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By: Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.

Average Rating: 3.5     Total Reviews: 47

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Excellent Game with one major flaw       rating
by:       on: 10-Jul 2004

The controls are good and the crash scenes are superb. The flaw is what almost all racing games have you have to earn money to unlock extremely good cars or radical race tracks. Get this game if you plan on just racing and HAVING FUN!
by:       on: 26-Jan 2004

IT`S a good game if your going to play a short period of time.
It would be better if you did not stop every time you crash!
plus it takes 15 blocks on your memory card. And it takes forever
for your burnout bar to fill, and when you crash it goes back down! BUY burnout two much better game.
Burned Out       rating
by:       on: 18-Jan 2004

Sometimes, racing games always seems to be exactly all alike from each other every single time. That comes within the feel of the race and thensome. For Burnout, the game actually seems to falter a bit through the lines. Largely because the game is one of the most lackluster video racing games ever. Not only that, the game also has its replays in crashes more likely than the game itself. Although they are nice, the feel of getting first place is really not there in this game at all. Instead, you're mostly draging around in the mud. The object of the game is for you to race and not only capture first, but also fill your boost meter to the max, by closely missing each of the ongoing cars. It does seem to falter a bit, and also the game is not the best in control. I strongly suggest you pass up this game, and instead get Mario Kart: Double Dash instead. You'll have a much better time.
Jaded - Get Burnout 2 Instead       rating
by:       on: 10-Oct 2003

I have to admit that I am probably jaded. I got Burnout 2 (B2) before getting Burnout 1 (B1) and there is a world of difference. Now, if I had gotten B1 when it first came out, I might have been impressed. But, now, there is no way I would trade them. B2 has much better graphics, better sound, slightly better control. B1 takes too long for many races. It forces you to see crashes way more often than you want to. I did not find B1 any "harder" than B2, just more annoying. The jaggies on B1 make it hard to see detail, so that makes B2 so much more impressive (it runs on the same hardware). Only get B1 if you want the "full" Burnout experience and/or are trying to be records (the latter is my perspective, obsessive-compulsive person that I am).

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