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The Simpsons Road Rage
By: Gamecube

Product Description:

The Simpsons: Road Rage blends renowned Simpsons wit and edge-of-your-seat racing action into a rip-roaring, reckless, and riotously funny arcade-style driving game. Mr. Burns is up to his greedy ways again, purchasing the Springfield Transit Corporation and jacking up the fares on public transportation. Refusing to shell out for the high rates, Springfield citizens are forced into humorous road-rage situations as they brave angry commuters, jam-packed back routes, and the challenge of making enough money to buy back the Transit Corporation before time runs out. No time for donuts, Homer.

Where to Buy

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Tech Supply Center $77.95 1-2 business days

Why does it cost so much?       rating
by:       on: 19-Feb 2010

I love this game, it's so much fun, definitely worth the investment. Don't buy it here though. I don't know what these sellers are thinking. I just bought this game on Ebay for $13.99 (shipping included).
i love this game       rating
by:       on: 15-Mar 2009

i played this on gamecube a few years ago at a friend's house and was super excited to learn that i could play it on my new wii. i love it!
simpsons       rating
by:       on: 20-Apr 2007

MOVE YOUR KEISTER MEISTER ha ha. this is sooo cool ofer 30 charcters and6 huge worlds 2 player split screen and real character voices. the game is so cool but not so cool at times. THE GAME IS about mr. burns is bying the twons buses and makeing them radioactive and jacking up the fares now springfiedians must make ther cars in to cabsand buy the buses no time for donuts homer.
Best Game Ever       rating
by:       on: 22-Dec 2006

This is a game to get! Graphics aren't really that great but the story line and the fact that you get to be all the people from show. Such as Moe Barney Grandpa Simpson people like that!!!

Buy this game its the BEST!!! Really if Im lieing Im dieing

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