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GameCube Mini Disc Carrier- Blue
By: Bensussen, Deutsch & Associates

Average Rating: 3.5     Total Reviews: 8

  1. Sleek blue color
  2. Carrier for Gamecube mini disks
  3. Keeps games organized and safe
  4. Pack your games up when traveling
  5. Sturdy design

This item is no longer available

NOT just a cd case       rating
by:       on: 08-Jul 2002

basically, it holds 8 mini discs and like 6 regular cds. you just have to figure out how to use the clear plastic mini disc holders in the front. don't know why they made it for big cds though.
A CD case and nothing more       rating
by:       on: 10-Jan 2002

After acquiring my GameCube and a number of games, I was looking for an easy way to store them. This case sounded like a great idea, until I relized that it really is just a CD case and is not specifically designed for the minidiscs. Better to use an old CD case and save yourself the money, or go with a case that really is designed to hold these games. The games certainly cost enough, putting them into the wrong case just isn't worth it.
NOT for GameCube Minidiscs       rating
by:       on: 01-Dec 2001

This is a CD case plain and simple. It's not made for MiniDVDs, and the discs just slide around inside it and will probably get scratched after a while. I'm surprised Nintendo even let them make this. If you want a real MINIDVD case for your Gamecube games, go with Pelican brand. It's tiny, MiniDVD sized, has a soft foam case and holds 12 discs back to back. Hopefully Amazon will offer it soon.
Sounds Great       rating
by:       on: 27-Nov 2001

This is a great place to keep your games especially if you are traveling or going to a fellow gamecube owner's house. Who would want to carry around 10 cases? Not me. I recently purchased a mobile monitor (Jet Black) and I will be taking it on many car trips. I do not want to take the risk of breaking my games or cases on the ride. So I will bring this case and not have to take my cases. I know many of you are wondering how many games will this hold. I am too. I do not think nintendo will sell a product that holds fewer than ten games. So if you have or are planning to purchase a gamecube this is a MUST HAVE!

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