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Nintendo GAMECUBE Game Boy Advance Cable - Game console link cable
By: Nintendo


Dimensions: Length: 5.91" Width: 3.15" Height: 0.98"

Product Description:


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Specifics       rating
by:       on: 09-Mar 2010

Although I am content with the speed with which this purchase took place and that the Gameboy Advance cable works properly, I am disappointed that what I got was not what I ordered. The picture and description of the cable was for a NINTENDO Gamecube Gameboy Advance cable but what I received was a MADCATZ Gamecube Gameboy Advance cable. Apparently, there is some deception or the seller was smokin' something and didn't know the difference. Also, there are some Gamecube games that will simply not accept any other cables other than the NINTENDO brand of cable and therefore do not function properly.

I will, though, continue to use Amazon again and am happy with the process. Thank you.
Nintendo Game Cube Cable       rating
by:       on: 18-Dec 2007

I received the product very well and is working now in the console of my son.
arent there yet       rating
by:       on: 16-Jun 2005

I think that nintendo could have done a better job with this. They could have allowed more games to be compatible with this but there are only few. Zelda: the Windwaker, Final Fantasy: crystal chronacyls, and animal crossing are one of the few games that can be played on this. maybe they will start making more games for this and if they do i say that you should buy this for sure, but for now i think they just 'arent there yet'.
for the cheap price if you have these games buy it but if you dont then i would say that you shouldnt buy it if you dont have atleast two of the games.

Thank you for reading my review,
random reviewer
Its ok but useful in some games       rating
by:       on: 22-Feb 2004

This is ok but it is only great for some games I warn you do not get this expecting you can play some games on the gamecube the only thing that can do that is an gameboy player for the gamecube but the only problem is that they did not put out any new colors for it but really the black goes well with the platinum gamecube and the black gamecube ofcourse but the Indigo one is hhorrible looking but if it is like in a dark spot on your floor or where ever you put it will look ok. I dont even know that it is there because it is dark in the spot in my room so it is good but the point is that the pokemon colossum game is going to need it and other games also so dont rush your self to get it untill a game comes out that needs it.

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