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Super Monkey Ball
By: Sega Of America, Inc.

  1. 10 Beginner levels, 30 Advanced, and 50 Expert
  2. multiplayer modes
  3. awesome mini-games

Dimensions: Length: 7.4" Width: 5.3" Height: 0.6"

Product Description:

Labyrinth/Marble Madness hybrid with a unique platform twist, based on the Sega arcade game of the same name. Players control not a character, but tilt the entire environment to guide their "monkey ball" to the goal. Super Monkey Balls "Main Mode" is constructed of more than 110 different levels of various difficulty, most of them taken from the arcade game. Players begin their monkey adventure going through these different levels on various settings of difficulty.

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Incredibly Addictive is an Understatement       rating
by:       on: 09-Aug 2009

This is the type of game you can replay over and over again and it doesn't seem boring. It's not that there's a lot to unlock that makes it addictive (There are things to unlock and a good number of modes though,) it's the gameplay. It's simple really, every time the gameplay is simple, yet fun, there's great replay value. Graphics and sound are mediocre, but the game compensates for this with awesome gameplay and replay value. It's one of the best games on Gamecube and a must have for any owner of the system.

Presentation- 90.5/100

Graphics- 62/100

Sound- 56/100

Gameplay- 96/100

Replay Value- 100/100

Overall- 93/100
Very fun       rating
by:       on: 14-May 2007

Old School, but still fun. Have the Wii and wanted to try this before buying the 50 dollar Wii version. Definitely going to get the new one now!
Not as good as the second one       rating
by:       on: 06-May 2007

The second game is much better and has better games but this is still a fun party game if you don't have the second one.
Great Golf! Stay away from the "Bowling"       rating
by:       on: 08-Apr 2007

The actual game is fairly good. The multi-player are a mixed bag. The Bowling is just about the worst thing I've ever seen. It got my neighbor's little girl so upset we had to make her promise not to attempt it.

The golf, on the other hand, is amazingly good. As good as Mario!

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