4-5, the people look smooth and have clear expressions. But Whait! I'd also like to clear something up, On the label where it says Teen, it says: Blood Gore & Violence, well, thats a bunch a bull. For all you poor kids out there whos mothers would not let you have such a horrific game: No worries mother, its just pure clean fun. Not that I had that trouble, that was just for poor E rated kids. That sums it up, now go play some Splinter Cell.
the best game ever made!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-06-12

the best game ever made. i've spend like 12 hours playing this game and i never get tired of it. it has the best suspence, i know its a little bit hard but if it was easy it wasnt fun. the best graphics, the best suspence, the best movie clips, best gadgets and wepons. in resume the best game of the year!
Dont have it, but when I get i, ill write another one
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-05-30

Now, ive played a little of the game demo for XBOX. I want this for both systems: XBOX, & Nintendo GameCube. Now, they should make Splinter Cell 2. Their workin on Splinter Cell: Pandora Tommorrow thoh. I wanna check this out. & when ill get it, Ill write anotha review.
This is one of the best games available on the Gamecube!
by: huskerstj2    On: 2003-05-26

This is perhaps the best game available on the Gamecube platform. The graphics are intense, the action is incredible, and the challenge is second to none. A great feature to this game is the challenge to remain unseen. This is the first game where shooting out a light bulb is more advantageous than shooting someone. The game stresses your ability to remain unseen. If you enjoy the stories written by Tom Clancy, then you will enjoy placing yourself into this adventure. Worth every penny!
Splinter Cell - Hard, Fun, But Not Great
by: horror_maniac    On: 2003-05-18

Splinter Cell looked like an enhanced Metal Gear Solid for me, before I've played it... And that's not quite it..
You're Sam Fisher, hired for the CIA. You can kill, spy, do whatever you want, but if you get caught, the American Government will deny your existence.
- Graphics: The shadows are pretty good, the scenaries are nice too, the visors look like Metroid Prime's, but the graphics cannot be compared to Resident Evil Zero, Resident Evil and Metroid Prime for the GameCube. But it's not bad, definetly...
- Sound: The voice acting is OK, the sound overall isn't the best ever, but it's not bad. You just don't notice that... But it makes you nervous, happy or whatever that's up to that situation...
- Fun: The game is fun because you have to be very stealthy, throw objects to make guards look confused.. It's like Metal Gear Solid, but with different elements of stealth.
- Educative: You kill terrorists, right? You're working for a good cause... If you kill any civilians, the missions are over.
Overall, it's cool, but not a great game. Just rent it, unless you really like games like Metal Gear Solid. The replay value isn't that great because once you beat it there aren't so much extras.... And the game is really hard too...
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-05-17

I wake up every mourning to smell the nice smell of Sam snesking around and killing people. This Game is off ihe hook!
master piece
by: trellik3    On: 2003-05-15

This is the kind of game you dream about!! sneaking into the most heavily gaurded places in the world, completly fool hundreds of guys, this game is amazing. Theres no more just walking around amlisly firing machine guns. Instead of opening doors you can hide your camera under it to see if anyones in there. Instead of just blowing some guy away and get shot in the process, you can grab onto the ceiling then drop down and put him in a choke hold. You can really put your guy in the exact posision you want him. Theres so many great things in this game. heat vision goggles, sniper rifles, string cameras, toxic darts, whatever you could imagine. Don't hesitate to get this game, you wont be dissapointed.
Hard, But Fun
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-05-10

This game is awesome! (even though i am still on the 3rd level.) I bought this game and was a little frusterated in the start because i was making stupid mistakes. In this game you really have to look around very closely and use your gun as a last resort, because they provide limited ammo throughout the level. I am a fan of tradition rainbow6 games and i thought this game was totally different, but still fun. it brings a whole new concept into the tom clancy world...
Best Game Ever (except for nba v2.)
by: smithfalls    On: 2003-05-09

Combining the stealth, tactics, and action popularized in both the Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon franchises, Splinter Cell represents a new Tom Clancy series featuring a single character instead of the team-oriented play found in Red Storm's successful squad-based shooter games. The title alludes to the secret organization players are part of, an offshoot of the NSA called Third Echelon, whose members rigorously serve to protect America using whatever means necessary.

Players embark on a series of ten missions to eliminate potential security threats by covertly infiltrating and destroying the data and communications critical to cyber-terrorist operations. The lead character, Sam Fisher, must conduct his missions without being detected, or risk being disavowed by his agency and left to his own devices. A key feature in the game is a horizontal stealth meter, which changes according to Fisher's overall visibility within a level. Players must stick close to shadows, avoid light, and move silently or else patrolling guards will sound the alarms and attack.

For the GameCube version, the developers made use of the console�s connectivity feature with the Game Boy Advance. When players connect the handheld to the GameCube, they can view an OPSAT map of their surroundings as well as activate items such as computers, weapons, and wall mines from remote control. The handheld otherwise functions like the PDA found in both the PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions without the need to access its features via separate menu screens. In addition, players can unlock five missions for Splinter Cell on Game Boy Advance as well as reveal an exclusive weapon for GameCube: the sticky bomb.

Each mission begins with a cut-scene detailing the story in a CNN-like news report. Players will receive their objectives via voice communication during the game and can refer to their wrist-mounted Palm computer for notes and details on their mission. Data such as door codes can be downloaded from terminals located within the region or on guards, and additional gadgets such as sticky cameras, gas grenades, lock picks, laser microphones, a night vision headset, and wall mines can be used to help. More items are available for specific missions, which range from infiltrating the CIA to exploring a police station, Chinese Embassy, Georgian Defense Ministry, and more.
J. Smith

splinter cell
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-05-06

The only thing i really like about this game is killing bad guys.Splinter cell was way too hard and hard games are really really boring.
stealthy,but hard
by: jjjshana    On: 2003-05-03

buy it.thats all i have to say.if u have alot of free time and love stealthyness buy is pretty hard though but that doesent take away from its funness(word?or not?).it does take alot of shots to take down a guard,but there r so many cool moves that sam fisher does to make the game me this is better than rainbow 6.(u have alot more life than just one shot.
New features
by: justinpierce2000    On: 2003-05-02

This is a great game. More features that surpasses the xbox version. The gamecube version has the game boy advance hook up, where you can use it as a overhead radar, to set off certain weapons, to use the gameboy screen as an extra camara, and to get the sticky bomb that is only for the gamecube version. More cut scenes that do a better job of moving the story along. Frame rates ar as good or some times better than the Xbox. With all these new features it is a worthy game of picking up.
An absolute must-buy!
by: charliekkkk    On: 2003-04-27

Splinter Cell was one of the biggest titles of last year, for the Xbox. It is now on Gamecube, and this is easily the best version yet. Graphics are the best yet on Gamecube, and look just as good as the Xbox version. The stealth gameplay is unparallelled on Gamecube, matched only by PS2's METAL GEAR SOLID 2: SUBSTANCE. You can hook it up to the Game Boy Advance to use it's screen as a radar, and get five bonus missions in the GBA version. This game is a must-buy.
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-04-27

O.k how do I get started. oh yeah. This game is a very good spionage game. It realy puts you in the Tom Clancy world, like in the books Tom Clancy puts you in a world of spionage, war and suspence. The game will keep you guessing until you finish it.
So in an overal I rate it like this:
Graphics:10outof10. Awesome graphics realy cool and realistic
Sound.9outof10. Can't say I love videogame sounds that much but I can make an exeption.
Gameplay. Wicked awesome.
Parent thought. A very O.K game for teens but certianly not for 6 year olds........ to violent
raccoon thought. Kicks serious hiney.
Finally my thoughts.
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-04-27

...This game is a very good spionage game. It realy puts you in the Tom Clancy world, like in the books Tom Clancy puts you in a world of spionage, war and suspence. The game will keep you guessing until you finish it. So in an overal I rate it like this:
Graphics:10outof10. Awesome graphics realy cool and realistic
Sound.9outof10. Can't say I love videogame sounds that much but I can make an exeption.
Gameplay. Wicked awesome.
Parent thought. A very O.K game for teens but certianly not for 6 year violent
Finally my thoughts...a serious A+
The most fun you can have playing with yourself
by: fenrisbooks    On: 2003-04-25

I rented this game because I was never much of a fan of the Rainbow Six series but people told me this game was good. They weren't wrong, this game is fantastic. Along the same lines as other sneak titles like Hitman and Thief, this game requires the player rely on stealth more than firepower. However, that isn't to say that it doesn't have its splendid moments of gratifying carnage. Let me put it into bulletpoints.
1) This game has some of the best AI I have ever seen in a game. The enemy actively searches you out and is excellent at taking cover and even at pinning you down. It even has the enemy work as a team at times - which can be frustrating yes, but always fun.
2) Graphics are top notch. I really can't emphasize this enough. I'm still astounded by the amount of care that went into designing this game.
3) There are so many ways to dispatch with your enemy - take your pick. Grenades, bullets, sniper rifle, various stun weapons, even a bottle to the head. There is definite replayability here.
4) Cool, cool gadgets. Including a nice pair of night vision goggles with an infared setting.
5) Decent cutscenes - they could have been better
6) The fact that you can take the enemy hostage and use him as a human shield was a definite plus.
7) Challenging, but not impossible. I usually end up getting frustrated and cheat with most games. Not the case here. The learning curve is perfect - always a challenge, but I never threw down my controller in disgust (okay, maybe once).
8) Convenient save points prevent you from getting too far and then dying - so you never need to restart from the beginning of a level. Best of all, its automatic.
While the game has its frustrations - sometimes mission objectives can be a bit muddy and there are levels where you can't kill anyone (including a super cool level in which you break into the CIA) forcing you to rely on arguably less entertaining non-lethal methods of dispatching with your foe - overall this is a solid game worth every gaming penny that you might spend. Although I finished the game in a little over a week of solid play, I will most likely buy it in the near future. I'm sure it will only get better the second time through.
A Great Leap Forward in Hi-Fidelity Simulation
by: rpmzmxc    On: 2003-04-23

Words simply can not do justice to this game. These are the most life-like graphics I have seen in any video game EVER. The camera control is perfect and unlike many other games is a very useful tool. Michael Ironside's voicework and incredible artwork make Sam Fisher the coolest special ops character I have seen. Amazing control and super-cool maneuvers which I will not spoil for you here. The cut scenes are absolutely first class and the extra features are entertaining.

Simply put-this game raises the bar for the videogame industry. You can read the other reviews for some more details and minor critiques but I would not hesitate for a second to reccommend this game. This is the best of the best. Enjoy!

quality stealth game
by: falcodude11    On: 2003-04-20

This game is like no isnt like bond or GTA3 or anything like that. the shadow is your weapon. it really gives you a new perspective from all of the other a sense its not really a shooter, its more covert ops recon. If you want a game that just goes in and blows everyones brains out then this isnt the game you want. If u want a new perspective to action gaming then get this game. It's well worth your time
Great stealth game
by: i-ball-u    On: 2003-04-18

This is a great game if you would rather sneak around than shoot everyone you see. Graphics are awsome, so is the sound. The best is what you can do. You have sooo much control of your character. You can do anything you can think of.

Overall, I say:

Graphics - 4.5
Sound - 4
Gameplay - 4.5
Fun - 5
Overall - 4.7

Very Nice Game
by: kanefreak2004    On: 2003-04-12

I was hesitating on buying this game at first, but when I finally did I was very amazed. First off graphics there just as good if not better then the Xbox version. They made them more easier to navigate around in and make it more stealthy. Sound crisp loud or silent weapons are perfectly done. The game has more cut scenes then the Xbox version and the game has more gameplay to tell the story of Sam Fischer. I really shouldn't have hesitated on this because it is a very good well setup game. This is definetly better then Metal Gear Solid and is the best stealth game so far I have seen made. Trust me it is a nice setup game.
Splinter Cell is a MUST!!
by: the_voice    On: 2003-04-08

First of all, let me tell you that this game is based on a Tom Clancy's written novel. He usually writes books related to terrorism, like The Sum of all Fears. Enough about the author. The game is just great! Its about a spy sort of guy name Sam Fisher who has to accomplish tons of missions. All the game is based on stealth, which means you have to do things quietly and without being watched by anyone. The variety of weapons are excellent, plus the items you use are incredible. One of the most interesting things about this title is that you don't have to kill the bad guys to accomplish your objectives, you can just knock them out and hide them. The game is pretty frustrating at times, like when a camera discovers you, you loose the mission. There is only one little problem with this amazing title, and that is its replay value. It is absolutely a game to play once, it has no new options of coming again and play it. Basically, once complete the game, your done with the title (no multiplayer, no extra missions, no new weapons, no new characters,etc.). Overall, the game is a must for any gamer. And Tom Clancy fans, don't think twice before getting this!
The hype is justified!
by: roller_coaster    On: 2003-04-08

I am always suspicious of an overly-hyped game, but Splinter Cell left nothing to be disappointed about. If this is a taste of what's down the road for video games, I'll have to quit my job! The graphics are super, game play and sound awesome, and the implementation of the stealth concept is powerfully convincing.

I have only three minor issues with the game. The first is that it takes a bit to get the controls down. Not a big deal, just a forewarning. What really bugged me was that pistol aiming was too slow. The number of bullets it took to put someone down was also on the unrealistically high side. You could be right over someone and shoot him in the back of the head, and it still would take a couple shots.

These minor flaws aside, the game if simply awesome!

by: johnbrennan1    On: 2003-03-29

I cant believe how great this game is its soo cool
If your wondering i played it for X-Box and i loved it.
i was so glad to hear it was comming out for Game Cube.
Splinter Cell
by: cbass138    On: 2003-03-11

Splinter cell has the greatest graphics of any other GameCube game in the world. All the levels are intense. You get to pick locks yourself! Go Splinter Cell!
by: emmitt_22    On: 2003-01-28

First, let me tell you that i am a big rainbow six fan. also, i played metal gear solid (the newest one) and it was one of the funnest games. i know their stories are completely seperate, but the gameplay is a lot of the same. sneaking around and just doing cleaver things to complete the mission. i was going to get this for my pc, but i will have to choose now. throwing in great graphics in these games make them that much enjoyable. everybody knows that now a days graphics can make or break a game (like need for speed 2 for gc, horrible), anyways this game is going to look great. the x box version looks great and i'm sure this version will too. can't hardly wait.
Splinter Cell Gamecube
by: 4x4evo    On: 2003-01-10

I played this game on Xbox and it was a nice looking stealthy game. I am one of those people who like taking my time on a level and getting a 100 in stealth rating. I loved this game because it did just that. The whole game offered alot and the weapons were pretty cool.If you liked Metal Gear Solid you will love this.
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-01-04

Amazing graphics. Cool spying.the killing and fighting is amazing.Its a one player game. Your a spy trying to stop the bad guys.I would play this all day long.

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