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by: lita1669    On: 2005-03-17

This title was okay but I thought it could have been much better. I would say its a cheap ripoff of crash bandicoot. Im 20 and am having a very hard time getting into this game enough to play it all the way through. The movement is somewhat hard to adjust to and I find the gameplay itself somewhat boring. The boards are nice looking but thats where I think the ripping off of crash came into play. I spent 7 dollars on this game new and was dissapointed. I guess if you have nothing better to play it might be alright but I would highly recommend something else.
awful game
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-05-15

if you wanna get a game. where all you do is jump onto items. with unbalanced levels terrible controls. awful graphics and incredibly poor design. or if you just prefer to play frogger all over again. then this should be rigth up your alley. but most people DONT like that so play elsewhere. anyone who gives this game more than 1 star. is a an idiot. b wonders why so many people prefer good graphics over bad graphics. c is a little kid that still watches barney. this game is a dull unsavigianly boring game. with but not even one redeming qaulity. save your money. UNLESS you are 6 years old. and prefer awful games. with dull gameplay. no story horrible graphics etc. buy this game and you will be settiing yourself up for disapointment.
What kind of game is this?
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-02-03

Who would wanna get this game? Its real messed up. The story is dumb and the levels are hardly detailed. The only thing that i like bout this game is the resolution(resolution is like if you slice a tree with a sword it will fall down or you go through bushes and they fall down) this game had real good resolution. If you wanna waste money go ahead and get this game.
by: righteousedude    On: 2003-02-03

I really liked Frogger Beyond, but I love Zapper. The cool thing about Zapper is you can zap your enemies with a standard zap or a super zap. While playing Frogger Beyond I kept wishing that Frogger had some kinda attack. Well Zapper does and it's a cool additive to Frogger Beyond-type gameplay. The graphics are crisp and clean. There are beautifully designed worlds with challenging levels. A fun game for all ages.
A great game cube game!!!
by: majutsu    On: 2002-12-26

This is fun, breathtaking game cube action. My children, like it, I like it, and everyone likes it. It fits well with the game cube controller, and the graphics especially on canopy heights and the level following are quite impressive. It is somewhat Frogger-like but with a good adaption to game cube. A great game!!

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