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Viewtiful Joe 2
Manufacturer: Capcom Usa      
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Simply viewtiful
by: simonc1138    On: 2005-09-04

I'd heard good things about the Viewtiful Joe series, and as it turned out I ended up buying the sequel before playing the original. Nothing wrong with that though, as the game provides tutorials on how to use your special powers and combat moves as you play, making it instantly accessible.

Taking a cue from beat-em-up brawlers of the past, Viewtiful Joe tosses players into a 2D side-scroller with enemies to bash, bosses to destroy, and puzzles to figure out. Your girlfriend Silvia joins you this time, and you can alternate between the two characters for different moves and abilities. Slow down time, speed up, replay actions, and manipulate camera zooms for maximum damage. These unique abilities transform what would've been conventional gameplay mechanics, and make trashing the bad guys stylish and exciting.

The other notable about the Viewtiful Joe games is the cel-shaded graphics used to present the game's distinct, funky art style. There's nothing else quite like it, even compared to other cel-shaded games like Zelda and Killer 7. You get a variety of movie-themed environments (dinosaur worlds, egyptian tombs, samurai films, etc), heroes in flamboyant costumes, and bucketloads of enemies. Screenshots are one thing, but seeing this game in motion, complete with visual effects for special techniques, is something on a totally different level. The visuals are complemented by some fitting voice-acting too.

If there's a complaint, it's that the game is harder than it looks. Not only can the boss characters get annoyingly difficult at times, but the puzzles become harder to figure out as you advance. It's usually a matter of figuring out what powers/combination of powers to use and where, but the game is sometimes uncompromising in its solutions. Pressing replay before jumping into a zoom stomp is not the same as pressing it while you're in mid-air. It's a subtle difference, but one gamers might not notice and will cause a bit of frustration. While you may stop playing when the puzzles get too hard, there's nothing that'll make you put the game aside for good, and there's usually a nice sense of accomplishment when you do figure things out.

Viewtiful Joe 2 is an innovative twist on an old genre, and is one of Capcom's new breakout franchises that unfortunately has been undersold. You can't go wrong adding this to your gaming library.
Fun, but the cut scenes suck!
by: dhearsch2    On: 2005-04-16

This game is almost completely re-used/recycled from the first version. WARNING you need to fight fire leo's twin!!! if you can beat him you can beat Frost tiger easily! The gameplay is fun, but the cut scenes are for 3-year-olds. dont let that
stop you from buying it.BUT ONLY BUY IF YOU BEAT THE 1'ST ONE!!!
Good game, but alot like the first one
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-04-15


This game is very fun, and the graphics have a great 2D/3D look, but the game itself is very much like the first. For instance, at the final level, there are yellow lizards that you must dodge and get behind to confuse them then kill them. There were creatures exactly like that in the first. And also, in the 6th level, you have to fight all the bosses from before over again. So that sounds like fun, but you did the exact same thing in Veiwtiful Joe one. And, on the back of the box it says "over 40 new enemies", well this didn't happen in the first, but in the first level, you fight cavemen with shields. In the 4th I think it was, you fight cops with shields. They are practically the same, but they still say it's two different guys. And another thing, when I heard that you get to use Joe AND Silvia, I was thinking "multiplayer, WWWWOOOOOHHHHHHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!", well it turned out that you play using tag-team style switching. Although those are some harsh comments, I still give this game 4 stars. But before you get this game, i reccomend renting it, because you might not like it, and it'll save you some cash, or you beat the game on the first day, and then it's not worth it for paying for it when you could've rented it.
Viewiful Joe 2 a fantastic game
by: godzillais2000    On: 2005-04-04

yOU leave where the first one left off ,Dr Evil at it again got save Capt Blue turned into an oscer at movieworld ,A shape changing T-Rex ,with its different levels this a good looking as well one of the hardest to play ,if your into good graphics and bizzare bosses who are hard to beat this is the game for you,well worth the challege and will end up as one of you favorites as it is mine.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-04-03

This game is excellent. The new character is good. This is a sidescrolling fighter that is very stylish. The main problem is that the graphics are not as good as the 1st one. If you have a GC, that is the version that I recommend because of less slowdown.
Not much is new...but WHO CARES?
by: reuber1    On: 2005-03-13

Seriously, I remember back when there was sequel upon sequel of Mega Man games, and nobody cared that the same graphics were used and basically the gameplay was unchanged minus new levels and bosses. Look at Contra, that's a formula that people have tried to change and the results have been failures so far. Sometimes people don't want a brand spankin' new, original sequel...especially when the original was so good to begin with. Many pretentious folks out there get so hung up on how original something is that they lose sight of whether the game is fun or not. Video games are a form of art, but in the sense that it is interactive entertainment, and when one work/game is so good that it leaves gamers longing for more (Viewtiful Joe) a sequel that is similar in nature is developed (Viewtiful Joe 2); the "art" in video games is found in the entertainment, not the originality (although originality is important, most would argue that VJ1 was so unique that a sequel which stuck with it's roots would be acceptable; originality means little if the game sucks).

GAME CONCEPT: If you played the first game, you know what to expect. You control Joe AND this time Sylvia (apparently a $2 prostitute according to one of the reviewers...yawn) by switching them at any point. Sylvia is unique in that she has a gun that shoots powerful bolts (when out of VFX power, her gun shoots a retracting boxing glove). She is fairly useful, but most VJ veterans will stick with Joe. Back again are the VFX powers, such as slowdown, mach speed, zoom, and the new REPLAY for Sylvia. Utilizing these powers while simultaneously kicking butt with the X and Y buttons is the key to success, while many puzzles in the game require that you use your powers (for example, slowing down time to do a powerful uppercut to a boulder lying on a switch that you need to release).

If you never played the first VJ, be warned...this game is HARD. Parents, this is a fun game for kids (don't worry about the "T" rating, it's totally uncalled for) if your kids are good at video games, but even so this game takes some practice and patience...EVEN IF YOU HAVE PLAYED SIDESCROLLERS IN THE PAST. This may be a 2D sidescroller, but this is a different kind of game, and if you never played the sequel, be forewarned that these games are difficult. I hardly ever play on the easiest game settings, but this is one where you may have to start there.

One thing I did notice is that scenes in between save-point/power-up segmeents are much shorter. In the last game I remember having to wade through something like 12 combat sections (areas that you're rated on) before a save where in this one you have like 5 or 6 before a save; so don't worry about having to set aside a 40 minute block of your life to get to the next save...not that you'll want to stop playing.

GRAPHICS: Chances are if you hear anything about this game it's probably going to be about the graphics. Some people love the graphics, other people are just too stupid to see gaming goodness because it's not producing photorealistic 3D characters at 60 fps. Take wonderfully drawn and excellently animated cel shaded characters and mix them in a world where time altering is possible and you get some stunning visual effects usually not possible in anything but a video game cutscene. The graphics make this a truly unique title (except to the first VJ game; are you members of the "originality police" still here?), and you will enjoy them. One thing that may be irritating to new users is the film grain effect that occurs when you run out of VFX power, and can be confusing to those who just start playing the game and are wondering "Why is it so grainy?" That's temporary, don't worry about it.

SOUND/MUSIC: All the bells & whistles are back from the original title, and the same voice actors return to do the voices. The music is very similar to the first game (the first level is actually a near replica of VJ1's first level) and all in all is very appropriate. It won't take long for veterans to be reacquainted with this game.

CONTROLS: If you've never played VJ before, this may be odd at first, what with using the X and Y buttons for attacks, but within a few fist fights you'll get the hang of it. There are tutorials early in the game that walk you through the controls as painlessly as possible, and if you can't figure it out from the tutorials, well...I'm sorry but you have bigger things to worry about than just sucking at video games.

OVERALL: This game rocks. If you don't like it because it's unoriginal, then get bent. Video games are pieces of interactive entertainment when the criteria is to be fun before being original...if you can still be fun without being original then it's OK; when a series is in dire need of an overhaul in the originality department (I believe Resident Evil is an excellent example here, with the most excellent RE4 saving the series) then it's time to go back to the drawing board. VJ was not in RE's shoes, so let's not get overanalytical for such silly reasons. This is a buy, not a rent.
It's still good
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-01-02

Viewtiful Joe 2 is still a great game. I would have given it a 5 if I never played the first one. The first Viewtiful Joe was one of the best (and most difficult) platforming games ever. Viewtiful Joe 2 continues the tradition but fails to surpass it's older sibling.


Story: I would rank Viewtiful Joe 2's story the same as the first one. Like the first one, Viewtiful Joe 2 is supposed to be like a B-rated movie and has a plot that doesn't take itself seriously. The game takes place right where the first one did end. Captain Blue is Sylvia's father. Sylvia gets her own V-watch and they learn some terrible news. The world will be threatened by evil 2 more times. Right after saying this they see that another group of aliens is invading Movieland. While the V-Duo head of to Movieland Captain Blue get's captured and is turned into a... Oscar? In Movieland Joe and Sylvia learn that this group ain't the Jadow but the Gedow, another group of aliens who want world domination. Leading them is a mysterious being who refers to himself as the Black Emperor. They used Blue's powers of happy endings to turn him into a Rainbow Oscar. These 7 Oscar's control the power of happy endings. If they were put in evil's hands happy endings would never come and the Gedow would be free to conquer the worls. After being transported into the movie Jurrasic Park, Joe and Sylvia must go across Movieworld and find the Oscar's. The plot itself doesn't really develop until later in the game.

Gameplay: You'll go through 7 reels which are the same as episodes in Viewtiful Joe. In each one you'll go through a level. 7 levels may seem short but each one is very large and filled with complicated puzzle's and Sub-Bosses. The level's aren't as hard as the first one but the puzzle's are longer. As always it's your goal to get to the end of the level. The level's are a wide variety. You can find yourself in prehistoric times and the the cold future. A china town filled with Ninja's and an icy wasteland where monserous creatures lurk.

Bosses: Yet again, Viewtiful Joe 2 is filled with unique and original bosses. An identity swapping T-rex. A poetic Tiger. And a talkative Chameleon. The bosses are all lovely but their stragety's are a bit more bland compared to the first game. However they still are challenging and fun to fight.

Sound: The music fits the areas but nothing to memorable.

Replay: Fairly average.

In total this game failed to surpass it's older sibling but is still AWESOME!!!

Wonderful Game
by: willowswanraven    On: 2004-12-09

By Jesquarius

This is a great game, and there are a few things that really make this game stand out:

1. The layered mix of 2D and 3D graphics give the game a very cool "live comic book" feel.

2. Side scrolling game set up is Super Mario-esque... it's simplistic, but very effective, and most importantly, fun. So many of the games out now have infinite 3D environments that allow you to run in every direction. While that is great, sometimes you want a game that is more concentrated on action...

Versus exploring every corner of the universe for 2 hours before you can move on to the next level. Simply put, Viewtiful Joe is all about the action.

3. Game control is truly put in the player's hands. You can slow down time and dodge bullets in a way that will make Neo jealous. While time is slow, you can really kick the crap out of the bad guys... the graphics are crazy to say the least. Besides slowing down time, you can also out maneuver it with Mach Speed. This allows you to act like Sonic the hedgehog on Steroids. You can increase your mach speed ability so that when you use it to attack enemies, you can move so fast that you attack them from all sides at the same time (in essence, there can be six of you at the same time kicking butt!) From moving so fast through the fabric of time, you catch fire, and your attacks become even more powerful. If all this isn't good enough, you are also given the ability to "zoom-in". Basically, the camera angle zooms in tight on Joe and all of his attacks and moves become SUPER, super hero-ish... his punches and kicks become more powerful and more poetic (you'll see). You can combine Zoom with Slow down, or Mach speed for some really nasty moves and damage capability.

This is truly old school gaming philosophy with an infusion of today's technology. Something i've been waiting a long time for.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-24

This is a great game for kids and adults of all ages. you should defenatly rent this game if nothing else. BUt that would be a waste of money because youre going to buy it.
definatly buy this game
by: beckywright182    On: 2004-11-24

Everyone who hasnt gotten this game should definatly go out and buy it! I loved it, and i think anyone of any age would also enjoy it. Theres also an awesome street team if you like this game, so you should definatly join that.[...]
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-21

I wasn't sure if I was going to get this at first. Until I read all the reviews I really think I'm going to get this game. Please nobody rate this "review" because I haven't played this yet.
Viewtiful Joe 2 is VIEWTIFUL!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-20

I loved the first one when it came out on the Nintendo GameCube. And now Capcom has answered our calls and given us Viewtiful Joe 2! This sequel stars Joe and Sylvia as they try to rescue Captain Blue. Along they, they'll face many enemies as they try to uncover who is behind this sinister plot. Let the good times roll on. A must-get!
Hi Im [...]
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-20

I have gotten the game and it is awsome! Play as sylvia with here pon pons and laser guns. But sadly im still on the firt game to im on the last levle trying to be that fire lion dude. I really don't know how to beat it. So i just went on to the next one to play it
by: cschmell    On: 2004-11-16

Viewtiful Joe 2 is going to be a REALLY TOTAL AWESOME game to play

This game is getting great reviews from give it a 9.0 & GameInformer Magazine give it a score of 9 second opinion 9.25

I give it 5 Stars "Highly Recommended" REALLY TOTAL WORTH IT TO BUY & PLAY this game on the Nintenod GameCube
*twitch, twitch* must get...
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-15

first of all i loved the first and i'm a gcn fanboy who is obsessed with great rpgs and action games so i had gotten a surprisingly large collection of rpgs but NO DECENT ACTION TITLES! then i saw the first in a magazine so i searched for some info on it and got it cheap at target ( $10.00s off ^ ^) and i loved it it was the best and next to all my zeldacube games and metroid prime this was one of my favorites then after i got obsessed with highscores and everything it became my second favorite (sc2 wuz betta)and now the sequall is here i'm so excited!

it will rock" view" fan
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-11-13

Iam a viewtiful joe fan. i have just gotten the first game this year and i am still playing it i like it alot thers cool graphic, enimies, and the story is great. I have looked up on this game and it looks awsome (looks better then the firat one.
viewtiful joe strikes back with another great title.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-10-30

this game is going to be the bomb. unlike the last one(not saying its bad, it was awesome) u can play as silva and/or joe. that is so kewl and with new vfx powers like replay that does three times the damage, or three times the health, or three times the hit that u get. awesome graphics once again and fine story, i think. all i know is that this is going to be good.

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