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A Sleeper Hit That Will Never See A Sequel
by: ravereviews    On: 2006-03-27

VEXX is a great a game. It rivals any of the action/adventure platform mascots to Jak/Sly/ & Mario. Unfortunately this 4 year old game that came out back in 2002 didn't seem to receive the attention it deserved. No game is ever perfect and this game has its minor flaws. It's also beautifully constructed & there are other games that came out the same year & their visuals never looked as beautiful as this game. Give it a try. At this point it's most likely under 20 bucks and a few retailers still carry this title. It's such a shame and most likely Akklaim Studios won't be making a sequel to this game. Give it a try & you will love it as much as I do.
This is for hardcore platform gamers!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-08-06

Vexx is bad to the bone! And those claws are pimpin'! The game may be a little tough, but when you beat it you know you're an awesome gamer. And fighting a gigantic, fat sumo wrestler, how awesome is that. Vexx's moves are totally sweet! If you think it's too tough, whine to yourself! Don't scare off serious platform gamers.
Loved it.... but
by: simbian    On: 2004-05-12

This is a good game.... good world design, good graffics, but best of all is the aggressive undertones... Vexx is like Mario meets Wolverine... I love the claws, the look and the attitude.

All things concidered though... Amazon is asking $60 Canadian and I got this game at Zellers for $20 Canadian plus tax.

Beautiful but absurdly difficult
by: civvtec    On: 2004-04-23

I love 3rd person games with characters that are cute, but not TOO cute, and offer beautiful environments and inventive play. Vexx is very much that. Maybe not as much so as Starfox Adventures (my all time favorite game), but hey, nobody's perfect.

Problem is, this game is simply too hard. Many serious gamers will see this as a challenge (as I'm sure the author of the walkthrough I have did), but there are limits. Vexx seriously oversteps those limits.

The many environments of play are beautifully done, from the interior of a giant's den (you gotta love romping through grandfather clocks, grand pianos, and bouncing on sofa cushions), to a weird, darkened netherworld where the surfaces move like organic smoke, to pretty Aztec-ish cities and frozen landscapes.

Two things really kill this game dead, though. One is the enormously frustrating camera, which often forces bad perspectives on you that you can't override. And, again, many tasks are just ridiculously hard. Some just go on and on and on and on and on. Get bored or rushed and make one small mistake, and you'll find yourself starting all over. And over. And over. And over.....

I give it 3 stars because it is very entertaining when mearly challenging instead of impossible, beautifully animated, and I like the idea of a cute, pi**ed off little critter thrashing his way to revenge. If it weren't for the camera and some programmer's (seemingly) mad determination to make a nearly impossible game, it would be good for 5.

I got this because it's broadly similar to Starfox Adventures (3rd person critter goes on a multi-world adventure), and if you have similar tastes then get this only if you must have SOMETHING until a new Starfox or something else vaguely similar comes out.

A sorely underrated gem of a platformer for Gamecube
by: electrofunkchild    On: 2004-01-24

Vexx is the type of game that you can not fully appreciate until you get into some of the later levels. I for one think this games' graphics are great, especially through progressive scan. Awesome character designs and very unique textures. Where this game really shines are the awesome, huge worlds you traverse through. I found myself not being able to wait to see what new world i was going to unlock. Each level has 8-10 goals that you can tackle in any order, making it an extremely non-linear game. One area that this game really shines in is the PUZZLE DESIGN! Some of the puzzles in these levels are INGENIOUS! This game is truly for hardcore platforming fans only, if you can't handle your analog stick to perform precise jumping, crawling or maneuvering, you need to stick to your first person shooters.
Bet it will be great
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-11-20

I learned about this game from my cousins, they couldnt stop talking about it and I didnt really follow. So I got online and looked it up(I then new why they liked it so much.) It looked so cool and i learned a ton about it(I orderd it off the internet the first day)its gonna be a tight game I now it. I HIGHLY recomend the game vexx!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-07-16

by: Anonymous    On: 2003-07-16

Great Gameplay!!!! A MUST BUY!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-07-12

This game is great! The second I heard of it, I wanted it because it sounded cool... but this game is better than it could be explained. U should buy it here, too, at Amazon because I was searching for almost 2 days trying to find a better price than here, and I couldn't! This game also has great graphics and plot. The game starts where your grandpa was killed by evil invaders of your planet, then u find out that u can gain power to destroy them so that u can hav your peaceful planet back. Like most games under the same genre, u r supposed to collect something that progresses u thru the game in order to beat it. In this case, they are "wraith hearts". If u have played "Jak and Daxtar" for PS2 & liked it, you will like this game. They are similair in the aspect that u r a made up creature trying to save your land by going to other strange and mysterious areas and that there are multiple attack types, such as slashing, shooting, smashing, etc. It is a good game because it can occupy time for u vey well. I also think it is a challenging game, though I am not an "expert gamer". The reason why I think it is challenging is because for each level there are seven hearts to obtain, each having a riddle to solve in the start menu before u can get them. And don't think u can just get them without the riddles and that they are dumb, because sometimes u would have no clue where the hearts could possibly be hidden, or u see it hovering somewhere but u can't get it the way u think u can. Again I just want to say that this game is fun all the way thru and that if your looking for a challenge, this is it. Oh, and if u are wondering why I took a star off, its because some parts of the game take too long and are boring. The rest is fun though.
My first X-box game!!! :)
by: smsorders    On: 2003-05-26

The first day that I was in Toys R US, looking for my X-Box, I played one of the Demo's of this game....and I just had to buy it. Lot's of Action, Worlds and things to "get into". People do complain about the camera angle a bit, but it's fun anyway!
If you've played mario on N64, you're played this
by: slomm3    On: 2003-05-19

Basically, if you ever played mario on the N64, you know what this game is going to be like. It's the same type of scenario where you do various things in each level to achieve stars (or hearts in the case of this game). The graphics are cool, but I just became bored due to the dejavue factor. I was dissapointed.
Great game and challenging gameplay!!
by: rab40    On: 2003-04-18

All the negative talk about the camera in this game is over-blown! There is a minor glitch here and there, as the camera adjusts. But I will tell you that this camera works just like Mario and Zelda games. 360 viewing! But I would say the camera is a tad closer to Mario games. Exploration, fighting, and gameplay, I would say are closer to the Zelda games.

If you are a Zelda and Mario fan like I am. YOU WILL LOVE THIS GAME! This game has a little of both. As far as story line? Well the game lacks there.

It's just simply an addicting game! And the graphics are great too.

As far as gameplay. This game has it all over Mario.

And in my book much more challenging than Wind Waker.

by: samkepner    On: 2003-04-18

by: righteousedude    On: 2003-03-05

With.. Mario Sunshine, Metroid Prime, Star Fox, Zelda, & Wario World who's going to have time for this? Please ~Acclaim~ no sequels. Truthfully the first level was so boring I didn't care to go further. I know it reeks that you may have payed ~x~ amount of $'s for this game , but don't beat yourself up. Just brush it off and buy one of the other games I mentioned above. I can only give a few nods for good graphics, sound and idea. Hence the 2 stars.
Vexx Rules
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-03-03

I read alot on this game and think it sounds great. I will be buying this if I get good grades on my report card.
pretty darn good
by: pdotcdot2    On: 2003-03-02

This game is very cool except the background info in the game doesn't really tell you were you are and what happened. it just hits you in the face. The controls are like any other game like banjo kazooie or mario as Game Informer Magazine said "Mario with power mitts." You go around collecting weird hearts in different worlds and that is pretty much it. The graphics are pretty good, but don't expect them to take your breath away. All in all this is a good game when your bored of fighting or tired of racing with your other games, but if you want a really great game get The Legend of Zelda The Windwaker or Metroid Prime. It's fun so get it if your into those action adventure games.
A Dissapointment
by: knuckles515    On: 2003-02-28

Okay, Here goes. This is a desent game, with solid fun gameplay, and if your one those people who skip though all the cutscenes cause you just want to play and don't care about a story or stuff like that you'll love this game. Overall this game is slightly above average. It's a bit like "Jak and Jaxter + Eternal Darkness - plot - movies". I've gotta go now, to play something better, like StarWars CloneWars.
Awesomely fun
by: bmifsud85    On: 2003-02-19

I just rented this game to try it out...I was amazed at how challenging it was right in the very beginning. It has many levels and keeps you interested. I am still working on beating it, but I am tempted to run out and just buy it. It is very fun and a game with a new kind of twist to it... I DEFINATELY reccommend it
Buy Vexx
by: racerd501    On: 2003-01-25

Vexx is a great new platforming game. Its kind of like mario but with an edge. So if your tired of saving that same old princess over and over, take your gaming up a notch and help Vexx avenge his grandfather's murder. ...
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-11-18

This game is not out yet,but I've been finding information on it for a long time. This game sounds like it is going to be must buy.Intead of having magic,swords or guns you get to have a pair of battle gauntlets as a weapon.There are 18 different levels,and hidden multi player games.there are day and night cycles ,at night the enemies get harder so watch out!there are very responsive controls so you can stop in the middle of combo attacks.Best of all a very flexible camera so you can always see Vexx.As far as I'm concerned you should buy this game!
This game trashes other games
by: Anonymous    On: 2002-10-20

OK people, you may think this game sucks, but it doesnt, i have made a lot of research on it and i cant wait till it comes out.
It is raw, the levels are so cool theyr huge, the controller is easy to use and this game is an absolute must-have.
Let the Platforming Games Begin!
by: the_voice    On: 2002-09-19

The Story:
Dark Yabu, the leader of bad guys, has been given 700 years of darkness and misery. After killing Vexx's grandfather, Vexx is determined to give revenge. As a slave, he can't do no harm. Until he wakes up an ancient power he will be able to rise up and become the new hero. This ancient power is a pair of metal claws that are going to be the only hope for the world.

...With 18 huge levels, a hidden multiplayer mode, a climbing free mode, an excellent camera system, a day and night cycle system (at night, enemies become more aggresive), and with an ultra-responsive player control, Vexx definately delivers for the platforming fans.

...With an awesome imaginary world you will find canopy villages, mysterious caves, desert temples, underwater cities, deadly volcanoes, and much more to explore and enjoy.

...The game is filled with so much action and platforming adventure that you can't miss it. The world and characters will make you want to come back. Plus the secret multiplayer mode might keep your hands busy with some pals. IN MY OPINION, IT LOOKS LIKE IT WILL BE A DEFINATE MUST BUY!

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