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Wario World
Manufacturer: Nintendo Of America      
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Another top-notch game from Nintendo
by:    On: 2006-08-29

Since the first "Mario Kart" on the N64, Wario has been my favorite Nintendo character. This is the reason why "Wario World" was my first game purchase after acquiring a GameCube. Sure, he's mean, selfish, and is a poor loser, but that's the charm of his not-so-nice personality. He's a great evil opposite to Mario.

This game, "Wario World", is much like "Super Mario 64", but with better graphics and with Wario instead of Mario. Like all the good Nintendo games, this one has lots of creativity, mixed with clever design and a bit of humor. The key to the greatness of any Nintendo game is in the details. Little details in the sounds, the character movements, and even the humor, are what set the high standard we've come to expect from a Mario-related game.

The game is shorter than some other Mario-related games, but it was long enough for me. The way I play games, and with as many games as I've purchased that I've yet to play, the length of this game was just right.
Wario stinks Mario rules
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-10-23

Don't get this game. I played it and it's terrible. The Mario games are much better. Get a Mario game instead.
Fun and Enternaining
by: justicemayorga    On: 2005-09-21

This game like MarioWorld is very much fun to play and recommend it to all who remember enjoying Super Mario Bro., just don't forget to purchase a memory card, you will want to save this game.
This game is worth having
by: bkrfkj    On: 2005-09-16

This game is very fun and addicting. It is not very hard to solve. If you want to get every little thing in the game, you may have a bit of trouble with a few things, but it is easy overall. This game is definitely worth buying.
Too short - way too short
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-09-02

This game is one of the shortest games I've played - for those of you who like to play a long game with a lot of worlds - this game is not for you at all. But for those of you who like a really short game - hunting for treasure chests - and some comedy that rolls through out the game - then this is probably for you.
Only a few worlds, and too easy to beat
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-08-25

While this game is nice to look at, it lacks the depth in strategy, play areas, and skill advancement that can be found in great games. It was fun to play for the few hours it took me to complete it. This game is nothing compared to it's Mario counterparts, but if you can get it at a good price it might be worth a couple bucks. If this game were an apartment, it would be a cozy efficiency with a nice paint job and pretty cabinets, but no room for a sofa.
A game I can relate to...
by: waynedot7793    On: 2005-08-18

This is a good solid 3-D side-scrolling game, with a nice feature that you can continue from death as many times as you can divide your gold count by 100, and if you get too low on gold, it's easy to redo an easy area to pick up LOTS of gold again. I haven't played the whole game, but I noticed the bosses I've run into are pretty easy, plus Wario has a cool assortment of moves and fighting techniques. I especially LOVE to duke it out high-speed in the ring matches that occasionally show up. The only real incentive to redoing an area is getting precious items you missed earlier.

On a 5-star scale:

Graphics - 4.0
Sound - 4.5
Controls - 4.5
Replay value - 3.5
Surprisingly true!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-12-19

I wanted to get this game sooooo much. So I looked it up, and read reviews about it. I looked up so much stuff that I knew tons about the game. But there were many reviews that said it was short and easy. Some said that the badguys just have a different skin in the later levels. And it was true. When I got this game I realized that all of those things were true. But the game was still my favorite of all time. The games Bosses and level design rock!! The bosses are creative, fun and awesome. I'm still not quite halfway through the game yet and I hope they make a wario world 2!! You must buy this game!!
by: hypershadowdx    On: 2004-11-19

Hey this game is so tight ' it features wario who was once mario's enemy this is his GC debut what he must do is find all his tressure and statue pieces and such other's since some black jewel turned all his tressure into monsters ; now its up to wario to get his stuff back


Good Sound and cool music

Only Four Course's

graphics remind me of playing a snes game


Some bosse's are hard
Levels are to long

Overall the game is good and hopefuly they ll do a squeal and this time include Waluigi with short levels

So buy this game you wont regret it :)
short.. yeah, short..
by: carisma_deston    On: 2004-10-25

I rented this game some time ago, and I'm slightly surprised by the high ratings. I consider it pretty average. It looks pretty good, and it's amusing, but I beat it with 100% completion the first time through. It was very, very short. I rented it and returned it early.. so it took less than 2 days to beat it. The mini games you unlock are fun 2-3 times. They can't actually be beaten. You just keep playing a circle of strange little games that get harder and harder till there's no way to pass the level.

All in all.. I'd rent it, beat it, return it. Not a whole lot of replay value. Not a bomb, but no worth buying. Thusly, the average 3 stars.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-07-26

I am an experienced gamer and I think this game is the best. You have to get it.Whoever says it sucks sucks
Great game!! I loved it!
by:    On: 2004-07-13

I love this game! and it's not that easy, it's quite challenging. The music is great! graphics are beautiful. Not boring at all!! who ever said it was boring is crazy! I bought it at walmart when it came out for $50 bucks It is also a quite long game too! I hope they come out with wario world 2
This game ain't for kids only
by: best_shop1988    On: 2004-06-14

It's fun and CANNOT BE FINISHED IN 3 HOURS. Unless you got a strategy guide or some kind of cheat. It has many hidden things you have to unlock to advance, and believe me, is hard to make the tricky moves. You don't just have to kill the main monsters but find all the hidden jewels, hearts, etc. This game is not only for kids, but adults will have an entertainig time as well. Well made and hilarious; you have to get it.
What a boring game.I think its stupid.
by: allie19    On: 2004-05-21

Man oh man this game is fun for about 5 minutes and after that it gets really really old.Dont get me wrong I love easy games.You know ones like Luigis Mansion and Sonic Adventure but man this game is just the same thing over and over.The only reason why I kept playing it was because something cool might happened.Guess what it didnt.The only reason I gave this game 1 star instead of 2 was because hardcore Wario fans might like it.Other than that it sucks.
Too easy for a teen gamer...
by: movie-enthusiest    On: 2004-02-28

But perfect for the inexperienced gamer, or a little brother or sister. There are puzzles and bosses that are super easy. I rented it, but i wouldn't buy it. Rent it and see for yourself...not too challenging.
Short but a lot of fun kind of like Luigi's Mansion.
by: allie19    On: 2004-02-23

I dont see why anybody could hate this game.I can only see why people would say its only OK. I mean it may be too easy for Ocarina Of Time masters but still its a fun game just the same.Like one of the spotlight reviews said its for people that arent that good at games that makes it perfect for me.As for the game being short here its about quality rather than quantity.It might be confusing if you dont have a guide but get one and you wont be in the dark anymore.The graphics arent bad at all I mean they may not be F Zero GX or Metroid Prime quality graphics but theyre still quite good.Not as good as Luigis Mansion though.A little better than Super Mario Sunshine's graphics.
And the gameplay is pretty solid.Its packed with cleverness and lots of fun.There I think thats enough convincing.
Another piece of baby poo from Nintendo
by: conker411    On: 2004-02-21

I rented this game at a local video rental store because the selection in that store stinks. I thought that it would be ok. So I played it and after five minutes of mediocre play I was bored stiff with this piece of crap. It is extremely repetetive. The graphics are the worst. The background music and other sounds are really annoying. The puzzles are so easy that you could solve them in your sleep. The game is really expensive $50 dollars, and with the large selection that there is you should have no reason to get this game. And if you think that you absolutely can not live without playing this shameful destruction, then just rent it but please do not buy it because there are only four worlds, two levels and a boss each, and you can easily beat a world in one hour. And when you beat the game there is no reason to play it again.
Please note that i am not just a Xbox or ps2 owner who is bagging on the the gamecube, I am just trying to help you save your money and have it better spent elsewhere.
fun game
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-02-13

this game is very fun.even though i beat it in 5 days and has only 4 worlds in the game,i still had fun playing it.
Easy but fun.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-02-08

This game is excellent.It is so weird and thats what I like about it.You get strange enviornments and crazy characters.Its easy if you have a guide and confusing if you dont.I only wish it were a little bit longer.With a name like Wario World youd expect that it would be as long as say Super Mario 64 or at least Pac Man World 2.Its still a great game with decent challenges and I must say the graphics look very good.
What a freak!
by: jonghyunchung    On: 2004-01-22

The graphics aren't the best with a tendency towards repetition, but the right effects and touches have been utilized to create varied environments, including staples like snow, desert, circus and jungle. Wario's animations are spot-on, and each of the weird enemies really captures the oddity of the world. I think the game would have really looked sharp if they opted for more of a claymation feel ?some of the creatures look halfway there already.

The music plays up the action nicely and the sound effects are deliciously evil, with Wario singing nah-na-na-nah-nah during the paused screens, plus plenty of Wario outbursts left and right.

Wario is a strangely endearing lug. It comes through in his goofy walk and his inexplicable self-confidence. I mean, here he is, ugly as sin, yet he still struts his stuff. Wario World is equally goofy and strange, but in an unassuming way, it's also good, unpretentious fun.

Does it have to be hard?
by: amylr79    On: 2003-12-30

I really did not know what to expect from this game. I have heard that it was easy and so far thus be the case. I do not think that a game has to be hard to be a good game. I was pleased with the graphics in this game and story behind it. I had to smile when I heard Wario say "have a rotten day" after throwing his enemy out of sight. I have never seen Mario throw an opponent during his adventures, and I do not wish too. With Wario's character the role fit nicely and even had a humorous side. I would recommend this game to anyone.
by: apig    On: 2003-12-14

I do not like this game because its hard depressing and not fun. As wario you look for lost treasure beat bad guys so on. Bosses super hard THIS GAME IS FRUSTRATING!
This game is cool.
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-09-29

I like this gamecube game. I think it is better than mario.
It is also not as frustrating like mario. This game has better graphics too. I like the gameplay. The levels are cool.
I hope they make wario world 2.
by: ralphael1    On: 2003-09-19

I wasn't sure what to expect from this game after reading some reviews that weren't so great. THEY WERE WRONG!!!! This game is great! The graphics are colorful and vibrant just as one would expect from the gamecube and the game play is FUN! Any game that allows you to pile drive your enemies gets 3 stars automatically! There are also other moves such as holding on to an enemy and spinning it into surrounding enemies which helps alot. But, this game isn't just smashing enemies, you must find treasures through solving puzzles. I thought this game was going to be too easy but it really isnt that easy at all! It's not as tough as Metroid Prime but it does take some patience. In the end, I always think of how much money I spent on the game and then compare the gameplay (fun/boring, graphics, length of game, etc.) to the dollar amount. So, is 50 hard earned dollars worth spending on Wario World? YES!
What a rotten game.
by: picnic1    On: 2003-08-20

Watio World is effectively a throwback to the 16-bit era of 2D side scrolling platfomers. Unfortunately, it is not a patch on any of them. The emphasis is on tedious button bashing. Instead of quickly dispatching your enemies as Sonic might do with a quick bounce on the head, gland-challenged Wario has to knock seven bells out of them first, which makes the pace slow. With the much better Viewtiful Joe out on the shelves, Wario World is the worse platform beat-em-up by far. Strangely, its' fans seem to really like it. I can only think that they haven't played Streets of Rage or indeed any 2D platformer of the Megadrive/SNES era.
Great Game!
by: bjrc1    On: 2003-08-19

Wario has always been Nintendo's best "anti-hero", and you couldn't ask for a better game for his true console debut. The plot is a strong one: it seems Wario's infinite greed got the best of him when he added a giant black jewel to his hoarde - that jewel was evil and cursed, and before Wario knew what was happening, it destroyed his castle and turned all his treasure into monsters. Now he's got to get it all back.

Wario makes his way through four wacky and weird worlds, defeating equally weird monsters with odd moves like the Corkscrew Conk, the Wild Swing-Ding, and of course, his trusty Piledriver. The monsters that were once his riches provide an array of challenges (you're sure to get a kick out of the Mean Emcee). Along the way he solves dangerous puzzles and even makes a few friends, in the form of the Spritelings, helpful fairies who that evil jewel has imprisoned.

The game is fun and enjoyable - the only fault is that it's short. You might want to wait until the price drops a little before buying it. Of course, if you're a true game fanatic who wants to find EVERY LAST ONE of Wario's treasures and rescue every last Spriteling (and he'll be happy if you do) the game will be even better.

very fun but gets killed shortly (im a kid)
by: ryanusa200080906    On: 2003-08-14

this game rocks! levels are filled with enememies continously comin and trust me beating them up is funny and fun. you can ground pound the seemingly idiotic baddies and laugh along side with ur friends. u can pile drive them yes its a wrestling move. u can throw them off the stage or spin them to kill other enemies or activate stuff. a tottally wacky game with enviroment that is cool. tons of collecting and smashing. also great for wario hes in 3D. although at the end of the day its just another collecting. and is very short it can be beat in about 3 hours. because of that i cannot reccomend you should buy it just rent. but if its for a child or your a serious fan get it. still its short.
Good Stuff
by: givenrandy    On: 2003-08-12

We wanted a replacement for GameCube similar to Donkey Kong for Nintendo 64. This game does not quite do that, but it comes close enough. Good variation, good graphics. For the difficulty of saving, I would almost give three stars, but since the competition is so weak, I almost feel obligated to give it more. With the player (file) selection being a bit obtuse, it will probably be stuck at four stars for a nearly five star game.
Greatest Game Ever
by: kimba223    On: 2003-08-06

After reading all the other reviews about how bad it is a was, i didn't really want it. But i was bored with the games that I already had so i bout it for 39 bucks on amazon. When i got it i cried it was so amazing. I think I had a heart atack. It is rediculisly fun. It is a bit short but the greatness makes up for that. If you are a human being, you need this game. I sugjest bying it from WlWkeith on used and new an amazon. I got mine new and cheap.
One of my personal gamecube favorites
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-07-29

When my dad got me this game as a gift, I was excited. Wario-a good guy?!?! It didn't seem right at all. But when I saw exactly what we were dealing with, I was ready to say "Take that!" to anyone I met.
Getting back treasure was very easy at first-you have to find pieces of Mr.Wario's Gold Statues (8 in the whole game) and retrieve Red Jewels to fight the boss. I was zipping through the first two of four worlds in the game, when it got a bit trickier, and I was determined, just like Wario, to get every last coin or gold bar or whatever!
As well as this, you can unlock 8 treasures in every level-getting all eight unlocks one of the many Wario Ware Inc: Mega Microgame$ to play on a Game Boy Advance. I don't have one (yet) but I can assure you, from other friends of mine who own the game, it will be extremely fun. The bosses and levels are excellent. It's really fun...especially the underground mini-games you play to get Red Jewels, and sometimes pieces of a gold statue.
Also the Spritelings. If you know Wario, he's too greedy to care about anyone but himself, but when you come across a little square black box, with something thumping around inside, he can't help but free the elf like person. Spritelings give you advice on how to get back treasure, and tactics for fighting any upcoming enemies. Moves like the Piledriver, Corkscrew Conk, and Wild Swing-Ding can be told to you by these creatures. Another move, one that I find funny, is holding down the L button. Wario opens his mouth wide and sucks the air. He also, however, sucks up any coins in the area, as well as health. All in all, this is the perfect game for all ages.
Until next time...Have a rotten day!
The Perfect Game.
by: dimwitduck    On: 2003-07-28

Wario. The name is vagely familar, right? Wario is a very unipreciated character in the nintendo universe. He has always been there, too. So many people discarded Wario in multiplayer games like Mario Party and Mario Kart. I was in the crowd that didn't like Wario. This is because Nintendo really didn't even try to expand on his character. They created an Anti-Mario, pasted a couple of catch phrases (I'ama gonna win, Wahaha...), with a few mediocre gameboy games. Wario made his first ripple in Wario Ware, a simple game that is absoulty exactly what the game boy was made for. Now in Wario World, Wario must save his castle from an evil jewel. Stupid story, right. But, when you enter the first level, punch a little dinosaur, he goes flying, and Wario utters, "Have a rotten day," you know that this is going to be a fricken awesome game. And it is. Some people say it is short. They are right and wrong. I got it on Saturday and now, after just completing it on Monday, I wish it was still there with four more worlds, but it isn't. Four worlds each with two levels, and three bosses. That's what the game's make up is. The levels are huge and unuique. Getting all the treasures could go down as a game itself. In conclusion: Wario World has just made my top five Gamecube list and my top 10 video games ever list. Rent it. Love it. Don't pay the 50.00 admission, wait for a price drop. When it does. I'll be first in line to buy it. while it last, which isnt very long.
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-07-20

i rented this game today & i am already in the third world (there are only four worlds; played it and an hour and a half)
why would anyone like to have 2 hours worth of entertainment for for 50 bucks? this game is very very repetitive, i mean, all of the creatures in different worlds are the same, in the second world, there is a skeletal dinosaur kinda bird thing which lifts you of the ground & spins you around appears in the first world too, only with skin, its the same ...thing!!! nintendo did this with all the creatures!! its not all that bad, the graphics arent exactly what you would call magnificent...but they arent at all bad. definetly rent this game, or wait until one of your friends made a foolish purchase and borrow it from them...its not the cash im worried about, its just that nobody in the right mind would like to waste their time & money on games which are overrated.
Great Gaming for Bad Gamers!
by: dodgibird    On: 2003-07-15

I really enjoyed this game! I've always loved Mario games (esp Mario64) but have never been very good at them, until now... Here we have Wario World! Fun, bright graphics and easy game play.
Yes, it is quite easy. This isnt a game for the more experienced among you (unless you want a quick game inbetween) as it can be completed very quickly (if i can do it, anyone can) but it is enjoyable. The moves are fun, the puzzles are a mix of simple and challenging and there are loadsa boss's to get your teeth into.
If your bad at games, this is the game for you. If your good at them, then pick up this game for a quick side track!
What were you thinking?
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-07-10

What is up with this game, why is it so easy? The plot is super dumb, omg, a jewel destroyed your castle, and now you have to hit it a 100 times. It has 4 stages, each with two levels and a final boss. It's kinda like super mario sunshine, and thank god it's similar, cause the rest of the game just plain sucks. I rented it, of course a week, by the third day i had already returned it. I passed two stages per day, and on the third day i beat the almighty boss, which i think easier than the levels, and they tried to make the game longer by makin you collect some of the treasure you lost. Even if you are a big Wario fan, which i'm not, you will still be disappointed, VERY disappointed.
Great action game!
by: goldidragoon    On: 2003-07-07

This game is a must buy for people who love beating up bad guys and breaking stuff constantly. There always seems to be endless bad guys to throw and toss around. I have to admit it entertains me a lot! I reccomend this game to all Wario fans, its his first 3d game!! Now everyone will see that Wario is actually a great hand to hand fighter!
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-07-04

This is the best game i have. I got it for my birthday and i loved it. I had only played games where wario was a charactor of choice (Mario Party) or where he was the enemy (Mario Land 2)
But i like about this game is the originality of it. It is very Bizzare. I also liked the moves that he can perform. I am a big mario fan, but i have never seen Mario piledrive, corkscrew, or eat coins, and i only see him throwing boowser, where i get to my second catergory of why i loved this game. Mario in the end always fights a familiar person (Bowser, Baby Bowser, Wario, Big Boo, to name most) but the bossews here are Bizzare, random, and unseen.
This game also shows some of his past games. Even when he is the goodguy, he is unbelievably greedy. Thats what the game is about. His treasures get turned into monsters and he has to get them back (And for once , they were really his!) This game also gives gifts. If you get all the treasures for one world, you get a sample of warios latest GBA titli Wario Ware inc:Mega Microgame$. All in All, if you have a gamecube, you must get this game
This game is a HUGE disappointment!
by: anglll    On: 2003-07-03

I couldn't wait when I heard that there was a Wario game coming out for Nintendo GameCube. I expected it to be of the same calibur as Super Mario Sunshine and Luigi's Mansion. I couldn't have been more wrong.
This game is so repetative..the same thing over and over. Don't waste your money on this BORING game!
Not what I expected, but a fun game.
by: montgomerysanchez    On: 2003-06-30

When I first started playing this game I was disappointed because I expected it to be kind of like Super Mario Sunshine, it's not, although the game is 3-D it moves along mostly from side to side, and the camera is in a fixed position with very little adjustment options available. Having said all that, I can now say I enjoyed it a great deal. As Wario you punch your enemies to knock them out then pick 'em up to either throw, spin or piledrive them into the ground. There are 8 pretty nicely detailed worlds to explore, and in each world there is a varying number of trap doors which if pounded on drop you into sort of a little world where you have to collect an item or items by flipping switches, moving blocks, and jumping from moving platforms, these areas remind me of the areas in Super Mario Sunshine where your waterpack is stolen and you have to get the sunsprite without it. There are a good number of bosses in the game. Each boss is very unique and I found them to range in difficulty from easy to medium hard. Even if you do die you can continue right from where you left off by paying a certain amount of coins, the number of coins you pay goes up as you progress through the game. The game is a little short, I'd say it took me 15 hours or so to beat it. All in all I feel this game has some flaws, but was worth the money.
Better than Mario.
by: lordofthemonkeys    On: 2003-06-30

Wario RULES! Mario can jump on peoples head and squirt water. Wario can piledrive, ram, spin people around and punch. Only problem is it is short and easy, but it has great bosses, enemies, areas and moves than any Mario game. I wish you could fight Mario (It wouldn't be a very fair fight though.) David must be one of the stupidest people ever. Congrats on spelling your name right David!
Too Short!
by: que2248    On: 2003-06-30

This game is pretty fun and also has good graphics, but it is way to short. There are four worlds, two levels in each one. After you beat these, you have to beat the final boss. Then...
that's it. You've beat the game! I beat this game in about two days. If you want to play this game, I suggest you rent it.
DK's Wario bustin review
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-06-29

This game is awesome mostly because of Wario's fighting technics.I mean fighting is funny, once I picked up a guy threw him in a tree and the guy exploded.There are alot of more reasons why I like this game but you should just play it to find out. So see ya or as Wario would say I could eat 100 plates of onions.(go figure)
by: thereinhardts    On: 2003-06-27

no matter what the heck that weird david person who came before me says, this game rocks. David has the vocabulary of a two year old, like another reviewer said, and can't seem to get what he's trying to say out of his mouth.
Wonderful Wario
by: jerbear03    On: 2003-06-27

Yeah, I know Wario may be the opposite of Mario, and does everything the opposite Mario does. But what can I say? I love Wario's don't-get-in-my-way attitude. He's so full of wonderous things to come, it's hard to figure out where the game will turn to next. The graphics are neat. I've just barely conquered the first world of the game today, and I'm aleardy going through the motions about it. So much to do, so many moves. Gold, gold, gold, gotta collect the gold! (Sorry, Wario's inner voice is getting to me.) Wario World is a blast. The story behind Wario World is fairly simple: It's about this evil jewl thing that has been transformed all of Wario's treasure into monsters. (Can you believe that? I bet Wario was pissed to see is gold turn into monsters! The drama!) Now he must go to this weird world where he must be beat them. With his new punches, and moves, there will be no goons to stand in Wario's way. I bet towards the end of the game, Wario defeats the evil jewel and reverses the spell that has transformed his gold into monsters back to normal again, that's my prediction. Anyway, Wario World is a great action adventure game that's just a waiting to happen. What are you waiting for? This is another great GameCube title since Super Mario Sunshine! (That's my opinion, of couse.) Go grab you a copy of Wario World. You won't be dissapointed.
To *david* whom wrote: "This game looks weird without Mario..."
Hello, I believe that the whole point of the game is to not to feature Mario. However, Wario is somewhat in relation to Mario, only lots fatter and more greedier. If this were to be called Mario World, then that would be a different story. But I believe that they have already made a SNES game for Super Mario World, so they have switched it for Wario World or somthing like that. It makes since really. It's nice to see Wario getting fame every once in a while.
by: mrssoxs236    On: 2003-06-26

This game is awesome! It's fun and easy! You get to kick and slam things around! Best game on the Gamecube! Buy it!
by: supermario_gcn    On: 2003-06-26

...This game is like Super Mario Sunshine truly, with the mini-levels, and the difficulty level. Also, you collect alot of things, making the game longer, but not much as its only 5 levels. I think if your a fan of platformers or mario games, you will like it. It's nothing amazing, but it is fun, and worth a rent at least. However, when compared to Super Mario Sunshine, this game has better graphics, but less innovation and much like the Wariolandf series. I give Wario World a 8/10, for being a good game, but nothing out of this world.
Great game
by: mikep54    On: 2003-06-26

Wario World is a very fun game. Like most Wario games, Wario is collecting treasures, but this time these treasures actually did belong to Wario. At some points in the game it's like a 3D side scrolling platformer, while other times it takes on more of a free roaming type 3D platformer. In this game, Wario can do some interesting moves like the Wild Wing-Ding, the Piledriver, and the Hypersuction. Also, if you gave a GBA and a link cable, you can upload samples of Warioware Inc.: Mega Micro Games$ to play on your Gameboy Advance as you progress through the game. Buy this game!
Very tight game while it lasts
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-06-25

This game has great gameplay, but sadly only lasts about 10 hours. Must get for hardcore Nintendo geeks.
It looks fun
by: pattyguignon    On: 2003-06-24

I gave it a 5 because it looks fun and the person who gave it a one and hasn't even played it based his review on nothing.
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-06-24

I have played this game and it is awesome you liar
Great Graphics
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-06-24

You may be playing without Mario,but Wario has cool moves.Wario World looks like a sucessful game.The graphics looks great.He can punch and I mostly like to do the piledriver.Just like Mario,Wario has neat adventures with a goal.Wario is cool and he even have his own castle with a treasure room.The graphics and Wario's moves will have you in the game.
That David person must be a three year old.....
by: mototoad    On: 2003-06-24

Ignore the person before me who has the literary skill of a three year old, they have no idea about anything. Mario and Wario have NEVER appeared in the same action/adventure game ever, because Wario has never been on a console game, except for Mario Party 1-4. Having imported it from Japan already, I can give you an accurate description. Although the game is short, it has great levels chock full with detail. It has a hysterical cynical view, I have cracked up many times. The graphics are average for Gamecube. (They are better than anything the inferior graphic card of the PS2 could muster up.)
Overall, I give this a nine out of ten.
He's Back
by: bmilsom    On: 2003-06-19

I have always enojoyed the character of Wario and his games so
I'm really looking forward to this game.From pictures and descriptions i've seen of the game I'm quite sure that it will be awesome.
Another Classic from Nintendo and Treasure I.N.C.
by: cybpunk89    On: 2003-06-17

I played this game at the 2003 E3 Expo in L.A.,And all I can say is that this game is an excellent work of gaming at its finest. If you enjoyed the Wario Land series for GBC and GBA you will like this because it captures the feel of the games in 3D form. With unique and frentic gameplay and superb levels,characters,and graphics Nintendo has a winner. Plus Nintendo co-developped it with Treasure Games one of the most talented gaming companies which previously worked on the critically acclaimed Castlevania,Contra,and Ikaruga games. And with the Nintendo team including Shigeru Miyamoto creator of Mario and Zelda on it too, this will be one of the best games on the Gamecube and also one of the best games overall of 2003.
by: bestselleraza    On: 2003-06-14

this the most fun game in the world! i palyed it is so fun you can run around do all these sweet moves and defeat eneimies and get money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Get this game!!!!!
Sure whatever kid.
by: allie19    On: 2003-06-13

This game looks and sounds like it will be the next big Nintendo game. If you liked the Wario Land series then you will probably love this. You get different hats that give you special abilities and you also get to swing enemies around in a 3d world. This will probably be more satisfying than Super Mario Sunshine is.
Why cant we play as a good guy?
by: davidzok112    On: 2003-06-10

This game looks weird without Mario. Besides your doing what wario allways does. Stealing treasure. I bet this will be hard.

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